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Does the picture match the description? Simple question. Answer NO.

"for" and "from" "should had done" "ouple" -- FReepers have trouble with this.

Chemical analysis confirms discovery of oldest wine-making equipment ever found

Evaluating symbolism here on DU.

Media Matters - "Right-wing Media Rush To Label Loughner A 'Liberal'"

Media Matters - "Right-wing Media Rush To Label Loughner A 'Liberal'"

Of course the right is inciting terror and violence!

Corporations, taxes and you.

Rachel Maddow and Hate Speech: Are there examples of the left spewing vitriol?

Rachel Maddow and Hate Speech: Are there examples of the left spewing vitriol?

Gabby is a friend...

More feeding the far right's hunger

Serious floods threaten thousands in Australia’s third largest city

When should a Nation go to War?

Time for my Tin Foil Hat

Reports reveal state massacre of Tunisian protesters

Note to M$M: Obama knows he is not going to the Democratic Convention tomorrow

Government workers are the cause of the present financial crisis

Commodity prices soar as Queensland becomes “inland sea” (area size of France + Germany submerged)

It is time for Michael Moore to document all of the incidents of physical hatred from the

The Christina Taylor-Green Bill

New York governor unveils major attacks on education, health care, and public employees

Hes playing the inception defesne

Why is being obsessed with the gold standard and government mind control right wing?

South Sudan referendum on secession: A tale of blood and oil in Africa

Wow, Iran really likes Sarah Palin!

Lynchmob mentality and Loughner

OLD TOON relevant again: history repeats itself

Hilton sets aside $3.5 million per head for exec compensation while increasing employee workload 43%

U.S. grain stockpiles are lowest in 15 years

Wow, someone really wants us to think Iran really likes Sarah Palin!

Limbaugh: Tucson assassin has Democrat's "FULL SUPPORT"

Why Twitter Was the Only Company to Challenge the Secret WikiLeaks Subpoena

Petition - Elle Magazine: Apologize for Trying to 'Whiten' Indian Skin

San Francisco Labor Council Resolution Supports Wikileaks’ Right To Expose Government Wrongdoing

NYT Points Finger At: "the well-dressed gun lobbyist hanging out just outside their chamber door"

Connected failing charter schools don't get closed down, they get "exemptions" or get "recycled"

I guarantee that no matter what the President says in his speech, the critics will

Questions in a Zogby poll - Arizona shootings...

O'Reilly Cranks Up The Propaganda!

TSA, Palin, DU

Christie said he did not make a mistake to stay in Florida

Judy Clarke: Jared Loughner's 'Amazing' Attorney

Judy Clarke: Jared Loughner's 'Amazing' Attorney

Judge Orders Compensation to Loyal Minnesota Sioux Tribe after 148 Years

Presidential Proclamation--Honoring the Victims of the Tragedy in Tucson, Arizona

Presidential Memorandum -- Disestablishment of United States Joint Forces Command

Pepe Escobar: Masters of hate locked and loaded

Sarah Palin says Hillary Clinton shouldn't whine about tough media coverage

I wonder: who was the first victin in the Tuscon shooting?

Brave Dems pass a much needed tax hike in Illinois:

Sister Sarah says the Tucson finger-pointing is "irresponsible."

Tucson does NOT equal Fort Hood!

I Don't Buy The "Just A Nut" Thing Either

Palin's new, long and utterly revolting video

We Need a Break from Heartache

The RWs can scream all they like

Quick note to Sarah Palin: You brought this on yourself

dear ms palin...america is better than YOU

dear ms palin...america is better than YOU

Close to 60,000 customers without power in Rhode Island and Massachusetts

The Glock 9mm and the like only gives false security to the Phony Tough and the Crazy Brave

How does the Westboro Baptist Church pay for their trips to funerals?

I'll admit I'm not a great fan of blue dogs but it's time to show solidarity

Dumb Letters to the Plain Dealer, Part 3948: "Th' DEMS 'r' the onez what need to TONE it DOWN!"

How original.. Morning Joe is pushing for the "Mean Drunk" approach to "the speech"

Look what China is building

Why did he go to Congress On The Corner?

Sharon Angle takes zero responsibility for her "2nd amendment remedies" comment....

Joe Arpaio Defends Sarah Palin, Says Sheriff Dupnik Too Political

NRA Wants Us To Pray

How desperately does Haley Barbour want to be president?

Palin's new Facebook fatwa reminds some doofus of "President Reagan after the Challenger accident"

Palin is an albatross around the neck of decency, morals and ethics.

Palin is an albatross around the neck of decency, morals and ethics.

The Canada Free Press says Loughner posted his video on DU before he posted it on YouTube...

David Nelson dies at 74; last surviving member of the TV sitcom family

So now politicians can feel the same way teachers feel

For Boehner, Rampage Imposes Its Own Agenda

Trey Grayson: 'Moderation' Email Was Just Giffords Being Giffords


Bomb at Pakistan police station kills 11 (They need to make bombs illegal over there...)

Faster sleds reason to exercise caution

Let's make a deal with conservatives

Has Palin ever even mentioned Congresswoman Giffords

Clyburn: Palin Intellectually Unable To 'Understand What's Going On'

The nutbagger job ruined the evilgrin.

Violent politcal imagery and rhetoric is irresponsible at best and dangerous at wost

Hey Tucson, can we trade you 1 R Piehole for one Sheriff Dupnik?

Mother told FBI that her sons father encouraged him to stop taking his meds and stock up on weapons

speaking of the dead: birds/sea life/scientists

Today has been set aside to honor the victims & Sarah Palin has apparently decided she's one of them

I'm going to play Lawrence O'Donnell right now and give Palin a rewrite...

Sarah Quitter, we have limits on "offensive speech", even when it doesn't incite

Luxury guinea pig pen mistaken for cannabis farm (war on some drugs strikes again)

palin is lecturing america

Live: House Honors Rep. Giffords, Tucson Victims

Vt. senator cites shootings in fundraising letter

Vt. senator cites shootings in fundraising letter

Vt. senator cites shootings in fundraising letter

Kiss my wrinkled old white ass Sarah, fuck you snowbilly

faux shows it's sensitivity

EPA Moves To Ban Pesticide That Leaves Fluoride Behind

EPA Moves To Ban Pesticide That Leaves Fluoride Behind

Clyburn: Palin Intellectually Unable To 'Understand What's Going On'

Raise taxes on bullets!

Editorial cartoonists react to the shooting of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords.

The Trauma

Sharks Reported in the Flooded Streets of Brisbane Australia

High Unemployment Leads To Record Workplace Discrimination Complaints

Something good to think about:

Oh please, "blood libel" isn't anti-Semitic dog whistle speak so stop saying that

Sea Shepherd Requests the Support of a Greenpeace Ship

Jeff Bridges: The Dude Abides - Tonight at 8pm on THIRTEEN

I think Sarah meant for people to reload…uh…

Palin: "...serves only to incite the very hatred and violence they purport to condemn"


Josh Marshall Snarks Sarah Palin

Israeli Vulture Spy Declared Innocent By Saudi Arabia

My guess on the signal/dog whistle Palin is sending

Daytime TV, Bloomberg, Snow, Weather Forecasts

Republican Chris Christie gets a pat on the back & an okee-dokee

Blood Libel

Sarah should be proud: Loughner didn't retreat, he was reloading.

Hate and Violence Are Encoded in the DNA of the American Right

Weigh in on Palin's reaction - A poll on MSNBC

Arizona Republicans resign from fear Teabaggers will shoot them

some old examples of rep. hate speech...


Palin's Persecution Complex Culminates With "Blood Libel" Accusation

UK Guardian calls out Palin for controversial language when Gifford is Jewish

When can we expect the next video message from Osama bin Palin ?

Blame the NRA by Frank Schaeffer

The aftemath of the Tucson shootings: A call for intervention.


Ta-DAH!.. he finally squeezed out a tear or two

Sociopathy on the Right: Ayn Rand and the Triumph of Conservative Cultism

Jesse Helms stopped Ralph Yarborough from voting on the House floor?

"Un-primaried" republicans can leave their guns at home.

"Un-primaried" republicans can leave their guns at home.

Repent Palin. Repent now.

A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little reality-based minds.

Dear Sarah, here's an example of what to do...

Here's what I'd like to see:

Memo to conservative morons waving the bloody shirt...

Contact page for AZ Governor Jan Brewer..."Keeping Arizona Safe"...

Self-deleted by member

she chose to go inflammatory...again...(h. kurtz)

Target Practice (a reality-based poem)

sharon angle is the latest arizona victim

Bill Maher is back with a Vengeance: "Democrats need to re-claim Patriotism"

MSNBC reporting that Loughner was stopped for running a red light

Bill would propose a 10 percent cut in the federal workforce

Now that Politicians are resigning in Arizona because of Intimidation

Jim Clyburn: Palin 'Intellectually' Incapable Of Understanding Arizona Shootings

This is a thing of beauty.

