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Communicate if Your Government Shuts Off Your Internet

"the guilty secret of those screaming, “It’s all about the kids!”

How to shut down the Internet

"I am dismissing the government and will appoint a new one." Hosni Mubarak

Palestine papers reveal MI6 drew up plan for crackdown on Hamas

A luta continua - La lutte continue

While Muslim Protestors Prayed Today, Christian Egyptians Formed Human Chains To Protect Them

How to Shut Down the Internet

Deadly Attack by Taliban in Kabul Sought to Kill Head of Blackwater

Deadly Attack by Taliban in Kabul Sought to Kill Head of Blackwater

Who do you think is best able to govern Egypt?

"30 bodies taken to Cairo hospital on Friday, including children of 7 and 4 years old"

It's Now Up To Us. Our Grass Roots to Egypt's.

Al Jazeera says 95 dead so far with hundreds injured

Bombing of supermarket ends peaceful period in Kabul

Twitterverse claims confirmation that Mubarak has stepped down

Heads Up: Al Jazeera English's Excellent Live Blog Of Egypt's Protests Has Moved

The New RW Meme: Commentary: States should have the option of bankruptcy protection to deal with the

Mapping Egypt's 'day of wrath'

Egypt uprising in planning since 2008?

When you shut down the internet and cell phones

london: Students and TUC set to join in city protests

Redrawing the map of the Middle East.

Redrawing the map of the Middle East.

GOP consultant Frank Luntz gives Fox News a room full of Pres. Obama opponents and feeds them lies

Ayn Rand Railed Against Government Benefits, But Grabbed Social Security and Medicare When She Neede

don't know if its been thrown up here yet,

The trouble with supplements if you are diabetic, a list of potential drug-supplement

Breaking: Police firing on protesters @ Interior Ministry and Central Bank in Cairo

Self-deleted by member

American Charged in Pakistan Killing

The real hero of the Middle East - the man who woke them all up

WikiLeaks founder says enjoys making banks squirm

White House wobbles on Egyptian tightrope

Some of the soldiers are saying peace will only happen if Mubarak steps down

Nothing suspicious here, move along

Toon: Pests that refuse to go away...

Sad but true toon: Save my Job

Meanwhile..... .... in Davos

Rand Paul Wants to Ban Abortions and End Birthright Citizenship

Global Post: Confused about all the protests? Here is everything you need to know.

Disabled Child Tortured With Iron, 5 Arrested At Group Home

Detroit cuts funding for homeless warming centers

On FOX just now

This is why Newt and Jeb Bush are bad for this country...

32 workers to be replaced: Golden Gate Bridge going to all-electronic toll system

Making Business Succeed

Making Business Succeed

Check Out The POWERFUL RAW EMOTION In This Egyptian Protester's Voice At 00:45

Will Mubarak step down today?

The "watching the revolution on TV" thread

New York Conservative Party Unknowingly Nominated a Dead Person for State Senate in 2010

New York Conservative Party Unknowingly Nominated a Dead Person for State Senate in 2010

protests... BBC photos

protests... BBC photos

Medina HS Bans Dirty Dancing, Approves Breathalyzers

Which DUers should be immortalized?

Right-Wing Radio Host Tammy Bruce Compares Obama To Mubarak

Dennis Kucinich: Regarding Settlement of Dental Injury Law Suit

Fake Filipino nuns caught going to Lebanon

GEM$NBC is using Al Jazeera's feed

Omar Soliman named as Egyptian Vice President

Pentagon withholding half of separation pay for soldiers dismissed under DADT

Beware Virgo drivers, Allstate data warn

Good ol' bonus days are back for Goldman

bread, freedom and human dignity

Why try and equate the poverty here to the poverty in Egypt?

What's likely to happen to Egyptian/Israeli relations if there is regime change in Cairo?

(Gov.) LePage aide denies bid to politicize employees (LePage - Teabagger/lying sack, Maine)

Mubarak is a fool

By nothing more than luck, I am him, only not as brave.

