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Humane Legislature--How did your reps rank?

Scott Walker's budget address is said to cut over 21,000 jobs

Celine Dion's bodyguard in federal appeals court for American visa

Corbett Report: "The Last Word on Terrorism"

UK Clashes With UN Over Libya No-Fly Zone

Demonstrations swell in Ohio as lawmakers mull amended budget bill

Has anyone seen nadinbrzezinski?

KO: Palm Trees In Wisconsin

Let's compromise: We'll do it my way.

Canadian high-schoolers go on strike demanding a bigger school

Canadian high-schoolers go on strike demanding a bigger school

Let's say Gaddafi is finally overthrown, what happens to all of his frozen assets?

Gaddafi loyalists advance to east

Trumka: Unions energized by clash in Wisconsin

The Huckster brings up that damned bust of Churchill AGAIN!

51th states?????

The psycho-emotional impacts of immigration on children

Dane county Sheriff about Madison Capital... "My deputies will not be palace guards,"

Lawsuit against former Goldman Sachs Group Inc. board member Rajat K. Gupta for Insider trading

Toon: George Sends His Regrets...

Toon: George Sends His Regrets...

Toon: The Time Has Come (to cut)

Thought I'd share this link.

here's the list of what the repubs want cut

Who says bipartisanship is dead?

Al Jazeera on Egypt’s Revolt Against Neoliberalism

Caution on changing DNS settings on laptop if you travel

Protesters hold up sign while Gaddafi speaks, ROFL!

Warren Buffett Wants Your Taxes

Afghanistan and the arithmetic of austerity by Amy Goodman

Women of the Far Right

The awful truth: education won't stop the west getting poorer

Could I get a repost on a recently posted item indicating a proxy server?

Under Walker's budget, 55,000 would lose health care

Joke about CEO, Bagger, and Unionist. Please make a cartoon!

Check Please! World's 5 Most Expensive Foods

Most Everyone Has a Price...For Huffington it was 325 Million..

Most Everyone Has a Price...For Huffington it was 325 Million..

We know both parties endorse the austerity agenda, but does it make any sense at all?

"Democracy By Polling Anyone"? Pitt Post-Gazette opinion by Reg Wry shows how far off

An Inside View of WI Governor Walker's Budget Address, by lil bird

NY Post - "Wis. kid is GOP's sudden White House star" - Promotes Walker For President In 2012

Would you support U.S military action in Libya to overthrow Gadaffi?

Horsey Toon; The failure of tax cuts to create jobs

BTW, Egypt could impose a no-fly zone right now

The (new!) Great Seal of Wisconsin:

I want to see the proof that Huckleberry isn't a half witted product of

Bob Herbert: Unintended, but Sound Advice

Pett TOON: Give Me Time

Sacramento takes steps to repeal 'crash tax'

If the West (US) wants to "control" the Middle East with dictators, maybe it should let Gaddafi win.

Meet the White Supremacist Leading the GOP's Anti-Sharia Crusade

Fox News: Dang unions are busing protesters into Madison... and warm weather and palm trees too

Off-duty officer shoots family pet in Vacaville

Tracy food supplier recalls chicken, pork products (contaminated w/ broccoli )

How Much Does It Cost New Jersey to Feed Christy??

Wisconsin Lawmakers Want to Ban Prank Calls

What would Molly Say?

Change to Win: America's Endangered Middle Class

Rutgers to introduce co-ed dorms

It's working! Columbus Ohio SB 5 rally at the Capitol: 4 to 6:30 pm TODAY

Big Pharma's marijuana moves highlight DEA double-standard

"Corp, Inc. Intl. Ltd. - just give them time.....

The backers of the tea party have an important message for you

Conservative lawyer Richard Painter says Goodwin Liu is mainstream and should be confirmed

Breaking News: First Amendment Under Attack in Wisconsin

chuck todd says huckabee was 'baited' into saying Obama was born in kenya

Subway information network is overbudget, almost done and already obsolete

A 40 million-year-old sex act is frozen in time (No, it's not about John McCain)

Republicans Push National Race to the Bottom

Attack on Public Employees Deals a Sharp Blow to Black Workers

Did the people of WI know that Walker was going to do what he did during the campaign?

Planned layoffs at highest level in 11 months

Rep. Darrell Issa fires trusted aide Bardella

Rep. Darrell Issa fires trusted aide Bardella

Tell daughter to hold onto boyfriend....

Greenwald: Chris Dodd shows how Washington works

Navajo Nation mourns death of another code talker

Robert Reich: How Democrats Can Become Relevant Again (And Rescue the Nation While They’re At It)

and this man wants to be president?!?

and this man wants to be president?!?

Senate OKs 2-week spending bill to avoid government shutdown

Make women prove that their miscarriage wasn't done on purpose but get government out of roads

Beware the billionaires behind pension reform

I just have to ask, since the DU-DNS situation...

Supreme Court rules for anti-gay church over military funeral protests

Walker's budget removes insurance requirement to cover birth control

Breaking: Phelps church wins right to free speech.

Modern America: Raising Fascists for Fun and Profit

Modern America: Raising Fascists for Fun and Profit

Here is a crazy idea to start fixing the deficits

A drug called Charlie Sheen

Does it make you feel good or superior to tell people

US Soldiers Shot Dead At Frankfurt Airport

DU a poll: Should the state legislature require businesses to provide paid sick days?

Toon- You think my job is cushy?

Exclusive: Gov’t SHUTDOWN Will HELP Obama Politically, Former Clinton Aide Says

CoFed Builds a Web of Student Food Co-ops

In Afghanistan, the War on birds Is Actually Going Pretty Well

CNN and John King get played By Greg Sargent

Scabs faithful to MikaMouse; rejects CBS for his solo show

Wisconsin governor faces backlash

Gov. Scott Walker can thank Michelle Rhee for making teachers unions the enemy

Kerry seeks new money for democratic transition in Middle East

Faux announces temporary suspension of Newt & Santorum as contributors

Al Jazeera vs the us owned media

World leaders must call R2P (Responsibility to Protect) what it is

Drafting Drew Carey in Ohio...

Drafting Drew Carey in Ohio...

Cybersecurity (HBGary) CEO resigns after plot allegations

US supports war crimes tribunal for first time

Libya, Chad row over "mercenaries"

Libyan Revolution Tweets, Day 14 (or 16*), Part 1

When you get a job rejection letter

This is damn impressive

Budapest to honour Elvis for support after 1956 uprising

If you get a chance to watch Thurgood on HBO or elsewhere, you should.

