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LIVE on CSPAN: House vote in progress. Lots of nays.

Is it shameless to kick your own thread?

The budget cuts are less than the damage done by shutting down the government for thirteen days.

and can anyone really handle the really, really white repubs???

Top Five other things found on Waukesha County Clerk Kathy Nickolaus' computer

We're all so busy in our own worlds, fighting the good fight, why is it that part of that good fight

BREAKING: Obama Gives in to SS Cuts, and Medicare Privatization to Avoid Gov Shutdown

Thank GOD it passed!!!!!!

This Pattern of Caving in to Republican Demands at the Final Hour is Popular - Will it work with SS?

Weigel: Boehner Wins, Austerity Wins, & the Social Conservatives Go Home With A "Participant" Trophy

Does anyone have any problem with all this drama around these final hour bills?

Comic relief: Freepers devastated that government is at all functioning.

house roll-call vote

house roll-call vote

thanks mods. eom

thanks mods. eom

thanks mods. eom

I think I ended up on a lot of people's ignore lists because of this thread

Do the dems ever just win?

59 out of 435 Congresspeople got the Democratic President and Democratic Senate

I bet glasses are clinking around the Beltway tonight.

It must truly be a compromise.

It must truly be a compromise.

The Republicans' Big Government Social Agenda Failed!

Republicans Break Their Pledge to Cut $100,000,000,000 this year.

Rick Sanitarium: Our healthcare system is American exceptionalism and it's what God wants

Bill Gates funding Teach for America in Seattle

Bill Gates Pushing RIFs Based on Student Test Results in Washington State: Senate Bill 5914

I've got a "compromise" for the Republicans...

The Myth of “Choice” in New Orleans

Anyone watching the House Vote on MSNBC. Engle, NY says

California Democrats tap independent for convention (Bernie)


So who won tonite? It makes me ill to agree with this oped from WaPo....

Freepers are NOT happy tonight.

Portugal’s bailout: European banking crisis deepens

Musicians to take large pay cuts in Detroit Symphony contract deal

Recent info from various guests on O'Donnell regarding details of package.

WikiLeaks and Gulen charter schools (Largest charter school network in US)

Self-deleted by member

Accountant awarded $4.5 million in IRS whistle-blower case

If you want to understand what has happened to us, to our country, why

Guyana's sustainable development tourism


Another Broad Foundation Ed Deformer Bites the Dust: Illinois

GOP Women avoid questions about planned parenthood.

Toss Momma From The Train AKA Paul Ryan's Budget and The Windfall For Insurers

Eleven killed in deadly day of Gaza violence

Why I Love Unions, But Not Always Their Leadership

Police search for suspect in Santa Monica synagogue explosion

Pentagon lawyer regrets Seminole-al Qaeda analogy

Steven Greenhut: GOP (CA) takes low road on immigration

We have tremendous amounts of $$$ at our disposal - if we really wanted it

The health benefits of "retail therapy." AAAARRRGHHH.

Iraqi cleric threatens action if US forces remain

Obviously low tax rates on the wealthy,...

A Freeper sums up the budget deal- accurately

Righthaven expands lawsuits to include online sports-betting content

HP: Former executive boosted secrets then bolted

What of the riders?

Jewish liberals celebrate Glenn Beck's Fox exit

Gunman kills 6, injures several others

Gunman kills 6, injures several others

Portugal: Massive austerity measures to follow bailout

Why are NBComcast and M$NBComcast repeating

Canadian conservatives campaign on fear of crime, but the reality is different

Nothing has been said about what Democrats and Obama had to

Less than 6,000 H-1B visa application received in first week

Gates: Troops could stay in Iraq after 2011

Wisconsin - State receives $4 million grant to help job seekers

I just don't know how Republicans can look at themselves in the mirror.

Many many years ago, Michael Kinsley was 'debating' Pat Buchanan

Toon: The tail that wags the donkey

I have this strange feeling that

Fiat deal being used to gut collective bargaining rights throughout Italy

Oh My! Army opens fire in Tahrir Square - two killed

Nickolaus's Boss- Prosser Led Illegal, Taxpayer-funded Campaign Activities -1989-1994

Nickolaus's Boss- Prosser Led Illegal, Taxpayer-funded Campaign Activities -1989-1994

Obama admin. says $675,000 is an appropriate punishment for sharing 30 songs

Michelle Bachman is going to be a mile from my house next weekend.

Airlines decline after latest fare-hike flop: More empty seats in March, higher fuel costs

A day in the life of a wage worker

Beck - "You're Not Imagining Things-You Really Aren't Being Watched"

I've seen facebook friends mad that Obama had threatened to veto pay for soldiers

It is time to return to the State Capitol and let them know that . . .April 9***

Designing the High-Speed Future

Answers to Friday Afternoon Challenge

Glenn Beck Straight Jacket Alert

R's were going to show us the jobs, not defund PP (DUer's business closed)

Robber barons new bumper sticker

Maryland man glued to Wal-Mart toilet seat

U.S. Subsidizes Brazilian Cotton to Protect Monsanto's Profits

U.S Air Force Explains Why They Didn't Use Super Dooper F-22 In Lybia

I expect to hear soon just exactly WHERE these budget cuts are coming from.

State moves forward with sale of 5 Ohio prisons

A soldier in the class war

In leadership exercise, students vote to support Walker on union law

Jesse Ventura: Clandestine US missions

In medicine, there is something that they call "the gate theory of pain"

How many more, down to the final hour dramas, before they cave on SS and Medicare?