The man to watch in Egypt is

Don't worry; the wealthy elite really DO get it

Hawaii making money off of birthers. LOL

ENJOY the CREEPY version! The one where Bachmann looks AT the camera, not AWAY from it!

ENJOY the CREEPY version! The one where Bachmann looks AT the camera, not AWAY from it!

Find out who hates you on Facebook

How will lower corporate tax rates help?

Top Republican finally comments, weakly, on Egypt

Parade of Morons on CNN this morning

Fox Still Falsely Claiming That Snow Disproves Global Warming

Lobster in the mountains, riots on the Nile

Lobster in the mountains, riots on the Nile

Lobster in the mountains, riots on the Nile

NBC selling KO bobblehead dolls!

Disney bloated CEO pay while the unions denied living wages or ask for concession

History is critical in our "race to the top"

Hot New Education Trend: Segregation (Lancaster, PA)

"For 6 decades I've been pretending to be the honest broker-but I'm here to tell you-It's all lies!'

Dying to start a thread

The mark of the Beast?

So what of Jordan, Yemen?

Iran hangs two activists

true dat

Mesa man makes eco-friendly plastic bottles, runs into opposition

No longer caring about democracy, Bolton disparages protesters and defends Mubarak

Repubs Abusing Power: Reform turns into screaming match in Pennsylvania House

Saudi King calls Mubarak - assured all under 'control' (and a WTF?)

The Egyptian demonstrators are smart -- winning hearts and minds

I think Jim clancy is my favorite news person

There is great and mighty humanity in the DU community.

Joe Lieberman wants to be dictator of Egypt

The 'Liberal' Media: Obama at fault for Economy and Bush is responsible for Egyptians rising up

Fox News Suggests Rabbis Protesting Beck Are In the 'Vast Soros Conspiracy' Too

More than 100 estimated dead so far as Egyptian protests resume for a fifth day

Judge: No More Plastic Surgery or Tattoos

Huckabee says that wage inequality made Egyptian revolution inevitable.

Huckabee says that wage inequality made Egyptian revolution inevitable.

John Kasich was just being anti liberal/democrat not a racist asshat. O.K.?

Sigh.. comment on article in my paper on the conviction of a child rapist

Al Jaz reporting "looters" had police ID cards and gov't issued weapons...

I need to know if there was this much to-do on say, FDR's 100th Birthday?

I need to know if there was this much to-do on say, FDR's 100th Birthday?

What does the MS stand for in MSNBC?

My Father's Egyptian Story

Comcast takes control of NBC Universal

Democrats: Maine Medicaid head wrongly fired (by Gov. LePage - R: Teabagger)

Has anyone heard from Hepburn lately?

Davos: Two Worlds, Ready or Not

Davos: Two Worlds, Ready or Not

'Jerry Springer: The Opera' comes to Lakewood; controversy follows

El Baradei speaks: "We are talking about taking down the Pharaonic dictatorship."

Some in Army Appear to Side With Demonstrators

"I am flattered that they think the skits on me are totally inconsistent with my personality"

Al Jazeera is the "Fox News" of the middle east .

Egypt's uprising unites society in rage (AP)

EGYPT NEWS: Egyptians React To Mubarak Speech

Some folks are reporting the Internet is back on in Egypt

MSNBC ratings dip without Olbermann

Glenn Beck Explodes At Chris Matthews About Bachmann (VIDEO)

We actually had a pleasant discussion in my paper about funding of public libraries

Moscow airport bombing: why a terrorist mastermind is sending chills down spines

Audio: Phone call update from Cairo

That Al Jazeera lady is tearing this moron a new one

Iranian opposition leader hails Egypt protests

Israel watches Egypt uprising with fear

Obama Administration Cut Funding To Promote Democracy In Egypt, Disappointing Human Rights Activists

Just out of morbid curiosity

Just out of morbid curiosity

How does Egypt's stock market and economy affect the United States?

