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Shoelace Shock

Anonymous Shuts Down RIAA Website In Response To $75 Trillion Lawsuit

I'm watching ads for Tom Barrett (who challenged Scott Walker in 2010 WI election)

Is this the loudest cat?

WSJ: U.S. Products Help Block Mideast Web

Tea Party favorability at all-time low.

There are a LOT of people in Japan who still need a whole lot of help

Anonymous Shuts Down RIAA Website In Response To $75 Trillion Lawsuit

Odd Alliance: Business Lobby and Tea Party (NY Times profile of the Institute of Liberty)

The "Liberal" Media That Is Funded By Corporate America - How Liberal Can It Be?

Jamie Dimon, JP Morgan CEO - a little humlity would be a good thing.

Video: Here's a link to Lawrence O'donnell nailing Rand Paul regarding Libya

Bloodbath in Syria continues, more dead protestors (warning, graphic video)

LA Times Op-Ed - "CEQA was well intentioned, but it has become a job killer" - Seriously? Please!

LA Times Op-Ed - "CEQA was well intentioned, but it has become a job killer" - Seriously? Please!

AP sources: CIA operatives on the ground in Libya

Are 95% of People Investigated Under New FBI Guidelines Innocent, but Entered into Database?

Look! Lee Mercer Jr. is already on the campaign trail!

NY legislature passes $132 bln budget, no new taxes

UnitedWisconsin... on line pledges top 175,000 to recall Scott Walker

Report from Land Occupations in Post-Coup Honduras(Video-Warning graphic)

Syria's President Offers Future Reforms, Blames Conspiracy for Protests (Real News video)

Syria's President Offers Future Reforms, Blames Conspiracy for Protests (Real News video)

The Bomb: A scary light show [Video]

Radiation slows recovery of dead near Japan plant

The Milwaukee Urinal / Sentinel reports on damage to the Capitol

U.S. wants other nations to pitch in on Libya

2,000 + Marines Sent to Libya! (video)

All in the Family: Darpa Chief Owed $250,000 by Darpa Contractor

War Propaganda: "Honest, unbiased news simply disappeared out of the American papers..."

Cell Phone Numbers Going Public

Sarah Palin Is Definitely Not Done Whining About the Press


And away we go!

And away we go!

CREW Wants Wisconsin GOP Senator Punished For Misuse of Troopers

WORLDWIDE Satellite TV from your computer!

Message to republicans: Maybe I'm wrong, but I think that the fewer people who have jobs,

county health ratings. i thought this was an interesting site

Village Voice: Craigslist sex trafficking scandal based on bogus stats

Feeling uncertain about my future these days

Unlike competition, U.S. values profits over jobs

Iowa has no money to pay its court appointed attorneys now.

TOON: US bombs US schools

Washington physicists detail findings on Japanese radiation that arrived in Seattle

(Ohio) Schools didn’t see this cutback coming

indeed it is insane to raise the debt ceiling.

"In The Muslim World This Is 'Americans Killing Muslims' AGAIN!" Michael Scheuer (CNN VIDEO)

Democrats consider proposing tax hikes

I was going to put this in NC section but it will get wider read here

Actual 'get-out-of-jail-free' card? Too incompetent to be charged with rape, but can't be committed

Neighborhood disputes homeless rehab center

If we hired the same way we elect .....

U.S. Aircraft Carriers Crossing Suez Canal to Libya (check it out VIDEO) 3/2/11

Olympic judo silver medalist Claudia Heill of Austria commits suicide at 29

Wisconsin - Recall signatures to be collected outside of polling places.

Gawker:"Skinhead state(AZ)focuses onProblems That Don'tExist"notherAnti-Choice law

At least 40 civilians dead in Tripoli strikes: Vatican official

Irony du Jour

Tearful Libyan rebel: 'We want freedom'

Too Hilarious. Just saw Conan O'Brien's version of the talking babies viral video.

(TN) Presidential birth certificate, nullification review bills die in subcommittee


15 states have reported radioisotopes from Japan

One Day by Mark Fiore

Cesar Chavez Day

Movies shape our thoughts and ideas more than we realize. Especially if the movie is about a time

Whale and dolphin death toll during Deepwater disaster may have been greatly underestimated

News Corp promotes James Murdoch to New York role

Is there any downside to having bills automatically drafted from your bank account?

Is there any downside to having bills automatically drafted from your bank account?

To brighten your day...

Last year I won $17 playing $5 a week in the lottery

Up to 1,000 Bodies Left Untouched Near Troubled Nuke Plant

Women accused of attacking Lorain County Walmart greeter plead not guilty

Do you believe in God?

Another Repuke makes statement that

Another Repuke makes statement that


Get Out The Vote (GOTV) help you strike back!!!

There may be strangers with in

Wisconsin Judge Declares Union Law Not In Effect

So, I have a personal announcement...

Wisconsin's Enemy #1

Role reversal: Microsoft throws weight behind EU's Google probe

We got about 6" of snow here in Ohio last night... I wonder if it's radioactive?

I just came across a forum that has a lot (a whole lot) of former DUers -

Same Sex Couples Denied Immigration Benefits By U.S.

Awesomely Bad Politician Names

Nope, this not from The Onion......

Donald Trump

Donald Trump

headlines on

Only 1 go from Only a no-fly zone-to US officially/actively Participating in the rebellion

Bullshit, I call bullshit!

Collective Bargaining in the Public Sector: Madia Law March 2011 Newsletter

AFL-CIO sends Walker Cease & Desist Letter

FDA Rules Cheaper Version Pregnancy Drug Can Be Made (drug makers not happy $1500 vs $20)

Cake Or Death In Libya

Spanish scientists search for fuel of the future

700 instances of child porn on the computer, and the guy gets off.

Radiation levels in seawater hit all time highs

Bernie Sanders on NPR--now

You know, I am beginning to feel that Kucinich will be the Dem that speaks at the 2012 RNC

CIA boots on the ground in Libya

CIA boots on the ground in Libya

I sometimes wonder what humanity would be like if we were a little smarter and a lot less mean.

I object to the concept of this moderator lock: (Promotion of other progressive sites)

TEPCO: Radioactivity 10,000 the normal limit found from groundwater

David Icke: They Want To Trigger WWIII - Deadline Live (Video) Before you FLAME..LISTEN!

HBO is airing "Triangle: Remembering the Fire" now and again later.

I am mortified about something I posted and had locked. I want to extend an apology to everyone

I am mortified about something I posted and had locked. I want to extend an apology to everyone

Wisconsin - Vote Koppenburg Today - link to poll locations

U.S. Auto Sales to Post First Drop in Seven Months on Gas Costs

Want to cut down on oil imports? It's really not that difficult....

