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Archives: April 12, 2011

RT: Cargo of radioactive Japanese cars detained in Russia's far east.

Issa calls Gov. Scott Walker to testify

President Obama uses his negotiation skills to buy a car... (sarcasm alert)

Waukesha voting irregularities go back to 2004...

Bradley Manning: top US legal scholars voice outrage at 'torture'

KKK: A secret History

Walker's plan to eliminate income eligibility limits for the program.(school choice)

Walker Returns $50,000 in Jack Links'-Related Contributions with $75,000 in Taxpayer Dollars

Walker Returns $50,000 in Jack Links'-Related Contributions with $75,000 in Taxpayer Dollars

What do you get for compromising with Reich-wing extremists?

FBI files reveal exploding UFO, aliens near Roswell

Racism is not at all confined to the South.

LOL - Facebook status from one of my friends:

Are you happy with the Democratic party?

On the Tea Party, by the Left Coast Sports Babe

New York state budget slashes education, health care and taxes on the rich

NYT: New Doubts About Turning Plutonium Into a Fuel

The Effect of Marginal Tax Rates on GDP Growth

Fine arts on the chopping block for Clark County, Nevada schools

Larry Summers Speaks In Support of Expansive Fiscal Policy! Go Larry?

Another horrific case of child abuse in Florida. Have some parents lost their minds?

Tories under attack over bombshell G8 spending report (Canada)

Problems of Reading Comprehension at Zero Hedge

What Paul Ryan's Unserious Proposal Actually Looks Like (one page outline)

Budget cuts may sidetrack some of California rail funds

Man dies after falling into pasta machine

Paul Ryan - owned by the Heritage Foundation losers

TEPCO didn't bother developing robots b/c cheap expendable workers were available

Obama’s Central America hypocrisy met with protests

Toon: How the Republican Medicare Voucher Program would work

Grover Norquist just crawled from under a rock, now on MoJoke

Georgia Negro Weeps Open-Eyed at the Death of President Roosevelt

Toon: Resource Allocation

Bill Press read a few of DU e-mails this morning regarding the

Trump: Obama not "natural born citizen" Ok I am cracking. I laughed at first but now I am concerned.

Has the computer screen replaced the white hood in American social discourse?

Warning: Unemployment can be a killer

Stupak Becomes Lobbyist

400,000 Newly Unemployed Workers Celebrate Budget Agreement

DC mayor arrested protesting budget restrictions


With Sarah sticking her nose in the birther issue, this is an old but relevant

German consumers moving away from nuclear energy

Scott Walker writes Urinal/Sentinel opinion piece...everything is Wonderful!!!

3 editorial cartoons by Steve SACK, re: BecKKK, Trump, & Gingrich

Waukesha voting irregularities go back to 2004...

Japan Ups Nuke Crisis Severity to Match Chernobyl (Now a 7)

Good News (In a Way)?

Did Mitt Romney Steal His Nurdle from Aquafresh?

The Civil War, then and now

Why do I hate the census so much?

The time has come to THANK Donald Tump for his support...

Why are unemployment benefits taxed and corporations and b/millionaires given loopholes

Media Matters: O'Reilly parroting Beck conspiracy theory about "far left" wanting economic collapse

Why NOW is the debt in need of drastic reduction; why NOW our #1 priority?

Cramer: Japan Is Not a 'Chernobyl Situation'---Keep Buying Stocks!!!

Scott Walker: Unions want to pull a 'Franken' in recount

Eminent legal scholars protest abuse of Bradley Manning

Funny during the reagan to bush presidency there was no problem with deficit spending. In fact I

The Tea Party is desparate

I have googled, but when is the speech tomorrow? Can't seem to get a exact time!

Gender Wage Gap, Current Threats to Economic Justice Linked

2012 Primary Debate Schedule...


Chris Jansing on MSNBC just posed a great question about Palin

Righthaven Gets Smack Down By Judge: Your "business model" isn't my problem

The Tea Party and the debt limit : two reasons to be afraid:

The 2008 election just hit me like a fucking freight train.

Krugman: With Friends Like These...

Obama's Upcoming Deficit Speech Leaves Dems "Scrambling"

Top Earners Get Sick Leave, Not So Much at Bottom of Wage Scale

Krugman questions Ezra Klein's credibility

Attack of the GOP Budget Rider Leeches

Obama scar conspiracy

'Worse Than Chernobyl': When the Fukushima Meltdown Hits Groundwater

Excuses, excuses.

Sounds promising:Obama to draw sharp contrast with GOP over deficit

Congress Details Cuts in 2011 Budget Deal as Votes Nears

400 times the normal levels of radiation could remain in communities beyond a 30-kilometer radius

Confidence in Obama re-election? How many of 680 defeated Dem. legislators will run in 2012?

Why Americans Are So Easily Conned

Looking for recent thread on RW's renewed push to link abortion to breast cancer.

Minnesota homobigot minister Bradlee Dean's tax-free "parsonage" for sale for $409,000

Walker's admin undermines Wisconsin job growth - Republican opinion

Massive Fish Kill at Beaver Lake in Saint Paul, MN!!!11!!

Chicago school bans some lunches brought from home

this will not help!

Contessa Brewer MSNBC let Repuke talking point lies go unquestioned again

For the gov't, the issue is TRILLIONS. Some of the cuts are measured in millions.

Is the increasing Right wing opposition to birth control an effort


Lawrence O'Donnell segment on the K.I.N.D. fund.

As with the death penalty, when emotion removed from gun debate....

Thermal cameras show too much

It's Time For All Du'ers To Have A Come To Jesus Talk With Their College Bound Kids & Above.....

Liberty U Blocks Access To Local Paper

How To Interview Donald Trump: The Birther-Debunker’s Guide To The Universe

Officials dispute reliability of Waukesha County clerk's election data system

Gaddafi’s Evangelical Advocate: Ray Comfort

Americans Hate Everyone/Gallup poll, asking people whether various groups have "too much power."

Dirty Secrets: Who in Congress is siding is big polluters.

"The coolest technology you've never seen"

Catholic Nun Forcibly Removed From Plane for Wearing "Muslim Garb

Ezra Klein sez: It's the Catfood Commission!

Eaglets had a bit of a scare last night

Plus ça change…(Waukesha Edition)

Inside the Budget Deal: Vulnerable Populations Targeted, But Family Planning Saved

Civil War Photos in 3D

Death knell for Trump...Palin speak out on birther support

Meltdown: not just a metaphor: Vested interests cause both financial & nuclear industries

Where does the money come for school vouchers?

Help-need info on Mustard Seed Foundation (Dennis Bakke)

The real lesson of Clinton wars: “The budget is a profoundly moral document”

I paid more in taxes this year than General Electric did.

