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Cat in tree prepares for vet visit, born in tree, has never come down

Live feed of WI Legislature ...

South Korea Drops Leaflets Into North About Egypt, Libya

Yeah I know Free Republic, still this is an interesting article

About Libya

"We have a plan to bring down Tripoli," One of Seven Former Colonels

Outrage, anxiety after Providence mayor fires almost 2,000 teachers

Goldman Sachs Says GOP Budget Plan Will Hurt Economy

Hugo Chavez denies having a Twitter Account!

Smoking Declines and Food Fandom Grows. Coincidence?

Saudi youth call for protest in solidarity with Libyan uprising

Assembly debating a motion to REMOVE the speaker

Search for missing kids continues

LinkedIn Blocked in China After ‘Jasmine’ Pro-Democracy Postings


Virginia assembly says abortion clinics should be regulated as hospitals

If Households Budgeted Like the GOP

Budget bill passes Wisconsin Assembly; moves to Senate

A quote that sums up the Conservive world view.

'So This Is How Liberty Dies...With Thunderous Applause'

Well Mr. President, after Fitzgerald pulled a DeLay like tactic

Candidate Obama v. President Obama on Workers' Rights

Who are your top 3 favorite current House Members???

Who are your top 3 favorite current House Members???

Who will be the first of the 14 WI Dems to come back?

New York Post Now Following Me On Twitter

I HATE to even bring this up, but how long before the revisionists start giving credit to Dubya

Obama's 2012 budget- why the surprise?

Assembly Republicans Try to Force a Final Vote

I gotta love these Righties, really

'Climategate' report clears scientists

For conservatives, Michelle Obama is fair game

GA Bill would allow utilities to back state political races

Family faces $2,500 water bill — for leak not even on their property

Italy arrests Moroccans for inciting hatred of Pope

Big-picture view of the mideast situation?

House Republicans Move against Wolves

Tensions flare in Iraq rallies

BREAKING: Walker Flees State; Asylum Request Made To Mississippi.

Wall St & Corporations have done it again - Working Class is Divided

Oh no, here we go again !: (Massachusetts) Rep pushes bill to bust unions

WA Proposed bill would limit some service animals where food is served, sold

Libya placed billions of dollars at U.S. banks: WikiLeaks

Aren't we paying for...

Aren't we paying for...

I think its time for a caption contest - Scotty Walker

How f***ing dumb is Walker's staff?

Search warrants target sexual Facebook

Shared Sacrifices

So, Did The Green Bay Packers' Players Just Lose The Ability To Negotiate A New CBA w/ The NFL?

Family Tragedy Exposes Hidden Healthcare Cost

Perspective on Guns and Mental Illness

When the going gets tough, the "tough" go to "Meet the Press"

PHOTO: Night In Madison Capitol Building

Mother Jones: The Mother Of All Obama Conspiracy Theories (Obama's Secret Plot To...)

Suit: Police ‘busted’ sticker violates rights

If Corporations can, why not Unions?

Cards bump Rush on KMOX this spring

Bill passes in the house WISCONSIN

I breeze past Morning Schmo, and he's bitching that Boeing won the tanker contest

This goes beyond abuse of children and become something heinous.

"Wisconsin Assembly" trending up on twitter

Union members kicked out of Kansas House gallery during vote

Proposed Pet Ordinance Bans Tethering, Demands Bigger Kennels

Best poster yet - no pic but comfirmed by local news channel

Wisconsin: "Pandemonium in the Capitol" as "Dems Chant 'Shame!'"

Read the article about last night vote on the front of TPM - SCANDALOUS!!

The great oil scam

Walker - "Just Not Smart - Even vaguely ridiculous" -by Josh Marshall

The Economics of Happiness

"When I see this in a budget story..." (On Planned Planned Parenthood Cuts-Big Graphic)

The American way of life is not negotiable ...

Have you read the Repubs platform for your state?

David Bollier: Getting Beyond the Logic of the Market

Who knew KADAFY is a soccer dad?!1 His son is investor in Hollywood movies & hires for his parties

TSA Yanks Pricey Security Puffers

Photos from Libyan airport attack

What I don't get is public workers pay part of their own

Feb 25th Famous Political Birthday: Millicent Fenwick

would you hire someone

Blind Boy 'Feels' Shuttle Launch Up Close

Toon: You have more calls, Gov. Walker!

and the TRUTH will smack us in the face!!!

surge update: Demonstrations Turn Violent in Iraq

France's Sarkozy Says Gaddafi Must Go

Are flip-flops considered comfortable shoes?

Charges initiated against Pope for crimes against humanity

ZOMG!!!! Eminem tops Lady Gaga in Facebook 'likes' !!!!!!!

Cheaper soda helps poor, creates jobs, lawmaker says

Libyan Revolution Tweets, Day 9, Part 1

Libyan Revolution Tweets, Day 9, Part 2

2 reports of dead dolphins in the Gulf

Charlie Sheen goes Mel Gibson lite (on Alex Jones) and producers end his hit series

Help with finding information of states that have unions and

Google Declares War on Content Farms

Google Declares War on Content Farms

I want to make up a bunch of 'Boycott Koch Industries' stickers, take them to the

Charlie Sheen responds to producers of sitcom after shutdown

Just saw a comment praising the lay off letters to RI teachers.

What does the McDonald's "any size soda for $1" mean?

Science of cat ladies? Felines bond with females, study shows

Daily Kos: Attack on Public Employees Deals Sharp Blow to Blacks

Teacher pleads guilty to duct-taping autistic student, confined a blind girl under a desk

Automatic Trolls for Sale!

Libyan Revolution Tweets, Day 9, Part 5 (The Mother of of Intifadas today)

OH: Legislation would allow comp time (instead of overtime pay)

An Assignment for all DU'ers regarding Koch Brothers

Libyan Revolution Tweets, Day 9, Part 4 (The Mother of of Intifadas today)

Libyan Revolution Tweets, Day 9, Part 4 (The Mother of of Intifadas today)

The Nation: Against A 'No-Fly Zone' In Libya

The Nation: Against A 'No-Fly Zone' In Libya

Iraq riots as's that surge working out?

Libyan Revolution Tweets, Day 9, Part 6 (The Mother of of Intifadas today)

RI the next collective bargaining battleground?

State spending cuts slow US economic growth in Q4

A new message from the WI Assembly Dems 2-25

Secret Service interviews Georgia constituent who asked who will `shoot' Obama; case is `closed matt

The Rude Pundit: This Never Ending Abortion War

GOP inquiry finds no evidence that ‘climategate’ scientists misused data

Shoppers wary of GM foods find they're everywhere

Yusuf Islam (Cat Stevens)

Scientists Are Cleared of Misuse of Data

Town hall question: "Who's going to shoot Obama?"

