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Hello and welcome to movie phone.

Publication of the bill in WI

Publication of the bill in WI

BBC Caribbean Service makes final broadcast (BBC)

Correcting a BS opinion post in the Labor Forum

Pentagon considering using Predator drones in Libya--senior Pentagon official

From Salon, a handy flowchart: "What to say about Libya, a guide for Republicans"

Capitalism has bought our government from us...

Liberals Hold Your Head Up !


New Facebook page to support Prof William Cronon:

Assault on unions continues in Florida: House passes bill banning automatic union deductions

Michael Pollan spoke in Marin last night, here's an article.

More Texas doctors dipping into personal reserves to keep practices alive

DU is becoming intolerable!

A primary for Jon Tester?

HAve you seen Bill Mahar's Real Time tonight? It was good!

Anybody on here feel cheated? You try your best and next thing you know, your opinion is not counted

A simple act of activism. Please join in.

video of tsunami - have you seen this?

Why doesn't the government give a passport to every citizen?

Real South Asia Politics - India PM invites Pakistan leaders

Wisconsin - Prosser on Kloppenburg

Wisconsin - Prosser on Kloppenburg

What are the weather conditions in hell? I just watched Lou Dobbs on with O'Reilly.

Libyan rebels didn't recapture a damn thing

KO Honors victims of 100th anniversary of the Triangle Shirt fire

First order of business for a Pres. Michelle Bachmann and a teabagger Congress?

Gingrich Praises Anti-Muslim Conspiracy Theorist

The Corporate Piggy Bank=The U.S. Treasury and YOUR Money (with Video)

Thousands begin anti-cuts march in London

Dkos: A Plea to the United States and Canada from Fitzwalkerstan

Exclusive:U.S. submarines show force amid race for Arctic riches

Japanese newspapers in English

Fukushima primary piping damage potential, high concentrations of iodine from sea water

Fukushima primary piping damage potential, high concentrations of iodine from sea water

Why Baseball Owners Hate Good Government

It's March 26th and it's -21 degrees C in Ontario

I need help on resources- as cuts are made to education,HHS,public service...

Another lawsuit was filled yesterday against the WI union busting bill:

"Corruption keeps us safe and warm" - why don't they just put that on their bumperstickers?

Losing Our Way By Bob Herbert

Bank of America posts loss, gets ($1 Billion) tax benefit

has anyone ever been banned from Free Republic for racism?

has anyone ever been banned from Free Republic for racism?

Fear and devastation on the road to Japan's nuclear disaster zone

Working in Germany

Wisconsin - Peter Barca weighs in on latest Republican tactic.

First They came... - Pastor Martin Niemoller

This poll needs serious DU attention.

A plea bargain no animal lover can support

From '61 to '68, the US produced enough VX nerve gas to kill everyone on Earth.

Alex Horton got a job from the Department of Veteran Affairs!

The F-22 is a aircraft with NO mission….

Can someone tell me what this video about?

If you use marijuana, which method of administration do you typically use?

Slovenia has a nuke plant problem

And now he appoints the torture psychologist to a post?

Libyan rebels celebrate as Ajdabiya falls

Huge payout over US priests sex-scandals - $166 mil.

Hundreds of Thousands Flee Ivory Coast Crisis, U.N. Says

my son is 15, cross country and track. lots of energy in this, very competitive. supplements

Republicans Launch A Theocratic Christian Assault On The Constitution

As if they needed to rub our noses in it

Arizona Bill Would Allow People To Bring Guns To ‘Disney On Ice’

Radiation spikes in seawater off stricken Japan plant

Corporate groups want to 'repatriate' a trillion dollars. Sounds like money laundering to me.

Gov. LePage Orders Little Girl's Sandcastle Kicked In

Art challenges Tunisian revolutionaries (and our mural has to go)

West strikes Libya forces, NATO sees 90-day campaign

West strikes Libya forces, NATO sees 90-day campaign

Killing civilians

“Life is something that happens while you’re making other plans.”

Is this really what Wall Street did to America?

200,000 march in London against cuts. This is what a "Tea Party rally" really looks like.

Radioactivity levels soar in Japan seawater

Gaps In US Radiation Monitoring System Revealed

Here's a slideshow from last Sunday's Paddy's Day Parade in South Boston.

help from a federal worker needed

American military fighting along side al-qaeda? Really?

