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What happens if you post and everyone on DU has you on ignore?

Employee sues for $2 million for 'anguish' and 'depression' because had to drive to New Jersey

Egypt set for post-rebellion constitutional referendum Many Egyptians protested against the referen

Man, 70, Stoned to Death for Homosexuality: Police

Wank'n Fuk'n Bankers.

Here's why you should support energy supplies that please your conscience and oppose others...

As many as 10 people tackle registered sex offender when he tries to drag a teen girl away

RT had a fascinating article

Report paints darker deficit picture

It was 76 degrees today in Connecticut. So where are the global-warming-deniers now?

Besides the beginning of the Iraq War, other historical events from March 19 (like Intl Women's Day)

Heard VP Biden tape on Ed Show tonight

Heard VP Biden tape on Ed Show tonight

NHK reports that they "have not been able to cool the number 3 rector’s spent fuel holding pool"

independent/volunteer radiation monitoring from tokyo & elsewhere

Cooling function operable at 2 reactors (NHKNews)

The clearest graphic I have found

Victoria Jackson's latest rant

BBCTV: Reporting Pro-Ghadaffi Forces entering Benghazi (sp?)

(Tn Gov) Haslam shrugs off Senate GOP stance on bargaining

I believe in compensation but this one is over the top for a city manager who quit in Miami Dade

US State Dept: Travel Warning Japan 'Strongly' urges No Go

Have there been more ultra-right terror plots or more Islamic terror plots stopped since 9/11?

TEPCO workers exposed to radiation beyond limit (so Gov'mt raise limit)

IAEA: Japan (earlier this week) advised iodine for people near plant

Fw: Radioactive Fallout from Japan Detected in California

Bill Maher segment about relationships/ environment/ disaster porn

Bill Maher segment about relationships/ environment/ disaster porn

An incredible "sea change" in Wisconsin attitudes.

Milwaukee Urinal / Sentinel article on recall chances

Libya Alhurra LIVE right now, Benghazi being bombed! :(

Its name: Great East Japan Earthquake

So a lady grabbed my teabag tonight.

My god... you know you are in trouble

Yemen - 'Dozens killed' as gunmen target anti-government rally

Rep. Walter Jones pushes for Afghanistan exit

Female soldiers' suicide rate triples when at war

The real reason why relief supplies aren't reaching Japan evacuation centers -->

For the Pepsi Throwback fans (and Mt. Dew Throwback fans too)

Buffett – trading on inside information – steals $3.7 bn. from the American taxpayer.

So Gaddafi now wants a ceasefire

In Novels, an Ex-Spy Returns to the Fold (Valerie Plame Wilson)

War Is More Than Just Dead Soldiers And Dead Civilians

Charlie Sheen beats Sarah Palin for prez. among independents.

The reward for biggest Oxymoron in a party's name goes to:

Let the players, and some rich folk who want teams, start another league...then what?

Toles Toon: "Ahem..."

Answers to the Friday Afternoon Challenge: Rites of Spring!

Toon: Painted into a corner

Warren Christopher, U.S. negotiator, dies at 85: report

James Garlow FB ..the left is a radiation threat

Navy orders 2 more Littoral Combat Ships

Mo, who created Al Hurra shot dead?

So, how does the radioactivity from Japan compare to that released for years from nuclear bomb test?

NYT: Bid to 'Protect Assets' Slowed Reactor Fight (shit meet fan redux)

Former PA governor on lessons NOT learned from Three Mile Island

Japan sees some stabilization in nuclear crisis

Former Goldman Sachs Banker/WSJ Revving Up Smear Campaign Against Elizabeth Warren

Scotland surges ahead with new 10MW tidal farm

OMG, Sarah Palin sharing conference with Germaine Greer, Mohamed elBaradei and a Bollywood star.

Abnormal amounts of radiation found in spinach, milk in Japan's Fukushima, Ibaraki prefectures

Republican Congressman Angry He Has To Clean Up Democrats' "Pile Of Crap"

Business opposition doomed Arizona immigration bills (or - The Boycott Worked)

"The Merry Minuet" seems very appropriate today.

"100 new jobs; 1 big protest -- Walker comes to City Brewery":

Head of CA Department of Pesticide Regulation Leaves Post to Work for Chemical Giant

3D, 360-degree fog display shown off (w/ video)

Toon: No Adult Left Behind

BREAKING: Warren Crhistopher, former SOS dead at 89

BREAKING: Warren Crhistopher, former SOS dead at 89

Palin Speech: LIVE in India... GRIFTER ALERT!!!

Emergency Manager law quickly impacting unions in Michigan

Emergency Manager law quickly impacting unions in Michigan

Minnesota Democrats fold like deck chairs on Boondoggle Bridge across St. Croix River

Please sign this petition: Rep. Virgil Peck needs to resign

Gingrich Said to Funnel $125K Via Hate Group to Punish Iowa Justices

The Seismic History of Japan

The Seismic History of Japan

Copy-Machine Question Spawns Deposition for the History Books

One in Four Americans worried about ability to put food on the table -

One in Four Americans worried about ability to put food on the table -

Fuck it

Fuck it

RSA says hack won't allow "direct attack" on SecureID tokens

Feingold to headline Netroots Nation 2011 in Minneapolis

College staffs fear Kasich budget will overload them (require professors to teach more classes)

Technology safety aside, the real issue at the heart of not building new nuclear facilities

Japan Cites Radiation in Milk, Spinach Near Plant

Must read -Why is US backing force in Libya but not Bahrain, Yemen?

