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By the Time I Get To Arizona

Chris Colfer is an inspiration to all

Because He Knew: Reopening Pasolini's Case

Prophetic dream from 2001~

Why the right wing and the wealthy are toxic to most humans well being.

Now that the Chicago Bears are in the NFL Playoffs

GOP State Sen. Chris Buttars Wants To Repeal Anti-Bullying Rules, 12th grade and minority spending

FOX marks "I Have a Dream" speech with rebuttal

SW Iowa radio MLK poll question Poor choice or not?

THANK YOU SO MUCH Someone gave me a star!!!!!!!!!!!!

anyone here catch the swine flu?

Airport security less rigorous on incoming flights to US

Husband’s Message About Giffords: ‘She’s a Fighter’

$1b effort yields no bioterror defenses

ReTHUG loser threatens judges and other officials

If you can't make an organized Day of Service event...

Robert Greenwald: No Room for the Pentagon's Wars in Dr. King's Dream

Robert Greenwald: No Room for the Pentagon's Wars in Dr. King's Dream

George (Senator Macaca) Allen is being pushed this morning for a comeback run.

Big money ($7b) to stop big threat

WTF Despot Baby Doc returns to Haiti

Key evidence in Stryker war crimes case remains secret

New US lawmakers want action on China currency

More Autism Schools Proposed in New Jersey

HuffPo:Tim Pawlenty: GOP Should Vote Against Raising Debt Ceiling, Then Pass Bill Preventing Default

What do Muammar Gaddafi and Teresa Scanlan, winner of Miss America 2011 have in common?

our new republican governor

Happy MLK Day!

Curtis Sliwa's Guardian Angels patroling Camden after Gov. Christie cuts

50 years ago today: Eisenhower's Military Industrial Complex Speech

From MSNBC, a visual reminder on MLK Day that we can do better, and we can start today

60 Minutes on Jared Loughner (video link)

60 Minutes on Jared Loughner (video link)

Big 6 Banks Worth 64% of Nation’s GDP…up from 17% in 1995

Ricky Gervais Makes Gay Scientologist Joke At Golden Globes (Incl.Vid That'll Prob. Be Pulled Soon)

Commander Scott Kelly: "As I Look Out The Window, I See A Beautiful Planet That Seems Very...


Ex-Swiss Banker Gives Data to WikiLeaks

Mother****ing Marlboros on a mother****ing plane: Intoxicated bathroom smoker faces criminal charges

Luckovich toon on Oil prices

Marco Rubio in Afghanistan, gets "rare glimpse" of Afghan National Army unit

House Republicans Eliminate Civil Rights, Civil Liberties and Labor (from Committee Names)

In honorof MLK, Google has drawing of little black kids and little white kids

Gabby running for president?

See this money making scam "gun rights groups" are pulling in Wisconsin?

WP: A Place Where Passions Run High (Rep. Giffords District)

WP: A Place Where Passions Run High (Rep. Giffords District)

Gabrielle Giffords and the perils of guns: How an armed hero nearly shot the wrong man.

Gabrielle Giffords and the perils of guns: How an armed hero nearly shot the wrong man.

CNN Reporters: Where MLK Name from?

Gun Pointed At Illinois Rep. Edward Acevedo In Chicago

God as guard: Bank opens ‘lockless’ branch

Kentucky lawmaker wants random drug testing for welfare recipients

First Female Seminole Chief Dies

** January Photo Contest ** FINALS

Tweeting Tyrants Out of Tunisia: Global Internet at Its Best

Choose Organic Milk to help offset global warming

"Mississippi's immigration enforcement bill is about politics. ..pandering to...fear and xenophobia.

Boehner's Agenda from Brian McFadden's Big Fat Whale

No. 2 Bank (JPMorgan Chase) Overcharged Troops On Mortgages - MSNBC

Hugo Chavez Now Has An F1 Team

America's 25 Most Influential Black Leaders (from

AP poll 41 % oppose health care law

Failed 1/2 Governor with crosshairs map posts ghost-written MLK message on "continuing his work"

What Is Best equipment for downloading films?

list of most influential African Americans....clarence thomas is nowhere to be found

Saturday Night Special - timeless wisdom.

Intolerance and a cup of coffee.

Wingnuts Have Proof Obama Wanted Applause At Weird Times In Tucson

Justice Dept. outlines anti-gay marriage case

Justice Dept. outlines anti-gay marriage case

NICHD explains why the NIH still funds vaccine-related autism research

NICHD explains why the NIH still funds vaccine-related autism research

Rick Scott is first bald Florida gov. in 138 years

Webcam hunting...if you are this lazy about hunting, just go to the supermarket like the rest of us.