Ohio Schools Panel Rejects Union-Scale Wages

Unsaid in school debate: Where the white kids are

The lost Enid Blyton novel: After decades gathering dust, one of her earliest tale is discovered

"spooky - ruthless - asshole"

Trump could spend $200 million of his own funds

Man who threatened 'South Park' creators gets 25 years in prison

Man who threatened 'South Park' creators gets 25 years in prison

There are good people out there

NYT: Wisconsin (Union Busting) Bill Advances, Then Stalls

Libyan Revolution Tweets, Day 9, Part 7 (The Mother of of Intifadas today)

Crowds protest plan to close Newark schools, replace them with charters

The past 11 days, during which Madison police made no arrests .....

The Madison Capital Times has provided by far the best coverage of the Wisconsin protests

watch Wisc senate live here...

Finally, somebody is publishing the truth,

Libyan Diplomats Change Sides at U.N. Rights Forum

Congressman Broun's secretary confirms that someone did indeed ask "Who is going to shoot Obama?"

Digby: Village Psy-Ops

In the fields the bodies burning, as the war machine keeps turning.

Gaddafi warns Libyans of chaos if protests continue: TV

It doesn't matter until you lose.....

Check out this video of the Wisconsin assembly voting on the union-busting bill!

Stephen Colbert explains Anonymous: the 'global hacker nerd brigade' (Video)

Libyan Revolution Tweets, Day 9, Part 8 (The Mother of of Intifadas today)

Neo-Hooverism -- Economy Slows on Cuts From State and Local Governments

A quick question re: the Wisconsin's SEI union's collective bargaining irights matter

Al-Jazeera: Gaddafi addresses Tripoli crowd

Other supplies for the Madison protesters:

EADS (Airbus) linked to John McCain 2008 campaign

Secret Service interviews Georgia constituent who asked who will `shoot' Obama; case is closed...

To jeers of "Shame!" - WI state Assembly pics

CBO: Jobs Created and Saved By Stimulus Cost At Minimum An Average of $228,055 Each


local legislative forums - please attend.

Scott Walker chops away at Democrat foundation

Friday Toons, part 2 - Wisconsin

Friday Toons, part 3 -Libya

Friday Toons, part 4- Oil Shock

Wisconsin Pension Cuts Are Actually About Reducing Union 'Cash Wages': David Cay Johnston

You have no business calling your newspaper Fair and Balanced....

Kofi Annan: “what we seek to protect reflects what we value.”

Search for missing kids ends in tragedy

All parts....and some more

Stephen Colbert IS Anonymous

Now WHY would the IRS recently issue guidance on terminating public pension plans?

Charter School Offers to Take Over High School – with Conditions

American Express CEO: People aren't using their credit

The Republican Shakedown..By Robert Reich

DU this poll. Re: collective bargaining.

FLASHBACK: Gov. Walker Promised To End Late-Night Votes Because ‘Nothing Good Happens After Midnight

Mother of girl featured in shocking anti-abortion billboard is outraged by ad: 'I want an apology'

How a bunch of pro-union, anti-Republican protesters turned the hallways of the Wisconsin state.....

"Europe Conservatives' New Scapegoat: Multiculturalism"

If we accept the premise that we should reward good teachers and get rid

Wisconsin Assembly: The Democrats got up, chanting "Shame! Shame! Shame!"

"Democrats are crazy," Cleaver says, and can't be "corralled"

Jon Stewart Details President Obama’s DOMA Shift

Libya: British and French at UN Security Council Drafting Resolution (GuardianUK)

Kanye One-ups Justin Bieber on Abortion

WND: Lawsuit: 'Honor killings' OK by Michigan Shariah (the "Sharia in America" canard never stops)

Solidarity with Wisconsin labor thread

Marauding Gay Hordes Drag Thousands Of Helpless Citizens From Marriages After Obama Drops DOMA

Jeremy Bernard: A historic choice for White House social secretary

For those attending the rallies on Saturday

Call President Obama to ask him to stand firm on union rights in Wisconsin.

Friday Toons, part 1- Exposing the Republican Agenda

More Than 270 State Legislators Nationwide Declare Support For Wisconsin Protests

This is the TEA/GOP's great "healthcare" plan - PDF, just released:

Marriage In Maryland: Senators Resist Lobbying Campaign By Church Hierarchy

WI Sen Risser: We have no intention of coming back today

WI Sen Risser: We have no intention of coming back today

David Letterman Challenges Rand Paul on Tax Cuts for the Rich

Here is a question... after the vote in the Senate WI

Michael Moore: Why I Support the People of Thompson, Canada -- And You Should Too

Anonymous Sends Westboro A Message

Constitutional Commandment: Virginia School Board Obeys First Amendment – At Least For Now

These WI protesters have made it through the main stream media filter like

America's alleged Christian roots debated in packed room at OCCC

The recall for Bob Wirch (dem) in WI has started

Libya's Geneva Diplomats Defect

Police Assn. Urges Members To Sleep at Capitol

Republicans Urge Democrats to Accept $4 Billion Budget Cut

SPITZER, the "(bleeping) Steamroller" sez: PARKER "will be gone within a week"

"Koch Industries has been lobbying to prevent the E.P.A. from classifying formaldehyde,

Libyan Revolution Tweets, Day 9, Part 9 (The Mother of of Intifadas today)

Koch Brothers Funding Scott Walker Anti-Union Ads

Koch Brothers Funding Scott Walker Anti-Union Ads

Union groups blast Ohio collective bargaining bill

Union groups blast Ohio collective bargaining bill

Toon - Madison, Wisc.

New Jersey shows support for Wisconsin workers - pics

New Jersey shows support for Wisconsin workers - pics

Market Crash 2011: It will hit by Christmas

Defending Wisconsin - New Website to start Recall Petition.

Defending Wisconsin - New Website to start Recall Petition.

Libyan Revolution Tweets, Day 9, Part 10 (The Mother of of Intifadas today)

Ronald Reagan Called Union Membership ‘One Of The Most Elemental Human Rights’

USN&WR !: Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker Starting to Look Like a Mideast Tyrant

I think the time has come to "Storm the Bastille"

(Texas Governor) Perry reluctant to back Walker's plan

Hollywood Studios Kill 'Family-Friendly' DVD Service

will the protests in WI get all of the democrat/progressive voters out to vote

Is a woman's place at home?

"Walker Needs to Get Over His Koch Addiction": Labor Activists Protest Koch Brothers’ Madison Office

Take Bernie Sanders' online poll -- How has the recession affected you?

The con is on. Look! Crisis! Bailouts!

For the teachers of the world

Important poll needs some DU Lovin

Libyan Revolution Tweets, Day 9, Part 11 (The Mother of of Intifadas today)

Former president of MADD chapter busted for DUI

How about: 'Greet them with flowers'

US Uncut: Non-partisan group demands corporations pay their taxes

US Uncut: Non-partisan group demands corporations pay their taxes

FWIW, this Facebook thread may cheer you up...

We need our guns... to overthrow tyrants!

