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Archives: February 4, 2011

The FBI "Kamikaze Pilots" Case; Omitted From 911 Commission Report

UFO from 2 angles-Hovering above Jerusalem Temple & Zing-GONE!

Stink eyes.

Nicholas Kristof: Undaunted in Tahrir Square

Nightly regional update

What happened to El Baradei?

Necessity Is The Mother...

Revolutions are NOT birthday parties


Egyptian Revolution Tweets February 3 2011 Crackdown Part 9

Troops In Riot Gear Patrol Cairo As Demonstrators Plan Mass Protests - CNN

Egyptian Revolution Tweets February 3 2011 Day of Departure Part 10

Any news from Suez? Alexandria? Luxor?

Egyptian Authorities Force Mobile Operators To Send Pro-Mubarak Messages

Well, The Sun Is Rising Over Egypt, And I Stand With The Reformers...

Bellagio Robber caught....(and he is from my home town!)

A slide show of pictures after Cyclone Yasi

Burma gets first civilian president in 50 years (not_

Bloomberg tells city workers it's a snow day, then docks their leave if they don't come in.

Updated list of journos attacked in Egypt

Egyptian Revolution Tweets February 3 2011 Day of Departure Part 11

Hagan, Burr push anew to help Camp Lejeune water victims

Christians protect Muslims in prayer in Tahir Square.

I came home from work tonight and I really think they are going to do it!

Egyptian Revolution Tweets February 3 2011 Day of Departure Part 12

20,000 military members, vets faced foreclosure in 2010

VA halts surgeries at St. Louis hospital

National White House Call-in Day to Support Bradley Manning

Plan for Mubarak’s Exit

Italy's Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi comment on Egypt....yuk!

Egyptian Revolution Tweets February 3 2011 Day of Departure Part 13

How do you solve a problem like Michelle and Sarah? :)

Mubarak’s Net Worth Estimated At USD 40 To 70 Billion: Report

Catastrophic drought in the Amazon- The Lungs of the Planet

Egypt-four ways forward Analysis: Regardless of the outcome in Cairo, it's a rough road ahead for US

A quick thanks to truly concerned members at DU

DUers are you watching BBC or Al Jazeera

School district weighs teacher layoffs

Pic Alexandria Egyptian Revolution Tweets February 3 2011 Day of Departure Part 14

Imam gives Friday prayer in Tahrir Square, tells protesters to maintain resolve (Quotes)

Geithner slams Toomey's debt ceiling proposal

A three-man constitutional council. .. maybe in the wings in Egypt

States Clash with Energy Department about Power Lines in National Parks

coincidence? I think not

Jacksonville newspaper reports on Whales death

Christians Protecting Muslims in Egypt During Prayers

Stage delight for Omahan (born with Down syndrome onstage in a touring Broadway musical)

Drunk Driving, Beating Your Wife, and Other Things That Won't Get You Fired from the FBI

ASTOUNDING Scenes From Tahrir Sq: Day After Violence MORE PEOPLE THAN EVER "This is simply massive."

Admiral Mullen's words about the American military

Someone Giving Beck's Caliphate Speech On Street Corner "Probably Would Be Involuntarily Committed"

Egyptian Revolution Tweets February 3 2011 Day of Departure Part 15

Grampy McBush: Donald Rumsfeld, GET OFF MY LAWN!

Amr Moussa (former Egyptian Foreign Min, now Arab League chief) is in Tahrir Sq now

Two emergency landings in Jamaica this week

Mother Jones: The Koch Brothers' Vast Right-Wing Media Conspiracy

Against the new neoliberal order: The disconcerting rise of Europe’s far right

Want to know how bad the recession was? 8.75 million jobs lost. Total net hiring in 2010? 909,000

Christian clergy - priests and nuns - showing up at Liberation Square

Al Jazeera reporting pro-Mubarak supporters gathering outside Liberation Square

According to Al Jazeera,,,Egyptian State TV calling the demonstration....

Official ~ "Egypt TV"~ is now Baghdad Bob . .

Using High School Courses As Trojan Horse for Anti-Social Security, Medicare Propaganda

Blekko Bans eHow and Other Content Farms, will google follow suit?

To Fox Business, up is down and left is right. What a joke.

Open letter to Senator Rand Paul

Maybe DU could help me out? FDR's first 100 days.

Egyptian Revolution Tweets February 3 2011 Day of Departure Part 16

Protesters appear to be heading to Presidential mansion. Crowd cheering wildly.

Right-Wing Media Strain To Compare Obama To Carter's Handling Of Iranian Revolution

After it was viewed 1.8 million times, I "found" the best film ever made

After it was viewed 1.8 million times, I "found" the best film ever made

"I Still Have My Hands"

"I Still Have My Hands"

Ziggy Marley To Launch Marijuanaman Comic

Egypt through Obama's lens

Unemployment falls to 9.0 pct., only 36K new jobs

Ted Rall toon: Why they hate us....

NY Times: Once Popular, Car Pools Go the Way of Hitchhiking

Washington D.C. Fusion Center: The Perils of Social Networking

Philippines' President Benigno Aquino has declared an indefinite country-wide ban on logging

Germany Freezes Arms Exports to Egypt

Obesity affects one in 10 adults

Egyptian Revolution Tweets February 3 2011 Day of Departure Part 17

Tweety on Morning Joe: "We should be treating Mubarak as a FRIEND!" What a tool!

The Koch Brothers' Vast Right-Wing Media Conspiracy

"This is the stuff normally you would prescribe medication."

"This is the stuff normally you would prescribe medication."

Democracy There, Democracy Here

TripAdvisor 'dirtiest hotel' owner: Arrested on child porn charge

Mubarak=GOP, GOP=Mubarak

Mubarak=GOP, GOP=Mubarak

Egypt! Picture

BREAKING - "Wild celebration" in Tahir ? CNN live now. Nobody knows why yet...

BREAKING - "Wild celebration" in Tahir ? CNN live now. Nobody knows why yet...

Utah debate: Shoot or save feral cats?

