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Pelosi backs Wisconsin protesters

Pelosi says she's 'proud' of Wisconsin Democrats who fled

The labor fight been with us for a while (Pic heavy)

"pray for the dead... AND FIGHT LIKE HELL FOR THE LIVING!!!!" - Mother Jones

CNN AC360 on now - Bahrain, Libya

Sarah Palin's ghostwriter posts article on FB regarding Wisconsin - link below

Sarah Palin's ghostwriter posts article on FB regarding Wisconsin - link below

With the teabaggers being called in to go to Madison reminds me of the Pinkertons

mid east Regional update

Solidarity Forever - Pete Seeger. I can't post the video in the political video section,

Let's translate some Republican talking points.

Let's translate some Republican talking points.

I think they picked the wrong site!

I'm Reminded Of A Scene From "Fight Club" That Seems Quite Appropos Right About Now

In Canada the unions are with the New Democratic Party or Liberals but sometimes

DISTRACTION: Somali pirates seize American yacht crew off Oman

DISTRACTION: Somali pirates seize American yacht crew off Oman

Unions Help ALL Workers - Union or Not - GOP WAR against Unions

Iran's Revolutionary Guard pledges to hold fire

Is this too "radical" of an idea?

If you're following my earlier thread about the Frank Bailey Palin memoir

I want my fucking planet back!

Bahrain unrest: Shia opposition rejects talks

On to KUSI to see if they cover the rally today

A Day in Tahrir

Ed missed one point on Rush tonight

Unicorns enjoy carrots

When an economic plan is being crafted they say to let the private sector


BUILDING A NATION, BUT NOT OURS - current big banner headline at Huffpo, caps and all

Get out your decoder ring



Jesus, what a horrible dream...

Wis. rallies renew history of political activism

Wis. rallies renew history of political activism

Here comes the Tea Party Gun Rhetoric!

Why is the signature of Button Gwinnett worth £500,000?

On Teabagger Eve, I must post this again- Seek Out the High Ground, for it is What Redeems Us

"Republican State Television"---soda just came out of my nose

I feel the love...

While everyone is protesting long term rulers, can we end this 59 year rule?

While everyone is protesting long term rulers, can we end this 59 year rule?

D.C. Protesters Picket at Boehner’s Apartment!

D.C. Protesters Picket at Boehner’s Apartment!

Rep. Wu's staff demanded he enter a hospital for psychiatric treatment just before election

Robert Israel: Vita Plus should not be hosting Walker’s budget address Tuesday

Given the current state of the Middle East

Fox reporter drowned out by chants of "Fox lies" (VIDEO)

I love ya, but you're a hypocrite

$1.8 Billion Dollars And The "mast breaks off while underway"

To my "Secret Admirer,"

I would like to thank you for the two hearts friends.


China cracks down on call for 'Jasmine Revolution'

House passes draconian spending cuts- no dems voted with repubs

Here is the FB page of a WI legislator who is an Indy. Call his office

I have some hearts for DUer Mitchum

Narnia Films Producer (Perry Moore) Dead After Suspected Suicide

12 Things You Need To Know About The Uprising in Wisconsin

If the puppet masters of the Right didn't perceive weakness in this Administration, these attacks

question about wisconsin:

Libyan Protesters are being slaughtered: 49 were killed yesterday. 80 over the past 5 days

Libyan Protesters are being slaughtered: 49 were killed yesterday. 80 over the past 5 days

Danziger Toon- Protests in Wisconsin

Delegate takes apart VA AG Cuccinelli on his challenge to HCR with logic

Toon-Beofre They're Born, After They're Born

Belgians Celebrate (with fries and beer) Setting No-Government Record

Belgians Celebrate (with fries and beer) Setting No-Government Record

Dunno if you guys saw this but: Lawmaker seeks ban of military NASCAR sponsors

Dunno if you guys saw this but: Lawmaker seeks ban of military NASCAR sponsors

Good website for Libya news

Flashback Aug. 2010: Bahrain: We won't let US attack Iran from our territory

Question about Planned Parenthood vote

oh fuck. Americans Say Reagan Is the Greatest U.S. President

Toon: You Should Too!

Protesters move back into Pearl Square in Bahrain capital after military, police retreat

Naperville (IL) rejects free speech zones, citywide camping ban

Education Group Gives One State “A” in History for Schools; 18 “F”s

Welcome to: The Ph_ck America Project

Republican actors wanted ad on Craigs list. LOL

Let's take look at the "spreading democracy" scoreboard

Life in the private sector

FREEDOM'S REAL ENEMY Is Rush Limbaugh NOT The Wisconsin Protesters

FREEDOM'S REAL ENEMY Is Rush Limbaugh NOT The Wisconsin Protesters

Those overpaid teachers -Little Rock Teacher Resigns After Pleading Guilty to Prostitution

Hey republicans--you do know that the wealthy and powerful want to rape and kill your women?

NY to Wisconsin: How can we help?

State budgets: On their own (billions in federal stimulus ending)

BRAC Is Creating Potentially Massive Traffic Problems

Pentagon Money Woes Now Affecting Military Housing

"Network" (1976)

Here, then, is the stark naked truth

#wiunion is now trending WORLDWIDE.

Leander school district bans epileptic student's service dog


1,500 Iraq Orphans Join Mideast Uprisings on Saturday, Demand Rights

The states are so broke they can't pay the teachers, but "House Judiciary approves raises for courts

“Would she Gov. Brewer put her own children’s lives up to balance her budget?"

My daughter filed her first income tax form...

Self-deleted by member

I post this with regret regarding Rep. David Wu (D-Oregon). Something is seriously wrong here.

Re: Walker and the issue of a phony budget crisis

Re: Walker and the issue of a phony budget crisis

This just in from my county chair--

Brain function linked to birth size in groundbreaking new study

"parasites" is the way the RW media describes public workers.... so lets do a tick check


US state budget deficits could top $140 billion. Could threaten 850,000 jobs next year.

Religious Leaders Offer Sanctuary to WI Legislators Fighting for Public Employees' Rights

When unions are threatened who shows up? FIREMEN! (with bagpipes)

Wisconsin now vs what the Republicans did in 2009 & 2010

Wisconsin now vs what the Republicans did in 2009 & 2010

Gov snyder says he is helping the poor

Gov snyder says he is helping the poor

Dems posting funny comments on #tcot

Wisconsin State Assembly adjourns until Tuesday...

US carrier transits Suez Canal

New invention can turn your plastic bags into fuel at home

Facebook Fans: Anti- and Pro-Scott Walker Pages

The Koch Connection in Scott Walker's War on Working People

Pro-labor protesters in Wis. aim to keep the peace

Saudi Arabia's House Of Cards

Naked sausage stealer caught on tape

Steve Bell on continuing unrest in the Middle East

Dear Republicans a "quorum delay" in Wisconsin is no fucking different than a filibuster . . .

