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Hitler Finds Out That Olbermann Has Been Fired

It was bound to happen...Hitler Rants over Olbermann's canning...

Dang the war on drugs has really gotten hotter south of the border

California Runner-Up Bypasses Review of Race (LOL - more from the party of No)

I won't miss Keith Olbermann. He's an ass who thinks he's smarter than you. I would equate him

Hewlett-Packard Shakes Up Board, Adds Meg Whitman

What should happen to these people? WARNING - animal cruelty story.

CIA Agents in PKK Guise

Afghanistan poppy production could skyrocket due to spike in prices, drought

Afghan officials cite security firms with U.S. ties for violations

Pair of US drone strikes kill 6 in Pakistan

Denied, Decieved, Delayed by BP: Gulf Residents "On Their Knees" for Recompense

Oakland teachers say 'Bail out schools, not banks'

Toles Rant- Mind games

When Repukes go to bankrupt States, they may be going after their own voters.

Ex-soldier appealing sentences in Iraq deaths

Unrec will live forever in our hearts.

Emanuel's billionaire donors also bankrolling 'Stand for Children', pushing union-busting org

Eagle Forum asks SBOE to investigate conflict of interest

Tunisia and three eras of transition from non-democratic to democratic political systems: 1943-1964,

My editorial on Shriver printed today

Texas gun rights activists want teachers to carry concealed weapons

Auth Toon: Time to see what starve the beast means

Hey! Look who's cashing in on the public employees' pension "gravy train":

Tea partiers say defense in mix for budget cuts

We would all make better guest on MTP. No one will state

Scare Words from the Right-Wing (And What They Really Mean)

no bid contract awarded...AGAIN

"This Land is Our Land"

Keep. It. Simple. Stupid.

Roe vs Wade; 38 years after the legal decision, the social argument still rages

Roe vs Wade; 38 years after the legal decision, the social argument still rages

KO & America's Media Imbalance: "Gives Right Enormous Capabilities to Control the National Debate"

Does the jobs killing HCR mean we can't import serfs to work the fields anymore?

Are we wrong to vilify MSNBC?

The Thorny Path to a National Black Museum

"Obama Robber" Holds Up Austrian Banks

AP: Gov. Haley spokesman: Lawsuit over remarks has no basis

Honduras policemen arrested for robbing bank

Do You Feel Safer Yet?

Mark Kelly (GG husband) Latest from Twitter

NASCAR's State of the Union Address

Marines pay a price trying to secure an Afghan hot spot

A Note to Those Who Will Name Evil

A Note to Those Who Will Name Evil

Rings of Power

Veterans aren’t lying about PTSD

no bid contract awarded...AGAIN

Deficit Hawkoprite Watch

Countdown, Network and Mad As Hell - HuffPo

Mexico's Ex-President Vicente Fox: Legalize Drugs

Self-deleted by member

Brian Williams and ReTHUG Imperialists Inc repeat

McConnell - if the president is willing to do what we would do anyway, then we should say yes.

That Suzie Hileman interview is heartbreaking

Unemployment Extension Question

Unemployment Extension Question

Reactions to the Tiger Mom book

Michele Bachmann's Tea Party Agenda Will Disrupt the GOP

" expects to someday fact check a Bachmann statement that turns out to be true."

Birther head is spining...

Who is Obama? Pragmatism makes him tough to define

Clarence Thomas failed to report wife's income, watchdog says

Kill Pensions For Regular People But Let The Rich Slide

Kill Pensions For Regular People But Let The Rich Slide

Ron Paul, Ralph Nader agree on ‘progressive-libertarian alliance’

Ron Paul, Ralph Nader agree on ‘progressive-libertarian alliance’

A little mental exercise: In one sentence, state "What has led us to our present state of

Billy Graham~ If he could go back & do anything differently, would have "steered clear of politics"

The new right-wing meme

I remember how angry and upset I was when NBCUniversal cancelled "ER"

30 years since Raygun and once they dispose of workers over 40...

New priest pedophile scandal set to break in Ireland

Thanks Mods

Candy Crowley met her match when questioning Colin Powell on State of the Union.

Hey Birthers!

