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Dear Lurking Teabaggers/Freepers: To Show That We At DU Have A Heart, I Dedicate This Song To You

Daily Show: Crisis in Dairyland - For Richer and Poorer - Teachers and Wall Street

How do you feel about Tantawi in general? Is he a good or bad thing?

Question about eliminating oil tax subsudies.

Skippy Peanut Butter Recall Caused By Salmonella Scare

Just For The Record

Bob Dylan cover album (Dylan fans should check it out)

John Kerry to appear on Face the Nation tomorrow; United Steelworkers prez on ABC

Hey Brewer, they are on to your hair brained scheme, you and the rtard evil incarnate Russell Pierce

There is a documentary showing on HBO, Homeless/Motel Kids/Orange County California. It is

Under the U.S. Supreme Court: Justices get down, get funky with Tea Party Published: March. 6, 2011

Libyan Revolution Tweets, Day 18 (or 20*), Part 1

Commentary: A no-fly zone in Libya is a war cry

"Must love cats!"

Oh My British Diplomat and Special Forces

Top-level US-Pak Talks Underway to Negotiate Settlement on Davis Standoff

In Afghanistan, U.S. shifts strategy on women's rights as it eyes wider priorities

On immigration, momentum shifts away from Arizona

"These are the times that try men's souls." -- Tom Paine

$424 MILLION down the drain - "NASA research satellite plunges into the sea"

MERS? It May Have Swallowed Your (Home) Loan

Mo. House speaker backs move to ban Sharia law

California Court Overturns Order to Destroy GMO Beets

I hate it when those liberals politicize these assasinations...

92% of Nursing Homes Employ Ex-Convicts

Utah Jury Convicts Environmentalist Who Bid on Oil Leases

Facebook Diaper Feud Ends in Young Woman's Fatal Stabbing

GOP - in the back pocket

Coastal cities prepare for rising sea levels

Don't kid yourself fucker. They only want your money you shitball!

Spielberg studio buys rights to WikiLeaks book

Libyan Revolution Tweets, Day 18 (or 20*), Part 2

Single payer on the march in Maryland

Student grilled over suspicious T-shirt

Did Protesters Outnumber Walker supporters outside Columbus fundraiser?

Slick talking, snake oil selling Pied Piper opiate of the masses

Fuck you neighborhood bomber. You are a fucking coward and we are on to you.

Flash back: 1982 Gingrich battles budget on the House floor (video)....

Air Force X-37B space plane launched into orbit

Sports Mreporters: Mike Lupica and Jemele Hill are

Good Morning America just called Sarah Palin a Republican heavyweight.

Good Morning America just called Sarah Palin a Republican heavyweight.

OMG, I can't effing believe it!!!!

Obama & Bradley Manning: Fascism Has Come to America

J. Michael Bailey, Northwestern University Professor, Apologizes For Sex-Toy Demonstration

Big Business to Congress: How about a tax holiday? (on overseas profits brought back to US)

Non Sequitur TOON: The real agenda of Social Networking

Probing the Details of Scott Walker's Budget

Freeper/Teabagger makes an emergency call

Hundreds Protest Civilian Deaths in Afghan Capital

Arizona Considering Tea Party License Plate That Would Fund Tea Party Causes

The thing about denial as a defense mechanism--


Damn union thugs!

Keith Olbermann re updating his site this evening: "Sure Sun AM shows will emit plenty of dumbness"

My line in the sand. I will not further privatization of the public commons at any

Philadelphia: The Next BIG TARGET For The RIGHT-WING ASSAULT On Public Employees And Unions

King criticizes security cuts he supported in seven-month spending bill

NYT: In Libya, Both Sides Gird for Long War as Civilian Toll Mounts

NYT: In Libya, Both Sides Gird for Long War as Civilian Toll Mounts

Karzai tells commander of U.S., NATO forces that civilian casualties are 'no longer acceptable'

Walker would cut tax credit for poor

HSBC: No decision made on moving bank HQs to Hong Kong; doesn't like regulation

Libyan Revolution Tweets, Day 18 (or 20*), Part 3

Time to raise taxes on things that contribute to weight problems: every ounce of soda

NYC rally planned against hearing on US Muslims

Got my Dropkick Murphys t-shirt .. it's awesome-and union-made

Silk protein boosts e-book efficiency: scientists

Silk protein boosts e-book efficiency: scientists

Business Booming for Health Insurers - $11.7 billion in profits, $ spent on care down, premiums up

TN Republicans want to allow direct corporate donations

One Year Anniversary Approaching - Health Care Law

Walker's budget could be major setback for state's Democratic Party

Walker's budget could be major setback for state's Democratic Party

A poll that needs some DUing

Please sign: Amnesty International: End the punitive detention of Bradley Manning: to Gates & Obama

Why hasn't Bradley Manning been released?