A FORMAL invitation to Scott Walker: Come to my house so you can KISS MY HAIRY ASS!

I still cannot get onto DU. All other sites work.

Libyan Revolution Tweets, Day 14 (or 16*), Part 2

Fox suspends Gingrich, Santorum

Emergency surgery for Serena Williams

What L.A.'s New Bike Plan Means For Cyclists—and the City

Congressional bosses from Hell: Sheila Jackson Lee

My thought what is happening with education

Palm trees in Wisconsin, can't explain that! Fox Lies once again.

"Senate passes resolution to fine missing senators w/o any debate or comment #wiunion Fine $100/day

Fox News suspends Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum

Many of us are still having problems accessing DU. Can we lighten up a little on normal protocols?

Libyan Revolution Tweets, Day 14 (or 16*), Part 3

Ohio Anti-Union Bill Passes Senate Committee Amid Huge Protests

Libyan Revolution Tweets, Day 14 (or 16*), Part 4

Branstad (R-Ia) to visit the Bluffs (cutting Iowa corporate income tax rates in half & more R stuff)

Luckovich - "All Dynamite Candidates!"

HELP! I heard neat news about oil/gas, forget exactly what, something about output? reserves?

Very useful website. Use this for your arguments.

Gas prices break $4/gallon in Chicago

Best Tweet Evah! "Keep your weeping orange Boehner out of my uterus!"

IN YOUR FACE! Study: Over 16-year span, Wisconsin teacher salaries lag private sector wages

Facebook privacy proves not so private...again

Wisconsin capital Union Rally crowd Panorama

A super duper triple dipple, most excellent shout out to my favorite forum, Democratic Underground!

Wisconsin, Rochester, New York is with you today!

Missing Wisconsin Democratic senators now face daily fines

You Just Know It Is Coming, But It's Still Going To Make You Sick

Suggestions for our trip back from the brink

Catholic Church sees unions as ‘moral Choices’ and bargaining rights as ‘principles of justice’

Supreme Court sides with fundamentalist church members who picketed Marine's funeral

Fox "News" Contributors Newt & Lil' Ricky Man-on-Dog Placed on 60-Day Leave

Huckabee and Gingrich are speaking from the same RW talking point.

Want to know why Vermont politics are so vibrant?

CNN Video: Pennsylvania pizza shop owner accused of planting mice in rival pizzerias

CNN Video: Pennsylvania pizza shop owner accused of planting mice in rival pizzerias

Harry Reid: Boehner being ‘bossed around by a bunch of freshmen’

21,325!! Really? 21,325!!! Walker's budget proposes to eliminate 21,325 Positions. Budget attached

Hartmann caller said original 1946 birth cert was turned down in passport application

The frog, the pot and Scott Walker

The frog, the pot and Scott Walker Statement of Support for Wisconsin 14 (Please Sign)

Wisconsin Voters Launch Recall Campaign Against Eight GOP State Senators

Dear Tea Party: You've Been Had

If Herbert Hoover had been re-elected in 1932, what would the USA be like today ?

The Phelps decision disgust me but I believe it was the correct decision

Libyan Revolution Tweets, Day 14 (or 16*), Part 5

If Libya falls, so do shortened twitter links?

Members of the House and Senate make $174,000 time to roll it back to $50,000!!!

Arab League Considering Imposing No-Fly-Zone Over Libya

Obama condemns assassination in Pakistan

"In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts": Dr. Gabor Maté

You know, I think in our country we have merged Capitalism and Communism

Military Drops Crazy ‘ICBMs vs. Terrorists’ Plan

Who Elected Bill Gates?

Take a look at this crazy crap.

Activist says creationism is being taught in science classroom

NH Gov Opposes Legislation To Lower School Drop Out Age (could cost $$)

How fitting. Ghoul Gov Rick Scott on the Trading Floor. On CNBC.

(HuffPo) Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand - The Next Step Toward Equality: Repealing DOMA

South of the border: Dem senators share snippets of life on the lam

"Union Wages" $38 million a year for eight years?

Should today's Republicans punish all groups that vote for Democrats?

George Carlin explains today's America in three minutes

Your own private Wisconsin, By Mark Morford

Rachel Maddow will be a guest on the Martin Brashear Show

Thanks to the heavens! You're back!

Tea Party and Freeper paradise = Bangladesh

Republican says he expected Senate Democrats back

Did anybody know about this?

AmeriCorps memories, "I do know that I will never regret my decision to join CalSERVES."

Sale! (funny email spam I received a few minutes ago....)

Why did we kill off our own people....

I thought a judge told Walker to open the people's house

Wisconsin ad battle continues between liberals, conservatives

Ratigan's guest host is tearing

It's BACK!

Ex Issa aide accuses MSM of offering to collaborate on partisan investigations of Obama

On the 3rd day, DU access is returning!

Tennessee considering an alternative currency...

Wisconsin Teachers, Students Face Uncertain Future

Wisconsin Teachers, Students Face Uncertain Future

As oil rises... Record U.S. Natural-Gas Output continues

I know the Phleps decision is narrow, but does this mean so-called Free Speech Zones

A unionized public employee, a member of the Tea Party, and a CEO are sitting at a table....

WI Dem. State Sen. Bob Jauch says the fines on the Democratic senators are unconstitutional

Amazing footage out of libya

The HBO one-man play -- Thurgood -- is excellent.

Missing (WI) Senators To Be Fined $100 A Day

Wisconsin GOP Senators Look To Take Control Of Absent Democrats' Staffers

Wisconsin GOP Senators Look To Take Control Of Absent Democrats' Staffers

GOP leader John Boehner vows to eliminate ‘net neutrality’

Soldiers vs. Bankers

Grist: Recent college grads contributing to society whether they like it or not

Question for Irish and English DUers

DU Poll about MJ-legalization (do you support it?) (would you use it?)

LIBYA: Kadafi to face investigation for crimes against humanity

It is largely college students and hangers on having a party in the state capitol (Madison)

Al Jazeera's Director General: Why we saw the Arab revolutions coming and the West did not.

1,000 nurses walk off job at Kaiser in LA

Tea Baggers: Ilegal immigrants..ok for certain jobs..

Plan Would Erase All-Business Town in Calif.

Let's Remember Real Labor History -- From Madison to Memphis

Life is too short to spend time with people who suck the happiness out of you.

Where are the twitter reports on Wisconsin? Someone was reporting on Egypt....

