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Should Prince William and Kate have a pre-nup?

This just in from Wisconsin .... latest video

Sausage: literally and figuratively (new meat safety rules)

Race is getting tight again

The 3 counties with zero reporting - which way do they lean?

Being this close would there be a recount???

This is clearly the worst nuclear disaster EVER. not just the worst since Chernobyl. NT

Will someone please call this Wisc. election so I can go to bed already?

One of our own DUers did this: Memphis-to-Madison

Phase 1 is complete, Jeff Stone has admitted he lost.

2 Alerts showing Kloppenburg up

{Mesa} Arizona police force turns to civilian investigators (BBC)

Going to bed, getting a terribly sick feeling.....

Now leading by 35,000 votes with 84% in... Kloppenburg..

Prosser imminent defeat brings new meaning to Bitch slap

I think Prosser will win....On Second thought, All of Waukesha is Apparently In?

CBS News Exec: FBI Informant Accusation ‘Outrageous and untrue’

huh? Waukesha just jumped to 100% counted but totals didn't change

Klopennberg retakes lead by 1600 votes.

Looks to me that all of Prosser's votes

Cue recount.

After the outcome of the election in WI, it's time for the M$M to start talking about reality

not looking good in Wisconsin

Even Newt Gingrich A Little Depressed By Prospect Of Him Running For President

Dammit, it's over. She's down 5000 votes with about 100 precincts STATEWIDE to go.

Do not --- DO NOT-- pee in my Wheaties!

Money trumps democracy once again

have absentee ballots been counted yet?

"Worst Persons of the Day" April 5

If I hear one more person say "that was the last red county, it's all blue from here on" I'm going

Recount? Any point to it?

Recount? Any point to it?

The essence of Republican "charity" $260K+ to an unwed mother, celebrity highschool dropout, $35K to

Wisconsin recount procedures.

I'm disappointed some on DU basically called me a liar tonight

Ozaukee county is in! There is hope. 'Tis indeed a squeeker with a recount looming on the horizon!

WISCONSIN: Voting systems/counties & election outcomes

Tsunami Roof Dog : Tsunami Dog Reuniting With Owner Video

I wish Kloppenburg would suddenly pull ahead by like 4,000 votes

Kennedys <==> hit piece

2 x 4 through windshield, this is guaranteed to scare the shit out of you!

Possner just on Channel 6 in Milwaukee saying

Best damn photo of the day award goes to ... envelope, please ... Alaska!

My bad. I very much underestimated Washington and Waukesha County turnout.

Inhofe, Beck, And Pat Robertson Support Ivory Coast Dictator Gbagbo

Wisconsin judicial election tight

P 733,074 - - - K 732,489 Kloppenburg -585 (34 precincts remaining) 1:16 CST n/t

99%? It's down to Milwaukee and Dane????

Every remaining WI district is leaning heavily D

Non-profit paid Bristol Palin $262,500 Actual Programs to prevent teen pregnancy $35,000

Something worth Noting, win or Lose...Wisconsin is a VERY Purple State

To my friends in Wisconsin for the love of God ....

Kloppenburg is down by about 600 votes with almost 14,000 still to count.

How "grass-roots" is done- "Another incumbent out at City Hall"

Kloppenburg wins Paul Ryan's county (Rock) 60/40, btw.

Jesse Ventura: considering a run in 2012?

Jesse Ventura: considering a run in 2012?

My Final Projection on Wisconsin

Ryan's "Fuck the poor" budget- which realizes most of it's cuts from the poor

Latest Wisconsin projections -- from Prosser's Facebook page

David Korten: Greed is Not a Virtue

Would you rather have an idiot like GW Bush or an evil genius like Putin?

Win or lose in Wisconsin, something to make you smile.

Town near nuclear plant rejects TEPCO's insulting offer

We have a spending and a revenue problem

Florida Elections are going to get MUCH worse!

Wisconsin anomoly.

David Brooks Is Excited: Paul Ryans Kicks the Elderly While Protecting the Wealthy

David Brooks Is Excited: Paul Ryans Kicks the Elderly While Protecting the Wealthy

Toon - Candidate Obama vs. President Obama

Just a reminder folks...Provisional Ballots favor Democrats

Dead heat...but which precincts are still out at 6 am?


Klopp just jumped ahead. Savor the moment!!!!!!!!!!!!!

will the shutdown keep me from getting my tax refund?

Capitol Report: Stray rock, not protesters, damaged Sen. Kapanke's windshield

I just had to deal with the virus from hell

I got out of bed to check the Wisconsin results. Welcome to

I got out of bed to check the Wisconsin results. Welcome to

African migrants abandon the American dream

Stone, the Walker Clone, has been stopped from becoming CO. Exec

Ryan’s Roadmap to Ruin: Caters to the Wealthy and Would Bury the Middle Class

Closer Look: Are BP, Donald Trump, and Alan Greenspan telling the truth?

Radioactive fallout forces evacuation of babies and pregnant women from Iitate village

Two positive thoughts regarding Kloppenburg this morning

Savannah Guthrie is actually asking Michele Bachmann to back up her absurd claims.

Savannah Guthrie is actually asking Michele Bachmann to back up her absurd claims.

Kloppenburg result indicates that Wisconsin might not successfully recall Walker.

Social Security really does find itself with its neck in noose. What sorts of changes do you see?

I heard Jeffrey Sachs on Business Daily on BBC World Service last night.

What makes a song catchy? Or is it just catchy in the ear of the listener?

Opposition in Kurdistan calls for interim government

Libyan rebels deny offering Lockerbie compensation

Guardian UK: China goes wild for 3D porn film

Supreme Court race still too close to call, Prosser has narrow lead

Separation of Church and State: The Greatest American Myth

Toon: Well, it is a horror show!

The Budget Battles: Republicans Maneuver Toward a Shutdown

If the GOP is truly interested in less government,

AFA's Fisher Goes Too Far: Blog Post Changed to Remove "Rut Like Rabbits" Comment

Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Downtown landmark foreclosed, sold

Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Downtown landmark foreclosed, sold

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. The right is afraid of....

Taliban Exploit Tensions Seething in Afghan Society

Bob Marley: Rastaman vibration

Anyone have any reason to believe voting machine shenanigans in Wisconsin?

Ohio business group loses members over SB 5 position

Hey . . . . Ryan . . . . . which is cheaper? Mowing your own lawn or paying someone to mow it?

Hey . . . . Ryan . . . . . which is cheaper? Mowing your own lawn or paying someone to mow it?

Texas House passes budget forcing public universities to advocate heterosexual "traditional values"

Texas House passes budget forcing public universities to advocate heterosexual "traditional values"

Wisconsin Supreme Court race KLOPPENBURG vs Prosser -- Thread #3

GOP Budget Proposal: Repeal the 20th century.

Don't Ever Let Anyone Tell You to Sit Down Again Not ever, you guys. Not ever even once.


For Arab-American Heritage Month, appreciate our accomplishments

For Arab-American Heritage Month, appreciate our accomplishments

She's ahead again

She's ahead again

on the increasingly tenuous relationship between revenue and expenses

J. Kloppenburg just took lead again

Quick Shout Out to the President

Fuck you Barnacle

New Polling Data from Gallup on Conservatives and Red State America

Official absentee ballots in Wisconsin thread

Kloppenbrug is leading! 140 Votes

0% Tax Rate for Largest U.S. Corporations

Really?!1 Which one of these has been confirmed as replacing COURIC?

If cholesterol and bile had a baby...

Beautiful drama at the Hummingbird site.

Woman who attacked Gauguin's 'Two Tahitian Women' is crazy, but thinks it 's 'very homosexual'.

Google App Would ID Faces, Dish Out Personal Info

3 more precincts came in but the totals remain the same for


Vote counts updated for Wisconsin Supreme Court race... Prosser still ahead...

