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I'm Losing It Here... They Had To Chain Up The WeinerMobile Today !!!

Gold key to financing Gaddafi struggle

Protesters in YEMEN wear helmets to protect themselves from rocks during clashes

Supreme Court denies banking group’s appeal to withhold Fed lending data

Vulnerability of Voting Machines by Dr. Roger Johnston

Interesting items found in body cavity

Clusterfunk in Progress: Norwegian Jets To Sit Out Libya Mission Until Rules Clear

Vote, Voter Wasted

DU has taught me that when it comes to stand-by-your-man cognitive dissonance

Fresh Oil Continues to Wash Ashore in the Bayou (photos)

Oh my ... this should give some wingers conniptions ...

Can someone help me? What does E.S.C.R.O.W mean?

Groups urge UAE to probe Ben Ali, Mubarak cash

Edano presser now

Edano presser now

Milwaukee Urinal / Sentinel article on Atty General trying to get Walker's...

US Representative Ron Kind - D, Wisconsin expresses doubt about Libya strikes.

Newest Reality TV Show - Are You Smarter than a 5th Grade Teacher

Republicans Push For Constitutional Amendment To Change National Anthem To This

Arizona Senate President tells Tea Party: You are not US citizens

Arizona Senate President tells Tea Party: You are not US citizens

CNN Propaganda


What is your ultimate goal for the US? Describe a perfect US.(*)

Remember the Iraqi kid who had both his arms blown off during "shock and awe"?

High Noon On Wall Street

Yankee fans boo Florida Republican Gov. Rick Scott as he throws out the 1st pitch

Court won't hear campaign finance rules challenge

We sure have come a long way

Is DU objectively pro war (in the case of Libya)

How to repress the fuck out of your people and get away with it

Why not a navel blockade of Tripoli?

The most obscene debate on the Internet (breast-feeding on Facebook)

Caution: Zombies Ahead road sign

US military considering mandatory evactuations in Yokosuka

This Modern World: Alarmed by the so-called crisis in Japan?

Please email Wisconsin Atty General J.B. Van Hollen

Joe Scarborough never fails to show his tacky side.

Just a reminder as we enter a "quickie" in Libya-

Some faculty unions warming to pay freeze

FAUX identifies Japanese dance club as nuclear power plant

Liberals win again.

Ok then. I propose that we use overwhelming force to regime-change Saudi Arabia.

Toles toon sums up the last 11 years

Sherrod Brown is eating at my bank's cafe as I write.

Kochs Fund $5.6 Million Ad Campaign in Ohio

Kochs Fund $5.6 Million Ad Campaign in Ohio

Asians in the Library - UCLA Girl rant on Asians

Asians in the Library - UCLA Girl rant on Asians

Unemployed: The new Forgotten Underclass (Updated)

George Monbiot: Why Fukushima made me stop worrying and love nuclear power

Allen West is too disrespectful towards Obama. And he's a veteran. Go figure

$500,000 vanishes from tsunami-ravaged bank

Boy who fought back against bully speaks about his actions.

The Rude Pundit: Awful Photos That Pretty Much Mean the Same Thing as Something Else Just Awful

The Rude Pundit: Awful Photos That Pretty Much Mean the Same Thing as Something Else Just Awful

XPost from EE: Official: Japan nuke plant pool at or near boiling

Top 6 things Republicans consider more important than job creation

David Korten: A System Designed to Crash

David Korten: A System Designed to Crash


HBO plans Dick Cheney miniseries

Ga. man appeals conviction in serial killer hoax

Which is more important. The Constitution or the U.N. Charter

Criminals attempt robbery with permanent marker pen disguises

Interior Ministry on fire in Cairo

Think Progress: Neo-Nazis March Against Immigration In California

the bright side of starting a new war:

Tim Pawlenty, action movie hero!

Let me make sure I'm clear - Righthaven really doesn't write anything or publish any newspapers

Palin pulls a Bush/Merkel on Netanyahu's wife

Palin pulls a Bush/Merkel on Netanyahu's wife

First time ever.

Fox Attacks Obama's Brazil Trip As A "Vacation" Then Refuses To Air His Speech

Will politicians cowardice eventually cause the US to go bankrupt?

Hair or sex: Which would you rather have?

Anyone notice that Hal Sparks has quite an edge to him today dealing with

Get ready for the next chapter of "THE BUSH FAMILY: REHABILITATION."

...and now for a little humor....

If this is about stopping the slaughter and not about regime change

D.C. elementary school students back in class after cocaine incident

The NEW Pottery Barn Rule

Japan battles crippled nuclear plant, radiation fears (Temps rising again)

Japan battles crippled nuclear plant, radiation fears (Temps rising again)

US Military Considers Evacuating Base In Japan

RW Talking Point: Obama's Women of War

"Neighborhood Web Community" established to serve three poverty-stricken Milwaukee areas...

Tuesday TOON Roundup 4 - nukes

America Jet crash and airmen landed in a field and approached a crowd of people

Jon Stewart: We're At War -- Again? (VIDEO)

CNN correspondent rejects Fox report on human shields

Tuesday TOON Roundup 3-Republicans

Why would people attack someone who suggests

Is there any difference between Police Action and War

Nothing humanitarian about U.S. intervention

Let's return to the days when banks were operating in their own state only, not nationwide...

Union Members to Challenge Bank of Montreal and M&I Executives at Shareholder Meeting (online live)

Puppy dumped for being deaf is given a new home... and learning sign language

Just out of curiosity: Do you think Obama should be impeached

The (Lack of) Power of Congress

Did anyone actually call for Pres. Obama's impeachment, or do people just wanna go after Kucinich?

True or false: War is a human only phenomenon.

True or false: War is a human only phenomenon.

(Mission Creep?) Allies Target Qaddafi’s Ground Forces as Libyan Rebels Regroup

Arab spring: an interactive timeline of Middle East protests from the Guardian

Maybe its time to intervene in Saudi Arabia

Wave of recalls touches Milwaukee County

The Polls are Open in Wisconsin - Vote Joanne Kloppenburg, State Supreme Court...

Ginni Thomas Joins The Daily Caller

DU this Richard Scaife poll on Education Cuts in Pennsylvania

Krugman: Ignoramitocracy

glance of the home page & LBN since yesterday it screams "Critical Mass" ....anyone else feel it?

