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Los Angeles: Budget crisis used to press attack against city workers

chernobyl's wake of horrors

Lohan is killing on the Tonight Show (NBC)

Bicycle sales triple as 3/11 haunts Tokyoites (JAPAN)

A very informative post ONLY for people who are following Palin stories

We.....really must put a stop to this shit

Japan thanks world for quake aid on CNN

Should treason be a crime?

Repub rank and file appear to have jumped off the deep end...

Latest Outrage!!! Obama Didn't Wish Us Happy Easter!!!

At 88, Donald Keene retires - will move to Japan, gain citizenship

Social Norms Beat Market Norms

Japan to approve plans for new super-train

Backtrack? Franklin Graham Tells Hannity That Trump Is "Not Right About The Birth Certificate"

Royal wedding sick bags sell-out

It's always School Reform Groundhog Day at Chicago's Orr School

Federal appeals court orders a new sentencing hearing for Mumia Abu-Jamal

Photo of the day (JAPAN)

Philadelphia School Reform Commission makes deals to benefit -- Head of School Reform Commission

Did Jim Crow laws, for example, deserve a defense in court?

Oh My! Sony PlayStation Network hacker took user info

Markos Moulitsas: Don’t listen to McCain

Radiation Readings in Fukushima Reactor Rise to Highest Since Crisis Began

Wisconsin (Sheboygan County) - Please, we need help with the recount!

The Energy Non-Crisis~(VIDEO)gas at the gas pump could be less than 1.50 a gal. STOP the LIES

PENISES: Cut, un-cut or intact?

UK's AUSTERITY PLAN not working as planned. Only 0.5 % Growth.

My critique of Obectivist philosophy.

The last Troubletown toon

The next global crash

Palin mocks Couric for using teleprompter in same interview Palin waves hand covered w/ crib notes

NYT editorial on "The Republican Threat to Voting" puts some of the blame on ALEC

re: the Ryan / Heritage Foundation fake charts

Rachel covers the right's attack on child labor laws and right to go to school.

Cost of Medicare Equivalent Insurance Skyrockets under Ryan Plan

Will Mitch Daniels Break His "Truce"?

Santorum: "It's the most important election since Abraham Lincoln..."

Echoes from a century ago,

Phoebe Snow Finds the Suburbs of the Soul: Rolling Stone's 1975 Cover Story

NATO Bombs Gadhafi Cribs (But Not to Kill Him, Honest)

The GOP's Jail Sell (privatizing prisons)

Will Vermont actually get single payer? This Vermonter has doubts

Things You Have To Believe To Be A Republican Today, No.4

Feds Drop Probe of NSA Wiretapping Whistle Blower

So where are the energy task force papers at?

Rachel (and guest) 'splain voter suppression efforts in Florida.

"A Speedboat to Crazytown"

"A Speedboat to Crazytown"

Toronto Star: NDP’s Jack Layton riding ‘seismic shift’ into second place, poll shows

Oprah Invites Hundreds Of Lucky Fans To Be Buried With Her In Massive Tomb


Michigan goes birther

dupe delete

Why indeed is Manning the one behind bars and not the government officials who LIED? (Robert Scheer)

Freedomworks, T-baggers rage against "government-corporate cronyism". Wait... what?

So...anyone interested in seeing the most discussed birth certificate in American History?

Brutal Attack On Food Deliveryman Caught On Tape In Morningside Heights

Bored-ass Jesus will see you now, By Mark Morford

Is college worth the debt?

Anyone old enough to remember when the dentist or x-ray tech stayed in the room with you?

You're a stupid fucking poopiehead. Your mother wore army boots.

OK, so Obama is about to formally introduce into the public consciousness a document...

Official the Birther is end of ERA

Obama: 1, Birthers: 0 EOM

GOP Town Halls: Reps Forced To Screen Questions, Duck Out Of Meetings In Secret (HuffPo)

Trump... i am really very proud of myself - on CNN

Trump... i am really very proud of myself - on CNN

C'mon President O, this was the day you needed to be EARLY...edit... he;s on

Trump Owes Us His Tax Returns. NOW!

Donald Trump, meet shark. Proceed and jump. Thank you and good riddance.

Nukes: You Can Never Turn Your Back

I want to see what Trump is hiding under his hair - NOW!

Is the font "correct?"

Tom the Dancing Bug: Descendant of ancient English tyrants to wed!

(FOX) Sarah Palin Tweets: "Obama must now apologize for wasting our time with this nonsense."

Will the long form satisfy the birthers? No, and to me that's the whole idea behind the release

Please heap scorn on Trump here

Is there a photocopy of the longer version of the birth certificate that the President just released

Want to Cut Federal Spending? Go Where the Money Is.

Thank You President Obama for pushing the royal wedding off my TV

White House, US media stonewall on Guantanamo. Obama admin criticizes Wikileaks instead.

5 minutes and we don't have 17 threads on the birth certificate?

Chemical Substance Spill Forces Evacuation of Port Tacoma

Meanwhile the weather

Dear Donald Trump: Either show us your tax returns or STFU and go away

Countdown is back!

New tweet from Sarah Palin (this is real):

Wuerker Toon- Syndromes

Wuerker Toon- Syndromes

A genie might have escaped a bottle recently. If true, I see it as a good thing.

A genie might have escaped a bottle recently. If true, I see it as a good thing.

The hypocrisy of Donald Trump.

"That font wasn't available in typewriters until 1964!!!"

GOP Town Halls: Reps Forced To Screen Questions, Duck Out Of Meetings In Secret

China-bashing Trump's clothing line made in China

Birth Certificate not enough for Freepers

Someone PLEASE Shut him the fuck up! n/t

Time To Buy Florida Tomatoes


Workers were evacuated from nuclear reactor in northeast Ohio last week when radiation levels rose

President LIVE, "being distracted by sideshows and carnival barkers"

Trump: My tax returns for Obama birth certificate

The President just nailed the birthers and Trump -- "Sideshows and carnival barkers"

donald trump is the gift that keeps on giving to the democratic party...

President Obama. Can you please now prove that the FEMA camps are real?

1492 Christopher Columbus sailed the ocean blue....

Trump said in the past that when Obama produced his Birth Certificate...

Thanks to the President, I truly believe the media will give up obsessing on the birther issue...

Donald Trump and CNN are tied at the hip. They are one of the main stations that tried to give

Whither racism, er, I mean birtherism, now?

Didn't Trump say yesterday that.....

hey trump, time to apologize to your President.

Hey Congress, Want $400 Billion in New Annual Revenue?

Whoah. Check out the weird Hawaiian name of Obama's doctor:

From the Mouth of Idiots...the "agenda" behind the entire "birther" crap

time to shred that mental midget, morally defective fuckwad trump into little bitty pieces

Aliens (in space kind) with birth certificates.

Bush to finish 100K bike race for wounded soldiers

Just so we're clear about the new rules of behavior at townhall meetings.

'Like killing a child': 8 horses dead in possible hate crime

Last week, a local radio Racist, I mean, Birther moved the goal posts

Largest Banks Likely Profited By Borrowing From Federal Reserve, Lending To Federal Government

Ok Palin, your turn!! Show us Trig's birth certificate now!

anyone remember the big stink repugs made over Terri Schiavo

a T shirt signage that DUers could go for

Carol Costello )CNN) corrects lie by Trump

Trump's Birth Certificate Disclosed...

Drowning in propaganda about birthers, Palin, royal wedding, austerity measures, etc...

God almighty Jesus in a hat! Free Republic responses to the birth certificate:

So will Trump release his tax records now? "Trump: I’ll release my tax returns when Obama..."

Birthers, birth certificates, Trump, Trig, royal weddings, yaddayaddayadda

So who and where is Trumps "Curveball" that created Trumps BS information?

I Know What The Next Birther Claim Will Be

Wisconsin - Kenosha residents lecture Paul Ryan on his grandma killer bill

Don't forget the boycotts!

Colbert:: Global warming believers have things in common with serial killers

Forbes article needs critique, please: America’s Ever Expanding Welfare Empire

Smoking Gun - Is the birth certificate real? Conspiracies

Trump must now prove his hair is real

Newscops: The Brits have their distraction (Royals), and we have ours (Birthers). Time to refocus.

turn on m$nbc/cnn and see the media fawn over a racist asshole

Obama to name first Democratic Secretary of Defense since 1997.

Obama to name first Democratic Secretary of Defense since 1997.

Pesticides tied to lower IQ in children

As Arizona Goes, So Goes Maine?

U.S. Senator goes after Sony over massive PlayStation Network hack

Don't stifle The Trumpster, let him rant unrestrained.