TPM: Gallup Poll: Only Highest Earners Support Gutting Collective Bargaining

Madison labor raises the stakes

Anyone going to a solidarity rally tomorrow?

On the lighter side

Budget Puzzle: You Solve The Deficit

Is it true? Will this bill give banks the ability to forclose without a note?

Congresswoman Tammy Baldwin will march with the Unions tomorrow for a huge rally at capital!

I'm not seeing the Teabaggers organizing to protest this weekend

Complete list of Tea Party protests that ran 24+ continuous hours

Where the hell are they getting all the milk???? There can't be that many volunteers...

Astronomers May Have Spotted Distant Baby Planet's Birth, A Cosmic First

Bad media coverage makes the people ignorant and stoopid

Will Obama support the Iraqis protesting against their corrupt puppet government?

Voters we shouldn't even TRY to win over

Does Scott Walker have an exit plan ??

Take The Worlds Smallest Political Quiz

Fox Uses Case Of Canadian Baby To Raise Specter Of Death Panels

The Big Picture - Libya (33 photos total)

Breaking: Kathleen Parker Is Out At CNN

Obama’s Democrats have become the party of no - Charles Krauthammer

Obama’s Democrats have become the party of no - Charles Krauthammer

Four years!

Gallup: Mississippi Most Conservative State, Vermont Most Liberal

SUBMIT Youtube questions to Boehner (and some of mine) LINK:

Bwahahahahahahahaha ("Rightwing candidates are better looking")

Jesse Jackson in Ohio photos at the Teamsters rally

"Now is the time, not to play golf

FOK News Channel website goes LIVE tonight

George W. Bush cancels appearance over Julian Assange's presence

Tweety: What's-her-name-up-in-Alaska. I not going to use her name for a few days..

What we need in these desperate times is a real hero, Teddy Fuckin' Roosevelt!

Gingrich: Breaking your word is worse than shutting down the government...

USSS looks into "Who's going to shoot Obama ?" questioner

The new Gallup poll about most conservative/least conservative states tells us something we all know

Earliest human remains in US Arctic reported

Libya's Ambassador To The US Takes Down Libyan Flag

If National Dems fight like Wisconsin Dems, we WILL win in 2012

The only hope we have is the 14 staying hermetically sealed.

Live Feed from WI Capital

I told Y'all so.

Libyan Revolution Tweets, Day 9, Part 12

The Imperial Walker's "budget plan" hits me directly.

Texas State students offer scholarships exclusively for white males

Amazing. Walker's minions in the assembly closed the vote on the budget after mere seconds.

Scott Walker and the Koch Brothers Commitment to Prosperity for the Few

4 R Assemblypersons voted No on Walker's bill!!

Q: Is it cruelty to paint your dog with a washable non-toxic paint?

Tennessee Senator Mae Beavers (R) is as dumb as a rock and a Birther

On the Unions and especially their leadership...

Reasons 2012 will be the end

Feds give Gov. Rick Scott more time to change mind about high speed rail

IHOP National Pancake Day Celebration

Black and white twins defy odds

Much more than money/benefits at stake in collective bargaining

Olbermann’s FOKNewsChannel to go live tonight

Pew: The Tea Party, Religion and Social Issues

I'm going to the Capitol tomorrow to show solidarity for our brothers and sisters in Wisconsin

Comedian Louis CK asks Rumsfeld if he's ‘a lizard-person who eats Mexican babies'

Sweet Fancy Moses. Tennessee Bill Outlaws Sharia *completely*

Wisconsin law requires teaching of history of organized labor

A question that bothers me

Protesters killed in Iraqi 'day of rage'

Ah yes Patterns...

By now, GOPs would have a recall effort against a Dem Gov. in full swing, abetted by national media.

New poll identifies most liberal and conservative states

My roommate is a birfer! LOL!

So, Newtie says he'd consider Allen West as his VP running mate. Does that mean...

Fat cat ass oil company has biggest smile today cuz they get gain 30 cent this week

COMEDY! Wisconsin's New Fight Song

Another Democratic Senator is NOT keeping his powder dry and is going after the tough issues...

Citigroup: US will be 3rd-largest economy by 2050

Sarah in 2008 re: "Educating kids about healthy eating"

Exclusive: Non-partisan ‘US Uncut’ group demands corporations pay taxes

How PR Sold the War in the Persian Gulf

A tip about tips

Did you get this one this week? A little humor

Nutjob Pam Geller designated a 'hate group'

Last night's vote by the Wisconsin Assembly was almost certainly illegal

So, why do members of the Reactionary Right hold the views they do?

New Jersey Unions March on Statehouse

Statistically there are more high-school shool shootings than university shootings, therefore;

What should instructors at a public universities in Texas do when students can carry in class?

Tune in to Cenk on MSNBC! He's covering the Dem

AlterNet: Only the Wealthiest Americans Favor Stripping Workers' Collective Bargaining Rights

Too much fucking irony UPDATE: Bush cancels speech over man who "harmed U.S. interests."

The Plutocrat's Coup d'Etat, Their Republican Allies and Their Democratic Enablers

Where's Warren (Petryk, R-WI)?

Libyan Navy joins protesters

Wisconsin Protest, February 25th - pics

Can you help identify us?

21 min into the newscast, Katie Couric mentioned WI in a 30 sec report

Facebook's Secret Role in Egypt-Execs took unusual steps to protect the identity of protest leaders

Facebook's Secret Role in Egypt-Execs took unusual steps to protect the identity of protest leaders

White House Picks First Gay Man to Be Social Secretary

Welcome to the Emergency Room. Papers Please.

Name some of the "loony left" Tweety! He was just making

Monsanto Wins Reversal of Order to Destroy Sugar Beet Plants

MADISON - "The lobbyists have apparently begun the work of taking the Koch name off the door."

The biggest Pot calling the Kettle Black statement ever?

The biggest Pot calling the Kettle Black statement ever?

Stop bashing the non-voters-work on GETTING them to vote by reaching out to them

Walker: I Visited Dems' Districts In Effort To Bring Them Back To Wisconsin

A conservative arguement regarding wages and rasies.

The Muslim Brotherhood...

Do the Wisc. Protesters need pizzas (or anything else)?

Wisconsin Professional Police Association calls for Capitol to be kept open; announces officer sleep

Government Debt, at All Levels, Reaches Post-World War II Levels

someone just called me union "scum" on my youtube channel

Glenn Greenwald on Cenk; Obama worse than Bush on whistleblowers

People making a difference - a big thumbs up here to Under Heard:

Ratigan's sponsor "Nucor Steel" of Seattle ( he did a big piece on it the other day)

Assembly Budget Bill Passage Paves Way for Ejecting Protesters from Wisconsin Capitol

WI people can sign up NOW to recall Walker, so the database of names

Scott Walker, at press conference, offers to sing kumbaya with Senate Dems

The History Channel has a program on now about how to survive Armaggedon

The History Channel has a program on now about how to survive Armaggedon

Wisconsites need to repeat over and over again:

New Secrets Revealed: "The Craigslist Congressman & the Crossdressing Prostitute"

I called the ALA today.

