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Let's kill them all!

David Sirota filling in for Thom Hartmann Wed, Thu, Fri

'Edupreneurs' now the way for U.S. Department of Education to waste billions on 'innovation'...

NY Won Race to the Top Money and the Layoffs Proceed


EXCLUSIVE! Moussa Koussa’s leaked Facebook page

It isn't nice...

It isn't nice...

$376 million utility upgrade for the White House! (I smell BS)~AP~(VIDEO)

$376 million utility upgrade for the White House! (I smell BS)~AP~(VIDEO)

Oakland teachers plan sit-in at Wells Fargo banks demanding economic justice

Immigration reduction advocate likes Tim Pawlenty

Here's how you solve the deficit

Muslims Burn Obama In Effigy In Afghanistan~ (MOXNEWS)

Muslims Burn Obama In Effigy In Afghanistan~ (MOXNEWS)

U.S. now seeks removal of Yemeni president: report

Toon: Sometimes I wonder

I trust this man's knowledge more then anyone so far about the reactors & Fukushima radiation

“Nothing focuses the mind like a hanging.”

Is health insurance collective bargaining?

Need some help with a gun control question

Need some help with a gun control question

Today, we are filing papers to launch our 2012 campaign

Elephant In The Room

Katie Couric's Outta CBS...

What's the difference with this man and Gaddafi

China Envoy Huntsman May Run for President in 2012 or 2016, Brother Says

Greedy Corporations and the Wealthy Fatten Themselves on the Rest of Us -- Join "We Are One" Rallies

Feeding time for the Iowa Eagles

yesterday was 89. so hot, i waz dyinnnn. lol. this morning? snowing. YEA

The fact that the campaign starts 20 months before the election disturbs me.

Obama looks to raise $1 Billion for campaign

Slowpoke Toon: The Branches of Birtherism

War on Roadside: Libya rebels want weapons as death toll mounts-Civilian too RT-VIDEO

Police Investigating Fake Flyer in Madison

Reagan cheered on the "war on government" with:

Uranium Prices – And Producers – Are Poised to Rebound

nytimes: A Tea Party Star Stirs Iowans, and She Isn’t Palin

Toon: The greatest environmental threat to Pennsylvania is...

Still no defence of free speech in official response to Afghan riots

Paul Ryan -Classic hypocrite

Pregnant Pause: Taxpayer funding for abortion ‘counseling’ subsidizes fundamentalist religion

My neighbor burned a Bible in his back yard yesterday

Airplane contrails worse than CO2 emissions for global warming: study

Libyan wounded describe "hell" of Misrata

Honda Portable Generators Run Out as Quake Cripples Output (Bloomberg)

Radiation in Japan Seas: Risk of Animal Death, Mutation?

Radiation in Japan Seas: Risk of Animal Death, Mutation?

Liberal groups keep expanding ad buy to recall Wisconsin GOPers

"Birtherism" as the new repub Southern Strategy

An artificial leaf and a gallon of water could generate enough energy to power your house for a day

Decorah Eagles first pip and hatch, plus daddy comes to sit while momma eats - montage

About this sexual harrassment suit against Yale,

Angela Merkel’s Coalition in Turmoil as Deputy Gives Up FDP Post

Blowing Green Smoke

Suggestion for a minor action with a clear message against the mega-banks?

Religious Right groups and your tax dollars: It’s a bad marriage

Remembrance: MLK Jr. 43 years ago today

I, for one, welcome the coming election.

NTSB: Cracks found in 3 more grounded Southwest planes

That Tea Party Racket (Ain't Playin' So Well No More) Blues

Polar Bear Knut Drowned, to be stuffed

Stand Up For Your Friends

Where the New Libyan "Rebel" Leader, Khalifa Hifter, Came From:

The Religious Right, once again proving that it is neither

Wanna burn the Koran? Go do it in Afghanistan. We support your right to do that!!

Holy Hailstones, Batman!

Open Letter from 8 GOP Senators rebuking ME-Gov LePage

Intellectual Prostitution and the Myth of Objectivity

South Korea is planning to invest $14.6 billion to expand its bullet train network

I wonder how long before the "Shocking Meat Video" ad goes away.

Check out this post form this asshole teabagger I know on facebook...

Broken Justice at Bagram — for Afghans, and for Foreign Prisoners Held by the US

“That radical, communistic health care policy you hate so intensely?

somehow this makes "Friday" worthwhile

UN plane crashes in Congo.

Happy Birthday Maya Angelou

Japan, radiation, silicon wafers and what a little birdy told me...

The ONE BILLION dollar campaign

Both chicks are edging and ready to fledge--hummingbird nest.

Pennsylvania Limits Authority of Oil and Gas Inspectors

Pennsylvania Limits Authority of Oil and Gas Inspectors

Kloppenburg for Wisconsin State Supreme Court! Election is TOMORROW!!!!!

Worth a read. Excellent article: The roots of anti-Muslim bigotry

NTSB: Cracks found in 3 grounded Southwest planes

Big Coal Lies About Jobs


Bees living it up on Nob Hill

There should be a movment

Oregon gets 'substantially more' revenue from the lottery than from corporate income tax

Monday Morning Menial Meditation assignment (hint: it's about Mental Midgets)

Americans United Condemns Supreme Court Ruling Dismissing Challenge To State Aid To Arizona Religiou

DU giving me some loving! Good ole boy code of honor cracked.

The Person Behind the Porn Wikileaks Website

O'Donnell exposes Eric Cantor

My neighbor burned a Doobie in his back yard yesterday

Wreckage from Air France jet found in Atlantic

Search for radiation leak turns desperate in Japan

Congresswomen vow to fight GOP efforts to defund Planned Parenthood

Los Angeles Times: How Big Pharma distorts the costs of developing new drugs

ACLU Asks House To Support Bill Challenging President's Use Of Force In Libya Without Cong. Approval

whats under the hair? (my guess: #4)

No degree, little experience pay off big (Walker Admin)

Anderson Cooper tears Louie Gohmert a new one.