Ohio unemployment fund bankrupt, borrowing as payments loom, report says

Monday Morning Boner Fatwa: "job killing" Obamacare© is now "job crushing" Obamacare©. USA! USA!

Couple Plans To Live Under The Ocean

Greece: Unemployment shoots to 13.5pct in Oct. 2010


Goldman Halts Facebook Sale to U.S. Investors Citing Regulations

Tinman - Loughner. Strange similarity

please help me respond intelligently- Texas GOP denies Budget Shortfall

Mark Twain Parody

One of my favorite MLK quotes, and it is as aplicable today as it was when he spoke it.

My Links

My Links

If you are a Jew, and are not observant, are you still a Jew?

Democrats erase the 2010 Republican electoral advantage

If US & Israel targeted Iran’s nuclear plant with Stuxnet, is it OK for another nation to target US

Rep. Gabrielle Giffords' husband Mark Kelly Interview-Gabby gives him back rub

Teabaggers demonstrate that ignorance is not bliss.

Teabaggers demonstrate that ignorance is not bliss.

Ahem... email I received from TPP

What ever happened to "Mock The Dummy"?

The Tea Party: neo-onagrocrats?

IBM Supercomputer "Watson" to play on Jeopardy against the shows best champions.

IBM Supercomputer "Watson" to play on Jeopardy against the shows best champions.

UK Government Plans Major Health Care Reform

Sorry, Right-Wing Talkers. Loughner's Rampage Was A Clear Act of Political Terrorism Directed At ...

If you are in the mood- the American Spectator could use some balance

I Just Had A Thought

Good resource- facts and figures on the uninsured

Republican Jesus’ Ten Commandments

Under Mayor Bloomberg's watch, manufacturing jobs in the city disappeared twice as fast

Rep. Giffords' husband: "She's in the ICU. And she spent 10 minutes giving me a neck massage."

Lobbyist to take helm of Florida GOP

Resource based featured in the movie Zeitgeist cited by Loughner's buddy

State Governors: "you can't tell if it's a Republican or Democrat, a conservative or a liberal'

Steve Jobs takes medical leave again

A few tormented pets barely survive in among rotting corpses in "Hell house"

FDR Tops Rankings Of U.S. Presidents: UK Survey - Reuters

Will the GOP's Budget Cuts Gut the Middle Class?

Children as young as 10 'groomed for sex

David Frum criticized the right for embracing "false & paranoid narratives"

CHINA Needs to Be Declared a Terrorist State

IF President Nixon had succeded...

Exclusive: DoJ veteran sees ‘dangerous precedent’ in letting Bush officials walk

CNN compares speeches by Obama and Palin.

Which racists opened schools for a make up snow day in South Carolina

Networks report that Gabby smiles and rubs her husband's back. Sarah Palin responds:


Ain't this the truth!

Boy, 14, Driving In Crash That Killed 2

When Public Employees Were Under Attack, Martin Luther King Stood With The Workers

Inuit seek review of narwhal tusk trade ban

FCC decision on NBC-Comcast merger expected this week

Florida DUers - Tornado alert for South and Central Florida

Salon retracts Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s article on vaccines and autism

The People's Voice: What MLK would see today

The People's Voice: What MLK would see today

The Economics of Happiness

Michael Steele on Tweety's Obama's America


Afghanistan's push to tax U.S. contractors could renew tensions

Secret Service Says They're All Sorry Nuts Who Acted Alone

A musical tribute to Rush Limbaugh.

Breaking - Sargeant Shriver is critically ill in hospital

Dad: Arizona girl's corneas saved vision of 2 kids

Jihadi Gangster: Censored in Afghanistan

WPost Poll - 30% Approve Palin Response, 78% Obama to Shootings

Sin of Omission by Geithner in Chest-Thumping over Tax Cut Deal

Still climbing the mountain

Chase did not make a mistake

Ed just said that Boehner also turned down an invitation to dinner

Are We Sure 'Civility' Will Help the Democrats? - Newsweek

PDFS: Complex Environments (or, how govt assesses social terrain of insurgents)

Arrested Pirate Party Member Becomes Tunisian Minister

The attacks on Unions, Federal and State employees, budgets,teachers, you think it wasn't planned?

Hahahahaha.... RNC PR BS...hahahahaha... RNC PR BS....

Executive order: Gov. Haslam throws out income disclosure rules

The Los Angeles Ban on New Fast-Food Restaurants in South L.A. Takes on Obesity

The Los Angeles Ban on New Fast-Food Restaurants in South L.A. Takes on Obesity

Flash news bird dead

Some Say It's Too Bad The Internet Wasn't Around For The Protests Of The 60's And 70's... Well...