Liberal? Conservative? Your brains are different, study finds

Begging dog makes bucketful of cash

Tonight, cuts totaled 38.5B.

Fukushima: A 'nuclear sacrifice zone'

What did we get for $39 Billion dollars?

U.S. troops in Afghanistan suffer more catastrophic injuries

Motorists battle efforts to make New York more pedestrian-friendly

Planned Parenthood IS

Fox News Lies and Propaganda Exposed!!!

In Case You Missed This... 'Could One Act Of Voter Fraud Cripple The Indiana GOP?' - DailyKos

Ezra Klein: This is a bad deal. And the way Democrats are selling it makes it much, much worse

Student-Run Secularist Clubs Encountering Problems In Schools - AU

Student-Run Secularist Clubs Encountering Problems In Schools - AU

It's nonsensical to believe that something was saved

It's nonsensical to believe that something was saved

Toles: Non-essential personnel

Freeper: Boehner "the wrong guy to fight on our behalf" because of his "year round sun tan"

The devil is in the details - some insight into what happened last nite

The devil is in the details - some insight into what happened last nite

If A Dem Congress Shut Down The Govt and Ultimately Compromised

Leading Bahrain 'activist' beaten and arrested

FBI: Suspect in Santa Monica synagogue explosion linked to bomb evidence

The Democrats SUCK

I'm not usually a Randi Rhodes fan, but....

Total impact of cuts over 10 years = $500 BILLION -here's some details of 'The (raw) Deal'


Leaked Police Document Upsets Local Man

American Airlines CEO: 'We're facing a fuel crisis'

Republicans don't care about collateral damage


Budget panel may cut care for 1.3 million vets

Budget panel may cut care for 1.3 million vets

Raise Taxes on the Rich. Scrap the Cap on Social Security. End the Wars.

Raise Taxes on the Rich. Scrap the Cap on Social Security. End the Wars.

Psst! Nation crunched for money? Uncertain future? I got a solution for ya: Stop the wars!

Toon: Unplanned Parenthood

Toon: Unplanned Parenthood

Shouldn't Msnbc be adding a rider to all discussion on radioactivity that GE built those reactors?

Shouldn't Msnbc be adding a rider to all discussion on radioactivity that GE built those reactors?

Today's matchup: CNN/MSNBCLOCKUP (re: Shutdown) vs YouTube Ear wax removal videos

Never forget. Tea Party = Corporate Interests!!!

Never forget. Tea Party = Corporate Interests!!!

Wisconsin court candidates hire Bush and Franken’s recount lawyers

Today’s insanity is the historical norm

Why the Right-Wing Bullies Will Hold The Nation Hostage Again and Again

Iconic Anomalies

It is false to say there is no difference in the Parties.

Radiation Detected In Drinking Water In 13 More US Cities, Cesium-137 In Vermont Milk

Compromise Can Be A Good Thing!

Russian Plane Delivers Massive American Pump To Japanese Nuclear Power Plant

Getting into Libya makes the Defense budget harder to cut.

Democratic Rep. Jen Shilling announces candidacy in Kapanke recall

Deja VU: 12/16/10: Democrats push on spending as government shutdown looms

Demos April 9 & May Day in Chicago

FReeper "wisdom" on public services

Jon Stewart’s epic Glenn Beck parody will ‘f*ck your ears with the truth’

Bread and Circuses

Post game results: What did we lose, what did we win in the budget deal last night?

Did Harry Reid really thank the Chamber of Commerce last night?


Nader 2000, long range view versus short range view

Sunday morning: Robert Redford on ABC, Chuck Schumer on CBS, Special Olympics chair on NBC

CHART: As Services For Main Street Are Being Gutted, Richest Pay Least Taxes

US Rep Tammy Baldwin (D-Wi) calls for election investigation.

Johnson & Johnson Fined For Bribing Doctors - Agence France-Presse/RawStory

Too good to be true?

Self-deleted by member

A Little Respite. The Decorah Eagle Babies Are Getting Bigger!

The Democratic House and Senate were mostly cut out of negotiations

Balance the Budget.. I came up with a surplus in just 15 minutes

Japan Disaster Caused by DADT Repeal, Says Jacobs

It looks like we are in a political limbo.

Crude oil tops $125 for first time since 2008

ACTUAL Budget Cut? $116 Billion Per Year. Not $38 Billion.

What best describes your current state of mind regarding the General Election in 2012

Vile comments made to folks collecting signitures for recall of Glenn Grothman (R) Wisconsin Walker

Norfolk principal apologizes for mock auction of black students

Donald Trump Strikes Back - Gail Collins/NYT

Could the budget get tanked next week in the House?

Did Democrats agree to extend the Bush taxcuts once again?

Long Island Village to Face Trial for Pushing Out Latinos

So what was cut?


Pelosi noncommittal on budget deal - The HIll

In Iowa, an anti-abortion sign of the times for Republicans

So DC -- where exactly is the *Shared Sacrifice*?

Why is Obama praising massive spending cuts?

Waukesha County Allowed Election Data Storage On Antiquated, Personal Computers

Will The Narrative That Democrats Are Not Fiscally Responsible Finally End?

AP Exclusive: Terror suspects held weeks in secret

AP Exclusive: Terror suspects held weeks in secret

Conference: populism and its transformation from its association with progressive, democratic ideals much will be cut from the Department of Defense??

"Forced birth"

I get the sense that DU would've preferred no cuts and continuing current spending levels.