Obama signs Patriot Act extension into law

Wisconsin Capitol To Close Sunday Afternoon After Non-Stop Protests

Pa. suspends air pollution controls at drilling sites!

This 'union busting' spree is another example of how Big Business hates REALcapitalism

This Liar on the TV is amazing

Arrogant Kochs

narcotic commander filmed counting cash from sale of drugs

Wisconsin Radio Station Explains Why It Dropped Beck's "Unacceptable" Show

I am a feminist, liberal, SOCIALIST , pro-choice, anti-drug war, Democratic, Anti-Racist American

GOP inquiry finds no evidence that ‘climategate’ scientists misused data

The Craigslist Congressman and the Crossdressing Prostitute...

A question about the 50% plus one in a democracy?

The #Libya Daily

That dickhead on O'Donnell (Scott Suder) is from Abbotsford, WI

MONOPOLY: The Koch Bros. Game – Infographic (from The Other 98%)

Democracy Now is On the Ground in Madison, Wisconsin and has Good Reporting of THOUSANDS Camped In~

Obama administration stops defending DADT policy as constitutional

Sex ceremony voodoo candles cause fire - 1 dead, 20 injured firefighters, 47 families homeless

"Daylight exacerbates warming"

GOP lawmaker wants to tax Wisconsin Dems

So, will Obama defend our mercenaries if they start to fire on Iraqi protestors?

That's why you pay union dues, after all.

Survey: More U.S. hate groups than ever before

Lawrence will discuss shortly- Paul Broun -Town Hall question

Anybody heard of bobbolink? I know that she was sick

Why is Education on the Republican Chopping Block?

Obama admin decides to start a govt-run research center that would explore new remedies for diseases

wearing a tube top does NOT equal consent

Gov. Walker (R-WI) may have violated many parts of Wisconsin law in prank call

As Protests Spread to Iraq, Famous Shoe-Thrower Arrested Again

Why Won’t Obama Meet with Unemployed?

Media to cover the Saturday protests? Not now. Charlie Sheen comes first!

Big solidarity rallies scheduled across the country Saturday, but...

Shelley said it best

"Tear Down This Wall" (but not that one...)

Why are we hearing about the demonstration in the Wi. Assembly

Mitch Daniels talks (about) past drug use, arrest

Bush comment could set record for all-time irony

Bush comment could set record for all-time irony

State-by-state look at union battles across the U.S. (10 states so far)

Aaaaaand the GOP's going right back to stochastic terrorism already.

Bravo Jennifer Granholm!!

False Flag op re Libya?

So why doesn't the UN want Bush and Cheney

Live streaming Madison - inside Capitol

Polar Bear Cubs - Friday fun pics

Polar Bear Cubs - Friday fun pics

Teach Your Children Well

Boeing Pays NO TAXES--But Snags $35 Billion In Taxpayer Dollars

Keith went after my area's Mike Hogan--yeah!!!

Matthew Rothschild: The New York Times Plays Into Gov. Walker’s Hands

Matthew Rothschild: The New York Times Plays Into Gov. Walker’s Hands

Where Are the Thugs?

if Obama won't go to Madison...he could send Hilda Solis.

Keith on Scott Walker...

OCCUPATION FAILURE: Time to ask Petraeus Some Hard Questions-By Dennis Kucinich

Really Bad Reporting in Wisconsin: Who 'Contributes' to Public Workers' Pensions?

SERIOUS questions about usage of my taxes and passing judgment on it.

Libyan Revolution Tweets, Day 9, Part 3 (The Mother of of Intifadas today)

Libyan Revolution Tweets, Day 9, Part 3 (The Mother of of Intifadas today)

I think a workers' revolt in the United States...

So if we bankrupt all the insurers, then can we have Medicare for all?

Keith on Unions...

Scott Walker...

Please don't make me feel bad for Scott Walker

The Billion Dollar Lost-Laptop Study

Scott Walker’s History EXPOSES a DARK, ILLEGAL Past Behind The CHOIR BOY Face

I Am Incensed... I Have The Choice Of Absolute Criminal Whack-Jobs, And A Non-Confrontational

Spread please.

Important! Russ Feingold is calling on people to rally tomorrow

Report: NATO may attack Libya if violence continues

Thieves burglarize home while parents at funeral for son

How John Birch Society Extremism Never Dies: The Fortune Behind Scott Walker’s Union-Busting

"Under kidney transplant proposal, younger patients would get the best organs"

At what point would America’s Middle Class Revolt against Corp America

10,776 NOTES To Walker

Even More Reasons For Fox News To Consider Rebranding

White Southern Christian conservatives are suddenly concerned about separation of church and state

For those planning to attend a solidarity rally tomorrow.....a little Zinn-spiration

If the Wisc State Senate DID pass the Death to Collective Bargaining Bill

We, the people are responsible for Keith Olbermann's renaissance!

Public Employees: Heineman (R-Ne) Says Major Changes Must Be Made 'Or Else!' (my union on the ropes)

Bernie Sanders wasn't on Thom Hartmann today - but he was on Cenk's MSNBC show

This Land Is Your Land

Another one of Fox's "mistakes?" (Obama = Osama?)

So what will the next excuse to bail out the rich be?

Gaddafi's private pilot has fled Libya

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF! & here's a new kitty gif

I just talked to the "Famous Ross" at Ian's Pizza! His ankle is feeling better! to go live at 9:30 p.m. tonight

Former WI AG Says Walker May Have Broken Laws During Prank Phone Call

Letters From Inside Libya (Distressing TOON)

University of Wisconsin-La Crosse faculty says yes to union

And now from Alternate reality that is Michelle Bachman

'We are ALL Wisconsin' rallies in Calif. (sorry, links in email don't work in this post)

Scott Walker's unprincipled rigidity - Dana Milbank

World's largest 3D picture (wow!)

Greenwald: The DOJ's creeping war on whistleblowers

Salmon run fails, Island eagles starve

Should Obama fulfill his campaign promise and walk with the union protesters?

Libyan Revolution Tweets, Day 9, Part 14 (The Mother of of Intifadas today)

Koch Execs Respond To Prank Call: We Will Not 'Back Off'

Jeanne Assam asked to leave New Life Church after coming out

Oh, Snap!

Protests unite public, private union workers

Libyan Opposition Leaders Slam U.S. Business Lobby's Deals With Gaddafi

I just gave the sign for Solidarity, the clenched fist, to one of those tax-clowns who stand on


Any San Francisco DU'ers going to the rally tomorrow at Civic Center?

Mortgage Deal Being Discussed with the Banks - Get ready for a screwing

What would Ronald Reagan have said if they had tried to bust his union...?

So if public unions are busted, we all know private unions are next, but what will next after that?

Defense secretary warns against fighting more ground wars

The RIPublicans

They call themselves the Cuddle Puddle.