A Very Fine Thing: The Egyptian Revolution

Headline on CNN:31 dead in Alexandria.

A Fizzy Ocean on Enceladus (w/pic of what a fizzy ocean looks like on a moon near saturn)

EPIC FAIL! Bachmann's call for batshit crazy benefit cuts angers head of Veterans of Foreign Wars

The narcissism of the neo-cons, Egypt edition

The Telegraph claims WikiLeaks cables show US government backed dissidents who have planned 'regime'

Double-Speak: Praise the Troops, Then Pick Their Pockets

Glenn Beck gets undies in bunch over Tweety's "Ballon Head" remarks, has a drama queen hissy fit

Lebanon's tension abates as eyes turn to Egypt

Lebanon's tension abates as eyes turn to Egypt

So how do Egyptians afford access to facebook anyway?

Feb. 1 National Call-In Day to Fitzpatrick, Holder and Obama: Stop the FBI & Grand Jury Repression

Washington needs a friendly regime in Cairo more than it needs a democratic government

Washington needs a friendly regime in Cairo more than it needs a democratic government

"...bill that would require the U. of Mississippi to bring back Colonel Rebel as its mascot..."

"...bill that would require the U. of Mississippi to bring back Colonel Rebel as its mascot..."

Policial Crisis in Egypt: More Mischief from the West

Guardian UK: It's time for parents to stand with their children at the student protests

How do you make elites stop protesting

The Bush Legacy Strikes Out American Justice

Interesting article removed from Washington Post

Opposition figure Mohamed ElBaradei accuses U.S. of dropping the ball

Saudi King must be uneasy re Egypt “American Mamelukes In Saudi Arabia”

Are DUers watching the protests at the UN

EGYPT: Opposition figure Mohamed ElBaradei accuses U.S. of dropping the ball

What do you think is this weekend's main topic of discussion at Georgetown cocktail parties?

David Bollier: The Decline of the Commons, 1760 to 2000, as Plotted by Google

72 hours of reckless speculation, interspersed with moments of clarity

Goldman Sachs chief Lloyd Blankfein gets $15m pay award

Goldman Sachs chief Lloyd Blankfein gets $15m pay award

Yikes. Look who Mubarak has made Vice President

Glenn Beck might cut a bunny in half with a chain saw today

Virginia House uses Jim Crow anti- Brown v. Board measure to nullify Obamacare

MSNBC: A guy was saying there are four million people living in the City of the Dead

Egypt-like protests can't happen here despite what some nutters would like to believe

How do we let the Egyptian people know

Protests "taking place in american cities"

Are any Americans disgusted with the possibility that much of the riot gear

Watching Bill Maher last night something struck me

Wikileaks Cables Shed Light on Egypt's New VP

John Boner is NOT alone. The orange people are invading our country.

Obama administration: Gay DADT victims will only get half their separation pay

State Farm wants to raise average rates by 28 percent

Egyptian regime sponsoring vandalism and thugs according to eyewitnesses.

Huckabee said this on FOX this morning.

Will the administration EVER break with Mubarak?

I can't wait for the small government folks to attack

Egypt TV is reporting that Muslim Brotherhood members arrested for looting

Reverse Emancipation

Costs per student

Hosni Mubarak's Gulfstream Jet Fleet Paid For By U.S. Military

See images, videos, and articles of Nationwide Protests in Solidarity with Stop the FBI on Jan 25th.

Go figure - a 1cent tax helps community and businesses grow...

Breaking CNN: Ben Wedeman reporting that the Suleiman appt in anticipation of Mubarak resignation

Kentucky judge faces misconduct charges (donated to McCain and helped Rand Paul)

Court won't hold 'Don't ask, don't tell' lawsuit

Question on COMCASTM$NBC

A post Mubarek Egypt - secular/democratic or religious theocracy?

A kid goes to a baseball game...