Japan recognized as D.C.'s cherry blossoms bloom

The American Dream as We Know it Is Obsolete

This young mom gunned down in her home leaves 2 kids behind no arrest yet (updated)

Robert Reich tweets

"Harry Reid Thanks U.S. Chamber's Tom Donahue By Name" Twitter Responses To Budget Deal

41 senators to filibuster cr defunding planned parenthood

41 senators to filibuster cr defunding planned parenthood

The relationship between wanting to end funding for Planned Parenthood and the overall budget

Class War and the Democrats

Surprise -US court acquits Cuba militant Luis Posada Carriles

Surprise -US court acquits Cuba militant Luis Posada Carriles

I wish Obama had not caved on those riders, but...

Sources: Budget deal includes D.C. abortion rider, money for school vouchers

Walker eliminates Reading Specialists -with his use of an Executive Order.

Breaking the War Mentality, by Barack Obama (1983)

Waukesha County Clerk Kathy Nickolaus

Hey DU I need your help with an argument.

Politico: Winners and losers in the showdown

Unshared Sacrifice

Some Conservatives Cheer Beck's Departure From Fox

Letting a Cuban Terrorist Go Free = Luis Posada Carriles' acquittal

President Obama has a weeping orange Boner...

Our Lives Are Threatened by Rich and Powerful Entities -- Here's How We Can Fight Back

Some Democrats Complain About Budget Compromise

Morgans Wonderland

You don't play three-dimensional chess when your opponent's playing paintball.

workers' rights, women's rights, and the social roots of economic inequality

Drifting Too Far From Shore: The Unresisted Rise of the Elite

Justin Jones a 17yr old activist, just gave DU a plug on Ring of Fire

Live video of the review of Waukesha County ballots

WI Gov. Accountability Board won't certify election results until it has probed the way how Kathy

Iraqi cleric threatens action if US forces remain

Red-Tailed Hawk Cam: Violet & Bobby and the Three Little Eggs

Robt Riche is right....we supposed to be spending more to kick start the econ

Jon Stewart Bids Glenn Beck Farewell: ‘Glenn Beck Was Sent by Jesus’

:cry: Vote on Killing Bears with Dogs - Only in Wisconsin!!

Rude Pundit sums up entire budget debate with one analogy

2011 is not 1995

Comment on Facebook...

Movie: "American - The Bill Hicks Story" now available Comcast/Xfinity...

Lawsuits to strengthen Net traffic rules possible

Madam Jane predicts: America will never grow a pair

Bill Maher: ‘This is bullshit and I want my money back’

Man, Freepers are really some racist F*uckHeads.

Man, Freepers are really some racist F*uckHeads.

ALEC has its own little astroturf site/group: State Budget Solutions, with a Tea Party Patriots link

King: Budget fight shows strength of Tea Party

When it's raining, we can't fix the roof...

I'm no financial wiz but the budget does not seem like rocket science to me

Teamsters rally: 11K in OH, 10K in IL, ??K in NY

Tea Party in Full Meltdown over "Boehner's Cave" - DailyKos

Kerry talking about the Future...

Kloppenburg campaign is looking for about 20 volunteers to help compare voter rolls in Waukesha

The teabaggers are wigging out!!! "BOEHNER CAVED!!!"

Just curious. What did the republicans give up?

Infographic: United States of the Environment...How is your state doing?

Tennessee House Passes Bill That Lets Teachers Question Evolution In Science Class

Spring must be here. The Michigan Militia Field Day is being held today.

Anti-war protesters march against Canada's involvement in Afghanistan, Libya

Battling Al Qaeda, killing children

GoPro HD base jumping with squirrel suit

UMass scientists get award for tutoring software

That Stossel "Freeloaders" special was pissing me off until subsidies benefiting the rich came up.

Principal Apologizes For Mock Auction of Black Students in Virginia

18 years (and counting) of "compromise", and here we are

Who won the budget negotiations? (just what occured this week)

A suggestion to Obama and Congressional Democrats -- Stop putting things off

Do you agree with the President that now is a good time for spending cuts?

New DC Mayor Vincent Gray off to rough start as he faces probes of campaign, city hiring

"GOP can cut $100 billion from discretionary spending"- They Only Got $38 Billion!

"GOP can cut $100 billion from discretionary spending"- They Only Got $38 Billion!

Homeland Security Dept. Warns that U.S. is Unprepared for Nuclear Emergency

Winners and losers in the shutdown showdown

Let's Share Our Wealth.

The Cook Report: Death Wish?

The problem is not with people fighting for progressive values

Watching the Decorah eagles and the babies have taken to

The White House Blog: Details of the Bipartisan Budget Deal -- posted this evening

It's like Obama and Reid were playing baseball.

Mango Farmers, Fisherman Fight India Nuclear Plant

DATA Missing? Wisconsin, Microsoft Access imports and Kathy Nickolaus

Healthcare Co-op on Huckabee.

I se a LOT of use of the same qualifying sentiment

A little perspective on radiation dosing.

Can we as Democrats agree on one thing: That our Service

Ted Rall: The Revolution Will Not Be Organized (cartoon)

Identify the Unicorn !!!! New DU Game.

"(Obama) is a terrible negotiator; does he not even KNOW a Jew?"

A Democratic Message to John Boehner and the TeaBaggers:

Moody's Zandi: GOP Budget-Cut Plan Would Cost 700,000 Jobs

Ultimately, the Dems Failure began in 2007 when they failed to end bush's wars.

