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Rally In Madison: The 'Wisconsin 14' -- Plus Over 85,000 People

The difference between "We've all got to sacrifice" and "CLASS WARFARE! SOCIALISM!"

need expert on nuclear fallout to interview

People of the world need to DEMAND fundamental changes to how nuclear

Japan quake magnitude raised to 9.0

You just never know about them public sector

Reuters Slide-show: Tsunami aftermath in Japan Link:

Credibility gap: US news on nuke disaster differs from Europe...

I LOVE these pro-nuke posts! Because these posts show that no matter how horrific the accident,

SHHH NHK has been talking of the meltdown at Reactor 1

Well early radiation should be reaching the Kuriles

Japan Revises Earthquake from 8.8 Magnitude to 9.0 - U.S. Geo Survey deems it 8.9

Had to remind a friend of mine that he is neither a NFL player or owner

Nuclear update exclusive

# 0638: The Japanese government is warning of the risk of another reactor explosion at the Fukushima

CNN is running interview and FINALLY talking of

Japanese officials said they had also ordered up the largest mobilization of their Self-Defense Forc

does kicking non-voters motivate them to vote for your party? do u really

More pictures from today's rally in Madison.

Just what is going on in the world lately?

Libyan govt. troops defect in Misratah

Miyagi expects 10K dead

Nuclear engineers on cable news are useless

Japan Warns Of Second Nuke Plant Blast

Live streaming of Madison Rally replaying now

Union Juice from the 80's...


Sea water... Remember how well sea water worked for Deepwater Horizon?

Americans Want Taxes Spent on Health Care and Education

Earth knocked off its axis....

Backup power to cool the reactor has stopped. Fire at Onaga plant in Miyagi

Official press release from TEPCO on Fukushima reactor status

Pic: Walker-Koch dinner party

How many people are missing in Japan?

Chevron appeals against Ecuador Amazon pollution fine

Al Jazeera English: Number Of People Tested Positive For Elevated Radiation Levels Has Jumped To 160

Amazing Interactive before/after Google Earth Japan Tsunami Pictures

Police officer's wife facing jail after milking $60,000 out of friends who thought she had terminal

Scott, I taught your son Algebra and now you want to slash funding for my kids' schools...

Piers Corbyn(UK Meteorologist and Astrophysicist)-February 21st, 2011(predicting coming earthquakes)

The real fight in Wisconsin began today.

Seriously the scale of this disaster is mindblowing

MSNBC’s Pat Buchanan: Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker a potential 2012 veep?

DU'ers (esp. Ohio) can strike back on Thursday, 3/17 between noon and 1...

Other Earthquakes That Killed Many.

Portugese youth protest

Re: Wisconsin. History repeats itself... again

Blackwater duo convicted of involuntary manslaughter

Blackwater duo convicted of involuntary manslaughter

Wisconsin university teaching assistants at forefront of Capitol protest (they're AFT!)

Wisconsin university teaching assistants at forefront of Capitol protest (they're AFT!)

7:15 CST on Today Show: 100,000 protest in Wisconsin

Japan Tsunami – Watch and Follow Live Streaming and Real-Time Updates

I see the animal rights activists are placing "blood and gore" ads on our DU pages

Commentary: The fight that labor has to win to protect the middle class

New footage... the moment the tsunami hit..from the BBC..

TSA orders 're-tests' of radiation levels on airport body scanners

Oh scrub it

Crowly is driving me nuts, it's not just the earth quake


Pak Govt to Tell Court Davis Doesn't Enjoy Blanket Immunity: Sources

Shiva Star (fusion) experiment almost went off without a hitch, but don't count

State of emergency declared at second nuclear facility (Onagawa)

My other favorite sign from Madison yesterday

Police, fire unions alarmed by Ohio SB 5's effect on safety-equipment demands

Police, fire unions alarmed by Ohio SB 5's effect on safety-equipment demands

Activate the Nuclear Apologists-What? Do you want Gaddafi heating your house?

There are 104 power nuclear reactors currently operating in the U.S

POCLAD: Why Abolish All Corporate Constitutional Rights

NYT's interaction pic's of before/after of selected areas hity by tsunami, amazing

Ohio’s legislators ignore campaign promise for bipartisan focus on jobs

Since Corp.s are people now, should we call them Corpses?

How the So-Called Guardians of Free Speech Are Silencing the Messenger

'60 year old Japanese man rescued 15km from the coast after 2 days out in the Pacific ocean'

Libya: Gaddafi troops force rebels out of Breg

Hey Alex Witt-less! Shape up!

"We found there were actually 3 massive earthquakes one after another"

Flying turbine or an oil field in your garden

Veterans' quest to get back extra mortgage payments

Veterans' quest to get back extra mortgage payments

Man rescued in sea off Japan's quake-hit coast (added picture)

now they are worried about a hydrogen blast

Man Rescued From Sea 9 Miles Off Japan Coast - MSNBC

Michelle Bachmann, historian, is at it again.

IAEA update (Fukushima and Onagawa plants)

State Dept. urging Americans not to travel to Japan.

Giffords' friends make her a presence in Congress

Giffords' friends make her a presence in Congress

UH OH. Someone tell Walker that Reagan supported unions and collective bargaining.

Japan sacks Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency spokesman

Japan sacks Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency spokesman


Kyodo news has banner: Radioactivity 400 times normal level observed in Miyagi


Will You Walk to the Gulag?

BBC: Reactor 3- Cooling attempts failed; Full meltdown underway; 1 mill people to be evacuated

How do we help the people of Japan- Need list of Organizations

How do we help the people of Japan- Need list of Organizations

Japan will never be the same again

Class Warfare III: Losing Your Right to Fight Back

NYT: Pay Teachers More

NYT: Pay Teachers More

The velociraptor in the room-This one's bigger than an elephant and a lot more dangerous.

No High School Football??. . ***GET THE TAX CHEATS!!***

Bee deaths may signal food threat, U.N. says - Urges Farmers to set aside habitats

Incredible Before and After Images - Tsunami

Another pRick Scott conflict of interest scandal

Another pRick Scott conflict of interest scandal

aren't THEY all government employees too?

aren't THEY all government employees too?

