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Thank you so much to my secret admirer....

Iran: Stop Attacks on Peaceful Demonstrators (Human Rights Watch)

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Police Departments Downsize, From 4 Legs to 2

Goldfish killer “didn’t want to leave witnesses,” police say

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Ne. Lawmakers look at health insurance (cover cochlear implants for profound hearing loss)

Government contractors targeted Chamber of Commerce's critics

Even Barbara Bush takes a dig at Boehner

For such an unrepentent fly in the ointment, I appreciate my heart.Thank You !!!

For such an unrepentent fly in the ointment, I appreciate my heart.Thank You !!!

David v. Goliath: Louisiana Student Girds For Battle On Behalf Of Sound Science

Theoretical: Paris Hilton needs a new kidney.

So Cheney and Rumsfeld were booed at CPAC??!

It's starting to get late

I heard about Hugo Chavez and his heating oil program...

Rights groups spend Valentine's Day thanking Spain for prosecuting Bush lawyers

Jeff Sachs says tax the rich - "Do we need to have our own Egypt? Two center-right parties"

Most recalled medical devices received speedy FDA review (LAT)

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House Ethics Office Investigates Rep. Schmidt's Ties To Turkish-American Interest Group

U.S. businessman destroyed British families' dreams of new life in America while pocketing £3m in im

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Man in 6-Year Battle for Custody of Son

Man in 6-Year Battle for Custody of Son

ThinkProgress:The Chamber’s Anti-Union Lawyers Solicited ‘Abhorrent’ Privacy Invasions

and this is how it goes (Shirley Sherrod)

and this is how it goes (Shirley Sherrod)

Matt Stoller: The Egyptian Labor Uprising Against Rubinites

Strikes, workers’ protests spread throughout Egypt

Injustice and Inequality.

Thank you to my benefactor!

Thank you to my benefactor!

Jon please do not sing

Transformed by the revolution

US House committee hearing takes aim at public sector pensions

Was anyone listening to Aljazeera English this morning when...

Iran Uses Force Against Protests As Region Erupts

Democratic senators slow to embrace Obama's budget

Obama’s budget and the rot of American capitalism

The Origins and Severity of the Public Pension Crisis

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Common insecticide may hurt child IQ

Australian PM rules out funds to rebuild flood-damaged infrastructure

Berlusconi to face trial on sex and abuse of power charges

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Activist Judges Strike Again

A reality check...

Campaign aims to set up ‘safe spaces’ for gay Maine students

Breaking Down the Department of Transportation’s Proposed 2012 Budget

Glenn Greenwald: More Facts Emerge About The Leaked Anti-WikiLeaks Smear Campaigns

Caregivers for Wounded Troops Still Waiting 9 Months after Benefits Approved

Valentine's Day inspires Dentists with a Heart to offer free oral care

Sarkozy angers French judges, chides ministers, disses multiculturalism – and sinks in polls

Video games: strengthen social bonds, fulfills roles of meditation and religion.

Professor Sachs. Two completely different countries...

Professor Sachs. Two completely different countries...

Our Corporate Courts -- Hightower

Genetic Tests Can Unearth Family Secrets, Such as Incest

mourning iraqi wives, children on valentine's day

Parents in School District Hit by Cuts Want to Pay More, but State Won't Allow It

A 'Dictator' Governor Sets Out to Cut Wages, Slash Benefits and Destroy Public Unions

Do you think people don't protest in America because...

Do you think people don't protest in America because...

The Chamber of Commerce's Cesspool of Character Assassination: It's UnAmerican


Rebellious Arizona -- the Perfect Venue for Next Week's Tea Party Summit

Derf's Latest: True Story

Derf's Latest: True Story

Dalai Lama’s Nephew Killed by a Car While Walking for Tibet in St. Augustine.

"Free Trade" Bribe: The Retraining Scam

Defector admits to WMD lies that triggered Iraq war (Curveball)

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Egypt requests US freeze assets of officials who worked for Mubarak, but NOT Mubarak

Bahrain Roiled After Second Protester Is Killed by Police

RIP T.P. McKenna ("The Avengers" and "The Saint,")

Feds Seize 18 More Domains in Piracy Crackdown

9 ways to create a sustainable future and stay sane...

Two Killed at Monday Rally in Iran

Bald Eagle, One Of Oldest In Country, Dies From Electrocution In Alaska

Iranian Lawmakers Condemn Protests; Call for Execution of (Opposition) Leaders

Obama Decentralizes Wildlife Management in National Parks, Threatening Reagan Protections

Just announced: Obama to hold press conference at 11 AM ET today

On Thursday, Rep. Barbara Lee will reintroduce A Responsible End to the War in Afghanistan Act

Iran Bans Valentine's Day

Iran Bans Valentine's Day

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Religious Right Wants Separation of Church and State -- in Egypt

Obama, Saying We Need Education to Win the Future, Cuts Pell Grants $100 Billion

Activists Encourage Spanish Government to Prosecute Bush Administration Lawyers

Mean Jean Schmidt under ethics investigation

Beck Adds The Bush State Department And MTV To His Egypt Theory

I Do: McDonalds Now Offering McWeddings

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Some students disagree with campus Nerf ban

The GOP's door of no return

Poll: Romney Trumps Competition In 2012 NH Primary

The Apostate - Paul Haggis vs. the Church of Scientology

Bill Hicks.... we sure the hell miss you

Jon Stewart collects reactions to Egypt's revolution

Obama to hold 11:00 AM News Conference

Judge: Government Can Shield It's Conversations About Engaging In Torture

The cuts that hammer the poor and working class are particularly galling in light of the fact

Misguided Austerity Could Literally Hurt Our Brains and Our Future

George H.W. Bush to Get Medal of Freedom

Lawsuit says BP official resigned over safety issues

Lawsuit says BP official resigned over safety issues

Obama’s $3.7 Trillion Budget Calls for Military Spending Increases and Deep Cuts to Social Service P

Hey I just realized that I know Ben Armbruster from Think Progress

Very Few Blacks, Hispanics Admitted To Top Public Schools

Ten percent,

EXCLUSIVE: Authorities Search and Copy U.S. Journalist’s Notes, Computer and Cameras After Returning

Wisconsin state troopers union troubled over Walker's proposal.

Egyptian History-By Mike Luckovich

Japan sees alarming rise in child abuse

Iowa store chain fights Subway over 'footlong'

Police layoffs make crime-plagued Camden all the worse

Police layoffs make crime-plagued Camden all the worse

The End of the Argument on Jobs and Fiscal Policy

House (CO) bans welfare recipients from using state debit cards at strip club ATMs

GOP Rep. Didn't Take Federal Health Insurance -- He Already Had Better State Benefits

GOP Rep. Didn't Take Federal Health Insurance -- He Already Had Better State Benefits

Problem in Fort Wayne Indiana.....

If Obama goes first on cutting SS and Medicare I'm supporting a primary challenge!

We're going to hit the halfway point on Tuesday? Cool.

Cong. Jesse Jackson: "The budget proposal from President Obama is right from the Republican plan"

Most Insane State Legislatures

Paging DU'er whatthehell...

More from the incipient WI Insurrection…

Anybody care to venture a guess as to how long it will be before Americans take to the streets?

President Obama proposes to cut the military budget by increasing it!

It's going to require "entitlement reform"?

Absurd yes, but what other explanation could there be?

Absurd yes, but what other explanation could there be?