Walker update at dailykos - "I even had lawmakers and others suggesting rattling things up."

Clarence Thomas

Letterman Just Made Rand Paul Look Like A Complete Ass.....

Fannie Mae posts $2.1B loss for Q4, asks for additional $2.6B in aid

Eyewitness account from WI Assembly Session yesterday

A friend came for a visit today

Foknewschannel live

Foknewschannel live

Foknewschannel live

Olbermann’s FOKNewsChannel to go live tonight

Boy, 8, Arrested Over School Tantrums Orlando Teachers Had Deputies Arrest Boy 5 Times

LOL Teabags are getting nervous is getting close is getting close

McAfee's SiteAdvisor is wrong on Keith's new site.

Some public employee union members are, gasp!, Republicans! who voted for Walker.

Some public employee union members are, gasp!, Republicans! who voted for Walker.

Ben Ali and Mubarak were low-hanging fruit, but, if a tyrant as vicious and murderous as Qaddafi can

Libyan Revolution Tweets, Day 9, Part 13 (The Mother of of Intifadas today)

WISCONSIN ... Graham Nash, your services are needed!

As Mental Health Cuts Mount, Psychiatric Cases Fill Jails

Quilt causing controvery at quilt show - "Disgusting doesn't even cover it."

VA bill would shut down 17 of state's 21 abortion clinics

VA bill would shut down 17 of state's 21 abortion clinics

Hideaway in Rockford video

Boehner golfs as GOP refuses to budge on government shutdown

Boehner golfs as GOP refuses to budge on government shutdown

The Wealthy Elite's one-two punch: Citizens United and destroying Unions.

Wow, Lawrence O'Donnell "went there" today on MJ!

Its Amazing! Its like Magic! With this, ANYTHING is possible! Why didn't WE think of this?

I don't put it past KOCH et al to get violent, Walker and co are scumbags

I got yet another Urban Dictionary definition published

The Danger of American Fascism - Henry Wallace

Krugman: Shock Doctrine, USA

If you are in Western WI Saturday,-picket the governor himself

Eric Johnson-DeBaufre (ericjd here): Why Wisconsin's Assembly Vote Was Illegal (CounterPunch)

Breaking: Walker booed out of local WI tavern

Who here thinks that if and when Obama gets reelected, that conditions for the working

Who here thinks that if and when Obama gets reelected, that conditions for the working

Post FDR Politicians: Progressive, Liberal or Moderate?

Post FDR Politicians: Progressive, Liberal or Moderate?

Heads up Sacramento: The 'Walmart of weed' to open in California

Wolf Blitzer on CNN saying Gaddafi has Chemical Wepons that can "burn."

TOM THE DANCING BUG: After the Revolution, with the Federal Gov'mint off our backs!


Koch Front Group Americans For Prosperity: ‘Take The Unions Out At The Knees’

President Obama should ask Scott Walker to come to D.C.

Who are your top 3 favorite current Senators???

Republic vs. a Democracy.

Should we do a thread on positive union anecdotes?

Full Page ad From Poland Solidarnosc union in Mil. paper

I'm pretty damned excited that there's a rally tomorrow!

More Full Out Loon. Even my jaw dropped. NH Bagnuttery. This Day in 1964: Cassius Clay

One Way to Get Rid of Unions

Al Jazeera - Oil may hit $220.00/barrel

Excellent News for Gov. Walker!

If President Obama wanted to address the random rage accumulating around the country,

Your Friday Afternoon Challenge, my darling DU litterati : Where writers wrote!

I'm SHOCKED I tell you, to find a married GOP Congressman sleeping with cross-dressing hookers!

From the Capitol in Madison to the Shores of Tripoli . . .

Shocking before and after pictures of addiction

Customer cashed in at fast-food restaurant’s drive through

Devolution... THAT'S what the fuck happened!!!

Anyone see Austan Goolsbee fall flat on his face when Jon Stewart asked him why LIHEAP needs cuts?

So a few people seem to have a problem

REPORT: TOP 10 DISASTROUS Policies From The Wisconsin GOP You HAVEN'T HEARD About

She can't take care of the house, how will she take care of a plane?"

Wisconsin Professors Overwhelmingly Vote To Unionize, Citing Gov. Walker’s ‘Extremist Legislation’

In the Clinton Years, the IT Industry should have unionized

Just in case there is any doubt about Christian Fascism in America

Flies and cockroaches carry antibiotic-resistant bacteria from factory farms, study finds

Flashback:Ronald Reagan Called Union Membership An ‘Elemental Human Right’

Gingrich suggests Impeaching Obama, then backtracks

K&R if YOU would take part in a National General Strike

Spanish Judges Rule Case on US Torture Can Continue


Newt Gingrich says Allen West would be a good choice as VP running mate in 2012

Does anyone have any experience/tips for...

My girlfriend's letter to Rep. Franklin of Georgia

No Chains Attached

What's the word on today's protests? Pls Check In.

Read this to understand better what "One of us" means: God in Wisconsin: Scott Walker's Obedience

Always remember:

The following products are made by Koch Industries

Wow! From Keith's first blog....

Navy Test Pilot Sez Is ‘easy to fly’ And I Say Not So Easy To Pay For....

Has Anybody Thought About How Spiraling Gas Prices

You're damn right I'm a feminist!

In 1st Statement Since "Prank" Call, Defiant Koch Bros Vow to 'Continue the Fight' in Wisconsin

TEACHER: "I can't get a home loan. I set my thermostat at 62. No cable at my house, no internet,"

Could you give up your car within the next five years?

Could you give up your car within the next five years?

The Wisconsin Lie Exposed – Taxpayers Actually Contribute Nothing To Public Employee Pensions

The Wisconsin Lie Exposed – Taxpayers Actually Contribute Nothing To Public Employee Pensions

Arne's words were precursor to recent attacks on teachers and unions. He bears responsibility.

Charlie Sheen fights back against anti-Semitic accusations

FOKNews Channel goes LIVE TONIGHT...

Should soft drinks be exempt from state sales tax?

What if it turned into a political Woodstock?

Here's a great way to save on groceries--SERIOUSLY.

Taxpayers Actually Contribute Nothing To Public Employee Pensions

Scott Walker Asked to Leave Local Restaurant

"And if American workers are being denied their right to organize when I’m in the White House..

I sent an email to the WI Professional Police Assn - and got a response back!