Govt. funding allowed only for abortions due to "forcible rape"

Dem Rep Opens Up On Abortion Bill That Redefines Rape

Mubarack is preparing to leave

MSNBC begins booking Comcast guests (former Santorum aide)

Egypt Rising: Washington Dithers as its Factotum Faces Downfall

What is happening with Americans in Egypt?

And Comcast takes over NBC without a shot being fired

Infographic: Mad Billionaire’s Disease

SEATTLE: Rally to support Egyptian People @ Westlake Park, 3pm today (from Seattle Times). nt

LA Times Cairo photojournalism page

If Mubarak leaves, should we pull our $2.5 billion aid package?

Understanding EXACTLY How The BANKSTERS Are STEALING Trillions From US

Montana - new abortion proposals:

Tensions rise on worldwide surge in food prices

Dinosaurs survived for at least 700,000 years after meteorite collision

The world is turning even shittier right in front of our eyes.

Will The Revolution Is Egypt Result In More Freedom Or Less Freedom?

I wonder if Sarah Palin knows...

Audio: Phonecall With Protester in Egypt Just Recorded

I'm not worried about Obama shutting down the internet.

I'm not worried about Obama shutting down the internet.

Internet ‘Kill Switch’ Legislation Back in Play

A Region in Turmoil: How Far Will the Unrest Spread?

Fugitive surrenders to get cancer treatment; sheriff doesn't want to pay

Did Oregon Republican Party members raffle off an AR-15 assault rifle at the state fair?

Totally Shameless GOP Scrambles to Take Credit for Economic Uptick

Would someone be kind enough to post a map of the middle east

Understanding Technical Analysis

Some things the U.S. needs NOT to do regarding Egypt

Translation Of Flyer Being Distributed By Nat'l Egyptian Coalition: "Accountability For Torture..."

Arab Nations Evacuate Their Citizens From Egypt

Non-theists organize Secular Coalition for Alabama (Huntsville Times)

CBS news just said blocking internet and cell phone access in Egypt backfired.

CNN: 1000 Prisoners have escape. They are on the Road to Cairo looting/raising havoc

Dutch freeze contacts with Iran over hanging

In a nutshell, what the hell is happening in Egypt?

Dr. Michael Yussef...CNN invited guest..

Dr. Michael Yussef...CNN invited guest..

Protesters across U.S. support Egyptians

Walk Like an Egyptian

Looters rip heads off 2 mummies at Egyptian Museum

What about Libya?

Tunisian women rally ahead of Islamist leader's return

NIneteen private planes just arrived in Dubai

Being sentenced to ‘hard time’ instead of nursing home

Inequality In America Is Worse Than In Egypt, Tunisia Or Yemen

Arizona bill would ban kids from truck beds

Happy 150th to Kansas! Neat pictures

And now for something completely different!!!!

I almost feel sorry for Mittens

Music for the Rev: Rock El Casbah (Rachid Taha) (Add yours)

I almost feel sorry for Mittens

Soros was Hitler's right hand man

Why do talking heads on Fox...

Egypt Thread #1 (1-29-11)

Supporting abortion rights only in certain cases is like opposing the death penalty except

Why do we have so many different democratic orgs?

Perfect evening for a special "Countdown with Keith Olbermann"

This Is Our 'Capricorn One' Moment

“Nobody 'won' the Cold War - Not even Reagan

“Nobody 'won' the Cold War - Not even Reagan

Speaking Of Those "Made In The USA" Tear Gas Canisters...

Anybody here read Arabic? I found this on Facebook, says call for more countries to rise up>

Local Mom Has Son Studying In Cairo: 'Why I'm Tracking Egypt, Second By Second' - SacBee

What do you think the CIA bureau Chief for the Middle East is telling his agents now

California mayor wants to broadcast bird songs (and grow the town into a Christian Community)

How many DUers live in a Gated Community

Giffords’s Husband Faces Decision on Shuttle Flight.