The Price of Citizenship

It bothered me when politicians thanked Jesus for their success, but I've come to appreciate it.

2012:A new beginning

Here Comes Another Bubble, and a Crash That Will Dwarf the Last One, Unless . . .

Media Matters: Beck: "Don't Do A Google Search"

Anyone starting to see how an imbecile like Bush could become president twice with a +90% approval?

KO: Mother Jones: So. Dakota GOP writing bill to legalize murdering abortion providers.

How can anyone maintain a civilized Society without any Social Spending to maintain it?

How can anyone maintain a civilized Society without any Social Spending to maintain it?

Two hearts today - Thanks to both of you

thanks for the hearts, DU!

thanks for the hearts, DU!

Live thread- Obama's News Conference.

Obama will not allow the Government to be shut down, they know it and we know it.

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Vet DUers...I thought The American Legion was conservative...latest activity

Did Glenn Beck turn a profit at Wilmington charity event?

"Balancing the Budget on the Backs of the Poor"

Education Department Bureaucracy Keeps Disabled Borrowers in Debt

POUS praising the bipartisanship of the Bush tax deal!!!!

Berlusconi: Alcohol-fueled "bunga bunga" orgies

I REALLY need your opinion/help, DU: Community Resource Directory

pit in the bottom of my stomach when POUS speaks

We are all Egyptians

Know what, President Obama ain't turning Left, we've been hung out to dry

Michelle Obama blames lack of comprehensive immigration reform on Republicans.

Sen.Kerry Seeks Release of Shooter in Pakistan

Sen.Kerry Seeks Release of Shooter in Pakistan

Mr President - If you allow them to cut Social Security - Your finished

So many people here berate me, "if you don't vote for Obama you'll get a Republican"

CSM: How best to boost the 'working poor'?

Scott Mubarak is ordering new uniforms for the WI Nat'l Guard

Fuck Bipartisanship! eom

4.3-magnitude earthquake near Mount St. Helens is biggest in 30 years

Tough-talking Chris Christie plans D.C. rollout

Obama’s Social Conscience? Does He Have One? [Updated]

Jan Brewer gives breaks to corporations

If you were in the White House pool today, what would you ask the President?

FOX (Denver)nails it: Advocates for UNDOCUMENTED CITIZENS rallied outside the Capitol Monday against

Send your kid to full-day public kindergarten in Seattle? $310/month proposed

Give some love to the fighting Badgers in Wisconsin thread.

But hey, we've got tax cuts for the rich!

The Staten Island Ferry... a FREE government-provided service... and to top it off...

Tuesday Toons part 1 : Repubs

Cheeseheads--Buses to Madison for the demonstrations: Schedules & Locations

Exabytes: Documenting the 'digital age' and huge growth in computing capacity

The 25 'Best' Quotes of CPAC 2011 from Esquire

Cultural Barbarians Storm the Arts, Sciences & Education

Palast: Chevron Runs from Judgment in Ecuador

Palast: Chevron Runs from Judgment in Ecuador

Traditional Media Takes Notice of ChamberLeaks Scandal

Tuesday Toons part 2 : Cuts

Money IS power

Money IS power

Tuesday Toons part 3: Egypt and the Middle East

Stairway - Mr. Fish toon

Tuesday Toons part 4

Ugh. Anti-Semitism rears its ugly head in Chicago mayoral race

Ugh. Anti-Semitism rears its ugly head in Chicago mayoral race

The Lies About Pensions: Shortfalls and Solutions

Repugs go after Big Bird

IF i could tweet/twit

Why do so many believe that the President is a dictator?

House Budget Protects Oil Companies, Jeopardizes Americans’ Health

toon - Decisions, decisions

If you live in Wisconsin, please sign this petition against Gov Walker

CNN poll 'Who do you trust more in the battle over the fed budget'?

Worker Injuries? Not Interested, says Obama's Labor Department

Take the Glenn Beck Challenge

Al J covering Bahrain protests, and other countries.

The Danger in Forgetting About American Workers

Fannie, regulator defend legal aid for former execs

My take on gun rights.

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Thom Hartmann: "They're killers!"

Live-blogging Tuesday's Madison Capitol Square demonstrations and Joint Finance committee hearing

On President Obama's Budget

Michigan Governor Snyder (R) to raise taxes on Michigan business!!

Nope, Government never creates any Jobs!

Maddow on Justice Thomas' Koch Brothers Scandal

"If some of those jobs are lost so be it."

Tea Party, Republicans "loyalty is to a country that does not exist, has not existed, and


Honduras's Experiment With Free-Market Cities

Cheeseheads-Scott Mubarak in Eau Claire this aft.

Americans on budgets push up price of "cheap" beef

Thanks to whoever gave me the evil duer heart, and at the

There are probably more people in a recession who need LIHEAP. But tax cuts for the wealthy are OK?

Fidel Castro' s Reflections "The Revolutionary Rebellion in Egypt"

The Rude Pundit: Your Union-Busting State Sucks

Slovak Republic: Rebuilding Society After Communism, One Greeting at a Time

Reich - Why Obama's Budget Sell-Out to Republicans Threatens Our Economy

Obama the Arms Dealer

E-Mails Suggest Law Firm Considered ‘Dirty-Tricks’ Plan to Discredit Chamber Critics

Fannie, Freddie's Legal "Feeding Frenzy" Costs Taxpayers $434 Million

Democrats Push For Thomas Recusal

Be Wary of "Progressive" Solutions to Social Security

Who has announced that they will challenge President Obama in the 2012 primary?

Sacred Cow Shot and killed to feed all of the village for years

The race to the right.

Cheering the fact OJ got beat up in jail? Forget about the victim and think about the motivation...

Bahrain protesters take over main square

“It will never happen to me.” Even progressives can fall for this lame line.

Citizen's United supported Clarence Thomas' 1991 nomination to Supreme Court

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While Britain Loosens Big Brother's Grip, US Keeps Civil Liberties Curtailed

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Sarah Palin gets facts wrong in budget critique using a chart from Glenn Beck's website

POLL - Who is the worst right-wing wack-a-doodle of them all?

Woman who tried to mail puppy (box with no air holes) won't get him back, puppy up for adoption

what a show Thomas Hartman has today

Witstream is going to Live Tweet Beck's Show Tomorrow

HuffPo: Out Of 400 Amendments, Just One For The Jobless

6th annual Great San Francisco Pillow Fight - pics

CPAC Banned Frank Gaffney Over Baseless Anti-Muslim Charges

Midlife Crisis defined by xtranormal! Hit it up on you tube

Obama pushes drive for medical malpractice reforms

GOP: No government shutdown if you give us what we want

AFSCME Vows To Fight Like Never Before Against Wisconsin Governor's Attempt To Destroy Public Unions

How come the President isn't talking about cutting the military? He has no problems talking about

How come the President isn't talking about cutting the military? He has no problems talking about

How Courts Avoid Doing Justice

Randi Rhodes is opening her show talking about flying her dog out of state for medical care

Borowitz Tweets

Self-deleted by member

State of Homelessness in America 2011

Poll: Obama gets high marks for handling of Egypt crisis

Eugene Robinson: The GOP loves freedom, but not for Egypt

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Shadows of an Afghan War (dial-up warning).

Half the GOP voters are birthers...

Email from Obama:

Glenn Greenwalk on Ratigan NOW

I have just a few questions for all of you.

I have just a few questions for all of you.

Child faces expulsion from school for selling sweets

Wow! I received a heart! Thanks!