TPM: Colbert ridicules John Kyl and "Fox & Friends" - video

Looking at the budget cuts/ Richard Nixon would be considered far left in todays climate

Thomas Hartman has a young woman on his show now, doesn't believe in equal pay for woman

Read the full text of the legislation enacting the budget cutting deal here.

Movie stars of the 1930's, 40's etc....who's left of the real stars of Hollywood now...

Who is John Galt?

Who is John Galt?

I think I'm finally really beginning to understand

Poll: Trump tied for first in race for GOP nod

Poll: Trump tied for first in race for GOP nod

Disaster toll still incalculable

OK then who eats the most meat in the world

Poverty in John Boehner's District (The Nation)

NY state Sen. Kruger pleads not guilty to bribery

The world remembers Yuri Gagarin - the first human space flight

How Rick Perry destroyed public schools in Texas and why it is Obama's fault

The Rude Pundit - In Brief: Photos That Teach Us What Bastards Republicans Have Become

SUVs for Gulf cleanup? BP money spent on gas guzzlers

Detailed List of Approved Cuts to This Year's Federal Budget

Thom Hartmann... now THAT's How to Handle Trolls!!!!

NH Republican Attacked By Her Own Party For Opposing Anti Union Bill “I know where you live. I am...

On The Horns Of A Dilemma

On The Horns Of A Dilemma

Detroit is a blank canvas in waiting: "The ruins of a mighty City" by Donald Kaul

20,000 more votes than ballots (Waukesha county, 2006)

WYOMING, of all places, has become a HOTBED of Gay Lovin' Cowboys!!

Abandoned bunnies: Easter a bad time for rabbits

America's Class Problem

The Real Housewives of Wall Street

Extraordinary rendition - WWII Style

Luckovich - "Obama Poker Tips!"

Krugman- Ryan's 5 point plan

Fight Economic Oppression, Target the Top One Percent

Fight Economic Oppression, Target the Top One Percent

Someone sent me a coupon good for a gallon of gasoline!

The Idiot: "The Koran has a negative vibe"

President Obama Open to Deal with Republicans on Debt Limit Spending Cuts

MJ: Repubs never meant to cut funds to Planned Parenthood.

Deconstructing the U.S. Military; or How to Cut a Cool Trillion Dollars a Year from the U.S. Budget

Most Important Archaeological Find Ever Shows Jesus Was Openly Gay Man

How did 90% tax rates work way back when? Here is one view.

Japan’s warning system gives seconds to prep for shake


Does anyone really know just how MUCH the government has taken from the Social Security Fund?

Progressive Caucus Budget Proposal (pdf)

Applebee's Restaurant to retrain staff after toddler mixed-drink mixup

I just want to say

Defending Wisconsin PAC dismantles Scott Walker's budget

How can congressional entitlements (perks) be removed by the people?

Don't latest budget priorities -- Pentagon up, children down -- prove the U.S. is a failed state?

Are we supposed to sit quietly when our leaders disappoint or flat out fail us?

Right to Work: The Law that Brings You Falling Wages, 80-Hour Weeks

Bart Stupak’s New Lobbying Firm Represents Planned Parenthood of Maryland

Richest Pay Lowest Taxes

Pakistani brothers 'dug up corpse and made it into curry'

Check This Out! Solar Highways!!!

Mother Jones: Why did Obama cave?

Mother Jones: Why did Obama cave?

DC Mayor, Voting Activists Arrested During Budget Deal Protest ~Apr 11, 2011(VIDEO)

Couple Heads Off Foreclosure by Fighting Back

AP: Diebold to build new world headquarters in Ohio

Are Democrats redefining courageous?

The newborn Romney campaign shows just how crazy the GOP has become.

Twin bro's who lived alongside the decomposing body of their 89 yoa mother charged with fel murder

Ground is Swaying in Japan - Liquification - About to Go Under!?April 12, 2011 (VIDEO) O.M.G.

Tea Baggers and Planned Parenthood

Picture of the day...

Did Koch Industries Write The Budget Deal?

Blogger who beat the NYT sues Huffington over the ‘Wal-Martization’ of journalism

The very last thing we need to cut right now is WIC

North Carolina Senate agrees to posthumous pardon for NC governor

Inside the mind of a teabagger

Now don't forget - Atlas Shrugged the movie opens on April 15th.

GOP's Alan Simpson assails "homophobes" in Republican Party, singles out Rick Santorum

Wow..Russia has been dumping radioactive waste, including 2 reactors, in the Sea of Japan for years.

Poll shows a majority of Americans believe GOP House "extremist"

What's the major factor that allows homosexuals to dictate major changes in cultural morality?

Franklin Roosevelt's 1944 SOTU and Economic Bill of Rights

Rush on Orly Trump: "He's the real illegal alien here."

Federal appeals court upholds injunction blocking Arizona immigration law

Weight Discrimination: Teen claims she was deemed 'too heavy' for 'Idol's' front row


Tweety Taxes versus Cuts

Obama first to put tax increases on budget table

GOP Dinosaur Thinks Cuomo's A Great Governor.

Frank Gaffney-Grover Norquist Islamophobia Feud Erupts In Public

Is there a way to vote all the right wing, Ayn Rand loving fuckwads off the island?

trump goes birther....tops cnn poll

Yay! Iceland's Penis Museum gets a human speciman

The United States is not at War

Bernie Sanders on Monday about the budget - MUST HEAR

The Rude Pundit- The Incomprehensible Budget Cuts: Does Anyone Have Principles of Governing Anymore?

A Dollar Is a Dollar: Elena Kagan’s Style


Today's buggering of Rupert Murdoch: Scotland Yard admits at least 8 Members of Parliament hacked.

Maine House passes sovereignty resolution

Tsunami: He had to keep climbing higher... amazing video

'Gang of Six' Under New Scrutiny Ahead of President Obama's Speech

I have a question about budget policy.

A Message From The Republicans

Why is corporate music/movies more cared about than the average intellectual property holder?

This makes me so angry - Historic Gold-Rush Era Cemetery Vandalized

Last year's chief anti-gay marriage organizer comes out in favor of full marriage equality

Last year's chief anti-gay marriage organizer comes out in favor of full marriage equality

Zero Salary for Congress: Why Not Link Pols' Pay Level to Ours?

Obama prevents budget cuts to favorite programs

WOW! 4/15 Teabagger rally in San Jose with local quasi-"celebrity" BRIAN SUSSMAN! WOW! USA! USA!

"If the workers of the world want to win, all they have to do is ...

Cruelty or lack of funds for medical care? - mom falls, they let her lie there until she died

New Farmworker Report Paints a Big, Grim Picture

The Rovian strategy for the Kloppenburg/Prosser race in Wisconsin

Nebraska man arrested for praying naked on the street, says he doesn't know why he was nude

If Obama's OK for Joan Walsh

Self-deleted by member

All-Night Session Keeps Boehner From Tanning Booth for 24 Hours

I'm not sure how to research this. Two questions.......