Workers Unite Against OH Senate Bill 5 Photo Link

Why all the threads about lurking teabaggers? Did something happen?

First (and only) GLBT History Museum in the US - open in SF

Who's watching crazy Bachmann on MTP

Where is Stephanie Miller?

Citigroup - Threats to the Plutonomy

Slam poet Taylor Mali on teachers. Incredible!

Slam poet Taylor Mali on teachers. Incredible!

"Too late to jail bank CEOs; only revolution will succeed"

Four infant deaths trigger vaccines halt

Michael Moore: The Smug Wealthy Have Gone Too Far -- And We're Finally Fighting Back

Shadow Scholar: A "paper mill" writer speaks out

Shadow Scholar: A "paper mill" writer speaks out

We can help ourselves to Peace

America’s War on Libya

Brilliant scheme. Spoof protests for corps, decrying them paying fifty bucks tax

The More Things Change...

White House considers tapping oil reserves

I weep for David Koch. He fears losing his God-given right to speak with Senators and Congressmen.

Why is it so difficult to figure out how to browse wikileaks?

Gov. Scott Walker Has Lost The War

Gov. Scott Walker Has Lost The War

News outlets sue Wisconsin governor over lack of response to email requests

Wow. (Full Michael Moore Speech from Madison)

North Korea jammed S. Korea GPS devices

"They are acting not as representatives of the people but as autocrats." (Capital Times, Madison)

Libyan Revolution Tweets, Day 18 (or 20*), Part 4

People protest against state Medicaid transplant budget cuts in AZ - pics

People protest against state Medicaid transplant budget cuts in AZ - pics

People protest against state Medicaid transplant budget cuts in AZ - pics

How do you feel about Tantawi in general? Is he a good or bad thing?

How do you feel about Tantawi in general? Is he a good or bad thing?

As a contributor at DU I would like my check sent to my bank account by direct deposit.

Report: Security cameras at Frankfurt Airport shooting were faulty

The REAL reasons we went to war in Iraq....waiting for the first righty to explain this one to me!

House Dem: EPA not doing good enough job monitoring 'fracking'

Political Power in The 21st Century – Part 1

Kochs’ BFF is GOP’s styrofoam dealer

Nevada Kills Funds for Problem Gambling

DU have you seen any press that 50,000 were in Madison yesterday?

"I campaigned on (the proposals in the budget repair bill for Wisconsin) all throughout the election

Dog ate diabetic owners' toes as he slept

(KS) House claims union threat to lawmaker

Well that is settled!- Dick Morris "Walker's winning"

Well that is settled!- Dick Morris "Walker's winning"

Watching an old PBS series about the Revolutionary War . . .

WTF????Marine Le Pen poll rating shock for French politics

New Orleans South? One-sixth of Christchurch, NZ's population has left

Afghan President Rejects U.S. Apology Over Killings

Please help me better understand the rules here...

Google pulls 21 Android malware apps with Trojan rootkit, over 50,000 users infected

Providence RI Fires Nearly 2000 Public School Teachers

Sarah Palin Slams Gov. Chris Christie

Thursday, Storming the capital (pics)

Thursday, Storming the capital (pics)

Texas teenager founds United Party, an alternative to the two major parties

Google Touchtable, when your Garmin just isn't enough, amazing stuff, but I

How Not to Win the Future

We spend 4.3% of our GPD on military expenses....China spends 2% of their GDP.....

It's not about politics anymore.

It's not about politics anymore.

The President's budget funds literacy programs

Obama offers deeper cuts, appeals for budget deal

Can We Please Help This Man........Please?

Mayor Bloomberg booed at St. Patrick's Day Parade in Queens for perceived attack on union workers

Libyan Revolution Tweets, Day 18 (or 20*), Part 5

The Air Force shuttle's secret mission: 5 theories

Kentucky City Mulls Ban On E-Cigarettes

Sunday's Doonesbury- The difference between the classes in education

Here is an interesting graph

Woman dressed as dead mom to collect retirement funds

Perfect theme song for today's economy:

Fox News - You Decide - Who Would Be to Blame for Wisconsin State Worker Layoffs?

Al Jazeera English in Talks With Comcast, Time Warner For Cable TV Slot!