FCC, DOJ near approval for Comcast-NBC deal: report

The words of Martin Luther King

Is FOX Snooze now promoting death planning....

Study claims good-looking men and women have higher IQs

The hate truly is disgusting, Let me off this fucking planet!

Wal-Mart Is Not a Person

Rapper 50 cent uses Twitter - makes $8.7 Million in the stock market in one day

Don't ask me why - but this looks like Crazy Fun

Congrats!!, Tea Party and GOP. I hope you are happy...

GOP Gets The Country Moving Again

Google honors MLK's Birthday...

No one wants to take away your free speech... you moron.

So Chase bank stole active duty personnels' homes.

BlackBerry agrees to filter out porn in Indonesia

Happy Birthday Michelle Obama

** January Photo Contest ** FINALS - Mon PMers

Media Insider website says Palin will announce 2012 presidential run on Hannity tonite on MLK Day!

Wish Tweety would quit with the birther stuff.

Michael Moore on with Rachel, Howard Dean on with Keith, special comment The Nine Days

What does everybody think of Politifact

"It is called slavery." LTTE to NYT.

Happy Birthday Ali

Palin uses MLK quote to defend her hate speech.

Heads up for Rachel's show tonight: Guest- Michael Moore

~To the anonymous giver of a donor star~

An MLK quote for today.

"Sarah is a child of the King and she cannot be touched by any devilish scheme from the left..."

Journalism group won't give out award named for Helen Thomas

TOON: Derf on GOP celebrating House take over

Rudolf Elmer press conference will begin in a few minutes. Watch live on

Latest update on Gabby Giffords.

Various cities hold meetings to Resist FBI and Grand Jury repression 2/12 and 2/19

In my next editorial,I'd like to list all the benefits of the healthcare bill...

CDO Little League Set to Honor Christina-Taylor Green with patches on Uniforms

Invited to MLK event, Maine’s GOP governor tells NAACP to ‘kiss my butt’

We Twisted King’s Dream: "We have turned King into a milquetoast moderate"

Batman's Muslim sidekick puts US right-wingers in a tizzy

If congress ended all funding for all defense programs, which actions would be unconstitutional?

Cheney Considering Heart Transplant

Gov. Deval Patrick to unveil budget cuts to cities and towns in Western Massachusetts

Breakup Advice for Palin and the Media

Defiant Palin Sticks to Guns, Bludgeons Critics

Crush!!! Kill!!! Destroy!!!

Cheney:'I'm More Sensitive Than Others+I'm reluctant to judge our politicians-But Obama Is 1X Prez '

Richard Lugar Voices Support For Assault Weapons Ban

Richard Lugar Voices Support For Assault Weapons Ban

Sarah Palin's Battle Hymn..

Civil rights: You don't ALWAYS have to stand up for them.

Woman gets apology for 'humiliating' airport screening

Oopsie... Maine Gov. Who Blasted Critics Changes MLK Plans - WaPo

Commercial breaks every 40 seconds on msnbc is really starting to irritate me

Oh Oh Ed Shultz is about to drag some skeletons

35% blame Palin for Tucson shooting. Americans give her response thumbs down

In Memory of MLK's BIRTHDAY! His "Out of Vietnam" Speech!

"HOW LONG, NOT LONG" - Bend, motherfucker, bend towards justice.

Ex Agent Coleen Rowley at FBI Headquarters Protest

From Military-Industrial Complex to PERMANENT WAR STATE

Cargill: Rolling in Cash, Relying on Child Labor

How To Avoid Getting Screwed When Using Your Debit Card

The persecution of the Palin continues

Just saw a picture of Cheney on Countdown

Anyone else heard the humorous rumblings from the right side of the Old Dominion State?

WARNING for Today Show viewers...Evil Dick will be taking victory laps tomorrow morning.

DHS Scraps Bush-Era 'Virtual Fence' Project After $1B


Protestors March On Quantico Gate in Support of Bradley Manning

Facebook gives apps access to addresses and phone numbers

Thom Hartmann's new hour long RT Big Picture show just started on FSTV today...

More Reports of dead birds and fish from around the world

Studies that claim "Conservatives give more to charity"...

Federal grand jury opens John Edwards investigation

The Cuts Are Coming

MUST SEE TV: Here's The Dylan Ratigan Piece On Wikileaks And The UK Tax/Services Cuts Protests !!!

The Difference Between Brits and Americans

Tony Blair, war criminal

Why did Michael Reagan go off on Ron?

The Forgotten Achievements of Government

Law grad with 170K in law school debt fails character test to get law license due to debt

The Battle Hymn Of Sarah Palin.

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Happy MLK Day & a new kitty gif

Freshman Republicans want even longer Afghan war

Freshman Republicans want even longer Afghan war

Help, please. The Daily Beast. Is it good, bad, reliable, twisted?