Humans Beat Watson...

Tin soldiers and Breitbart's comin'...

New Report: America’s Poor Infrastructure Is Holding Back Economic Growth

New Report: America’s Poor Infrastructure Is Holding Back Economic Growth

Look at my newest present from the kids

I hope DUers are beginning to understand the notion of

Belt Tightening- How About CEO's & Investment Bankers Go First?

Barclays Branches Targeted in Protests Against Tax Avoidance

aaaaaaaaaand enter Sarah Palin to the MidWest protest (Wisconsin)

Michael Moore to High School Students re Wisconsin --

Ex-Palin aide rips her in leaked manuscript

IBM's Hillary-Bot Not Ready for Prime Time

Documents Show Congressman David Wu's Staff “Threatened to Shut Down His Campaign”

Is there any effort to boycott Wisconsin yet?

The Egyptian Revolution took nearly 3 weeks. We are only on day 7 of the Cheddar Revolution.

FGM: What Now for Egyptian Women?

I think maybe this is a piece that Gov. Walker has missed.

So Where Are The Recall Petitions?

Birtherism: Worst. Trap. Ever.

It's not Just the Poor -- American Elites Are Pummeling Everyone Below Them

I want my fucking planet back!!!!

Screwing the middle class got us into this mess ... It won't get us out of it.

The Nation to Aaron Rogers: we need your voice!

Schakowsky Announces Winners of the 'So Be It' Awards

While Brewer Gives Corporations A Tax Cut, Another Arizonan Joins The 98 Waiting For Transplant

Don't forget about this today! Tea Party is dirty trickster!

Egyptian officer: Rafah crossing to be opened regularly following arrangements

Mark Shields: Cultural Diversity

Iranian opposition calls for fresh protests over pair killed during rally

I have a question about some of the Wisconsin unions

South Korea Free Trade Deal - Obama versus Trump

"Counter-protest" ironically accurate phrase for this

Wisconsin and the Kochs

Gulf oil spill: is the Mexican coast okay?

Glenn Beck Discovers Jon Bon Jovi's Link To Coming New World Order

Rep. Weiner calls House GOP’s bluff on ‘Obamacare’

Watch for the hummingbird that's not interested in the feeder

Watch for the hummingbird that's not interested in the feeder

Front page of M$NBComcast, NOTHING about Wisconsin

Dems, GOP continue sparring over cuts to Social Security admin

Republican House votes to defund Environmental Protection Agency

Matthew Rothschild: The Madison Protests Are About Union Busting, Not Budget Cuts

Matthew Rothschild: The Madison Protests Are About Union Busting, Not Budget Cuts

We have to turn into a movement. We just can't rely on voting for

MSNBC stayed open for business last weekend due to the Egypt thing. Today, it's lockup at noon.

U.S. Entering Direct Talks With Taliban

German Defense Minister Guttenberg: Copypasta doctorate. DER SPIEGEL 02/19/2011

Drone Strikes Stop in Pakistan After U.S. Embassy Employee Arrest

Did you see the top 10 attacks from GOP's war on women

Nice hand drawn graphic

Email MSNBC tell them to get Alex to shut up and show the protests!

Colbert skewers Justice Thomas

Any links to MSNBC film of protests? I heard that I am 'in' one

Any links to MSNBC film of protests? I heard that I am 'in' one

Obama Administration Revises 'Conscience Clause' Rules: Contraception No Longer Considered Abortion

Not so fast, ex-county official tells authorities after speeding ticket

Separation of Powers and the Budget

Anonymous Targets the "Graceless Sociopaths" of Westboro Baptist

Teabaggers and disgraced liar Breitbart headed to Wisconsin to support Kommissar Walker

Wealth, and the Media's Portrayal that Austerity is the ONLY Choice

It's like a Koch Brother's wet dream - by BooMan

WANTED: Name or link to video posted to DU- Old B&W Farmers Union Promo...

Any updates on the Bags in Madison??

Where is the live cam for Wisconsin?

where are the teabaggers? have they arrived in Madison?

How the GOP operates:

Financial CEO's Salaries Double- Where's The "Belt Tightening"?

Oprah student questioned over dead baby

It feels like 1968 again, except this time around, the good guys are winning!

Naomi Klein discussed how what Walker doing is a classic example of the Shock Doctrine

Live broadcast from the U.S. Bank Building in Wis

This Is What THEY Make Each Year

Koch Brothers Behind Wisconsin Effort To Kill Public Unions

Not near a TV...did the teabaggers show up in WI?

Holy crap! Local nooz showed Ray McGovern dragged

Evil DUers who are savvy when it comes to video embedding, I need a YouTube workaround for WI video

Rick Scott is the all-time big spender in Florida elections

Can we get AlJazeera to cover the "Mid West protests"?

Blaming Social Security For Deficits Is Like Blaming Iraq For 9/11 (And Unions In WI)

Live Video feed of WI protest here;


Live stream from helicopter of Madison

Dammit. I knew this would happen. Fox Nooze has the ONLY live coverage in Madison.

I see the Breitbart kids did show up

My thoughts on tomorrow's rally in Madison

Here's a Live Twitter thing to follow the protests in Wisconsin - hashtag #wiunion

Why I'll be voting for Obama

Congressman's brief bout of 'Bieber fever' cured

Are We One of Many Universes? MIT Physicist Says "Yes"

Live local vid stream from Madison WI rally

The Cheddar Revolution - I love it. On Wisconsin!

The US Navy Is Running Out Of Bucks


Journalists, attorney threatened with criminal charges for reporting police abuse

Bravo Anderson Cooper

Bravo Anderson Cooper

Curve Ball Alert!

No criminal charges against ex-Countrywide chief Angelo Mozilo

Kids who skip school are tracked by GPS

My response to the GOP's defunding public broadcasting.

A live stream - bluecheddar on UStream

Bahrain’s Special Envoy to the U.S.: Force used to attack, kill protesters is "proportional, legal"

PHOTO: For those of us who can't be in the WI State Capitol

Tea Party activists form exploratory committees to recall state senators

Charter schools and India - sound familiar?

what a koch sucker...

It's called demonization

The SEIU is estimating this at 70-100K people

Anonymous Targets the "Graceless Sociopaths" of Westboro Baptist

this poll needs help

Mother nature took out the National Christmas tree

"We Are Waiting For A Massacre ... We Will Stay"

i found a live stream of protest coverage

Schools look to outsource: teacher aides, custodians, transportation, food services

Thank you to Secret Admirer!

Teachers, Firefighters, and Cops

Homeland Security shuts 84,000 websites by mistake in child porn crackdown

Wisconsin: The First Stop in An American Uprising?

House Approves Bill With Massive Spending Cuts After All-Night Session

Thank you!

Shawnee Mission, Kan., Parents Sue To Raise School Taxes

VIDEO - Rush says WI protesters 'freeloaders'. Ed: 'Hey Rush wrap your fat ass in the flag' - VIDEO

Wow, GOD does not even protect Bible Distributors from Pirates!