Japanese man has been found alive - 15km out at sea clinging to wreckage from the roof

CNBC tool John Melloy refers to Social Security as a "handout" and "welfare"

BBC: Cooling system pump has stopped at Tokai nuclear plant (New one)

MoveOn.Awwww - Trials resume for Guantanamo detainees

From Friday to now, and we are just begining to get the extent of damage

On what basis is Chevron appealing

Did any Ohioans get a ticket to the budget town hall?

End operations in Afghanistan, Hamid Karzai tells NATO

Lost city of Atlantic found?

No money available for high school sports in Duval county due to Rick Scott's education cutbacks.

No money available for high school sports in Duval county due to Rick Scott's education cutbacks.

Sweden prepares a wave of privatization

corporations ARE unions

corporations ARE unions

Microsoft apologizes for using Japan disaster to market Bing

One of my friends just emailed from Japan--gasoline availability is dwindling

Japan's Quake Could Have Irradiated the Entire United States

2048, my guess

"The probability of containment failure, given core damage, is about 0.1"

all the teachers in Providence, Rhode Island have been fired

Arnold Palmer helps sink nutty plan for Jack Nicklaus golf courses in state parks

Japanese Nuclear Watch Update – One Meltdown, Another Probable, Large Evacuations Ordered - FDL

Suffer the Little Children

Thanks, Mitch! About time someone called these people out

Such an unbelievably sad picture

60 Yr Old Japanese Man Found Alive 15km out at sea-clinging to wreckage of his home

Juan Cole and Bob McChesney discuss the Middle East LIVE today - 2pm EDT

Just watched NOVA on PBS...ugh..."This program funded by David Koch."

Post clips of NATIONAL news network coverage of yesterday's 200,000 protestors here:

NY police tight lipped about shooting (possibly cop was killed by another cop)

Truth has a liberal bias

Truth has a liberal bias

What percentage of Japanese energy production is offline now?

A Total of 7 Japanese Reactors Now Face Coolant Problems

Groundbreaking New UN Report on How to Feed the World's Hungry: Ditch Corp-Controlled Agriculture

(((PIC))) Kick Walker's Ass out of Office!

Holy Crap... Interactive Before And After Satellite Photos From Japan...

Link to English version of NKH Japan -- Amazing survival stories

Big Picture - Aftermath

Let's be perfectly clear.

We have reached a tentative agreement!!

Intelligent Design is making progress every day…

Kandahar (Afghanistan) offers Japan assistance

Map of Japan's prefectures and regions

"The U.S. Chamber Doesn't Speak For Me" website launched to fight US Chamber on climate change

Health Care is a Basic Human Right--Almost Everywhere but Here

CNN's Walsh: If they're lucky, the wind will blow to East Asia and dissipate.

Question about Craigslist scams

The Profit, Carlin: "They want obedient workers, obedient workers."

Federal inquiry: Jobless need not apply: Is this legal?

BBC: Onagawa Nuke Plant Update

My editorial on homeless veterans printed today- already being voted down.

Please DU this poll

Germany & Joe Lieberman having second thoughts re Nuclear Plants

The American Dream -George Carlin

Imagine - no bank, no home, no food, no money, no electricity, scant water...nothing

Imagine - no bank, no home, no food, no money, no electricity, scant water...nothing

Aside from the Red Cross, are there any particularly good charities that serve Japan?

This next week in Wisconsin--Voter ID law could be voted on


Cross-post from AZ forum.

Republicans Think Workers Are "Pigs"

AP: GOP to target Bluffs senator (blocked action banning gay marriage)

I just watched PM Kan prepare the Japanese people for something bad

Who is funnier?

Mr. Crowley, I salute you, however, you MUST continue to speak out

TV AD against CA public sector workers

A questions regarding Wisconsin.

A questions regarding Wisconsin.

Really neat website. Lost my manual to my breadmaker.

Where are the best, most up to date sights you've found for information on Japan

The 'state' is ok with employees raping developmentally disabled women

Boycott Koch Industries products: Quilted Northern, Angel Soft, Brawny, Sparkle, Vanity Fair, & more

How our teabagger Gov. Voldemort pretends to not have conflict of interest.

Austria wants European nuclear "stress test"

P.J. Crowley out.: He said Bradley Manning's treat

Does anyone else find an irony in the fact

Populus vult decipi, ergo decipiatur.

Protesters Seal Off Bahrain’s Financial Center

Is there a point when our government decides NOT to send our troops and disaster aid personnel

Earth's Day Length Shortened By Japan Earthquake - CBSNews/

US Nuke Reg Commission statement. 'Don't worry - be happy'

U.S. nuclear lobby fired up and ready to go

Police: 10,000 likely dead in one Japan region

WH forces P.J. Crowley to resign for condemning abuse of Manning

What Is Your Safety Worth?(Japan to L.A) Airlines Outrageous Price Gouging

John Thrasher pushed for hotels, bars, clubhouses; wanted to issue bonds for taxpayers to fund it

Wikileaks row: US spokesman Crowley quits over gaffe

War-Profiteers and Progressives Make Common Cause for Obama

Lawyer: NYC 'sex-slave' relationship consensual

Just in case Alabama starts whining about "being broke"

Just saw CNN crawler, "Possible 10,000 dead in Miyagi"

DU this poll: Needs help. Do you approve of job Walker is doing?

Obama got his scalp

Question about "Worst Case Scenario Meltdown"

Murkowski backs Planned Parenthood

They drank their own Kook-Aid

It Can Happen Here

Sign in Madison yesterday

'The tsunami just swept my parents away'

Isn't it interesting that Sunday news shows are sponsored by defense companies

Hey ReTHUGS and Freepers

BBC: Reactor 3 UPDATE : Japanese Government now says meltdown unlikely.

Lady Gaga Creates Prayer Bracelet to Benefit Disaster Relief in Japan

Despite all of the wailing and gnashing of teeth

Ok here is a serious question...

Japan disaster may mean setback for U.S. nuclear industry [The only associated good news]

Why are rolling black outs news?

Is a civil war brewing between the Obama White House and Hillary Clinton’s State Department?

Japan Will Need to Rebuild - Who Will Fund Our Debt Now?