(Wis.) Early voting high for spring election

(WIS) House GOP wants to use tax code to curb abortions. These guys are crazy!

(WIS) House GOP wants to use tax code to curb abortions. These guys are crazy!

Rep. Polis Supports Executive Order To Protect LGBT Employees Of Federal Contractors

Banks Still Earning Interest on $1 Trillion Reserves Thanks to Federal Reserve

Hepatitis C drug treatments could cure disease

What is the future of America, the US to be precise? Take it ten years out...

Green Cards for Same-Sex Couples? Forgetaboutit. nt

ABC's piece this morning on Congressional Teabaggers on the Dole

A bit of family history underscoring why labor needs to be at the table in this nation .

NYT: $14 Million Jury Award to Ex-Inmate Is Dismissed

The Reign of Witches -- hasn't passed yet.

A rant against the police state...


Did I hear Rick Santorum say...

Judge Sumi throws out Gov Walkers Bill

Madison Rally - Saturday April 2 - Be there to support your fellow citizens!!!

Someone hit the wall faster than the speed of sound.

Rep Kucinich to give major speech on Libya today

Recurring topics on DU--After you've been here a while, you notice certain topics reappear

Has insanity become the new normal?

From NBC: Obama and Democrats continue to cave in on the spending fight, Republicans haven't budged.

From NBC: Obama and Democrats continue to cave in on the spending fight, Republicans haven't budged.

So, if Obama is able to ignore Congress over Libya, does that mean

Rich V. The Rest: Greatest Divide Ever And Will Get Worse


Guerrilla Protest Idea

Hot Air (conservative): The Blatant Hypocrisy of the “Responsibility to Protect” Doctrine

“No soup for you.”

Fewer people applied for unemployment benefits

NBC Jim Maceda: An UNDER-REPORTING of pro-Gaddafi civilians fighting the Rebels. I WONDER WHY!

NBC Jim Maceda: An UNDER-REPORTING of pro-Gaddafi civilians fighting the Rebels. I WONDER WHY!

Farmers and Seed Producers Launch Preemptive Strike against Monsanto

Reading about Chernobyl: roughly 9000 people die and all told cost HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS

War on Easter declared in Munson Township Ohio

Boehner resists budget deal as Tea Partier seeks his ouster

Libyan-Americans rush off to join fight against Gadhafi

Happy birthday, workers in 7 states have the day off

We have to get the word out that the game is rigged.

We have to get the word out that the game is rigged.

NJ's Bruce Springsteen Slams Christie's Budget Cuts...

This toon makes absolutely NO SENSE. WTF??

Green Party: Crisis Shifts German Politics, Maybe for Good

Whale and dolphin death toll during Deepwater disaster may have been greatly underestimated

Go, Dennis, Go!

Indiana GOP Rep Says Women Will Pretend To Be Raped To Get Free Abortions

Indiana GOP Rep Says Women Will Pretend To Be Raped To Get Free Abortions

NATO Takes Over - CIA In Control Of Ground Troops - CIA WTF? CNN Wolfowitz (video)

Excellent Documentaries You Should Watch

Hmm.. Canadian PM only allowing journalists to ask 5 questions per day, keeping them behind a fence

Tea Party Group (The Institute for Liberty) Lobbies for Asian Pulp & Paper

A CMD Special Report: Who Are the Headliners at Koch-Funded AFP Conventions?

THE LOVE POLICE !3/29/11 London movement against BANKERS etc..VIDEO!

Regarding the rebels, did anybody watch CNN last night?

It's been raining like crazy here in the Northwest all week--is it crazy to have radiation concerns?

Need a little musical boost? ... Have I got a tune for you!

Is the CIA leak a distraction from a much bigger question?

Judge Sumi: "it is hearby DECLARED that 2011 Wisconsin Act 10 has not been published"

"Shared Sacrifice" Means the Middle Class Pays for the Sins of the Wealthy

It's come to this: It is now Breaking News when a Rethug governor agrees to follow the law.

If the government was sincere about addressing atrocities, why not throw Bush and Cheney in jail?

At National Airport, aborted landings are not uncommon

Manager at CA nuclear plant sues over firing, claims whistleblower retaliation


You women. Lying about being raped just to get an abortion. Shame.

Anybody else have trouble getting to DU today?

California community colleges to slash enrollment, classes

Water Blessing for Japan & World,today ~ Dr. Emoto

So "Soylent Green" was just a movie. Wasn't it?

Salon: The 3 biggest threats to the GOP brand (Republicans are their own worst enemy these days)


Help the Wisconsin 14 Fight Back! (Paid for by Wisconsin State Senate Democratic Committee)

O-SPIN-ION Polls ( Video) she gets it!

Is the msm talking about the rally in New Hampshire today? Or just about the tea party? - pics

"Arming Libya rebels not allowed by UN resolutions, legal experts warn US"

The U.S. Arms Libya For Peace?

The U.S. Arms Libya For Peace?

Possible new Missouri congressional map

Rep. Tom Marino, on subcommittee for Africa, doesn't know Libya is in Africa

The U.S. Arms Libya For Peace?

What Are We Doing Subsidizing Corporations Through Tax Giveaways?

Wal-Mart is determined to wipe out businesses in towns of 2,000 to 3,500 people now.

Sinister new excuse to cut off unemployment benefits?

Does this sound familiar?

Today's google logo! They've out done themselves. Check it out.

Polls Are Done to Manufacture Public Opinion - Not to Reflect It

Low levels of radiation found in US milk

Fukushima- Chernobyl comparison chart

Pregnant Pause: Taxpayer Funding For Abortion ‘Counseling’ Subsidizes Fundamentalist Religion

Debate rages over DEA raid of Westside medical marijuana dispensaries

AT&T’s secret f*cking loophole: If you want out of an Internet contract, just curse

Waitaminnit. ."turd sandwich"?. .Wasn't it some idiot woman on a Sunday show

All of humanity could shift to solar, wind energy in less than 25 years, policy study group claims

Rep. Jim McGovern (D-MA) on GOP's FAA Reauthorization bill - job-killing AND union-busting

'if my wife's uterus... was incorporated maybe they (GOP) would be talking about deregulating'

I just turned on C-Span - the Rethugs are trying to slash funding to the FAA.

Judge stops offering convicts option of Christian book report

China white paper highlights US military 'competition'

"This is judicial activism at its worst."

Owner: No buyer for Vermont Yankee nuclear plant

GE chief defends company's zero tax bill

Why Is It That All The HUGE Scientific Discoveries Are Being Made In FOREIGN Countries?

CSM: A lesson from Wisconsin, Ohio: Take off the kid gloves, Obama

Vote for Weiner, he'll be frank!