Harshest Critic Of DADT Repeal: No Indication Of Troops Leaving

Dems Closed Much Larger Budget Shortfall In Wisconsin Without Destroying Worker Rights

Stand Up for Wisconsin - Get a Free Bumper Sticker

Links to photos of the Wisconsin protest?

One of the big differences between the protests of the 60's and Wisconsin is that

The big show's in Madison, but there are little actions all over WI. Here's

This Machine Kills Fascists

So ... did Bill Clinton show up in Wisconsin?

Tell me teachers

What not to say to someone who is unemployed (CNBC)

High winds topple National Christmas Tree on the Elipse by the White House

OK DUers- I am revitalized. I will donate stars to two DUers who need them. PM me

DU this POLL....What is your general view of labor unions?

What Wisconsin's governor is really threatening

Koch Brothers Behind Wisconsin Effort To Kill Public Unions

I want to thank everyone who gave me a valentine.

Over $100,000.00 raised for Wisconsin Dems already!

Teabaggers are so predictible...

Thank you for the heart! You're

Warren Buffett backs the nation's big push for electric cars, but........

Thousands of protesters surround Wisconsin Capitol,supporters surrounded

The Ann Coulter wannabe on Twitter is trying so hard.

Is your state democratic party supporting the protesters in Wisconsin?

OUCH! "the cuts will be painful TO SOMEONE ELSE and hurt people THEY DON’T KNOW & WILL NEVER MEET"

Walker supporters are fundies

Building a Powerful Left in the US

NY Times: For Wisconsin Governor, Battle Over State Finances Was Long in the Making

Why is CNN lying about the number of Teabaggers in Madison

Kathy Griffin: 'Glee' Guest Star As Palin-Inspired Character?

Another update from my daughter at the capitol

Is there a annual fundraiser that makes people as happy as the "give hearts" fundraiser?

Anyone else obssessed with following #wiunion on Twitter?

You know, way back when Bush was just starting his reign, and the GOP was spending like..

Wisconsin teabaggers have a live stream of their podium speakers, do the union folks have one too?

Waffling on Israeli Settlements - The Establishment Wins Again

SLAPDOWN in the office Part 32

Five states in the U.S. specifically prohibit collective bargaining

Finally the truth, Obama is increasing LIHEAP funding, not cuts

What could have been: "Today, Saddam fled the country in wake of huge protests"

Check out this new game - " Spent" - "over 14 million Americans

live stream of rally

live stream of rally

Wisconsin GOP leader rules out compromise on unions

My reply to a friend who was applauding the wisconsin governor

From Facebook group "Stand up for Ohio"

Ohio Republicans Announce They'll Cut Medicaid To Fund... You Guessed It, More Tax Cuts!

Who just watched that pathetic piece on CNN of the protest in Wisconsin?

Defunding NPR & PBS


Followup on the pizza sent to WI protestors by out-of-state donors (like us)

New coalition holds Sunday event to raise alarm about bill's impact on Medicaid

Gadafi has reportedly started killing some of his upper military staff

Government Tries to Keep Secret What Many Consider a Fraud

Letter to the US Media

Well just had a "talk" with a teabagger

Does Wisconsin have a deficit this year?

Wisconsin Statute 9.10: Recall

Conservatives use divide and conquer rhetoric in Wisconsin union protests

Wow- CNN on the weekends more progressive than MSNBC weekdays?

US in direct talks with Taliban: New Yorker

How is it that it took DAYS for the national media to pick up on events in Wisconsin...

Wisconsin State Dem's have raised $100,000

Joe Klein's Cluelessness on Wisconsin Uprising Highlights the Corporate Media's Contempt for Working

Young and Politically Illiterate

One Silver Lining to All This Union-Busting (among a few)

What galls me is the meme " I don't have XXX so they shouldn't have it either!"

Capitol protests swell to 60,000

The way to weaken the Tea Bag movement is to get into the heads of the teachers, cops, firemen,

Libyan Revolution Tweets (Day 13 of #feb17)

reminder why I'm an activist .. article in my paper.. about TX

"We Are One" support unions avatar

New bill strips president’s power to shut off Internet

Sounds Like There Are Many Pro Walker

Someone needs to tell Randy Neugebauer, R-TX, about Laura Bush and the $62,000 rug.

Unions aren't to blame for Wisconsin's budget

Great big gigantic Fox FAIL

Has this country ever had a bigger group of useful idiots than the teabaggers?

Another LIVE Wisconsin video link

Nile TV...

You are either an "owner" or you are a "worker"

The voice mail of the office of Scott Walker is full. I just tried calling from Florida

I heard someone last night make the comment that the government need to

Rep. Steve Womack, R-AR: Lower the deficit by defunding Obama's teleprompter. USA! USA! USA! USA!

Establishmentarianism. It's a disease

I still don't understand why the Teabaggers are Counter Protesting

Conservative robopollster has a majority of WI disapproving of Gov. Walker's budget plan.

Daily Kos: Wisconsin & the Fabulous 14 senators

Where are the artists?

Yet another republican who doesn't seem to understand the constitution

Haven't we seen this movie before?

Robosigned foreclosures are wrong, evil, disgusting and all that...

Act Blue -Wisconsin Senate Dems-Results thus far :)

Our evil twin reacts to the lack of violence in Madisson

Police estimate Wisconsin Capitol protest crowd at 70,000

Police estimate Wisconsin Capitol protest crowd at 70,000

12 Things You Need to Know About the Uprising in Wisconsin

Who the hell in public office is going to have the guts to say it:

A random comment from Jim Cramer "started" the Tea Party. Why can't the Wisconsin protests

This would make a great Obama '12 ad if Huckabee is the opponent

This would make a great Obama '12 ad if Huckabee is the opponent

Death toll mounts as Libyan security forces target protesters

What I learned today on CNN about the WI protesters

Parents Sue To Raise School Taxes

Parents Sue To Raise School Taxes

One reason Palin will not run for Pres.: Staying at Holiday Inns

I'm not with the Tea Party, I STAND WITH THE CHEESE PARTY ... pass it on

Can't get this song out of my head.

Quite possibly the most bizarre LTTE ever published, anywhere

Quite possibly the most bizarre LTTE ever published, anywhere

CNN LYING about Tea Party numbers!

FAUX news headline - "Protestors vs Taxpayers" - isn't it wonderfu

Inherit the wind...

just like the old days... CNN contact info...they can't ignore us forever

Is this the "FOX LIES" guy?

Democratic Strategy In Wisconsin: Kill The Bill, Then Recall Republicans From Office

(CBO) BREAKING: Repeal Would Raise Deficit $210B

Student captures spirit of Wisconsin pro-union rallies in music video

Lake Erie - dead ducks and geese

C'mon people...

