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Archives: December 11, 2011

A final DU2 Scott Walker post... A year later, Walker rail blunder looks even worse

Turn the lights off when you leave... Thanks.

Woo hoo! Into The Great Wide Open!

It's live.

see ya all at the new digs!

Are there "Journals" in DU3?


HELP! I requested my password a few days back and it won't let me into DU3


TaaaDaa..DU3 is up!!!!!!

Hatches are open, charges are set. Fire in the hole in 3, 2...

Journal Entries and old PMs are gone in DU3 (at least for now?)

Has everyone seen this new iteration of Pepper Spray Cop?

So long, DU2.

Hey! I have a Life-Pod here! (No Droids Allowed)

As Bugs Bunny would say.......

Is there anything I can do to attract attention from the admins about my inability to log on to DU3?

TWO Special Report: The Call Detroit A Slick Political Rally Disguised As a Religious Revival

Iran says it will not return US drone

Had to take one last look around.

Zombie-Punching Obama invites our new DU3 overlords.

Goodbye, DU2. I shall miss you in the way that

So long, DU 2

Last post from me

can we post porn here now?

We be obsolete?

Thank you, DU2.

No one wants the last

Will the last person to post please turn off the lights?

A song for our time: "Hard Times Come Again No More"

9/11 was an inside job.

We can still post here?

NPR - Reconstituting The Constitution: How To Rewrite It?

You are viewing an obsolete version of the DU website which is no longer supported by the Administra

ADMIN: What happens to all our saved PMs and bookmarks? Anyone know?

Mr Freckles and I bid a fond farewell to DU2

DU3 avatar is not offered on do I get my DU2


Misleading subject line based on poorly-sourced Internet article...

Can't log in to Du3

"You are viewing an obsolete version of the DU website which is no longer supported by the Admin"

How the EPA linked "fracking" to contaminated well water

So what happens now to DU2 ?

I love ya, DU

For the first several years the General Discussion forum was not the post popular forum at DU

Christiane Amanpour's hair looks like 1965.

Despite minor errors, I'm finding DU3 to be completely functional...

Well, one question answered. Our journals are no more. Edit... back now.

Logging out

DU3 Questions are ALL ANSWERED over at the new site. LINK:

does this still work?

This entire page should be BLANK except for the message to MOVE TO DU3. Stop the confusion!

DU2 feels like the house you're about to leave after moving out all of your belongings...

I, for one, think DU2 was far easier to read. DU3 strains my eyes.

Greatest Discussion Threads Sorted by Time - This was a great feature on DU ...

ECHO, Echo, echo...

DU3 Questions are ALL ANSWERED over at the new site. LINK:

Gather now, all ye. Join in fellowship with those dare called obsolete.

are viewing an obsolete version of the DU website which is no longer supported by the Administrators

GROVELBOT has FAILED in his mission to keep GD ALIVE. (last post)

Can't resist one last dig at Arne Duncan.

Hey Everyone: General Discussion is Back!

DU2 v. DU3 : my analogy. . .

Teh DU has been raptured and we're all that's left!

If people are having trouble logging into DU3 please post here

The DU privacy rules were changed between December 5 and 7, 2008,

So, as a consumer at Democratic Underground; yes a consumer...

soapbox got dumped it is now gd

Soapbox - They changed it back to GD at DU3 but I thought I'd use this opportunity to get on mine:

I Appreciate The Fact That They Left This Up

How can DU2 archives be reached in the future?

Goodbye, DU (2?) For a sendoff, I put up my old sig pic:

Fare thee well, DU ...

DU3: love it. hate it?

I hope that everyone still here will come over and give the new forum a try.

An obsolete version of the Democratic message no longer supported by our national administrators

Oh look - we can still post here. Maybe this can be the Underground Democratic Underground.

Here are a few helpful LINKS for everyone that's heading over to the new DU

"Left Behind" on DU2!

What happened to the GREATEST page on DU3?

Can't log in to Du3

The DU2 Memorial Thread

Robert Fisk: Bankers are the dictators of the West

Just wondering who is still here, posting or reading.

Does anyone remember nothingshocksmeanymore?

After over 5 1/2 years and 18,560 posts I'm going down with the DU2 ship.

DU3 has moved. It's new location is here: