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'All My Children,' 'One Life to Live' canceled

Urgent statement from the National Transitional Council

I know this poll is not scientific, but the results are so lopsided as to be meaningful

Senate bill mandates gay history in schools

The Not Intended to Be a Factual Statement Party

Rick Scott sells family's stake in Jacksonville-based Solantic

Rising social protests in the Balkans

Spending by rich Americans on luxury goods is set to grow by $26.6 billion in 2011

DefendingWisconsin Asks J.B. VanHollen to Resign (more Waukesha election fraud)

Dean Baker: Statement on President Obama's Budget Plan

Onagawa nuke plant jolted beyond specs

Nuclear workers face radiation limit, but fight on

Banks are foreclosing while homeowners pursue loan modifications

It's The Ben Bernankes & Tim Geithners That Should Go To Prison!(moxnews video)

Blood Bonanza: UK private security firms eye Libya as new cash cow RT(VIDEO)

World's oldest man dies in Montana

US Uncut tax day rallies across the nation

US Uncut tax day rallies across the nation

Suicides rise during recessions, CDC study confirms

Georgia lawmakers pass illegal immigration crackdown

25 years ago: US bombs Libya

Democratic Party of Wisconsin ready to welcome Palin at the Broomport

The technical implications aside, the Gulf Oil Spill and now Fukushima have been a real eye opener

Forget this BORING nuclear business, Will and Kate are getting MARRIED!!!

The Four Most Outstanding Moments of Glenn Beck's Crusading Art Criticism

The Four Most Outstanding Moments of Glenn Beck's Crusading Art Criticism

Oregon Democrats lead 'Rick Roll' during legislative session

Anyone notice that Joe Scum didn't play the

Uggh... Peggy Noonan on Morning Joe Schmoe

More rope! More rope! Rachel let's Michael Steele hang himself re: controlling health costs

I just get in a RAGE when I read stories like this.

Medical marijuana convention welcomes new era in Arizona

Rep. Chaffetz seeks to limit pat-downs of children after new TSA controversy

Scott Walker's double standard

Schools keep kids indoors / Outdoor activities in Fukushima Pref. stopped over radiation

Food for thought for the GOP birthers: Romney's dad was born in Mexico, ran for president

Ohio Gov. Kasich to Use Lottery Money to Pay $400 an Hour for Two Gaming Experts

Ariz. Legislature OKs presidential 'birther' bill

Turning Ohio prisons over to private operators will pose a security risk

Groups Opposing Debit Card Rule Have PAC, Lobby Support


Milwaukee election panel approves rules

South Carolina governor proposes re-opening slave trade...

Another Paul in the U.S. Senate?

U.S.-Backed Programs Supplying the Firepower for Mexico’s Soaring Murder Rate

ABC: "Weight Loss Drugs: Public Citizen Calls for Ban on Alli, Xenical"

State investigating vote irregularities in Waukesha County going back 5 years

PoliGraft -- the Sunlight Foundation

Looks like most Repubs are "Birthers"

In Financial Crisis, No Prosecutions of Top Figures

Tax Facts

The Ten Largest Military Powers In The World

Cor, luv a duck: Gorilla reveals paternal instinct as he cradles tiny bird

Krugman- Who's Serious Now?

Govt damages us via the fact that...

Paul Ryan doesn't look like Eddie Munster... he looks like --- (pics)

BREAKING: Unexpected arrest in phone-hacking case leaves News of the World stunned

New Taxpayer Receipt - Find out how much you personally paid for war social programs last year

And Spinal Tap loses yet another drummer...

So Bloomberg just reported on TV that Obama in private remarks slammed both ryan and bohner

CBC: "'Birthers' find support in Arizona"

Energy from the deserts~Libya ~Tunisia ~ ETC..Ever hear of Desertec Foundation? You should!

Georgia woman admits sending pig’s foot to Rep. Peter King

German Parliament Writes to Obama About Abuse of Bradley Manning

America's Tax Cheating Politicians

Wounded Elephant Screechings

Rachel encapsulates Scott Walker's testimony before Congress.

NYT - Pain of British Fiscal Cuts Could Inform U.S. Debate

Michelle Obama and Dr. Jill Biden will be on The View next Monday

Governor Schweitzer of Montana vetos GOP legislation with branding iron

A year from now, your standard of living will have gone down. You'll be eating scraps thrown...

Wisconsin teachers retiring early to protect benefits

What defines the Republican Party since Reagan

Primary Challenge IS being discussed by some Dems

Rethuglicans on Right to Choose - check (and mate)??

OEA projects 10K Ohio teachers will loose their jobs from funding cuts

Street protests banned in Baghdad

Rick Scott's attorney admits mistake to court

What's up with the little kids in Nazi shirts at the Knob Creek Gun Range Machine Gun Shoot?

What's up with the little kids in Nazi shirts at the Knob Creek Gun Range Machine Gun Shoot?

No birth certificate? No problem, your penis will serve as an acceptable alternative.

Just saw on Raw Story

The Tea Party's 2012 Hit List

STUDY CONCLUSION: "Policymakers should be waterboarded before debating new interrogation techniques"

It's not the defense budget, it's the war budget.

This is the Republican Party

With Republicans it has absolutely nothing to do with fixing the Debt or Deficit

Ode On Paul Ryan (or is that Odium?)

U.S., allies see Libyan rebels in hopeless disarray

Matt Tiabbi: "not so much that Tea Partiers are racists, but more that they're tremendous kitty's".

Unruly G.O.P. Puts Boehner to a Test in Budget Vote

Crushing a beer can with 12 million amps, Focus Fusion battles on to discover

Current SS Tax is 6.2% Employee and Employer and MI is 1.45% for both as well

Postal Fail

Google Shares Decline After Company Posts Biggest Jump in Costs Since 2008 (hired many workers)

2.3 Trillion Dollars 10 years later is Still Missing Where is the money

Toddler hospitalized after being served sangria at Fla. Olive Garden

lunch with Bernie on Hartmen

Kasich wants to privatize Ohio's workers comp system & move tax collection from local to state level

Santorum: Ryan Is ‘Wrong’ Because He Doesn’t Force Current Seniors Into Medicare Privatization Schem

Gulf Residents March 1,200 Miles to Congress to Call for BP Spill Action

Storms kill 7 in Okla., Ark. ; storms now in Tenn, Kent, Miss. and Alabama.

what is the "military industrial complex"? = Permanant war economy

Toon: Somebody should call a doctor

Obama's reelection drive calls for "a compassionate America"

The Daily Beast blasts Tea Party hypocrisy

Feingold for 2012?