Green Bay Packers Sound Off Against Gov. Scott 'Hosni' Walker

Scott Walker and how he got there.

Dog tosses sock with pot out car window; driver arrested

Benghazi, Libya (BBC): reports of machine-guns, mortars and sub-Saharan mercenaries

Statement of Illinois Federation of Teachers in support of Wisconsin union workers

Protesters and Foreign Policy Trifecta

I have a heart on...

NBC Nightly News LYING About Wisconsin protests

SC:If they hate ObamaCare, should they take U.S. insurance?

Forget the National Guard, Walker Calls in the Teabaggers

Light a candle for bargaining rights

Union Leadership take note

Union Leadership take note

Union Leadership take note

NOM required to disclose donors (Federal Judge Upholds Maine Campaign Disclosure Law)

I just channeled this man. He is smiling. Grinning, actually.

So one teabagger = 10 protesters on other side

Bahrain unrest: Protesters occupy symbolic Pearl Square

This genie


Iowa labor to rally in Des Moines on Tuesday

Pertinent-to-the-times evolving issue in Center City, Philadelphia:

What I Believe

Former Sarah Palin Aide Plans Tell-All Book

Without making it political, I hope there are prayers and sermons about the good things

Dumb Crook of the week

Got my income tax refund today so I'm gonna donate to DU

Moron Freeps going after Dr. Hannah Keevil (one of the doc signing notes in Madison)

Dear President Obama:

Dear President Obama:

Is it OK if I call the ongoing (supremely awesome) pro-labor protests in WI the...

this man would be happy today

Polls in Wisconsin Seem to Suggest Walker Is Losing the Argument

Power to the People

"I Stand with the Muppet Lobby!"

Some vampire is on CNN TV bragging about how he sued his bank and won.

War with the repukes

Answers to the Friday Afternoon Challenge: The Bloody Crossroads.

NPR's atrocious Scott Simon interviews a Wisconsin Democrat

Ted Strickland Returns To The Ohio Statehouse (To Say No on SB 5 Tuesday February 22 at 1:00 p.m. )

Conservatives use divide and conquer rhetoric in Wisconsin union protests

What's at stake in Wisconsin

Plea to the MODS...

Confederate descendants mark 150th anniversary

From Tahrir to Wisconsin

Loughner's dad retreats behind 'elaborate cage'

If Walker hadn't have threated with the National Guard, I don't think this would have happened.

If Walker hadn't have threated with the National Guard, I don't think this would have happened.

Picture of a solar flare

Labor is prior to and independent of capital. Capital is only the fruit of labor - Abraham Lincoln

So what are the chances of a recall working for some of the Republican's in Wisconsin?

Mother of 3 Arrested for Taking Pictures of Tourist Attraction at Airport

On the plus side, NBC national TV news led w. Madison.

On the plus side, NBC national TV news led w. Madison.

Fight Back, A Reader on the Winter of Protest

Big storm about to hit upper midwest, including Madison

Libyan Revolution Tweets Part 2

"If you can read this,thank a teacher"

Democratic State Senators Who are Out of Wisconsin are Filibustering with Their Feet

"Palin's No Sister of Mine" - Compass piece from the Anchorage Daily News

Wisconsin Budget Repair Bill Protest (video)

Stephen Colbert vs. Arianna Huffington

Stephen Colbert vs. Arianna Huffington

Oh, you mean you didn’t know that the firefighters and the cops were with the teachers on this one?

People of the world, Unite!

Pennsylvania judge guilty -cash for sending juveniles to detention centers

Frank Rich- The G.O.P.’s Post-Tucson Traumatic Stress Disorder

I want my Mom back.

Wisconsin Buses for Sunday~

Now we can see why the MSM refused to cover the HOMELAND protest!

10 Dems who voted to defund Planned Parenthood (and repubs who voted against it)...

question for activists with children at home.. did you ever consider "dropping out"?

This is what I don't get

For all the Sexist fools on the DU....a GIRL WON the Alaska State Wrestling Title in 2006.....

For all the Sexist fools on the DU....a GIRL WON the Alaska State Wrestling Title in 2006.....

Fake online people! Order yours now!

Here's a link to the Huffington Post's Wisconsin Live Blog

How can anybody be shocked by the "official" coverage of events in WI?

How can anybody be shocked by the "official" coverage of events in WI?

Christian homeschooling group wants to let parents teach drivers-ed

Planned Parenthood Speaks Out on GOP Attack

BP knew of problems, but left them unattended before Gulf oil well blowout, new report says

Wonder whether the media will pick this up?

Libyan Revolution Tweets Part 3

You Rock! Thanks for the Heart!

Reagan, The Killer, has his eyes set on a heist...

Sunday morning: George Soros exclusive on CNN, Jennifer Granholm on roundtable of NBC

I decided to post this after responding to w8liftinglady's post...

The Mother who yelled at Judge Ciavarella will be on CNN at 7:00pm. (Est.)

Libyan Revolution Tweets Part 4

Amy Goodman's segment on Washington Journal this morning.

Just posted this elsewhere...

Just posted this elsewhere...

New Facebook status options applauded by gay users

New Facebook status options applauded by gay users

It's odd the timing of the Logan assault...I'd been thinking about assaults in Egypt....

I'm going to try and get up for Face The Nation.

South Carolina teachers are 100% Non-Union and it ranks last in student performance

New NYT graphic: 'American Shame'

New NYT graphic: 'American Shame'

Scott Walker has history of attacking unions (WP)

Calling Supporters, Fellow Geeks and Legal Eagles! We need to form a foundation...

Me and another friend on FaceBook - how would you reply

Me and another friend on FaceBook - how would you reply

If I'm on a trip business, pleasure or religious and something happens to me not in US

Want more info on Scott Walker? Here are some things to look at:

A little snow cannot deter these Superiorites headed for Madison--

any suggestions for good labor/union movies? I'm in the mood...

Welcome All Union Members. Have been a lifetime member for

Guess who is goping to be on Faux News Sunday tomorrow??

Bouncing an idea for an action -- looking for suggestions

Birthplace of the Confederacy backs away from anniversary event

So my friend goes to a job fair held by a federal agency

Just seen on Facebook. I wish I had written it myself.

Bill Maher Blasts the South For Celebrating Jefferson Davis’s Inauguration

Teabagger sign: "NO SHOW DEMS YOUR FIRED"

my mommy brought me to the "riots"

AlJazeera covering Wisconsin!!!

AlJazeera covering Wisconsin!!!

GO 4ers Floundering in whats going on...flummoxed, stymied, and desperate

To all of you feeling a little anxious, or down about our situation in Wisconsin,

NYT: For Wisconsin Governor, Battle Was Long Coming

Am I understanding this correctly?

Does the DLC ever do shit?

Does the DLC ever do shit?

here is hope!

Have you ever been a member of a Union?