Scientists fear chronic wasting disease protein could spawn new human illness

Scientists fear chronic wasting disease protein could spawn new human illness

Jon Stewart: "It's been ten days since MSNBC & Keith parted ways..."

Reagan: Morning After in America

Are you a spiritual person? Do you ever meditate?

Muslim Brotherhood tells PressTV that Egyptian army has asked Mubarak to "Stand Down".

"The State of the Tea Party"

The right hates Mohamed ElBaradei because he was right about Iraq...

JPMorgan Hid Doubts on Madoff, Documents Suggest

KPFA, is having a two hour Egypt special, just started 8AM pst

KPFA, is having a two hour Egypt special, just started 8AM pst

Wall Street Wavers After Latest Jobs Report

Happy 129th Birthday to Frankin D. Roosevelt!

Cairo: Now what? Go home or take the palace?

Ex-U.S. Rep. Foley returns to GOP scene, four years after grounding in scandal

Anti-illegal immigration activist Minutemen member faces murder trial

AJE BREAKING: Mubarak to seek refuge in Montenegro

Fraudclosure: Will State AGs Step Up to Their Moment in History?

Al-Jazeera Office Attacked In Egypt Protests - UKGuardian

Son of ex-Enron exec Skilling found dead in Calif.

Egyptian Revolution Tweets February 3 2011 Day of Departure Part 19

Iran's Khamenei praises Egyptian protesters, declares 'Islamic awakening'

Iran's Khamenei praises Egyptian protesters, declares 'Islamic awakening'

Airbus A330 Gets Second Wind as Boeing 787 Delay Riles Airlines

Trolls Pounce on Facebook’s Tahrir Square

ENDGAME-Wall Street Co-Opting Nominally Liberal Think Tanks; Banks Lobbying to Become New GSEs

Egypt’s Rich Ask About Moving Funds to Switzerland, Banker Says

Egypt’s Rich Ask About Moving Funds to Switzerland, Banker Says

Watching the people in Egypt, I am reminded of a poignant JFK quote:

"Severely Beaten" Fox News Reporters Were Accused Of Being Israeli Spies By Mubarak Supporters

My god...Is anyone watching PressTV? DId anyone just see that video they showed?

Auto bosses, UAW press ahead with “pay-for-performance” scheme

Egyptian Revolution Tweets February 3 2011 Day of Departure Part 18

Bernie Sanders on Reagan

Pete Peterson Using High School Courses As Trojan Horse for Anti-Social Security, Medicare Propagand

I offer you a taste of Egypt

Jobs, Income Crisis As Government Captured By Interests

Patrick Leahy Introduces Bipartisan PATRIOT Act Reforms, but Civil Rights Groups Unsatisfied

Egyptian Revolution Tweets February 3 2011 Day of Departure Part 20

The Egyptian Tinderbox: How Banks and Investors Are Starving the Third World

Labor Force Participation Plunges To Fresh 26 Year Low

Former Sen. Norm Coleman: We Should ‘Absolutely’ Consider Gutting The Voting Rights Act

Unemployment Fight Takes a Snow Day

We fought a war on lies, & lies won-Reagan destroyed the social compact that built postwar America

Tea Party wants moderate Sen. Lugar out of the Senate

maybe my memory's gone, but I don't remember all this fuss for FDR's 100th birthday in 1982

Reagan's Toll on the Middle Class

Backgrounder: What are the United States’ Options for Suspending Egypt’s Aid?

Catholic Church Issues Guide on How to Convert Witches

Caltrain proposes shuttering half its stations

Not a word about genetically modified food . . . a wasted opportunity

Minneapolis woman who tried to mail puppy wants it back

Did You Get The Memo?

Similarities: George W. Mubarak and Hosni Bush

The Emperor’s Private Paradise’ at the Met

Just read where GOP guys gave up on "forcible rape"

Just read where GOP guys gave up on "forcible rape"

Would you consider the Constitution to be a Liberal or Conservative Document?

NEW kind of neighborhood watch

CNN is comparing the pro democracy movement in Egypt to

Forget Media Consultants—Labor Should Use Guerrilla Journalism to Counter Corporate Attacks

With democracy or against it: There's no in between -- Sirota

Clarence Thomas' Wife Cashes In as Tea Party Lobbyist

Sarah and Bristol Palin Seek To Trademark Names

My Capitalism Protest

$12 Million In Duplicate Charges From Shell Oil Telco Crash

The man who isn’t there

Treasury almost in the black on bank bailouts

In honor of Raygun's 100th: One of my fave DU Threads

Medical Journal Becomes The First In The World To Ban Drug Ads

The Rude Pundit: You Want to Buy The Rude Pundit's Almanack

Virginia Thomas: Supreme Court Justice's Wife -- And 'Ambassador' To GOP Freshmen?

Giant archaeological trove found in Google Earth

After Tiananmen square, we rewarded communsit china with American jobs.

Bank Exec Took TARP Money, Never Paid It Back, And Now He'll Get $18 Million If He's Fired

Union limit is back on GOP radar; Some in Ohio House pushing 'right-to-work'

Mets Owners Owe $300 Million: Madoff Trustee

Is cursive writing obsolete?

Interesting article on this month's employment report

Why the US fears Arab democracy

Consumers, Politicians Rail At So-Called 9/11 Commemorative Coin That May Be Worthless

How do you want to win?

npr: ronald reagan raised taxes 11 times while he was president

Don't forget Raygun's imperial funeral: he became the ultimate welfare queen.

Glenn's back : Guantanamo death highlights U.S. detention policy

Joyce Sloane, mother of The Second City, is dead at 80

Egyptian Revolution Tweets February 3 2011 Day of Departure Part 21

Karl Rove urges GOP to campaign on eliminating Medicare (Bring it on, Karl!)

When regime leaders join the protest....

Public Declaration by Egyptian Youth Protesters - February 3, 2011 English Translation

How to Build a Progressive Tea Party

Very strange jobs report. Business survay says +36k jobs, but household survey says +600k jobs.