Don't stifle The Trumpster, let him rant unrestrained.

Venezuela to boost minimum wage by 25%

Trump: I'll Release My Tax Returns When Obama Releases His Birth Certificate (4/19/11)

EXCLUSIVE: Dad’s Immigration File Offers More Evidence Of Obama’s Birthplace

Just a few words in support of Trump

Get it? From now on, ANY O-related slander offered up by Bachmann, Palin, Trump, Beck, etc....

D.C Cab driver kicks gay couple to the curb

US Doctors 'Hid Signs of Torture' at Guantanamo

Wednesday Toon Roundup 1- 2012 and birthers

Oily Taitz assumes it's valid - Yeah for how long?

Wednesday Toon Roundup 4- economy

Oh the poutrage from M$Greedia over being called out by the President over the birther issue

Wednesday Toon Roundup 3-War

Wednesday Toon Roundup 5- the rest

D.C. Held Election on Passover when Jews are not Allowed to Use Machines

Palin tells Obama to "do the job of governing"

there has always been batshit crazy in politics...our media now gives them a microphone

Tepco To Flood Damaged Reactors With Water

Your 15 minutes of fame is up...Trump you have been Trumped LOL

Wednesday Toon Roundup 2- Congress

Fox Anchor Worries That Gay Couple In Glee Is "Product Placement"

The next huge confirmation battle will be if Panetta will sign off on DADT

And the birfer nuttiness continues...unabated.

Was Maher Censored on Letterman Last Night

To those who mock Communication degrees from universities.

Tea Party Nation fail: Only bombshell is that Obama's mom was underage

If anyone here DOUBTS the President is who he is, you need to go elsewhere

Illinois faces $8 billion bill backlog: comptroller

Which candidate should I vote for? Help me, DU!

The Peoples Budget

Another One Bites the Dust!

Born in the Bahamas, Raised in the US, Deported to ... Haiti?

Insurance Group Offers Reward For Name Of Anti-Gay Horse Killer

Why the White House Couldn't Fight the "Obamacare" Lie

The Yahoos say it's fake because it doesn't say Negro.

The real birth certificate scandal: I just had to spend $120 getting copies

The ‘U.S.’ Chamber Of Commerce Likens Obama To Qaddafi, Threatens White House

I read recently that some say St Ronald was born, not in the US, but Ireland.

Medical marijuana: City leaders subpoenaed over farm

Poll Finds Most Americans Uncertain of Trump’s Birthplace

Where's his marriage certificate?

Speaking of a Crazy Poll. Fox just showed a poll USA Today/Gallop

Nixon Use of Nuclear Bombs Comes Back to Haunt Natural Gas Industry

Obama Reveals Unsuccessful Run for President of Kenya by Andy Borowitz

How's This For A Visual Political Metaphor?

The Chaser's satirical live coverage of royal wedding canceled

April tornadoes, probable 550 so far and today's another bad day

Remember The Popular Kid?

Unemployed Friend with No Insurance Has Health Issues.I feel Helpless!

Rep. Allen West: Republicon men are being nuttered?

Obama reaches the Jackie Robinson phase of Presidenting.

Wow, 1961 Memo From Immigration File On Obama's Father

Anti-immigrant leader asks neo-nazi commanders: Hi. Can you harass Latinos for me? Thanks

Update on the lady getting beat at Baltimore McDonalds

To those of you who said I was a birther...ha!

Wasn't it just 2 days ago that the trump was crying

Lawmaker drops session at car dealership (WooHoo!)

Radio Talk Show Host Arrested At GOP Town Hall(Allen West) Meeting

Greg Palast; Obama gave 4b subsidy for new nuclear plants in US,.

Chris Matthews is praising Mitt Romney for not being a birther BUT ....

WTF!! BP Expects to Resume Gulf of Mexico Oil Drilling in Second Half

Video is up on MSNBC of the press conference

Did any dittoheads respond to O'Donnell's smackdown yesterday?

"We do not have time for this kind of silliness". Excellent!

"We do not have time for this kind of silliness". Excellent!

SkyCam video of Gifford walking, boarding plane for husband's launch

What's next for the "AfterBirthers"?

Guantanamo: The absurd tale of an innocent man held for almost five years

The BC release won't shut them all up by any means--but it will make those

What is Rich? I know it is a subjective term but can we break it down any?

Obama's social security number is next on the agenda

Jury selection enters last stretch in corruption retrial of ex-Ill. Gov. Rod Blagojevich

Stephanopolous: So will Trump Release his Tax Returns Now?

Eric Cantor now bashing the President for releasing his birth certificate.

Please consider joining me in Xing out all threads about or related to a certain topic.

Pelosi to Boehner: Let’s vote on cutting oil subsidies!

Should we demand to see the college transcripts of all presidential candidates?

Thank you Donald Trump!!!...

Obama Reveals Unsuccessful Run for President of Kenya by Andy Borowitz

please help me find the story written by military men re: shrinking...

Rep. Gabrielle Giffords walked onto a plane today. 109 days after being shot-point blank-in her head

Rep. Gabrielle Giffords walked onto a plane today. 109 days after being shot-point blank-in her head

Joe Klein's insult to American teachers

Obama releases long form birth certificate

Stewart: Big biz turned Elizabeth Warren into ‘Che Guevara’

Won't someone please think of Jerome Corsi!!!

Enough! Please.

GOP Reps Ryan, Webster face furious voters at town halls

Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck charge Obama released birth certificate to distract from Ben Bernanke's news

Fareed Zakaria on Trump's birtherism: ''I regard this as coded racism, frankly.''

Trump says Obama released a face BC, so

Death toll rises in Afghan shooting

What You Should Expect Next : The After-Birthers

Redding, CA is a suppurating HELLhole of corruption and graft Exhibit #345

If America can watch Donald Trump preen about the TV screen

So who will be the first right winger to ask for carbon dating

Aide to Ex-Congressman Robert Wexler Pleads Guilty in Mysterious Kickback, False Testimony Case

Aide to Ex-Congressman Robert Wexler Pleads Guilty in Mysterious Kickback, False Testimony Case

Re: 9/11 responder background check. Jon Stewart goes ballistic on FLA congressman.

Obama selects Panetta for defense secretary, Petraeus for CIA

Orly Taitz: Birth in Hawaii, certificate, American mother still not enough

1 in 4 children in US raised by a single parent

Egypt-Israel gas pipeline fire could rage for days

Tweety is on Tamron discussing the birth certificate

Asbestos, Japan tsunami's other hidden danger

It's a sad day for Republicans.

Condoleezza Rice on Donald Rumsfeld: Wrong, 'grumpy'

Unprecedented 9 Day Tornado Outbreak Continues in MS/AL/TN Today

"Right Wing Pressure Grows In Europe As Berlusconi And Sarkozy Team Up To Stop Flow Of African

"Right Wing Pressure Grows In Europe As Berlusconi And Sarkozy Team Up To Stop Flow Of African

How many stories will run in the MEDIA Re: Trump's tax return promise?

GM announces $25,000 grant for Second Harvest at Spring Hill plant

Keith & Lawrence at the same time slot

Today our school children saw results of 21st century racism. I wonder what's going through

Words he'll regret: "I'll release my tax records when Obama releases his birth certificate"

Andrea Mitchell Says it: "Racist"

Andrea Mitchell Says it: "Racist"

"stay focused, eh?"

President Obama, please listen to me!

These two girls are subhuman and should be treated as such.

"Trump Unable To Produce Certificate Proving He's Not A Festering Pile Of Shit"

"Trump Unable To Produce Certificate Proving He's Not A Festering Pile Of Shit"

Birthers not really about the BC...

Dear Orly - please investigate the legitimacy of these 6 US Presidents...

HEY TRUMP, the reason the Birth certificate wasn't IN Hawaii is because the PRESIDENT had it, moran

HEY TRUMP, the reason the Birth certificate wasn't IN Hawaii is because the PRESIDENT had it, moran

Tippecanoe and You Too!

A message to all the anxious John Galts/producers from someone who was in the work force for

Trump To Obama: Now Release Your College Records

There was no there there...

Giffords heads to Florida for shuttle launch


Vaughn Walker's Sexuality Irrelevant

Now the document dam has been breached.

"Obama should have done this a long time ago"

Yusuf Islam, the musician formerly known as Cat Stevens, asks Iran to free 2 US hikers

China-bashing Trump's clothing line made in China

Those of you who question the birth certificate with your cute little threads linking to Freepers

Speaking of carnival barkers & crocks-of shit***


The Rude Pundit: Praise Paul Clement for Taking the DOMA Case? Fuck That Guy

"After-Birther" Someone posted that name earlier

Federal prosecutors investigating PG&E

Randi: "They're carnival barkers! Except...

