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Rachel Maddow is on now LIVE doing a late night election round up segment. n/t

i've been saying it for a while now.

Nice to see repubs pounded across the board!

Nice to see repubs pounded across the board!

Big win for Democrats in Ohio and an abortion surprise in Mississippi

Fuck yeah! Hot diggity!

Democrats net a seat in the New Jersey State Assembly(Hold all Senate seats)

Well pregnant women won't be able to drive in the carpool lanes in Miss...

Hannity's great great panel all raise their voices and so does he.

Their is a rumor on Twitter that Maher Assad (Syrian President's Brother) was killed ?

Yes Russell Pearce was defeated by another Repub - but - this is still huge...I'll explain...

Breaking news! Cain accuser works for Obama!

Watching the returns across the country--it is about 60% to 40%

Cain and the woman he claims he doesn't know picture -

You Know Mitt Romney Is Out of Touch When...

Daniel Hernandez, Jr., intern who saved Rep. Giffords, elected to school board in Ariz.

Countdown: Activists and troubadours David Crosby & Graham Nash, inspired by their OWS appearance

any news from Alaska re: weather?

TIME tries to explain away KY Gov. Beshear's win - says he steered clear of Obama

I'm sad to say that one of the issues in WA State didn't go

Tomorrows headline "Dems Win Big In State Elections"

"In a stunning blow to the Tea Party movement" AZ SB 1070 Immigration Law Architect recalled.

"In a stunning blow to the Tea Party movement" AZ SB 1070 Immigration Law Architect recalled.

GOP Defends Maine’s Gay-Baiting Ad On Same-Day Voter Registration

This is what GOP brand poisoning looks like

Rethuglicans are scattering like cockroaches when the light is turned on to justify the losses in

I Know, It's Not Very Enlightened Of Me...But...

Now, the question is, does the democratic team in place have the balls

A generation ago, young US households were three times wealthier than today

Mathis wins Iowa's 18th district--Dems still in majority in IA state senate.

More words of wisdom from the 99%.

Polling showed gender split on Mississippi personhood vote

What are the political smoke signals for Obama in Ohio after yesterday's elections?

Millions of Fox News viewers will panic at 2pm EST today.

Millions of Fox News viewers will panic at 2pm EST today.

I see Matt Drudge can't bring himself to report a single result from Tuesday

Blatantly Biased Tabloids and Clueless Mainstream Media Keep Missing the Obvious Big Story at OWS

Texas State Representative (R) pleads guilty to stealing from the tax payers

MAINE: the People's Veto restores same-day voter registration!

New Foreclosures Smash Albuquerque, Boston, Sarasota, And Cincinnati

One person with a good idea can make a difference

Howard Dean: Republicans Are "Completely And Totally Out Of Touch"

Mark Morford: "Real homophobes don't Google"

Mark Morford: "Real homophobes don't Google"

Mich. state lawmaker says he lost recall election

Huge U.S. air base returned to Iraqi control - Out of 505 bases in Iraq US forces have 11 left

2012 could be big

A political Party that gives the finger to half the voters in this country.

Underwater Mortgages Go More Underwater, Miami and Phoenix Hit

Occupy Protesters Plan 300-Mile March From NYC to Washington

Adobe Shares Fall as Software Maker Cuts 750 Jobs

Oh no, wait, that's us! (Sargent toon)

Really, AP?

Really, AP?

Expecting mothers in South Korea are trying to schedule their c-sections for 11-11-11

The terror of creeping socialism in our society

Brewer you leather faced power usurper, you're next!

Chucky Todd leads with Dem sweep, balancing out Morning Schmoe

What Kissinger thinks of the military

Did Tim Kaine win or lose the Senate seat in VA?

Giant asteroid narrowly misses hitting Earth; roofs & chimneys smashed; treetops singed

Bank of America and Citigroup Lead Title Race for Banks with Most Fraud Violations

Mississippi Men Retain Genitals by 58-42 Margin.

Kentwood (MI) bans felons as office-holders

And they said Dem voters weren't excited or motivated to go to the polls!

Ohio Republicans don't understand no; They still want SB 5

Companies Use Low Rates to Issue Buckets of Debt

Oklahoma Gears Up For Fight Over Affirmative Action

Oil Executive: Military-Style 'Psy Ops' to be used on Anti Fracking advocates

President Obama Running Strong Among Latino Voters

Global income inequality: Where the U.S. ranks

Ouch: Cost to house a captive at Guantanamo Bay is $800,000

Architect of SB1070, along with CCA private prison has been ousted

Probe finds "gross mismanagement" at US air base after body parts lost.

Michigan has a nuke plant event

CWA Still Lying About AT&T, T-Mobile Deal Job Creation


Herman Cain-Supporting Website Calls Accusers 'Ugly B1tch,' 'Fat Bimbo'

Teens on Facebook: mostly kind, but cruelty is still a problem

All the polls are figments of republican's imagination. nt

Wednesday Toon Roundup 4- Economic issues

Wednesday Toon Roundup 4- Economic issues

Please tell me that every time a Herman Cain ad pops up on DU it costs him dearly

Reality Check: Republican LOSERS Did Not Overreach

Bolivia says US drug agents not welcome

The Sludge-Busting MARS Arm Blasts Through Radioactive Waste

I'm waiting for Joe Scum's reaction to yesterday's

Best tweet I've seen this week

Paterno "to retire at the end of the season."

Mark Poloncarz (D) won County Executive here in Erie County, NY. Home of Carl Paladino (Nuts)

has any POLITICIAN called for cain to drop out of race?