FFS, when does the law (or regulation) regarding volume change with commercials take effect?

Rightwingers Responses to (Beck's Target) Frances Fox Piven. I Fear for this Woman's Life.

Wrigley Is Third Major Sponsor to Ditch MTV's 'Skins'

David Shuster tweets that he will be on "Reliable Sources"...

Telling ourselves the truth.

Christiane Amanpour: 'collective wail of sadness' over retiring senators

Reliable Sources on CNN now discussing KO

"Ideally, we'd have every plant we own on a barge." GE's Immelt, BO's JOBS CZAR, on cheap labor.

CNN's Reliable Sources: "Maddow and all of the rest of them" will "dial it back in a week"

Schumer: Repeal bill will look like 'Swiss cheese' after Senate, would put the GOP

Should government develop a plan to attract more men to the teaching profession?

Purchasing our own chains.

Casualties in the American Right-Wing's War on Science and Education

Casualties in the American Right-Wing's War on Science and Education

Yeah I'm in a shitty mood tonight. Apologies.

Is there any chance that the Senate will work on HCR repeal?

The Comics Code Is Dead: DC and Archie Drop Out

Departures Draw Curtain on 'Team North Dakota'

Thousands of fish killed in frozen Washington lake

Where we are headed, hydrogen, fuel cells, carbon reduction, 2011 conference.

MAD AS HELL: Bad Luck, Bad Night as We Lose Olbermann

DC and Archie finally bury the infamous Comics Code Authority for good

Thoughts on cable and mainstream media.

Bill Maher Rages Over Olbermann’s Exit: “F**k Them if They Don’t Get a Joke”

Historical Amnesia: The Nation's Number One Disease

Mitchell Bard, HuffPo: A Tribute to Olbermann: Why He Is Different from the Pundits at Fox News

We can do this - thank KO en masse

Reaction: Barack Obama vs Ron Paul in 2012

Teachers unions on defensive as GOP lawmakers flex their muscle

Here’s a List of Things the “Spending Reduction Act of 2011” Would Cut

Here's One for the Birthers: Is GE's Jeffrey Immelt Really an American?

After ten years and 999 posts I now say GO BEARS!!!!

Cantor refused to call people who question Obama's citizenship "crazy."

It's Morning In America

Why India's 'devadasi' girls face a wretched life in the name of religion

I just saw Bill Kristol put a friendly restraining hand on Juan Williams, out of frame.

Does anyone else think that 2011 might turn

Irony is...

Proverbs of Hell by William Blake

SHUSTER to Mistah KURTZ: "Steve CAPUS/friend o'BROKAW is new boss"

Caption time!

Mother Jones: Power to the Corporations, Baby!

Howie Kurtz is an ass.

Obama’s poll numbers have been rising since Republicans won 63 seats in the House and 6 Senate seats

Charity Link... A few weeks back on DU a charity clearinghouse was posted...Looking for that link.s.

Why Glenn Beck Keeps Peddling Whack-Job Fantasies About Euthanizing Grandma, Outlawing Christmas and

GOP senator says lowering violent rhetoric means ‘the shooter wins’

The Franks/Paul ‘progressive-libertarian alliance’. Nader & Paul agree that it is a good thing.

The Franks/Paul ‘progressive-libertarian alliance’. Nader & Paul agree that it is a good thing.

Meanwhile - India continues to prosper

Gas prices tick up; expert doesn't see more hikes in short term

Letter to Daily Beast about false equivalency

Zurawik and Shuster Get Into Heated Debate About Olbermann, MSNBC and Fox

Eric Cantor: 'I THINK The President Is A Citizen' Of The US (VIDEO

Trapped in ice, 'thousands' of fish die in Detroit River (MI)

In 1940, would you have been opposed or supportive of Lend-Lease?

Virginia Thomas calls Common Cause, asks it to apologize for watchdogging

New Study: Tea Partiers Three Times More Likely to Say Violence Is Warranted. Exhibit A: Glenn Beck

Seattle police officer rails against city's anti-bias initiatives

People across the world are fed up - more self-immolations in the Arab world

BJ Raji - Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaah hahahahaha

70 years ago, there was a disease called "cancer" ...