Is the Super Bowl a proper venue to honor what would have been Ronald Reagan's 100th birthday?

Press conference at Frontline with Rudolf Elmer and Julian Assange: See the conference here.

MSNBC reporter said what I've been saying all along

Monica Crowley: Equal Levels of Vile, Vicious, Violent Rhetoric Coming From Left & Right

Arizona lawmakers eye more gun rights, despite "nervous Nellies"

Ex-Friend: Loughner Was Influenced By Conspiracy Theory Movie Zeitgeist

Federal Judge Roll working on a money/smuggling case when he was killed...

What an interesting website.

Paul Krugman: The War on Logic

Paul Krugman: The War on Logic

looking around the internet, palin didn't grab many headlines tonight

Watching O'Donnell and he had Frum on..what's with Frum?

Why does David Frum Keep Winking his left eye?

FRONTLINE tomorrow: Are We Safer?

The Rude Pundit: Martin Luther King Would Still Fuck Your Shit Up (2011 Edition)

The Rude Pundit: Martin Luther King Would Still Fuck Your Shit Up (2011 Edition)

Bradley Manning and the Rule of Law

Bradley Manning and the Rule of Law

I say lock up St Rudy of 9/11

"Baby Doc returned to a hero's welcome" from NPR

Winfrey: Losing baby as a teen was 'my second chance'

DHS: Hydrogen Peroxide Food Bomb Warning

School on MLK Day

School on MLK Day

Le Pen daughter takes reins of National Front (France)

Moral Dilemma...

Moral Dilemma...

London to Edinburgh by electric car: it was quicker by stagecoach

Inversion of the function of Status

Discussed today on Ratigan - Vodafone fails to pay 6 Billion pounds in taxes, people take action

Discussed today on Ratigan - Vodafone fails to pay 6 Billion pounds in taxes, people take action

Chris Matthews Calls Birthers 'Crackers'

Who's gonna take one for the team & watch Hannity-Palin interview

What would MLK say to Obama?

What would MLK say to Obama?

This nation is no longer capable of acting on problems.

Martin Luther King on Service

I wish Sarah Palin would do a photo op in a tank

Sarah Palin: Crosshairs Used By Democrats, Critics Not Going To Shut Me Up

Palin: "So when i used the n-word, I meant it in a different way"

Putting a new heart in DICK Cheney is like putting a new engine in a Model-T.

1/17: Protest at the FBI H/Q: "Hands Off Our Activists!" and "Free Bradley Manning!" FBI HQ to Qua

This is amazing I agree with Meghan McCain regarding guns

I fail to see the difference between the New York Times and Wikileaks.

U.S. Empire Mocks Martin Luther King Day

U.S. Empire Mocks Martin Luther King Day

Find Out WHO Exactly Is Screwing Us, Organize Over The Internet, Make Them Infamous...

Find Out WHO Exactly Is Screwing Us, Organize Over The Internet, Make Them Infamous...

She used that word again in the Hannity interview

Behind the vaccine panic

Helllp! Is there a website that tracks Beck's radio show?

OK, I'm a lifelong Southerner but...

Sarah Palin's Theme: I ME MINE (by George Harrison)

Sarah Palin's Theme: I ME MINE (by George Harrison)

The Banks’ Worst Nightmare: Homes Given to Borrowers in Utah - FDL

The Banks’ Worst Nightmare: Homes Given to Borrowers in Utah - FDL

Miss America 2011: "Wikileaks was actually based on espionage" And she might be an idiot.

Latest Slowpoke Toon: "Fun With False Equivalence!"

There isn't enough science in the world to debunk anti-vaccine quackery for some people

If congress got rid of all funding for all social programs, which actions would be unconstitutional?

If congress got rid of all funding for all social programs, which actions would be unconstitutional?

You know how there is that "certain" wingnut site that we never name?

You know how there is that "certain" wingnut site that we never name?

70% of Dems want Obama to work with GOP

I just watched Sarah Palin on Hannity and I believe she went the entire self indulgent half hour

Why is Mexico poor?

What must we do to communicate with the Conservatives?

New Yorker article dated 1/24/11 outlines Issa's filth

New Yorker article dated 1/24/11 outlines Issa's filth

Serious question not looking for battles

What is our fascination with war grounded in?

The Gates Foundation: An Established Record of Damage to the School System


Duvalier Meets With Advisers as Haiti Holds Its Breath

Last year's corporately funded town hall riots a huge factor in toxic political climate.

