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The Colbert Report skewers Michigan and the EFM in Benton Harbor

Jon Stewart Ridicules Last Week’s Post-bin Laden GOP Presidential Primary Debate - VIDEO

Take a break from politics...this is so darn cute!!!

Fuck the tea party. Meet the Tequila party. From blog for Arizona

Regarding not informing Pakistan of the operation, Obama said...

The killing of bin Laden: Was it legal? (w. video)

Poll Reveals Poorer And Less Educated Voters Support Sarah Palin, Wealthier Voters Prefer Romney

the NSA has fucked with me for much too long...

Anyone else catch the HBO "Too Big to Fail" preview?

Anyone else catch the HBO "Too Big to Fail" preview?

And if you need a laugh today, "kitten vs scary thing" vid.

My thoughts on people who argue that they have the right to carry a gun

Why do anti-gun folk feel the need to be insulting when they post about guns?

Donald Trump says he isn't a racist because a black man won 'The Apprentice' once

Florida Bill Outlaws Asking Patients About Guns

Rabbi Convicted Of In-Flight Molesting

These "buy gold" companies - do you actually get physical delivery of gold?

Manning paying for busting US 'illegal, stupid foreign policy'

An Open Letter to Famous Progressive Christian Jim Wallis re: refusing gay ad

Toon: Nation Stunned by Display of Competence

Banks as slumlords

Flagler's charter schools behind in FCAT

Washington Journal-Boehner cuts must surpass debt rise

Washington Journal-Boehner cuts must surpass debt rise

Washington Journal-Boehner cuts must surpass debt rise

Dear thugs, WTH do you think we have been doing for the past 10 years?

TOON: This Modern World on Bush contribution to bin Laden

The callers on the Washington Journal show are letting the rethug guest have it with their

Toon: Ready for the main event?

Winter Park FL pays consultant $2,500 per day to help fight union organizing effort

So, if Microsoft acquires Skype (per ABC News), how can it

Outside of Pakistan, has any other country come out to condemn Obama for his decision

RINOs , DINOs and the third factor.

Dallas woman comes home, finds naked burglar sitting in her sink eating raw chicken

"taxpayers" vs "citizens"

Box Top thefts plague Valley grocers

"I'll be back..." "No, I really wish you wouldn't." Shrivanator and Fmr. Governator separate.

Rick Santelli is a moron

US Navy Gives OK for On-Base Same-Sex Marriages

Relief help suggestion

One-seventh of Tuscaloosa destroyed, according to the New York Times

Florida Law will Prohibit Pediatricians from Asking Parents if Guns are Safely Stored

Today is International Monty Python Day.

Reynolds School District (Portland OR) just laid off 105 Special Ed Assistants.

Toles - Thoughts for your penny

Toon: Mission Accomplished (but whose mission?)

Smoking Ban Fines Adding up

Protest in Madison this weekend (Saturday)

Found At the Bottom of a Blog

Army Sgt. McGuire's response to Bin Laden Death

Obama lawyers fight in court to save health care law

Mark this one up: Thou shall not stereotype...or else.

Mark this one up: Thou shall not stereotype...or else.

Winter Park (FL) pays consultant $2,500 a day to help fight union organizing effort

Lawn sign advances feud between mosque, neighbor (From my neighborhood--this is quite a story)

Triple Double Oreo

Vermont closing in on single payer

Alabama's GOP Delegation Voted Against Funding for Tornado Forecasting

Who Are Independents?

Krugman- Adult Conversation

monthy python and the GOP

Florida GOP legislature loads Nov. 2012 ballot with long-sought amendment proposals (as Jeb giggles)

bin laden's death doesn't end his fear-mongering value

National Dump the Pump Day - June 16

2 teams on standby, 1 to bury him if dead and

I'm Waiting..If He Does It, I Will Do Everything I can to get him elected.

An example of one of the dumbest, slanted, stupidest, biased story..I have ever seen

An example of one of the dumbest, slanted, stupidest, biased story..I have ever seen

Huckabee's "Prophetic Voice": Obama is a Soviet Spy

Oh, Oh--They Can't Control Their Animals!

Beat The Repukes Until They Cry Uncle!

Finally figured out why Card's statement bothered me SO much

living in Japan after the earthquake moved it sideways and down

Pastor Makes Up Stories About his Time as a Navy Seal

Former Senator Alan Simpson flips off the AARP

Rival Currencies Take Aim at Dollar's Dominance

CATO: Thanks To BUSHCO: "The Target GOT AWAY"

Live Press Conference: Microsoft to Acquire Skype

Obama’s Luke Skywalker Moment - By Eugene Robinson

Northwestern University cancels class after live sex show

The Force of the Deed

Judge rules against Koch Industries in media hoax

PHOTOS: San Francisco artist Al Farrow sculpts mosques, temples & churches...from bullets

Oops: Japanese Gov Didn’t Send out Fukushima Radiation Spread Map

driving big trucks on the world's most dangerous highway

Some things NEVER change..note the date of the newspaper:

Some things NEVER change..note the date of the newspaper:

Osama bin Laden Mission Agreed in Secret 10 Years Ago by US and Pakistan

U.S. Prisoner has Spent 28 Years in Solitary Confinement

Maddow calls out networks for booking mostly former Bush officials after bin Laden killing

Rappin for Jesus

I am so tired of the republicans claiming Obama is celebrating too much!

Tuesday TOON Roundup 2 - elections

Today in History- Jefferson Davis captured in Drag..

COBRA (subsidized) help needed

We Should Learn from the Germans on Nuclear Power

We Should Learn from the Germans on Nuclear Power

the oddest accident. i was sitting at a stop light. my son asleep in the passenger seat.

New York Man Puts 'Bomb Making Next Driveway' Sign In Mosque-Adjacent Yard

NATO ships, planes left African refugees stranded in Mediterranean to die

Please help Sen. Claire McCaskill, MO, end Big. Oil Co. subsidies, and please kick this post. Thanks

Poisonous water moccasins fleeing floodwaters into Memphis residential areas

Big Ed being sued by his former partner

Big Ed being sued by his former partner

""We have 400 acres of beautiful wheat that's almost ready for harvest..."