Obama Endorses Military Action To Stop Gaddafi

Libya: Mohammed "Mo" Al Nabbous, founder of Benghazi webcast "Libya Alhurra TV," killed in firefight

Analysts warn air strikes on ground forces will be dangerous (AP)

Come Saturday Morning: The News from Lakes Wobegon and Monona

John McCain on solitary confinement as torture:

On Bengazhi just breaking

So, If Someone Could Wave A Magic Wand...

So, If Someone Could Wave A Magic Wand...

Censorship at DU

Bob Kincaid UStream of DC event today at the White House

How is it going to be determined whether a cease-fire in Libya is being upheld?

Hillary presser on M$NBCOMCAST

Why does the world care so much about Libya, but completely ignored Darfur?

We All Live in Wisconsin - ProgressivePopulist

Web-hoster raided by marshals

Who gave you the right to intervene in our local affairs?

Credit card scam warning.

Why Fox News Will Keep Bullying NPR

Why don't we pull out of the WTO? When do they ever side with the U.S.?

Bill Maher: Governing With GOP 'Is Like Rooming With A Meth Addict'

Crisis overload

That's how *we* do it.

Ohio Gov. Kasich’s staff unlikely to share in sacrifice

Ohio Gov. Kasich’s staff unlikely to share in sacrifice

Toon: The Two Modes of Obama

Why the law-school bubble is bursting

Legitimate sympathy or compassion versus feeling "sorry for", vice versa

Legitimate sympathy or compassion versus feeling "sorry for", vice versa

Question about Libyan pilots who've been defecting...

Things are Heating-up in Syria Now

French fighters fly over Libya - where are the Arab League planes?

Twitter Tax Break Faces Surprise Challenge from Public Union

Twitter Tax Break Faces Surprise Challenge from Public Union

Interesting History Here... 'Lack of Organizing Deters AFL-CIO' - ProgressivePopulist

Palin's stalker to judge: Tell me where she lives so I won't inadvertently violate restraining order

Keith Olbermann - we need a "countdown" clock

Keith Olbermann - we need a "countdown" clock

Libyans loyal to Gaddafi scorn UN resolution and 'al-Qaida'

Inside Anonymous’ Secret War Room

Warren Christopher has died.

At Fukushima, gensets were underground

Something that stands out to me about Ghadaffi

Is There a Correlation Between Collective Bargaining of Public Sector Unions and State Deficits?

O'Keefe's heros? "Underage prostitutes." NPR punks O'Keefe. You could have fun too!

O'Keefe's heros? "Underage prostitutes." NPR punks O'Keefe. You could have fun too!

B of A to charge 12$ per month, for less than 1500 in Debit account.

Cub Foods security pepper-sprays protesters, shoppers and kids

Remember, the French are "weaklings"

Japan Tsunami: 20 Unforgettable Pictures (National Geographic)

Ariz. vet gives his Purple Heart coin to Giffords

Which ideology is the bigger long term threat to you and yours?

Solar power creeping up little by little

'US behind Mideast crackdowns'

Cracks discovered in inaugural LCS, Freedom

Hacker group takes down school web site of bullied Australian kid

Self-deleted by member

Allen Stanford update

Post 1000 - Dedicated to Grandma, a teacher

UCLA student behind anti-Asian video apparently had plans for more

UCLA student behind anti-Asian video apparently had plans for more

A coalition of freedom-loving nations makes anything we do in Libya a-ok.

I am enjoying the Dead Meat Ad on the DU Front Page

Knut the polar bear has died

Germany has 42 gigawatts of solar & wind; That's about 42 nuke plants worth.

I'm at Whole Foods right now, and there is plenty of shelf-stable milk.

What were the political leanings of your family growing up?

Coal mining is bad no question. Is uranium mining without it's

Regarding our new involvement in Libya, do you have faith that US will play only a support role?

Looking for protest sign ideas

For first time, majority in US back gay marriage: poll

Enron whistleblower gets $1.1 million from IRS

Bill Maher: 'I just think I'm too controversial'

Sharron Angle defends teachers against attacks made by her terror supporting friends.

1 in 5 women sexually abused in our now christian Air Force

Looks like they have their Poland

There exists in a little known place a book of reasons why prices increase for the masses.

France will regret attacking gaddafi. He is no Saddam

My Canuckistani cousin just sent me this billboard pic…

My Canuckistani cousin just sent me this billboard pic…

US National Debt per citizen: $45,801, Per Taxpayer: $128,301

So why not go after North Korea, aren't they more brutal?

US cruise missle strikes going in against air defense systems and airbase runways

Tom Ackerman from AJE says mission is intended to help Libyan people pursue

MSNBC: President to make statement on Libya "at any moment now" nt

A call to DUers that use B of A!

March 19, 2003: We will never forget.

A People Betrayed: West Launches New War for Oil in Libya

ACLU advocates for a "Do not track" list meanwhile they are using tracking sites on their own site.

Japan earthquake: Britons given iodine tablets Priority for the tablets is being given to children

Cruel and usual: US solitary confinement

Cruel and usual: US solitary confinement

Transition to coalition commander in coming days; current operations intended to shape the battlefie

VIDEO and TEXT = OBAMA on Lybia from

Wal-mart ok with homeless in parking lot at night

Live Pentagon briefing now.

Japan Says Small Amount of Radiation Found in Tokyo Tap Water

What is the point of the “no fly zone” over Libya?

March 19 officially start-a-war day

Yeah! Let Freedom Reign!

US fires 110 missiles at targets in Libya

A Tale Of Two Dogs Is Testament To Japan's Humanity

A Tale Of Two Dogs Is Testament To Japan's Humanity

The media in India is not exempt from PALIN victim syndrome, is blacked out from covering

Just curious... who was the last American President NOT to bomb a nation?

Just curious... who was the last American President NOT to bomb a nation?

British submarine involved in missile strikes.