Where do we go from here?

A Militarized Economy Cannot Balance the Budget – John Perkins

National Day of Prayer Could Prevent the Apocalypse!

Japanese government can afford enormous debt because it owns bank that is its principal creditor

troops may not receive pay? why..

Mike & The Mechanics - Silent Running

Saturday Night Zinn

Recall Hansen (Dem 14, WI) group may start paying canvassers

DU you help please. Am I a jerk or a good dad?

What to do on May 22? (you know, the day after "the end of the world")

on a happier topic: anyone surprised in a good way about their tax refund?

Giving The Impression Of Doing Something

Isnt this really just the largest tax increase?

Teabagger rage? It's all theater.

Jon Stewart on Glenn Beck: 'They dropped his ass'

I really wish my local left-wing talk radio station (AM760)

I was talking to my roofer the other day, and we lightly touched on politics.

Sunday Talk Shows

Neb. dems set caucus date

So, what's next?

Hee! Freepers call Boehner "John Boohoo". Furious about budget agreement

HAARP, conspiracies, Japan and Illuminati and gov't destruction....

Boehner painted himself into a corner this week

The 10 Companies Hiring The Most American Workers (top 2 spots, Home Depot & McDonald's)

First RePUKE up for re-call in WI has a Dem challenger. I think she can beat him.

Once Upon a Time,

Once Upon a Time,

Just got back from the book stare and picked up Franken's book "Lies and the Lying Liars

Is DU having a meltdown?

"Like any worthwhile compromise, both sides had to make tough decisions and give ground on issues"

I Dare You To Watch This (Chernobyl)

Who is this legislator eating his nails?

How many felt a true sense of relief at the avoidance of a government shutdown?

Anti-Israel rally turns violent in Cairo

Psssssssssssst watch the eaglets

About 11,500,000 results (0.42 seconds)

Fellow winger, Marco Rubio To Trump: Drop The ‘Birther’ Issue

Fellow winger, Marco Rubio To Trump: Drop The ‘Birther’ Issue

Fellow winger, Marco Rubio To Trump: Drop The ‘Birther’ Issue

This is What Class War Looks Like

"I can hire one half of the working class to kill the other half." - Jay Gould financier & tycoon

Nice poll results at CNN. Register your vote tonight!

Tonight, cuts totaled 38.5B. Cost of extending Bush tax cuts to the richest 2%: 690B

Federal Tax Rates 1955-2007

Donald Trump's Really Extra Specially Stupid NY Times Letter To The Editor

One of the things I like about all of the wars we are into

FALSE PRETEXTS in LIBYA intervention called out by IRAQ WMD lies Whistle-Blower

US Senate discusses sending troops to Libya

How can health care costs rise 5 times the rate of inflation....?

Jessie Ventura on Piers "the Douche" Morgan

Boomers will be invisible

Boomers will be invisible

Japanese Workers Braved Radiation for a Temp Job

Japanese Workers Braved Radiation for a Temp Job

In Light of the Budget Deal: Obama’s Personality (he told us in advance who he was)

LMAO! Twitter - #HonestGOPBumperStickers

Info on disability benefits, why some people get disability and others do not, etc

Those votes in Wisconsin

Phone hacking: Rupert Murdoch 'urged Gordon Brown' to halt Labour attacks

Japan Nuclear Radiation 4 Times Chernobyl Levels OUTSIDE Evacuation Zone

Robert Reich: Why the Right-Wing Bullies Will Hold The Nation Hostage Again and Again

Dear Mr the "difficulty" of the budget deal.

What good would come of just renominating this administration by acclamation?

What good would come of just renominating this administration by acclamation?

Mary Harris "Mother" Jones... Just Before Her Death In 1930...

Mary Harris "Mother" Jones... Just Before Her Death In 1930...

Who is Grover Norquist asked my sister...

Has anyone here ever had to get a wisdom tooth pulled, but been unable to afford it?

Just got done watching "Network" on the netflix and oh boy....

Chippewa County Jefferson-Jackson Dinner

Brain structure differs in liberals, conservatives: study

left fatigued

Margaret Atwood tweets:

New "Red Dawn" invaders make Michigan Militia see Red

CHART: As Services For Main Street Are Gutted, Richest Pay Lowest Taxes In A Generation

"There aren't enough rich to pay for the deficit"

"There aren't enough rich to pay for the deficit"

why are stupid, hard to wear shoes only for women?

HooWee... The PPT Is Busy The Morning After The Budget Deal...

Help me out here.

West Virginia and Virginia Residents keep an eye out for the storms

If we're serious about cutting spending why are we spending millions dredging the Oregon Inlet?

CA - MMJ question...

A Wisconsin wildlife cam...

How the hell do we ever get out of the corrupt quagmire we're in when this shit is going on?

Father grabs man who tried to grab her daughter, body slams him, puts him in headlock

Fukushima and Chernobyl fallout: Dr. de Sante studied US deaths from Chernobyl fallout

President Obama greets tourists at the Lincoln Memorial during a surprise visit - pics

Protestors rally against Ohio's new state law that curtails collective bargaining rights - pics

TPM: Obama & Dems' "colossal failure" in not reminding the public where fiscal problems originated

Democrats Desperately Need Talking Points

I am going to give $1 to Planned Parenthood for every no vote on this budget agreement

I am going to give $1 to Planned Parenthood for every no vote on this budget agreement

Tom Tomorrow: MiddleMan and "The Deal"

Sidney Lumet: 1924-2011

The World Grown Smaller: Wealth Holds No Allegiance

Obama Budget FAIL. Once again

Printable PDF: The Koch Brothers: What You Need to Know About the Financiers of the Radical Right

Rethugs took to Bud Light on the budget battle night, pic from R-MO Rep's office

Wow! SNL does a spoof on "Fox and Friends" and nails it!