CIA officers in Libya are aiding rebels, U.S. officials say

World Back Up Day

(Ohio) The most-restrictive abortion law (bill) in the nation wins early vote

Devastating to Indiana

A nice reply from Sen. Schumer re: opposing Title X cuts

Republicans Pump Up Tea Partiers At 'Continuing Revolution' Rally (VIDEO)

Is radiation in the US milk harmful???

A Shout Out For Dane County District Attorney Ismael Ozanne and Judge Sumi!

Fukushima nuclear plant workers 'expect to die' after clean-up

The most successful President of the last 40 years?

Aide: Wis. governor to halt plans to enact union law

(Koch-funded) Berkeley scientists' climate data review puts them at center of national debate

Is Child Labor Back in Missouri?

GOPers Demand Sean Duffy Salary Tape Be Pulled From The Internet (VIDEO)

Fukushima warning: US has 'utterly failed' to address risk of spent nuclear fuel

So happy tomorrow is Friday

Build Public Pressure to Boot Jeffrey Immelt

"U.S. Spending on operations in Libya drains Pentagon"

Boehner might have a primary challenger! ooooooooooooh....that could be good.

"China, Iran, North Korea, Yemen, the USA, Saudi Arabia, Libya, Syria, Bangladesh & Somalia"

Somebody fill me in. Who's the congressman saying we don't want a Libya situation spreading to

Missouri to drop extended benefits for unemployed

Glenn Beck Radio & TV Ratings A Mess -Prophet Of Doom Not Profiting From Doom

"Gingrich has more positions on Libya than he's had wives"

Rand Paul: Newt Gingrich 'May Have More War Positions Than He's Had Wives'

The Mystery Behind Gadhafi's Birth: Some Say He's Jewish

"Two Denver police officers fired in videotaped LoDo beating case"

“Something Different With Bill Moyers”- Moyers Eyes a Possible Return to PBS

Right Wing Brains Are Different (Read How)

NY Bronx Zoo Cobra has been found!

American Dream Declared Dead - Final Believer Gives Up (Onion)

Evanston Residents Furious Over Snow Removal ‘Story’

72 percent of Vt. schools do not meet targets (or how fucked up is NLB)

What people really read on here... Maple Custard

Dems Press Boehner To Suspend Congressional Pay In Event Of Government Shutdown

Vt. gov.: More treatment, less incarceration

GOP plans $1 trillion cut to Medicaid

Why are people shocked

OK, So it's April 1st here and when I powered up

Schakowsky tears into Cantor for saying Social Security ‘cannot exist’ in a future America

Frosh GOPer On Foreign Affairs Committee Wonders If Obama Will Attack 'Africa' After Libya

7 state workers, I repeat, 7 STATE WORKERS

Today I saw a woman in a burka...driving.

CA Home Brings $100 Million

We are standing on the verge of economic disaster, and they want us to think it's getting better?

USAID Administrator: GOP Budget Cuts Would Lead To The Deaths Of 70,000 Children

Rep. Eric Turner: A woman "could simply say I've been raped..."

The 'disturbing' third grade quiz about killing illegal immigrants (Georgia School).

CNN just did a story that GE CEO whose company payed zero taxes is an advisor

CNN just did a story that GE CEO whose company payed zero taxes is an advisor

Japan earthquake: 30 pictures of boats and ships swept ashore by the tsunami

Wish Daniel Ellsberg a (surprise) Happy 80th Birthday here:

Ratings agencies ... helped create the financial crisis. Now, they're deciding the fate of nations.

Video - Weiner: ‘Who is Boehner fooling? What am I, like, Anthony Waynor?’

Radiation In Milk: Low Levels Found In Milk From West Coast

Fired-CDC counselor in legal fight over gay woman

Experts: Fiesta Bowl misconduct could bring felony charges

Well that was real smart

Rick Scott cuts Developmentally Disabled then attends Special Olympics Photo-op

Nuclear Industry Thrives in the U.S., but for Export

tea-hee.....Fox blames weather for weak turnout ("just dozens") at tea party rally

U.S. Dropped Nuclear Rule Meant to Avert Hydrogen Explosions

Damm It - Abandoned Dog - Nice Rottryller in Sacramento CA

When do you stop polluting the ocean and the atmosphere with water at Fukushima?

LIPLESS MITCH: Democrats are extreme, outside the mainstream...not Teabaggers!

Obama gets anti-secrecy award

DU quoted in posting about buying dry milk due to radiation!

Meet corbetts Marcellus Advisory Commission!

Bill Berkowitz: Smart ALEC: Dragging the Secretive Conservative Organization Out of the Shadows

Cote d'ivorie.....gonna be a blood bath, wheres the tomahawks??

Ohio Collective Bargaining Restrictions Spark Strong Reaction From Police, Firefighters

Grist: Peak Oil, not Libya, is the reason you’re paying more at the pump

KARL ROVE: Donald Trump Is Discrediting The Entire Republican Party

"Proof" Michele Bachmann Is Kenyan Idiot (very badly place sign)

Business Article: TEPCO's CEO has been missing for weeks? WHAT? Then who has been in charge?

Google and the Brave New World

Where is Kucinich as Ohio passes Union busting legislation?

Documentary on Koch Bros in American politics: “Buying our Democracy” ~

Paid trolls. Libertarians. Obama Haters. RW'ers. Wow.

Paid trolls. Libertarians. Obama Haters. RW'ers. Wow.

The Top Ten Reasons America is Broke

**On Rachel, discussion w Jack Jacobs, retired Army, describing

AC360 is on and will be covering Musa Kusa's defection, Eman al-Obeidy's situation and more

AC360 is on and will be covering Musa Kusa's defection, Eman al-Obeidy's situation and more

AC360 is on and will be covering Musa Kusa's defection, Eman al-Obeidy's situation and more

Founding of a New Nation

H2O Man Survey #2: Libya

--- Rachel's show very good tonight ---

Crisis management puts huge strains on CEOs

Sarah Palin's reality TV show government-subsidized

Washington may arm Al-Qaeda-linked Libyan rebels - RT (VIDEO) Kucinich

Online resource for all things EU ...

This Video From the Mayor of Minami-Soma City Paints a Very Grim Picture

Vote for 5 Worst Things the Koch Brothers Have Done: Brave New Films Unveils New Documentary Series

Libyan Revolution Day 42 part 2 (more setbacks, but one high level defection)

Return to Wisconsin: The Beginning or the End? - MoJo/CommonDreams

We Are One - Colorado Rallies April 4th

Well Whadda Ya Know ??? - Looks Like We Won One... Thank You Senator Brown !!!

If and when Congressman Wiener ever leaves the House

BREAKING: Wisconsin Judge Declares Union Law Not In Effect By Associated Press

If there is a shutdown of the government, the rethugs will be at fault. They are trying to drag the

Will America Ever Wake Up?

I thought the Birthers were old news why are they back in discussion?

