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Local Artist Targets Wall Street

Occupy Oakland: second Iraq war veteran injured after police clashes

Will The U.S. Military Leave Iraq?

Everything went downhill when she asked the cop to arrest her mailbox

Songs of Labor and Other Poems by Morris Rosenfeld

The Republican plan to tax the middle class and give the rich what they want

Maybe the entire Oakland PD should be shipped to Afghanistan where they can defend democracy ...

Maybe the entire Oakland PD should be shipped to Afghanistan where they can defend democracy ...



Occupy Philly protests fund-raiser for Romney

WOW! Nancy "D.W.T.S. N*pple Slip" Grace is on VERDICT WATCH for the Michael Jackson trial!

Nation’s oldest Catholic newspaper retracts column saying devil may control gays

Occupy' Movement Threat Level Elevated to 'High' for November 5th Weekend

#Occupy is about problem identification and solution. Oakland has been identified.

David Cameron: 'British economy is getting worse as euro crisis goes unresolved'

AP: U.S. Military Veterans Heed Occupy Rallying Cry

Occupy San Diego needs SHOES.

Occupy Mobile: Occupy Wall Street movement begins its second occupation of Mobile on Saturday

Republicans believe government and the economy are self-regulating.

Vice President Biden: 'Refuse to take no for an answer'

I just sent this email to the White House..

Bank Transfer Day, Move to Constitutional Amendment Intensifies

Up with Chris Hayes -nice discussion on OWS

Dup thread-Up w/ Chris Hayes

Propaganda is Getting Thick in the UAE: Website Calls for Pledge of Allegiance to Shk. Khalifa

What the EU has done for workers' rights in the UK...

Jesse Ventura, miffed by court, says he's off to Mexico

Admit it...Obama has been such a colossal disappointment...

Cain was against the Federal Law barring Sexual Harrassment.

I just heard Bill O'Reilly explain what it means to be a patriot. Can someone explain it to me?

Occupy The Kochs throws down the class warfare gauntlet in D.C.

Top GOP senators press Pentagon on what ‘devastating’ defense cuts would mean

Why I am not disappointed in Barack Obama

Post office explosion was popping light bulb

A Machiavellian model for Obama

Berkshire Profit Declines 24% on Buffett's Derivative Bets

Toon: Hey Baby...

Andy Rooney is dead at the age of 92.

Greek PM Papandreou's Used Threat of Referendum to Subdue the Opposition

Fracking check list

Fox Hunt today!!

Contrary to popular belief, there is a protest in SC, #occupyColumbia

Why Bank Transfer Day (Today) Is Only the Beginning of Something Huge

Occupy Chicago: November 5th Bank Transfer Day

Someone convinced LA Times not to describe Vanderboegh as a Fox News "commentator"

(((PIC))) Happy Bank Transfer Day!

Tonight's "debate" should be a real giggle-fest

You can help defeat SB5 in Ohio! Stand up for worker rights!!!

Immigration bill (E-verify) splits House GOP

ANOTHER war vet hospitalized by Oakland police

Should We Blame Technology for High Unemployment?

My DREAM Supreme Court Nominee is on UP with Chris Hayes.

Did you ever notice...?

Biden: GOP Should 'Stop Worrying About Their Jobs And Start Worrying About Yours'

Four killed after bombs target Iraq Sunni militia

It is a crime in Florida for a teacher to help students register to vote

Hold WE Energy accountable for spilling coal ash in Lake Michigan

So They Are Saying That Cain Dodged A Bullet On This Sexual Harrasment Charge.....

Fight or Flight: Meet the Residents Taking on Gas Drillers, and Those Packing Their Bags

Everbody Needs Toucan Stubs

Giuliani and "Obama Owns Occupy Wall Street".

Rachel deconstructs KochCain

The 1% is everywhere....

bless me DU'ers for I have sinned

Why is James Okeefe on C-Span?

Why is James Okeefe on C-Span?

US reconsiders, now says it's not really OK to lie to reporters

Romney to Privatize Medicare

"it only matters when its consensual"

Personhood Amend in MS a real danger to WOMEN's Rights!


Blue collar whites in Pennsylvania back Occupy Wall Street

The REAL face of fracking. What it does to a neighborhood.. (AlterNet)

Loudoun County Republican wants voters to stand with Soviet communists

Loudoun County Republican wants voters to stand with Soviet communists

TD Bank just made it easier to close my account after more than a decade.

(Michigan) Senate passes ‘license to bully’ legislation

OK, explain this to me like I'm an idiot, I may be over-thinking this one.