Blair aide gave me ultimatum to sign controversial uranium deal, Meacher claims

Arizona GOP to Obama: Show Us Your Circumcision Certificate

Film: "Programming The Nation?" Are We All Brainwashed? Or,

BofA Hires Ex-SEC Enforcement Chief Lynch; CFO Noski Steps Back From Role

Kyl lied, er, misspoke about Planned Parenthood

OH SH#T! A Murdoch Minion just got named to board of directors of The Associated Press.

CBO on Ryan Plan: You Won't Even Qualify for Medicare for Two More Years

US lifts voluntary evacuation advisory for Japan

Women Still Face a Wide Wage Gap

How The Republican Voucher Plan Would Work

Whoo, what a stinker it is. Temazepam in libric form....

World’s oldest man dies in Montana at 114

Vermont Senate backs medical marijuana dispensaries

150 Years Later...

Vermont IBM workers: Management doesn't speak for us on health care

"Free Trade" simplified:

Paul Stamets On Radiation Contamination Around Fukushima

Toon: The Wrong Prescription

C-SPAN is taking comments on the recent vote now.

Anchor Circumsised Babies

the OFFICIAL slurring thread for Boehner on Live-CSPAN

LOL! I thought that Saturdays were open for those hard-working taxpayers...

Severe storms death toll rises to 7 in 2 states

Sums up the race so far...

Should member's of Congress be tested for drugs?

Who is shouting in the House gallery?

Think progress HAS a sense of humor

Humpback whale songs spread eastward like the latest pop tune

I think people are missing the obvious...Trig is NOT Sarah's kid, but he is Tawd's...

Drug shortage threatens children with cancer, ER patients across the country

Obama To Boehner In Budget Talks: 'You Think We're Stupid?'

Top Marginal US Tax Rates - 1916 -2010

Our 2012 Bumper Sticker !!!

President Obama's Budget Deal Fuels Revival of School Vouchers

House Dems Punk Republicans On Budget Vote (VIDEO) - pandemonium, Republicans panic & change votes

An embarrassing time to be Republican—well, more embarrassing than usual. Of Trump & Birthers

this pic on Boehner is a classic

VICTORY! U.S. Institue of Peace Funded! Just rec'd:

why trump is leading the pack and will win the republican nomination:

Young small businesses create jobs, not mature firms.

Apple Releases a "It gets Better" video using Apple employees.

Was there a vote on the Prog. Caucus budget, or other Dem. budget?

Was there a vote on the Prog. Caucus budget, or other Dem. budget?

Karmic Update: Recall campaign against AZ Senate President Russell Pearce gaining steam

House vote on Ryan's "plan" - NO Dems, 3 Repubs voting no currently,

ALEC has a guide to help legislators reform state colleges and universities the right-wing way

ALEC has a guide to help legislators reform state colleges and universities the right-wing way

Live Milwaukee/Wisconsin final vote canvas

NASA's Next Generation Space Telescope Marks Key Milestone

NASA's Next Generation Space Telescope Marks Key Milestone

NASA's Next Generation Space Telescope Marks Key Milestone

LOL This Coming Fall The Republicans Will Finally Have To Abandon Their Holy Grail


Obama’s Budget Promises on Bush Tax Cuts, Drug Price Negotiation Ring Hollow

Illinois Teachers' Unions sell out.

How to Create a Culture of Public Transit: The 'Marci Option'

Two Americas: Vacant Cadillac dealership becomes squatters' village, then burns

Woman mutilates cat to make outfit for Lady Gaga concert

Arkansas Men Charged with Federal Hate Crime Related to the Assault of Five Hispanic Men

Donald Trump soars to top of GOP field

Donald Trump soars to top of GOP field


"My critics ignored evidence of torture in Mau Mau detention camps"

A sure fire way to tell a teabagger is lying.

Great quote from Roger Ebert's review of Atlas Shrugged: ""I’m on board; pull up the lifeline."

I can't take that meat ad anymore. I am going to jump off my computer if I see it one more time.

Rescued Baby Hummingbird

Josh Marshall, TPM: Ryan's Biggest Foe: Private Insurers

If somebody has already posted this, I apologize, but

A Truly Sick Part Of Ryan's Kill Medicare Plan That You May Not Have Heard About

Do you think national POLITICAL pundits (of any stripe) have YOUR best interests at heart?

Brutal Fights Caught On Tape At Hayward High School

Ed Schultz on Bill Maher tonight

KRUGMAN re: Ryan's Proposal-"A Sick Joke-All the alleged cost savings were pure fantasy."

Obama caught on audio slamming GOP

Bachmann schedules batshit crazy "private sit-down" with South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley

NY ex-comptroller gets at least 1 year in prison

Please DU this poll on Scott Walker.

Most House Democrats, 3 Democratic Senators Reject Obama's Austerity Budget Deal With Republicans

Why is MSNBC celebrating the tea party anniversary when they did not take their sorry butts

The Real Savings of the $38 Billion Budget Cuts for This Year…$352 Million

TSA security looks at people who complain about ... TSA security

“Spillionaires” Profit from BP Oil Spill

Grover Norquist is no fiscal conservative...he loves free lunches

Right wing nut case ALMOST gets it right

Treat for TGIF: Laura Flanders interviews directors of new Bill Hicks movie.

One year ago, did anyone here think that all Bush tax cuts would be extended?

From Facebook: "Paraphrasing John Boehner: "If Obama's not going to kill Grandma, we will." n/t

"Not intended to be a factual statement" - hilarious FB page

Poor Joe Walsh

The thing about radiation dangers in the US is we have nobody we can all trust to give us answers.

Father of victim of BP gulf disaster is on M$NBComast

Ask The View to bring up Stanley McChrystal to Michelle Obama this Monday.

GOP's Budget

Kind of worried...

Salmen High School senior's date to the prom? His mom

Show us that you're in

Moyers Ends Effort to Bring Weekly Series to PBS

Please keep DU'ing this poll. Thanks.

Obama Exclusive: I Was Born in Hawaii and I Don’t 'Have Horns'

Couple caught having sex at children’s library

Couple caught having sex at children’s library

Plunging Into Local Politics

I'm going to Ghana in a month and was thinking of doing a daily report on DU.

