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LBN: Video over Libya... is that Obama, Gates, Hillary... who is that?

Canadian opposition looks to find Conservative party in Contempt

Are repukes in Congress being so cruel because they know their shit won't pass?

Saudi king to address nation amid regional unrest

Google map and tweet mashup for Japan

Japanese version of Hurricane Katrina?

US worries Aristide will destabilize Haiti

You know...I was sitting around thinking about Japan and suddenly I think I got into another war.

New Field Poll finds Californians favor pension cuts

Another live link to Japan News

IAEA urges Japan to give more information on nuclear crisis

Benghazi rebels call for no-fly zone - March 9

Japan death toll climbs; Half a million homeless

Possible presidential candidate Trump doubts Obama was born in Hawaii

Video of Libyan Rebels announcing that they DON'T want foreign intervention.

Video of Libyan Rebels announcing that they DON'T want foreign intervention.

Color pic of Fukushima fuel storage pool b4 damage - link

UN security council resolution on Libya: key points

Activism made easy

FL Republican Rep blames 11 year old girl for her own rape ("dressing like a prostitute") Contact

German nuclear exit possible by 2017, official government research body says

SecurID Company Suffers a Breach of Data Security

live on USTREAM. NHK WORLD TV is an English language 24-hour news & info channel

live on USTREAM. NHK WORLD TV is an English language 24-hour news & info channel

At 46 minutes past the hour you have now. It will one week since Earthquake

Thank You Bob Herbert

The Japanese PM just reassured the people AND THE SHAREHOLDERS that he will

"Florida Senate President appeared before a cheering tea party crowd chanting, “E-Verify, E-Verify!”

Any reactor news tonight? Things seem quiet.

Want to pay check baggage fee in advance? There's a fee for that.

U.S. and Tokyo Spar on Depth of Crisis

People are starving in shelters around Fukushima

The usual rhetoric is already in force: "If you aren't with us, you are with Ghaddafi"

Eni Chief Blasts Libya Sanctions

The UN only works when we have strong norms and coherent regimes. I applaud the security council.

Do I have this right? We're defunding NPR

Japan weighs need to bury nuclear plant

Day 77 of 2011, where are the jobs, Boner?

"New survey: CA Latinos "widely negative" about Republicans."

We've built a flying saucer, boasts Iran (bet I could build a paper plane to take it out....)

Chris Christie faces veritable force to be reckoned with . . .

I don't really care if NPR is defunded

Saudi king orders billions of dollars in handouts

Federal Reserve Prepares to Free Up Millions for Bank Executives

March 28: NYT Subscription -- Ways Around It?

Fukushima nuclear plant owner falsified inspection records

33 killed in Yemen clashes

President of NJ Teachers Union pushes back against Christie

Priorities, Priorities. And No, This Is Not The Onion.

Illegal immigration bill allows arrest, seizure without warrant

Illegal immigration bill allows arrest, seizure without warrant

Bahrain under occupation

Pentagon Hires Contractors to Regulate Contractors

Do you support the UN-sanctioned no-fly zone in Libya?

Three Mile Island, Chernobyl, Fukushima

Should the USA take part in setting up the "No Fly Zone" in Libya?

Should the USA take part in setting up the "No Fly Zone" in Libya?

Were the spent fuel pools considered a permanent location for the spent fuel?

Immigrant Detentions Draw International Fire

Wis. Unions Rush Deals Ahead Of Bargaining Law SoS Said He Put It Off Until Latest Day Possible

Gotta love censorship on a message board.

fuck you donald trump you egotistical POS

Slim majority back gay marriage, Post-ABC poll says

Fukushima Reactor Status Report (per Fri eve Japan)

France and England....GOOD LUCK in your war against Libya!!!

Digby: No-Fly Over Libya: That Whiff o' Freedom Smells Like Gas

Ohio considers charging inmates for electricity

Pentagon not spotting overpayments to contractors, IG finds

Gates details high-level Defense job cuts

Diplomat says Japan fallout reaches California but radiation is minuscule, far below health threat


So,I went to cafepress to look at political t-shirts...



If I NEVER heard the word microSievert again, it will be too soon.

HIbakusha: Another reason Japan's approach to nukes concerns me

"you bet your sweet gas"

Dave Camp (R-MI): Cut tax rate for the richest individuals & corporations to 25% spur job growth

Dave Camp (R-MI): Cut tax rate for the richest individuals & corporations to 25% spur job growth

Immigrant Detentions Draw International Fire

Palm Trees Come To Cleveland: FreedomWorks Uses Discredited Footage

BBC: Ghadaffi Son Says UN Resolution Unfair (Video Link)

Texas Bill Would Outlaw Discrimination Against Creationists

Would African Americans vote for a successful primary challenger in 2012?

Report Finds Wide Abuses by Police in New Orleans

69 photos..NPP Fukushima..Very interesting report and pics..Excellent work!

Sandra Bullock Donates $1 Million To Japanese Disaster Relief

Next up on CNN; Franklin Graham explaining God's role in the Japan tragedy.

Japan Raises Severity Rating of Nuclear Disaster

Puerto Rico testing ground for right-wing agendas

Puerto Rico testing ground for right-wing agendas

Vandenberg AFB Delivers Boric Acid to Japan

Is it a chicken or a turkey? No, it's a churkey. MMmmmm Kentucky fried Churkey

Heres the latest Rightwinger to throw their name into the hat for 2012:

AP: Missing New York Times journalists found in Libya

Arizona Senate Rejects 5 Bills On Immigration

SAT question on reality TV stirs controversy

For the sake of your peace of mind and your sanity...

"They know if they cripple labor, the gate's open, man. The gate's wide open. And we know that too."

Today's new word: The Teapolitburo.

MO Republican says Sharia Law is just like polio

Learn to save a life this weekend

Star Power, to whoever gave it to me, thanks so much, and for you a couple of

Pyramid of the Capitalist System - still the same after 100 years

The Rude Pundit: Conservative FRC Says Gay Marriage Is as Bad as the Earthquake/Tsunami

Identification of dead taxing as toll soars (Japan)

So now Social Security Cuts are a Grand Symbolic Gesture to the Stock Market?

The military and corporate campaign to destroy social media

Libya no-fly: $15 billion per year. Hungry children: shared sacrifice.


Giffords honored with CPR-day and Sierra Vista man's Purple Heart

As Libya announces cease-fire, violence reported in Misrata

Ministry of Truth: 66 y/o woman was 5 in 1945

Judge blocks anti-uinion law in Wisconsin

(WI) Judge Issues Restraining Order To Block Collective Bargaining Bill

Gingrich: "Obama has no stick"

Judge Questions Government’s Persecution of DADT Activists (emptywheel)

Commuters tackle man trying to kidnap girl on L.A. rail platform

LIVE: Hosing down No.3 reactor (LINK)

Fukushima: Outside power source won't be available soon (NHKNews)

Morning Joe discussion idiotic as usual re: disappearing middle class...