Today’s Job Report: Unemployed Far More Likely to Drop Out Than Find a Job

Fascist Virginia AG Ken Cuccinelli's next target - Planned Parenthood.

ElBaradei a Bad Guy? Don't Listen to the American Right

Gov. Rick Scott Comes for 53 Florida State Parks

Sharif Abdel Kouddous: "Thousands continue to stream across Kasr El Nile bridge."

Well was listening to Al Jazeera talkng to a poli sci professor

Egyptian Revolution Tweets February 3 2011 Day of Departure Part 22

Highway hijack: Gunman seizes Greyhound bus, gets stunned by police

14 (Gay) Couples Who Inspire

On Language and the importance of it

A trip down memory lane: The Day the Gipper Died

Egypt's Mubarak Likely to Retain Vast Wealth

Spain's unemployed rush to fill jobs in Germany

Should We Fear Muslim Brotherhood Influence in Egypt?

Mideast unrest highlights tiny Qatar's big role

Huckabee Will Speak Before Group That Insists ‘Planned Parenthood Aborts Black People’

The Super Bowl's Homeless Problem

SF: Four suspected arsons in the Castro in the past 24 hours

SF: Four suspected arsons in the Castro in the past 24 hours

Chomsky: "It's not radical Islam that worries the US – it's independence"

Mice trained for airport security


U.S. Negotiating Mubarak's Severance Package

Reagan's Toll on the Middle Class

Reagan's Toll on the Middle Class

Ron Reagan: Sarah Palin is 'a soap opera'

Rand Paul casts lone dissenting vote.

WI GOP-run legislature won't take up Scott Walker's bill that might kill wind energy jobs in WI...

Ann Coulter, Our Greatest Comedienne

How would John McGramps have handled the revolution

Mubarak family fortune could reach $70bn, say experts

The Egyptian Uprising Is a Direct Response to Ruthless Global Capitalism

Georgia Dems raise 'serious questions' about GOP redistricting plans

Does anyone understand today's employment report?

Chipotle sued by workers fired in Minnesota immigration audit

We Need to Rethink, Not Rearm NAFTA

Look closely...

Monsanto Nation: Exposing Monsanto's Minions

Just heard on the TV. Commercial flights out of Love Field are cancelled BUT

The Egyptian Constitution's Rulebook For Change - ForeignPolicy

Assange asks Australian PM to bring him home

Graphic Footage of Cops Beating Teen Roils Houston [VIDEO]

Researchers able to lift fingerprints from clothing

GOP Rep. Franklin Says No Such Thing As Rape Victim

Damn: Cairo attacks continue; reporter dies from earlier shooting

Banned Super Bowl Union TV ad

FOX News moves its own onscreen graphics to keep boobs in view

Will Wikileaks get around to releasing anything that will be a game-changer here in the US?

'Iraq war ordered 15 days after 9/11'

Orrin, don't go away mad. Orrin, just go away.

Official Mascot of the Tea Baggers

China Eyes U.S. Defense Contracts , Marine One Copter

Great Round-Up Of The Events In Egypt The Last Couple Of Weeks - NYT

Great Round-Up Of The Events In Egypt The Last Couple Of Weeks - NYT

Ouch... LOL !!!

Obama to speak shortly

US 'Orderly Transition' in Egypt Really 'Business as Usual' in Disguise

The Jobs Report, and America’s Two Economies - Reich

The Time-Tested Brand that Tosses Cookies and Refudiates the Bestest

A sober question - who after Mubarak?

WikiLeaks and the Lost Cojones of American Journalism

FEC increases campaign contribution limits

why did it start now? Egypt.

why did it start now? Egypt.

ERROR Installing Freedom (!) Cannot installing Freedom: Please remove "Mubarak" and try again

School State testing coming up? Want to increase scores? Unenroll some students...

I propose a new supremacy clause:

Thousands in NM without natural gas service

Police Brutality -- Americans Are OPPRESSED, Too

Karl Rove urges GOP to campaign on eliminating Medicare

Sen. Sanders to work with Sec. of Energy to further bolster the 10 Mill. Solar Roofs bill

Justice Thomas’s wife Virginia Thomas now a lobbyist

Congressional Democrats Reveal How President Obama Broke Pledge to Force Banks to Help Homeowners

Congressional Democrats Reveal How President Obama Broke Pledge to Force Banks to Help Homeowners

Are drug dealers counted as unemployed?

Are drug dealers counted as unemployed?

California suspends scared straight program

"The Stickier Points of Godly Bananas" (a Freeper Seminar)

World food prices reach new historic peak – 3.4 percent surge in January 2011

Verizon breaks first day sales record with iPhone 4 pre-orders -- in only two hours

Don't be too intelligent when writing up reasons for state to change something, it's a crime

Time for a new Civilian Conservation Corps?

noon report CNN Egypt: Cairo side streets are now violent battles

While the cameras train on Tahrir Square protest, police state continues unimpeded.

Can Congress Force Us to Buy Broccoli?

Musings on a delicate situation

Banned Freeper Site = source of endless morAnic comedy

$60 Billion US Aid to Egypt=$60 Billion Current Net-worth of Mubarak Family

Regarding shady loan companies--a question

Researchers work to develop a vehicle that can be driven by the blind

Retiring Outside the U.S. No Longer a Foreign Concept

Birch Society welcomes newcomer tea party(Pittsburgh Pa)

Birch Society welcomes newcomer tea party(Pittsburgh Pa)

Reagan Contest

The Quitter and her daughter are wanting to trademark their names

Stop me if you've heard this one before...on Ronnie Reagan

Two (Super Bowl) Teams Show Divide in Debate on (Brain) Safety

Target Corp. to pay $22.5 million in settlement over alleged hazardous waste dumping

Secret Service agent shoots self accidentally at Camarillo range

Egyptian Journalist Ahed Mahmoud Dies Of Gunshot Wounds; First Reported Journalist Death In Uprising

Gunfire near Tahrir Square, according to Reuters

Wealth, Income, and Power - Who rules America

Arizona's plan to save money: Increase spending on prisons, cut health care and education

Mark Kelly & the Final Shuttle Mission - Love the Star Trek Poster from NASA

Leahy threatens to cut Egypt aid until Mubarak out

Merritt Island man gets probation, loses boat for killing manatee

A good pit bull story: Stray Pit Bull Saves Woman, Child From Attacker

Seven hurt by falling snow at Cowboys Stadium, site of Super Bowl

Palin trademark application refused -- for now

Serious question: what happened to Obama's upcoming speech on gun-control laws?

