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PHOTO: Citing ancient GOP tradition, Boehner FORCES Cantor to sniff Health Care repeal vote document

I just think this is beautiful and perhaps timely - the song, the poem, seems to fit right now

The GOP in 2010 ... "A Confederacy of Dunces"

Next on HBO, Goodfellas, starring Sarah Palin as Henry Hill: "Fuck you, pay me."

I think even Palin's supporters will soon get sick of her

Ok I am a sucker for good physics photos

Convicted child molester arrested at Scott Lively's outreach center to teens

Great line from Bill Maher's most recent special (on Palin):

2010 sets US home foreclosure record

TDS has me in stitches!

I long for the day

Afghanistan's Plea to the U.S.: 'Don't Do Us Any Favors'

Tunisia is out-Americaing America (NYT article dripping with irony for our sad state)

Ronald Reagan's legacy of "The government is the problem.",

What's your sign?

As opium prices soar and allies focus on Taliban, Afghan drug war stumbles

So do large states really control International Organisations?

"What matters is not wealth, power or fame, but how well we have loved."

Has anyone else here seen "Restrepo" yet?

Obama in Tucson: Providing an amnesty for the right wing

The government admits it really wants to see your genitals at the airport

New (R) Oklahoma governor vows to support and 'offend' the Constitution

So what's so great about the right to bear arms

Herman Cain exploring 2012 presidential run

Quotes with good perspectives

Arizona shooting: Christina-Taylor Green laid to rest

The Irony: Tucson's ABC affiliate is...K-GUN!

Heed Eisenhower and King: Slash the Military Budget

Toles Toon: Where'd She Go?

Dick Armey has escaped this whole discussion on hateful discourse without a scratch. He is one of

The Arizona Tragedy and the Politics of Blood Libel (WSJ - supporting Palin)

Simple question - how come Rev Wright's sermons

Encourage the Clergy to not just call for Civility but to Condemn

tom delay - another republican victim

Hey Sarah Palin, Rush, Glen and ReTHUGS - reload this

Auctioning off in demand Vanity plates...nice way to raise revenue

Will Reince Priebus Surge To The RNC Chairmanship?

Palins "Blood Liable" meant.. the Liberals criticizing her was like kill'n her children, an using

Toon: If Rush had lived in 1863

Fox shoots man

Brent Bozell (Media Research Center) is on CSPAN now, and he's pushing

Join me

1/14: Update on FBI raids of peace Activists. Informant is discovered. will my friends be arrested?


Glenn Beck: Asshat

How the GOP can cut Medicare & Social Security and survive (NYT)

Holy Guacamole!

Limbaugh's 'Straight Shooter' Billboard Yanked in Tucson

dammit - I do not want to do this crap

dammit - I do not want to do this crap

Dear MSM, I no longer want to hear about Sarah Palin, for I too want this nation to heal.

Phelps has certainly met his match

Pope John Paul II to Be Beatified May 1

Baboon Tangerine: Animals Lead To Discovery Of New Fruit Variety

WikiLeaks Donates $15K to Manning's Defense Fund

So the media is naming its price for the 2012 election.

House Raffle Too Good to Be True

Feel free to blame the right now

Have you seen Mike Huckabee's TV ad for his campaign to reapeal health care bill?

My Take: Sarah Palin's Bogus Persecution Complex (From A Regular CNN "Belief Blog" Contributor)

Is political violence in America crazy

I think the question isn't why people are selfish assholes, the question is why they aren't.

Once again

Please stop calling it the "Mainstream Media"

Don't you think she looks tired?

A man's life was saved this week.

"Eight-year-old Dante Williams had only one thing on his mind..."

JFK library opens 1st online presidential archive

JFK library opens 1st online presidential archive

Christina's organs were donated --- already saved a young life.

Don't put Genitals on your Snowman in South Carolina.

Ah, yes - a Facebook status from an NRA member....

Dandy link right here.

Oops, Gov. Christie publically said HCR might bankrupt NJ same day as a planned state bond sale

Oops, Gov. Christie publically said HCR might bankrupt NJ same day as a planned state bond sale

so, if violent and heinous acts can ONLY be blamed on the actual perps, tell me why we are spending

Anyone want to bet that ...

Anyone want to bet that ...

China Builds a Ghost Town

Christian Right calls victory as it claims it got university to abolish policy it never had

TN Tea Partiers Demand Schools Not Teach Too Much About 'Minority Experience'

Luckovich on Palin

Grist: What happened in Brisbane could happen to us

i swear, she just ate the cannary...

Just for the heck of it....

An Unbelievable Video of Political Madness

JP Morgan bankers to share $10 billlion bonus after profits leap

Defence Contractors Insulated from Budget Cuts

Back to the future on DADT with Tim Pawlenty

Back to the future on DADT with Tim Pawlenty

Remind me, isn't Palin supposed to have a show on Fox?

Proposal: the Power Saw Association, a tax-exempt 501c organization

Photo scandal erupts over Rep. Mary Bono Mack (Republican)

Ruby the Heartbreaker and Berlusconi


Actor John Dye Found Dead in San Francisco Home

How do we know that Palin & Hannity won't spend the weekend rehearsing the "interview"

Sounds DATED: My e-mail exchange this week with local radio wingnut over AZ

Does palin even want to be president?