IT IS NOT OVER!! AP: 10 Klop leaning, 2 Prosser Precincts still to go!. SHE IS AHEAD!!!!

Kloppenburg up by 369 votes .... 5 precincts left

Kloppenburg up by 369 votes .... 5 precincts left

Haia officers get training to combat black magic

They are at it again

Prosser ahead by 1,000 approx. angst.

Would someone post a Wisconsin progressive radio station for us

Feds, RIAA Ask $22,500 in Damages Per Song

Science vs Homeopathic Pseudoscience (Re: Promoting Unethical Radiation "Treatment")

WWJD? The Religious Right's Backing of Walker's Union-Busting

The vote totals have changed 2 times but the number of

Jo Ann is ahead by 140 votes now

The vote totals are changing again while the precincts reporting stays the same

Another brilliant, adult plan by the Republicans...

Another brilliant, adult plan by the Republicans...

Varney and Carlson OWNED by Colmes. Sign of things to come.

Rick Scott's latest victim: Florida's court system

Where is the rest of the vote count in the judge race?

Prosser gained 2 more votes..

Prosser gained 2 more votes..

Good source of streaming radio coverage from Wisconsin

Good source of streaming radio coverage from Wisconsin

I've got the ghastly Paul Ryan on the brain

Tiny swing towards Kloppenburg with remaining precincts?

How absentee ballots are counted in Wisconsin (from 2008);

Looks like the WI counting has been stopped inttentiionally

HOLLEEEEE FUCK. Have you seen this load of shit?

Kloppenburg up 447 votes now

My Birthday Wish to End Animal Cruelty - Cory Booker, Mayor of Newark

Wisconsin recount manual:

Corporate tax cuts don't spur growth, analysis reveals

Wednesday Toon Roundup 6- the rest

Don't let Congress kill digital transparency

No Cuts without Closing Tax Loop Holes

CNBC is so transparently one-sided this morning - they have polls

Second Hand Smoke Linked To Kids' Depression, Anxiety, ADHD

Second Hand Smoke Linked To Kids' Depression, Anxiety, ADHD

Russert: No budget negotiation meetings scheduled today...

Wisconsins' Walker shifts tax burden from business to citizen

GOP To Use Bush-Rove Anti-Gay Hate Playbook To Battle Obama Re-Election

P 739,070 50% K 739,381 50%

Hole-lee Zeus!1 VENTURA might become Mexico citizen and/or be Ron PAUL's V-P

In another Wisonsin election, Abele (D) defeats Repuke who voted FOR Walker's bill..

Crystal River nuclear plant to remain shut down

I just thought of something that was very poetically licensed.

Wednesday Toon Roundup 3- Middle East/Africa

Radioactive water leak stops

If Kloppenburg wins, it will be only the 6th time in over 150 yrs that a WI SC justice lost

Look to Wisconsin for inspiration...they did what some said could not be done

Court Race May Come Down to the Town of Lake Mills

NY Archbishop claims more sexual abuse by public school teachers than priests

Wednesday Toon Roundup 4- reelection

Wednesday Toon Roundup 1- repubs

Prediction: Kloppenburg Will Win - Here's Why

i need information/knowledge on the water company before addressing them.

Kloppenburg 739,574 Prosser 739,350 --- Kloppenburg +224 --- 3 Precincts to go!!!

Come on Dems - Grow a Pair

Scott Walker’s Attorney Says Justice David Prosser Is Vital To Anti-Worker Agenda

MSNBC is for Prosser...

MSNBC is for Prosser...

Kloppenburg Facebook page saying she is now up by over 400 with 24 precincts left.

The Real Reason We Rushed To Another War ::: Those in charge are gambling with OTHER people's money.

NYC Councilman Leroy Comrie Proposes Bill Banning ‘Happy Meals’

The great Barack Obama conundrum, By Mark Morford

grain of salt alert: Sarkozy May Stop Ireland From Getting A Rate Cut On Its Bailout For Over A Year

Why the Middle-Aged Are Missing Out on New Jobs

What happens if there are court challenges in the Prosser, Kloppenburg election

To Reduce Deficit, Government Can Destroy Medicare – or Expand It

'90's shutdown; for those that don't remember

Tens Of Thousands Protest In Southern Yemen

"When Governor Walker learned of the details of this agency staffing decision, he directed his admin

only one precinct left

So if the government shuts down I guess April 18th won't mean nothin'

Identifying City’s Worst Landlords via Craigslist, and Trying to Penalize Them

President Obama want to spend 53 billion on high speed rail over the next

WGN Noon News: "Prosser has only a few hundred vote lead"

So has Beckkk been shitcanned, or just moved upstairs?

NYC has rat problem because of budget

Mr. Fish Toon -- Barack vs Barack

Ryan and Fantasy-based Economics

Have I overlooked it, or is there no automatic recount in

How Paul Ryan's Budget Proposals Screw the Middle Class

The two Milwaukee Precincts are in but a 19 vote change?

The two Milwaukee Precincts are in but a 19 vote change?

A little too late...

Whenever the RW talking machine puts out a new talking point against the Dems - BEWARE - that is a

Whenever the RW talking machine puts out a new talking point against the Dems - BEWARE - that is a

jsonline: How the state Supreme Court race could end up in court

Jeffrey Immelt, the jobs czar from hell

I doesn't look like that Jefferson precinct is too keen on

No matter the outcome of the WI judge seat - Walker & WIGOP in serious trouble

Hypothetically, what would "caving" get us this time?

Kloppenberg just pulled ahead, 1 county left

I have announcement:

Oil jumps above $109 a barrel

Kloppenburg up by 235 votes with one precinct to come in

(WI) Court Race May Come Down to the Town of Lake Mills (Updated)

All the high profile lawyers are packing for Wisconsin.

Similarities Between Ryan’s Medicare Plan and Affordable Care Act Make Democratic Pushback Tricky

After critical media reports, Walker demotes lobbyist’s son


Why no one was blown out through the hole. Southwest Jet

Movies I think you should watch

MASH- Military Atheists and Secular Humanists

oops refreshed an eariler AP window ... never mind ... yet. MAN!

Paul Ryan's Budget Not About the Budget... It's About 'Repealing the 20th Century'

Paul Ryan's Budget Not About the Budget... It's About 'Repealing the 20th Century'

Reason #2,548,991 why a government shutdown is bad politics for the GOP...Two Words:

Suggested movies to watch

Deep red rural Texas is getting an Eco-Theme Park! EarthQuest Adventures!

Gotta admit... I am depressed

Gotta admit... I am depressed

Fukushima: A Nuclear Threat to Japan, the U.S. and the World

Ryan's "plan" nothing more than a sop to the Teabaggers.

Kloppenburg ahead by 206 nt

Help With Income Disparity Numbers

Texas Measure Would Force Schools to Promote Heterosexual Lifestyle

GOP Completely Fixes Economy By Canceling Funding For NPR

Per Daily Kos: Some absentee ballots still need to be counted in WI SC race

New numbers have come in narrowing Kloppenburg lead

BTW in other WI election news - Scott Walker's old seat.....

Kloppenburg won 60-40 in recall target Sen. Dan Kapanke district

What if Washingon Democrats and their insiders are only reacting to actual voter trends

Kloppenburg is up by 205, 1 precinct left to count

Glenn Beck leaving his Fox News Channel show

What are your favorite angry PMs that you have recieved (do not mention names)?

say bye bye to bonkers Glenn Beck. His show on Fox will end this year

Does a rising tide of Union wages and benefits

In honor of Glenn BecKKK's imminent departure, one of the best-ever Bill Maher "New Rules" rants:

Why do people always announce "putting you on ignore"?

