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Archives: May 1, 2011

Web comments for the The Tribune take a holiday

There's a "tweet" at HuffPo suggesting the Washington Post

Google logo for the 1851 World's Fair

On Twitter, Chris Cillizza said Melania Trump was smiling during Meyers' jokes at hubby's expense!


May I say that Michele Obama looked stunning tonight.

Anybody figure out what the "magnifying glass" thing meant on Google today?

Politico: Palin chooses Life over "nerd prom"

So What Will The Donalds Next Move Be.....

Trump gets Trumped...signs Obama's BC...

Exporting Democracy Has Led to Shortages of it in U.S., Experts Say

FEMA Safe Room Resources

Can a comparison be made between preventing rape, and preventing wide-scale violence?

President Obama slams Trump at dinner, video link inside...

Toon: May Day

Threats to civil liberties continuing under Obama

Threats to civil liberties continuing under Obama

Bloomberg's Poodle, Chancellor Walcott, Uses Connections To Get Out Of Ticket & threaten cops' jobs

Gitmo - Our National Shame

Eric Cantor, you have never looked more glamorous

Michele Bachmann compares taxes to the Holocaust

Afghanistan: Suicide Bomber 'Aged 12' Kills Four

Afghanistan: Suicide Bomber 'Aged 12' Kills Four

How many are demanding to see the death certificates for Qadaffi's three grandchildren?

Recall Gets Preliminary Green Light in Michigan: Snyder Gives $1.8 Billion Tax Cut to Business, Incr

Syrian city shelled, cut off with no food or water.

Luckovich Toon: How Obama Can REALLY Prove...

(FL) House passes controversial (extremist) environmental bill in minutes

Another edited right-wing video; Another collection of idiots falls for it

Our *Very* Expensive Navy

How confident are you that Gaddafi's son and grandchildren were actually killed?

US v. them

Poll from politico who's routine was funnier.....

Ghaddafi's Three Grandchildren

At Least Someone at the Washington Post Is Embarrassed by Trump

Obtained Under Torture - Slahi's Guantanamo File Full of Dubious Information

Thank You Seth Myers...

Eyjafjallajökull was indeed a menace to air traffic safety

Eyjafjallajökull was indeed a menace to air traffic safety

By Monday Morning The Donald Will Be Playing......

Movies Aren't Real Life...But...

Women of DU - Have you seen the movie Iron Jawed Angels?

Women of DU - Have you seen the movie Iron Jawed Angels?

Running in the red: How the U.S., on the road to surplus, detoured to massive debt

Anonymous Urges Caution on Chamber Release(dkos)

Republicans' popularity soaring........among recall petition-language writers

Is there a logical explanation of why the Dems in Mass passed the union stripping bill?

Clueless review of tonight's dinner from WaPo's Dan Zak: Trump was "the star of the show"

Woman tricks Trump into signing copy of President Obama's birth certificate at correspondents dinner

Happy May Day!

Faux keeps claiming Trump is a Democrat

"no immediate threat to public health."

Spain has nuke plant event ( Ecologists in Action called for plant to be closed)

Pope John Paul II: Catholicism's maypole?

Anonymous posted this to their site

Seven Counties Added for FEMA Aid in Alabama

I heard this on C-span WJ about the MSNBC after party

Texas House committee approves tax break on yachts

GOP plan to change Medicare is rooted in bipartisan history (“premium support,” )

No More Federal Funds to Clean Up Meth Labs

Citizens Against Taxing Big Oil

Florida charters less diverse than other public schools

Rubio on MTP

Rubio on MTP

“I was wrong to oppose military intervention in Libya – wrong, wrong, wrong”

“I was wrong to oppose military intervention in Libya – wrong, wrong, wrong”

Dog Submerges Herself In Bathtub To Survive Fire

Let's think ahead to 2016

Cleaning Up From Tornadoes, Both Natural And Financial - FDL

1994: Tobacco company executives testified in Congress they didn't believe cigarettes were addictive

Hmmmmmmmmmmm so they're playing down Meyers comments

Short take: Producer of Ayn Rand movie adaptation throws in towel.

Trump autographs Obama's birth certificate

$400 Billion to be spent in Afghanistan

It may be zombie proof but would you want to be shut in it during a fire?

I used to think "knowledge is power". I am far less ambitious about it today.

Tucson students take over, shut down school board meeting - video

Tucson students take over, shut down school board meeting - video

So you can bomb and kill the leader of a country's

So you can bomb and kill the leader of a country's

So you can bomb and kill the leader of a country's

"tell me lies"

Joe Biden likes it RAAAAAWWWW!

Joe Biden likes it RAAAAAWWWW!

3 union-busting WI Repubs picked up over $300,000 in federal farm subsidies

U.N. pulling out of Tripoli after mob attacks

Seriously, Trump - run for president. We really want you to

Another Gang of 6 is Hard at Work - Let's Get Organized

Enhanced pics of Big Top at the WHCA dinner

Here's to Donald trump's employees today...

Oil Depletion Allowance

Oldie but goodie from YES! Magazine: 'It's time to talk honestly about collapse......'

Post-Tornado Images of People in Alabama (large images)

Judge orders John Edwards to answer questions about affair

Must read - West 'getting away with murder' in Libya

Take this very easy quiz!

Don't be mad Donald they are not laughing w/ you ...

Probing The Heliosheath

This is what we need in America: A Robin Hood Tax on the rich!

Son of Doctor Who Delivered Obama: 'It's Great'

Video: Seth Meyers destroys The Donald

AP IMPACT: Revolving door connects Japanese nuke industry, sympathetic government regulators

Religious Fundamentalism’s War on Reality Will Destroy Us

Obama's father forced out at Harvard

Good fugging grief Rubio is a lightweight

Tens of Thousands March for May Day Across Globe

Tens of Thousands March for May Day Across Globe

Superman renounces U.S. citizenship in latest issue of Action Comics

An anti-birther cartoon from a South Carolina newspaper

Obama and Myers were OK, but nobody made Trump look worse...