From Sudbury to Chicago, Complaints About ‘Blame the Worker’ Safety

Blues for a Red State (Bama)

Daily Show: Move over San Francisco, Minneapolis is the new gay Mecca

Tuesday TOON Roundup 1 -Republican so called ideas

A very slanted survey

Corey Feldman wraps up 3 day film tour on his new movie about killing OBL..LOL

McDonald's remodeling, adding flat-screen TVs. I wonder if they'll be locked on Fox?

David Bollier: The City of Linz Pioneers a Regional Information Commons

Republicans Put Seniors On The Spot: SAVE YOUR LIFE - OR YOUR LIFE SAVINGS?

65 arrested at California teachers' budget protests in the State Capitol - w/pics

65 arrested at California teachers' budget protests in the State Capitol - w/pics

Navy Will Perform Same-Sex Marriages

Do yu think the US is the first stages of a long, slow decline and end to superpower status?

After Sony PSN hack, ‘civil war’ fractures hacker group Anonymous

May 21st, 2011, the end of the world....say the crazies

Is Gingrich doing us a favor by running for president?

U.S. Was Braced for Fight With Pakistanis in Bin Laden Raid(PreObama insisted on 2 more Helicopters)

U.S. Was Braced for Fight With Pakistanis in Bin Laden Raid(PreObama insisted on 2 more Helicopters)

Microsoft in negotiations to buy Skype for $7-$8 *BILLION* USD

Up to 44m more uninsured under GOP budget

So what is a person supposed to do?

Sometimes it helps to think before reacting to things.

Does DU still raise money for Demcratic candidates

Critics deride New Jersey's offer to revive an unfinished mall

Tuesday TOON Roundup 5- Economy and flooding

Whose Foreign Policy Is It?

Who would win in a fight: Batman or Jesus. A Facebook funny.

Let's see, Poppy Bush knew Oswald, Hinkley and OBL

MSNBC’s Ed Schultz Defendant in Federal Lawsuit

8% of GOP Primary voters are just too stupid for words.....

Republican Whisper Campaigns by Brian McFadden's Big Fat Whale

Cuba allows car, house sales

Cuba allows car, house sales

Did I miss something? Where is the other body?

Rolls-Royce PAC gets in early 2011 contribution to U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan re-election campaign

Texas House restricts cities aiding illegal immigrants

The Westboro Baptist Wackos Are In Town Today

Single-Payer, Medicare-for-All Legislation Introduced in Senate and House: Bernie Sanders and Jim Mc

John Nichols: Gov. Walker takes fight to privatize education to D.C.

PHOTOSHOP: the heroes in the Situation Room when bin Laden was killed

"Our U.S. constitutional rights."

The ignorant, the crazies, and those who use them

MTV won't run ads by group behind "The most dangerous place for an African-American is the womb"

Canadian senator to be sentenced for defrauding govt, betraying public trust

Appeals court throws out two charges against Don Siegelman and Richard Scrushy

Appeals court throws out two charges against Don Siegelman and Richard Scrushy

Thom Hartmann and Free Speech TV donation drive

News organizations press White House to release visual proof of bin Laden’s death

News organizations press White House to release visual proof of bin Laden’s death

Perhaps this can be moved to the lounge, just seeking opinions on here!

Perhaps this can be moved to the lounge, just seeking opinions on here!

Anyone hear about "Home of The Piffers and Bin Laden 2005 ?

I got a speeding ticket yesterday...

Shuster says Jeb trying to clear GOP field...

The Ryan Proposal: State-By-State Impact of Changes in Medicaid Financing

Maria Shriver has been "miserable" in her marriage for a long, long time

3 ways to reduce unemployment and help fix our economy

Tancredo is on Bashir attacking Obama

Why DU is destined to fail

Why DU is destined to fail

Report: Up to 44m more uninsured under GOP budget

White House: The President’s Blueprint for Building a 21st Century Immigration System

Since BushCo. Set the Precedent of Executive Orders & Signing Statements

The Koch Brothers Are Hiring Florida’s Economics Professors

Pres Obama speaking now in West Texas n/t

All empires end. Ours will too one day.

Join me in honoring the (re) foundation of Israel May 14, 1948.

Jeb 2012

If you haven't done so, check out Intelligento's blog:

Trump's Support Implodes

Congressmen Sanders and McDermott to Introduce Single Payer, Medicare-for-All Health Care Bill today

Thanks for booting Dumbasso.

Many Kids With Head Injuries May Not Need CT Scans

If I read "but the terrorists don't care about international law either" one more time I'll puke.

Are you a consumer or producer?

Sock-Puppetry of the Penis.

Gingrich/McCain in 2012

Republicans have absolutely zero regard for the truth.

Kucinich says he’s getting offers to run elsewhere if he loses his Ohio seat to redistricting

So... The Dick can't decide if he wants a transplant

Was killing OBL less legal than our use of predator drones?

Watching "The Journey" on TCM about Hungary 1956

Town halls, polls reveal Americans’ deep reticence over moves to tackle deficit

CNN Poll Generic Ballot: 50% Democrats, 46% Republicans

Blatant WSJ Revisionism Redlined ("Ministry of Truth" style scrubbing for the internet age)

Lawn sign advances feud between mosque, neighbor

Connecticut governor lays off workers, union bucks cuts

Hacker Group Raids, Targets FBI

Bristol Palin gets reality television program.

Is DU still tops for NEWS? Latest Breaking, General Discussion issues -- ???

Wisc. GOP rushes to restrict voters ahead of recall elections

Chicago Mortgage Crisis: Nearly Half Of Borrowing Homeowners Are Underwater, Says New Report

Gov. Chris Christie unsure about teaching creationism in schools

Man-on-Dog doesn't want Teh Gay in the history books

Nikki Haley wants ‘Battle for Boeing’ to be 2012 issue

State probes email use in Palin aide's memoir

Nikki Haley continues attacks on NLRB's Boeing complaint

Nikki Haley continues attacks on NLRB's Boeing complaint

Class Of 2011 Have Most Debt Of All Time

Employment rate for black men at record low

NY lawmakers want bin Laden bounty to go to victims

Bravo Maria, Good riddance Ahnuld! Schwarzenegger, Shriver Separating After 25 Years

Americas Billionaires and Corporations approve this message.