Climate change could happen much faster than previously thought --

Glenn Beck v. Anti-Tutsi Genocide Propaganda

CA: GOP lawmaker stripped of committee chairmanship - says budget mess isn't Republican's problem

With the recent excitement, I almost forgot about the Panama City School Board shootings last month.

Meida Matters: Who Tried To Smear Jane Mayer? (Re: Koch Brothers Article)

90 guns per 100 people

Canada Celebrates 10 Years Of Marriage

Caller to Hartmann & Bernie - What do we do?

WTF? "Civility is the New Censorship"

What can you glean from Sarah Palin's facial expressions?

Rush Accuses Fox of "Slobbering" Over Obama's Speech...

RNC Election Live via C-SPAN

Judges Claim Rummy in Clear Because Ordered People Tortured Only Overseas

Tell the senate to fix the filibuster

Romney meets Bibi

Michael Steele: "For the first time in a generation, we saw us." Er...WHAT?

"I know you are, but what am I" and "two wrongs make a right" arguments by the right.

Hitler In Heels

Scalia et al Make Up Corporate Constitutional Rights

Should extended magazines be banned?

Rep Gohmert: Obama and FBI conspiring to keep shooter's love for Marx out of picture

A REAL HERO: Boy saved brother’s life in Australian flood

Sarah Palin is so dumb...

Who would you like to see as the Republican nominee going up against Obama?

What Does Wikileaks have on Bank of America?

Breaking: Tunisian Dictator OUSTED in Revolution

Can we keep up our progress on AIDS?

Can we keep up our progress on AIDS?

Tennessee Tea Parties demand textbooks contain no mean things about Founding Fathers

A legitimate question about guns

GOP lawmaker wants feds to take 2-week furloughs

Mich. Republicans eye tax credits, business taxes

Bank of America web site has been down for at least 5 hours...

TN Republicans: The most important criterion for the next RNC chair is how many guns she/he owns.

My friend told me a political story years ago:

Tunisia's Revolution Was Twitterized

Disgraced City Manager Robert Rizzo Ousted From Volunteer Parking Lot Job

individual’s ability to make focused and accurate financial decisions peaks at approximately age 53

The 4th amendment, it was nice knowing you

Revisiting the Path of Fear...

Spring Valley man: Cops targeted wrong address, rousted my family

Domino's cheesier pizzas were developed and marketed with gov't funds

Laura Ingraham: Obama's Appearance at Tucson Memorial Was "Campaign Rally"

“The stunning extremes we witnessed gives me concern our climate is showing early signs of insabilit

Jordanians march against inflation and poverty

Treasury Blocks Legal Aid for Homeowners Facing Foreclosure

Algeria vows to punish protesters: Four dead, hundreds arrested.

Oxytocin promotes human ethnocentrism

Homelessness In The Middle Class: Stable Families Reduced To Poverty

Don’t Worry, Private Health Insurers Will Be Just Fine

Don’t Worry, Private Health Insurers Will Be Just Fine

...and the race is on! It's Priebus out ahead of the pack with

How as Loughner able to even buy a gun in November given the bizarre behavior and run-ins with the

The War On WikiLeaks: Truthout Investigation & Interview w/ Assange '

House set to vote on healthcare repeal

"Governor" Sam Brownback shows off devout christian cred...

democrats should refuse to debate healthcare repeal

The economy is going to take another hit, soon.

Pew poll: Republican buyer's remorse

MLK march signs - suggestions?

Judge to sentence 93 year old mafioso-looking at 12 years in prison...

GE does it again!

Where will "Libertarian" Privatization of services lead Human Resource practices?

Limbaugh tells listeners that liberals may PAY the next crazed gunman...

An Interesting Phenomenon Amongst Teabaggers

Idiot Wind: On the Rise of Right-Wing Populism in the US and Europe

Jon Stewart on AZ Memorial critics: "IT'S NOT A SHOW! IT'S MOURNING! WITH A "U! NOT A MORNING SHOW!"

Scott halts more than $400 million worth of road-building projects across state

Crazy liberals, saying this billboard just blocks from the shooting incited shooting!

Poor Michael Steele

Feds threaten to sue states over union laws

The Rude Pundit - Glenn Beck Is Right: Spider-Man Is the Greatest Show (In Hell)

Michael Steele dropping out of RNC Chair race...

Md. father uses robocall to get revenge on school officials

Who is the next Michael Steele? Evidently, nobody.

If You Face Eviction, Here Is What To Do

Long, but very interesting discussion --Assange's lawyer, journalist

Impressed With Speech, Fox Names Obama an Honorary American

Opinion: Elected Officials Flunk Constitution Quiz

China to retry farmer given life for evading tolls

A request for anyone who is enough of an artist to create political cartoons

N.J. assemblywoman slams brakes on bicycle license plate proposal

Iceland has the right idea: Round up the banksters and put them on trial.

NO Majority in 1st Vote at RNC Convention

Sarah Palin plus lipstick equals...

Bob Durgin tells listeners to burn down NY Times Bldg

Since when did anti-Republican = anti-American?

Alas, we must now bid a sad farewell to the Man of Steele

Watch Tunisian Government Fall Right Now!

Tucson shooting timeline: Pima Sheriff's Office

Joe Scum says the Palin tape has ended Lady Blah Blah's

Major progress-Doctors Call Giffords’s Progress Remarkable

Call me crazy but I suspect in 18 months the country is going to be fed up with the Tea Party

Pro-Democracy Uprising Fails to Keep Washington From Backing Tunisian Dictatorship


"Not all Muslims are terrorists, but all terrorists are Muslims"

What channel will Michael Steele's reality show be on?