Oil Spill Threatens Rare Penguins on World’s Most Remote Inhabited Islands

Rove-Linked Group Attacking Republicans

Geraldine Ferraro should have been elected vice president in 1984

Dog crapping in yard leads to neighborly shootout

London protesters clash with police at mass rally

feelgood headline of the week ...'Japan Shies Away from Predicting End to Nuclear Crisis'

I Met a Fairy Today Who Was Granting Wishes

Scott Walker scares away more business from Wisconsin

Julian Assange

Scott Walker Kills His Wisconsin Union Busting Bill By Publishing It ????

German woman devoted to removing Nazi graffiti

My friend needs some DU love - please vote for him to attend Netroot Nations Conference

Activists in GOP work for repeal of (Utah) guest-worker law

The unbelievable and the incredible. Consecutive posts on the jsonline site.

Bachmann to kick off 2012 campaign by hiring a birther

The Glenn Beck Channel

Bruce Fein and David Swanson on C-Span 2 today ---->

Libya Intervention Threatens the Arab Spring

If you cut out fine arts, you take away anything for future generations to read and write about

Rebels thank France for its preeminent role but want 'outside forces' to quit Libya


Progressives launch ad against WI justice who called colleague a ‘bitch’

Progressives launch ad against WI justice who called colleague a ‘bitch’

Analysis: GOP wins cuts without government closure

Bruce Fein and David Swanson on Book TV: C-Span 2...NOW!

U.S. protests over wars, collective bargaining die down.

TEPCO hires new spokesmen

is there any soft brand of toilet paper that isn't pulped through Koch bowels first?

Tsunami Threat Could Catch Northwest Off Guard

Mount Everest Photos: Then (1921) and Now - Melting Glacier

TEPCO Admits To Another Cover Up As Radioactivity In Seawater Near Fukushima Soars To 1,251 Above Le

So when a woman talks about acts of male aggression that have been done to her over her lifetime, a

Geraldine Ferraro

A massive show of pissed-off force in Londontown (crowd much larger than expected)

Happy Birthday, Leonard Nimoy & James Caan

Elizabeth Taylor gives money to charity

Geraldine Ferraro has died

Corporate Profits At All-Time High As Recovery Stumbles

Video of British Protesters smashing cars...NOT at the union protests

Under the Radar/HR 1135 If you live in (OH,SC,NJ,TX IN)

Under the Radar/HR 1135 If you live in (OH,SC,NJ,TX IN)

'Brain waste' thwarts immigrants' career dreams

Ground Zero, Indeed

So how are things now in Egypt? Looks to be a mixed bag.

Michael Vick may end up on the cover of Madden 2012.

"I would love to see the governor and his family help me and my family serve the homeless people,"

Gawker is titillated by GANDHI's love for "hunky bodybuilder." WSJ uses it as scurrilous attack.

Deputies Accused Of Leaving Child After Arrest

Japan Disaster Refuels Liability Debate in U.S.-India Nuclear Pact

Indonesian airport authorities detain 2 men attempting to carry 40 pythons on a mother****ing plane

US backing for world currency stuns markets

Conyers calls for inquiry of treatment of Muslim Americans

DU Exclusive - What Nuclear Plant Engineers Find Funny - TMI and Flooding

WI Recall update - We've got the signatures on Randy Hopper?

Well, now Texas Repubs are moving on to old folks - AARP statement in my paper

Huge anti-nuclear power protests in Germany

A Great alternative to Koch brothers paper products

Wisconsin’s Walker Sued by Unions as Labor Law ‘Published’

Gambling on nuclear power: How public money fuels the industry

LIBYA: 114 Libyans dead from air attacks from West (VIDEO)

The Purity Dems should be ashamed of their Greenwald/James knee jerk

went to an UNCUT demo today

Yep, they will be there

Football Stadiums or Health Care for The Poor

'Ev'rywhere I hear the sound of marching, charging feet, boy '

Are you turning off any lights tonight for Earth Hour

An Empire of Lies: The CIA and the Western Media

Things seem to be escalating in Syria

Is the attack on teachers being made because of the money to be made from "Virtual Schools"?

A day at the quarry, I imagine the insurance co's charge a bit for the coverage.

Should getting married be a legal alternative to school for young people?

WTF!!!!! Corruption affects all of us - who is your pilot?

Julian Assange Update

On March 15 Experts Said Indonesia Was Safe From ‘Radioactive Rain’ - Still True?

People who were activists in the 60's- did you feel hopeless before you got mad?

NATO Airstrike in Afghanistan Kills 7 Civilians, Including 3 Children

400,000 Protesters in London

400,000 Protesters in London

Stress Reducer From all the News Look Now! and come back to Earth

What is teabaggery's appeal and is it enduring?