"Why is Reagan a hero to conservatives?" Rush asked today on radio - has no answer

NYT's readers DERIDE : White House, Egypt Discuss Plan for Mubarak’s Exit

BANK BUST FRIDAY !!!! ..... Everything Old is New Again in Georgia

BBC: "Super Rich The Greed Game "

Repression Fails as Thousands Demand Mubarak Departure

Breaking- Unconfirmed Wikileaks: Do not Allow Mubarak Out of Country. Arrest Him.

Labor Force Participation Plunges To Fresh 26 Year Low

I typically ignore Rush, but this really pissed me off.

I love Engel

Any news source that tells you the labor force decreased this month is flat out wrong.

Republicans to Egypt- Let's not get carried away!

Lawrence O'Donnell's show sucks. Tonight, Dana Milbank. Last night, Barbara Walters. Really?

Rand Paul: Let's Stop Giving Israel All That Aid Money

Ok Piers Morgan is STARTING to piss me off

Should there be term limits/Mandatory retirement age for Supreme Court Justices?

Egyptian Labor Movement Plays Significant Role In Egyptian Democracy Uprising

Egyptian child leading protest

PIC: V for Vendetta's Egyptian Vacation

Cha-CHING! Newt cashes in on Ronnie Saint-tennial with 2 books & a DVD

New Enormous Banner Hanging From An Apartment Block In Tahrir Square (& Other On The Ground Videos)

CNN just showed pictures of Egypt's Minister of Defense in the crowd of protesters

Personal Messages for Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak: Please post yours here

Rachel On Football

Pope can no longer donate organs: Vatican

Corporations have individual rights (SCOTUS) but not individual responsibility (2nd Circuit)

Ronald Reagan Lives On -- in Schools, Streets and a Warship Bearing His Name

This photojournalist's blog and photos deserve attention - including his account of being attacked

New Egyptian VP Ran Mubarak's Security Team, Oversaw Torture

FDR’s Economic Bill of Rights

Egypt - Everything is fine!

Germany Freezes Arms Exports To Egypt


The Al Jazeera Transparency Unit

VIDEO - Assange: "We will keep the bastards honest"

The Reports of DU's Cruelty Have Been Greatly Exaggerated.

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF! Brad Friedman subs for Mike

So Hosni Mubarek owns properties on Rodeo Drive

MiniCooper SD gets 54.7 mpg (US) and goes 134 mph..

Is Ginni Thomas GETTING RICH OFF Clarence Thomas’ Supreme Court Decisions?

If I were an uberpowerful malevolent, greedy piece of shit who could operate on a global basis . . .

What happened???

Outsourcing Prison System to 3rd World Countries

"Battle For Tahrir": Inside Look @How Pro-Democracy Activists Reclaimed Tahrir Sq. (Vid & Pics )

Sign for Sarah Palin

Rand Paul Won’t Interfere With People Shooting Down Airplanes With Lasers

"The Soviet Union" V. "The Marketplace": False Choices

John Fund and Anthony Weiner are guests on tonight's Maher

Venezuela judge Maria Afiuni moved to house arrest

Sandmonkey interviewed on CNN

Lakotas have established a self-sustaining population of endangered black-footed ferrets

Now on what this freeper joke means though

HOAX VIDEO EXPOSED: Planned Parenthood Already Reported "Sex Trafficking" To FBI

DU a poll: Should workers be able to refuse to join a workplace union?

Weather Alert: Freezing Rain/Snow in San Antonio Texas

Amazing Atheist.

Limbaugh thinks detained journalists are a laughing matter... until it happens to a Fox News team

A few responses for the soon-to-be-everywhere Reagan fellaters:

Dems: Obama Broke Pledge to Force Banks to Help Homeowners

Increased demand for child prostitution: the Super Bowl...

Georgia Republican Wants to Abolish Drivers Licenses

Reports On Pro-Mubarak Hooligans Turning Up To Disrupt The Peaceful Protests In Egyptian Cities

Brotherhood Says No Plans for Egypt Presidential Bid

Texas Observer: Some Companies Made Millions Off the Texas Blackouts

Ronald Reagan cared more about UFOs than AIDS

Leading Iowa ‘Family’ Group Compares Homosexuality To ‘Second Hand’ Cigarette Smoke

Amish smugglers' shady milk run

Washington Post On The "Demand Al-Jazeera In The USA" Campaign (With A Graph Of Them Vs NYT)

Verizon Throttles iPhone Data Hogs

"We don't hate women. We think they are a holy vessel for God to breathe life!"

Al Jazera English is about to cover

Boehner caught with his proverbial pants down by National Enquirer!

Bachmann Drops Proposal To Cut Veterans' Benefits

Ron Jeremy coming up on CNN to talk about "National Porn Sunday". This is newsworthy?

Ron Jeremy coming up on CNN to talk about "National Porn Sunday". This is newsworthy?

Heard a new one from a Conservative friend tonight...

Google Earth overlay of Egypt protests available

A short essay RE: N.F.L. Football

Watching Grifter Palin on Faux News Alert. She really says a lot of nothing.

Kristof: We Are All Egyptians (and this is why I still read the NYT)

Freshman GOPer Didn't Know Government Paid For Her Health Benefits

(Iraq) Invasion ordered weeks after 9/11, says Rumsfeld


In honor of Reagan's birthday--James Garner & Bette Davis on St. Ronnie

Can anyone with an IQ of 48 and a "moderate" learning disability consent to sex?