Thank You Barbara Lee! Responsible End to the War in Afghanistan Act, will shortly be re-introduced

Which GOP candidate would give you freedom of conscience to withhold your vote

Peddling Poison for Fun and Profit: How Executives' Greed Destroyed the Economy

Boehner: Losing Jobs? Too bad, we're broke.

Boehner: Losing Jobs? Too bad, we're broke.

Justin Bieber vs. Ann Coulter

JUST when you thought the WikiLeaks saga couldn't get MORE surreal

Hugs and thanks for the hearts!

Eau Claire City Council considers res. to reject Scott Mubarak's Budget Bill

Three hearts?

Rep. Ryan: GOP won't allow shutdown due to budget impasse

Bahrain police open fire on funeral procession leaving one dead

What do you call someone who hides evidence & refuses to cooperate in the investigation of a crime?

tweety, the birthers are racists.

Why hundreds of Seattleites would be in jail -- if this were Italy.

Can a brother get some love?

5 Ways Corporate Scavengers Are Making Big Money Off Our Economic Pain

5 Ways Corporate Scavengers Are Making Big Money Off Our Economic Pain

I know this sounds crazy, but I would love to see Debbie Wasserman-Schultz run for POTUS

In the political lexicon, "shared sacrifice" is truly a misnomer

Vision: How Yoga is Transforming a Kenyan City

Bat Bomb?

WI-Alarming insights from Assemblywoman Kathleen Vinehout

Repubs seem to hate Muslims, women, poor people, non-whites, and the uninsured....

Total Homelessness by State - State of Homelessness 2011

Thank you for my heart!

So Be It? Pelosi Rips Boehner’s Dismissal of Potential Job Loss

And from the left: Why we’re proud of multicultural Britain

On heart giving... my I made a mistake...

The defense budget over the next five years is going to be less than originally projected...

Amanda Knox's parents indicted, accused of libeling Italian police

Idiot criminal (small scale) of the week

What is the biggest contributor to the national debt?

Is this Coca Cola's Secret Recipe?

Housing Market Looks Sickest in Cities That Once Seemed Immune

Thank you

Chevron Hit With Record Judgment-$8.6 Billion (and possibly doubled)

Dear Speaker Boner-More Jobs Mean Tax Which Means Reducing Deficit - DUH

Is Amanda Knox Guilty or Innocent of Homicide?

have the republicans even mentioned JOBS???

have the republicans even mentioned JOBS???

Largest planet in the solar system could be about to be discovered

President Antes Up 15M New Jobs. GOP Folds.

President Obama Threatens To Veto House GOP's Spending Bill

A moment of appreciation for Democratic Underground

South Dakota Moves To Legalize Killing Abortion Providers

You are so kind - thanks for the Valentines

What explains why DUs hearts fundraising is close to


Nevada prison official says O.J. Simpson beating report false

I wanted to mention this the other day

Interesting read on Congressional pensions

7 Green Bay Packers sign letter criticizing Wisconsin Gov. Walker

Poor teabaggers feel used and abused

Jamie Dimon, CEO of Chase Bank saz.."All CA has to do to pay it's debt is raise taxes by 1%"

Wisconsin Death Trip

A Great Analogy

Afghan women's 'lives at risk'

South Dakota Bill Would Legalize Murder Of Abortion Providers

Boehner: If Jobs Are Lost As A Result Of GOP Spending Cuts 'So Be It'

Thank you for the heart, anonymous donor.

I heart whomever gave me my heart

Anyone see the segment on Iraq, WMDs, Rumsfeld et al, on Hardball?

100,000 Floridians Against Rick Scott

Thank you for the heart, Secret Admirer...

Thank you for the heart!

Ok that's it

Taxing the Wealthy: The Old Pea and Thimble Trick

The "journalists" asking the President questions made me pretty mad today.

Poll: GOP primary voters doubt Obama was born in U.S.

Russia Cannot Support Further Sanctions On Iran – Lavrov

Now the Tea Party Terrorist movement want Oliver back

Question for the mods ---

Teen Burglar Kills Goldfish Because He Didn't Want To Leave Any Witnesses, Cops Say

I planted my potatoes last weekend

Teabaggers are back and as racist as ever. Harrisburg, PA

The divide between General Discussion and GD: Politics has never been this stark

Tax-Flight Arguments (Still) Don’t Add Up

Do We Really Need More Submarines and Aircraft Carriers?

Do We Really Need More Submarines and Aircraft Carriers?

Is the Social Security fund adding to the present deficit or the future deficit?

News from Egypt: Police 'claiming' to have been forced to torture, updates and details.

Missouri Senator Wants to Eliminate Child Labor Laws, Really

Thanks For The Heart

The most bizarro-world reporting on foreclosures that I've seen

A cartoon strip

Congressman Weiner is on O'Donnell at 8

happy birthday susan b anthony--the mother of us all

AP: GOP plans Sioux City debate (week before the Feb. 6 caucuses)

Majority of Republicans Now Birthers?

"Sorry, your last transaction could not be completed" (DU Donation page) .. WTF?

Science, anti-science, racism and homophobia

It's Libya's turn now. (Al-Jazeera will cover this one) PROTESTS AT 3am local, BBC NEEDS CONTACTS

An 'English goddess' for India's down-trodden

Impeach Justice Ginsberg?

Tired of Lies About Social Security and Medicare?

Tired of Lies About Social Security and Medicare?

Peter F%@#&*g King is at it again re: Wikileaks!

Obama Veto Threat Of GOP Spending Bill Ratchets Up Talk Of Government Shut Down

Just got to say it

WikiLeaks Row Intensifies As US Makes 'Privacy' Move Against Twitter - UKGuardian

Protests and Revolt where famous people go! Jay-Z, Mariah Carry, etc

Does the right really want a country that is everyone for themselves....

William Jefferson Obama

William Jefferson Obama

Sen Lee... how many jobs do you think will go away

Feds Approve Monsanto Herbicide-Resistant Crops

Critical Question: Does Boehner Have the Rabid Animals Under Control?

Obama, GOP steering onto budget collision course

Republican attitudes about Obama are worse than I thought.

McClatchy: Obama says he'd stop adding to debt, but that's not true

Independent UK: Chevron's dirty fight in Ecuador

Independent UK: Chevron's dirty fight in Ecuador

LOL, someone gave "Name removed" a couple hearts too. Can you feel the love?

"Just a plain, old weiner"

Which Duer created: Shit My Governor Says?

WikiLeaks: Egypt’s new man at the top 'was against reform'

WikiLeaks: Egypt’s new man at the top 'was against reform'

Toon: Comparing Wingnut responses

Mommy, why does John Boehner want to kill Big Bird?

Feds Approve Monsanto Herbicide-Resistant Crops

Obama Needs to Buy a Mirror

Red State governors are pressing union busting in WI, IN, and Penn.

Is this what they need the ''Patriot Act'' for?

Thanks so much to the folks who gave me hearts

Republicans want to turn America into the Sobeit Union

Toon: The Perception Problem

CBS News' Lara Logan Hospitalized After Sexual Assault in Egypt

Has atheism ever inspired cultural works in any meaningful way?

Rachel is exposing Orange Man's lies from today

Addendum: 'The Last Time Wisconsin Called In The National Guard...'

Danziger raises a good point!

"We're Poisoned. We're Sick."

Near 'fiscal collapse,' UNLV to fire tenured profs, eliminate departments

How was it Reagan managed to raise taxes 7 out of 8 years.