America's mainstream press is so polite, so scared.


Officers stopped suspect on day of Ariz. shooting

"Sarah Palin's presidential hopes surely can't survive this assassin's bullet"...UK Guardian

Gabrielle Giffords' Husband Keeps Agonizing Vigil By Her Side

How many folks here are going to NOT WATCH Chris Matthews

DU has a Gabrielle Giffords avatar if you'd like to use it

How quick will Sarah pull her facebook video and will she apologize?

Is Joey SCARborough becoming a Liberal?

More Facebook Fun: "John Flaggwaver" tells "half-Governor"..."I'm not buying what you're shoveling"

Hezbollah Forces Collapse of Lebanese Government

sorry, had to post this....

Boehner is crying again on CSpan1

Sarah is not a statesman, She's a sociopath.

Sarah is not a statesman, She's a sociopath.

Object to racism, you're a racist - object to violent rhetoric, you're promoting violence

Lets list all of the signs, videos and comments from those crazies.

"The Jared Lee Loughner case brings out the usual abuse"

Boner has the emotional control of a 2-year-old...

The Story No One's Paying Attention to: Deadly Australia Floods Point to Global Climate Change

Philippine MP in hot water over sexist tirade

Please go to Al Franken's site and sign the letter to stop the merger of NBC and

Who really thinks that Palin wrote her latest "thing*?"

We're too quick to use "mental illness" as an explanation for violence.

Is there any summary of Palin's Facebook video?

Did Sarah Palin endorse the military action against Afghansitan

So, Republicans, and particularly Sarah, don't like people hating on them.

"We really need for you to run for president - this wonderful USA needs you to run"

"We really need for you to run for president - this wonderful USA needs you to run"

What kind of democrat am I?

Facebook dweeb "Virgil Wheeler" calls Connie Crosshairs "the voice of common since."

Freeps scratch their heads, yet somehow still high-five "Madame President" for "Blood Libel" fatwa

Hate rhetoric against liberals is blood libel. And discrimination.

I didn't hear an apology

Sarah Palin now has a place in history along side Michael Jackson....

I Can't Speak for Everyone Here, But Thank You DU...

Hey Palin, if violent acts stand on their own...

Evidence of Jared Lee Loughner anti-immigrant views?

“Acts of monstrous criminality stand on their own. "

A picture of the consequences of this weekend:

This morning's Tulsa World editorial cartoon: DISCOURSE 2011

NYTimes reports on Mrs. Palin's "blood libel" comments w/links to responses

Blood libel? Does Palin know what that means?

How many people felt *afraid* to put McCain/Palin stickers on their cars?

U.S. Chamber of Commerce Praises New White House Tone

Apt quote:

McCain brought us Palin. Palin brought us crosshairs.

Odds Sarah Palin will be the Republican Nominee in 2012

m$nbc playing the entire 7 1/2 minutes of the blood libel rant

Sara did not shoot herself in the foot, she shot herself in the face and the heart..

Fred Phelps is a con man

Republican Family Member says Democrats were using Mr Salty Boxes as a threat to the president

Sharron "Second Amendment Remedies" Angle: Blaming me is "irresponsible, dangerous and ignorant"

Nail meet hammer...

Sarah Palin's Interpretation of Blood Libel?

The Tea Party Myth Of St Sarah Of Wasilla

Even After Tucson, Don’t Criminalize More Speech

But wait, what's that reflected on her glasses...Gasp! Sarah Palin used a TELEPROMPTER?

Fox News going after Sherriff Dupnik

In "right-to-work" states, should employers expect the customary "two-weeks' notice"?

It's pretty clear that Sarah Palin can't comprehend the tremendous depth of her own ignorance

Why is Haiti still suffering?

Glenn Greenwald: The claim that WikiLeaks endangered the life of Morgan Tsvangirai is a lie

We Live In A World Of Extreme Right Wing Manchurian Candidates......

Sarah Palin: A Duh moment!

My personal outrage at the shootings in Tucson evokes

who would've thought...pat buchanan thinks sarah got it exactly right


The only thing worse than listening to Palin talk

Passion Of The Soccer Boys (Bishop peeved because boys soccer team poses almost nude)

"An Important Message from Al Franken"

Why do Palin and Osama Bin Laden

Target? You want to play around with targeting? Really?

DU was right. Sarah Palin would claim SHE is the victim of the Tucson Terrorist.

Loughner didn't have to be teabagger

Osama bin Palin sent out a video message to her followers from her cave today.

'Blood libel' was intentional.

Multi-Generational Housing is a solution to foreclosures AND elderly homelessness

Hyperpartisan thought of the day

Lax gun laws prove deadly in the U.S.

Hartmann about to dicuss "Blood Libel"

Pro-Israel Group: Palin Must Apologize for 'Blood Libel' Accusation

Palin's Use Of 'Blood Libel' Mirrors That In Right-Wing Media

I did not know that Giffords was Jewish...

Ongoing links to John Williams killer's hearing (Seattle cop)

"Now this is what I want you to do"

Sarah Palin brands media's attacks over Arizona shooting as 'blood libel'

Blood Libel was Written By Todd Pailn......

Here it is, Glenn Reynolds' "blood libel" piece from Monday in the WSJ:

Loughner’s parents publicly apologize

Remember this? "Watch what you say."

Cavuto: John Wilkes Booth didn't have talk radio, chalk boards or Fox but he still shot Lincoln

Apparently the right wing self-identifies as the "dark side" of American life

NPR: Single, Self-Employed And Without Insurance? Get Married And Hire The Spouse

NPR: Single, Self-Employed And Without Insurance? Get Married And Hire The Spouse

Case of the wrong door opens at Supreme Court

Hmmm...The Tea Party and Sen. Bernie Sanders appear to be using the Arizona tragedy to raise money.

Sarah Palin acting like Osama bin Laden

"Time" blog: Sarah speech like something from "The Onion TV!"

One arrested in (death) threats against Seattle congressman (12/9/10)

Angle, Palin, Beck damage control and future vitriolic statements

Who's Sarah Palin (and other conservatives) dog-whistling to?

On Facebook I compared Palin to the other idiot who releases videos . . .

Mentally Ill people can have political leanings and beliefs

High school friend of Loughner's: He wasn't shooting at people..."he was shooting at the world"

How soon before we hear "Some of my best friends as Jewish."

Irony -- faux noise plays 24/7 at UMC in Tucson

Tucson Tea Party Leader Says Threats Are Keeping Him Away From Obama Rally

Sarah's speech was to make her look like a Statesman, instead she looks like a Madman

Breitbart: Alan Dershowitz Defends Sarah Palin’s Use of Term ‘Blood Libel’

How many Republicans will now ask Palin to campaign for/with them in 2012.

Judge tosses out suits filed by Ground Zero workers who died after filing claims

Check in if you think that Boehner will cry at the State of the Union speech.

RE: Tom DeLay thugs and Nick Lampson

DU this poll on Sarah Palin's "blood libel" defense

For the Record I've Concluded That Both Haiti AND the United States have Problems

Interesting information turns up in investigation of Police Chief.

How many "takes" were involved for Sarah to get her speech down?

Several political conservatives -- invoked “blood libel” in print yesterday

South Carolina GOP: Health care reform will cause doctors to be subpoenaed to perform abortions

sigh..example of the Repub talking points...ltte in my paper today

Rights Come with Responsibilities; the Right Shirks Theirs

Why Haven't We Seen An Interview Of The Person That Refused To Sell Loughner Bullets Saturday?


MSNBC reports Palin has pulled that video from her site.

Has Grumpy McSame had anything to say about the tragedy???

Church agrees to not protest slain child's funeral - (Westboro Baptist)

FOOD FIGHT! Scarborough: Beck a "nobody" with a "vile message." Beck sidekick: "You suck!"

Jared Loughner/Woody Harrelson in Natural Born Killers

No, Sarah. Blood Libel does not mean what you think it means

Self delete - dupe. RandySF's got it covered. :-) nt

Self delete - dupe. RandySF's got it covered. :-) nt

Media Boycott of Westboro Baptist Church Spurs Controversy

The vicious medieval legend behind Sarah Palin's 'blood libel' blunder

The vicious medieval legend behind Sarah Palin's 'blood libel' blunder

The absolute *inability* of any rightwinger to take personal responsibility for *anything* ...

MSNBC got it wrong. Palin's hate speech is still there

DO NOT REMAIN SILENT (A Call to Protest the Tucson Massacre)

Tucson Shooting Case: Police Were Called to Loughner Home in the Past

Pat Buchanan: Sarah Palin's Use Of Blood Libel Was 'Excellent' (VIDEO)

Google "Sarah Palin Anti semitic"

Does anyone know how Loughner had enough money to buy that gun and all the ammunition?

Conservatives KNOW words matter.

Palin's karma. She criticized American muslims because of the extremists

curse you sarah palin, for identifying what would have been the blood libel of the next 1,000 years!