You Have To Go To UK For INFO On WHY GOP Wants To SCREW US So Badly

Sibel Edmonds--Boiling Frogs

"Regardless of the outcome, the swearing in isn't till August 1," he said.

The Tea Party vs. the Catholic Church...

Marsha Blackburn was just interviewed by Brian Lehrer on WNYC (NPR)

Hey,'s not that easy, is it?!?!?

Congratulations KloJo.

4 Precinits to go: . Kloppenburg: 739,532 Prosser : 739,269

There will be no shut-down.

Arizona police force turns to civilian investigators

Arizona police force turns to civilian investigators

Last night DU swung from elation to despair to hopefulness to despair to

Female Christian / Male Jew?

Man barks at police dog...gets arrested for animal harassment

Gadhafi, in letter, asks Obama to end air strikes

All Americans must wash their hands....

but the good news is...

but the good news is...

Let's get our messaging straight: KLOPPENBURG WINS!!!

Joy Ann Ried ... SNAP! You tell 'em girl!

Liberals weren't the only motivated voters in Supreme Court race

strange that the national MSM has very little to say about what is happening in Wisconsin. It is

BITE ME SCOTT WALKER!! Kloppenburg wins!

Bristol Palin made over a quarter-million bucks for teen pregnancy talks?

Just got this email from Democracy Now. JoAnn WON!

In the long run, which will turn out to be the worst war era for America?

The Resident Anti-Vaccine Reporter at CBS News Strikes Again

The main reason the Tea Party has power is because they got their people elected.

Why the hell didn't Pelosi/Reid pass a budget when they had the chance?

Help me out here....

We're not big losers because we weren't big losers


"The delusion of a classless America is the most effective deception. It's a myth." Robert Scheer

The numbers have changed once again for the judges.

Prosser legal team: "There's plenty of...opportunity to deliver a victory"

Compliments of the new PA governor - what an asshole

Bad cop/ lame cop means wealthy special interests can't lose.

oh my god -- those hummingbirds are amazing.

The 'voting doesn't matter' and 'corporations control our democracy' canards take yet ANOTHER hit!

One Guantanamo Trial That Will Be Held in New York

Help us save America

Blood in the Streets of Afghanistan

HEADS UP WI STUDENTS! We need your help!

Sad state of affairs for the GOP.

Looks like the Regressive clown car has emptied into the Capitol

The Plum Line: Why the left’s showing in Wisconsin Supreme Court race is a big deal

I have to say something positive about Wisconsin, even if we don't get the outcome we want..

WOW! A whole fleet of Presidential helos just came over Center City Philly.

Potential Republican presidential candidates' birth certificates

Chads 2: The Recount Strikes Back

Liberals sack Quebec candidate who founded white-supremacist group

The Tea Party has spoken: "SHUT 'ER DOWN!"

TPM & NBC affiliate in Milwaukee (and now AP) say last precinct is in & Kloppenburg has WON!

Every Vote Counts!

Caption this.

Kloppenburg declares victory in SC race

Can't wait to watch Rachel tonight!

A great big hand and round or thanks to Gov. Scott Walker

Rep. Paul Ryan’s magic job creation

For those who think the Wisconsin election was

Recount inevitable BUT Unofficial tally and now Rep. Mason announces: Kloppenburg wins by 233. Resul

Another thought on Wisconsin SC results...

Horizon Air sorry for kicking tall man off flight - he's 6ft. 9inch

Freep says: 204 votes is probably one hour’s worth of fraud in either Milwaukee or Dane.

Gohmert (R) says Libya is cover for Obama to call up his private army created by health care reform

'Kill Team' Brigade commander given wrist slap

Thank you, Wisconsin

Whistling past the graveyard or "Walker says Supreme Court wasn’t referendum on him"

AOL Fires Moviefone Editor Who Offered Fired Freelancers the Chance to Work for, Um, Free

The experienced candidates Scott Walker passed over for 27 year old DUI son of donor....

Conde Nast Paid $8 Million To Scammer Who Sent One Email

Conde Nast Paid $8 Million To Scammer Who Sent One Email

Wall St banks that made the naughty list for their credit cards (

Wall St banks that made the naughty list for their credit cards (

The difference between Obama's base and the folks who rearranged their lives to help get him elected

Public Health investigates two measles cases (Fort Worth)

FoxNews is reporting that Prosser leads by 800+ votes. (5:00 EDT)

Glenn Beck is GONE from Fox

are you kidding me?????

Remember the mantra.

Post from the Free Republic....

Thought experiment: Would McCain have won in 2008 if he had chosen Lieberman as VP?

Wednesday Toon Roundup 2- Airplanes

Wednesday Toon Roundup 5- the Budget

From Here to Eternity uncensored 60 years later

Great news conference by WI Gov Accountability Board

I'm sad...

Grifting: It's a Family Affair

Oklahoma sees driest four months since Dust Bowl

Possible cure for teabaggers

Many elected officials in Wisconsin are regretting their relationships with Gov. Walker today.

"I was enslaved for 40 days" - modern day slavery in the US

Is it just me, or have you noticed the MSM isn't talking about "shared sacrifice" lately?

Education Budget Cuts: Schools Face Fiscal Cliff As Stimulus Money Runs Out

Big Business Poised To Score Huge Victory In Tax Reform Talks

In Praise of Older, More Experienced Teachers

Kloppenburg Declares Victory in Wisconsin Race Walker Bill Turned Competitive

Deepwater Horizon Blowout Gear Was Overdue for Maintenance (by years)

haha: Paul Ryan: the Dr. Kevorkian of Medicare

Massey Coal Executives Escape Prosecution for Mine Deaths

Libyan Rebels Begin Exporting Oil

When politicians from either side say: "The American People want this..."

Pawlenty's prez campaign off to inauspicious start: 1st Iowa staffer arrested

Want to Opt Out of Behavioral Advertising? Tired of being followed while you surf the web?

The Republicans don't understand the rules.

Turnout in WI was reported as 33%, just 13% more than the predicted 20%.

Trust me, these Repuke bastards want the "second leg down."

United States Peace Index: Maine Most Peaceful, Louisiana Least Peaceful State in the Nation

When the government shuts down, will Congress also not get paid?

Meanwhile back at the ranch... Paul Soglin wins mayoral race in Madison.

Why the hell do we have to hear from Michele Bachmann all the time on MSM, like

M$M says Kloppenberg "edges ahead"... "has the lead"... BULL-HOCKEY... SHE WON!!!

Here is the Dig

An Extraordinarily Unfair Budget (wish he could be our Prez)

SWAT Team Evicts Granny From House Because Bank Refused To Take Payments After Her Husband's Death

Fox is still running a crawl stating Prosser is Leading by 835 votes"

Making the tough decisions

CNN announced the Beck is leaving FOX

Stop Republican Education Choppers in their Tracks!

Navy posts Craigslist ad for Special Ops

Today has been a good day.

OMG a FOX reporter just found a box of Prosser ballots under a palm tree

The Supreme Court Stands Tall for Misbehaving Prosecutors by Scott Horton

Bill Clinton says Planned Parenthood should not be defunded

House Hearing On File Sharing Turns Into 'But Why Can't Google Magically Stop All Bad Things...

What just happened in Wisconsin is a sign of a growing wave

33% turnout, unknown, outspent 3-1, and she DOES IT ! WI IS a message to the GOP !

OK DUers please explain why no one on cable has

Question: Why do they have to wait for a government shutdown?

The current struggle of the rich against democracy started during our contsitutional convention

Barbara Bush, the "biggest speaker since Carmen bin Laden" to appear

Walker Blames Madison For Supreme Court Election

Walker Reacts To Kloppenburg Win: Those hippies in Madison don’t count.