Senators: nonunion members shouldn't have to pay

Senators: nonunion members shouldn't have to pay

Salazar: House GOP drilling bills show ‘amnesia’ about BP spill

European Union prepares to send ground troops to Libya

Danziger- 1040OMG

In the 1890's, a Progressive movement grew out of the Wisconsin

An important new study with implications for the Conservative Brain

The things on which we agree (pdf)

Bored stiff: Student yawned so hard during lecture that she couldn't close her mouth

Talking About Debt At a Time of Low Interest Rates, Low Inflation, And High Unemployment Is Crazy

Talking About Debt At a Time of Low Interest Rates, Low Inflation, And High Unemployment Is Crazy

Trump Campaign Photo Album

So was George W Bush really "Batman" behind the scenes?

Ginni Thomas builds tea party list....

I really hope Trump, Palin, Bachmann, Cain, Keyes and McCain run

Warning: I will rec or unrec for no other reason than how I'm feeling at the moment.

What the Union Fight is Really About: Defunding the Left

US-Pakistan relations facing biggest crisis since 9/11, officials say

JoAnn Watson: Detroit deserves bailout 'at least' as big as GM

Landmark accomplishments like Social Security, Medicare would NEVER be enacted today.

CNN TV: Pawlenty running. Announcement will air on tonight's Piers Morgan.

J.Crew ad may be transgender baby propaganda, warns Fox

How would you restructure the tax code to bring in more revenue and decrease the deficit?

Deal relieves Milwaukee Public Museum of $10.8 million in debt

Wisconsin - Letter from Defending Wisconsin PAC requests AG van Hollen resign

Majority Leader Cantor (R-VA) has just said that the House GOP will just let the debt limit expire

Majority Leader Cantor (R-VA) has just said that the House GOP will just let the debt limit expire

For any hardcore political junkies... the Canadian election debate starts in half an hour

NBER: Tax Increases Reduce GDP (Christina and David Romer)

Horsey Toon: Boehner knows the value of taking hostages

Horsey Toon: Boehner knows the value of taking hostages

Message to Gay Conservatives: Be Less Gay

CNN on the Presidents yet to be delivered speech....

CNN on the Presidents yet to be delivered speech....

Anyone know how many people died during the Japan earthquake?

TEPCO's new estimate on how much radioactivity was released from Japanese plants

Can you even begin to imagine . . . . .

Impressed so far? They just had to get the wolves.

WaPo: Heavily negative reactions to budget negotiations

WaPo: Heavily negative reactions to budget negotiations

Warning, if you exaggerate or use quotes to prove a specific point, I WILL NOT unrecommend the post.

NASHVILLE, Tenn. - Gov. Haslam Signs Teacher Tenure Bill Into Law

My suggestion for the Obama Re-election song campaign.

"Budget Deal Actually Cut Less Than $15 Billion"

When it comes right down to it, who do you think the administration cares more about?

There's Nothing Wrong With Capitalism...

DC becomes 1st in US to offer Internet gambling

Warning, if you post hyperbole or pick&chose quotes to prove a specific point, I will unrec

Lawsuit: Homeless get $50 to be beaten on video

Jury convicts mom who withheld cancer meds

Evangelical Liberty University received half a billion dollars in federal aid money

OK, I think I have distilled new slogans for each party...

New campaign slogans for many of our politicians:

The coming revolution will not be right vs. left....

Just how stupid are Republicans? "Donald Trump tied for first in poll of GOP race"

Just how stupid are Republicans? "Donald Trump tied for first in poll of GOP race"

Japan Tries to Explain Delays in Reporting Radiation

Japan Tries to Explain Delays in Reporting Radiation

Alan Colmes: Obama To Draw Sharp Distinction From Republicans On Budget

Suppose there had never been a Civil War?

Michigan plan would tax retirees up to age 67 - to "free up" 900M for Corp tax cuts.

How is this NOT a political video???

Congress’ School Nurse

Congress’ School Nurse

Gay military families intentionally excluded from First Lady's military families initiative (Why?)

Conservative Brains Fearful, Unable To Understand Complexity, Science Shows

What Now, Wisconsin? - TheProgressive

J.Crew ad stirs up controversy with pink nail polish

Big rig test module hits wire, cuts power to 1,300 homes, businesses off Highway 12

Big rig test module hits wire, cuts power to 1,300 homes, businesses off Highway 12

WI rep Mark Pocan posts his 2008 article on ALEC: "Through the Corporate Looking Glass"

Feedback on OpenSource political party?

150 Years Later, Tea Partiers Still Aren’t Over The Civil War

PIRG Study: Banks Still Hiding Fee Information, Breaking Truth in Savings Act

The Guy Who Says He Owns 50% Of Facebook Just Filed A Boatload Of New Evidence -- It's Breathtaking

Rep. Weiner gives good tweet!

Why Americans Are So Easily Conned

Obama to propose cuts in Medicare, Medicaid

Bill Maher on Rachel's Show Tonight PLUS a HILARIOUS Tweet from Bill

simple messaging for Dems: “Republicans want to destroy Medicare and we don’t.”

Mr. Fish Toon: Guiles and Dolls


BACHMANN CRAZY ALERT: "Michele Bachmann burns up Iowa, decries gay marriage"

Dear repubican Medicare Reformers:

This day in Space History:

This day in Space History:

Late term abortion banned in Kansas...

Money Problems That Never Seem To End: 25 Reasons To Be Absolutely Disgusted With The U.S. Economy

Another in the series of "Do I have this right?"

Study: GOP brains Abby-normal, compared to Dems

More Twists and Turns in Wisconsin

How can any woman f**k Donald Trump? Seriously.

Obama helping out the American car industry with loans

Hey I think I agree with Michelle Bachmann..

Kloppenburg for Justice -- What's Next

Is Pills reading a teleprompter in this clip ??

Just once I'd liike to hear a Democratic candidate call out the Republicans

The Brookfield Follies--Ruminations of a paranoid mind

National Geographic Channel had a very interesting series on the Civil War...

Barack Obama as colonial master

20-mile open pit mine proposed upstream of Great Lakes Basin largest undisturbed wetland

Catholic group claimss children raped by priests were ‘homosexual’ participants, not victims

" discuss idea and not other members". I apologize, didn't mean to start the idea of

good ex of reframing for masses: NC Dem Senate leader blasts NC GOP

"Shared Sacrifice" seems to be the next mealy mouth, mean nothing phrase the media will not question

Conservative Brains Fearful, Unable To Understand Complexity, Science Shows

Class Warfare Survey (3 Questions)

Another Decorah Eagle thread; anyone wonder where Dad is all the time?