WaPo Op Ed: Workers Toppled a Dictator in Egypt, but Might be Silenced in Wisconsin

Obama asks for science boost; Republicans look for cuts

You're right, Orangeman! We're broke.....

Aww! Thank you so much...

remembering feb 15, 2003, when millions around the world protested the upcoming war in iraq

I am overwhelmed with my hearts

Thanks for the heart o secret one. :)

O.J. Simpson Reportedly Beaten Unconscious In Prison

Hey whoever donated for me...........

Obama's Budget, What Does It Include?

H.Res.92: zOMG!!1 Martial law declared!!!

TV weather man pleads guilty to lewd act

Democrats criticize Kansas lawmaker’s comments about ‘olive complexion’

My sincere thanks to the kind person who gave me a heart

Are there any DUers we haven't seen for a while?

John Boehner's state may get $450 million extra in new budget.

slow but thanks to whomever gave me a heart

You all almost made me cry

DN! EXCLUSIVE: Authorities Search and Copy U.S. Journalist’s Notes, Computer and Cameras

Caboodle Ranch, a village for hundreds of homeless cats - story and pics

Did'ja know that Congress folk receive lifetime medical and retirement benefits after 5 years?

United grounds jets upon finding inspections overdue

From Prison, Madoff Says Banks ‘Had to Know’ of Fraud (NYT)

Obama's education budget would spare Pell grants, increase spending 11% overall

Balding in 20s could hint at prostate cancer later in life

My friend's blog and her commitment to a year of volunteering, great idea...

Is Jeopardy a game show....?

THANK YOU for the Heart

Iran protests 'going nowhere', says Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

Daily Kos has a petition to draft Elizabeth Warren for MA Senate in 2012 --

Thanks for the hearts! I am

The Time has come,said the walrus...

Baltimore to Buy Cheaper Teachers...

Holy smoking Kenyans!

Overview of the Presidential Budget Proposal

Obama is going to eat ReTHUGS during the

If we tried to do what they just did in Egypt? They would shoot us dead in the streets.

"It will mean cutting things that I care deeply about."

California governor Brown freezes state hiring

GOP mocks Obama budget, House weighs spending cuts

Toon: Eerily Quiet

Actually, what the right really wants . . ..

Culpability for the Mortgage Meltdown: WHO WANTED BAD LOANS?

South Carolina Lawmaker Seeks to Ban Federal Currency

Haley Barbour will no longer denounce racists

Egypt: The Distance Between Enthusiasm and Reality (STRATFOR)

Cutting badly needed aid to the poor is NOT OKAY even if some taxes are being raised on the rich

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Fuck the god-damned mine field

Spoke with a friend tonight, promised her I would run this by my DU friends:

Have you noticed what is doing lately....

Wisconsin Governor Threatens To Replace Union Workers With National Guard - HuffPo

Arizona Teacher Fired for Bumperstickers

Arizona Teacher Fired for Bumperstickers

aw, poor wittle Glenn Beck: Glenn Beck Fears Muse’s Grammy Performance Was ‘a Call for Revolution’

Watson blows away the competition tonight,

How Many Progressive Budget Analysts Does It Take to Notice the Military?

Can't we use the initiative process to lower our representative's salaries to

O.J. Simpson Beaten Unconscious In Prison Attack: Report

Curverball lies about WMD. Charge Bush crime family with war crimes.

Egypt Leaders Found ‘Off’ Switch for Internet

Man Dies At Hospital After Waiting For Treatment

Robert Reich: Why We Should Raise Taxes on the Super-Rich and Lower Them on the Middle Class

So is it just Adrian Lamo's word against Pvt. Bradley Manning ?

Mahalo for the hearts. I am touched

What's next, "Obama request repeal of Voting Rights Act"?

NYTimes Graph of Obama’s 2012 Budget Proposal

"I lost my job because of Obama".

Court upholds verdict against probation officials

What if Mubarak is shot? Do you believe that he suddenly has cancer?

the other side, is REALLY creepy...

Report details birth control sabotage....

I am soooooooooooooo grateful! Thanks for the heart, secret admirer! n/t

Obama awards freedom medals to Bush, Merkel, Buffett

Obama really pisses me off!

if you have a twitter account, Bernie Sanders would like more followers

South Dakota: highest rate of forcible rape 76.5 per 100,000

The Kochs, A Nazi Past, Oil & The Foundation of The Right

10K protest Wisconsin governor (R) and his budget!

I am very disappointed, in all of you. (yes, you)

Senate votes 86 - 12 to pass Patriot Act extension


Are you watching MSNBC More, Less or the Same since Keith left?

Citizens United vs. United Citizens: Building a Movement to Drive Money Out of Politics

Our problem is the lack of JOBS not the deficit.

Court confirms: IP addresses aren't people (and P2P lawyers know it) - UK

Fox "News" Reveals Its True Colors In On-Air Attack On the Constitution

Aw Fuck...

Huge thank you to the DUers who gave me hearts. I appreciate each and every one of them..and you.


If you have hearts to give, and you're thinking of kindly bestowing one on me, please don't

My call to Boehner's office this morning

Obama Budget Briefing Met with Questions, Not Acceptance (by liberal bloggers)

Politifact's - Statements we say are Pants on Fire!

Obama explains why he embraces GOP goals: to "impress the markets that we can work together"

Salon: The Powerful Law Firm At The Center Of The WikiLeaks Plot

Salon: The Powerful Law Firm At The Center Of The WikiLeaks Plot

KS GOP Rep Connie O’Brien Says She Can Tell Who Is ‘Illegal’ Because They Have 'Olive Complexion'

Democracy NOW: Wisconsin Governor Launches Attack on Public Sector Employees and Unions

‘Douche du Jour’: Nickelodeon’s ‘iCarly’ Ridicules Homeless Americans

The GOP WILL shut down the government

Obama gives Poppy Bu$h "Medal of Freedom"?

Growing crowd faces off with Walker's (R-WI tea-party gov) home in Wauwatosa

Censorship In America: Al-Jazeera And PBS

I want a Goddamned DEMOCRATIC Party - by MinistryOfTruth

I want a Goddamned DEMOCRATIC Party - by MinistryOfTruth

President did a great job setting up the debate on reforming the tax code, fixing Soc. Sec.

Armageddon for Home-Owners? 12 Facts That Show We're in the Midst of the Worst Housing Collapse in U

I Didn’t Really Want All That Stuff, Anyway

Indictment for John Edwards within days?

"Obama starts drive for medical malpractice reforms"

"Terminator's Terminator" is pushing Rick Scott's supply side budget that even scares Republicans

Electrical Device Plugs Directly into Trees for Power

Doctors - the Next GOP Target of People to Hate

9 Pictures Of The Extreme Income/Wealth Gap

Japan to 'quit' Antarctic whaling

Japan to 'quit' Antarctic whaling

The Insurance Industry... In A Nutshell...

The Insurance Industry... In A Nutshell...

This is a silent (or not) prayers/good vibes thread for Lara Logan

OK! I've got hearts, and I'm not afraid to use them!

Self-deleted by member

What's wrong (or at least misleading) with this graph?

Jane Hamsher was wrong AGAIN.

Why don't we start a movement - an online draft movement to challenge Obama.