Suit Claims FBI Told Mosque Informant To Get Dirt On Sex Lives, Drug Use Of Worshipers

Protestors to be removed from Capitol rooms; Common spaces to remain open

(San Francisco) Police Commission seeks further study of stun guns

(Canadian Conservative Party) 2 Tory senators charged over campaign spending

SNC Lavalin confirms it's building jail in Libya

Source: Judge approves dropping 3 charges against Blagojevich

Gadhafi forces strike back at Libya uprising

Now, Gaddaffi's cousin defects to Egypt

All 2,000 Providence teachers told they could be fired

France, Britain to ask UN for Libya arms embargo

UN rights body mulls condemning, suspending Libya

Egyptians pack Tahrir for protest and celebration

Libya's Tribal Revolt May Mean Last Nail in Coffin for Qaddafi

Sen. Chuck Schumer: Tougher Background Checks For Guns

Al Jazeera Enrages Dictators, Wins Viewers With Coverage

South Korea Prods North by Dropping Leaflets Telling of Mideast Protests

Libya's Qaddafi offers $400 per family as rebels close in on Tripoli

4 killed in Pakistan attacks targeting tankers carrying fuel for NATO

Charges initiated against Pope for crimes against humanity

UN Security Council to meet, Libya hands out cash

Gaddafi warns Libyans of chaos if protests continue: TV

Raymond Davis trial under way in Pakistan

GMOs Causing Cattle Miscarriages, Researcher Alleges

Anti-Gaddafi protesters prepare for mass rally in Tripoli

BOP closed but failed to stop oil flow

Tripoli Protesters Resist After Forces Open Fire

Hundreds of Thousands Protest Across the Mideast

Libyan diplomats change sides at U.N. rights forum

At least 2 killed in clashes during demonstrations in Iraq

Miss. Company Pleads Guilty in Immigration Raid

Salmon run fails, Island eagles starve

Scientists Are Cleared of Misuse of Data

EU agrees Libya arms embargo, asset freeze

GDP report: Economic growth revised sharply lower

Schumer gun bill would expand background checks (close gun-show loophole)

Congressman Broun Asked 'Who's Going to Shoot Obama?'

USSS looks into "Who's going to shoot Obama ?" questioner

Anti-Abortion Billboard to Be Removed

France's Sarkozy says Gaddafi must go

U.N. Human Rights Council condemns Gaddafi's crackdown in Libya

Defiant Gaddafi addresses supporters in Green Square

Portantino set to run for congressional seat in 2012

U.S. evacuees leave Libya after 3 days stuck in port by rough seas

NATO calls emergency council meeting on Libya

Rebels attack strategic points in Russia's Caucasus

U.S. suspends Tripoli embassy, moves to sanction Libya

U.S. suspends Tripoli embassy, moves to sanction Libya

For First Time, White House Picks a Man to be Social Secretary

Dallas Republican to Mount Senate Bid

If you are in Western WI Saturday,-picket the governor himself

They call themselves the Cuddle Puddle.

Assembly Budget Bill Passage Paves Way for Ejecting Protesters from Wisconsin Capitol

Wisconsin's Gov. Scott Walker gets support from possible GOP presidential candidates

Top Sunni cleric says army should kill Kadhafi

Democratic governors try to enlist labor's help in dealing with budget crises

Qaddafi Son Says Family Controls Most of Libya, Won't Leave

U.S. Urges Court to Hold Off on ‘Don’t Ask Don’t Tell’ Case

Gov. Walker (R-WI) may have violated many parts of Wisconsin law in prank call

Former treasurer of mortgage firm pleads guilty to fraud

Jury Nullification Advocate Is Indicted

Over 200 Arab groups call for Libya no-fly zone (& a U.N. investigation into atrocities)

Gaddafi arming supporters to 'crush enemy'

US scientists examine possible link between dolphin deaths and BP oil spill

Christchurch earthquake: Toll rises to 144

Saying Gadhafi has 'zero legitimacy,' U.S. (closes embassy in Libya &) imposes sanctions

U.S. and UN Move to Isolate Libya as Sanctions Are Planned

Pressure mounts on Security Council to end Libya deaths ("crimes against humanity" resolution drawn)

Warning Against Wars Like Iraq and Afghanistan

UK paying (Libyan officials) ‘bribes’ to free trapped Britons

Ohio schools panel rejects union-scale wages

Canadian Rescue Plane Leaves Tripoli Empty

(Florida) Gadsden County government embroiled in race plot scandal

Pennsylvania suspends air pollution controls at drilling sites

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday, February 25, 2011

Libya: UK officials tell Gaddafi loyalists to defect or face war crimes trial

Irish election could produce historic shift in government

Libya: 500 Britons could still be stranded (Special forces on standby)

Scent of freedom in North Korea ("The riots are expanding even into North Korea")

Spain to probe Guantanamo torture claims

U.S. has "foot on the gas" on ethanol: Vilsack

Obama signs temporary extension of Patriot Act

Milwaukee County Deputies Help In Madison

Police Association Urges Members To Sleep At Capitol

Thousands expected for noon rally at Capitol

Back home, GOP freshmen find fiscal responsibility can be tricky business

George W. Bush rejects speaking gig because of Assange

Wisconsin: Police refuse to close capitol, will sleep in capitol with protesters tonight

Pakistani Agency Demands Data on C.I.A. Contractors

Vital Signs: Walker warns Medicaid payments to nursing homes could be delayed if bill not passed

Hero of New Life church shootings says leaders turned her away when she told them she was gay

Economy grew more slowly than first thought in fourth quarter

Koch executives vow to 'continue to fight' in Wisconsin

Wis. Assembly passes bill taking away union rights

Delete. Wrong forum.

Hugo Chavez denies having a Twitter Account!


CNN co-host Kathleen Parker leaving show (Parker/Spitzer renaming to In the Arena)

How do you fall out of the health care system?

"Who Ate The Damn Pizza Rolls"

What does the McDonald's "any size soda for $1" mean?

Gulf Coast dolphin death toll rises to nearly 60

Photo: This one's so sweet it will make your TEETH hurt.

Insecure home security?

Mardi Gras!

Science of cat ladies? Felines bond with females, study shows

Prince William and Kate already totally naked?

I've just discovered Spaced.

totally naked dude

Not been posting much.

Should dawg buy a Phish studio album?

Well, the fire is out

Need a gift for a reader in your life?

I thought this was a good song that would insire the protestors!!!

Egyptian Armed Forces Fire At Christian Monasteries, 19 Injured

I missed the thread about movies scenes that make you cry, but here is mine

-36C this morning,windchill factor -46C.

I just discovered that Tuesday was "National Margarita Day"

Two and a Half Men Leaked Finale

I don't believe that I can post in the guns forum since I don't have the required

I don't believe that I can post in the guns forum since I don't have the required

What does the McDonald's "any size soda for $1" mean?


Have any of you seen the Hopping Mad Hillbilly on the TV?

24 Hours of "Concert for George" February 25th

I may have had to fork over the dough for razorblades today but...

Some Humans Aint Human

"Totally naked" is the phrase for today. Modify a thread title to include "totally naked".

Orrex is an oval faced Dune hater!!

Total bummer....

Where do you suppose America could get some of that hallucinatory nescafe?

I feel... ... ... ... ... ... honored. Who on the Intertubes is immortalizing my work with a toon?

Well, we're getting there . . .