OK, I NEVER post these , but I want to answer this conservative spam

sex trafficking at the Super Bowl

A poem: This is the House that “We the People” Built (dial-up warning)

Seattle activists are taking action against wage-stealing bosses

Laws against murder are pointless. If a criminal wants to murder s/he will, regardless of the laws.

74 yo homeless man sleeping in bin, dumped into trash truck, rescued

74 yo homeless man sleeping in bin, dumped into trash truck, rescued

So . . . maybe we *should* open up the debate on health care

I bet that MLK Jr would have started a Civil Rights Movement for us Older People

Giffords may lose seat under Arizona rules: report (if office is "vacated" 3 consecutive months)

Giffords may lose seat under Arizona rules: report (if office is "vacated" 3 consecutive months)

The Sears store in our town had Fox News playing on half the TV sets in the electronics section.

Is hate site Free Republic on the verge of collapse? (+ link to hilarious Fisking of Freepers)

New to DU!!! (Please read)

1-17-11 WikiLeaks: the latest developments. Whistleblower Rudolf Elmer hands over Swiss bank

I can't stand Television today.

Patrice Lumumba: the most important assassination of the 20th century

It's possible to eat a healthful meal at almost any fast food

Do you think the Obama Justice Department is putting on a sham defense of DOMA?

Stochastic terrorism

The Pineapple In The Pizza Delima

The Pineapple In The Pizza Delima

I got a reply from Sears.

Remember this? Gates Foundation profited from the sub-prime mortgage biz

BECK (6/10/10)Party's Over for Democrats: "You're going to have to shoot them in the head."

UAW's King: Union's survival at stake

GOPers exhibt NOW WHAT SYNDROME??.... Given their campaign promises...all of a sudden....not so much

John Lennon: "I'm not sure what it means when you're such a pacifist that you get shot."

Reported on local news this a.m. that Albertsons grocery store now

Housing Market Plunge Passes Depression's

Did You Know?

3rd Biggest Solar Panel Maker in the Country Closes US Operations, Hightails it to China

Question: If I want to put my 2 percent into my Social Security anyway...

Question: If I want to put my 2 percent into my Social Security anyway...

Because J Edgar Hoover feared he might be a communist, our nation set out to destroy a prophet.

Researchers aim to resurrect mammoth in five years

An interactive map of 15 years of UFO sightings

Goddamn Bank of America!

I seriously think I may advocate my son joining the Military

Cats, Sure, They'll Answer the Phone

Proper (and improper) uses for 911

I hope everyone has a good MLK day, and please take a minute to reflect

Seahawks lost; Golden Globes are tedious. And I'm bored. Somebody talk to me, please.

Elvis Costello - Peace Love and Understanding

Google has the best tribute to Martin Luther King today.

I wish I knew how it would feel to be free

Kitty Cat Bliss

I don't understand these Human Resources games...

Florida woman jailed for slapping a horse.

your dear kitteh could be gone from you in a flash

OK !!!!

Party nite-snow day Tuesday... Beastie Boys- No Sleep Till Brooklyn...

Any science types in the lounge today? Help!

For my 17,000 post - let us all agree that the Bears shall defeat the Packers next Sunday

Friends, Romans, countrymen...

Typical Catnap:

The bestest ever TV... ... ... ... ... EVER!!!!!

I shaved my beard off today.

There's a reason why Skittles has a lifetime ban against coaching highschool athletics.

MiddleFingerMom: I am SO disappointed in you. We need to talk.

Sure is snowing here in Sheboygan!

What's grosser, 1) re-heating cornbread or 2) Oprhah cooking for Stedman?!1 NT

I apparently need to do one of these for every forum I visit

We had CSNY, Blind Faith, The Traveling Wilburys, etc. -- Today's "Super-Group"?


Well, time for my 31st trip around the sun to begin!

DU and the LSATs

Hmm. I wonder how well quinoa will cook in tomatoes and broth?

Hello Kitty does not have a mouth

A Brief Summary.

Helena Bonham Carter

Nine ways to maintain a healthy level of insanity...

Any fans of the band Mute Math?

This man was my teacher for much of the past weekend

Yow! A new no glasses 3D viewing technology. Whoooeeee.

MY BIRTHDAY SUCKED! Just need to whine a bit where no one will see or care...

My husband and son are both in time out.

This song reminds me of Queen

Just dropped in to see what condition my condition was in.