"Who The H*ll Do You Think Your Are?" Farrakhan Blasts Obama For Calling For Qaddafi to Step Down

AJE says Gaddafi speech coming up soon.

Thank you for your lobby day bus donation (in honor of Maria Isavel)

Layed off worker in California kills self.

Power hopes rise at Japan plant

Egypt vote contrasts with thuggery and rigging of past

But the terrorists hate us because of our freedom.... well then

US law enforcement role in Mexico drug war surges

What's the key issue involved in US/UN/EU Libyan intervention?

What's the key issue involved in US/UN/EU Libyan intervention?

Former CIA operative Valerie Plame Wilson to pen suspense books

I cannot support US military action against Libya, at this time

Can we bill Gadhafi for the bombs we deliver?

Kansas Civil Rights March 3/19/11

Petrodollar - vs - Currency Basket (So let's not kid ourselves about what this is about)

Benjamin Fulford at his best! Give him all your prayers!(White Dragon Society??)

So much for all those who were sold on the 'fact' that....

Will Yemen fall silent?

Scyuntusts Assert New Japan Quake a "SooperMoon coninciDunce"

Right wing declares war on the poor:

Latest: CNN REPORTS: "U.S. Launches Its First Missiles Against Gadhafi’s Forces"

I hope we take Libyan state TV off the air during Qadhafi's speech.

Gaddafi gives short speech of 3 minutes

I don't know how many are familiar with this piece of history

Help From the U.S. for Afflicted Sister Cities in Japan

Star Trek on Guantanamo Bay and Bush's War on Terror

So is this the first time the French have been aggressor since the 18th Century?

'Replace Mexican farm workers with blacks from the inner-city to pick crops'

I'd like to dedicate this next song to President Obama

If they're bombing Libya,

Democrats want Congress to sign off on Libya attack

Moving clockwise around the Ring of Fire

How many years has Libya been a thorn in the side of the World?

World powers (including Arab League) agree to military action in Libya with unusual speed

Everyone chill the fuck out. Those are non-combat cruise missiles..

Support the troops

Hundreds of Islamists stone Egypt's ElBaradei

Right winger pundits are going to be fully behind this I bet

Center City Philly Borders Books is closing...

US, Brazil take first steps "on the road to a free-trade agreement"

"So it turns out that French fries are really freedom fries after all."

Gadaffi, Khadaffi, (etc. spelling) Spouts off like Glenn Beck, Limbaugh, Gingrich, Palin, Bachman!

The U.S. has just launched the first missiles against Libya! MSNBC

Wisconsin's next Governor ? (video)

Bill Maher: Governing With GOP 'Is Like Rooming With A Meth Addict'

Libyan Revolution Day 30 part 2 (Benghazi under attack!)


Groupon deals for drinks dry up

ACLU calls Michigan Capitol's rule forbidding signs unlawful

Wind Turbines Survive Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan!!!

Is it constitutional to enforce a no-fly zone around Libya without congressional authorization?

Libya Oil Chief Says Crude Production ‘Could Reach a Halt’ Due to Conflict

"We cannot stand idly by when a tyrant tells his people there will be no mercy."

The draft is a class issue.

Disney Land Concessions exclusively use Koch Industries products?

Just because we are starting to act on Libya

Operation Odyssey Dawn

Operation Odyssey Dawn

I am in AWE of Wisconsinites

If our govt was bombing us/killing us - would you be upset if another country came to our aid?

"Dear honey. I'm sorry."

Leave Obama alone

When can we expect to see John McCain and Joe Lieberman sticking their mugs on the TV?

Leave Gadhafi alone

‘Too Late’ for Some Tsunami Victims to Rebuild in Japan

Toon For Ya...

Toon For Ya...

Freepers take on the Libyan strikes

A cautionary tale: if different people use a PC, create ONE ACCOUNT FOR EACH PERSON.

Are people really stupid enough that they don't see the difference in military action against Libya

The irony is stong in this one. Scott Walker's "lift up your brown bag".

Apparently asking questions about foreign intervention in America is forbidden

Two informative articles about West Coast radiation from Canadian papers

If this whole operation ends with Gadhafi still in power, has it failed?

Gaddafi could turn to Libya’s mustard gas stockpile, some officials fear (WP)

Gaddafi could turn to Libya’s mustard gas stockpile, some officials fear (WP)

Guess with can't call it a MASSACRE when we kill long distance. Or just SHOCK AND AWE.

JanDutchy has 28 threads going on page 1 of the LBN board...

What do you think would happen here?

Human gender roles influence research on animals

One military-industrial reason the French want to take the lead in Libya

Breaking: French aircrafts attack Libyan military vehicles

Looks like we got our oil deal with the Lybian rebels

John Quincy Adams July 4, 1821 address to Congress:

Innocence Project professor pulled from class

Libyan rebels just as evil as Khadaffi, attacking black African immigrants!

Why I love the Beeb (truth to power)

So, we have chosen sides in Libya

We've been selling planes to...

Leave George Booshe alone

email from one of my Japanese friends:

110 cruise missiles fired so far.

Brazil cracks down on anti-US protestors

There's a lovely big moon out tonight.

Will we see $120/bbl OIL on Monday?

Virginians concerned about uranium mining

Radionuclide detectors in other parts of the West Coast.

Yeah! Now We Have Three Wars Against Brown People! Yeah!

Libya state TV says 48 killed, 150 wounded in allied air strikes - Reuters

Why are sock puppet armies a threat to democracy

The Japanese Could Teach Us a Thing or Two /By NICHOLAS D. KRISTOF

From the French Institute for Radiological Protection and Nuclear Safety

Why Fox News Will Keep Bullying NPR

ROFL!!! Entrepreneurialism missing from policy debates: Cantor

for your Saturday fun... my latest Tea party Patriot e-mail

Where does Libya rank in military power.