One of the MSM "tribe" finally has had enough

Let's get this distinction straight: Uniformed thugs…

The Birth Certificate is definitely a forgery

In all this crazy birther stuff, Obama looks like the only adult in the room.

Now would be a good time for Sarah to clear up

Did Obama just release a new certificate? Check link.

Nicole Sandler Says She Was Jailed For Attempting To Ask Her Congressperson Question At Town Hall

Like my new avatar?

our pathetic media. this man is not running for any office.

I just heard the news. You've got to be f#%@% kidding me!

August 4th, 1961

Qualifications for the Office of President

Documents every elected candidate should show us going forward

am I the only one who thinks all these city employees should just

7 conservatives sound off on Obama releasing his long-form birth certificate

Cleveland mayor announces 350-400 layoffs

About the U.S. nuclear reactors that are showing anomalies,

White House Releases Obama's Long-Form Birth Certificate

What time is Donald going to release

when is trump going to let us know if the President's birth certificate is real?

I for one wish to ask the press at large, is bullshit all you folks are interested in?

4/27/11: Trump Says Obama Should ‘Get Off His Basketball Court’ and respond to gas prices

too true

Alternet: How Wall Street Thieves, Led by Goldman Sachs, Took Down the Global Economy

Kansas Moves to Defund Planned Parenthood

The ‘U.S.’ Chamber Of Commerce Likens Obama To Qaddafi, Threatens White House

Brian Sussman, Talk Radio Host, Says Obama's Birth Certificate Is 'Doctored'

So how are the eaglets doing?

Nevada governor to appoint Rep. Dean Heller to Ensign’s Senate seat

Should Obama have released his long-form birth certificate?

Healthy eating is now being labled as a food disorder!

Deportation Halted for Some Students as Lawmakers Seek New Policy

Deportation Halted for Some Students as Lawmakers Seek New Policy

Save the Rich, Pay Your Taxes

i just saw wolf blitzer doing a 'cnn political update' @3:00 pm cst

Mr. Trump, would you like your dish of crow now, or after you go on CNN tonight?



Basking in the Birthercide

M. Bashir not mincing words. "...their issue is with the fact that a black man is living in the WH."

Media Repetition and the Big Lie Effect likely made the birth certificate release a necessary evil.

Governor Sandoval names Rep Heller to the Senate (Ensign replacement)

In other news- war , homeless and uninsured still exist

Is it an accident that The Donald's last name is spelled tRUMP? I think not. nt

Paul Ryan's Town Hall Schedule for Tomorrow and Friday

Oh gawd - Corsi's Where's the Birth Certificate will be a big flop

They must have heard the rumor ahead of time??

The After-Birther!

DU gets advice from my sister

How can fans of "Atlas Shrugged" also support the police, military, firefighters, etc?

Wonkette: Chuck Norris Commits Plagiarism In His Column All the Time

How do you get to Carnegie Hall?

Alternate Reality: Fox & Friends Declares Atlas Shrugged Movie A "Victory For Capitalism"

Franklin Graham Denies Raising Obama's Birth, Muslim Issues

He asked that the inscriptioon on his tombstone be "He Cared"

LOL Sounds Like They Are About To Riot!!

The Republicans will not be happy until they succeed in taking this country by a bully coup.

Joseph Farah owes $15,000 to Kapi'olani Medical Center

What was Jesus doing from age 3 to 33 ... the bible is not clear on it.

Just went over to that place that should not be named. The conspiracy theories

"There is nobody who's less of a racist than me," said Trump. Says media playing 'race card'

Five questions for Sony about PSN breach

Bernanke to Unemployed: Drop Dead

Whenever I become down and depressed I watch this David Shuster clip

The Republican Party is a subversive, anti-Constitution, anti-American Party

Right this way folks !

"Micheal Vick wins the popular vote for the cover of Madden 2012"

President Obama releases birth certificate, ripped by GOP, including Romney, Palin, Cantor, Gingrich

Crazy picture of a Tornado in Cullman Alabama

Donald Trump busted - Tweety

So how are the Freepers reacting to Obama's birth certificate?

So how are the Freepers reacting to Obama's birth certificate?

trump doesn't say, 'ok, he's a citizen'. he says, 'he should have done it long ago'

It took a while, but all the taxes are filed, the returns are delivered and I am ready to blog again

Fugg off racist haters- Leave Obama alone

Pepper Trump with Policy Questions

Pepper Trump with Policy Questions

"If the CIA can make 'authentic' false passports, why not a birth certificate?"

Canadian catfight: Conservatives try to plant fake Ignatieff photo at Sun News, but get caught

Location tracking probe expands despite 2001 FCC law requiring all phones track users

Don't Mess with Senior Citizens! Your daily chuckle

So where do WE get one of these "media magnets" ?

Jury acquits man in 99-cent hot dog theft in Cheney, WA

That's three arrests for Bush - Where's the police report?

Reid: Ethics Committee Is 'Obligated' To Issue Ensign Report

Does anybody have a pic of Donald Trump's very LONG red tie today?

Does anybody have a pic of Donald Trump's very LONG red tie today?

We NEED to ORGANIZE pressure on NBC to Dump Trump

Happy International Women’s Day

Shepard Smith: “Fox News can confirm that the President of the United States is a citizen of the

Live TV stream as tornadoes hit area of Huntsville, Ala.

Gallup/USA Today Poll indicates most Americans unsure whether Donald Trump was born in the U.S.

Hey Donald: Does the name Dr. Richard Evans mean anything to you?


Top 20 Conspiracy Theories That Have Already Sprung Up Around President Obama’s Birth Certificate

We Must All Go To Our Representative's Town Hall Meetings

Next: Kindergarden Records

God (or whomever/whatever) Bless Ron Reagan.

Krug life

There is no document that Obama can ever release ...

So how did Trump bounce back Diane Sawyer

American Petroleum Institute is really hammering the local ad market with

Birtherism is NOT about Obama's BC. It is racist code language.

I want to see documentation of Trump's long-form penis

The Rude Pundit (Lee Papa) will be on Ed's show tonight.

Phoenix Underwater Mortgages Show Housing’s Threat to Recovery

Massachusetts House Votes to Curb Union Rights

i'm seeing people on television still defending the birther stuff and i am so ashamed

Ovelook for a moment the whole voting system problem. Are We The People represented in DC?

Obama just kicked Jerome Corsi in the testicles

Video of the Tweety/Birther smackdown

Video of the Tweety/Birther smackdown

Violent tornado hits Tuscaloosa

Large tornado headed toward Birmingham, AL

"Your calling is calling" ==> "Get the Job"

So now Trump will admit he lied about his so-called investigators... Right?

Manning and Mohammed cases: Tilting the scales of justice

Poll: Heller, Berkley in dead heat in Nevada (Senate 2012; would be D pickup)

How sad to be so hateful of someone simply because of a difference in skin color.


Indiana legislature approves statewide school voucher program

The latest "welfare program": The bus

Huge tornado hitting Tuscaloosa right now.

I can't imagine how anyone would believe this will shut up the birthers or Trump.

Japan to scrap workers' annual radiation dose limit at normal times

A Double Dip Recession May Be Inevitable

Pak public should come out on streets against US drone attacks: Shahbaz Sharif

Conservative dirty tricks in Canada

Ya, ya, ya, O talked some smack today. Don't get all giddy.

Pakistan accuses U.S. of 'negative propaganda'

Guardian UK: Republicans will rue their birther backing

Indiana poised to cut Planned Parenthood funding

Not interested in the Royal Wedding BUT I have to say...I wish our Leaders had as much "Guts" as..

Leading Republican senator backs administration's use of Predator attack drones in Libya

In all this birther madness, there remains but one unanswered question:

Robert Weller: Obama Makes It Difficult for Pfc. Manning to Get Fair Trial

Some days the Teabaggers should just stay in bed. Today be one of them days.

My letter to groupon.


Showing a birth certificate will not stop the root cause of this "issue"

What is Rush saying about the long form of the birth certificate being

What would a "trickle-up" economy look like?

Bob Kieffer on birthers: "An ugly strain of racism"

Text from the inlaws: Tornado in Harvest Alabama BARELY missed the nuclear plant, severe damage to a

Tornado reported S-SE of DC

Tornado reported S-SE of DC

Cop punches girl in face

John Bolton: The squawking of a chickenhawk

John Bolton: The squawking of a chickenhawk

New birther theory promoted by Drudge: Certificate has "layers"

Is anyone watching this tornado go thru Birmingham live on the Weather Channel?