20 lies (and counting) told by Gov. Walker

House GOP may actually be trying to poison us

Palms trees in Wisconsin. Science can't explain that. *TOO FUNNY* pics from yesterday.

I have asked Skinner for approval

4 Republican Senators May Defecate?

Why is my fundie neighbor sending me e-mail of "recently declassified 9-11 photos"?

Walker Claims Ridiculous Costs To Clean Up Capitol

Neuter Scooter (and more pics from WI) - pics

You told me he couldn't/wouldn't/it wouldn't work: Obama Said to Consider Tapping Oil Reserves

Comments on Brewer's Alaska trip are funny. Probably on our dime the witch! Unemployment

Is Walker a Social Lysenkoist?

2 workers rescued from burning oil platform

What was 13 yr. old Jessie Bender worth to her mother? $3,000.

What was 13 yr. old Jessie Bender worth to her mother? $3,000.

Michael Moore speaking at Madison; Good or bad thing?

What's new at River City Buttons! (union made in Minneapolis, MN)

when i grow up....

Beverly Hillbillies, how many people remember the USGS putting this out, and

Frustration with Government but Less Anger; More Support Gay Marriage, Abortion


Ohio SB5 "This sends a major message to state employees that they're not valued."

Its hard to wrap your head around it. You have to roll it around in your brain.

Voluntarily sharing personal browsing histories for public viewing.

Should Bush-Era "White-Collar" Overtime Rules Be Reversed?

So how's that Afghan War working out for US?

patent legislation - first to file to replace first to invent

Help Wanted Ad, Wisconsin Department of Workforce Degradation

GOP's 2012 hopes Word Salad Sarah, Batshit crazy Bachman, Witchy O'Donnell

No one is going to mount a primary challenge to President Obama

Wisconsin local Family-owned Employee-friendly business huge success - ex. Kwik Trip

A Road Map To Republican Plans For Your Sex Life

A Road Map To Republican Plans For Your Sex Life

Mother's boyfriend 'disciplined' 6 year old by making her stand on 1 leg holding heavy cans

Here are the 400 wealthiest Americans. Name three things you would call upon them to do...

Concern over Newsom's plan to work from shared office in private club of campaign contributer

I have barely paid attention to the news for half a year. Can you help fill me in?

GOAL: "drive a stake through heart of anyone who still believes he/she is a member of middle class"

Leonard Susskind's Modern Physics Course

Anyone here have a Pacemaker/ICD implant? I just got one a week ago Friday!

Local (Mn) series commemorates 100th anniversary of Triangle Shirtwaist fire

Finally. A white male gets prosecuted for white collar crime.

Bills Republicans Have Blocked

Holding Wall Street accountable and trying to rein in greed

The Wisconsin 14

Next Big Occupation Could be Boomers Taking Over the Capitol Building

Attn: has 1,900 jobs listed:

The poor don't feel entitled, but the middle class does

Danziger on Harvard ROTC

separated at birth

separated at birth

For the children: School to ban smoking, even in parking lot, lest a kid see an adult smoking

I think Tweety is right about Michelle Bachmann. She is hypnotized or something

This year I am going to watch all of celebrity apprentice.

The Fading Power of Beck’s Alarms

Wisconsin Democrats May Return Soon

FOK News: "Sometimes remembering the lessons of Bugs Bunny can be a very valuable thing indeed."

Proposed Texas Abortion Bill Fuels Immigration Controversy

You can’t be unaware of this, Mr. President. Silence gives consent."

Palin: Wisconsin Democrats should be fired.

Palin: Wisconsin Democrats should be fired.

You gotta see this pic of Michele Bachmann!

You gotta see this pic of Michele Bachmann!

Road trip to the end of the world

Road trip to the end of the world

Road trip to the end of the world

Road trip to the end of the world

(KS) House claims union threat to lawmaker

"Today, I Am A Muslim, Too" rally in New York City - pics

Everyday Life in the Third Reich

Libyan Revolution Tweets, Day 18 (or 20*), Part 6

Saudi Arabia Bans Public Protest

Imagine thousands of protesters stripping naked on the national mall, standing naked

An editorial from my paper here in WI. "Walker spreads the myth of Tommy":

Why were the Egyptian protesters able to succeed where the Libyan protesters have not?