Remember this Palin anti-Obama rant?

Anti-Defamation League Denounces Sarah Palin’s ‘Blood Libel’ Remark

Orlando Sentinel's version of John Stossel is bringing up the Bush v. Gore issue again.

If you are unclear on the term Blood I was...

Phyllis Schlafly: Birthright citizenship should be repealed like the Dred Scott case

For ANYONE who wants the Cliff Notes on Sarah Palin's video:

Here's Some Tea Party Members Who Enjoy the Books Loughner Does.

Palin's right wing inversion politics

5-year-old dies from pit bull attack; grandmother injured

Pat Oliphant nails it again (toon)

So...who WROTE Sarah Palin's "blood Libel" speech...?

Sarah Palin's masterful "Blood Libel" performance on Youtube....

Inexplicable Edits on Sarah Palin's Facebook Page

Doctor: Giffords nearing 'the edge of the woods'

18 Peace and Justice Groups in Tucson at UMC - M$M ignored us

Did you know what Blood Libel meant before today?

Another Sarah Palin Hit List:

NRO defends Palin's "blood libel"...

Sarah Palin is an idiot

Hey Republicans...You can't have it both ways...

Gop Congress Call Right Wing Talking Heads Liars

Don't climb into the back of a U-haul

How odd that John McCain has been so silent about the tragedy

Major Trade Association Asks Issa To Curb Toxin, Safety, Financial Reform Regs

Defending Populism Against the Tea Party Movement

Tea Party fav Cain considers presidential run....Meet their answer

"The equivalent list on the left"

glad to see the MSM calling sarah out re: her being the victim

OMG!!! Andrea Mitchell just called Sarah's video presentation, Presidential. nt

Social Security ends visits to seniors

Palin is starting to remind me of Fred Phelps with her cheap grab for the spotlight today

Live vote: Weigh in on Palin's reaction

at this moment, Sarah's legions are scouring the Internet

Jimmy Williams up next on Ratigan MSNBC 1:40 PST

Hahaha. Dylan Ratigan breaks his Palin silence

Ratigan Just Discounted Pailns Blood Lible...

Dad pursued Ariz. massacre suspect before shooting

Just Curious - Will The GOP & Boehner Have To Do Something With Respect To Gun Control Now?.......

How Obama can talk about tolerance without trivializing a tragedy

Pat Buchanan: Sarah Palin's Use Of Blood Libel Was 'Excellent' (VIDEO)

Rush Limbaugh: "Words mean things."

Hannibal Militia adopts new name -- Hannibal Community Watch

If you write "Anti-SemEtic" one more time, I'm going to reach through the Internet and strangle you.

Here's something you wouldn't expect: Your Federal Taxes Withholding MAY be going up in 2011

Could Palin be feigning her ignorance?

Imagine If It Was Minorities "Playing The Victim"

Q.. U.. I.. T.. T.. E.. R.. Why, Sarah look like somebody just...took down your VIDEO.

FBI Arrests Palm Springs Man for Threatening Seattle Congressman Jim McDermott

Hey Sarah: Get with the, PROGRAM....

Genetically Modified mosquitoes engineered to sabotage

Has it occurred to anyone that the republicans are essentially using losers?

Wilileaks has damaging "Insurance" files on Rupert Murdoch

Peace-seeking conservatives, pls understand. Palin rhetoric is UNNECESSARY provocation;

Dear Sarah Palin...Have you informed Rep. Giffords that she's guilty of blood libel?

Weren't the Palins part of an anti-government group in Alaska?

It just occurred to me but Governor Brown of California...

I love my new Dem governor (Dan Malloy)!

Helpful as always...Alan Dershowitz says it's OK for Palin to use the term "blood libel".

I had to restrain myself today and now I am calmer

Poor, poor Sarah

I really didn't think I could get any angrier than I was on Saturday,

John Freshwater fired for teaching creationism -- 900K cost to school system in 16K town

TR SOTU (1901) - You're going to reap just what you sow: The Whirlwind.

Sarah takes a page right out of W's book

The Online Ramblings of Jared Lee Loughner

I can't believe God will look kindly at the Westboro clowns

Jared Loughner’s friend says suspect ‘Did not watch TV … disliked the news’

Froggy finds raise hopes for Haiti

One arrested in threats against Seattle congressman

My questions for Sarah Palin

"Jared Loughner's 'friend' said..." Why do I get the feeling that Loughner's true

It would be a good time for Palin to heed her own advice to Hillary back in 08

Pima County's Contacts with Loughners - minor incidents

Psychiatrist: treat the mentally ill because they suffer. Not because they are violent

Fineman: With 'Blood Libel,' The 2012 Campaign Has Begun

Rep State Rep: Don't spend government money on adults with HIV or AIDS...

Four hospital staff fired for leaking medical records

In Palin's 8 minute video - she has the U.S. Flag displayed incorrectly

"Just Kill Him" Controversial Video of Police Shooting Family Dog

haiti: a year and a day

Wikipedia 'Blood Libel' Page Edited Yesterday

Maryland set to expand gay rights, same-sex marriage

Step on the Gas of Incendiary Rhetoric

Elizabeth Hasslebeck Mentinoned Gunsites in the 2004 Campaign

Analysis: Palin Plays the Victim Card

She names Palin and hate talk Tee Vee

Being Presidential means knowing what you are saying and when to say it

Jeb Bush on Palin for president: "You betcha!" (October, 2010)


which of the words below describe palin? which ones describe laughner? which ones overlap?

The MSM is covering the 6 deaths in AZ 24/7, But 10 soldiers have died in the wars this month....

I know that it's just twitterers, and I know there is a difference between

John Dingell reads a list of violent rhetoric on house floor

Sign a petition to Schumer and Reid about reforming filibuster rules in Senate.

Looks like Sarah Palin got her wish today after her "blood libel" statement...

whoa: A Conspiracy Against the Mind, Against Life, Against Man–and the Virtue of Sarah Palin

whoa: A Conspiracy Against the Mind, Against Life, Against Man–and the Virtue of Sarah Palin

CBS poll : 28% of Republicans think violent action against the govt. is ok

Republican school board in N.C. backed by tea party abolishes integration policy

Anyone else think that the establishment Rs are busy derailing the Sarah Train right now and using

Unbelievable - "You Lie" Weapon

Pima County GOP Chairman to Obama: "Ask people to stop the finger pointing"

The murderous rampage next door, By Mark Morford

So what is the uproar over the term "blood libel" about?

I fear that the "blood libel" controversy will whitewash the hypocrisy

GOP leaders John Boehner and Eric Cantor: We're against Rep. Peter King's gun control bill

David Brock read my post?

Palin Knew What She Was Saying

What are the Chances of World Peace with so many Psychopaths in power?

Governor Palin, or Sarahla, I hope you don't mind if I call you Sarahla, do you?

Palin: Violent hate speech protected. Criticizing hate speech Unamerican and dangerous

Someone please explain

I'm waiting for Cantor's response to 'blood libel'.

So Palin & crew are feeling unjustly blamed for the actions of an extremist....

I will get sick if I see Sarah Palin's name one more time today!!!

Anyone know what time the memorial is airing tonight? nt

Do Workers Get To Run The Company Then?

Postings of a Troubled Mind

Postings of a Troubled Mind

Republican's are like sharks...

Answer: When the concept of personal responsibility is only applied to impoverished single mothers

In all of this, 4 of the dead seem to have been completely forgotten by the media

Doctor: Giffords Faces Speech, Movement Problems as She Recovers

GOP leaders quash Republican’s effort to ban guns within 1,000 feet of lawmakers

Oh boy - here is the answer: Texas Republican Rep. Gohmert drafts bill to allow guns on House floor

I have been listening to this song frequently since Saturday...

I am a bit tired of "insurance files"

With All Due Respect: I Disagree It Is Possible to Underestimate Sarah Palin

Every time he lies, he cries (n/t)

Will the "Blood Libel" Anti-Semitic controversy be squashed by MSM?

A heartbeat away...

Ignoring Palin and the Tea Party extremists won't make them go away

Washington Post is on it already: Sarah Palin's use of 'blood libel' sparks new controversy

If nothing else, this tragedy needs to open America's eyes to what the right is all about

4 Arizona Republican Politicians Resign Fearing for Their Lives

John Dingell Runs Through Litany Of Violent Rhetoric On House Floor (VIDEO

I'd love to give this jerk something to smirk about!


Remember Zell Miller .....Duels...

Rush Limbaugh, 8/22/05: "REAL Texans are putting on their camouflage gear & GETTING READY TO.... : "

Why right-wing hate speech is different than Marilyn Manson/Doom

I Hope OBAMA mentions Rush,Beck, and Palin Tonight in Tuscon

Lone nuts and convenient definitions of "terrorism"

Did we ever find out what was scrubbed from Loughner's MySpace page? Or who did the scrubbing?

