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MLK III: AZ shootings underscore father's message

Anger from a winner of a high-tech-tablet

Unpublished JFK photos reveal private moments

Unpublished JFK photos reveal private moments

Tucson shooting victim was also protesting at Kent State day of infamous shooting

Amid Cuts, Public Colleges Step Up Appeals to Alumni

Dark-matter satellite in stargazers' sight

is it wrong to call the right wing a cancer

is it wrong to call the right wing a cancer

Australian floods spread to Victoria

Australian floods spread to Victoria

Coca Tea is one helluva tea

Coca Tea is one helluva tea

McDonald's employee fired for letting Vikings star Adrian Peterson use the restroom

Non Sequitur TOON:Invention of Money

Sharing a birthday with MLK saved me...

If extremists in the Middle East are able to

So, has "Crosshairs Sarah" and her enabler, Sean..

Enough already! Laughner does not deserve 24 hour news coverage!

Enough already! Laughner does not deserve 24 hour news coverage!

Sea of mourners bids adieu to slain Judge John Roll

Iraqi soldier kills two U.S. soldiers in Mosul

What do you consider "Sensible gun control"? (Read the post before responding)

200 moo cows suddenly died in Wisconsin

Do you trust people like David Brock and Arianna Huffington?

Rescue of (Omaha's lost) twins took many hands

Judge Asks CIA to Investigate Itself Regarding Illegal Tape Destruction

Rudy....mention 911 one more time....(Face the Nation) nt

For every one person who goes out and kills someone over right-wing rhetoric,

Libya's Gaddaffi pained by Tunisian revolt, blames WikiLeaks

Poll: Opposition to Health Care Reform Eases

National dialogue needed on causes of violence

The insurection timeline and

This is what surveyor equipment sights actually look like.

BP targets one of the world's last unspoilt wildernesses after deal

Christie's polling higher than Obama

What do you know about C.S. Lewis? I saw this last nite:

Poor Reason / Culture still doesn’t explain poverty

OMG: A Wiki Leak

Invisible' dark matter galaxy (galaxy x) detected orbiting Milky Way

AP-GfK Poll: Raw feelings ease over health law

Marine base cancer concerns bring hundreds to Tampa

Congressman attempts to block 'don't ask, don't tell' repeal

Presidency vs. Presiduncy

Just Who Are The Socialists?

High capacity magazines were never banned under the old AWB

New variation of Sarah's map

I Recall In A "Special Comment..."

Unspoken Threats

Ladies and gentlemen, introducing your next Fox News hostess:

Honor Dr. King by participating in service projects

I Have a Dream

Placer Hills schools to reconsider policy banning sex-offender parents from campus

U.S. Gov't has had the names of offshore accountholders for eleven years.

Saw this bumper sticker yesterday....

Is The Government Really Developing A National Internet ID?

You Can't Be a Patriot and Advocate Violence Against the American Government and Democracy

Swiss whistleblower Rudolf Elmer handing over offshore banking secrets of the rich to WikiLeaks

Obama judicial recommendations to start the 112th congress

Neighbors At The Brink (India/Pakistan) - WaPo

Omaha's lost toddlers, 14 years later (got kids? A MUST READ)

The airport ads you can't miss

Separated at birth?

Fox pundit: Palin admitted political discourse can cause violence

So about politicians and “public servants.”

Meatball sandwich horseplay leads to two deaths

Death threats to Bay Area senator catch eye of Giffords investigators

Any word on filibuster "reform"?

Rescue of (Omaha's lost) twins took many hands (corrected with link to FULL story from 1997)

Swiss whistleblower Rudolf Elmer plans to hand over offshore banking secrets of the rich and famous

My Turn: The debate on civility and the Vermont way (by Pat Leahy)

Just what drivers need: database/map of redlight, speed, etc cameras in the US.

I'm a little teabag (teapot)

I'm a little teabag (teapot)

Miss Nebraska Wins!

Lighter side of Australian floods

I'm betting that Gasland wins the Golden Globe for Documentaries

Aqua Buddha SPEAKS: "They want to take people in an emotional vulnerability, play on those fears..."

This time, Glenn Beck, it's personal — a Broadway rebuttal

Libyan Dictator, Muammar Qaddafi, Blames Wikileaks for Tunisia Uprising

This is who supports Minnesota public radio

Utah city may use blimp as anti-crime spy in the sky

Utah city may use blimp as anti-crime spy in the sky

Cat survives fall from nine stories on Fort Myers Beach

I need some help!