Indentured servitude: it's why America can morally leave Afghanistan

Tuesday TOON Roundup 5- The Rest

Wis: Secretary of State La Follette wasn't consulted before AG appealed on his behalf

Wis: Secretary of State La Follette wasn't consulted before AG appealed on his behalf

Wis: Secretary of State La Follette wasn't consulted before AG appealed on his behalf

I've changed my mind... it's PALIN.

Virginia woman is first confirmed American casualty of Japanese disasters

Libya: Colonel Gaddafi in hiding guarded by a 40-strong squad of gun-toting female virgin bodyguards



'FARC asked Gaddafi for $100 million to buy missiles'

What are your thoughts on police officers? Because I hate them and here's why...

The Lesson the U.S. Is Teaching the World in Libya

Will Republicans' Budget-Cutting Mania Hurt Them In 2012?

Just Closed my JP Morgan Chase bank acct

If I were as innocent as a child, I would support the US action in Libya.

The Natural Lesson About Events in Japan

People are the real wealth of nations



I May Have A Bombshell Piece of News Regarding Libya!

Oh, wow! Did you see/hear that?

Rep. Dennis Kucinich: Defund Libya attack

Guatemalan President Divorces Wife So She Can Run Next

Guatemalan President Divorces Wife So She Can Run Next

Kyodo News Reporting 1 trillion insurance cost seen in Earthquake insurance payments

DK tried turning impeaching Obama into a fundraising letter. Who can he sue to help fund his

Scott Brown opposed defunding Planned Parenthood

Agence France LOUSY reporting: reports testing done 100 METERS from Daiichi as 100 KILOMETERS

If War is so good for the economy and business, how can we afford to not be at War?

She is today widely hailed as the mother of Tunisia's revolution


"What I am opposed to is a dumb war"

Reince Priebus, Wisconsin's other Shame

Richard Engel says Libyan rebels don't know how to work weapons, defenseless without US help.

If your Boss' Boss "jokingly" called you a slave twice in a departmental meeting, how'd you react?

NFL upsets related to spike in domestic violence calls: study

I watched "Crude: The Real Price of Oil" this weekend

Villagers reportedly shot during Libya rescue‎

Putin urges all responsible for Libya deaths to pray

GOP Leaders Agree To Meet With Dems To Discuss Bill For Long-Term Unemployed 99ers

If Iraq and Afghanistan had not happened, how would you feel about this Libya action?

School Boards OK hires, if teachers reapply yearly, then RW schoolboards can replace entire faculty

Has a primary challenge pulled a candidate one direction or another?

panoramic image of relief center in Japan

Following Radioactive Rain, Radiation In Tokyo Jumps 10 Fold, Hitachinaka Iodine 131 Surges To 85,00

GOP Leaders Agree To Meet With Dems To Discuss Bill For Long-Term Unemployed (99ers)

I think the real question about US Libyan involvement is...

Let's call a truce: all threads about the Libya intervention should be posted in E-Prime.

Census 2010: Detroit population plummets to 713,777, lowest since 1910

What if we had a Disaster Corps based on the Coast Guard?

My problem with toppling dictators.

Jon Stewart Rips U.S. Attack On Libya: 'Don't We Already Have Two Wars?' (VIDEO)

Evaluate Kemalism in its historical context, says Dutch academic

I never knew that Fox News was being federally funded. Did you?

A very bad tax cut — and why it might happen

" Guys, the area is vast. It's like from Tokyo to Odawara?"

" Guys, the area is vast. It's like from Tokyo to Odawara?"

US Inflation On Track To Hit 8.3% In 2011

US Inflation On Track To Hit 8.3% In 2011

US Inflation On Track To Hit 8.3% In 2011

*ucker CARLSON hired *crack* journalist Ginni THOMAS as a correspondent

America's Navy - A Global Force for Good.

Petition to make Alabama apologize to Recy Taylor

Petition to make Alabama apologize to Recy Taylor

CNN blasts Fox for Outrageous, False, Hypocritical reporting! WHAT A JOKE!

Glenn Beck’s TV Advertiser Problem Could Play Into Contract Negotiations

civilians are under attack by government forces in Misrata

Earthquake-Prone Chile Signs Nuclear Plant Agreement with U.S.

Five dead in Gaza in Israeli mortar attack

Defending Single-Payer.

New Photo Shows How They Are Throwing Water In Fukushima

We actually have a fairly legitimate reason to bomb

Pregnant Woman Who Attempted Suicide Now Charged With Murder - Care2

DU Archive (Jan-27-2003): With UN approval, would you support military action?

Time Magazine, Dec 27, 2000 How to Sell the Bush Tax Cuts

That "meat video" ad has finally convinced me.....

Youth pastor sexually exploited teens to ‘help them gain purity’

Pittsburg Post Gazette says US "making workers walk the plank"

Report: Christie’s Budget Hurts Poor School Districts

Amnesty International's Take on the Human Rights situation in Libya

Amnesty International's Take on the Human Rights situation in Libya

Why I disagree with the NFZ over Libya and bombing the shit out of them

Why I disagree with the NFZ over Libya and bombing the shit out of them

Can local environments survive the 'Survivor' franchise?

Henry Rollins

Sarah Palin camp swats down Israeli checkpoint reports conflict of interest here..move along...

“The No-Fly Zone Has Always Been a Recipe for Disaster”: Jeremy Scahill on Libyan Strategy ...

Please send spring to Wisconsin. It's snowing here! n/t

Best Guess: Do we end up with troops on the ground in Libya?

What's the endgame in Libya?

They're really scared aren't they?

Russian appeal filed to revoke President Obama's Nobel Peace Prize

Russian appeal filed to revoke President Obama's Nobel Peace Prize

An Under-reported instance of Police Brutality from 1998

Lawrence Taylor gets probation for sex with underage girl

Palin visit to Bethlehem goes awry

Unintentional admission or simple misstatement? Ehud Barak on MSNBC

Gaza heating up while, Isreal hit with over 50 rockets on Saturday & Yemen is near Civil War - Links

Gaza heating up while, Isreal hit with over 50 rockets on Saturday & Yemen is near Civil War - Links

Russia's Zhirinovsky calls to revoke Obama's Nobel Peace Prize

Nepotism at NBC is out of control

Why Intervention is right and the calls for restraint and outright criticism are necessary(in Libya)

Did the protesters in Libya ask for help?

New Civil War erupts, led by super rich, GOP

The congressman from Koch: GOP freshman Pompeo turned to Koch for money for business, then politics

Don't forget Wisconsin.

Is it possible Obama is protecting the Libyans not from Gaddafi, but from Europe?

Fla. Gov. Scott orders state employee drug testing

In the long run, which no fly zone is more important:

Battleground Poll Shows House in Play:Congressional Battleground 2012

The unsavory origins of the American Legislative Exchange Council

No Fly Zone--Are We Paying Attention?

Buried 60 Minutes Interview With Former Secretary of Treasury Paul O'Neil.

Buried 60 Minutes Interview With Former Secretary of Treasury Paul O'Neil.

Congress' Failure to Pass Spending Bill Creates Chaos in Agencies

The common people who support our wars are starting to remind me of gambling addicts.

Does it really matter if you die from a bomb, artillery shell, machine gun, or machete?

NY Times Stanley Fish: We're all Badgers now.

Speaking of incivility...

Japan 2011 Earthquake and Tsunami -- U.S. Government Information on USAGov Site

So, will the House Republican leadership be resigning tomorrow?


NHKWorld TV: Fukushima #3 lights are on in control room.

Spoke with a former Supervisor last night who still ...

liz cheney abducted by aliens?

Schlesinger v. Yoo

Andrea Mitchell says UN mandate on Libya is very broad...includes all necessary means.

WHO: Contamination From Fukushima Worse Than Thought

Lady Gaga, U2, Rihanna, Sonic Youth, Lou Reed & other musicians pitch in to raise money for Japan

CFI and IHEU Opposing Blasphemy Laws at UN

New Gallup poll shows waning support in U.S. for nuclear power


can some give me some advice? what do others do when you see vicious comments

Cuba's Castro: I quit as party chief 5 years ago

well,F&^@. ... anyone want to help me comment on THIS LTTE?

Bloody Loco Guy On Subway Flipping Out! Recognize my name! Bloody Loco!

Haiti Abstains (Less than 18% election turnout)

How many wars is the United States involved in right now?

The Rude Pundit: The Neverending War on Women's Rights

The Rude Pundit: The Neverending War on Women's Rights

2 enemies worked it out, why can't MAN do this too?

Seymour Hersh on the Afghan atrocities: It’s the smile.

Saddens Me to Say It,

Read something today really scary (and heard something else scary, an update)

Mike Huckabee sez: Our soldiers are afraid of catching gay cooties

Really agonizing about re-joining the ACLU

House & Senate Dems for increasing taxes on those making above $1 million vs. Obama's 250,000.

Newt Kills Frog With Chemical Warfare


Universal Health Care would end the "discussion" about cutting benefits

Thank you TV Japan for opening your signal to non-subscribers

Well I know I am still missing a few (many) of my friends here

Who exactly are the Libyan rebels? Do we have any clue who exactly we're trying to help here?

How can we expect any change to happen when both parties are backed by Wall Street?

"It was not clear if she had an attorney."

Who's in charge? NATO members squabble : who leads Libyan bombings..and whether to assassinate Gadaf

I was going to post this to Nadinbrezinski's thread...

For those who oppose military intervention...

Look what John McCain & Joe Lieberman said about Gaddafi in 2009

Be excellent to each other.

White House: Helping install 'a democratic system' is goal in Libya

United Scarelines

Exclusive: Gadhafi, Allies May Be Seeking Way Out, Clinton tells ABC News

Nuclear lobbying - 2 types of content in one article

OH POLL: Kucinich at 27% favorable, 40% unfavorable.

Thought this pop-up ad was a joke: College of Golf, Keiser University

Credo mobile? Is this for real?

War Is A Racket

Nicolas Sarkozy makes populist play for welfare in country that still cares

MLK bomb suspect indicted just a little while ago

Army Of Clones: Religious Right Leader Colson Commissions ‘Centurions’ For The Culture War

I thought Japan was the home of robots. Why haven't any been used at the

North Dakota State Senators unhappy with pro-life postcards


Support Liberal Radio and Free Speech

Lawrence O'Donnell just laid out Glen Beck on his embracing the Book of Revelations

Cleveland schools CEO recommends closing of 7 schools to help fill budget gap (600 teachers)

Did FDR make all those changes in support of working people because he was a nice guy?

Looking for advice dealing with an elderly parent showing early signs of dementia

FYI: I-131, Cs-137, and Xe-133 isotope "Potential" Dispersion Map Models

I oppose *ALL* wars.

I oppose *ALL* wars.

Fukushima reactor core No. 1 is now running 30% hotter than normal temperatures.

Cenk is on board with Libya.

Peace be upon you all

mama put my guns in the ground

Radiation still leaks at nuclear plant, source unclear

House Republicans repeal law of gravity----it's war on science!

Wow. Link to chart on National Debt by Presidential Term: Republican Fiscal Irresponsibility.

Libya Crisis Thrusts U.S. Africa Command Into Leadership Role

Destination Truth is in Chernobyl right now investigating. SYFY channel

Gee but it's great to be back home - Home is where I want to be

A lifetime of service: DC honors George Bush

Sake brewer vows to rebuild after tsunami


At first

Picture a bright blue ball just spinning, spinning free

Picture a bright blue ball just spinning, spinning free

Breathe easy, folks! The House Repubs are still hard at work putting America back on track!

Health denial cartels "no longer insure healthy children in Georgia"

fucking greedy bastard legislative members cut state emp salaries but proposed amendment to save

HUGE house shaking explosions at Camp Peary (CIA base) in Williamsburg, VA

We Are Aiding and Abetting the Republicans

US Foreign Policy is not just about humanitarianism & freedom, agreed, but does Obama have a Rwanda?

Irish `Hamlet' suffers abrupt end in sword mishap

SF Teens Thought They Heard A Ghost, But It Was Just A Guy Jacking Off In Their House

NPR: Remembering Mo Nabbous, 'The Face Of Libyan Citizen Journalism'

Gov. Dayton Signs Bill Increasing Penalty for Harming, Killing Police Dogs - story w/pics

No Fly Zone could cost a billion in months..Reuters

Knock Knock Knockin' on Heaven's Door

I want a revival of John Quincy Adams's foreign policy.

again, it has to be said. moderators. you have such a balancing act. you do so well.

Arizona Senate President tells Tea Party: You are not US citizens

Elizabeth de la Vega's Criminal Indictment of George W. Bush Et A-NOW is the time to go after them

You gotta check this.... Father provides guns for his mentally damaged vet son.