Obama not immune from state's twisted bureaucracy

Royal Values

Anybody have good clips of the Correspondent dinner?

Imran warns of sit-in in Karachi against drone attacks

WH Correspondents dinner? Bristol Palin?

OMFG David Gregory! He just let Marco Rubio say that the Ryan budget does NOT cut medicare!

All you need to know about Politico: this is their source for a "shocking" revelation about Barack

A 'really' gay McDonald's commercial.

Quinn wants to withhold cities' money as pressure to borrow billions

Apple bans immigration game “Smuggle Truck,” becomes “Snuggle Truck”

What's the difference between a veil like Princess Kate wore and a Burka?

bet that Fox on Trump's head got athrashing last night

Constant decay rates not really contanst?

Happy May Day!

Real American justice comes from real American courts

Get ready to hear a lot about John Hunstman.

Excellent post from Seattle Education explaining the bogus rating of schools

Emilio "Millito" Navarro, Puerto Rico baseball great (and Negro Leaguer), dies at 105

Residents anxious, watchful over plan to blow up levee

Is Scorched Earth the GOP's Strategy in Retreat?

Who's watching CNN and the rescue of

SNL’s Seth Meyers nails Trump and GOP candidates at White House Correspondents’ Dinner

Vermont physician's work pays off on health care (fantastic article, great resource)

It's Class Warfare As The Rich Gets Richer

Donald Trump Shows Up at White House Correspondents Dinner, Is Booed on Arrival

The Great Mystery of the Obama Presidency

Happy May Day to all DUers! The Real Labor Day!

It's official: "Fox News North" is a failure!

Woman killed in mistaken rapture in Arkansas when she spots Jesus raising souls

The Cosmic Thunderbolt part II, open minds welcome all others need not apply.

Oh you poor dumb birthers, I actually pity you. Almost.

Isn't there a better solution to our problems than cruise missile diplomacy?

Taiwan doomsday prophet's blog sparks panic

Tea Party backers gather in Jasper (Georgia)

Amnesty International reports on situation in Libya

Japanese PM admits government and TEPCO ignored safety concerns

First GOP Debate looks like a big schwang wang wang

Trump will be on CNN live in few minutes to whine. (updated).

Through the looking glass: The Freepwads react to the (t)Rump roast. Funny stuff.

Trump will respond during Don Lemon program at 7.00pm

Ted Nugent tells NRA crowd to turn up “the heat” on guns

April a Deadly Month for U.S. Troops in Iraq (11 Dead)

Good luck, Canadians on tomorrow's election.

Doubt cast on Gaddafi son death claim

Is Ghaddafi lying about his son and grandchildren being killed by NATO strikes?

I hope that Donald Trump wins the Republican presidential nomination.

Why does stiffing pension and entitlement obligations prove fiscal responsibility, and stiffing othe

May Day Is Lei Day in Hawai`i

Law Schools Award Merit Scholarships to Recruit Students, Then Take Them Away

MO Governor vetoes redistricting bill

A guide to Donald Trump's feuds

Trump DOES have one quality I admire...just the quality, not his timing or the way he pulls it off.

Is Trump a good sport?

Obama's education hero Jeb Bush: Leading Broad Push for Education Change With ‘Florida Formula’

Big shitty up now...

anyone remember the Local Hero who fought Trump

Air France 447 Flight Data Recorder Recovered from 12,800 Feet of Water

NOW Toronto: Yes we can – take back Canada

Luckovich toon-How Obama can really prove he's american


I don't know who this "globalpoweringgathering" hacker is, but burn in hell, scumbag(s)...

'Donald Trump, who sat there stone-faced, his melon-colored hair glinting obscenely....'

Unions are our first line of defense

Mythical Mercury

Trump just made himself an ass at the WH Press dinner.

Japan Calls Nuclear Adviser's Exit a 'Misunderstanding'

Japan Calls Nuclear Adviser's Exit a 'Misunderstanding'

My father frustrates and confuses me.

My father frustrates and confuses me.

Regulators too close to Japan nuclear industry?

I want to know more about this disturbing image.

What Obamacare Has Done For Me

Immigrants and Unions United to Fight Cutbacks and Demand Jobs

Trump needs "his guy in Hawaii" to figure out when his show actually ENDS

The connection is anecdotal, not scientific, but it is undeniable, nonetheless:

The connection is anecdotal, not scientific, but it is undeniable, nonetheless:

John Nichols: Countering ‘elective despotism’

Donald trump is not the just a carnival barker...

Over 12,500 Thank You Notes Submitted To Wisconsin Recall Volunteers - DailyKos

What killed American Union's power?

What killed American Union's power?

Get Emsisoft Mamutu for free

DU this poll on Snott Walker's performance, please...

Snookie wannabee shows up at the Correspondents' Dinner

Poll: What was your opinion of nuclear energy before Fukushima?

Another Wealthy Out of Touch GOPer Claims to be Struggling

The West Makes Putin look like Mother Teresa

All Casinos in Tunica MS closed - FLOODING

Running in the red: How the U.S., on the road to surplus, detoured to massive debt

Criminal Investigation Question

Donald Trump pushes back at prez jokes

When Prince Charles married Diana, the House passed the Reagan tax cuts

Ya know, even the Mafia stays away from family

I just watched the whoop dee doo from last night....

May 1, 1886: Wisconsin Bay View Massacre

Dear Teabaggers: Poor, sick, and uneducated is no way to go through life.

How Obama Can Really Prove He's An American

I think it's going to be a three-way race next year.

Thugs mistake sign language for gang signs and attack group of deaf people

I'm a birther.

"Secretariat" up now on SportsCentury on ESPN Classic.

