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Matt Taibbi Vs. the 9-11 Truth Movement

"Battle Hymn" for Palin included racial slur.

Connecting the Dots: Tucson, Violence, and Pundit Reality

Connecting the Dots: Tucson, Violence, and Pundit Reality

Georgia Homeless Shelter Denies Access To Gays, Lesbians

One in 16 U.S. surgeons consider suicide

Hundreds of birds poisoned by USDA

NSA interogation tactics

Sad there is so little truth spoken in politics and it is all about money

Sad there is so little truth spoken in politics and it is all about money

Sad there is so little truth spoken in politics and it is all about money

Cheney doesn't need a heart transplant, he just needs to

The question about clips on O'Donnel needs some context.

What's behind the Tunisia revolt?

Vatican Warned Irish Bishops Not To Report Abuse

A shadowy new battlefield

Patients, groups sue Medicare over service cuts

Colbert - Mika Brzezinski Experiences Palin Fatigue

Brisbane Floods: Before and After

GOP hiding true costs of repeal

Reno-era policy kept Jared Loughner off FBI gun list

Mark Kelly - "She's had death threats...She's had them before."

When is Joe Scum going to be canonized?

A "destructive device capabale of inflicting multiple casualties".

JP Morgan's Mortgage Unit Sued, Following Allegations It Misrepresented Over 70% Of Loan Portfolio

From nationally recognized model to nationally recognized joke.

State secrets barely come up in Pentagon (Boeing) Supreme Court case

State secrets barely come up in Pentagon (Boeing) Supreme Court case

Mark Kelly's Diane Sawyer Interview: Gabrielle Giffords Feared She Would Be Shot (VIDEO)

Do the Republicans have an unbeatable coalition? (We have to stop for the sake of the courts)

Rock Promoter Don Kirshner dead at 76

I am so sick and tired of all of those on the right starting statements with, "This is what the

Reading the Pictures: Big Media Sends Three Top War Photographers to Afghanistan Only to Bring Back

Reading the Pictures: Big Media Sends Three Top War Photographers to Afghanistan Only to Bring Back

Meet Obama's primary challenger

I wonder when society will deem this inappropriate....

George Clooney great on Morning Joe today!

Mel Gibson is facing CRIMINAL!! charges for hitting his ex girlfriend

SOTU is on my 40th Birthday next week!

Quinnipiac poll: Most Ohioans reject Governor Kasich's proposals.

The Second Place Loser In the Stealth Race Is Having More Problems With Their Expensive Toy

Hey Joe......A Retirement Poll

Moseley Braun: Clinton 'betrays' blacks, Latinos

OK today is the day for the stupid vote

Report: Giffords may leave hospital on Friday

Report: Giffords may leave hospital on Friday

Anonymous novel, "O", suspected to be by wingnut author, Mc5planes' aide

VIDEO: House Republicans Explain Why They Won’t Give Up Their Own Government-Sponsored

Conservatives are pathological LIARS!

GD wins $177M contract to run the Army's supply system

Toon; Listening to Ronnie

Danziger toon on the thief of Tunisia

Chairman of GA State Senate Banking Committee sued by Feds for bank-related misconduct

Georgia: Atlanta Schools Are Placed on Probation

** January Photo Contest ** WINNER

Starbucks' new drink size bigger than the human stomach

Tell-tale letdown: Poe visitor again a no-show

Crash-test data, death rates linked, U.S. insurance group says

Obama aligning with the Republicans is politically astute

VIDEO: House Republicans Explain Why They Won’t Give Up Their Own Government-Sponsored Health Care

Will Obama Cave in the Next Hostage Situation?

Ike and the "lost Republican wisdom"....his 1953 speech about peace.

Are they MORONS or What? You decide (Az largest newspaper) dial up warning

MediaNews CEO steps down; banksters take seats on board

Court hears gay dads’ La. birth certificate case

9/11 and the aftermath

Army to report rise in National Guard, Reserve suicides

Parenting by Gays More Common in the South, Census Shows

Blind Sacramento man evicted for medical pot use

U of Texas reaches 20-year, $300 million deal with ESPN

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm GEM$NBC is about to discuss

Aren't union people usually Democratic? Reason I ask is because

"She is Snooki. It's the same math."

The Forgotten Victim of the Tucson Shootings:

Dear DUers, I think it appropriate we start a thread posting our best wishes for a man we all love..

US State Dinner Honoring China

A handy resource on Lepage

Cheney opens door to tighter gun restrictions

Cheney opens door to tighter gun restrictions

If you raise the retirement age; wouldnt there be less jobs?

Bill Clinton...war criminal?

Is Katherine Harris now with the RAND Corporation?

Is Katherine Harris now with the RAND Corporation?

Glen Beck comes clean

Tonight's Piers Morgan Show could take the form of a mushroom cloud with THIS Condi-licious guest!

Does wasp spray work against assailants? I got a forward that included this:

State Dept. officials privately tell Congress that WikiLeaks cables are "embarrassing, not damaging"

Digby: MLK Parade Bomb Not Isolated Incident, Part of Domestic Terrorism Trend

So who came up with the dog whistle metaphor?

1-19-11 WikiLeaks: the latest developments Rudolph Elmer gets two-year suspended sentence at Swiss

Tea party unpopularity at an all-time high: poll - 52% disapproval

Can ReTHUGS stop funding for a bill that was

These multi-lingual press conferences are about the most awkward things aren't they?

Gergen: Bill Maher's "Assassin's Lobby" remark deeply offensive

Did Baby Doc Duvalier Return to Haiti to Pressure Préval in the Election?