Jimmy Carter: Lift Trade Embargo Against Cuba - The Nation

Tea bagger and presidential hopeful Cain says media is afraid of a real black man

Professors and their emails - a Jack Lessenberry essay

Lockerbie: Prosecutors Seek Kusa Interview

Sign up with Russ Feingold! He may run for WI gov when Walker recalled!!

Socialism 101: Q&A

What percentage of DU is neocon in your opinion?

What percentage of DU is neocon in your opinion?

Proposed Texas budget includes deep cuts in public education, health care

Abandoned Dog Inspires "Patrick's Law" Proposal (New Jersey woman has been charged in the case)

Portugal edges towards bailout as borrowing rate hits record high

I have yet to be arrested for... ... ... ... (re:WI) is apparently watching DU, quick act nonchalant and ultra-rich!

Crowd size at big TeaBagger rally in DC today said to be about 200

Matthew Yglesias: The Policy Apocalypse (The right's ridiculous rhetoric on Obama affects policy)

Rising prices in China trigger panic buying

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! & a new Kitty gif

Fox News Announces ‘Mondays With Trump’ On Fox & Friends

The "S" in "Harry S. Truman" stands for ...

The "S" in "Harry S. Truman" stands for ...

Tea Party supporter calls into Thom Hartmann (Wednesday) regarding the stimulus package/unemployment

Tea Party supporter calls into Thom Hartmann (Wednesday) regarding the stimulus package/unemployment

National Geographic Documentary: "Inside LSD"

Ellen McCormack, antiabortion presidential candidate, dies at 84 (former Democrat)

Japan govt says evacuation of residents near damaged nuclear plant to be long-term

Japan govt says evacuation of residents near damaged nuclear plant to be long-term

Military Deaths Nearly Every Day in March; Almost a Third are Californians

CNN "New Development": "Japan radiation levels at all time high"

Wal-Mart CEO Bill Simon expects "serious" inflation

CSPAN-2 is showing wall to wall coverage of some lame-ass Tea Party rally right now.

I return to work Monday morning

Former Gov. Lucey Leaves Prosser's Campaign, Endorses Kloppenburg

Snooki of 'Jersey Shore' gets $2K more than author Toni Morrison to appear at Rutgers

Polk County Republicans hold food and clothing drive for poor Sean Duffy

Cuts threaten survival of Michigan libraries

Japanese officials are giving up; Fukushima to be abandoned and entombed

Time: Moussa Kusa's Defection A "Thundering Blow To Gaddafi's Standing & The Morale Of His Regime"

My sister, the Minister.

Is Politifact starting to bend to the right now?

The War On Child Labor Laws: Maine Republicans Want Longer Hours was attacked last night

Midnight is the dealine to be a founding member of Progressive United.

Midnight is the dealine to be a founding member of Progressive United.

Vatican: Airstrikes killed 40 civilians in Tripoli

Eric Alterman: Conservative Class Warfare Against Free Speech

It was what . . . just one Senator, right? That must have been one damned powerful Senator, that one

Fort Campbell Soldier dies from wounds (was among 6 soldiers who died in Afghanistan on 3/29)

Sumi warned that anyone who violated her order would face sanctions.

Sumi warned that anyone who violated her order would face sanctions.

Is there a sort of "2nd amendment logic" to unions?

Missouri Drops Extended Unemployment Benefits

What's the Worst Thing the Koch Brothers Have Done?

Why do I vote anymore? To keep Palin out? She isn't going to win.

Why do I vote anymore? To keep Palin out? She isn't going to win.

Guardian UK: Census reveals that 17% of the world is Indian

"Haitians Face Eviction!" Haiti Falls off the News Radar/Bush/Clinton Initiative/

One of my "Neighbors" reads DU!.. well,welcome him! Hi,Stan!!

Fox News, led by Glenn Beck, sees steep decline in 2011 viewers

Fox News said blame Weather

Citizen Action in Japan Prevented Larger Plutonium Disaster at Fukushima Reactor 3 (Video Update)

Citizen Action in Japan Prevented Larger Plutonium Disaster at Fukushima Reactor 3 (Video Update)

Kudos To Turner Classic Movies - Here's Why...

Unbelievably well done NOVA on earthquake and sunami.

Military or ex-Military Duers...what do you think when people "Thank you for your service"?

Why do you think the Obama administration leaked the CIA operation?

"I can see Labia from my back door," Baked Alaska Barbie

LINK-TV can be awesome when they want to

I blame the lack of legal abortion in 1958 for the creation of Rick Santorum.

World's largest concrete pump heading to Japan from GA

Most Accurate GOP Logo Ever

Food & Clothing Drive for Rep Sean Duffy (R-Wisconsin)

An American Parable

Glenn Beck, Prophet Of Doom, or Prophet of Dummkopf?

Rick Scott Will Lay Out Cuts For Developmentally Disabled, Then Attend A Special Olympics Photo-op

Tom Toles on the Teabaggers dropping numbers

Fraudclosure Fighter Under Attack | aka Lisa Epstein Under Attack by NTC

Atomic Power

Atomic Power

BREAKING NEWS: MSNBC WI Judge....the law is NOT in effect!!

Through the Mirror-- Bizzaro World, where Superman is Evil

Bill Gross of PIMCO re: entitlements - who has an answer?

Lawrence O'Donnell interviewing teabagger rep Joe Walsh of IL.

ALEC for Campus Carry - NRA article and video

My Personal Message To the donald.

OK, which thug is wearing the lace panties?

I'm curious as to what level of ideological support the Vietnam war had from older DU members.

Intel: Rebels divided, NATO flying 'too high', Gadhafi in control

Amid four GE reactor meltdowns in Japan, Obama pushes for more nukes

Judge Sumi to WI GOP - DID I STUTTER?

In Case You Missed This... Billionaire Pedophile Hedge Fund Manager Gets Slap On Wrist...

Ohio town is taking the 'Easter' out of its annual egg hunt

Fukushima from Space

Kucinich on CNN......About the US Constitution and War Powers...

Trump admits on O'reilly that he knows people on wall street who change documents and commit fraud

Is White America Going Infertile? The Tea Party Frets.

Obama on nukes is one of the "most wrong-headed and irrational positions ever taken by a president"

WI AFL-CIO blog: Educators Asked to Leave Walker Press Conference on Education?!

The lessons of Fukushima

Know your rights when being confronted by your employer for disability

Toddler Raped, But Her Attackers Shouldn't Be Punished

Uterus! Uterus! Uterus!

Radioactive iodine traces detected in New York

Survey: Obama's Approval Rating At All-Time Low 42 Percent - TheHill

Our Billion Dollar Turd Sandwich

I will never call a Tea Party member a teabagger again

What caused the US Federal Debt?