Who really needs a heart? I have a bunch to give away and thought I would

I gotta get this off my chest... Tweety YOU WERE one

seneca falls declaration of sentiments 1848

People! Why do you keep demanding that Obama do something about unemployment? That's not his job

Gates, Rumsfeld SUED Over U.S. Military's RAPE EPIDEMIC

"We're Poisoned. We're Sick."

Go Texas! Latest stats

Clarence Thomas Fails to Disclose 1991 ($100,000) Citizens United In-Kind Contributions

Dear low-income American,

Who's watching the Westminster Show???

Who's watching the Westminster Show???

Clarence Thomas is an unethical scumbag and should step down

Why is a Democratic President screwing us?

Obama: "Medicare and Medicaid are huge problems"

Computer is spanking humans on Jeopardy

Heard from your health insurance. co lately? Report here.

Heard from your health insurance. co lately? Report here.

OK there is something I don't understand....

OK there is something I don't understand....

Does this guy have an original thought in his head?

My daughter told me that she and a bunch of friends were hanging out

Why I'm Right About Raising Taxes on the Very Rich (and why my liberal critics are wimps) | R.Reich

Organizing the Dust of Individuals

How do you feel about the fact that President Obama is giving GHWBush a PresidentialMedalOfFreedom?

Police chief: hospital tried to aid dying man (Portland Adventist Hospital)

Dear Poor People, Thank You for Going Without Heat So We Can Buy Another Week of War

Finally !!! - A REAL Democrat !!!

Three Myths About Professional Athletes and Their Unions: NFL Owners vs. Players

Geithner: Cut corporate tax rate substantially

The President just convinced my wife

Safeway starts requiring receipt checks to leave one D.C. store

CBS News' Lara Logan Assaulted During Egypt Protests

So I killed two people last week. But I was really nice to a bunch of others.

Thank you for my heart ... I love Anonymous!

Anonymous Publishes (1000s) New Batch Of HBGary E-mails Which CONTRADCT Their Claims Of Innocence

E-Mail: Hunton & Williams Expected 'Huge Gains'

HBGary was working with Bank of America on a plan to take down WikiLeaks

Anonymous speaks: the inside story of the HBGary hack

Doctors’ Group Hails Reintroduction of Medicare-for-All Bill in Congress

Know your BFEE: Hosni Mubarak and Egypt carried a lot of water for Poppy's crew

Science panel doubts Ivins link to attack anthrax (meaning: FBI lies when it says case closed)

That Press Conference was painful

A timely note from VI Lenin

Guess Who Opposes Walker’s Plan for WI? Conservatives, Republicans and Vets (press call today)

Airlines Beat Storms by Canceling Ahead

Silvio Berlusconi: 'I make all women feel special'

Chevron fined $9.5 billion in Ecuador

Expert: Teacher Bashing Could Lead to Corporate Takeover of Public Education

Companies Say Higher Prices Loom

University of Cincinnati to drop computer science major

59 arrested in Super Bowl prostitution crackdown

Police Departments Downsize, From 4 Legs to 2

Clinton to announce new 'AfPak' envoy

Dalai Lama's nephew killed on Florida walk for Tibet

U.S. businessman destroyed British families' dreams of new life in America while pocketing £3m in im

Chevron fined for Amazon pollution by Ecuador court

Ex-Judge to Head Egypt Reform Panel

ICSPP Endorses the FDA Advisory Panel's Decision Regarding ECT Devices

Japan sees alarming rise in child abuse

I Do: McDonalds Now Offering McWeddings

French right savages IMF boss Strauss-Kahn

Despite red ink, some governors push big tax cuts for businesses

GOP mocks Obama budget, House weighs spending cuts

Option ARM Time Bomb Blows Early, Easing Damage to U.S. Housing

Companies Raise Prices as Commodity Costs Jump

Deficit is biggest as share of economy since 1945

Thousands of protesters march to Bahrain capital

Protesters and loyalists clash in Yemen

Honduras's Experiment With Free-Market Cities

Malawi: Civil Society Warns of More Fuel Crisis Protests

Argentina and US row over seized US military material

Walker's budget allows power plant sale

E-Mails Suggest Law Firm Considered ‘Dirty-Tricks’ Plan to Discredit Chamber Critics

Low turnout likely for primary vote (Wisconsin)

Govt to defend tactics in WikiLeaks probe; trio fights order targeting their Twitter accounts

Actor (Stephen) Baldwin Sues Costner Over Oil Invention

APNewsBreak: Veterans say rape cases mishandled (Fed class-action lawsuit names Gates & Rumsfeld)

Rep. Rangel files for 2012

Solar Flare Suspends Parts of Radio Communications in Korea

Rahm Emanuel Attacked In Anti-Semitic Flier

House OKs citizens taping law officers(MS)

House Budget Protects Oil Companies, Jeopardizes Americans’ Health

Union boss backs coalition for next Irish gov't

Ghonim calls for end of strikes in Egypt

Japanese PM vows to find missing soldiers (Iwo Jima)

Lawsuit claims Pentagon turned blind eye to military rape victims

Defector admits to WMD lies that triggered Iraq war

Fifth day of protests in Yemen

Latin America urges Japan to stop whaling

Veterans Say Rape Cases Mishandled

Immigrant education bill gains support (Oregon)

Senate Appropriations chairman slams GOP's proposed spending cuts as 'arbitrary'

Wisconsin Public Employees Undercompensated, Report Says

Feds sue State of Wisconsin

AP IMPACT: New proof of Ivory Coast vote killings

Present, former Packers say they back AFL-CIO

At the Courthouse: Forde eligible for death penalty

Suspicious letter prompts evacuation at Palo Alto VA

NYSE Owner to Merge with Deutsche Boerse

Dershowitz Joins Legal Team for Wikileaks

Greeks protest over public transport sector reform bill ahead of parliament vote

Feds Approve Monsanto Herbicide-Resistant Crops

Rep. Lewis to get Medal of Freedom today

World Phosphorous Use Crosses Critical Threshold

WikiLeaks: Egypt’s new man at the top 'was against reform'

Hundreds gather for protest at Walker's house

Gov. Brown Orders Hiring Freeze

Colombia: Third Education Trade Unionist Assassinated

Iraqi Defector Fabricated WMD Intelligence: Report (Curveball Admits Lies to Guardian)

Clinton Demands Net Freedom Abroad as Domestic Restrictions Loom

Sheriff Joe Arpaio Weighs Arizona Senate Run

Branstad (R-Ia) gets salary, pension (while laying off 1,500)

WikiLeaks row intensifies as US makes 'privacy' move against Twitter

One thing that could have made today's IBM Jeopardy episode awesomer....

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Silvio Berlusconi: Sex charge trial to begin in April

"We're Poisoned. We're Sick."

Union protests at Indiana Statehouse on GOP proposals

Valentine's Day is a crock.

More "young Stones" - Film clip from their first concert in Holland, 1964...

Pennsylvania AFL-CIO leaders oppose key governor priorities

this shit is fucking with me

Bahrain protesters take control of main square

Jerry Brown drops Schwarzenegger minimum-wage lawsuit

USGS Watching Mount St. Helen's Volcano Following Earthquake Swarm

To those DU'ers who gave me hearts....

To my Secret Admirer who gave me a Valentine's Day heart ...

the Nissan Juke. what kind of name is that?

I dreamed I was talking to a roomful of Republicans, and I was P.O.,

Does UPS have a policy to hire dingbats to work at their company?

Food prices at dangerous levels, says World Bank

Obama lauds Medal of Freedom recipients

Senate passes extension of Patriot Act provisions

Hey, Thanks to my secret admirer for the heart.

Iranian Lawmakers Demand Death Penalty for Opposition Leaders

I promise, you will, not "lots of love"

snopes break: Letter Exchange between law firm and Cleveland Browns

The eternal question answered:

American agents shot in Mexico

Apple report reveals child labour increase

Stuxnet virus targets and spread revealed

For your most important questions, make sure you ask someone you can really trust.

The REAL W Quote: "There's a saying in Texas, I'm sure they have it here too. Fool me once...

Shit-shit-shit-shit shit-shit-shit-shit shit-shit-shit-shit shit-shit-shit-shit, etc.

People always notice that MiddleFingerMom moves with a certain cat-like grace. How so?

Phila. homeowner wins judgment against Wells Fargo over mortgage fees

The day before me is fraught with God knows what horrors.

Guilty pleasure confession...

Mourner killed in clashes at Bahrain protester funeral

Sammy, you fucking ROCK....

Anyone else on PhoneBook?

We all scream for ice cream.......

"Two Kinds of Steeaaaakkk!"

Theoretical: Paris Hilton needs a new kidney.

What's the word on cooking wikileaks?

What's the word on cookie-licking freaks?

Presenting the quietest concert hall in the world....

Anthrax report casts doubt on scientific evidence in FBI case against Bruce Ivins

I have alot of hearts to give away - please send me DUers without hearts

FOUND! The Proto-Bieber!


Amanda Knox's parents ordered to stand trial in Italy

Is this the worst job offer ever?

What's the word on cooking with meeks?

What's the word on cooking with creeks?

What's the word on cooking with freaks?

What's the word on cooking with geeks?

What's the word on cooking with geeks?


What's the word on cooking with cheeks?

So if you respond to your secret admirer's PM, will they receive your message?

How do I save a youtube video to my computer?

Montana Gov. Blocks Yellowstone Bison Slaughter

Gone Baby, Don't Be Long

What would our very own "Ciudad DU" look like?

I'm up to four hearts, of which only one is of known origin.

General: heart of Afghan insurgency is beaten

Chatsworth wants to make a cheap porno based on the DU Lounge. Who should be cast to play you?

Breed judging videos at Westminster today,

What's the word on cooking with Greeks?

Which DU movie will suck more: Big budget Hollywood or Cheap Chatsworth porno?


Thank you mystery person for my heart.

Just ate a Round Table "Personal" Pizza, but...I dunno...I didn't really feel a "connection."

Thank you, Secret Admirer, for the heart.

Exclusive: Petraeus to quit Afghan campaign

From Prison, Madoff Says Banks ‘Had to Know’ of Fraud

Thousands of Tombs in Saudi Desert Spotted From Space

I think I found the Death Star. No really, look.

Thanks so much for the hearts!!!

Thank You for the heart!

The (long rumored) Arrested Development movie

Hobby blogger sued by MediaNews & Righthaven is 20, chronically ill, autistic

who on DU is familiar with Christian Weston Chandler?

I posted thanks early today on the I Got A Heart thread...but now I am overwhelmed,

Defector admits to WMD lies that triggered Iraq war - Curveball 'invented' tales of bio-weapons

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker has enough votes to end collective bargaining, Senate leader says

Thank you Secret Admirer

Hope I don't have to go on strike.

On a scale of 1-10 please tell me how funky this song is...


Ptah: It happened again!


Dalai Lama's nephew killed during march in Florida. (Hit by vehicle).

On WPT: Pioneers of Television: Science Fiction

An acquaintance was abducted, held for a day, and raped repeatedly

Choose what to do

Pakistan hints at prisoner swap for U.S. official

Westminster on USA Network now.

If they had a heart that said "I love scat" I'd buy a gazillion of them

Thousands descend on Capitol to protest Walker’s plans

Happy Valentine's week! New York Dolls..."Lookin' For A Kiss"...

Superb Lyrebird imitating construction work sounds

It's taken me two months to go from post 29,999 to's a sad memory of Belle

The littlest fistbump:

To whom it may concern... Thanks for the heart!!

Tech question.

IBFTL on that GD thread on old DUers. Found a couple of oldies, including TROF.

It bothered me when politicians thanked Jesus for their success, but I've come to appreciate it.

Is this guy a keeper or what? (story involves a kitteh)

Hey, Lounge! What's for dinner?

I lost my job this morning.

The nine lives of my cat Tansy

High earners exempted from immigration cap (UK)

Is that a sausage in your pocket, or are you happy to see me? picture of the day (2/15)

Self loathing - an important part of a balanced breakfast

What's the word on cooking old sneaks?

So I got these Valentines.

Liberals launch anti-Darrell Issa crusade

Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood To Form Political Party

Well,I'm gonna need some lounge vibes.

Below average high school football player gets no scholarship offers

Caption this Cat?

South Dakota Moves To Legalize Killing Abortion Providers

Our office is have an unofficial countdown to Judgement Day

Can't think of a word.

All Citizens Must (pic)

I predict the Scottish Deerhound will win Best in Show @ Westminster

Scottish Deerhound!!!!

What was your original user name?

How is this guy even ALIVE???!!???

What's the word on cooking with bare cheeks?

What's the word on cooking with bare chicks?

I planted my potatoes last weekend

I am glad Arcade Fire won the Grammy.

US charges men (7, including 2 US citizens) over 'Taliban links'

Does anyone have experience with a cat grieving?

I found my lost furry boy.

Japan to 'quit' Antarctic whaling

I played "Revolution Number 9" backwards.

Bristol Palin: Abstain fom sex, or you'll have to go through what I did.

(UK) Mother's legal plea to sterilise her daughter remains unresolved

Hollywood wants to make a big-budget movie based on the DU Lounge. Who should be cast to play you?

z.o.m.g. talk about your epic fail. where were you guys?

Jimmy Page or Robert Plant?

Shell Report Predicts Peak Oil Now Or Soon, Ponders ‘Depression 2.0

Fury as 'anti-Semitic' banker is invited to speak at LSE (London School of Economics)

So, I just signed the boy up for baseball

my friends die in the weirdest ways

Should MFM jump off a cliff?

Lara Logan Suffered 'Brutal' Sexual Assault In Egypt


My best friend dated this really abusive asshole. Really ruined her self esteem

Mona Eltahawy: Egypt's Domino Effect

Thom Hartmann: Tim Birkley (AFSCME Local 60) on the Wisconsin union-busting

Thom Hartmann: What's in Obama's budget?

massive protest simply explained

Angry scenes in Iran's Parliament after protests

Scenes from WIsconsin 2/14/11 Labor Rally

TDPS: Republican priorities since "taking over" are embarrassing, & attacks on women - TRANSCRIPT

US protests are lame, apathetic

Valentines Day Protest at Wisconsin Capitol

Thom Hartmann: Is Sherrod vs. Breitbart really Free Speech vs. Big Money?

Wikileaks, Anonymous, the latest chapter

Tunisian girl sings a song during democracy demonstrations

January 25th: A song of solidarity with the Egyptian people.

Free speech activist faces jail for criticizing Islam, Sharia Law

Produce Prices Are Going To Skyrocket Due To Freeze.