Being Honest About Christian Triumphalism

Family Offering $10K Reward in Dog's Shooting Death

Southerners-Here's how us yankees drive on ice - link to video

The American Nurses Association on healthcare reform repeal

Alan Grayson: Letter in my inbox just now. Please Rep. Grayson, keep them coming

Lawrence O'donnell debates gun control and KICKS Arizona Republican Trent Franks' Butt - VIDEO

Will the Governor of Alabama be impeached ?

"F--- 'em! We're happy. Lay 'em all off," - Drug Dealers Camden NJ

It seems to me that people in cold states/Canada would have a horrific problem with ice dams on the

Systemic global crisis - 2011(Global Euro Anticipation Bulletin)

Self-deleted by member

Time: 'Domestic Terror': Bomb Found in Backpack Ahead of Spokane MLK Parade

Quote for the day:

Quote for the day:

Gov. Rick Scott Appoints "Christians Only" Activist To Head State Agency On Adoptions

A question?

The 10 Most & Least Tolerant States

Do you shop on Amazon? Today only get $20 giftcard for $10.

President Obama Pulls a Clinton to "bolster his re-election prospects among a wealthy constituency"

Penn Station Evacuation Due to Suspicious Package

Washington Post "On Faith" contributor: Christianity rules, Islam drools

Washington Post "On Faith" contributor: Christianity rules, Islam drools

I've altered Jon Stewart's campaign slogan for Sarah Palin. Pray I do not alter it again.

Is ‘offshoring’ frustrating job creation in the United States?

"The people voted for repeal of the healthcare reform."

Americans Are Far Less Conservative Than the Right Wing Claims

Palin's unfavorable rating hits high mark

Giffords to be moved to Houston for rehab

My uncle is a prime example of this country's inadequate treatment of the mentally ill

Why is the "media" (hah) giving so much attention to the House "repealing" HCR?

Corporate tax cuts - AWESOME site against

Whoa!! My pension check is indicating a $37.00 increase in taxes. What happened to the tax cut? nt

Whoa!! My pension check is indicating a $37.00 increase in taxes. What happened to the tax cut? nt

Borowita take on visit of Chinese President Hu and Obama's gift to him

Borowita take on visit of Chinese President Hu and Obama's gift to him

Interesting Pic of Doh Lieberman and Sarah Palin

Hearing for Rand Paul volunteer/stomper postponed again

Top 10 horrible things done by Joe Lieberman (Juan Cole)

Congressional Republicans praise President Obama for reviewing government business regulations

Congressional Republicans praise President Obama for reviewing government business regulations

HCR Support at highest level since September 2009

Is Hu Jintao a dictator? Let's consider the evidence:

Right wing terrorist attempt to bomb Martin Luther King Parade

Right wing terrorist attempt to bomb Martin Luther King Parade

Lest we forget

When you see "meh" in a post, what's your visceral response?

Former U.N. spokeswoman files criminal charges against Baby Doc, on grounds that she was tortured

New Repub majority has already introduced 5 (yes FIVE) bills to repeal the Estate Tax

Michael Steele: "I know exactly how Caesar felt".

Judge Roll died saving the life of Giffords' aide

Stewart Takes Sarah Palin To Task For Playing Victim, Invites Her To 'The Daily Show' (VIDEO)

Debbie Wasserman Schultz Invokes Tucson Hero's Plea To Defend Health Care Reform

Uncovering the Truth About Who's Profiting from For-profit Education Regulation -- CREW

Anybody seeing then huckabee ads

Abortion doctor charged with murder

GOP spending cuts would affect millions of people

Since when is a Gun Sales Site considered a Breaking News Site at DU?


Family say may sue New York city over snowstorm death

Medvedev: As we did in 1988, Russia still recognizes an independent Palestine

So how long after he retires from senate until Lieberman is hired by Faux news?

Mike McMahon (NY-13) plots his comeback

One huge problem with our public school system,

Sect. Clinton Slaps Cheney

LAX reported highest number of incidents involving laser beams pointed at aircraf

Frank Really Pushes the Button with this one

Has right-wing carping killed coverage of major "domestic terrorism" in Spokane?

Tweedy we are now for the second week of horrified

Bachmann (R-MN) Speaks to C-SPAN Cameras

Delete - dupe.

They're escalating: Someone attempted to bomb a Martin Luther King Day parade.

(HuffPo) Dingell: Current Political Climate Is Similar To When JFK Was Assassinated


Giffords shooting: Husband willing to meet suspect's parents

Bad polling exaggerates support for repeal

Sen. Harry Reid calls Hu Jintao a 'dictator'

Obama's payroll holiday will cost $1.2 quadrillion dollars

Ok this device that Rachel is covering is NOT

2 Gardena High students arrested after school shooting incident

The economic outlook for the U.S. is, unfortunately, grim...

Gabrielle Giffords' Husband Thought She Was Dead

Something I've yet to see mentioned in the news about the bomb in Spokane

Something I've yet to see mentioned in the news about the bomb in Spokane

Tweety calls Bachmann a nutcase

Nigerian Man Arrested at MIA After Taking Photos

So... HCR is toast. Strategy for 2012.

The 50 Most Loathsome Americans of 2010

Which three Dems noted with ReTHUGS?

Freeper "BelegStrongbow"..."We ‘conservatives’ are actually ‘liberals’ in the untainted sense." WTF?