Palin issued a new statement on the tragedy

David Frum says guns don't kill people...pot kills people...

The problem is not free speech or robust, open debate about the issues...

The speech Bobby Kennedy gave in Indianapolis the day Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated

Black GOP Official Resigns, Citing Arizona Tea Party Threats

Black GOP Official Resigns, Citing Arizona Tea Party Threats

The real problem for Palin, Beck, Rush

Homeless man with "golden voice" checking into rehab...Ted Williams

New Hampshire OK's guns in State House.

In using the "Blood Libel" metaphor,

Owner of Forum called LibertyPost.Org, Seems to be glad that Christina Taylor Green is dead

CSpan has coverage of the memorial service

Purchasing a gun should require a mental health assessment

Sarah Palin: Attacks on me after Giffords shooting are blood libel

David Sirota: The Democratic Party's General Attitude Towards Labor Unions

CNN: In Wake Of Shooting, It's Important To Stress "A Saving Faith In Jesus"

Don't lose focus! It's not all about Palin.

MMA fighter now regrets violent threat against President Obama...

O.M.G. Chuckie Todd is discombobulated over Palin's speech.

I hope Security is HIGH for the memorial

What do you expect from President Obama's remarks tonight?

Sarah Palin - like rape victims. (From Rush)

The President opens negotiations with himself to cut business taxes

Anybody know if MSNBC is streaming anywhere LIVE right now?

So how long before the reich wingers bitch about not having a Christian

TPM: Palin's Use Of 'Blood Libel' Mirrors That In Right-Wing Media

Will Texas secede now?

Have you read this New York Times piece about the arming of Congress?


The right has no intention of turning down the rhetorical hate. Instead, they will turn it up.


Mental illness expert: We should be asking whether political climate helped trigger shooting

Oh My! Ed Shultz just said that Boehner is hosting a cocktail

Oh My! Ed Shultz just said that Boehner is hosting a cocktail

Did She Just Say "Justice Kennedy" ???

Daniel Hernandez, Jr.

Gonna say it again. Thank You Daniel Hernandez Jr.

Protocols of the Elders of Wasilla

self delete

Genius or Madness?

Chris Rock on Guns. (still brilliant) LOL

Brewer looks rattled and nervous, rushing through. She's trying at least.

Just saw John McCain in the audience


Hey, McCain, you asshole -- nice legacy you're leaving. Thanks alot.

"Thank you, Daniel, oh thank you so very fucking much..."

Barack Obama artwork case settled (BBC)

MSNBC Reporting That The Palin Response Video Has Been Pulled From The Web.

We Welcome Our New Plutocratic Overlords


More first responders can enter homes via lockboxes

I've wanted to here this: SHE OPENED HER EYES!

I would LOVED to have had this man as my instructor

For those of us who Donated to Haiti Relief...SAD & Depressing News...........

Cynthia Davis: Violence Against Women Act a "war on marriage"

The Most Ironic Thing About HuffPo Yanking Cenk's Piece Yesterday... This Paragraph

***wrings hands*** SHHHH...we might offend the right wingers!!!

I'm reading news articles on the internet while watching and listening to the Tucson memorial

She opened her eyes!

Did Jared Loughner hand POTUS another term?



Placing Blame

Let's recall John Donne tonight....

This speech is about patriotism

dont you dare go there and say it is both sides or any such dimishing the RIGHT wing

"It's OK. Christina Taylor Green was probably going to end up a left wing bleeding heart liberal."

President Obama is taking the High Road

Teleprompter reflected in Pain's glasses

I had never heard the term "blood libel" before, so I googled it.

Obama fixed the tone of this memorial

The young couple ...the woman w/glasses and long hair...

malloy is getting ready to tear palin...listen if you can

Holy Shit

Current MSNBC home page photo is guaranteed to get you right in the ol' tear ducts.

Current MSNBC home page photo is guaranteed to get you right in the ol' tear ducts.

Will Bush's Torture Memo Team Face Justice in Spain?

Birther Congresscritter wants to carry gun on House floor.

guess who didn't use a teleprompter today?

I need information re Palin posting on Facebook

I need information re Palin posting on Facebook

An amazing speaker.

Grocery products get downsized again

Beautifully said Mr. President!

It took me awhile to remember >>

As if it needed to be said, our FRiends have a different view of the memorial

Masterful! Basically Obama just threw down the gauntlet

Rahmbo says children of non-elites have "empty eyes"

A little research assist?

Anyone watching this piece on 'The Ed Show' about the 'You Lie' automatic rifle

Feel free to put me on ignore if I ever criticize people for grieving wrong

Was Sarah Palin's Use Of The Term "Blood Libel" Offensive

Bill Maher On Leno: 'NRA Should Just Change Their Name To 'Assassin's Lobby'

I stopped counting at 77 threads about *you know who* on the Greatest Page

Huh? Furious quick anger per the memorial message ""Together We Thrive: Tucson & America"

He-cession? She-conomy? Man-cession?

Tonight, I saw a presidential speech

Awww, poor pubbies. They don't like being told they are ruining the country.

My very non political friend just called me to tell me Obama's speech is the best she has ever heard

So far the bobble heads on Fox are giving him good reviews

So, where the hell is John Boner, the Weeper of the House tonight?

I love our President.

Jan Brewer looks unhappy about the prayer

3 escaped Hearst Ranch zebras shot to death

Interesting choice of music

Thank You, Mr. President...

No Free Speech on Palin's Facebook page

I'm pondering the differences between tonight's stadium memorial and Paul Wellstone's.

"Pundint" - When I hear that, I think "Here's someone who doesn't read much!"

They are DEFENDING the use of the term "blood-libel"

" Christian Identity Racists and Anti-Semites Find Home in the Tea Party" --Veterans Today

Magazine cover spoofs Palin's map

"I hope you jump in rain puddles"

Hannity calls tea party GOPers “Tim McVeigh wannabees” — and they cheer!

Hooting and whistles coming from college young republicans to make Obama look bad.

There is no right way, nor a wrong way, to grieve or to celebrate lives now gone.

Tweety will now go crazy and have that thrill

Luke Russert: Republican and Democrat, not a dry eye in the arena.

Interesting ... Capitol Police held two *separate* meetings with House members ...

Taking Down David Brooks' Supposed Psychiatric Diagnostic Skills

The whole thing just sucks. Simply put, it just sucks.

Freeps in dreamy, swoony, sweaty, Cheetos-dust encrusted state of bliss over Pigboy's 60th birthday

Ah wellstone called up... if nothing they are predictable

Prayer from the RNC cocktail party that Boehner skipped the Memorial for tonight...

Thank you Mr. Obama. You brought much of it home.

In defense of Boehner, I am sure he was weeping at his cocktail party. nt

Why couldn't she just say 'libel' if she really thinks she's being LIBELED

Leave Sara, Glenn, & Rush alone!

PETITION: Al Franken trying to stop Comcast/NBC merger ....

'The Truth Behind The Jobless Recovery': Startups Can't Find Funding

The President never mentioned blood libel

How Dare She?

Right Wing Conservatives Going Nuts Over Seeing Themselves in Mirror - FDL

Here's an obscure reference: Right wingers spewing violent rhetoric remind me of Rick James

Race to the bottom. Malkin: Sheriff could have prevented shooting if he wasn't so liberal

Proof... That The Bible Is Pro Big Government !!!

President and First Lady Obama arrive in Tucson - pics

Starting tomorrow, Obama's approval rating won't go below 50% for the rest of his term

Republican school board in N.C. backed by tea party abolishes integration policy

God I just watched the speech, I love Michelle more than ever

gotta quote it... Welton Gaddy

Jacob Heilbrunn, HuffPo: Obama's Ennobling Speech

my bad - self delete

Two Repubs hurt themselves by their actions today.

Where has Tamron Hall been recently? Every day when I watch people in her

Rabbi: By 'blood libel' claim Palin admits 'words can be deadly'

So Boehner left the cocktail party before the President's speech

The "memorial" has become a pep rally

************Official Obama Speech Thread #3***************

MSNBC is reporting the Palin's video has been taken down.

Was Just Over At Free Republic...

Photo from the speech. If I had a penny I'd spend it on McCain's thoughts.

Do you remember where were you when President Obama was elected?

Oh Gawd they're skewering Palin on O'Donnell

Stockholm's Central Station Harvests Body Heat

NASA'S Fermi Catches Thunderstorms Hurling Antimatter Into Space

Fox News: "A Remarkable Display of Oratory"....."A Very Powerful Speech"

Keith is talking to Nancy! Talking about 'Gabby' opening her eyes. nt

This is the Most Unique Event of My Lifetime

Nancy Pelosi was in the room when Gabrielle Giffords...

Awesome Freeper post. Yeah, I said it.

"Blood Libel"... really Sarah?

Rep. Giffords office: "Even during the darkest times, our nation's capacity for kindness

Melting pot, E-Pluribus Unum... from many, one

OK - sit down. Right there - yeah.