Gaddafi opponents hold off attack on town: witnesses

Speaking of sodas, why do people buy anything other than the cheapest size when there are unlimited

What's for supper tonight?


Before you start to write, make SURE all of your pencils are sharkened.

Sometimes the morning breath wins.

MiddleFingerMom is known far and wide as SO the lover. Or is that SO-SO?

I'm so old

Blinded by the Light by Manfred Mann's Earth Band

In The Summertime

The Minotaur

What's your favorite day of the week and why?

Name a song that makes you cry.

Warren Haynes co-producing Tommy Bolin tribute album...Gibbons, Frampton, Lukather & more on board

Charlie Sheen EPIC FAIL. He goes Mel Gibson on his producer.

I have a bathtub in my living room!

Your favorite hero or heroine, fact or fiction. Post 'em here>

I think the new Meme that may be forming in America is

Did I tell everyone that I bought a handgun today? And had a free laptop thrown in to boot? n/t

More Friday tricky rhythm music- Slim Harpo-"Got Love If You Want It"

Experience has taught me that all drill sergeants look exactly the same.

I miss Spy magazine. Do you?

Q: Is it cruelty to paint your dog with a washable non-toxic paint?

Man Says He Accidentally Shot Wife Instead of Pit Bull

Anyone here ever ridden a Penny Farthing?

Google Tweaks Algorithm to Push Down Low-Quality Sites

This Is Not Porn

U.S. Pulling Back in Afghan Valley It Called Vital to War

Name a Song that makes you Totally Naked.

Magnitude 5.7 quake strikes in Veracruz, Mexico - USGS

Friday night music- Barbecue Bob from the 1930's- "Motherless Child"...

Original/Remake Double Features

Any Billy Jack fans around?

Can someone help me push my car?

What kind of laptop should I get?

MEANWHILE, in Norway...

Unless you happen to be the Koch Brothers - avoid the web auction house QuiBids

Are Crocs the greatest shoe ever invented?

Neil Young.... rocks

Yes, this Scott Walker asshole is bad, but his ancestor, Gov. Lepetomane was just as bad

Need vibes for my cat.

Friday Afternoon Picture Thread! Let's see you doing something...

Should KamaAina buy a Phish Food pint?

Voodoo sex ceremony spawns fatal fire, officials say

Anybody got any Very Special Lounge vibes to spare?

Emirates Airlines. This is how good it COULD be.

I REALLY miss wing windows in cars!

Are flip-flops considered comfortable shoes?

I hate it when I am burgled.

Leader of Teachers’ Union Urges Dismissal Overhaul

(California) Governor defends tax vote, blasts opponents

OMG, funniest move redub ever! ST:TNG, with redub that actually matches the mouth movement it first "official" derby pic

Hideaway in Rockford video

Canadian family fights to move baby on life support to U.S.

Movies that have the star die in the end.

We got a truckin' convoy rocking through the night

Most Badass/Coolest ... Movie or TV ....Car or Truck.

Golly Gee, It's been quite a while since I've been around

White America Victimized by Black Anger About Racism?

National guardsman shouts down fox news at Wisconsin labor protest

MUST WATCH: WI Assembly Explodes After Repugs Pass Anti-Union Bill

Firefighters March Through State Capitol Building in Wiscosnin

Interview: Rage Against the Machine's Tom Morello in Madison

Correspondence from the Commute with Senator Chris Coons (what a great idea!!!)

Bill Maher on Gays

2007: Barack Obama promised to

Wisconsin's Billionaires Make a Sacrifice?

Conservative Dayton, Ohio Mayor Says Compromise is Needed on SB5, Kasich "Waving a Sword" Is Wrong

Ireland prepares for seismic political shift

Wisconsin Dems Chanting

Egyptian Workers Strike for Minimum Wage and Independent Unions

President Obama on Threat to Collective Bargaining

My First Project


Thom Hartmann vs. TJ McCormack - Are budget cuts are worth a few deaths?

Glenn Beck - Live and Unhinged

Maddow Crushes PolitiFact's Credibility!

TDPS: Irresponsible & Unethical Coverage of Oil/Gas Prices by Corporate Media w/ Alyona Minkovski

MUST-VIEW Colbert Report: Anonymous/HBGary Story 'I'm Gonna Stick My Penis in That Hornet's Nest'

"Who is Going to Shoot Obama?" "Live Ammunition on Protestors" The Rhetoric is Back...

Fox News' Shep Smith: Wisconsin Is All About Union-Busting/Fiscal Crisis is Malarkey

Libyan Revolution, GOP Shutting Unions Down, and Violent Far-Right Rhetoric

Rumsfeld calls in to the Opie & Anthony Show to pimp his book, is asked if he is a lizard person

Global Awakening!

remix of Cee Lo Green’s Fuck You, as a protest song, in solidarity with union members in Wisconsin.

Thom Hartmann: The Real Dirty Secret About Oil

Wisconsin Protesters Get Pizza Donations

You Can Put the Solution into Your Own Hands! Outsmart the Recession (that doesn't exist)!

In tough times, who is asked to make sacrifices? And who isn't?

Reagan Says Being In A Union Is A Basic Right

Cenk Breaks Down Prank Call To Governor Walker!

Defend the American Dream!

TYT: MSNBC: " IN Gov. - Union Workers 'The Real Elite'"

PROOF! FL Gov. Rick Scott is a reptile

Message From Wisconsin: Teaching Sucks!

MRN: Gaddafi Replaces Charlie Sheen on Two and a Half Men

!!Koch!! Front Group Americans For Prosperity: 'What We Want Is ToTake The Unions Out At The Knees’

Dropkick Murphys - Take Em Down (Wisconsin Protests)

Wisconsin Police Union Announces Solidarity with Occupation of State House

MUST WATCH: WI Assembly Explodes After Repugs Pass Anti-Union Bill **WORKING VIDEO**

Mario Cuomo's 1984 Convention Speech

Russel Pearce And His Arizona Black List!


Anyone else getting support Walker emails from Arcamax? What a bunch

RNC just gave Obama his opening to get involved in Wisconsin

My goodness: Most Americans believe health care has been repealed

TPM: Koch Execs Respond: We Won't 'Back Off'

Krugman: Mitch Daniels Memories (stunning smack down!)

Letterman has another scumbag on the show tonite.

Bloomberg: Obama Aides Say Social Security No Threat to Nation’s Finances

Anyone have some good old fashion anti Obama talking points?

Did anyone else watch Rachel Maddow's show Tuesday night when she interviewed Tobias Wolff?

It seems to me that the good news about the DOMA happened because

Do people really expect a President Obama to so much as lift a finger in support of Unions?

Slickster Huckabee on Morning Joe, says he's got a 'place' on the 'Redneck Riviera' here in Florida

U.S. suspends Tripoli embassy, moves to sanction Libya

Michelle Obama is Game for Cartoon Network tonight at 7 PM

Who's the wimp?

Why is media not reporting 'Stand with Walker' ad paid for by Koch's 'Americans for Prosperity?'