Council Sticks with Ban (on fortune telling)

ABC News: Boehner cries again

Which will come first?

I have feeling that if Albert Einstein were alive & in charge of counting the votes in Wisconsin

Tsunami-hit towns forgot warnings from ancestors

Do you object to the Hooters chain of restaurants?

Quick question on Citizens United.

let's have a bravo for progressive wisconsinites!!!

The Absolute Moron’s Guide to Paul Ryan’s Budget Plan

School Buses Could Soon Display Ads

How are Government Employees Going to Pay Their Mortgages and Rent?

Whoa. NBC/WSJ poll: Trump tied for 2nd in 2012 GOP field

$300 million FCC broadband availability map available- and is incorrect.

Toronto Star: Another student barred from Conservative Party rally

Mother alleges 10-year-old son was sexually abused in Calais school and park(by another student)

Americans Favor Budget Compromise Over Shutdown, 58%-33%

Americans Favor Budget Compromise Over Shutdown, 58%-33%

The Path (ology) to Prosperity is the economic equivalent of building

Wisconsin high court challenger declares victory

Conservative pans Florida's merit pay program for teachers.

10 of the Biggest Corporate Tax Cheats In America


How the wars will end

Donations for quake victims go undelivered despite desperate needs

Alec Baldwin on Capitol Hill

Hurry! There's a close up of the Eaglet coming out of the egg! n/t

JoAnne Kloppenburg Elected to Wisconsin Supreme Court: Official News Release Declaring Victory

What's Inside Glenn Beck's Brain? (large pic)

State Democrats back bill to recall Gov. John Kasich

"Ballot destruction" being claimed in Wiscoinsin.

Latest on Fukushima: Japanese Nuke Professor suspects recriticality in No. 1

Let Them Eat Vouchers

$50K donation to Scott Walker nets $75K Grant

CNN Devastating Expose on US Firms who made money on Deals w Gaddafi Regime

Money earmarked to help the homeless must be used or will be taken back (Ohio)

Fox boots Beckkk

A question for the media savvy . . . .

"Orly Trump" or "Donald Taitz"

Do you buy insurance for your costly Iphones or Android cell phones?

Proposed Republican slash to Medicaid of 800 billion equals amount of Bush tax cut for richest

Why the left’s showing in Wisconsin Supreme Court race is a big deal (WAPO)

The Morning After Ryan: Here's What the Republicans Woke Up To

Groups say asthma cases will rise if EPA rules blocked

Uneasy lies the fat head that wears a crown (or thinks he does anyway)

King Kochroach Scott Walker gets squished.

Unorthodox Deal: Jewish Group In New York May Have Traded Political Support For State Aid

Police in Japan arrest nuclear witch doctors

If we can afford ANOTHER WAR, obviously we don't really need to cut ANY social programs.

Body of missing US teacher 'Monty-san' found in Japan

Georgian woman cuts off web access to whole of Armenia

Milwaukee Radio Station drops Glenn Beck

The government has to shut down Friday, and I know why!

OK, please no more reality shows involving celebrities and their families.

GOP lawyer drafts Obama impeachment

Hash Bash No. 40

So have we turned a corner? Or are we still on the path to doom?

The third rail

The third rail

Rachel opens her program with Wisconsin

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie Calls His State's Teachers Union 'Political Thugs'

Rep. Markey (D-Mass) releases redacted correspondence with the NRC on reactor core melt

Self-deleted by member

EXCLUSIVE: Syndicators Show Little Interest in a Glenn Beck Talker

glenn beck fired?

Damn I miss Keith Olbermann

Donald Trump interview. I don't know what to say. read it yourself.

It's Kloppenburg By A Nose

DU a poll: If the budget stalemate forces a government shutdown, who gets the blame?

Eaglet egg #3 hatching right now 3:30pm Wed

Eaglet egg #3 hatching right now 3:30pm Wed

Eaglet egg #3 hatching right now 3:30pm Wed

Krugman: The Puzzle of Gullibility

yooo GO you George SOROS & Media Matters GO, BecKKK gone!1 yooo GO!1 n/t

wow, anyone see the show "extreme couponing"

wow, anyone see the show "extreme couponing"

Did you read about Bambi and Mother Goose? Now a story about Dotty the donkey & Stanley the sheep.

Rachael is taking Paul Ryan a-part!!! Watch it later if you missed it.

Rachael is taking Paul Ryan a-part!!! Watch it later if you missed it.

How does the election of Kloppenburg affect the balance of the Court?

The Ryan Plan's Biggest Flaw

Freepers are in a panic over Kloppenberg winning

New 'Lucky Ducky' Comic:

New York City bus so slow, man beats it on a Big Wheel trike

Deleted by poster. I found my answer. Thanks for your help.

Hey -- is the "Ed" show live? Chris Hayes is sitting in and said that Obama and

Trump Has Investigators in Hawaii

Viewer discretion advised.

Scott Walker's 'Waterloo': 19 Counties Flip To Democrats In Wisconsin Supreme Court Race

So Prosser wants a recount?

Update me on Wisconsin, folks.

It's time for me to say a special thank you.

It's time for me to say a special thank you.

Obama's education hero Jeb Bush opines "Florida law brings teaching into the 21st century"

He doesn't like it! Hey Mikey! (Huckabee)

Obama: Energy policy is ripe for bipartisan cooperation.

Teen: Baggy Pants Saved Me From Gator

i think the repubs know how to read polls and are watching Wisconsin

Universities come through in monitoring for radiation vs Gvt sources (article,Graph from UW Seattle)

Universities come through in monitoring for radiation vs Gvt sources (article,Graph from UW Seattle)

Donald Trump would be absolutely devastating for the United States

Japan plant town evacuees face hard wait

How A Big U.S. Bank Laundered Billions From Mexico's Murderous Drug Gangs

While the eagles sleep

KO: The First Guess

A guerilla artist in Maine fights back against Gov. Paul LePage's war on workers ..with a projector

Shut 'er Down - pics

Shut 'er Down - pics

Seeing the Forest from the Tree in Wisconsin.

Has Palin tweeted yet - fugging loser again

Don't Ever Let Anyone Tell You to Sit Down Again Not ever, you guys. Not ever even once.

Weiner on Rachel says GOP wants a shut down

A dispatch to Larry and Vicki on the front lines in Wisconsin

Chris Hayes just said Obama is going to speak about the budget

A. Lincoln, Socialist? (by Claude Fischer, Professor of Sociology at Berkeley)

Head scarf angers Orland mall shopper

United National Anti-War Protests in New York City April 9 Bay Area April 10

Can the Wisconsin Debbie Downers please go away?

Hey's that union-busty thing workin' out for ya?

Oh, one more thing for you lurking teabaggers

They already lost homes, boats — now they may not be able to fish

Zurich ad.:"The Panama canal MUST double its capacity"- Hmmm. I wonder why.

I got subpoena'd today

KRUGMAN: "This is ridiculous; it’s megalomaniacal."

CBC: YouTube pulls Harper Imagine clip

Pssst... Gov: Kloppenburg Won About Half of the Counties and 84% of Her Support Came from Outside o

Pssst... Gov: Kloppenburg Won About Half of the Counties and 84% of Her Support Came from Outside o

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Brad Friedman subs for Mike!

The Prosser Victory Fund - They already have a recount site up and running

Rep Blake Farenthold (R-TX)

Regarding John Boner, green ties, and television lights.

Mother Jones: Japan's Radioactive Ocean

I see there are some people who still have a hard time understanding Stewart's equivalency.

Subject: News Alert: Obama Meeting Fails to End Stalemate Over Federal Budget

Transocean executives donate safety bonuses to rig victims' families

There were some Duers who predicted Beck's demise in the manner this editorial describes

15 Facts About U.S. Income Inequality That Everyone Should Know

US atom smasher may have found new force of nature

Breastfeeding Baby Doll Arrives in U.S. Markets

Republicans are chameleons

I would NEVER ask you to go to - but tonite - lolz - it's kinda fun.