Ohio Union busting Bill erases union rules, Effects could be dramatic

A friend of mine has a friend in Utsunomiyia, Japan and received this message

Get Ready for The Nuclear Energy Spin Assault

Schadenfreude and Sympathy in Shanghai

Rolling Blackouts To Start At 6:20 Monday Morning: Tepco

Dozens of US states declare war on workers’ rights = shocking full court press

Assault on Collective Bargaining Illegal, Says International Labor Rights Group

Obama and the budget-cutting bandwagon

Assault on Collective Bargaining Illegal, Says International Labor Rights Group

Ohio Gov. Kasich budget will include cuts, cuts, more cuts and privatization

How many do YOU think were at Madison's Rally yesterday? - see pics

Laugh if you want, but someone needs to figure out how to harness the energy in earthquakes

Teachers: the new enemy of the states?

The NFL players made a three word demand that would not have cost owners a dime: Open your books.

I Know "JoePa" is a Republican, But His Son is an A******! Wants NO $$ for PSU!

Was watching disaster movies today on ScFI Channel.

Regardless if that map* is right or wrong, we've been zapped a ton of times already

Wisconsin recall efforts- news? How does it go?

I am very disappointed in Hillary Clinton.

I am very disappointed in Hillary Clinton.

In consideration of the nuclear problems in Japan, I wonder if the Chinese quake of 2008 had any...

Assault on Collective Bargaining Illegal, Says International Labor Rights Group

About James O'Keefe, his white supremacist leanings.

Fluff Reporter asks Cameron "How do you sleep at night" cohost's gasp says it all

How can you tell when a Spokesman lies about the Nuclear plant condition?

BART derailment - no service east of Pleasant Hill

Group seeks forest restoration to cleanse planet

The "remember Pearl Harbor" folks are the lowest of the low, no question

so now we have four reactors in trouble

how much of a scam do you think this is?

Before and after photos in Japan

Mark Block, Wis.Director Americans for Prosperity... past unethical behavior

Rep. KamaAina is convening hearings on the radicalization of Christianity.

“We’re Number One!” Or do you prefer “USA. USA.”

What did we lose in 2010?

How not to Cover Generosity of Spirit

How not to Cover Generosity of Spirit

Activate the Nuclear Apologists

ACLU Lens: New Executive Order Institutionalizes Indefinite Detention at Guantánamo

Japan ground cracking open and moving (video)

For Those who missed it Video of Police, Teachers and Firefighters storming Ohio's Capital Rotunda

Veteran DESTROYS committee verbally in Modesto, CA at MJC Budget Cuts meeting

GOP wi senator lives in madison with his mistress

Cambridge, Ohio considers allowing oil drilling in city park

TOONS: Look for the anti-union label

Hiromitsu Shinkawa - Luckiest Man on the Planet (Tsunami Survivor)

Will Kucinich Reintroduce HR6200- Hand Counted Paper Ballots?

Will Kucinich Reintroduce HR6200- Hand Counted Paper Ballots?

Government Claims Unlimited Discretion to Look Through Your Laptop at the Border

Nearly Identical Anti-Labor Bills Appear In Maine, Missouri, New Hampshire, Other States

Nearly Identical Anti-Labor Bills Appear In Maine, Missouri, New Hampshire, Other States

Tractorcade: The Video.

Tractorcade: The Video.

Former neo-Nazi becomes leftist after sex change

The Wisconsin Recall & Protecting Child Predators

In Poland, it's no longer okay to joke about gays

State Legislatures Slow on Immigration Measures

Larry Kudlow uses his mouth for his inner voice by mistake.

"That tess-sue-me should have swept all dem japs out to sea"

When the powers that be talk to us about "shared sacrifice"

RICH Leaves NYT: Confessions of a Recovering Op-Ed Columnist (+comment)

More terminally ill choosing to die at home, report finds

You Might Be a Transpartisan If . . .

Jazz drumming legend Joe Morello (Dave Brubeck) passed away.

Turn on 60 Minutes for the spin against the teachers

Yesterday, in Madison I armed 10,000 people...

Capitalism is better off without democracy,

More Irony... The View From My Front Porch...

Any news on the P.O.W.E.R. walkers from Mil to Madison?

Crowley 2008 - Spoke Up Against BUSH And Now Obama (He KNEW This Was Coming)

"Minor Meltdown"... No Biggie..move along.. nuttin-to-see-here-folks

Wife just got off the phone with her mom in Japan. First rolling blackout is this afternoon

WI Repub lives outside district with mistress, says wife

DHS Concludes They Have Authority to Monitor Political Activities of Advocacy Groups

Latest Hearings Reveal Nativist Colors of the GOP on Immigration

Voter ID Voter Caging In Wisconsin, what the public needs to know exposed to in the next 48 hours

Voter ID Voter Caging In Wisconsin, what the public needs to know exposed to in the next 48 hours

Voter ID Voter Caging In Wisconsin, what the public needs to know exposed to in the next 48 hours

CNN Breaking: -- U.N. agency: State of emergency at nuclear power plant in Onagawa, Japan

WTF? Pentagon cancer research budget comes under scrutiny

A99 Operation Empire State Rebellion - Communication #1 (Anonymous)

HOW COME, the gnews spent MONTHS reporting on the teabaggers,

All Things Nuclear -- Sunday Update on Fukushima Reactors

Bill Nye back on with Lemon (CNN)

State Department spokesman steps down amid flap

You Can't Keep A Cheesehead Down. This, Again, Is What Democracy Looks Like!

Now Bahrain......

CNN Live from Japan for the next 2 hours (9-11 pm eastern)

Check Out These Before and After Pictures of the Japan Quake/Tsunami (ABC News Australia)

They come to see if anything is left – and find nothing

Der Spiegel. Photos from Japan

Tsunami Before and After Images Via Geoeye and NYT,,,, Simply Amazing

Could Radiation from Japan Reach the US?

Has anyone else noticed about CNN

BBC: Live updates on Japan's Nuclear Situation

The next great American earthquake may not occur where you would expect

CNN contributer to Anderson Cooper: You're ok.

So Anderson COURIC& Katie COOPER prefer natural news disasters as opposed to people-disasters/events

A few Madison Pics 3/12/11

Smoke seen seen coming from Unit #3 in Japan. CNN report.