Elton is tired, TIRED!1 of being 2nd Class and takes a STAND but luerves getting along with Rethugs

Proof that prime-time progressive TV commentators matter:

Blog of Legal Times: Will Judicial Nominees Need New Hearings?

Okay, so that dweebie fuck, Ben Stein, just suggested that Obama would be the best '12 GOP candidate

GOP Looks For Signs Of New Obama Approach

Is America Too Corrupt to Keep Up? - Sirota via Truthout

David Zurawik takes another swipe at Keith, hours after Reliable Sources

Iran's plan to end wars in the mid-east

Get Angry: 10 of the Best Political Documentaries of the Last Year

Thanks to my friends here - update to recent issues

Priebus' Republican National Committee: A Wholly Owned Subsidiary of Koch's Americans for Prosperity

Rachel Maddow Takes Stephen Moore to Task Over His Praise of Reagan's Tax Policies

"Everything from the top down is dumb and slow

I, for one, don't want Keith Olbermann back at MSNBC

Hundreds Of Dead Birds In South Dakota Were Killed By U.S. Government

Question about Executive Compensation of a non profit...Feeding America

Thank Goddes For Robert Reich... 'The State of the Union: What the President Should Say' - HuffPo

Explain employee stock options to an eight year old

I few important ideas

My sides are splitting this morning as all the politicians reveal who they'll be taking . . . .

BREAKING: Military Harassing David House, Jane Hamsher for Visiting Bradley Manning

Leaks "could undermine the position of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas"

Freeper believes article on Obama hypnotizing audiences was "scrubbed" by Obama or his "minions"

Activists delivering Bradley Manning petition held at Quantico

WOW! Better WATCH OUT, "Maverick" McCain...there's a NEW Maverick in the house, spelled J-O-E...

Keith Olberman and Aaron Sorkin Working on a Project Together

Study: Confederate Flag Unleashes Racist Attitudes

Did Keith Olbermann Bolt MSNBC to Create Media Empire?

Here is the proof

Do you think there should be more protection for the lives of members of congress than everyone else?

S.E.C. Study Recommends More Oversight of Brokers

Another chilling wildlife tragedy - GRAPHIC!!

Eight arrested in protests at Chipotle restaurant

‘No Journalistic Standards’: David Shuster Slams Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity And Glenn Beck On CNN

20 Huge Spending Cuts Republicans Want To Make Right Now

Yeah! The Dems have a new leader in Az

what would it take to get YOU in the street protesting and demanding immediate change?

Take that Favre! Packers advance to the Super Bowl

4 Detroit police officers shot at precinct

Article 138 Complaint, Re: PFC Manning

Is Capitalism done with America?

This is the Season Of The States

Faux news journalism imposter's are going to come out of the chute this week

GOP brand pronounced dead in deep-blue California (consensus of dems & gop)

Did Keith Olbermann Bolt MSNBC to Create Media Empire?

JP Morgan Makes Big Bucks from Food Stamp Growth, Then Hires Workers in India with Our Tax Dollars

Special Report: A wing and a prayer: outsourcing at Boeing

Cloud computing, the Patriot Act and you

Fox Charlotte anchorman fired after newsroom brawl

Self-deleted by member

Teachers Beware: They are Coming for Our Pensions

Olbermann Contemplates His Media Empire!

Keith has updated his Twitter page a second time

Fat Tony's former clerk "downplays concern" over upcoming T.T.E. ("Teabagger Teaching Event")

The Republican Congress Hates America, Part 1

In hard times New Yorkers turn to Economic Disobedience

I hit the (DU) "perfecta" today!

Chicago did not want Obama to go to the Super Bowl.

Chicago did not want Obama to go to the Super Bowl.

Stupidest rightwing blog ever?

Update...2 People Killed, 2 Deputies Hurt At Port Orchard Walmart

Is there too much civility in the Democratic Party?

Monsanto’s latest farmwashing ad campaign debuts

In light of disallowed petition concerning Bradley Manning

ACLU Sues King County Over Banning Anti-Israel Bus Ads

Apple Criticized by Chinese Environmental Groups

Chickenshit NBC executive talks about KO "anonymously" because of "confidential settlement talks."