The people who are against action in Libya, are you working to end the war in Iraq?

My ltte on help for military families printed today... of course,being voted down

Libyan Revolution Day 33 part 2 (Misurata in trouble, US jet down)

The literate book geeks will survive

I hope this posts. A "Caption Boehner" contest on Facebook

DOMA and immigration - N.Y. Couple Spared Deportation

Juan Cole: Top 10 Ways Libya 2011 is not Iraq 2003

Corruption is now institutionalized

"Can we call someone to help him?"

Political polarization: The monkey wrench in our societal machine.

Is Obama working "Stealth" for Progressive Ideals? ARISTEDE RETURNS TO HAITI"

Republicans are scared to death Obama will succeed in Libya.

A great "open mic" moment on MSNBC this morning.

"I AM Sutter Brown"...

KS Voter ID bill advances to final Senate vote

Anyone here think that Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rice, Gonzales and Yoo

Rick Scott Facebook Town Hall (lots of funny and great comments)

Senate schedules a vote Monday on US District Court Nominee

One year anniversary of national health care reform- guest column in my paper

Virginia parents are told the worst (First American victim)

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! & a new Kitty gif

Ginni Thomas joins The Daily Caller

Motor City population declines 25%

Where have I seen Rand Paul's hair before?

Another war?

Honestly, what are we gonna do about media?

Death By a Single GOP Cut?

Lawrence O'Donnell becoming a favorite of mine,

Canadian election possible. Neocons against the Liberals and the NDP. What would

Young Veterans Carry Heavy Burden of Physical Illness

My buddy's North Africa blog

We disagree on Obama- can we all agree that Bush is the real criminal?

Heads Up! Kucinich up next on MSNBC, Last word

On average, do you feel more upbeat or more pessimistic after a Democratic administration?

EXCLUSIVE: CIA Psychologist's Notes Reveal True Purpose Behind Bush's Torture Program

Do you live within 10 miles of a nuke plant? Did you get the "required manual"?

I watched CNN in horror as the Brooke Baldwin emoticon started to talk about the news...

OUTSOURCING Caused State Deficits, NOT The UNIONS

Currying flavor: town gets food aid

15 musicians gone broke

"Quality of Life for the Masses"

Americans United Protests Sectarian Prayer At Minnesota Senate

Court orders bomb bits turned over to Earth First activist

Badass of the Week: Hideaki Akaiwa

Did Koch fund the DLC?

Plot Thickens-WI Sen's Mistress replaced an intern!

Just an update... more good news. I spoke to the Med Students at UTSW today

Our goal in Libya, upon completion of which we will cease operations, is...

How many people have to die before you stop playing Russian Roulette?

Kucinich: Obama could be impeached over Libya action

You know what, I wouldn't have cared who was president--the UN action in Libya is just

Clarification on pilot rescue debacle

Here we go: US "considering ALL options" in Libya

A friend in Tokyo reports radiation 5X over background this morning.

The war machine is well funded, but no money for food.

EXCLUSIVE: CIA Psychologist's Notes Reveal True Purpose Behind Bush's Torture Program

I had lunch with five republicans today...FIVE! They said I was outnumbered, but I replied...

Libyan rebellion has radical Islamist fervor: Benghazi link to Islamic militancy:U.S. Military Docum

Tuesday TOON Roundup 2 - More Libya

Oy Vey

US military 'shot six Libyan villagers' in pilot rescue

How does the intervention in Libya make it easier to get cheaper oil from there?

The school I used to teach at in DC that is being investigated for a missing $100K has a new scandal

How easily we forget. WAR IS A RACKET

Religion to become extinct, says model of census data

Scott Walker’s Biggest POWER GRAB HIDES in Wisconsin BUDGET BILL

North Korean concentration camps - how can we allow this to continue?

Government is fixing an emissions problem that doesn’t exist

Have you ever had hope?

Why is everything in the world right now so fucked up?

$2.2 million fatwa on Terry Jones after Quran burning

Germany is withdrawing from NATO operations in response to intervention in Libya

Wisconsin Republican hypocrisy deepens on 35% raise for Randy Hopper's mistress

Student loans can be forgiven

Libyan Revolution Day 34 (dedicated to the Libyan Youth)

I came home from work yesterday and a bunch of Falun Gong stuff was stuck to my door...

Libya will swiftly turn into a monumental cluster fuck

Now I was just thinking the other day

US Approaching Insolvency, Fix To Be 'Painful': Fisher

What's in the popcorn? Cinemas would rather not have to say

As of today, S. Dakota has effectively banned abortion


Libya: Six injured as US team botches rescue of downed airmen

Does anyone's Senior Parents Live with them because they can't afford to live on their own

AZ Brewer gets race, gender abortion bill

People in the Congo are still dying at a rate of an estimated 45,000 per month.

Obama Administration Approves Fourth Gulf Deepwater Drilling Permit

What is the "end game" for the no fly zone? How can you have it last only days?

How can you believe any of these military attacks are ever for humanitarian purposes?

"Libya's toxic tribal divisions are greater than Qaddafi." IS IGNORANCE BLISS as bombs fall.

Dennis Kucinich.... Bush should have been Impeached over Iraq Invasion...and WAR without end....

U.S. agencies say Libya attack may awaken al Qaeda

DU experts on the Gulf of Mexico

When Obama Says This Conflict Will Take Days And Not Weeks Why Do I Get Flashbacks?

In poison emergencies, who'll answer your call? (CNN) {funding SLASHED}

Tuesday TOON Roundup 1 -Libya

Why wouldn't you build wind turbines instead of nuclear plants?

Unmarried Pastor, Seeking a Job, Sees Bias

Breaking News ! The Democratic Party of Wisconsin is Alive

What They're Covering Up at Fukushima - Hirose Takashi


Major Investigative Series Into US-Canada Tar Sands Politics (including the Kochs)

E-mail on interfaith marriage gets former Marine on no-fly list, DHS dirty dealing

E-mail on interfaith marriage gets former Marine on no-fly list, DHS dirty dealing

Libya: Six injured as US team botches rescue of downed airmen

John Kennedy quote about war

Just how well do we really know these Libyan rebels?