Gallup poll sees growing support for third party in GOP, Tea Party

Question about a supposed senate bill to stop hearings on obama nominations.

When is the vote scheduled in the Senate for Ryan's Budget Proposal?

Cold shutdown work starts at Fukushima No. 1 reactor building

john boehner talks about washington d.c. politics as if he's not part of it

Mr President: It's time to give the Republicans a good talking to.

Question about HCR........

Glenn Beck stand in gets demolished by the Mayor of Lansing, MI

"Very Positive": Fox News' Smear Of "Vile Rapper" Common Debunked By Own Reporting

Unbelievably cool origami art as a statement on the fragility of ecosystems

DISCUSS HERE: Republicans of Yore who would probably fit in today's Democratic Party

Quake shifted Japan; towns now flood at high tide

NASA Scientist Helps Teens Sue Government over Climate Change

A simple truth

Japan PM declines pay until nuclear crisis ends

(JAPAN) Repetitive post-quake public service messages drove TV viewers nuts

(JAPAN) Repetitive post-quake public service messages drove TV viewers nuts

Are the Republicans trying to tell us something without actually

First suicide off world's tallest building - Burj Khalifa

Welcome To Baja Arizona, 51st State of the USA

How do we make the South blue?

DADT Good News: Maj. Margaret Witt to Retire with Full Benefits!!!

Silver bouncing back up despite the CME's jacking up margin requirements

Enough with the crying over was legal, get over yourselves

President Obama: Is This Justice?

Hannes Alfven's Vindicated

Why is it that the hard right Republicans can't fathom people making

Strange cosmic ray hotspots stalk southern skies

Michael Hayden's *WHOOPSIE*

Another Dem jumps into race against Sen. Scott Brown

A special first grader and a bad test question

Nifty graphic of CO2 emissions by country.

Syria’s ruling elite, a tight-knit circle at the nexus of absolute power...will fight to the end.

Court blocks Utah ‘show me your papers’ law

Tweety is bashing all ReTHUGS for attacking Obama

Forsyth Saga: N.C. Challenge To Government Prayer Reaches Appeals Court

Ten Famous Works of Art that Are Forever Damaged by Carelessness, Negligence, Anger or Pure Insanity

NC 7th Grader School Bus Hijack attempt - to go to DC to Shoot Govt Officials

Last World War I Combat Vet Dies in Australia

Last World War I Combat Vet Dies in Australia

Could be a really rocky weather night for many of us. Stay safe

Blue Cross of KC mistakenly deducts premiums twice from some customers’ accounts Read more: http://

Americas billionaires and Corporations approve this message.

Harry Reid's Eye?

Means Testing Medicare Makes Medicare An Entitlement

Say hello to all your favorite people - cheap

To the miserable SOB who half-ripped the anti Scott Walker

Wearable Cat Ears Controlled, Wiggled by Brain (JAPAN)

NYT: Presbyterians set to allow gay ministers

It just hit me

Ohio: Secret GPS on cars upheld

Dan Rather's 'National Disgrace' 2hr Special to Focus on Detroit Public Schools - trailer

GOP Cruelty: Budget Would Leave 44 Million Poor People Uninsured

RIP Cornell Dupree

Has anyone noticed the Newt and mrs. pic on yahoo shows Newts wife with that same

Gregoire to allow WA universities to hike tuition

President Obama hits Fox News (in El Paso Immigration Rerform speech)

The Dems have the Donkey, Repuklicans have the Elephant. What did the Whigs have?

ACLU: The Tide is Turning on California's Death Penalty

Police sweep arrests parents for kids' skipping school

Entitlement Programs: This makes me insane!

They are Teabaggers, a wing of the Republican party.

Orange (County, FL) school board votes to close troubled Imani charter

My God, They’ve Weaponized teh Gay!

Donald Trump, Welfare Queen

US Senate confirms Obama nominee, former ACLU staff attorney, to US District Court

Immigration Reform: You Want Fries With That?

Peter Barca from Wisconsin is on Rachel

They are auctioning off a chunk of the Titanic's hull... ghoulish behavior to sell someone's coffin

The Sneaky Ways the Christian Right Has Re-Entrenched Itself In Our Politics

The Sneaky Ways the Christian Right Has Re-Entrenched Itself In Our Politics

Freedom Fighters in Afghanistan, not photoshopped or Steven

Freedom Fighters in Afghanistan, not photoshopped or Steven

Best comeback for the May 21st Rapture story, from a reader:

Taser safety studies significantly biased from ties to manufacturer

Not a house, hardly a mansion, and a far cry from a mere compound...

So what should the Seals have done if Osama were getting a dialysis treatment?

Our Nielsen rating log was heavy with MSNBC

Mosque Neighbor Posts "Inflammatory" Sign

Evacuees enter no-entry zone / Given 2 hours, 1 plastic bag...

Schoolboy wears skirt in protest against “discrimination”

Jane's Addiction at I/O Live After Hours (YouTube Live at 10:30 pm EST)

should we declare victory in afghanistan and bring the troops home

TODAY THE SOUTH IS DROWNING. Real water, not literary metaphor.

10 Worst States To Be a Woman

Student admits giving tapes from Labor Studies class to 'friends'

Mr President, Please give this woman a job !

Mr President, Please give this woman a job !

City council won't strip nightclub of its permit - if it changes name and plays pop instead rap

BREAKING : Cuban Special Forces KILLED Luis Posada Carriles in South Florida today

Fox Contributor: ‘Cult of victimology’ around rape stifles debate

Anyone know anything about this?

The Sneaky Ways the Christian Right Has Re-Entrenched Itself In Our Politics

Japan drops plan to boost nuclear energy

Is this another case of Democrats trying to lose future elections again?