We Need to March on the TV stations, in Wisconsin and the entire US

Read one reporters account of trying to get into the Wisconsin State Capitol

Just sent an email to the flock fleecer

I get it, why we have not recognized the rebels in Cyrenaica

ThinkProgress: How Koch Industries Makes Billions Corrupting Government And Polluting For Free (p 2)

Where is the news on Wisconsin?

FINALLY!.. Things seem to be normal again No more proxy-stuff

"But I've got to believe I'm ready to be president, and I don't."

Do you find yourself using this "smilies" more & more?

Major Conflict of Interest in Wisconsin- Fitzgeralds control Senate, Assembly, and State Patrol

Major Conflict of Interest in Wisconsin- Fitzgeralds control Senate, Assembly, and State Patrol

NM House approves end to student social promotion

Ohio Senate Passes Bill to Restrict Public Unions

Scott Walker did more for labor in days than labor did for itself in decades!

Ah DU is back... I missed it

Tweety calls out

Ohio Senate passes Senate Bill 5 for collective bargaining reform

Some Facts--Wall Street Fools Hurt Public Pensions: Duh

Clinton: US Far From Decision on Libya No-Fly Zone

In OH, if you can't get the vote you want, remove committeemen (RE: SB5)

If you are on Facebook, please "like" "Being Liberal." "Being Conservative" is killing us.

Frankfurt shooter shouts "Allah Ackbar", shoots 4, kills 2. Terrorist attack, check.

Ohio Senate passes bill to ban public workers from striking, restrict collective bargaining


It doesn't seem like Obama's been at this president stuff for all that long.

Jon Stewart defends teachers. finally.

Local demands testing anti-earmark rhetoric

In Madison: Scott Walker Packed His Budget Address With Ringers

Republicans are losing it.

California college student sues FBI over GPS tracking

Is Obama just as bad as Walker? Cut tax on the rich, balance the budget on the backs of the poor?

Wisconsin GOP Senator Glenn Grothman chased, trapped by hecklers, saved by Dem. Rep. Brett Hulsey

Has anyone ever seen the Movie "Meet John Doe"??

UK “Police warn of 'morale meltdown' if pay is cut as promised” Guardian

Disability Advocates On Edge After Cuts To Special Olympics, Other Programs

Media Malpractice in Madison ("the mainstream media has become journalistically irrelevant")

Illinois tells religious groups: permit gay foster parents or lose funding

More actions in Eau Claire (this stuff is happening all over WI)

Those of who who have seen The Watchmen: are we living the social scenario now?

Workers Defend Their Rights in Wisconsin and Ohio (VIDEO)

Workers Defend Their Rights in Wisconsin and Ohio (VIDEO)

Zsa Zsa Gabor rushed to hospital with no blood flow in leg, rep says

Tweety: "Gingrich looks like a car bomber."

Defense Agency Awarded Contract to Director’s Father's Company

TSA staff jet blew it - Boxcutters taken on JFK airliner

Post office faces cash shortage by end of year

Battle for Bregga could mark start of real war in Libya

FDA cracks down on untested cold medicines

Haven't been able to access DU

Teachers, unions rally against firings

Libyan Revolution Tweets, Day 14 (or 16*), Part 6

OH Senate Passes Anti-Union Bill After GOP Boots Cmte. Members

Bad Reporter Toon

White House seeks $15 billion from federal property sales


GI Bill Changes Could Force Some Veterans to Drop Out

Can anyone familiar with Twitter answer a question for me?

What happened? I couldn't access DU for several days.

Report from Protester on the scene in Wisconsin yesterday

look for the union label

FDA Pulls Unapproved Cold, Cough, Allergy Drugs From Market

Republican State Senator Repeatedly Scolds Scott Walker, Says Union-Busting "Classic Overreach"

Wisconsin AFL-CIO raising funds for workers' fight (how to help from your home)

Megyn Kelly And Anthony Weiner Get Into Shouting Match Over Clarence Thomas (VIDEO)

A quote that, at this moment, I think is inspiring.

Wisconsin Lawmakers take their offices outside of the Capitol

Florida State Senators file suit against Rick Scott

today I got a money grubber survey from the DNC

Those old welfare state blues

Report: Saudi Facebook activist planning protest shot dead

Report: Saudi Facebook activist planning protest shot dead

David Korten: 7 Steps for Action Toward a New Economy

Fox News Airs Random Protest Video To Make Wisconsin Demonstrations Appear Violent

History ripe for rewriting

The Library is America's last truly socialized institution and you're about to lose it

Kucinich on SB 5: “A Scheme to Defraud Both Workers and Taxpayers"

One more reason to suspect Republican motives...

Ohio Republican REMOVE two committee members to pass anti-union bill

In the last decade, who's done the most to turn America around?

Oscar speech by "Inside Job" creator now on Youtube

Fixed noise suspends Gingrich and Santorum.

Fixed noise suspends Gingrich and Santorum.

SCOTUS throws out judgment against Phelps clan. 8-1

A New Extensive Poll That May Make You Feel Slightly Better About the Events Occurring.

Military files 22 charges against Pvt. Bradley Manning, including aiding enemy

Talk About Punishing Success

You Might Be A Republican If…...........

Rush Limbaugh Agrees With Wisconsin Official: Protesters Are A “Bunch Of Slobs”

Huckabee: Obama Isn't From Kenya, But He's Still Anti-American

Harry Reid: Republicans ‘Fixated on Destroying Our Government, Our Economy’

NFL can't use TV cash in work stoppage

Lawrence O'Donnell is interviewing Sen. Grothman for calling protesters

Why we need an alternate media, or why MSM will not cover Wisconsin news.

March, 2011 edition of Church & State now available online.

Best of Bill Maher political humor.

I post on the DU FOR FREEDOM!

Senate vote averts federal shutdown as Obama calls for talks

In media ‘circus,’ fetus called to ‘testify’ before Ohio lawmakers

"Top Ten Ways To Mispronounce Moammar Gadhafi "

The truth = union workers make much more then non union workers

Contact Information for Sen. Grothman

Social Security Administration Cuts On Their Way...

Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Military Funeral Protesters

Give me 15 minutes with W and I`d feel a whole lot better.

If you think about it, SCOTUS pretty much put the Phelps family out of business.

Humans on Verge of Causing 6th Great Mass Extinction

What do you think about public-service ads encouraging "volunteering"?

When facebook goes down, I find out from Twitter, when Twitter is down...

When facebook goes down, I find out from Twitter, when Twitter is down...

The Right-Wing Nutjob Quote-O-Matic

The US spends $4 for the elderly and $1 for children under 18.

The US spends $4 for the elderly and $1 for children under 18.