The great mediator: Can Obama get it right?

Guardian: Awesome Photos of Makeshift Helmets in Tahrir Square

NYT: 2 Detained Reporters Saw Secret Police’s Methods Firsthand

Noam Chomsky: It's not radical Islam that worries the US – it's independence

Is the internet kill switch bill about cyberterrorism or crushing domestic dissent?

OK a waring of sorts and a personal story.........

Student voted out of kindergarten class receives $350,000 settlement

Student voted out of kindergarten class receives $350,000 settlement

Corpus Christi, Texas resident warms up a shivering pelican that landed on his porch - pic

Egyptian Revolution Tweets February 3 2011 Day of Departure Part 23

Sen. Paul - "There is a disconnect between republicans"

I'm Beggin Ya... Ignore The Title, And READ THIS ARTICLE !!!

The Rude Pundit: Nine (or So) Ways to Celebrate the Centennial of Ronald Reagan

I will say one good thing about Reagan

A ton of amazing pics of Tahrir/Egypt events by an on-the-ground participant

Judge bans man with low IQ from having sex

Judge bans man with low IQ from having sex

Big Obama donor quits envoy job amid criticism

TED Talk: An elected official tells us how to get his attention..

Something very important happened on the internet this week....

On privacy the net, and the law

GWB: "I reject this notion.....that if you're a Muslim you can't be free..."

Just curious

Tweety: "Since WE are the only thinking beings on this earth..."

Vanessa Willaims Who do you think you are? Jim Crow and today (Must watch show)

U.S. cannot ignore 'stable' dictators, former senator charges (updated)

***** EGYPT Live Blog ***** Al Jazeera English - Feb. 5 *****

***** EGYPT Live Blog ***** Al Jazeera English - Feb. 5 *****

there is no free market for Health Care in this country....

Freshman GOPer Didn't Know Government Paid For Her Health Benefits

Revolution Fashion Collection: home made protective headgear in Tahrir: (pics)

Laid-off N.J. sports editor raps Gannett: 'We're all victims of corporate greed'

A BIG shout-out to Catherina, Turborama, dixiegirrr, L. Coyote and others

The Sled Dog Killer - "Following Orders" is No Excuse

For those asking about leadership in the revolution, here's something

Snow at the Brookfield Zoo in Broofield, Ill. - pics

Magnetic Polar Shifts Causing Massive Global Superstorms (or not?)

Rumsfeld Overheard: "War Lies Are Cool Now"

Seems most don't care that OS is losing a right most of you will still have

DUmmy FUNNIES... Hey Freepers,

Golldurnit, I want to forget Reagan!!!!1

Christians Protecting Muslims Praying in Egypt (photo)

Obama administration offers states ideas on how to cut Medicaid

(Mark) Foley speaks to Young Republicans in Florida

Wal-Mart Buys San Diego

Does anyone know anything about the group "No Labels?"

Georgia State Sen. Suggests iPads Could Replace Textbooks In Schools

Axolotl eggs could provide a potent weapon in fight against cancer

Charlie Sheen: 2 wars going on, Egypt, and all you people care about is my bullshit?

"Revolutions Know No Color" by Michael Collins at The Daily Censored

Link TV on DirecTV; Why is it grouped with the televangelist channels?

Before dog, fox was man's best friend: study

Obama’s crocodile tears over Egypt’s violence

Worried about My Dad and All Workers older than 50

Let's meetup to DEMAND AL JAZEERA on US television!

Democratic Website "OPEN LEFT" is CLOSING DOWN...(Chris Bowers Message re Closing)

Protecting Life? New Bill Says Its OK to Let Women Die

DU Darlings! Your Friday Afternoon Challenge Question: “Whose ‘life’ is it, anyway? ”

Borosage: The Reagan Ruins. Celebration of his 100th birthday begins in March.

Will Apple Be Censoring Books, Too?

DeFazio proposal to let people opt out of individual mandate

Washington is still incapable of connecting these dots.

New GOP Bill Would Allow Hospitals To Let Women Die Instead Of Having An Abortion

The Cardboard Messiah

WORKERS GO MISSING: Millions Of Americans Have Given Up Looking For A Job, No Longer Counted

A desperate workforce is exploited by the overlords

Be Careful What You Wish For - You Just Might Get It

I know you guys don't want to talk about her, but this is tooooo funny :)

Julian Assange must be telling the truth.

Corporate Control? Not in These Communities

Corporate Control? Not in These Communities

Gates, Broad, et al invested for "political leverage" in education. They succeeded.

For those who don't see overpopulation as a problem...

A shout out to Oberliner who posted this on Janaury 15th 2011

Best cure for hiccups?

A song and lyrics for the Lounge Lizards...."Have a Really Good Time"

Back by unpopular demand, Coyotespaw's Poetry Corner...

We're not advertising to children.... ... ... ... ... ... ... We're NOT!!!

The ORIGINAL illustrated novel explains much about this cryptic Sci-Fi title.

MiddleFingerMom wants to get one more piercing, but can't decide where. Placement is SO important.

What do the formative years of a "40-year-old Involuntary Virgin spokesperson4Abstinence" look like?

It's 22° and snow on the ground in Austin TX

CSI: Where No One Has Gone Before

Attention all Travelers.......San Antonio is officially closed.

Check in here if you have sore muscles from shoveling snow!

I now have proof the world will not end 5/21/11 - Rapture Ready convention is in July 2011

Can any Trekkies answer...

The man who isn’t there

We have snow in Austin, Tx!!

Need some good DU vibes here

CMW leaves me the sweetest notes (Part VII)

Brazilian taxi driver busts out in song......GEEEZUS!

The White Stripes are no more

A picture for you Vikings fans (dialup warning)

Do nothing for 2 minutes

Friday Night Thread

Is cursive writing obsolete?

Guide to MiddleFingerMom found!

Try Me

Some 'genius'! Suspect on assault charge pictured with misspelt tattoo

I hate long sloppy "goodbye scenes". So let's keep this brief and professional.