Breaking: Officer shot in another School Shooting in

John Bonehead owes me about $5. He owes each of you about $5, and he owes every American about $5.

Bachmann: Obama arrogant, close-minded on health care reform

Did anyone see this Dan Rather reports show?? on jobs in India??

Shooting victim ordered away from Tea Party leader

So what's the tab

Some say the definition of insanity is doing the same thing

Burying the poor becoming more difficult as local budgets shrink

Republicans: Job, Economic Growth The Result Of GOP Victories

Alabama GOP Gov. Robert Bentley: If You're Not A Christian, You Need To Convert

Lugar On Afghan War: Americans Are Wondering 'Where Does This Stop?'

Global food prices hit record high

it's comical to hear the republics in the house talking about healthcare bill adding to the deficit

Now that the House Republicans wasted tax dollars on a vote that will do NOTHING

That's pretty amazing. Hujintao looks just like

Self - delete / lousy post

Ron Reagan will be on Colbert tonight.

Huffington Post: Dr. King and the Living Wage Movement Today

Mods please forgive me ..... Pizza Time

ok review my latest editorial on new Rep Veterans House Chair

House REPUKES Waste 2 Days Trying To Repeal Heathcare...

Employment to edge up in U.S. cities in 2011: study

Obama administration keeps new policy on Miranda secret

Skinner will be on The Young Turks this evening. What kind of voice will we find out he has?

Do what?!

Hillary Clinton Sees Second Term for Obama -- but Perhaps Not for Herself

Blair's letters to Bush about invasion of Iraq 'were removed from official records

Scandal: Fox cancels Joan Rivers for Palin insult!

Democratic lawmaker compares GOP health law claims to Nazi 'lies'

While the Repubs have been talking healthcare...

9-year-old makes touching $2.85 donation to Giffords

Union Members Disrupt Mortgage Banksters Meeting in DC (VIDEO) - FDL

Abortion Dr. Charged with murder

Best comment of the day regarding Rush Limpballs mocking of the Chinese language

Toon: Uh Oh, Another meeting of the Condo Board...

Scars of war

watching nbc nightly news...brian wiliams calls it Obamacare...then..

Freebee Prototype Ad for Dems Running for House in 2012

Alan Grayson: Gabby Was Right, Palin Is Wrong

"and sometimes we don't succeed at that"

Why do so many people want to live in the past?

High on the list of invitees to the State Dinner: Goldman CEO Blankfein, JP Morgan CEO Dimon

Weiner on KO

House repeals healthcare law, 245-189

Obama's State of the Union Challenge: Set the Course - HuffPo

Pukeworthy: McCain: Hopes Obama considers Lieberman for defense secretary

CAPTION John & Lindsey's spunky little pal.

Vatican: 1997 letter warning Irish bishops against reporting abuse was 'misunderstood'

Let's just say HCR repeal got to Obama's desk. What kind of bill vetoing ceremony should he have?

"When you study abroad, you're helping to make America stronger."

Looking - not finding. A thread about Skinner's interview with Cenk. Happy Anniversary to DU

Looking - not finding. A thread about Skinner's interview with Cenk. Happy Anniversary to DU

Phyllis Schlafly: Obama is using closed captioning to order people to applaud him

Toon: Bush's retirement, or "quotes that make me want to vomit"

Joan Rivers cancelled from Fox News appearance because of tweet about Palin

Another gas explosion - this time Northeast Philadelphia

The official program for the Chinese state dinner at the White House (menu, music, notes)

Boner skips state dinner

Talkin' shit and avoidin' the truth . . . . what else would we expect from our crack (addled) media?

Should Reid allow a vote on repealing HCR?


BWW forms PAC

Americans Face Guantanamo-Like Torture Everyday in a Super-Max Prison Near You

Redefining UFO Skepticism

SO...Reid's response to caving on Bush Tax Cuts is that Hu Jintao is a "dictator." Alrighty then!

Ohio Gov. Kasich appoints first all-white cabinet (20 seats) since 1963

Deputies: Teen burglars tasted, snorted human and canine ashes

If this doesn't light a fire under Democrats in Arizona, nothing will

Who were the 4 Dems who voted with the Repubs on the Health Care Bill? nt

Washington state governor calls for draconian cuts in new budget

How much is that doggie in the SUV? ............

The "Stopped Clock/Twice A Day" award for today goes to . . . . .

Consensus and politics

Walmart restricted from buying cheap goods

How To Fix Social Security: A 4-Point Plan That Faces the Brutal Realities

Write to your Representatives

I'm not ready to make nice. Tea-publicans can kiss my ass!

Health care ads come out swinging

Some passing thoughts on the GOP

I Miss Republicans

Independent UK: One in five young people out of work as jobless total hits 2.5m in Britain

Will we be watching the videos of the Tucson Shootings?'s how Texas will balance our budget

Weiner, on the floor of the house just said if you are playing the drinking game everytime the

Rachel about to talk about the Spokane bomb that surprisingly is

Bloomberg Takes on Pension Reform in State of the City Address

The real thing (internal terror) and Rachel asks why

‘Obamacare’ and the Big GOP ‘Job-Killing’ Lies

Affordable Care Act: 'Job-Killing' or 'JOB-LOCK'-BREAKING? Rachel Maddow talked about

Rep. Gonzalez Warns Of The ‘Human Consequences’ Of Health Repeal: Without Reform, People Will ‘Die’

Charter school closed. Building turned over to another charter school. Favoritism claimed.