Kindergartner sells art for Japan


Ann Coulter On The O’Reilly Factor: ‘Radiation Is Actually Good For You’

Wisconsin Democracy Campaign has the facts on labor vs. business campaign money

So what happens if airstrikes and no-fly zones don't work?

Wisconsin: More court action ahead

Nazi comment digs a hole for Pa. official(r)

The Great Train Robbery - Walker sticks Wisconsin taxpayer with the $60M bill

US city worker facing layoff jumps to his death

Beauty queen loses crown , told to "get off the tacos"

Fanatical Christian cleric Chuck Pierce declares Japan disaster a fulfillment of prophecies

Why were nuclear reactors built on the waterfront?

Trapped in the radiation zone, and no help in sight

At California Nuclear Plant, Earthquake Response Plan Not Required

At California Nuclear Plant, Earthquake Response Plan Not Required

why fukushima cant be chernobyl

why fukushima cant be chernobyl

Does a crucifix in a class influence students? European human rights court ruling:

Scott Walker - Community Organizer, Recall Proponent

The ruling that judge made can be appealed

UGA student uses Facebook to foil armed robbery

A billion here, a billion there. Putting the wealth of the Kochs into perspective

Why infrared sensors along side school busses might be a good thing, warning graphic article.

Dane County judge halts collective bargaining law

Wind power cheaper than nuclear, says European Union climate chief.

Talking Point Tundra Twit! (Palin lied, spectacularly)

Crisis Prompts Exodus of Executives From Tokyo

Would a nuke disaster in the US be handled like Katrina or the BP oil spill?

X-post: radioactive plume forecast to blow south toward Tokyo then west inland Sat-Sun (

Steve King Attacks Public Pensions But Defends His Own Cushy One As

Judge Blocks Wisconsin's Union-Busting Bill On Procedural Grounds

Judge Blocks Wisconsin's Union-Busting Bill On Procedural Grounds

SEC Sues IBM Alleging China, Korea Bribes,IBM agrees to pay $10 million to settle U.S. civil charges

Rep. Keith Ellison Explains What "Liberty and Justice for All" Really Means

First, Col. Quadaffi was operating a sort of Soviet client state, but we got along..

I'm probably going to be a raging bitch today...

Scranton woman hides heroin, money, loose change in herself

R Gov Rick Snyder : End Tax credit on small charitable donations -tax breaks for the rich instead

Fukushima "accident" is being reported like...the BP.. " oil spill."...

Could I Love Anthony Weiner Any More?

Gadhafi forces reportedly firing rockets in western Libya. 'They are even bombing ambulances,'

Cement offers quicker fix for fractured vertebrae

Florida GOP-controlled House unveils bill to gut growth-management laws

The war pushers will be disappointed I feel

Wisconsin gov poll

BREAKING: Judge issues temporary restraining order for Wisconsin's law curtailing collective

On the UN approval of a no-fly zone in Libya: A vote for humanity

Walker gives himself more power to fill high state jobs

US Government announces merger.

US Government announces merger.

Did you support the Iraq war and do you support the Libyan Air Strikes and NFZ?

Did you support the Iraq war and do you support the Libyan Air Strikes and NFZ?

Scott Walker aims to replace "open records" employees with political hacks.

Scott Walker aims to replace "open records" employees with political hacks.

Our evil twin on this judge in Wisconsin... predictable

Shameless call out

Nuclear scientists say Nuclear Regulatory Commission allows plants to ignore or delay repairs!

President Obama to speak on Libya at 2pm EDT from the East Room

Friday Toons, part 6- The rest

I witnessed a perfect allegory of the income gap in America last night

Sockpuppet Army Detection

President is now speaking about Libya-

Anyone Listening to Thom Hartmann?

Friday Toons, part 2 -Republican agenda

Computers stolen from high school - Will Smith Donating Computers to West Philly H.S.

Friday Toons, part 3 -More Repubs

Realtor gets BofA's attention on YouTube - Bank apologizing

Friday Toons, part 4- Obama-dammed if he does, damned if he doesn't

Friday Toons, part 4- Obama-dammed if he does, damned if he doesn't

Friday Toons, part 5- War and protests

due to sustained increases in green coffee - Kraft boosts Maxwell House prices 22%

due to sustained increases in green coffee - Kraft boosts Maxwell House prices 22%

OK..I watched the "Meat Video" ad....What's the problem?

Could we shoot spent nuclear fuel rods out into space?

The Pres "last month thousands of people took to the streets demanding their rights"..was I the only

Infosys job ad automatically rejected older workers, claims lawsuit

Infosys job ad automatically rejected older workers, claims lawsuit

Don't panic, all is well, millionaires are making a comeback.

Iowa Loophole Voids Mortgage Gives Couple a Free House

And there is now the knashing and wailing of teeth over at Free Republic

link: Judge orders temporary halt to collective bargaining law; state will appeal

Rewind: McCain mocked nuclear safety in 2008

Wall-E, the abandoned puppy that survived a death sentence

Kansas Republican State Rep. Virgil Peck called for the shooting of immigrants from helicopters.

Chris Busby and Low Level Radiation Campaign claims the danger from fallout far worse than claimed.

Do you have a receipt for your abortion?

Latest ad for Koch Industries product being run in Wisconsin

Hoarding iodized salt, that takes the cake for bad information

Morning Joe - Reporter standing outside of Chernobyl Sarcophagus

Tornado warning in San Francisco?

Hey kids! Another war! Oil Patrol 2011!

32 Dem + 32 Rep. senators sign letter urging Obama to join them in Deficit talks.

32 Dem + 32 Rep. senators sign letter urging Obama to join them in Deficit talks.

Florida lawmaker resurrects anti-evolution bill "Why do we still have apes if we came from them?"

AP - Radioactive fallout detected in California ("miniscule amounts")

Lawyers 'whip' governments over openness

Tokyo Electric company says electricity is now able to be supplied to damaged Fukushima 1 nuclear

Koch-founded group recycles misleading video to support union-busting in Ohio

"You cannot have nuclear with a Homer Simpson public."

Kelly Clarkson goes to buy ipods for orphans, best buy "Sorry those are for other customers"

Is Politico a legitimate news source? Is Huffington Post?

Architects & Engineers presentation in Marin

Ohio Budget Cuts vs. the American Dream - sign the petition

Goodbye, DU

Pakistan cancels US-Afghan talks

How do I calm people who think SF will be obliterated this weekend?

At last the Republicans have established what "Family Values" are...

So when do we set up a no-fly over Bahrain?