CNN's "Unwelcome": A Welcome Examination of Intolerance in America

CNN brought up Sarah Palin almost immediately with Ferraro announcement

"Protests in London against govt cuts have turned violent" - MSNBComcastic

The Sims Medieval (images)

I think there is a sociopathy and selfish cowardice growing in our society's establishments

I found this incredibly nasty long post about Elizabeth Taylor on the eXiled front page

The ALEC "rape the state" Budget Toolkit (pdf)

This little email adequately describes those on the right.

Fukushima scaremongers becoming increasingly desperate

Fukushima scaremongers becoming increasingly desperate

Willie Nelson to dodge jail over pot bust — in exchange for playing a song

What is the American Dream nowadays?

Maybe there's something to be said for losing a war

Don't fund NPR

Incredible male to female transformation - after only 13 months

L.A. County leads U.S. in hunger study

Rick Scott's Medicaid Overhaul to Benefit…Rick Scott?

Butler wins!

Saturday afternoon rant

I'm sick of that disgusting Superpower Communist China ad.

What he said !!

Is it just me? > I seem to know an awful lot of middle-class people c/ IRS problems of various types

Steve McQueen’s ‘Le Mans’ Porsche 911S to be auctioned

President Raygun has been shot!!!

Was just remembering a so called "expert" on FOX News predicting a major quake in CA

Any books you really loved lately?

We've seen lots of incredible vids of the Tsunami. Here's one from inside a car ..

House Republicans’ Next Target: The Old Peoples’ Lobby

The US Navy barge on the way to Fukushima.

Still the lies. US News agencies lie about "violence" in London

Prancing with the czars

Tea Party Leader: It's Revolution or Die

Man gets 99 years in prison for 16th DWI

Can anyone here translate Japanese?

Is Glenn Greenwald a journalist?

What are the odds?

Japan attacks China.

WI Repug poodle Scott Fitzgerald makes a fool of himself once again....

Toon to send to the RW'ers

WBC to picket Ferraro memorial.

My Japan Is Still Alive Amid the Rubble

Wirch (One of the Dem14 from WI) Proposes Sale of Governor’s Mansion

Hot Mic Captures Joke Between General Petraeus And Secretary Gates About Libya on March 7th...

I REFUSE TO WATCH THAT "BEEF Video" that keeps "In MY FACE" here on DU!

Bloomberg Booed at Triangle Shirtwaist Fire Commemoration

Media Matters' war against Fox

Sedgwick County Democrats planning "Kobach Fiesta"

All right, this does it! I now support our action in Libya.

Rich people protest mega-mansion construction by richer person

Extraordinary "This American Life" today - "Very Tough Love"

Catholic Order Reaches $166 Million Settlement With Sexual Abuse Victims

Fukushima crisis: radiation fears grow for low-paid heroes battling disaster

'Solidarity Saturday' in Los Angeles - pics

Sunday morning shows: Planned Parenthood president appearing on C-SPAN; Joe Sestak on ABC

Muslim defendant can sue over hijab removal

Lady GaGa Hits Back at Homophobic Malaysian Government

Hundreds of thousands take to the streets in UK protesting budget cuts


RIP Geraldine Ferraro.

Libyan Revolution Day 37 part 2 (Misrata into second week of shelling. Ajdabya liberated!)

Samantha Power, Cass Sunstein and cognitive infiltration or...Who's behind that tweet?

ALEC's website is inaccessible -- embarrassment, or too much traffic?

Just in Case You're Having Trouble Staying Awake to Mourn

65,000 metric tons of radioactive waste

With a little less than a week to go, Is this the worst March EVER?

Wish I had been there last night: Aretha Franklin dances, sings at 69th birthday party

2007 West Point Study: Shows Libyan Rebels Come From Main Al Qaeda Suicide Bomber Recruitment

They had Marijuana: A Chronic History on History tonight

Uncertainty as Japan's radiation levels surge

Willie Nelson to dodge jail over pot bust — in exchange for playing a song in a west Texas courtroom

Geraldine Ferraro passed away at 75.

Melissa Harris-Perry (The Nation): Who Are You Calling Crazy?

On History Channel's refusal to air "The Kennedys"

Live Geiger Counter reading from Tokyo for those who are concerned.