Tea Party freshman invokes 'chains of ObamaCare'

Ala Gov at Dr. King's former church: Non-Christians are not his 'brothers and sisters'

Birther logic - a natural born citizen

Public Policy Polling survey: More Don't Trust Fox News

Union Members Disrupt Mortgage Banksters Meeting in DC (VIDEO)

Amazing bird photos - captured at 1/8000th of a second by amateur photographer

I must have missed it so can someone answer is temporarily down, here's the link to watch Skinner @ 8pm Eastern...

So why is Cuba EVIL and China respected?

City of Chicago excludes regular public schools from Schools Expo

Alan Grayson letter--did this get posted already?

Rush Limbaugh Mocks Hu Jintao, Chinese Language (AUDIO)

The 'Others' a post for them

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers Check In!!

LOL.....I LOVE Anthony Weiner and his quote on the House floor today......

The Rude Pundit: Photos That Make the Rude Pundit Want to Down a Pile of Shrooms ...

Gabby's husband sez he doesn't want her to return to congress

lol! JimRob tells all non mouth breathers to hit the road!

Most charter schools in Chicago and elsewhere are viciously segregated... What Would Dr. King say?

Watching "Restrepo": Rock Avalanche

Interview w/ Skinner posted

Judge Roll died saving Gifford's staffer-shooter was wearing earplugs

Whoopie... It Worked... Somebody Pass Me A Drink...

The Buffalo Beast's 50 Most Loathsome Americans of 2010:

Is anyone else disgusted with the Huckabee tv ads

Question regarding SS & The Deficit......

Question regarding SS & The Deficit......

I haven't seen any tweets or Facebook messages from Sarah Palin since Monday

Can an insurance company get a hospital closed down?

Gunshots again cause turmoil in L.A. Unified schools

Woman Abducted as Infant in 1987 Meets Family

Alan Grayson: Gabby Was Right, Palin is WRONG

Reagan tribute scheduled for Super Bowl

A country with Chicago in charge

Congress Passes Socialized Medicine and Mandates Health Insurance -In 1798

Chamber President Tells Congress To ‘Starve To Death Financially’ New Consumer Protection Bureau

HEY BOEHNER! After repealing health care, WHERE ARE THE JOBS ??

What If Sarah Palin Were Black?

Start Your Day the Way Political Leaders & Top Talk-Radio Hosts Do (Red State)

I have received an official email letter from Robert S. Mueller, III of

About college students not learning to think critically..

Firing "creationism" teacher cost schools over $900,000 - (Ohio Teacher Tenure Act)

Food industry FAIL: Foods promoted as healthy for kids—surprise!—are mostly not

What would it take for an elected Repub to recognize a job-killing bill?

Speculation runs wild about Duvalier’s plan

This isn't a mere recession, this is economic terrorism.

Baby Yoga (warning - pics of babies being yoga'd)

m$nbc--loughner put earplugs in before he committed mass murder

Send health care hypocrites the form to repeal their own insurance! (Credo Action)

Dean Baker: Lying, Cheating and Stealing to Gut Social Security

HAHAHAHA - Keith is really giving it to Lieberman

McConnell Vows That House-Passed Repeal Will Get Senate Vote

For those who want to get rid of teacher tenure

This is kind of cool...French Mansion sealed shut for 100 years to be opened.

Advocacy Group Says Justices May Have Conflict in Campaign Finance Cases

O. B. Tampons - the new gold - Yes an O.B. Tampon shortage

"Obama care" is a God send to me

I need to find a left-wing Michelle Malkin for my class

In Wreckage of Lost Jobs, Lost Power - NYT

Fascism defined!

BWHAHAHA: Lanny Davis REMEMBERS Joe Lieberman, The " Model PURPLE Senator "

The Trial of Luis Posada Carriles

Mark Rudd (Part 2): DU Exclusive

Very concerned about 2012

four pound chihauhau survives owl attack

Hospital experience, wheeled to cashier's office

Skinner interviewed with Cenk tonight

How would you describe yourself in your support of Obama and his policies?

Chance to Travel to Cuba and Learn Something!

Your science is stuck in my mystical, By Mark Morford

Is there something about DU that causes amnesia?

Obama orders further deregulation of US economy

Obama orders further deregulation of US economy

Wizard of OZ redux

Glenn Beck And Sean Hannity Dropped From Philadelphia Radio Station

Please post snarky comments, ridicule, and other satisfyingly vicious remarks!! (esp. Teachers)

Glenn Greenwald: Obama administration officials caught lying about WikiLeaks

Glenn Greenwald: Obama administration officials caught lying about WikiLeaks

What is the minimum standard of living a society should accept for its poorest?

FL Governor Scott Announces Single Prayer Health Care Plan

If Obama Moves Right He Loses Everybody -- and Everybody Loses - HuffPo

Joan Rivers Tells FOX News To 'Go F**k Themselves'

Do you know who lost this film in Brooklyn's Prospect Park

Giffords stands on her own feet today

DU was Founded after SELECTION OF 2000...Bush vs. Gore! 10 YEARS of ACTIVISM!

Hu disses Bush in toast

A very Republican friend of mine LOVED Obama's speech in Tucson

Congratulations to Skinner and all of DU for 10 great years

Wow look at Michelle Obama's dress for the state dinner

isn't it interesting that U.S. debt is at 14 trillion & we learned 12 trillion

isn't it interesting that U.S. debt is at 14 trillion & we learned 12 trillion

Give me a break. Allen West has 4 deputies at his town hall forum.


Can we please stop with smears against adopted people?