'Fracking' Disposal Sites Suspended, Likely Linked To Arkansas Earthquakes

Live, Love, Dance, Enjoy (and don't take advantage of others) while we live on this planet

Scott Walker's backers rally in Madison-TeaParty 700?, Workers 80,000+++

Earliest evidence for magic mushroom use in Europe

White House praises Muslims ahead of House hearing

White House praises Muslims ahead of House hearing

Given the provisions

Something Special From Wisconsin…

Christianism is not Christianity; it's a rationalization of a certain culture and politics.

Chris Wallace: We'd Better Get Used To Ending Real Programs That Serve Real People

There seem to be lots of new DUers lately. How'dja get here?

Qaddaffi Forms Ed Reform Group

How right-wing hysterics keep danger levels high for law-enforcement (and liberals)

200 Koch supporters w/printed signs in Eau Claire hotel, 1600+ protesters w/handmade signs outside

Shocking: Uncut Gets Koch's Americans For Prosperity to Say Corporations Should Pay Taxes

U.S. Wavers on 'Regime Change'

Shameful past of medical trials prompts new US investigations

Giving Life After Death Row

Deciphering Jibberish

Four sisters, four double mastectomies

Free INTERNET ACCESS for Libya: Pass it on

To put the bogus "$7.5 million" clean story in context.... the Chicago blizzard clean up cost.....

Wow - I never knew that my state (MD) was so full of homophobic Dems!

Wow - I never knew that my state (MD) was so full of homophobic Dems!

I wish the recallers all the best of luck with their efforts against Governor Walker

The 5 Ways Snott Walker Screwed Up

Libyan Revolution Tweets, Day 18 (or 20*), Part 7

Afghan Leader Rejects Apology for Boys’ Deaths

Cartoon about the State of Texas "In Utero":

Anti-Muslim rally starts out peaceful, breaks down, calls passing children "terrorists" and more

# 1 Killer of Americans (Toon)

Looking for a tea party cartoon I saw here a few weeks ago

There is no damn alternative.

Koch brothers own Wisconsin's Pensions and protestors should root for the Koch brothers?

Anyone keeping track of the money Walker has spent unnecessarily...

News outlets sue Wisconsin governor over lack of response to email requests

Bachman is Bat-shit:" deceptively hidden away more than $105 billion in health care appropriation"..

Westboro Baptist Church Gets Tires Slashed, Locals Refuse To Perform Repairs

I love being treated like a troll

NASA scientist finds evidence of alien life

WSJ runs headline "Democrats to End Union Standoff". WI Dem says bs, comments taken out of context.

Why employee pensions aren't bankrupting states (McClatchy front page)

Have you done your taxes yet? How did you do? Thank you President Obama we get a refund

Infographic: Tax Breaks vs. Budget Cuts/ You have got to see this

"Clarence Thomas' Dangerous Conceit" Los Angeles Times Editorial Compares Him To Louis XIV of France

I would like to see a group put the Wisconsin 14 on tour

Police arrest 26 in Monroe County dogfighting raid (no football players mentioned....)

I'm thinking about joining the Air Force.

McCain: ABC News should have purchased American-made iPads, iPhones (They're manufactured in China).

Fair Game: Free agents

Fair Game: Free agents

Michael Moore: We are NOT Broke!

Will you boycott the Huffington Post now that Ariana Huffington has exploited her workers?

This e-mail was sent to me twelve hours ago....

Newsflash - There's no such thing as recovery.

Should health care reform include a private option?

They've really clicked! Dolphins and scientists talk to each other using shared primitive language

Jeanine Pirro is a host on Fox News?

Your newspaper: Cartoonist draws from inkwell of empathy (a must read on Christina Taylor Green)

Dick the Shrimper to Greta von Xenu: "Walker's winning, Democrats are losing, unions are losing..."

Wealthy landowners in Milwaukee labelling abandoned properties as churches to avoid property tax

Wealthy landowners in Milwaukee labelling abandoned properties as churches to avoid property tax

Can parents close their child's Facebook account?

Man, I bet the principal of this school has some questions to answer....

How many here think that Like Scott Walker said, "America's standard of living is too high."

Clinton media criticism buoys Al-Jazeera

DU' s banner notes over 168,0000 registered users. I plead with everyone

Activists fight to save chimps from return to US labs

Cop told to stop renting rooms to the homeless

HIGHLY POLARIZED WISCONSINITES SPLIT OVER WALKER PLAN Substantial support expressed for compromise

re: our empire killing children in Afghanistan

Jan Brewer Critics Gather Signatures To Force Recall Election

22 dogs in shelter taken across street, shot, buried in landfill

"The rich have overplayed their hand."

Shannon Miller cancer-free and thankful


Wisconsin's state quarter (according to Fox News)

Pro-Walker bus tour ends in rally in Madison

What drugs would you legalize, and under what restrictions?