We are funding our own demise...

Woods' ex-caddie Williams stuns guests at dinner with vile outburst

There's No Way Like the American Way

Where Does “Occupy Wall Street” Go From Here?

Bill Clinton's selective memory: Gringrich and pubs took the House in '94.

NAEP: A flawed benchmark producing the same old story

The 1% ers will LOSE because "Government is based on the consent of the governed"...

Biggest spike ever in global warming gases: U.S.

Treasonous Republicans Kill Jobs And Betray The American People

Anyone know of a good airpot other than an expensive bunn?

@Alaa blog updated from detention.

Texas Gun Instructor’s Ad Leads to State Inquiry-Would not teach Muslims or Obama voters

Don't take the bait on anything that will turn discussion to 49.5% vs 49.5%-It is an a distraction

Happy bank transfer day

Rep. Joe Walsh gets pro-family award despite owing $117k in child support

Rep. Joe Walsh gets pro-family award despite owing $117k in child support

Boost Wifi with a beer can

Boost Wifi with a beer can

Occupy my wallet

The World in 2100: Ten Billion People, No Oil and Not Enough Food

Next Phase: Move Your County, City Money

Mitt Romney, Flip Flopping where no-one has Flip Flopped before

Money going to profit is money TAKEN from PATIENT CARE.

"not another nickel! Not another dime!

Occupy London Statement on Today’s March

Greed is Good! Romney-Gekko 2012

Greed is Good! Romney-Gekko 2012

TARGET targets the 1%. (a small rant)

Who is OWS?

Who is OWS?

How would you feel about socialized risk for small businesses?

Who Is Keeping Track Of Bank Tranfer Day TRANSFERS

Mother of 9-year-old Iraqi suicide bomber arrested

Something I Always Thought About Re: The White House

Great lines from "60 Minutes" commentator Andy Rooney

Amazon reviewer "Alan F. Sewell" likes the TRUTHINESS regarding Iraq in Condi's new book, but...

Pakistan Carts Its Nukes Around In Delivery Vans

Google may dump Chamber of Commerce over ‘Protect IP’ bill

Who Rules America: Wealth, Income, and Power

Help out OccupyWashingtonDC: here's their wish list.

Help out OccupyWashingtonDC: here's their wish list.

Hasn't Mexico suffered enough?!1 Jesse VENTURA applying for MX citizenship

Calling on new boycott of Raley's supermarkets. Screwing over retirees

13 Observations made by Lemony Snicket while watching Occupy Wall Street from a Discreet Distance

There is no such thing as unregulated capitalism.

Any politician who has a goal of raising one billion dollars for a campaign is disconnected

For anyone who caught the CME post on Zerohedge yesterday its been updated.

#Occupy and The Crab Bucket.

Huff Post 11-4-11: "Cities Can 'Move Our Money" and "Keep It Local":

Huff Post 11-4-11: "Cities Can 'Move Our Money" and "Keep It Local":

Remember, remember the 5th of November:

Fraud Case Seen as a Red Flag for Psychology Research

Floods drown hi-tech plants

Shuster slams Michigan Republicans for making school bullying easier

The "cult" Of Grover Norquist

Occupy San Diego pushes vendors to return

Why haven't people called the Chamber of Commerce the Business Union

"Move Your Money" advice/question. Help please!

Stray Flotilla Tweet Raises Questions About OWS

Richmond, VA Photographer Arrested For Trespass on Public Street

What is the "Wireless Fairness Act, HR 1002" ?

French ‘Occupy’ movement gets off to a slow start

Jon Stewart - Men Not at Work

The Good Fight (Round 2)

Hey Mayor Bloomberg! No, GSE's did NOT cause the financial meltdown - according to data

The 8 differences between the tea party and Occupy Wall Street...

Italian left in large anti-Berlusconi rally

How horrible! Atheist objects to religious messages being included in gifts to kids around the world

CIA monitoring Twitter, Facebook for intel and tips

Inflation is a by-product of Capitalism

Greenwald: "The drone mentality" (with an OWS connection)

Jimmy, Rosalyn Carter arrive next week to help the poor

“The Murdoch press are an absolute disgrace, they are a threat to democracy"

“The Murdoch press are an absolute disgrace, they are a threat to democracy"

$1.3 Trillion Dollars (more) For 7 P-8A Aircraft

Rubio and Scott duck Florida's first tea party convention. Activist: "It's ... a slap in the face."