Krugman- Diminished Individualism Watch

No Fly Zone Succeeds: Libyan Rebels To Sell First Oil Cargo

Not Wisconsin: Schweitzer Electrifies Union Rally at Montana Capitol

Ex-State Department spokesman compares WikiLeaks to New York Times

Get on board - next stop Yemin!

Of the 1%, by the 1%, for the 1%


Bill Maxwell, St. Petersburg Times: Intimidation from the Right (re Cronon's ALEC blog)

British spy files shed light on Nazi saboteurs

Toon: Just like Microsoft!

Toon: Just like Microsoft!

There were nearly 100 people at the WeAreOne rally at Massasoit Community College today, in Mass.!

From Memphis to Madison: The Struggle Continues...(Great video w/old & new pics)

Glaciers melting at fastest rate in 350 years, study finds

Of the 1%, by the 1%, for the 1%

This Presidential Campaign Brought to You by a Massive Capitulation on Civilian Law

Please Help me Smack A Wingnut Down

Japan To Dump Thousands Of TONS Of Radioactive Material Into The Ocean! CNN video

Toon: Prisons in the US

IMF Working Paper Says US Must Raise All Taxes, Cut All Entitlements By 35% To Contain Future Budget

Supreme Court shields prosecutors in wrongful convictions

Afghanistan explained. Amazing review by Dexter Filkins that sums it all up.

A Modest Proposal on State Pension Reform

Frances Fox Piven and Cornel West teach-in tomorrow

It's Time for Representative Ryan to Man Up

PETA at it again.

Armed security guard hired by Apple shoots and kills a smash-and-grab suspect at San Diego store

Thom Hartmann: Must see The TRUE story of the Tea Party

Republican Governance 101, featuring guest lecturer Nathan Deal of Georgia

Men who need supervision (dial up warning)

Men who need supervision (dial up warning)

Rebel Leadership in Libya Shows Strain (NYTs)

GOP Plan to Destroy Medicare -- How Democrats Must Fight Back

Toon: At Home with the Koch Brothers

It just gets easier. Wisconsin's Dan Kapanke's wife caught in scam.

Now We Know: What Bloody Loco's Victim Was Reading On The Subway

Things I'd LOVE to see in the next 18 months.

Two bad and two good reasons to burn books.

So do you report minor hail damage to your insurance company?


Are there two people named "Herman Cain" running for President or something?

Anti-Choice Activist Likens American Cancer Society To Nazi Scientists

Egypt’s Foreign Minister Talks Tough On Israel

Run on Indoneisan Coconut-shell purifiers, shortage of charcoal due to radiation crisis

Report: BP to restart deepwater drilling in Gulf

Toon: Then vs. Now

The next Rwanda? ‘In all districts of Abidjan there is gunfire’

Eagles / eaglets getting a hailstorm now

Supreme Court Allows Tax Credit for Religious Tuition

Let's Go Bag Us A Savage

GoDaddy CEO Shot Female Elephant, Not Bull

Walker appoints son of donor to fat cat job. Experience? Nah, but his dad gave money!!!

A presidential election is fine and dandy and all of that....

Lindsey Graham Advocates Killing the 1st Amendment 4/3/11(VIDEO)

McDonald's takes aim at "McJob" with U.S. hiring spree

9/11 co-conspirators referred for military trial: Holder

"Have Your Dad Screen Your Wardrobe"

DOUBLE-HANKIE VIDEO from MSNBC: "Dog found after tsunami reunited with owner"

Americans United Condemns Supreme Court Ruling Dismissing Challenge To State Aid To Arizona Religiou

Obama wants to raise between $750m-$1 Billion for reelection.

Caving in to the Mob

The King Family sings 'We Shall Overcome' after laying a wreath at Dr. King Jr.'s crypt - pics

Florida Bill Will Force Women to Look at Their [Redacted]

350 at pro-mural rally tell LePage to 'put it back' - w/pics

Wacko fundy screams "this is evil", tries to destroy painting of women with breasts showing

'Union Strong, Union Proud' Rally in Cleveland - pics

Nuns challenge Goldman Sachs over pay

Dog rescued from tsunami debris reunited with owner

Grade Obama's Presidency

Missouri deputy quits after killing pet Chihuahua

Who needs education and to follow the law when your father is a Tea Partier?

Wages Fail to Keep Up With Inflation: And the employers think this is just wonderful.

Tweety's back - leading off with Zealots at home

HIGH RESOLUTION IMAGES inside the Fukushima complex (Pics)

Gulf oil rig owner apologizes for calling 2010 'best year' ever (CNN)

@ Anyone who thinks Obama has not earned your vote, or is doing a bad job...

The Dirty Thirty: The Tea Party War on America – April 2011 Edition

Now that President Obama has Declared his Candidacy

How much do you think it costs to go up against the right wing media machine?

Former Planned Parenthood supporter Mitt Romney now seeks to defund the organization

Ballpark Angel is Memorial to Christina-Taylor Green, Killed in Arizona Shooting

Afghan policeman kills 2 U.S. soldiers

It's a plutocracy, stupid

Should Gitmo be closed now?

New diets for cows, sheep could cut emissions

R.I. Pol: Kids Get “Sexed-Up” at GSA

Troops open fire and klll 15 Yemeni protesters: Excuse the strong language, I find that appalling

Gay Man Comes Home After 6 Months in Saudi Jail

U.S. Job Rebound Misses Those Looking Longest

Karzai’s role in Koran burning protests again reveals divide with U.S.

Now that Campaign 2012 has begun, here are some of the rules

The EU's role in global governance

Caught: Fake Organic Certificates from China

Ah, now it's "perpetual War" in Wisconsin

Massive McJob Creation: McDonald's to Hire 50,000 People In One Day

Repukes to cut $4 Trill by cutting Medicare and Medicaid

Former NJ Congressman John Adler dead at 51(!)

One reason the vouchers that the republicans want to shove

ok, so HERE's the problem....

Fight for Abidjan Enters Fifth Day as Ivory Coast Food Supplies Run Short

Huckabee destroyed government hard drives before leaving office (How Watergate-y of him)

"This Will Entrench The Very Problems In Counterterrorism Policy Obama Declared He Wanted To Change"

"No boots on the Ground"

Radiation in Japan Seas: Risk of Animal Death, Mutation?