Japan's Wind Farms Step Up

Today's activists are so fearful of the right wing that they give Obama a pass on almost every issue

"International Support For The Libyan War Is Collapsing"

"International Support For The Libyan War Is Collapsing"

"International Support For The Libyan War Is Collapsing"

"International Support For The Libyan War Is Collapsing"

"There is no food" " the Japanese media is too frightened to tell the truth.”

"Triangle: Remembering the Fire"

Teabagger pickup this morning...


I just called Shrub "the two time unelected scion of the Bush Mafia"

Are you better off than you were four years ago?

John Kerry coins a new phrase: "Civilian Rebel"

John Kasich wants to sell Ohio's State Stores to a Co. that he is the head of?

To those clamoring for new implementation of renewable energy sources

If The Earthquakes, Tsunami and Radiation Doesn't Get You, The Pseudoscience Will

Keeping score: US flies 212 sorties in Libya

The real reason behind Rick Scott's decision to derail high-speed rail

AP IMPACT: US spent-fuel storage sites are packed

Cavity Search Reveals Over 50 Heroin Bags, $51.22 and Some Pills Stashed in Woman's Vagina

"Obama has now fired more cruise missiles than all other Nobel Peace Prize winners combined."

We will have incivility here at DU as long as we tolerate incivility.

The actual facts in Japan are evidence enough of the dangers

Edison's final victory over Tesla? British university installs a DC power network.

Fuckin' racist piece of shit I met earlier

"I hope that women who are considering an abortion will use this 3-day period to make good choices"

Here's my post to Rick Scott's FB page for his townhall meeting

My Presidential pardon application is finally on its way. (Thanks, all y'all)

Parents report their son driving without diabetes meds. Cops chase and kill him.

Hugo Chavez Decries Capitalism....On Mars

Hugo Chavez Decries Capitalism....On Mars

BANKER: The Public Needs To Work Harder For Less Money And 50% Fewer Benefits

Maybe it's my perception, but participation on DU seems way down lately

Oregon firefighters trained to give CPR to pets, even ferrets and reptiles

Holy shit, The Daily Show nailed it: America's Freedom Packages

I find it interesting that out of all the recent dictators, Hosni had the most class

Wars are good when someone with a "D" next to their name starts them

Wars are good when someone with a "D" next to their name starts them

The Daily Caller HIRES TEA PARTYING WIFE Of Supreme Court Justice As 'SPECIAL Correspondent'

On March 1, the U.S. Senate approved by unanimous consent a resolution in regards to Libya

Troubling news. Businesses back Florida Republicans in seeking to weaken judges.

Wars Cannot Be Both Planned and Avoided

Local News reporting that Rand Paul is considering running for President 2012.

WIND is cheaper than NUCLEAR. DOE Chart 2011. End of discussion (at least for reasoned intellects)

Pictures of Gaddafi, darling of the West.

We REALLY needed a LIBERAL President...

Would you sacrifice your life for the Libyan revolution?

REPORT: Three States Propose Massive Tax Cuts For Millionaires, Tax Hikes

U.S. Returns Young Girl, a Citizen, to Guatemala

"Cease cherishing your opinions." One of my teachers said that many years ago.

Welcome to Debtors' Prison, 2011 Edition: Are debtors prisons coming back?

War is justified in what circumstance?

War is justified in what circumstance?

Two Toons on Libya...

Medicinal Cannabis and its impact on Human Health - [Official Trailer]

Sometimes I think my German friends were right

Newsweek Apologizes to Poppy Bush for Calling Him a ‘Wimp’ in 1988

"Deadbeat" parents locked up in modern day debtors' prisons

Fraudulent marriage for immigration purposes VERSUS consensual arranged marriage

All Levels of Radiation Confirmed to Cause (Some) Cancer.

"The defeated defeater is not defeated because a defeater has defeated the defeater to the defeater"

Delete. Dupe

I am buzzed, and watching/listening to old Springsteen videos on youtube


Club Villain - (Your Favorite Martian music video)

Religion to become extinct, says model of census data

Eazy-E ft. Tupac, The Game - How We Do ReMiX

MFM gets too technical for his own good

Aaaah-Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!

Polkaholix - Krause seine Kreuzpolka

LOCKOUT CASUALTIES: Green Bay Packers Can't Get Their Super Bowl Rings

U.S. military considering mandatory evacuations in Yokosuka

Web geniuses - help

Groups urge UAE to probe Ben Ali, Mubarak cash

Foreign plot foiled, says Bahrain king

Medvedev breaks ranks with Putin over Libya

$500,000 gone from tsunami-cracked bank vault

First Deepwater Exploration For Oil And Gas Approved By U.S. Since BP Oil Spill

Yemen leader says ready to step down by year-end

Libya: Colonel Gaddafi in hiding guarded by a 40-strong squad of gun-toting female virgin bodyguards

Ohio Gov. John Kasich counts on liquor consumption to bring jobs

Libya War: U.S. Military Plane Crashes, Two Crew Members Ejected

Yemen showdown looms as army loyalties divide

The Japan on-line: the radioactive cloud arrives Wednesday in France

Iran's Khamenei backs revolts, accuses Obama of lying

Wikileaks Issue Rocks Rajya Sabha for Third Day, House Adjourned Thrice

Anti-cuts campaigners plan to turn Trafalgar Square into Tahrir Square

Anti-cuts campaigners plan to turn Trafalgar Square into Tahrir Square

CA Assembly Member Introduces Strict Immigration Law

My annoying earworm of the day ... grrrr

Moroccan king navigates tightrope with reform plan

what happened to the show "parenthood?"

Moroccan king navigates tightrope with reform plan

Investors gear up for Egyptian stock market’s reopening after nearly 2-month closure


What happened to the donut shops? We have three outlets


Today is my anniversary!

Get your mind out of the gutter. Poon is a hug. Tang is a kiss.

No unemployed need apply.

No unemployed need apply.

My new favorite youtube comment

RIP Pinetop

In my heart I know red apples are better for me, but green apples just make me happier

Anyone read Steven King's "N."?

Standish Marine found dead in Arizona

Iraq backs intervention in Libya; Sadr condemns

Ginni Thomas Joins The Daily Caller

2 enemies worked it out, why can't MAN do this too?

Misurata shelled as battle for Libya rages

Five Questions (Three Questions):

Ex-Israeli President Sentenced to Prison for Rape

$500,000 gone from tsunami-cracked bank vault

Necrophilia at CNN is out of control.