Tiger Parents and Chopper Parents

Nat'l White House call-in day to support Bradley Manning, Thursday, February 3rd

Model predicts 'religiosity gene' will dominate society

Did Rachel respond in any way to Don Imus's slam to her,

Al Jazerra has become like the 'new' CNN (the good one of days gone by) -- Up to

Protesters: “We are very disillusioned by President Obama’s speech” (NYT)

Al Jazerra has become like the 'new' CNN (the good one of days gone by) -- Up to

Katie Couric And Bryant Gumbel Struggle To Understand 'What Is Internet' (VIDEO)

When they say middle class Egyptians make $100 a month what does that mean lifestyle wise?

When they say middle class Egyptians make $100 a month what does that mean lifestyle wise?

toon: Which was the bigger catalyst for change?

What a furlough week really costs the top brass; document shows their hit is much less than yours

This week offering of the wiki leaks

An uncertain future after jobless benefits expire

And Yet, There Is This... 'Keizer Boy, 3, Makes Lifesaving Call'

Thoughts from behind the gates...

Guy on MSNBC just said "People ask why can't it happen here? The people in

Egyptians using Vancouver-based website to bypass Internet blocks

Did you know the original Twinkie had a banana filling?

It's "Scanners," freeper-style, in response to President Obama's $45 million Kenya youth program

It's "Scanners," freeper-style, in response to President Obama's $45 million Kenya youth program

Body of teacher missing after writing 'Thank you everyone' on board found in creekbed

Does anyone have a Forkboy update?

Oh my fucking lord... on a dare I am watching Gerardo Rivera on Fox

Former U.S. Officials And Foreign Policy Scholars Call On Obama To Suspend Aid

Obama and Hillary Clinton Embarrass U.S. by Backing Mubarak

al-Jazeera - 6000 prison inmates have been released from Egyptian jails

New Rule: Americans Must Realize What Makes NFL Football So Great: Socialism

Frank Rich: The Tea Party Wags the Dog

Military: We won't guarantee repeal of DADT in 2011

Egyptian Secret Police Thugs Are Rampaging Across Cairo In An Attempt To Discredit The Protesters

Which TV News Network provides the most informative English language international news coverage?

How To Help Egypt Get Online

Looters destroy mummies in Egyptian Museum

Bill Maher: The scary, socialist NFL

Sunday Talk Shows

50K citizens in Egypt... yes FOX tries real news

Americans in Egypt -Important

Obama - the new hero of the Muslim world!

Palin's Spudnut shop is dependent on Federal Government

this guy is a real sweetheart....

Sunrise In Little Over An Hour In Cairo...

Just saw on CNN, a child of a wealthy Egyptian family, at a protest

Know "Say on Pay" (Stock holders to have a say on executive pay)? First Corp vote has occurred

Egypt: "lop off the head and the body will wither and die."

Egypt's uprising and its implications for Palestine

from 2003 on DU - "Egypt is the prize". The sweet irony that the neo-cons must be in fits of rage

Scientific Poll finds that Bacon makes everything Taste Better

Freshman U.S. Rep. David Rivera Faces Criminal Investigation Over Thousands In Unexplained Expenses

Freshman U.S. Rep. David Rivera Faces Criminal Investigation Over Thousands In Unexplained Expenses

Al Jazeera Opinion Article: President Obama, say the "D-Word" (democracy)

Caption conversation between Hosni Mubarak's wife and Carla Bruni-Sarkozy

Got an email this a.m. from the NBCUniversal store trying to sell a KO bobblehead .

I don't have cable

Political ramifications if Reid doesn't allow a HCR repeal vote?

Pres. Mubarak steals 40 billion dollars

Talk of revolution and rumors of change

So DUers did you see that SNL Bachmann intro

Chicago Tea Party Patriots endorse Gery Chico for Mayor of Chicago say he is to the right of Rahm

Frances Fox Piven defies death threats after taunts by anchorman Glenn Beck

You know when something is real serious and shifting of sands

Torture and Abuse in Egypt: The North Carolina Connection

Report: Live From the Egyptian Revolution, by Sharif Abdel Kouddous

Exclusive: Inside the White House's Egypt Scramble

Bush says he is through with politics, fund-raising

"This Is Not Mubarak’s Egypt Anymore, & It Will Never Be Again:"

Katie Couric/Bryant Gumbel Wonder what this "Internet" thing is?