At least 15 dead as storms pound South for 2nd day

Cullman, AL hit by tornado, roof damaged at Medical center/hospital, still seeing patients

They won't be happy until they're able to check his teeth and give his loins a good, hard squeeze

WH Correspondents Dinner Saturday night

If you missed Tweety watch the repeat

The Commander-in-chief defeats the Vulgarian-in-chief

A step-by-step guide to the AMAZING Trump Combover:

A step-by-step guide to the AMAZING Trump Combover:

We got a live one!

In order to prove that George W. Bush wasn't behind 9/11.....

Braves pitching coach accused of hurling gay slurs

Tornados heading to Georgia now. Where's Mike Malloy?

Et Tu, Massachusetts?

Parents: English Teacher Writes Racy Novels

Did I hear Trump say he wishes O would have provided the cert when "the Clintons"

WTF are we doing there: Nine Americans Methodically Killed By Afghan Pilot at Kabul Airport

*Darn, Taitz will be on Lawrence show.

Damge in Birnmingham

You really should read some of the discussions on Amazon

Drones Rejoice! Petraeus to Head CIA, Panetta to Pentagon

KOCH INDUSTRIES: Print this and put it on your refrigerator.

Top 20 crazy tea party responses to Obama's birth certificate (MUST READ!)

Oh wow! Here comes Orly Taitz on Lawrence O'Donnell.

The new birther line: Long form birth certificate is forged

Where the Long Shadows Fall

Where the Long Shadows Fall

Madison county Alabama--Tornado Sirens are down-- cell towers down- huntsville under warning

Lawerence calling out NBC...

Here are some streaming links about the tornadoes. Feel free to add your own.

Now there is now no doubt to "Birthers" and "Racists" that

Gallup Poll Shows Obama losing black and Latino support. Is the economy to blame?

So let me get this straight.

Donald Trump -9

Birth Certificate Revelation! Widow Discovers That Her Husband Delivered President Obama

Large wedge tornado going through Tuscaloosa

Rosie O'Donnell must be laughing her a$$ off.

Obama's statement on affirmative action in 1990

Effect on African Americans of the birther b.s. discussed

what NBC has allowed a conscious form of race baiting, and fear mongering

Wikileaks, look what you have done!

Tea Party "Family" Outing in Wausau., (bog) bring your own gun

VIDEO: Town Hall Attendees Tell GOP Rep. That Ending Medicare Is ‘Unconscionable,’ Demand ‘Tax

My husband's teabagger/birther coworkers nearly stroked out today after

WHOOPS! China-bashing Donald Trump's clothing line MADE IN CHINA!

3 confirmed tornadoes in our local area (VA)

Keith Olbermann: The (Jean) Schmidt has hit the fan


Krugman- An Insurance Company with an Army

Krugman- An Insurance Company with an Army

Lawrence O'Donnell is going after NBC entertainment division because of Trump

Does Donald Trump know that people see through his self loathing and bs

Trends in Water Privatization

Obama: "There are white folks, and then there are ignorant motherfuckers like you."

Corporate America Wins Again With Supreme Court Ruling Against Class Action Small Claims - FDL

Good luck with that Lawrence.

Has Chuck Todd said anything yet?

yayyyyyy LO


Great, we now have his long-form birth certificate. Meanwhile, in the rest of the world...

Wow Lawrence! Take it to Orly.

Just got word from North Conway that they found the missing woman

(FL) Senators Reject Rick Scott’s Pitch To Fight Unions - Herald/Times

Oh Media...::waving hand:: Yoo hoo, over here! :::bouncing in my chair:: OOOO Media ::waves hand:::;

Lawrence O'D just threw Taitz off his show! Said "great, now we'll have more time for Barney Frank"

John Cole: Good Thing He Released the Long Form, Ehh Sully?

Will Lawrence O'Donnell have a job tomorrow?

Donald Trump not jumping to release tax returns

To say Obama should have released his birth certificate sooner...

Tornado video over Tuscaloosa AL

Bill would cap gas prices in South Carolina

90% of Tohoku's fishing fleet said lost (JAPAN)

David Frum on The Birther Disgrace

Storms kill 37 across South; pummel Alabama

new wingnut attack on Obama birth certificate "issue"

Dems' Oil Subsidy Repeal Push Puts GOP On Defensive

According to poll no majority for Harper IMHO. Yippy!

OK Lawmakers take food out of the mouths of babies to target Planned Parenthood

The Trump Combover: Oh! The Hairror!

Hehehehehhehehehhe Waaaah hahahaha

Son reopens sake shop that missing father protected from tsunami

To those in the storm tonight- prayers and positive vibes your way...

To those in the storm tonight- prayers and positive vibes your way...

"Some people are talking as if a Manchurian Candidate could emerge and take over,"

Trump Dogged By Rumors His Hair is Not From U.S...

Superman to renounce U.S. citizenship at the UN

Fukushima radiation levels 15,000% higher than first reported

*'Show me the papers.' On Rachel

Tonight I watched and cheered Lawrence, that is until Oily came on...

What is Donald Trump hiding under that combover??

Beastie Boys: Multilateral Nuclear Disarmament - a free sample

MSNBC has been great tonight.

ego of the century

(JAPAN)Daylight saving plan gets the ax

Trump 'Honored' by Results of Newsmax Poll --- republicans overwhelmingly endorse racism

Trump 'Honored' by Results of Newsmax Poll --- republicans overwhelmingly endorse racism

Whoa! Shouting match on LO!

Stunningly poignant editorial on Rachel by editor of The Grio.

Why was Keith O's behavior intolerable to NBC but Trump's is AOK?

Michele Bachmann could use a better history book

If you had to choose one book to open a friend's eyes, be they D or R

Two LePage Cabinet members resign (Maine)

Changing the conversation from deficits to taxing corporations

Big tank may be put under nuclear plant to store tainted water (JAPAN)

Holy Crap... Almost The Entire Eastern Half Of The U.S. Is Under Flood/Tornado Watch/Warning !!!

378 students killed with 158 others missing in March 11 disaster

Schieffer: Racism underlying Trump's assertions

UK: Band Singer arrested for singing "Kung Fu Fighting" - Asian man offended

Too many volunteers to put up (JAPAN)

Pneumonia cases rise in Tohoku (JAPAN)

Eleanor Roosevelt did not say this.

What should Trump have to show the world in return ?

As abortion measures pass Florida House, fight breaks out between Democrats

You'll never guess what Hannity is discussing? Seriously - you'll never guess.

Anyone talented with the photoshop? I think we need a good Trump

A Katie Couric question.

LOL...."distracted by sideshows and carnival barkers."

Secret memo: SF cops may be working as FBI spies — with no local oversight

Dying for TEPCO? Fukushima’s Nuclear Contract Workers

My only OP on Trump: Let me play him and you ask me the tough questions.

NBC Universal Phone Numbers - Burbank & New York

This post is not about Donald Trump or Obama

Joseph Farah promised to donate $15K to hospital listed on Obama's birth certificate

Rude Pundit (Lee Papa) makes national TV debut on "Ed Show" coming up

Got my first mail 'news' from my newly elected Tea Party Rep. today, with a survey.

VIDEO - Smack down of Orly Taitz by Lawrence O'Donnell on The Last Word * * * * * VIDEO * * * * *

Good news for Donald Trump.

Trump Dogged By Rumors His Hair is Not From U.S.

Celebrity Apprentice Advertiser Boycott

NYT Editorial: ".... a profoundly low and debasing moment in American political life"

Bernie is on The Daily Show. nt

My Main Man Bernie Sanders is scheduled for the Daily Show tonite (Wed.)

I think they're going to go with Sarah Palin/ Allan West for 2012

Is Trump a plant? He sure makes Obama look good

Wisconsin - Sheboygan needs help with the recount!!!

Indiana votes to defund Planned Parenthood

Let's play chess:

There is no doubt that Obama was right to release the long form certificate now. None.

Sony may face global legal scrutiny over breach

Now if we can only get DNA tests to prove the birth certificate

The Ed Show tonight: I like Al Sharpton!

I Am Not A Member Of Any Organized Political Party. I Am A Democrat. - Will Rogers

Please put on THE LAST WORD (O'Donnel)

What should we call it when GOPers like Trump or Bachmann bond with teabaggers

Hey Conservatives lets ignore all the Founding Father quotes you take out of context on religion

So Harry Reid trusts the DINOS in a full floor vote on the Ryan Budget? OMG!!