Rant of the day

This was on my mind, so I thought I'd create something to express it.

This was on my mind, so I thought I'd create something to express it.

I gagged a bit on the saying of The Pledge this weekend. It was odd.

I gagged a bit on the saying of The Pledge this weekend. It was odd.

Gov. Scott Walker Has Lost The War

Palin calls Kathy Griffin "Fifty year old, has been comedian.

Huh, I just realized that I've passed 15,000 posts.

Huh, I just realized that I've passed 15,000 posts.

Huh, I just realized that I've passed 15,000 posts.

Prominent Conservative Radio Hosts Planted Scripted Actors Among Callers

Obama and Congress eliminate the "Reading is Fundamental" program

Fox Uses Wildly Inflated Cleanup Estimate To Bash Wisconsin Protesters

Fox Uses Wildly Inflated Cleanup Estimate To Bash Wisconsin Protesters

Libyan Revolution Tweets, Day 19 (or 21*), Part 1

Venezuelan Homeless Live in Unfinished 45-Story Skyscraper with Few Walls and no Elevator.

Dear Pres. Obama, Wisconsin is not Egypt.

Here is the NYT piece on Beck

Broke Town, U.S.A. (NYT)

What I wanted and expected from President Obama

Framing the debate: Democrats need to start using the word "plutocracy" regularly

New GOP meme. When asked "why don't you inform your supporters Obama was born in Hawaii?" gop/teabag

Why does it seem, that the poor are invisible?Have most of us been conditioned to ignore they exist?

Tea Party stiffs waitstaff, told never to return to Neptune Diner

A full-scale attack on reproductive rights

Annie Lennox: 'Women need to wake up. There's so much to do'

DRUDGE REPORT' NYT:Foxnews/BECK Breakup..Developing

The left needs to god damn well learn once and for all how to establish and control a MESSAGE.

$1.2 Trillion (That's Trillion with a T) Spent on Military While the Rest of Us Fight Over Crumbs

Okay, so get this ......

WI Dems: "We won't come back until worker's rights are preserved."

A Water Message

Walker won't release those "e-mails of support" he bragged about...

The People of Wisconsin voted Walker to be Dictator...

GOP Has A WalkerLoo Problem

I hope this is real:

I hope this is real:

Educator: Obama's odd embrace of Jeb Bush, Obama's nightmarish education policies

Children in poverty in U.S. soon to hit 25% - 60 Minutes report tonight.

The Marcellus Boom: Lessons from Texas!

Her baby wasn't expected to live, but Nebraska law banned abortion

Good Goddess, How Does Ayn Rand's Legacy Continue to Live On?

Reagan quote:

Welcome to the Church of “The Lesser O Evils”

Teabagger Michele Bachmann is pushing a massive $700 million bridge over a Wild & Scenic river

David Gregory's opening to MTP: "...Budget-busting programs like Medicare and Social Security..."

WikiLeaks Analysis Suggests Hundreds of Thousands of Unrecorded Iraqi Deaths

The Hillary Doctrine

Worth another look: Chrysler Super Bowl commercial with Eminen. Detroit. It's home.

Lost in the supermarket

Does the truth matter to you?

President Obama shares the stage with Jeb Bush in Miami - a teacher responds

Salmon - see there *is* something both sides can agree on

For my 1000th post, let me say I'm impressed with most of the posters here.

"Democrats are compromising between a Republican economic model and an even worse Republican model"


Zimbabwe Is To Defy United Nations Sanctions In A Deal To Sell Uranium To Iran

Limbaugh/Hannity Parent Company Admits Hiring Actors to Call Radio Shows

Hey, All of You DUers that Support Unions... I'm Calling YOU Out

Libyan revolutionaries seem to have access to Air defence weapons. Ras Lanuf showdown imminent?

"Thousands Of Farmers To Descend On WI Capitol With Their Tractors"

Does the Democratic Party care?

Question for DU econ or business majors re worker productivity.

Second editorial in 2 weeks touting "Medicaid Reform" ... help me formulate a rebuttal

Matt Damon: "The President has rolled over to Wall Street completely". I couldn't agree more.

Fred Phelps' brat was on Fox...

Look at this and tell me it's not rich vs poor.

FL's Allen West to inspect Guantánamo next week.

FL's Allen West to inspect Guantánamo next week.