You Gotta Give 'em Enough Rope!


DU has survived 10 years without anyone (including John Boehner) in Washington asking our opinion

Jon Stewart rocks tonight

New Leads coming from Bin Laden intel cache hourly

Huckabee Adviser: Obama is a Soviet Spy

Tuesday TOON Roundup 4 - Obama

Anti-gay former Asst. Michigan AG Andrew Shirvell says he's the victim of the infamous Gay Agenda...

Bin laden sons join Republicans in condemning Obama

The Rude Pundit-Your Bullshit Conservative Ideology Is Killing Education (Part 2: Personal Essaying)

Jon Stewart, or Stephen Colbert....

MO House approves bill that would restrict union dues for political purposes

When are we going to stop the "Pakistan is our ally" bullshit.

When are we going to stop the "Pakistan is our ally" bullshit.

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! & a new Maru gif

GOP Scum from Mississippi wants homophobes in the Army to have a "conscience clause".

can you imagine if a republican were president when bin laden was captured or killed?

This one takes the cake. "AP IMPACT: FEMA asks for return of disaster aid"

Topless Woman Arrested After Leaving Baby In Car

Dana Loesch Led Despicable Smear Campaign Against University of Missouri System

Contrast between Authentic, Original Nazis and Some of Today's Pilots

Tuesday TOON Roundup 3- Bin Laden fallout

9th Circuit reverses Judge, Veterans w/PTSD prevail today

Some here in the south are starting to learn the truth about these repuke scumbags.

If an MP3 player supports "WMA (DRM)" format

Obama: Immigration plan is an 'economic imperative'

I went to Waukesha WI today

Condi Rice and Michael Hayden say they had name of courier in 2007?

Liberals in southern Arizona seek to form new state

Killing foreign leaders whom we've previously supported has been an ongoing disaster.

Bin Laden Sons Say U.S. Violated International Law

Now that the day is tomorrow.... I hear absolutely nothing about it.

MSNBC Video: Detroit Dog Rescue - saving sick, frightened stray dogs from the mean streets

Does anyone here recognize this photo?

Cut Medicare? No Way! Make It 'Medicare for All'! by John Nichols

Did Bin Laden's "peace loving" son really say he would not tell where his dad was ?

SB1070 Goes to U.S. Supreme Court, SB1070 Author to Be Recalled

Obama Administration Fights to Allow Warrantless GPS Tracking

Unhinged in Camp Huckabee

More Than Half of GOP Voters Still Doubt Obama Born in U.S

Rageh Al-Murisi yells "Allahu Akbar!" rushes cockpit door...

Bin Laden Sons Say U.S. Broke International Law

Koch role in hiring decisions at Florida State University raise ethical s questions

It seems to me that the media really ignores Lawrence Wilkerson's thoughts on Bush and co

Employers rethinking five-day workweek

Wisconsin Judge To Defendant: You Are Gayer Than A Sweet Smelling Jockstrap

Don't Abandon Afghanistan After 2014 Handover,Plead Generals

3 word argument for estate taxes

Obama mocks Republican position on immigration

I'm confused. There are people saying they have paid for their Social Security benefits over their

Is Alan Grayson eyeing a comeback?

Florida Hands Over Medicaid Program To Private Insurers

52% of Republicans Want a Third Party

Google Santorum

Iraq's abandoned children - over 1 million orphans

NPR reports on teacher protests in California, interviews one person: a lone Tea Partier.

Nuclear collapse looms? Fukushima No. 4 reactor 'leaning'

Blog for Iowa: Shock Doctrine, ALEC and Iowa

"I wouldn't mind making it harder to vote," ... "It should not be easy."

Man jumps to death off world's tallest tower in Dubai

Reid To Boehner: If You Want $2 Trillion In Cuts, Start With Oil And Gas Tax Breaks

Thank you for all the "get well" and advice on my staph (MRSA) infection

I don't understand the need for corporate welfare.

Imagine These Two in the white House

May 21 should be a nice dry run for 12/21/12

"Extremists on the left" become Neo-Nazis???

This just in! Osama bin Laden is

Boener's Choice for 2012

Has anyone suggested a bin Laden defense fund?

Pit Bull - The Face of Death

Am I the Only One Who Can't Stand Piers Morgan?

Was the development of Marxist theory financed by the exploitation of the working classes?

The Small-Time Landlord vs. Big-Time Tenants’ Rights

Chris Matthews: Bush was ‘wise ass rich kid’ about bin Laden

ACLU to Obama administration: Back off prosecuting medical marijuana providers

Now why would the U.S. Chamber of Commerce be so freaked out about this? Hmmmm.

To Osama's sons: "Oopsies"

TOON: Derf on telling Bradley Manning the good news about bin Laden

Library of Congress and Sony Music team for 'National Jukebox' free streaming of vintage recordings

Is Kerry telling an issue that the Post is writing serious front page articles about to "shut up?"

Is Kerry telling an issue that the Post is writing serious front page articles about to "shut up?"

Type the word Republicans in your google.

I'd rather be a "bleeding heart Liberal"

Nepalese 82-year-old ex-minister dies on Everest(while trying to climb it)

Oil Company freeloaders to go before Senate and beg them not to cut off their welfare benefits

I am glad they buried OBL at sea

Sen. Bernie Sanders: Single payer health: it's only fair

I don't understand some liberals... some here, Rosie, Greenwald, Sirota. Obama broke the law? really

Important Email Message from President Obama

US prisoners refused all books except Bible (SC)

No Breakfast For Kids Wearing ‘Wrong’ Shoes At Grade School

treatment denied

Who, The Three Eaglets Have Feathers Already!

Jeebus comes back in 11 days, cash in your shit now and party like it's 2011

jewish newspaper apologizes for erasing women from white house photo

New Report Shows Right-Wing Pundits Mostly Wrong

TSA baby pat-down photographer: “I’ve never seen anything quite that bad”

TSA baby pat-down photographer: “I’ve never seen anything quite that bad”

Topic "Illegals" and paying taxes - read this and know more than the guy at the water cooler

Hannity playing the 'scary black poet/rapper invited to White House' card.