NHK: No Tsunami Detected

NHK: No Tsunami Detected

A cut too deep. Do you know where your Senator stands on continuing funding for poison control?

Right vs Left - Ideas, issues, concepts, subjects - visualized!

new Tsunami warning...

A wave coming in (tsunami)

NHK: Blast at reactor Number 3, smoke rising from Unit 1

New explosion at Fukushima #3. Smoke rising.

CNN contributer to Anderson Cooper: You're ok.

Tsunami Alert Retracted!!!!

Guatemalan ex-soldiers arrested, linked to 1982 massacre

Chuck Todd substituted on Meet the Press today. I liked him much better than David Gregory

Japan nuclear safety agency confirms hydrogen explosion at Fukushima Daiichi No. 3 nuclear reactor

How low can they go? : GOP bill seeks to condemn UN children’s rights treaty

Request: reviewers for my article on Social Security

Tweets on Japan's nuclear situation here.

How interesting... Grover Norquist met with Scott Walker March 11th, before the bill was signed.

Europeans: liberal, anxious and don't trust politicians

Bloomberg just reported that after the hydrogen explosion on #3, people starting to leave Tokyo.

Anyone see that "End of America 2011" video?

Anderson Cooper is terrified.

Interesting thoughts on PBS/NPR

"Meet my demands Release Pfc. Bradley Manning" says "anonymous"

What is needed on all nuclear reactors is a manually operated

Breaking MSNBC= Explosion at Fukushima Dai ichi Reactor

3 injured, 7 missing in blast at Japan nuke plant Tokyo Electric Power Co. says 3 injured, 7 missing

"The Panic Virus" is an incredible look at how the anti-vaccine movement developed and grew

Why is DU far ahead of CNN?

Westboro Baptist planning to protest at funeral of 7 children killed in fire here in Pa

U.S. helicopters detect radiation 60 miles from damaged Japanese plant

BBC 3m wave about to hit Japan - any time now

I must say, I'm more then a little dissappointed.

"Mox Fuel" a mixture of plutonium and uranium oxides

In about 40 minutes Anonymous is posting the goods on Bank of America

Let's be perfectly clear. Japan's nuclear crisis is the result of a CORPORATE PROFIT

ANON B of A Files (parking for now)

US Navy carrier Crew exposed to radiation

It Takes Al Jazeera to Report on BP Oil Spill Sickness

OBAMA On "John's (Boehner) unusual coloring"

Firing PJ Crowley was the moral equivalent of Bush firing Richard Clarke

1000 Bodies found on shore (Japan)

Tokyo forgoes its trademark blaze of neon

Tokyo forgoes its trademark blaze of neon

Hacker group plans BofA e-mail release Monday

If anyone's interested here is a link to "Live Toyko Gieger Counter" (Radiation levels)


GOP spending plan would cost 700,000 jobs, new report says

This one image.....

Been out all day----any looting going on in Japan? I know yesterday

I just watched "INSIDE JOB"

2000 bodies found in Niage (sic).

CNN: dip in sales, Walmart is downsizing. Are the Boycotts hurting?

Is The Republican Party Becoming Fascist?

Nuclear reactors popping

BBC #0221: Urgent: Explosion at Reactor 3 - AFP.

BBC #0221: Urgent: Explosion at Reactor 3 - AFP.

Defend the American Dream

Doonesbury is a hoot today

A.L.E.C. The unofficial tax exempt pre-written bill writer

WOW video link to as it happen in Japan. mother natures fury

Japan central bank injects funds as stocks plunge

Saturday Night Massacre: Obama Axes PJ Crowley for Telling the Truth about Bradley Manning - FDL

Corporations Versus Individuals: The End of the Left/Right Paradigm

It's about time we started talking about bad administrators and leave the teachers alone

It's about time we started talking about bad administrators and leave the teachers alone

Hundreds flee in Japan after Shinmoedake volcano begins spewing ash, boulders

San Onfre only built for a 7.0

Scott Walker Will "Open the State up to a Corporate Asset-grab Not Seen Since the Robber Barons"

Anonymous plans start of "Operation Empire State" they want to topple all banks and remove Bernanke

Japan has 3 nuclear plants with problems

A Revealing Reply

Japan disaster could undermine U.S.’s nuclear efforts

More on the nuclear issues, and an image

Amnesty International condemns 'targeted' killing of Al Jazeera journalist in Libya

AILES TO PALIN AFTER AZ SHOOTING: "Lie low. There's no need to inject yourself into the story."

Florida Chamber of Commerce is on lockdown, deathly afraid of… protesters

Bromide: A concern in drilling wastewater!

Milwaukee is literally collapsing.

CNN Nuclear Experts cannot explain smoke from reactor #1

"We should be ashamed that more people don’t vote." An editorial from my local paper:

"We should be ashamed that more people don’t vote." An editorial from my local paper:

Benghazi, Libya: "If we lose, Huda Ben Amer will hang all of us"

50 Cent Mocks Japan Tragedy On Twitter

If Broccoli was the main export from Iraq...would we be involved in a war there?

Calm down People, CALM DOWN.....Nukes are as safe as......

Conundrum... How Would YOU Solve This Problem?

My thoughts are with the poor people of Japan. Is this scenario possible?

What Is Really Behind The Wisconsin No bid Power Plant Sell Off?

Millionaire Dentist Steals Navy Vet's Credit Card And Buys 2 Large Pizzas

I would like to announce my new Progressive-oriented business venture:

Has anyone notice....

Japan's nuclear power operator has checkered past

Davenport, Iowa Descends Into Hell Following Gay Marriage Ceremony

My DU experience: I've been a member for a week and 25,000+ have read my posts

Union of Concerned Scientists: Update on Japan's Nuclear Power Crisis....

About the nuclear situation in Japan - a request

A Sinfully Guilty Pleasure

A favor (for a teacher) to ask if you don 't mind

Unbelievable picture of Tsunami damage on

Gut feeling: Is Tokyo Electric/Japanese govt. being truthful or deceptive regarding radioactive leak

Video of the ground cracking and shifting

Is 2012 looking more likely?