Man, Chuck Todd & Tweety do what they can for Delay & Palin. I mean they

Christie Hopes to Lure Businesses Fleeing Illinois Taxes

No gun, no knife, but an all too common story

Holy Shite - Tweety shut up Jeanne Cummings

Oops, Gov. Christie publically said HCR might bankrupt NJ same day as a planned state bond sale

Carnival, other cruise lines fleeing California

Cops: Photos Show Loughner Wearing Red G-String, Holding Glock

If Tunisia seriously challenges the IMF-friendly regime...

Toon for thought

Is This the End of Sarah Palin As We Know Her?

Sarah Palin With Sean Hannity (Duh!) Will Be Another Softball Interview!

Great response to the false equivalency quotes from liberals

Denis Kucinich is on the Ed show now

Mikey, You Be Da Man!!

Police Describe Photos of Loughner Posing With Gun in a red g-string

Loughner photos left at Walgreens

We're in danger of losing the war issue and Patriot Act issue to the Republicans

We're in danger of losing the war issue and Patriot Act issue to the Republicans

Branstad vows to cut Iowa state spending, taxes

Conversation in front of a World Map on one of my Kitchen Walls

Just an FYI on Reince Priebus

FBI WMD Operations Unit White Powder Letter Bulletin

Maine governor says NAACP can 'kiss my butt'

CBS chief admits 'high level of concern' over Charlie Sheen's troubles

Sarah Palin: A face in the crowd.

Meme of the Day 110114

I don't know what a "Reince Priebus" is, but it looks like it will be heading the RNC

Obama to ease travel restrictions to Cuba, allow more U.S. cash to island

John Pilger's Investigation Into the War on WikiLeaks and His Interview With Julian Assange

US troops use penis to rape and murder Afghan girl

Who will be the first to Photoshop Palin's face on the Loghner g-string pics?

Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) Calls Child Labor Laws Unconstitutional

From now on, I plan to ask every reich-wing skinhead if their hairstyle is a "Loughner cut".

The many faces of Jared Loughner...

Pat Buchanan

New Republican Chairman, Reince Priebus, said Obama should be executed three times!

Mohamed Bouazizi, the man who toppled Tunisia

Woman accidentally shot when man drops gun at Houston restaurant.

My name is Chris and I am an alcoholic...

So I went down the rabbit hole... Jews for Sarah Palin

Place Ur bets: Gawker blind item gossip: Nat'l A-list radio talkshow host having affair

Embarrassing JetBlue snafu! Airline pilot loses gun and flight gets grounded

U.S. Army Police Threaten to Sue Public Intelligence

Priebus (new head of RNC) accused of being liberal/rino on RW blog

Republicans Seek Governors' Advice on Obama Role in 'Control' of States

Tweety giving Delay more air time to talk about how he was screwed by the jury

Tweety giving Delay more air time to talk about how he was screwed by the jury

Family charged 'death tax' for baby who lived one hour

OMFG! Only 3 days, 5 hours, 30 minutes until Sean Hannity's interview with Governor Palin! OMFG!

Prominent Conservative Takes to NY Times to Argue that it's Everyone Else's Fault GOP Can't Govern

The ever-embarrassing Michael Reagan calls Ron Jr. "an embarrassment to his father"

What ever happened to Zell Miller? Big Ed just referenced him and "duels"

Houston permit rule stops couple's effort to feed homelesss

POLITICO is a right wing clap trap

POLITICO is a right wing clap trap

Sarah Palin is the second most beloved woman in America

Lawyer advises foreclosed clients to break back into their homes

Tweety just called Quayle's son an idiot

Tunisia Unrest A Wake-up Call For The Region: "Every Arab Leader Is Watching Tunisia In Fear"

I heard Tweety tell Delay twice "good luck" on your case.......

I heard Tweety tell Delay twice "good luck" on your case.......

Despite Tucson shootings, gun control push falters

Gang shootout kills 14 in Veracruz, Mexico

Walmart testing "tiny" Walmarts

Toxic Waste Nuclear Sludge Chew Bars recalled... for being toxic

What is the bigger problem: The mentally ill, or how easy it is to get guns.

State of the Dream 2011 Report: Austerity for Whom?

Rep. Shelley Berkley hosts ‘Congress on Your Corner’ in wake of Giffords shooting

In 1995, before he was President, Obama wrote about moran.

Southwestern Ill. man accused of strapping fake bomb to himself deemed mentally fit for trial

CNN; "What if he were your kid?" EFF OFF! "What if SHE were my kid, CNN?" Ya jackwagons.

Enough Pat Buchanan bashing! He has never gotten over the loss of a loved one at Auschwitz.

just saw an ad for the today show tuesday- exclusive interview: dick cheney

are voters smarter than pundits?

are voters smarter than pundits?

In Chicago: Students Subpoena Fitzgerald! Join them 1/14

** January Photo Contest ** for the pm folk

Fucking morons. Buyer's remorse already for merely days-old Republican leadership

It is illegal to threaten violence against another person.

Gabrielle Giffords' breathing tube might be removed Saturday

Dupnik, Dupnik, Dupnik

Business Insider article: Obama will soon lift travel restrictions to Cuba

Business Insider article: Obama will soon lift travel restrictions to Cuba

Gun Sight Ad Still Part of Palin’s YouTube Channel - FDL

KO said on Wednesday that he wasn't feeling well

Somebody tell me..........