What happened to those "falling gas prices"? I just paid ten cents more per gal than last time

Libyan Revolution Day 83

Breaking: IRS to go HARD after American Crossroads/Priorities USA

Is Credit Scoring Is Eroding Away The Middle Class

Racist Idiot of the Day

LOL !!! - Once Again... Believe What They Say... Republican Warning...

My Mind on Tuscaloosa

kindle people. i dropped and broke my kindle. i have almost 200 books.

They Denigrate our Troops

U.S. Copyright Group targets 23,000 downloaders of ‘The Expendables’

"Liberal hippies, release my son!" A blast from the past gift for you disappointed GDers...

NYT: Japan Scraps Plan for New Nuclear Plants -- OUR TURN NEXT!!!

Meet The Workers Who Make Your iPad: 100 Hours Of OT, No-Suicide Pacts, Standing For 14 Hours A Day

Why Teabaggers Buying Gold And Panicking About The Collapse Of The Dollar Are Gullible/Stupid


Question: Do two wrongs make a right?

What is "working class"?

Fox News guest says women ‘are asking for sex if they’re dressing immodestly’

Julian Assange Awarded Peace Medal

Exactly what part of "BRING THE TROOPS HOME NOW!" is giving people on this 'liberal site' trouble???

School Board Elections

U.S. Postal Service reports $2.2 billion loss

Many Problems in Milwaukee County Recount but NO REPORTS!...My experiences (Warning-LONG)

What can I tell a Ron Paul supporter to dissuade him?

What is your credit score?

Our Depravity

Grab some popcorn. Update to something from earlier.

Grab some popcorn. Update to something from earlier.

We are "in the midst of a bold maneuver by wealthy ideological foes"

I think the Lounge might like these items....

WTF with Bravo TV and the NON STOP "Real" Housewives?

PHOTO: The stop sign on Tony Soprano's street?'s raining! In May, yet!

Warren Haynes new album is out today

I wonder what Dear Abby would have to say about this...

Video: Cops Bust Major Crime Ring!

Oh, the stuff I back out of posting ....

I'm learning to fly, but I ain't got wings......

My niece is taking a bite out of the Big Apple.

Is it too early to start mounting Smalldic fans?

Arizona: Our politics aren't the ONLY thing that is really, REALLY weird about this place.

Skittles' spirit animal is scheduling you for an asspecking.

Well, had my air conditioner system checked today.

Indoor Cat--when to start flea control?

Kittens: Their cuteness often obscures the fact that they're really fucking twisted.

A movie classic - now available in Blue-Ray

Doctor Who wedding cake

Today, 911 operators in Tucson were swamped with frantic calls about possible wildfires.

Has anyone seen CreekDawg or RainDawg recently??

Why DU is destined to sail

Why DU is destined to hail

Why DU is destined to Yale.

Attention K-Mart shoppers - Blue-light special in GD......

Who has DU destined to jail?

Ask me anything: We just got two tickets to a sold out Cake show!

**Live one in GD**

Why DU is destined to go out in the garden and rid it of snails

Lil AA in the KMart ad

Musical Theater Fans---Book of Mormon

Scaredy cat

Wait a Minute, Bin Laden had 3 Wives, and That's How the House Was Kept?

Who would win in a fight: Batman or Jesus. A Facebook funny.

Dog plays with shovel, kid kicks dog in the butt, kid lives to regret it. GO DOG!


Trying to connect a laptop through a wireless router


Science has determined that anal probes are probably not a good thing.

What kind of roadkill is best served with a delicate lemon-butter sauce?

Finally got up the nerve to watch that calf video.

A new spin on Nigerian email scams: Claiming Nigerian email scams are scams

Jane's Addiction at I/O Live After Hours (YouTube Live at 10:30 pm EST)

CLASSIC 1971 Soul: Dramatics - "Whatcha See Is Whatcha Get"


Anyone have a link to live free NHL games?

Any Northwest DU'ers up for a meetup this weekend in the Seattle area?

Why am I having trouble remotely connecting to my ubuntu box from my mac?

Looking into volunteer tourism - any info or advice you have is appreciated

One of Marvin Gaye's GREATEST songs is one that he didn't actually perform...

A funny video - maple bacon dog

Need cooking help: I have three cod fillets to cook, some butter and some lemons.

Li'l MiddleFingerMom pretty much hit the ground running.

Can't we all just get along?

Although you could dress him up... you really COULDN'T take Li'l MiddleFingerMom anywhere.

I'm just barely aware of Rebecca Black, but: Bwaaaa hahahahaha!!!

PHOTOS: If you have $25 million, you can own Tony Stark's house in the Iron Man films.

I'm 27 pounds overweight according to the MetLife tables, but ...

Oh, yikes. We're under a tornado warning (Minneapolis).

CONFESS!!!! What's a part of your morning routine?

Boooo, someone stoled my mp3 player out of my car!!

A fair price for an evening party shuttle?

Bio orders Bristol Palin reality series

Activists win chance to contest nuke license

Arnold Schwarzenegger, Maria Shriver announce separation

Libya: Hundreds feared dead as migrant boat capsizes

Libya: UN's Valerie Amos seeks pause in fighting

Bank called and said we got the home construction loan!! Please cross your fingers and send vibes

Call me self-centered, but whenever I hear about couples splitting

Germany Launches First Census since Reunification

Menu item MOST LIKELY to send MiddleFingerMom into convulsive fits of adolescent-style laughter

Medvedev-Putin tensions grow as 2012 elections get closer

Massey crew, politicians hampered efforts at Upper Big Branch(Mine rescue)

Millionaires who owe no federal income tax

Okay, to me this is STUPID!!!!

Texas approves concealed handguns in public universities

MFM needs a "Doctor" music thread for his hospital stay. What should he take?

MFM needs a "Car" music thread to get to the hospital. What should he take?