The era of America's big empire is NOT over.

"10 Reasons to say no to western intervention in Libya"

Fashionable Filly- Designer Shoes That Look Like Horse Hooves

Anti-Qaddafi town: “Anyone who dares go outside is either arrested or shot dead."

Is there really a parallel universe?

More scenes from Madison (warning: pics)

In this thread let us predict the next big nutjob move by Conservatives & Blue Dogs!

How to Make a Tie-Dye Pot Leaf

I wonder if there are paid agents running around say Progressive websites

Anti-war protesters arrested near White House

OIL - vs - NO OIL ( So let's not kid ourselves about what this is about)

Well, we can't cut the defense budget now.

RNC raises $5.2M but remains $21M in debt

The Death of Partisanship means the Death of American Democracy

Christal Cathedral asks choir members to sign 'covenant' - sex in marriage of 1 man / 1 woman only

Wait, it was OK to kill Saddam but it's not OK to kill Gaddafi to free repressed people?

On the fucking anniversary of the Iraq War?????

It's OK with Congress and Republicans to expend HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS in weapons to stop Gadhafi

Confessions of an Economic Hit Man-- Interview with John Perkins

Can someone please explain something about this weather radar image?

Does anyone know exactly which aircraft the French and Brits are using against Libya?

Pro-War DUers are aligned with.......JOE LIEBERMAN!

Mr. Keith Olbermann loathes Giuliani! Me, too!!

What is it with this "against his own people" line?

Self-deleted by member

Would MANDELA (or Jesus) bomb Libya? Pause and think: was Mandela really dumb in his SUPPORT

The logic Obama used applies just as equally to Bahrain and Yemen yet we aren't launching

Adano is on

We could end the pointless bickering on DU ...

Should individual states vote to raise: 2% taxes on the rich and raise minimum wage 2%


25 speaking events to start 3/20. Afghan hero and fighter Malalai Joya denied US Visa. Take Action!

And now Gaddafi is somehow a brethren with Mandela

Illinois Congress-thing Mark Kirk needs to go

So we are now killing men, women, and children in how many countries that never attacked us?

Stop With the if Bush Did It Idiocy

Swiss rescuers leave Japan “with heavy hearts” - story w/pics

Workers stabilize spent fuel stored at Japanese reactor

Honest question: Has Libya targeted nonviolent civilian targets? - "a military campaign to drive Moammar Gadhafi from power. "

This Week I Watched A Discovery Channel Segment On Their New Ship, "Oasis of the Seas"

How many who support a no-fly zone over Libya would have supported a

I think we should invade N. Korea

The F-35: A Weapon That Costs More Than Australia

I want to thank the Republicans and their operatives, for all that they have done

As so aptly put by Silver10, Since when is Peace a Right-wing argument?

Just saw a slide that said Libya taxes oil at 98%.

Pentagon spokesman Geoff Morrell: USS Valley Forge (CG-50) fired first salvo, launching...

Another view to consider...

Your opinion of no-fly zones in Iraq during the 90's?

Word-for-word, that was a George W. Bush speech about Saddam, it seemed.

What are the criteria by which we decide to take military action against brutal dictators?

Has "60 Minutes" totally sold out?

"The Saudis have 300 F16 fighter jets" HUH? Are you kidding me?

CA: GOP state convention tries to bar reporters

Right Wing Declares War on the Poor:

"America's Saudi Air War" - Al Jazeera English Article Exposes Split Between Freepers & Their Allies

Crowd Cheers as Daniel Ellsberg Led Away from White House in Handcuffs by Police (Manning Protest)


Should we intervene militarily in Burma or Sierra Leone?

Bloomberg to spend more on charter schools, to cut spending on public schools.

Libya is NOT about oil

Should we increase the minimum recs for greatest to 8 or 10?

So we are killing people to keep Khaddafi from killing them?

So I guess George W Bush was right all along

Report: Pets and humans on Japan’s quirky ‘cat island’ safe

I'm already feeling a lot better about the Libya strike now that I know the official nickname...

Jacky Fisher: "The essence of war is violence; moderation in war is imbecility."

Who here still believes in Nuclear Power as a positive energy source? Controversial, but I do.

"If we lose, Huda Ben Amer will hang all of us"

Detailed downloadable paper on the Ryan-Rivlin attack on Medicare

I Love You Rachel Maddow. Check this out.

They are taking subsidies away from the needy, when the super-rich are paying lowe taxes,

I am really of two minds on the Libyan strikes.

It's amazing that half of our people don't see this evil. Are that many of us so brain-washed?

About Lybia

Libyan Revolution Day 31 (RIP Mohammed Nabbous, killed by Gaddafi forces, airstrikes begin)

BWHAHAHAHA: Sarah Palin Says SHE WOULD'VE WON In 2008 If She Had Been TOP Of ticket

Why Libya? I don't think it's for oil or humanitarian reasons

No invite for Michele Bachmann to Koch-funded 2012 forum for GOPers

I said weeks ago that I would support an invasion of Libya and I still do.

Qaddafi's new home should be ...

Pentagon papers leaker: 'I was Bradley Manning'

The same suspect hacks who showed up for the illegal invasion

the eighth anniversary of the war on iraq

A most amazing sight!

After centuries of writing poems, why is Anonymous practicing the dark art of computer hacking?

all we are saying.....

Forget Harvard and a 4-Year Degree, You Can Make More as a Plumber in the Long Run

Would you like to see US troops brought home from Afghanistan immediately?

Hillary was key to decision to take military action in Libya

Supporters of Nuclear Energy - Who are they?