The Media shoudn't use the term "entitlements"

The Media shoudn't use the term "entitlements"

Greening the V8, or any other engine configuration made, removing oil from

Our Ayn Rand Health System.

Polls Show Opposition To Medicare Cuts, Uncertainty About Ryan Budget

Almont Energy of Canada to use Coates Engines.

"Milwaukee County has finished its canvass

Is the President's "progressive" talk helping or hurting the Democratic Party?

Senators Want SEC To Explain Delay On Anti-Corruption Rule

Hoekstra won't challenge Sen. Stabenow for seat in 2012

Remember Operation Chaos?

(Astro) Turf Wars - Have any of you seen this movie?

From the White House: Your 2010 Federal Taxpayer Receipt

Born in the USA !

Paul Krugman: Do Issues Matter For Elections? A Test

4 x C?

"Birthers take GOP hostage, lock sane conservatives in the cellar"

9-month-old baby orangutan named Boo - (cuteness overload) friday fun pics

Oh Joy... Florida's official unemployment rate falls 0.5% to 11.5%..

The 2011 TIME 100 Poll Results

Gov in LIBYA calls for ELECTIONS! The "rebels" and the Allies don't seem to want hear any of it

Ryan budget plan passes House; only 4 GOP reps vote no

I believe that a carving of President Obama's face should be added to Mount Rushmore.

Kyl SCRUBS Blatant LIE-Congressional Record to omit 'well over 90% of what Planned Parenthood does'

#42 - Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier on this day

Man accused of stalking woman before killing her in Oak Brook

New York court system to lay-off up to 500 employees: union

Re. "Atlas Shrugged," I'm going to ask this...

"I plan to use my new powers to modify union contracts"-----Detroit

Offshore Banking and Tax Havens Have Become Heart of Global Economy

What's your favorite hot topic on DU?

Statue of Liberty stamp error: Las Vegas replica honored instead

Off-The-Charts Income Gains For Super-Rich

Pawlenty Dodges Question About Paul Ryan’s Medicare Cuts

How a President loses his Party's base by Steve Kornacki, Salon

Alabama DUers please be on the lookout

Feds threatening crackdown over medical marijuana

Paul Ryan’s ‘Compassionate’ Budget Would Gut The Food Safety Net

Ex-Phillie Dykstra arrested on federal fraud charges

Mitt Romney was born in Mexico. Not intended to be a factual statement.

There are currently 18 active tornado warnings across Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana (5:26pm E)

Michael Moore: GE Spends $20 Million a Year to Lobby Congress and We Get Stuck With Their Taxes

The GOP and Medicare

Anyone else doing "Tax Day - Make Them Pay"?

Missouri Anti-Puppy Mill Law, Prop B, Overhauled By Lawmakers For Being Too Costly

Missouri Anti-Puppy Mill Law, Prop B, Overhauled By Lawmakers For Being Too Costly

Trump: "I have a great relationship with the blacks" - I always "tip" 15% regardless of race

Teabaggers' Tax Day events in IA lack crowds; Pawlenty cancels Des Moines event tomorrow too!

Woman denies making 'true threat' against abortion doctor

OK.. Which 2, then 3, then 2 Repugs voted AGAINST Ryan's plan?

It's official: House GOP passes plan to end Medicare, cut taxes on millionaires

Obama admin. threatens to prosecute state employees who license medical marijuana dispensaries

Greens now Germany's largest opposition party

Greens now Germany's largest opposition party

Dane County to drop challenge to union bargaining law

Dane County to drop challenge to union bargaining law

Obama's broken promises kick-off campaign for 2012-RT (VIDEO) ouch!

Eugene Robinson on Donald Trump:


Catholic university tries to censor student paper; students get creative (pic)

After today's vote, there is no credibility to the claim there is no difference between the parties.

After today's vote, there is no credibility to the claim there is no difference between the parties.

How Democrats Railroaded Republicans Into Almost Passing A Budget Too Conservative For Them

What is this Third Way think tank?

Defunct Cadillac dealership was being used by 50 homeless, residing in showroom & Sales offices

Poll NY Daily News: Should Bush tax cuts for the rich end? DU IT!

Stephen Colbert Will Become 'Political Playa' in 2012 By Exposing Citizens United

Elijah Cummings is anhilating Lungren

OK... I am sorry.

So what's getting covered up today? Another cute blonde is missing.

So what's getting covered up today? Another cute blonde is missing.

Mama Eagle is getting soaked in the rain...

Painting from Nat'l Gallery in DC, whats the name?

If they get away with killing Medicare, veteran's health care is next....

Obama, Bush, Clinton: Who's Worse On The Deficit?

Welcome to the Pure Michigan Republican Dictatorship, coming to your state soon

The 'Pug budget is the perfect analogy for what has been wrong with the Dems for decades now

Great day in MLB history.

Massachusetts, pioneer of universal health care, now may try new approach to costs

Now, wait a minute

I would LOVE it if Donald Trump ran for President as an Independent.

I would LOVE it if Donald Trump ran for President as an Independent.

Do House Republicans realize they just endorsed a higher debt limit?

Controllers sleeping, pilots playing on laptops, no wonder

Not one of the 29 million 08 Obama voters who bailed on him in 10 are whining about TP rule, right?


A personal story about Planned Parenthood

Bacteria in grocery meat resistant to antibiotics

Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged hopes to become the Rocky Horror of the Tea Party?

ACLU: Obama administration wrong to let torture lawyers Bybee & Yoo off the hook

Japan Plant Fuel Melted Partway Through Reactors: Report

Complaining About Airport Security Could Tag You As A Possible Threat

Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction: AZ Birther Law Requires Candidates "To Describe Penis"

My question for President Obama and DUers

HA! "See Below The Fold"

HA! "See Below The Fold"

Recall One Tough Michigan Shithead

Former employee sues IBM for bullying

Commercial ad space sold on school buses...

Commercial ad space sold on school buses...

Woman posing as doctor gives fake brain cancer diagnosis to patient

Dem Decries GOP's 'Harry Potter Budget Plan' (Rep. John Yarmutt)

Would the rich taste good?

Would the rich taste good?

Las Vegas officers honored for 'heroic' Costco shooting

Bolivia protests challenge Evo Morales

Rate your represenative to US Congress here (this time I will give you a 0)

Hey, Media! Stop Blacking Out Progressive Protests

I dare not say anything against Ron or Rand Paul here -

Toon - Wake Up, America!