Cash-Strapped NFL Players Seeking High-Risk "Lockout Loans"

"They Are Afraid Their House Could Blow Up": Meet the Families Whose Lives Have Been Ruined by Gas D

A mistake found in the Ryan budget leading to FAR LESS deficit reductions than originally thought!!!

Feeling Depressed? 27 Depressing Statistics About The U.S. Economy That Will Make You Feel Even Wors

"Friends Don’t Let Friends Take Education Advice From Peter Thiel"

Drug wars - 116 undocumented migrants in Mexican mass grave

Revolting editorial - Pittsburgh sportswriter blames victim in near fatal attack @Dodger Stadium

I cannot wait until the primaries are over so the most hateful will have to

New Plan for Social Security and Medicare:

Two Questions: Do You Plan To Watch The President's Debt Speech Wednesday Night, And...

Decorah eagle question

A Hug Helps - pic

Brave New World the third most challenged book in America

I assume y'all heard the news. Fukushima is now a level 7 nuclear catastophe

love Ed Shultze new format

New Bill Berkowitz piece on ALEC (Unaccustomed to Hot Seat, ALEC Talks) quotes DU's Hector Solon

LBJ response generator for Obama. What would he say?

Bush defends taxpayer bailout of Wall Street

Baby eaglet #1 wandering around the nest, panting

Great. Just great.

Shame on you all... here's the "REAL" Christian news

Shame on you all... here's the "REAL" Christian news

April 12, 1861: The Civil War begins.

Ole' Boone Ain't Gonna Like This...'(Natural) Gas From Fracking More Damaging to Climate Than Coal?'

Ole' Boone Ain't Gonna Like This...'(Natural) Gas From Fracking More Damaging to Climate Than Coal?'

"Don't Let Ignorant People Vote"; Bad Idea

"Don't Let Ignorant People Vote"; Bad Idea

"Don't Let Ignorant People Vote"; Bad Idea

There are two ways to study what makes Michele Bachmann's district the way it is

Jay Wright, Kentucky Miner, Finds 300-Million-Year-Old Shark Fossil

Jay Wright, Kentucky Miner, Finds 300-Million-Year-Old Shark Fossil

President Obama turns to his bipartisan deficit commission’s blueprint for reducing debt

Trust me, you will rec this.............(video)

Japan Cuts Its Economic Assessment as Earthquake Damage Mounts

U.S. funds, Arizona effort help Mexico trucks pollute less

Should we be afraid of this bill?

how did that piece of crap Joe Walsh ever get elected in a state like Illinois

Koch-funded group teaches Tea Partiers guerilla internet tactics

From MSN Money: How the rich pay no taxes

Will his kind survive? - pic

Senate confirms US District nominee, Republicans approach 50% of all District judicial appointees

I finally met someone who gets that call for austerity.

jeb bush wants states to declare bankruptcy so they can screw union workers

Anybody Else Feel Like They're Fighting A Two Front War ???

I just started rewatching Obama's 2010 Q&A with the repubs

Lawmakers urge Obama to accept mandatory restraints on spending

Lawmakers urge Obama to accept mandatory restraints on spending

Berkeley Economist Brad Delong On Ryan's Medicare Proposals

Gullible, gullible, gullible!

Wisconsin - Republicans Now Hiring Out of State Felons – Canvasser Arrested in Crime Spree

SF Bay Area gas prices soar 26 cents a gallon to $4.22

Watched "Inside Job" this weekend....

what if you couldn't get contraceptives in some states?

Officially creeped out by dating site ad: You're Christian.. your single..

A different take on Boehner....

First three reviews posted for Atlas Shrugged, pan it

PHOTO: Now THAT is what I call a RESCUE WORKER.

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! & Here's Space Kitty

The Congress shall have Power [. . .] To promote the Progress of Science and useful Arts...

I think tomorrow is going to be a busy day here on the DU!

Sense of DU: Worried about Social Security cuts?

OK, so if we end Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, NPR, Planned Parenthood....

The American diet in one chart, with lots of fats and sugars

The American diet in one chart, with lots of fats and sugars

Which statement offers the best description of John Galt.

NPR Ombudsman: "NPR often does a lousy job of identifying the background of think tanks..."

What kind of confirmation is needed before drone missile strikes are ordered?

Does the 14th Amendment require the repayment of borrowed Social Security funds

In Letter, House Dems Tell Obama To Leave Social Security Alone - TPMDC

Don't Do It, Mr. President. Don't Cut Social Security or Medicare.

Slowpoke TOON: Obama Cuts Deal

U.N. Torture Investigator Slams U.S. for Denying Him Access to Bradley Manning

Stewart on Sen. Kyl’s ‘political strategy known as lying’

The U.S. Needs A Labor Party

I love hearing the older conversatives say, "We'll take the financial hit for the next generation!"

It's official: God Hates Wisconsin

Bloomberg - "Roubini Says U.S. Risks ‘Train Wreck’ From Bond Vigilante Wrath"

Japan ups nuke crisis severity to match Chernobyl

When the President gives Americans the bad news tomorrow,

When the President gives Americans the bad news tomorrow,

Derf: The Public Library of the Future

Derf: The Public Library of the Future

Lobbyists Won Key Concessions in Budget Deal

Before freaking out over the proposed budget, read it. Its in PDF form on

GOP gets its turn on Medicare hot seat

Democratic senator wants Internet sales taxes

In Michigan a republican did something I approve of !

California cat shot in head with arrow, survives - story w/pics

Humerous CNN quick poll running....results so far - Attacks Bernie Sanders Over "Made In America" Souvenirs

San Francisco considers requiring ID scans for most public events

2008 Obama campaign workers tell him not to cut Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid

Idea: Change Planned Parenthood's name to Jesus' Patriots Center for Freedom and Lower Taxes

US deficit up 15.7% in first half of fiscal 2011

So . . . . no one on earth apart from Stan McChrystal could do the job?

Feeding the Empire at the Expense of the Children: WIC spending cut, Pentagon spending increased

Bank customers can expect new fees for using ATMs, talking to tellers, transferring money

Prosser Campaign: Kloppenburg Should 'Avoid The Unnecessary Drama Of A Recount'

On the Torture of Bradley Manning, Obama Ignores Criticism by UN Rapporteur and 300 Legal Experts

New dinosaur species is a missing link

New dinosaur species is a missing link

KY gubernatorial candidate & Sen. president David Williams is a former ALEC Legislator of the Year

Inflation Actually Near 10% Using Older Measure

Walker: State Layoffs Could Happen If Anti-Union Bill Remains Delayed By Courts - TPM

STUNNING poverty in John Boehner's district......

Colon, toilet, and fecal material advertising...

Uh Oh... The Progressive Change Campaign Committee Has A New Petition Out...