Live streaming of radiation monitor in Santa Monica, CA

Tell Boehner: "Government shutdown? Give up your own pay first!"

Kucinich: President Needs Congressional Go-Ahead for Libya No-Fly Zone. "It is an act of war."

The British are in, too.

It started in Tunisia

GOBAMA!!!! Obama & Clinton eloquently explain why US involvement in Libya is unconstitutional

GOBAMA!!!! Obama & Clinton eloquently explain why US involvement in Libya is unconstitutional

When is the President going to get a declaration of war from the Congress?

Obama: ‘We cannot stand idly by’

Obama administration is wrong to endorse suppression of democracy in Bahrain

Mohammed Nabbous 1983-2011

GA GOP Rep. Bobby Franklin Says America Is Like Qadaffi Because Abortion Is Legal

Now here is a tid-bit to consider:

Please explain how we can justify spending money on this third war. OUR own citizens deserve better.

Mt. Fujiyama rumbling, last rumbled in 1707

‘Comfort women’ launch fundraising efforts for Japan

Bill requiring placement of "In God We Trust" on all "public buildings, schools, etc" advances

Bill requiring placement of "In God We Trust" on all "public buildings, schools, etc" advances

New BUSHCO Docs Reveal How Yoo Eliminated 4th Amendment So Cheney Could Wiretap Illegally

UN Security Council? Arab League? See WHO voted?? A load of CRAP

Fool me once, shame on you,

NEW 100 MILE OIL SLICK Reported Near Deepwater Drilling Site in Gulf

Amtrak to Fla.: We'd like to help, but we can't

US Uncut Adds Verizon and FedEx to its Target List of Corporate Tax Dodgers

This is what Democracy looks like. Scenes from Madison March 19, 2011 (warn: pics)

To those opposed to the US participating in the no-fly zone in Libya...

Testing Finds No Health Threat Along West Coast

Some day in my lifetime, we will have a President who says NO MORE WARS

Can we just *talk* about Japan/radiation worst case scenarios?

so. another war.

The right-wing REALLY hates the Volt.

The right-wing REALLY hates the Volt.

Right wingers cannot do political comedy.

We are approaching 6,000 American soldiers killed in the invasions and occupations

So what BS name will they call this operation?

West coasters: know your subduction zone (Cascadia Earthquake of 1700)

Here are some of the reasons why I do not support the military actions against Libya.

Governor Rick Scott booed at Yankees spring training game

The Keystone Rebels in Libya shoot down their own plane

46% of DUers support the draft?! Where the hell am I?

Classmate rooting against Wisconsin basketball

I support Obama and the military strikes against Libya

Any FACTS about Libya have been lost or DISTORTED in the propaganda war

Right Wing Aims for the Kill - ProgressivePopulist

WAR! On Head Start, LIHEAP, Legal Aid, WIC, Pell grants, community health centers.....

Wonderful documentary running on Comcast channel `140 about Kentucky

Japan sure fell off DU's radar in a hurry, didn't it?

I think I am poisoning my students... Guess how much sodium I just fed them.

as god as my witness....

All of you who are now suddenly so concerned about Libyan civilians ......

WI Republican State Senator gets his mistress $11,000 pay raise for state job

Madison - More rioting today

Do you support military action in Libya?

"Plutonium fuel could be used at Hanford power plant" - MOX

Do you believe that the Responsibility to Protect is a good idea?

"An Advocate Who Scares Republicans"

Palin is set to arrive in Israel later Sunday and will dine with PM Netanyahu

We may disagree on Libya, but we should all agree on Obama's motives

Scott Walker has done more for Wisconsin than any governor since Gaylord Nelson.

I sure hope we can kill Gaddafi within the next couple of days...

Libya - the nuclear industry's wag the dog? nt

I just learned of a worldwide movement going on to fight against evil banking abuses! Want to join?

U.S. Launches Cruise Missiles Against Qaddafi's Air Defenses

"for those with vaginas", other provocative videos defend planned parenthood

Libya : popular uprising, civilian war or military attack ? MUST READ

"Backtrace Security" declares cyber war on Anonymous "Progressives"

The way things are going, you know, the shoveling of income up the proverbial ladder...

Should the military draft be brought back?

Libyan massacres condemned -- Saudi Arabian, Bahraini & Yemeni ignored.

No public debate. No authorization. No fucking anything just send in the missiles.

Rant: Insurance copays bankrupting you? Upside-down on your mortgage? Join the club.

Rant: Insurance copays bankrupting you? Upside-down on your mortgage? Join the club.

Fed deems several major banks healthy enough to pay dividends

Russian-born programmer gets 8 years in U.S. prison

Laid-off Costa Mesa worker jumps to his death

Obama trying to limit military involvement in Libya

David Cameron to meet allies for Libya crisis talks

RIP. Warren M Christopher Secretary of state

NFL Players Say Goodell Attempted to 'Divide'

Bahrain says Iran is meddling

Benghazi hospital has 26 dead after attack

Young protestor dies after being beaten by regime agents .