9/11 Whore

Meet the Press: mental illness (are there any employers/HR people on DU)

Anti-Abortion State Legislators Rise in Power

Improved measurements of sun to advance understanding of climate change

is there any mention of wars in Iraq and Afghanistan in mainstream news anymore?

Frackers with dough, water drinkers got nutt'n. Frackers win.

We've had some flooding in DU'ers living in Germany. You OK?

Sources: Michael Steele Took Deal ("more lucrative than RNC chairman's salary") For Endorsement

Before He Cuts Social Security, I Hope the President Listens to This 'Obama' Guy

WSJ's (Fox/NewsCorp) Alan Abelson calls for GOP to have "Less Bile. More Guile" :

Diane Sawyer gets first interview with astronaut Mark Kelly, husband of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords

Suicide rates around the world - anyone familiar why?

NYT, 01/26/00: Consumer Confidence Hits an All-Time High; Jobs Called 'Plentiful'...

Swiss banker to give Wikileaks new data on offshore bank account holders Monday

Imagine it's 1995:

Imagine it's 1995:

Is it easier to get into Congress or the White House than to get on a plane?

Fox pundit: Palin admitted political discourse can cause violence

Islamophobes In & Outside Congress Are Claiming A Mass 'Radicalisation' Of US Muslims Is Occurring

Hot booze turns material into a superconductor

Hot booze turns material into a superconductor

updating the Bible with Neal Boortz

Ariz. Tea Party Leader Worried About Threats

Great news - Gabby Giffords upgraded from critical to serious

Obama Can Cut Fossil Fuel Subsidies and Save $39 Billion, But Will Congress Go Along?

Primer helps residents battle shale industry with 'citizens army'

AARP's puff-piece on the former Commander-In-Codpiece

Schools may again require moment of silence

Neal Boortz Show Producer Royal Marshall Dies

Our political discourse -- some musings

Caption these photos of Libyan dictator Muammar Qaddafi

Arizona hospital upgrades condition of Rep. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords to serious from critical

The wars will never end as long as THIS is a reality -unemployment rate for vets-11.2%

"One Man"

Don't ban guns - ban the violence and illustrate the symptoms leading up to it

i was hoping this headline was about cheney & rumsfeld...

What Does WikiLeaks Have on Bank of America?

FYI -- 60 Minutes will take a look at the Tuscon shootings @ 8 p.m. eastern

Gun pointed at Chicago state rep; no shots fired

If corporate persons were real persons: Some questions.

BP targets the Arctic

Incarceration Up, Education Down: America’s Cannibalistic Profiteering

I know why Todd Palin so silent

Couple floating on inflatable dolls rescued on Yarra River

SO: Have TLC channel and sarah-the-BEAUTYCONTEST run out their play?!1 n/t

FreepCreep Factor = "10" as freeper tells RimJob "You’re our Father..."

Comparing Olbermann to Glen Beck (really)

I saw something amazing at a Tucson vigil last night...

Simple Question: Why Do You Need a 30 Round Ammo Clip?

Glenn Beck FINALLY finds a true soulmate.

The OBVIOUS resource for Sarah Palin to consult concerning her PR problems:

US Politicians voice fears over Alaska pipelines, Gulf payouts and risk of Kremlin influence!

Some great cartoons - Random subjects...

Simple Question: Why Do You Need a gas tank larger than two gallons?

5 ridiculous things you probably believe about Islam

How appropriate for MLK Jr. Day...

Rock star hopes his music is blasted at Bush officials in jail

Like father, like daughter: French far right keeps things in the family

BAD tax-exempt Heritage Foundation intern! Bad, bad!

Hundreds dead in Brazilian flooding

Senator Claims U.S. Child Labor Laws Unconstitutional

Largest unified mobilization in Illinois teacher union history defeats billionaires' teacher bashing

Sargent Shriver hospitalized in suburban DC

Woman buys vacuum cleaner, discovers $280,000 worth of methamphetamine, cocaine

Secretary Kathleen Sebelius: Health care law implementation 'is absolutely on schedule'

Peggy Noonan: MLK had lovely gravity and didn't talk about small, petty things. Er...what the fuck?

Photo showcase: The Woracek twins (from this mornings Lost Twins posts)

John Boehner as Speaker of the House...anybody worried?