Pentagon Wants Military Tribunal to Hide that Defendant Will Not be Freed if Found Innocent

Answers to the Friday Afternnon Challenge PLUS a bonus round question!

The "job creators" have enjoyed...

News Corp Starts Site To Compensate Victims — If They Supply All Their Personal Info

Syria accuses U.S. of 'blatant interference'

Pictures..closing accounts...

Guns, God, Glory. Restore The Republic! Elect Ron Paul 2012.

So Cain And Gingrich Are Recreating The Lincoln-Douglas Debates

Did you remember the 5th of November? Check in here if you socked it to a Big Bank today

Did Herman Cain cancel his campaign yet?

surprise! surprise! Lawmakers aim to stop Pentagon cuts if deficit panel fails

More consumers leaving big banks for credit unions

More consumers leaving big banks for credit unions

EU: we'll make UK cut bank bonuses

Renewed Eruptions at El Hierro in the Canary Islands

KY GOPer: I’m Not Criticizing Hindus — I’m Inviting Them To ‘Love And Know Jesus’

Hundreds Switch to Long Island Credit Unions

You know what? FUCK the troops! (from a vet)

Why we cannot underestimate Cain or Perry

Losing Republican Contenders Will Vanish into Obscurity

How to Take Back Our Political System From the 1%

Some thoughts on China and OWS

Quite a Brew-Ha-Ha at Cobble Hill Success Academy Charter School Meeting

THE HILL: "Disputes over tighter Voting Procedures grows as...

I'm not going to the concert tonight (x/p from DKOS)

In Exile on Wall Street

Open letter to maddezmom: How fucking DARE you?

Insult Comic Dog does Occupy Wall Street

How many millionaires in Congress? How many millionaires in America?

***Most of the unemployed no longer receive benefits***

It's all about Perspective.

The 99%ers versus the 1% -- A fair fight, right?

Law Enforcement ... a poll

George Lakoff's speech to Occupy Los Angeles was great -- really positive and inspiring.

Paul Ryan Keeps Pretending Imaginary Health Care Plan Is Real

Any news on Anonymous' actions today?

Bank Transfer Day: North Jersey FCU Reports ‘Lines of People’

Robert Parry: End of the Reagan Narrative?

The One Percent Scrambles to Maintain Profits – and Order

If Rep. Steven King isn't part of the Cain/Gingrich "debate"...

If Libya was progressive, prosperous and advanced compared to any nation in Africa or Eastern Europe

Ultimate success for the ‘Turkish model’ is good for Russia as well

DNA Exonerations Continue, but Not for One Man

Italy protesters rally against Berlusconi

Ken O'Keefe, Gulf war combat vet, on the record...

If peaceful protests ALWAYS, work,

Herman Cain / Newt Gingrich DEBATE starts at 8pm ET

BofA customers defecting, poll shows

Cain doesn't know what "Defined Benefit Plan" means?

It just doesn't get more symbolic than this

Anyone else switched to a credit union or community bank today?

Join Me For A Discussion on Corporate Welfare.

DNC faith director now claims he never signed pro-same-sex-marriage pledge that has his name on it

Chaos in Greece amid battle to form a 'government of national salvation'

Rape victim: Cardinal makes ‘me feel like I’m a baby killer’ --just plain sickening

Our leaders of tomorrow -- UCLA students quizzed on the MIddle East

Penn St ex-coach, others charged in child sex case

Best way to date a Republicant

Watching these 2 GOP clowns jacking each other at the teabag convention is really exciting isn't it?

Car Rams Protestors at OccupyDC

How To #OccupyWallStreet From Home (This is excellent)

8 Quick Ways To Differentiate Between The Tea Party And #OccupyWallStreet

An interesting distinction

Even if "get a job-ers" were right, they are missing the point

GOP candidate attacks dem on not standing up for vets in mailer--using a Soviet Officers photo!

Quite a Brew-Ha-Ha at Cobble Hill Success Academy Charter School Meeting

Who won tonight's Cain-Gingrich debate?

NOV 8th-10th: Minnesota Move to Amend Corporate Personhood Tour

I had to unfriend someone today because of his ignorant view of OWS...

So- can we call him Herman Koch-Cain now???

Today on FB I posted a challenge to those of my family and friends who still support the GOP...

Texas Censors Science

"Two of the Top Three Candidates"?

On CNN now LIVE: After the debate, at press conference, Cain got testy with reporters

Giuliani mocks unemployed at Koch Bros. summit: "How about you occupy a job. How about working? "

Stiglitz: The Globalization of Protest

Hundreds of Libyan prisoners frees (BBC video)

Phoenix nun excommunicated over abortion decision speaks out

Drug overdose death at Occupy vancouver. Rest in peace young lady.