Woman Who Attempted Suicide While Pregnant is Accused of Murder

The Donald- 1999 version: " We must have universal health care"

Why No Prison for Banksters Who Caused Financial Crisis…Yet?

Democrats Fear GOP Probes Are Muzzling AARP In Medicare Fight

Scott Walker Beer Buddies Boycott !!!!

So why isn't anyone talking about the most logical reason behind Trump B.S.

Joe Arpaio's Office Accused of Misspending Nearly $100 Million

You wanna know who the birthers are, and why? This photo sums it up (warning: offensive)

The Verizon guy comes out, talks about anti-gay abuse he endured while playing Test Man character

Today was my first day driving a cab!

Tea Bagger mentality at it's finest

Obama Administation: Threatens To Prosecute State Employees Who License Medical Marijuana

Live animals sold as key rings in China

Bullet proof clipboard

WHY does the Tea Party tail wag the Republican dog? I don't get it.

AFL-CIO exposes more corporate tax shenanigans

AFL-CIO exposes more corporate tax shenanigans

Rep. McCarthy(r) introduces bill to roll back Clinton-era rule protecting 60 mil acres of wilderness

Walker will be introducing a Financial Martial Law bill

Bank of America just (yesterday) foreclosed on me.

Why do older folks tend to vote for Republicans?

Obama Tells Congress He's Keeping His Czars (advisers)

Why on earth would Sarah Palin fake a pregnancy?

Bill Maher is on in one half hour. Guest is Ed Schultz from the Ed Show.

Bill Maher is on in one half hour. Guest is Ed Schultz from the Ed Show.

LOL at BEST Reason - Trump Is FAKING It

ONE VERY lucky man...(Japan Tsunami)

positive proof of global warming (funny pic)

Al Gore & Van Jones Power Shift conference / live stream

Trump's new line is that everytime a reporter asks him anything about any of his deals he is going

Did the Obama administration make a deal with Pharma to not negotiate...

Not all small businesses deserve a tax break

Ex-U.N. official Ritter convicted in underage Internet sex sting

idiots mad that Obama was elected burned a church

Some bacteria in grocery meat resistant to antibiotics: study

Maine Man Pleads Guilty To Making Threats Against NPR Hosts

"Family Friendly" Machine Gun Festival Welcomes Neo-Nazi Extremists

Another great toon about vouchers.

Toon to send the righties on this tax day

Why can't we just challenge Trump to get the GOP to impeach the President over his birth certificate...

Busted! Mysogynist Gilbert creator pretends to be his own biggest fan online

Republicans say they are saving Medicare - not ending it??

Miss. tornado caught on video today.

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseeker Check In!

Blue Cross/Blue Shield denied needed medical tests, Senate finds

Republicans will make US 'Third World' nation: Obama

Cons in Canada don't like it when college students vote either.......

Performance pay at schools Obama, Duncan picked for their children?

House just passed Ryan's plan 235-193.

Help please. C-Span 4/15 1:59 minutes goes black.

Hey Republicants - this is the man you are now supporting

Price of Tomatoes Has a Lot to Do With These Thefts

How long will it be before those on the left finally say "Enough!"?

Atlas Shrugged --> 6% on Rotten Tomatoes

Police to Wear Glasses That Scan Faces to Find "Criminals"

Ebert gives Atlas *, "users" give it ****

Rep. Steve Drazkowski(R-Mn) Fire the nurses.. use baby moniters

I need some help on a Journal thread that I cannot find.

I need some help on a Journal thread that I cannot find.

If sh*t could take a crap, the product would be Rupert Murdoch

Dog Torturer Michael Vick: 'I Wouldn't Change Anything In My Life If I Could'

Big Ed keeps stomping the crap out of Michael Steele on "Real Time"

Thanks Lawrence - that's exactly how I feel about

So does a presidential candidate in AZ just walk in and whip it out?

Why do Republicants want a 25% cut in education?

Evidence of this country's demise

Evidence of this country's demise

California lawmakers stripped of state cars

The architect of today's brilliant dem move in the House was

Wisconsin: teaching us why negative is better than positive

so sorry Eddie Munster...

My theory is that Palin had 11 other children but murdered them and ate them all

Mom Sentenced For Using Facebook As Son Drowned

Don’t Betray Us, Barack — End the Empire by Oliver Stone and Peter Kuznick

Don’t Betray Us, Barack — End the Empire by Oliver Stone and Peter Kuznick

Xpost from LBN - Feds Close, Indict Big Three Online Poker Sites. You know, I have to wonder,

Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. Blames The iPad For Killing Jobs

Detroit mayoral candidate wants to legalize drugs and prostitution to get city out of debt

Hawaii, Other States, Form Caucus to Oppose TSA Intrusions

My man, Roger Ebert's journal - "The One-Percenters" - Great writer, great read....

'Shocking and unconscionable': Lawyers and accountants to pocket $1 BILLION in Madoff clean up fees

Union of Concerned Scientists: Cleanup Lessons from TMI for Fukushima? (TMI had NO spent fuel)

What's under Elmer's Island?

TSA singling out for groping those who grumble about TSA procedures.

(WI-AG '06) Nickolaus: [Ballots] Not Intended To Be A Factual Statement

Dear President Obama: Do you get it now? (Or did you get it all the time?)

Woman who attempted suicide while pregnant is accused of murder

Koch Industries Lackeys Admit To Manipulating Oil Prices…And Gloat About It, Too

HA! HA! HA! Pandemonium! Dems Jam Republicans With Even More Conservative Budget

HA! HA! HA! Pandemonium! Dems Jam Republicans With Even More Conservative Budget

Anyone here know how to get a job with the State of California?

Who is this government jackass hollering that sleeping air traffic controllers

PROFESSOR: Sarah Palin Probably Staged A Gigantic Hoax About Being Trig's Mother

Michael Vick: 'I Wouldn't Change Anything In My Life If I Could'

How Hoyer carried out the House Democrats punk

White House, BP Tried to Spin Oil Spill Science, Emails Reveal

Wisconsin Democrats MIA as Election Stolen by Repub Thugs

Obama caught on audio slamming GOP

Is anybody else getting slammed by telemarketers? I'm on the DO NOT CALL list,

BREAKING: House Republicans Overwhelmingly Vote To Phase Out Medicare

Is there a Progressive version of ALEC?

Repubs in Washington believe Repubs in heartland are stupid...