Coleen Rowley: The Royal Wedding's Pre-Crime Arrests

A friend sent me a YouTube video of Trump from Friday night.

"Petraeus and Panetta: Foiled at the Start." According to this article, both of them

Caption Trump

Now what?

Fox panelists accuse White House of ‘cynical’ handling of birther issue

which is scarier: Tornado, Flood, Earthquake?

Trump had been kneecapped by the right before he got to that dinner.

Now For Something Completely Weird... Keynes Vs. Hayek In Ten Minute Rap Video

Reagan Budget Director: ‘Absolutely’ Raise Taxes, Just Like Reagan Did

Kid Rock defends use of Confederate flag at NAACP meeting.

Michele Bachmann is back with her latest chart-topper

I sure wouldn't have wanted to be Trump's wife when they

Trump would offer himself as a "conservative with a big heart", oppose tax on the rich

After the wind, the water: Fears of floods worse than Mississippi disaster of 1927

After the wind, the water: Fears of floods worse than Mississippi disaster of 1927

White House inside sources say

Embassies in Tripoli Attacked After NATO Assault on Qaddafi

CNN - Not Libya

Intelligence meeting taking place too at 1030

Donate to recall Snyder on ActBlue website!

Who do I watch, CNN or MSNBC?

The lines about the (WHCD) after-parties

President to speak about a grave, serious CIA operation overseas. n/t

Grave CIA Operation overseas per MSNBC. nt

"A grave, serious CIA operations over seas?

Maybe they got Osama Bin Laden?

Regarding OBL in Pakistan n/t


Grave, Serious, CIA Operation

Announcement concerns events with Osama bin Laden in Pakistan. n/t

Gregory says it involves bin Laden. OMG.

This is about japan. We are fucked.

Wolf Blizer looks like he's going to shit himself. His voice is waaaay nervous, too...

We havent seen Gadaffi for a while

Zombie Uprising. We all knew this day would come.

CBS News producer: Osama dead; U.S. has body

Hint - It is dawn in Pakistan

They got Trumps Rug!!

"Ron and Tom's story... cost of DOMA"

States start banning felt-sole waders

What is the most effective way to slow the rising cost of health care?

Aliens or Armageddon?

Wolf just couldn't help himself. "Something we've all been looking forward to...."

Bin Laden killed

Next up: The Deather movement.

Holy shit they found Bin Laden

Does this signal the beginning of a GD:B. Please let it be so...


CNN John KIng announced its U.S. has Osama body.

Hurry up President Obama...

What cannot keep until tomorrow???

Two Virgins of the 71 Have confirmed Osama.....

It is bin Laden

How long did Bush look for Bin Laden. Who finally got him???

What I have found about today's dating

What I have found about today's dating

CBS says Osama is dead.

Sorry, I won't believe it til I see the long form death certificate

The Campaign Has Begun. nt

This is only symbolic. I hope it helps Obama get re-elected

The nooz readers are shitting bricks, stuttering, blathering, filling air time,

It's about time they clipped Emmanuel Goldstein.

Ten thirty has passed.

Ten thirty has passed.

Fuck that mother fucker Bin Laden

Andrea Mitchell says they had samples of his DNA earlier.

"I 'm truly not that concerned about him".

We should wait 3 days, just to be sure

He just wants to tell us who won the Apprentice


Thats a big plus for Petraeus...

Nuclear attack reprisal?

A friend said Fox News broke the story, stealing President Obama's thunder.

In 1793 should the United States have joined the French in declaring war on England?

In all things, the reactions of people are fairly linear, but this is a non-linear moment.

Usama bin Landen is Dead!!!

Obama Breaks News of Osama's Death...Right in the middle of The Apprentice

Ok America, you can come out now !

Obama got bin Laden.

If bin Laden was killed, what would change?

Bush's last debt numbers thru September of 2009

You mean he wasn't in Iraq???

Freeper heads exploding across the internets like it's the 4th of July!

Are there any pretty nurses on the board?

Did McCain finally tell Obama how to catch Bin Laden?

We have NOT always been after O B-L! Bush, 2002: "I'm not that concerned."

What would happen to the M$M if

And, um, how many terrorist attacks will happen now?

Extra-Judicial Assassinations R Us. Woo-hoo! USA! USA! USA! Give

Group of deaf, mute friends stabbed at bar after thug mistakes sign language for gang signs

Group of deaf, mute friends stabbed at bar after thug mistakes sign language for gang signs

But I was Hoping to Watch Sex Slaves: UK on MSNBC

But I was Hoping to Watch Sex Slaves: UK on MSNBC

Interesting column about Wal-Mart in today's paper:

The boogyman's dead, bush, cheney, and the neocons live


The Lost Call of Justice: The Erosion of Consumer Class Action Rights

The high cost of low teacher salaries - 62% work a 2nd job

Phillies fans are all looking at their cell phones

Phillies fans are all looking at their cell phones

Richard Clark on ABC

America Wins! Obama Wins! Traitors like Limbaugh are sad today!

Wis. Recount 1,847 of 3,602 Wards reporting (P) 358,455 (K) 318,455 --- Prosser +21

Trump on Bin Laden: "Let's see the death certificate."

Hey, rightwingers! Deranged religious fundamentalists come to no good end!

Okay he is thawed out who picked May 1st 2011, I forgot.

Osama died a long time ago.

The Transport Politic: A Note on the Future of American Transportation

Obama Got Osama! And that's a good thing.

Obama Got Osama! And that's a good thing.

It happened on the Librul's Watch.

NBC: 'congressional staffers' leaked the story.

So if Obama is a secret Muslim, mr GOP, and hates America so much...

Geoff Fieger sounds like a DUer on Snyder, taxcuts, unions, journalism, Citizens United - MUST SEE!

Wait. I thought Democrats were "soft on terrorism."

Heads Up: Donald Trump on live @ 7:00 PM on CNN

Today is National Train Day and the 40th birthday of Amtrak

Can the 9/11 forum now be tombstoned?