Court and Chevron's "Crude" Attacks Continue

Is this the week the Bushies re-emerged from self-imposed exile?

U.S. Justice Thomas didn't disclose wife's pay for years

••• What should Keith Olbermann do now? Check in here with your suggestions. •••

••• What should Keith Olbermann do now? Check in here with your suggestions. •••

Indianapolis police officer shot during traffic stop; in coma

Have you stopped visting MSNBC website?

Judge Rules White Girl Will Be Tried As Black Adult

U.N. funding an early target for House Republicans

obama says this is planet earth - republicans oppose n/t

Todd Palin Affair Rumors Could Damage Sarah Palin's Political Career

And yet another anti gay bullying related suicide

Low information voter & why they prefer Fox.

Vermont Kicks Off First Troublemakers School of 2011

The odds are overwhelmingly high that, if you are a high paid on-air teevee personality who is kept

How much of KO's reported 14mil buyout ought to go for taxes?

Erick Erickson stoops to a new low. Check out this tweet:

Maryland considers banning interstate abortions in light of case of N.J. doctor

Statement of Events: Bradley Manning’s Primary Visitor Detained at Quantico - FDL

Olbermann Fill-In: Host Worried His 'Wings Would Be Clipped' Under New Management

Officials hope to realign sidewalk benches so pedestrians can avoid encounters with the homeless

Toon: Pundit leaps into action!

Anti-Abortion Crusader Randall Terry is running for president. Here's why...

Jury: You Do Not Need to Show ID to Fly; Yes, You can Video TSA!

I think we need to get a national dialogue going about corporate profits.

Guantánamos Here at Home: Manning and many, many others

Guantánamos Here at Home: Manning and many, many others

The pincer movement to destroy American Public Education.

GOP brand pronounced dead in deep-blue California

10 billion "apps" downloads?

If I had an ice pick, I'd shove it through my skull at this moment to make the pain go away!!

Ed Schultz? I'm going ot miss ya. Rachel dear? Miss you too!

I'm backing the only people owned team

MSNBC - Worst Persons In The WORLD

GOP majority leader backs plan to slash Social Security, Medicare

GOP majority leader backs plan to slash Social Security, Medicare

Catholic bishops, Protestant leaders: we need net neutrality!

Here's A Timeline For Ya (Koch Brothers) !!! - 'Citzen's United Turns One' - From OpenLeft

Former freeper neatly sums up the rimjob suckups still left at FR:

Europe vs America (If you haven't seen it you may want to.)

Before 2000 I didn't pay much attention to politics.

Chris Matthews was becoming the weak link in MSNBC ratings

SUNDAY INFOGRAPHICS - "Tax Rates vs Debt, Jobs"

Non Sequitur from 1/22/11......nails it right on the head....hard enough to make it bleed.

Please give me some slack

The myth of the cushie teacher retirement

Jane Hamsher, David House Kept From Delivering Manning Petition Signed By 42,000 To Quantico...

Let's Not "Reform" Public Education

Ah. Jack LaLanne died.

Is there a meth lab in your neighborhood?

What should we do first for change?

From 2003. Suskind's disturbing portrayal of Rove in the WH.

GOP Rep. Shimkus Bible post on morning of Giffords shooting says unbelievers, gays worthy of death

Bronx principal of Fordham High School for the Arts fined $7.5G for teacher grade scam

Laura Flanders - Obama’s Deregulation Dance with Wall Street

Doctors Alarmed by Military’s Use of Mind Drugs on Troops

Dear CNN:

What is your definition of poverty?

What is your definition of poverty?

DU this CBS POLL: Should President Obama call for changes to Social Security?

Macaca's back: George Allen to announce Senate bid Monday

Anyone who uses a Roku box to stream Netflix can watch the final Countdown w/KO.

Gulf Oil Spill Blood Tests Reveal Alarming Levels Of Toxic Chemicals In Residents

The Nation: Russ Feingold Speaks Out

Pissed at what's happening nationally? Do something useful.

God hates hate.