John Boehner as Speaker of the House...anybody worried?

GOP supported Single Payer HC in IRAQ, why not US?

Anyone just see this "business" person just say that diamonds and

So My Circumcised Kid Dropped His 30 Shot Clip While Being Breast Fed At Olive Garden

My Own Little Piece of Reality..

another drug raid ... wrong house ... ooops

Anyone watching the Golden Globes tonight did anyone else have the same

Cathy Black: Birth control = solution for crowded schools, schools = concentration camps, students

More banks walking away from homes, adding to housing crisis

Looking for the protest sign w crosshairs and the peace sign; anybody?

Alexander Landau got pulled over for an illegal left turn - and ended up beaten bloody

Kramer: AIDS is a plague allowed to happen

Megan Fox thinks the media should criticize Michelle Obama's looks

A friend and I think we've found a winning GOP ticket!!

Etta James battling dementia, leukemia

Some revealing numbers about Michigan's budget and our new GOP Gov.

Today I was shocked, disgusted, and speechless... looks like Rimjobs cesspool is really going down the drain.

Based on what you know to this point, does Pima Community College bear any guilt in what happened?

You know how there's the (Video) next to threads in the video section?

My partner and I talked about employment last night...

Are mentally ill people capable of organizing premeditated, multi-step acts of violence?

Per Bill Mahr's comment on Benjamin Franklin (for Asimov Fans)

So Glenn Beck and Teabaggers Like Thomas Paine

Sheriff Dupnik's criticism of political 'vitriol' resonates with public

I Have Mixed Feelings About This Intermixing Of The Parties At The SOTU.......

Pls. DU this page on Facebook -

In Case You Missed This... 'Matt Stoller: Understanding the Strategy of the Democratic Power Class'

Toon: Comparing Responses

Interesting article from Truthout on what Wiki has on B of A.

10,000 GMAC Foreclosures Stopped in Maryland - FDL

In Tunisia "people are saying they need to arm themselves against the police, who they do not trust"

ADL analysis claims suspected Arizona shooter not anti-Semitic

When Generosity, Love, and Kindness are Public Policy,

Tunisia: How the US got it wrong

Progressives to ‘uncloak’ the secret financers behind the Tea party

Tunisia - Notes on the Revolution

I used to bristle when Rush Limbaugh opened his radio program with "If you don't know what to think,

I love the interwebs and my computer machine.

Martin Luther King, this thread honors you, your life and that still unrealized dream.

No antiwar protests, no antiwar news, no antiwar music online...

How to cope in these times and pretend you are still free?

How to cope in these times and pretend you are still free?

So do we have a list of structurally unsound bridges in the United States, or did we just forget

They're baaack! School vouchers once again being proposed.

The question Fox will not ask

The question Fox will not ask

This photo shows the loyalty of a dog and brings tears to your eyes.

What Does 300 Calories Really Look Like? Home cooking vs eating w/pics

Violence is not a symptom of schizophrenia.

I don't understand all of the "shock" over what Loughner did

If I were Jesus or Harry Potter, we'd have peace in this world.

GAO, DOJ seek H-1B visa reforms

Woman Wants to Marry a Corporation

Check out this awesome, heartfelt, moving apology from the DEA regarding botched raid

More Bird Death this weekend; Ravens Falcons Seahawks

Cartoon: Danger on Both Ends of the Political Spectrum

Message From Mark Kelly, Husband of Cogresswoman Giffords

'Baby Doc' Duvalier Back in Haiti

The ESRA (Environmental and Social Responsibility Amendment)

the smoking gun

Naive days of JFK era long gone

Don't Know If You Caught The "60 Minutes" Segment On Professional Gambler Billy Walters, But...

The Front and Back Page of a US Newspaper, No Comment Required

Oh My! Look at this. People who say they favor expanding health care coverage are on the increase.

The Jets are upsetting the Patriots?

everything you wanted to know about private contractors,but were afraid to ask

Google dictionary calls a fetus an "unborn human baby"

I always feel like I need a shower after going through the security line.

Japanese young men not as interested in sex

Calif. man used Facebook to hack women's e-mails

Dr. King and the 1968 AFSCME Memphis Sanitation Strike

Panhandling proposal 'poor bashing'

In a free society, the burden is on those seeking to restrict.

In a free society, the burden is on those seeking to restrict.

ACTION ALERT: Please report this page on facebook!