Rachel Maddow- GOP budget cuts (Spare Engine Joint Strike Fighter)

DN! Slavery Proposed by GOP Wisconsin Gov Walker for State and Union Workers Democracy Now

Thom Hartmann: Obama budget vs. GOP budget

Sachs Says Democrats, GOP Both `Unrealistic' on Budget

Papantonio: The Journalism of Appeasement

Will Democracy Movement Challenge Military After Mubarak

Cavuto Likens Federal Aid For Jobless Benefits To Narcotic Drugs

Madison protest against Scott Mubarak's budget bill

Anti-Walker Rally - Madison, WI | February 15, 2011

MoveOn: "We Won't Go Back" featuring Lisa Edelstein

Feingold 2.0 (with respect to PATRIOT act)

TDPS: Don't Miss GOP Scam Group Funding Rep. Allen West, Other Incestuous PACs - Excellent Story

Thom Hartmann: A 99'er Welcomes Death

Rush Limbaugh Wants Violent Overthrow of Obama!

Another of Mike Stark's little chats with Rush Limbaugh

Thom Hartmann vs. Wayne Root who says Obama's new plan is to destroy Capitalism

CodePink Cairo, Tahrir Square Pro Democracy Demonstration

Mister Rogers defending PBS to the US Senate

TDPS: People actually PAYING for DVD with Palin & Bush speeches available free on YouTube

Obama's Military Spending Increases and Deep Cuts to Social Programs

Ed Schultz Exposes Governor Scott Walker For Balancing The Budget On The Backs Of The Poor

O'Donnell: Glenn Beck Just a Smokescreen for Billo the Clown

Not Your Prisoner EGYPTS REVOLUTION SONG by Egyptian Rap group Arabian Knightz

Young Turks: CPAC - Ron Paul Wins & Andrew Breitbart's Nasty Speech

Lies that launched a war

The Last Word on Overpopulation

Riki Ott: Dispersants & gentically engineered bacteria still in use; Cease & desist orders needed

Cenk & The Nation's Katrina Vanden Heuvel: Obama's 2011 Budget

You All Are Going to Love This!

Women's Bodies - Italian Documentary

Rush Limbaugh: If D.C. Does Not REPEAL Obamacare " WE GO EGYPT ON OBAMA "

Washington Post: The Fact Checker on the 2012 federal budget

Obama budget plan reveals vastly diminished ambitions

Obama’s Budget Focuses on Path to Rein in Deficit

* Early Heads Up: POTUS to hold News Conference at 11am EST *

Jeffrey Sachs on the Budget

Obama Has Strong Support of Latinos

Deval Patrick Eyed for DNC Chairman?

Obama's budget significantly raises taxes on the wealthy.

Obama Budget Escapes Liberal Backlash — For Now -- "'the professional left” was remarkably muted."

Emails, Calls on Budget Bill Flood Lawmakers' Offices (Wisconsin)

A novel excuse for flip-flopping

National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare statement on the President's budget

USA Today/Gallup Poll: Obama gets high marks for handling of Egypt crisis

**** Heads Up: POTUS holds a News Conference, Live 11am EST ****

Pelosi to GOP: 'Show us the jobs'

Frank, Dems blast GOP, say cuts will impair Wall Street regulators

President sets up Round 2 over keeping Bush tax rates

Future Schlock

Michigan residents oppose GOP anti-EPA agenda

Boehner: If Jobs Are Lost As A Result Of GOP Spending Cuts 'So Be It'

Happy Valentine's Day: An Obscene Phone Call From A Wisconsin Wingnut

White House vows veto if GOP spending bill undermines national priorities

GOP pollster: Nevadans prefer tax increases over spending cuts by wide margin

Obama budget plan could create millions of jobs

Poll stunner: Birthers are half of GOP primary voters

BREAKING: There are not enough 'harsh critics' of Obama in GD:P

Obama "budget" egregious sell-out...

The gop, birthers, and sarah palin...

Petraeus Quitting??

Honoring John Lewis

Poll: Corker Safe For Reelection Unless Dems Nominate Bredesen

That "liberal" media sure likes to bash Obama.

The strangest segment on Tweedy...Morning Scar on and pontificating about the

Robert Reich: Why I’m Right About Raising Taxes on the Very Rich (updated)

Former GOP Candidate Gets 366 Days In Jail For Lying In Voter Suppression Probe

Obama's dog is in Best In Show!

Infrastructure, job creation and other investments in President Obama's budget

Photos: "The Best of Who We Are." (The Obama Presidency, Day 757)

Almost 60% of DUrs polled will not work to re-elect Obama in 2012 or will work for another candidate

Obama and the GOP: united against the working poor

Obama proposes 10-year, $30 billion bank tax

REPORT: The Five Ways That The GOP Is Trying To Eradicate A Woman’s Right To Choose

Hoyer: It's The Republicans' Fault If The Government Shuts Down

Birthers love Sarah Palin far more than any other 2012 GOP hopeful

Tell me, Mr. President, about how you're going to end the Bush tax cuts

Obama accidentally says sh-t during press conference

Governor Rick Perry: You Are $30 Billion Short, Dude

Photos: If you want to WIN the future, first you have to see it off to school.

Thousands of Wisconsin union workers protest budget plan!

Follow Up: South Carolina announces site of new SC Currency Mint

Have you noticed that more people in the media have called Obama incompetent than they did Bush

Rep. Frank: When Bill Clinton left office the military budget was 300 billion, it's now 700 billion.

Hillary contradicts the White House. Again.

Bachmann criticizes first lady for tax break on breast pumps and nanny state

Michelle Obama to Promote Breastfeeding as IRS Gives Tax Breaks for Nursing

Huckabee Puts Abortion Front And Center In 2012 GOP Presidential Primary

Ezra Klein: "What Most people want is the President to act like Jed Bartlett in 'The West Wing'"

President Obama says he's doing Better than Eisenhower!

Paul Begala: It's Time to Defund Kentucky

Don't be fooled by those "I'm saving the taxpayers money by sleeping in my office" Congressmen

Boehner: If some federal workers lose jobs because of GOP cuts, 'so be it'

My Wife's Idea of a 5% solution - everyone takes a pay cut.

Thom Hartman: Is Governor Walker the new Hosni Mubarak of Wisconsin?

Peak oil review - 14 February

Gingrich’s Energy Policies Rile Conservative Critics

EV with miracle range record is destroyed in mysterious warehouse fire. Hmm.

Arctic Roamers: The Move of Southern Species into Far North

"Fundamental Structural Change In Physical Make-Up Of Forests" - Vines Burying Tropical Test Sites

Economic and emissions impacts of electric vehicles

Revealed: how energy firms spy on environmental activists

Australia climate disasters hit reinsurers’ earnings – Insured losses estimated at $5.5-7.5 billion

Study finds massive flux of gas, in addition to liquid oil, at BP well blowout in Gulf

Tom Toles- Just a difference of opinion, except for the dying part

Russia's Arctic coast is open for business

EPA’s FY 2012 Budget Proposal Reflects Tough Choices Needed for the Nation’s Fiscal Health (13% cut)

Central Valley Biomass Power Plants Fined More Than $830,000 For Clean Air Act Violations

woman helping to save cheetahs, Africa's most endangered big cat

If greenhouse gas emissions stopped now, Earth still would likely get warmer

New Material Provides 25 Percent Greater Thermoelectric Conversion Efficiency

Glaciers atop Mexico volcano likely to vanish soon

Return of the king butterfly (Monarch butterfly numbers bounce back)

"Garbage Avalanche" From Collapsed Landfill Fills Sea Around Andros Island

New Movie - The Last Lions - Highlights 95% Plunge In #s - 450K To 20K In Past 50 Years

Think-Tank Warns Prairie Provinces To Brace For Water Issues - Esp. From Polluted Lake Winnipeg

Grist: California to green its grid with energy storage

Republicans Gut EPA Climate Rules, Slash Deeply Into Climate Research, Aid and Technology Programs

Bold New GOP Stance - Eliminate All NASA Climate Funding - It Detracts From Vital Manned Spaceflight

Rising Seas Will Affect Major U.S. Coastal Cities by 2100

Op-Ed - The Clean Energy Pump Fake - ENS

‘Massive’ Closures of U.S. Coal Plants Loom, Chu Says

How tight is the link between oil, food and population?