There will come a time...

Meanwhile over in Japan... Fukushima: A 'nuclear sacrifice zone' "...nobody will be going home."

KCMO District Releases Probationary Teachers

Voyage to Fukushima Daiichi

Bachmann: $39 billion in cuts is a 'disappointment'

It seem to me that the forces (money) are speeding this country

Fuzzy Math Doesn’t Add Up in Wisconsin Race

A 38 billion dollar cut is 0.01% of the federal budget.

Will someone from DU step up and primary Mr. Obama? WILL someone?

Should we bring back the Fairness Doctrine?

Exclusive: Royals pulled into phone-hacking scandal (Rupert Murdoch just died a little bit inside)

All this "Obama isn't a Dem" stuff. Me thinketh they are trying to fracture the Dem Party

What needs to be done to save this country

miracle in Wisconsin?

The "$38 Billion Spending Cut" is actually a spending INCREASE

Prosser outperformed other Republican candidates in Waukesha County in recent history

I Didn't Fuck It Up

I Didn't Fuck It Up

Wisconsin, Anonymous is listening. Tell us what you need:

Kabuki theater

Woman facing charge after TSA egg incident

Florida hires security firm to catch test cheaters in Florida schools. Cutting everything else.

Florida hires security firm to catch test cheaters in Florida schools. Cutting everything else.

Stop with the morning after angst...this budget fight was the last six months of last year's budget.

I think what has been the canary in the mine for me is when the administration

The REAL "F" word we aren't allowed to use!!

What do birth control pills for a month cost today? When I

Wisconsin is NOT hand counting the ballots- only comparing voter rolls with diebold tabulated result

Wisconsin is NOT hand counting the ballots- only comparing voter rolls with diebold tabulated result

Transcript Of President Obama's Remarks On The Budget Agreement

Top Ten Reasons the Wisconsin Election is FUBAR

Robert Reich: Obama is losing the war of ideas because he won't tell the American public the truth

What do MI, OH, IN, IL, WI, NY have in common

In case anyone wonders why Reid thanked Chamber of Commerce prez Tom Donahue

Did Planned Parenthood save my life?

Libyan Revolution Day 52

Has Ms. Nickolaus' "Human error" ever benefitted a Democrat?

David Gregory on NBC News just said that Obama "sounded very much like a Republican" in his

One of the "Fathers" of Plutonium - Dr Gofman Speaks out on Radiation dangers

Progressives Must Stand Up To The President - Cenk Uygur/DailyKos

It May Take 27 Years To Undo The Damage Beck Caused In 27 Months

The real problem of Pres. Obama and all Democrats: How do we deal with an Oppositional Party

I figure Boehner is now burnt toast...

Bernie Sanders just posted to FaceBook

If they want cuts give them cuts - an excellent idea from Daily Kos.

Krugman- Celebrating Defeat

Krugman- Celebrating Defeat

Pact on India-Japan-U.S. trilateral in the offing

New York Times: Concerns among Democrats about whether Obama is really one of them

New York Times: Concerns among Democrats about whether Obama is really one of them

Cop Nearly Doors Cyclist, Then Chases And Arrests Her

Hey mods on duty. Y'all rock...


"John Boehner just made Barack Obama look like a helpless fool."

Georgia (the country) alleges scavenger, 75, shut down Internet

How is the world going to react to the 2012 end times prophecy?

Strange Twist in Wisconsin Battle by Lisa Pease (4-8-11 Consortium News)

ALEC's plans for state and local workers -- reduce ACCRUED pension benefits to private-sector levels

Would you donate your DU username to a collective of individually anonymous DU users?

feels like heaven fiction factory

"I'm a Brocolli and I look like a tree."

Nik Kershaw - Wouldn't it be good

Depeche Mode - I Feel You

Mike & The Mechanics - Silent Running

Simply Red - Holding Back The Years

The Motels - Take The L out of Lover and It's Over

gin blossoms found out about you

Is it shameless to kick your own thread?

ELO - Can't Get It Out of My Head

Sarah Brightman " Captain Nemo "

The Last of the Mohicans - Promentory

Cooperative planning:

Demographic targeting:

knisper, knasper, knusper

Live Nude Sex Demo in LA

Phil Ochs - Gone these long 35 years

Ashley MacIsaac - Sleepy Maggie

To say that was the bicycle ride of shame is the greatest understatement ever.

Blaze Foley - "Clay Pigeons"

This site will make you run screaming from the room.

PSA for DU gardeners - Parcel

I'm going to commit MUSICAL ARSON at the top of the hour

Depeche Mode - Enjoy The Silence

I think I ended up on a lot of people's ignore lists because of this thread

Shriekback - This Big Hush

Lee Hazlewood - Nancy Sinatra, Some Velvet Morning

Derek & The Dominos, "It's Too Late," LIVE on The Johnny Cash Show

Best .gif ever.....

PHOTO: Time to get a designated driver for the designated driver...

Patti Smith-Beneath the Southern Cross

PHOTO: "Well...hellooooooo there! You are MINE...oh, YES, you are M-I-N-E..."

"Lord, Lord, Lord, you know SOMETIMES I TRY TO BELIEVE... there ain't no such thing... as dyin'..."