NFL to charge people $200 to stand outside Super Bowl stadium

The atlast family could use a few DUgood thoughts, vibes, spells, prayers or whatever you can offer

Did you get angry with Bill Clinton when he signed NAFTA?

Isn't she lovely? Isn't she wonderful?

Stop treating monsters as reasonable people

Why did the chicken cross the road?

Friends who are considering divorcing *only* to get health care: Dr. had suggested divorce!

Giant crayfish found in Tennessee is new species

New Alabama gov: Only CHRISTIANS are his family.

Santorum On Obama & Abortion:'Almost Remarkable For A Black Man' To Say We Can Decide Who's A Person

Oops... 'Obama's Social Security Talk Is Turning Voters Off, Pollsters Say' - Dan Froomkin/HuffPo

Glenn Beck Just Couldn't Hold It Back Any Longer - goes completely Looney Tunes (VIDEO)

We were all younger then

Which Side Are You On?

Republicans Claim Credit...

Why don't you know of this beautiful young woman?

Grayson blames Palin for Arizona shooting

Grayson blames Palin for Arizona shooting

200 protesting construction workers burst into private mortgage bankers conference. The bankers fled

puebloknot is in the hospital.......

Capitalism's warped priorities produce artificial shortages of the basic necessities.

If Obama Moves Right He Loses Everybody -- and Everybody Loses

Boehner and the Cryettes perform the legislative equivalent of pissing in the wind

Obama raised taxes on the poor while lowering them for the rich.

Phila. doctor indicted for performing illegal abortions (nasty situation indeed)

25 Tons of Bombs Wipe Afghan Town Off Map

I am going to be interviewed on The Young Turks this evening around 8pm ET.

Ron Paul: GOP ‘Could Be’ Hypocrites For Using Gov Health Care For Themselves,Repealing It For Public

••••• The Battle Hymn of the Republicans •••••

Wednesday Night Chomsky

Why is referencing nazi propaganda promoted my Goebbels always dismissed?

Seymour Hersh: NeoCon Crusaders, Opus Dei, Iraq, Mosques to Cathedrals

For the 10th anniversary of DU - a memorial for those we have lost

it's Paul Cezanne's 172nd birthday!

LOL- Punish Derrick


The Milwaukee PBS station...

BREAKING: Ashley Parker-Angel REVEALS why he won't reunite with boy band O-Town. BREAKING!

"You'll never know how many people want to believe in magic!"

Another trivia question:

$1000 to fix a car problem???? You gotta be shitting me!

Orrex, I didn't know you were an Ohio State Fan...

Wow! It's Paul Cézanne's 172nd birthday. He's older than John McCain!

And another female EPIC FAIL.

Greatest Van Helsing song ever.

What we'll see this Sunday...

Wow! It's Paul Cézanne's 172nd birthday. He's older than Abe Vigoda!

Dumb Criminal of the Day story... Guy robs a Family Dollar store...

Wednesday night music-Cornell Dupree - Manteca...Great guitarist

Do you shop on Amazon? Today only get $20 giftcard for $10.

Snorting remains

The new Chrysler 200 Convertible: Like or Not?

PHOTOS: Double-Decker Pizza Burger, Step-By-Step

Even after almost 6 months, the break-up is still going badly...

Alan Price

Why haven't you given up yet?

I got this email sent to my Facebook account

I'm still not seeing the declaration...

Cats rule. Dogs drool. ... ... ... ... ... Literally.


Ed Motta


It figures.

Lucinda Williams - Pineola (live)

Cross-posted from GD:

Fifty days. No smokes.

I just had my first Fibre 1 granola bar with peanut butter. Delicious.

Jennifer Aniston Bares Chest, Talks Body In Allure (PHOTOS)

Anyone still using an appliance from the 1950's? See my toaster

Age-appropriate advertising, please.

Inspired by Tobin, MFM is gonna hit the road again... though he's never had too much luck with that.

There;s a moon in the sky

Songs you can thank cocaine for?

HEY, let's get the band back together!

New Brett Favre commercial (NSFW)

Nuttin' like havin' a hose up yer heiney on a Saturday morning

Classic Craigslist post. Free working electric oven and range. One small catch.

Fox Shoots Hunter With Gun In Belarus

Would you wear jewelry made out of uranium glass ?

Now that LynneSin has co-opted my duty as primary promoter of "MacArthur Park" in the Lounge...


U2's "October" turns 30 this year. Where did the time go?

Muhammad Ali only ran from ONE fight in his whole life. But who could blame him?

Sound Guy vs Jazz Drummer

Officials: Sen. Joe Lieberman will retire in 2012

Sudan arrests opposition leader Turabi and eight others

Reno-era policy kept Jared Loughner off FBI gun list

Police seize guns after Los Alamos standoff-Ex-LANL physicist being held for psychiatric evaluation

Lifelong secrecy vow gags thousands of federal officials, records show (Canada)

Netflix slowly phasing out DVDs by mail? P*ssed off customer comments...

Anne Hathaway to play Catwoman in Batman 3

What are you reading DU? I just finished "Prisoner of Tehran: a memoir by Marina Nemat.

Moody's cuts Tunisia bond rating

Fresh but peaceful protests in Tunisia's capital

Scientists fight bugs with poo

Former Swiss Banker Linked to WikiLeaks Goes onTtrial

Iraqi Turkmen tell U.S. ambassador to stop meddling in domestic affairs

FCC approves Comcast's purchase of NBC ...(51% of NBC from GE)

Oldest elephant in N. America dies at 71

Just downed a big dose of Nyquil. Ask me anything before I pass out.