Brought to you by the Truth In News Reporting dept.

Libya seems to have become old news, even though the US continues airstrikes,

Inexperienced college drop-out son of lobbyist snags $81,500-a-year job from Scott Walker

Minnesota Senate OKs cutting 15 percent of state workforce

TN bill would let God into science classrooms

Court Dismisses (Verizon's) Net Neutrality Lawsuits

Holder: 9/11 suspects to face military tribunals

Gov. Walker & Jerry Deschane (the 81 K per year kid's dad)

Judge rules 3 percent wage hit for teachers' retirement health care is unlawful

If Taiwan is Concerned About Radiation This Week, Tokyo and Korea Should be Worried:

One billion dollars is $14.40 per popular vote.

Brace yourself: Windows 8 is coming soon

Oregon Police Take Away Medical Marijuana Patient's Gun Permit(video)

TX state budget cuts: autism funds, school background checks, daycare monitoring

Another example of how the health care bill is helping regular folks

Top 100 Public Government Salaries in Tennessee

We may be experiencing gas shortages, without realizing it.

The Bush taxcuts are permanent.

"he would be very concerned that some Americans have chosen to focus on dismantling workers' rights"

Government gridlock angers Americans (VIDEO)

Government gridlock angers Americans (VIDEO)

Torches and Pitchforks

Florida DUers please post some of those lovely protest pics

Why republicans like the idea of "Medicare Vouchers"

What Oil Spill? Transocean Hands Out Bonuses for Best Safety Year Ever

American Exceptionalism

Voting for Health Care Reform Was Very Bad for Democrats’ Electoral Health - FDL

Workers Are Consumers: When a "Recovery" Isn't

Ohio Inc.

E-cigs: GreenSmoke

Chamber of Commerce Lies, Crappy Jobs and The American Dream

Chamber of Commerce Lies, Crappy Jobs and The American Dream

Multitude of Species Face Climate Threat

Gitmo! Yeah! Try 'em and Fry 'em! Hell Yeah! GIT-mo!!! +111

The future of laptops...

Tsunami Dog Rescued After 3 Weeks At Sea Reunited With Owner (VIDEO)

Federal judge (Jimmie Reyna) confirmed today, BUT

Why would you want more radiation than you need to have?

If Obama Wins A Second Term... And One GOP Operative Thinks He Can...

'Hope' and 'Change' Meet Reality: President Obama's Reelection Roadmap

Budget Deal Would Give Pentagon Extra Funds In Exchange For Social Program Cuts

The story about John Boehner is fake.

Anthony Weiner on Lawrence O'Donnell: Tea Partiers are nihilists about federal budget.

Obama sent out a letter to his supporters today, this is the fixed version of that letter

Poll: Education level and support for Obama?

Conservative Bomb Thrower Has a Bomb Explode in His Lap

My number one and two reasons for supporting Obama '12

My number one and two reasons for supporting Obama '12

Man charged with theft for demanding $100 finders fee for lost wedding ring

Man charged with theft for demanding $100 finders fee for lost wedding ring

"The Kennedys" now premier on Reelz, channel 299.

Gov. Rick Scott's proposed budget will cut $4.5 million from Crime Stoppers

Bank repossesses NBA millionaire's home

Poetic justice for Terry Jones

Arizona Medicaid Obese Fee?

Jimmy Carter and Fukushima

why does the DOD need a fairy on a toad's back, anyway?

Why don't Democrats buy a spine and tell the ReTHUGS

Walker Administration Questioned About Hiring

"Obama is not my kind of Dem" rhetoric has really picked up a notch.

Do boycotts really work? Who do they hurt the most?

The Right Wing attack on the middle class: cheap vacations must end!

George Monbiot: Why Fukushima made me stop worrying and love nuclear power

Dr. Cornel West:"Obama becoming puppet of Wall St Oligarchs"(VIDEO) Great interview!

Libya war a showcase for new weapons

Dear Skinner, EarlG and Elad

Don't Jump to Conclusions About Nuclear Reactors

'Barefoot Contessa' Ina Garten getting bad press for snubbing 6 year old Make a Wish kid

Imminent OCC Enforcement Order on Banks Barely a Slap on the Wrist for Foreclosure Fraud - FDL

Mont., Conn. Govs Want Public Option; Texas Gov. Perry Opposes Health Insurance Exchange

TEPCO putting radioactive water in the sea

At Chernobyl, A Warning For Japan - WaPO

In Libya, the West showcases new weapons for sale: Potential buyers see European/US jets in action

Rachel on the South West Emergency Landing

State Roundup: Budget Cuts In Texas, Wash. State; Ariz. Smoking, Weight Fees; Coping With Rx

I am watching the Kennedy miniseries

I miss the good ol' days of G.W.Bush

I blink in wonder and poof! Too fast for me.

Atheists need their own private school

Walker gives lobbyist's college dropout son an $81,000-a-year job

TEPCO plans to dump 11,500 tons of radioactive water

If UN forces are already in Ivory Coast, why didn't they intervene in the massacre at Doukoue?

Romney Defends Mass. Health Law But Says It Doesn't Diminish His Opposition To Federal Law

Court Rejects Suit on Network Neutrality Rules

Oh, yay. In deal with US regulators, BP to restart deepwater drilling in Gulf

Jobs, jobs, jobs, jobs, jobs, jobs, jobs, jobs, jobs, jobs, jobs, jobs

Are we still allowed to ask questions in the Ask the Administrator forum?

Let's Roll!

Leader Of Koch Front Group, A Former Walker Intern, Behind Ads Supporting David Prosser

Protesters blast Gov. Corbett’s school cuts

What age are we happiest?

Was there just an earthquake in NYC?

If Faux news existed throughout history

If Faux news existed throughout history

Wildlife enthusiast, check in if you know how to set up a cam to capture nocturnal wildlife.

Oregon Supreme Court urged to block warrantless cell phone searches

Book-burnings, by their very nature, are authoritarian and anti-libertarian.