Fucking Wolf Blitzer!!!!!

The Jewish Daily Forward: Coming Full Circle on Triangle Factory Fire

Richard Engel reporting on MSNBC: Looting of gated communities

On the airport at Cairo... I will not be too shocked

Jerry Brown orders California agencies to halt new car purchases

What's left of The Beach Boys to assemble at the Zombie Reagan altar to wish it a happy birthday

Will Egypt's Army Side With The Protestors? Key Thing To Watch Say Observers.

Heads Up: Al Jazeera English's Excellent "Egypt Protests" Live Blog For Saturday 01/30/11 Is Up

What's with the "Muslim Brotherhood" thing? This morning early

Dems mount most aggressive fight yet to protect healthcare reform law

Question. What is the Egypt uprising a reaction to?

Dear Sunday talk producers:

Rumors rife with reports of at least 60 rape cases during the days unrest

I had my property surveyed about 10 years ago (potential neighbor dispute)

Assuming Mubarak's Govt. falls...

Stimulus Funds Help Wire Rural Homes For Internet ad: 'Born a slave, died a businessman'

Still fucked up after all these years

The repiglican party thinks everyone should "be prosperous"

"I don't need your people."

Ellison, urges Egypt to stop using violence (too bad he didn't say the same during RNC in 2008)

Jane Mayer: Mubarak's New VP Suleiman Coordinated CIA Torture/Rendition Program

A little over a month ago, I posted about a neighbor shooting & killing the dog next door. well

Klein: "easier to prosecute a capital punishment case than terminate an incompetent teacher"

Social Security will rally progressives

Oklahoma Board of Education Member Says Pregnant Hire Could Be "Worthless"

Five U.S. Air Force cadets expelled for using synthetic drug that mimics marijuana

Any chance that events in Egypt will inspire the people of Iran to have another go at it?

I'm Sorry For Doubling Up Here, But This Picture Just Hit Me Strong...

A thread to honor Mohammed Bouazizi, the young man whose suicide changed the world.

I just saw a man shot to death.

Michelle Rhee is a BIG FAT LIAR

Egypt Thread #2 (1-29-11)

Link to Facebook page of one of the victims in the Minot killings last night

Skin In The Game... (Dial-Up Warning)

People jumped all over one poster for wondering what living on $2 per day meant

Flashback: Beyond That Memo - Bush Wanted Al Jazeera Gone (Jeremy Scahill)

College educated, no jobs, must live at home with parents a long time, no money

Mohammed El Baradei

The ones they woo vs the ones they take for dinner with Mom & Dad

The ones they woo vs the ones they take for dinner with Mom & Dad

Superintendent tells teacher to quit when she asks question at public forum

US's gini coefficient is larger than Egypt's. Wealth distribution more unequal here!

Frustration over Pleasanton university's closure spreads to India

Indiana Girl's National Anthem Rendition Stirs Flap

Sydney Morning Herald article on Egypt: Washington appears addicted to propping up tyrants

Gallup Today (1/29) has Obama at 50% to 41% Favorable Plus 9

Jon Stewart "I respect Bill Oreilly and I like him"

9 New Members to the Democratic Party's Wall of SHAME

The guy across the street threatened me this morning.

Words/phrases that cause Edward R Murrow to whirl in his grave

Now the Saudi's weigh in......

Now the Saudi's weigh in......

The most wonderful thing I heard today about Egypt

Johnson Co. couple buys out employer, keeps jobs in Kentucky

Great Article on the Undcover cop who spied on MN's Peace Activists who are FBI victims

A quick guide to British Media sources for Americans: Broadsheet Good, Tabloid Bad.