It IS 2011. Where ARE the flying cars???!!! nt

UK faces £1bn in penalties over EU cash

Jury to begin deliberating on officer's fatal shooting of carver

Jimmy Johns Workers In Minneapolis To File For New Union Election

Greece. Give me some travel advice.

Russian bank staff under investigation in London

Greatest Van Morrison song ever.

Iraq inquiry: Foreign Office official argued against publishing Tony Blair's WMD dossier

Giffords to be moved to Houston for rehab

Mother: Giffords to be moved to rehab center Friday

New Orleans jazz festival lineup announcement tonight!

States Weigh Cuts in Hollywood Subsidies

How to Meet, and Perhaps Marry, Your Own Mail-Order Bride (Business Week)

The phrase of the day is Reince Priebus. Use in a sentence.

Can a feral cat become as tame as a housecat?

Saudis give up on Lebanon mediation talks

BREAKING NEWS: California Court Rules Ammunition Ban AB962 Unconstitutional

till? until? til?

I Think 'Modern Family' Is The Funniest Show On TV

Sect. Clinton Slaps Cheney

Nicolas Sarkozy slip puts French Alsace 'in Germany'

Vermont Lawmakers Lay Groundwork For Single Payer System Instead Of Obamacare

60% call for police at townhalls

Tibetans, Chinese protest Hu's US visit

Crazy things people in your family have done. My dad was afraid of

NAACP accuses Maine Governor LePage of fabricating details of invitation

Union Protest Interrupts Mortgage Bankers Summit

Wish me fuck

Philadelphia abortion doctor killed 7 babies with scissors, prosecutor alleges

Federal grand jury indicts Ariz. shooting suspect

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Fifth Third to Repay TARP Debt; Profit Beats Estimates .

Funeral arrangements set for officer killed in Walled Lake shootout

Moore student arrested with handgun

Gov. Snyder Backs New Span Across Detroit River

House Votes to Repeal Affordable Care Act 245-189

Obama says he's going to Super Bowl – if the Chicago Bears are there

Man Charged With Attempted Murder in Spitting (on a Hospital Worker)

Swiss banker linked to Wikileaks is found guilty

Bernie Sanders' speech on tax deal to become book

(Federal) Court win for same-sex couples seeking benefits

Ala. governor apologizes for remarks on Christians

Blair falsely blamed Chirac over Iraq: aide

Court: Feds can pry into NASA scientists' lives

H&R Block? Should I Use Them To Do My Taxes?

Union Protest Interrupts Mortgage Bankers Summit

Koran-protest US pastor Terry Jones excluded from UK

U.S. Factories Buck Decline

NY judge limits amount World Trade Center firm can claim it lost in Sept. 11 attacks

Jimmy John's founder contemplates moving headquarters out of Illinois

Record of President Obama's birth in 1961 is 'in the archives': Hawaii Gov. Neil Abercrombie

Premature ejaculatortoise...

NM sheriff accused in alleged eBay equipment sales

This week I have moved to a different state, gotten a new job, and become engaged to be married

In ’91, Hussein Sought Soviet Help to Head Off U.S.

Senator hits 'made in China' US presidents

Hospital Visitation Rights for Gay, Lesbian Partners Take Effect

Group (Common Cause): Scalia, Thomas had Citizens United conflict

Giffords reportedly stands, could leave hospital on Friday

Spain backs Bolivia in coca leaf campaign

Trust in Fox News plummets: poll

Pa. Abortion Doc Charged With 8 Counts of Murder

Tips on making moving less traumatic for a kitteh?

Senator Bill Nelson announces plans to seek re-election

2 additional students are charged in L.A. high school shooting

Goldman Executive Named as SEC Investment Chief

Arlington Man Loses Gun License Due To Blog About Tucson Shooting

Spying on (environmental) protest groups has gone badly wrong, (British) police chiefs say

I got a mouse problem. Need help, geniuses.

What You've Been Missing - Ep. 1 - Exposing The Noble Lie

YES, our debates are filled with passion...and CROSSHAIRS!

'Shooting From The Lip' A Mark Fiore political animation.

FBI: Calls Bomb Found At MLK Parade In Spokane Washington "Domestic Terrorism"

ANIMATION- Disposable- Sarah's Big Day by Ted Rall

First Day With the New State House?

Obama Responds to Palin Battle Hymn

Diane Sawyer Interviews Gabby Gifford's Husband Mark Kelly - 1/18/2011

Majority Report: Health Care Repeal: 'Job Crushing' Talking Point Is a Lie

Glenn Beck to Viewers: "You're Gonna Have To Shoot Them in the Head"

Young Turks: WikiLeaks Leads To Revolution In Tunisia

Dems and GOP split over Federal Reserve

Dictator Hu Jintao of The Chinese Empire visit The American Empire - Arrival Ceremony

Comcast Wins Approval to Take Over NBC

TYT: Cops, Firefighters Laid-Off In Camden NJ

TYT: Ricky Gervais Golden Globes - Hollywood Hates The Truth

Morbid Curiosity Leading Many Voters To Support Palin

MRN: Joe Lieberman Reprises The Odd Couple With John McCain

TDPS: Mark Potok SPLC on Jared Loughner, Grammar Control Conspiracies, More - Great Interview

TAVIS SMILEY | Arianna Huffington | PBS

Congressman Anthony Weiner: GOP Lies Should Be A Drinking Game

New Year-Jon Runyan (voted to repeal health care legislation)