What the fuck has Obama done so far, anyway?

You Thought the Koch Brothers Were Bad? Turns Out They're Even Worse Than You Thought

Can we be lucky enough to get Palin, Newt, Bachman or Trump.....

Corporate tax cuts don't spur growth, analysis reveals as election pledges fly

President Obama’s Top 5 Broken Campaign Promises - RawStory

Wisconsin's election win is a real win for all of us

Taxes are the price we pay for being able to be rich free and alive all at the same time..

Union-Busting Payback Comes Four Years Early: Margaret Carlson

Clinton to visit Japan late next week

Clinton to visit Japan late next week

Clinton to visit Japan late next week

Evidence Meltdown: The green movement has misled the world about the dangers of radiation. (Monbiot)

Question here please, on the subject of "Tax cuts creating jobs"...

Enraged Brooklyn Federal Court Judge Gives Racist Woman Indefinite Jury Duty

Will Obama and other elected Dems leverage WI's stunning results

I have a question about Republicans.

I guess this is how I feel about most things right now:

Honeybees Try to Protect Hives Against Pesticides

This is the myth that is getting pushed as hard as I've ever seen a meme

Core of Stricken Reactor Probably Leaked, U.S. Says

Lake Mills is in: Kloppenburg gets it by ~ 200

Last night, DU was really beautiful.

How Did Your Representative Vote on DC Vouchers?

A musical tribute to Glenn Beck upon his departure from FOX

Glenn Beck: Fox News ‘one of the only places you’ll find truth’

Breaking: New Cable News Show.. The Beck Olbermann News Hour

To those who thought people would wake up when things got really bad...

In honor of his pending departure: The top 10 craziest things Glenn Beck ever said

Another Huber Letter Leaked, Warns of Harm from Roundup and GMOs

Japan to Head Off Hydrogen Blast

1995 all over again

Prosser is collecting money for the recount, but if I read these

Florida Student: "I am so sorry that this is happening to my beloved teachers."

25% of VT docs say they'll move out of state if single payer is adopted.

If someone like Bachmann wins the GOP nomination, would Trump run as a 3rd party candidate?

Just in case no one has said it: Scott Walker got Cloppered tonight!

Prosser's web site asks for help "preserving a victory" despite the fact that he lost

Bristol Palin’s Nonprofit Paid Her Seven Times What It Spent On Actual Teen Pregnancy Prevention

It is immoral to cut programs that the elderly, the disabled and the poor

Rachel Maddow Leads for Most Influential Progressive

Hey lurking teabaggers

Georgia man pleads guilty to tattooing 3-year-old son; tot's tat said 'DB' -- for 'Daddy's Boy'

Huckabee takes a shot at tweety - on The Daily Show

Eaglet is starting to hatch

Eaglet is starting to hatch

Hey news organizations! The name of the country is "Côte d'Ivoire" not Ivory Coast....

The Left's Win in Wisconsin is a BFD - Washington Post

The Left's Win in Wisconsin is a BFD - Washington Post

Yes Scott Walker... it was a referendum on you: 19 Counties Flip To Democrats In Supreme Court Race

Before Japan...nuclear? only far away. Now? I want a worldwide ban on nuclear power.

Of the 1%, by the 1%, for the 1%

An uncomfortable MUST SEE 45 mins for Democratic true believers:

The base and the party--some bizarre thinking that has been making the rounds.

ThinkProgress: Koch Front Groups Americans For Prosperity And ALEC Have Taken Over New Hampshire

The Koch Brothers Are Even Worse Than You Thought

The Koch Brothers Are Even Worse Than You Thought

The Koch Brothers Are Even Worse Than You Thought

Kloppenburg stole the election.

FORBES: Walker & GOP "Lost-& Lost Big" In Wisconsin

MAP: Graphic of Wisconsin county vote shifts = Milwaukee outlier illustrated.

Can we talk about Ted Rall?

Texas House Budget Amendment Forces Public Colleges to Promote Heterosexuality

Major U.S. Bank Laundered up to $378bn for Drug Cartels

OL to Movie Writers: You’re Fired, But We’d Love It If You Write for Free

A progressive MI attorney asks, “Did you get what you voted for?”

Sharp Drop in American Enthusiasm for Free Market, Poll Shows

NPR lets senators lie to their listeners

Beck's Brain

On Ratigan's show, Cenk rants on regulating the banksters - MUST SEE video

Forbes: Scott Walker's Election Nightmare

Fifty days of Wisconsin labor solidarity have changed my life

Do you think that prostitution should be legalized?

Teen catches drunken Pawlenty campaign worker banging on her back door at 3 a.m.

Teen catches drunken Pawlenty campaign worker banging on her back door at 3 a.m.

Haley Barbour's Child-Welfare Debacle

Thank you- Anonymous...

Have we woken up from our long nightmare?

"White Children....Minority in 10 States"

If Fox News had existed throughout history - an oldie but a goodie

If Fox News had existed throughout history - an oldie but a goodie

Walker says Supreme Court wasn't referendum on him / results not a bad sign for recalls

Jesus H. Christ! Listen to this. Apparently a recent Rick Scott

Calif. GOP's top fundraiser quits, roils party

Anti-Abortion Sting Video Fools Washington Post, No One Else

WI victories are incredible! Now Obama and the Democrats have the upper hand

Yeah. It's SERIOUS, all right.

What proof do we have that Obama has lost his base?

Bambi Protects Mother Goose

Numbers of Children of Whites Falling Fast

Japan's ocean radiation hits 7.5 million times legal limit

Where is the world is Pastor Doofus Jones now?

Petty Party Pedantic Pissitudinousness Prevails (re: new DNC head)

I'm Working at an elementary school: they are cutting out all the jobs

I'm Working at an elementary school: they are cutting out all the jobs

The Rude Pundit: Democrats in Congress on Paul Ryan Budget: "Aw, C'mon"

2012 Survey (Five Questions)

Report: Seven States Where Republicans Are Ruining The Environment

Resident pot smokers.

NRC: Fragments of Nuclear Fuel from Spent Fuel Pools ... were Blown "Up to 1 Mile from the Units"

Medical marijuana: 'Barack Obama and Eric Holder are lying sacks of shit.'

Kagan catches Scalia and Thomas intellectually napping

Wisconsin, do you have any idea what you have done!?

I think I'm going to be sick.

Govt study: Isoamyl acetate levels in baby food pose "no appreciable risk"

What is your honest opinion of Hooters and the men who frequent these establshments?

Libyan Revolution Day 49

Ex-Chornobyl deputy head: "It was neither an earthquake nor a tsunami wave that caused disaster"

Obama friend arrested for soliciting prostitute

Obama friend arrested for soliciting prostitute

Anonymous takes down Playstation website and Playstation Network

What would happen in people could change their 'citizenship' overnight if they did not like

PETA Changes Name

Why it's a cakewalk for education "reformers" now. In their own words.

It just struck me.....We have Officially Entered Crazyland. (Or maybe I'm just an old fart)

Lessons in how NOT to negotiate, courtesy of your President.

Woman given indefinite jury duty

8-year-old boy pepper sprayed by cops only wanted to kill them "a little."

Why do smokers think it is OK to flick cigarettes out of their windows?

Will Senator Scott Brown (R-MA) flip to the Democratic Party?

Our Election System has been totally compromised!

Our Election System has been totally compromised!

You Support Rebel Call for More Strikes in Libya? Just Answer 3 Simple Questions

I've seen so many smoking threads, I must say, I don't smoke, I'm a tobacco enthusiast.