Ninth Circuit Court Denies Obama Administration Request To Suspend Log Cabin's DADT Lawsuit

Al Jazeera News Reports: Mubarak's Wife Leaves For London. Elbaradei Under House Arrest

"WE WILL NOT BE SILENCED! If you are a Christian, a Muslim or an Atheist. You Will DEMAND..."

So Mom died at 12:20 today....

Why I am not jumping up and down over the Egyptian protests

The World's Economic Problems Can Be Summed Up In One Sentence

Why would the "news" stations be posting times and locations of Egypt solidarity marches?

Need HELP assembling survival kit for constant power outages!!

Illinoisans: Governor Quinn wants your opinoin on the death penalty.

An analogy of Egypt and here.

HELL YEAH - Fear of Government Completely Shattered!!!

HELL YEAH - Fear of Government Completely Shattered!!!

Note to Sarah Palin: Your Miraculous Free-Market Donuts Wouldn't Exist Without Public Dollars

What's the ALTERNATIVE to letting the Egyptian people overthrow Mubarak?

If you didn't catch it The Ed Show was on last night & the coverage was fantastic! Check it out....

Senator favours cutting US aid to Israel

Repukes won't let the govt default - that could cause an Egpyt-like cataclysm

Lesbian teens shake up Champlin (MN) Park pep fest

Gas Taxes Don't Cover the Costs of Our Roads: Cars get public subsidies the same as transit

I talked to a homeless woman the other day..

Liberals plan to ‘uncloak’ the Koch brothers

Why Bacon Is A Gateway To Meat For Vegetarians

Alabama school board to hire 60 TFA teachers costing $5,000 each above salary.

Chavez is a Dictator and Mubarak is a President

Who else is watching Al Jazeera English right now?

Stoopid Murican tourist on the phone at CNN

just wanted to say "Thank You!" to the mods! They rock!

When did Hillary seize power from President Obama?

New World Order

Powerful picture once a year plea

There are personnel working aloft on board...

Adult Swim Mongo Wrestling Alliance

i hate this game

it's me you need to show

baby baby baybay, you shake just like a willow tree

a new career in a new town

every chance, every chance that i take

My nomination for best actor- the most versatile Ted Levine!

Bacon: A "gateway meat" for vegetarians?

Figure No. 30.

"I would like to get the playing on about 1900 hours, if that's satisfactory..."

My big bottom has become comfortably numb??? David Gilmour sits in with Spinal Tap.

Hey, Seal...where you goin' with that Gilmour in your band? "Hey Joe"

"Comfortably Numb"...David Gilmour & Kate Bush LIVE

David Gilmour: "Marooned" LIVE @ the "50th Anniversary Fender Stratocaster" concert

the secret life of arabia

i can see beyond forever

Would you do me a favor?

Yay. I just wiped out my System Partition by accident

Did anyone see the Willem Dafoe movie "Anti-christ"?

Has anyone heard from Hepburn lately?

Today's College Football Tailgate thread

Mark your calendars!

I just heard the Saudi Common family reported as having said something about infiltrators,

"Saturday night and I ain't got nobody..."


Im achtzigsten Stockwerk

Mr William

Boxer question advice please... My angus is 8 months old

Settle a debate in the Sand house: Correct pronunciation of Audi


(name the song) as much as I love this band and this song I have no idea what is about

Dear Abby

Bacon - A Flowchart

In honor of Richardo's thread, post a boobie picture!!!

Missed BIll maher last nite..

So, we finally celebrated by birthday today

We should ALL pee in the shower!

Strange. videos would never work on my computer and now they do. Do I have a ghost? Could

Why Working from Home is Both Awesome and Horrible

Is it just me or is there NOT a MiddleFingerMom thread every third thread tonight?

best online job search for an executive secretary?

"That's no moon... "

Anyone else getting a weird DU3 pop-up box?