Awesome WI Union Battle video, set to the sounds of Arcade Fire

Anti-Walker Rally Photos – Madison, WI | February 19, 2011

Isn't there a First Amendment right to collective bargain

Are girls sports teams appropriate?

A right wingers view of the WI protest. Oh the horror, the horror

Conservative "real change" is easier: teapartiers in the "last days" (of the government)

WISCONSIN PROTESTERS: call out the national guard yourselves

List of protest rallies tomorrow & Monday around the USA (partial list now up)

Walker Padded Salary Increases for Cronies During Budgetary Distress: 24% Salary Increase for Aide

Politifact - Gov. Walker - Bill would leave Collective Bargaining "intact" PANTS ON FIRE

In Nazi Germany it was the Jews

Send pizza to WI Protestors!

Bullshit Alert! Crooks and Liars Busts the "Doctors Writing Excuses" Story

The situation sounds dire in Libya

#wiunion tweets

A Slippery Slope To Defunding The Health Law

Ed Schultz To Rush Limbaugh: 'Wrap Your Fat Ass In The Flag' Over Wisconsin Protests (VIDEO)

"Teachers are fat and lazy"

Boy chased by security guards dies (hit by car)- his underwear was showing, not allowed on property

US Uncut: Targeting Corporate Tax Dodgers - Day of Action, February 26th

US Uncut: Targeting Corporate Tax Dodgers - Day of Action, February 26th

Comparing circumcision to FGM is grotesque. And wrong. Here's why:

Update from my daughter at the Capitol in Madison.

Only in America, corporations are humanized and given rights...

Peace Is a Last Resort

Wow... It All Comes Full Circle In Wisconsin...

Wisconsin Protest Aerials: Tea Party Vs. Pro-Worker Crowds

Want A Job? Password, Please!

Lakoff: What Conservatives Really Want

Even Forbes is reporting : Koch Brothers Behind Wisconsin Effort To Kill Public Unions

I wonder if Mohamed Bouazizi will be remembered by history the way he should be...

Will the Teabaggers come looking for a fight?

METROPOLIS~I'm watching it again and it's so WHOA today

Definition: Liberal vs Progressive?

Teabaggers are getting a free ride to counter protest

Sunday Talk Shows

Wisconsin protests: Do Americans agree with tea party view of unions?

Toon- Guess who gets to make "shared sacrifices"?

A Message from the 14

Tell Congress: Don't pull the plug on NPR

NFL player commits suicide, asks that brain be studied for concussion trauma

What is Going On in Wisconsin Is NOT A Revolution.

What is Going On in Wisconsin Is NOT A Revolution.

May 2, 1933 Adolf Hitler Abolished All Labor Unions!!!!!

Teachers make a difference...hey teabaggers...what do you make?

Teachers make a difference...hey teabaggers...what do you make?

Is anyone else amused that FAUX, Breitbart & Teabaggers are suddenly PRO-Government ...

Is anyone else amused that FAUX, Breitbart & Teabaggers are suddenly PRO-Government ...

Scott Walker Padded Salary Increases for Cronies During Budgetary Distress: 24% Salary Increase for

Reuters: "Tea Party FAR OUTNUMBERED"

EU Bans Penis-Shrinking Chemical; America Does Not

CNN: Why there should be a case against George W. bu$h* under torture law

I am a Union Thug!

I am a Union Thug!

Unions rebel against state govt. and states rebel against federal govt. Jefferson and Madison,

Unions rebel against state govt. and states rebel against federal govt. Jefferson and Madison,

pat buchanan just told a huge lie on m$nbc unchallenged

I just popped over to Wisconsin today to see what was going on.

Wow, forget CNN, NBC or Faux

USAF request for bids on "Persona Management Software"

David Shuster:Photo from Egypt, in support of Wisconsin

Rumors of a GENRAL STRIKE abound in Madison by the IWW

CNN is really, really dishonest

i found common ground with a teabagger yesterday

Why are Republicans drying up the consumer base?

Email: Top 10 Shocking Attacks from the GOP War on Women

"Are You There, Mr. President? Madison is Calling"...

Libyan Revolution Tweets Part 5

If Unions are the bloodsuckers killing America, then what are the overpaid CEOs and Execs?

Why I will always put party over principle

Sign in the crowd in Madison - "May 1933, Hitler abolishes unions"

The stupid just keeps coming. Sarah Palin: Bristol Googled Information On The Economy For Me

Nationwide SOLIDARITY events planned next week:

You know why this uprising in Wisconsin is a good thing?

This Is What 70,000 in Solidarity Looks Like In America

One point I have not heard about Madison: The Weather

Koch Industries in Wisconsin

UPDATE: Epic Tea Party FAIL: Anti-union "protesters" out-numbered 30-to-1 in Madison!

Well, now the Farmers Unions are at the protest in Wisconsin

I'm glad I was wrong

want to help the protestors?

Anderson Cooper 180 He's on it

Census Shows Minorities Outnumber Whites in Texas

THANK YOU for my beautiful shiney new heart!

The photo of the doctor writing notes is on facebook now; with her address attached.

The time of compromising with the Right is over.

What brought you to Democratic Underground? For me it was Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them

An interesting evening with the Democrats Abroad and the German Greens

The mindset of Republicans from the wife of one for 36 years

Live in Madison, just came home from the square

The officer successfully went through TSA body scanners with the hidden gun each time she tried.

San Francisco circumcision ban headed for November ballot

Libyan Revolution Tweets Part 6

Is anyone else bemused and offended that "Anti-Government Teabaggers" suppport gov. over people?


Unconfirmed report via Twitter that BIG DOG will be there in less than an hour!!

Ian's Pizza In Madison WI: People Are Calling...

I Voted with My Vote - tea party pic

Tom Morello will be at the rally in Madison on Monday!

So where did they bus these teabaggers in from?

So come Monday morning when the imported Tea Party thugs are still in Wisconsin...

You Have Angered the Badger!

I can't thank fellow DUers enough

Tweets out of Madison

Pay teachers as babysitters? Heck yea

Would you be willing to spend a night in jail?

Sen. Jim DeMint Bill Would End Ban on Incandescent Light Bulbs

Florida teachers heading to the bottom of the pay scale. Someone tell Pat Buchanan.

Wow! Wisconsin workers receiving letters of support from around the world

Question for a teacher...

From a recent facebook post:

Remember Walker's fake National Guard threat? - let's go back to Blair Mountain 1921

I'm usually much easier on CNN than most people, but today it is bullshit

U.S. To Build 80-100 New Stealth Bombers

The Math does not lie

Let me tell you how much of a "parasite" my daughter's teacher is

A Government Ruled by Money and Propaganda

Should Wisconsin protesters be calling for right wing governor to resign?