WI State Senator Glenn Grothman, what a condescending asshole!

Been wondering...why are the Libyan rebels using the old Kingdom of Libya flag?

A Peek Inside The Westboro Baptist Church

Just canceled my subscription to the Chicago Tribune, due to its anti-union positions,

How much are you paying for gas?

Grossman is back on Lawrence

Hmmmm...WWJND? (what would Jesus not do)

Update on the Recall War 8 Rs targeted, 5 Dems.

The Free State of Arizona?

Teen channels Johnny Cash..... sort of. Amazing rendition of Ring of Fire.

teabagger glen grothman`s most excellent teabagger rally pictures

Glenn Grothman is a prick

Refusing to be a "palace guard" and refusing to provide law

Rachel Maddow explains reality for America

Rep. Trent Franks (R-Ariz.): Impeach Obama over DOMA change

Tee Hee Rache just did the joke!

The Cookie Joke (in cartoon format) A Teabagger, a Union member and a CEO are sitting at a table...

Why do the Republicans and Fundies hate sex so much?

Finger puppets?

If the Repubs don't seem worried about the polling.. They must have all their eggs

Breaking : Mooseburger Barbie now knows of a SCOTUS decision she disagrees with

Well Justice Alito, for tonight only.....I'll raise a glass to you !

Has anyone ever rented a car in Mexico?

Germany's Green Party was always loudly left-wing... Why are they more popular than ever?

"Polished ... sophisticated ... She's not the crazy right-wing person I was led to believe"

Ex-Blue Cross CEO walks away with $11M, after company loses $149 Million

Terrible Immigration Bill Proposed in Texas

Terrible Immigration Bill Proposed in Texas

Locking out WI protestors - I don't get it

Elder abuse....Mickey Rooney testified before congress today on this subject,

Steve King: “Planned Parenthood is invested in promiscuity.”

Some truths about teachers' salaries

From Madison to Columbus........

$250 tomorrow via check so 3 days for mailing to Ian's Pizza for Madison protestors!

4 new species of Zombie ant fungi discovered in Brazilian rainforest

This needs to go national:

Great read Gary Horton: Pitted against ourselves unwittingly (fighting against our own interests)

Ohio Republicans 'balance budget' by banning legal protections for gay couples

The Last Word I'll Say On Limpballs...

These Are The Controversial Satellite Photos That Set Off Protests In Bahrain

Gov Brownback please tell J Boehner KS will take Walker/Christie rejected highspeed rails HERE!

In case you thought Bill Gates was only interested in K-12 education . . .

For every dime cut from social programs

What... The... Fuck ... We're Back ???

The Ghost of Ronnie: Haley Barbour sees Medicaid Queens

FBI secretly installs GPS tracking device in student's car...

The loyalty of the working class

Shooting at Germany Airport Kills 2 U.S. Airmen

Wisconsin fines runaway Democrats $100/day over union plan

PIC: It's a Wisconsin Life

Where are school administrators in this fight?

The Authoritarians

Some Wisconsin Assembly Dems move their desks outside to meet with constituents

Calif. man arrested for driving 35 miles with wife on hood

Grothom calling protestors slobs AGAIN live

How many of us were locked outside while some people partied on?

Harlan County USA (a great example on the fight to unionize)

O'Reilly: Obama moved to Kenya with his Crazy Mom

White House to Broker Budget Talks

Colorado House OKs ending concealed weapon permits

What's the end game for Wisconsin?

What's the end game for Wisconsin?

Did you hear what Lawrence O'Donnell reported on Ohio's labor union bill vote?

Proposed Cuts Strike Teachers as Attacks on Their Social Value

Gates: Notion of force against Libya 'loose talk'

You don't have to be a teacher to get it.

An 8-year war built on lies: But when did the lying begin? Must Read

Parents rationalize the economic cost of children by exaggerating their parental joy

Why is it that anyone who disagrees with a Republican is a communist?

Is Al Sharpton recovering from an illness?

Billo-the-clown's illogical logic

Why is it everything the 'Baggers do they do 'For Freedom'??????

I'm sorry but did I miss the memo that we were voting for KINGS?

Margie Phelps (Westboro) calls herself "the mouth of God"


What swell folks over there at that Supreme Court, huh?

Thankful for DU Panic room!

Libyan Revolution Tweets, Day 14 (or 16*), Part 8

Libyan Revolution Tweets, Day 14 (or 16*), Part 7

Iraq Veterans Against the War in Occupied Capitol, Madison, WI

Wisconsin stalemate could drag on for months

Tariq Ali interviewed by Al Jazerra on the Arab Revolutions. Watch it here!

Middle class, working class and upper class

FL legislature likely to consider "education savings accounts", says Jeb Bush operative

CAREFUL Dial - UP... What word describes this?

DU Teachers...

Fashion designer John Galliano getting a trial over his racist rant? Ridiculous

Happy Social Work Month!

John Kasich's dad worked a public sector union job in McKees Rocks, PA.

Public Employee Unions Are Getting Screwed TODAY In Ohio, If Anyone Cares

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers Check In!!

March 1st Press Release From Julie Lassa (One of the 14 WI Senators)

March 1st Press Release From Julie Lassa (One of the 14 WI Senators)

Banks may cap size of debit card transactions ($50 or $100 limits)

Fox News suspends Gingrich, Santorum for signaling presidential runs

I am more pissed off than I've ever been!

Where can I find lists of corporations that don't outsource?

WARNING: GRAPHIC photo from HuffPo Home Page. War...what is it good for?

Why didn't Thurgood Marsahll step down when Carter was POTUS?

MSN Money: "By all indications, this is a economic recovery only if you're rich."

Wife’s Charity Offers Corporate Tie to a Governor (Jindal)

Don't know where to put this: I need a wordpress PHP guru to help me send some shoes to the Pres.

Berkeley Breathed, Bloom County...

There's more than one way to skin a cat

Huckabee criticizes Obama for growing up near madrassas, but Huck grew up in KKK state.

“New Country For Old Men” - Stephen Colbert Delivers ‘The Word’ On Income Inequality

Salaries at issue as bank seeks megachurch receivership

Harlan County USA (a great example on the fight to unionize)

Keith Olbermann's latest blog: "Gov. Scott Walker: Follow The Money"

Ignore Sarah Palin week 2011? D:

I'm just going to put this out there..Koch Brothers..

I'm just going to put this out there..Koch Brothers..

Bad enough no DU for a day but on my birthday too?