Rep. DeFazio: Obama should ‘act like a Democrat’

AMERICABLOG: I want to buy a house from Obama

HELL NO!!! - Prosser Campaign: Kloppenburg Should 'Avoid The Unnecessary Drama Of A Recount' - TPMDC

Union Cuts Needed to Avert State Takeover, Detroit Mayor Warns

Matt Taibbi: The Real Housewives of Wall Street

tax deductable whale hunting expenses

Krugman- Why Not A Public Option for Medicare?

Billionaire will pay 20 kids to leave college and start a company instead

Coulter crawls out from under her rock to unleash teh crazy... again.

Lies About the U.S. Civil War 150 Years Later

Is there any way for Republicans to assault/destroy SS & AVOID the wrath of voters....

FUCK the "art of the possible" -- It's time to DEMAND the IMPOSSIBLE

Wolves Sacrificed in Spending Bill?

Put this bank out of their misery already! They should go to jail for robbing customers!

20,000 more votes than ballots (Waukesha county, 2006)-Brought To You By Kathy Nickolaus

New bookstore open in my town!

The Paul Ryan Plan

When do you think the White House will notice the price of gas?

Island tax havens ...

Call me unsensible, a dreamer, or even childish all you want, but

Discretionary spending will be reduced by only $14.7 billion

Japanese Youth Step Up In Earthquake Aftermath

When I get all confused by all the B.S. being pushed, George Carlin brings me back to reality

A rare moment of MSM honesty!

600 year old stone slabs warn: "Remember the calamity of the great tsunamis."

Discovered a "Who is John Galt" sticker on my local mailbox yesterday.

Talking Point of the Day: The Republicans are putting Nation's Financial Security at risk for

FAIR Criticizes AZ Ruling

Detroit 3 are expected to add 36,000 Tier 2 jobs by 2015 (Tier 2 meamns LOW pay)

I Did Not Interview John Boehner (Matt Taibbi)

Why Don't Republican Election Officials Ever Make "Errors" That Help Democrats?

Cell Phones and Cancer: the Risk is Real

Sometimes the truth is Simple. Today's Republicans have become Classic Bullies

Tax cuts for the rich and cut Medicare for the elderly?

Yikes !!!

Watch Former Senator Alan Simpson Tear Into GOP ‘Homophobes’

Is uploading/downloading content from/to Youtube legal or not?

On the 91% of honor killings commited by Muslims

White House bars black groups from military families event

Obama appointee dissents as 4th Circuit panel rejects widows survivor benefits

'Mother Earth' to be given same rights as humans under UN plan

'Mother Earth' to be given same rights as humans under UN plan

Sparkly's Easy Two-Step Solution for Solving America's Economic Problems!!

S**t on a shingle: "Student cringes at an enchilada dish served at his school"

Why did the North really want to fight the Civil War? I mean the powerful, not the average

TOON: THIS MODERN WORLD on ''I want a pony'' meme

Columnist Blames Beating Victim, Says Bryan Stow Shouldn't Have Been Wearing Giants Jersey

Bachmann wants to prohibit judges from enforcing equal protections

Houston Doesn't Get A Shuttle?

I'm not a fan of calling American voters stupid...but Jesus effing Christ...

I Feel Ashamed To Live In A Country and Be Part of a Party

I Remember America

Is now the time for the USSR to be resurrected and invade Vietnam?

I Lied To You / I Told You the Truth

So How are Moderates helping?

Am I the only one who thinks Tom Brokaw is completely worthless?

Keep your Boehner out of my uterus (now in visual form)!

3 reasons why we need a landslide victory in 2012. House, Senate and White House.

The Guy Who Says He Owns 50% Of Facebook Just Filed A Boatload Of New Evidence And It's Breathtaking

U.S. Marijuana Industry Responsible for $5 Billion in Energy Consumption

OK - The Obama Administration dips into Social Security to pay for our wars

Bill Clinton has 527,709 Facebook fans. The George Bush has 937,310. Can we do something about this?

The Republican game plan

Libyan Revolution Day 55

Oh Wow... This Paragraph From From Digby...

#NotIntendedToBeA FactualStatement

What is your single biggest monthly cost?

Remember When...

Why is the Federal Reserve forking over $220 million in bailout money to the wives of two Morgan Sta

I think I figured it out!

"not intended to be a factual statement"

Egypt's Hosni Mubarak in hospital after 'heart attack'

Progressive Group To Supporters: Withhold Donations To Obama If He Cuts Medicare, Medicaid

In U.S. Prisons, Inmates Sold Into Sex Slavery

Dear Americans age 55 and younger. You need to keep something in mind from now on:

More Twists and Turns in Wisconsin by Lisa Pease (4-12-11 Consortium News)

Bolivia enshrines natural world's rights with equal status for Mother Earth

My Grandma told me that around the times of the Depression

I just turned 52. Paid into the system my whole life. So FUCK ME.

Mummy, mummy, there's a nuclear monster!

Judge OKs school 'boobies' bracelets

Jesse Ventura: Letter to the Ruling Class

20,000 more votes than ballots (Waukesha WI 2006)

Is downloading songs/movies/etc illegally different than shoplifting?

TSA... saving the world from a six year old!

The Gruesome Truth Is American Elections CAN & ARE BE RIGGED

Ralph Nader: "How far will elected Democrats go in capitulating to corporate dominators?"

Please purchase "Quakebook". ALL profits going to Japan.

Akron's White Hat Charter School being sued by 10 of its schools for lack of accountability.

I gotta get me one of these!

Now my DU is moving like constipation on a shingle. Have I broken ALL the Intertubes?

Cook COunty Jail: the Yelp review

How's this for an annoying racquet?

How's this for an annoying racket?


Usually the biggest factor in whether or not you have a happy life? Simply... ... your perspective.

Movie stars of the 1930's, 40's etc....who's left of the real stars of Hollywood now...


lolwut? Move Over Buffy...

I threw a 300 in bowling last night....

Rebecca Black Physics

I hope I did the right thing...

What do you think of Adelie

Scary signs of aging: I'm on every mailing list there is. There are a

Li'l Skittles meets Darth Vader:

Why do Brits (at least the royals) have children as bridesmaids?

Never before seen Crossroads alternate ending.

My photos from the recent Iditarod sled dog race, start and finish

12 Funniest Objects Inspired by Female Breasts

OMG I have a Justin Bieber song in my collection - what should I do??!!

"Giving Up on Gay Men?" (advert. on DU homepage)

Who the fuck are you?

Transsexual man sues to get job back watching men urinate.

Fasting in protest against the new Budget.

I have only one thing to say about this back tattoo.

Cat gets into fight with snow...

Jesus Crucifixion Nails? Oh irony...

Cute or creepy?

She's always in my hair

What do lawyers and sperm have in common?

This machine kills virginity.

Dream BIG!!!!!

MiddleFingerMom has been named "premiere danseur" with the Tucson Ballet Company.

You only wish you could pose for pictures HALF as good as these two can.