10 days before coming home, 24 yr old Cpl. Brandon Hocking was killed in Iraq

MSNBC, CNN, CBS, ABC, NBC and of course FOX are not news organizations

Is the Radiation in milk home grown?

Totally disgusted today at Hobby Lobby

Anyone have some of the numbers borrowed from the Fed window by the banks that were released today?

Truthout Articles Vandalized

The Return of the Class System (on luxury cruise ships!)

The Return of the Class System (on luxury cruise ships!)

A question about radiation and hair

A question about radiation and hair

Former Gov. Lucey Leaves Prosser's Campaign, Endorses Kloppenburg. AWESOME news :0)

Tomorrow, no matter what, is going to be a good day

High resolution images of damage at Fukushima plants

The disconnect that the public *needs* to understand for survival:

If Hillary Clinton had been President for the last two years

BP Pretends 2010 Gulf Leak Never Happened

Striking Detroit Symphony musicians picket board meeting

FIRST PHOTO-"snake on the lam"- Found

Chuck Todd is interviewing 2 reps for the "Tea Party Patriots"

National Academy of Sciences Requires Industry to Ensure Nuke Waste Safety for 1 million years

Prescription charges abolished in Scotland

Would the judge in Wisconsin have the authority?

It DOESN'T matter if this is as bad as Chernobyl...

Front yard toilet bowl flower pot okayed by judge

Front yard toilet bowl flower pot okayed by judge

Front yard toilet bowl flower pot okayed by judge

Why isnt there more here about the "We Are One" demonstration on April 4???


16 Middle-aged casino waitresses fired after told they don't look good in new uniforms

Save The Girl Child - India's Girl : Boy ratio continues to plummet

Hysteria now completely disconnected from reality

Local 11:00 news (KING) reporting radiation found in milk in Seattle.

What happened in 1968 in Chicago at the DNC?

House Republicans seek IRS probe of AARP

cab companies in madison tell walker to get bent

A New Poll on President Obama

Libyan Revolution Day 43 (regime looking for exit strategy?)

Poor Rupert Murdoch has had a tough week... well, he's f**cked now. Judge OK's lawsuit against

HOA Wants Kids Banned From Playing Outside

I guess it's not illegal if Obama does it

I guess it's not illegal if Obama does it

Dog Sees Mom, Just Home From Afghanistan - youtube link

RALLY UP WISCONSIN! Madison Capitol Events - Sat. April 2 - Mon. Apr. 4

Robert Reich: I’m sorry to have to deliver the bad news, but it’s better you know

Minuscule radiation spikes in Wisconsin air pose no risk to human health, State says

AP: Feds suing Iowa dog breeder

Dear friends THANK YOU Labor Forum breaks the glass ceiling

WI Unions sending letters to businesses: Put a Union Support sign in the window or be boycotted.

The U.S. Media are NOT news organizations.

Is there anyone that has not seen The DemocraticUnderground Movie?

Perfect comeback to a birther

PressTV and RT are NOT news organizations

Truth Out was hacked "and our content deleted"

A teacher's op ed: "everyone these days seems to think they know my job better than I do."

War Propaganda: With Its Horrifying Cover Story, Time Gave the War a Boost. Did Its Reporter Profit?

To Hell with the Constitution: Obama Goes To War

"Every successful capitalist knows what a Marxist knows; they just apply the knowledge differently"

CIA Operatives On The Ground In Libya ( with link to the news story)

they also said it was impossible

My two mottoes

i'm a go down to loosiana

Assist dogs... they're only human.

MiddleFingerMom thinks these young punks of today are SPOILED by those gol-durned Intertubes.


Who's going to go to see the movie, "LIHOP"?

I betcha MacGyver never needed no dang Viagra.

I am drunk and at the top of my manic swing.

Which of the following looks more like Adolf Hitler?

Is prayer different than meditation?

Good morning Lounge

Li'l Skittles once had a dream of kicking the whole WORLD'S ass with her army of minions...

American health care

Is it wrong to use The Bible as a mousepad?

what is God's will for you?

Last year I won $17 playing $5 a week in the lottery

Prepare to lose your productivity for the day: Play Rock-Paper-Scissors against a Computer

Kittens. Resistance is futile.

I'm a fleabit peanut monkey

i poop a lot

Hah, I charged someone $10 today for a cup of coffee and a muffin!

Someone took $10 from my van and then got knocked to the ground by some woman who took it away.

Until that horrible day...MFM's request to play accordion in the marching band SEEMED reasonable.

"Mommy, I wish Daddy had a job."


If I do something twice, I have to do it three times. Do you have a compulsive behavior?

April Fools day on Friday? Sounds like a great TAKE A DAY OFF day!

April Fool's Day: a National holiday to celebrate the Republican Party

Everybody poops and if they don't, they're an android and should be destroyed.

The past keeps slipping from our fingers

Does anyone else think of Back to the Future when they hear the phrase "The Libyans" ?

VIDEO: Doggie Welcomes Mom Home From Afghanistan

My biggest mistake was lovin' you too much...

Never eat a Cheez-It bigger than your head.

John Travolta to Play John Gotti

Ptah has a serious and very specific fetish porn addiction. (CAUTION: GRAPHIC SEXUAL IMAGERY)

Which one will break first... paving the way for the other to claim, "He STARTED it!!!!"

That's gonna leave a mark.

But I honestly had nothing to do with that wallabee.

The 4 Seasons of Seattle Weather

"Othello" -- with all the artsy-fartsy literarianishness trimmed away (Caution: SPOILERS):

I would LOVE to have a pussy posse of my very own.


Although it's only March, this IS Arizona... and MiddleFingerMom is already working on his tan.

Found a black widow spider last night...creeped me out!

Kinda enjoying a glass of Manischewitz blackberry wine here. A bit sweet: nice dessert wine

A woman knocked me to the ground today and stole my $10

Cookin up pot roast for dinner!

We are in for over a foot of snow tomorrow in SWNH, April 1st. No joke.

Office cats, dog and pig - Best Friends video

Bunnies. Adorable. Precious. Captivating. Delightful. Charming. EXCEPT for this breed:

The 'I'm not looking... I'm not looking... I am SO not looking" look:

So I found $10 on the ground today

There aren't a whole lotta things that I won't eat... ... ... but GOD DAMN!!!!!!

So... How many rickrolls will happen in GD tomorrow?

Dirk Diggler or Dick Cheney?

What percentage of DU is emoticon

A woman in Wilmington did unspeakable things to me today for ten dollars.

Have you ever tried cardamom coffee?

Have you ever tried cardamom coffee?

What's the best song to put on for your morning alarm?

Vegetables have feelings, too.

What are your personal favorite April Fool's Day jokes/pranks?

What percentage of DU mods are mods in your opinion?