Bin Laden will become a renewed rallying point.

Bin Laden will become a renewed rallying point.

Osama will go the way of Tupac...He'll be releasing Videos for years to come

He's been dead for 8 years, it's about time they announced it

Michigan’s “Emergency” Financial Regime: What Fascism Looks Like

The US has Bin Laden's body

Where is the proof? I want to see his (OBL) birth certificate.

This isn't the end, this isn't the beginning of the end....

"I suppose it's too much to hope that this means we can again start boarding planes with ..


Why isn't CSPAN carrying the presser????

9/11 happened on Bush's watch. OBL DEAD on Obama's watch.

So who becomes the new boogieman???

Mission Accomplished by Bin Laudin America Bankrupt by War

Mission Accomplished by Bin Laudin America Bankrupt by War

So has Obama killed Osama?

So...who ELSE thinks the Royal Wedding thing makes an even better case for abolishing monarchy?

Today is the 8th anniversary of "Mission Accomplished."

CNN showing crowds of people outside the Whitehouse singing the Star Spangled Banner

What's the difference between Osama, and Usama....

What's the difference between Osama, and Usama....

Oh, the Birthers are gonna go FULL TILT CRAZY!

If you repeat the dumb ass meme that Osama has been dead for years....

MSNBC said they knew this an hour ago. Why didn't they report it?

Obama gets OBL. This means he can further ANY agenda. He will have political capital

Possible meltdown in progress

Al-Jazerra covering death of OBL

Predict Obama's poll bounce

If you're sick and twisted - Witstream is Live Tweeting this OBL thing

If it's true that we got Osama, be prepared for a prolonged engagement

Palin: Obama Is ‘Palling Around With Terrorists’

Palin: Obama Is ‘Palling Around With Terrorists’

Yes, but Donald Trump was able to succesfully fire Omarosa.

Yes, but Donald Trump was able to succesfully fire Omarosa.

Sent to crush protesters, Gaddafi's son joins them

Jim Messina, David Axelrod and David Ploufe will get to make some beautiful campaign ads

OK then time to pack up and leave Afghanistan

Crap...he was killed in Pakistan according to CNN

Las Vegas police unhappy with arrest video

Think Obama's going to come in with Osama's head?

Are they going to pull his severed head out of a basket or something?


Think Progress: On October 7, 2008, President Obama said, “We will kill Bin Laden.”

O.K., for the love of God, it's time to put this silly conspiracy theory to an end . . .

Osama appeared near death the last

Osama appeared near death the last

Who do you want answering that phone at 3AM

Who Want Pictures Of The Corpse...

Who Want Pictures Of The Corpse...

Important Files Missing in Wikileaks Guantanamo Release (Hamdi Vs. Rumsfeld)

20 others supposedly killed at the same time... Good catch...

Call me paranoid, but should we look for another

Obama IS badass

Osama Bin Laden is dead! Now watch this drive.

Donald Trump just demanded to see the death certificate!

Phillies Fans Break Out in USA Chant on ESPN

Mission Accomplished!

Mission Accomplished!

God damn. Wow. Thanks soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines

Good ole CNN wolf blitzes giving credit to bush because he said dead or alive. I am sorry but the

oh look. no one's talking about the wedding anymore. n/t

George W. Bush VIDEO, November 11, 2008: "I Regret" Mission Accomplished Sign

It's now been an hour since we heard that the POTUS was

BWAHAHA! Chuck Todd just framed OBL death against "Mission Accomplished." EAT ME, BUSH!

Reminder: The psycho mofo's killed 24 people because of a book being burned.

m$nbc: there is a 'flash mob' outside the white house cheering, singing 'we are the champions'

Kos: I guess Democrats didn't want the terrorists to win

So if he was killed a week ago

People gathering outside the White House with flags and chanting.

When they attacked the Towers back in 2001...

Big shout-out to Skinner, EarlG Elad, and the mods.

So, sama was killed at a MANSION in our ALLIES country. Why are we in Afghanistan or Iraq?

He's on!

Will high gas prices spur more involvement in conservation/ alternatives from DC to Small Town, USA?

If Osama was killed around Islamabad, I find that VERY worrying.

If Osama was killed around Islamabad, I find that VERY worrying.

Osama bin Laden's been dead for years

Osama bin Laden's been dead for years

Nice job CIA!

Good, I'm glad the fucker is dead

Political theater. Insulting, if you think about it.

Obama pwns BushCo!

NOW I understand why PETRAEUS is leaving Afghanistan...

So they've decided to finally own up to the truth that bin Laden is dead.

Now all Obama has to do is go after the Bush/Cheney White House Mafia.

Now all Obama has to do is go after the Bush/Cheney White House Mafia.

Pres up now

I'm tired of the same Bin Laden footage every single time his name comes up.

I'm tired of the same Bin Laden footage every single time his name comes up.

So what's this I hear about the President making a statement?

THIS is why some of us are saying that bin Laden has been dead for years..

Freeper: "Bin Laden declared dead on Obama’s watch. 4 more years in the White House. RIP America."

He's dead? Let me now call loudly for the return to US soil EVERY SERVICEMEMBER involved in the

He's dead? Let me now call loudly for the return to US soil EVERY SERVICEMEMBER involved in the

How many percentage points will President Obama win by in 2012?

How many percentage points will President Obama win by in 2012?

Did Obama just have his "Capture of Atlanta" moment.?

Check and mate.

A poll on the "official" version of 9/11 and the recent news about OSB's death.

A poll on the "official" version of 9/11 and the recent news about OSB's death.

A poll on the "official" version of 9/11 and the recent news about OSB's death.

Tacky campaign speech. I'm ashamed. nt

Could we drop Cryptkeeper Murdoch and Jabba the Ailes in the middle of Wazristan?

Does the media have a responsibility to educate the populace?