Stopping By Woods on a Snowy Evening

Despite Lebanon unrest, tribunal expected to blame Hezbollah for Hariri murder

The Danger of the military-industrial complex

Cambridge dons hold silent protest (UK)

Inflation row heats up across India

At least 39 dead in South African floods

Israel Tests on Worm Called Crucial in Iran Nuclear Delay

US ambassador to Lebanon summoned amid tension

Hezbollah Backs Karami for Premier as Lebanon Political Deadlock Deepens

NHS bans on operations gamble with patients' health, senior surgeon warns

Vote On Comcast-NBC Merger Could Come This Week

Wikileaks given data on Swiss bank accounts

Egyptian man sets himself ablaze in central Cairo

Gun Pointed At Illinois Rep. Edward Acevedo In Chicago

Plot uncovered in Tunisia as unity talks held

Montreal Jews shaken after 4 synagogues, school vandalized

Mauritanian man sets himself ablaze in capital

Kuwaiti ruler grants $4b, free food to citizens

Buckinghamshire library emptied in cuts protest

Towson University douses smoking on campus

Fla. Haitians protest Duvalier's return to Haiti

Federal authorities plan to move trial of Tucson shooting suspect

Le Pen daughter takes reins of National Front (France)

OMG, I'm surrounded by lizard people!

"True Grit" Better than the John Wayne version.

WikiLeaks cables: Turkey let US use airbase for rendition flights

Club, shops attacked in Iraq alcohol clampdown

About 400 Romanian army and police retirees protest pension cuts

Turkey Allowed U.S. 'Extraordinary Rendition': WikiLeaks

When did IFC (Independent Film Channel) go commercial?

Obama Lauded on Response to Tucson; 78 Percent Approve of Obama's Response to the Arizona Shooting

Feds will seek Loughner trial in Arizona

Giffords seat at risk under Arizona law

Greatest Van Halen song ever.

I predicted this 5 minutes into the Golden Globes and I was right! re: Ricky Gervais

Poll: Most want Obama, GOP to work together

Apple's Steve Jobs takes medical leave

Australia: Protest: 500 rally for Wikileaks

Venezuela nabs 3 foreign drug smugglers wanted by Interpol

Songs that have "DREAM" in title or lyric

R. Sargent Shriver in Critical Condition in Md.

anyone else watching the current Masterpiece Theater series?

Michael Steele: Republicans 'could have used a few more brothers in the house'

'Speech or debate' clause invoked in investigations of House members

Feeding Pets From the Table

Tunisia unrest: Renewed anti-government protests

Reagan Family Feud: Alzheimer Claim Slammed

Gabrielle Giffords continues recovery

Sheriff: Uncomfortable with 50-75 gun permits

(Iraq War) Chilcot inquiry: Blair shut me out, says former legal chief Lord Goldsmith

Without aid, DPS may close half of its schools From The Detroit News:

Arizona statute could endanger Gabrielle Giffords's hold on seat

Bill Clinton to campaign in Chicago for Emanuel

Gabrielle Giffords responds well to skull surgery, doctors say

IEA Warns $100 Crude To Return EU, US Oil Bill To 2008 Level

Richard Lugar Voices Support For Assault Weapons Ban

Hundreds of dead seals in Labrador

Italy PM Silvio Berlusconi prostitute allegations widen

I got an eyebrow pierced today.

Killings of newborn babies on the rise in Pakistan

Mesa man shot in the head by deputy dies

No. 2 bank overcharged troops on mortgages (JP Morgan Chase)

NASA Says it Cannot Produce Heavy-Lift Rocket on Time, Budget

Josephine Harris, Miracle 9/11 Survivor, Dead At 69

Maine Gov. Changes MLK Plans After Telling NAACP, 'Kiss My Butt'

Caligula's tomb found after police arrest man trying to smuggle statue

40 of the most impressive churches in the world

Parents of dead Mexican teenager sue U.S. government

Post a random cool screen shot from Google Maps - include general location

My grandson was mugged today

Venezuelan government fails to meet goal of 120,000 housing units

Cheney says Obama has 'learned from experience' that Bush policies were right

DoJ veteran sees ‘dangerous precedent’ in letting Bush officials walk

Goldman to Offer Facebook Shares Only to Non-U.S. Clients

Arhuaco Message To Humanity, Monsanto

Professor Paul Connett: Your Toxic Tap Water

Atlanta Weather Update for Jan. 11, 2011...LOL!!!

WAVY News 10, North Carolina - Martin Luther King Day

Victorian Flood Disaster Continues Jan 17, 2011

President Bush on Gun Control (supported many restrictions)

Rubber stamp JP Morgan to death!

AP: Rep. Gabrielle Giffords Condition Upgraded

Malcom X: I didn't have to go to court to be named Jones, Murphy or Smith

The American Way of Governance

Arizona: A Tragic Legacy!

Thom Hartmann: Conversations with Great Minds with Neil Howe, Pt 2

The 8 Minute Epoch: 65 million Years with James Hansen

Top 2 Ways You Help Monsanto Every Day (Without Knowing It)

Halla Tomasdottir: Diversity, Social Responsibility/A feminine response to Iceland's financial crash

Martin Luther King Jr.'s Dream- Under Attack from the Far-Right!