I fear what MFM has planned for tomorrow - April Fool's day

BREAKING: Paris Hilton reads MiddleFingerMom post, replies "that's hot," Middle Finger Mom SUES...

Anyone seen "Life As We Know It" starring Katherine Heigl and Josh Duhamel? Is it any good?

I, for one, miss newyawker99.

Fucking blind people. A blind guy walked right in front of my car at Lowe's.

I just heard a owl somewheres in the backyard, so cool.

I get called "sir" all the time now. Don't like.

since I probably won't be in the mood tomorrow April 1st to post.

Home after 28 days... Damn it feels good.

DU mechanics! Question from sister in law:

DUers I NEED your voodoo and old wife's remedies now PLEASE

NASA's First Pictures of Mercury Taken From Orbit

"Greys Anatomy" apparently did a musical tonight

Microsoft Co-Founder Hits Out at Gates

Biden reports 'good progress' in budget talks

Colombia will not recognize Palestine: Santos

Car people: who has heard that it is best to take your car in to be serviced by the people

Anyone interested in beta reading for a novel?

Radiation in sea off Japan nuclear plant 4,385 times limit

I've decided upon my new career. GHOSTHUNTER. Tell me if I'm missing anything.

Seawater iodine soars to 3,355 times the limit

DJ US Marines Being Sent To Japan For Nuclear Response

NY prosecutors: Insider trading tips cited on tape

What is your favourite Chinese food main dish. Mine, Moo Shu Pork.

Whale and dolphin death toll during Deepwater disaster may have been greatly underestimated

News Corp promotes James Murdoch to New York role

Prince William's hairline is fading fast!

WikiLeaks cable casts doubt on Guantanamo medical care

Egyptian presidential poll due by end of year

Alleged Marijuana Growers in L.A.'s Valley Targeted by DEA, FBI Raids

China military policy paper lays out worries about U.S.

Ohio Bargaining Limits Prevail; Unions Vow Fight

judge rules wisconsin union law not in effect

what is "normal"? Do you march to the beat of your own drummer?

Seventy metal books found in cave in Jordan could change our view of Biblical history

I've lost ten pounds on my 'no food after 6PM' diet and am really pleased. I can

Infant killed in stray rocket strike in western Libya

Cote d'ivorie.....gonna be a blood bath, wheres the tomahawks??

Radioactive substance 10,000 times the limit detected from groundwater at troubled plant

Righthaven message-board suit survives dismissal motion

Journalists injured while covering protest in Honduras

So, I have a personal announcement...

Ex-cops face sentencing in post-Katrina shooting

USGS finds 2,000-year-old coral near BP Gulf well

NASA probe aims to unlock Mercury's secrets

Tea Party Activists Rally to Put Pressure on Republicans Over Budget Talks

An Arizona Senate Race Waits to See if Giffords Emerges to Run

Exclusive: Koch Operative May Have Deceived Officials To Take $2.7M In Taxpayer Money For Governor’s

Govt may spray resin on N-plant / Sticky material should keep down radiation

Debate rages over DEA raid of Westside medical marijuana dispensaries

Strong storm with twisters batters Tampa Bay area (may be heading for Central Florida)

KARL ROVE: Donald Trump Is Discrediting The Entire Republican Party

Lockerbie bombing prosecutors target Libyan defector Moussa Koussa

Bomb explodes at Swiss nuclear group's office; 2 hurt

Hacking MPs' phones 'could amount to contempt of parliament' (for Rupert Murdoch's newspapers)

Japan seeks French, US expertise in nuclear crisis

Biden Announces Budget Breakthrough After Huddling With Dems

Three sailors remain hospitalized after fire on aircraft carrier John C. Stennis

Veto of GOP-drafted aviation bill is threatened

Scott Fitzgerald claims Democrats, unions issued death threats

Unemployment Insurance Weekly Claims Report {03/31/2011}

Who's going to go to see the movie, "HOP"?

Lawmaker seeks process to recall Maine governor

New map shows Hartzler getting Boone

Federal Reserve names banks that drew loans during crisis

It's OPENING DAY!! Who's your team and how far do you think they go?

Experts: Fiesta Bowl misconduct could bring felony charges

Ex-cops go to prison in post-Katrina killing

Mexico: Attorney General Arturo Chavez resigns

Self-deleted by member

Missoula jury convicts man for sharing 3 grams of medical marijuana

U.S. Presses Germany to Block Indian Payments to Iran for Oil

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday, March 31, 2011

Business leaders, economists push for deficit cut

Boeing subsidies illegal, says World Trade Organization

Tea Party Hypocrisy? Some Lawmakers With Tea Party Ties Are on the Government Dole

Lawmaker seeks process to recall Maine governor

Walker administration will comply with judge's order halting collective bargaining law

NATO Warns Rebels Against Attacking Libyan Civilians

More 'defections from Gaddafi's inner circle'

Radiation-Threatened Fukushima Accuses Japan of Information Void

Radiation In Milk: Low Levels Found In Milk From West Coast

More Senior Libyans 'To Defect Within Days'

Federal judge orders Southern California hospital to recognize and bargain with nurses’ union

Japan nuclear crisis: Fukushima 50 'expect to die'

Wis. judge declares union law not in effect

Entomb? Cement pumps flown in to nuke plant

Gov. Kasich Signs Collective Bargaining Bill (Ohio SB5)

Gates: No Ground Troops While 'I Am In This Job'

Gay sailor says Lemoore (NAS) panel recommends no discharge

New details revealed in fatal Bronx bus crash

Revealed: Gaddafi envoy in Britain for secret talks ("regime may be looking for an exit strategy")

Ivory Coast president on brink as top general deserts

Irish banks need extra 24bn euros to survive

Ohio Gov. Kasich using collective bargaining bill as fundraising tool even before he signs it

NRC: Ft. Calhoun needs review (federal regulators are “most concerned about,”)

US policy towards Cuba is 'a mistake'

U.S. military balks at promised Afghan drawdown

More Senior Libyans 'To Defect Within Days'

Revealed: Gaddafi envoy in Britain for secret talks

Breaking: Coalition of Wis Unions Challenge Walker's Union-Busting Bill on Constitutional Grounds

Watergate gets new makeover at the Nixon library

Gaddafi regime ordered to appear before Africa's highest court("massive violations of human rights")

These are Great. 50 Unexplainable Black and White Photos.