"Duck and Cover" TCM Saturday morning 5:45am est

– Priebus mistakenly called for Obama’s execution (3X)

We won't have Mike Steele to kick around anymore

Meet Newly-Elected RNC Chair Reince Priebus

Boy calls 9-1-1 to report dad to Santa Claus

Today in Labor History Jan 14 Pennsylvania Court rules bosses can fire workers for being gay

In Case You Missed This: 'In WikiLeaks Fight, U.S. Journalists Take A Pass' - McClatchy

The Anti-Gun Culture: Irresponsible, Phobia-Driven and Just Plain Wrong on the Facts

Giving your kid a ride on a bike? That's a $90 fine

Cat hero retires from dog duty

Boy, 4, accidentally shoots mom

Now that the weather is turning cold, arctic cold, as it started to this past weekend...

Compared to tribalism, is racism progressive?

Police: Loughner up all night at Walmarts, Circle Ks before shooting

The government is assisting my mom & my grandson (I thank the Dem's)

Picture Perfect Palin. A must see.

Obama administration defends DOMA in court, again

Ah PalinPAC and eschatology

The First WikiLeaks Revolution?

Agent Orange Ass again

Which do you feel/think/know/guess leads to more deaths per year:

Pat Buchanan to Bill Press: "How do you know what Americans want?"

Father: Organs of youngest Tucson victim donated to 'little girl in Boston'

CBS Poll: 28% of Republicans Say Anti-Gov't Violence Justified

What kind of person names their kid "Reince"?

Surfers in Alaska ride waves for an astonishing five miles

Levin threatening to sue Tweety....oooooooooh

Why I love my mom...

Novi dad kills wife and sons, 4 and 6, then self; '

Palin to be on Hannity, they will need buckets of water

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF! & here's a new kitty gif

Are Goldman Sachs traders bidding up the price of oil again?

Patriot Act Up For Renewal and No One Notices

Patriot Act Up For Renewal and No One Notices

Real Time with Bill Maher returns tonight

Earth Empires Administrator Unveils Loughner Posts

TOON: Reduced for Quick Sale!

Deadly Rhetoric

Deadly Rhetoric

Man pulls baby kangaroo from flood (gets lecture from police)

Words mean stuff.

Psychic Told Loughner To Get Help Told Friends in 2005 'The Kid Is Lethal'

Loughner Video With 'Genocide' and 'Torture' Ramblings is Released

Loughner Video With 'Genocide' and 'Torture' Ramblings is Released

NON-RACIST freeper on "lowered expectations applied to blacks, even when they’re in the White House"

History of RW hate talk

Tucson shooting victim blames Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, Sharron Angle

update on my uncle who has barricaded himself in his house and is threatening police and himself

I now know why Michael Steele was not re-selected as RNC President...

TDS: ‘Thoughtful Discourse’? Pawlenty Says U.S. Tilts ‘Everyday, A Little Bit More’ Toward Tyranny

Sheriff Dupnik is Right: Radio Lies, Our Culture Dies

How DARPA Plans to Catch the Next Arizona Shooter--Before He Strikes

This is pretty bad news. Toxics in most pregnant women! UCSF, Ca.

Leonard Pitts: "Censoring 'Huck Finn' is Wrong, wrong, wrong" Editorial

Should I feel guilty because I was born white?

I smell a (trained) rat.......

Darn! You mean we don't get to keep Michael Steele?

WTF??!! What the hell is wrong with people?! Survey says...

Violent Media Rhetoric: Beyond Tucson

Palin announces speaking engagement at gun-related gathering less than 1 week after Tucson rampage

What do you call the part removed in circumcision?

all together now...."All We Are Saying Is Give Peace A Chance"

all together now...."All We Are Saying Is Give Peace A Chance"

Don't let them bury the other Sharon Angle quotes !!!

The mentally ill are not dangerous, in general....

Danziger nails the Narcissist

Political Pundits Surprisingly Good At Getting Inside Mentally Unbalanced Shooter's Head

Neighboring states gleeful over Illinois tax increase

Neighboring states gleeful over Illinois tax increase

Co-ops/Americans Would Benefit From Cooperative Health Insurance

I think Hannity is in LOVE with Palin!

The White House brings in Bruce Reed as Assistant to the President and Biden's Chief of Staff

NBC - "Coming up, startling news about President Reagan...possible Alzheimers"

Lawless 'Unitary Executive' Comes Home to Roost as Assange UK Filing Slams Extradition Request

BREAKING: Birthers Question Legitimacy of New GOP Chair

How The Tea Party Sees It: We Liberals Just Don't Understand The Constitution! ------>

Romney Watch: Boston suburbanite compares Romney to Stephen King novel

Give Palin a little credit (very little). She did see the niche market of "low IQ ass-hats".

Cash, gold, or plastic

Shannon Johnson Admits Playing Facebook Game As One-Year-Old Son Drowned

Salon: The five worldviews that define American politics. Which are you?

No Sarah, Democrats did NOT use the same kind of political map as you did.

Q: All the big Rush/Glenn fans I know are also alcoholics. Is there a correlation?

Loughner had hundred + posts at website

** January Photo Contest **

Rush Limbaugh LIE D' JOUR -- "Together We Thrive" was Obama pr stunt!

Reagan Son Claims Dad Had Alzheimer's as President

AU Plate movement! From 7,0 Earthquake yesterday.