MFM has an extensive & JOYOUS sexual history, but wonders if he weren't just used as a piece of meat

Not many people know that Amerigo Vespucci recorded a solo album back in the 60's.

Slllllooooooow Yooooouuuuu Tuuuuube pages

Total Win

Lost my job of 17 years, economy and poor management the culprits..

Springtime drinks

Can you find the bird in this picture?

I hate country music.

Please tell me why I shouldn't buy an Ipad

"Virginity" is the word for today. Modify a thread title to include "virginity"


Stevie Ray Vaughan & Jeff Beck - Goin' Down. My speakers just melted!

Just a reminder... You're Playing "The Game".

My DU won't stay logged on anymore. I had a meltdow and restarted my system frm scratch but...

'Oo's a good goggie? Kali's snookums Dumbass is a good goggie. 'Es 'e is!!!!!

Cat juggling -- NOT for the squeamish (though it is SQUEEmish). -- (MAYBE a dial-up warning)

Drunk dialing:

This is tough - Which Band had the better earlier issues? The Rolling Stones or The Beatles

My puppy is hurting -- every joint in his body - Lyme disease

Tuesday afternoon from the ATL

Why jams seemed so much better

Strawberry Letter 23

PHOTO: MiddleFingerMom's mailman complains about having to answer 3 riddles before entry is granted

Ok, who's watching "The Killng' on AMC?

I'm sure _The Bluest Eye_ is a wonderful book. *spoilers* and *sensitivity alert*

Scientists warn of years of aftershocks in Japan, and risks on other faults

Afghanistan: Drone missile 'killed two US soldiers'

Obama prevents budget cuts to favorite programs

Beware of this online scam

Opposition figure: 2 Syrian villages under attack

Phrase origins?

Twin brothers left mother's body on the floor for months, police allege

Since my original post was locked, I'll rephrase and repost.

Amber Alert issued for Federal Way girl

Campus guns bill delayed again in Texas Senate

Some lame joke that wasn't very funny in the first place

Studies Say Natural Gas Has Its Own Environmental Problems

Students say UC Davis violates their free speech by spying on protests

PIMCO bets against U.S. government debt

The customer is always right. The customer is always right. The customer is...

Plan to reduce U.S. spending posted: Big cuts planned for high-speed rail projects, EPA

Does this belong in Religion/Theology?

Theoretically, if one person hasn't worked in 5 years and spends every dime the other person

Pakistan temporarily halts intel cooperation with U.S.

Congress Details Cuts in 2011 Budget Deal as Votes Near

:They paved paradise and put up a parking lot" is only clever the first 7 times she sings it.

Cisco Closing Flip Business and Cutting 550 Jobs

That Chicago school lunch thing... That's how I learned to eat grilled cheese with tomato soup.

Bolivia enshrines natural world's rights with equal status for Mother Earth

Koreas hold 2nd round of volcano talks

Fiancee Of Giffords Shooting Victim Works Hill As Gun Control Group Releases Chilling New Ad

American detained in North Korea

Which early 90's sitcom character would you vote for as President?

Ya know, "Their Satanic Magesties Request" by the Stones wasn't half bad

Fail. (Perhaps a re-post?)

NATO Urged To Increase Strikes Despite Civilian Deaths

Uruguay removing amnesty for dictatorship crimes

Argentine rights leader finally testifies in stolen babies trial about her daughter’s demise

Aided by budget tricks, Obama prevents cuts to favorites like Pell grants, Head Start.

The Guy Who Says He Owns 50% Of Facebook Just Filed A Boatload Of New Evidence -- It's Breathtaking

Mo. teen pleads guilty in Ohio drifter's death

Waukesha Co Clerk to respond to calls for her resignation today

Ex-UN inspector Scott Ritter sex sting trial begins

Waukesha County Clerk Says She will not Resign

Man, 77, held in 4 slayings spanning decades

Sens. Kerry and McCain unveil major bill to safeguard consumers' online data

Body of man killed in tsunami washes up 500km away

Bill seeks clarity on Maine restroom use

Berlusconi facing his 'parliamentary Vietnam' over bid to end prosecutions

Libya: a walk down Misurata's Tripoli Street

Lawmakers To Introduce Bill To Expand Legal Rights,Protections To Military Victims Of Sexual Assault

CNN Poll: Trump tied for first in GOP horserace

CNN Poll: Trump tied for first in GOP horserace

Taal Volcano residents must move out permanently

Man arrested in theft of 400-pound brass ship propeller

Yahoo Answers

Japan Tries to Explain Delays in Reporting Radiation

Moussa Koussa's departure to Doha angers Lockerbie campaigners

Democratic party official calls on Nickolaus to resign

(Wash.) Senate budget cuts teacher pay, raises tuition

El Monte resident arrested for creating phony U.S. Army unit in Temple City, recruiting Chinese...

El Monte resident arrested for creating phony U.S. Army unit in Temple City, recruiting Chinese...

(Houston schools) could shut or merge 17 campuses

Mitt Romney to birthers: Barack Obama was born here. Period.

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Egypt's Mubarak in hospital after probe summons

Bill voiding city (Milwaukee) sick leave approved

Do any of these "extreme couponning" jackasses ever donate what they buy

Do any of these "extreme couponning" jackasses ever donate what they buy

Calif. sets nation's highest renewable power goals (33% by 2020)

(Calif.) Assembly committee approves 'open carry' ban, rifle records bill

Obama prevents budget cuts to favorite programs (new details on cuts)

Federal aid story prompted Falwell to block Lynchburg News & Advance’s website

Ex-NY mob boss makes history with trial testimony

Scientists describe 'yo-yo' Earth movement

Pawlenty: ‘I’m running for president’

..US permanently denies visa to German journalist probing Argentine human rights violations

News Corp. Expects MySpace to Lose $165M in Fiscal Year 2011

Mayors group fights back against recall elections

Somebody tell me that this is a joke. Please.

Christie (R-NJ) continues attack on teachers union in town hall meeting

Man killed in CA tsunami wave washes ashore near Astoria

Senate Commerce Committee green-lights right-to-work bill (NH)

Walker signs bill rolling back auto insurance minimums

An opine I've opined before; feel free to ignore. I want weed.

AOL, Arianna Huffington Hit with Class Action Suit

In Letter, House Dems Tell Obama To Leave Social Security Alone (or risk losing their support)

VIDEO - "Flying Rainbow Pop-Tart Cat"...quite possibly the longest 3.5 minutes of your life.

Sex-sting trial beings for ex-UN weapons inspector

Sex-sting trial beings for ex-UN weapons inspector

White House bars gay groups from military families event

More ‘birther’ nonsense from Donald Trump and Sarah Palin. Birtherisms earn "Four Pinocchios" (NYT)


AP: Obama prevents budget cuts to favorite programs

What, the "Fargo" tongue wasn't good enough for Pawlenty?