Doo doo doo, lookin' out my front door...

things that make you go huh? Walmart & Israel Kamakawiwo'ole

Ripped Open By Metal Explosion

We really need an exhaustive list of names you can't call people here at DU

The man who founded a religion based on 'The Big Lebowski'

Wieviel Menschen waren glücklich


This Is Detroit Soul

The Wilhelm Scream

Holiday Time

La Horse

Harley Davidson

Come Away Death

Google Earth KML and KMZ files

Hate for smokers......

Ford Mustang

Public humiliation: An alternative form of sentencing for miscreant goggies.

Magic Love

Rock Creek Park

Who is it

The Time Is Now

Should I try to make my 15,000th post significant, or blither pointlessly like the previous 14,999?

OK I'm Bored

Journalists attacked, detained in Cairo; US condemns 'systematic targeting'

Quit Closing the F..... Schools!

Quit Closing the F..... Schools!

My Kids Are Driving Me Crazy

MAN I'm a big dumb idiot!

Laisse tomber les filles

Anyone else see the last segment on Rachel Maddow?

You And The Music

Superbowel fail

Superman's dog "Krypto" may have super-powers but I'll bet he STILL drinks outta the toilet.

Vodafone accuses Cairo of co-opting network (for propaganda purposes)

Tomorrow Never Knows

Redskins owner Dan Snyder throws a fit...

G lost first tooth!


Separated at birth??

Wouldn't it SUCK if menus were interactive & could tell just what you can NOT do without any longer?

Cats rule. People drool.

But... but... but... I saw it on the Intertubes!!!!!

I had a dream last night that MiddleFingerMom was a penguin!

Global food prices hit record high

Egypt protests: Thousands plan 'Day of Departure' march

Egypt protests: Thousands plan 'Day of Departure' march

Beware the Cthulu from the Black Lagoon!!!!!

Texas congressman Hinojosa files for bankruptcy

Just throwing it out there: Cornbread & beans. Mexican hearty beef soup. n/t

Yes... ... ... yes. --- Oh, YES!!!... ... ... ... OH, YESYESYESYESYES!!!!

So... Here I am in Denver

You think conditions are bad where YOU are?

How to get CHEAP LABOR for clearing all that bothersome snow!!!

Muslim Brotherhood says no plans for Egypt presidential bid (or posts in a coalition government)

How does one go about putting up music on YouTube?

U2's best song: "Sunday, Bloody Suday"

My friend and I are thinking of taking her kids to Canada - what are some fun kid things to do

Southern snow

Chamber Pop

Three killed in Thailand-Cambodia border clash

Egypt slaps travel ban on former ministers, officials

New anti-government protests in Albania

Pans and condoms star in anti-Berlusconi protests

Police beat, arrest Sudanese at short-lived protests

BREAKING NEWS Egypt's Defence Minister in Tahrir Square Along with Military Commanders

Shatner to record heavy metal album

Morocco Facebook group calls for protests

WikiLeaks cables: US launched anti-extremist campaign to reverse UK radicalisation

Obama Administration Scores Legal Victory On Health Care

The line up for Puppy Bowl Vll !!!!

Hubby's family needs lounge vibes

A "second amendment" charity some of us gun lovers support.

Smaller New Orleans After Katrina, Census Shows

The Tax Man Cometh...

Millions of people just want to see her six-pack

Union limit is back on GOP radar; Some in Ohio House pushing 'right-to-work'

Iraqi Police Fire On Protesters, At Least Three Wounded

Egyptian Protests Inspire Small Demonstrations in Iraq

Fourth suspicious fire in (SF's) Castro District reported

Pennsylvania Supreme Court Upholds PLAs (project labor agreements)

A Good Friend Of Mine Believes Almost Party Line Democrat

Suleiman urges protesters to go home

Guantanamo Bay terror suspect 'dies after exercising'

Anti-torture group urges Swiss to probe Bush

(CBS News) Lara Logan released from Egyptian Military Custody

Egypt holds 'Day of Departure'

Lawsuit: Mets reaped $300M in fictitious Madoff profits

Al Jazeera English: Egypt's 'final push' protests begin

Giffords' Astronaut Husband To Fly Space Shuttle Endeavour's Final Flight

and now for something completely different.....A SNOWBALL FIGHT!!!

Jared Lee Loughner to be tried first on federal charges

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday, February 4, 2011

Unions Can Bargain on Behalf of Airport Security (DUPE BY A FEW MINUTES :-) )

'You come near Tahrir Square again and things won't be so good'

Airport screeners gaining limited union rights

New Park51 Leader To Step Down

Happy ending to a terrible story

lthough he's into nothin' but natural highs now... MiddleFingerMom STILL loves to alter his reality.

Hundreds of Yellowstone buffalo face slaughter

German sues Macedonia over alleged CIA kidnapping

Justice Ginsburg won't retire before 2012

Obama urges Mubarak to 'listen'

China-Eyes U.S. Defense Contracts

Dems to shun corporate, PAC money at convention

White House announces new appointees to faith council

Smaller New Orleans After Katrina, Census Shows

China to impose green tax on heavy polluters

President To Speak On Value Of Broadband

Egyptian reporter dies after protest shooting

Wisconsin man survives hours buried in snow

State Dept Suggests Egyptian Government Involved In Attacks On Journalists In Egypt

No State Charges Against Tucson Shooting Suspect — For Now

Haiti's former president Jean-Bertrand Aristide vows to return

Egyptian Mob Burns Al Jazeera's Cairo Office

San Jose airport: City exploring replacing cops with private security to cut costs

Arlington refuses burial of U.S. ally from Vietnam War (Vang Pao)

Falling ice at Cowboys Stadium injures 7, one critically

Mubarak May Join Ex Thailand PM Shinawatra in Montenegro

Justice Thomas’s Wife Sets Up a Conservative Lobbying Shop

Slain U.S. judge (John Roll)'s ruling upheld in immigrant case

I'm bored. I don't know whether to take a dump or wind my watch. What

‘Reasonable to Expect’ Giffords Husband Mark Kelly Will be on Shuttle Mission

Aetna announces big dividend, profit jumps 30 pct

Democratic National Committee: No corporate cash for convention

Venezuela sees $200 oil if Suez canal closes

iPad. how many of you have one? . . .