Walker budget attacks poor--His Response 'That's The Point'

Dollar Stores: Top Link in the Sweatshop Chain (a must-read article)

Politico: Palin's India trip will help build foreign policy cred

Being paid to call into Right-wing talk radio (via KOS)

Saudi Arabia mobilises thousands of troops to quell growing revolt Read more: http://www.belfasttel

Saudi Arabia mobilises thousands of troops to quell growing revolt Read more: http://www.belfasttel

"We are all members of the tea party" really interesting article

Chamber of Commerce knew this was coming.

400 Americans have more wealth than half of all Americans combined. Let's out them.

Do you know the real impact of the House-passed budget cuts?

Obama alternatives

One out of every four **American** children in poverty. Is this acceptable to ANYONE?

Protest against budget cuts at Albany NY Capital results in arrests.

Join the anti-war rally in D.C. Saturday, March 19, 2011

Teabagger Gets Smacked Down In Two Sentences

How do you feel when you see a member of management berate an employee in public?

One more plea for an injured DUer. .... please send healing thoughts, light a candle, etc for

Any DU'ers have extra Laptop or Notebook to help fellow DU'er?

How to get gas down to $2 a gallon

DU activists, please help us win the BUDGET CUTS BATTLE! Call or email today!

Westbound rebels raise questions (about the training & dedication of troops loyal to Gaddafi)

(British) Private security firms paid £29m last year for contracts in Afghanistan

Gaddafi seeks UN probe into unrest

Strike Called Against the Huffington Post by Contributors

France hails Libyan uprising's 'national council'

Thousands protest at Bahrain govt HQ

Libya: Gaddafi Warplanes Fire On Rebels

EU sends technical fact-finding mission to Libya

So called 'democratic west' poissons minds and souls for greeting East-West-Sourth-North

Troops Attacks Women’s Protest, Dozens Wounded

Libya Forces Fight Rebels Advancing Toward Capital

Iran's supreme leader accused of abducting key opponents

Obame throws the net at the clear water

Clear Water

Former French President Chirac to stand trial

U.S. Senators Call for No-Flight Zone Over Libya

21 airlines fined for fixing passenger, cargo fees

Interior appeals oil drilling ruling

In Libya, Both Sides Gird for Long War as Civilian Toll Mounts

Why employee pensions aren't bankrupting states

Ivory Coast Rebels Claim to Expand Advance

HIGHLY POLARIZED WISCONSINITES SPLIT OVER WALKER PLAN Substantial support expressed for compromise

U.S. Wavers on 'Regime Change'

"We are all members of the tea party" really interesting article

German Minister’s Comments on Islam Stir Debate

Chinese forces crackdown on foreign journalists: report

Karzai (Tells Petraeus & NATO): Civilian Casualties "No Longer Acceptable"

Muslims, supporters protest Congressional hearing

Wisconsin Democrats May Return Soon

U.S. Senators Call for No-Flight Zone Over Libya

French far right champion tops opinion poll (for President)

India successfully tests interceptor missile

(Bank Of England Governor) Mervyn King: Bankers Exploit Gullible Borrowers To Pay For Their Bonuses

Bill Daley, White House Chief Of Staff, Pressed About Lack Of Jail Time For Wall Street Culprits

White House: Oil reserves eyed as oil prices rise

Gas up 33 cents — second biggest two-week jump ever

Special US prison units fill with Muslims

Herniated Disc left side of neck (ever had it?)

what the fuck?

What can you tell me about albacore sushi?

Question submitted by madinmaryland

What can you tell me about barber college?

Just For The Record

my butt is insensitive

I need a big reduction in the price of beer

Having a bit of fun at the literal expense of RWers.

New Poll Questions at Garrison Station!

Please don't boink on the bus

Hanna: Child Assassin.

M-m-m-m-m-m... Sunday morning cocktail hour.

Anyone wake up in the AM thinking it was another day?

Sandra Lee's Money saving meals

I love bullshit and this video soars.

I love bullshit and this video soars.

‘Duh! Winning!’ -- Charlie Sheen's new talk show (video)

I love Bullshit by Grace Jones and this video soars.

God, dontcha just hate bad days at work?

Share your poetry about the zombie apocalypse

Michele Bachmann: Obama Needs To 'Apologize' (VIDEO)

To me, this is the world's greatest love song

Sunday, March 6. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

My nephew called me on his DS player using Skype?

My nephew called me on his DS player using Skype?

i fell in love with a girl named Marcama

I just looked at myself in the mirror after a shower. I have the body of a Greek God.

Someone explain "high jinks" to me.

Florence and the Machine : "Dog days are over"

Dish Network loves me.