Palin vs. Obama in a presidential race would be like...

Once you have passed away, what sort of memorial would you prefer?

David Frum, about Palin: "She's like a big melting iceberg."

. . . . . . . . . deep breath . . . . . . . . .

Obama just called out

Who's watching KO with Gabby's cousin who wrote that

Guardian UK: Sarah Palin's 'blood libel' blunder

Earthquake in Monterey Bay about a second ago..nt

Take A Breath... Admire A Voorwerp...

The ‘food bubble’ is bursting, says Lester Brown, and biotech won’t save us

"Doesn't she sound like the head cheerleader at your high school.......

Mentally ill man Banished from town - this is what we do in "civilization"

Mike Malloy just read a quote from Mario Savio's speech at a 1964 Cal-Berkeley sit-in

OMG - Lawrence O' Donnell showed Tea Party Cand leading his goons to confront Dem winner

was McCain there? At the memorial.

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

MSNBC Poll: Do you think President Obama struck the appropriate

Thank you Congressman Filner

Something that's being missed about the speech Obama


Hey...just how often do you use the term "Blood Libel"?

Kieth Olbermann is sick. He may pass out on TV

Please Don't Turn This Memorial Into A Paul Wellstone Type Event......

N.J. lawmaker proposes mandatory license plates for bicycles

The Real Threat from China's Stealth Jet

I posted this in another thread -- tell me this doesn't describe sarah palin to a tee

Sarah Palin is history

Simply one of the greatest presidential speeches ever . . . .

Here's a question for Republicans:

nytimes: Obama Calls for New Era of Civility in U.S. Politics

Nightmare on Wall Street - HuffPo

Nightmare on Wall Street - HuffPo

Where's mc cain???? have not heard a word from him...

Matthew 5:39

Matthew 5:39

The Serpent and the Egg

Oddly, where I live, the only major networks to carry live the Tuscon memorial:

The Right Is So Damn Petty

Irish women hit back.

who was that articulate man on Dylan Ratigan Tuesday?

Founder of ‘Civility Project’ Calls It Quits

A Big Melting Iceberg

Ex-Mich. Repug AG will begin work as senior counsel at firm assisting health insurance corporations

Four AZ Republicans resign. District Republican chairman: 'I don't want to take a bullet for anyone'

**************Official Obama Speech Thread #2********************

**************Official Obama Speech Thread #2********************

***READ IT AND WEEP: Proof POSITIVE the RW Lie machine is channeling the Nazis!!***

Atheist Michael Newdow is at it again...

Don't get me wrong. It was a great, inspiring speech.

Right wing criticizes DEEPLY INFLAMMATORY free t-shirts at Tucson memorial service:

I think Boner made a big mistake by being absent from Memorial..

Bank and Hedge Fund Speculation Causes Food Prices to Soar

The Rude Pundit: Palin, Limbaugh, and O'Reilly Are Angry; Pie Still Yummy

Is Sarah Palin the DeLorean of today?

Limbaugh is now saying that Sheriff Dupnik let Loughner slip through his fingers

Limbaugh is now saying that Sheriff Dupnik let Loughner slip through his fingers

Hate Radio Influenced Genocide in Rwanda: Words Have Consequences

"The white American Christian is the most persecuted minority in this country today"

Two men riding horse, mule arrested for DWI

Sarah Palin - the modern George Wallace without the focus on race?

Didn' see John McCain there, or Jon Kyl, but

Does Anybody Think That Palin Was Set Up?.........

Sorry Lady Blah Blah

Thank you Mr. President.

Nebraska Starbucks Workers Union demands reinstatement of unjustly terminated barista and organizer

Prepare yourselves

The Cartoonists 3- RW and nuts

If Sarah Palin married Eddie Van Halen, divorcd him and married Kato Kaelin...

I haven't posted on this site in nearly two months

President Obama wrote this brilliant speech...

"Blood libel" was a code of sorts aimed at Palin's base...

Sarah Palin Fumbles and Flails Into an Otherwise Solemn Day - Bob Cesca/HuffPo

So what did we learn from the President's speech tonight?

TOON: FOX NEWS To Tone Things Down?

Why does Roger Ailes talk about the "other side" if Fox is "fair and balanced?"

Isn't there some medical term to describe Sarah Palin's condition?

David Frum goes WAY off the deep end

Lyrics set to music from Appalachian Spring?

Snow present in 49 of 50 states (Florida is only state without any snow).

They are making shit up to divert blame

Palin pulls "Blood-Libel" video..

Elisabeth Hasselbeck Tells Bill O'Reilly Sheriff Clarence Dupnik 'Creating A More Dangerous Country'

Scarborough: "You feed that vile message to Americans every day-it's going to have an impact"

Loughner a "textbook" case paranoid schizophrenic

sarah, did you notice what mr loughner was doing when captured?

Mike Malloy: Move Over, Mother Teresa

Psychiatric Examination of Sarah Palin completed ---------->

Andrew Sullivan (conservative): "To rate this address on any political meter would be to demean it"

Boehner turned down ride on Air Force One to AZ Event - Attended RNC Cocktail Party Instead

Sarah's tape was meant to be 14 minutes long, but she quit talking halfway through.

Palin accuses liberals of inciting " the very hatred and violence" we condemn, while

Loughner's favorite books included one by Ayn Rand

***********Official Obama Speech Thread #1*********************

Boner's booboo

Gohmert: FBI Mum On Loughner's Politics To Avoid Embarrassing Obama's Constituents

Female victim of Georgia electric chair honored today

Are we really so divided here at DU that we attack each other over how we felt during the memorial?

Good-bye Sarah

Police Say They Visited Tucson Suspect’s Home Even Before Rampage

Don't Over-estimate the Intelligence of Palin's Supporters

Here's what I said to a friend who asked if I thought President Obama wrote the speech himself

I confess, I so dislike these moments of national mourning.

I confess, I so dislike these moments of national mourning.

Kathleen Parker: Father Sky and Mother Earth, seriously?

Brisbane: The City that Drowned

Sarah Palin had another use of code words that went un-noticed today (not "blood libel")

The Mentally Ill and Handguns - A Personal Account

Andrew Jackson Dueled Over Non-Political Issues....

Local Arizona GOPer Resigns: 'I Don't Want To Take A Bullet'

Oops ... Palin takes down her Video

Oh, for shit's sake! Now, Palin is crying that she's getting death threats...

Sarah claims she meant Surveyor's Libel, not Blood Libel

HALP!!11! I'm being identity thefted!!!

We have crossed the rubicon... folks

Smoke Reported at Library of Congress

A Primer on the "Tone" of Today's Political Discourse...

For those of you that are annoyed with the applauding, let me remind you - this is NOT a funeral.

Sarah's latest "message" is not all that unlike the ones from

Sarah's latest "message" is not all that unlike the ones from

"Feel-Good" Oxytocin May Have a Dark Side

Gun sales rise sharply in wake of Arizona shooting

And Now, a Word from Sarah Palin

DUMBEST Congress Member WANTS GUNS On the House Floor

A blast from the past. Political conservatism as motivated social cognition

Conservatives Desperately Try To Claim That Loughner Is A Liberal and Atheist

Attendees react at the "Together We Thrive: Tucson and America" event - pics

If anyone told me they thought what I said caused someone to be shot...

For those claiming the crowd was cheering politically, that the event was inappropriate . . . .

Boehner Hosting RNC Cocktail Party During Tucson Shooting Memorial Service


both sides do it..... The Joe Wilson "You Lie" AR-15 Lower Receiver

Could Sarah extricate herself from this political pit?

Glock Sales Increase After Arizona Shooting

Ohio man says he didn't know woman was dead during sex

Leppert's likely departure sets off scramble to field Dallas mayor candidates

I Went Parasailin' With Sarah Palin...

"Together We Thrive" too much for the Right Wing.

Odd part of Obama's speech

"Promoting anti-government extremism is your business. Without it you are nothing and you know it."

I think Obama is having his Martin Luther King moment

sign letter of support for Tucson Sheriff

I just have to say


Blast from the Past - anyone remember when Zell Miller challenged Chris Matthews to a Duel?

Just saw this comment on Palins facebook...

Homelessness on the uprise among seniors

Pawlenty on the Daily Show - a campaign that never was

Pawlenty on the Daily Show - a campaign that never was

Here in Tucson, it's been a rough few days

The German magazine Spiegel says 'Political Radicalization in US Unworthy of a Democratic State'

Her media smarts are considerable

If you didn't understand the cheering tonight, then you don't understand young America

There is no excuse for the Speaker of the House not attending the memorial. Some high official of

••• Video - Palin gives totally non-political speech about Giffords shooting - so touching! •••

On President Obama's Message

On President Obama's Message

Now here is an interesting correlation... what drug is linked with xenophobia and ethnocentrism?

My husband's funeral wasn't for ME...