Any chance we'll have a media person refuse to catapault the RW propaganda,

President Obama Names Three to the United States District Court (all women)

Star must identify anonymous posters to website, judge rules

Wouldn't it just set your mind at ease to hear them say that it's because he's black?

Wouldn't it just set your mind at ease to hear them say that it's because he's black?

Contribute now to Support these Wisconsin heros (Fab 14)......

Is it time to bring in the Wisconsin Army National Guard?

Is it time to bring in the Wisconsin Army National Guard?

Predictions about today from 1997.

Today was my best friend's funeral in Georgia. It was amazing.

Venezuela: Chavez discussed mediation with Gadhafi

VIDEO: Rep. Miller on house floor talking 'dangerous attack on middle class Americans

Tweety said on his show that something like...........

Student calls police after Atherton math teacher rattles table

Chuck "Yes, I've been kicked in the head multiple times" Norris compares teachers' unions to the Mob

Was DU down for anybody else?

Dominican Priest Tells People To Turn Off The Fox News

Is there anyone here NOT ANGRY at the republicans by now?

Live In Ohio? Start Boycotting the Assholes Who Voted For SB5

Indexed addresses the correlation between Autism and Vaccines...

File A Complaint Against Fox

This Grothman guy on O'Donnell. What is he chewing? Cud?

Post-it's covering the South entrance. Chalked: Open the doors. Beautiful.

Toon - It's All About JOBS

Santorum questions why he was suspended but not Huckabee or Palin

I just got home from work. I see Ohio's teachers and firemen got screwed with no lube.

I just got home from work. I see Ohio's teachers and firemen got screwed with no lube.

"Everybody's beating up on teachers' unions, whether it's Pres Obama or Chris Christie" -

I hate to beat a dead horse: But, seriously, Republicans are assholes.

Gaddafi says Libya could be 'another Vietnam'

So, ladies, pissed at Limbaugh's comments? Make a donation to Planned Parenthood in his name.

Has anyone announced a primary challenge to Obama thusfar?

They are going to take you down, rung by rung, until we are all at the bottom

F-U Mr FAUX Contributor/Lehman Bros Asshole: " Kasich Cheers Job Killing Bill..."

Want to help Wisconsin Recall Republican Senators?

Want to help Wisconsin Recall Republican Senators?

Protests surge as Wisconsin Capitol lockdown extends to downtown Madison

Madame Secretary, The American Media Is Shaming Itself.

Laugh or cry?

Email from Move On: We could be on the verge of losing in Wisconsin.

Has anyone ever rented a car in Mexico?

Libyan Revolution Tweets, Day 14 (or 16*), Part 9

Obama administration joins critics of U.S. nonprofit group that oversees Internet

TRUTH is not FACT. FACT is not TRUTH. Okay? TRUTH is subjective, FACT is objective.

Walker Defies Court Order, Locks Out Public

Fox News' Lies Keep Them Out of Canada

Ohio Anti-Union Bill will CRIMINALIZE striking - strikers could face fines and/or jail time

What you are seeing now on the TV is exactly

Public Sector Workers Are NOT the "New Welfare Queens"

The NFL lockout is not a good thing...

Breaking: Wisconsin Dems throw their weight behind drive to recall GOP Senators

Supreme Court says corporations do not have personal privacy rights

Latest News Paris prosecutors say Galliano to stand trial

A good number of us were denied access to DU for several days. Many were not locked out.

Charlie Sheen - is this a real story or a distraction?

Thank you connection doctors whom ever you are!! Over 3 days without DU is like a day without

New Ad Targets Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker for 'Class Warfare'

Bubba left a budget surplus to Shrub

Palm trees in Wisconsin? You can't explain that!

Photos: Inside the New GOP-Run, Styrofoam-Filled Congressional Cafeteria

Libya and the Strange Case of Edwin P. Wilson

I may even buy a new IPad......

How the rich soaked the rest of us (with graphs from 1913 to now)

Do I have a possible Discrimanation Claim Against My Employer

Pressure Grows for Answers on Fracking

I'll just leave this here.

New (And Unimproved) Newt: Gingrich Seeks To Topple Secular America

Hey! Did you hear that Julian Assange is a rapist AND an anti-Semite?

Westboro group found rude welcome in Long Beach

***Please sign MoveOn's statement of support for the Wisconsin 14!***

WI State Rep. Fred Clark moves his desk outside to meet with constituents - pics

Documents Reveal TSA Plan To Body-Scan Pedestrians, Train Passengers

Spanish Court Allows Torture Investigation To Continue

Charlie does have a point!

Porter's Fetus Stunt Falls Flat

What do you say to a lawyer with an IQ of 50?

Diary of a teacher's journey: "I Don't Want to Be a Teacher Any More"

DEA Finally Admits Marijuana is Medicine

Today the price to fill my work truck with diesel hit $4 a gallon.

My son's science teacher showed right wing funded global-warming-is-a-myth video

How the recession turned me into a scavenger

Press Release From Julie Lassa (One of the 14 WI Senators)

I hate Fred Phelps, and his gang, but the SC made the right decision.

So, has Kucinich gotten in to see Bradley Manning yet?

So, has Kucinich gotten in to see Bradley Manning yet?

DU Withdrawl was beginning to set in

I'm SO HAPPY DU is back a doing fine! I really, really missed you guys!

Rush: "Leftists protestors..Kotex, used Kotexes,..littering the ground..." AUDIO 2:39

Public Toilets are Cleaner Than Shopping Carts

Nate Phelps, Son of Westboro Baptist Church's Fred Phelps Writes of Violent Child Abuse

Rev Huckabee should never have brought up the Boy Scouts

WI protesters sleep outside Capitol Building (despite temperatures in the low teens) - pics

Really Bad Reporting in Wisconsin: Who 'Contributes' to Public Workers' Pensions?

Breast milk ice cream goes on sale in Covent Garden

Union-made TP?

New NBC/WSJ poll results "a huge flashing yellow sign to Republicans" (81% say tax the rich more)

There are palm trees in Wisconsin. At least there are in FOXNews footage.

Norman Goldman has found a way to possibly beat Walker!

Norman Goldman has found a way to possibly beat Walker!

Stay Home for America!

VA Poll . . . hahahaha . . . . Obama leads all comers +6 to Romney, +19 on Palin.

Budget Crisis My Ass! We Have a Refusal 2 Levy Adequate Taxes on Those that Can Afford it Crisis

Johann Hari: Thatcherite chicken soup for the soul

Spanish Court Allows Guantanamo Torture Investigation To Continue

Americans love gas hogging trucks - sales up 32% in Feb

"Your Forefathers Would All Have Been Gassed"

Is meth a right wing drug?