Beach Boys - Dance, Dance, Dance.....

I wonder if Mr Scorpio has seen this...

Favorite adult latte fantasy

Do you have any favorite one-hit wonders?

Oh Ladies!!-- Redford and Newman playing pingpong shirtless

Watching the movie unforgiven.


MiddleFingerMom gets defensive when teased about how easily he falls in love -- "But.. but.. but..."

Shiny and New

I think MiddleFingerMom needs to be in charge of DUZYS!

I Need You

I Wish It Would Rain

I love bullit and this video soars.

Somehow, I just don't think they'd taste NEAR as good.

Your Easy Lovin' Ain't Pleasin' Nothin'

Just Ain't Gonna Work Out

Green Eyed Love

To Ulrike M.

Love Theme From Spartacus

I usually make small hamburgers for dinner Sunday nights. I usually eat two of them.

As much as the old school, cheesy sitcoms on CBS/NBC/ABC suck......

Let's hear it, once and for all.

Daydream In Blue

Quite likely THE most important web site in existence.

Question: Should I Include Recent Temp Work on a Resume?

Explaining Colonel Potter to children, specifically the later episodes .

Eastern Market

A question about mozilla firefox...

Is our resident veterinary tech around?

Gestational swan song:

I never see the people on my ignore list in the Lounge.

what is the precursor to a flash drive?

Band of Horses - The Funeral

VIDEO: Wolverine's REALLY let himself go...

I had no idea that such a thing existed (Star Wars)

Favorite young adult fantasy?

Separated at Birth: Arizona Governor Jan Brewer AND

Thieves break-in to New Zealand prison - steal plasma TV- still on the run


Do you have any favorite one-shit wonders?

Favorite East Coast Inlet named after a West Coast state?

Wish I was a Kellogg's cornflake.

Forgive my whinging (Whinge Alert)

How weak is this?

MBTI personality types and writing.

The "5-Second Rule" Flowchart:

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) 99 Baggies Uv Nip Edition

Thinking of getting a motorcycle, but where to start?

Phone-hacking inquiry spreads to (Rupert Murdoch's) Sunday Times, Prescott tells Lords

Countdown-Fmr. FBI agent Coleen Rowley discusses Bradley Manning Torture

Climate Change Impacts on National Security:US Navy Chief Oceanographer

March 5, 2011-Michael Moore at Madison anti-Walker We Are Wisconsin Rally (Part 2)


Power Of Global Protest

Egyptian Protests Force PM Removal

Tampon Sent Over Miscarriage Law?

March 5, 2011- Ryan Bingham performs at anti-Walker rally in Madison, Wisconsin

TDPS: Ana Kasparian weighs in on Republican continue to attack women TRANSCRIPT

Song about United States Foreign Policy in Latin America

The US Protests - News Analysis

Big Tobacco Lies Killed By Justice Dept

Coburn Against Gingrich For President In 2012

Sarah Palin And Her MIrror Mirror on the Wall!

Geithner ADMITS In Testimony ' TAXPAYER Exposed To LOSSES ' Of Financial Crisis

TYT: 'Moderate Dems' BS & Ron Paul 0% Income Tax Rate

Damned by Debt Relief

WI Rep. Nick Milroy Who Was Wrestled To The Ground By Police Trying To Enter His Office

Each US citizen pays $5,000 per year for US defense spending

Iraq's Missing Billions - Dispatches investigats Iraqs missing money.

Obama Meets Lobbyists Outside Of White House

TYT: Anti-Gay Shirt Allowed In School

March 6, 2011-Anti-Walker protesters at Pro-Walker Koch Brothers rally at Alliant Center

There is a lot of repression going on in the US

MiddleFingerMom is a very, very, VERY good listener.

March 5, 2011: Joe the Plumber at Hudson WI Americans for Prosperity Stop

APD Officer Who Killed Iraq War Veteran Had "Human Waste Disposal" As Job Description

Trump to Iowa: 'I'll Shake Hands with Everybody'

Vice President, and soon to be President tells American....

Where is Waldo?

When it suits him, Chris Christie sees no evil

GOP Rep. Peter King Says He Won’t Investigate Non-Muslim Radicalization Of 9/11

President Obama on refusal to defend DOMA: It might not be pretty “but it’s the right thing to do.”

Why a cat could NEVER be "Lassie":

What CNN doesn't want you to see again!

A record number of children in the United States are descending into poverty

Durbin On Democratic Spending Cut Proposals: We've 'Pushed This To The Limit'. No more cuts.