Cha-CHING! Gov. Chris Christie Puts His Personal Chiropractor On State Licensing Board

How the government (purhaps republicans) will put what we say and how we vote under complete control

Texas Lawmakers creat a "Death Panel" for HIV Patients - editorial article: Franglo-American Attack on Libya Prepared Months in Advance

In 2004, Bush used 'You don't change leaders mid-war' to justify another term.

Great - now the House GOP embraces Ryan's economic plans - including a complete phaseout of Medicare

Texas House passes bill dictating colleges promote heterosexuality

Cowardly, Stupid, and Tragically Wrong

I Fully Expect That I'll Probably Check The Box For Barack Obama In 2012, Maybe...

Everything you see and hear on TV is faked (national collegiate b-ball championship)

Prop 8 plaintiffs targeted with antigay voice mails

Prop 8 plaintiffs targeted with antigay voice mails

Self-deleted by member

I need physicists in here to help explain exposure to radionuclides.

If Franklin Delano Roosevelt were alive today, would he visit the protesters in Wisconsin?

The GOP and Charlie Sheen are WINNERS

Basketball game, football score.

Basketball game, football score.

Group organizes "to expose the intimidation, aggression, and violence coming from the left

Nasty wall of storms moving into Alabama/Georgia for the rest of the night.

Holder blasts Congress for politicizing KSM trial

Increasing risk of Perfect Storm on Internet

Thank You Rachel... I Couldn't Agree More !!!

Its great Obama has a lot of rich people to give him money

I think Obama is much like Bush in aome allegorical ways.

oy,vey. I'm sticking to non-election topics. Disregard my previous post.

My friend's awesome protest sign for today in Wisconsin

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Brad Friedman subs for Mike!

North Texas hospitals blast Medicaid cuts

PC Mag - "Corporate Sock Puppets" - Featuring Whole Foods' RW CEO

I'm enjoying checking out recall the republicans .com

Looking back at gas prices

$5,000 PER DAY offered to work in the Fukushima Nuclear plant

Budget Deal Would Give DOD Extra Funds In Exchange For Cuts To Social Programs

2,000 Protesters March On Koch Industries’ D.C. Office

Hidden in the Kasich (Ohio) Budget: Massive Privatization Power Grab

REPORT: Everything You Need To Know About The Koch Brothers

Just was reminded teabaggers don't like that name. How about the Tea Potty Pahty?

2,000 Protesters March On Koch Industries’ D.C. Office

Exhibit #20,957,923,457 of "why black-and-white thinking pisses me off".

Florida Center for Investigative Reporting: The Political Lessons of Rick Scott

Budget Battle Royale! - byTom Tomorrow

What do you read to keep up on politics? I read the local liberal paper, a right wing one (to keep

Arrgh!!! CNN, NPR, Etc., Giving Free Airplay To GOP Attack Ads!?!?! Already?

No matter how bad the Right screws up, it will be President Obama's fault

The US Now Has Boots on the Ground...In Haiti?

Anyone here for WI have any thoughts on how the election on

Is the only reason that grand ol pervs always leave tax cuts to the rich out of the pic when talking

A Shoutout to kpete

If Obama closes Guantanamo Bay TODAY. He can have my vote TOMMORROW.

How did Abe Lincoln die and other ridiculous questions

SCOTUS trims wall of separation, Kagan sides with liberal bloc

Feds Seeking $7M Worth Of Privately-Minted 'Liberty Dollars'


Yay! Budget deal would give DOD extra funds in exchange for cuts to social programs!!

House GOP prepare shutdown plan

My husband tells me that if you move to bellville kansas, you can have

DEATH PANELS...remember this shit? they tried blaming the DEMs with this shit

DEATH PANELS...remember this shit? they tried blaming the DEMs with this shit

Terry Jones may put Mohammed on trial for his next act

Shootings kill one, wound seven (I have a funeral to go to)

What is a progressive?

About those fractures in the repub party: Sununu: America's founders would be worried by Palin, Tru

Howdy all my DU sisters and brothers

My Great Grandfather was SOLD into the Sweat shops of New York - 1848

Status of the VT healthcare Bill at this moment: It has already passed the senate and the House.

If this CNN quick poll is any indication, there is peril in

Floridians Are Maybe Starting To Understand Their Governor Is A Grifter

Floridians Are Maybe Starting To Understand Their Governor Is A Grifter

Heads Up Korea and Japan. Fukushima Radiation Heading Your Way:

Upset over the "loss of unity" at DU? Gosh, gee, wow, hand wringing, etc...


GOP $4 Trillion Budget Cut Plan: DOA

not everyday, but some days i feel like this....

Lindsey Graham: Give Libyan rebels U.S.-built, tube-launched, optically-tracked guided missiles

You have one hour to critique this before I post it elsewhere

Sick of corporate freeloaders? Check this out and send a message.

Water off a penguin's back: Bald bird able to fit in after getting her own special wetsuit - w/pics

For anyone that knows or loves someone with developmental disabilities... please watch...

For anyone that knows or loves someone with developmental disabilities... please watch...

Is "or else" really going to get Obama re-elected?

So elected Dems are going to roll over on Medicare?

So elected Dems are going to roll over on Medicare?

Recalling GOP Senators Not Enough to Set New Course for Wisconsin

Recalling GOP Senators Not Enough to Set New Course for Wisconsin

Look At This-- Even Wisconsin's State Seal BACKS WORKERS!

Ivory Coast: French forces take over Abidjan airport

Ivory Coast: French forces take over Abidjan airport

Made my jaw drop.

Toddler raped but her attackers shouldn't be punished

If only we had a Democratic fighter like Weiner as president!

Breaking: Supreme Court Overturns Brown v. Board (not kidding)

An awshucks cute rescued bear cub and stunning wildlife photos from London parks.

Coal ash is NOT more radioactive than nuclear waste - fyi

Rainbow Bridge

Thom Hartmann Appreciation Thread

Democrats take control of another US Circuit Court with Reyna confirmation

Getting New Roof Today - No Koch Industries Plywood

The media gives Terry Jones and the Westboro Baptist Church their power.