Bank of America to Create Unit for Toxic Loans

Call for Syrian 'day of rage' as planned protests fail to ignite

Weather a Factor in Slow U.S. Job Growth

Music: guilty pleasures

Iran says Stuxnet claims need investigating

Minorities Show Gains in Youths, Census Finds

Unemployment rate falls to 9.0% in January; payroll employment changes little (+36,000)

did your grandma cook/bake anything with black walnuts?

Assange Tells Internet Generation 'Their Time Has Come' to Hit Back at Abuse (Melbourne Rally)

All you wimps with all your snow stories - wah! wah! wah!

Kucinich Wants To Visit Wikileaks Suspect At Brig

Sen. Hatch: Kagan should sit out health care case

Obama aims for sharp drop in gov't-backed mortgages

WikiLeaks Cables: US Agrees to Tell Russia Britain's Nuclear Secrets

Bill would create paramilitary group in Montana

Maine Coon kittens!

Got an elder cat? Keep some canned pumpkin in the cupboard.`

Anyone here been to the Creation Museum?

Well, that big bag of salt came handy this morning, needed it the melt the ice on the back deck.

PHOTO: How the HELL do you "hunt" this for "sport?" At what point does it seem like "fun?"

DUPE n/t

"Don't Go There! They Said Or Else You'll Meet Your Destiny!" Christiane Amanpour

"I'm Scared" Anderson Cooper From Undisclosed Location In Egypt

Journalists and Human Rights Activists Arrested and Beaten In Cairo Crackdown: A Live Report

[EGYPT] Egyptian State Television Anchor Quits Amid Propaganda Claims

Rachel Maddow Plays Clip & Sings The Praises Of Ex-Deputy Head Of Egypt's State TV, Shahira Amin

Cenk on MSNBC: Stupid Right-Wing Attacks on Obama Egypt Response

Nobel Obama

Testimonies from Egyptians

Eyewitness Reports Inside Tahrir Square on Wednesday as Pro-Mubarak Forces Open Fire on Protesters

TDPS: Amnesty Intl Officer James Lynch on Trip to Cairo, Detention of His Colleagues

Tahrir Square Attracts Huge Crowds For 'Day Of Departure'

Egypt Uprising: A Lesson in Arab Democracy for US

Images from Egypt's protests = AlJazeeraEnglish

How Bought Is The Republican Party? - David Sirota w/ Cenk on MSNBC

Bonzo Goes To Washington - 5 Minutes (1984)

Papantonio: Mubarak’s Army Infiltrating Protest Groups

Thom Hartmann: We've Strayed from the Declaration of Independence

Papantonio and Ed Schultz Discuss The Koch’s Legacy

Cenk on MSNBC: GOP Budget Cut Lie Exposed

Radio Ad: Does Paul Ryan Hate the Green Bay Packers?


Ed Schultz: Wall Street's Hand in CAUSING The FOOD CRISIS in Egypt

"I Will Not Leave, I Will Stay Here Until He Go" - Ahmed, A Pro-Democracy Protester In Tahrir Sq.

Thom Hartmann: Would you sleep with John Boehner for $350,000?

MRN: Mubarak Heading To Exiled Dictator Camp

Bruce Springsteen Dancing in the dark

MUST-VIEW Rachel Maddow: The Whole World Is Watching (Gov't Violent Tactics 'Obvious')

Nawal El-Saadawi: "50 Pounds and a Chicken to Beat Us"

TDPS: Egypt media coverage, good & bad, with Alyona Minkovski

Anderson Cooper talks to Egyptian State TV's Shahira Amin, Who's Just Resigned & Is Whistleblowing

Nixon: Fred Thompson Is "dumb as hell"

Cute Young Boy With The Heart Of A Lion Leads Large Group Of Pro-Democracy Protesters In Alexandria

Fox News Nothing more Than Jerry Springer & Maury Povich On Steroids here's proof!

Julian Assange speech at WikiLeaks Public Meeting in Melbourne

2:58 Reagan tribute to be aired before the Super Bowl

Bush-era act of war on terror to stay in force for US fear factory ( Kucinich +)REPEAL NOW!

Cenk on MSNBC: Biggest Republican Liar Of The Week Is...

Government's Pre-Super Bowl Seizure Of Sports-Streaming Sites

EGYPT: Tahrir protesters consolidate their gains

ÜberDork Palin worship video featuring Train's song Marry Me. Can you say restraining order?

You thought the Rodney King thing was bad--- I think this one is worse.

FOX News Zombies

Ronald Reagan-1948 Last Time He Told the Truth

Thousands Of Protesters In Tahrir Square Break Into Song - Joyful Nighttime Scene! (02/04/11)

Egyptian Government Figures Join Protesters

David Horsey- Our first Hawaiian president

President Obama selects President Clinton to co-lead green buildings initiative

Flashback: GOP claimed credit for today's jobs report

Remembering Raygun.

Atrios: The Big Mistake

The Quitting Quitter of Quit quits free speech.

I knew these results before I even read them..... grade POTUS first two years

Summaries of jobs report

"Virginia Agrees To Implement Key Provision In Health Care Law"

Caption It: Lint from a Vacuum

Eugene Robinson: The Devils We Know

Obama challenges Mubarak: Consider your legacy

WTF. Why is Piers Morgan asking Michael Chertoff when Mubarek is going to leave?

West Wing Week: "Dispatches from Sudan"

So, you know how Republicans LOVE to say Reagan is responsible for the fall of the Berlin Wall?

Egypt Officials Seek to Nudge Mubarak Out

"The decline in the jobless rate was not a matter of discouraged workers dropping out."

Unemployment fell to 9%, in part because more people have given up on the job market.

In 2017, we'll celebrate the 100th birthday of JFK...