15% of American girls hitting puberty by age 7; doctors unsure why change is coming sooner

Obama keeping his promise on Guantanamo Bay

Failed experiment: Misplaced faith in tax cuts and other economic myths are destroying the country

Under pressure from Kucinich, Walker admitted that union-busting wouldn't save WI State any money.

Michigan just slipped into dictatorship. Will of the people be damned. PROTESTS planned links

More to Read About Libya: Stephen M. Walt questions the justifications and legality

So what is happening with the Wisconsin recount? GAB found nothing in their investigation LOL!

Does it get any better than ATA?

I am a federal employee. About three years ago, my organization required a change/update to our IDs

President Obama Issues “Signing Statement” Indicating He Won’t Abide by Provision in Budget Bill

Drug testing for welfare recipients.

I am NOT John Galt

Go Granny

Restricted Reading: South Carolina Jail Bans All Books Except for the Bible

Libyan Revolution Day 58

Last year I won $17 playing about $5 a week in the NJ lottery

Sun News Network (aka 'Fox News North') premieres Monday in Canada

Obama moves forward with Internet ID plan

Cesium in Hawaii milk

FBI: JDL extorted rap stars, including Tupac


Palin to speak in Madison Saturday, "increased turnout" expected.

Dismissal of EMU counselor who refused gay student draws GOP fire

On Children...(you don't own them...but..)

All this talk of financial armageddon if the debt ceiling isn't raised sounds eerily familiar

Texas Man Accused of Murdering Sons, Sends Mom Photo of Boy Hanged

Texas Man Accused of Murdering Sons, Sends Mom Photo of Boy Hanged

LOL's for the week-end - pics

What did Obama mean by "spending reduction in the tax code"?

Is it just me or have the Democrats decided to finally start "screwing with them"?

my beloved Melissa 1968--20011

All those who think the eagle parents should be DU's unofficial mascots, check in.

Seattle suburban Tea Party holds first meeting; total attendance = 8

Santorum Backs Away From Campaign Slogan When Told It's From Famous Langston Hughes Poem

Heartless BASTARD! David Brooks REVEALS that Obama "has never invited Ryan over even for lunch."

Heartless BASTARD! David Brooks REVEALS that Obama "has never invited Ryan over even for lunch."

Scott Walker's Koch Connection

Obama Rips Ryan: "This is the same guy...

Dem pollster predicts GOP Medicare proposal will 'sink' Republicans

Rand Appalling: New 'Atlas Shrugged' Movie Booed Off Planet

Prosser confirmed winner of Wisconsin Supreme Court race

Prosser confirmed winner of Wisconsin Supreme Court race

Foreclosure leaves North Palm couple's belongings on street for thieves

Why does a CT scan costs $2,000?

"Deficits don't matter". You know who said this during the Bush

Please eat Fukushima’s veggies, Japan tells radiation-wary nation

Pick your nomines.

Is it Time we get rid of the Electoral College and go to popular vote?

Here's an entitlement that should be slashed - 100 billion in off shore tax evasion.

Walker preparing financial martial law in WI via "Local Government Flexibility Toolkit" - website:

Ok the birther law is funny, BUT it is hysterical

Chinese women "hold the cards" when in comes to marriage now, males can't get a date

My Teabagger US Rep weighs in on Medicare.

Men are evil and deserve to die; women must be mentally ill or victims of abuse

Here's a picture of the weather in the US for the next 48 hours from

Vanity Fair: "Of The 1%, By The 1%, For The 1%"

On a scale of 1-5 rate your governor

Costco To Sell Home Solar Panel Kits

Feds Charge PokerStars, Full Tilt Poker Sites

Miss C blogs about Bronx charter school year. Felt like "chess piece, robot, warden, inmate..."

I'm shocked! BP plotted to influence what scientists said about oil spill’s impact

Progressive Caucus "Peoples Budget" Voted Down. 108 Democrats in House vote against it!

My day dreaming is back. It has been a pretty good year. I go for drives after work. Have had

Look at this very closely...


Will watching "An Inside Job" put me into a funk or energize me to fight the good fight?

Guys with monster trucks aren't the only ones who are compensating.

CMW is puttin' the ukelele band back together. He's on a mission from God.

Cor, luv a duck: Gorilla reveals paternal instinct as he cradles tiny bird

Do you think I could I make a living with an online extortion racket?

Road trip to Oregon, tomorrow!!1!!

A GREAT singer most of you have never heard of!

OK, time to hit the confessional.


Facebook account suspended over a nude Colbert profile picture

Past history humourously told, UK style

Happy Jackie Robinson Day!


Ignore this- I went off on Windows but the problem is ME

Did you ever use a metrognome when you practiced with your instrument?

Ladies and gentlemen, the greatest living female rock singer!!!

So your fiance gets 3 vibrators at her bridal shower. As her future husband,

Trying to find a Flintstones image, can anyone help?

Trying to find a Flintstones image, can anyone help?

It is LGBT Gay Pride Weekend in Phoenix!

BREAKING: EarlG to tombstone himself

PHOTO: For the MiddleFingerFamily, every Friday night is "Sears Portrait Studio Night"...

Rescued Baby Hummingbird

what good is e-filing your taxes if you still have to snail mail in a hard copy of your return?

two movie posters up now with women with bows and arrows

Get down with your bad self

When did you last gush?

Judgment Day Countdown - D-Day Minus 36

When did you last mush?

Red Wood Cutting.

"Sex" is the word for today. Modify a thread title to include "sex".

Gabba Gabba WTF

Castle fans: does this show ever get exciting?

Happy Birthday Charlie Chaplin!

Country songs that AREN'T complete trash--inspired by a GD thread.

young local band, their first video

heartbreak, TN

OK, it was yet ANOTHER international incident, but you can't really blame MiddleFingerMom THIS time.

Doing my taxes and feeling sorry for myself...until I learnt

Would the rich taste good?

PHOTO: When is a SNACK not a SNACK?

Me and brother Bill was goin' fishin' down to the river one day

Hi. I'm feeling a little better.

What are you reading tonight DU? Me? "The Atlantic Privateers" by John Leefe.

I've started another Sarah Palin rumor in GD

Got 6 vaccines today. My arms feel like they're going to fall off.

I'm sorry, but breast-feeding in public is just plain wrong

Pain of British Fiscal Cuts Could Inform U.S. Debate

watching youtube and an odd thought about cleanliness occured to me

Kali MEANS it this time. Really. No, REALLY. She's getting stuff done today. Really.