Why is this information being aired by the media? (national security risk)

UN agency: Japan nuclear crisis far from over

UN agency: Japan nuclear crisis far from over

Stephen Harper calls is government "stable" when it has fallen twice. Good luck with that stable

Toon: How privatization really works

Toon: How privatization really works

Well there is one lucky/happy soul in New York today.. won the $312 million dollar jackpot

Walker: Recall is for Misconduct in Office... Not Applicable for Him

Re: Japan For those of you who are not flying but cannot pass up free air miles

The women fighting, organising, feeding and healing Libya’s revolution

Fresno, CA charities may face funding cuts as hunger rises

Scott Walker KILLS His Wisconsin UNION BUSTING BILL By Publishing It

Another Reason Conservatives want to Defund NPR-More on Geo Group and Juvenile abuse in Miss.

How will rationally behaving K-12 teachers behave if their pay is tied to standardized test score

"Libya may be placing corpses at bombed sites -Gates"

Sunday Talk Shows, 60 Minutes: Overseas tax havens

11 PM tonight Eastern Time - Triangle: Remembering the Fire

Class War: Union Bosses vs Public Sector Workers

Who’s Really Behind Recent Republican Legislation in Wisconsin and Elsewhere?

Two questions for seasoned political minds....

"Senior Skip Day"-come to school, or you won't be allowed to go to your prom

What we need in 2012, is to elect a REAL AMERICAN President

Gary Johnson to launch 2012 presidential bid in April

Found this photo

Thought on the suspended air traffic controller at Reagan National

Glenn Greenwald fails journalism 101 in his latest smear effort

WikiLeaks - does anyone hear much about WikiLeaks anymore?

Banning pub crawls?

Koch "His father was a hard core economic socialist in Kenya..."

Greenwald was wrong. There is no James appointment....

Obama Administration Says Miranda Warning Doesn’t Count for Terror Suspects

USA / EU Radiation and Jetstream Forecast (MOST Informative site)

In 12 States, GOP Plans To Slash Corporate Taxes While Increasing Burden on Working Families

"American Soldiers Are WAKING UP"

Rioters battle UK police after anti-cuts rally

This is not going to go over well here but.....

This is not going to go over well here but.....

Chalk Memorial - Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire

Hundreds of Fish Dead in Gulf Shores

I had no idea Carrie Fisher was a Democrat

"Bachmann spoke in all caps for much of her remarks and barely stopped to take a breath..."

NY Times weighs in on the right wing attack on Wis. Prof. Bill Cronon

Wisconsin -- How To Get Petitions Signed By The Cart-Full

Two Weeks Ago Today. We Were In Madison

London Calling

What devious fraud will Govwalker and operatives create to steal court seat from JoAnne Kloppenburg

Warming hearts, hands and feet

Are "Carbon Emissions" considered pollution?

If you put your personal information on a public place on the internet . . . .

Too cheap to meter? Suckers! Nuclear Power Subsidies: The Gift that Keeps on Taking

Of these kinds of DU threads, which is the worst?

Delaware DOT is stealing people's basketball hoops?

The New Yorker: "The “Kill Team” Photographs"

Market Crash 2011: It will hit by Christmas

Market Crash 2011: It will hit by Christmas

South Africa: Stop 'Corrective Rape'

Nuclear safety: U.S. Nuclear Waste Problem Gains New Scrutiny

two toons on taxes

Just how low is Obama going to go hiring all these Bushitler repukes?

I saw Dr. Michio Kaku give a talk to day and he discussed Japans nuclear reactors.

So What'cha All Wailin' About?

Union-Busting: Six Fired After Demanding Sick Days for Fast-Food Workers


If one honestly cares about justice and the humanitarian situation in Libya

Why does London riot so hard?

In 2003 when we universally joined against the Booshe war in Iraq

Why are these trees completely wrapped in spider webs?

Phrases that should be banned from journalism: " Tossed about like toys"

Fortune: Unpaid jobs: The new normal? (you should read the comments, too)

Man makes sure that "motel kids" don't go hungry.

Is it illegal to do scientific research for those suspected of running criminal organizations?

"Dan Rather Reports" exposes visa loophole bringing cheap labor

Governor asks municipalities to increase health care contributions beyond 12.6%

When the dreams are gone, then what? Have to make some choices this week.

Randy Hopper recall organizer says they’ve got the signatures to trigger a new election

Rapes of Women Show Clash of Old and New India

Ghost Town

O-LIE-ly gets owned: "That is false as I think you know. That was twisted on your show by you."

Bob Herbert's powerful good-bye column -- It should be a wake-up call

And how much money will we pour into Libya when the damage is done?

LePage retorts to heckler: ‘I would love to tax the rich if we had any in Maine’

We keep getting OP's that claim that...