Huckabee Praises Obama

9-Year-Old Shooting Victim's (Christina) Organs Save a Life

When May 21st, 2011 comes and goes and we are still here, what is the next date

Police Terrorize 13-Year-Old Girl In Botched Pot Bust, Family Says

Bruce Reed is Biden's new Chief of Staff

34,000-Year-Old Life Found Still Alive In Death Valley

Criminals getting a get out of jail card in Mental Health Courts..

Hate speech from Alan Grayson?

WI GOP proposes legislation to kill wind farms...

Limbaugh playing song "I Shot the Sheriff"...

cat that fears no dog

Hello, this is your Friday Afternoon Challenge calling! Today's challenge:

Wild fire and our political discourse

Excellent Obama Statement on Tunisia

From Twitter: "take the vowels out of Reince Preibus' name and you get: RNC PR BS" - LOL!!! n/t

Just for the record, I have been speaking out against Holbrooke and Armitage

Right now my uncle is barricaded in his house and will probably not come out alive

"Words from people of limited intelligence overflowing the lips of their mouth"

Question I want to ask the Westboro Baptist Losers

Paul LePage: NAACP Can 'Kiss My Butt' (VIDEO)

i am really interested where Loughner got the money, didn't sound like he was capable of working

20% of all females in Memphis H.S. are pregnant.

Let's say there's a Constitutional Amendment you'd like to see repealed. Know what it takes?

"Repealing the Job-Killing Health Care Law Act"

Schwarzenegger says governorship cost him $200 mln

What do you think of creating a progressive state in the United States?

Why do so many Americans think that being American means owning a gun or guns?

Why do so many Americans think that being American means owning a gun or guns?

Many of our rights have been lost that made a very big difference

Simple question: What are the conservative arts?

Simple question: What are the conservative arts?

Vatican To Beatify Pope John Paul II

Amazing site for home owners, home buyers, and DIY crowd.

"Weather Channel Guy" Yesterday... "Floods in Australia of Blblical Proportions!"

YAY!!11!! We still can't travel to Cuba w/o license - unless you're Cuban-American.

Your personal experience with privilege is irrelevant to a sociological discussion.

Easier for mentally ill to get a gun than to get mental health care

Sick Gulf Residents Beg Officials for Help "We are very, very ill."

Guns. Can't Live With 'em. Can't Live Without 'em.

BREAKING: No, your zodiac sign hasn't changed (CNN)

"Waiting period? But I'm mad now!" -- Homer Simpson

Why Pentagon Says MLK Would Love War Today

What if Jared Loughner were a Muslim?

Cat called for jury duty

Reuters: Fox shoots man

Julian Assange is wrong (but not about what you think). And it's not just him.

Lipstick on a Mama Grizzly - J.D. Crowe cartoon

Link to photo slideshow of the Green funeral

Link to photo slideshow of the Green funeral

Bruce Reed now Biden's Chief of Staff. Last year said mission nearly completed.

Paul Krugman and the fundamental differences between the two parties and why they

America: The Great Lie

Boner the Refuser© won't be going to Wednesday's state dinner honoring Chinese President Hu Jintao

Why not call it, 'CHRISTINA'S LAW'? (restoring the ban on high-capacity magazines

Honor Dr. Martin Luther King by defending public workers and their unions

Tunisian protests: Tunis marchers urge Ben Ali to go

Political Peace USA

Shivaree - "Goodnight Moon"

I just PostBombed Latest Breaking News with a shout out to the Lounge.

Afghan Taliban 'end opposition to educating girls'

Youngest Ariz. shooting victim laid to rest

The fed goes hunting for malcontents

The ice cream cone Gucci Mane had tattooed on his face

U.S. Retail Sales Climbed in December for Sixth Month

Patriot Act Renewal

N.Y. judge to sentence geriatric gangster, 93


Patriot Act Renewal

If you could change the generation you were born in, would you?

Greeley school board member accused of threatening radio rival


Trying to get new members, Skinner?

My fellow DU'ers in cold states, after our 6" snow we got this week,

House GOP to resume health-care repeal effort, but with more civil tone

The stars may be stacked against me but ...

Heidi and CMW's recurring nightmare brought to life.....

GAME: Crush the Castle 2

Did you see Camille Grammer on Watch What Happens last night...

Animal Shelter Overreacts; Euthanizes 23 Healthy Cats and Kittens

Arab League Calls Lebanese Crisis ‘Serious’

Here's my suggested theme song for Obama 2012

This is the gospel truth, I swear.

SEC Probes Financial Firms on Possible Sovereign Fund Bribes

SEC Probes Financial Firms on Possible Sovereign Fund Bribes

Rat on NYC subway climbs on sleeping passenger(Video)

Tunisian president sacks government as protests explode into violence

We all need a moment of AW! The Worlds Best Baby Beasts

Video: Modern kids interacting with gadgets from the 80's & 90's

Conservatives growing weary of Afghan war, study finds

Date set for Clinton appearance with Emanuel

Breaking News!!!

Jamaica Airport Named After 'James Bond' Creator

This may have potential.

Inchy trying to start something in gd?

AU Plate movement! From 7,0 Earthquake yesterday.

Fitch downgrades Greece rating to junk status

Money Manager Arrested Over Threats to Kill 47 US Officials

MFM called out in DU's GD!

Bad fashion choices

Some chick is looking at me funny in the library, I swear.

What is your theory of Abe Vigoda?