Have any of the unions being targeted in WI, Ohio or Michigan asked for accounting of the pension

Japan disaster shows U.S. journalists unprepared

Blowing a Hole in Dodd-Frank

Second burglary at my home in six months!

Koch-founded group recycles misleading video to support union-busting in Ohio

(Wis.) Attorney general will appeal ruling that blocks anti-union bill

I have some shocking meat.........plug a rib into an electrical outlet and cook for 20 minutes

Shelter in a Box... Amazing

Really bummed/ pissed. After 13 days working as a "contractor" (temp), I was told

Two Michigan Democrats indicted in fake Tea Party scandal

Another 'isolated incident': CA man charged with firebombing Planned Parenthood, vandalizing mosque

"Activist O'Keefe won't be videotaped himself"

How do we create jobs in our own community?

Two Obamas that don't exist: a wellspring of worthless discussions

He's back! Poll: Blackwell top choice of Ohio Republicans for Senate

Question for the Gaddafi enthusiasts (those who want him left alone)

Another sign of nervousness about Wisconsin recalls: Major GOP firm testing hard-core anti-union

"Thirty-one people have since been killed in the plant's various explosions."

WHO IS BANKROLLING A Lawsuit To END THE BAN On Foreign Money In U.S. Elections?

7 year old sells origami for Japan relief

Mr. Shraby has some more information on contamination and

Paraplegic confronts man illegally parked in handicapped spot, gets his gym membership revoked

The Escalating War Within America: A House Divided

May I point out the obvious?

Inverted lightning over Japan

High radiation detected 30km from nuke plant (NHKNews)

Do You Know Which Democrat Governor Got More Money from the Koch Brothers Than Scott Walker?

Businessman who donated to Barbour saw company make millions from energy project

Helen Thomas to Playboy: Jews ‘own the White House’

FULL text of President Obama's remarks today on Libya:

So, for Egypt and Tunisia: "We hope all countries are inspired by the revolutions!" For Libya...

I AM - film/link trailer

I AM - film/link trailer

Information showing nuclear energy claims about renewable energy to be false

Finally shareholders found something to sue Rupert Murdoch for 400,000,000 pounds!

In light of her latest remarks, what should Helen Thomas's nickname be?

Activist O'Keefe won't be videotaped himself

Rush: Teachers Are "Oriented First By A Political Agenda, Second By Their Own Well-Being, And.......

Rush: Teachers Are "Oriented First By A Political Agenda, Second By Their Own Well-Being, And.......

TEPCO confirms power connected to Daiichi plant, electricity can be supplied

Libyan Strongman Muammar Gaddafi “Mad Dog of the Middle East”

Bahraini MPs Sign Petition To End Gun Violence

Great, it's even worse: CBO: Obama understates deficits by $2.3 trillion

Talibunny goes high-end shopping in India, India reports, Palin institutes a complete media blackout

If social security benefits get cut by 20% 30 years out how is that different from raising the

Libyan Revolution Day 29 part 2 (UN votes for NFZ, revolutionaries fight for their lives @ Misurata)

Limbaugh attacks Wisconson judge on the air and inflates her ruling

Limbaugh attacks Wisconson judge on the air and inflates her ruling

Wisconsin State Supreme Court Judge David Prosser refused to prosecute pedophiles

CNN reports radioactivity reached our west coast

About those emails to Gov. Walker

On a minor gripe on designed obsolescence

Thanks Tweety

Social Security “Shortfall” Remarkably Similar to Cost of Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan

U.S. to deploy more ships to support Libya planning

Go here, click on Fullscreen and scroll through these ceramic masterpieces, they

Republican Kansas State Representative Virgil Peck says we should shoot immigrants from helicopters

Creationism vs. Intelligent Design vs. Evolution

Stay away from Libya President Obama

Pic of letter written in case Apollo moon landing failed and astronauts died

Prenatal Down Syndrome Now Detectable with a Simple, Accurate Blood Test

Newspaper Guild Backs Huffington Post Boycott

Newspaper Guild Backs Huffington Post Boycott

For two weeks, we've had a Greek chorus demanding action with Libya and now

GE BWR Mk. 1. There's 21 of these Fuku-ers in the USA. Here's where:

Super Moon tomorrow night

Super Moon tomorrow night

Pro or anti nuclear, pro or anti Obama, somewhere in the middle?

Do Japanese watching NHK give a rat's patoot about Libya?

Barclay Bank Put a "Hold" On My Visa Because I Made a Donation To ACLU

Said the tour guide at Chernobyl

"Super Moon" tomorrow night - 14% bigger, 30% brighter - will affect tides (alert O'Reilly)

They're trying to recall Idaho's superintendent of public instruction

Very Interesting Watch...for a Weekend.........

Ohio to charge inmates $1 per month for electricity

Putting Fukushima's Contamination into Perspective

Japan weighs need to bury nuclear plant

Today's pause from the madness (Spring is literally hours away)

No Tea For Me - I prefer progress bumper sticker winner DSCC

Good News - VA, AFGE Reach Agreement on New Union Contract

E-mails to Walker show sharp divide on budget-repair law

Biden mentions rape in criticizing Republicans

Five recent 'near miss' incidents at US nuclear power plants

Rebels jubilant over no-fly zone OK

About all those emails to Governor Walker

Is it wrong for people in the USA to buy potassium iodide for themselves when it is needed in Japan?

no hype for women's hoops

So, a question comes to mind about Libya and Iraq..

Radiation Newtwork: West Coast #s just jumped 4-5 points...then all dropped back to previous numbers

War Is Illegal - Even In Libya

Get hip to MOX

If you live at the coast, and paranoid

Hiroshima survivors fear new nuclear fallout

Reid: Rider on Planned Parenthood won't be included in budget deal

Reid: Rider on Planned Parenthood won't be included in budget deal

Cape Elizabeth (Maine) man facing federal charges for threatening NPR hosts

Fukushima Workers vs Present "Economic Royalty": Selfless Givers vs Greedy Takers/Robbers

RE:Meat vid -Smug, DU internet "tough guys", I have something to say to you

Senators Lugar, Kerry Reintroduce Startup Visa Act

Five recent 'near miss' incidents at US nuclear power plants

This is will rip your heart out: Boy, 9, desperately searches for missing family

Putting things in perspective : Picture of the Day

This week at the zoo - Friday fun pics

DU posting bug, please delete

Blog Ads picture "Shocking Meat Video"

Welcome back to the Caribbean Mr. Aristide

Ok some educaton on this site... (nuclear monitor network)

Latest Koch Industries product ad being run in Wisconsin

Massacre in Aden After Hundreds of Thousands Protest in Yemen

No Fly Zones

Bahrain dictatorship demolishes Pearl Monument, site of democracy protests

Let me raise a glass for the firefighters

Small tornado hits Santa Rosa, Calif.