I give up - the US is dead. The part worth saving at least

Are there really people who believe there are no civilian causalities in LIbya?

A correlation; U.S. foreign policy and Monty Python

City agrees to lower test scores for police exam

Tami Akanuma and her dog Babu - story w/pics

Landmark Victory For Wisconsin Workers On Paid Sick Days: Momentum Building Nationwide for Paid Sick

OK, I am no legal expert but.... How the fuck is Walker getting away with this shit?

OK, I am no legal expert but.... How the fuck is Walker getting away with this shit?

OK, I am no legal expert but.... How the fuck is Walker getting away with this shit?

OK, I am no legal expert but.... How the fuck is Walker getting away with this shit?

If people are going to castigate Mr. Greenwald for shabby journalism

Busted for Growing Pot to Ease Suffering from Chemotherapy, Couple Prepares for 5-Year Prison Terms

First thing I'd do if I were fighting this nuclear disaster is get the Team the best gear.

Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann Declares ‘I Am An Iowan’

Libyan Blood Oil:An Illegal War of Hypocrisy and Self Interest

So what bills do you feel like you just HAVE to pay?

So what bills do you feel like you just HAVE to pay?

Jail is for mortgage buyers not the lenders. Feds make prosecuting the small fry a priority

HO-LY SHIT! Look at this tsunami video:

We are entering the "you can't touch me you poor fuckers" phase of capitalism

Libyan Revolution Day 38 (Ajdabiya liberated! Brega looking good. LIBYA HURRA!)

STOP Participating In The SYSTEM

Holt remains skeptical about conclusions in anthrax investigation

I'm tired

Dubai set for world's richest horse race - 10 mil.

antiabortionists sue because they couldn't literally get in face of clinic patients

antiabortionists sue because they couldn't literally get in face of clinic patients

Nuclear Nightmare

City Principal Investigated In Retaliation Probe

Minnesota Republican Senate -- no eyeglasses or prosthetics for the poor

What will be Obamas platform of promises for 2012?

EXCLUSIVE: Herman Cain Tells ThinkProgress ‘I Would Not’ Appoint A Muslim In My Administration

Attempting a high school equivalency test or watching online porn: which is worse for a child?

Heres what the tsunami looked like

Libyan rebel commander admits his fighters have al-Qaeda links

James Dean Molested by Minister, Elizabeth Taylor Revealed

Finally!! FCC fines local TV stations for airing fake news.

Is it even POSSIBLE to reform capitalism, or should we build something else?

Why should for-profit corporations pay taxes?

Hiroshima to Fukushima: The Illusion of Control - HuffPo

Wisconsin union-busting bill - is it law now or not? The plot thickens here in Wisconsin.

Challenging the nuclear proponents to back up their call for more nuclear power

Any comments about the rise of what appears to be the Fourth Reich in Wisconsin?

Who's got two thumbs and is currently in second place in the DU Bracketball competition?

Ben Bernanke Has Answered My Prayers!

Would this be considered a callout, a tribute, or a public...

Nuclear Power Apologists: Japan is calling

Do you feel lucky?

A Blast from the Past --> CKLW 800 Windsor-Detroit from the 70's....

Dog crapping in yard leads to neighborly shootout

WHY was the dead baby stapled to a chicken?

Hello and welcome to movie phone.

Imponderable # 496:

Is it just me or has Facebook's searching methods grown worse?

Anyone have guitar chords for "Swans Against the Sun" ?

Hi, I'm Nick Nuke

OH GOD, the AntiChrist has made a video! Where's the pause button or kill switch or STOP IT DEAR GOD

Why did the chicken cross the road?

Spring will be sprung soon (pic)

dammit this was probably made in China--

As budget impasse drags on, government agencies operate in limbo

Appeal (Made) to Keep Twitter Data from WikiLeaks Probe

Breaking: Libya rebels 'recapture key town'

Obama to address nation on Monday about Libya

Pakistan official says government to compensate victims of especially deadly US drone strike

Standish Marine found dead in Ariz. had gunshot wound to head

James Dean Molested by Minister, Elizabeth Taylor Revealed

German woman devoted to removing Nazi graffiti

Police: Mississippi Neighbors Shoot At Each Other Over Defecating Dog

Fear and devastation on the road to Japan's nuclear disaster zone

2,500 rubber ducks stolen from police academy

US rushes freshwater to help Japan nuclear plant

Libyan rebels enter Ajdabiya town

Obama: Gbagbo should cede power in Ivory Coast

Union law published despite restraining order

Why would FaceBook send me suggestions on people to contact...