'chains of Obamacare' Morgan Griffith (R- Va 9th) 00:57


Tammy Baldwin - Repealing Health Care Reform Would Harm Wisconsin Families

Kucinich, Single-Payer Push as Health Care Repeal Vote Looms

Olbermann: O'Reilly Thinks Faux Noise is the Best in the Whole World

House Democrat Steve Cohen Compares Republicans to Nazis

Sam Seder: Media Monopoly

Sam Seder: Media Monopoly

Countdown: Arianna Huffington - Obama's stunning GOP-style anti-regulation flip

Hannity: Iraq Owes US Oil For 'Liberation' TYT

There's nobody more bureaucratic than insurance companies

WikiLeaks And Tunisia

Weiner Rants On House Floor: GOP Lies On HCR Should Be A Drinking Game

Gohmert calls for hearings on Sharia

Lawmaker explains why teachers should grade parents

Batshit Bachmann: Obamacare is Crown Jewel of Socialism

Glenn Beck Shoot Them In The Head Video Clip Found

John Pilger: Julian Assange Interview

The Young Turks interview with Skinner (David Allen) for DU 10-year anniversary

Ralph Nader & Ron Paul Interviewed Together

Fact: The GOP's "job crushing" health care bill REPEAL could cost us up to 4 million jobs.

I suspect there will be a compromise on SSI

Do As I Say, Not As I Do

"President Obama to Announce Jointly Funded Center for Nuclear Security in China"

Deadline...when will naysayers finally say SS is safe?

Romney Watch: Mormonism v. Americanism as Religious Persuasion

On average-congressmen receive $700 per month in taxpayer subsidies to help pay for their health ins

Tea Party unpopularity is on the raise

Whats up with this asshole?

**** Heads Up: President Obama Welcomes President Hu to the White House, Live 9am EST ****

Gloves come off on Oversight panel as Dem calls for no 'silly' Obama probes

Why Is The New York Times Touting Paul Ryan’s Fiscal Credibility?

So now MSNBC poll just out is trying to say 35 favor and 34 opposed

U.S. Factories Buck Decline

Panel Begins to Set Rules to Govern Financial System (Volcker Rule)

Top Ten Horrible Things done to Us by Outgoing Sen. Joe Lieberman

GOP Senators take over . . . and . . . .

**** Heads Up: Presidents Obama and Hu Hold a Press Conference, Live 1pm EST ****

Political cartoonist Mike Luckovich: 'Palin Map'

Mr. President, cutting regulations will cost jobs, and lives

Should We Ignore China's Human Rights Violations

White House White Board: The Costs of Repealing Health Reform

Republican ManDate:

Executive order "requires that regulations protect our safety, health and environment"

What We'd Lose If House Republicans Succeeded

Chicago Residency Case Continues Against Emanuel

Joan Rivers is banned from FOX and friends for calling Palin stupid and a threat

Issa's first hearing: TARP scrutiny

New NBC/WSJ poll tonight will have Obama's approval at 53/41 up from 45/48 last month

Republican led House repeals healthcare law. 245-189. Three Dems voted with R's.

OMG!! guess who said they thought Obama "was doing a good job"!!

Two years ago (1/20/09)

Kenneth Roth Invited (and attends) State Dinner for Hu

How the Presidents Stack Up (some interesting graphs):

"... But these voters were as real as it gets."

PHOTOS: President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama greet China's Hu Jintao for the State Dinner

NBC/WSJ poll: Obama bouncing back

Obama and Hu fed up

It always amuses me when people profess shock that the President is not the great "Liberal Savior"

REAGAN Approval, January 1983, 35%;. CLINTON, Jan 1995, 45%

The Last Word with Trent Franks of AZ (R)

Screw DU - Ronald Reagan was the best president EVER!!!!!

Maybe Lieberman is going to run as an independent Democrat for President

FRAME: All Democrats need to fight back with GOP-branded "Obamacare" with "Affordable Care Act"

THE 10 WEEKS COMEBACK - 1. OBAMA, (Detailed Results)

The REPUBLICANS'strategy is full privatization of healthcare

Photos: "Quintessentially American" (The Obama Presidency, Day 730)

What if Obama's pro-business agreements are calculated to further divide the Republican Party?

Schakowsky: If...GOP Supports States’ Rights, It Should Support Letting Vermont Pursue Single Payer

Americans now trust Republicans in Congress more than Democrats when it comes to Social Security

Another Progressive Policy Goes Into Effect Today Thanks to the "Non-Progressive" President

Do you buy into the notion of American Exceptionalism?

House members are openly talking about not financing HCR. What can Obama do?

Any ideas why Reid will not attend the State Dinner with the Chinese President tonight?

Twice he declined a White House invitation

PALIN: Very Positive 8%; Very Negative 33% (NBC/WSJ

Do you really believe President Obama will get a 2nd term?

Wendell Potter: Insurance 'sold across state lines' is to circumvent state laws and is 'junk'

GOP Rejects 'Job-Killing' for ObamaCare: Settles on 'Sleeping With The Fishes'

Human Rights Watch Slams China On Human Rights

Mark Rudd | A '60s radical on Tucson and political violence

The Google-GM summit by Pepe Escobar

Americans Face Guantanamo-Like Torture Everyday in a Super-Max Prison Near You

Don't let the dialogue of democracy be a victim, too (Lee Hamilton)

The job market is about to become very competitive

Raj Patel: Food Crises Pummel the Poor, Austerity Multiplies Pain

Russian WikiLeaks comes under attack over photos allegedly showing Putin’s private ‘palace’

Tunisia orders investigation into £5bn fortune of Ben Ali

The Decline of the American Empire III - An Unsustainable Military Deployment

Jordan protesters inspired by Tunisian ripple

FYI: A note from Joe...