Japan Confirms High Radiation in Spinach and Milk Near Nuclear Plant

'US behind Mideast crackdowns'

Jordan, Morocco, Qatar, UAE (are the Arab nations) at Libya summit (in Paris): diplomat

British Airways employee gets 30 years for terror plot

Radiation from Fukushima plant detected in Sacramento, EPA says

: French air force protecting Benghazi, Sarkozy says

Algeria's president promises political reform

French bombardment army vehicle

Libya Oil Chief Says Crude Production ‘Could Reach a Halt’ Due to Conflict

Germany indirectly helps action Libya

Bid to 'Protect Assets' Slowed Reactor Fight

French plane opens fire in Libya

French warplanes fly reconnaissance missions over Libya (& Full Text of President Sarkozy's Speech)

French warplanes fly reconnaissance missions over Libya (& Full Text of President Sarkozy's Speech)

EC Secretary Blasts Saudi Military Intervention in Bahrain

Rebel says own plane downed over Benghazi

US defense chief Robert Gates postpones trip to Russia over Libya

Crowd Cheers as Daniel Ellsberg Led Away from White House in Handcuffs by Police (Manning Protest)

British Forces In Action Over Libya

NFL Responds to Players' Letter to Goodell

ICRC : Civilians at high risk amid escalating conflict

Allies launch first attacks against Gadhafi forces in Libya

Qaddafi Warns West on No-Flight Zone

Pentagon briefing on action in Libya (Live)

US officials: US prepares for sea-based missile launch against Libyan air defenses

Iran's iFilm off air due to interference

Plane shot down over rebel-held city in Libya

Anti-war activists rally near White House to mark 8th anniversary of start of Iraq war

Iran calls on Saudi Arabia, UAE to leave Bahrain "immediately"

Libyan forces 'enter outskirts of Benghazi'

Tracked down: The war crimes suspect living in Tiverton

Federal judge halts ban on payroll deduction to Alabama Education Association (Unioin Win)

Organization of the Islamic Conference: Communiqué on the Alarming Developments in Libyan Jamahiriya

Egypt crowd attack ElBaradei at voting station

High turnout marks 'orderly' Egypt vote

Israelis retaliate for killing of settlers

Israelis retaliate for killing of settlers

UPDATE 1-Turkey to play appropriate role over Libya -formin

Brazil slams U.S. for protectionism

Iranian cleric tells Bahraini Shiites to continue protest

Marijuana legalization advocates organize to put new measure on California ballot

GM cuts unnecessary spending after Japan disaster

Clinton: Fears of Libyan `unspeakable atrocities'

Iranian cleric tells Bahraini Shiites to continue protest

Libya asks for UN ceasefire observers

Iran Majlis warns over Bahrain invasion

Bahrain protest casualties on rise

Japanese Government Says Milk, Spinach Near Stricken Nuke Plant Have Unsafe Radiation

War on Libya ‘regrettable’ – Russia

Libya TV reports attacks on several cities

'Lonely' boy, 9, reunited with cousin

Audio: Anti-aircraft fire heard in Tripoli, Libya

Euphoric, Egyptians Vote on Future

Libya: Mohammed "Mo" Al Nabbous, founder of Benghazi webcast "Libya Alhurra TV," killed in firefight

the gray, severe campus that looks like the birthplace of the headache

I'm sorry, but does "Homosexual Advances" sound like a pay day loan op for gay people?

...and Hillary wanted the nofly Libya ..when will the HORSESHITEND?

DoJ Still Protecting Bush Eavesdroppers, Says ACLU

Anybody here roasting their own coffee?

Anyone's brackets holding up (Pole)

Allied airstrikes kill 48, 150 wounded: Libya TV

Giorgio Moroder bass lines. Synth washes. Bowie replication. Is there anything Duran Duran can't do?

Marine ecosystem suffers huge blow after 45 baby sharks found dead (Dubai)

Canada says needs 2 days to prepare jets for Libya

Anybody Watching the Greg Giraldo Special on Comedy Central?

Is this Super Moon a sign that she's still pissed about when we "bombed" her a few years ago?

(Thousands of) Syrian mourners call for revolt (Calls for "freedom" as police fire tear gas)

bluegrass..Brian Setzer style :)

I don't know about everyone else....

Libyans form human shield at Gaddafi's compound

Oh, Lieutenant Commander Geordi La Forge...behave yourself.

Try being a 14 year old boy in 1984 constantly being compared to Simon Le Bon


The Cult of Charlie

Look out for Extreme SuperMoon!

My hands look like I had the fricking Stigmata or something

Palin warns of China’s rise in visit to India

Advice? I am shopping for pipes (it's one way of dealing with grief)

Supermoon" Tonight: Biggest Full Moon in 18 Years

Enterprise gets in on the action

The gum inside the blower nozzle on electric hand dryers, you know you want

Petition to pull “gay cure” app hits 20,000 signatures

Thunder Road on TCM now.

For Wilmington Delaware's "Bacon Weekend":

Does anyone know of a list of countries that do not have

I just realized today that I have worked in all levels of government,

So a lady grabbed my teabag tonight.

Cracked: 8 Actors Who Look The Same On Every Movie Poster

Warren Christopher, former secretary of state, dies

Replacin' a Cell Phone Blues...

RIP Knut the Polar Bear


Radioactive iodine found in (Tokyo) Japan tap water

PHOTO: "Yes... OH, YES... that's right, just a little closer... yes... YESSSSSSSS...."

I was right- Gracie Macy found her voice today.

Proving he can STILL touch his toes, MiddleFingerMom has got your Supermoon RAHTcheer, too.

Here is a free, computer therapist named Eliza. Enjoy!

How to Make a Tie-Dye Pot Leaf

How To Make A Tie-Dye Pot Roast

Sometimes I miss the geckos of Thailand

Help I'm being held prisoner in an 18 wheeler!

Eureka! I've done it! I've solved the most important problem in the world!

Regarding a certain species of tree ...

Lemme Tell Ya', Movie Reviewers Are About As Useful As Tits On A Blender

George Bush finally goes to Hell

got a HUGE rescue dog today

Saturday night - Live Rolling Stones from long ago...

Stories from the Road: Starting Over

Saturday's NCAA Tournament Thread

With everything going on in Libya...

i think we need could use some squee (dial-up warning)

Skittles: sour and broken down...