Thom Hartmann: Lone Wolf Theory

Rockefeller Scumbag Confronted by Anti-NWO Protester in Chili - Unrelaxed 'Vacation' 2011

MRN: MLK Saved My White Guy Civil Rights

Andrew Young speaks about his relationships with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr & Kabir Sehgal

NBC News 1957: Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Anti-Violence Interview

Protest at the FBI H/Q:

Christian Invaders Trailer

David Rovics - Song for Bradley Manning

MLK: Why I Am Opposed to the War in Vietnam

Sarah Palin Shawn Hannity Full Interview 1/17/12

Ricky Gervais Golden Globes: 'Thank God for Making Me an Atheist'

Sarah Palin On Hannity: Blah, Blah, Blah, Democrats Did It, Me,Me,Me !!

Swiss Banker Leaking Docs to WikiLeaks: 'I Have The Right To Stand Up If Something Is Wrong'

"Girls Shouldn't Have Ideas" (Abstinence-Only Lesson #2)

Young Turks: Marijuana Home Search Without A Warrant

Rachel Maddow: Michael Moore on Tucson Shooting 'What Is Cost of Life of Federal Judge? 17 Cents'

Ray McGovern Rips Eric Holder, re: Bradley Manning's Status, and Asks:

Sarah Palin Battle Hymn

Thom Hartmann: Conversations with Great Minds with Neil Howe, Pt 1

Indigo Child's Views on How to Save the World !!

Clarence Dupnik says he's earned the right to speak his mind

Free Bradley Manning

Keith Olbermann Special Comment: 9 Days Have Passed & The Willful Blindness Hasn't Even Slowed Down

Robert Reich: Public employees are GOP's scapegoats

E. J. Dionne: Health Care and the New Civility

Why we should respect GOPers when they urinate on us??? Get them buggers off the stage...not in tune

OH BOY it's those damn liberals again going after Beck Palin and Rush according to Buchanan

John Nichols: Russ Feingold Speaks Out

The Republican con on repealing the health care law

Howard Zinn on MLK and President Obama, with video

"Sen. Rand Paul on Friday announced the launch of the Senate Tea Party Caucus"

Happy Birthday Michelle Obama

Wikileaks vs Facebook

Happy Birthday Michelle

Banks allow ads in online checking accounts

GOP House leader claims Dems still control power

High marks for Obama handling of Arizona attack: poll

America's most persecuted minority group: Republicans

Removed by Author for "Hostile Fire" from the "Enemy Camp."

WH: Honoring Dr. Martin Luther King's Life and Legacy

Christina Green's Civics Lesson

It's Martin Luther King's Birthday...and My Daughter's. Here's his "Out of Vietnam Speech!"

Baby Doc's return haunts Haiti (Guardian)

"Obama Lauded on Response to Tucson; More See Chance of Political Conciliation"

Obama trails only King in poll on influential African Americans

Did Meghan McCain just ask Rachel Maddow on a date to an NRA event

How Not To Deal With Inconvenient Information

Howard Fineman: FOX NEWS did Palin no favors in that latest interview

N.C. Rep. McHenry will lead TARP probe

House GOP targeting key health reform component, the medical loss ratio

The top US presidents: First poll of UK experts

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Do you approve of President Obama's handling of the Arizona attack?:

Obama really is Pharma's best friend: new discovery

Pence (R-IN) urged to enter race for president in 2012

She's(Palin) still talking SHIT!!

Banks' threat: "regulation is forcing us" to "raise fees on our customers"

"Republicans Say Obama Needs to Take the Lead in Setting the Agenda"

OH SHIT Keith O is getting ready to get in there ass and both sides

One Group Obama's Kept His Promises To: Native Americans

POLL: Obama absolutely crushes GOP opponents (+13 on Romney, +12 on Huckleberry, +26 on Palin,

Finding Happiness…

LEAP/E2020: 2011: The Ruthless Year. At the crossroads of three roads of global chaos

Who, exactly, represents the left extreme in the establishment blogosphere?

Self-immolations across north Africa follow suicide in Tunisia

Utah's "Quiet Title Law" Bypasses MERS, Awards Homes Free and Clear

What’s bad for liberals has been very good for Bill Maher.

Gabrielle Giffords tireless, welcoming (Great article on Gabby)

Progressive Coalition to Protest Billionaire Gathering Hosted by Koch Brothers, Tea Party Funders

An Assassination's Long Shadow

Ike warned of 'military-industrial complex' 50 years ago

Man Shot in Tucson Rampage Is Arrested at a TV Taping

Witness: The strange day "Baby Doc" Duvalier took over Haiti

Who's idea was it to let Baby Doc back into Haiti?