Hallucinating in Madison yesterday!!! (warning: mucho pics)

Hallucinating in Madison yesterday!!! (warning: mucho pics)

Free phone calls to Japan and free Japanese TV channel

Free phone calls to Japan and free Japanese TV channel

Welcome to Scott Walkers Wisconsin's Inter Sanctum The WPRI a free market think tank

This picture speaks volumes! Take a look - CA are you watching?

Reflection on President Obama's changing position on torture and Gitmo detainees.

Reflection on President Obama's changing position on torture and Gitmo detainees.

Great sign in Madison - Scott Walker is a douche!

General Electric-Designed Reactors In Fukushima Have 23 Sisters In U.S. - MSNBC

Swan Song... I Dunno... But After Watching 60 Minutes...

Swan Song... I Dunno... But After Watching 60 Minutes...

Rep. Kucinich unable to visit Manning

Michael Moore Tweeted: BRING THE SPIRIT OF MADISON TO LANSING March 15 & 16th!

Anonymous link HERE IT IS !! B of A must be SH*$&ING THEMSELVES

Hey Republican (Tea Bagger) dumb asses look who you woke up!!!

Parent angry after teacher pins note to her son - the horrors!!

Kucinich on Obama: “Where is he?”

Things just got A LOT better at the Fukushima nuclear plant...

Think That Voting Doesn't Matter?

Governor Walker greeted in Green Bay by thousands of protesters

Oregon officials say no public health risk to state from Japan nuclear emergency

In Japan, two thin layers of rubber.

Legendary Jazz drummer Joe Morello dies at 82

Shine My Shoes Fuckface

Reminder: 81% of Americans want to tax the rich to end the deficit. Austerity is BS.

Japan's nuclear crisis and Chernobyl: key differences

Libyan Revolution Day 25 (Gaddafi's bloodbath, the fight for Brega and Benghazi)

OMG... New Footage Of When Tsunami Hit The Fishing Port Of Miyako

The Next Great Bubble to Burst; The Right-Wing Message

HuffPo - "GOP Lawmakers Target Efficient Light Bulb Mandate"

Money grubbing MOTHERFUCKER, Larry Kudlow had this to say about the multiple disasters in Japan:

The "emergency" bill just passed in Michigan is illegal because...

For cute and scary event

On Torture

Just in case y'all are getting the same emails...

Just in case y'all are getting the same emails...

Breaking: GOP WI Senator's webpage shows photo comparing Obama to Hitler

Japanese Government Confirms Meltdown

So, PJ Crowley is "resigning" over his denounciation of Manning's detention.

How many ways can you save?

If you are donating to relief efforts in Japan,

There seems to be no looting in Japan

Wisconsin-14: President Obama was very supportive and we’re glad he didn’t come here

The personnel working directly on the Fukushima plants deserve as much respect as mankind can muster

Those fuckers from Westboro Baptist plan on protesting funeral for 7 kids

PBS is streaming a documentary about The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire

Straight YOU believe that Bradley Manning deserves this treatment?

Good news! The inner reactor container is intact after the blast at Unit 3!

Guardian: Rupert Murdoch's newspapers are hacking phones AND EMAILS of the left

Koch Industries Employs PR Firm To Airbrush Wikipedia, Gets Banned For Unethical ‘Sock Puppets’

Professor Faces Trial For Distributing Jury Nullification Pamphlets

Manning's father says Bradley has never complained to him about treatment.

Capitalism finally destroyed Democracy

Nurses union leader calls Obama "largely a bystander. We're feeling a sense of betrayal from him"

Nurses union leader calls Obama "largely a bystander. We're feeling a sense of betrayal from him"

What is (or was) the worst company in human history?

What is (or was) the worst company in human history?

Nuclear power is safer than any other energy source.

Rick Scott's ownership of Solantic health clinics running afoul of Florida ethics laws

I am so outraged:

Sarah Palin's Connection to Arrested Alaskan Terrorists

Sarah Palin's Connection to Arrested Alaskan Terrorists

If GM offered a car for under $10k, that got 52 MPG, would you buy it?

Let there be Leaks. Let there be breaks in the ranks. Let there be Dissenters. J'accuse!

Contamination: I'll keep hearing 'Fuck You Shima'

Glenn Greenwald: W.H. Forces P.J. Crowley To Resign For Condemning Abuse Of Manning

Glenn Greenwald: W.H. Forces P.J. Crowley To Resign For Condemning Abuse Of Manning

Will this administration ever stop acting like it doesn't even owe the left any RESPECT?

Psychedelic icon Owsley Stanley dies in Australia

The Game that goes on and on: a Swiss Bank, a President, and the Permanent Government

So, Bill Maher was correct

(DISASTER SCAM ALERT) Homeopathic Product Marketed For Radiation Poisoning Using Japan As A Hook

The charter school principal on 60 minutes made excuses for public schools outscoring his school.

IF reactors in Japan blow, nuclear fallout could reach west coast of USA in 6-10 days - map

Pilots lock down cockpit over praying passengers

1944 Letter Finally Headed to Intended Recipient

Republicans target agency that warned of tsunami

Japan says partial meltdown likely at 2nd reactor

Japan Meteorological Agency Upgrades Magnitude of Friday's Earthquake to 9.0 - NHK

Millions without food, water, power in Japan

Ayariga apologises to teachers for 'police teargas'

Japan disaster may mean setback for U.S. nuclear industry [The only associated good news]

Iran 'using child soldiers' to suppress

Chevron appeals against Ecuador Amazon pollution fine

In Poland, it's no longer okay to joke about gays

Police officer's wife facing jail after milking $60,000 out of friends who thought she had terminal

Anonymous plans start of "Operation Empire State" they want to topple all banks and remove Bernanke

Police fire on Yemeni protesters, 100 plus injured

Police fire on Yemeni protesters, 100 plus injured

Bahrain protests block road to finance district (Includes aerial raw footage of the ensuing battle)

Japan Agency Says 70 Percent Chance New Major Quake in Next Three Days.

Japan requests extra energy

Volcano erupts in Southern Japan

Unions use Work Choices tactics to push for Rann departure

WI Repub lives outside district with mistress, says wife

Tens of thousands dead as Japan scrambles to avert nuclear catastrophe

Tokyo Electric, Toshiba, East Japan Rail May Be Among Most Hurt by Quake

Is a civil war brewing between the Obama White House and Hillary Clinton’s State Department?