A rash of recent digital art.

Flirting with "danger"

Next up to bat... Irish Coffee ice cream!

Post-birthday dinner at Cindy's Diner (ie, see Heidi, makeupless, having her first stip of Mtn. Dew

another female celebrity becomes super skinny

What was the Last "Great" Western movie ever made?

New Mexico governor (R) loses bid to block licenses for illegal (immigrants)

Here's some cool music for you: Toro y Moi

I've now lost 10 pounds simply by not eating after 6PM. I can see the change in my body.

Which is the best "defining" album?

BREAKING NEWS: 100-Mile Long Oil Slick Spotted Off Louisiana Coast

I give up. Good night. n/t

The late singer Jim Croce wanted to save time in a bottle. What would YOU like to save in a bottle?

Mrs. V.'s brother Woody has died.

U.S. launches first missiles against Gadhafi forces

Fashionable Filly- Designer Shoes That Look Like Horse Hooves

Anyone's brackets holding up (Poll)

Strong earthquake hits northeastern Japan

Berlin zoo: Beloved polar bear Knut has died

MiddleFingerMom has got your Supermoon RAHTcheer!!!!

Obama to visit human rights activist's tomb

Qaddafi and His Forces Warned on War Crimes (by the prosecutor of the International Criminal Court)

The Foreign Policy Genius Of a gop Visionary

Think Progress: New Hampshire House Approves Tax Cut on Cigarettes, Cuts Health, Education Funding

The Hill: Durbin fires back at WSJ editorial for ripping his plan to set debit card fee

The Hill: Reid: Rider on Planned Parenthood won't be included in budget deal

I'm sick and tired of the primary challenge talk people keep bringing up

Helen Thomas at it again BASHING Isreal

Hillary just loving this war shit

Meet the new Boss. Same as the old Boss.

Cost of the no-fly zone? End the Afghanistan and Iraq wars

March 19: Remarks by the President on Libya

Lets see wee launched over 100 cruise missiles in Libya do the math

Reid: “I support the actions taken today by our allies, with the support of several Arab countries"

"In other words, I have no idea what VandeHei and Allen are talking about."


How much is this shit costing

Dual Presidents.

Hypothetical: What countries would you expect to enjoin an American rebel uprising?

President Obama's first huge lost tonight

Obama Authorizes Blowin our Soc.Security/Medicare and our National Debt..

I never approve of military action of any kind...

One year later: Backers of Obama healthcare law preparing to defend

Behind Closed Doors- Why HB 916

The "giant" should never have gone to sleep in the first place.

I oppose "operation Libyan Freedom"

do you still visit Huffpost for news? That site really sucks lately

Philippines: country on a fault line

Cost of 110 Cruise Missiles fired in 1 Hour = More than 5 Years of NPR Funding.

Let's hope Libya doesn't become an ideological litmus test, either on the left or between D and R

US limited role is brilliant!!

Clinton Says Arab Nation Made Pivotal Statement on Libya

Why is Obama going to Brazil in a time of crisis?

A U.N. resolution is not a unilateral U.S. action.

David Swanson on Why We Risk Arrest This Weekend

U.S. Forces Lead Attack Against Libya in Operation 'Audacity Dawn'

When is the last time you saw such a CEO

Papantonio: Japan Nuclear Crisis Could Happen Here

''BURY IT!'' Michio Kaku On Japan's Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant

Beck and Limbaugh Mock JAPAN SURVIVORS

Have you noticed? Our right-wing media is now poo-poohing Sarah Palin

Since war is never ok, we should have stayed out of WWII

Breaking News - Sarkozy Says Allied Forces Already In Action In Libya 3/19/11

Ellsberg on Why We Risk Arrest This Weekend

Sarah Palin Set To Embarrass USA at India Conclave

An Advocate Who Scares Republicans

Three simultaneous Vietnams?

Mo's Last Video From Benghazi Before He Was Killed: Bombed Bedroom Of 4months-old & 5year-old Kids

Simi Valley Nuclear Disaster 1959

Military Intervention in Libya, Democracy in Egypt, Chat Meetings in the US

In Japan, Relief Supplies Not Getting Through to Hardest Hit Areas

Bad Moon Rising ..... Don't go around tonight!

About The Movement to Ban Paddling in Schools

Russian village huge human nuclear experiment - Mayak, the Kyshtym Disaster

French fighter jets over Libya

Medea Benjamin on Why We Risk Arrest This Weekend

Support or not for Operation Odyssey Dawn

Abraham, Martin and John

Weekly Address: American Jobs Through Exports to Latin America

The real report on the beach in Gulf Shores, Alabama

I Answer Conservative Fans Hate Mail!

Young Turks: Cenk Slams 'Big God, Small Government' Comments by Senator DeMint (R-SC)

TDPS: Fox News Mislabels Nightclub as Japanese Nuclear Power Plant - TRANSCRIPT

TDPS: Fox News Mislabels Nightclub as Japanese Nuclear Power Plant - TRANSCRIPT

CHOMSKY-Analysis Of Democracy At Large

Introduction To Sarah Palin's Speech In India

The "Enormous Amount of Money" Petreaus Says We Spent on the Afghanistan War Wasn't Worth It

What some people on the street in India think of Sarah Palin

Original video as visual, political poem: A Zoo Of Our Own Making, by Phil Rockstroh

Still Rings True Today: FDR Second Bill of Rights, People's Rights - TRANSCRIPT

MSNBC - Banksters & Government Exposed FINALLY by Mainstream News!