Cutest kitten video I've seen so far...

HANKIE TIME! "Story of Nanako the Rescued Cat and Her Brand New Life" (w/ photos)

Reduce your zip code to one digit.

As more problems appear at Arlington, Congress asks for accountability

Dozens wounded as protesters clash in Jordan

Mediation Resumes in NFL, Players Dispute

Suicide bomber kills prominent Afghan police chief

New Arrest Over Anonymous' Pro-WikiLeaks Attacks

(Wisconsin) State won't appeal restraining order on collective bargaining limits

What do you think of my latest musical discovery: Puro Instinct?

Worst Song Titles. I'll lead off with: Yummy, Yummy, Yummy

When did you last flush?

Man accused of stalking woman before killing her in Oak Brook

Obama Exclusive: I Was Born in Hawaii and I Don’t 'Have Horns'

Factories Boost Output For 9th Straight Month

Libya conflict: France eyes new UN resolution

Zawahri says Muslims should fight NATO in Libya

NY ex-comptroller gets at least 1 year in prison

Donald Trump soars to top of GOP field

Hey! I got a promotion and a raise today

Italian activist found dead in Gaza after abduction

Video of the taxiway collision at JFK:

Send my sister some strength vibes. She is dealing with some MAJOR tornado stuff in MS.

When did you last blush?

Trial continues for alleged Serbian prison guard

99th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic today

Obama Job Approval at 41%, Tying His Low

Ryan budget plan passes House; only 4 GOP reps vote no

Japan Says 28 Plant Workers Got High Radiation Doses

Raise your hand if you think DU needs a cat smiley

Texas Man Accused of Murdering Sons, Sends Mom Photo of Boy Hanged

Patient cat is patient. But there will be no tip.

Patient cat is patient. But there will be no tip.

I'm still on teh West Coast. Washington State to be exact. It's not raining

Today was my first day driving a cab!

William Lipscomb, Nobel Winner in Chemistry, Dies at 91

There are currently 18 active tornado warnings across Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana (5:26pm E)

Good Friday Earworm - what's yours?

Can anyone tell me why we are not allowed to post...

Detroit to send layoff notices to all its public teachers

ugh -- I'm tired of surprises at the grocery store

Belgium hears ex-bishop Vangheluwe play down abuse

David Prosser Projected Winner, JoAnne Kloppenburg Defeated In Wisconsin Supreme Court Election

Please don't post your story. Just answer the question:

Prosser 'Wins' WI Supreme Court Election by 7,316 Over Kloppenburg, According to Unverified Canvass

Riot police sent to National University in Bogota

I need a hug

Day 2 of NFL Mediation Ends; Talks Resume Tuesday

Woman who attempted suicide while pregnant is accused of murder

FDA clears first-of-a-kind device for brain cancer

Help! I'm a new Dad and I need parenting advice (and I'm sleep deprived)

Scott's lawyer admits he misled Fla. Supreme Court in high-speed rail argument

House kills effort to allow recall (Maine)

New York court system to lay-off up to 500 employees: union

New York court system to lay-off up to 500 employees: union

FBI: JDL extorted rap stars, including Tupac

Bank of America quarterly profit drops 39%

Phone-hacking investigation identifies more than 91 victims

Okay, I own a thermonuclear device. NOW what?

Star of Egyptian Revolt Blasts World’s Elites as “Partners in Crime”

Obama signs 2011 budget deal into law

US House Votes 235-193 To Approve Fiscal 2012 Budget

(Robert) Bobb will use new powers to alter union contracts

California lawmakers stripped of state cars

Iowa nuclear plant opposition aired

President Obama kicks off his 2012 fundraising in Chicago

(Va. AG) Cuccinelli: Some state payments to Va. charities were unconstitutional

U.S. bank failure tally hits 34

Scientists: Controllers need naps on the job

Food, Gas And Rent Push Consumer Prices Higher

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday, April 15, 2011

Cuyahoga Cty Repub Party Chairman Rob Frost to explore run for Congress, possibly against Kucinich

Italian reports: ThyssenKrupp executives convicted

'Prince of Pot' denied transfer to Canadian prison

Georgia governor to sign law targeting illegal immigration

Emails expose BP's attempts to control research into impact of Gulf oil spill

Mom on Facebook sentenced in son's drowning death Ceases Business with GoDaddy to Protest Shooting of Elephant

Ex-Marine, advocate kills self after war tours

Study: Half of supermarket meat may have staph bug

TSA security looks at people who complain about ... TSA security

Obama Administration Warns It May Prosecute (WA) State Employees if Gregoire Signs Medical Pot Bill

Can anyone suggest a forum where I could read about people requesting help

Vote canvassing results show Prosser won Supreme Court race

Obama, Cameron and Sarkozy: no let-up in Libya until Gaddafi departs

M5.9 earthquake jolts Kanto region

Drama erupts on House floor as conservative budget goes down

Bolivia may revoke mine contracts

Bob Barker asks Toronto zoo to shut elephant exhibit

Job training programs cut in budget deal

Benton Harbor emergency manager (EFM) strips power from all elected officials

Libya crisis: Gaddafi using schoolboy conscripts on front line

Obama unplugged, tells Republicans: 'You think we're stupid?'

Jon Kyl Now Says He Misspoke On Planned Parenthood So Everyone Should Please Stop Making Fun Of Him

BP Alaska president pleads for lower state taxes

Military realities bind NATO in continuing Gadhafi fight

Ron Paul's son Robert considering a congressional run

Croatians convicted of war crimes

Unexpected arrest in phone-hacking case leaves (Rupert Murdoch's) News of the World stunned

Judge unseals Review-Journal/Righthaven contract (DU Case)

Three largest online poker sites indicted and shut down by FBI

Reports associating cholesterol-lowering statins with memory loss lead to FDA review

Just In: 'State Investigating Vote Irregularities in Waukesha County Going Back 5 Years'

Just In: 'State Investigating Vote Irregularities in Waukesha County Going Back 5 Years'

Glendale man sentenced to 34 ½ years in 'honor killing' case

Group sues CIA to declassify Bay of Pigs history

Qaddafi Forces Fire Cluster Bombs into Civilian Areas

Japan nuke plant operator to compensate evacuees

400 Year-Old Mummified Cat Discovered in Home Renovation (pic for those that may be squeamish)

State Department and former adviser to Uribe are pressed for information in death squads case

Wash. Post: Echoes of ’80s failure in Obama’s fail-safe budget plan

Eugene Robinson: Lines in the Sand

"If there is a war on coal, environmental forces may have just won the Battle of Midway."