Gaddafi regime fed names of jihadists to the CIA and to Britain

'Pawn Stars' reality show co-star arrested

Last time you were incarcerated?

Last time you were extradited?

Last time you were indoctrinated?

Last time you were exonerated?

I just heard some a-holes are rude on anonymous internet chat sites

Have trouble letting stuff go? Me too. I think I'm going to try writing.

Guatemalan President Divorces Wife So She Can Run Next

Ok, this is reallly cool, watch the video.

Egyptian Interior Ministry burning

Pole Dancing For Jesus In Texas (video)

US Demanding Gay Rights Support At UN Body

Nepotism at NBC is out of control

Last time you were incinerated?

PHOTO: With the kind of day this has been, I'd do that whole effin' TRAY. Like a HOOVER.

Has anyone ever tried Oil Pulling?

Does anyone remember...

Kim Carnes - "Bette Davis Eyes" Is 30 Years Old

Twas a beautiful day in the neighborhood

Hot Tuna fans..."Steady As She Goes" (first new studio album in 20 years)...coming April 5th

Last time you were defenestrated?

Do you do it right handed or left handed?

So... Yeah... Smoking doesn't calm you down after all.

Okay, I give up. What is the moderator position?

At first

Yelp Adds Hipster Option To Official Rating System

Dialogue from the movie Skyline

"I find the world a lonely and desperate place, filled with despicable people"

John Cleese presents: To Norway: Home of Giants

DU Trivia Question of the Day: Name the only two doubly landlocked countries

My new air bed came today, is so comfy.

Last time you were impregnated?

Russian appeal filed to revoke President Obama's Nobel Peace Prize

MEET Adolfish the goldfish - the family pet who looks a bowl lot like HITLER.

BDF Commander-in-Chief receives UAE Chief of Staff

Qatar warplanes head for Libya no-fly zone duty

U.S. military considers mandatory evacuations in Yokosuka, Japan

Qatar fighter jets expected at Greek base — source

PHOTO: Always...I repeat, ALWAYS...look through the peep hole before answering the door.

South Dakota Abortion Bill Signed Into Law By Governor Dennis Daugaard

Earthquake-Prone Chile Signs Nuclear Plant Agreement with U.S.

Israel violates Lebanon's airspace

Sorry, it's really all my fault.

I have a confession: I have a thing for Delta-Winged Aircraft...

Last time you were infuriated?

Maybe BECAUSE she was raised on a ranch, Kali's confused by the fascination with "Reverse Cowgirl".

US surpasses France as world's largest wine-consuming nation

Which came first: MiddleFingerMom or the egg?

Happy Birthday, Captain Kirk!

Who watched HOUSE tonight? I missed the ending. ***SPOILERS***

EXCLUSIVE: CIA Psychologist's Notes Reveal True Purpose Behind Bush's Torture Program

U.S., allies agree on key NATO role in Libya campaign

Medvedev, Gates holding talks in Moscow

Netflix site is down!

Libya: US bid to hand control to Nato halted by infighting

PR problem widens for Righthaven with N.C. blogger’s demand for attorney’s fees

some guy had a helluva 3-day weekend recently…

Hugo Chavez Decries Capitalism....On Mars

Obama confers with Turkish, Qatari leaders on Libya

Pinetop Perkins, ‘Boogie Woogie’ Blues Pianist, Waters Sideman, Dies at 97

Libya: US bid to hand control to Nato halted by infighting

Anxiety, weariness burbles among evacuees as Japan nuke plant storage pool boils

Bet- post a video of a better female singer (who is alive) than this...

AFP: Libya about to release 3 captured journalists

Ohio bill would require photo ID at the polls

Congratulations on your loss of virginity!!! M-m-m-m, cake!

¥1 trillion insurance cost seen

Obama confident U.S. will transfer Libyan campaign control

Alaska GOP lawmaker seeks to curb collective bargaining rights

Rep Kucinich: Plans Amendment To Ban Funding For Libya Action

Indian opposition scuttles EU trade deal (with Pakistan)

AT&T, T-Mobile deal to benefit Indian IT vendors

Ivory Coast: UN warns of forgotten humanitarian crisis

Obama Tries to Patch Rift on Libya Role as Strikes Go On


Anti-cuts campaigners plan to turn (London's) Trafalgar Square into Tahrir Square

UN rights chief seeks probe on Syria crackdown

Lewis Black almost burst a vein in his head...

Uncle Bonsai - Boys Want Sex in the Morning

Are you right handed or left handed

US warplane crashes in Libya - report

Christie's budget cuts left N.J. schools unable to provide 'thorough and efficient' education, judge

Video: Non-compliant Mich. man jumps from car, gets shot

Gaddafi 'exploring options' for exile

Spring has sprung, and the sap is rising.

FDA to detain Japanese fruits, veggies

Libyan bombing 'unconstitutional', Republicans warn Obama

Group seeks DOJ records in DeLay case

Gaddafi sitting on 143 tonnes of gold in Libya: report

China calls for immediate cease-fire in Libya, after days of allied airstrikes

Workers’ Complaints Need Not Be Written to Earn Protection, Supreme Court Says

Obama to leave Latin America early

Horse abuser released from prison.

Paula Deen responds to Rebeca Black -- "Butterday": (DIAL-UP WARNING!!!)

SD Governor Signs 3-Day Wait for Abortion Into Law (longest in nation)

Japan Aftershocks Rock Disaster Area (6.6, 6.4 and 6.6)

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Poll for those who answered "ambidextrous" in that other poll.

Judge on child murder case assassinated

Kucinich critique turns into push for funds

Four Questions:

Census: Detroit's population falls to 713,000

Rebound hinges on blackouts

"Not Selected" x8. I HATE unemployment. Could use some vibes.

Last time you were intoxicated?

I am SO sad... update on the itty bitty kitty situation

6 original posts. Over 230 views. Not a single reply. Not even a single KICK.

Who else hates the Miller Lite commercial where hot chicks give average looking guys a hard time?

What 5 bands would you say define post-punk?

Does this make my butt look big?

EXCLUSIVE -- The brand-new Batman trailer:

The horrible practice of using tasty, tasty baked goods as a weapon:

Mrs Whiskers and the Magic Lamp:

US troops open fire on villagers as fighter jet crashes: report

MiddleFingerMom has found a way to make some extra money.

First comes love. Then comes marriage. Then comes... ... ... (sigh)... ... a minivan.