I saw some Guy Fawkes masks in the crowd at the Foo Fighters concert last night.

rep candice miller (r) : 'rick perry not only speaks to your mind, but to your heart'

I'm soaking up these victories like the unseasonably warm November

Idaho has a bad nuke plant event

The thing about rights...

Michael Parenti -- Occupy America

Elephant Handlers Dodge Mistreatment Claims

Fannie Mae needs bigger lifeline

Election Results: Once Voters Really Understand The Republican Agenda, They Reject It

Fall of Gaddafi opens a new era for the Sahara's lost civilisation

Bank Transfer: Successful

"I'm Herman Cain and I approved this massage."

We are *so* smart and clever according to Cain's camp

Boneheaded Hospital 'Drill' Brings a Lawsuit


Jamahiriya system wonderful? Saif disagreed.

Wednesday Toon Roundup 5- Penn State

The rich don't pay off the politicians to get tax rates reduced, they pay to get their special

The 1% Are the Very Best Destroyers of Wealth the World Has Ever Seen

Coast Guard OKs winding down BP spill cleanup

Indiana Fusion Center: Suspicious Activity Involving Emergency Services and Hospitals

Molly Ivins is sorely missed right now. She'd have had so much to say.

GOPers are Serial EXPLOITORS who wish to dominate..They need to be removed

Teacher terrorized by scam 'debt collectors'

PSU president Spanier is a trained family therapist with a PhD in sociology..

Is the U.S. ready for Muslims on reality TV? (Michigan)

Is the U.S. ready for Muslims on reality TV? (Michigan)

Chucky Todd show has NOTHING to say about election results - show focus ONLY on GOP debate tonight

"The people have spoken clearly."

Author of Hard-Line Arizona Immigration Law (and tea party darling) Booted Out In Recall

Paterno calls Vick for damage control advice.

Guess How Much Money Angry Customers Moved Out Of Banks In Support Of Bank Transfer Day

Mississippi rejects "personhood ammendment". Citizens say they don't want to be....

Chuck Norris an anti-vaxxer.

Adobe Gives Up Flash on Mobile: Steve Jobs Proved Right One Last Time

Freeper "Loud Mime" opines on "possible blowback" of Cain harassment accusations. Blowback???

More And More Students Are Deciding To Enroll In Community College

OK City, Earthquakes and a friend of mine...

Weather service keeps 'extreme cold' statements

'the democrat machine in america has brought forth a troubled woman to make accusations'

New personhood test for corporations

White House: No evidence of alien life

Joe Walsh (R) Meltdown: Screams At Constituents, 'Don't Blame Banks'

New England Cable News Poll: Do you believe Herman Cain?

I worked the polls yesterday with a Palinite. Never met one before.

Fox & Friends Mocks Program Designed To Promote US Tourism

So did Herman say he would or wouldn't take a lie detector test yesterday?

Good news, on a small scale, in Minnesota elections.

If Paterno weren't a football coach would he get to play out the season?

4 North Georgia terror suspects due back in court

I did it - I finally closed my Chase account

Why did the GOP become so hysterical when accusations of sexual assault against Cain came out?

Nonprofits decry Obama proposal to limit tax deductions for charitable contributions.

Did you see the Colbert Report last night? Here is a link to the video if you haven't seen it

What Do You Mean 'We' Rich Man?

MARKET NEWS: Dow slides 200+ on Italy fears

MARKET NEWS: Dow slides 200+ on Italy fears


Widow Seeking Benefits Can't Sue State Farm

40 Percent of Fortune 500 Companies Founded by Immigrants or Their Children

How not to get punished for being a woman - Amnesty TV video

Why is it so easy to believe that 150,000,000 Americans are lazy rather than...

BTD Tally: 40,000 New Credit Union Members, $80M in Savings

Frozen panther found in Loxahatchee (FL) home baffles law enforcement

The Rude Pundit- Election Lesson: Republicans Learn That Americans Aren't Quite as Crazy as They Are

We are very, very pissed off..

Principles Schminciples -- Haley Barbour Says Romney Good Enough For Conservative Obama-Haters

Voice of Choice

Wake shelter kills dog hours after TV appearance

When you interviewed and you KNEW you had the job (or you didn't), can you tell us about it?

All the Kochs' money and all the Kochs' men

Obama's Conservative Presidency: The Manchurian Candidate

Election Lesson: Republicans Learn That Americans Aren't Quite as Crazy as They Are:

Seaside Aquaculture and Owner Must Pay for Killing Protected Species

Seaside Aquaculture and Owner Must Pay for Killing Protected Species

Once-paralyzed Penn State athlete wins office in NJ as Dem

Where GOP candidates stand on Cain controversy

Those who have made the largest economic gains must suffer the largest economic contractions

MICHIGAN: Kids Speak Out On GOP Bill To Legalize Anti-Gay Bullying

I just don't understand people who don't vote.

Canada delivering Keystone XL pipes.

"Red Menace" (Mr. Fish)

What happened with the Harrasteroid*?

Call Out Their Names! The Black Caucus Roster of Shame

Here's a little update on Alaska's superstorm.

Obama Considered Cyber-Weapons Against Libya, Pakistan

$9M richer, informant unmasks himself at NY trial

Pentagon Debates Cyber-War Offense

State just announced they're dropping charges against Planned Parentood - in KS

Not to lower the level of discussion around here

Trial dates begin for OccupyRochester this morning...

How the GOP Became the Party of the Rich

Joan Baez inspired by Occupy Wall Street

Archaeologists uncover what is thought to be the first republican....