Storm today kills 5 in Alabama. DU ers in Tenn, Missouri, Ark...check in if you can.

Producer of Atlas Shrugged having second thoughts regarding continuing series

My new conspiracy theory...

Next thing you know, they'll be bringing the Porphyry Chair for Obama

My email to NBC

I, for one, won't be satisfied until the President releases his fishing license.

I, for one, won't be satisfied until the President releases his fishing license.

Wisconsin grocers prepare for anti-Walker stickering. -- Hilarious parody of NY-26 R's campaign site

Strange and Wonderful Words on the Night of the Long Forms

A question regarding gay marriage and the 14th amendment.

The BEST quote from Obama's speech, which I could not find in transcript

I have to share what I wrote about our state on one of our local news stations' Facebook pages...

I love Orly Taitz!

The President will not say it

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers Check In!!

Reuters exclusive: Facebook investors can't find buyers, look for exits

Lawrence/Taitz rerun now fyi n/t



Toon- "As I was saying before facts interrupted me"

Wisconsin Recall Sigs submitted on 6 Repukes, 3 Dems

Brad on KPFK: Nicole Sandler on Her Arrest, Overnight Detention, Macing after Allen West Town Hall

Hey Conservatives lets ignore all the Founding Father quotes you take out of context on religion

And here we go: it's FAKE! (LOL)

A picture speaks a thousand words

Boycott all things Trump

Good ?-How Many Times Did Reporters Ask GWB "9/11 Truth" Questions In WH Briefings?

Regarding the president's BC: Houston, we have a problem

Historic tornado outbreak today

Historic tornado outbreak today

Oh my. Rep Allen West loses it when faced with an angry town hall

Miami federal judge to Rick Scott: EPA to enforce Everglades pollution rules

Libyan tribes call on Gaddafi to go

Obama unveils his plan for continued political suicide

Whorely Taint

Man purposely drives his hummer over over ducklings (says he was trying to save them)

OMG - Lawrence O'Donnell is going to get his ass fired.

Companies can block customers' class-action lawsuits, Supreme Court rules

Rep. Gabby Giffords just boarded a plane to watch her husband's launch.

Imagine how many interviews Trump had to cancel today.

Oh Goody!!! Teabaggers pissed with Obama coming up next on Tweety

Trends....the fall of empire

Chicago school officials walk out of a parent meeting in which they were criticized.

'Atlas Shrugged' producer: "Critics, you won." He's going "on strike"

This is why Obama shouldn't have bothered with the B.C.

Obama attending a few $35,800 per person fund raisers with Wall Street tonight

Sony PlayStation disconnects 77 million user accounts after massive data breach

Trump 'proud' of himself, takes credit for birth-certificate release

I wonder if Tom DeLay is satisfied that Pres.Obama finally released his "Gift Certificate"

Holy fuck . . . . does it ever get any better?

VIDEO: Jon Stewart Takes Down The Media And Trump For Obama Birth Certificate Controversy - VIDEO

I'm not just a union member

Koch Brothers Invade Facebook to Recruit Right-Wing Think Tank Automatons to Be Placed Around US

Let's say I bought one hundred ounces of gold when it cost $30,000 dollars...

What they're attempting is sort of a virtual strip search of the President

I like Cenk.

Ya know what? Screw primarying Obama.

Just Made My First Donation to the President's Campaign....

If tax cuts create jobs, and we've cut taxes since RayGun, where are the jobs?

John McCain follows Obama's lead, releases original long-form B.C.

Wisconsins Public Pensions funded at 100%

Lawrence O'Donnell eviscerating Oily Taterz now in the DU video forum:

Birthers don't care that he was born in the US. Their problem is

Geithner appears in Detroit tomorrow. Is there a "welcome" group planning to say hello?

There are as many Minorities on Freep Republic as I have chipmunks in my freezer

Does Donald Trump have more wives or bankruptcies?

WooHoo! Cenk is spanking some douchebag from World Nut Daily.

Furious Obama demanded detailed birth certificate after continued questions

Look, if there were TechniColor® footage of the birth with Don Ho singing in the background

The Afterbirthers are hilarious, no?

Afterbirthers Demand To See Obama's Placenta

Wikileaks: Inside H-1B visa fraud in India

The long run plan,

OK. As of today, I feel like we are REALLY on the cusp of........something big...

There's nothing NEW about Teabaggers -- only the names have been changed to protect the guilty.

Clueless, basement-dwelling, Cheetos-stained freeper douche issues STERN warning to President Obama.

Waukesha recount: No problems found until the first bag of ballots examined.

VIDEO: Radio host Nicole Sandler Arrested at Rep. Allen West’s Town Hall Meeting; “I was maced!”

Jury Acquits Man of Stealing 99-cent Hot Dog

(Toledo) Church's pro-gay billboard causes controversy

Lesbian cadet gives up fight against military academy

How will southern Republicans react to storm-related emergency Federal spending?

he so pwned em

he so pwned em

Should cigarettes be banned?

BP tax credit $10 billion by writing off their "losses" incurred in the Gulf tragedy ....Petition

the story of a student so obviously unqualified-so transparently unworthy-that a book was written...

Why do Repugs hate self-made Presidents?

DU moderator TommyO has passed away

First Lawrence O'Donnell and now ED SHULTZ

The Republican Threat to Voting

President Obama to the press, "I did your job for you."

CENTRAL PLANNING: Who does it worse, commies or IMF?

Why was President Obama's Social security number just shown on national TV

Missouri passes law to go into effect

People Believe The Government Should Guarantee Health Care For The Poor And Elderly

On ignoring stupidity.

Students Arrested at Protest to Save Academy for Pregnant & Mothering Teens Catherine Ferguson Acade

Am I the only one who has never seen their long form birth certificate?

Obama appoints neo-con Republican favorite, Ryan Crocker, as ambassador to Afghanistan!

Obama appoints neo-con Republican favorite, Ryan Crocker, as ambassador to Afghanistan!

Orly Taitz: Obama's Long-Form Birth Certificate Should Say 'Negro' Not 'African'

MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell Demands NBC Reveal Deals With Trump

MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell Demands NBC Reveal Deals With Trump

Capture the essence of Donald Trump with one word

More On The MA Democrats Betrayal... Somebody Finally Said It Out Loud...

More On The MA Democrats Betrayal... Somebody Finally Said It Out Loud...

LOL! check out this Hawai'ian hotel discount rate!

Obama To Oprah: "I was there, so I knew...I knew I had been born. I remembered it"

Obama To Oprah: "I was there, so I knew...I knew I had been born. I remembered it"

Obama To Oprah: "I was there, so I knew...I knew I had been born. I remembered it"

Question for MBAs: do you need any actual business experience to go to MBA school?

Can Some Photoshop Expert Explain To Me What This Means?

Sex ed in the schools (or my complaints about it)

Wife of the doctor who delivered a newborn Barack Obama had no clue...until this morning

“Show me your papers!” by Goldie Taylor / very powerful piece

Photo of the Day (JAPAN)

Invisible pain

Today, I waited in line at the gas pump where gas was $3.78 per gallon

What documents should Obama release next?

What documents should Obama release next?

State Capitol’s stunning beauty came at a terrible cost

Was there an age requirement for Obama's mother to pass citizenship to him in 1961?

AP sources: CIA director Panetta to take over Pentagon; Petraeus to be nominated for CIA

Dem's in MA!!! House votes to restrict unions

I defer to Cher. I couldn't say it better . . . . (hint: Trump)

I defer to Cher. I couldn't say it better . . . . (hint: Trump)

Libyan Revolution Day 70

Libyan Revolution Day 70

Alan Simpson Just Asked Me to Leave Rich People Alone

What do you say to an 8 year old fan of Doctor Who who asks....

What do you say to an 8 year old fan of Doctor Who who asks....

Orly on the Hartman show on RT now

Five youths held in hamster torture

Five youths held in hamster torture

Mass. gov calls for toning down rhetoric on municipal union debate

Nuclear whistle-blower was blackballed by Japans Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency

Lawrence O'Donnell Is A Hero

Birth cetificate...done! Now we have to prove Hawaii was a state

Circumcision ban in San Francisco considered

Say what you will about the British royal family,....

Just got home from Waukesha County, WI recount.

Wisconsin - Maplight reveals the money behind the politicians

GenX to Baby Boomers: Now what?

Nicole Sandler on Thom Hartmann. OMG!

I operated without a Birth Certificate for over 55 years.

OUR Brilliant President

Very Scary Video: Tuscaloosa just got gobbled up by a "massive tornado"

Move to Amend's DAVID COBB coming to Colorado May 20 - May 25!