Crowds cheering in NY and DC

Obama is NAILING this speech. Out of the park. Double Grandslam

NewYorkers running down 5th Avenue

I wonder what the reaction will be in Pakistan. I really worry about that place.

trying to remember: is there any evidence linking Osama to 9/11?

1 Osama Bin Laden killed.... at what cost

Remember when Hannity and co. attacked the idea of Obama striking Bin Laden in Pakistan?

Prediction: Gitmo stays open, Patriot Act still strong, Whistleblowers still punished, more carnage

Right wing now calling him Usama Bin Ladin?


Ding Dong! n/t

Tuesday's edition of Frontline on PBS: "Fighting for Al-Qaeda"

60 Minutes just had laura logan on w/ an interview of her ordeal in Egypt.

Time for this meme again.

West Coast viewers: Did your local Fox station pre-empt The Simpsons?

Bin Laden is dead

OMG Gergen thanked Bush on CNN

OMG Gergen thanked Bush on CNN

We have an amazing military and a fantastic commander in chief

Osama's death may not make much difference but it makes me tear up. RIP those who

Today, I am thankful that Obama is my President!

GOP opening investigation on legality of bin Laden killing in 5,4,3,2...

Serious question

people who thought osama was already dead, just suck it up, you were wrong.

people who thought osama was already dead, just suck it up, you were wrong.

Did our Pres know about this op during the correspondent's dinner?

Possibly his best speech ever...

Fireworks or gunfire in NW Portland OR....

Who saw the Teabagger outside the WH with his

You can be sure this has all been confirmed to the nth degree, BTW.

Probably the most important note about the Royal wed., that's why they didn't go on their honeymoon.

The silence is going to be deafening

"Rudy Giuliani: No terror attacks under Bush" - Why The Death of Bin Ladin Will Not Stop Myth That..

I'm just very happy that Osama was found during the Obama admin!

I'm a bit nervous about going to work tomorrow

BUSH Intelligence: "Saddam has WMDs." OBAMA Intelligence: "bin Laden's hiding HERE. Go GET him."

There are going to be lots of radicals ready to kill tomorrow

"8 years to the day when Bush put on that costume and falsely declared "Mission: Accomplished."

Casino Royale.....starring Tim Geithner

du changed????? lol. too many people. level purple. lol. nt

Abbottabad is in NE Pakistan near Kashmir

I just hung out my American flag.....

John King plastered on CNN...

Obama did in a little over two years what Dumbya couldn't do in nearly eight.

Usama or Osama?

So, Osama was killed at a MANSION in our ALLIES country. Why were we in Afghanistan or Iraq?

I'm gonna ask what we're all wondering - how are the teapublicans going to spin THIS?

Place Osamas Body in an Unmarked Grave

Can we turn off the metal detectors now???

Obama ordered Penatte to make getting Bin Laden priority one...

It appears that at level 2, the link to GD on the latest page takes you to the archived version

April 2011 tornado info. numbers and a map.

Is it official or does Donald Trump need to see...

Is anyone else worried about retribution?


Watching Faux - reading W's statement - he congratulated Obama.

Maybe all the Republicans will drop out of the presidential race now.

Clarification of a couple of Terms of the week past (Funny Photo)

Location of OBL killing...

OMG! If you look at one thread, one image tonight...don't miss this

Will Trump blow up in the media about interrupting the end of "Celebrity Apprentice"?

The body

Mississippi River Floods 2011: Deep South Braces For Surge Of Water Not Seen Since 1927

Hey teapublicans - tell me again which president killed Bin Laden?

I think this has just guarenteed Obama's reelection.

OBAMA TELLS WORLD: "Tonight I Can Say That U.S. Conducted An Operation That Killed Osama Bin Laden"


Yikes ... DU is in Level 2 Code Orange HTML mode !

Someone wake up Skinner and Elad and let them know.

It's official... Wikipedia has OBL's death

Will the US photograph bin Laudin's corpse.....

Glad he is dead...the "media" should have let Obama be the one to announce it

But really? 10 years? That's like being excited by passing the MCATs

Am I the only one thinking....

Folks singing Star Spangled Banner outside White House!

Now might be a good time to start posting lots of messages on right-wing boards.

Fox News: OBAMA Bin Laden Dead

Removed by Popular Demand!

Texas High School Building $60 Million Dollar Stadium - bond supported by most of town

I am starting to realize that it is much easier to argue for a war than to argue against it.


S&P 500 Futures Jump, Oil Drops on Bin Laden’s Death; Yen, Silver Decline

Paul Ryan blames rowdy town halls on ‘misinformation’

Osama bin Laden is dead, Obama says


"A child of the storm" Nikola Tesla was born at the stroke of midnight while a lightning

CongratuFUCKINGlations President Obama, and Thank You.

Shit. NBC compared this to VJ Day...

Ok some seriousness here

Not that it's important, but this just pre-empted The Celebrity Apprentice...

Al Jazeera English is truly hilarious right now

3rd highest Al Queda operative is NOT HAPPY!

Mass. House votes to bar use of welfare money for alcohol, tobacco, or lottery tickets

Cagey Obama Sets an Election Trap for Paul Ryan and the Koch Bros.

So he's dead. Who's the next bogeyman?

The Donald changed his combover

The Big Bang is being called into question by these people, obviously there is

White House: The president to make statement at 10:30pm ET; subject not announced - AP

Apple's Chinese workers treated 'inhumanely, like machines'

Well, Now We Know The Fed's Priorities... And It Ain't Us...

I drove from Huntsville, Al to outside of Chattanooga tonight with my 80 YO mother.

Waiting for the media to ask the question...

It's official - deadliest tornadoes ever

Thousands march to demand US immigration reform

Iv'e really fucking had it with being told I support Qadaffi

So, is the war on terror over?