Guardian UK: Tory free-market hurricane will blow our NHS apart

John Nichols: When Public Employees Were Under Attack, Rev. King Stood With The Workers


I Warned That Banks Will Soon Be Forced To Walk Away From Homes… Guess What!

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Democracy Now has Full Audio and Transcript of Dr. King's "Out of Vietnam Speech!"

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Debunking False Claims About Health Reform, Jobs, and the Deficit

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WikiLeaks cables: 'Baby Doc' Duvalier's possible return to Haiti concerned US

The attempted assassination of Gabrielle Giffords

Update on Single Payer from Dr. Margaret Flowers

The Media is Giving Palin more than her 15 Minutes of Fame

The latest Obama cheerleader is ... Dick Cheney?

The CEO and the New Feudalism

Tea Partiers Requested More than $1 Billion in Earmarks - CBS News

19 Facts About The Deindustrialization Of America That Will Blow Your Mind

A Growing Solution: Vertical Farming

It's tedious trying to wade though the Denialist spam of Jeff Master's blog.

Peru, Glacier Loss And Economic & Political Destabilization - 22% Of Andean Glaciers Gone In 35 Yrs.

Crop Failures Underway In Indonesia In Year Of Constant Rain - Rice Prices Up 30% - FT

Peak oil review - Jan 17

Drumbeat from the weekend and today...

Peru's Deforested San Martin - Gvn. Grants 267K Hectares - 1.6 Million H. Cleared In Past 50 Yrs

Toyota developing alternative electric motor

After 100+ Years, Buffalo Will Roam Beyond Yellowstone NP In Gallatin National Forest

Monbiot - Ecoterrorism - The Non-Existent Threat On Which We Spend Millions - Guardian

Russian scientists warn of 'Iranian Chernobyl'

Arctic Region As A Whole Now Reflecting 3.3 Watts/M3 - Was 3.75 In 1979 - Nature Geoscience

Climate change: Rising waters threaten North Carolina

Conservation group sues to stop California solar plant

Why I consider carbon a greater threat than nuclear power or even nuclear weapons

New .357 air rifles about to debut - other calibers also.

Maybe a different approach is needed. It seems to me that some of us assume

Gabrielle Giffords and the perils of guns: How an armed hero nearly shot the wrong man.

Leaders Call for Community Service and Gun Control on MLK Day

Do People Really Want To Treat Guns Like Cars?

Dove release, gun buyback highlight Martin Luther King celebration

After tragedy, Ariz. lawmakers eye more gun rights

An idea as dumb as it sounds: Make it a crime for doctor to ask you about guns (Florida)

See this money making scam "gun rights groups" are pulling in Wisconsin?

IBTL... Why Do They Call It "Gun Control" ???

We've seen the argument over large magazines before- with beer kegs.

Daily Kos: Why Liberals Should Love The Second Amendment

Venezuela nabs 3 foreign drug smugglers wanted by Interpol

Farewell to the Utterly Unique John Ross

Haiti urged to arrest 'Baby Doc' amid unrest fears (National Post)

Cuba: US easing of travel rules 'positive but limited'

Venezuelan government fails to meet goal of 120,000 housing units

Auspicious start in Boston.

Mouthful of Ashes Awards

I can't recall an NFL season with top teams as bad as they are...

Chokers >>

Oakland Raiders promote O.C. Hue Jackson to head coach

Big Head Ben is gonna show Big Toe Rex

It is with great dread that I enter the DU Sports Forum...

Favre files NFL retirement papers

Who is a better Quarterback?

A Load Of Music Videos

GOP State Sen. Chris Buttars Wants To Repeal Anti-Bullying Rules (Brings down America)

Hathaway to Play Kurt's Gay Aunt

Obama Losing on Purpose? This Week in Prop 8 for January 17, 2011

Very funny and very pro-gay episode of The Simpsons last night

Qassam explodes in western Negev

Is StandWithUs’ superhero Captain Israel a spoof?

Jewish housing in E. Jerusalem gets panel’s backing

Ehud Barak quits weakened Labor to form own party

Bradley Burston: Think Israel's a lost cause? Ten reasons to think again

Jesus nut

If you are a Jew, and are not observant, are you still a Jew?

Calling for religious harmony or ecumenism as an attack on all religions, and on secularism too.

Do you regard "fundamentalist Catholic" as a contradiction in terms?

Are there any practicing Hindus on DU?

Feynman: Take the world from another point of view

Tourists Mimic Polar Pioneers, Except With Planes and Blogs

Dying for Discovery

Can someone who knows Astronomy help me? Please!?

A very cool astro picture