Democrats Cry Foul Over GOP's Attempts to Tie Fuel Prices to EPA

GOP Pushes Back on EPA Carbon Regulation

U.S. condemns terrorist attack in West Bank settlement

(UK) Government criticised over News Corp-BSkyB deal

Germany hails Arab League backing for no-fly zone in Libya

G-8 ministers to seek harmony on Libya at Monday meet

More Flee as Violence Worsens in Ivory Coast

LePage Exempts Own Pension From Budget Cuts

REUTERS: Hacker group plans BofA e-mail release Monday

Tsunami feared to reach north-eastern coast "in minutes" - Kyodo.

Tsunami warning was a false alarm

Tsunami warning was a false alarm

Japan PM Naoto Kan admits foreign donations

Japan brings money home to rebuild

Campaigning as All Things to All Republicans

2nd Explosion at crippled Japan Nuclear Plant

WikiLeaks detention critic quits State Dept.

Sniper kills two officers; later shot in Va.

NHK denies new tsunami on way

Gaddafi's army will kill half a million, warn Libyan rebels

Libya rejects Arab League resolution - state TV

US backs Arab states' call for Libya no-fly zone

Radioactive Releases in Japan Could Last Months, Experts Say

FOREX-U.S. dollar rallies from near-record lows vs yen after quake

Japanese volcano erupts

Thousands (50,000) form human chain in protest against nuclear energy in Germany

Wisconsin fight goes national

Saudi Arabian forces prepare to enter Bahrain after day of clashes

P.J. Crowley Resigning As State Department Spokesman: Report

Strike shuts down Kashmir

Deaths and an Officer Wounded in Va.

Wis. governor greeted at Washburn fundraiser by thousands of protesters

Oman sultan to cede some powers after protests

(US Carrier) Military Crew Said to Be Exposed to Radiation, but Officials Call Risk in U.S. Slight

End operations in Afghanistan, Karzai pleads

Japan ministers ignored safety warnings over nuclear reactors

US President calls for tighter gun law enforcement

Toddlers face tests to find delinquents of the future

"Hydrogen blast occurs at Fukushima nuke plant's No 3 reactor" - Kyodo.

Passenger prayer spurs security alert on LA flight

How hard is it to learn how to ricochet?


reprise of the receipt!!!!11!!!1


I'm Dune. Just Dune.


So whatta ya gotta say for yourself, Lounge????

I heard a good joke tonight

need lounge help on a question started by japan earthquake/nuke disaster



OK, it's ridiculously late. Time for an insomniac check-in!

Alley and I roasted our own coffee for the first time today.

Double tap..

For california peggy

WTF? DEF LEPPARD Guitarist Performs "Pour Some Sugar On Me" with Huckabee.

Sage advice

Is a company that lays you off charged for some of your unemployment payments?

I'm Done. Just Done.

Nuclear meltdown

okay, i may be behind the times a litte

Standing, she's a bit taller than my pants pocket


Time is on your side! (DST)

Cat burglar?

Who's the dumbest?

VIDEO - Pack of dogs attack a Cat!

Anyone in Chicago can recommend a excursion worth the 4 hours?

Damn you, Ben Franklin.

STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING - Gen. Discussion subject line for the ages

Time for the first cover song challenge! Today's song is..."Black Betty"

Roast Richard Pryor? - I don't think so (9:14) **WARNING it is Pryor Language**

Any Pernice Brothers fans here? What's a good album to start with?

Some photos from my new house

The World of Today


i love roy orbison

Anyone watch Undercover Boss? SPOILER ALERT

Get ready for the return of cuneiform script.

The earthquake made the earth spin one hour faster.

What's the difference between

Dial-up is the reason Kali just MAY become the greatest philosopher in recorded history.

Too hot in the hot tub......

We could learn a lot from cats.

Most language bleeps per episode: Ax Men

Finding a very small shred of irony in the Japanese nuclear plant name

I think I got a post deleted -

Get your GMT zone number here!1

Why do people think it's ok...

Dog Bless You - search and rescue dogs in Japan

Tonight's menu: Chocolate ice cream topped with peanut butter.

i love roy orbison

"Put the brakes" on nuclear power plants: Lieberman

Please wish me luck once again...

The REAL Beach Boys...all 3 Wilson brothers, in the glory days..."Surfer Girl" LIVE

I gave her a chance, have decided: Ingrid BERGMAN is *overrated*

The fastest hour in the history of time.

Aaaaaah --- running in shorts today

The Beatles - "This Boy," LIVE on The Ed Sullivan Show

Because I am your father, that's why!

Six months...

This car? Street Legal? Bullshit.

The inspiration for the fast-food giant's phenomenal success was actually Donald McDonald.

What PBS is all about...

Video Gamers: Why do people act like the 16 bit war...

Mama Snow Leopard and Cubs Video!

Lovely Mugshots

Those 5/21/2011 folks are everywhere. Today they held signs outside the Philly Flower Show

RIP Joe Morello

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Finding Eugene Edition

"I'm doing this for your own good."

Imagine, if you will, Eternal Oktoberfest

So, I think I am in line for a great job

No. ... ... ... ... ... ... look AGAIN!!!

Do you feel compelled to watch your favorite movies when they come on TV.......

Who are YOU calling old?

I can't stand it anymore!

My hypothesis about Bigfoot

Cookin for the week

Birthday Cake! (pic)

What's the proper way for a middle-aged guy like me to hit on a 20-year-old in church?

Your opinion: Would a man lie to obtain sex? I recently heard this said, and I was outraged

Libyan rebels 'cleansed' from Brega

What's something you wish you'd know about weddings before you had one?

'Anonymous:' Ex-Bank of America Employee Can Prove Mortgage Fraud

Has anyone here ever experienced anything paranormal?

Weird dream I had about Oprah and Gingrich

I will love you FOREVER for a fishburger today.

Al Qaida commander backs Libyan rebels in message

MFM's ENTIRE life: One big "But I don't WANNA go to the blackboard right now" moment after another.