China's trade surplus beats forecasts, as yuan in focus

President and Speaker joust for credibility on issue of federal deficit

7.1 earthquake strikes near Vanuatu

NRC Finds Severe Safety Violation At Browns Ferry Nuclear Plant In Alabama

2011 James Beard Award Winners


Man jumps to death off world's tallest tower in Dubai

Navy Will Perform Same-Sex Marriages

Today is International Monty Python Day.

Chain Reactions Reignited At Fukushima After Tsunami, Says New Study

More than 80 killed in Southern Sudan violence

Officials: Insurgents stop attack

Billionaire's role in hiring decisions at Florida State University raises questions

Feds announce plans for 250 imperiled species

Is it too early to start flaunting Baltic fans?

R-J owner says copyright lawsuits target ‘parasitic’ infringers

Obama chooses Booker T. Washington, will speak at the Memphis school’s commencement

First ever Palestinian bonds sold

Gaddafi stays out of public view as Nato bombs Tripoli

Twins born with two heads, single body

Ally of Assad Says Syria Will Fight Protests Till ‘the End’

Justice Department investigates Newark Police

Ex-HealthSouth CEO Scrushy Wins Reversal on Two Counts, May Be Resentenced

13 killed in clash on Falcon Lake at U.S.-Mexico border

Health Care Reform's Legal Battle: Next-To-Last Stage Begins Tuesday

FBI nabs Puerto Rican man for historic robbery

Kan To Focus On Natural Energy, Energy Saving

New York: Long Island murders work of four killers, detectives say

Ex-official implicated in DAS scandal temporarily goes free

AP files FOIA request for access to photos of Osama bin Laden compound, raid

General Motors Creates, Retains 4,000 Jobs by Investing $2 Billion in Plant Expansions and Upgrades

Cellphones get emergency alerts (FCC PLAN Tornados, Hurricanes, Emergencies)

Bangladeshi force trained by UK police 'allowed to kill and torture'

Japan to abandon new reactor plans

Why DU is destined to frail

WikiLeaks' Assange gets Australian peace prize

Tepco may report net loss of $12.46 bln for FY2010

US prisoners refused all books except Bible (SC)

Florida to cut state unemployment benefits

Tainted drinking water found near gas wells(Duke Univ Study)

Liberals in southern Arizona seek to form new state

Colombian army opens fire on civilians

Wisconsin election staff OKs 4 recall petitions

Venezuela dismisses 'unreliable' report about FARC links

Watch Live: Obama’s Immigration Speech

Massive anti-Saudi rally held in Cairo

Appeals court in NYC puts Chevron on defensive

Community Health ends effort to buy rival Tenet ($4 billion-plus offer)

'Bomb Making Next Driveway' posted next to mosque

KVOA won't air TV show based on Tucson shooting

Nygren announces he'll take on Hansen (D, Green Bay) in recall race

AP IMPACT: FEMA asks for return of disaster aid (more than $22 million )

Venezuela Asked Colombian Rebels to Kill Opposition Figures, Analysis Shows

Mitch Daniels 'Would Like To' Run For President, Top Adviser Says

More Hopes Than Gains At U.S.-China Meetings

Prime minister says Japan will scrap plan to boost share of nuclear energy to 50 percent

(MI) Emergency Manager law repeal campaign begins statewide

Judge rules against Koch Industries in media hoax

Wholesale companies boosted inventories in March

What are some good websites for purchasing mp3s?

US plans initial Afghan force reduction of 5,000 in July

Report: Up to 44M more uninsured under GOP budget

Burt Reinhardt dies at 91: Newsman helped launch CNN

Gov. Martin O’Malley signs immigrant tuition bill into law in Maryland

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Airstrike leaves 15 dead in Yemen

AP sources: US closer to calling for Assad to go

No Pardon for Felon Elected Mayor in Oklahoma

Federal judge blocks Utah immigration law

Federal judge blocks Utah immigration law

Presbyterians clear way for gay clergy

Abortion measure clears Round 1

Interior Dept. strikes deal to clear backlog on endangered species listings

Trump’s 2012 polling plummets

Worst possible actor to play Bruce Wayne/Batman

Obama mocks Republican position on immigration

IRS gift tax move could hit new anonymous groups

Boehner demands ‘trillions’ in spending cuts in exchange for lifting debt ceiling

Bob Stempel: Engineer led GM during turbulent '90s (dies at 77)

GM's Akerson reveals hiring blitz(4,000 jobs)

Critics argue Australian surplus in 2 years will be ‘made in China’ because of export reliance

Osama bin Laden mission agreed in secret 10 years ago by US and Pakistan

House Democratic Whip Hoyer Against White House Plan For Contractor Political Disclosures

GOP litmus test: Sharia opposition

Judges in Va. appear skeptical about health overhaul arguments

Ex-Peace Corps Volunteers Speak Out on Rape

Democrats follow Karl Rove's Lead, Dump Cash Into NY- 26

Report: US Secretary of State Clinton calls China’s human rights record ‘deplorable’

Bin Laden Sons Say U.S. Violated International Law

Romney to outline plans for health care repeal

Jockey Michael Baze found dead at Churchill Downs

(Calif. State University) chancellor proposes (32%) new tuition hike

Planned Parenthood eyes restraining order over bill

Saudi Arabia flogs orphan girls

Houston might FINALLY get some RAIN...

Venezuela implements nationwide power-rationing plan

Clones need lovin', too.

Mass. plane passenger tries to open emergency door

Fed Court Reverses 2 Convictions in Siegelman Case (Rest of Verdict Upheld)

Yemeni man yelled "God is Greatest" on flight: prosecutor

Single-Payer-Medicare-for-All Legislation Introduced in Senate & House: Bernie Sanders/Jim McDermott

(Former MI Asst. AG) Shirvell fires back, claims he's victim of gay agenda

NATO Jets Hit Targets in Libyan Capital Tripoli Overnight

Facebook caught exposing millions of user credentials

Mississippi Delta braces for historic flood

What song is in harmony with your present state of mind when it comes to politics?

U.S. post has $2.2 billion loss, warns of Sept insolvency

(Log Cabin Republicans) seeks immediate lifting of gay military ban

Why is DU destined to wail?

applegrove was disappointed. Her friends had told her that it was a good book.