Although,I didn't watch Dancing with the stars..

Been there (hic) done that. So many, MANY times.

GUILTY!!!! Cute dog video

Cats aren't exactly the most SUBTLE creatures.

Media plays both sides in Libyan war

Heavy Arms Industry Is Thriving

Remember Alvin Greene - so what happens if Sarah palin...

Boston Globe rewrites history to claim that Obama should have gotten Congress' approval

"Obama embraces U.N. limits in Libya"

Some pundits are stupid (Volume 900, Issue 666) Libya edition

THe No Fly Zone is the only thing that seems organized in this whole affair

Dennis K. I love ya', man...

Political cartoonist Tony Auth: Moammar Gadhafi is NOT a target

WP: Kucinich fundraising appeal takes aim at Obama on Libya

Pres. Obama follows over 700,000 on twitter

Palin U-turns before entering Bethlehem - Why does she hate Baby Jesus?

Frank Luntz's analysis of Obama Poll This is the mose recent

Obama’s Delay in the Libya Intervention Took a Page from FDR

U.S., allies agree on key NATO role for Libya

Top Dem rejects calls for Obama impeachment over Libya

For those comparing Libya to Iraq, explain this:

Muammar, you have to go! >>

"How could *anyone* be against a no-fly zone in Libya?"

Any cost estimates on the attack of Libya yet?

Norbook's Blog: Not Racist? You’re protesting too much!

Obama hopes resurgent Libyan opposition can topple Gadhafi

AFSCME Strikes Back Against Governor Scott Walker!

MI POLL: Snyder approval at 33 / 50.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio Quotes Hitler!

US Senate to hold hearing on Muslim rights

I'm starting to give up. I fear Obama isn't the intellectual we all thought

TRMS: Wisconsin and GOP/It's not about the budget

Seymour Hersh, Assassination Ring, 03/30/09

CNN: Kucinich critique turns into push for funds

Flashback: Personal story about what kind of asshole Dennis Kucinich is

Congress and the declaring of war

MSNBC w/ Cenk: History of U.S. Interventions, Lessons For Libya

Is Gaddafi worse than Mubarak?

Libya under fire, Contrary Reports from the Middle East

Thom Hartmann: Is the Japan nuclear situation worse than you know?

Libyans in Benghazi say: "Sarkozy merci beaucoup" & "Obama merci beaucoup"

Mike Malloy's Anti-War Speech, Arrest and Comments 3/19/11

World Water Day 2011

Corporate welfare evidence is exposed showing many large corporations pay ZERO taxes

Sri Lanka Red Cross: World Water Day 2011

I hope someday soon all of my progressive friends start thinking again and stop generalizing

Libya: War for oil

Does anyone here actually BELIEVE that Sarah Palin WON'T be running for Prez next year?

I trust Obama is doing what he thinks best in Libya, I think Kucinich crossed the line, but. . .

Nancy Skinner on America Live 3-16-11 Discussing Bullying

CBS News Poll: Obama's disaster management gets solid marks

Referendum In Egypt Shows New Stage In Struggle

Evel Justin- You're Evil. (Liberals Go Crazy)!

Here's a link to a website that has TONS of Obama photos and video

Fox News Proves Separation of Church and State is Good

Where is Libya on the map?

Obama is selling us out again!

I can't believe that the person I voted for has just entered the United States into another war.

Kerry: "there should be no confusion here. We're not going into some long-term operation."

Radiation level 1,600 times above norm in Fukushima nuke zone


RSA Animate - The Internet in Society: Empowering or Censoring Citizens?

International Support For The Libyan War Is Collapsing

MSNBC w/ Cenk: Not Enough God In America?

U.S. Commits $12.6 Million for Côte d’Ivoire Humanitarian Aid

Thom Hartmann: Life-long Republicans are leaving their party

Strip Obama of Nobel Prize?

"$#!t My Republicans Say" w/ Steven Weber

USA TODAY: Adjusted U.S. figures paint a rosier jobs picture

Cenk Uygur Calls Out GOP 2012 Hopefuls

I have a feeling everything is going to turn out fine

Facebook CIA Project: The Onion News Network ONN

Name four repukes you are sure will run....

Quelle surprise! $Kucinch$ critique turns into push for funds.

POLL: President Obama approval on Libya is 50/29, on Japan disaster is 73/14.

Former SNL cast member, current Teabagger Victoria Jackson slams gays, Muslims, making kids gay...

Putting an anti-democratic argument to rest: Treaties do not disinclude Congress from war decisions.

The President does not need Congressional approval to act on a UNSC resolution

Our constitution declares a treaty to be the law of the land... regarded..equivalent to an act of th

Seriously, is there any member of congress more worthless than Kucinich?

Ya Know... I Hate This Fact... But We Really Do Have No Place To Go...

Cruise missiles or assistance to impoverished children?

This is much worse than Abu Ghraib.

Kucinich: War is a swamp, Obama Libya action unconstitutional

US VP during TMI & AMB to Japan during Kobe Earthquake Now Rethinks Nuclear

Summer blackouts loom for Japan's economic heartland

State senator (GOP!) seeks to block California reactor license renewals pending seismic study

Dumped Milk From Thinning Cows Signaling Next Threat for Fukushima Farmers

More earthquakes (6.6 east Honshu coast), more nuclear power plant damage (seawater) rock Japan

Promotional and educational video about MOX

Sydney - 7.87 Inches Of Rain In 24 Hours - About Six Weeks' Worth In Total

How soluble or corrosive is Uranium and Plutonium in hot salt water?

World Bank Estimates Cost Of Quake/Tsunami At $235 Billion - Five Years To Rebuild - AFP

In South Africa, Western Cape Water Supplies In Serious Trouble - Fires, Invasives, Climate

TX State Environmental Regulators Facing 34% Budget Cut, Up To 295 Job Cuts

TX Politicians To Fight EPA - Y'See, It's All Political - A Way Of Punishing "Biggest Red State"

BOR - Odds Of Stabilization Release From Powell To Mead 97% In 2011 - 40% More Than Normal Release

I've been in Mexico for two weeks!

What will happen to Japans Fisheries and Aquaculture?