Matthew Schauenburg – Prepared to Die For Democracy

Matthew Schauenburg – Prepared to Die For Democracy

Al Franken Talks About God, Part I

Footage Of Teargas Canister Being Fired Into Bahraini Protester's Face @ Point Blank Range 03/13/11

Republicans target agency that warned of tsunami

Candidate for NY governor wants to replace pledge of allegiance with lie detector test

Al Gore on Net Neutrality

TYT: Poll: Get Troops Out of Afghanistan (What Would Happen?)


"It's hard to overstate how irresponsible this is, especially for a leading U.S. senator"

Politico/ MSM trying to force President Obama's hand on oil drilling

How do you feel about DUers using the meme RWers are using to discredit the Wisconsin Movement?

Wisconsin risk paid off

A Message to the People of the World - Transmitted by Anonymous

The Torturer-in-Chief weighs in

'Chernobyl in The Making' Nuclear Dangers Discussed by Dr. Michio Kaku

Which Side Are You On? -- Ani Difranco on Mountain Stage

Obama's Remarks at Gridiron Club

I just e-mailed President Obama

Senate Democrats Return to Madison 3/12/11 [look, Democrats w/SPINE]!

Mike Malloy - Michigan Inc.

Aerial View-Massive Crowd At Madison Rally

'The Wisconsin 14' return home

Official Exits State Dept. After Jabs at Pentagon

I wish O would have a very brief news conference today

'The Birth of a Movement' - Tony Shalhoub

Wisconsin-14: Obama was very supportive and we're glad he didn't come here

NYT editorial: The Cheaters and Their Banks

Petagon spokesman on Manning

Hotspot - Cairo - Max Keiser in Tahrir Square - 4 March 2011

Why can't Congress or a human rights organization visit Manning and confirm his treatment?

Krugman: Another Inside Job

Emergency at Onagawa nuclear plant, radiation 700 times over normal

Clinton, Crowley statements on Crowley's resignation

*Whoops* Iowa GOPer caught on tape about gun bill (00:32)

Frank De Lima-

Wisconsin Farmers' Tractor Rally for Workers' Rights (1 of 8)

Wisconsin Farmers' Tractor Rally for Workers' Rights (1 of 8)

Rep. Kucinich Fires Up Madison Workers' Rights Rally

If WI results in a national movement, the frame must be: "Stop The Republican ASSAULT On America!"

At Least 100,000 Protesters Outside Wisconsin State Capitol

Fictionalized Criticality Accident

Billy Bob Neck - God Hates Asia

Tax the Rich: Madison Protest Time-lapse (Full Length)

Mike Malloy - Rightwingers Are The Source Of All Evil

Mike Malloy - Stupid Morning Ankers

An explanation - the Anonymous / A99 / AmpedStatus origin with David Degraw(AmpedStatus)& Max Keiser

March 13, 2011-Video from the “On Wisconsin!” St. Patrick’s Day Parade and Rally


Waikiki Tsunami

Madison Welcomes Susan Sarandon- 3-12-11

Larry Kudlow: We Should Be 'Grateful' That Human Toll From Japan Quake Is 'Worse' Than Economic Toll

Just a reminder: We are living in the Citizens United Era.

Hydrogen Explosion At Fukushima Number 3 Reactor (March 14)

I understand why the President must rely on the Pentagon to determine if Manning's being tortured.

"Obama Apparently Sealed PJ Crowley's Fate"

if you could have Obama interviewed by 1 progressive, who would it be?

No matter what we think of Bradley Manning, this is unacceptable

New video of Japan's devastating Tsunami

CNN: Is James O'Keefe A Journalist? All This Talk About Liberal Bias & No One Never Talks About Fox

President Obama's Arizona Daily Star editorial on gun control


"Manning ... now wears suicide-proof sleep suit"

James O'Keefe "All Journalism Is Edited"

'Libya air attack footage looks fake, no facts in West media'

Obama Chief of Staff Bill Daley, when informed of PJ Crowley's disagreeing comments: "He's done"

Oh those anti-aid, anti help comments are flowing

Andrew (Cliff) Klaven Explains Unions to the Hitler Youth

CNBC's Kudlow on Japan Quake - Be Grateful Human Toll Much Worse than Economic Toll

Bankers Paid For Nothing - Cenk Attack on MSNBC

Dennis Kucinich speaking at Workers' Rights Ralley in Madison, WI

Al Franken Talks About God, Part II

Obama saved the auto industry but could still lose Michigan according to this?

Wisconsin farmer on fire!

Potential animal cruelty by republican appointed animal control officer caught on tape

Why (I believe) the Democratic Party must be aggressively liberal and progressive to actually WIN

I'm sorry, but I really couldn't careless about Bradley Manning

MSNBC: GOP Cuts Education - Why? (Rendell & Alter w/ Cenk)

NWO solider turns on his masters!

Laura Ingraham Mocks Andrea Mitchell for Defending NPR- What Passes for Humor on Right-Wing Radio

Japan.... more incredible footage of the Tsunami.

Fears mount as Japan battles nuclear emergency - 2 partial meltdowns

CNIC Statement re the Nuclear and Earthquake Disaster Unfolding in Japan

Radiation levels increase 400 times in quake-hit province

Creation ?

The only nuclear power generator that is--

Factbox: Timeline of Japan's unfolding nuclear crisis - lastest included here

Latest Nuclear Alert. All persons should evacuate planet earth.

Efforts to manage Fukushima Daiichi 3 - multiple problems

Fukushima crisis: Anatomy of a meltdown - March 13, 2011 ( blog, good info)

Graph of the Day: Food Price Index, 2008 – February 2011

UPDATE: Japan's nuclear crisis - March 13, 2011 ( blog Fukushima No. 3 fuel exposed)

Senators Chuck Schumer and Mitch McConnell still stand behind Nuclear Power amid Japan catastrpophe.

Mitch McConnell (R-moran) Defends Nuclear Power Amid Japan Fears

Genpatsu-shinsai: the language of disaster that is stalking Japan

Onagawa Plant Radiation Levels Due to Wind: Officials

Contamination checks on evacuated residents

Japan earthquake: France tells nationals to leave Tokyo due to threats posed by nuclear power plants

Serious concerns remain for safety in Fukushima (Greepeace blog)

TEPCO to conduct first ever rolling blackout amid power shortage - through end of April

Tsunami damage at Fukushima nuclear plant...