Trump: If We Don’t Take Iraq’s Oil, U.S. Soldiers ‘Would Have Died In Vain'

OpEd News: Bob Fitrakis on Ohio Republicans' New Jim Crow Voter ID law that Disenfranchises 900,000

The Fabulous Fourteen (WI) are on Time's 100 Poll - VOTE!

Chris Hedges: This Is What Resistance Looks Like (Civil Disobedience is all we have left)

GOP MN state legislator claims "no communication" with other states in article mentioning ALEC

In the New Class War...ABC drops the first Propaganda Bomb for the Wealthy

Oklahoma Pastor Arrested, Accused of 70 Sex Assault Charges

We Are One Solidarity Rally in KC - pictures

We Are One Solidarity Rally in KC - pictures

For or against Obama, let's acknowledge a few things

Interesting rumor going around at work lately . . .

Speaker of the House John Boehner claims that the “poor and lazy” caused the current economic crisis

It's completely possible for free speech and hate speech laws to coexist. I'll prove it.

$81,500/yr Walker appointee has little experience, two DUIs, lobbyist father

$!?$@!?! Anthem Blue Cross just raised my HC premium by 38%.

I'm sorry--electioneering and asking for billions of dollars to keep your job in this economy makes

Robert Reich: Why We Must Raise Taxes On The Rich

Conservative: Rebecca Black song "a welcome relief from the relentless sexualization of chidlhood"

I Fully Support the Re-election of Barack Obama in 2012.

Wall Street executive dies after falling from New York apartment

DOJ has decided against civilian trials for 9/11 suspects.

The New Obama 2012 website: Not ready for prime time.

I'll criticize Obama when needed, but goddamn it he's still my president!

When will we ever learn? Americans don't believe in History.

Prediction? the pump.

We aren't going to get real change in this country

Krugman- Suckers!

Libyan Revolution Day 47 (Brega turnover for a 3rd time)

Robert Reich: All the President has to do is connect the dots

Guardian UK: Workers' rights are under threat across the world

I'm really depressed

How do I petition the FCC? Our local PBS station is being sold to a religious broadcaster!

Huckabee destroyed government hard drives before leaving office

Bernanke, Summers, Paulson, Gramm, Cassano, Sullivan, Greenspan, Geithner, Fuld, Sparks, Viniar, ..

Bernanke, Summers, Paulson, Gramm, Cassano, Sullivan, Greenspan, Geithner, Fuld, Sparks, Viniar, ..

The corporate Republicans and the media are formidable enemies ..

Tonight I came face to face with pure, unadulterated EVIL: KKKarl Rove

Govt did not reveal high level radiation estimate

Govt did not reveal high level radiation estimate

UN may declare Palestine its own sovereign state

Would you fear for your life if you burned a Bible?

Why I completely support re-election of Obama... and EVERY DEMOCRAT running in 2012

Obama "admits defeat": NO Gitmo suspects will be tried in civilian courts

Ohio SB 5's "stealth death notice to public college teachers unions" -- faculty now "management"

“Safe” Radiation Is a Lethal TMI Lie.Says,David Wasserman.There is no safe dose of radiation

For every person killed by nuclear power generation, 4,000 die due to coal

Clarence Thomas writes one of the meanest Supreme Court decisions ever.

Is April 5th REALLY a special day?

On February 4, 1968 Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

1967 - The Summer of Love

JRR Tolkien about the role of Tom Bombadil in Lord of the Rings (yes this is GD material).

JRR Tolkien about the role of Tom Bombadil in Lord of the Rings (yes this is GD material).

For Django, and for my DU friends who love animals

Proof That Texas Is In Real Trouble

We are One Rally Denver Colorado.......... Pics!

I said it before. I'll say it again. Revolution in our lifetime!

I said it before. I'll say it again. Revolution in our lifetime!

In a Clubby World of San Francisco Mothers, Men Needn’t Apply

Tomorrow in Madison we get to vote against Corporate Personhood.

Tomorrow in Madison we get to vote against Corporate Personhood.

NYT: How Slavery Really Ended in America

Cornel West: As Obama becomes ‘a puppet,’ America in the midst of a ‘radical democratic awakening’

TOONS: Donald Trump, Birther & Berserker ------->

Woman Attacks Topless Gauguin Painting

Why don't they just eliminate the middleman?

More fun with dung:

A dramatic depiction of the first time MiddleFingerMom did... um... uh... something.

The recent Budweiser ad campaign is begging for parody

Ex-squee-ze me...

Shameless promotion of my whip (Warning graphic image)...

Grizzly Bear: Another great band for your enjoyment.

Even warthogs like bling.

Love the new Volkswagen commerical

Why are they called "doughnuts" when they're not shaped like nuts?

Can anyone tell me the font being used in the Democratic party logo now?

Movie question...Natalie Portman's new flick...not the ballet one, the medieval one..

Dear HBO, why are you showing the "Throne of Kings" right now when

Wow! it's really windy at the Eagles nest today...

Mathematicians attack students after burning textbooks.

Photo: ONLY the kiss of a princess will save you from the wrath of blocking this guy's trailer.

Apologies within a relationship:

The new Wonder Woman costume -- due to low stocks, we have to settle for their 2nd... no, 3rd choice

Requested thoughts/prayers

This is not a sex thread!

Oh my.......


Left brain/Right brain illustrated:

This IS a sexual thread.

All children should be on leashes at all times.

Don't let them say otherwise - this is what children of the late 70's see & hear during a full moon:

easier to be a gracious

Bertha's windshield is cracked.

This is not a Lex thread.

can you sew or weave with sex threads?

Curtis Lowe was the finest picker to ever play the blues

So who here watches My Little Ponies?

Watching the movie Absolute Power

PHOTO: Ronnie Wood sets aside his guitar to focus exclusively on his pick

I saw/heard something awful today

BBQ with the Stormtrooper family:

Hootie's rear view is cracked.

It's not a good morning.

The Greatest Serrano Photo That Never Was

I just ordered a new ass online.

MiddleFingerMom is a lonely... LONELY man.

MiddleFingerMom is a lonely... LONELY man.

For all you Yalies out there: "Why I Chose Yale" the musical. Cameo of Brian Williams.