A Supermarket Accidentally Opened When No Employees Were Working

WI: Supreme Court recount gets rocky start in Waukesha County

WI: Supreme Court recount gets rocky start in Waukesha County

The GOP has proved true what Alan Grayson has said all along

BOOTHERS, not Birthers ... it's not his birth they care about but death (political or other)

Dem Gov Deval Patrick: give "unions some time to bargain before officials can impose the changes"

Should college students pay higher tuition to take courses in majors that result in higher salaries?

Hello! Do you speak English sir? Parla usted Ingles? I'll say it again. Did I urinate on your rug?

Mary Travers, Cass Elliott, Joni Mitchell "I Shall Be Released."

Facebookers, would you PLEASE like this page and invite others?

If you're as depressed as I am, and need a pick me up: The Beatles

Getting punchy is nature’s way of keeping us from totally losing our sanity.

Du'ers, I'd like to commend all of you.

PHOTO: MiddleFingerMom understands the value of "quiet time," so he can head back to work refreshed.

LOL, it doesn't bother me.

PHOTO: A lesson for all of us in where meat REALLY comes from. Click and learn.

Seriously, this is what my mother made us for Easter

Finally, some recognition. Yay!

And why not?

Today's phrase is "after-birther". Modify a thread title to include "after-birther"

PHOTO: "Who's the man NOW, dog?"

BREAKING:Trump Unable To Produce Certificate Proving He's Not A Festering Pile Of Shit

So, when is the movie getting greenlit?

PHOTO: Looks like they've covered all of the bases here...

I Lost The TV Show, M I S S

DUers, I know this news will disappoint many of you. I hope you can deal with the pain....

I think google should write and algorithm to autocorrect

PHOTO - Sometimes when we touch, the honesty's too much...

Anyone here work in/with structural steel? (beams, columns, etc.)

Is there a way I can see how many post I...

Best Version of The Beatles' swan song "Abbey Road"

South Tulsa bumper sticker sighting

THIS is who Obama is nominating for Secretary of Defense?

Has anyone told Donald that even if he were to become President, he's not allowed to...

Listening to a flac version of Pink Floyd "TheWall" MFSL Original Master Recording


I told him: just stand up and sing "Born in East LA", then forget about it. He never listens to me.

The word of the day is "sucker-rod". Replace any word in a thread title with "sucker-rod".

PHOTO - Hygiene 101: "Brushing your teeth...make sure you get the back ones."

This is my 1,000th Post

Daily Mail UK Breaking: Queen Cowers as "KateZilla" Rampages in Royal Wedding Row

Pissed off people in General Discussion


What are you reading tonight DU? Me, "Cleopatra" by Stacy Schiff. Full of detail. I've never read

Wow, I am out of shape.


New sigfile!

Need help from contemporary music fans

Epic Meal Time's lastest insane creation... Fast Food Lasagne

AFTERBIRTHERS! replace word in song with AFTERBIRTHERS!

Libya: UN team to start probe of human rights abuses

Met warned only 36 in phone-hack investigation (Rupert Murdoch investigation gets deeper)

Sony PlayStation disconnects 77 million user accounts after massive data breach

Filipino-American activist slams Philippine probe of military in her abduction

Uganda anti-gay bill likely to drop death penalty

Libyan Delegation Sent by Qaddafi in Venezuela, Chavez Says

To end the controversy, I'm releasing MY birth certificate today!

Former Miss Colombia to be interrogated in corruption case Tuesday

If Reese Witherspoon went on a psychotic shooting spree, how surprised would you be?


Are Smilies passive aggressive in nature?

TUSD CANCELS ETHNIC STUDIES MEETING Youths chain themselves to chairs

US troops killed in Afghan shootout

Sometimes you just need to drop a string of f-bombs and defeatist sentiments.

Your 15 minutes of fame is up...Trump you have been Trumped LOL

(London) M1 fire: police question five teenagers over scrapyard blaze

Putin says 'dumbfounded' over NATO operation in Libya

Federal case seeks to remove golf course from Benton Harbor park

House votes to restrict unions

Apple officially responds to iPhone tracking questions (Not tracking users, Bug will be fixed)

Syrian opposition vows to 'break the regime'

Al-Qaeda releases video of French hostages

Security forces open fire on protesters in (Sanaa,) Yemen, sources say

Guatemalan kingpin, wanted in U.S., captured

Palestinian rivals Fatah and Hamas 'agree to end rift'

Hundreds of Air India pilots strike over pay

Gaddafi arms Libyan 'home guard' – minimum age 17

Tibetan exiles elect Harvard law scholar as political leader

Paul Ryan's plan puts 2012 elderly vote in play

House votes to restrict unions

U.S. says Syria no longer a peace partner

Trump 'proud' of himself, takes credit for birth-certificate release

Exclusive: Chrysler debt refinancing next week

Sacramento loses 14,600 jobs, worst drop in any metro area Read more: Sacramento loses 14,600 jobs,

Father set fire that killed self, 5 children at Vancouver home

White House Releases Obama's Long-Form Birth Certificate

Nevada Rep. Heller Named To Fill Ensign Senate Seat

Poll: Heller, Berkley in dead heat in Nevada (Senate 2012; would be D pickup)

Companies can block customers' class-action lawsuits, Supreme Court rules

I Miss The TV Show, L O S T

U.S. calls for U.N. inquiry on Syria killings

AP sources: Gates plans to retire June 30

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday, April 27, 2011

'Dangerous' tornado watch issued for parts of southeast; death toll rises to 11

Nokia Company Laying off 7,000 Worldwide

Tornado video over Tuscaloosa AL

I just unloaded 28 sticks of oil field sucker-rod by myself, ask me anything!

AP sources: CIA director Panetta to take over Pentagon; Petraeus to be nominated for CIA

Berkshire report raps Sokol deal (deceive the company's top executives, including CEO Warren Buffett

NDP trail Tories by just three points, new poll finds

PG&E ordered to immediately return CEO's full pension amount to ratepayer fund

Anti-Abortion Ad Provokes Lawsuit

US says it has evidence of Iran’s support for Syrian government crackdown on protesters

Obama Denounces ‘Sideshow and Carnival Barkers’

UPDATE: US Supreme Court Blocks Class Action Against AT&T Unit

(Calif. Senate President Pro Tem) Steinberg considers cuts targeting GOP districts

Hawaii government hands over Obama's birth records

Shut the fuck up, Donnie!

Judge Denies NFL Request to Freeze Lockout Ruling

Prop. 8 video flap goes to Walker's replacement

The Vermont Senate Passes Bill Establishing A Single Payer Health Care System In The State

BP expects to resume drilling in Gulf of Mexico within months

Black Florida judge forced from her home at gunpoint after a police mix up

House G.O.P. Members Face Voter Anger Over Budget

Three Printers Refuse LGBT Student Publication, Citing F-Word, Images of Cross-Dressing

Talk show host Nicole Sandler arrested at tea party Rep’s town hall

UN fails to agree on condemning Syria

Syria: Hundreds quit ruling party in protest over crackdown ("We denounce and condemn everything")

Before they were famous...

Britain may 'look at' troops for Libya

Reid: The Senate Will Vote On Paul Ryan's Budget

Supreme Court recount gets wobbly start in Waukesha County

Indiana Set To Defund Planned Parenthood


Boeing CEO: Poor work caused hole in Southwest jet

Ben Bernanke goes on record to warn US deficit 'not sustainable'

Acclaimed Historian Douglas Brinkley Calls For NBC To Dump Trump, Corporate Sponsors To Pull Ads

President to address birther non issue at 9:45 EST

Storms knock out TVA nuclear units, power lines

White House releases Obama birth certificate

Storms, Tornadoes Kill 25 in Alabama: Authorities

Syrian funding causes embarrassment at British university (where Prince William & Kate studied)

Bacon on a sundae?

First Pictures of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords Since Shooting, Walking on Her Own

BP discovers unexploded German bomb next to vital North Sea oil pipeline

64 dead in tornadoes in south

Your opinions of owning rental property.

In a panic, Stilgar thought, "We never asked for the Lisan al Gaib's birth certificate!"

Potato salad ---------- PLUS ---------- avocado??????!1

Who remembers The Lounge's 700 Club?

Venezuela's Chavez takes Syrian leader's side (Again)

Chavez blasts Libya strikes on his 'friend' Gaddafi

House votes to restrict unions

Atheists Seek Chaplain Role in the Military

Texas Pol Still Isn't Satisfied on Obama Birthplace

Cuban militant Orlando Bosch dies in Miami at 84, family says

Only Joes. Post a pic of a Joe.