MSNBC EFFFFFFddd Themselves Friday Night at.......

Survey: Four in Five Americans Support Amendment to Overturn Citizens United

Tuesday January 25th: Opposing war and occupation is not a crime...

Americans Face Guantanamo-Like Torture Everyday in a Super-Max Prison Near You

MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann banned on CNN’s Piers Morgan show

NYT story says KO "agreed to a deal that would keep him off television for six to nine months"

What's the best policy?

David Shuster talked to MSNBC staff about KEITH

What is Oprah's secret?

Do you agree with the decision to do away with Unrec?

Jan 25th Join citizens in over 43 cities in solidarity to say Stop the FBI and Grand Jury trials

Whistle-blowing teachers targeted

Ron Paul

Seattle man acquitted in TSA airport case

8 Ways to Fix Our Broken Food System

Welcome to the food deserts of rural America

Get ready Texas women--you knew it was coming

Seymour Hersh: Military Branch Being Run By 'Crusaders'determined to "turn mosques into cathedrals"

New (3rd) update on KO's Twitter account

Dirtbag estranged husband of $190M lotto winner: "That's awesome! I won't have to pay child support"

Wow... 'The Blue Collar Life' - FDL

The Night the Lights Went Out at NBC

How would you feel about your neighbor keeping a beehive?

ROTF!!! I Just passed a car with a "Save Our" bumper sticker!!

O.M.G. Ben Stein's pick for Republican presidential 2012 candidate: Barack Obama (transcript)

Did anyone just see the story of Barry Peterson and Jan Charlton on CBS Sunday Morning?

A Reminder: Michael Moore On PFC Manning

Breaking: Activists Delivering Bradley Manning Petition Held at Quantico

Breaking: Activists Delivering Bradley Manning Petition Held at Quantico

What would it look like if the Federal Reserve went bankrupt?

Considering Maddow, Schultz, O'Donnell and now Uygur are all on MSNBC I can't fathom. . .

The other 9 year old girl shot and killed in Tucson.

Why is the cost of living significantly lower in China than in America?

Brutally honest and passionate liberals get derided, chastized, and fired

Stairway to Seven!!!!! Steelers!

Progressives support the Steelers

Texting while walking lady who fell in mall fountain hires lawyer

Liberal emotion is dangerous. Anti-American. Threatening.

"Progressives need to stop defending the individual health insurance mandate. It isn't progressive"

Needy still suffering from persistent delays in state's benefits system (CO)

"Must have worked in the previous 12 months," More companies excluding long term unemployed

Need some advice on how to do my family tree

It was bound to happen...Hitler Rants over Olbermann's canning...

I had no idea Elvira, Mistress of the Dark is still running...

I figured out 'fast and loose'

Cellphone contracts:

Kali's Hero

MiddleFingerMom started early.

YUMMY!!! This tastes like ass!!!!!

History of the joke (4:25)

Judge Rules White Girl Will Be Tried As Black Adult

this will get me in be it

I can tell this is gonna be one of those days with a helluva lot more "feng" than "shui."

eliticism and fancy book lurnin


Salon slideshow: "Hotels with a macabre past" (incl. Bates Motel & inspiration for "The Shining")

Hey Maryland Toll Road drivers- Food for thought

the profesization of faith in Jesis

Have any of you had any experience with automatic petdoors?

what is the proper response when someone steps on your toe reallllly hard?

I am not a 45 year old woman

"Don't cry for me Argentina" as sung by Karen Carpenter or

agriculture question

this will get me in be it

BJ Raji - Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaah hahahahaha

The bears still suck!


Today I met the mother of...

footage of LSD test in the 1950's

How do you tell if sour cream has gone bad?

The Freepers know who to blame for the Bears losing!

Poetry and music are old, but movies are relatively new.

I have some orange juice (fresh squeezed), stewed cherries and some tequila.

There are times when MiddleFingerMom REALLY needs to put his glasses in.

There are times when flinging feces should be a socially acceptable HUMAN trait.

NASA's dirtiest little secret:

It's Sunday night and the beginning of MY weekend. Ask me how I feel.

An Ancient Near East lyre song from 1400BC.