The joys of spring......

I wonder how long before the "Shocking Meat Video" ad goes away.

"Your uniforms don't fit, 'We' ... We forget the place we're in ...Cause we love you, we love you"

"When I look into your eyes, your love is there for me ... And the more I go inside...

"Open up your heart and let your feelings flow ... You're not unlucky knowing me...

Behar *only* loves BahBwah WAHwah and Larry KING.

'Andguns?!?!?!?!? We don' need no stinking 'andguns!!!!!

If cat lovers tried to take over, I would form an alliance with the dog lovers against them.

It's April.......and I miss her greatly

To be perfectly clear, when MFM tells you to "Stay away from drugs", he means OTHER people's drugs.

Cats will let you know when you're conserving WAY too much damn energy.

I just love this cool front that blew in today, yesterday shorts tonight sweat pants.

Kinda uplifting song....You Are Loved..Don't Give Up..Josh Groban

There is nothing worse than a bored zombie. ... ... except a bored, WHINY zombie.

Alice In Chains - Would?

College Basketball ends tonight. All I got to say is bye-bye

MiddleFingerMom's posts. Entertaining? Sure. Informative? You bet. Rules to live by? Hell yes.

"Play that Concertina, I'll be your temptress... and baby I'm defenseless... singin' harmony..."

Any other Loungers hooked on Minecraft?

You say "Potato"... and I say... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... "is murder."

NCAA Tournament Championship Game Thread

ZORRO. Courageous defender of the downtrodden or simply a smartass who liked slicing things up?

Not many know that Waldo is an existentialist.

This is so wrong, talk about price gouging

some VERY twisted early Jim Henson pre muppet tv ads

I am now, uh... Tex-Mex fed.

Welcome to Professor Vespucci's History 101. WHAT did George Washington throw across the Potomac?

Funniest Faux News fails (I think I wet myself from laughing so hard)

Teach your children well about the dangers of crack.

It's xchrom's birthday!

Seriously, only I would find a way to get a papercut on my nose

question on the forums--


Post a Shocking Meat song

Ramen is square, Bowls are round

"Shocking meat" is the phrase for this evening. Modify a thread title to include "shocking meat".

"Facebook is a Clocksucker" by Elayne Boosler

Name a movie that breaks a common cliche (spoilers ok)

I really need advice. Does anyone know of any car insurance


Check in here if you were a fan of "The Joys of Painting" and Bob Ross

Photo - Great White Shark lurks while kids play on beach

The 25 Worst Tech Products of All Time (CONFESS!!!! Which did you own?)

Listen to me on your iPod!

How many here have a DVR, I love mine.

All time best baseball movie?

Opponents of (Ohio)SB 5 fill Kasich's email inbox

Transocean Execs Get Bonuses For 'Best Year In Safety,' Despite Gulf Disaster

Obama Rule Review Leaves Some Nervous, Skeptical

UN says 400 African migrants (who were evacuating Libya) feared drowned in Mediterranean

Libya releases Al Jazeera journalist

U.S. to investigate tour bus industry following New York crash

Cold War restriction ties up US-Russia trade

Lawsuit: Massey employees ignored seven injured miners

Troops fire on Yemen protest

Attempt To Pour Concrete On Fukushima Crack Generating 1 Sievert/Hour Fails-New Unmanned Drone Pics

Troops fire on Yemen protest, killing 6, as US, Europe try to negotiate president’s removal

Biden: Schools must prevent sexual violence

Trump: If We Don’t Take Iraq’s Oil, U.S. Soldiers ‘Would Have Died In Vain'

Ivory Coast: French forces take over Abidjan airport

Liberals lay out $8B 'families' platform (called "The Liberal Family Pack")

Thom Hartmann: Must see The TRUE story of the Tea Party

Libya Government authorises DEATH PENALTY for those found profiteering

More (British) Tornadoes For Libya No-Fly Zone

AP source: Couric leaving news anchor post

US to announce program to repair aging pipelines

The next Rwanda? ‘In all districts of Abidjan there is gunfire’

Bill would rearrange Maine’s Legislature, eliminating the House

Gaddafi ceasefire proposal rejected by Italy after contact through Greece

Iranians, Israelis join forces in Japan

Is there a name for this object? (see pic)

Ryan’s Budget Would Cut Medicare, Medicaid and Trim $4 Trillion

Source: Patrick to nominate first openly gay justice to Mass. high court

Italy Recognises Libyan Rebel Council

14-year-old unrepentant after Pakistan bombing

Uribe govt bargained with drug traffickers: Mancuso

'US firmly opposed to PA seeking UN statehood declaration'

.Peace community claims govt ignores threats

Ned McWherter, former TN governor and House speaker, dies

U.N. plane crashes in Congo, at least 20 dead

U.S. says no deal with BP as it seeks to drill again

Psychologist behind Gitmo interrogations faces ethics complaint

Schumer To Boehner: Posture All You Want -- We Got You

Ivory Coast: U.N. helicopters fire on Gbagbo army camp - witnesses

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Monday, April 4, 2011

Man, 92, honored for bravery in 1954 civil rights case

‘Sweet Micky’ Martelly reportedly wins Haiti election

(G20 protester killed by cops) Ian Tomlinson inquest hears police officer 'feared for his life'

Goodell Wants HGH Tests in Next NFL Labor Deal

Hiring to jump as state (MI) adds jobs at 10 times expected rate

Paramilitaries controlled 10% Colombia's land: WikiLeaks

Speedy Trials Sought in Texas Rape Case

Nortel, Google in $900 million patent deal

U.S. Shifts to Seek Removal of Yemen’s Leader, an Ally

Reid: GOP leadership cowered by Tea Party

Toyota Will Shut Down All Of Its North American Factories Due To Shortages In Japan

Libya chaos 'allows al-Qaida to grab surface-to-air missiles'

September 11 suspect to be tried at Guantanamo Bay

W.H. vows to protect net neutrality

High Court Rejects Challenge To Ariz. Tax Break

Whole Foods Market scouting for space in Detroit's Midtown district

Cops investigating pig's foot sent to Rep. Peter King's office

Gulf oil rig owner apologizes for calling 2010 'best year' ever

National Association of Charter School Authorizers to run DPS charter school conversion