Republicans vow to replace dollar with global currency

The '12 GOP field: "a lack of passion for the contenders"

Krugman: Tax Facts Where Your Money Goes: Online Federal Taxpayer Receipt Calculator

"...we would be a nation of potholes..."

Another one of Ron Paul's children may run for Congress

Update: Knoller releases the audio! (re: "You think we're stupid?")

Donald Trump leading the Republican race shows how weak the party is.

Proving they are the craziest state: Ariz. Legislature OKs presidential 'birther' bill

The gallery in House is "disturbing"

So, what reason will Trump give for staying out of the 2012 race?

What Chris Van Hollen means when he says Ryan's Medicare Plan is not the same as Federal Employees

Birther bills targeting Obama? 'bout some AFTERBIRTHER bills for the GOP?

C-Span: House voting on Ryan budget today. Will vote on People's Budget next.

Self-deleted by member

House voting now on the Ryan budget plan.

No-tax-hike pledge creates Republican rift, potential roadblock to deficit deal

Obama Job Approval at 41%, Tying His Low

WTF!?!?! The Arizona Birther bill does accept a circumcision certificate

TPM: House Republicans Pass Plan to Erode Medicare, Medicaid

Ryan Budget: GOP Death Wish?

Which House Republicans changed their "Yes" votes to "No" (on the crazy budget to the right of Ryan)

Republicans go out on a political limb on budget (WaPo)

"The fault, dear Brutus..."(rant)

WTF - Obama at 42% in Gallup today

From House Democratic Leader Pelosi: 100 Days

Rep. Ellison embarrasses Republican on House floor with the facts

GOP (LOL) POLL: Trump 26, Huckleberry 17, Mittens 15, Newt 11, Palin 8. Only 38% want non-birther.

Discuss THIS...

DCCC chair Steve Israel: Vote today on Paul Ryan proposal will cost GOP the House

Cantor Claims Credit For Democrats' Jobs Record

The House Republican Budget Ends Medicare and Doubles the Costs to Seniors

Merkley, Kirk, Harkin, Collins Introduce Legislation to End Workplace Discrimination

Fox Business News put Lo u Dobbs on to supplant Glenn BECK.

Ryan budget final tally: 235 yea 193 nay.

et tu wbez

House votes on killing Medicare today

Harry Reid's statement on the just passed Ryan budget in the Republican controlled House

Paul Krugman: Who’s Serious Now?

The GOP has lost the Public Trust with these Birthers/Baggers and their views of how to fix Nation

Why is Huffington Post making a big deal on a open mic of the President?

Mr. Obama, they should leave your mic on ALL the time!

Ryan and Republicans whine to media after President Obama smacked down his budget

Russ Feingold`s Progressives United raises over 1 million since feb 16th

T.V.A. Agrees to Shutter 18 Generators That Use Coal

The 2012 Race Could Be a Cakewalk

Obama 'Not at all' embarrassed by Release of Open Mic Comments

Photo: Paul Ryan before and after the President's speech

Have those "Keep you hands off my medicare" people been seen yet?

Donald Trump is a Democrat dressed a costume of Republican Clothing...

Obama to the GOP, "You think we're stupid?"

No Compromises over the debt celling!

Oliver Stone: Don't Betray Us, Barack -- End the Empire

Jon Huntsman's Love Letters (to Obama and the Clintons)

Gillibrand on House GOP's Assault on Women

CNN: Ahmed vs Mona Elthaway Debate France's Decision to Ban Face Veils (Muslim niqabs) in Public

Congresswoman Speier Describes One Woman's Nightmare Of Being Raped In The US Military

Pat Tillman's Mom Mary Takes On General McChrystal And The President!

If anything could make Obama take a tougher stand against Repubs., running for a 2nd term should

John Lewis floor speech of the Peoples Budget!

Trump: It's 'Not Easy' to be Anti-Gay in New York

The grief the GOP just brought on itself

'Can't bomb Libya into liberation - strikes spread carnage & chaos'

Thom Hartmann: Sweden doesn't mess around!

Arnie Gundersen U.S. Government Blocking And With Holding Information. April 13 2011

Japan Dead Zone: Video of search for bodies in Fukushima radiation shadow

Telegraph U.K. - Amateur video of Syrian security abuses

MSNBC: Cenk Challenges Tea Party Leader on Obama Budget Deal!

The Wayseer Manifesto

Thom Hartmann: The most important message about Homelessness

Maggie Goes to Washington

Young CONservatives want their sheep to stop using gay and substitute

Congressman Crowley Is SPEECHLESS!

Kucinich: Obama Libya War Violates Constitution and UN Resolution

Why The Fed Is Responsible For The Pension Crisis

Abandoned Cattle Lay Dead and Dying Near Fukushima - April 10, 2011 - Sad :(

Hang the bankers! Max Keiser bravely fends off the financial trolls -Ten O'clock live (Channel 4 UK)

Thom Hartmann: Secrets the Rich don't Want You to Know

National Day of (Mostly) Silence, Why I support Gay Marriage

MSNBC: Cenk - GOP Panic Over Obama Budget Speech!

Senator Levin On His Report About Goldman Sachs

Obama's off-camera comments

Chaos As Dems Trick GOP Into Almost Approving RSC Budget

Obama's broken promises kick-off campaign for 2012

The Joy Baher Show: JERRY SPRINGER vs C-CUPP

MSNBC -- Matt Taibbi Explains How Wall Street Works

It Gets Better: Apple Employees

Whcih celebrity/famous person do/did you have a crush on that almost nobody else does?

Weiner to GOP : Stop Your Whining

Corporate killings in El Salvador

Mexican scientists focus on producing biofuels from trash

Maricopa County Sheriff's Office investigating bomb threat at Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station

Melted nuclear fuel becomes granular

Drumbeat: April 15, 2011

The Land of Stinkin’: When a Mega Dairy Takes Over

Is Duke Energy’s nuclear dream fading?