Senator Reid explains Democrats negotiation method with Republicans. His role model is Henry Clay

how the "u-word" exposes the anti-choice movement

Everyone can relax. We don't have to worry about anything anymore.

"everybody must sacrifice" --if I hear that one more time, I will throw things.

6 Famous 'Frivolous Lawsuit' Stories (That Are Total B.S.)

Thank you Fabulous 14

Applegrove's favorite social network:

It's "fish on" energy all the way.

It's "fishin' engergy" all the way

It's embarrassing. MFM gets hit on by women like this all the time!!!!

Bristol Palin’s Nonprofit Paid Her Seven Times What It Spent On Actual Teen Pregnancy Prevention

Is there a live thread about the eaglets? I'm entranced.

Ich glaub', eine Dame werd' ich nie


a question about roosters

Too Rolling Stoned

Sweet Angel

Crosstown Traffic

Led Boots

She's A Woman

Beck and Clarke

Do as I say. Not as I do. Do not follow three vodka martinis with two double shots of scotch and


PHOTO: During a routine drill formation, MiddleFingerMom shares his "dress blues" with the crowd.

Do not --- DO NOT-- pee in my Wheaties!

Hellooooo. I am unshaved!

I think ALL moms could probably use a Fortress of Solitude.

Has anyone here ever tried Gestalt Therapy?

John Lennon "God"

It's National Tartan Day! Let's celebrate Men in Kilts!

Look mom, no brains !!!

Epic Rap Battles of History: Albert Einstein vs. Stephen Hawking

Clearly, this person needed his/her eyes checked......

Horse dreams dashed, German teen turns to cow Luna

Accessorizing is everything!!!

Always good advice -- when stressed... find your "Happy Place".

It's all over. Facebook now has polls.

Why Can't I Be You?

Worst Penis EVER!


Poking your girlfriend can get you arrested. Ask Vince Neil.

Doomed to remain a "SWF with cat" forever and ever:

What is Warnnig and why should I be worried Skinner is doing this to me

Darkness, Darkness

What does crude oil smell like when it reaches the surface?


When it first was established, they should have put a warning(s) on the internet.

Schizophrenia, premonitions, extra-sensory ability



Charlie Sheen to trademark 22 catchphrases. What catchphrase of yours should you trademark

Serious, real life bad asses that would fuck you up:

PHOTO: Cue up that Al Jarreau song about how we're in this love together...

TRU TV Turds?

Husband down

That will buff right out

Time to put the blame where it belongs:

Gimme some Awwwwww or the cat gets it.

What book are you most looking forward to reading in the near future?

Slow news day?

Beloved congregation, please open your Hymn Books to Hymn 43

I love my BF DWB

Janet Jackson said that some Hollywood celebrities chew tissue paper to keep the weight off

Some music...

Poll question: Should Prince William and Kate have a pre-poke?

more cowbell n/t

Genesis (uncut):

Everybody knows, you only live a day

The refrigerator door SHOULD be a "Wall of Honor" for all your child's accomplishments.

The other monks told MFM, though he may be one with everything, he could no longer be one with them.

PHOTO: "Talk to the, I mean PAW."

I just had to deal with the virus from hell

Wurst leash EVER!!!!!

"Unshaved" is the word for today. Modify a thread title to include "unshaved".

One of my son's vocabulary words this week is "pawnshop".

AMAZING teacher/student piano moment

Why do e-books cost so much?

So, I just struck this bargain with Howard Dean, you see.........

e-Cigarettes - just starting, love it, but have questions

Old but stunning video: Tiger vs Python

Oh this is funny - When Harry Met Sally 2 (you'll love it)

My Stephen King story is getting published.

18 Old-Timey Photos You Won't Believe Aren't Photoshopped

Best goldfish bowl EVER!!!


America... FUCK YEAH!!! Who IS that claiming we ain't got no culture?

BREAKING: Obama issues full pardon to man who allegedly killed Roberta Flack softly with his song

Tubes in My Son's Ears

Who's the most annoying personality on NPR?

Amazing video: Mongolians using eagles hunt wolves!

Well, I'm married now, what a week! Here's some pics!

Waiter, there's something in my soup.

Anybody remember THESE?


Sharp, Heavy earthquake just hit here

So, does this sound like a sociopath to you?

Can someone explain this old Far Side cartoon to me?

Can someone explain the "unshaved look" me..please..

Paul Ryan and the Politics of Debt

Fed sees steady recovery despite turmoil, minutes show

Japan nuclear plant plugs highly radioactive leak

'Kill Team' Brigade commander given wrist slap

Bahrain workers fired for supporting protests

(Plugged) Highly radioactive water from power plant no longer gushing into sea

Ivory Coast: Embattled Gbagbo denies he seeks surrender

My son could win "Cutest Kid of the Week"

Libyan rebels deny offering Lockerbie compensation

They are at it again

Abstinence foundation paid Bristol Palin $262K, spent little on prevention programs

New USDA policy aims to reduce foodborne illnesses

Fukushima: A Nuclear Threat to Japan, the U.S. and the World

After critical media reports, Walker demotes lobbyist’s son

Even people with peanut allergies would snuggle up to this little goober.

What makes a song catchy? Or is it just catchy in the ear of the listener?

Rep. Issa criticizes Postal Service contract with union

Warning agencies to prep for shutdown, Obama digs in on budget war

Two die when wall falls at Gatlinburg sewage treatment plant

Judge overturns $625.5M patent suit against Apple

Berlin Zoo mourns sudden death of young elephant

Obama, congressional leaders make no progress on budget

NYPD leads tri-state 5-day 'dirty bomb' exercise

(Britain's Multi-Billion £) Arms Exports To Middle East Blasted By (British) MPs

France's ruling party discusses Islam (& altering their stringent separation of church + state laws)

Dish Network buys Blockbuster for $320mn

(PA-R) Gov. Corbett proposes 4 percent pay cut to state's largest employee union

Teen Finds (Drunken Pawlenty) Campaign Worker At Back Door At 3AM

Second Hand Smoke Linked To Kids' Depression, Anxiety, ADHD

AP SHowing 16 Kloppenburg precincts still to count. Only 2 Prosser precints left 140 VOTE DIFFERENC

Dead Heat in Wisconsin Supreme Court Election

Major U.S. Bank Laundered up to $378bn for Drug Cartels

Glenn Beck is GONE from Fox

Ouattara forces enter Gbagbo's Ivory Coast stronghold

Sudan accuses Israel of airstrike

Second border activist sentenced to death in Arivaca double-killing case

The Latest: Kloppenburg Ahead -- With All Precincts Reported

Kloppenburg declares victory: With all precincts reporting, lead is 204 votes

FBI agent's gun found in restroom at Texas airport

Portugal calls for EU financial bail-out

If you could look like somebody else, who would it be?

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Navy: Fighter jet (F/A-18) crashes in Central California field (Lemoore Calif)

AARP: Proposed Republican budget would upend vital programs & shift costs to older Americans

AARP: Proposed Republican budget would upend vital programs & shift costs to older Americans

Al Qaeda Makes Afghan Comeback

16 Colombian soldiers indicted over 'false positive' murders

Judge: Lockout Ruling to Take \"Couple of Weeks\" (NFL)

Stalled Uribe investigation referred to prosecutor general

Obama calls meeting (tonight) with congressional leaders in effort to avoid shutdown

UPDATE: WI Supreme Court Election Too Close to Call, Headed for Recount (K +233)

Supreme Court to investigate 14 congressmen (Colombia)

Texas company sued for abuse of Iowa workers

Range Resources, Township at Odds Over Well Sites

Mexicans march against drug violence

Teen Finds Campaign Worker At Back Door At 3AM

Gadhafi to Obama: Please end airstrikes

Woman scavenging for copper wipes out internet service to neighbouring Armenia for 28 HOURS

U-M student files harassment lawsuit against Andrew Shirvell (former MI Asst AG)

More than 40 bodies found buried in north Mexico area where 72 migrants massacred last year

Japan quake victim ID'd as American teacher

Photo: Beautiful Golden Eagle.