Obama first to put tax increases on budget table

What I think Trump is REALLY up to.

Economy Faces Test With End Of QE2, Rising Oil Prices, Debt Limit Fight

Politico: Budget deal isn't all about cuts

Some of the cuts and increases in the tax bill - Nice

Sigh. Ezra Klein: Obama to back Simpson-Bowles

Ezra Klein: Ryan's bad joke

Former GOP Sen. Alan Simpson: ‘We have homphobes in our party’ (VIDEO)

Iraq Steps Back on the Regional Stage (Away From America)

Trump you really don't want to mess with a comedian

WSJ: Dueling Deficit Plans Chart

Who of these three are actually running for the GOP Nomination?

Put the heat on Waukesha County Clerk, Kathy Nicholaus

Question re: Washington DC, the Congressional Jurisdiction and the President

Daily Kos/SEIU State of the Nation Poll: Good week for Democrats

Obama song

Sign the Petition - Progressive Change Committee Medicare\Medicaid

U.S. Blocks Quartet Peace Outline

The Donald is a force to be reconded with.......

Logic vs the Great Social Security Raid meme.

Trump, who hasn't even said he's running in '12, said he'd probably run as an Independent if he lost

These Presidential polls the media having orgasms over are a joke

Liberals: Barack Obama must do more than counter Ryan

**BREAKING** Possible Republican Presidential Candidate: Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey

Fuck this shit. The media wing of the Tea Party Terrorists really has gone nuts.

The Simpson/Bowles freak-out

Why the United States Is Destroying Its Education System

I Remember America

Boehner Warns Obama on Tax Increase

Progressive Caucus Budget...Will the President include any of it?

With their Latest Big Win Republicans Say They will Now Push Debt Talks to 11th Hour Too

The Plumline re President Obama's speech tomorrow: Moderately Encouraging Signs?

If you like the Progressive Caucus's budget and have a Facebook page...

"Who do you think the GOP nominee will be?" "Predict the GOP primaries now." Whut?

National debt by party

Obama's speech: it'll sound nice, but listen carefully

You need to let Republicans and their big business supporters know you may move $$ out of stocks..

JM Ashby: The Cave-In That Wasn't

Confidence In The War On Terror Hits Lowest Level Since 2006

Wichita man petitions state to keep President Obama off Kansas ballot in 2012

Let's wait until Obama unveils his plan before we jump to any conclusions

Cost of Libya war for US at $608 million: Pentagon

Red Bloggers: "It is becoming more and more clear that Republicans got played in the budget deal."

Im making my GOP primary prediction NOW

Why it won't be Christie - why Christie won't even run

Mittens: Obama born here, period

Don't Punish the Poor

Obama Team Is Oddly Quiet About Evidence That Renewable Energy Beats Nuclear in Job Creation

Could you STILL support renominating this president as a Democrat

That Stanley Ann Dunham was one amazing woman...

Please help me settle a "birther" argument in my family.

Wait, what? I thought you guys told me Oprah no longer liked Obama: Obama, Michelle on Oprah show...

Intellectual Honesty

Obama Still Hammering Away

Let's say I have an 80 year old car.

More Black Men Now in Prison System than Were Enslaved

Ezra Klein: Did the White House win on the cuts?

Look People, He's not without his faults, but Obama is STILL BETTER THAN ANY ONE of their guys...

WorldNutDaily's Farah: "Admittedly, we publish some misinformation by columnists"

Trump is a raging narcissist.

Obama destroyed the GOP. The 38 billion in cuts turns out to be less than 15 billion.

Obama's sister, Maya's first ever primetime interview

Tim Pawlenty makes it official... he's running for president

Can you produce your Birth Certificate?

Trump Will ‘Probably’ Run as Independent If He Doesn’t Win GOP Nomination.

Will Pres. Obama take the budget proposed by the Progressive Caucus as seriously as Ryan's?

Charles Blow: Don't Allow Trump On TV To Air Birther Views

La Plaza de Cultura y Artes cultural center Built by Grave Robbers!

The US and the green battle

Reagan Budget Dir Explains Why Paul Ryan's Budget Won't Work

President Obama Surprises Colorado Middle Schoolers

TRMS:Obama budget tactics baffle, disappoint left

Eugene Robinson - "The reason why taxes are concentrated on the wealthy..."

Female advantages in the legal system (Crybaby Men!)

TDPS: Over 350 Anti-Abortion Bills So Far in 2011, Record-Setting

Ban Assault Clips

Newsroom Blitz

John Boehner Just Like Pontius Pilate (on Planned Parenthood)

Russia Today interviews Tetsuo Jimbo, journalist who drove into evacuation zone around Fukushima

Surprise, surprise - tax cuts for the wealthy - Rep. McGovern

Papantonio: Obama Caves to GOP on Budget

Thanks, Mitt

Charlie Crist Official Apology to David Byrne for Copyright Infringement

Military spending disaster

TDPS: Does ANYONE believe Glenn Beck ending TV show was "mutual decision?"


Activists protest US military budget

TYT: Budget Deal Breakdown - Cuts Hit IRS

Sneak Peek Video of Obama's sister Maya interviewed on CNN regarding Trump

New Yorkers protest war in Libya

Joseph Stiglitz on "Of the 1%, by the 1%, for the 1%" (Vanity Fair) & Analysis of GOP Budget. 1 of 2

Tea Party Training Dude Calls Lying 'Activism'

MSNBC: Obama, The GOP & Tax & Budget Cuts (Robert Reich w/ Cenk)

Thom Hartmann: The terror babies are finally coming of age - TSA says spread' em!

Al Franken "They Want To Cut Hundreds Of Millions Of Dollars From Hunger Programs!"

Cornel West "We're At A Situation Now Where We Have A Predatory Capitalism"

"The scary thing about Fukushima nuclear radiation is that you can't feel it" -- Japanese journalist

SIDESHOW TRUMP Can't Take The Heat

Rep. Hank Johnson (D GA) Calls for Probe into Chamberleaks Scandal -


ITN Correspondent John Irvine and Cameraman Sean Swan in Misrata, Libya (GRAPHIC WARNING)

American radical: The trials of Norman Finkelstein

Thom Hartmann: Democracy is hanging by a thread because of plutocrats and their paid ass-kissers

Alan Simpson: GOP has some homophobes

Bernie Sanders will vote against the budget deal: Robin Hood in Reverse

Fasting to bring attention to republican cuts

Kristin Chenoweth and Sean Hayes at the GLAAD Media Awards

Donald Trump for President 2012! (Watch Video, My Fellow Leftists!)

Elisabeth Hasselbeck says Trump created more jobs than Obama

O'Donnell: Beck Invokes Hookers the Reason for Planed Parenthood

Navy laser used to light boat engines on fire

US Mega Dairies Going British

Thom Hartmann: Evolution's end? Are Conservatives turning us into cavemen?