Members of the House and Senate make $174,000 time to roll it back to $50,000!!!

I'm just curious to know, are there any TV and radio stations for liberal Christians?

Many NFL players living paycheck to paycheck

"You can't unblow a dogwhistle" or Why did Huckabee think Obama 'grew up in Kenya?'

does anyone know anything about GOOOH ?

Obama puts on his comfortable shoes to stroll with union basher Jeb Bush

Nurses offer to buy Obama comfortable shoes

Nurses offer to buy Obama comfortable shoes

Nurses offer to buy Obama comfortable shoes

Connecting the dots can get a little uncomfortable

A five-day-old gorilla - pics

Limbaugh is dangerous

Sex toy demo at university class raises questions (live person demo)

Judge Orders State Capitol Open To General Public- Walker Breaks Law, Refuses Access 2 Capitol

test your women's history IQ

MPs critical of Britain's policy in Afghanistan

Cleric calls for Islamic state as Yemeni protesters take to streets

US supports war crimes tribunal for first time

Guatemala STD study was 'wrong': US panel

Series Of Explosions Heard In Tripoli

Gunmen kill Christian Pakistan government minister

Libyan rebel army prepares for war

Gaddafi forces seize East town, send warplanes

Gaddafi dismisses protest reports, blames al Qaeda

US calls for help for Colombian refugees in Ecuador

Libyan Rebels Said to Debate Seeking U.N. Airstrikes

Pope Benedict Exonerates Jews For Jesus' Death In New Book

Ex-minister to be called to testify on 'paramilitary ties'

Iran opposition says 79 arrested in protests

UK, US vying for Libya invasion amid chemical woes

House Panel Postpones Vote On Net Neutrality Resolution

Vilsack urges subsidy cuts for wealthy U.S. farmers

High court rules for military funeral protesters

Nurses flex muscle at state Capitol

WikiLeaks, Internet in record Nobel Peace field

Signs of progress in budget stalemate?

Int'l community should ready Libya no-fly zone-Kerry

Cybersecurity (HBGary) CEO resigns after plot allegations

Supreme Court rules for anti-gay church over military funeral protests

Supreme Court: AT&T can't keep bad behavior a secret

First U.S. permit puts BP back in the gulf

Indiana House leaders meet but no deal to end boycott

Spielberg lines up WikiLeaks film based on Guardian book

Taliban: Pakistani minister killed over stance on blasphemy law

Extreme winter weather linked to climate change

Iraqi prime minister calls for calm as protests continue

Fox News suspends contracts for Gingrich, Santorum

LePage budget brings out hundreds of union workers in protest

Federal judge sides with players against owners in NFL TV money dispute

Ed Secretary Duncan Defends $2B Increase in 2012 Education Budget

Announced U.S. Job Cuts Rose 20% From Year Ago, Challenger Says

Steve Jobs emerges to introduce iPad 2

LIBYA: Protesters Retake A Key Strategic City And Are Now Chasing The Military Into The Desert

Sens. Arthenia Joyner, Thad Altman sue Gov. Rick Scott over high-speed rail

Fed’s Bernanke: Budget cuts could trim 200,000 jobs

Ivory Coast: Power and water cut to pro-Ouattara north

Zsa Zsa Gabor rushed to hospital with no blood flow in leg, rep says

Farrakhan: Jews are pushing the US into war

Manning hit with new charges; could face death penalty

Thousands of Croatians stage anti-government protest

Hospital official: Pakistan's minister for religious minorities has died after shooting attack

High Court Rules for Military Funeral Protesters

Star must identify anonymous posters to website, judge rules

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Trending: Sen Akaka will not seek re-election

Angel Alvarez, shot 23 times by cops, found innocent on charges he opened fire on NYPD

Ohio Senate Bill 5 approved by narrow vote

DA to seek death penalty for abortionist Gosnell

Petraeus Apologizes for Deaths of 9 Afghan Boys

Replacement execution drug ample, but has issues

NFL, Union to Resume Mediation Thursday

Sen. Nelson files Holocaust survivors’ bill

Ohio state Senate passes bill to curtail collective bargaining

GAO Report: U.S. Pays Twice or More for Same Service

Canada ‘concerned’ trilateralism erodes ties with U.S., leaked cable says

Iowa (public union) bargaining changes sought

ICC to launch Libya probe

Senate Bill 5 approved by committee, moves to Ohio Senate

Government overlap costs taxpayers billions, GAO reports

Breaking: WI GOP State Sen Schultz Says Walker Move a "Classic Overreach" and GOP Colleagues Unsure

RFK assassin Sirhan Sirhan's parole rejected

Navajo Nation mourns death of another code talker—Joe Antonio Silversmith

International Court to open formal Libya probe

Rupert Murdoch to sell Sky News for takeover approval

Gasoline Surges to 30-Month High as Mideast Tensions Escalate

Fox Buses In Footage From Sacramento To Make Union Protesters Look Violent

NBC/WSJ poll: 62% against stripping public employees' bargaining rights

2 Qaddafis Fought Over Business, Cables Show

State Democrats Blast Call For Pension Cuts (Calif.)

US Supreme Court allows anti-gay funeral protests

Scott, again, slams high-speed rail plan

Wis. Assembly Dems Climb Out Capitol Windows to Meet Constituents

Proposed Cuts Strike Teachers as Attacks on Their Social Value

BREAKING: Wisconsin Voters Launch Recall Campaign Against Eight GOP State Senators

Skinhead leader David Lynch believed slain; person detained

(New York) City Council Favors Pregnancy Center Disclosures

Providence teachers protest as city lays out timeline for termination plans

How did it get to be 2011? I've barely recovered from 1968

Source: Sen. Akaka will not seek reelection

Anyone else having DU getting into trouble?

DU this!

The buzzfeed "Viral Feed" icon looks eerily familiar

The DU Lounge word of the day is "Wearing a golden sombrero." Replace any headline with....

John Stamos owns Charlie Sheen

Will Pitt on the "Bachelor" Finale?

Brooklyn woman kills brother's girlfriend over $20 following Facebook fight

Gathering Firewood, 9 Afghan Boys Killed by NATO Helicopters

Manning hit with new charges; could face death penalty 'Aiding the enemy' is most serious of 22 new

is that really Mercedes Ruehl on wikipedia?

Postal Service Celebrates Another Awesome Day Of Delivering Mail


Epic music thread?

Hey Mahler fans: PBS has video of Boulez conducting all of Mahler 7!