Same tactics would have worked to get OBL if the Bush administration had been interested

Today is the day anti-war beliefs die off completely in America

I'm kinda glad he wasn't captured alive...

Don't jump on me, but from a political perspective, I have a question...

Hijackers surprised to find themselves in Hell..." The Onion, 9/26/01

Predict the right wing response:

Is there anything you would like to say to the visiting Freepers?

I spoke to so many young people about labor at an IWW May Day rally

sorry, but I'll say it.....

Fact: Osama Escaped Tora Bora Because Bush's Guy Rumsfeld Was Incompetent

article says Apple's Chinese workers treated 'inhumanely, like machines'

OMG Gergen on CNN thanking Bush

On Libya: "Killing a dictator’s innocent grandchildren really showcases our moral superiority."

On Libya: "Killing a dictator’s innocent grandchildren really showcases our moral superiority."

blessed beltaine

Great op piece from a doc who's practiced both in Canada and the U.S.

San Francisco may ban male circumcision By Gabrielle Saveri, Reuters

A few weeks ago I posted how a bill collection agency was trying to pressure me into making

Seeing tweets saying Osama bin Laden has been killed

I'd like to offer my own perspective on this if I may... Take it for what it's worth.

Thinking one should not have interfered in Libya is not "pro Gadhaffi"

Plea to Boomers: with great power (your size) comes great responsibility

We got him! And it only cost us $1.28 trillion

Mission Accomplished!!!

My cat Bijou just died on her 18th birthday.

Recall Snyder in Michigan-Official site

Facebook used in 90 percent of divorce cases

With Bin Laden dead, maybe now the Democrats can tell Republicans

A quote for all the Freepers and lurkers

Philip Treacy: Rose Bertin of the 21st Century?

Louisiana Republican Wants To Send Women Who Have Abortions To Prison

Donald Trump cancels David Letterman chat after 'racist' accusation

State Rep in Arizona gets a 56% reduction on his home mortgage to drop a bill against banks

From Keith Olbermann

Obama personally approved the very strike that killed Bin Laden!

Before this gets too crazy...let's be CAREFUL about what's being celebrated

What do you all know about "Free Speech TV" and Thom Hartmann? Never seen him before...

Six Scottish wind farms paid to shut down because they were pushing too much power into the grid.

Thank you, US Navy Seals!

I give up on the local police

Just watched the President at the WH correspondent's dinner

Libyan Revolution Day 74

Republican friend just texted me: "I will say it: Obama is awesome."

How to Make Some Money!

End the wars now bastards!

The Republic of Great Britain - think it will ever happen?

Tomorrow Canadians may elect "a caucus of Kuciniches and Sanderses"

Tomorrow Canadians may elect "a caucus of Kuciniches and Sanderses"

Now that Bin Laden is dead, can we focus on domestic terrorists?

The High Cost of Low Teacher Salaries

Obama Administration Conducts Aggressive SWAT-style Medical Marijuana Raids in Spokane, Washington

multiple OT hockey games....

I'm watching "The Tingler" starring Vincent Price.

Terminator: {checks pistol clip} : It is you that has chalked forth the way which brought me hither.

Does anyone know how to get in touch with Catherina?

Eric Roberts vs. Jeff Fahey

A Word of Advice: Never Watch VH1's One Hit Wonder Shows

OK, I'll try........

Saturday, April 30. The Weekend Edition of William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day.

My daughters are playing the Wii version of Harry Potter.

Hans Zimmer is the king of epic music.

this shits hard

Catherine Zeta Jones vs. Julia Roberts

70's Local Kids Shows - Buster and Me, Uncle Floyd...


Better hat

OK, this is the Hockey thread, eh?

What was that really bad Brit Invasion band where their gimmick was their dance?

songs about British royalty

The kazoo player: How's she do dat?

does somebody know if there's a new Bob's Burgers on tonight?

Monty Python does a song about Republicans

HERE is a QUARTER...Drop it in the John Cusack Boombox Play Anything Jukebox© and play a song.

two new Buddy Guy pics

"Key Largo" on TCM now.

Things I have Learned...Tip Your Sonic Carhop.

Kingston Trio or the Beach Boys? Sloop John B.


The Eaglets: I just noticed

In support of Donald Trump.


My cat likes reverse wet willies.

Woman killed in mistaken rapture in Arkansas when she spots Jesus raising souls

I think I've solved the mystery of Princess Beatrice's bizarre hat!

Has anyone seen the Tom Hanks comedy, "The Burbs"?

Doesn't this look soooo yummy?

My brother figured out why his drier wasn't working.

Girl Raised From Birth By Wolf Blitzer Taken Into Protective Custody

quite possibly the most adorable creature on the planet,

Trailer Mansion? Come Caption


The bluesparents parents had a pretty warped sense of humor.

If you take a racy photo of yourself, be careful of the background

My daugter is back in the hospital again

Can you play chess worth a damn? I sure can't

woot !!

*~*~*~*~MAY DAY MILESTONES!~*~*~*~*

French's Horseradish Mustard - omg! where have you been all my life!

Anybody ever drink PJ?

help me find the link someone posted Southern church ladies hats.

If I want the greatest sound for Miles' 'Kind of Blue' what should I get?

If I want the greatest sound for Miles' 'Kind of Blue' what should I get?

Is it just me or is DU currently falling apart?

Am I now on "ignore" for everyone on DU?

I want to create a thread that never dries.

Getting ready to watch "The King's Speech" on DVD . . .

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) CMW's Birthday Awwfest Edition

In honor of my 40Kth Post: Question: What's better than having three more beers?

Just got ...The Griddler

Prince Charles Surrenders Claim to Throne, William to Become King Upon Elizabeth II's Passing

Running in the red: How the U.S., on the road to surplus, detoured to massive debt

Libya: UK ambassador's Tripoli residence 'destroyed'

NASA: Endeavour's last launch delayed again

Iran leader Ahmadinejad returns to work after 'boycott'

Sony execs apologize for network security breach (loss of personal data of some 77 million accounts)

Israel suspends cash to Palestinians after Hamas deal

Taiwan doomsday prophet's blog sparks panic

Scepticism surrounds 'Gaddafi son's death'

Races unite as Missouri college town of Columbia honours 1923 lynching victim James T. Scott .