One of the COOLEST things you'll ever see that'll make you think, "Why didn't I see that before?"

I think I'll eat here more often.

How will I anonymously voice my displeasure at someone when 'Unrec' is gone?

things that are the devil

I'm sure this headline wasn't written intentionally.....

Got your haggis ready for Robert Burrrrrrns Night?

A question for appliance savvy DUers

Weekend over music- Peter Tosh- "Legalize It!"....

Official "Da Bears still suck" game thread...

Any cell phone experts here?

"The Green Bay receivers have to hold on to the football after they catch it."

GUESS the movie from THIS line: "Fingle's QUARRY? Why didn't I think of that?"

The "too-cute" pet photo of the day.

Iraq Bomb Blasts Kill Eight

enlighten me on the most fun baby shower games

Boy, howdy -- did YOU ever fuck up!!!!!!

Documents raise questions on treatment of detainees

no bid contract awarded...AGAIN

Portugal elects president amid economic worries

Ireland: Latest bailout is one too far

Tunisia Puts Two Ben Ali Advisers Under House Arrest as Protests Continue

Karzai’s inaction throws government into chaos

Tea Party Activist Takes Over New Hampshire G.O.P.

Make anti-vaccine parents pay higher premiums

I quit smoking in Sept...

BREAKING: Military Harassing David House, Jane Hamsher for Visiting Bradley Manning

Hezbollah chief to address Lebanon crisis

What is you favorite...

Egypt says Tunisia turmoil worrying investors

Official Steelers-J-E-T-S thread

Today we are putting our boy Leroy to sleep.

For state workers, layoffs loom large

Needy still suffering from persistent delays in state's benefits system

Breaking: Activists Delivering Bradley Manning Petition Held at Quantico

Israeli soldiers fired at Gaza aid flotilla in self-defence, says inquiry

Provisional results show South Sudan votes to secede

Kidnapper of Baby Surrenders (Carlina White case)

WikiLeaks: 1 percent of diplomatic docs published

Senate Republicans to Oppose Obama’s Spending Plans

Tony Hayward in talks for Glencore job

McConnell expects Senate health repeal vote

Venezuela arrests 'Aguilas Negras commander'

Duvalier Advised by Ex-Congressman Barr as He Seeks Swiss Funds

happy ending to cat story

RIP Jack LaLanne

Washington State...1 killed, 4 injured in shootout outside Wal-mart

Who wins Super Bowl XLV, Pittsburgh or Green Bay?

Bob Dylan's "John Wesley Harding" and "Nashville Skyline" - what's the background?

I wanted it to be Jets-Seahawks for one reason

Federal Research Center Will Help Develop Medicines

Lol. My daughter thinks that John Lennon sounds like Stewie Griffin.

Lol. My daughter thinks that John Lennon sounds like Stewie Griffin.

If anyone is bored- a kid in my neighborhood is competing in the Photo contest for National Parks

The Steelers and their rapist QB can GO TO HELL!

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Tequilaquarium Edition.

Where is the laundry tips forum?

Protests erupt in Yemen, Algeria and Tunisia

Tea partiers say defense in mix for budget cuts

House leader Cantor believes Obama is a US citizen

China's new stealth fighter may use US technology

Now that the "un-rec" feature is being eliminated, I am going to have to go back to

Mexico police arrest Acapulco 'cartel leader' Lozano

Man with ‘black magic’ tools arrested at Abu Dhabi airport

Colin Powell: Defunding NPR Won't Solve Deficit Problem, Congress Should Look At Cutting Defense

McConnell to Sit in His Usual Spot at State of Union Address

Protesters in Berlin call for an end to factory farming

Fitness guru Jack LaLanne, 96, dies at Calif. home

2 dead, 2 cops hurt in shootout outside Washington state Walmart

Worst cartoons you remember?

In Arizona's middle class, many are barely hanging on

Brain fluid buildup might delay Giffords’ rehab in Texas

Broadband cable on its way to unplugged CubaFibre-optic cable laid from Venezuela brings the promise

WikiLeaks founder Assange slams Swiss banker arrest

Wal-Mart vs. Civil War site: battle heads to court

2 turned away trying to visit WikiLeaks GI

Gunman shoots four cops in Detroit precinct

Musicians that should have been superstars

Can A Monkey Do My Job?