Student calls police after Atherton math teacher rattles table


WAL-MART to sell anti aging make-up for eight year olds.

Paul Zerdin Ventriloquist

There are many interesting things to be found in the burner compartment of my range top. Assorted

"I don't know when the Kadafi movie will be made, but I know who

Did somebody break DU?

Need help with free fonts.

I heard you can't bring your guns or smoke on the Space Shuttle

Charlie Sheen == Col. Kurtz


This comic goes all the way to 11!!

Well, I gotta say, Madonna's looking great, if a bit trashy...

What the hell is all this whining about DU being down? Did you ever think

A Movie Recommendation!

Beautiful music by J. S. Bach

What would you do at work if this happened to you?

Considered greatest innovative product encouraging enlistment -- the G.I. standard-issue beer bong.

'Fess up. There are times, perhaps just momentary... but TIMES when you truly HATE your fur "friend"

I don't care WHERE you bought your drinking glasses... they are nowhere NEAR as cool as this guy's.

While it's not true of MOST people, MFM contends his "few extra pounds" are due solely to Genetics.

Here's a tip:

The DU Lounge word of the day is "Charlie Sheen" Replace any headline with....

Know what I really REALLY miss? Getting really really REALLYREALLY stoned and going out for pizza.

"The P-Team!"

So I'm going to a meditation group

Has anyone ever rented a car in Mexico?

Firefox Beta 4. Would you try it? Have you?

Special delivery for the Chicago Cubs and their fans!!!!!!

No one told me that Abe Vigoda didn't pass away back in 2009!!!

The ULTIMATE Keef riff? NOT necessarily the best Stones song, just the best RIFF.

What is all this hoopla about Charlie's Spleen?

You blockhead,Charlie Sheen!

What kind of recurring dreams would a Octafish most likely have?

Charlie Sheen anagrams

What was the last year for closing all tabs?

So late last night I quit FB

Star must identify anonymous posters to website, judge rule

Little-known fact: Birds display an AMAZING ability to adapt to new technologies.

Libya: Arab Countries Threaten No-Fly Zone / Arab League calls on Libya to halt violence

If someone's story does not add up do you think that there is a good possiblity

CONFESS!!! What did you DUers do for the 3 days without access to DU

How to get free Chipotle

OK, so Charlie Sheen has gone completely off the rails.

I no longer have a freaking bathtub in my living room!!!

Does anyone actually use the nine digit zip codes in personal life?

Goodnight Dune

Tell daughter to hold onto boyfriend....

Birds, horses, cats, ...stones (?)

Help. My little cat Twilight has taken to knock small things off of tables or counters.

Heidi brings home the coolest gifts:

Defiant gardener ..

What are some things you wish you'd known about wedding dresses before you bought one?

'One-strike' pot-test rule for job hopefuls OKd

A new way to do it.

Does it seem to anyone else that Charlie Sheen is doing a poor impersonation of Hunter S. Thompson?

WHAT? Did you know Adam Sandler's a republican?

Hey DUers in NY

OK DU, i need music suggestions

Do you have friends on here that you PM with but, you would not

US Soldiers Shot Dead At Frankfurt Airport

Famous Last Words.

Top Chef fans enter predictions here! Who is leaving tonight?

Eastern Cougar Extinct: Mountain Lion Declared Gone From East U.S.

Explaining Harry Potter to children, specifically the later books (spoilers)

Hillary Clinton Says Al Jazeera Is Embarrassing U.S. News Agencies

Car rental in Mexico

Clarence Thomas Faces Call For His Disbarment

Venezuela: Chavez discussed mediation with Gadhafi

PARIS - The Devil Made Me Do It

TWU Speaks to Madison, WI

TDPS: Would anyone care about government shutdown? Wouldn't it just hurt Republicans? TRANSCRIPT

Rep.Grothman calls protesters Slobs

Airstrikes in Libya did not take place - Russian military

Thom Hartmann: Is this officially the best congressional committee money can buy?

Thom Hartmann: Darrell Issa's team includes industry insiders

Thom Hartmann: Mirror, mirror on the wall...Who's the most crony capitalist of all?

Liberated Libya Rejects US Intervention

Video From Tehran. March 1st 2011 - Death to Dictator!

Thom Hartmann: I smell corruption on the high court

The Power of Civil Rights & Organized Labor

Ed Schultz: The GOP Assault on Public Education Continues

Fox News Lies About Violent Wisconsin Protests

Airstrikes in Brega, Libya

MRN: Charlie Sheen's Tiger Blood Excrement

Margie Phelps of Westboro Baptist fires back at media after Supreme Court verdict

Libertarianism: a discussion with Bruce Fein and Paul Jay

BP Oil Spill Scientist Bob Naman: Seafood Still Not Safe

Breaking: WI GOP State Sen Schultz Says Walker Move a "Classic Overreach" and GOP Colleagues Unsure

In the WI Capitol Rotunda...singing Amazing Grace. Beautiful.

GOP Loves Bankers, Hates Teachers - Cenk on MSNBC

Creedence Clearwater Revival: Fortunate Son

Edwin Starr - "War" Live on Later with Jools Holland (2001)

Hillary Clinton Vs. Ron Paul - Foreign Aid

Billy Bragg & Wilco - Woody Guthrie's classic All You Fascists

Rachel Maddow: The Truth About Conservatives & Big Government!

Fox News Bites and Rep. Weiner Bites Back

WI "Slob" Protesters Confront State Senator Grothman!!!!


Superman no match for power of Corporate America

The Yes Men Fix The World

Congressman Obey Denied Access to Wisconsin Capitol

Fox Lies - Cenk Busts Fox News On MSNBC

Rachel Maddow: Americans Are Liberal And They Don't Even Know It

Protesting in the falling snow in WI. What an amazing bunch of people!

Congressman Ryan Stands Up Against SB-5 on the House Floor

Sen Tom Coburn doesn't like Gingrich

What should be our takeaway from this powerful and very moving article: "Fight to bring us home."

NBC/WSJ poll: 62% against stripping public employees' bargaining rights

Bankers Line Up to Meet Elizabeth Warren

Bernanke gets specific on GOP-forced job losses

TPM: With One-Vote Margin, Ohio State Senate Passes SB 5

There's nothing wrong with growing up in Kenya

Is it me or are the democrats in Washington been very quiet about Wisconsin

Republicans are belligerent

Lawmakers outline plan for reworking No Child Left Behind

Idiots united for Glenn Beck!!! Please come CAPTION our little pacific pacifist.!!!

Transcript of President Obama's speech to the National Governors Association

Is there really any reason to be covering the 2012 campaign yet? We need a break.