Japan urges residents near nuclear plant to leave

I saw Eli "Paperboy" Reed last night! What a show.

Tulsa foster parent charged with abuse is arrested on plane headed to Costa Rica

Elementary school "Metal Club" performs Iron Maiden for a comatose audience

Question about letters of recommendation for grad school confidentiality.

Ok, this "MS Removal Tool" keeps popping up on my other computer...

WTF is with the god damned ADS that play before the YouTube vid i have selected?

Brace yourself...there is a bad pun landing

Amazon town bans tourists

USA vs Argentina Int'l Friendly starting now on ESPN 2

Libyan leader 'using hitmen'

Geraldine Ferraro dies at 75

For all of you who remember The Legendary Thread, here it is for your enjoyment...

PHOTO: Wilford Brimley, you could use a shave. And a haircut. Stop playing with that ball of twine.

Please delete dupe

i got a special offer from facebook today. i'm going to join i think.

Up to 500,000 protestors attend anti-cuts demo (video of violence)

Listen to the Radio Riel stations if you like the eclectic.

Canada Goes To Polls May 2, House Dissolved

Vegans and Vegitarians Beware!

I feel compelled to do things around the house even though I'm a double gimp

I've got TWO radio shows on today

Riddle me this Batman...

I just saw my first YouTube without its stalling almost-ever!1 CA-Peg, take note!1

Today's quick sauce

Bulgarians hold large anti-govt. rally

Today we went to Five Guys Burgers for the first time

I feel guilty being online during Earth Hour.

Here's tonight's belly laugh:

Ptah likes his women to put on "something special" before, during & after, well... cross-pollenation

The Cee-Lo Green generation......

Sea radioactive near Fukushima/GE plant

I'm nothing without you.

Punitive damages in egg suit? (recall last summer)

bee gees..great folk band or disco fad?

(Yemen's president) Saleh says ready to leave power "with dignity" (& even within hours)

Libyan rebel commander admits his fighters have al-Qaeda links

Honduras: EI Executive Board condemns workers’ repression

"I was driving home early Sunday morning through Bakersfield..."

Anyone seen "freakonomics the movie"? Is it any good?

Pfizer unit recalls two possibly mislabeled drugs

Carter to meet Castro, religious leaders in Cuba

Saturday's NCAA Tournament Thread (Elite Eight)

i live on a farm, sort of, and i just got a pony for a gift!

over 400,000 marching in London over austerity cuts (pics and events blog)

Diamonds reign across the sky

Diamonds reign across the sky

And now a hot and nasty sax video!

Steve McQueen’s ‘Le Mans’ Porsche 911S to be auctioned

Am I obsolete here?

I thought Wendy O Williams died ages ago - how can she be on "Dancing with the Stars"?

London Protests Gather Strength After Massive Budget Cuts Announced

Rogue Chipotle Ale

A serious question

U.S., allies ponder arming Libyan rebels

Alaska Airlines/Horizon Air Cancels Flights After Outage

Libyan Rebels Push West To Capture Brega

Cats purr by using their glottis in their throat - the same thing humans use to snore. Just heard on

Cantor: Government Shutdown Would Be On Democrats' Hands

Automakers face paint shortage after Japan quake

Japan's government criticizes nuke plant operator (corrected with link)

I'm Bach.

Venezuela students end hunger strike

earlier today, my boyfriend and i were making love.

Best castle/fort for defense against class III Zombie attack?

Does anybody remember SUNDAY morning cartoons?


Posted this about the Bible on Facebook this morning...

Cats are sweet. So sweet. OMG, cats are just so, SO sweet... ... those evil li'l fucking furballs.

Baby's very first meal at Olive Garden (tastes like chicken):

Would you have more confidence in a ZOGBY poll or a ZOMBIE poll?

Your best costume (Halloween/ball). On a bus tour of europe we were told

China can guarantee safety of nuclear power facilities: official

Geraldine Ferraro Dead: First Female Vice Presidential Candidate Dies At 75

US rushes freshwater to help Japan nuclear plant

Three years ago today, I arrived in Montreal - ask me anything

Throwing "Comparing apples to oranges" under the wheels of a train:

Colo. Principal Nixes Student Newspaper for Knowing Too Much

Protesters Rally in Wisconsin After Anti-Union Law Published

Bear walks into house. Cat suggests immediate exit. Who ya got?