Write a Note to the Survivors of Arizona's Shooting Thanking Them for Participating in Government


This is one case where I don't feel racist when I say, if you don't like it, go home

Where is the evidence?

Race to the bottom part 2: Liberals no different than Fred Phelps

The Offical DU " I Remember Now Why I Supported Obama" Thread

Rightwing Noise Machine Gets The Memo on How To Smear Sheriff Dupnik!

Poor, Poor Sarah

How to deflect the argument that the left jumped to conclusions in AZ.

I have been very down on Obama lately, until tonight

I have been very down on Obama lately, until tonight

DO NOT REMAIN SILENT (A Call to Protest the Tucson Massacre)

A Primer on the "Tone" of Today's Political Discourse...

The Cartoonists 3- Gun Control?

New Product Complaint Database Thrills Consumer Groups, Horrifies Manufacturers

The Cartoonists 3- Peace?

Fulfilling Father’s Campaign To Segregate Public Schools, Koch Groups

Post your favorite MLK quote here.

No pregnant women allowed - Pregnant Woman Kicked Out of Bar

Silent thread of DUer's that support a psychiatric examination of Sarah Palin

Blood libel in this context is NOT accidental

mental illness and database mining

"Together We Thrive: Tucson and America" - pics

We're Arizona shooting victims too, says Tea Party co-founder

Loughner's parents 'devastated,' 'hurting'

Seattle weekly The Stranger historicizes Palin's crosshair image

Nearly 50 Percent Of Mental Health Services Recipients In Giffords' County Were Dropped In 2010

Dozens gather for vigil at KMJ (Fresno)

Arizona Shooter's Online Footprint Shows Distrust Of Government, Interest In Conspiracy Theories

Police Say They Visited Tucson Suspect’s Home Even Before Rampage

Move to undo Minn. nuclear ban sails through panel

F. Lee Bailey: O.J. proved innocent

APNewsBreak: More warning signs on day of shooting

Arizona Legislature To Announce Anti-Westboro Law To Protect Shooting Victims

Spokesman: Recovery of wounded Giffords' staffer, Ron Barber, going well

Border Patrol agent arrested for harboring twice-deported illegal immigrant -- his father

Dad Pursued Ariz. Massacre Suspect Before Shooting ("My Assasssination")

Any 1992 CA Jerry Brown delegates here?

Police clash with protesters in Tunisian capital

So I Was @ Meijer Yesterday & I Saw A CD of President Obama's Greatest Speeches....Help Needed!!!

Quinn congratulates Democrats on income tax increase

I'm outta reason...

Shepard Fairey–AP Obama Lawsuit Dropped

snowy bushes...

Mike Tyson's Brunch-Out

I can balance 20 rolls of film on my head.

Chinese vice premier backs UK austerity drive

Hard Freeze Tonight: The Only Tips You Will Ever Need (As Long As It Stays Warm)

For those caught up in the snow/blizzard conditions...

NASA'S Fermi Catches Thunderstorms Hurling Antimatter Into Space

Hopefully for this kid, the brains skipped a generation....

Only 6 days until Warm Weather Again

I'm gonna go see someone in the hospital this afternoon. What should I get her?

Sarah Palin accuses critics of ‘blood libel’

I WANTED to create a thread that dies immediately...

Five Variants of 'Dives and Lazarus'

Rogue Arbakai militias abuse rural Afghans (damaging any government legitimacy & the US solutions)

"Pearls Before Swine" smacks "Family Circus" again - priceless!1

Congress Pays Tribute to Victims of Shooting

Only 318 days until Thanksgiving.

Haitians yearn for change after year in "hell"

Jeff Bridges: The Dude Abides - Tonight at 8pm on THIRTEEN

European politicos protest DOJ Wikileaks-Twitter probe

Tajikistan agrees to give land to China

AP-GfK Poll: Obama (53%) , GOP improve their standing

NOAA: 2010 tied for Earth's warmest year on record

Annoying charities

Leaders of displaced found murdered in central Colombia


Brazil landslide leaves at least 115 dead

Paper names ex-Klansman in civil rights murder

What is your favorite of these popular electronic devices?

Two reporters a week killed in 2010, group says

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Lebanese government collapses

Oasis, "Acquiesce" LIVE. Yeah, that's right, bloody OASIS. Got a problem with that?

Hezbollah plans to resign from Lebanese government

Incurable disorder!

"How Long Have You Owned a Car?" Probably already posted but some might have missed it.

Maryland set to expand gay rights, same-sex marriage

Despite Denials, Blackwater Still Working for U.S.

you know there are 2 thousand things I'd rather do than watch

Mexico: Drug-Related Killings Hit Record High

President Obama visits Giffords, others at Arizona hospital

Top news: Okla. boy gets tongue stuck on pole

In age of austerity, Dutch government is enforcing taxes on prostitution

(Sharron) Angle: Media 'inappropriately attributing blame' for Tucson shooting

Flood death toll rises to 12 as killer tide continues its march

Duplicate please delete

Black GOP Official Resigns, Citing Arizona Tea Party Threats

Giffords "making more spontaneous movements," doctor says

I cheated death yesterday!

For Anyone Considering Law School, Please Read This NY Times Article

Report: Majority Of Money Donated At Church Doesn't Make It To God

Democrat to revisit Colombia trade pact on trip

RAM on LA ------> your thoughts?

Daley Has $7.7 Million of JPMorgan Stock to Divest on Way to White House


My Sweetie wants to get a hedgehog!!

Scientists see climate change link to Australian floods

A sammitch infidel.

I'll tell you when I REALLY miss the warmer weather:

Yep. This is DEFINITELY a gingerbread woman.

Ian Brown - Free My Way

You remember that day? No, not that one... THAT one!!! You can thank MFM for that...

When's the last time something tasted THIS good to you?

Afghanistan bombings strike intelligence officials

This is the most disturbing thing I've ever seen on youtube.

Juarez killings activist Chavez murdered in Mexico

If anyone's still's the beginning of the blizzard...

David Nelson dies at 74; last surviving member of the TV sitcom family

CPAC knocked for inviting Mitch Daniels

Sony will close South Jersey CD plant

I'm pondering the differences between tonight's stadium memorial and Paul Wellstone's.

"Tongue" is the word for today. Modify a thread title to include "tongue".

Go through men's sportswear, and make a right at Guangzhou......

Cats are MASTERS of "the silent treatment".

Snoop Dogg bikes in Amsterdam

mods pls delete, posted in wrong forum

I Never Loved Sarah Braun

"Peel" by MATANIU

Food country of origin?


Quitters Raga


Further Away

Scientists plan probe to study Uranus

Seems Like

Ethics watchdog (CREW) will file complaint against Reps. Fitzpatrick and Sessions

What the hell is this...

Nation's first gay history museum opens in San Francisco

At Dr. Phil’s behest, ‘golden-voiced’ man to check into rehab

Palin: Tucson finger-pointing 'irresponsible'

Shepard Fairey Vs. AP Lawsuit Dropped

I've made a huge mistake.

Brisbane flood levels reach peak

You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one

Anybody here ever been through a hazing?

If you gotta go down, might as well go down in flames; (Dominoes Pizza termination note)

Oh, Christ - NBC goes from Obama's amazing speech to the country's biggest douchebag, Guy Fietttttti

Memorial for Ashley Turton, former Hill staffer, to be held Friday

Oh, SKITTLES! There's a Hamster that would like to meet youuuu....

Clyburn: Palin 'intellectually' incapable of understanding Arizona shootings

New James Bond movie announced - "Bond 23"

Meet Heidi, the "Squint-Eyed Opossum"

What is the best lifestyle you have ever lived. Me I like to work so it would

Officers Stopped Suspect On Day of AZ Shooting

Obama: Make shooting debate 'worthy of those we have lost'

Jewish Groups: ‘We Are Deeply Disturbed’ By Palin’s Use Of Anti-Semitic Term ‘Blood Libel,’

Texas loses another round in fight over EPA regulation of greenhouse gases

Ten Things Liza Minnelli Said on Private Screenings

"How Long Have You Owned a Cat?" Probably already posted but some might have missed it.

Anyone here play the mouth organ?

Man arrested for threats against Dem rep (Jim McDermott)

Nancy Pelosi was in room when Gabrielle Giffords opened her eyes

Tucson Tea Party Founder Blames Giffords For Getting Shot:'The Real Case Is That She Had No Security

Righthaven extends copyright lawsuit campaign to individual Web posters

John Boehner turns down Air Force One ride to Tucson (Hosting RNC Cocktail Party)

US to sell $26 billion worth of weapons to debt-hit Iraq

Best rock MOVIE...not a concert film or documentary like Last Waltz...of all time?

And now, a bit of Sid Caesar...

Wow.... Pepsi ad will make people's heads explode

Father/Daughter duet -- if you can watch this and not smile

Call Me Wesley leaves me the sweetest notes (Part V).

My mom died yesterday

What if humans could purr?