Photog's amazing photos of his kids taken to perk up their ill grandmother

NY Mets Owners Face More Than $1 Billion of Claims From Madoff Trustee Picard

Japan nuclear threat: The tsunami is the bigger tragedy

Judge Blocks Wisconsin's Union-Busting Bill On Procedural Grounds

I'm curious - how many people here supported Pres. Clinton's

Why Big Bird Needs And Deserves Your Tax Dollars...

Why Big Bird Needs And Deserves Your Tax Dollars...

Anyone inspired to look for beef tenderloin recipes after seeing the meat ad?

Rqdiation at Daiichi was 3300 mSv/h today. That is 1 lethal dose in 20 minutes.

Tell your Republican friends this if you want to change a few hearts

Biden credited labor w/ building the middle class & absolute necessity of collectively bargaining

Why isn't there a bigger push for donations for Japan?

Does anyone else see the "shocking meat video" ad and think, "mmmm yummy!"?

ProgressOhio Lawsuit Succeeds in Forcing Kasich to Abide by Ohio Constitution

What the G.O.P./Tea Party wants,

I'm starting this thread to call out and attack other members or groups of members.

dark ponies

Actors, musicians demand end to inhumane treatment of Bradley Manning

Just a note from

Man pulled alive from rubble 8 days after quake

Japan Meteorological Site: The 2011 off the Pacific coast of Tohoku Earthquake

MSNBC Photo: "A woman cries while sitting on a road in the destroyed city of Natori"

Failing Hearts Healed With Stem Cells (A Dose Of Hope, For Once...)

Fuck you.

Nagasaki survivor calmly waits out nuclear crisis in Tokyo

Minnesotans wonder why Pathetic Pawlenty sounds like he's from Arkansas now

Newark, NJ mayor Cory Booker: Gov. Christie is "really interested in solving problems.”

Quick, get the jaws of life and help me pull this freeper's head outta his / her / its ass.

Quick, get the jaws of life and help me pull this freeper's head outta his / her / its ass.

Questions about the Japan nuke crisis

Questions about the Japan nuke crisis

A history of Libya - video

CNN Breaking: Japan confirms 7,197 dead, 10,905 missing after last week's disaster

You people do realize that what's been declared in Libya is equivalent to pre-2003 Iraq?

Malalai Joya, Afghan Women's Right Worker denied entry to US

Well, the Japanese government lied to the World, they are overwhelmed by the disaster

Emotional overload.

Vermont Legislative Comittee Set to Approve Single Payer Today

"We're just throwing money at the poor, but they keep throwing it back to us!" cried the wealthy 1%

President Obama requests nuclear review, sees risk in Japan (March 17, 2011)

Friday Toons, part 1- Nuclear issues

We will never control anything until America gives up it's American Idol mentality

Let's get something straight once and for all....

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF! Best of Malloy tonight

Potassium Iodine SOLD-OUT

Hashbar TV's Channel

Libyan rebels: better than Gaddafi?

Nader: Our Right-Leaning Public Media

Today I saw some people in Shorewood trying to get people to sign

President Obama Missing In Action on Labor Issues

Anonymous' Next Big Op

My Platform.

Japan running out of options to deal with nuke crisis: U.S. experts (kyodonews)

Japan running out of options to deal with nuke crisis: U.S. experts (kyodonews)

Breaking: Temps FALL Spent Fuel Pool #5 (kyodonews)

Something appropriate by Charles Bukowski

California seeing no radiation level increase

California seeing no radiation level increase

Who had the worst week in Washington? Answer: Sarah Palin.

Who had the worst week in Washington? Answer: Sarah Palin.

Police: Lansdowne man stoned to death, Old Testament style for homosexual advances

War On The Poor: Minnesota Republicans Want To Bust Poor People Who Carry Cash

Poll: Latino Voters Have 'Widely Negative' Views Of GOP

Should the Obama administration allow uranium mining near the Grand Canyon?

Survivor pulled from Japan rubble after 8 days

When was the last time workers were inside Reactor #3 Building?

War On The Poor: Minnesota Republicans Want To Bust Poor People Who Carry Cash

Bill O'Reilly parody: Fingerwalking

Here is a question that is impotant about OUR media

Daily Mail (UK): Nuclear plant chief weeps as Japanese finally admit that...

When do you think it is too late for a primary challenge to Obama?

Senate Bill 5 ... First they came for the trade unionists

War On The Poor: Minnesota Republicans Want To Bust Poor People Who Carry Cash

Palin support fading says poll

There is some really weird shit going on in the international currency exchanges.

An End To The Afghanistan War?

Dad turns in own kids for bullying

They got electricity to Reactor five

Who Would American-Jesus Stone?

Dear Skinner, How much $ does "BlogAds" contribute to DU for the "Shocking Meat Video" ad..."

Libyan Revolution Day 30 (UN acts, Misurata holds on)

Robert Reich: As The Global Economy Trembles, Our Nation's Capital Fiddles

Man who told Cheney his Iraq war policies were disgusting can sue two SS agents

Viral Video. Bullied kid body slams his tormentor

Want to make a Right Winger's head explode?

Two charged with election fraud for fake Tea Party filings

Bahrain security forces demolish Pearl Roundabout, site of recent anti-government protests

"Meltdowns and Misinformation" A good read at

I want this to be a "Christian" Nation.

In Case You Missed This...

Goldman Sachs Code-Stealer Hit With Harsh Sentence

Pit bull chases patrol car; officer radios for help

What kind of country cuts food aid to hungry pregnant women and children in the middle of $$ Crisis?

Hey Kellogg's, I am not a complete dumb ass. I know what your...

Judge asks why Obama admin. seeking unusually tough charges against GetEqual DADT protesters

Popular video (7 mil views) HORRIBLE example of Child Abuse -should be banned

MSNBC Photo: "Neena Sasaki, 5, carries some family belongings from her home that was destroyed"

3/19 St Paul, MN 1pm Protest March and Rally at MN State Capitol

Victoria Jackson is seriously unhinged. "The Muslims Next Door"

Japan earthquake, tsunami and nuclear crisis could further Apple's iPad 2 shortages

Hundreds of teach-ins on how to fight Wall Street/Corporate war on the American people April 5!

UCLA will not punish student for anti-Asian rant

Energy rationing in exchange for all nuclear plants being be shut down?

Allen West in Palm Beach says Guantanamo detainees "living it up" at 5 star resort.

Options are few to prevent Japan nuclear catastrophe

Well I have a new job

Wisconsin Republican’s MISTRESS HIRED As State Employee

How Bradley Manning's Treatment Is Tarnishing the Military Psychiatry Profession

How Bradley Manning's Treatment Is Tarnishing the Military Psychiatry Profession

How Bradley Manning's Treatment Is Tarnishing the Military Psychiatry Profession

Great fundraiser for Japan Red Cross, crayon sculptures!