Banks now using threatening ads to get us to sign their 'dontmakeuspay' petition

Joe Klein: Huck Fink

Tea Party leader: Boehner looks 'like a fool,' should be defeated in a primary

Fox News Wants Bias Examples

Cristy is a lying sack of shit

'Demented' Demint lets the cat out of the bag on Republican governors' efforts to union bust

If the high court rules this is protected free speech why isn't collective bargaining free speech

TP: House GOP Says ‘So Be It’ To Taxpayers, Votes Unanimously to Protect Big Oil Subsidies

Newt and Sarah in 2012!

Huckabee keeps on digging: Obama grew up near madrassas

Is Matt Damon saying Obama has done too much or not enough? I'm confused

why does it seem like Obama is the least powerful president of my lifetime?

Why isn't Obama doing anything about $100 oil?

Plutocracy and What Scott Walker Really Wants

The Koch Brothers, Scott Walker and Garlic Covered Freedom Dildos

Drumbeat: March 2, 2011

Iraq to start water injection project in a month

San Francisco Near Adoption of Urban Agriculture Planning Code

Brazilian Federal Judge Halts Belo Monte Dam Construction - Cites Environnmental , Social Problems

9% Of Forest Cover In Indonesian Borneo, Sumatra Gone In 8 Years - 5.4 Million Hectares

Woods Hole, Others Lead Study Confirming Wholesale Rapid Shift In AK Boreal Forests

Motorist in Brazil ploughs through Critical Mass cyclists

WeatherBill Raises $42 Million

Rupert Grabs The Greenwash Brush - News Corporation Declares Itself "Carbon Neutral"

Turtles Now Planet's Most Threatened Vertebrates - 50%+ Of Species Face Extinction Threat

Science Daily - U Florida Study Tracks Global Fire Ant Invasions Back To Southern US States

Without intervention, lions heading for extinction

From The WTF Dept. - Roundup Ready Alfalfa? Energy Bulletin

Fracking Waste Not Regulated As Hazmat - Like The Road Salt Distilled From It, NYT Reveals

Eastern Cougar Removed From ESA - Feds Determine That It's Officially Extinct - FWS

$3.50/Gallon? Fine. US Auto Sales Up 27% YOY In February; Truck/SUV Sales Up 32%

Brazilian Amazon Deforestation Up 1000% YOY In December 2010 - Whether Uptick Or Trend Unknown

Nature - Chinese Science Minister: "The Ecological Situation Is Terrible"

Is California building wrong kind of solar?

The Corporation [FULL LENGTH]

Robert Scheer: Boeing Boondoggle: Pork Can Fly

Molly Ivins timelessly revisited on Union Busting..

David Korten: War Against the Middle Class

Editorialist Frank Rich leaving NYT for New York Magazine

Why the Right Attacked Unions, ACORN and Planned Parenthood

Why Your Boss Is Wrong About You

Rajat Gupta and Goldman's Insider Trading Bombshell

Americans for Prosperity (Koch brothers) launches bus tour for Walker

First Big Coal Broke the Union. Then It Broke This Town.

Letter to Maddow Re:Reproductive Rights Framing

GOP Governors: Replace High-Speed Rail With High-Speed Handrails

As Labor Goes, So Goes the Nation

Bernanke gets specific about the GOP-forced job losses ..crosspost

Debunking the Myth of the Over-compensated Public Employee

Iraqis get the Tahrir spirit

Haiti needs the world's support

War porn is back in Libya by Pepe Escobar

Guns move south, as drugs move north

Right Wingers Now Attack the ULTIMATE Union Bargaining Power

It's on! Wisconsin Dems officially back recall effort against GOP Senators

You Might Be A Republican If…

Jim Hightower: The Kochs and the Guv Stir up a Hornets' Nest

How the rich soaked the rest of us

Why Taxing the Rich Makes Sense

The Library is America's last truly socialized institution and you're about to lose it

Do the rich really need the rest of us?

Who needs a gun in a shoe store?

SD to allow legal resident non-citizens concealed carry permit

I think it is time we repealed the Gun Control Act of 1968!

Ohio issued large number of concealed-carry permits in 2010

Accidental Shooting

EDITORIAL: No hope for gun grabbers

Luzerne County Community College: Student had loaded gun in coat - wanted students to join the NRA

Just a reminder about the NRA

Illinois Officials Spar Over Order to Make List of Gun Owners Public

NY State Sen. Eric Adams shows how easy it is to buy high-capacity gun clips in NY State

PA State Senate Committee Approves Expanded "Castle Doctrine" Bill

Unintentional death and injury, just the price we must pay.

Guatemala STD study was 'wrong': US panel

Martinelli claims imposters are impersonating him on Twitter

Expulsion of two Spanish journalists deals blow to freedom of expression

Wikileaks Peru: US feared Indigenous power

US calls for help for Colombian refugees in Ecuador

Intelligence agency condemned for M-19 murders

Ex-minister to be called to testify on 'paramilitary ties'

Argentine leader would jail tax evaders, limit foreign land ownership, subsidize pregnant moms

Foreign Currency Bond Trading System fails to meet daily transaction target

Inter-American Court judge labels political ban as shackles of the past

Vargas Llosa visit stirs controversy in Argentina

Argentine Dictators Go On Trial For Baby Thefts

(HuffPo) Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand - The Next Step Toward Equality: Repealing DOMA

Rick Reilly Columns Increasingly Laden With Cries For Help

Albert Haynesworth is likely to return to the Redskins

Rev. Gomes obit: worth reading very carefully.

Couple banned in UK for fostering children due to anti-gay stance.

Former Miami lineman Shawn Lee is dead at 44

Wanna Get Out of Jury Duty? Just Say You’re Gay!

I'm back! Now I can continue to berate all your teams!

Nebraska beats #22 Missouri

Red Sox owner fined $500,000 for criticizing MLB...

hmm, BYU lost one of their best guys to a suspension

Giants fans raise over $8k to fly plane taunting Dodgers for opening series

Serena Williams undergoes surgery for pulmonary embolism

Israel destroys wells near Hebron: witnesses

Why We Need A New Human Rights Organization

Can the Arab world leave anti-Semitism behind?

Farrakhan: Jews are pushing the US into war

Were DU's DNS problems an act of God?

Pope Benedict Exonerates Jews For Jesus' Death In New Book

Beyond Southern Rhea (space pic)

MASSIVE Solar Explosion Flare Captured by NASA in HD

NHLer Bob Probert suffered from degenerative brain disease, scientists find