Drummond subcontractor to trial for murder of unionists (Alabama coal company in Colombia)

Confronting The Coded Racism of Donald Trump

This will be harder than 2008.....

Eugene Robinson: Out of Touch, Again

1961 INS Records: "They have one child born Honolulu, 8/4/61 - Barack Obama II"

oh.. great Trump said

Trump stilll

Thanks God.. Obama here

Trump may be a blessing in disguise

Too true to be funny

This morning I am ashamed to be an American.

Ralph Nader: Why Obama Will Get Second Term in White House

Someone needs to tell the President that the media is ALL ABOUT RATINGS.

TRUE FACT: In 2006 Obama ran for President of Kenya…

Wal-Mart: Our shoppers are 'running out of money'

Over the years I've felt a certain disdain if not outright contempt for our piece of shit

“Representative Ryan’s $30 Trillion Medicare Waste Tax”

Pissed off at Obama, Media and Trump

'I certify this is a true copy OR ABSTRACT OF THE RECORD ON FILE'

Did Ryan Put Elderly Vote in Play?

Sorry for stating the obvious...but Donald Trump is the lowest form of pond scum

poll to DU

Its the SAME FORM.....the form released is the same thing submitted months ago. WTF??

‘Heckler’ Security Issue at Ryan Town Halls

Fox News questions authenticity of birth certificate in breaking news section on website.

It has come to this

Yea But Where's His Grades? Why doesn't he Release his Grades??!!!11

Hope this issue DOESN'T go away

So, Mr. Trump, where are your financial statements and tax returns?

Now prove you're not a Muslim. Now prove you're not a Socialist. Now prove you're not a Nazi...

So when is Trump going to reveal his 'investigations?'

LOL! After three years of research, "Where's the birth certificate" book to be released next month.

Today Obama may have frustrated me the most. Why show these people anything?

Backdoor Bailouts: Banks Play Shell Game with Taxpayer Dollars

Birth Certificate was well timed

Ha Ha

Why are YOU wasting your time on Obama's "birth certificate"

Obama: "I've got better stuff to do, we've got better stuff to do."

FU too.....You Mainstream Corporate Owned MEDIA!

OK, now Trump is the face of the republican party. The media will cover him continuously and he

Obama to Press - Turn off your games, it's time to do your homework.

Cantor "can't believe prez is spending time on this" birther thing

Queen Of The Birthers Says It’s About Time

Breaking Retort> President Obama tells Trump to go Phuck Himself...asshole blowhard ...

Obama's political op releases video in effort to make backlash against Ryan's plan a national story

The Trumpster is one sleazy bastard...He's "proud"of himself the birth certificate was released

Franklin Graham Denies Raising Obama's Birth, Muslim Issues

1. Trump debunks "birthers"; 2. Trump turns spotlight on Obama at Harvard;

I am so disappointed in America right now...

Ex-Bush official: Those who would block debt hike are like al Qaeda

Obama Slams Kasich's Union-Busting Bill In Ohio (VIDEO)

Obama Expected to Name Panetta Defense Secretary

POTUS: "We do not have time for this kind of silliness...distracted by sideshows, carnival barkers"

The Media is venting just like we are....on MSNBC and CNN

China-bashing Trump's clothing line made in China

Reid To Senate Republicans: You Wanna Privatize Medicare? Vote For It!

Bad move by Obama to release birth certificate BUT I know why he did it

DAMN anyone listening to Randy Rhodes play the tape on Nicole at Allen West townhall meeting

He didn't need to release his birth certificate --but it's his info and his choice

The media backlash begins against Donald "Carnival Barker" Trump

Trump takes full credit for looking and sounding like an idiot

Eric Cantor Goes on Faux News, Criticizes Obama For Addressing Birth Certificate Controversy

Alternate Reality

Barack Obama was born in the United States, John McCain wasn't.

One cool thing about today's news.

I really want to make face to face Trump..

I don't believe Reagan is dead. They should release his death certificate.

Pres. Obama's comments today were very similar to President Shepherd's in The American President.

JFF, pretend you are a Birther

Who KILLED the delivery room doctor??????

UK Guardian: Obama pops Trump's balloon, toxifies the GOP brand

Tweety taking two Birther idiots to task

Obama made Trump, GOP/TeaIdiots, and MSM all look like FOOLS. GOOD MOVE !

Disappointed in Obama's handling of the birthers.

What else could a racist be but a birther??

Obama's taking the anti-birther show to Oprah. Good for him.

I love Ron Reagan why was he taken off MSNBC

Have you seen Trump in the ad for Macy's?

Sorry, DU, but the Obama's Certificate proves not only that he wasn't born in US, but that

Who the hell did Gallup poll: Americans Divided Over Ryan vs. Obama Deficit Plans

Birth certificate? Oh no, there go more jobs.

Did anyone else catch the NBC News tonight piece on the birther crap running a clip of Andrew

"...what we do in politics is not a reality show. It's serious."

Trump has trumped himself and will get dumped.

After the Rev Wright fiasco in 08, none of us should be pretending that we know better than Obama...

Rachel is ON FIRE tonight!!!

EXCLUSIVE: Dad’s Immigration File Offers More Evidence Of Obama’s Birthplace

Is President Obama LOST IN THOUGHT? (WaPo Piece)

Obama Birth Doctor's Widow -- I Had NO IDEA ! (Phone Interview Today)

Awkward Drone Questions for Obama

whoo.. O'Donnell blast Queen of Birther

Okay now that the birth certificate is behind us..Now it's on to the important stuff, like....

Donald Trump is the most disgusting creature on the planet

1899 - "Show me your papers! "

WOW! Lawrence O'Donnell is going OFF on NBC-saying they are complicit in Trump's hatred...

Blah Blah Blah Blah... the President just owned Donald Trump and his racist rantings

He's still Black. This birth certificate release won't solve anything.

Please put on THE LAST WORD (O'Donnel)

Oops. Now that Obama has produced his long form birth certificate, what will

"Miss Jean Louise. Stand up. Your father's passing."

WH staff has distributed copies of POTUS's "long form" birth certificate. Obama to speak shortly.

So now that the President has

From this day forward.. all you will have to say is "Birther Lunacy"

White House seizes on Boehner’s words

Strong anti-American sentiment in Egypt

"A proxy for white supremacy"

Orly Taitz meltdown on Last Word

I blame people like Chris Matthews and Anderson Cooper as much as I blame birthers

Payback time - you're gonna love this!! Check out this book that is coming out in a couple of wks

Obama just trumped Trump. And the beauty of this is,

They didnt have pdf files in 1961, DID THEY???????????????

The Birther Disgrace (David Frum)

Widow 'overwhelmed' by news that husband delivered baby Obama

Dear President Obama

Trump say jump, Obama asks "how high?"

I hope this won't get me tombstoned but

An Anti-War Candidate Announces for President

Spy Magazine called Trump a Thick Fingered Vulgarian

Melissa Harris-Perry: How Pres Obama Got into Harvard Is "Easy:

James Carville: Republicans, meet your new front-runner

For those here who are attacking the President for releasing his birth certificate . . .

The Grio: Like so many other black men, our first black President had to "show his papers"

Interesting Portrait, It's Been A Heavy 2+ Years (PIC)

Corporate sponsors of “Celebrity Apprentice” currently include

Releasing birth certificate is a good move

Huckabee and Barbour exiting GOP race for 2012?

Fund Manager: Without Unions And Pensions, America Faces A 'Horrendous' Future


A Moral Argument for Progressive Taxes - David Cay Johnston


Thom Hartmann: The Right-Wing Network behind the War on Unions

Racist Face a Serious Question, Who Will They Vote For?

Hey America, I’m sick and tired of African American men not being good enough for you

TDPS: Chuck Norris, Koran Scholar, Warns of Sharia Law in the US - TRANSCRIPT

Arnie Gundersen - Updates on Fukushima: Unit 3 Explosion / Criticality in Fuel Pool (April 26, 2011)

So If Obama Is The Anti-Christ. . .

Fukushima Workers working under Horrible conditions

Obama releases birth certificate

Papantonio: Boehner - Corporate America's Bagman

Thom Hartmann vs Daniel DiSalvo: Who is Killing America.. Wall Street or Unions?

Trump Takes Credit For Birther Stupidity

The War On Easter Continues! Exclusive Fox News Interview From The Front Lines!

MSNBC w/ Cenk: Fox News Attacks Obama Over Easter - Con Job

Election Integrity vs. Voter Disenfranchisement

I'd like to dedicate this song to the Birthers

Donald Trump on "Meet The Lex"

Mike Malloy - The Distortion Of Jesus Christ

Al Gore lied about Internets. John Kerry betrayed troops. Obama not a citizen.