On the Judges decision

Can you imagine having to do this everytime 1 of your 4 active children break a CFL bulb........

Mortgage deduction

Huffington Post rebuffs union boycott call

Huffington Post rebuffs union boycott call

They can no longer cool the spent fuel storage pool at #3

It's official: Agent Mike is real.

It's official: Agent Mike is real.

Florida Governor Rick Scott would gain more control over judiciary under new GOP House proposal

Hey Congress, from someone who probably won't be able to make rent next month...

ACLU: US treatment of Manning "inhumane"

Is it time for the Chernobyl option?

don't let them fool you... Spent Fuel is NUCLEAR WASTE !!!

So what does a West Coaster do now?

I support military action against Qaddafi 100%!!!

FL R (who blamed 11 year old for own rape) "really hurt" people are upset by her words

Interactive map, quick information: How Close is Your Home to a Nuclear Power Plant? (or plants)

Anthony Weiner Joins The EFFORT TO DISBAR Clarence Thomas

Nearly 20% of Florida homes are vacant

Let's inspect the nation's nuclear power plants, Mr. President.

Local Bar Owner Busted for $5 NCAA brackets. - I feel safer already!

Woman reunited with her dog 7 days after tsunami - pics

Bomb Found In Federal Building In Detroit

France and Britain Lead Military Push on Libya

TEPCO Director Weeps After Disclosing Truth About Fukushima Disaster

betty beedy reincarnated (in el paso county)

Lawrence Cannon, Minister in Harper's government said ground troops might be needed in Libya.

"iPod Patriot Act” New Law Puts Wiretaps Into Every Computer Suspected Of Downloading

Keep the IRS Out of My Uterus

Paul Krugman: People don't see much difference between Obama's approach to the deficit and GOP

Paul Krugman: People don't see much difference between Obama's approach to the deficit and GOP

A vernal equinox Friday Afternoon Challenge for you: The Rites of Spring!

A 70 year old gay man has died after being stoned to death in Philadelphia.

70 Year-Old Pennsylvania Man Stoned to Death "Because the Old Testament Refers to Stoning Homosexual

Former NFL player Michael Strahan says some players live paycheck to paycheck

Guess who has received $227K from Exelon (nuclear industry) since '03?

Arizona economy ruined by anti-immigration laws.

Heath Schuler so called Democrat...

For Dragonfli

Laid-off Costa Mesa worker jumps to his death

The Moral Underground: How Ordinary Americans Subvert an Unfair Economy

U.S. Declines to Give Details on Radiation Levels at Facility

Michael Stipe, Viggo Mortensen, Shepard Fairey + others demand Obama investigate torture of Manning

If anyone here thinks the UN move is a humanitarian gesture then I have a bridge to sell you.

BREAKING: Judge just blocked the Wisconsin law!!! (TRO)

I couldn't help but think of Fred Rogers yesterday.

M1911 Gun Becomes An Official Utah State Symbol!

The Government SUES Some BANKERS, FINALLY!!

Updates on FL and NJ education "reform"..behind the scenes where nothing is ever considered illegal.

Anyone else believe that we've been totally set up?

Anyone watching Ed right now?

Anonymous really is a despicable group

$500,000,000 / year for Military Bands... more important than feeding children.

UCLA Student Who Posted Racist Online Rant Says She Will Quit School

Provision In House GOP Bill Would Require IRS To Ask Those Audited If Anybody In Their Family Had Ab

What we are seeing with Libya is a system of international checks and balances.

How a Legacy From the 1800s Is Making Tokyo Dark Today

A father's goodbye: 'Live well. I cannot be home for a while'

A father's goodbye: 'Live well. I cannot be home for a while'

Well, Rick Scott made me decide to retire, my last day will be

Quick. Look over there. Now over there. Just don't look here.

NJ mother loses baby for 3 years for not consenting to c-section (child still in custody)

Why is US backing force in Libya but not Bahrain, Yemen?

32 Senate Dems Sign Letter Urging Obama to "Look at" Entitlements

Florida Republican WOMAN, blames Texas girl for having been gangraped

No more tenure for teachers hired in Florida after July 1st this year. Lose collective bargaining.

My daughter communicated with her representatives today:

WALKER KILLS: Wisconsin Teacher in Apparent Suicide, “Distraught” Over GOP’s Cuts

RECALL EFFORTS Attempts to unseat senators could be historic

Iowa Loophole Voids Mortgage Gives Couple a Free House

Wind power cheaper than nuclear, says EU climate chief

Colombia convicts No. 1 fugitive paramilitary boss

Brent jumps above $116 as U.N. approves action on Libya

Senate passes short-term government-funding measure that includes some easy cuts

Florida Republican WOMAN, blames Texas girl for having been gangraped

Japan earthquake, tsunami and nuclear crisis could further Apple's iPad 2 shortages

UN security council resolution 1973 (2011) on Libya – full text

Integrity of report on SEC questioned

Protests in Cairo on eve of vote

Japan Raises Incident Level at Nuclear Site (to Level 5) - IAEA

Pentagon is Dividing Up Guantanamo Detainees for Trials

Libya Says It Will Release Times Journalists

Pakistani leaders condemn suspected U.S. drone strike

Iran cleric tells Bahraini Shiites to protest on

Flaw found in (Ohio Gov. John Kasich's) proposed pension shift

The Star in Haiti: Aristide set for triumphant return

Sandra Bullock Donates $1 Million To Japanese Disaster Relief

Libyan rebels dismiss cease-fire declaration

Wisconsin Judge Blocks Law Curbing State Workers' Unions

SEC moves to charge Fannie, Freddie execs

Series of loud explosions heard in Tripoli

BREAKING: Judge issues TRO barring implementation of public union law

Japanese leader urges people to unite, rebuild

Yemen troops shoot protesters dead

(Rupert) Murdoch sued for nepotism over £400m deal for daughter's firm

U.S. nuclear plants store more spent fuel than Japan's

Japan weighs need to bury nuclear plant

US Cost of Living Hits Record, Passing Pre-Crisis High

UN warns Bahrain over crackdown (actions in breach of international humanitarian & human rights law)

Racial Profiling Takes Center Stage in Florida Immigration Fight

Bahrain demolishes Pearl Roundabout statue

At least 30 killed in Yemen, raising fears of a broader conflict

Qatar, Emirates to join Libya air strikes: diplomat

Libya: Canada to send fighter jets for no-fly zone

Judge blocks Wisconsin law curbing labor rights

EMC's anti-hacking division hacked

Libya forces fire rockets at Misrata & Zintan: report

Chunk of Calif. coastal highway falls into Pacific

US tells Gadhafi to pull back from east Libya

Obama cancels public speech in Rio square: embassy

Revealed: Afghan chief accused of campaign of terror is on US payroll

US agrees to improve human rights record in first UN assessment, but death penalty remains