Chairman of University of Michigan's faculty senate calls FOIA request 'harassing'

Evacuees returning for pets

US Labor Dept. Wants Maine To Reimburse Gov't For Taking Down Mural Honoring Workers

Judge strikes down law forcing (MI) teachers to pay 3 percent for health care

U.S. President Barack Obama Opens 2012 Re-Election Campaign with Website Announcement

Lesbian Judge Chosen for Top Massachusetts Court

Supreme Court reinstates death penalty for California killer

Former Congressman Adler dies at 51

US ‘deeply concerned’ over rising trend of detentions in China

17 Democratic Governors Launch Preemptive Strike Against Paul Ryan's Medicaid Proposal

Supreme Court Allows Tax Credit for Religious Tuition

US pulls out warplanes from Libya: Pentagon

Oil Rises Above $108 A Barrel, Gas Pump Prices Up

I broke my diet today in order to have a hot cocoa. How much weight will I gain?

Trial begins for 'violent' MS-13 gang members

Govt did not reveal high level radiation estimate

I just ordered a new bass online.

Man gets prison for NY self-help speaker's death

McDonald's wants to fill 50,000 jobs on hiring day

350 rally for collective bargaining (Omaha Steve Included)

Five New Alzheimer’s Genes Double Total in New Push for Cure

(Va. Gov.) McDonnell weighs proposal that would allow gays to adopt

No more saggy pants for Arkansas school children

Japan to release radioactive water into the sea

Obama push to double conservation spending draws critics

Thank you for checking in w/ me Mr. President

Obama Makes 2012 Re-Election Bid Official (Launches "It Begins With Us" VIDEO)

Republicans: Let's Privatize Medicare!-Fun little tidbit in the Republican Budget roll out today

Here's a deal...

"It Is the Projected Growth of Private Sector Health Care Costs That Is Unsustainable, Not Medicare"

E. J. Dionne: The End of Progressive Government?

GOPers rule with Hate, Division, and Arrogance...SELFISH TO THE BONE

How hard it is to be a "Liberal"

Ezra Klein: How to Look at Medicare Reform

House resolution condemning denigration of religious items? Good for relations with Islam.

Over the past year I bookmarked several posts declaring that Obama would not run in 2012

What to do with Pastor Jones??? . . . Nothing. . . . Including no protection.

Obama Praised, Pummeled on Gitmo and KSM

Ron Brownstein, on MSNBC, just said...

Hostage Drama

McDonald's will hold hiring day April 19 to fill 50,000 jobs

Kerry calls for Depression era public works program, calls some Rep cuts "unjust,, immoral

To top it off, a lot of the billion dollars will go to union print shops!

The Hill: 41 Senators Vow to Opppose Planned Parenthood Rider

So Obama is hoping to raise $1 billion for his re-election bid? Anyone else find this disturbing?

So Obama is hoping to raise $1 billion for his re-election bid? Anyone else find this disturbing?

Has anyone been watching Rachael Maddow tonite? What do you think?

Disgraced Ex-Tea Party Leader Promises To 'Infiltrate And Sabotage' Obama 2012

I see an Obama 2012 ad on DU and I LOVE IT!

Clarifying: Winning Back the House

House gop Trying To Slash Medicaid By About $1Trillion-Guess Who Will Suffer?

Time: Obama Averted Disasters, But Getting Credit is the Hard Part

Obama's brilliant KSM move

Political Wire: Huckabee's Gubernatorial Records Missing

Fox signals shutdown!

TPM - Pathetic (dem saying that Ryan is courageous)

Which Side Are You On?

I fully support the election of a President who'll fight for working Americans

Death Row Inmate Seeks Reprieve Over Drug Method

W.H. vows to protect net neutrality - Threatens veto of GOP effort to overturn FCC rules

Robert Kuttner -- The speech Obama should make to change the tone

Ed Shultz and his side kick bashing Obama on his reelection pitch

By what date will Obama see a primary challenger from the left?

How do we get our hands on the billionaires' payouts?

Krugman: The Truth, Still Inconvenient

Obama will win regardless of the rantings of the fringe.

Obama/Biden 2012: I AM IN (wndycty) K&R if you are in too!

Do you ever look at Bill Clinton (who I worship) and want Obama to be more like him?

The Republican agenda "appears to have been pulled from a Dickens novel"

Here is an idea. Rather than a primary for Obama, push him to the left by winning back the HOUSE

Of course he'll win. Is that really the point?

2012 Is Going to be Very Difficult for Some of Us

Nightingale Island Oil Spill

New Satellite Television Channel Starts Broadcasting For A "Free Libya"

Turkey Sails In To Evacuate Wounded Libyans From Misurata, Revolutionaries In Benghazi Welcome Them

Qatar Airlifts Seriously Injured Libyans

Crying For America - Kory Shore

S02E09 - Overturning EPA

Mad as Hell in America with Adam Klugman-Wal-Mart

Thom Hartmann: Are some America CEOs traitors?

Libyan wounded describe "hell" of Misrata (Gaddafi using tanks & snipers to carry out a "massacre")

TDPS: Fox News' Bill Sammon Admits Obama Socialism Link Was a Lie - TRANSCRIPT

Young Turks: Couple Faces 5 Years In Jail For Medical Marijuana

President Barack Obama's First Ad of 2012

Thom Hartmann: Conversation with Great Minds - Jeremy Scahill, Part 1

Obama Still Smokin': A Modern U.S. President

Obama Loses Nobel Peace Prize!

Wow! Female Teachers In Niqabs Protest Outside The Civil Service Ministry In Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Our Very Nuclear Planet...from a Rachel Maddow blog

Thom Hartmann: Conversation with Great Minds - Jeremy Scahill, Part 2

Next Stop Syria? 'Intervention on cards after Libya precedent'

Sweden slammed for jets over Libya as 'neutral' becomes 'NATO'

60Minutes: The next housing shock

We Are One Interfaith Worker

David Mitchell deals with Climate Change

Tell Congress to Help Create Jobs Not Cut Them

Search for Japan Radiation Leak Turns Desperate

Former CIA Analyst Tells Truth About Libya ("Theatre") Intervention On CNN, Hilarity Ensues

Apologies Over Libya, $1 Billion Re-Elections, and Epic Weirdness!