The movie "Salt" blew up my speaker

My republican friend freaked out on me this morning

Truly effective help -- a Case History:

Tunisia's president flees to Paris amid rioting

REALLY sophomoric porn... and not the kind with second-year coeds, neither!!!

Stuff a sock in it, y'old farts!!!!!

Not a sex thread. Nope. Nada. POINTEDLY not a sex thread. No sex here folks... just move along.

Anybody have suggestions for a good dating site where every "match" won't be conservative?

Horace Silver - Señor Blues 1959

Gov. to critics of MLK no-shows: 'Kiss my butt'

Investigators piece together Tucson shooting, test ammo-filled bag

First pics of the American Lisbeth Salander. If you have to ask who she is, you're not a fan of the

Fading Michael Steele Abandons Bid for Republican Chair

2 ex-Landsbanki executives arrested in Iceland

R.I. governor won't do talk radio, calling it profit-driven

Brazilian baby found alive and well after 15 hours under rubble

Just a question to all the anti gun people

Are they putting a new kind of wax on apples these days?

Support for Stricter Gun Laws Spikes After Tucson Rampage

Micheal Steele Drops Out of the Running for RNC Chair

Ain't nothing I'd rather do...Going down, party time...My friends are gonna be there too

Algeria vows to punish protesters

Castrated barber freezes at Texas watercraft regatta

Republican choose Reince Priebus as next chairman

BP 'set for Russian share deal'

BP 'set for Russian share deal'

Search warrants in John Wheeler homicide case to remain sealed

Tunisia: President Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali forced out


Music for Friday night-and a long weekend. Junior Wells Band, live,

Jordanians march against inflation

City Debt Market Hits Worst Level Since Crisis

Fitch downgrades Greece rating to junk status

What should Snooki's book be found under? (On-line poll)

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday, January 14, 2011

VIDEO: I've gotta say...THIS is one PISSED OFF cat.

John Dingell calls for audit of criminal background check system in light of Arizona tragedy

GOP picks Reince Priebus to lead as it regroups

(State Sen.) Raggio (R-Nev.): Republicans need to move away from the radical right

Save It For Later (must be a sucker for it)

peeps! check your vehicle for cats hiding, before starting off

Rincewind elected GOP Chairman.

First Digital Newspaper for iPad

What Do You Think of This Actor As The Next James Bond?

The English Beat - Mirror in the Bathroom

I'm not the world's biggest Cure fan, but the guitar riff in "Fascination Street" is a MOTHER.

WikiLeaks Suspect Manning Seeks Release

House GOP Set to Defund NPR in Wake of Juan Williams Firing

Ms Martha STEWART thinks she knows avocados

Palin E-Mail Hacker Starts Prison Sentence

Hey, Would Like Some Time-Travel Advice!

Man Accused of Threatening to Kill Regulators .

Pardon me, do you have any Grey Poupon.

The Jam - Town Called Malice

Peace Kitty Avatar Check In

Blue Shield of California defies state insurance commissioner over rate hikes

Citizens storm residential units in Libya (Security forces did not intervene to prevent them)

Report: Women Should Be Permitted In Combat Roles

Avocados = SEX !1 n/t

Tucson shooting timeline: Pima Sheriff's Office

Had any experience with employment agencies?

Had any experience with employment agencies?

What are the Gas prices in your area?

It seems like it's been so long ago.

Something tells me this is the only website on the ENTIRE Internets dedicated to the Speedo fart.

Tucson shooting suspect Jared Loughner apparently vented on computer game forum

LePage on NAACP: ‘Tell them to kiss my butt’

Reagan exhibited signs of Alzheimer’s while still in White House, son claims

I saw this headline and laughed loudly

Fat, Friendly Cat Keeps Tabs on WI Village

Woman Recreates ‘Last Supper’ With Lint

Silvio Berlusconi investigated in teenage prostitution case

Seriously, would you do THIS to your five year old child (scary video)

U.S. Treasury: We Can't Blacklist WikiLeaks

Palin to deliver address at gun convention

Angels,' bikers help protect girl's funeral

For Low Power FM advocates, Radio Act brings 'ton of joy'.

McCain praises former rival (President Obama)

Any tea aficionados here?

Dead Woman Donated Thousands To Tea Party Express

Priebus Elected RNC Chair

President Obama to ease travel restrictions to Cuba, allow more U.S. cash to island

Police: Mom Barricaded Boy In Room, Lit Grill

U.S. ends "virtual fence" project on Mexican border

Quake in Chile set off tremors in California

Radiohead's "Kid A" - I don't know why it took me so long to get this album

Now that you know where Tucson is, please watch this youtube

Sunset tonight...

Putting a loud exhaust system on a shitbox doesn't make it cool or fast - it makes it a loud shitbox

I miss the old NPR. Anyone else?

‘Anonymous’ names Saturday a global day of protest to defend free speech

Bangles redux. Much better band than they got credit for.

Yesterday was a tough one.

Tucson Shooting Victim (Veteran) Blames Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, Sharron Angle

Sanders warns President Obama not to agree with GOP on Social Security benefit cuts

Hey, Would Like Some Travel Advice!

The 'Big One' might be a flood

Loughner video with 'genocide' and 'torture' ramblings is released

As the days start getting longer, do they get longer in the morning, or in the evening?