X-rays and CT comparisons “meaningless”, Inhaling increases radiation exposure

I watched "Crude: The Real Price of Oil" this weekend

Shell Refuses To Guarantee Water Quality Post-Fracking; SA Farmers Deliver Resounding Boos

On Second Thought, Maybe Reactors Near Cities Aren't a Great Idea

IAEA tracks radiation leaks at Japan's crippled plant (TEPCO mum)

After Rain, Radiation In Tokyo Jumps 10 times

Spent Fuel Hampers Efforts at Japanese Nuclear Plant (& damaged central command center)

TEPCO Release: Plant Status of Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station (as of 11:00 PM Mar 22nd)

Status of TEPCO's Facilities and its services after Tohoku-Taiheiyou-Oki Earthquake (as of 11:00PM)

Texas agency: Gas driller didn't contaminate water

Light northerly wind forecast near Japan nuclear plant

Riz Khan - Ralph Nader / Attacking the US middle class

Oz's New Whine - PM Should Withdraw "Climate Denier", Cuz It's Just LIke Saying "Holocaust Denier"

Poll: U.S. loses nuclear support after Japan quake

FDA halts of dairy, produce from Japan - seafood still OK though!

Temperature at reactor No 1 way above its operating limit

Edit: radioactive cesium and iodine emissions from Fukushima now 50% and 20% of Chernobyl

“Abnormal” readings on 8 of 18 EPA radiation monitors on US West Coast — Devices undergoing "review"

Analysis shows more than 10,000 people in Michigan now employed in renewable energy sector

Thermometers working again at 3 reactors

does anybody have any links/info on water usage by solar plants?

The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists has opened its archives on Three Mile Island

Support for nuclear power is partisan

Roughly 50% Of Worlds Surviving Northern Rockhopper Penguins Covered In Oil After Shipwreck

Nuclear chemistry PhD's peaked in 1971

Some Nissan Leaf owners report getting stranded

Austrian ZAMG fallout animated maps for Cesium, Xenon, Iodine

Radiation dose chart

EPA - Japanese Nuclear Emergency: Radiation Monitoring

Nuclear Safety Advocate believes temperatures are thousands of degrees in reactor

IAEA - Fukushima Nuclear Accident Update Log (22 March 2011, 18:00 UTC)

Poll: Pick Reactor Most in Trouble

Meltdown California: The World’s First Nuclear Accident

La Niña is fading

Kyodo News: Work halted on No.2, 500 Millisievert per hour radiation

Official: Japan nuke plant pool at or near boiling

Monbiot: Why Fukushima made me stop worrying and love nuclear power

Learning from the Past ...Radioactive oysters in Willapa Bay, WA

TEPCO says reactor #1 is 715-735 Fahrenheit

Irradiated Zone: Don’t Go There! (Missing in the Japan Catastrophe -- Thinking the Unthinkable)

Analysis: Libya campaign enters riskiest phase for allies.

Paul B. Farrell: New Civil War erupts, led by super rich, GOP

Dell to employ more people in India

US healthcare is billion-dollar biz for Indian IT

Amy Goodman: Aristide’s Return to Haiti: A Long Night’s Journey Into Day

Glenn Greenwald: How the US Government Strikes Fear in Its Own Citizens and People Around the World

Looks like Eugene Robinson may be a hater

Robert Greenwald, HuffPo: Not Worth It: First Day of Libya Strikes Cost More Than $100 Million

The President’s Right of Warrantless Surveillance: Two New OLC Opinions by Scott Horton

Wish of an NFL Wife

Libya invasion compared with Bay of Pigs - Webster Tarpley

David Korten: A System Designed to Crash

Franklin Graham's New Obama-Muslim Conspiracy Theory

Wayne LaPierre comes to Jesus

aim for the head

A solution to the CCW controversy.

'66 University of Texas sniper survivor against gun bill

mama put my guns in the ground

go out in a blaze of glory

Family members of gun victims rally for better background checks (Portland, OR)

Authoritarian gun law pre-emption fine bills advance (FL)

11-year-old faces years in juvenile detention in shooting case

Gun control advocates urge dismissal of Md. handgun permit lawsuit

"if it wasn't my bullets, it probably would have been the police officer's bullets"

Why not make CCW easier to get?

Libertarians seek to end unlawful gun ban in Boca Raton's City Hall

Bill allowing concealed carry weapons without permits rejected in Colo.'s Democratic Senate

Detective: Girl, 15, charged in teen’s death said she didn’t think gun was loaded

Ten Ak-47s, one assault rifle and a dozen magazines

Show a Little Shame: Hubris and the Gun Lobby

you know that photo

I'd like to propose a gun law.

Police Shooting, Latest in Deadly String Nationwide`

Woman, 92, fires gun after kiss refused

Beauty Queen Uses Pink .38 To Kill Home Invader

Chileans Welcome Obama But Reject Nuclear Energy Pact

Half Colombia has dirty drinking water: Govt

UN calls for Colombia to outlaw racial discrimination

Obama Holds Up Latin America as a Model for the Middle East—If Only (Greg Grandin)

'FARC asked Gaddafi for $100 million to buy missiles'

Haiti Abstains

Honduras: striking teacher dies in police attack

Judge on child murder case assassinated

Toles has a nice note today on marriage

US Demanding Gay Rights Support At UN Body

Homless LGBT Youth Face NY Budget Ax

Chick-Fil-A Exposed: $1.1 Million to Anti-LGBT Organizations

Majority of U.S. Catholics back gay rights in survey

Amsterdam, Netherlands Gay soldiers on Canal Parade in uniform

Steroid test has truly positive result

Manchester United's parent company announces record £104.6m loss

New Giants' Showtime preview leaked...

Marion Bartoli: I'm Smart as Hell

Kentucky vs the Ohio State whatevers. A no hate post.

Lawrence Taylor sentenced to 6 months probation for sexual misconduct/underage sex

Kickoffs will be moved to 35-yard line

The Big East is the Beast! Five teams through to the Sweet 16!

Understanding Christianese

Stonehill (Catholic) College student pleads not guilty to charges he raped 8-year-old

Are you ready to start pole dancing for Jesus?

Children Die In Israeli Attack On Gaza, Say Doctors

Religion set for extinction in nine countries, study says

Ex-Israeli President Sentenced to Prison for Rape

Israel violates Lebanon's airspace

Five dead in Gaza in Israeli mortar attack

No Fly Zone--Are We Paying Attention?

Gaza heating up while, Isreal hit with over 50 rockets on Saturday & Yemen is near Civil War - Links

Majority of U.S. Catholics back gay rights in survey