Black Sabbath - Sign of the Southern Cross

Tim Minchin: Storm

Oh Dear God I love Dr. Quest!

Veggie dogs with sauerkraut (caraway seeds added) and spicy brown mustard for dinner - yum!

Just a fun little exercise

5 theme parks that confuse and disturb

Mr 'pede wants to leave the country

Squeee! Video of a cat playing with a dolphin!

I have an ethical question regarding hooking up while drunk...

Some asswipe in GD is pissing me off

I'm in Arizona.....sitting on the patio....

Miss You - Stones

Osama bin Laden born in the US

"If she's put together fine, and she's readin' my mind, I can't stop, I can't stop myself"

Wild looking tulips

test. please ignore, I'm just trying to figure out some i-Pad shit.

Have just been listening to Lisa Stansfield.....Been around the world


I'm looking for a good ax...

What do you suggest to make advertising less irritating?

Went out with my wife last night - "Rockin' For Racks" benefit for breast cancer research.

Blatant penile marketing:

The Big Sleep or the Maltese Falcon

Do y'all really think this song is about rowing a boat, or do I have a dirty mind.

Zeppelin fans

Despite having lost hope long ago, MiddleFingerMom has FINALLY found his spirit animal.


Oh, the humanity! OH, THE HUMANITY!!!

MiddleFingerMom has learned a LOT from observing the epiphany of a beaver.

For tonight it is Betty Hutton night,

Just your Run of the mill kitten dolphin snorgle…

OK, OK... maybe I DO want one of these.

Echo & The Bunnymen - The Killing Moon

PHOTO: Now THAT'S what I'd call a SCREENSAVER.

Want to lose weight? Just get a cat.

This is great old song from the Andrews Sisters from the 1940's.

Boston- More than A Feeling

Maths -- there's "Smart as hell" and "Smart ass... OH, HELLS YEAH!!!"

Oh Dear God I love Richard Quest!

Again, Tony Stewart runs out of gas!

If you ever had any doubts that cats RULE... explain this:

So last night I drove a 75,000 lb semi westbound down Donner Pass.

This is what has happened to you if you've been really... really lucky.

No more doubt. Kali has now involved Ptah in her evil genetic experiments aimed at World domination.

Can anyone help me identify a cathedral?..........

I found the ultimate Teabag Party necklace.


Beloved Yogi has crossed the Rainbow Bridge

38 Special - If I'd been the one

High school secretary dismissed for moonlighting in porn movie

Hey Jude

I have a three window fans going, not going to turn on the ac until May.

Any experience with dogs, lymphoma and chemotherapy?

Accountant awarded $4.5 million in IRS whistle-blower case

'Historic' deal to avoid government shutdown

Video captures police hitting girl during student protests in Medellin .

Clashes erupt around Cairo's Tahrir Square (which is retaken by activists demanding Mubarak's trial)

Anti-Israel rally turns violent in Cairo

Man stranded in empty Japanese town since tsunami

HP: Former executive boosted secrets then bolted

Japan bans rice planting in contaminated soil

Does being overweight count as load bearing exercise?

U.S. criticizes human rights abuses in Panama

Libya: EU To Launch Mission To Help Misratah (Will Evacuate Wounded & Provide Food, Water +Medicine)

Dialup warning- Some new fractal art and a challenge.

What are you reading tonight DU? Me, Paul Cellucci "Unquiet Diplomat".

Nigeria: Polling under way in delayed election

Prosecutor says witness issue may prevent leak case against ex-CIA officer from going to tri

British (special forces) soldiers charged with leaks

6 killed, 11 wounded in Dutch mall shooting

Report Says Coast Guard Was Unprepared for Spill

Taal volcano residents urged to voluntarily evacuate (Philippines)

Police identify ("extremely dangerous") suspect in California synagogue bombing

Bahraini activist (former president of the Bahrain Center for Human Rights) 'assaulted and arrested'

(Red Cross) Medical Aid Ship Arrives In (Misurata, Western) Libya

..Resistance will resume if US forces stay in Iraq: Sadr

A shout out to my friends in Deer Lodge, Montana

RCMP use Taser on 11-year-old B.C. boy

RAF Tornados destroy seven Libyan tanks

Brain structure differs in liberals, conservatives: study

Say hello to Swifty the three legged wonderpup.

New York Subpoenas 2 Foreclosure-Related Firms

Norwegian authorities investigate gas leak as 63 workers are evacuated from oil rig

Obama set to sign stopgap budget bill

Death threats to journalists increasing in Colombia

Death threats to journalists increasing in Colombia

Bachmann: $39 billion in cuts is a 'disappointment'

Multiple shooting victims at Chester party (PA)

Osama bin Laden born in the US

UAE blogger who called for reform taken from apartment, says wife

Massive bomb left on Belfast-Dublin road

Idaho Gov. 'Butch' Otter Signs Final Piece Of Anti-Union Education Reform

New documents reveal cover-up of 1948 British 'massacre' of villagers in Malaya

BRAND NEW FOO for YOU...Foo Fighters, "White Limo," guest-starring LEMMY!

Peru cancels Tia Maria copper mine project after protests

Syrian security forces 'fire on funeral'

Former Sen. Rick Santorum cautions voters against Obama's presidency

Wording in U.S. law could cut BP fines by billions

Interesting combinations. Lady In Red Matrix

Thousands Gather At Union Square To Voice Concerns Against Wars

Details of the Bipartisan Budget Deal

Obama at Lincoln Memorial, open after budget deal

Rep. Baldwin {D, WI} Asks Feds To Investigate Waukesha Co.