Fourteen die after eating toxic sardines in Madagascar

German Greens Surge In Poll To Rival Merkel's CDU

Americans Favor Budget Compromise Over Shutdown, 58%-33% (Dems lean compromise, Reps lean shutdown)

John Boehner: Democrats 'win' in government shutdown

Obama to Get New War Policy Team

Photos Found in Libya Show Abuses Under Qaddafi (Contains Graphic Descriptions)

One dead in shooting at Southern Union State in Opelika (Alabama)

Cleared by DNA tests, Derrick Williams is released from prison after 18 years

Ian Tomlinson inquest hears barrister accuse G20 officer of lying on oath

Teen Finds Campaign Worker At Back Door At 3AM

Bomb injures 3 in explosion near Egypt pyramids

Obama to play offense, defense in early primary states as Republicans fight among themselves

Update: Today an 8lb 4oz bundle of joy came into this world.

Toyota, Microsoft Plan Rival to GM's OnStar

US Sees Array of Threats at Japan's Nuclear Plant

New Hampshire lawmaker apologizes for calling bishop a ‘pedophile pimp’

NRC says not clear that Japan reactor has melted vessel

Exclusive - Speaker Boehner on Budget Negotiations: 'No Daylight Between Tea Party and Me'

Senate rejects measure to stop EPA on climate

Jay Severin fired by WTKK-FM (Boston)

Glenn Beck To 'Transition Off' Fox News Program

Suicide at Camp Where Sen. Scott Brown Was Abused as a Boy

Hopper recall committee expected to file signatures Thursday

Priest admits affair with Monterey County schools superintendent

Breaking: Jeff Skilling Loses Appeal of Criminal Conviction

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday, April 7, 2011

Alaska Law Seeks To Lower Drinking Age For Troops

Japan No 2 core melted through reactor vessel: Rep. Markey

Libya says NATO air strike hits major oil field

(KBR) Contractor wants Iraqi law to decide Pa.Lawsuit (Electrocution U.S. soldier)

Fermilab Finds Possible 'New Particle'

U.S. and Colombia Near Trade Pact

Libya planned killing civilians (before the latest upheaval started) - International Criminal Court

Kloppenburg declares victory

Vatican magazine says hackers do God’s work

Video: Don't mess with mama cougar.

Theoretical question: At some unspecified point in the future, all voting is done electronically...

Bill Bradley on Morning Joe making a great case for public financing of federal campaigns

Gore v Shrub 2. Prosser will have no need to recuse himself if recount goes to State Supreme Court.

WaPo's Dana Milbank: Paul Ryan's Dogmatic Budget

WaPo's Dana Milbank: Paul Ryan's Dogmatic Budget

Dems Find Message Discipline Against GOP Plan To Scrap Medicare

Medicare Death Watch

Man attacked in San Francisco had an anti-Obama sign

Clausewitz famously described war as politics conducted by other means, but such maxims

April is National Poetry Month. What poems say it for you?

The most interesting "Reality Show" in the history of TV is about to begin.....

2012 Election

John Nicoles: Joan up 300 votes and has defeated the incumbent

Unemployment rates fall in more than 75 percent of metro areas due to widespread job gains

'Seriously' Embarrassing (Paul Ryan's proposal and "unicorn sightings")

MSNBC is going to talk about the Wisconsin vote next.

Political Wire: Paul Ryan: Cartoon of the Day

Political Wire: Boehner Says Democrats Would 'Win' If Government Shutdow

Political Wire: Boehner Says Democrats Would 'Win' If Government Shutdow

Tweety just showed the new NBC/WSJ poll. Obama approval is at 49 (+1) disapproval is at 45 (-1)

Now is a good time to have a medicare study. Will allowing people to buy into it help?

Campaign worker for Tim Pawlenty arrested in Iowa

The Return of the Lesser of Two Evils

Death of Medicare

What did Obama contribute to the WI victory & does he benefit from it?

WTF!!! with all the bullshit in Wisconsin this special election turns out to be a DEAD HEAT

A Ron Paul/Jesse Ventura presidential ticket??

French court: Reality TV contestants entitled to minimum wage

Tell Congress to Cut Pentagon Spending

This is interesting - Obama's Organizing for America cut staff.

Just heard MSNBC's Kelly O'Donnell say there were 64 riders in the House Republican budget bill

Heritage Foundation wants you to stop laughing at it

Again - Wisconsin fights back against the overlords.

Boehner Cries Over Looming Shutdown

Not only is the progressive blogosphere at odds with Obama its at odd with 80% of Democrats. . .

NBC/WSJ POLL: Mittens 21, The Donald 17, Huckleberry 17, Newt 11, Palin 10.

Business community praises "courageous" Colombia trade deal

Kloppenburg - a massive victory for women.

Note to Bachmann: You do NOT have a "post doctoral" degree in taxation

What Can a Down-to-the-Wire State Supreme Court Race in Wisconsin Tell Us About 2012?

The Hill: Senate Rejects GOP Amendment to Block EPA Climate Rules

Who is this woman who is always standing behind Boehner and Cantor, but never says a damn word?

Should our President be Held Accountable to the Voters Who Elected Him?

Pelosi: Dems shouldn’t take GOP’s bait on Medicare

What Did You Learn In School Today - Pete Seeger [21/24]

2011 Nationa Day of Prayer Promo (Christian Dominionism, 7 Mountains Theology)

Rachel Maddow: $$Rich get Richer, CEO's 27% raise in 2010 Oops! Average Worker rose 2%

Zawiyah's Mosque, Where 100s Hid For safety, Was Literally Razed To The Ground By Gaddafi's Forces

Thousands Across USA Rally in Support of Workers' Rights

TDPS: Obama Fortunately Doesn't Give a &%$# about Swearing on TV - TRANSCRIPT

Laugh Out Loud! DOD Budget: Cut the Colored Copies?!

Rep. DeFazio: God Forbid People Should Be Allowed To Get Together & Organize! Good Job Republicans!

Sam Seder Takes a Listen to Victoria Jackson's Attack on Glee

Rachel Maddow: GOP Attacks Police / Fire Unions in Ohio

Tsunami Waste Devastates Japan Farmland

President Obama’s top 5 broken campaign promises

Thom Hartmann: What if they had a protest and nobody...covered it?!

Lady Gaga Confronts Anti-Gay Fundie Who Tells Her She's Going to Hell for 'Homo Stuff' in Her Show

CrossTalk: Bush Doctrine, Obama Flavor?

Caught On Tape: Republicans Touting Support For Government Shutdown

Thom Hartmann: NC wants a ''public option'' for Wi-Fi & Republicans say NO!

Paul Broun Says Giving Federal Grants To NPR And Planned Parenthood Is Unconstitutional

Corrupt Revolution: 'Libya rebel chiefs ex-govt stooges with West links'

Thom Hartmann proposes his own budget bill for America and it's one sentence.

'Intense' battle for Wisc. supreme court

Cenk Uyger, Bernie Sanders, E.J. Dionne Dissect / Debunk Paul Ryan's 2012 Republican Budget Madness


April 05, 2011 - Nuclear Engineer Arnie Gundersen Explains Fukushima Water to John King

BP Seafood Restaurant Ad

Has Chris Christie lost weight?

TDPS: TV Reporters Speaking Gibberish on Live TV...Why Is it Happening? - TRANSCRIPT

TYT University: Naomi Wolfe on Yale Sex Assault Claims

Fox News: Missouri Student Quits Talking for Lent

Why Is Glenn Beck's Fox News Show Ending?