Economic recovery being built on low pay “McJobs”

Congressman: US Must Keep Muslim Brothers From Egypt Gov't

Very stirring post on why teachers are pissed that Obama praised Jeb Bush on. stage in FL

Why does our side always have to apologize when saying something against the rethugs

Yet ANOTHER photo smuggled out from Kali's ranch PROVES that something really wierd is going on.

Dog Muffins:

WI POLL: Stick a fork in Walker. 65% say "compromise", 33% say "stay strong"

Bill Daley dodges questions on why no one on Wall St. has been prosecuted

The Fading Power of Beck’s Alarms - FauxNews may dump him at end of year, due to declining ratings.

Kerry on Face The Nation

DC Democrats are ceding the entire traditional Democratic economic ideology

Are the rethugs going to DEMAND this guy show his birth certificate

Fox News Exec Responds To Hillary Clinton's Al Jazeera Comments

More on the recovery.

The GOP might not offer up a sitting elected official for 2012

Ronald Reagan, in support of liberty and collective bargaining.

Berkeley Earth Surface Temperature project

How much ice export typically occurs during winter?

The $10 billion trade in animal smuggling

Asia rice output threatened by pesticide overuse

Spending to save: New GPS units help maximize gas efficiency

Wind power is also beginning to move in on developing countries

film: The Economics of Happiness

The food movement's role in revitalizing environmentalism

Alder Stone Fuller: Why large-scale climate change (probably) cannot be stopped

28,800 Toys at Sea

In New Food Culture, a Young Generation of Farmers Emerges

Richard Heinberg - Earth’s limits: Why growth won’t return - water

Solar gardens closer to sprouting in Boulder County

Gloomy Malthus provides food for thought as world's appetite builds

Dylan Ratigan, Sam Seder, Ari Berman discuss PFC Bradley Manning 12/20/10

Sunday Funnies: Best Political Cartoons of the Week

Swiss want probe into Libya detention of citizens

Fear grows as Mummar Gaddafi hangs on

You're Blowing it, Mr. President.

Republicans attack Obama's environmental protection from all sides

Corporate Rule

Governor Brown Redux: The Iceman Melteth

Walk for Choice Ohio draws large crowd, no press.

Jesus Goes After Huckabee, For Criticizing Out-of-Wedlock Births

Clarence Thomas' dangerous conceit

Wake Me, Shake Me

TOON: "Congratulate Me!"

Kucinich - Is This Quantico or Abu Ghraib?

Q: When does a tabloid become crude propaganda? A: When it starts printing it

State Workers and N.Y.’s Fiscal Crisis

Rove Fox News opinion piece - bemoans Obama using a straw man

Assange extradition fears are real.

House 'Gun Day' Highlights Stalemate in Assembly (Dems for sensible gun laws- MD)

The government of Mexico has formally asked the United States for details of the ATF operation “Fast

Here's a fun FBI gun chart...

Fellow activists, The updated US "Right to carry" map!!

Florida proposal to allow guns on college campuses draws opposition locally POLL

Op-Ed: Give authorities the tools to track gun-runners

Compiling a short list.

"Honor and glory to Lina Ron" (Venezuela)

Human rights defenders need defending

Colombia Leader Seeks Wide-Ranging Changes, and Looks Beyond the U.

Weisbrot, Penn meet with Chavez @ Miraflores (Spanish, + video)

Che Guevara's Motorcycle Diaries companion Granado dies

Patrick's Nationwide breakthrough proves she's making progress

Buckeyes Win Outright Big Ten Title

Who says sports doesn't relate to politics? >>

Mark Cuban, Charlie Sheen in talks about television programming!!!!

Agreement for Wladimir Klitschko-David Haye heavyweight fight in place

Wrote about queer anti-assimilation: Would like input.

Notre Dame is a bully.

The only bracket that counts:

Bucks Looks good, Badgers Dont

NBA owner describes "real fans"

The Iditerod is now started. Newton Marshall is now in 5th place!!


Heat players cry like babies after loss...

The JR Chess Report (March 5): Koneru wins Doha, will face Hou for women's title

‘How can an intelligent people only see the short term?'

Livni: Netanyahu's peace policy shows an utter lack of leadership

Egypt revolt gave us back our lives: Hamas chief

Post-Mubarak, Egypt-Gaza crossing rules tighten

Troops Attacks Women’s Protest, Dozens Wounded

Why Evangelicals Hate Jesus

Weiner Sells Israel to Progressives: Not An Occupier, Settlements Not in Palestinian Territory