(Rupert Murdoch's) News International could face prosecution (for phone hacking)

'I am totally sorry': Acid attack 'victim' who gained world's sympathy sentenced after admitting it

Phone hacking: Rupert Murdoch 'urged Gordon Brown' to halt Labour attacks

Julian Assange claims WikiLeaks is more accountable than governments

Sidney Lumet, ‘Network’ Director, Dies at 86 ('Fail-Safe,' 'Dog Day Afternoon, '12 Angry Men')'

Man carrying machine gun opens fire at Dutch shopping mall, 5 reported dead

15-meter waves hit Fukushima (The company originally estimated height @ 5.7 meters - Includes Video)

After Years of Cost Cuts, Texas Tries to Find More

Thousands Line Up In Oakland For Free Health Clinic

List some songs that ask a question!

If Khalid Sheikh Mohammed were used in a "Willie Horton" type ad

The World Grown Smaller: Wealth Holds No Allegiance

How did the government shutdown end in 1996?

Biden speaks out on Women's Rights again - this time to college students.

we may have lost the present battle, but...

Conversation: "The only hope I see is that a reelected Obama won't have to cave to corporations"

Guest Lineup For The Sunday News Shows (April 10)

Our nation is in dire straits. I would suggest that people read the history of Huey Long.

White House post of Budget Deal

Here's something teabaggers wanted, but didn't get

Hey Donald, you rodent wearing piece of shit...

Prosser said: for Kloppenburge to somehow find more than 7000

Moderators! Can we PLEASE have separate message boards for Obama haters and Obama supporters?

Obama won

Monbiot Goes Strangelove - Get Real, Folks!

The deal wouldn't have passed the House without Democratic support

Chris Hedges "Hope Speech" Excellent Watch!

October 2010 - Republicans Promised $100 Billion In Spending Cuts - They Only Got $38 Billion

Interesting details about the budget deal

Here is what the Repigs are claiming as a "Victory" aka They got the Rider kicked out of them.

Trump proposes massive onetime tax on the rich

Obama visits Lincoln Memorial and people angry and boo him (pic)

Robert Reich: Impossible to fight bullies merely by saying they’re going too far

Politicususa: How Obama Beat The Republicans At Government Shutdown Chicken

We wanted Obama to draw a line, HE DREW A FUCKING LINE: Planned Parenthood. . .

This is what the Rethug Tea Party Terrorists wanted AND did not get.

Breaking: Democratic Supermajority Passes Universal Healthcare with Reconciliation!

Next on the Agenda for Washington: Fight Over Debt

Govt announces plan to reduce health disparities

uh, oh, "up next, debt ceiling"

A raw deal - Steve Benen

Planned Parenthood, saved. Funding for Healthcare Reform, saved. EPA Climate Regulation, saved.

Dems should demand huge tax increases on the rich

Tea Party in Full Meltdown over "Boehner's Cave"

Are you glad that a government shutdown was averted

So Obama asked for additional $40 billion in that up plus $38 billion?

Analysis: GOP won first budget round; future victories may be harder for GOP leader Boehner

I do not think "faced down a hardline Republican Congress" means what Ezra Klein thinks it means.

GOTeaPUKE Epic Fail: Wanted 500 whacko riders, got ZERO, now eating their own.

Would we be having this fight if Obama had handled the Bush tax cut fight this way?

Hey, aren't these programs being cut the same ones we were told were saved by the tax cuts for...

Brad Friedman: Irregularities in the Wisconsin Supreme Court Election (Part 3)

TYT: U.S. Tax Revenue Historically Low

Brad Friedman: Irregularities in the Wisconsin Supreme Court Election (Part 2)


Florida "Uterus Controversy" Song Parody

Do I have good taste in my hero’s or what? WARNING/GUARENTEE contains ZAPPA

Young Turks: Fox News MLK Union Lies


Brad Friedman: Irregularities in the Wisconsin Supreme Court Election (Part 1)

Why Is NATO Really In Libya?

NO NUKES: The times they are a-changin'

Chelsey "Sully" Sullenberger on Bill Maher 08 April 2011

Jimmy John's workers 'quarantine' Minneapolis sub shop

I have found the stupidest thing on the internet

Trend Forecaster Gerald Celente Takes on the War Mongers

TRMS: I'm Seeing A Pattern Here (Wisconsin Supreme court race)

Pennsylvania Diocese Facing Financial Drain

Florida Toll Booths CAUGHT Illegally Detaining Drivers for Paying with Large Bills

Young Turks: Sales Tax Vs Income Tax - Ploy To Help The Rich

Oil War Crimes: 'Libya pays for embarrassing US'

Japan tsunami wave smashes into nuclear plant

We Are One, April 4, 2011, St. Paul, MN

Raw Video: Obama Visits Lincoln Memorial

Joy-Ann Reid @ReidReport Takes On Cheri Jacobus On The Martin Bashir Show

Senator Kerry on our Future

Weekly Address: President Obama on the Budget Compromise to Avoid a Government Shutdown

Bill Maher: 'Obama is a Terrible Negotiator - Does He Not Even Know a Jew?'

elevated(full mid-range)radiation soon arriving US west coast,Fuku 1-rad levels 100 FULL sieverts/hr

Jon Stewart spoofs Glenn Beck's WACKO conspiracies. LOL!!! - Countdown

Bernie speaks out on the budget proposal

Me shaking President Obama's hand!