Crews 'facing 100-year battle' at Fukushima

2 Former Officers Sentenced in Post-Katrina Killing

News » Ryanair to impose “compensation levy”

Former Gov. Lucey Leaves Prosser's Campaign, Endorses Kloppenburg

$1.3K to fix the car

40 civilians dead in Tripoli strikes-Vatican official

Japan's Nuclear Rescuers: 'Inevitable Some of Them May Die Within Weeks'

Bill Moyers Eyes a Possible Return to PBS

Report Criticizes High Pay at Fannie and Freddie

Libya-Owned Bank Drew at Least $5 Billion From Fed

Obama health idea could mean better care, savings

Documents Obtained by EFF Reveal FBI Patriot Act Abuses

Exclusive: WANTED: U.S. workers for crippled Japan nuke plant

Obama gets openness award in private

Concrete pump to help in Japan nuclear crisis (like the one used at Chernobyl)

Exclusive: Koch Operative May Have Deceived Officials To Take $2.7M In Taxpayer Money For Governor’s

WTKK (Boston) talk show host Jay Severin suspended again

BREAKING: Japan Nationalizes Tokyo Electric Company

Capitol damage cost claim based on 1 page of notebook paper

Wisconsin Professors Unionize, Defy Walker’s Law on Collective Bargaining

Plan would shift King's (R-Ia) district (election fight between two sitting Republicans)

Japan right-winger crashes through nuclear plant gates

Dow has best start to the year since 1999

Huge bi-partisan support for taxing the rich to fix (Calif.) budget

Many Jobs Seen as Failing to Meet the Basics

H-1B pay and its impact on U.S. workers is aired by Congress

CIA Feelers In Libya; Rebels Lose Lots Of Ground

Tony Auth: Republicans on renewable energy

NATO takes sole control of Libya air operations

As a local Democrat, we do it on a shoe string.

We're 'broke,' but can apparently afford school vouchers (Boehner chokes up, again)

Obama issues veto threat over union measure in FAA bill

Tea party anti-reform strategy would expand federal role in health care

WH, Congressional Black Caucus deny claim about EPA riders

GOP 2012 debate moved to September - Not ready for primetime?

Tea Party Hypocrisy? Some Lawmakers With Tea Party Ties Are on the Government Dole

Inching away from the budget brink? (updated)

GOPers using BLAME GAME with Flames...takng brainwashing to a new high

PoliticusUSA: New Approval Ratings Prove Obama Is The GOP’s Worst Nightmare

Conyers V. Reagan

Ongoing Obama drinking game

Ezra Klein on why Republican Paul Ryan's budget leaves Social Security alone


Wisconsin won now we need Ohio

Kerry: Obama 'very clear' on Libya

Obama's impeachment

"Can Obama Lose?"

U.S. Wants Other Nations To Pitch In On Libya

U.S. Government Pensions Gain 5.5% as Stock Market Rises (updated)

Obama's new view of his own war powers

The Same Obama You've Always Known

TARP investment in banks repaid with profit

How many people at that tea party rally in DC today 3/31/2011

Guy wakes from a coma he's been in since Obama got elected. Bring him up to date.

Unemployed largely off Washington's radar

Bob Parsons, CEO of, kills elephant in Zimbabwe. Peta responds.

GOP Nation is forgetting The FRENCH came just in time to HELP us win FREEDOM from England

Young voters have not abandoned Obama: poll

ABC News: Amid Crises, President Obama Prays 'a Lot'

Trump is an idiot...

Hillary Clinton Favorable Near Her All-Time High



Shh! New AP Poll Has Obama Approval Rating At 53%

Thom Hartmann vs. Ryan Streeter: Giving up dreams to pay for the rich?

It All Goes Back In The Box

Jordanian school children demonstration

Targeted Professor Dr. Marick Masters Speaks Out

Thom Hartmann: Are the Koch Bros a threat to Democracy?

UCLA Girl Asian Rant (GK Dubstep Remix)

Asians in the Library - UCLA Student's Racist Rant

US aiding racist rebels and Al-Qeada in Libya (+ 2nd video and links)

Sobbing 3 year old wants to be governor of New Jersey

MSNBC - The Last Word - Cantor On How Laws Are (Not) Made

Rand Paul Mocks Newt Gingrich: ‘He Has More War Positions Than He Has Wives’

Jeremy Scahill on the U.S. Policy & Covert War in Yemen

Nazi Texas Supports Checkpoints (satire)

Panel Of Caged Average Americans Weigh In On Economy

Japan updates on the Nuclear disaster Radiation in rainwater in America

American Dream Declared Dead As Final Believer Gives Up

Thom Hartmann: If we put BP in the chair and flip the switch - corporations will listen

TDPS: Single Payer Healthcare Starting the Conservative Way in Vermont

Papantonio: Koch Bros. - The More We Know You, The Less We Like You

Mojo Nixon and Jello Biafra ~ Hamlet Chicken Plant Disaster

TYT: Vegan Parents Investigated For Dead Daughter

RT: Keiser Report: 17 mln Americans on Food Stamps

Thom Hartmann vs. Dan Gainor: Government Shutdown: Who's to Blame?


Mark Fiore animation "Even Smarter Bombs"

Ohio Dems Vow to Fight New Anti-Union Bill

Greenpeace Action in Fukushima against MOX-Fuel beginning 1999

Brave New Films: What's the worst thing the Koch brothers have done?

Question Marks Over Reported Libyan Defections

Bill O'Reilly Interviews Donald Trump - 03/30/11

MSNBC w/ Cenk: Leaked Tape - Fox News Exec on Obama & Socialism

Video Republicans Don't Want You to see (R) Congressman can't live on $174,000 per year

Patricia Ryan: Don't insist on English!

Message from the Mayor of Minami-Soma City (Desperate)

Larry Wilmore CRUSHES At Congressional Correspondents' Dinner

Now We Rise

Updates on Fukushima for March 31, 2011 - Arnie Gunderson

Post-Coup Honduras, Their Struggle is Ours. (graphic images)

Cenk Uygur Interviews Tea Party Hypocrite

Tea Partiers Loving Donald Trump's Birther Stance

Donald Trump Birther Lies Destroyed By Lawrence O'Donnell

Powerful message from former (C.I.A. Agent) to all Americans!

Fox Lies: Marijuana Can Kill You

Jeremy Scahill Attempts To Remove Ed Schultz's Lips From Obama's Ass (unsuccessfully)

What the [blank] are we doing in Libya?

Scottie We're Comin' for YOUUUUU

Rep. Alan Hale (bar owner & Repuke - of course) Defends Drunk Driving

Weiner: Let's admit it, 'Boehner' is really 'boner'

Ghorbachev Turns 80

Barry Brook of BraveNewClimate loses all credibility

TEPCO Press Release (Mar 31,2011)—…Facilities…after Tohoku-Taiheiyou-Oki Earthquake…(as of 4:00PM)

You may have heard of the "Banana Equivalent Dose" - but the net dose of a banana is zero.