Loughner's identity theft incident pdf

Loughner's identity theft incident pdf

Request on Swiss bank whistle blower's website for Wikileak supporters to email Swiss prosecutors

What benefit would Bill Gates get from worsening public education?

Tea Party leader in AZ claims to be a victim. Says Gifford played political gamesmanship.

A mental illness suddenly reveals itself in a young adult

** January Photo Contest ** FINALS

Help my oldest daughters dream come true (by voting online)

Help my oldest daughters dream come true (by voting online)

Jack Blum’s Client Goes to Wikileaks - EmptyWheel

Government Spying on Americans -- Doesn't Any One Care?

China turns out first solar-powered air conditioner

UN investigator accuses US of shameful neglect of homeless

A Message From Bernie Sanders

Co-creator of TV show Glee thanks public school teachers in Golden Globes acceptance speech

Help. Cat walked across my keyboard and now the letters on my screen hare "hugh"!!! What

The Inside of my old gas oven just became a big ball of flame

I'm in Love!!!

Rain Dancers - drat - wrong forum!

fuck the bears, fuck football, fuck the mental giants who yell "DAAARRRHHNNNGNNGGUHHHH"

No biking today! - drat - wrong forum!

Cracker poll

If Kanye West starts a religion, I'm on board

Cracker - Low

Golden Globes tonight - what will win best drama?

Another mass bird drop....

Self delete

Watched some Resident Evil Flicks yesterday to battle insomnia . Some Questions :

deadmau5: "Strobe"

Too hip to function (cartoon)

Darwin Award Nominee: Man and woman back together after genitals set on fire

If Davy Jones and Desi Arnaz Jr had a fight, who would Marcia Brady root for?

Look up in the Sky (pic)

Centuries from now when alien anthropologists unearth thousands of 'Shakeweights,' what will they...

Interesting, "you was" was considered acceptable English in early 1800s America.


Finally saw SNL's Nasim Pedrad as Kim Kardashian on Hulu...effing hilarious.

Meet the Beetles.

Worldwide Mysterious Bird Deaths Finally Solved

Congratulations NY Jets!

When did you last go into a Love Shack? And why?

Skunk as a drunk

Amid Cuts, Public Colleges Step Up Appeals to Alumni

A Bird's-Eye View of Some Beetles

Shame... the Walk of:

Stay Calm Dad! (A 5-year-old talks on the phone with 911 - She's amazing!)

"Da Bears still suck..."

EU freezes Ivory Coast port and bank assets

And finally... Shakeweights -- witness the Dawn of Realization!!! (dial-up warning)

It's been 5 minutes into the Golden Globes and I have the first prediction..

American hostility grows over BP's deal with Russian state oil company

Mrs. Venation in hospital -- update # 2

PHOTO: "Here, pretty kitty...oh, how cute! She's playing with her rattle toy. Here, pretty kitty..."

Watching the Golden Globes

Somehow,, I'm feeling more at home in the Lounge, reasons:

America... ... ... FUCK YEAH!!!!!!

You know how sometimes when you are out of town you put all your keys safely

The Pack vs. Da Bears... Holy Cow!

As I am sitting here watching the NFC divisional playoffs, I am realizing that NFL football

That's how it's done / Wish I could do that.

Check in if you have me on ignore.

Belichick: "We gave up too many points, didn't score enough"

Gaddafi declared ‘King of Africa’ by Kenyan elders

You won't believe what I bought at Shopko today.

Golden Globe's Worst Dress - this is gonna be the winner for that award

Rights group decries 'execution binge' in Iran

Tunisia: Ben Ali's security chief is arrested

Foreign minister Martin in challenge to Irish PM Cowen

First US ambassador in 5 years arrives in Syria

Top senators to sit together at 'State of the Union' address

BP targets one of the world's last unspoilt wildernesses after deal

Sudan opposition threatens protests over price hikes

Google to fight Spanish demands to remove 'libelous' links

Algerian dies in self-immolation, echoing Tunisia

Gun Battles Erupt In Tunisia

Muammar Gaddafi condemns Tunisia uprising

Iran joins Venezuela, Libya to say $100 oil no harm

Algerian dies in self-immolation, echoing Tunisia

Brazil rains kill more than 600, epidemic feared

Foreign tourists trapped by Chile protests

I've seen "Inception" and I've seen "The Social Network" and sorry but "Inception" is waaaaay better

It's time: Golden Globes Fashions 2011

Politically Confident, Iran Cuts Subsidies

Giffords' condition upgraded to serious

Sargent Shriver in Maryland hospital, spokesperson says

Jets Back Up Big Talk by Beating Patriots

China heads off US questions on human rights

Apparently the Patriots didn't really want to go to the Supahbowl this year.