TYT: Cops Asked To Work For Free In The UK

Thom Hartmann vs Bill Keller: Time for a new Civil Rights movement for Muslims in America?

Trump Goes On Racist TV To Claim "I'm the Least Racist Person"

Thom Hartmann and Andy Kroll on our McJobs Recovery

Rob Zerban to Take On Paul Ryan for Wisconsin 1st U.S. House District Seat

Historian Adam Hochschild: 1-2 Lessons For the Antiwar Movement - Democracy NOW!

David Sirota on bin Laden killing

"Osama bin Gotten" by Roy Zimmerman

Disposable- Indecent Proposal by Ted Rall

TDPS: Texas Teacher Tells Muslim Girl Osama is her "Uncle," She "Is Grieving"

Republicans Dredge Up Torture Debate Again! Want Credit!

Copyright Infinity

GOP Immigration Policy - Alligators in the Moat

Night In Baghdad

Osama Bin Laden Videos Released By The Pentagon Are a Hoax!

World without end

Jim Rogers: 'US the largest debtor nation in history'

TYT: Good/Bad News For President Obama

Rachel Maddow: Sunday Talk Shows Heavy With Bush Has Beens, Why?

Young Turks: Cenk's 2012 GOP Candidate Reviews & Prediction

Thom Hartmann: Not one single right-wing dream law - will create one single job

Man Gets Life In Prison For Forth Marijuana Conviction In Covington Louisiana

Pushing For The Arrest of George W. Bush For War Crimes in British Columbia

Papantonio Takes Fox To School On Torture

Thom Hartmann: No Veteran Marine should be shining my shoes

The Def Poetry performance by rapper Common that's got the right wingers all mad

An American born physician practices in Canada in preference to the US

MSNBC Host : Do You Want Obama Killed Rather Than Bin Laden?

Nuclear collapse looms? Fukushima No. 4 reactor 'leaning' (RT)

Rosie Odonell: We didn't give Bin Laden DUE PROCESS

Republican rift widens on Medicare

President Obama Plans Major Push for Immigration Reform, With Amnesty Possible

CBPP: Ending Tax Cuts for Wealthy Would Make Major Contribution to Deficit Reduction

Why should anyone have trouble distinguishing Obama from bin Laden?

One constant with Obama's approval ratings...

GALLUP: U.S. Economic Confidence Spikes on Bin Laden Death

Federal appeals judges show support for health care reform law

Donald(I have a great relationship with the BLACKS)Trump 15 min. of fame is done

delete - wrong forum

Today's Gallup Tracking Poll-bump continues...

Caucus for Michelle Obama? (caucus states only)

CNN Poll: Democrats up 50-46 percent in battle for House

Tweety: Clip of Bush

Republicans to Trump: You’re fired. PPP POLL: Huck 19, Mittens 18, New 13, Palin 12, Trump 8, Paul

Pres. Speech on Immigration on now.....

Obama Mocks Republican Position on Immigration - "trying to move the goal posts on us one more time"

"Of course, Mr Trump, and what kind of cheese would you like with it?"

Robert Reich: The Battle for the Soul of the GOP

Netanyahu To Address US Congress May 24 - House Speaker

Hey GOP: Your 1990's counterparts called. They want their candidates back.

What happened to "Chocolate News" that used to be on Comedy Central?

Bin Laden’s killing requires new look at Afghanistan strategy, Kerry says

Rethugs going there...will demand answers on enhanced interrogation

Senate privacy hearings today, Apple sent a senior VP of engineering, Google sent a lobbyist.

More Than a Résumé

U.S. ‘Underwater’ Homeowners Rise to 28 Percent, Zillow Says

for all our African American friends..... a website for us all....

Mitch Daniels thinks he could beat Obama

Republicans: How's that Ryan budget vote working out for you?

Salon: The Trump Campaign is Dead.

Half of Republicans polled still don't believe Obama was born in USA

Baucus: Keep Social Security out of any deficit-reduction deal

Osama Bin Laden's Sons Say U.S. Broke Law in Killing Their Father, Demands Inquiry

I was around in 72, when we lost. We lost big.

Michelle Obama: "No. If I had married him, he would now be the President."

Cheney should be cut off from all national security connections.

The more that comes out on this bin Laden raid, the more I believe it was one of the gutsiest...

Obama chooses Booker T. Washington in Memphis to deliver commencement speech

News organizations press White House to release visual proof of bin Laden’s death

If most Obama hate is based on racism, would right wingers love him if he were white?

Sarah Palin angry that a black rapper/poet was invited to the WH...

(Happy Birthday) Daniel Berrigan: A Lifetime of Peace Activism

Ezra Klein: A shout-out to the best, but not most popular, ideas in Congress

The Song of Spring (James Howard Kunstler)

Singapore's election

In Fine Print, Banks Require Struggling Homeowners to Waive Rights

Acetaminohen Tied to blood cancers

DOMA: The Sinking Ship (From Think Progress)(DOMA):

Whirlpool Paid No Taxes Over The Past Three Years...

Re-Demobilized Colombian Paramilitaries to Sign Free Trade Agreement with U.S.

US Chamber Freaks Out Over Obama Proposal Requiring Govt Contractors To Disclose Campaign Spending

Guardian UK: It is time for England's first empire to get independence

Bahrain topples its own people by Pepe Escobar

Earthlings Unite? (Mickey Z.)

Joan Walsh: How the Iraq war saved bin Laden's life

Faulty Towers: The Crisis in Higher Education

Allen West, uncut: A candid conversation with South Florida's rising Tea Party star.

Katrina vanden Heuvel: Why aren’t the powers that be tackling the jobs crisis?

The coming housing calamity

New York Times Editorial Rips into Scott's Train Decision

Richard Cohen: The myth of American exceptionalism

The Last Days of Jupiter in Aries

What the Farc files really reveal

Guardian UK: Tony Kushner and the corporatisation of CUNY

The War Against Taxing the Rich

Unlimited Secret Money Is Drowning Democratic Elections

Why the GOP, Banksters and their corporate cronies are terrified of Sharia.