Unsealed Docs Show The Fed Was Fully Warned of a Housing Crisis

Arizona Shooting Suspect Jared Loughner Posed in Pictures in Red G-String with Glock, Say Police

Gun fair organizer acquitted in boy's death

Shooting victim tries to visit Loughner's parents

Pope John Paul II to be beatified May 1

Paramilitaries committed 173,183 homicides: PG (Colombia)

Code Pink 9 years in Guantanamo Arizona State Capital

Bill Moyers: Put Democracy Now on PBS

Critical Opportunities Lost in Afghanistan

Deadly Rhetoric

Arizona shooting - Tucson Tea Party co-founder Trent Humphries answers questions: The Guardian

Be a Corporate-Person American --

Before You Enlist! (2011 revision)

Sarah Palin Is Being Scapegoated!

Thom Hartmann: A Tale of Two Americas - Obama vs Palin

Glenn Beck v. Anti-Tutsi Genocide Propaganda

Undercover FBI Informant Infiltrates Peace Movement

Gun control: Thom Hartmann vs The Guardian Angel

TDPS: Sarah Palin responds to accusation of violent rhetoric with violent anti-Semitic rhetoric

A Citizen Appeals For Sanity

3 TYT Rules On Violent Speech (Broken By Beck, Limbaugh, O'Reilly...)

Rachel Maddow on Consistent Second Amendment Laws

Mike Malloy free publicity on FAUX and O'Reilly

Ed Schultz: Republicans Show No Class in Arizona Tragedy

CrossTalk: United States of Ameristan

Republican Leader Reince Priebus: Execute Obama

MC Cain: A gentle reminder why Obama is better than McCain

The Truth About College Choice

10,000 Jews Protest Fox News: Fire Glenn Beck

Michael Steele: The Door Hits Him Where The Good Lord Split Him

TDPS: Army Giving Religious Test to Troops, Suggesting "Church" as Remedy for Low Scorers

In Times of Tragedy, Presidents Often Called on as 'Comforters-In-Chief'

Weird Liberal Head Show #267: Palin, Beck, Tea Baggers- Go to Hell!

Young Turks: Racist Tea Party Backed School Board Wants Student Segregation?

Why NON-Violence is the way

Thom Hartmann: Has hate speech gone so far that it now needs regulation?

Deadly Rhetoric

Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah): Federal Child Labor Laws Are Unconstitutional

Thom Hartmann: Should the shooter face death penalty?

Crash test: 1959 Chevy Bel Air vs. 2009 Chevy Malibu...

New RNC Chairman Reince Priebus Supported Candidate Who Wanted To Execute Obama (Meant Osama)

Palin's Breath the REMIX (even stranger than the first)

George Carlin Answers Fred Phelps

One War .. connection between the two wars ...

The History of Right Wing Hate Talk

TDPS: Jared Lee Loughner 'Influences' Are Straw Man, Glenn Beck Denounces Violence While Holding Gun

MRN: Mayor Smiley Face Penis Caught Sexting

Poor People Say: No More Class Warfare!

Incoming RNC Chair said Execute Obama instead of Execute Osama 3 times

Tucson shooting victim blames Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, Sharron Angle

Iraq 3 weeks before invasion on

Fox News has figured it out!

Why is Glenn Beck Obsessively Targeting Frances Fox Piven? - Democracy NOW!

Eugene Robinson: Healer in Chief

A word cloud comparison of President Obama's and Sarah Palin's messages

9-year-old shooting victim's organs help save child

Summing up the conservative whine about the Tucson event

The Tucson reaction

Romney Watch: Did Romney promise Afghans permanent US presence?

Interesting discussion / definition of bigotry

Together We Thrive

Latest Chapter in Mideast Tension Is Dennis Ross vs. George Mitchell

Debt, Housing and Currency: Cautiously Optimistic for 2011

PPP: Palins biggest problem in the 2012 election

Steele is done.

Palin wasn't offensive enough, the Washington Times decides to one up her (updated)

Statement by the President on Events in Tunisia

Stop the Nonsense

John McCain: After the shootings, Obama reminds the nation of the golden rule

Biden's new chief of staff - Bruce Reed

Palin doing a little "spiritual mapping"? Kind of creepy!

GD:P is General Discussion: Palin? There were 14 Palin OPs here at one time.

Photos: Chairman Steele, I really and truly sympathize with your behind. (A retrospective)

"Palin's 'Blood Libel' Fumble"

Obama rebuked Pundits and Bloggers on the Left?!

"That Can-Do Lame Duck Congress? ABC News Poll Finds Americans Loved It!"

Dems consider labeling the GOP HCR Repeal bill as the "No Care" Bill.

Obama to speak soon at Richard Holbrooke's memorial service.

Gov Daniels of IN may not run for president--may endorse Haley Barbour

Paul Krugman: A Tale of Two Moralities

"President has ordered significant changes to policies regarding Cuba" (updated)

Ron Reagan: Dad had signs of Alzheimer's while still president (as early as '84)

Why hasn't Ginsburgh stepped down? Shouldn't she be playing ball?

DK is defending Boehner of Ed Schultz's show.

Jon Stewart Blasts Fox News for Its Nitpicky Criticism of the Arizona Shooting Memorial

Gingrich aims high (GOP should aim at winning 40 more house and 13 senate seats in '12)

Newly elected RNC Chairman called for Obama to be executed by 'mistake' 3 times.