Nation-Wide Test of the Emergency Broadcast System - 2:00 p.m. today.

Question about OWS and papers being dropped from windows

The FEMA test is coming! nt

What caused the financial crisis? The Republican Big Lie goes viral.

Day after Ohio SB5 loses big time.....

(President) Graham Spanier likely out at Penn State TODAY

Ron Paul On Elizabeth Warren: 'She's A Socialist'

The 'March of the Stupid' is invading my state.

Lies & deceptions backfire: Arizona Senator Pearce DEFEATED!

(UK) Royal Mail postman failed to deliver 30,000 items of mail

Penn State to World: Bowl Bid more important that sexually abused children

Birth of an island - Undersea Volcano Now Just 70 Meters from Surface

Crippled Russian space probe ('most toxic falling satellite ever') could crash back to Earth

Wall Street bull survives attack by matador; clowns arrested


John "FOX Declares Bush The Winner!" Ellis is out at Business Insider.

Nationwide Test No Action Required

How the rich rig the system

College Grads Say Salary Is Less Important than Facebook Freedom at Work

Just want to ask a question

arizona made national history yesterday.

F18 hornets just flew over LA for Vets day ceremony. Almost blew out our eardrums

If The Major Banks Didn't Think Your Account Was Important To Them They'd...

TOON: Anarchy in the UK

Online Poll - Should Paterno be on the sidelines on Saturday?

I can hear Occupy Los Angeles from my desk!

Feelin the Love?

Beck tells listeners the 1st-ever test of the EAS is a way for the govt to take over radio/TV

Beck tells listeners the 1st-ever test of the EAS is a way for the govt to take over radio/TV

Was health care vote in Ohio a rebuke of Obama's healthcare plan?

My nominee for "The Most Ironic Headline of the Year" goes to...

Suppress This!

Wal-Mart Plans Ambitious Expansion Into Medical Care

"Do you think the millionaire ought to pay more in taxes than the bus driver?"

Is today's test a CONELRAD ALERT?!?

Working on a Financial Justice presentation for upcoming service I will lead at church...

A legal question

If US lands were divided like US wealth (picture)

If US lands were divided like US wealth (picture)

Russel Pearce recall

Man faces 5th OWI after 4 road rage attacks on pickup truck

Ohio, I'm seeing reports you voted to allow "Obamacare" to be abolished. Facts, please? Thanks.

Great news from OH:

Report: Penn State President Graham Spanier will resign or be fired

Emergency Broadcast test -- well, THAT was a waste.

Right-Wing Media Attack Obama For Acting To Prevent Prescription Drug Shortages

Am I the only one who didn't see the Emergency Broadcast test?

The Big Lie

Ryanair head wants to add porn to in-flight entertainment options

No republican sweep in Virginia statehouse?

Americans across the country are on the march!

One good reason for a politician to speak of himself in the third person

Sen. Franken delivers impassioned defense of ‘Net Neutrality’

Autistic brains are heavier, with more neurons: study

Remember Daniel Hernandez? (What You Missed: Election Night 2011)

WOW. Way to go Seattle City Council.

Stephen Colbert Gets Defensive On Behalf Of Burdened Millionaires

Yesterday's elections were just the first skirmish...

Pity Anyone Who Took The Tax Credit To Buy A House

Gingrich Admits Deregulation Of Wall Street In The ’90s Was ‘Probably A Mistake’

Rate yesterday's election result

Seven charged in malware-driven click fraud case

Limbaugh Admits Media Bias: "If it weren't for MSNBC there wouldn't be any liberal sound bites"

Cain accusers Bialek, Kraushaar planning joint news conference

$4.50 gas prices predicted next summer

Winds of Economic Change Blow Away College Degree: Peter Orszag

Racketeer Influenced And Corrupt Organizations (RICO)

Five Reasons Why Ron Paul is Insane

Tense reconciliation begins with Libya's Saharan tribes

Where can I find election results for North Carolina by party affiliation?

The installation of George W. Bush and Richard B. Cheney in 2000 was a coup.

"Be careful of what you wish for" Story: The Baggers Gone Wild and outta CONtrol from their origin-

America's Wasted, Disastrous Decade; A Blot on its History

College Football Can Afford to Come Down a Few Pegs

I hate this, but as revolution grows...we get the expected distraction

Author of Arizona Immigration Law Loses Recall Election

Was the Emancipation Proclamation an executive order?

BoA Dumps $75 Trillion In Derivatives On Taxpayers, Super Committee Looks Away. Seize BoA Now.

Today's WTF moment: Occupy Oakland to deposit $20K with Wells Fargo!!

Fox Wildly Inflates The Number Of Jobs Keystone XL Pipeline Might Create

Progressives kicked ass last night

Netanyahu: hero at home, pariah abroad

Cornell GLI (Global Labor Institute) Study Finds Keystone XL Pipeline Will Create Few Jobs

Incredible picture of the 100,000 KM cluster of sunspots currently active on the sun

Kasich union busting goes bust: Editorial cartoon

Sen. Franken delivers impassioned defense of ‘Net Neutrality’

In Ohio, who outspent whom?

In Ohio, who outspent whom?

Caught my cat doing this. May have to put him down.

How much you want to bet Uncle Ruckus will walk out of the debate...

A Rare Moment Of Emphatic Agreement Between DU and Freeperville - Paterno Must Go

Eddie Murphy Drops Out of Oscars Telecast - because of criticism over Ratner's anti-gay slur

After election defeat, Ohio gov. says it’s ‘time to pause’ anti-union efforts

GOP: Vote Like We Say Or Satan Wins

Real homophobes don't Google, By Mark Morford

Real homophobes don't Google, By Mark Morford


Washington election results: Voters approve liquor privatization plan

Is GOP tax plan a windfall for the rich?