Iraq For Sale - feature length

Economic Hitmen - How the world works

Chevron Runs from Judgment

George Orwell proposes Socialist Revolution

No sensible reason for Walker's Guard threat

Juan Cole: Fear Not the Muslim Brotherhood Boogeyman

Paul Krugman: Eat The Future

Chamber of Commerce Thuggery Comes As No Surprise

Renewing the Patriot Act

Bill Moyers: America Can't Deal With Reality -- We Must Be Exposed to the Truth, Even If It Hurts

Anonymous: US security firms 'planned to attack WikiLeaks'

Here Comes Another Bubble, and a Crash That Will Dwarf the Last One, Unless . . .

A 'Dictator' Governor Sets Out to Cut Wages, Slash Benefits and Destroy Public Unions

Google was thoroughly conned by SEO experts hired by JCPenney.

I know if we cut our military budget to merely twice as much as the next largest nation’s military

Judge: Government Can Shield Its Conversations about Engaging in Torture

The obscenity of the wealth gap is growing unbearable.

Democrats criticize Kansas lawmaker’s comments about ‘olive complexion’

Common Cause Asks Court About Thomas Speech

Always do the right thing (because 99 is not 100) Mickey Z.

Bill Moyers: America Can't Deal With Reality -- We Must Be Exposed to the Truth, Even If It Hurts

Why Are American Cable Viewers Deprived of Al-Jazeera (But Pay for Fox News?)

Egypt: Why Is The United States Afraid Of Arab Democracy?

Library protests cause some councils to rethink cuts

Tea, Taxation and Tyranny

General Insanity: Former Army Officer Launches Salvo Against Islam And First Amendment

Issa channeling Joe McCarthy, when you have no constructive plans or ideas just harrass those who do

Authorities Search and Copy U.S. Journalist’s Notes, Computer and Cameras After Returning from Haiti

The TRANSFORMERS mount their second attack on America

Where is Our Revolutionary Fervor?

Organics and the Science of Farming

Wisconsin's war on human liberty

Beck: "Don't Do A Google Search" Because "Google Is Pretty Deeply In Bed With The Government"

Letters: Mention of Wisconsin National Guard doesn't bode well for workers

Peter King: It’s Not Enough For Muslims To ‘Denounce All Terrorism,’ They Must Also Denounce Muslims

James Galbraith: The Practiced Lunacy of Budget Debates (NYT)

Green Bay Packers Criticize WI Gov: ‘Right To Negotiate Wages And Benefits’ Is ‘Fundamental’

The powerful law firm at the center of the WikiLeaks plot

Birthers love Sarah Palin far more than any other 2012 GOP hopeful

Vanity Fair: When Irish Eyes Are Crying

Curveball and the manufacture of a lie

Majority in Arab world backs Wikileaks

In Connecticut, Governor Malloy Tries to Manage Costs His Way

Wikileaks on the US and Peru: Spying on Indigenous Groups, Defending Mining Companies

Wisconsin Students Protest Governor's Attack on Unions

Clinton: We Love Net Freedom, Unless It Involves WikiLeaks

Hackers release decrypted Stuxnet code -- but don't panic

James K Galbraith: There Is No Economic Justification for Deficit Reduction

HBGary Execs Run For Cover As Hacking Scandal Escalates

Rep. Peter King introduces anti-WikiLeaks legislation

New Billion Dollar Crop!

Sorry just back in the loop - Obama "Blew It" on Egypt?

Daley launches final gun control push

Tavern manager charged with making threat with loaded gun


Hawaii considers banning toy gun sales to kids

Thank-you, guys

Gunman on Tenn. campus apprehended

Gun culture derailed for the moment (Arkansas)

A humerous suggestion for the Gun Forum to shortcut discussions (An idea from another poster)

Police bear down on guns in Downtown Indianapolis

Ark. Senate OKs bill limiting gun restrictions

Belgrade man fatal shoots man in self defense

The Big Clubs in Mexico’s Drug War Aren’t Slipping Through the Gun-Show Loophole

Councilors to vote on gun ban (Iowa City)

Quick question regarding Florida weapons transport laws

Need quick entry into Texas Capitol? Just get a gun permit

Ex-law student acquitted in Philadelphia shooting

Police say Wilmington man acted in self defense in Elkton shooting

The Staten Island Ferry... a FREE government-provided service... and to top it off...

In Wake of Tucson, NRA Advocates Armed Militia Movement (moran alert)

Can tourists buy (or rent) guns when visiting the U.S?

Can tourists buy (or rent) guns when visiting the U.S?

My take on gun rights.

High-Capacity Ammo Clips for Guns Save Lives poll, over 75% don't want restrictions of magazine ("clip") capacity.

Lawyer: Pawn shop illegally sold gun used in spree (Utah)

Video: Self-Defense or Attempted Murder - Jury says Self Defense

Having guns on campuses is a bad idea, whether they’re licensed concealed carry or not

Guns guns everywhere, and crime is still a problem everywhere

Why I carry a gun

Why Congress Should Ban High-Volume Ammo Clips

NY lawmaker touched by gun violence presses on

Colombian journalists' death toll

Caricom chairman doesn't see problem with Aristide's return

Chevron fined for Amazon pollution by Ecuador court

Weld animal sanctuary to get 25 Bolivian lions this week

Caricom chairman doesn't see problem with Aristide's return

Colombia: Third Education Trade Unionist Assassinated

NGO: Press freedoms threatened in Latin America

Peruvian Presidential Candidates Debate Same-Sex Marriage

"Soverign immunity" for Uribe ... Hil needs more time to decide

With the exception of one, I've distributed all my hearts in the Sports Forum

Selig vs. Goodell- the biggest idiot

Ok, Fork. Can you explain this...

OK. This year's Westminster is totally unpredictable.

I'm back...tell me how much you missed me, and I'll give you a heart...

Judge in Bonds case will allow recording

Contador cleared to race, will race Algarve

Many Thanks For The Heart!

Thanks For The 2nd Heart!

I dissent.

Islamists spark anger after calling for gay-free zone in East London

US military chief reassures Israel after Egypt revolt

Haaretz probe: IDF base to be built in East Jerusalem

Israeli army 'ready for all eventualities': PM

Indian Court: Astrology Is a Science

Has atheism ever inspired cultural works in any meaningful way?

Are souls, gods, or spirits made up of matter?

Rocket destroys a sundog

First Images of Comet flyby yesterday

Saturn's Enceladus Spewing Geysers of "Primordial Organic Brew"

Why Van Gogh's Yellows Turn Brown

World Phosphorous Use Crosses Critical Threshold

Magnetricity’ Created in Crystals of Spin Ice

'Johannes Kepler' space freighter set for lift-off (BBC)


The Day a Half-Million Years of Starlight Zapped Earth

Are churches targets for crime necessitating carry by parishoners?