In Defense of Mockery

In Defense of Mockery

Wisconsin's Lesson: National Democrats Ain't Fighting For Us

What Your Representatives Did While You Were Asleep

WI: Fake budget "crisis": Wisconsin Gov. Walker Ginned Up Budget Shortfall To Undercut Workers

It's getting harder and harder to deny this simple truth:

Don’t dress like a slut: Toronto cop

Sarah Palin: Bristol Googled Information On The Economy For Me

Former Pennsylvania judge found guilty in kids-for-cash scheme

GOP Lie of the Day: "Teachers' Pay Averages $100,000"...

For all the female doubters on the DU....a GIRL WON the Alaska State Wrestling Title in 2006.....

Wisconsin REP democrat Gordin Hintz blows the doors off the Wisconsin assembly.

Group of doctors here signing notes for absent teachers- this is what solidarity looks like

Group of doctors here signing notes for absent teachers- this is what solidarity looks like

DUers please welcome the 100's of NEW union members that have found us this week

Thanks to Hissyspit, I just ordered 3 pizzas for the folks in Madison.

4 mins ago, Rep Barbara Lee introduced return to 2008 DoD budget

Revealed: Air Force ordered software to manage army of fake virtual people

(New York) City to Toughen Auditing of School Test Scores

Somali pirates hijack yacht of U.S. couple on Bible mission

Egyptians celebrate, challenge army to keep promises

VIDEO: "The Exorcist" (60-second Claymation version)

Cat laser bowling

hamburgers and hot dogs too

Anyone seen "Barney's version"? I hear it is good. I'm dying to see it.

Human Rights Watch: Government forces killed 84 in 3 days in Libya

Iowa labor union calls for rally to support Wisconsin public employees

Gov. Rick Snyder (R-MI) says he's helping poor, too

Highlights of proposals in House GOP spending bill

Anonymous Targets the "Graceless Sociopaths" of Westboro Baptist

New Haven To Take Legal Action Against Police Union

"Our House"

Bahrain protesters reclaim central square

Union activists to stage rally in Dayton Ohio (Police+Firefighters+Teachers)

Unicorns enjoy carrots

Skittles has a different-colored one of these for every day of the week.

Globetrotters hit shots from ship to ship (00:56)

No matter HOW long you live you will NEVER own, or even wear, a hat as awesome as this.

Vt. Dems, labor rally to support Wis. fellows

Internet 'kill switch' bill gets a makeover

Dem voted to defund net neutrality out of concern for 'cost hikes'

Union contract expires at 2 Peoria TV stations

(CBO) BREAKING: Repeal Would Raise Deficit $210B

Bahrain protesters celebrate as police, soldiers withdraw from Pearl Square

Calling ALL cars!!! Calling ALL cars!!!

Naked sausage stealer caught on tape

Saw the movie "Just Go With It"

Question for iTunes experts about moving music folders

thank you, anonymous friend, for my lonely heart...

Kuwait police fire tear gas at stateless protesters

Protesters in Bahrain, Libya Face Tear Gas, Gunfire

Protesters in Bahrain retake Pearl Roundabout

House Votes to Cut $60 Billion, Setting Up Budget Clash


Pakistani (Tehreek-i-) Taliban issue video of slain spy officer

ya know who I miss?

What is the word

Afghan sweep seizes weapons, drugs

Jusitn Bieber is dead!

I'm but a poor widow

Death Toll In Libya Protest 'Hits 120'

Dogs are happiest when they can count on you to provide a balanced diet. Now. Now? NOW?!?

DRAGONS!!! funny post on facebook

Saturday night party music- The Fabulous Thunderbirds "Look At That!"...

Swiss Locate Funds Linked to Mubarak

Christie Stays Out of Wisconsin Union Battle

Deaths as Ivory Coast forces open fire on protesters

New party (First new political party in 15 yrs) shows deep political change in new Egypt

I am obsessed with top 10 lists.

G20 reaches deal on imbalance indicators

Tea Party activists explore recalling senators

Gov. Rick Snyder isn't ending union rights, but he wants help

Competing Wisconsin protests peaceful, draw thousands

Egyptian baby-smuggling ring probed by RCMP (WikiLeaked US embassy cable)

Libyan protesters risk 'suicide' by army hands

Boycott the UK census over links to Lockheed Martin, (anti-war) protesters say

Tax protesters target Barclays bank

Libya Cuts Off Internet Service: Network Monitor

18 firefighters injured battling Brooklyn fire

Thanks to the two lovely people who gave me my hearts!!!

Girl in Marana hurt when bounce house blows away

Scientist finds Gulf bottom still oily, dead

I think I should've been a reporter

The Pee Tarty

aaaaaand we are in full 'roid rage

Libyan snipers open fire on mourners

Classic Rock Trivia CHALLENGE, Delaney & Bonnie & Friends On Tour With Eric Clapton Edition

Student-run 'Information Station' crew keeps protesters organized and supplied

Clown congressman messes up first vote

For those who gave me a heart

No one can deny the fact that MiddleFingerMom has a fucking ABUNDANCE of animal magnetism.

Guatemalan soccer official killed after threats

You know what sucks....?

The King Of Limbs - WTF?

Cozy Cole

Paul Robeson had an AMAZING Baritone voice!

During this chilly time of year, Kali doesn't get tumbleweeds on her ranch.

Have you ever had dreams or thoughts

British gun dealer investigated in US over (global) AK-47 empire

Iran naval ships to cross Suez Canal on Monday

Secret Service: Oakdale Inmate Sent Letter Threatening to Kill President

The movie "Knowing" from 2009 starring Nicholas Cage.

Happy birthday to Justine Bateman.

Okay, I've been guilty of smuggling on far more than ONE occasion.

Wasn't it a Firesign Theatre album where they ground up a pair of sweat socks into a giant joint?

House Judiciary Committee Approves Medical Malpractice Liability Reform Bill

Oddyseus and the Sirens of Facebook:

Calif. governor won't target collective bargaining

Thanks for all the Hearts! I appreciate them.

Largest protest yet fails to sway lawmakers....

Thanks for the heart!

National Christmas tree toppled

The three and a half tops -

Susan Boyle Singing Some Jazz Riffs.

Police estimate Wis. Capitol protest crowd at 70,000

MFM is extremely sorry for all the times he went on illegal, immoral and/or improper adventures.

Seattle Times endorsing marijuana legalization bill

Holy Astringent Plum-like Fruit!!

What are some things you wish you'd known about onion rings before you bought one?

Sometimes I get so caught up in DU, I let the pizza burn

Police, firefighters rally in Grand Rapids against proposal to repeal binding arbitration

thanks for the hearts, whomever you are.

Ecstasy does not wreck the mind, study claims

I posted last week that I had never been bullied as a kid. I was. Is it a good thing

# of poppyseed muffins you'd need to eat to get as high as Jimmy Page in The Song Remains The Same

Wisconsin Protesters Breitbarted Over Bogus Teachers' Excuses

I have another heart!

Thank you for the heart!

Wisconsin Doctors Tell Teachers: Call in Sick to Continue Protests

God Loves Drunk People, too

Cats will DEFINITELY let you know just where you stand. Get it? Where you STAND?!?!??