Conservatives kill proposal to help Xmas tree industry help itself

Meta level....this is important...

Great news from MS:

ROMNEY's Net Worth Is $250 Million, WHINES That He Makes LESS Than FEDERAL EMPLOYEES

Herman Cain Claimed That A ‘Liberal Court’ Killed Jesus

Twitter CNBC to TELL THEM to remind the CONS in their Debate tonight that the top Income Tax Rate

U.S. hands massive base over to Iraq

Whoa! Check out this column from April 3, 2011: Sandusky a State secret

(UK) Dakota Fanning's 'Lolita' perfume ad for Marc Jacobs is banned for 'sexualising children'

Should there be a backup plan to nationalize the Big Banks?

I wonder if a teabagger could explain to me how this works...

Pull the damned bandaid off

Anyone have a link to the DU post from last week or two that was one paragraph

Italy Sparks Market Bloodbath: Financial Stocks Collapse

Martin Luther King Warns About The Consequences of Excessive Military Spending

Male Persuasion: Herman Cain's Website Calls Accuser Karen Kraushaar an 'Ugly Bitch'

Top Income Tax Rate was 91% during the 8 YEARS of the Republican Eisenhower terms,

Girl, 3, eats leftovers for 2 days after mom dies - police coax her 2 drag over table & unlock door

Mrs. Cain has postponed a Fox interview

Congressman Joe Walsh is a perfect example of how Republicans so not listen to people.

Al Franken: . .Net Neutrality Is Under Attack ... Again

Jefferson County (Ala) Files Biggest U.S. Municipal Bankruptcy

Evangelical response to my Facebook post...

Hack unlocks secret iPhone panorama camera mode

Rupert MURDOCH is a Tax Dodger

So how will Willard squirm out of supporting

Should Penn State forfeit the games they won while Sandusky worked there?

Time to smile (PIX)

Jerry Sandusky disappears from mural. Paterno remains

Reverse Citizens United

Conflict between Florida Highway Patrol and Miami PD gets, um, dirty

Christie was in NH Today With Romney -- Probably Wants VP Slot

Tokyo Starts Burning Radioactive Waste from Other Areas … Tokyo Governor Tells Residents to “Shut Up

When The 1% Attacks! Fat Cats Get Violent, Occupy DC Gets Blamed

Penn State scandal symptomatic of football economic monster

Hannity: Occupy Wall Street Protesters "Sound Like Skinhead Nazi Psychos"

Pentagon Regrowing Soldiers’ Muscles From Pig Cells

Presidential Candidates Explained Through Dungeons and Dragons Character Sheets

Aww, SHIT, Virginia! You went and did it! I'm now putting the VA Repub party HQ on my speed dial -

Case Closed: Woman who claimed she was raped at Occupy Cleveland camp refuses to prosecute

What channel is the teapublican debate on..

What channel is the teapublican debate on..

You have got to be kidding me - Tom Ridge running to replace Graham Spanier at PSU

You have got to be kidding me - Tom Ridge running to replace Graham Spanier at PSU

Virginia elections may be a warning sign for Obama

A week or so ago, I had to shelve going to a Halloween party hosted by two of my favorite people

Tonight on Countdown: Sen.Kyrsten Sinema, Van Jones

I just realized something important...

Russia Dismisses Calls for New U.N. Sanctions on Iran

Dennis Kucinich email: "Congratulations! We Did It!"

Little town in northern MI supports teh gays!!1!!

Tried to move my money but local community bank said no.

D'OH! Republican debate at a college I attended...

Van Jones on Countdown w/Keith now

Did anyone post this? ‘Family Circus’ creator Bil Keane dies at 89

Creepy republican Poindexter is creeping me out. He's behind the freakshow moderatons.

Limbaugh links Dems to Penn State scandal. But Rick Santorum once lauded Jerry Sandusky

Freepers are using this quote from Obama to fund raise, because it's apparently horrible.

TOM THE DANCING BUG: Look What Happens When You Over-Tax the Job-Creators!

The Corporatization of Breast Cancer

What time is the circus, a.k.a. Republican debate? n/t

John Boehner’s “Job-Creatin’ Fifteen” Bills: An Overview

Just made my 2nd trip to the local Target,,,,

Watching local Faux News to see what their political coverage is...

OccupyAustin will be livestreaming a speech by David Graeber At 7pm ct

Cain cheered when M.B. asked about the allegations!

Freak storm in Alaska

bush/cheney and the troops: Remains of war dead dumped in landfill

Congressman Denny Rehberg Proposes Jesus Statue Land Swap

Jerry Sandusky Ice Cream Yanked on Website (Sandusky Blitz)

Repuke Joe Walsh is on "Psycho Talk."

Rochester is by no means Detroit!

The Hangover: One Year After Electing GOP, Voters Reject Their Ideas

So does the POLICE GPS shit mean I can put a GPS tracker on their damn squad cars?

So does the POLICE GPS shit mean I can put a GPS tracker on their damn squad cars?

Most media stories are about Paterno; not Sandusky. Living near PSU, it seems that way,

Perry just answered a question that wasn't asked

Seems some of the Cain accusers worked for the fed government. One complained 3 yrs after the

So, the leader of Germany calls for "a breakthrough to a new Europe."

Olbermann online - Current TV link anyone?

"Daddy, please buy me a homeless man I can make fun of."

THIS IS NOT AN ENDORSEMENT! What is the opinion of Buddy Roemer?