The United Nations, after the support of the Arab League, voted to impose something we WANT

Battle-proof Wind Farms Survive Japan's Trial by Fire

Toon: The Thinker

Mosquito Foils Christians and Climate Deniers

Kitazawa: Reactors surface temperatures below 100C

Other countries with central government clean energy strategies pulling ahead of the US

Radiation at Safe Levels in Tokyo Water; Some Foods Testing Above Limits

IAEA Update on Japan Earthquake

Aiming for reactor: Easier said than done

Reactor cooling efforts missing mark: B.C. expert (Pssst… try using longer cables, and hovering)

Reuters: Japan nuclear rescue advances

Los Angeles radiation plunges to new interday low

Deal reached to lift wolf protections in Idaho, Montana

Can Biochar Help Suppress Greenhouse Gases?—New Zealand study shows biochar to decrease nitrous oxi…

Radiation risks to health: A joint statement from leading scientific experts (lay off the iodine!)

IAEA says disaster risk decreasing at Fukushima

JOINT EPA/DOE STATEMENT: Radiation Monitors Confirm That No Radiation Levels of Concern … Reached US

3/19 MIT Fukushima status update

Wind and solar can reliably supply 25% of O'ahu's electricity demand

Upgrading the vanadium redox battery—New electrolyte mix increases energy storage by 70 percent

Experts say virtually no threat to Hawaii from Japan nuclear radiation

New technique enables much faster production of inexpensive (amorphous silicon) solar cells

German Solar Energy May Get a Boost from Japan's Nuclear Disaster

Possible oil sheen under investigation in Gulf of Mexico could be large

Offshore Wind Energy is Very, Very Cheap — Cheaper than Nuclear

Possible Source of Leaks at Spent Fuel Pools at Fukushima

Japan Finds Contaminated Food Up to 90 Miles From Nuclear Sites

UN: Too early to sound all-clear in Japan

COMMENTARY: Approaching final stages to avoid worst-case scenario (

Lowdown on nuclear crisis and potential scenarios (Japan Times)

Officials: Small Level Of Radioactive Iodine Found In Japanese Water

Radioactive iodine found in tap water in Tokyo, other areas

Japan mulls ban on Fukushima area food products

Tokyo sees steady exodus amid nuclear crisis

Research shows 20 MW wind turbines are feasible

Reactor containment buildings are not designed to contain a meltdown

Radio-iodine levels above limts found in milk 27 miles from Fukushima plant: cesium in water

Fukushima water tested above safe limit (radio-iodine) 2 days ago

Japan confronts new concern in nuclear crisis: Food supply (LAT)

Japan Britons to get iodine tablets

Fukushima Prefecture is a nationally important source of agricultural products and seafood (CNN)

Ripples from Japan all the way to Florida's deep earth...

Light easterly winds forecast near Japan nuclear plant (radioactive plume to blow inland)

Nuclear Socialism

Bayer gives up fight to restart Institute MIC unit (Charleston Gazette) {Bhopal, WV}

Interesting study on the effects of long term radiation exposure

Fukushima releases one-tenth of those from Chernobyl: France's IRSN

UC Berkeley detects itsy bitsy amounts of iodine, cesium, barium and krypton,

Breaking - coolant pumps at damaged Fukushima reactors are non-functional

Food and water poisoned by Japanese nuclear leak 75 miles away (Mirror UK)

UCLA researchers engineer E. coli to produce record-setting amounts of alternative fuel

map o'doom - from France

67 exposed to radiation in Fukushima prefecture following radioactive leaks

Radiation levels at Fukushima Plant continue to decline.

Current TV Co-Founder Joel Hyatt talks About Keith Olbermann's New Show

Lifting the Veil: Obama and the Failure of Capitalist Democracy {Full Film}

What predicts support for nuclear power? What predicts opposition?

Who Is Bankrolling A Lawsuit To End The Ban On Foreign Money In U.S. Elections?

Bill Moyers & Michael Winship: NPR: The Saga Continues

Japan disaster child volunteers

Bill O'Reilly Dismisses Astronomers' Explanation of the 'Super Moon'

The Imperial President

122mm GRAD rocket effects in Benghazi

Cruel and usual: US solitary confinement

To Cut the Deficit, Expand the IRS

At Least 130 Congressional Staffers Are Former Lobbyists, Study Finds

U.S. actions in Libya may speak louder than words

The Democrate need to GIVE UP on the Gun Control battle, it is beyond fixing!

Drafting Honduran Democracy

Obama to visit human rights activist's tomb

Morales reitera rechazo a intervención en Libia

US Coal Giant Possibly Involved in Trade Unionist Killings Asked Diplomat for Help with Bad Publicit

Court demands investigation into early releases of jailed politicians

Tracked down: The war crimes suspect living in Tiverton

Colombia claims to have found Venezuelan weapons

Gov’t and media look to ban violent front page photos in Honduras

Chávez on Libya (es)

Teacher run over during Honduras protest (Spanish)

I wonder if a conference call or a realtime chat-room type thing

Kansas Civil Rights March 3/19/11

Kansas Civil Rights March 3/19/11

Fyi, I have been talking to the good people at GetEqual

Local Michigan Bar Owner Busted for $5 NCAA Brackets. - I feel safer already!

BUTLER. Wow! The Big Least with eleven teams is having a rough

First #1 seed goes down!

Jimmer fucked me.

OK, all I've got left is WISCONSIN......

The Big Least is THE most overrated conference in the history of college basketball.

Best looking cheerleaders

New limited edition Giants cap commemorates World Series ring ceremony

Go Aztecs

Top European court rules crucifixes acceptable in classrooms

Gaza Militants Fire Dozens Of Mortars Into Israel

Helen Thomas at it again BASHING Isreal

"pain offers us a lesson in gods love"

Hamas fires mortars at southern Israel

Israelis retaliate for killing of settlers

The day the Sun stood still...