MEA chief has (155,000) members weighing strike options

Thousands attend downtown L.A. labor rally

Angela Merkel faces a painful setback in the Baden-Württemberg elections

Montana Legislature identifies lawmakers receiving state health benefits

Song you would most like to hear redone in a bossa nova style

Union Chapters File Suit Against Collective Bargaining Law

As a teen, what was your favourite song. Mine was Dolly Parton's "Here You Come Again".

"Fast Times at Ridgemont High" is on VH1, 1:30 AM Sunday...

U.S. Navy exercises linked to 3 dolphin deaths

Please prayers, good vibes whatever.

Bonnie and Clyde - Victims of the System or "Evildoers"?

Gates: Intel shows Qaddafi planting bodies at attack sites

Check out this amazing audio-visual artist Pogo.

Some 200,000 in Germany protest nuclear power

Gagging order on scientists probing dolphin deaths as U.S. builds criminal case against BP

Racial remarks spark reprimand of Nevada official

I'd like to thank you for your kindness & understanding - the words of appreciation & encouragement.

Spring will be sprung soon, part two {dial up caution}

Things that are obsolete since the advent of the internet.

Venezuela’s Chavez offers supports to Syrian leader amid protests, blames US for unrest

The Sims Medieval (images)


What posters did you have on your wall as a teen? I had a poster that said: "if you don't know where

Today, we went to Trader Joes for the first time

Libyan woman (pleas for reporters to help her & is) dragged from press by Gaddafi forces (Pic Heavy)

Egypt: Cabinet's sweeping ban on strikes and protests draws condemnation

New York's Mayor Bloomberg Booed At Triangle Shirtwaist Fire Commemoration

New York's Mayor Bloomberg Booed At Triangle Shirtwaist Fire Commemoration

BTW Did Walker ask the people of WI if he can cut taxes to the RICH?..He didn't....why not?

Wisconsin's collective bargaining law. Is it law? My take

House Democrats Face Long Odds in 2012

Bob Herbert's final column for the NYT: Our nation has lost its way entirely

Yknow, the United States is kinda like an old eighteenth century sailing ship, and

Greenwald: Top Bush-era GITMO and Abu Ghraib psychologist is WH's newest appointment

Kristof: Libyan woman telling of rape and beatings makes the case for our humanitarian intervention

HP: Why, in Spite of Everything, I Still Love Obama

President Bachmann ... she is thinking about thinking about it.

President Bachmann ... she is thinking about thinking about it.

C-Span: Haley 'mush-mouth' Barbour speaking to Conservative Principles PAC

Kochs Lash Out At 'Dangerous' Critics, 'Radical' Obama

If McCain/Palin had been elected????

President Obama: Ferraro blazed trail for all Americans

Birther Gregory Hollister may have illegally impersonated Obama to obtain draft records

Al Qaeda fighting in Libya with the Libyan rebels

Arizona Pinal County Deputy Louie Puroll Comes Clean About Desert Shooting!

Triangle Returns

Japan's Nuclear Disaster Explained

Weekly Address: The Military Mission in Libya

Myanmar quake victims see no urgent relief


TDPS: Instead of bombing dictators, what if we stop selling them bombs?

Opposition to India-EU trade deal on drugs

Dancin' in the Ruins - Blue Oyster Cult

Sarah Palin Is No Ronald Reagan!


A correlation: U.S. foreign policy and Monty Python

After Democracy (Chris Kijne, VPRO Backlight 2010) - Dutch documentary - LONG - 50 minutes

This is a GLOBAL REVOLUTION, You People!

Ron Paul talks to Anderson Cooper about Libya

Out in Force: 300,000+ march in London anti-cuts protest

N.C. Pastor Fired for Not Believing in Hell

Maine Labor Mural Protest 3/25/11

Labor March Los Angeles March 26, 2011

How Dummies Beef Up Foreign Relations Credentials

Video of thousands in London protest march as paint bombs, flares fly

Mohammed "Mo" Al Nabbous' Assassins: Gaddafi's Secret Death Squads In Rebel Territory

Young Turks: GOP Plan To Attack Families Over Strikes, Food Stamps

Co-op Rally, Capitol Square, Madison, 3/26/11

Medical Cannabis and Its Impact on Human Health a Cannabis Documentary

Libya: Woman Pleads With Foreign Reporters For Help Before Gaddafi's Thugs Violently Take Her Away

Chernobyl disaster incident PART 1

Best Bar Mitzvah Speech

Asahi Shimbun article has detals of venting and heat decay -

Anatomy of a Boiling Water Reactor (BWR)

Wind direction not helpful for Tokyo

US Embassy Gives Potassium Iodide to Citizens

Rodale data show organic just as productive, better at building soil

Power Hour 2011!