Very Sobering Charts (re: unemployment)

Very Sobering Charts (re: unemployment)

m$ headline: Cain gets wild cheers at GOP debate

Wow.Perry just began to boast about killing 3 Fed agencies, named two, could not name the third.

It's the Emergency Alert!!!! aaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

PETA plans turkey-dog crossbreed billboard in Tulsa

Houseless man explains how Occupy Atlanta changed his Life.

Police Remove Suspicious Pen-Like Object from Assabet High Entrance

I could be wrong, but I think this is photoshopped. Wha'ddya think? Get your cellphones out ...

Greg Palast: It's always about the oil - except when it's about the uranium.

Wave of Corruption Sweeps Over NYPD

Voters Show Discomfort Supporting Religious Diversity

Why Mitt Romney's Entitlement-Privatization Plan Is Crazy

Larry Kudlow on Rick Perry's performance: "I was cringing".....

Larry Kudlow on Rick Perry's performance: "I was cringing".....

Lawrence O'Donnell MSNBC reporting on Perry epic melt down, right now. n/t

US Congress proposes voluntary air cargo screening

How Soon Before Cain's Accusers Start Getting Death Threats?

Rick Perry Bobbleheads... only $8.99!

Did someone at the debate say the word "shit"?

Looks like Perry is done. Kudlow comes on praising Cain.

Looks like Perry is done. Kudlow comes on praising Cain.

Question about history?

Baggers looking to back Hunstman...realize extremism is a huge turn off.

Police in riot gear move in as UC Berkeley students attempt to set up an "Occupy Cal" camp - pics

Michael Moore on O'Donnell right now.

According to Fox, there wasn't a debate tongitht...

I hope that Cain doesn't quit...

The Columbus Dispatch, Wednesday November 9, 2011

Occupy Wall Street’ protesters embark on long march to Washington, D.C.

Bernie Sanders and Maxine Waters

Did anyone else hear what David Gregory just said on Today?

Perry just couldn't answer a question he asked himself.

Perry vows to dismantle the EPA.

The GOP debates have become a parody of themselves.

What Perry and Cain said AFTER tonight's GOP debate .........

Anybody watching the debate? They just played a few moments on Anderson Cooper's show. The

Anybody watching the debate? They just played a few moments on Anderson Cooper's show. The

CNBC Debate Anchor Challenges Herman Cain Over ‘Princess Nancy’ Comment Given Recent Scandal - VIDEO

CNBC Debate Anchor Challenges Herman Cain Over ‘Princess Nancy’ Comment Given Recent Scandal - VIDEO

Guardian UK: European debt crisis spiralling out of control

Self-deleted by member

Perry fans, fear not. "It was a stumble of style, not of substance." Bwwhahahaha

another caption? from tonight's debate

Help Nancy get her Gavel BONER outta there...get the Baggers while we at it

Herman Cain did not pick these women because they were attractive only, he had some success

NORML Attorneys File Lawsuits Against the Federal Government

To those who keep saying John Huntsman will be the GOP nominee...

Play him off, Keyboard Cat

Country Music Stars Opinions of The Gay

Jon Stewart is off the hook...........OMG.

Slippery Mitt

Syrian Soldiers Joining Armed Resistance (video at link)

When the "Tea Party" first started, it was up for grabs.

Supreme Court debates GPS Tracking Case. Breyer: '1984' Scenario

Local nooz reporting Paterno has been canned

a question about Korea

Nationwide General Strike Called for November, 28

Mike Tyson as Herman Cain = LOL

Who's this guy kickin' A on Big Ed (rerun?)? I agree with every word he says about Paterno.

Controversial Kansas church plans demonstration at (Penn State)

Happening right now in Douma (A suburb of Damascus)

Penn State BOT press conference coming up at 10 eastern -- speculation that Paterno will be fired

Please join me in thanking Wisconsin and Occupy for tonight's triumphs

Rick Perry is Toast. Couldn't name three government agencies he wanted to shut down.

Facebook link: The Power of Words.

MSNBC just said Newt has risen in the polls - third place behind

Alaska Superstorm Stats and Update w/video

Occupy MN 11/11/11 Armistice and Veterans Day Vigil. Calling on Vets to stay the night

Caption this pic from the debate

Top Perry Fundraiser Calls Perry Campaign 'Over'

Paterno Fired

Jon Stewart Comes Up With A Very Good Reason Why Cain Should Take A Lie Detector Test - VIDEO

Somalia famine baby back from brink of death

Cool quantum levitation presentation on Stephen Colbert!

So Limpballs is linking Dems to the Penn State scandal and Issa...

I hung out with the 1% tonight...

Anyone else following this freakshow on TweetThePress?

Anyone else following this freakshow on TweetThePress?

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers Check In!!

Have fun- My paper wants YOUR opinion on tonight's debate winner

Freepers think Obama is scared of losing Black Vote to Herman Cain

An All-American Nightmare: This is what defeat looks like

Silicon Valley fights to keep its diversity data secret

Why does everyone maintain that the Tea Party is astroturf?

Italy's debt crisis: 10 reasons to be fearful

TPM: Ex-SC GOP Official Calls Pelosi C-Word On Twitter, Tells TPM It Was A Joke

Top 4 Lowlights of the Repub Debate.

Fannie Mae loss widens, asks taxpayers for $7.8B

Cain’s Lawyer on Accusing: ‘Think Twice’

It is quite possible the global economy is on the verge of collapse...

CNN now .... PSU students gathering and chanting .....