Merkel Faces Nuclear Exit Bill as States Exert Pressure After Japan Crisis

Vegetable bandits strike as food prices soar

High gas prices hurting confidence, changing habits

Japan Atomic Energy Society confirms: Nuclear fuel inside #1, #3 has partially melted

(Europea) Radiation risks from Fukushima 'no longer negligible'

Russia to send mission to assess Sea of Japan nuclear contamination

Japan energy crisis may force Sony to halt work

Georgia Nuke Plant Expansion Still On Despite Fukushima

Yoots to Obama: Listen Up!

Kiwis in a flap after scientist proclaims endangered bird 'is not worth saving'

Green energy projects still getting government support

In Minn., copper mining runs afoul of wild rice

TV Ad Challenges Iowa’s Radioactive Rate Hike Bill

T.V.A. Agrees to Shutter 18 Generators That Use Coal

Live stream of Arnie Gundersen and others discussing Fukishima 6:30PM EST (Fri Apr 15)

Analysis: Fukushima And The Plutonium Mystery

Great post by Rod Adams: "Stop Worrying About 'Spent' Fuel Pool Fires. Zirconium Tubes Do Not Burn"

States’ Shameful Trade-Off: Putting Prisons over Public Schools

South Africa joins the BRICS club, calls for reform of UN

Pain of British Fiscal Cuts Could Inform U.S. Debate

Renewable energy in Portugal

"House Republican leadership team still learning on the job" - Carl Hulse, NY Times

The two-tiered justice system: an illustration

Library Haunting - a spirited defense of one of America's last great public institutions

Red State Home Companion

Obama outflanked the wingers

How the 2010 Census Data is Reshaping America

Cuban veterans recall how workers, children joined fight to repel Bay of Pigs invasion

BOOKS: Monsoon - The Indian Ocean and the Future of American Power. By Robert D. Kaplan (Jim Miles)

Crossing the Rubicon

Skeleton Dance (James Howard Kunstler)

Zero-Tolerance Education Policies Are Destroying Young People's Lives

'Farms' Owned by the Rich Provide Massive Tax Shelter - no real farming needed to qualify

Friday Talking Points (163) -- The Ads Just Write Themselves

More Indians going to US universities: Survey

The latest thing in naval munitions

TSA security looks at people who complain about ... TSA security

The Legendary Weekend Economists! April 15-17, 2011

Liberals pride themselves on being tolerant. Are they really just suckers?

Dear President Obama, I got me a bad dose of the "what ifs?"

Now the GOP Is Going After Sexual Health and the Pill -- And the Battle Is Just Beginning

Greening the V8, or any other engine configuration made, removing oil from

Woman Killed In Accidental Shooting, Say Police

Brady center to file brief in case to overturn city gun laws (W. Va.)

(Ohio GOP) Lawmaker won't give up on gun bill (guns in bars) - other repugs rebel against it

No charges in accidental shooting of 2-year-old

Guns in College Classrooms? Not in Texas, After Campuses Fire Back

Today's guns in school stories....April 15th edition

Open carry hits another roadblock (OK)

If looks could kill.

SAF Sues Over Massachusetts Gun Ban For Legal Alien Residents

Anyone else watch "Best Defense" on the Outdoor Channel?

Evil, greedy gun dealer sells multiple guns to straw buyers for Mexican gangs while our heroic law

NY Times on "Gunfight:" "Doesn't caricature or condescend"

North Dakota: Governor Signs Employee Protection Bill. (Allows Guns In Car In Parking Lot)

State: Proponents see growing support for concealed carry

Panel OKs concealed carry for off-duty guards

NRA Should Have No Say Over CDC Firearms Studies

I just watched the HBO documentary "Gun Fight"....

MN Man Charged in Shooting after IPad Sale Goes Wrong.

Police: Western Pa. man waved gun at employee inside city hall office over neighbor's fence

HBO Documentary Gunfight: Anti-Gun Sandbag Job

"Open Carry" Ban Passes With Emergency Provision (MO)

Saw my first open carry in town the other day.

Apple Employees post a It Gets Better Video

Anti-Gay Activist running for School Committee in Rockport, MA

Maggie Goes to Washington

X-Posted: ACTION ALERT: Tell Senate Democrats to vote against bill to ban transgender marriage

ENDA passage effort renewed with Senate introduction

Obama Should Lead The Way On ENDA

Cartoons Are Making Your Children Gay

SEIU Political Director and Progressive Maryland Board Member Calls Trans People “Circus Freaks”

Bigotry Watch: The real outrage isn’t that Kobe Bryant said “fag”

Corvino: Is there one ‘real’ kind of gay sex?

Good news from CT - ban on "large-capacity" magazines is dead.

Firearms Accidents Even Rarer Than Hen’s Teeth

300 Goats and Sheep, 20 Slaughterers, One Willful Rabbi

New book challenges views on sex in the Bible

Religion lies about women

Goldman Prize Winner Francisco Pineda Risks His Life to Battle Gold Mining Operation

Riot police sent to National University in Bogota

Bolivia may revoke mine contracts

Cuban veterans recall how workers, children joined fight to repel Bay of Pigs invasion

At Mexico Morgue, Families of Missing Seek Clues

Last Pick Of WNBA Draft Earns Title Of Saddest Woman In America

The Franchise...

As a favor to "someone," Here's Friday's Official Barry Bonds Convicted Felon Thread!

Take that, Frisco Beardies!

This date in baseball, April 15th. Quite a day.

Adrian Gonzalez, Boston Red Sox agree to seven-year, $154 contract

#42 Day >>

State Department and former adviser to Uribe are pressed for information in death squads case

What's with Carl Crawford?

Kings Jarret Stoll suspended 1 game for hit on Sharks Ian White..

Jerry Remy needs to take the marbles out of his mouth

How ugly are the Yankees fans going to be tonight?

Golfer Kevin Na Shoots a 16...on One Hole at the Valero Texas Open

Right on time, LA Times starts its hatchet job on Peru's Humala:"In Peru, two weak choices"

50th Anniversary of Bay of Pigs.

I will not bother succeeding presidents: Santos

Specter of Kashrut makes venues shy of same-sex weddings

Israel to grant preference to settlers in gun licensing procedure

Friends of murdered Italian activist 'devastated'

War on Palestinian Memory: Israel Resolves Its Democracy Dilemma (Ramzy Baroud)

‘Matter of Policy’: Gaza War and Goldstone’s Moral Collapse (Ramzy Baroud)

Gaza rockets fired at Israel end lull in violence

Soldiers ignore settlers hurling stones

Israel promotes gay tourism in Berlin

Italian activist found dead in Gaza after abduction