Health Reform Hits Main Street: Cute Cartoon Explains the New Health Care Law

President Obama's Choice to Lead the DNC: Debbie Wasserman Schultz

World Banks Run On Cocaine Cash

Cut This! Cut That! We're Spending 8 Billion Dollars A Month On A War That Can't Be Won!

Scott Walker Gets Kloppenburg - ed!

Cops Pepper Spray 8 Year Old With "pointed stick"

Pleased with Draconian Cuts to Gov't, Billionaires Thank MN Legislators

Pepper Spray an 8 Yr. Old? Gretchen Carlson Says Yes!

Inside The Fukushima Plant - What It's Like For The Workers

Young Turks: Oil Spill Execs Want Bonuses!

Rep. Anthony Weiner: Speaker Boehner Is Being Held Hostage By The Tea Party!

Rep Markey: "We Are Just As Helpless When Faced With Nuclear Disaster As We Were 25 & 32 Years Ago"

Expert: Fossil fuels kill more people

Rachel Maddow Show: Republicans Attempting To Change Child Labor Laws In Maine

A bipartisan group of legislators won't give up on Oregon

It's "fish on" energy all the way.

It's "fishin' engergy" all the way.

TEPCO Press Release—Plant Status of Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station (as of 0:00 pm, April 6)

TEPCO Press Release (Apr 06,2011)—Out flow of fluid containing radioactive materials to the ocean…

TEPCO Press Release (Apr 05,2011)—The results of nuclide analyses of radioactive materials in…air…

TEPCO Press Release (Apr 05,2011)—Detection of radioactive materials…seawater…Fukushima Daiichi…

TEPCO Press Release(Apr 06,2011)—…Facilities…after Tohoku-Taiheiyou-Oki Earthquake…(as of 9:00AM)

Past 4 Months Driest On Record In Oklahoma Since Dust Bowl Era - Tulsa World

In 150 Years, 12 Million+ Oil & Gas Wells Nationwide And We Don't Know Where Many Even Are

Drumbeat: April 6, 2011

NSIDC - Arctic Ocean Air Temps Up; Multi-Year Ice Up Slightly As Melt Season Begins

KKR Goes Green By, Uh . . . Building 3 Coal-Fired Plants In TX Instead Of 11 - Bloomberg

LePage's Environment Head Will Honor "Green" Bottled Water Co., Skip Over Legal, Ethical Challenges

Plutonium detected again in Fukushima plant soil

Immelt Flies To Japan To Show Support For Executives At TEPCO - Reuters

Iowa Governor Vetoes Greenhouse Gas Emissions Regulation

CEQA: That '70s law

Idaho House declares wolves a "disaster emergency"

AAA: Cost of driving has risen 3.4% (yoy), study finds

Internal NRC Documents Reveal Doubts About Measures to Ensure US Plants Survive Fukushima-Type Event

Trends in Arctic Sea Ice Extent

Radiation Nations: Native American Calling show

FUKUSHIMA: Kyoto University Prof: Reactor 1 May Be Undergoing "Recriticality"

Toyota Sells 1-Millionth Prius In US - Hit 2 Million Globally In October, 3 Million Last Month

Washington radiation spike March 31, then out of service ... iodine-131 found in drinking water

Question for people who believe we can go 100% renewable

Nuclear Engineer Arnie Gundersen talks with CNN's John King 4/5

Fred Krupp, EDF - "Shrillness" Of Environmental Groups Contributed To GHG Bill's Failure

It's "fission energy" all the way.

Scientists are monitoring a massive pool of fresh water in the Arctic Ocean

African migrants abandon the American dream (BBC)

Creative Destruction Part II: Libya in Washington's Greater Middle East Project

Guardian UK: What price the wisdom of Snooki?

Has the Federal Government Already Shut Down?

U.S. Sees Array of New Threats at Japan’s Nuclear Plant

Craziest Michele Bachmann quotes, in honor of her birthday

Salon: "Pollster grifter Mark Penn's awful advice for Barack Obama"

Connick v. Thompson: Clarence Thomas writes one of the cruelest Supreme Court decisions ever.

Freddie Mac: Tone Deaf at the Top by William Black

Gingrich paid for anal bleachings with government funds

Scott Walker's 'Waterloo': 19

To Reduce Deficit, Destroy Medicare – or Expand It?

Greed is Not a Virtue: Profit-centered market fundamentalism has become a national religion

Supreme Court Declares Winner of Wisconsin Supreme Court: Bush!

Noam Chomsky interviewed by Luke Savage

Bachmann pretty dim on bulbs

27% of communication by members of Congress is taunting, professor concludes

Only 25 % IT graduates readily employable: Nasscom (India)

Fox Drops a Demagogue

What have we Americans become?

You Thought the Koch Brothers Were Bad? Turns Out They're Even Worse Than You Thought

Robert Scheer: The Peasants Need Pitchforks

Bloomberg Is Sued Over City’s Handgun Permit Fee

KS adopts a "European style" firearms law I can agree with...

70 yr old chases down two teenagers and holds them at gunpoint...

1 Woman Killed, 3 Others Wounded in Shooting at a College in Alabama

For your listening pleasure

Home invader greeted with gunfire

Yet another "MAIG" mayor involved in...questionable...behavior.

Judge who waved gun(in road rage incident) says action not misconduct

DNA test IDs 103rd stolen baby in Argentina

Stalled Uribe investigation referred to prosecutor general

Supreme Court to investigate 14 congressmen

16 Colombian soldiers indicted over 'false positive' murders

Christian Science Monitor blames Wikileaks for Hodges ouster.

Big win for indigenous rights in Bolivia

No Supporters Show for 'Domestic Relations' Bill That Would Make Gays 'Somewhat Equal' in RI

Is this crazy, or do we need to organize a straight army to supplement our LGBT frends?

A child doesn't need a "mother and father", a child needs a loving parent. Period.

Sorry, I am on a rant tonight, I know. The gloves have to come off.

Online radio show: Out From the Inside

The gay caveman: 5,000-year-old is 'outed' by the way he was buried.

Gloat Free Baseball Scores (Tuesday, April 5)

Barry Bonds and The Black Sox. Key evidence not shown in either court.

NY Giants CEO John Mara picked for jury duty

Redskins, despite lockout, seek ticket payments

For Lent, can man live by brew alone?

The Rockies continue to make great commercials.

Fairview minister accused of raping adopted daughters

duplicate posting

Congratulations Real Salt Lake

Guess what I saw here in Rio on my bus commute?

Cowboys Still Making Season Ticket Holders Pay during Lockout

Dejan Stankovic's utterly brilliant goal v. Schalke

Faitheist Wins Templeton Prize

World's 1st comprehensive Buddhist museum opens in Kyoto



The NL League West 1st place Rockies will descend on Pittsburgh tomorrow...

Greatest college basketball team that didn't win the championship?

have u.s. spies been caught in israel?

Hamas suspect held in West Bank actor killing - Palestinians

Rise in Attacks, Detentions by Palestinian Security Services

Palestinian forces abuse WBank, Gaza reporters-HRW

Orthodox IDF Soldiers Accused Of Abusing Palestinian Prisoners

Israel and Palestinians have conflicting visions for village's future

US groups want Goldstone Report retracted

U.S. envoy Rice doubts Goldstone report can be fixed

Hamas Commander Killed In Sudan Attack

Some West Bank Settlers Would Be Willing To Evacuate For Right Price

Who Is Not On Facebook

Israel to launch quiet diplomatic campaign in wake of Goldstone retraction

Sudan accuses Israel of airstrike

Goldstone denies intention to retract UN report - Jerusalem Post