Virginia GOP won’t share power in split Senate; Lt. Gov. Bolling to cast deciding vote for control

Virginia GOP won’t share power in split Senate; Lt. Gov. Bolling to cast deciding vote for control

Boy they won't take to the streets against Wall St. or even vote, BUT

Fallujah Veteran: 'I Served The 1%'

Regarding Senate Judiciary Committee: S.598, Respect for Marriage Act (the repeal of DOMA)

What happened to this country? Fox News?

Head on collision: 1959 Chevy Bel Air vs 2009 Chevy Malibu

Can you imagine Joe Paterno trying to recruit your All State all star high school senior son?

OccupyCal (Berkeley) under attack.

OWS members leave Zuccotti Park and begin a highway hike to Washington, D.C. - pics

The Concerned Women for America’s War on Diapers

For Every Woman Herman Cain Harassed, There Were Thousands He Didn’t (VIDEO)

Stop beating students! Stop beating students!

Stop beating students! Stop beating students!

Jeremy Scahill: We watch young people in Egypt protest to bring down dictator. Now, world sees young

There is also a MURDER in the Pedo State University mess

There is also a MURDER in the Pedo State University mess

There is also a MURDER in the Pedo State University mess

Tinfoil momemt....on the tea party

Woman Gets Fired for Publishing Cute Photos of Dogs Scheduled to Be Killed

For the first time in 75 years, an entire genus of mammal is on the brink of extinction

Wednesday Toon Roundup 2- Republicant's

Wednesday Toon Roundup 1- OWS

Test Shows Most Store Honey Isn't Honey

Little Dresses for Africa - Do you know the basics of sewing?

Greenpeace puts HP, Dell, Nokia, and Apple at the top of this year's "Green tech" list

Greenpeace puts HP, Dell, Nokia, and Apple at the top of this year's "Green tech" list

I believe Mississippi deserves a shout out.

Here it is - TPM's GOP Debate in 100 Seconds....

Tea Party: 'Occupy' protesters are 'mad at the wrong people'

Today is Carl Sagan Day!


Get a What? A Job? 70% of Occupy Wall Streeters are Employed, Compared to 56% of Tea Partiers

Julian Assange vs Mark Zuckerberg

Occupy XMAS

What the Bible really says about gays

Some very good charts from Rolling Stone

US drone strikes are as “scandalous” as Cambodia bombing during Vietnam War

Newt just lost the college...

Why couldn't the Penn State Board of Trustees let it go?

Why couldn't the Penn State Board of Trustees let it go?

Penn State Students Gather On Campus In Protest

Penn State Students Gather On Campus In Protest

Saw an awesome bumper sticker tonight...

Wednesday TOON roundup, the rest (part 3)

Progressives Win Big In Ballot Measures Nationwide - Amanda Terkel

Big Tuesday at the Atman household.

U.S. Government Confirms Link Between Earthquakes and Hydraulic Fracturing

Why the price of gas will remain high so long as Repubs control Congress?

Why so many debates?

I'm Pro Life

Why does no reporter confront Cain about his poor management of Godfather's Pizza?

Through the looking glass, occupy san diego

Occupy Henry Kissinger At NY Historical Society to remind us the hippies were RIGHT, Vietnam was BS

In Case You Haven't Seen This Yet (1 min, 32 sec)...

Labor's Revenge

In defense of Obama, Congressional Dems and Blue Dogs...

Is It True That If We Click On Side Ads DU Gets Paid?

Occupy Wall Street Now Occupying Courtrooms With First Amendment Lawsuits

Our eldest son...

Andy Rooney's College Roommate Dies At Memorial Luncheon

Sacramento running out of time for costly fixes on aging sewers

Anyone want to guess who our FRiends think won the Debate tonight?

Beware Your Partner's Sudden Interest in Fitness

Colbert Platinum - Wealth Under Siege (6:42 video) He's in top form on this one:

Christmas is Once Again Safe from Obama ! Thanks, Right Wing !

Christmas is Once Again Safe from Obama ! Thanks, Right Wing !

Orlando cuts part-time Amway Center workers as jobs are privatized

About to watch the Repub debate

Anyone watching Rachel Maddow?

Paul Ryan and now Newt both say the repeal of Glass Steigal was bad. Only took

Okay this totally chaps my ass...

Teacher loses tenure for calling her 1st grade students "future criminals"

Occupiers Have Left The Building, er, Park! The trek from NYC to DC begins...

Occupiers Have Left The Building, er, Park! The trek from NYC to DC begins...

High Bank Fees Give Wal-Mart a Money Aisle

High Bank Fees Give Wal-Mart a Money Aisle

Alas... There Is No Joy In Freeperville Tonight... (For Those Who Dare)

OccupyOakland Statement on Temporary Deposit of 20K Funds @ Wells Fargo!

Paterno and his cohorts had a choice.

the republicans are so sick and twisted, cain could still get the nomination.

The use of the CIA's drone attacks brings criticism of the President

I bring you good news from Montgomery County, PA!

What is OWS really about? Class Consciousness, in a nutshell

Oakland merchants say sales slump by half amid Occupy protests

Oakland merchants say sales slump by half amid Occupy protests

We still haven't seen the GOP candidate on stage.

Bill Moyers: "Mystified, Puzzled, Vexed, Curious, Troubled, Astounded & Dumbfounded"

If you lack health insurance, go to an airport....

Country Music Awards crowd gives Hank Williams Jr. a standing ovation

I'M SICK OF IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

RIP Smokin' Joe Frazier

Jesus, when they said Rick Perry was GWB with out the brain power, I did not think it was possib...