FCC Approves Qwest/CenturyLink Merger

Egypt Reformers Wary Before Vote

Obama: U.S., allies ready to launch military action in Libya

Judge gives (Robert) Bobb control of DPS academics

Diablo Canyon nuclear plant 'near miss' in report (Accidentally Disabled' For 18 Months)

Killing of Syrian protesters sparks concern from UN chief

Aristide arrives back in Haiti

New wave of refugees pour into Tunisia from Libya

Gaddafi forces shell Misrata hours after ceasefire

Syrian plainclothes police forcefully disperse protest in Damascus / Protests across Syria

UAE (United Arab Emirates) sends 40 tonnes of humanitarian aid to Libyan refugees

Over 30 protesters shot dead in Sanaa: medics

GOP Bill Would Force IRS to Conduct Abortion Audits

U.S. nuclear officials suspect Japanese plant has a dire breach

WHO: No radiation risk outside evacuation zone

Poll: Latino Voters Have 'Widely Negative' Views Of GOP


Fighting rages round disputed Libyan town (Ajdabiya)

Philly man upset about lost dentures admits making phone threat to office of Pa. congresswoman

Gaddafi forces shell west Libya's Misrata, 25 dead

Saudi king announces benefits, warns against sedition

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday, March 18, 2011

New charges filed in alleged murder plot(Alaska RW Militia Members)

Wisconsin governor (Walker) releases e-mails about union rights

Speaking of teachers...

Harper heads to Paris summit on Libya

'Troops loyal to Colonel Muammar Gaddafi pull on to Benghazi,

Who's ready for a 'Wild Night' tonight?

What the hell did he do to Sasha?

Heading to the NCAA tournament - just found out no booze will be served

End in sight for Fukushima fears – as engineers ponder burying stricken plant

Artist's rendition of even MORE bizarre behavior at Kali's ranch.

I'm guessing right now that the Mayans were optimists nt

Anonymous hackers release Bank of America emails

Margaret Thatcher papers reveal how she stoked rightwing rebellion

Best News Headline found today:

Barack Obama to visit City of God in Rio de Janeiro

our dogs are addicted to teats

Tunisia won't join military intervention in Libya

Judge Issues Restraining Order To Block Collective Bargaining Bill

(former Colombian President) Uribe's brother met with Vicente Castaño: 'El Aleman'

Useless boast of the day:

Inspired by the "Cone of Silence" in "Get Smart", MiddleFingerMom had a "Cone of Flatulence" put in.

Cats rule! Dogs really, REALLY drool.

Useless butt of the day

Slim majority back gay marriage, Post-ABC poll says

Useless butte of the day:

The phrase of the day is "meat video." Replace any phrase in a thread title with "meat video"

ElBaradei says Egypt must vote 'no'

CHRISTIE - New Urban Dictionary Definition

Super Moon


Jeep Rubicon? Really?

Useless boat of the day:

Adults now 'huffing' more than kids

Computer geeks, need a little help.

Photo: How the hell could my mileage drop to 3 MPG? I simply do not understand.

The Boss in concert on VH1 right now!

I am brain-dead. Can you help? Radical, activist comedian who died a few years ago...

The moment nuclear plant chief WEPT as Japanese finally admit that radiation leak is serious enough

The End of an Era - my band SoulerCoaster performs The Final Gig tonight

Dem Congressman attempts to ban spending on FOX

Righthaven loses second fair use ruling over copyright lawsuits

Michigan's Teachers Mulling A (statewide) Strike?

A few moments ago a lizard hopped on the screen. First one of the year I've seen.

You spin me right round, baby right round like a record baby right round round round, You spin me...

Japan to move part of hi-tech production to Mexico in wake of disaster

Japan to move part of hi-tech production to Mexico in wake of disaster

Get on that pig and hooold on tiiiight (59 seconds)

Pro-business group fires back at unions (Wisconsin)

Question about herb pot safety.

Three hours to the root canal! w00t!

One of our DUers is really hurting right now - please help cheer up Ptah!!!

Someone please explain...

arrest (surviving victim) made in Bethesda row murder (DC area) -

Don't forget to wear red tomorrow!

Military strikes on Libya within hours: France

Queen Victoria and Oprah - Separated at birth?

Anyone very familiar with the Tremeloes? I need your help identifying group members.

Why do I do this to myself?

Members of the Forum Post your Picture Here

Useless post of the day

My visit with the doctor today :(

OK, I finally did it. Just because I wanted to.

Touching video from Japan: Dog sticks by injured buddy.

Pepsi Throwback is now a permanent addition to the Pepsi family

Maine has our first Playboy Playmate...

I am so depressed right now. But I got pictures of a kitteh

How about a PET thread?

It's a TCHAIKOVSKY kind of night and you know what that means

Video: "I want to tell my dad...I love you"

Do you like my new sig?

Alright, Loungers, help me out. My earworm for the week is driving me nuts.

Be careful where you put the price sticker....

Rock tumbler suggestions? (edited to include link)

What happens if you post and everyone on DU has you on ignore?

100 years of meat

Gaddafi calls UN resolution 'blatant colonialism'

Introducing Gracie Macy.

I'm starting this thread to call out and attack other members or groups of members.

81 degrees now and the TV weather people here in the Atlanta area

PHOTO: MiddleFingerMom's tour guide reluctantly informs him they won't be "shooting the rapids"

Gil Scott-Heron: A Poem for Jose Campos Torres

Cold? Frightened? Insecure? Come here and tell Mama ALL about it.

PHOTO: "Well, you see, my cat did my homework for me...but then my dog ate it"

.xxx adult entertainment domain approved by internet regulators

'Lovely' Ky. woman accused of horrific war crimes

Police: Killer invoked Old Testament in ‘stoning’ death

CBO: Obama budget underestimates deficits by $2.3 trillion over upcoming decade

Rebecca Black...UNPLUGGED!

Day #2 and Obama is pretty much kicking the rest of DU's butt in the NCAA Brackets

He always dresses in such comfortable clothes, even during times of stress.

Friday's NCAA Tournament Thread

Obama endorses military action to stop Gadhafi

I try but I just can't remember flying my Learjet to Nova Scotia to see a total eclipse of the sun

Completely terrifying video of the ground during the Japanese Quake!

John Bolton 'considering' running for president

OMG it's bacon weekend in Wilmington, DE!

There he is. ... ... What? I said... THERE HE IS!!!! ... ... What?

MFM, hating being ignored, slowly reached for his cell phone

Was this MFM's swan song?

Fox News: New ‘Wonder Woman’ Outfit Lacks Patriotism

Today is my 4 year anniversary with my girlfriend

I'm watching my Dad slip away..