N.J. withdraws from lawsuit to have utilities cut greenhouse gases emitted by power plants

Desalination is now 10X more fuel-efficient

Japan's nuclear crisis: the long-term impact

Comparing radiation intensity

Just a reminder - Three Mile Island Unit 2 was not defueled and decontaminated until 1993

Southerly winds expected near radiation-leaking Japan nuke plant

FACTBOX-Experts on explosion at Japan nuclear plant

The Automatic Earth: How Black is the Japanese Nuclear Swan?

Nuclear experts (or anyone with more knowledge than I (everyone))?

Radiation level up at Japan Fukushima Daiichi nuke plant (Reuters 12 min. ago)

Geothermal company plans to cause tiny earthquakes

What if they beefed up the disaster-proofing on the backup generators?

Analysis: Seawater helps but Japan nuclear crisis is not over

Ultimate impact of damage to Japan nuclear reactors still unknown (WaPo)

Looking at the earthquake data for E coast of Honshu, Japan

Smoke seen rising from Fukushima Daiichi plant No.3 reactor -TV

US Military Crews (carrier) Said to Be Exposed to Radiation, but Officials Call Risk in U.S. Slight

Japanese Harbor clogged with oil.

Nuclear officials confirm hydrogen explosion at Unit 3 of Fukushima Dai-ichi plant

Japan nuclear woes cast shadow over US energy policy

Japan admits more radiation exposures as meltdown fears grow - more details

Cooling system fails in second reactor -more details

Japan Nuclear Agency: Fukushima Daiichi No. 3 Reactor Fuel Rods Exposed (WSJ update)

X-post - video of hydrogen explosion @ Fukushima No. 3 - far more violent than No. 1 explosion

In 2009 1,800 kg of plutonium was shipped to Japan for their MOX reactors.

If the radiation at Onagawa nuclear plant is from Fukushima - it would have to travel 120 km

There are 3 TEPCO employees dead and 7 missing in the explosion.

Amid nuke crisis, French urged to leave Tokyo

Japanese reactors may need seawater pumping for years

radiation around Fukushima plant is nearing the level where humans vomit uncontrollably

Rad Storm Rising- a land of radioactive sausage, poisoned onions, and bald children (Russia)

At least 15 Japanese hospitalized with radiation poisoning

Nuclear reactor cores for dummies: (Including overview of "meltdown")

Former U.S. Nuclear Official Warns: It Can Happen Here

Japan just lost about 5 gigawatts of generating capacity. It will be replaced with...

Assault on Collective Bargaining Illegal, Says International Labor Rights

Japan's Quake Could Have Irradiated the Entire United States

Mitch Albom tells it like it is re: the NPR 'gotcha' video

Let's get rid of the federal debt limit

In the Built Environment, the Tyranny of the Big, the Beauty of the Small

"Putting an end to Wall Street's 'I'll be gone, you'll be gone' bonuses"(Claw Back the F**CKERS!)

Sunday Funnies: Best Political Cartoons of the Week

A Repug's Guide to Becoming a School Board Member

Libya: The west can't let Gaddafi destroy his people

In Search of Monsters Dowd

The 545 People Responsible for All of U.S. Woes

Musharraf hints that Britain tacitly backed torture

Are College Students Too Liberal to Vote?

Japan's Quake Could Have Irradiated the Entire United States

LePage Exempts Own Pension From Budget Cuts

Oil Speculators, Here is the Proof.

Interview with Michael Moore, Oliver Stone & Chris Hedges, "Hollywood & War Machine" (Excellent!)

Anti gun persons on DU - Now, who are YOU? Your turn...nt.

How do private hand gun sales work?

Things Aren't Going Too Well for the Freedom Fighting Rebels in Libya

Some California lawmakers(Dems) want easier access to carry concealed guns

Firearm owners of DU: Who are you?

Has gun ownership in the US become an acceptable form of Idolatry?

Man calls police over live .22 round found in street

Obama comments on gun control ..."We must seek agreement on gun reforms"...

The 7 Most Stupidly Overpowered Hunting Weapons

OK, so if private Gun Sales are legal (in most states) with no background check, how will you ever..

Why does the NRA not have a progressive Pro-Gun keynote speaker?

Donald Trump; persona non grata in Panama

Chevron appeals against Ecuador Amazon pollution fine

Venezuela's Exclusion of anti-Chávez Candidates Faces a Challenge

Human rights group say more Venezuelans turning to hunger strikes as form of protest


Venezuela Expands Range of Food Items Considered of “Essential Necessity”

Obama heading to Brasilia, Santiago and San Salvador this month, or maybe not

US, Mexico crackdowns push drug cartels into Central America, where weak gov'ts cannot fight

Guatemalan ex-soldiers arrested, linked to 1982 massacre

Al Jazeera Forum: Lula da Silva

Wikileaks Revealed that the Kirchners Criticized Chavez (Spanish)

Leading Peru election candidates lose ground - poll

A Music Breather...... To Lighten The Mood Just A Bit.....

COBRA benefits legislation introduced

First Anti-Discrimination, Then Marriage Equality!!!

Apple allows "ex-gay" app; limits access (by age) to plain old "gay" apps.

Buffalo Sabres great Rick Martin dies at 59

A big fuck you to the selection committee

Is 19-14 good enough to get into the NCAA tourney?

‘Relentless’ Buckeye fans force Herbstreit to move from Ohio

Kentucky gets the automatic, again

I know who I'll be rooting for.

VCU got in!!!.... well sort of

Wow! The Ohio State Haters are awfully quiet tonight.

ESPN movie "The Fab Five" starting now @ 9:00 p.m. eastern

The ten heaviest baseball players of all time..

Yes, I expect more from liberals, progressives and Democrats on DU than I do politicians

Only 11 out of the 68 teams in the Dance are from west of the Rockies.

Let's launch 'Arab Apartheid Week'

Hariri Supporters Rally to Demand Disarming of Hezbollah Forces

Israel distributing Itamar massacre photos

Reverend without afterlife belief: dead is dead

DU 2011 NCAA Pool

Moment of truth for leftists