Republicans have created a FRANKENSTEIN !

holy crap i got a job!

I have never seen this happen in Fresno, CA before. 4th night Occupiers are Arrested

Message to the Teabagger/FReepers. You have LOST the WAR.

Disappointed that the Democratic candidate for MS governor supported the Personhood amendment.

The World Is Revolting Against the US Economic and Business Model: A Call to Action

Surfer rides 90 foot wave (World Record)

Dog to be put down for attacking cat

Brutal, Brutal Mr. Fish Toon (warning graphic)

Rick Perry Gay Rumors Posts Get Blogger Banned From SF Chronicle

Education reform group asks for personnel file of teacher/blogger who opposes them.

Busted! Two New Fed GPS Trackers Found on SUV

Is it crazy to have big dreams in 2011??? Hopes and Dreams of a better future.

Is it crazy to have big dreams in 2011??? Hopes and Dreams of a better future.

Poor homes to get $10 cable broadband next year

Hey, JoePa. The end of the season is too fucking late.

"Princess Nancy"? - excuse me Mr. Cain? - How Dare You!


In Sweden, a generation of kids who've never been spanked

World headed for irreversible climate change in five years, IEA warns

Miss Representation to be re-aired this Saturday on OWN.

"The Tea Party loves crazy more than they hate blacks, and I'm crazier than a shithouse rat"

***** Seasonal Contest Preliminary Polls***** Subject: "SCENES OF AUTUMN" - Poll 1 please vote

***** Seasonal Contest Preliminary Polls***** Subject: "SCENES OF AUTUMN" Poll 2 please vote-

***** Seasonal Contest Preliminary Polls***** Subject:"Scenes of Autumn" Poll 3 Please vote

Attended a gathering with some of the 1% last night at the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts

Somthing for the Occupy Crowd, and for the rest of us.....

Tarantula hawk?

Okay, so far Obama is leading with one vote over none for Republicans.

If the Republican primary were today, and you had to vote, who would you vote for?

Now People of Walmart has a song.

Barrel Racer: Fort Dodge, Kansas by Becky Kleinfelter

Re: the movie "Martha Marcie Mae Marlene" - do such "families" really exist?

3-2-1-Launch Puma!

Does size matter in an election?

DU Nude Pudding Hot Tub Party

DU Nude Pudding Hot Tub Party

Cup runneth over

Update: Eddie Murphy out as Oscar host

If the Democratic primary were held today, who would you vote for?

Why am I just now hearing about

Can you make a sex toy out of Lego?

"Sex toy" is the phrase for today. Modify a thread title to include "sex toy".

What part of the CAIN TRAIN are YOU on?

Stuff other people do that creeps you out? I can't stand to see someone

Cathedral Rock, Sedona, Arizona

DU Nude Turkey Plucking and Stuffing Party

Black Canyon of the Gunnison River, Coloradoby Laura Hodge

True love ways

Robertson Tells Woman Who Can't Pay Mortgage She Must Keep Tithing In Order To Receive God's Blessin

Sandusky, Ohio to change its name

Whew...thank goodness that was only a test of the EAS,

No drinks or pretzels served on this flight

I might have the best sister on the planet

Magic of the night


Placid Awe - Tornado, Colorado - Zachary Caron

I don't think it is fair Australia gets cute possums and the US gets meth head possums.

When dealing with AT&T U-verse tech support, be persistent...

From early on, Li'l MFM displayed what would become a lifelong resentment towards physical hygiene.

The next Karate Kit

OK, OK... I'll give you one last shotgun.

Seven Bar Jokes Involving Grammar and Punctuation

Yo, DU alcoholics, if I have a recipe

well, its a marvelous night

On the death of Bil Keane

I don't know where to post this, but let me tell you good people.

DU Nude Furniture Stripping and Painting Party


It's not a conspiracy theory if they're really out to get you. Be prepared is all I'm sayin'...

Who is up for a ride? I certainly am!!

House update: Full of pictures. (Serious Dial up warning!)

I cannot tell the Jonestown Guyanna joke.

Will Pitt's 40th Birthday today...

PHOTO: As a child, MiddleFingerMom took life in stride...except when it came to his pumpkins.

Russian man kept 29 corpses in his home dressed as life-size dolls.

There are so many deeply distressing stories in the news today. Tell us a joke to ease the burden.

Glen Canyon by Nivo Rasko

Got me some dogie love at the barber shop today.

It's... ... ... ... ... ... it's full of stars!!!!!

Another reason for the massive failure of the MFM daycare center....

Butch is still haunted by the fact that he never won a staredown contest with Ms. Bunny Foo-Foo.

A new superhero. His theme song (to the tune of "Mighty Mouse")? "Here I come, you've made my day!"

Post a video that will make someone smile or laugh

Bil Keane, creator of comic strip Family Circus, dies at 89

The Kitten Covers: Albums re-imagined with cats!

Ridley Scott's "Prometheus": The kind-of, sort-of, not-really-but-in-fact-is prequel to "Alien"

Urgent assistance needed with a domestic matter.

DU Nude Hot Oil Twister Game Party

yes. Son -- you called?

Anybody here willing to translate a German document for me?

World Series of Poker

You folks laugh it off, but I believe there's bizarre, even DANGEROUS shit going on at Kali's ranch.

Taylor Swift, congratulations well deserved.

What was your least fav. after school activity. I hated piano. Which my

Mortuary services and the poor

Jesus. Has the lounge turned into the forum where people bored

Anyone seen "Deadwood"? Is it any good?