Bastards stole my idea!

More than 60 senators call on Obama to join deficit-reduction talks

Venezuela captures ELN rebels accused of attack

I'm probably going to be a raging bitch today...

Ivory Coast Forces Shell Abidjan Market, Kill 30, UN Says

I have to replace my car: What's your best advice?

Nuclear power report: 14 'near misses' at US plants due to 'lax oversight'

Mythical beings in MiddleFingerMom's life:

Not many people know that cats prefer their food to be really, REALLY big!!!

It's just plain MEAN to startle your co-worker if he or she is a squid.

You can check out any time you like... but you can never leave.

Traditionalists were OUTRAGED when sumo wrestlers began using weapons against each other.

Say ah!!!

Miracle Noodles

um, 'life coach'?

Corky and the Juice Pigs - Americans

Sterling Barbour to Bill Kristol "Leave My Daddy Alone!!!"

Libya Strike: Air warfare hours away?

Political Wire: Democrats Set Ambitious Goals for Fundraisers

You know what Japan needs right now? The Security drain of a visit from Obama! Brilliant, Trump!

Iraq Vet on What He Wishes He Had Not Done

Stephen King calls GOP Governors the 'Three Stooges'

This Modern World: Sparky Goes to Pundit School

Republicans struggling with their economic talking points

Steve Benen: Lobbyists Go Back To Writing Laws

Luckovich: Petraeus testifying on Afghanistan: 'Winning'

TPM: Judge Blocks Publication of Wisconsin Collective Bargaining Bill

Glenn Beck Committed To Insane Asylum! (Parody)

Libya calls cease fire as RAF jets close in

Rick Snyder (Mich. governor) Booed

Adam Klugman is Mad as Hell in Madison

Drop kick a CAPTION over to Head Wreck!!!

Anti-Union law blocked by Wisconsin Judge! Launched (Hosted by Ana Kasparian of The Young Turks)

So after criticizing Obama for making picks, Gingrich does exactly the same thing

Digby: Gearing Up For The Grand Bargain - the postage on the Senators' letter will be paid by Dems

What the fuck is the big deal of President Obama filling out an NCAA bracket

I was browsing pics at Daylife and they had a link that connected me to this site

Rep. Pete King is using Muslims, Unions, and Whores to ruin civil liberties.

Anthony Weiner Joins the Effort to Disbar Clarence Thomas

Glenn Beck 'pretending' to be president in a 'fake' oval office

Where are the jobs: More than 60 senators call on Obama to join deficit-reduction talks (updated)

Just to recap... (aka Repubs ARE racist)

Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant, New Aerial Footage!

Papantonio: The Republican Court-Packing Scam

Michele Bachmann Trio: "We Know We Weren't Perfect"

New Tsunami Video - Miyako City, Iwate

Japan Tsunami Eyewitness Footage (Close Call and Rescues)

Michael Moore: Health Insurers Won't Win This Fight

Daniel Ellsberg on Bradley Manning’s Solitary Confinement

Coulter tells O’Reilly: Radiation is good for you

Gaddafi shells coastal city of Misrata

Thom Hartmann: Why confidence in America is at an all time low

President Obama Speaks on the situation in Libya

Let's primary Obama...

Obama up to 51% approval in today's Gallup Tracking Poll

President Obama is SCREWN...

The Chronicle: Letter to the Editor

I keep telling you all, there already is a Democratic Primary Challenger for Obama: Lee Mercer

Obama has little credibility on energy safety

Sadly..the Real Our Minds!

Biden (Audio): Organized Labor Keeps 'Barbarians From The Gate'

GOP's Pres. hopeful Santorum attacks President for going to "Reno."

Motorhead: Just 'Cos You've Got The Power (a Little Ditty for the Wall St. Fatcats)

Michigan: Hundreds of Lansing High School Students Protest Cuts At The Capitol

I Have a Big Problem with Obama Wasting his and our Time Making his Bracket...

Transcript of President Obama's remarks on Libya

Kaiser poll: Expand/keep health care law now at 51 percent.

Krugman: Not the Fake Scandals I Expected

Biden, Solis Tell Workers: ‘We Need Collective Bargaining’

MSNBC: Rep. Weiner (D-NY) & Cenk On NPR, Obama

Obama "IP czar" wants felony charges for illegal Web streaming

Conservative SC Lt. Gov faces ethics charges

Daily Kos: Dems problem isn't Obama, it's Congress. STILL.

I love the "Obama primary threads" ... there I said it!!!!

I love the "Obama primary threads" ... there I said it!!!!

So SICK of the media criticism of Obama over the Libyan situation

White Light/Black Rain: The Destruction of Hiroshima and Nagasaki 01

Libyan Civil War, Conservatives Love the Japanese Tragedy, Union-Busting in Wisconsin Thwarted

HUGE: Congressional Hearings on DoD and NSA Contracts With HB Gary

TDPS: Republicans want LESS safety regulations on nuclear power plants in midst of Japan crisis

Nuclear Emergency - Fukushima nuclear reactor - JAPAN LIES !!!!

Obama Tells Japanese That Americans Heartbroken

Obama official: “It’s not designed to have Qaddafi go. That’s not the purpose,”

WA Rally to Protect our Future

Ship encounters tsunami at sea. Much safer than on land.

Thom Hartmann: Should computer geeks be turning in porn users?

POLL: Milestone for Gay Marriage - More Than Half of American Say It Should Be Legal

Barber & Staver: Sex Ed Is Poisoning The Minds of Young People

What the fuck is up with these Progressives saying we should get involved with Libya

Must Read Gene Lyons: Why Obama is the Favorite for 2012

Say Hebbo! To Tarvuism

Just for fun: Obama's kindergarten class photo

TRMS:Working People To Union Rights-Stripping Republicans:

Frustrated Frenchman in Japan : 37 Million People in Tokyo not getting information on Nuke Disaster.

Ann Coulter says excess radiation is actually GOOD for you.

EXCLUSIVE! - BP Oil Spill - Mother of Six Walking To Washington - Cherri Foytlin Starts A Movement

Glenn Beck shows "Open the fucking borders" protest sign on his TV show

Michael Moore: Change We Can Believe In?

Teabaggers Stop Man Recording O'Keefe Speech

Al Jazeera English: After Online Calls For A "Day Of Dignity", Violence Flares At Syrian Protests

Thom Hartmann: Radiation & nuclear experts reveal the best and the worst of what's coming next

Cleric Rick Joyner of MorningStar Ministries claims Japan disaster was discipline from God

Bachmann: Obama's spending more time filling out basketball brackets than staying engaged

Thom Hartmann vs David Selig on class warfare

Ralph Nader: Obama should be impeached.