PNAS - CO2 Emissions Have Profoundly Affected Plants, W. Enormous Impact On Water Vapor Cycle

Status of nuclear power plants in Fukushima as of 21:00 March 31 (Estimated by JAIF)

Japan's Nuclear Rescuers: 'Inevitable Some of Them May Die Within Weeks'

Nation's oldest nuclear plant suddenly in harsh spotlight (Oyster Creek, New Jersey)

JAIF: Earthquake Report No. 38

Fukushima “Ethereal blue flash” may occur during “localized criticality” -Bloomberg

TEPCO Press Release (Mar 31,2011)—Detection of radioactive materials…seawater…Fukushima Daiichi…

TEPCO Press Release (Mar 31,2011)—The status of water analysis in the (Unit 1) trench of…

Japan right-winger crashes through nuclear plant gates

GD-x-post: Manager at CA nuclear plant sues, claims whistleblower retaliation

Is Obama Giving Up On Fighting Global Warming?

Climate change denier Ken Cuccinelli would like some support for his position...

TEPCO Press Release (Mar 31,2011) The detection of radioactive materials in the water on 1st baseme…

TEPCO Press Release (Mar 31,2011)—The results of nuclide analyses of radioactive materials in…air…

Kan & Sarkozy to cooperate in handling nuke crisis (…France will lead the international community…)

US to send (specialized, Marine) emergency response unit to Japan

Novel Nanowires Boost Fuel Cell Efficiency

Fukushima fearmongers are stealing our Jetsons future

Japan nuclear crisis: evacuees turned away from shelters (xpost)

Clown Wars! Norquist, Coburn Square Off Over Ethanol Fuel Blending Subsidy - NYT

The Declining Price Elasticity of Gas

NHK Video: Radiation in seawater at new high

Radiation monitors not given to each worker

Interesting slides from the IAEA briefing (updated)

Second wind developer freezes Wisconsin projects to await rules

World's Nuclear Plants Still Searching for Permanent Waste Sites

Driving the electric Rolls-Royce (BBC) {125-mi range}

NHK—Radiation detected in beef, vegetables

Top Harper Aide Used $15 Million Environmental Grant To Meet With Oil Cos, Plot PR, Strategy & Image

MSHA Never Used "Flagrant Violation" Fine Against Massey Energy Even Post-Big Branch, Won't Say Why

India census: population goes up to 1.21bn (BBC)

The Ticking Time Bombs In The Gulf

Tea Party Lobbies for Asian Pulp & Paper (Indonesian rainforest destruction)

Idaho House committee OKs tax break for wind power

The Repair-Ware Revolution: Say Goodbye to Our Throwaway Culture and Hello to Fixing Stuff Yourself

PA Agencies Must Get Approval From Head Of State EPA Before ANY Enforcement Action On Gas Drillers

IAEA Briefing on Fukushima Nuclear Accident (31 March 2011, 14:00 UTC)

Any experience with geothermal heat pumps?

EU: No combustion engine cars in city centers by 2050

Arnie Gundersen analyzes the disaster at Fukushima as of today 3/31

Denton, TX - Drilling Mud & Waste Dumping ("Landfarming") Dividing Communities, Ruining Farms

Are we really communicating uncertain climate risks?

Billion-plus people to lack water in 2050: study

Counterfeit H-1B job offers nets six months in jail

The Kochs and their weapons of mass distraction

Walker (WI, Gov) Installs Koch Machine to Head Public Service Commission

XP: Collective Bargaining in the Public Sector: Madia Law March 2011 Newsletter

The Fed has Got to Fix Their Priorities

'Our Most Dangerous Illusion Is that We Can Control Nuclear Energy'

America’s Growing Intolerance: How “Enemy Creep” Is Guantanamo-izing America

Let There Be Light Bulbs

When Photo Ops Go Horribly Awry

Congress Q&A: Declaration of war (

Guardian UK: The American right is trapped in a hyperbolic and dysfunctional world

How We Can Balance the Budget and Satisfy Both Parties.

Scott Walker Peeved That NYT Refuses to Publish His Op/Ed

DiManno: Women rally to back Libyan rebels

The Abortion Taxman Cometh

Bill O'Reilly: Trump Has 'Excuse' For Crazy Birther Claims

Iodine 129, the Elephant in the room.

House Republicans' Constitutional Ignorance

Alaska GOP turns to fringe blogger as Islam expert

What's at stake in the Walmart women's lawsuit

Educators escorted out of Walker Press conference by Milwaukee Police

DIANE RAVITCH: Shame on Michelle Rhee: looks like she cheated on standardized tests

Why would anyone support nuclear power?

Republicons cheat to win going back to the 2000 Florida Vote recount, using Enron , thug operatives

The Sparkys are coming! The Sparkys are coming! Coming to my house on Saturday!

Delaware bill would close gun-report loophole

Mexican Cartels Get Heavy Weapons from Central America

Mixing guns, alcohol is a bad idea

CCW (apparently) coming to Illinois and even Chicago

Chavez dismisses idea of political asylum for Gadaffi

Jailed senator faked community service

Former Uribe advisor incriminated in Nule Group scandal

Journalists injured while covering protest in Honduras

Cuba OKs credits for entrepreneurs, farmers

Colombia will not recognize Palestine: Santos

US-Led Terrorism Puts US Credibility in Question

US policy towards Cuba is 'a mistake'

One dead, 5 hurt in shooting at Worthing HS (Houston)

A Game Plan for ENDA

Massachusetts Trangender Faith Action Week - MEDIA ADVISORY Click here to hide this thread

Gay Rumors Drove Teen to Suicide

Riley Reiff named Iowa starting left tackle as Spring practice commences.

Play ball!

ESPN Classic makes deal to show sports from BBC's archive

Golf: Ryo Ishikawa to give 2011 golf earnings to Japan disaster victims

Woody's convinced me! "Rockies will roar to 93 wins"

Sad day for America: The Yankees beat the Tigers. But we will get through this.

New baseball season

Congratulations to the Shockers for another Championship!

It never ends for this guy...Chad Pennington Tears ACL

Happy Opening Day Everyone!

Gloat Free Baseball Scores: Thursday, March 31

Yeah. walk the bases loaded to get to the pitcher.

Yeah. walk the bases loaded to get to the pitcher.

A-Rod nearly outearns Kansas City Royals

Lincecum loses to the Dodgers. Pardon me, while I...

Is the cosmological constant fine-tuned to 120 decimal places just by accident?

Lead Codices Could Be Major Discovery in Christian History

Do you believe in God?

PCHR Calls Upon the Government in Gaza to Investigate Use of Homemade Projectiles

Palestinians to Arab leaders: Stop blaming us for unrest

Colombia will not recognize Palestine: Santos

46% of Israeli teens: Revoke Arabs' rights

Palestinians to ask for UN recognition if peace talks fail, says Abbas

Rabbi: Tsunami result of haredi arrests