Details from Blair's Iraq calls were deleted

U.S. Prepares to Lift Ban on Guantánamo Cases

The Joke's on Limbaugh: His 'Pigeon Chinese' Actually From Mao's Little Red Book

Is it the man? Is it the movement?--- Revisit of Article by Salon's Joan Walsh

Robert Scheer: Obama Pulls a Clinton

Salon: Chinese guests requested "quintessentially American"'s what they were served

Blindspots and Fear of the Working Class

Billionaire: Public Sector workers the "new privileged class"....

Bedwetting Righties

Drumbeat: January 19, 2011

Commentary: Ocean acidity: Small change, catastrophic results

China may import copper for power grid modernisation

Polluted Outflow From Only Two Flooding Australian Rivers Already Covering 11% Of Great Barrier Reef

Study Released 3 Months Ago Warned Oz Cities To Move Beyond Planning For Just 100-Year Floods

HK Epidemiologists Can Now Predict Spikes In Mortality Rates By How Badly Smog Cuts Visibility

NASA- Bathymetry Overflight Shows Deepwater Channel Runs Directly Beneath Pine Island Glacier

TedTalk-Naomi Klein: Addicted to risk

Wild Tasmanian Devil May Well Go Extinct - Facial Cancer Deaths Have Cut Wild Pops To Around 2,000

Alaska health officials warn of toxin in North Pole gardens

AP: Iowa's polluted waterways

EU Suspends Carbon Trading After Security Breaches

In Past 10 Years, Pakistan's Population Has Increased 24%

Hu & Obama Blahblah Clean Energy Blahblah Challenging Situation Blahblah Investment Blahblah

Independent UK: This isn't just about bees – it affects everything

ExxonMobil Projects 25% Increase In GHG Outputs In Next 20 Years - Guardian

$1.35/Month For Public Grazing For Cattle - Yep, & That's Where Obama's Gov. Is Going To Leave It

The New Light Bulbs Lose a Little Shine

UK bees facing a poisoned spring

Police seize guns after Los Alamos standoff-Ex-LANL physicist being held for psychiatric evaluation

Reno-era policy kept Jared Loughner off FBI gun list

One of last two states that disallow concealed carry likely to change law...

Sometimes, justice can be tough to digest. : proof that justice can frustrate

Tennessee gun shop cancels Lane Kiffin bobblehead shooting

Officer charged in 5 yr old son's fatal shooting with service pistol

Do the gun safety classes talked about here tell people when *not* to shoot?

APNewsBreak: Calif. handgun ammo rules thrown out

Dick Cheney calls for tighter gun restrictions

BREAKING NEWS: California Court Rules Ammunition Ban AB962 Unconstitutional

Why new gun restrictions aren't the answer (read before bashing)

Arlington Man Loses Gun License Due To Blog About Tucson Shooting (Massachusettes)

Guns: 10 Rounds

Let's make a list of other live-saving limits that we need to implement

Honduran leader limits presidential palace visits

WIKILEAKS: Guatemalan President Alvaro Colom Said Rigoberta Menchu is “A Fabrication”

Spain backs Bolivia in coca leaf campaign

'Baby Doc' Duvalier facing extended stay in Haiti

Gloat-Free NBA Scores (Tuesday, January 18)

Mariners Bradley arrested on suspicion of making a threat.

Never mind

Obama going to the Super Bowl - if his Bears win!

Melo (and Billups) deal with Nets falls through. Whew!

Marshall 75 WVU 71

Egads. Al Davis...

More proof Jerry Jones is a Douche.

So that's what they study at Ohio State?

Texas reaches 20-year, $300 million deal with ESPN

David Mixner - LGBT Rights: An Important Year Ahead

Pink Choice Awards 2010 - Congrats Moosemeadow Lodge!

Transgender Equal Rights Action Day at MA State House Thurs., January 27, 11am - 2pm

Parenting by Gays More Common in the South, Census Shows

MARYLAND: GOP Leader Steps Down Over Backlash For Civil Unions Support

Catholic Group: SCOTUS Rejection Of DC Marriage Suit Is Human Tragedy (violates rights of children)

Florida Governor seeks to revive ban on gay adoptions outside of Miami/Dade County

Prepare to be shocked: Study finds significant anti-gay workplace discrimination in Utah

Tracy Ullmann "Ex-gay"

Catholic Diocese Launches 12-Step Program For Homosexuals (It's not about therapy? Riiiight!)

PM announces creation of Homeland Security Ministry

IDF: Death of Bil'in woman caused by poor medical care in Ramallah

Macy Gray asks Facebook fans: Should I boycott Israel?

Medvedev: As we did in 1988, Russia still recognizes an independent Palestine

Blast in Gaza injures three, Hamas fighter killed

A Response from the Office of Israel's Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu

Gaza Doctor Izzeldin Abuelaish Two Years After Israeli Attack that Killed 3 Daughters & Niece:

Study: 61% of men don't see forced sex with acquaintance as rape

Aulf Benn: Israel can't stop Palestinian independence

Lest we forget

New Ala. gov: Just Christians are his family

Enceladus South

Amateurs Find Hidden Gems in Space Photo Contest

Study finds oldest known domesticated dog in Americas — and it was apparently tasty, too

The Mass Extinction of Scientists Who Study Species