Mika on Morning Joe has a Giggle Fest Over Cheney Video

TYT University: Pell Grants = Welfare (According To Republican Rep.)

Young Turks: Koran Burning Murders - Christian Right & Radical Muslims

The Maine Labor Mural Projection Bombing On The Capital

Sam Seder on Alan Greenspan's Financial Times OpEd

The GOP Budget Bill Will Kill 70,000 Children Around the World

Republicans in Maine Want to Loosen Child Labor Laws

Majority Report w/ Sam Seder is LIVE @

Dr. Cornel West: "Obama becoming puppet of Wall St Oligarchs"

Ari Berman: Why Progressives Worry About Jim Messina, New Campaign Manager for 2012 Obama Campaign

Barack Obama 2012 Campaign Launch Video - 'It Begins With Us'

Drumbeat from the weekend and today...

OPEC oil output slips lower, Saudi Arabia misses target

Peak oil review - April 4

The Electric Rolls-Royce

U.S. emphatic: no deal to let BP resume drilling

Blowing Green Smoke

Libya and Japan to bring additional $3.5 billion of revenue to Gazprom

Privatization of Canada's electrical grid accelerating

History: One of the world's iconic pollution cases: Minamata

Rep. Graves (R-GA) calls GOP’s billions in oil subsidies “market manipulation,”

Oh Well, What's a Poor Canadian Corporation to Do?

Independent UK: Study reveals how bees reject 'toxic' pesticides

How much damage could 250 million tons of CO2 really do anyway?

Critics' review unexpectedly supports scientific consensus on global warming

A perfect example of why not trusting the nuclear industry is wise.

Merkel's nuclear shutdown lands in court

German nuclear U-turn means jump in emissions

Mercury in new light bulbs not being recycled, escaping to environment

The Week's Best Late-Night Jokes

Centrica Begins Construction on $1.2 Billion Wind Farm in U.K.'s Northeast

Intellectual Prostitution and the Myth of Objectivity

America’s Billion-Dollar-a-Year Men

Mayor Explains City's 'F for Freedom' ALA Tobacco Grade

E.J. Dionne: The End of Progressive Government?

Blowing Green Smoke (James Howard Kunstler)

Cutting Out the Middleman - Republicans have hired scores of former lobbyists to write laws.

Darrell Issa, secured Nearly $1 Million In Earmarks Potentially Benefiting Real Estate he owns

The Truth, Still Inconvenient - Krugman

The Truth About Climate Change, Still Inconvenient

The end of progressive government?

Prostate Screening no Benefit...BBC

When Pigs Rule

WI Gov. Walker hire's GOP donor's "ridiculously unqualified" son for State job

Ross Douthat on The GOP's "Empty Stage"

Maine Gov. LePage losing the support of some GOP Senators

Obama's re-election: 6 obstacles he must overcome

Obama wants more than a "good one term" - Globe and Mail

The quants and the poets

Chris Hedges: This Is What Resistance Looks Like

23 Things They Don't Tell You About Capitalism

Dr.Martin Luther King Jr. Supports Memphis Workers

What the crowing about the consequences of shutting down Germany's nukes misses

Many Ill. residents obtain out-of-state concealed-carry permits.

Idaho RadioShack owner follows Montana store with gun promotion with satellite service

Question- Is this a good way to hold a rifle?

Need some help with a gun control question

"Bring your gun to work movement" picks up support

My Years With Guns - HBO Documentary Gun Fight

FL Gun Owners with Concealed Weapons Permits Explain Their Choices

Mass gun confiscations HAVE occurred in the US....Why Gun Registration is a complete NO GO

Up in Smoke: Can Medical Marijuana Users Pack Heat? (Carry guns?)

Ecuador anticipates "drastic measures" for Pdvsa's failure

Honduras: the Human Rights Emergency Continues (COFADEH)

Venezuela: Gay Rights group reports discrimination to the United Nations

Jailed 'kingpin' Walid Makled implicates Chavez government

Honduras: US blames protesters as repression mounts

.Peace community claims govt ignores threats

Paramilitaries controlled 10% Colombia's land: WikiLeaks

Uribe govt bargained with drug traffickers: Mancuso

Oh Well, What's a Poor Canadian Corporation to Do?

Free Spirit donates books to homeless LGBT kids

ESPN OTL: Transgender Athlete

New bio reveals Malcolm X had a male lover

Our community lost an incredible ally today.

Join TEEI for Trans Empowerment Month in April!

Brothers and Sisters starts with episode 1

MrCoffee's Top 5 MLS Goals - Week 3

These guys really are goofy looking >>

Bonds trial testimony postponed

Talk about Irony! Bonds' Doctor Perjures Himself at Bonds' Perjury Trial!!

"Rice Owls, we didn't make it to the Final Four, but neither did Texas!


Fishwax has a NCAA Chapionship thread over at the Lounge.

Texas A&M & Notre Dame to play in Final (Women's Basketball)

Butler's luck, Kentucky's ( Billy Clyde Gillispie ) loss

Big East

UConn. Congrats.

Gloat Free Baseball Scores (Monday, April 4)

Congratulations Butler!

Shaka Smart agrees to eight-year deal to stay at VCU

Britney Spears Touched By His Noodly Appendage

If you cherry-pick from Christ's teachings, are you still a Christian?

Religions as memes.

Wayne Rooney hates cameras

MI5 Believed Jewish Underground Wanted To Assassinate Churchill

Encountering Peace: Israelis vote yes

'US firmly opposed to PA seeking UN statehood declaration'

Argentina denies offering to 'forget' Iran's role in attacks against Jewish community

Richard Goldstone is a noble man

Israeli actor slain in Jenin refu­gee camp

Democracy Now: Goldstone Retracts Part of His Report on Israeli Assault on Gaza, Leaves Rest Intact