Tepco reported levels of caesium-137 at almost 80x legal max

EPA—Japanese Nuclear Emergency: Radiation Monitoring—Last updated on 03/26/2011 at 16:20:22.

IAEA—Fukushima Nuclear Accident Update (26 March 2011, 15:15 UTC)

TEPCO Press Release (Mar 26,2011)—…Facilities…after Tohoku-Taiheiyou-Oki Earthquake (as of 4:00PM)

Contaminated seawater used to cool damaged reactors is being drained into the sea.

Status of nuclear power plants in Fukushima as of 10:00 March 27 (Estimated by JAIF)

Tell the E.P.A.: Ban the pesticide that's killing honey bees

TEPCO Press Release—Plant Status of Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station (as of 8:00 PM Mar 26th)

Number 1 and 3 Reactors likely breached

How will things turn out w/reactor No.3? Chose how far it goes

TEPCO workers not warned of radiation risk

200,000 in Germany protest nuclear power

Who are the Libyan Freedom Fighters and Their Patrons? Peter Dale Scott's Libyan Notebook

Libyan rebels' representatives to meet with world leaders (LA Times)

Story about my aunt and step cousin helped by health care reform

US Jesuits agree to school sex abuse pay outs: BBC

"An energy program too efficient for its own good" Boston Globe

Maine Gov. Paul LePage Does It Again! Extends 'Mural Ban' To Other State Facilities

Wisconsin’s teachers required to teach kids labor union and collective bargaining history

How the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) turned health care repeal into a national wave

Bob Herbert's Last Column

Nominee for Federal Circuit deserves a hearing (would be first openly gay appeals judge)

Did Wisconsin GOP target Scott Walker critic with “McCarthyite” tactics?

'The Coca-Cola Case'

Back to Our Future: How the 1980s Explain the World We Live in Now

Tea party's skewed history

Van Jones: The Right's Tribute

Violent Crime On Campuses

92FS owners - what if anything did you do in the way of cleaning

Concealed Carry should only be prevented where metal detectors are used!

Arizona Bill Would Allow People To Bring Guns To ‘Disney On Ice’

Smart news for a change

ATF gunwalking: Who knew, and how high up?

City Council Votes to Ban "Open Carry" After Gun Incident

Defecating dog sparks US shootout

More North Texans Linked to Mexican Drug Cartel Guns

A CCW story, my friends conversion to a passive guy!

What is the penalty in your state for carrying into places that post "No Guns"?

Honduras: EI Executive Board condemns workers’ repression (25 March 2011)

Must see, Cuba's Reasons: Cyberwar

'The Coca-Cola Case'

Brazil police killed over 11,000 in six years

Amazon town bans tourists

Brazil human rights minister condemns police attack on minor, calls for ‘rigorous punishment’

US Trade Policy: Obama's Sticky Trip To El Salvador

Obama, El Salvador and the Politics of Memory

Oh Well, What's a Poor Canadian Corporation to Do?

Zelaya fears being assassinated in Honduras

One judicial official murdered every month in Colombia

More information on that martyred Venezuelan student, Julio Soto.

Deaf, disabled kids harmonize in Venezuela program

Rivals seek new inroads against Venezuela's Chavez

Catholics Demand Removal of Far-Right Bishop

US should increase aid to Colombian refugees: NGOs

Venezuela's New Social Responsibility Law

Venezuela students end hunger strike

I've been thinking about where to post this slideshow.

To Protect and to Serve, Unless You're Gay

I am not a big Kentucky fan, but I am tonight!

Hm. Some NCAA bids looking interesting in retrospect.

Not boring now UK sends Buckeyes back home dragging

If Wisconsin was going to Lose, I'm glad Duke and Marquette Got Blasted and OSU lost

Coyotes streaking down the stretch thanks to Bryz

Daisuke Matsuzaka donates $1M


Nice run, Arizona, but Congrats to UConn and Jim Calhoun on another


Source: Boston Bruins' Marc Savard has memory problems

Butler! WOW!

Boxing (Two really good fights)

March Madness: If You Root Against Kansas, You Root Against America

Butler wins!

Wow, VCU really defines "Cinderella."

How the fuck do you west coasters deal with the scheduling of sports on TV?

Republicans Launch A Theocratic Christian Assault On The Constitution

If two attitudes are in harmony but two corresponding assertions are in definite conflict ...

Qassam strikes near southern Israel home

Newflash: Unitarians heretical and anti-Xian

Rock legend Bob Dylan to play in Israel: report