Protest in Albania

Young Turks: Republican Congressman Issa's Shady Past

Cops in Crowd: Once-Feared Police Join Protests in Tunisia

In honor of Keith Olbermann

Battle Line w/ Alan Nathan: David Pakman can't understand why we're still talking about birthers


Argentina Workers Protest

BP pressuring Florida county to "sign off" that beaches are clean -- Locals refuse b/c of oil

Larry king interviews Glenn Beck

This Week 1/23/2011: Lieberman, Conrad & Hutchison armchair quarterback the SOTU

National Chinese Media Reports Upcoming UFO Disclosure By Obama

Smart People Without College Degrees for McCain/Palin

Young Turks: Legalizing Drugs Decreases Use - Proof In Portugal, Netherlands

Toronto G20: Will Police Be Held Accountable After Scathing Ombudsman's Report?

Video by Phil Mocek of his encounter with TSA at Albuquerque airport

Ignorance Is Bliss for Gun Show Attendees

Chattin' bout the future.

Obama's conspicuous silence on guns

How Congress helped thwart Obama's plan to close Guantanamo

NYT: Obama unlikely to embrace the debt commission recommendations

NYT: Obama unlikely to embrace the debt commission recommendations

You won

Dems Press Obama: Hands Off Social Security!

Mr. President...we need...

What's wrong with "competitiveness"?

Robert Reich: Recover Our Spending Power

Paul Krugman: Eurosclerosis, Then and Now (France/EU beating us in prime-working-age employment.)

Federal Research Center Will Help Develop Medicines

The gop's bachmann problem

Palin Bloggers Now Complaining She's Not Getting Enough Press Coverage

Howard Dean: The Democratic Party will surge in the Northeast despite Lieberman, Dodd departures

McCain: Obama has 'learned a lot' from the election

Seven reasons why the GOP faces an uphill battle to defeat Obama

How many jobs will be created in 2011?

"Apparently it's now 'centrist' to call for job creation and national renewal"

White House to George Will: there's nothing we can do to create jobs

Tea Party wants Defense CUTS and puts some republicans in a bind who are not in favor of cuts

Shooter Wins if GOP Denied Hate Speech

Cantor Repeatedly Refuses To Call Birtherism Crazy: ‘I Don’t Think It’s Nice To Call Anyone Crazy’

The Republicants show how they will produce more jobs

Obama says: “We think GE has something to teach businesses all over America.”

A call for bipartisanship to President Obama

NYT: Obama unlikely to embrace the debt commission recommendations

are people starting to mistrust "Progressive" sites like FDL yet?

Do you approve of President Obama?

George Allen to Announce Plans for Senate Bid on Monday

Wikileak show Congress prevent Gitmo closing to screw Obama

7 Big Green Moves by the Obama Administration

I do not really believe MSNBC should hire only black hosts

I Am An FDR Democrat

Obama Plans to Shrink War Spending Over 25% Next Yr-$42 Billion Cut from Military-Industrial Complex

Do you really believe Obama won't get a 2nd Term?

"I'm the true victim here." Two more examples how GOP copies Nazi propaganda-tools:

Low-key launch for iPad in Iran

Comcastrophe: Comcast/NBC Merger Approved

Is Egypt Next?

Egypt Proactively Preparing For Tunisian-Style Rioting: Airport Intercepts 59 Outbound Gold Shipment

Next Up For GOP House: Vote to Reverse Vasectomies

Treasury Says Anything But A Debt Ceiling Hike Would Lead To Default, As M.A.D. Escalates A Notch

Sunday Funnies: Best Political Cartoons of the Week

Niall Stanage, Salon: "Goodnight, good luck, & good riddance: Why I'm glad Keith Olbermann is gone"

World is 'one poor harvest' from chaos, new book warns

HuffPo: "A Tribute to Olbermann: Why He Is Different from the Pundits at Fox News"

C&L: "The Media should ignore Bachmann's SOTU cry for attention speech Tuesday, but they won't"

Hu Jintao's visit: the story the media missed

Ronald Reagan, the anti-Reaganite

DAVID BROOKS: Tiger Mom is a wimp (for once he's right)

Ireland: Latest bailout is one too far

Untold story of U.S. slave rebellion retold centuries later

The 25 countries that will be crushed by food inflation

Honduran Constitution: Still Explosive, But No Longer Set in Stone

Our superficial scholars

Beck's Attacks Trigger Death Threats

What does President Obama really believe?