Tucson is about to lose its only drive-in church.

What's for dinner?

Why do towels have that band on the end?

I'm almost afraid to ask but

What a sight, all my hearts! I thank all who thought of me. Nice to realize

I was touched by the XOXO Valentine's heart

How to forgive and take care of myself – do I still not know…

Someone gave me a heart, and I thank them.

Pediatrician Facing Abuse Suit Dies

Political phonebanking. Aargh!

Chocolate chip cookies with ....

abq e streeter is extemely nostalgic for the days when he used to go on illegal, immoral and/or

Ya know, as I limp toward my doddering 60s, I am amazed at the changes

Attackers in Army Uniforms Make Deadly Assault on Afghan Bank

I have 20 hearts left. Where do they go? Should they go to those I know,

Dubious Deal, Cloaked by National Security Claim

Quite often, you have to just take responsibility and generate your OWN happiness.

What is the perfect movie/TV theme song?

Happy Birthday Constantin Brancusi!

.Ex-Palin aide rips her in leaked manuscript

Ex-judge Mark A. Ciavarella Jr. guilty in 'cash for kids' case

Any steampunk lovers in here?

Just another day in Portlandia

House votes to prevent reporting system for assault-weapon sales

'Voluntary' immigration program not so voluntary

Most hearts ever. Thanks to Skinman and the DU Admins for the heart fundraiser tradition.

Got a Craving for a Varsity Hot Dog. Anybody else got a craving

Balmorhea. Some of the most beautiful music I've ever heard

The Waiter By David Baerwald

I want my Mom back.

What is your favourite digital gadget?

What are some things you wish you'd known about engagement rings before you bought one?

If you went to a pie shop, what varieties would you hope to find there?

Matewan (1987) - The Union

"Streets on Fire" #Libya #Feb17 (graphic images: viewer discretion advised)

PBS Newshour -- David Brooks disses Pelosi, fellates Boehner

PBS Need to Know panel on public education featuring a teacher, parent, and admin

Very Graphic: Boy Killed By Gaddafi Men In Bayda Libya

Albany, NY, Wisconsin solidarity rally

Wisconsin - 'It's all about breaking the unions'

Flag in Wisconsin Capitol

Day Of Rage And Massive Protests Across Middle East


Scott Wars - Defeat The Imperial Walker

A Day of Democracy in 60 seconds - Wisconsin Protest Time Lapse

Cheeseheads protest FAUX NEWS!

The Ed Show - Lack of media coverage Wisconsin Union Uprising

Creating a Free State: Filmmaker Christina Heller on Building a Libertopia in New Hampshire


When Does The Greed Stop?

Weekly Address: Winning the Future at Intel

Wisconsin Protesting #wiunion

Revealing Her Own Abortion, Rep. Speier Criticizes Conservatives for Failing to Empathize with Women

Meet one woman H.R. 3 would kill

Papantonio: Big Pharma’s Lies Caused Yaz Birth Control Deaths

Pathological LIAR Michele Bachmann attacks REAL Americans

Leader Pelosi: I stand in solidarity with the Wisconsin workers

Defend Wisconsin Great Student March

the killing of protesters in Benghazi Libya with open gun shot 19.02.2011

Investigations On WMD Lies That Led To Iraq War

All You Fascists (Billy Bragg)

Sout Al Horeya (Song: Voice of Freedom/in Egypt)

Beck's & FOX News' Anti-Christ prophet? Duhh? - Rachel Maddow

NEW VIDEO "Uprising" #Libya #Feb17

Libyan forces step up crackdown

Union Protests Are Spreading To Ohio As Kasich Tries To Break Collective Bargaining

Pro-Union protesters at Madison, this one's for you (Star-Spangled Banner)

TDPS: Small changes in Obama budget maintain status quo, nothing to get excited about - TRANSCRIPT

Heavily Armed Libyan Revolution Pro-Democracy Fighters on the Street - Allahu Akbar!!

The Ed Schultz Show w Jesse Jackson Day 6 (Union Busting 3 of 3)


Union Song

Lawrence O'Donnell responds to Pass the Bacon cartoon depicting Obamas

Cenk TYT commentary: President Obama's Budget Proposal - Analysis

Arizona's Arpaio Pearce and Brewer Go To Jail! (Parody)

What A Nightmare!

Rep. Jackie Speier (D-CA) on Abortion

Cenk TYT commentary: GOP Wants Obama To Cut Social Security

Wake Up Kittah

The Shock Doctrine

Young Turks: ABC News Correspondent Beaten In Bahrain

Fox&Friends argument thrown back in their face by one of Fox's own (00:59)

Hospital Report Army Massacre In Bharain 18.02.11

The Islam charm offensive: young Muslims react after their 'loyalty to the US' is questioned

Fox News Falsely Claims WH Behind WI Protest-Not Grassroots

Sarah Palin meets Abraham Lincoln

Will corporate America crush unions?

Exposing the Wisconsin State Employee Riots

Boy Killed by a Sniper in Libya (GRAPHIC CONTENT)

This video is of the emergency department of the Hospital in Bahrain - THIS IS JUST HORRIBLE :-(

AlJazeera - Bloodbath in Bahrain - Scenes from the hospital - (WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT)

Libya, Al-Bayda City Massacre by Gaddafi Against Innocent People (WARNING: Extreme Graphic Content)

!!!!! BEAUTIFUL !!!!! WI Protesters Sing National Anthem Spontaneously

New documentary explores economics of happiness (BTW, happiness peaked in 1956 in the US)

WI St.Rep. Gordon Hintz on the Budget Repair Bill

Get Service

Bill Maher heckled by Real Time audience member

Seattle Police Pepperspray Police-Brutality Protesters


A local news station here in Salt Lake did a positive piece on the healthcare law...

"The amount of hypocrisy here is obviously very high..."

Obama Administration Revises 'Conscience Clause' Rules: Contraception No Longer Considered Abortion

Republican Governor Deliberately Spent Wisconsin Surplus To Pick Fight With Unions

Bill Daley made $20 million in 2010

Obama at 51% in today's Gallup tracking poll

The Legacy of the TANF Emergency Fund (one of the most underrated Stimulus programs)

Protesters Breitbarted Over Bogus Teachers' Excuses

S. Korea Trade Deal - Obama versus Trump

Two Years Of Recovery

787 Dreamliner teaches Boeing costly lesson on outsourcing (plus Krugman's commentary)

"It's like a Koch Brother's wet dream."

Going for the jugular, the beast's beating heart! . . . Please come CAPTION Head Wreck!!!!

SOS Clinton provides perhaps the best argument defending Planned Parenthood (Video, 2009)

There is no difference between the tea party movement, and the 1967 campaign of George Wallace

Democrats fight Gov. Christie's plan to privatize N.J. government functions

Head Wreck in 3D!!!! . . . Please come CAPTION this ambulating disaster!!!!