Radioactive dirt spread on model's face in 1950's TV cold cream commercial!

Libya 2.0? Arab blood domino effect

President Obama Provides His Birth Certificate to the Press

Putin: Measure your success by non-fired missiles!

Britain counts down to wedding of the century as the rest of the world struggles to give a rat's ass

MSNBC: Cenk & Sharpton on Trump's Attacks on Obama's Education

The President talks about what the nation needs to do.

'Fukushima - gross miscarriage of radiation science'

Video response to: Atlanta Police Punch Lady at IHOP video!

Thom Hartmann: Is this the end of class action suits as we know it? (AT&T case)

Acclaimed Historian Douglas Brinkley Calls For NBC To Dump Trump, Corporate Sponsors To Pull Ads

Ann Coulter: "Oil is a good reason to go to war".

Physicians for Social Responsibility Press Conf 4/26 Fukushima Health Consequences

Our Image of the World - The Ceramic and the Fully Automatic

Atlanta Cop Assails Women in IHOP, Pandemic Case of Stockholm Syndrome in Georgia

Tavis Smiley - 2012 will be 'the most racist' election ever

Donal Trump to Obama: get off the basketball court

Shep Smith: We Knew This Was A Load Of Crap

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Raw Video: Giffords Leaves for Shuttle Launch

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Rare Footage: Home Movie of FDR’s 1941 Inauguration (In color)

Thom Hartmann: End the Life Expectancy 'Handouts' (debate with Pajamas Media blogger)

Miss USA Susie Castillo Sexually Assaulted TSA Style

Schieffer: "Ugly strain of racism" in Trump's assertion

MSNBC: Cenk, Boehlert Vs Tea Party Birther - White House Releases Birth Certificate

Chained Ethnic Studies Students Take Over School Board in Tucson

Donald Trump Brags About Obama Birth Certificate Release!

Miss USA Molested by TSA

The Birther "Movement" is Finally DEAD!~ (Not!)

With President Obama's Birth Certificate, Klansman Trump Reminds Blacks They Will Never Be American

The View: Hot Topics-Obama's Birth Certificate - The View

Thom Hartmann: Should states have the right to go bankrupt?

LawrenceODonnell V OrlyTaitz OMG

Mike Malloy - Don´t Start Whining Now, Dumbasses

Cop punches woman in the face at Atlanta IHOP

Oh.....Okay.....Um.......are we sure that Hawaii is really a state?

"GET HER OUT OF HERE!" Lawrence O'Donnell Kicks Orly Taitz Off His Show!

Thom Hartmann: 92% of Americans are SOCIALISTS!

John Sinclair: What war (on drugs) has wrought



Robert Scheer: All the WikiLeaks Fit to Print

The Donald recommends extortion in Middle East

Trump and birthers need to go away

Cuban Embargo is a 50 Year FAIL

Special report: The day America took leave of its senses

The Syrian chessboard by Pepe Escobar

Jim Hightower: Wall Street Tames Washington

A Certificate of Embarrassment

Three Cups of a Flawed Hero: The Limits of Greg Mortenson's Model of Change

Atlas Shrugged producer threatens to go Galt over looting critics

Scholars: Left, including unions, needs a message

Why the Government Could Make it Nearly Impossible for You to Get a Passport

NYT Editorial: The Republican Threat to Voting

Mississippi stuck with Haley Barbour. Poor MS


Physicians for Social Resp. Cite Flawed Evacuation Zones, Nuke Health Risks on Chernobyl Anniversary

Inside The Fukushima Daiichi, Pt II

Radiation Readings in Fukushima Reactor Rise to Highest Since Crisis Began

Drumbeat: April 27, 2011

TEPCO revises nuclear fuel damage ratios

Charts Showing Release of Radioactive Iodine and Cesium into Air May Be Going Up

Grist: Desperate sprawl developer gives away cars with houses

Midwest deluge enhanced by near-record Gulf of Mexico sea surface temperatures

Unprecedented flooding predicted on Ohio River

"probable April tornado total of 550"

Mexico eyes shale gas boost for petrochemical sector

Harper Won't Permit Asbestos Sales In Canada, Wants More Exports - Own Cabinet Member Dying Of MST

Emergency "Response" Team Took 13 Hours To Get From Texas To Site Of Runaway PA Fracking Well 4/19

NOAA Projects TX/Southern Plains Drought To Continue Through Mid-Summer - NYT

8 Drilling Firms On Corbett's Shale Advisory Com. Broke Environmental Laws - All Donated To Corbett

Science ministry releases Fukushima radiation map

Russia faces fuel crisis as gasoline exports surge

Radiation Readings in Fukushima Reactor Rise to Highest Since Crisis Began -BLOOMBERG

Radioactive Strontium Found in Hilo, Hawaii Milk

Planet-preserving potty power pilot program!

Intermittent blue lights recored over Fukushima power plant?

Ted Rockwell demolishes Chernobyl "one million dead" myth (WARNING: fear buzzkill)

Conflict of Interest Questions Lead to Resignation of Maine DEP Commissioner (LePage ClusterFail)

Physicians for Social Responsibility Press Conf 4/26 Fukushima Health Consequences (xpost)

39 Members Of Congress Stand Ready To Defend Your Freedumb To Use Lead Shot, Tackle

Radiation levels tail off in tests of milk and air (Hawaii)

Japan may set up underground tank to stop contaminated water from spilling into sea

EU reactors can't take plane hit

TX City chemical levels too high to be read by equipment (xpost)

Nuclear Fuel Volatalized at Fukushima, Explosion at #3 analyzed: Arnie Gundersen (xpost)

NEW YORK: Five State Senators MAY Be Changing Their Minds On Marriage

Old policy in place, West Point rejects lesbian

D.C Cab driver kicks gay couple to the curb - My cab is not a bed! You cannot have sex in my cab!

Seven Shirtless Jocks, Two Are Gay

White House to host first ever trans meeting

Last known gay holocaust survivor to receive France’s top honour

Toddler shoots mom dead, boy's father tells Florida police

Pittsburgh Primanti Bros. restaurant fends off criticism from NRA gun backers over a photo

Rachel: Gay anchors should come out

Investigators land in Arizona for "Gunwalker" probe

Tennessee lawmakers argue over guns-at-work bill

A few observations,,,

Pittsburgh Firearms Task Force Cop: The NRA abets gun violence

Royal wedding shows elitist hypocrisy of ‘gun control’

McKinney homeowner shot with his own gun after confronting three burglars

Man charged in case of toddler accidentally shooting another toddler (FL)

As gun battle shows, every right has limits

Wal-Mart Expands Gun Sales .

UK farmer has shotguns confiscated

Guns at home more likely to be used stupidly than in self-defense (Harvard Study)

A taste of reality. Percent of households with firearms.

"God is a concept, by which we measure our pain" - John Lennon

Proof that religious wording isn't "secular" or "benign"


Why would you bring a gun in a national park?

Respected Theologian Defends Genocide and Infanticide

Rapture battle on billboards hit Bay Area

We.....really must put a stop to this shit

WOW! Blackhawks vs Canucks!

Jim Mandich, the Voice of the Dolphins, loses battle with cancer

Before Manny Became Manny

The Kansas Comet coming. Eighteen inches of daylight.

The curious case of Nick Fairley; do teams "over analyze" the draft?

Obama is jerking with the Rockies.

Roy Oswalt has left the Phillies for personal reasons

The Knicks could have paid Billups $3.7 Million to go away.

Thank you David Steckel and Victor Hedman

Are African American College QBs Being Properly Prepared to be NFL QBs? Or....

Peyton Hillis wins Madden '12 vote

WHAT THE FUCK??? Something is really wrong....

The Oakland Raiders get a new, ridiculous stadium name

The NHL Elite 8 is set

A new Richard Swarbrick animation...El Clasico

Atlanta Braves pitching coach Roger McDowell: "Are you a homo couple or a threesome?"

Fatah, Hamas agree to form interim government, hold vote

Saboteurs bomb Egypt gas pipeline to Israel, Jordan

Palestinian rivals Fatah and Hamas 'agree to end rift'

Report: New Gaza flotilla postponed

Palestinian officials claim unity agreement reached on ending 4-year-old rift

Former Miss Colombia to be interrogated in corruption case

Drummond subcontractor to trial for murder of unionists

Ex paramilitary flees escorts in firefight

Bosch is dead

The alternate "OAS" is taking shape in Caracas