Death of Saif Al-Arab Gaddafi may backfire for Nato

Inside a city running on fear

'Acting governor pay' adds up during Barbour travels

Tom Nadeau, longtime reporter in NorCal, dies

Syrian regime's shells pound Deraa's Roman quarter

Kurdish activist Sherko Moarefi facing execution in Iran

Navy vets fundraiser gave to top GOP candidates

Far-right clashes with protesters in Bremen (Germany)

Lawmakers divided on whether to assassinate Qadafi

Not the royal wedding activists say they were held by police to avert protests

Bin Laden Is Dead, U.S. Official Says Obama to Make Announcement

Rolling Stone's Weekend Rock Question: "Who is the Best One-Hit Wonder of All Time?"

Brazil's Dilma Rousseff in hospital with pneumonia

Obama to make statement late Sunday, White House says (subject unknown)

Let the budget battle begin; congressional leaders dig in for long fight

China ban on smoking in public places comes into force

Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney in 'hang Barack Obama' gaffe

Navy vets fundraiser gave to top GOP candidates

Britain expels Libya's ambassador

Libya: 'UN to quit Tripoli' amid mob attacks

EU executive considers reimposing border controls

Workers demand better jobs on May Day

Trump Says He’s Decided ‘In My Mind’ to Pursue the Presidency

Obama mocks Trump's presidential ambitions

Missouri takes levee battle to U.S. Supreme Court

Venezuela negotiates extradition of alleged drug kingpin wanted by US

(12 Year-old) Child suicide bomber kills four in Afghanistan

Toronto Star endorses the NDP (Cdn election Monday)

Bachmann claims NATO killed 30,000 civilians in Libya

Pope beatifies John Paul II before 1.5M faithful

Man dies in Connecticut after being shot with stun gun

Black box from 2009 Air France Crash Found

Breaking - Osama bin Laden is dead

Adam McKay: Why Won't Hawaii Produce Documents Proving It's a State?

Did you SEE Trump's face as the President and Seth Meyers smacked him down???

Mitt Romney is pro-choice. No way the Republicans elect him

don't forget - It is Dump Trump Sunday

Patrick attacks GOP on labor

On MTP, Axelrod Calls Out McDonnell Big Lie(s)

Seth Meyers' bit about ...2008 Barack Obama. You would have loved him...

I know who Trump reminds me of --

The Speech Obama Could Give: 'The Constitution Forbids Default'

Oh shit, I think I just found Trump's first campaign commercial.

NYT: After Roasting, Trump Reacts In Character

Donald Trump appreciation thread.

Whatever chance he might have had, Trump himself destroyed it last night

Is OBAMA Announcing That There Is A Mad TRUMPSTER On The Loose???

Has Obama Talked to George W Tonight ???

ALERT: "...told by a reputable person they have killed Osama Bin Laden." More confirmation...

tRump Says He’s Decided ‘In My Mind’ to Pursue the Presidency

Trump finds WH dinner ‘inappropriate’, says Seth Meyers delivery was not good, "He’s a stutterer."

POTUS making an unannounced, unexpected statement at 10:30 p.m.

Jennifer Griffin - He was killed a week ago with a US missile

**** Extreme Heads Up! Obama to address the nation tonight at 10:30pm EDT ****

Did we get bin Laden?

Will Obama have Killed Birtherism AND Trutherism in the space of five days?

President Obama Killed Bin Laden! President Bush Failed to Stop Him In Every Way!

A Presidential Address at 10:30 on a Sunday about a national security matter.

Obama did in two years what Bush couldn't do in seven.

Obama got Osama Bin Laden?

We still need to get Mullah Omar and Hyman Roth

Actual Headline on Breaking News: Usama Bin Landen Dead Fox News Confrims

Maybe they could secretly bury bin Laden in Reagan's crypt. /nt

Obama, on October 7, 2008: "We will kill bin Laden."

Andrea Mitchell just mentioned Tora Borah!

What the hell do we do with his body?

People celebrating outside the White House

Crowd chanting "USA! USA!" outside White House.

*******MISSION ACCOMPLISHED**************

Spare a though for Dick Cheney.

Can you imagine if Gaddafi would also fall this week.

Crowds are singing the National Anthem outside the White House n/t

thank God they have his body. I always feared he'd die or be killed and the fact kept secret.

It is done,, Bin Laden who started this insanity of the last 10 years by killing 3,000..

The Donald isn't amused...

Seth Meyers made an Osama joke last night

I hope President Obama uses this good news as an opportunity to

Can our troops come home NOW?

Can you say reelected....nt

Our President is a baaad you-know-what

DU: It turns out that Obama new what he was doing! Now we get out of Afghanistan/Pakistan!

Am I now on "ignore" for everyone on DU?


Ain't no Half Stepping

Don't gloat. One Term Bush I "won" the first Gulf war.

Is anybody going to be playing

It will never stop

Osama bin Laden is Dead, Obama Announces (LINK)

Bin Laden was hiding right in Islamabad - In a big city

"If Osama bin Laden is dead, can we please have our rights back?"

My only regret is this didnt happen last October

Obama destroying Trump one day.....catching Bin Laden the next....

All Obama...

All Obama...

"Mission Accomplished!" Its the 8th anniversity of the day George Bush said "Mission Accomplished"

Obama talked to W tonight - was congratulated

Obama got bin Laden (the CIA killed him) but that's not even the best part...

This is the first time in my life

Obama's numbers will soar this week. nt

What's the general consensus on Fox News right now?

Now can we get out of Africkinghanistan?