Benghazi Rising

Coolest March since 1994

Is Nuclear Power Simply Too ‘Brittle’?

AP: New nuclear plant still in play in Iowa

Democrat pans GOP ($200,000) plan to visit Yucca nuclear dump

DOE Found Not Responsible for Nuclear Waste Expenditures (spent fuel cost socialization fail)

Good news - Calvert Cliffs ineligible for Construction/Operating License

California Getting Closer, Compliance with the RPS not as distant as once thought

Lack of Data Heightens Japan’s Nuclear Crisis

The Stillborn ‘Nuclear Renaissance’

LePage threatens veto of solar program that works

Maine House votes overwhelmingly to ban BPA from child products (FU LePage)

Tepco Says Water Level Rises in Fukushima No. 2 Reactor trench

Japanese Workers Braved Radiation for a Temp Job

Japan bans rice planting in contaminated soil

U.S. should install electric car charging stations, Nissan says

Plum Creek's Maine (disgusting mega-McMansion North Woods destroying) development set aside by judge

Hydropower industry converges on Nation's Capital

Tepco uses steel wall to contain radioactive water

German utilities: Abolish nuclear power by 2020

Nuclear Crisis Fuels Duel at Diablo

Wind power not doing too well in the UK.

Diverting taxes to church schools

Barbara Ehrenreich: Wal-Mart -- It's Alive!

Self-deleted by member

I'm not a conservative

Pushback against Ryan: Paul Ryan's budget blueprint would push the aged into poverty

California Legislature approves bill requiring 33% renewables by 2020

Now it's time for the real budget battle

To The American Media: Time To Face The Reality Of Election Rigging

An Inconvenient Truth in Honduras

Wis. Rep.'s Medicare plan worries local voters

Nazi War Crimes as Described by German Soldiers

Chris Hedges..Uplugged in the SNOW...Chained to White House Gate ..Watch!

The One-Percenters

Sedona Angel Valley Sweat Lodge Trial Update

No Government Shutdown, But Not Nearly Out of the Woods

Decades of buckling to bullies and what is left?

Not targeted but not safe, young illegal immigrants push for a new policy

The Obama Disaster, at Home and Abroad

Crooks & Liars: Pulling the Plug on Working Families to Give Tax Cuts to Millionaires

Royals pulled into phone-hacking scandal

Human remains found during construction of La Plaza must be respected!

Weekend Economists Surrender April 8-9. 2011

The American Dream as We Know it Is Obsolete

Paul Ryan's Medicare Plan Worries Local Voters (Janesville, WI)

Mont. gun rights measures likely to pass declines significantly; lawmaker calls it a failure

Four California lawmakers told to check guns at the door

Intruder is killed in home invasion

More people carrying handguns into Kentucky Capitol

‘Sometimes danger finds you’

California politicians have to qualify like everybody else to carry firearms...

(Omaha mayor) Suttle: Stay calm, put down guns

llinois House votes down plan to take away Chicago gun restrictions

One killed, eight wounded in birthday party shooting

What percent of time when you are out in public do you carry concealed?

Gun accidently goes off during Tri-State Gun and Knife Show

Arizona State University President Crow urges governor to veto campus gun bill

Seven dead, sixteen wounded in shooting in the Netherlands

Video captures police hitting girl during student protests in Medellin .

Courage, journalism and oppression in Colombia

An Inconvenient Truth in Honduras

Major blackout strikes most Venezuelan states

Venezuela worse, Colombia better on rights: US

Miami Herald (get this!): "Exonerated ex-CIA agent dreams of Cuban beaches"

Eni expects Venezuelan gas by 2013

U.S. criticizes human rights abuses in Panama

Venezuela's Chavez meets Colombia, Honduras heads

Peru votes Sunday with reformer Humala favored

Cocaine lab found in Honduras signals big shift in drug business

Death threats to journalists increasing in Colombia

Doing The Right Thing For 2012

About something I read here this morning ('The List') and a few other things from a straight DU'er

Hey, this is my 500th post

Back to the Basics: What is "homophobia?"

Historian says gays caused downfall of Rome

Consensus: "create a new "forum liaison" position for the GLBT forum "

Consensus: "forum where GLBT DUers and African-American DUers can have a dialogue"

Man Charged with Harassing Lawmaker Over Gun Bill Appears in Court (moran CT)

Mixed signals from a local Democratic Committee Meeting.

Consensus: "deleting posts in the GLBT forum"

"...a Lovecraftian horror that could enkindle madness and despair..."

In what religions is it preached that it's okay to lie under oath in court?

Intelligent Design is For ‘Fraidy Cats

79 degrees, Minor League Baseball, & Keeneland opened

How can you NOT root for Cup, Jr?

The Padres just now lost last night's game keeping the Rockies alone in first.

Rocky landing for the Rockies in Pittsburgh. The Bucco's move to

Uncle Mo going to have his public workout in the Wood Memorial.

Boston Public Library releases old baseball photos..

I have this strange feeling that

So is anyone watching the AL Divisional battle between the East and West division leaders tonight?

Eleven killed in deadly day of Gaza violence

WikiLeaks: The Israel File

PA condemns sweeping raids in Itamar investigation

Hamas militants reject ceasefire after three killed

Goldstone retreat proves how different Israel and Hamas really are

Gaza militants fire dozens of rockets into southern Israel

12 killed in Gaza's deadliest 24 hours since 2008-9 war