25 Ex-Circus Lions to Be Air Lifted from Bolivia to Colorado

The Andy Coulson affair raises the question – who runs Britain?

Sea otter deaths jump in 2010

We need to stop this culture before it kills the planet: Conversation with Derrick Jensen (Mickey Z)

The new year is already one for the record books

China waves caution flag on pace of nuclear new build

Come and Get It. $3.00/Watt Incentives for Small Wind Generators (California only)

Obama Visits GE Wind Turbine Plant

Growing a Gardening Community

How I learned to stop worrying

Nuclear vs. wind comparison - land use, material requirements and costs

Chinese Pianist Plays Propaganda Tune at White House

Obama's conspicuous silence on guns

Arizona State University students react to gun bill (Right to carry on-campus)

Wonder if you guys can help...I'm looking for a photo that was posted a couple of days

The dishonesty of a De Facto ban

Ten Rampages by Mentally Ill People Who Bought Guns ...

Think your "traditional" hunting gun is safe from the proposed ban? Think again:

"No Guns for Negros"

25 Ex-Circus Lions to Be Air Lifted from Bolivia to Colorado

Broadband cable on its way to unplugged CubaFibre-optic cable laid from Venezuela brings the promise

Venezuela arrests 'Aguilas Negras commander'

Honduran Constitution: Still Explosive, But No Longer Set in Stone

The War on Drugs is Lost

"Haiti: The Great Fear" - Mark Weisbrot

Paraguay grants refuge to Evo Morales opponent

Bears-Packers playoff -- Dec. 14, 1941

Bills hire Wannstedt as assistant coach

"Don't Brett Favre me."

Who are you rooting for?

LOL @Jay Cutler

J.E.T.S. --- Steelers --- I am now "invested" in this game.

Big Ben's has already hurt his knee...Cutler would be riding the bench at this point

Another chilling wildlife tragedy - GRAPHIC!!

Folk's FG went UP and to the right --it went UP

New LA football stadium?

God what a God awful football game.

Sports bar in Minnesota to roast a bear during NFC title game

It's time to bring the Lombardi Trophy back where it belongs

If the Steelers Lose this One.....

Mendenhall humps Roethlisberger!

Who is going to win Super Bowl XLV?

Grand Champion!

Looks like a good, old fashioned, smashmouth Super Bowl

Dear Goddess, did I actually just see the rapist kneeling in prayer on the field?!


So are the Jets the new Buffalo Bills?

Is it this Mr. Haney?

Remembering Jerry Quarry.

So is DADT officially gone?

Guardian Breaking News: Massive new leak lifts lid on negotiations

Leaks show Palestinians giving much ground to Israel

Secret papers reveal slow death of Middle East peace process

This seemingly endless and ugly game of the peace process is now finally over

Israeli soldiers fired at Gaza aid flotilla in self-defence, says inquiry

Egypt blames Palestinian group for New Years' Day church bombing

Israeli Panel Rules Flotilla Raid Legal

Jumblatt (Druze leader) supports Hezbollah

Two decades of secret Israeli-Palestinian accords leaked to media worldwide

What part of Christianity is a system of ideas, and what part is a system of attitudes?

What would remain of Christianity if all elements of dogma were removed?

I'm studying John 1 today and I found this passage interesting...

Has anyone Read The Tao of Pooh?

Swift Survey Finds 'Missing' Active Galaxies

world’s first eBook reader with a Heads Up Display feature

New Device May Revolutionize Computer Memory

String Theory in 3D

Scientists fear kilograms don't weigh as much as they used to

Japan ground-testing space-based solar power technology

Toon: String Theory in 3-D!