Gabrielle Giffords shooting victim also witnessed Kent State shootings

Lounge advice needed: Job A, or Job B?

Police: Gun pointed at Illinois state legislator

Egypt Warns West To Stay Out Of Arab Affairs

Ariz. Tea Party Leader Worried About Threats(to him)

The Ben Ali Family Fled Tunisia with 1.5 tons of gold

Help. My tv sound is off. It worked fine when I turned it off last night. I've already unplugged it

Yesterday, a family lost a daughter, 19, in a horrible senseless accident.

Silvio Berlusconi denies sex allegations with statement of 'stable' relationship

Daughter of Le Pen elected leader of National Front party he founded

Christie: I was not criticizing Palin

'Baby Doc' Duvalier Back in Haiti After Long Exile

AP-GfK Poll: Opposition to health care law eases

Tunisia: Chief of Staff received instructions from Washington, "to take control of the situation"

Man sentenced to death for killing Christians (in Egypt)

French photographer dies after being hit by police teargas canister in Tunisia

BP and Russia sign Arctic oil deal

Progressives To ‘Uncloak’ Secret Financers Behind The Tea Party ('Uncloaking The Kochs' Event)

Swiss find signs of illegal US surveillance

Tucson shooting vicitm Eric Fuller arrested

WOO-HOO!!! I finally figured out what "MILF" means!!!!!!!

Russia warns of ‘Iranian Chernobyl'

Stuxnet cyberworm heads off US strike on Iran

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Lil' Bullhorn Edition.

Downsized movie titles

American hostility grows over BP's deal with Russian state oil company

The Loughner Videos... Compilation of Crazy Thoughts

Victoria Flooding Disaster Jan 16, 2011

Franken: First Time FCC Has Allowed Discrimination on the internet

Bob to Rush Limbaugh: GET YOUR *** OUT OF THIS COUNTRY!!!

Social Security: Keep The Promise

Casualties Of War

20 years ago today

Weird Liberal Head Show #269: REVOLUTION!

Protest Against Obama Guantanamo Policy

Young Turks: Racist Right Causes (R) To Resign In Arizona

Mike Malloy - Hunting The Hate From The Left

Why Arizona Could Not Cope With Tucson Shooter Jared Lee Loughner

Paying The Price: Killing the Children of Iraq... PART 1

They picked another idiot to be Miss America

Bill Maher/ Tea Party & Founding Fathers (working link)

Elizabeth Lesser: Take “the Other” to lunch

Martin Luther King, Jr. Mountaintop Speech

A Kid Who Gets "Citizens United" - The Face of the Future?

Haitian History & Future Prospects

The Clowns of Westboro Baptists Church - Your daily chuckle - LYAO!

Fred Phelps' Scary Granddaughters

Early morning, April 4...Shot rings out in the Memphis sky. Free at last, they took your life...

Young Turks: Study - Liberals Have More Empathy (Maybe)

US media, Gulf War propaganda

Martin Luther King, Jr.: "I Have a Go to War?!"

Daniel Hernandez, Intern Who Helped Save Giffords: Political Discourse Is "Completely Destructive"

TEA Party Congress Sells Out

Why is Glenn Beck Obsessively Targeting New York City Professor Frances Fox Piven? 1 of 2

Joe Zamudio "It's Been Horrible! The Worst Thing That's Ever Happened..."

The truth about the lunatic religious right in America.

Tucson Shooting Survivor: "It Looks Like Palin, Beck, Sharron Angle & the Rest Got Their 1st Target"

A Message from Senator Franken

SNL Opening Skit: Fox News On Civility

Cornel West "Barack Obama Is NOT The Fulfillment Of Martin Luther King's Dream!"

Teabagger Allen West Gets Sacked

What does President Obama do today?

The Weekly Standard: Did Hillary Clinton help bring down Tunisia's Ben Ali?

A second look at some other deficit reduction plans

Have Obama & Democrats made satisfactory progress on their 2008 campaign platform?