Arizonans oust immigration firebrand Russell Pearce

Mississippi Votes Down Amendment To Define Personhood At Fertilization

F.C.C. Push to Expand Net Access Gains Help

After firebomb, French newspaper fires back with Muslim ‘love’ cartoon cover

Rick Perry Gay Rumors Posts Get Blogger Banned From SF Chronicle

Syria opposition leaders set upon in Cairo

Phobos-Grunt Mars probe loses its way just after launch

Author of Arizona immigration law Pearce loses recall fight

Virginia elections may be a warning sign for Obama

Researcher: (Keystone XL) Pipeline jobs claim overstated

Hill defeats Losurdo in bid to keep Wake school board seat

World headed for irreversible climate change in five years, IEA warns

Stprm begins to whip Western Alaska coast

Russia rules out new Iran sanctions over nuclear report

Six in 10 Support Policies Addressing Income Inequality (ABC/WashPost Poll)

Election Results **The Victory Fund** Historic LGBT Elections across the Nation.

When you are on a medication regimen, what do you say you are doing?

Joe Walsh (R) Meltdown: Screams At Constituents, 'Don't Blame Banks'

Carl Sagan would be 77 today. Post a video or quote from him that inspires you.

Ed Lee takes large early lead in mayor's race (San Francisco)

Toyota recalls 550,000 cars for steering issue

Iran Escalates Anti-U.S. Rhetoric Over Nuclear Report

London, Ont., police remove Occupy protesters' tents

Ahmadinejad: Iran won't retreat from nuclear path

Fewer CA kids overweight, but Bay Area struggles

Minn. and Wis. legislators urge Congress to vote against St. Croix bridge

Protection costs for Walker, Kleefisch more than double

Democrats Expand Their Hold on New Jersey Legislature, Despite Christie’s Efforts

Penn State president Graham Spanier told by board of trustees: quit or be fired

Senate bill powers up state online sales taxes

Labor's Revenge

Sick in U.S. more likely to skip care than elsewhere

Italy Bond Attack Breaches Euro Defenses, Contagion Worsens

Occupy Houston protesters arrested

Wealthy Borrowers Qualify for Low-Income Loans

Alaska militia member had documents on bombs, poison(ricin)

Idaho lawyer gets 50 years in wife's murder plot

Worker says he was fired from supermarket chain because he is Muslim

DA Who Refused To Prosecute Sandusky In '98 Missing Since '05

Candidates Question Ethics of Campaign Robo-Calls

City moves to toss Occupy Detroit from Grand Circus Park

Obama Administration to Delay New 15-Cent Christmas Tree ‘Fee’

Obama Executive Order Will Cut Government Spending, Waste

Jefferson County (AL)Commission votes 4-1 to file nation's largest municipal bankruptcy

Supreme Court skeptical of California's slaughterhouse rule

Penn State President Graham Spanier will quit or be fired today

EURO GOVT-Italian 10-year yields hit 7 percent

Feds announce probe of Penn State abuse case

Adobe abandons mobile Flash development, report says

U.S. Indicts 7 in Online Ad Fraud Scheme

Joe Paterno Fired, Tom Bradley Named Penn State Interim Coach, According To Report

Joe Paterno fired along with Penn State president Graham Spanier

(MI State) Rep. Paul Scott (R-Grand Blanc) recalled, concedes defeat

State Dept eyes rerouting Keystone XL pipeline

Penn State Students Gather On Campus In Protest

Lawmaker: Amtrak can keep Northeast Corridor line

Occupy Protesters Inject Income Inequality Into Political Debate

Mexican drug wars beset by systematic torture and killings, report finds

Occupy Oakland members vote to deposit $20,000 with Wells Fargo

Blast hits gas pipeline between Egypt, Jordan, Israel

Romney campaign: Personhood a state call

UC campus police move in on UC student protesters

Tokyo Police Investigate Olympus Accounting

Syrian soldiers defecting in increasing numbers - UN

Economics: GOP candidates would flunk Econ 101

Second Solyndra Loan Discussed With Energy Dept., E-Mail Suggests

Parker avoids runoff, Stardig, Jones not so lucky (Parker openly gay mayor of Houston)

Berkeley leaders refuse mutual aid agreements (with OPD)

GOP lawmakers want out of tax pledge

Fossil Fuel Subsidies Six Times More Than Renewable Energy

(D-Ne) Nelson: Don't wait on feds to change (Keystone XL) pipeline route

Exclusive: French, Germans explore idea of core euro zone

Perry Can't Remember Which Government Department He Would End


AP Exclusive: Accuser filed complaint in next job

Senate panel passes Postal Service overhaul bill

U.S. launches dumping probe into China solar panels

Scorned Penn State coach painted out of campus mural

Sunday alcohol sales prove popular with most voters

Sheriff Confirms ‘Occupy San Diego’ Protesters Forced to Urinate, Defecate in Bus

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday, November 9, 2011

(N Dakota) House: UND may drop Fighting Sioux

Blogger murdered and beheaded in Nuevo Laredo

Judge Tosses Charges in Kansas Abortion Case

Cable companies to offer $9.95 broadband for poor homes

First nationwide Emergency Alert System test hits a few glitches

First nationwide Emergency Alert System test hits a few glitches

Wall Street plunges as European debt plight worsens

Complaint alleges Jimmy John’s employees threatened, terminated for union related activities

Thousands march in student protest over university fees - London

Experts question shooting of Occupy Oakland filmer

Joe Paterno, Graham Spanier out

Walmart Wants To Be Nation's Biggest Primary Care Provider

'Family Circus' creator Bil Keane dies at 89

Question about a vintage credenza