Dem convention to bar corporate cash, PACs

You Can't Believe Everything You Read (Rolling Blackouts)

Fox Mistakenly Claims Obama Misquoted Bible

MSNBC: Unemployment Falls to 9%. Net 36,000 jobs in January due to states shedding workers.

The 2011 SOTU: A Report Card (Not a Very Good Grade)

'Sarah-half-a-Palin' has gone incredibly quiet recently

"Anyone who's thinking of running against this guy, should go watch that speech"

51 Groups call on King (R-flaming bigot) to cancel hearings

Rand Paul In 2012? Senator Would Run For President 'If Nominated'

The popularity the GOP had in November seems to have failed as

Freshman GOPer Didn't Know Government Paid For Her Health Benefits

Human Rights Activists Criticize Obama's Egypt Response

In evaluating anything the Obama administration, ask yourself this one question:

CryoSat ice data now open to all

LA Times: A small fish caught in a big fuss

Brazil Auctions for Renewable Energy to Include Natural Gas

Drumbeat: February 4, 2011

Oysters are becoming 'functionally extinct'

Natural gas crunch leaves thousands shivering in Southwest

Don't Worry! Giant Mass Off FL Coast Isn't Oil - It's A Mat Of Dead Bacteria, Plankton & Algae

Belo Monte Dam Banker Adds Environmental Restrictions: Dam Builders Say They'll Seek Loan Elsewhere

California Grid Operator Seeks Energy Storage For Power Market

Large Areas Of Northern China - Key Wheat Belt - Suffering Through Worst Drought In 60 Years

Joule Unlimited awarded World Technology Award in the field of Energy.

Some Alabama fish populations increase dramatically after Gulf oil spill

Amazon Drought Follow-Up; Scientists Believe Billions Of Rainforest Trees Died In 2010 - Guardian

Environmental rollbacks in the works

Well deniers, you got your record-breaking winter.

Incandescent Bulbs

World Wildlife Fund Report Shows 100% Renewable Energy Possible by 2050

Somebody remind me how biofuels are supposed to displace petroleum?

Might Energy Efficiency Lead to Higher CO2 Emissions?

Study Shows Deer Prions (Chronic Wasting Disease) May Be Species Jumper - Journal-Sentinel

Bill To Require Disclosure Of What Companies Use In Fracking Fluid Killed In MT Legislature

2010 Drought Turned Amazon Basin Into Net Carbon Source - 8 Billion Tons' Worth - Independent

What's with the doughnut hole on MODIS?

Location Matters

Mubarak's third force terror tactic

Wallace Shawn: Why I Call Myself a Socialist

Make Ronald Reagan's day and kill Medicare (LAT)

Al-Jazeera Office Attacked in Egypt Protests

British Border Agent Fired for Putting Wife on Terrorist Watch List

Salon: Falling unemployment rate + anemic job growth = "workers have simply given up looking"

A chicken is missing

You be the judge

Expatriate returns to Egypt to join protests

Egyptian protesters return to the streets Friday for 'Day of Departure' demos

WikiLeaks has created a new media landscape

It's not radical Islam that worries the US – it's independence

Michael Collins: Revolutions Know No Color

Mubarak Mobs and Street Vendors: Welcome to Egypt

Egypt Officials Seek to Nudge Mubarak Out.

David Sirota: With Democracy or Against It—There’s No In Between

Russ Feingold: We Cannot Look the Other Way at “Stable” Dictators

Ed Schultz: Jon Stewart 'Out-Schul­tzes' Me

Guardian UK: Even the pro-market Blairites know the NHS faces chaos

Politics Ends At The Water's Edge

Ron Reagan says scheduled Reagan 100th birthday speaker Grifterella "is a soap opera"

Is there a cover-up on Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry’s murder?

Salon: 48-year-old Afghan dies in Gitmo cage after 9 years and no charges filed against him

Weekend Economists Lunar New Year Celebration February 4-6, 2011

Another constitutional amendment, on gun rights (Iowa - Legal CCW without a permit)

NRA "Poll"

Overkill - Our correspondent is blown away at the largest gun show in the U.S. (Las Vegas)

Elderly Toledo man captures home invasion suspect (Pulled gun. No shots fired. Target is 68 - Ohio)

Greg Grandin has a short blog post re Haiti in The Nation

Wow! Epic choke by the lakers!! Great game, San Antonio!!

Clay Pigeon Golf Shot

5 people injured by falling ice at Cowboys Stadium - 1 critical.

In case anyone still didn't realize what a giant asshole Albert Haynesworth is.....

Suit Says Mets Owners Ignored Warnings on Madoff

Texans trying to pronounce Wisconsin city names

Coolest Athletes of all time according to GQ

Haynesworth charged with assault in case of road rage

I love how Goodell is spinning the weather in Dallas.

Celebrities, national media react to Super Bowl snow 'debacle'

Music Video: YOUNG GALAXY 'We Have Everything'

NOM Waves The Rainbow Flag - This is so many shades of awesome! Thank you SMBC Comics!

Video About Sacred Heterosexual Marital Cheats.....

How To Effectively Prank Anti-Gay Marriage Lobbyists

14 Couples Who Inspire

Same-Gender Couple Carol Ann and Laura Stutte Sue Alleged Arsonist

Gays & Atheists Blamed For Cyclone - Oh Auntie Em!

In Mideast, U.S. backing means absolute power

Muslim Brotherhood Leader: Dissolve the Israel Peace Treaty

Iran's Khamenei calls for Islamic regime in Egypt

First post from this chapter

The Kennedy assassination and the resurrection of Jesus.

Catholic Church Issues Guide on How to Convert Witches

German theologians call for end to celibacy

Christian Crees Tear Down Sweat Lodge

Even More Things in Heaven and Earth

Physicists discover new quantum state of water

Stonehenge to STEREO: How We See the Sun

Not-so-Gentle Ben: Fossils of the largest bear that ever lived found in Argentina

Astronomy: Exoplanets on the cheap

Scientists suggest protocol for messaging to aliens