We had a baby last night!

Death Threats Against Sarah Palin at 'Unprecedented Level,' Aides Say

Led Zeppelin - Kashmir

AIG to fully repay U.S. government

Westboro: We Won't Picket 9-Year-Old's Funeral

Loughner's ramblings appear rooted in far right

WikiLeaks: Julian Assange has Rupert Murdoch 'insurance files'

Public strongly opposes debt level increase: Reuters/Ipsos poll

Chris Rock - bullets control

Witches fight back against tax increases with cat excrement and dead dogs

Cenk Uygur : Billo the Clown Enraged Over Right Wing Ties

Mike Malloy - Equivalence? What Equivalence?

Mike Malloy - Right Wing Terrorists Are Reloading

Cenk TYT analysis: Harry Reid Defends Social Security On Meet The Press

Sam Seder: The Media's Desperate Search for Violent Liberal Rhetoric

Bernanke's Impossible Inflation Challenge 2011

Thom Hartmann: Is the Right Playing the Victim Card?

Papantonio: Palin is a Political Frankenstein

Robert F. Kennedy speech ~ Mindless Menace of Violence

Mike Malloy - Silence Equals Death

VA Lawmaker Wants Own Currency

Top U.S. Chamber Official: The Minimum Wage Is 'Counterproductive' And 'Doesn't Help'

Heated rhetoric under fire after Arizona shootings (NMA)

TDPS: Trickle down actually works with violent rhetoric, unlike tax cuts for the rich

Rachel Maddow : Chris Rock and the $5,000.00 Dollar Bullet

'Burst banks flood world as banksters mark up price of water to make a killing''

The Tucson Shootings, Civility and the New Class War Zone

Dead birds from Corexit rain or tainted seafood discussed on top-rated radio show

Kucinich Calls for New Direction to Approaching the Causes of Violence

Young Turks: Cenk Rips Rush Limbaugh For Saying Democrats Behind Loughner

Begin Again Memorial Video For Those Killed and Injured in Arizona Shooting

NASA - The Frontier Is Everywhere

Grand Theft Issa

PFC Bradley Manning: Media Ignores Torture

Sarah Palin's Political Career in 15 Seconds

Hopey changey flag-y wave-y okee dokee oh you betcha America must be stronger than evil

Poor Sarah Palin Sees Her Therapist About Her Victimhood

Sarah Palin's Tucson Speech In True Context

Sarah Playing The Victim Card

Ezra Klein explains how heated rhetoric raises stakes

Vitter: We have 'leverage' with debt ceiling

MRN: Stop Paying Attention To Sarah Palin

The Preacher's son. Religion as child abuse

Poland's Kaczynski slams Russian crash report

The Dream Is Collapsing

Tucson Shooting Hero Joe Zamudio: I almost shot the (wrong) guy

Remarks from Speaker Boehner and Leader Pelosi on Tucson Shootings

Rachel Maddow (1/11/11) - Americans empowered to tackle gun-control issues

Young Turks: Tea Party & Right Wing Violence Interview

Obama: 'Gabby Opened Her Eyes For The First Time'

Keith Olbermann Talks About Changing "Worst Person In The World"

Sarah Palin uses "Blood Libel" in her "Response" - She Proves Words Can Hurt!

Domestic Spy Drones Raise Legal Concerns

Sherrod Brown: Tucson Tragedy Highlights Poor State Of Mental Health Safety Net

Pat Buchanan: "Blood Libel" Excellent Statement

Ed Schultz: Right Wing Talkers Rush to Palin's Defense

Young Turks: Tea Party Uses Loughner Shooting To Raise Money

Cenk's Controversial Blog On Loughner Shootings

Thom Hartmann: This is how the Public Option begins

Dingell Recites Litany Of Violent Rhetoric

Piece of human filth finally gives a self-pitying, excuse filled, non-response

Bill Maher: Go2 Rhetoric for Right Wing Is

Sarah Palin meets George Washington

A Message To Sarah Palin from Media Matters CEO David Brock

U.S. against Europe Over Monsanto GM Crops (Democracy NOW! report)

Sarah Palin's defensive and deflective illogical rant

New AP-GfK Poll: Obama at 53%

Caribou Barbie speaks, via FaceBook. "Journalists and pundits should not manufacture a blood libel"

Now this is interesting >>>> Financial Times: US to match Chinese terms for train order

Media & Republicans conspire to try to make the BP oil spill Obama's Katrina. They Fail Miserably.


President Obama’s Tucson Speech

"Blood Libel" is wholly inappropriate.

"Blood Libel" is wholly inappropriate.

Have ABC, NBC, or CBS said if they are going to cover the Tuscon Memorial/ President's speech? It

Palin finally speaks; shows off 7 minute video accusing media of 'blood libel' in Giffords shooting

Palin is always blaming the media and pundits for everything and the funny thing is

What classic symptoms of Narcissistic Personality Disorder does Sarah Palin have?

Meyerson: The Right's Culture of Paranoia

ADL: "We wish that Palin had used another phrase, instead of one so fraught with pain..."

TPM: You know it's a bad sign when Jonah Goldberg thinks your rhetorical flourish crossed the line

TSA, Palin, DU

Assange 'faces death penalty' in US

Wait for it!!

Sarah Palin and `blood libel' (updated)

Does Palin know the meaning of "blood libel"? Does she know GIffords is Jewish?

Wow! Palin actually used "Blood libel" to describe how we've been criticizing her?

"Acts of monstrous criminality stand on their own,They begin and end with the criminals"

It would be sad if we focused on "Palin as anti-Semite" instead of "Palin as inflammatory

You can cross Pawlenty off taking the WH from Obama

MSNBC just reported that Palin's video has been "pulled down."

Here we go again

Clyburn: Palin Intellectually Unable To 'Understand What's Going On' (AUDIO)

PPP 2012 IOWA--Obama defeats every GOP candidate (O has a 50/43 approval in Iowa, too)

Palin---talking about elections?!

With Loughner's insanity defense we will know if RW hate rhetoric

Palin's Speech---an Analysis---albeit angry one.

Convicted criminal Tom Deley will have an interview with Matt Laurer

MMA Jacob Volkmann Regrets Obama Comment In Wake Of Arizona Shooting

You tell 'em, Cenk!

Shepard Fairey and AP photographer Manny Garcia settle 'Hope' poster copyright infringement claims

The Irony?

Anti-Palin Posters Appear In San Francisco Overnight

Republican school board in N.C. backed by tea party abolishes integration policy

Huge lines outside Arizona University

BLACK GOP Resigns---Scared of Tea Party!!

Gallup-Very Conservative say don't compromise beliefs

Boehner to Host RNC Party During Tucson Memorial

The President addresses malice, hatred and responsibility.

Tweety now asking if Palin

Looks like the lunacy isn't going to end any time soon

Palin Wins Again

John Dingell Runs Through Litany Of Violent Rhetoric On House Floor (VIDEO)

PHOTO: 'Resolute'

Come Together: Senator Udall (D-CO) Wants Both Parties To Sit Together at SOTU

Brown’s California Budget Shows ‘Great Promise,’ Analyst Says

State GOP African American resigns after getting DEATH THREATS from the AZ tea party

Obama Visits Rep. Giffords Before Tucson Speech

How NOT to get Obama re-elected in 2012

Taking, Not Placing, Responsibility

President Obama's Remarks at "Together We Thrive" Memorial -- FULL TEXT

Let us all remember the real victims tonight.

CBS NEWS POLL: Most Americans don't blame political rhetoric for AZ shooting

President Obama says polarized nation needs healing

It's really annoying when the media ask "Why would Palin say____?"

Stadium opened after arena fills for Obama speech

The President just brought this baby home. Outstanding....n/t

"Just words . . . "

Obama: 'We Mourn With You ... We Join You In Your Grief'

President Obama urges Americans to unite in tragedy's wake

***HEADS UP*** "Together We Thrive: Tucson and America" ***LIVE at 8:00 PM (ET)***

Udall Urges Congress to Put Aside Partisan Divisions ? Sit Together During State of the Union

LO: Brokaw Says Obama meets Lincoln's Level

Dammit, I missed the speech, but I'm already emotional :)

Of course Drudge couldn't stay classy about Obama's message in Tucson tonight

Near 30,000 people watch Obama's speech

Excellent Speech Mr. President!

Obama in Tucson: The Right Loses a Meme (David Corn)

Shorter David Gergen for those that (mercifully) missed it: "Tucson, you're grieving wrong."

To those still committed to peddling the language of hate

President Obama is the adult

Dear crazy country, let Obama be Lincoln already!

Tom Brokaw on MSNBC compares President Obama's speech tonight to Lincoln at Gettysburg

"Moral Imagination"

Sarah Palin's semi official blogs are just disgusting at the moment.

Krauthammer (of all people) made a great point.