Nuclear Boy

"Obama outlines limited U.S. role in Libya intervention"

Japan official says scale of disasters overwhelmed government, slowed its response

NRC Cancels Crystal River Plant Restart Meeting (Nothing to do with Japan crisis)

IAEA Update on Japan Earthquake

Fukushima Power Won’t Guarantee Cooling, France’s ASN Says

Smoke escapes N-plant / New danger signs at No. 3 reactor; radiation levels jump

Regulators Aware For Years Of Understated Seismic Risks To Nuclear Plants

(Japanese engineers conceded on Friday) Japan may have to bury nuclear plant as last resort

Most of the motors and swithcboards have been ruined by Tsunami

Uranium Tumbles On Japan Crisis

GM to shut plant amid shortage of Japanese parts

Latest maps of spread of radiation plumes in Asia-Pacific - plume onshore this weekend

With U.S. Nuclear Plants Under Scrutiny, Too, a Report Raises Safety Concerns

Above Japan nuclear plant is a no-go for US Navy (100 nautical mile radius)

from the receding horizons file: trends in post-disaster donations

Reactor crisis wipes £7.4bn ($12 billion) from General Electric

AFP - Official Japanese Death Toll Now Stands At 14,650 (17 March Dateline)

Japan’s nuclear crisis makes it harder to prevent climate instability

Nature/AFP - Sudden Hyperthermals Lasting 10,000+ Yrs Raised Avg. Global Temps 2-3C, Ended Post-PETM

News From Walker's Fief - Budget Bill Would Eliminate Water Protections On Phosphorous, Ag. Runoff

Japan earthquake: Nuclear fears impact Tokyo fish market

Restoring Power to Fukushima Plant to ‘Take Time’, NHK Says

Few experts thought the seismic zone off Sendai, Japan, was capable of such violence (Nature)

Science and the media: 12 - 18 March

Japan nuclear crisis a 'race against time'—IAEA chief (now in Tokyo)

UK Government covered up Windscale reactor blaze (1957) that's caused dozens of deaths & cancers

ZENN Motor Company Announces Change In Management

Reuters: Japan lays power cable in race to stop radiation

U.S. Declines to Give Details on Radiation

Japan Nuclear Crisis Remains ‘Very Grave’ as Forecasts Show Shifting Winds (toward Tokyo)

Source: Minuscule fallout reaches US

Fukushima nuclear power plant update: get all the data (Guardian, UK)

Energy 101: Concentrating Solar Power

Insight to Fukushima engineering challenges (Very useful material)

A GIANT WTF!!!? I IRRADIATE PEOPLE FOR A LIVING. I am actually trained in radiation exposure (xpost)

Radiation Plume Modelers Chafe at Scarcity of Data (

Press Release (Mar 19,2011) Status of TEPCO's Facilities and its services after … Earthquake …

Chernobyl Studies Offer Perspective on Radiation Risks

Radiodactive particle toxicity/exposure

"Complex breach" in a spent fuel pool, severity raised from 4 to 5.

How Nuclear Reactors Work, And How They Fail

GE defends reactors in Japan nuclear crisis

Chinese Cops Arrest At Least 22 - Fed Pigs With Additive Poisonous To Humans - Reuters

Possibly the "perfect" green energy source?

Fukushima Impact on Marine Life Is Expected to Be Minimal (Wall Street Journal)

Probabilistic Risk Analysis of Nuclear Energy and Nuclear War

Fukushima update 10AM EST (MIT Nuclear Science and Engineering)

When the shock of the unfolding nuke disaster in Japan passes it's obvious - Wind Power as fast as

MSNBC w/ Cenk: Effort To Recall Republican State Reps - The Nation's John Nichols

Eugene Robinson: Spent Fuel’s Toxic Legacy

Taking the “War” Out of Air War: What U.S. Air Power Actually Does

Saif al-Qaddafi: We funded Sarkozy's campaign and we want our money back

Ominous Clouds: Nuclear Songs Remain the Same

New Study: "Eating Fish helps to Ward off Eye Disease" NYT

Washington Post Fact Checker on Mitch McConnell's floor comments about the health care law

Why I Won't be Hailing the Chief in El Salvador

Frances Fox Piven and Cornel West: Debt, Austerity and How to Fight Back

Caution Church Ahead: Untitled

Bob Herbert:A Price Too High?

Daniel Ellsberg Joins Peace Activists Risking Arrest at Protest Marking Iraq War Anniversary, Nader

How the ATF's gun-running misfired for Caldéron

Japanese Get Even With Limbaugh For 'Environmental Mockery'

Totalitarian Democracy By: Richard Lichtman, t r u t h o u t | News Analyis

Friday Talking Points (159) -- Firing Up The Base

Full-Body Scan Technology Deployed In Street-Roving Vans

Weekend Economists' Spring Break March 18-20, 2011

Media Mtters:. quotes...Limbaugh's view on teachers...

When these nutjobs in Libya fire their AK47's in the air

Texas - House committee passes university campus-carry bill

Armed robber shot dead at McDonald's in Sunland

Honduras rules out closure of embassies

Obama off to look for jobs for workers in the United States

Botero takes Colombia's violence to Brazil

Venezuela captures ELN rebels accused of attack

Uribe's brother met with Vicente Castaño: 'El Aleman'

Obama cancels public speech in Rio square: embassy

Five injured, 50 arrested in Honduras protests

Aristide is back

"Why I Won't be Hailing the Chief in El Salvador"

Rape Victim to testify on Nevada Campus Carry Law

TX Democratic County Chairman Dan Ramos Says Gays ‘Are Like Termites’ Infiltrating Democratic Party


St Pauli: a socialist football club in Hamburg's red light district - video

Tressel ups his own suspension to five whole games

Office Pool's Low Number Of Bracket Printouts A Reminder How Many Employees Were Laid Off Last Year

Mario Balotelli told to 'learn' after Manchester City sending off...who told him that, you ask?

Is there a quick roster look-up

I think we can call this a decisive victory for Michigan

Terriers take ferocious stance toward Jayhawks

ESPN gametracker fail.

Wildcats move on; Huskies this evening

Are there any Tennessee Volunteer fans here?? That was an absolutely

Report: Ichiro Suzuki donates 100M yen to Japanese Red Cross

There are clumsy tackles, and then there's this

Boy was that ever an ending for the ages! George Mason 61 Villanova 57.

Not a good night for NY basketball

The 6 Moral Dealbreakers of Christianity

When comics touch on creationism...

A Man, A Plan

Haneen Zoabi: a Palestinian woman fighting for equality in Israel

Weekly Commentary: Follow up on the annexation solution

Palestinians burn settler home in Jerusalem

Barak warns ‘tsunami’ of sanctions awaits Israel

Helen Thomas to Playboy: Jews ‘own the White House’

Dehumanizing settlers – and Palestinians