Poll: More want health law expanded than fully repealed - FINALLY

DAMN!! this looks painful

I Have a Dream

Crazy Indiana woman was charged with threating a judge after being arrested

"Obama prepares to engage China on human rights as President Hu visits next week"

From CNN Giffords' condition upgraded:

"President Obama consulted ... Scripture in tragedy's aftermath"

Did Obama admin sabotage Iran's nuke program with a computer worm?

Looming Democratic schism if Obama backs Social Security benefit cuts

What should be our response if Obama proposes austerity at the state of the union?

We have a job to do this week, my fellow Progressives.

Obama's comments and more on Sudan referendum

U.S. Renews Anachronistic Campaign to Stamp Out Coca Leaf Chewing

Peru: evidence mounts of "uncontacted peoples" in Amazon oil zones

Progressive Profiles: With New TV Show, Radio Talker Thom Hartmann Brings Substance to Style

Best Political Cartoons of the Week

GOP Swears Off Heated Rhetoric: Agrees To Conduct a 'Civil War'

Naomi Klein: Hunting the Ocean for BP's Missing Millions of Barrels of Oil

Bill Zeller's suicide note (WV): Palin's lack of control demonstrates why she is not presidential class

Pope Supports Separation of Church and State

When Generosity, Love, and Kindness are Public Policy.... (Michael Lerner)

CIGNA Whistleblower on GOP's Repeal Smokescreen & How It Is Providing Cover for Insurance Companies

Tunisia's protests spark suicide in Algeria and fears through Arab world

North Africa sees its own intifada

Democrat called GOP, Boehner on hate speech in March of 2010

Revealed: how eco-spy masterminded G8 protest

Why peace is the business of men

Both Sides? No!

Miami Herald: NRA & friends totally oblivious to Ariz. tragedy

Mind-numbing OpEd from The Tennessean: "Palin's character carries her through adversity"

Extremist Killing Is as American as Apple Pie

Tunisia: People Power Succeeds Without Western Backing

The Moral Roots of Liberals and Conservatives.

Jack Blum’s Client Goes to Wikileaks

On Contradiction, Or, Will Obama Lose An Argument With Himself?"... (ALERT!)

Ike was right all along: The danger of the military-industrial complex

U.S. Nuclear Body Weighs Proliferation Appraisals for Facility Licensing

Reprocessing in China: Separating fact from fiction

Renewable energy in Russia

Higher ocean levels force Ventura officials to move facilities inland (LAT)

A stunning year in climate science

Might this be related to Japan's low violent crime rate?

What do you consider "Sensible gun control"? (Read the post before responding)

Thousands attend Tucson gun show one week after shootings

Don't ban guns - ban the violence and illustrate the symptoms leading up to it

Harsh Gun Control Will Seem Like the War On Drugs,Opines a Harvard Professor

Schumer Pushes for Military to Report Applicants' Drug Use to Prevent Gun Purchases

The NRA's twisting of the right to bear arms, and why it's again relevant.

Another proposal for incremental gun Prohibition, from Saul Cornell

Simple Question: Why Do You Need a 30 Round Ammo Clip?

How to recognize the tactics used by anti gun activists in their plan to ban guns.

Argentina: "national hero" recast as mass murderer of indigenous people

Trial of the Terrorist Who Almost Killed Me (Stephen Kinzer on Posada Carriles)

Meet Colombian communities resisting repression

BND files show war criminal Barbie was their agent after the war

U.S. Renews Anachronistic Campaign to Stamp Out Coca Leaf Chewing

Guyana Joins other South American Countries in Recognizing Independent Palestinian State

Baby Doc shows up in Haiti

Source: Rob Ryan to join Cowboys as D-coordinator

Gloat-Free NBA Scores (Saturday, January 15)

Da Bears. I credit Ditka, of course.

May the spirit of Bruschi shine upon you.

Role of the DH changing in today's game

with popular choice Patriots out, who's your Super Bowl Champion?

Cromartie Was His Name-O


Yes! Yesss! Oh, let me taste your tears, Tom Brady!

Gloat-Free NBA Scores (Sunday, January 16)

Who's going to the Super Bowl?


Ok east coasters, it's time for real NFL football

Ok so here is a wierd question

Jane Lynch Wins Golden Globe

Chris Colfer Wins Golden Globe

Battling bigotry

How much anti-Semitism is too much?

Richard Feynman: Fun to Imagine

Quantum Compass for Birds