Klein: "On this night, finally, he became President of all the people. It was a privilege to behold"

Obama issues stirring call for national soul searching

Palin's next move: Blame the writers who wrote her commentary about "blood libel"

In the spirit of the President's speech tonight, who will join me...

Boehner didn't even show up!

I think Obama is the best public speaker of our generation.

I think Obama is the best public speaker of our generation.

I don't think you get to say" blood libel" after you accused a Jewish Congresswoman....

Bill Maher: The Rhetoric Of The Right Is “Wouldn’t It Be Fun To Kill The People We Disagree With"

Let's please heed the President's call - and focus on his message, not on criticizing his opponents

Today we saw the qualities that make both a good and a bad president

Pelosi, Gillibrand and Wasserman-Shultz were with Giffords when she opened her eyes

What a president.

Palin: Criticism of conservatives will result in violence

President Obama: "If there are rain puddles in heaven, Christina is jumping in them today."

"I want our Country to be as great as Christina imagined it!"

Pat Buchanan:She's(Palin) is a victim of hate

In a Swift Boating world, was Sarah Palin wise to hit back?

Photos: "I want America to be as good as she imagined it." (The Obama Presidency, Day 723)

David Gergen is an asshole.

Let see if the rethugs will repeal this in the health care reform

Blood libel, from Wikipedia...

Our president is an amazing man

WH will announce this month the creation of President Obama’s re-election campaign

Just reported on MSNBC: Latest AP/GFK poll has Obama's approval at 53%!

They're rounding them up! Or starting too....

Very, very dangerous appeasement

Thanks to Chris Matthews tonight

By celebrating the lives of the slain and wounded and

Fox Panel loved the Speech

I'm a little shock..

I noticed that O'Conner stood up but did not applaud.

Sarah Palin, or Hindenburg?

Boehner turns down Air Force One ride to Tucson

I gotta say I kind of agree with Gergen that the atmosphere in the Arena was wierd

There Will Be No Serious Challenge to President Obama & He'll Be Re-Elected in 2012.

Police Say They Visited Tucson Suspect’s Home Even Before Rampage

Alleged Giffords Shooter Shares Currency Plot Obsession with Anti-Abortion Killer

Arizona Shooter's Online Footprint Shows Distrust Of Government, Interest In Conspiracy Theories

Assange legal team’s skeleton argument on strong ground

Liberal Hunting License - No Bag Limit - Poster Shoot a Dem

Why the Fall of American Empire Can Be a Good (and Peaceful) Thing

The Great American Craziness

In Honduras, the Holiday Season Brings Repression

How propaganda poisons the mind - and our discourse

Republican quits party leadership post because of Tea Party threats

Hate and Violence Are Encoded in the DNA of the American Right

Palin's Persecution Complex Culminates With "Blood Libel" Accusation

Bay State sanity (tight gun laws lead to fewer deaths)

First Comes Fear

The foolishness of the 'blood libel' charge

Sarah -" Your 15 Minutes Are Up

When Congress Was Armed And Dangerous

Loughner's ramblings appear rooted in far right

Blood libel – what does it mean?

Political Cartoons on the Arizona Shooting

Yes, Jared Loughner's Act Was Political

A Restive Egypt Faces Succession; Islamists May Make Bid For Power

A Tucson YMCA was common ground for alleged shooter Loughner, shooting victims

Palin preaches non-sense in dodgeing responsibility for inciteful comments

Once We Insisted On Civility: Reflections on Tucson

Dangerous outcomes from a culture of paranoia

Why America's gun laws won't change (BBC) {Europe asks questions America won't}

Right-Wingers Address Tuscon Tragedy: Propose a 'Reverse-King' Bill

MediaMatters slams Palin video

Right-Wing Media Falsely Claim Daily Kos Put Image Of Bull's Eye On Rep. Giffords. WaPo repeats lie.

Masters of hate locked and loaded by Pepe Escobar

Get well, "Fight on" card for Rep. Giffords" at

Fox News: The No. 1 Name in Murder Fantasies

“Blood libel”: How language evolves and spreads within online worlds

Loughner’s Jewish mother? Not so much

Joan Walsh: One nation, as good as it gets

Former Tiburon school board member injured in Arizona shooting

Robert Scheer: Perps in the White House

The German magazine Spiegel says 'Political Radicalization in US Unworthy of a Democratic State'

The President's Speech - by Joe Klein

"Sarah Palin will never be President" Joan Walsh

Jared Loughner’s Friend Tells GMA: ‘He Did Not Watch TV, He Disliked The News’

Sweden aims to extradite WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange to the US - lawyer

An American tragedy...Larry McMurtry

Sarah Palin's 'blood libel' blunder

F. Lee Bailey: O.J. proved innocent

Evergreen solar to close plant: crosspost from GD

Central Brisbane Shuts Down - Up To 20,000 Homes Expected To Flood; Flood @ 19+ Meters

Climate Change: ‘Water Towers of Asia’ Show Cracks

Drumbeat: January 12, 2011

It's Official - NOAA: 2010 tied for Earth's warmest year on record

Toowoomba Flood Photographs . . . . Damn!

"Spreading Temptation: Proliferation and Peaceful Nuclear Cooperation Agreements"

Alcohol poisoning, not avian flu, killed Romanian birds (BBC)

New Study Reveals the Hidden Environmental Cost of Parking

2010 Hottest Year On Record For Canada - National Average Temps 3C Above Historic Normal - Reuters

Earth Focus Video: Fracking Hell: The Untold Story

'Rhino poachers' shot dead in South Africa (BBC)

Secrecy By Complexity - Energy Obfuscation & The Primacy Of Crude Oil

Not Just GHGs - House GOP Seeking To Eliminate Rules For Mercury, Other Toxins From Cement Plants

EcoATMs Swap E-waste for Cash

Two questions that have been studiously avoided so far:

Neighbor of AZ shooter not afraid because she was armed

OK, three questions: 1. Are there any groups of people who should not be allowed to own guns?

Blame the NRA by Frank Schaeffer

When Congress Was Armed And Dangerous

Butt Crack with a gun - just thought a funny photo

It seems some of you really *do* want to take their guns. And you called them paranoid....

Fla. jogger won't be charged for shooting teen

Was anyone in the AZ shooting crowd armed?

OK. But...

NRA Wants Us To Pray

Boehner says no to new restrictions on firearms

Purchasing a gun should require a mental health assessment

Erik Scott family drops Costco from federal lawsuit

What is it about the 2A that drives otherwise normal, rational people to untold levels of hatred?

Gun surprise: 2nd Amendment advocate says ban on high-capacity clips passes muster

Let's not forget why we are here

Is it "clip" or "magazine." I thought they were interchagable. Somebody's

High Capacity Magazines

So, members of this forum, is the "Gun Show Loophole" real?

Is there any way to do a background check online?

FBI: Increase in Arizona Handgun Checks (since Saturday)

Jumping the gun.

I'm not really happy with Rachel at this moment

Lax gun laws prove deadly in the U.S.

Why we should ban guns now!

There is no Analogy for a Gun

Leaders of displaced found murdered in central Colombia

In Honduras, the Holiday Season Brings Repression

Peru: A Year and a Half after the Bagua Massacre: the Strategy of “The Leopard” (1)

'DAS paid foreigner to spy on Cordoba'

Democrat to revisit Colombia trade pact on trip

Trade Unionists Call For Justice In El Salvador

Cuban Exile Lied to U.S., Prosecutor Tells Texas Jury

Democracy Now - Wesleyan Professor Alex Dupuy: Haiti Transformed into the "Republic of the NGOs"

Scores killed in Brazil flooding

Gloat-Free NBA Scores (Tuesday, January 11)

Lynch's Run Shakes The Earth

New Broncos organization reaching out in unique ways

NHL Simply Not Going To Bother Reaching Out To Hispanics

Boise State to open at Husky Stadium in 2013..

Panthers hire Ron Rivera; second Hispanic head coach in NFL history

"This is all about me." - Rex Ryan on Pats-Jets playoff game

LeBron James sees 'karma' in Cavs rout

+++ NFL Playoffs: Division Picks +++

Human Rights Campaign rates 112th Congress anti-gay

Awesome Ally! Straight Wrestler Hudson Taylor Launches Site Against Homophobia In Sports

NC State Rep. Larry Brown: Cut Off All AIDS Funding, Those Perverts Deserve It

Gun control logic. Brady campaign logic.

Lebanese government collapses

'Gentile sperm leads to barbaric offspring'

Hezbollah plans to resign from Lebanese government

Why Palestinians want to be Israeli citizens

Do Any of You Get Sick of "Miracle" Stories in the News?

1 Gene Lost = 1 Limb Regained? Scientists Demo. Mammalian Regeneration Thru Single Gene Deletion

New Age mystics are misusing quantum mechanics

400 people volunteered for a one-way trip to Mars

The Human Mission to Mars Colonizing the Red Planet

The Glock 9mm and the like only gives false security to the Phony Tough and the Crazy Brave