Government’s Disaster Response Wins Praise

Donald Trump unwittingly autographs copy of Obama's birth certificate.

Rolling Stone called this song Steve Earle's bluegrass kissoff to George W. Bush - Little Emperor

Obama to Trump: HOW YOU LIKE ME NOW, I can clown you ass, kill Bin Laden & knock you off the air

Obama Tours Tornado Devistated Areas

Cost of War - Path to Peace

The Injustice System - Sunday Update

Torches and Pitchforks

Obama Releases Birth Video at the 2011 White House Correspondents Dinner

So many people diss Joe Biden, but he was RIGHT about PAKISTAN!!!!!!

They couldn't wait until the 11:00 news?

Trump co-stars with animated sheep in mattress commercial

What you dont know about the libyan crisis

KXLY: Feds Continuing Crackdown On Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

Seth Meyers Take Down at Correspondence Dinner

Seth Meyers Correspondence Part 2

Young Turks: Life Sentence For Marijuana? (Hash)

Green Energy Guy Schools Big Oil Shills

Lizz Winstead On CNN, Discussing Donald Trump

Donald Trump Reacts Badly to Barack Obama Jokes At Dinner! (Tooned!)

Lindsey Graham: Trump Can't Win SC with Birthers and F-Bombs

the most devastating line in Obama's Trump roast

Do any Republican still want to run for President against Obama?

I wish Dick Cheney had lived long enough to see Democratic President Obama bag Bin Laden...

MAYDAY, the Lambasting of Trump, and Alabama...


Breaking: Obama says we gave Bin Laden voucher instead of insurance,

Like Clockwork, Trump Goes Crying To Fox News

Very cool stutter treatment

KXLY: Dad Gives Toddler Battling Brain Cancer Medical Marijuana

Commentary: Cuts to U.S. health funding will bring pain without end

The shrinking big tents

Running in the red: How the U.S., on the road to surplus, detoured to massive debt

Inside a city running on fear

Getting the (Afghanistan) transition right

Trains Don’t Have a Monopoly on Subsidies

Nuclear Power - One of Humankind's Biggest Mistakes

Minute levels of radiation detected in breast milk & Cesium found in sludge

First Cuban cosmonaut receives award from Russian government

Trump Responds to Obama Jibes at White House Correspondents' Dinner

Controversial army major attacked in prison fight (Colombia)

"The Lonely Robot"..produced .by Michael Curtis, BBC Current Affairs Documentarian.

Death of Saif Al-Arab Gaddafi may backfire for Nato

Muslim Brotherhood will run for half of Egypt's parliament

Tea Party's Increasing Unpopularity -- Nobody Likes to Be Threatened

Mitch Albom: Can't fathom The Donald as presidential

So the only way one side will win is if they hide from the voter who they are being influenced by

For West's Oil Firms, No Love Lost in Libya

In the economic crisis, the American Communist party shows new growth

Sad Looking Coyote discovered trapped in Chicago Metra Station (downtown)

US tornadoes force shutdown of two nuclear reactors in Virginia

Nuclear Incest: Did industry-government collusion contribute to Japan's nuclear disaster?

TIME: A Spanish Island's Quest to Be the Greenest Place on Earth

Ishikawa of JNTI talks about reactor core conditions: 'Fuel rods are completely melted'

How did Japan's nuclear industry become so arrogant?

Crisis man-made: Tepco

Cesium found in sludge

Level now 3300 times limit at No. 2 reactor intake

PA taking action on disposal of wastewater from fracking

TEPCO to install device to reduce radioactivity

Coal Expert: Coal mining is a loser in practically every way

Anti-Nuke Demo on May Day in Japan

More from Japanese Nuclear Adviser who stunned audiences describing meltdowns in Units 1,2,3

Parents fight back over raised radiation limits

Food for thought: How energy is squandered in food industry

Japanese Senior Advisor: "Reactors 1, 2, 3 All Had Complete Meltdown"

Rooftop PV, Rooftop water heater, wind, and...

In tears, Nuclear Adviser to PM Kan quits over raising safe limits for children "20 times too high"

Yeah, McDonald's is an evil empire, but this French ad....


Have we really won?

Some slacker angels in QC miss some of us. That's exactly what happens.

Thomas needed evidence.

4 slain in Ohio; suspect dies in police shootout

Wal-Mart to sell handguns

EDITORIAL: Gun grabbers grasp at straws (Actual headline, NOT my wording)

Ted Nugent tells NRA crowd to turn up “the heat” on guns

Gun Control Explained

Acres of guns, annals of agony: The NRA makes sure future criminals can arm themselves to the teeth

NRA focused on ousting Obama

Sounding like a candidate, Mike Huckabee (R-moran) rouses NRA crowd

Celtics Vs. Heat

The JR Chess Report (May 1): Kamsky, Zatonskih win US Championship; Candidates' Matches start Thurs

Colorado opens 17-8; ties franchise record for wins in April.

Rockies on verge of pushing Tebow off perch

Cleveland opens 18-8; franchise record for wins in April.

Acknowledgment for the Phillies, also 18-8 in April

A sports cocktail recipe for the Yankees here for Derby Day.

Hamas no longer welcome in Syria, analysts say

Israel marks Holocaust, some 208,000 survivors remain

Dutch government places IHH on terror list

Report: 46% drop in anti-Semitic incidents in 2010

Israel suspends cash to Palestinians after Hamas deal

German party branch equates Israel with Third Reich

Hamas Agrees to Abide by UN Resolutions Regarding Israel Under Fatah Pact

Egypt says intends to open Gaza border permanently

'Hamas ready for peace talks with Israel'

Israel Delays Funds for Palestinians Over Hamas Concern

First Cuban cosmonaut receives award from Russian government

Venezuela’s Alcasa to Get $403 Million Investment From Government, China

Controversial army major attacked in prison fight

Peru first lady and president have separated: report