Chile Approves Huge Dam Project in Wild Patagonia

Discrimination and bullying of Fukushima evacuees

Climate change and the flood this time

Commission reports equipment failure (of “high safety significance” ) at TVA's Browns Ferry plant

April 2011: historic U.S. extremes in rains, floods, tornadoes, and fires

Radiation to restrict work on No. 1 (Fukushima - it's not over yet)

New home for American spent nuclear fuel in...Mongolia?

Japan to scrap nuke energy expansion (for renewable energy)

Radiation high at No.3 reactor pool - (Arnie Gundersen's theory) - NHK

Tepco turns to government for cash

Japan, U.S. (secretly) negotiating construction of nuclear waste facility in Mongolia

The unconstitutionality of the nuclear power bill (Iowa)

MOX Fueled Reactor No. 3 temperature rising — Pumping water may be ‘insufficient’

Leas: Entergy’s position inconsistent with Supreme Court decision

Dedeni to retrofit Cane to ethanol mills to use sweet sorghum to make ethanol - Brazil

French fission industry fingerprints on Japan's energy policy

TAE: Welcome to The Atomic Village

Floating Wind Turbines gain accesss to stronger and less turbulent winds: Commercialization by 2020?

Ethanol Potential in Giant Sweet Potatoes (1500-1800 gallons per acre)

Video: Wet, cold weather weakening Washington state berry crop

Oz Greens Shut Down GHG Targeting Plans; Now No Party Working For Cuts @ Levels Scientists Urge

"Shrinking Balls & Degraded Bones" - Danish Zoologist Tracks POP Effects On Greenland Polar Bears

Satellite Data Shows Striking Loss Of Soil Moisture Across UK, EU - BBC

Q1 2011 2nd-Driest Quarter In NM Records - Fire In Cimmaron Nat. Grassland (KS) Burns 30 Sq. Miles

Study - Each 1F Increase During 6-Year Study = 15 Cubic Miles Of Additional Melt From Can. Glaciers

April 2011 Atmospheric CO2 Content - 393.18; April 2010 392.49; April 2009 389.46

Exceptional drought conditions ‘pretty much shut down’ Texas crop production

Anyone here familiar with Trellis Earth products (recyclable plasticware replacements)?

Power from renewable sources surpasses N-power for the first time news

UK's "Greenest Govt. Ever" On Verge Of Shredding Committments To Deal With Climate - Guardian

Two Islands In India's Gulf Of Mannar National Park Submerged By Ocean

‘Coal Cares’ hoax website backed by science

Celanese Says Ethanol-From-Coal Process Is a ‘Game-Changer’ - Bloomberg

Corn ethanol GHG emissions w Biomass for Process Energy - 119% reduction w Biomass Combined Cycle.

Breaking the Link Between Energy Consumption and Economic Growth

Solar Highway

The Health Crisis Killing Manly Men

Nuclear Power: Not the Solution to Climate Change (very good summary article)

For Mother's Day, I want marriage equality: Give my son and his partner the right to marry

Thank you, my friends...

Anti-gay groups plan increased spending, activity through 2012

Judge Says Molestation Defendant Is ‘Gayer than a Sweet Smelling Jock Strap’

Three Cheers for Google/You Tube

Don't Be H8N On The Homos

Tonight's Glee has to be seen to be believed

Ben Cohen Wants To Meet You (And you know who you are!)

Exclusive: New “Star Trek” TV Series Proposed, Includes a Gay Main Character

Jury selection for anti-nuke protesters delves into American history

Yesterday was Daniel Berrigan's 90th birthday.

2-Headed Baby Born in China

Newville pastor admits his tale of being a Navy SEAL was just 'an ego-builder'

Liberal Religion is NOT Just Compromise

R/T is not an Ecumenical Council

If the Devil offered you a deal that looked pretty good, would you give it serious consideration?

Texas Senate Approves Handguns On Campus Amendment

Why do anti-gun folk feel the need to be insulting when they post about guns?

Florida Bill Outlaws Asking Patients About Guns

Talking life, death and guns with Nebraska’s most-radical state senator (GOP/NRA uber-moran)


Biodegradable shot cups for 12 gauge?

My thoughts on people who argue that they have the right to carry a gun II

(Mexican President) Calderon Blames Violence on End of U.S. Gun Ban

University officials will probably try to strike back. Remember that they were against integration

Gun owner arrested in case of 7-year-old shot in chest (at Mother's Day party)

(Gov.) Deval Patrick (D- Mass.): New gun laws needed to curb violence

Boy tries to hijack school bus (with a gun) for attack on government officials, police say

New York continues gun shop attack

My thoughts on people who argue that they have the right to carry a gun

(Dem.) Governor signs new (tougher) gun law (MD)

Wild prediction.....

The Campus Carry Movement Stutter-Steps Across America

Sheriff: Neurosurgeon Pointed Gun At Son

Report: 2010 was deadly year for law enforcement

Utah scolded by national gun-violence group

Texas approves concealed handguns in public universities

Florida Law will Prohibit Pediatricians from Asking Parents if Guns are Safely Stored

Texas A&M coach Mark Turgeon accepts contract offer from Maryland

Thank you, President Obama...

Thunder and Grizzlies Heading into Second Overtime

La Russa has shingles - ouch!

And Wings force a seventh game!

Wizards unveil new colors. There’s still a creepy Wizard

How low can those yankees go? They charge a service fee and the tips don't go to the waiters!!

Let's go Thunder, Grizzlies, Mavs, Hawks and Bulls!

State senator (R-moran & CCW permit holder) who displayed handgun found guilty of disorderly conduct

Barenboim: It's worth having a dialogue with Gazans

Barak: We can't have it both ways with Palestinian unity

Netanyahu Is Head And Shoulders Below The Rest

U.S.: Israel's decision to withhold PA funds 'premature'

Arab League chief: Hamas not a terror group

This will be the Arab world's next battle

Join me in honoring the (re) foundation of Israel May 14, 1948.

Lieberman: Settlement building won't be frozen for even three hours