Only Prayer Can Save America

Science Always Proves The Bible Right (CO2 is a Cooling Agent Atmosphere!)

Shock Doctrine: Break The Economy, Lower Wages By 20 Percent. Doesn't Sound So Farfetched Anymore

Physicist Reviews Nuclear Meltdowns

Peak oil review - 11 April

The smell of sparks electrical

Cornell Study Shows Shale Gas Has Much Larger Greenhouse Gas Emissions Than Coal and Oil

Penguin, Krill Populations in Freefall

Hiroshima and Nagasaki Cast Long Shadows Over Radiation Science

Maine Senate Unanimously Approves BPA Ban (FU LePage part 2)

Goods For The Planet / Seattle (link)

Device proves solar cell potential of high bandgap inorganic nanowire arrays—affordable and durable

TEPCO Press Release (Apr 12,2011)—…Facilities…after Tohoku-Taiheiyou-Oki Earthquake…(as of 4:00PM)

TEPCO Press Release (Apr 12,2011)—Rating of the trouble at Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station…

Japan admits delaying upgrading of nuclear crisis

Japan's battle for Fukushima is far from over, one month on

Gasland Clarification

Germany's E.ON to Add 300MW Pumped Hydro Energy Storage

Federal Agencies Ramp up US Hydropower Initiatives

Whistleblower: “Spent Fuel Pools In US Are A Potential Timebomb...Can Get Worse Than Chernobyl"

Obama's High-Speed Rail Project Gets $1.5 Billion Slashed In Budget Deal

PNAS - Southern Ocean Krill Population Down 80% Since 1970s - Adelies, Chinstraps Losing Numbers

Small Hydro Emerging as Viable Sector for Renewable Energy Development

Small Hydro Emerging as Viable Sector for Renewable Energy Development

Nuclear support 5% in Germany for security; only 4% for climate

PG&E Suspends License Renewal for Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant

(Anthropogenic) Greenhouse Gases from Forest Soils

Japan radiation fears grip town on edge of destruction

The DOE SunShot Initiative

How nuclear apologists mislead the world over radiation

Localvores: still eating radioactive fallout?

Radiation Detected In Drinking Water In 13 More US Cities, Cesium-137 In Vermont Milk

How Far Will Conservatives Go To Thwart Academic Freedom?

China's Luxury Consumers Grow Up

Nation needs more civil discourse

More on JSOC’s Secret Prisons in Afghanistan by Scott Horton

Showdown on the Budget Just a Stop Gap Distraction

Democrats took one in the nadgers

Ryan plan: Robin Hood for the rich

Dear Mr. President, Forget The Poor, Lose Your Soul...

Budget deal details: Cuts that aren't quite cuts

Dean Baker: Some market discipline for economists

In Honor of Fox & Friends, Walgreen's to Sell The Steve Doocy Douche

Energy Storage: crucial to renewable energy but also makes good economic sense

5 Reasons Why the GOP Push to Defund Planned Parenthood Won't Go Away

From Wisconsin to Landshark-You nailed it... thanks....

Fox News Accidentally Captions Sarah Palin Properly

Why Are Americans So Easily Conned?

Here’s the Real Adult Conversation on Deficits: The U.S. Has a Taxing Problem

Computer science enrollments rebound, up 10% last fall

San Onofre nuke owner seeks $64 millon for seismic study

Salon: The birthday Mitt Romney wants you to forget (Massachusetts healthcare reform, 4/12/06)

The Big Lie

Chicago school bans homemade lunches, the latest in national food fight

Rolling Stone magazine writer Matt Taibbi unveils unfair investment practices by wives business bigs

Campus guns bill in doubt after another stall in Texas Senate

Proposals to Loosen Maine's Gun Laws Draw Opposition

Shout of 'gun' sends people running for cover at Hamden carnival (CT)

PA Castle Doctrine Passed House Today

Cuccinelli says gun in worship service permissible (VA)

Concealed weapons policy at Capitol under review

Iowa House rejects considering (stupid republican) gun proposal

70 BATF agents raid NE Indiana gun shop - owner faces firearms charges

NRA Board Members in the Tank with Domestic Terrorists

Fiancee Of Giffords Shooting Victim Works Hill As Gun Control Group Releases Chilling New Ad

Here is why the anti-gun battle is a lost cause and the Democrats should give it up......

Alaska bars use of stun guns when hunting

Gun rights group plans 'open carry' dinner at Detroit restaurant, with 50 plus packing heat

Who bought some high cap mags because of the threat to ban them?

Argentine rights leader finally testifies in stolen babies trial about her daughter’s demise

As with the death penalty, when emotion removed from gun debate....

Right to life Guatemala

Linda Harvey: Day Of Silence Creates "Hitler Youth Product"

An update from the field: A while back I posted about wanting to

BOSTON-- April 12: Trans & Queer Beit Midrash: Strangers in a Strange Land

Post shooting, Brazil looks itself in the mirror

Cross posted from (General Discussion) must read!

WH Staff Refuse to Include Gay Military Family Representatives at Military Families Event

Shots of the revolution (cuban)

Kind of a rant, general random thoughts I wanted to just throw out there (LONG)

Fox Publishes Transphobic Attack On J. Crew Advertisement

NORTH CAROLINA: Student Burned In Hate Crime Attack At UNC

Tensions escalate over Amazon mega dam

Uruguay removing amnesty for dictatorship crimes

Conservative Activist: We Need a New Word for "Gay"

Venezuela expels ELN guerillas to Colombia

Interesting news item to share with DU friends in the LA forum:

Instituto de Defensa Legal position on Peruvian elections (Spanish)

..US permanently denies visa to German journalist probing Argentine human rights violations

Cuba expects to sell four million cases of rum in 2011

LOL! No Farc in Venezuela, says Colombian President Santos

Cuba reports 1 mln tourists in Q1

Most Important Archaeological Find Ever Shows Jesus Was Openly Gay Man

Questions about 17th & 18th Century Puritans

A Joke: A mother came to the Priest after her 3 year old son died

Georgia pastor plans prayer gathering at gas pumps (for lower gas prices)

Improved Pascal's wagers

Well don't that suck raw eggs! Josh Hamilton broke his arm.

Knicks vs. Celtics

SOAS creates two new posts in Israel studies

Free Palestine Movement (FPM)

'lack of evidence' in Gaza death probe

Mossad Former Head: Cairo's Pro-Gaza Protests Herald Shifting Attitude Towards Israel

More Than A Thousand Members Of Pro-Israel NORPAC Lobbied Congress, Discussing Assistance To Israel

Netanyahu cancels Bieber date over refusal to meet kids affected by Gaza rockets

'US will have hard time standing alone in UN'

Netanyahu reportedly considering West Bank withdrawals

Leaders of Conservative Judaism press for change as movement's numbers drop.