Photos: A Team of Rivals

The Top 10 Biggest Sarah Palin FAILS

The Known Unknowns in Honduras

David Sirota: Finding the Forgotten Majority

Self-deleted by member

Naomi Klein: The Search for BP's Oil

Jared Loughner's world of illusion

At Time of Healing, Sarah Palin Throws Gas on Flames

As discusson ensues on how much hate speech has affected people here is a 2010 report on threats

Five Stuart Middle School students charged over bomb map

(more)Dead birds in AL fuel Bible Prophecies

Friday Talking Points (151) -- Obama's Speech

Attorney at firm representing Assange accusers helped facilitate CIA renditions in 2001

CFTC Moves Forward with Oil Speculation Limits, Over Objections from Wall Street

The Class War Launched by America's Wealthiest Is Getting More Savage

Palin: A cult figure, but she's not going to be presidential nominee (LAT)

Former Gov. Don Siegleman appears in Court Jan. 19. to, hopefully, overturn conviction.

Weekend Economists At Animal Farm January 14-16, 2011

"Obama Brings On the "B-Team."

Current Northern Hemisphere Sea Ice Area

Current Northern Hemisphere Sea Ice Area

Kauai, Hawaii, grid gets solar storage

On Louisiana Coast, Damage From Oil Goes Much Deeper Than Spill

Drumbeat: January 14, 2011

Chile protests turn deadly as Latin America buckles under rising energy prices

Kerry, other Dems say hottest year on record a wake-up call on global warming

World Net Oil Exports 1985-2009

Maine Opponents of Mountain Top Wind Farms Advance Legislation.

Lester Brown - The Great Food Crisis of 2011

It's official: New coal is not cheap

Demand for Geothermal Heat Pumps To Grow 14% by 2015

Conservative Statehouses Hand Out Corporate Tax Breaks While Raising Taxes On Low-Income Citizens

Big Wind at the (Hawaii) Legislature

You people need to see these!!!

Drop the "2nd amendment" crap!

quick question

Ex-Police Chief Edward Fleury Found Not Guilty in Boy's Uzi Death

Two NRA-Backed Measures Introduced in the Texas Senate!

Don't retreat, reload, oh you betcha: Palin keynote speaker at January 29th Gun Rights Convention

anyone here a trainer for MyUtahCCW. I'm thinking of becoming one.

One Mayor Gets It

Link to Liberal Gun Club forums....

Ah, yes - a Facebook status from an NRA member....

New poll on firearm ownership

Strict Gun Control Will Seem Like War on Drugs

Munson: Guns turning Iowa into wild West? Not so fast

Please critique this article on gun confiscation by the Nazis

Lots of guns = lots of preventable deaths. Here's an example.

Is any form of gun control whatsoever a way for Dems to lose the POTUS and Congress ?

90 guns per 100 people

Brown questions gun laws

Research is unnecessary when writing an anti-gun column.

A legitimate question about guns

Just a question to all the anti gun people

Should extended magazines be banned?

Glock Pistol Magazine Disassembly


10 Mass Shootings With High-Capacity Gun Clips (magazines)

So what's so great about the right to bear arms

Maddow debunks all arguments against gun control

Haiti: Quake’s Toll Rises to 316,000

The Known Unknowns in Honduras

Paramilitaries committed 173,183 homicides: PG

Spanish newspaper: ETA computer expert met with Cubillas in Caracas

'FARC recruits minors in Panama'

2,381 guerrillas demobilized in 2010: govt

The U.S. fight to keep traditional coca use illegal

Same Paramilitary Abuses; New Faces, New Names

Whaaa? Obama is going to lift travel restrictions to Cuba according to Business Insider

Denard Robinson is staying at Michigan

UConn Football Pick: Paul Pasqualoni

How Brady Hoke is different from Rodriguez.....

Is Jerry Jones happy to have the Super Bowl at his palace?

Browns hire Rams O.C. Pat Shurmur as head coach

Let us bow our heads in prayer

Lawrence Taylor admits paying 16-year-old runaway for sex, must register as sex offender

I don't get this about Lawrence Taylor?

Heisman Trophy winner Cam Newton to enter NFL darft

NY Post's truly awesome "Return of the Jet-I" cover

Defections Fuel Complicated Jets-Pats Feud

Big Casting News -- Guess Who Plays Teddy's New Gay Fling on "90210?"

For lovers of bad gay movies - Survivor Winner Has New Film

Marriage repeal not among priorities for New Hampshire GOP

Commentary: The importance of protecting gender expression

My eyes! My eyes! It burns!

'Homophobic' Dire Straits hit Money For Nothing banned from radio... 26 years after its release

Justice Department files defense of DOMA

The government continues to oppose full equality for its gay citizens.

Shameless plug: my new (gay) farce opens next weekend.

Ban on gay troops should be reinstated, Pawlenty says

GOProud Issues 2011 Agenda

Woman accidentally shot when man drops gun at Houston restaurant.

Audacity of Pope

Audacity of Pope

Dozens of pilgrims killed in India stampede: TV

Help me with words, please.

America to end its search for the 'God particle'

Study Finds High Toxin Levels in Pregnant Women

The Two-faced Whirlpool Galaxy

Dying Star Cocooned within its own Gases

Towards a scientific concept of free will

Opportunity on the edge of Santa Maria

Numbers of Once-thought Extinct Parrot Reach 12-Year High in Colombia

Radar Imaging of Near-Earth Asteroid

Weird Science: Calling All Chemists

A close pass at Rhea

Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) plans to introduce bill making it OK to have firearms on House floor