Alex Bennett calling on his listeners to send COMFORTABLE SHOES to the WH

Paul Krugman: Shock Doctrine, U.S.A.

Do people really expect a President to participate in a protest?

Rachel was right !!! (RNC e-mail)

President Obama Statement and Executive Order - Libya

President Obama Signs Temporary Extension of Patriot Act

People, the President isn't going to go to Wisconsin until the Libyan situation is resolved.

Why Obama is not in Wisconsln...Thom Hartmann explained..

So where is Osama Bin Ladin? For the 10th time!

Town Hall Attendee Asks GA Republican When Someone Is Going To Shoot Obama

Time once again to say that I still strongly support this President

Scott Walker asked to leave restaurant friday night because of booing

A historic choice for White House social secretary

You wanna hear a LEADER?

Will Their Heads Explode?

The 2012 narrative could be about THE PEOPLE vs CORPORATE OLIGARCHY...

"What's not to like?" quipped Ms. Savino. "He's a nice, white, Jewish..."

Mitt Romney Is Dead On Arrival In The 2012 GOP Primary

Where does President Obama stand on unions?

Do you think Obama will walk the line in WI?

Labor is going to lose this fight...And we have only ourselves to blame

Inspector General’s Review of Stolen Emails Confirms No Evidence of Wrong-Doing by NOAA … Scientists

Peak oil notes - February 24

Drumbeat: February 25, 2011

1 worker critically hurt in Pa. gas well explosion

Alien Species Reconsidered: Finding a Value in Non-Natives

Gas drillers make waves in Pa. with NFL tickets

Drilling for an Oil Crisis

Australia cuts green car funding in wake of floods

It's In The Dirt!

Political unrest casts a shadow over Desertec energy project

Environment fight against Wine Industry on the local level in Calif.

Ancient Catastrophic Drought Leads to Question: How Severe Can Climate Change Become?

Indonesian mud volcano flow 'to last 26 years' (BBC)

Corbett Repeals Policy on Gas Drilling in Parks

The Unsung Hero of Germany’s Solar Miracle

Meanwhile, back on the ranch, a bomb drops...

American Physical Society (APS) petitions NRC to include proliferation assessments during licensing.

Spandex kills

Jeff Rubin: Why Saudi Arabia can no longer temper oil prices

Shoes sprout flowers when planted

Bonneville Power to Wind Generators -- Shut Down, and You Get Free Power

Pres. Obama needs to fly into WI and break some heads! He needs to Show 'em!

Fate of Gaddafi inner circle also at stake...the people in the bunker

Glenn Beck Claims Reform Rabbis Perform 'Lefty' Circumcisions

Watson for president

The Most Disturbing Personality on Cable Television (guess Who)

Ken Cuccinelli v. Climate Skeptics

Tea party vision for Montana raising concerns

David Sirota: Two Public Pay Standards, One Statement of Values

The Republicans’ Radical Nihilism

Fire the Rich!

A Brother Lost - life on the streets

Libya’s ambassador here(Wash DC) raising pre-Gaddafi flag

True to the Peace Corps (50th Anniversary Tuesday - LA Times)

BTL's Union Roundup column: Wisconsin Comes to Michigan

Middle East Uprising: Facebook's Secret Role in Egypt

Public employees not such an easy scapegoat after all By Greg Sargent

BOOKS: Beyond Affluenza And Into The 'New Normal': Carolyn Baker Interviews David Wann

How Unions Helped Bring Economic Justice to Black Workers

US Seeks Backing for Libya Intervention

The Republican Shakedown

Backlash against Beck by the Right

US Will Be the World's Third Largest Economy: Citi

Friday Talking Points (156) -- Fighting On Several Fronts

As freedom blooms in the East, it's withering in the West

Who is the Tea Party really?

But wells need digging!

Diana Ross opens up on 'Oprah' show

Oil Industry Group Starts Political Giving as Congress Weighs Repeal of Tax Breaks

Who is going to shoot Obama? (question from a town hall-GA)

Bob Herbert: Absorbing the Pain

The Real Political Math in Wisconsin: Howard Fineman

Weekend Economists' "44 Men 44" Conclusion, February 25-27, 2011

Alaska State of the State Address 2007

Violent Crime Rate Continues to Drop As Gun Proliferation Continues to Increase

Manhattan jury finds man who had loaded gun in his car not guilty

In Florida, chilling testimony against guns on campus

Prediction: Texas Colleg Concealed Carry Will Pass And Nothing Will Happen

Goodyear teen who intended to shoot teacher previously brought gun to school (AZ)

NH: House speaker supports gun legislation, despite others’ concerns

UT chancellor concerned over proposed handgun (TX)

Dumbass gun owner "accidentally" shoots friend in bathroom of stripper bar

Smuggler's Paradise: Guns, Drugs and Violence in the Southwest Part 1 of 2

New legislation to allow importation of M1 Carbines.

(Ohio) Restaurant Carry Bills Move Forward

Colorado no-permit CCW permit advances

More on Project Gunwalker - ATF instructing dealers to allow illegal sales

Utah teen arrested for firing gun near high school

Perspective on Guns and Mental Illness

Pentathalon sport moves to laser guns instead of actual projectile weapons.

Man had gun in mall fight, cops say

Statistically there are more high-school shool shootings than university shootings, therefore;


WikiLeaks exposes true origins of Mexican cartels' weaponry (Hint: It's not due to the "mythical"

Texas Employees Right To Keep Guns In Parked Cars Bill To Be Heard

What should instructors at a public universities in Texas do when students can carry in class?

Judge orders seizure of Ingrid Betancourt assets

RSF: Venezuela fails to provide reliable data on murder rates

Cuban Jewish leader knew imprisoned American

WikiLeaks Drags Libya and Venezuela Through the Mud

U.S. ambassador compared Michelle Bachelet to meat cooked rare

The petroleum policy of the Hugo Chavez government

Texas CHL Conviction Rate lowest ever

Latin America's sudden silence on Gaddafi

Apparently the Natinals are not the only Washington team that has spelling problems...

Torre to be Selig's Ass Wiper

anyone up for a DU fantasy baseball league?

Cory Stillman is back home.

Mets secured loan from MLB to cover expenses...

Knicks lose to Cavaliers - "Melo"dramatic!

2-25-1964: Liston vs Clay !!!!

Obama administration stops defending DADT policy as constitutional

Leslie Gelb’s unconventional wisdom (Jim Miles)

Till September: The PA’s Meaningless Deadlines (Ramzy Baroud)

Gaza's Islamist rulers hounding secular community

would you hire someone

Man gets 25 years in jail for "South Park" threats

Navigational ‘Magic’ of Sea Turtles Explained

How Severe Can Climate Change Become?

Fly Over the 'Brainbow'

Enter the Anthropocene—Age of Man

Debris Strike on Shuttle Discovery Poses No Threat, NASA Says

Two planets found sharing one orbit