The only way Obama would make some (vocal) people happy

GOP's Perry narrowly wins La. state Senate seat (Legislature changes hands)

"70,000 in Solidarity (Photo Diary)"

Why don't people blame all dems for not starting negotiations w/ Medicare for all?

Obama will stand with the workers, however if he gets more involved in WI it will be as peacemaker

Obama has moved to the centre. But the GOP and Tea Baggers have just moved further

"Winds of a recall swirling around Florida’s new governor"

Week 6: Boehner, Republicans haven't passed legislation to create a single job

LIHEAP: The facts, without the spin:

Organizing recall in Wisconsin (For Republicans)

NOAA: Climate Projections Show Human Health Impacts Possible Within 30 Years

Living On Earth: The (Obama) Budget (EPA down 13% : Department of Energy up 12%)

Living on Earth: Toxic Tide - Discovering the Health Effects of the Deepwater Disaster, Part 2

Africa flirts with GM technology in rush for climate-ready crops

The beaver's new brand: eco-saviour

The 2010/2011 La Niña leaves human and economic toll in its wake, pushing global commodity prices up

Worldwide search for ‘lost frogs’ finds 4 percent of target species

First droughts, then floods, then cyclones, now bushfires: What next for Australia?

Lakoff: What Conservatives Really Want

USGS: Nearly 60 Small to Moderate Earthquakes Strike Arkansas and Are Widely Felt

Green Roof Collapses in Illinois

Living On Earth: How Close are we to the Edge

Warming is altering anatomy of forests

Getting Warmer: US CO2 Emissions from Power Plant Emissions Rise 5.6% in 2010

Scientist finds Gulf bottom still oily, dead

Solar Power Almost as Cheap as Natural Gas in Six States

Deepwater Wind Will Increase Rhode Island Gov't Electricity Bills by $1.5 Million Each Year.

Spain Repeals Limits On Nuclear Plant Lifetimes.

Jesus, Satan Appear on CNN in Historic Two-Minute Segment

12 Things You Need to Know About Scott Walker, Public Workers and the Uprising in Wisconsin

With Increased Us Aid, Honduras Militarises Anti-Drug Fight

IBM's Watson Beats Sherlock Holmes

Government is not the enemy

Wisconsin: The First Stop in An American Uprising?

Wisconsin Gov. Walker Sends State Troopers After 'Waldo'

Djibouti Joins as Rage Sweeps Maghreb, Middle East

McConnell takes lieing to an obscene level. This slime-ball can say anything because he is

Jim Hightower: Top 4 Victories Handed to Corporate America by the Supreme Court -- So Far

Roland Martin is an ass

Veto Of UN Resolution Undermines U.S. Credibility On Mideast Peace

Warrantless Wiretap Timeline. Oct. 5 Bush explicitly limits briefings to Cong. Oct. 6 he starts

Debunking Tea Party Talking Points in Wisconsin

France, England halt arms sales to Bahrain, Libya

Palin's ghost-written Facebook Fatwa on "Hard working, patriotic, selfless union brothers & sisters"

CNN op-ed: Why there should be a case against George W. Bush under torture law

Koch Industries Slashed WI Jobs, Helped Elect Scott Walker, Now Orchestrating Pro-Walker Protest

Deepak Chopra: 'Obama Should be a One-Term President'

AJE Opinion: Stealing Egypt's Revolution

Coke, Pepsi Get Color from Cancer-Causing Chemicals

The Republican Strategy Robert Reich Fmr. Secretary of Labor

Salon: How Borders Lost Its Soul ("from a true alternative to a big-box bore")

Fox News covers Wisconsin protests differently than Tea Party protests

I am no longer heartless

I do have a heart

NRA endorses HR 645

(Unlike Egypt) Yemen, awash in guns, wary about unrest

‘D.C. Gun Bill: Fact And Fiction’ from the NRA is false and deceiving

Student charged after gun found in vehicle at Finger Lakes Community College

Virginia Shooting Sports Association Legislative Successes

I'll dedicate a 30 round magazine dump to my secret heart-donor today.

Violent crime in jurisdictions that recognize Right to Carry is lower than in areas that prevent it

Lehigh Township man identified as shooting victim at North Whitehall gun club

Bill offering leniency for guns at school stopped (MT)

Del. couple continues fight for tougher gun laws

Glock Block! No Civilian Guns at CPAC

Podiums to pistols: Open carry laws making local officials uneasy

Open carry leads to open protest

Oops! Gun Dealers "Lost" More than 62,000 Firearms Since 2008 - Many Likely Sold "Off the Books"

Gun laws and the Australian buyback

Letters : Open-carry bill wrong move for strapped state (Palm Beach Post)

Bill introduced to ban open carry of handguns in California

Cerabino: Let lawmakers enjoy the fruits of gun freedom

How can we change the law so that anyone can be an FFL?

Guns Outlawed at Palin Speaking Events

Brady Center Opposes Attempt to Dismiss Suit Against Badger Guns

Licensed gun show dealer sentenced for selling unregistered machine gun conversion parts to felon

Objecting to open carry: Equating 'moral harm' with intimidation

Accidental Shooting at Gray Gun Show

Don't lives of victims outweigh gun rights? (great letter to the editor)

Prime example of what the second amendment is for

Data Shoots Holes In Bloomberg’s Anti-Gun Billboard Campaign, Says CCCRKBA

NRA: It's good to live like a king

New moves to address housing deficit in Venezuela

Deadly force: Venezuela's police have become a law unto themselves

Obama names dates for Brazil, Chile, El Salvador trip

Venezuela: Presidential speeches aired in 1999-2010 amount to 1,300 hours

With Increased Us Aid, Honduras Militarises Anti-Drug Fight

Obama Requests Funding for Venezuelan Opposition in 2012 Budget

An Interview with CEPR’s Mark Weisbrot (Kim Ives 2/9)

Is Chavez running out of friends in the Arab world?

Pablo loses almost 40 lbs!

This is awesome.

Has Rasheed Wallace finally calmed down? He's not leading the league in techs this year

Protesters Rally Outside US Embassy In TA To Slam UNSC Veto

Hillary Clinton: Israeli Settlements 'Illegitimate'

PA Calls For 'Day Of Rage' After UNSC Veto

Ram Dass, "Fierce Grace"

Tomorrow is "Bring Your Gay Teen to Church" Day

Just had a Thought

WaPo - "Religion: The Ultimate Tyranny" by Paula Kirby

Environmental Collapse: Lester Brown interviewed by Michio Kaku

Bizarro world 'Bloggies' finalist for Best Science Blog is … anti-science website WattsUpWithThat

A Solar System Family Portrait, From the Inside Out

Using 3D Printing to Repair Rodin's Thinker

'Music of the stars' now louder

Cosmic census finds crowd of planets in our galaxy

US science chief warns: 'China will eat our lunch'