I Gotta keep rockin while I still can

Do you know why the RW is after our teachers, policemen, etc

True or False...Bacon makes anything taste Better?

The latest rhetorical question from Geico

Look what found me tonight...

****It's a boy****

The 10 Dirtiest Hotels in chosen by Tripadvisor users:

Me and my sweet Chocolate Lab, Lacey

I ate too may Girl Scout Cookies...

We should ALL smoke in the shower!

A whole bunch of pictures

**Great funny movie on PBS now: One Two Three!!!

Sometimes the Grand Poo Bahs of music miss the mark here on DU

Ever try Mucinex? Well, here's some medical advice for you

Skijoring: fun winter sport, or proof of Norwegian rednecks?

Diddy sued for 1 trillion, blamed for 9/11

Education secretary: 'No Child Left Behind' has led to a 'dumbing down'

Log Cabin "Natural" Syrup really isn't. FDA asked to investigate

Student off hook for Facebook insult of teacher

Egypt protests: America's secret backing for rebel leaders behind uprising

WikiLeaks founder says enjoys making banks squirm

Bush says he is through with politics, fund-raising

30 bodies taken to a Cairo hospital (2 of the dead are children, one aged 7, the other aged 4)

Parolee arrested in congresswoman threats case

Students and unions staging fees and cuts protests

Canada in bid to expel Tunisian Belhassen Trabelsi

Sudan Facebook group calls for protests

Michigan sues countrywide for 65 Million in pension losses.

Protesters back on Cairo streets (and Alexandria/Suez)

In Dubai, the state of The World is in dispute

New protests erupt in Yemen

Soldiers shoot at university students in Nigeria

Kabul suicide attack slays prominent Afghan family

Lawmakers tweet Egypt protests, urge activism

At midterm, Obama tries can-do slogan, details TBD

Egypt protests supported at Canadian rallies

Wikileaks Cables Shed Light on Egypt's New VP

Three protesters killed as Egypt Interior Ministry attacked

Six UK students arrested during protests

Mother Kills Son And Daughter For Being 'Mouthy'

Comcast takes control of NBC Universal

Tunisian minister: Egypt must chart its own path

Alpha Natural reaches $7.1B deal for Massey Energy

Liberals plan to ‘uncloak’ the Koch brothers

Some in Army Appear to Side With Demonstrators

Egyptian-Americans across U.S. join in protesting against Mubarak (W/Videos)

Afghans Plan to Stop Recruiting Children as Police

Mubarak swears in intelligence chief as Vice-President

ElBaradei says Mubarak must go

Qaeda warns of 'Christian-Shiite pact' on Yemen

China blocks the word 'Egypt' on (the country’s wildly popular) microblogging service

Racial tensions arise at vote-by-mail debate at Montana Legislature

Pentagon: Training on end of 'don't ask, don't tell' to start in February

Death Toll in Egypt's Protests Tops 100: Sources

Anyone have a pet with chronic health issues? My big male has pancreatitus.

East Coasters: Los Angeles is our NYC

What are you reading tonight DU? Me Elizabeth George "What Came Before He Shot Her". It is a really

Iran hangs Iranian-Dutch woman Sahra Bahrami

Jordan's Muslim opposition warns that Arabs ready to topple US-allied leaders across Mideast

US threatens $1.5bn ‘aid sanctions’ against Egypt following political unrest

Saudi Stock Market Falls 6.4%.

Man Gets Six Years For Threatening Letters To Obama

Obama to Send Congress Multitrillion-Dollar Budget Likely to Show Cutbacks

US demands release of diplomat in Pakistan

(Egypt) Eyewitnesses say state sponsoring vandalism (Gov "Thugs")

Egyptians form human shield to protect museum

Do you pee in the shower when you are taking a shower??

Dagmar Wilson dies at 94; organizer of women's disarmament protesters

Egyptian Uprising and the Middle East

AJE Egypt picture slideshow

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"For 6 decades I've been pretending to be the honest broker-but I'm here to tell you-It's all lies!'

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