One (small) sucky thing about my credit union...

Occupy Philly Marches To Romney Fundraiser And Holds Its Own ‘Photo-Op’ With Picture Of Mitt

Mr Fish TOON: The American Dream

"People that want to be lazy and not help themselves.....

The post-racial America of Ann Coulter and Pat Buchanan

The post-racial America of Ann Coulter and Pat Buchanan

Small Cat Joins Occupy Erie

RIP Andy Rooney dead at 92

BuzzFlash Was Hacked This Morning By Those Who Can't Stand the Truth

Why Are The Koch's Supporting Cain? What's The Game Here?

Multiple missteps led to drone killing U.S. troops in Afghanistan

Tea Party Public Workers

99% vs 1% - THIS IS IT

Self Delete

Oh yes another Occupy report

Andrew Sullivan answers: Who caused the financial collapse?

Here's MY idea for solving the unemployment problem...

Could Barack Obama have done more?

Hundreds of Libyan prisoners freed (BBC video)


Toon - 'Ineffectual, huh?"

Just for the Record: Carl Icahn is our enemy

Former heavyweight champ Joe Frazier has liver cancer

Sunday Talk Shows


its move your money day and i am not gonna move a %$#* dime

Just had good shaking in Oklahom

At least Cain didn't blame "loving his country to distraction" for his sexual transgression. I'll

Anonymous Message from Th3 CabinCr3w for November 5th.

Anonymous Message from Th3 CabinCr3w for November 5th.

Something horrible has been slipping under the radar.

3 arrested at #OccupyAtlanta, cops everywhere right now

Idea for the new DU

KRUGMAN: Genuine Hypocrisy, And Attitudes Thereto

Bush Bonds

Wow! This guy gets it! Washington State Rep. Roger Goodman (D)

7 Dead, 51 injuried and death toll rising in 30 car pile up in the UK

Occupy's Asshole Problem: Flashbacks from an Old Hippie

'Yo-yoing' practice by car dealers irks customers

"For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction"

Anything from Anonymous yet?

I think I see what they are trying to do with tonight's Republican Debate

Jesse Ventura: I'm Done Standing for National Anthem

My next post of Obama's liberal Democratic approval rating from Gallup will not be in secret code.

The 1% act as if the 99% are the minority...

Okay, when is the Fox website going down?

The brother from another mother..

The brother from another mother..

My wife's latest contribution to the Movement::

Woman stuck in airport for 8 days after not having enough for extra baggage fees

That 99% figure is being whittled away as folks demand fealty to one issue/belief or the other

Gov. Scott Walker gets checked, Mic Checked! (visiting Chicago)

Gov. Scott Walker gets checked, Mic Checked! (visiting Chicago)

Halloween delayed

Boston: Pro-Palestinian protesters ‘storm’ Israeli Consulate"

Going to the Movies ( TOON)

So, I'm seeing all those ads from insurance companies wanting Medicare accounts.

Maher: Republicans might as well nominate Tim Tebow

Bill Kristol concedes 2012 presidential race to Democrats

Another example of GOP hypocracy, double standard

Yay for Peru! Just told Monsanto it can go have sexual congress with itself.

Occupy Lego Land - pics

Ambrose Bierce defines Corporations

How would you feel if the law didn't recognize incompatibility of spouses as grounds for divorce?

Triumph The Insult Dog visits OWS

The refusal of the MSM to simply report the news minus all of their posturing has resulted in

The refusal of the MSM to simply report the news minus all of their posturing has resulted in

Mixed martial arts fighters stop robbery of L.A. motel

Food request for Rev. Schuller's wife sparks outrage

Michigan Republicans Allow Bullying If ‘Religiously or Morally Motivated’

"Smokin’ Joe Frazier deathly ill" He has advanced liver cancer.

"Smokin’ Joe Frazier deathly ill" He has advanced liver cancer.

Hubbty just saw a credit union ad

Occupy Awesomeness.....all around the world

And you guys insist that CNBC is idiotic......

Sister: "I AM SO MAD"- 'HE WAS WALKING TO HIS HOUSE-He Got Beaten By Oakland Police & Almost Killed'

Sister: "I AM SO MAD"- 'HE WAS WALKING TO HIS HOUSE-He Got Beaten By Oakland Police & Almost Killed'

Sister: "I AM SO MAD"- 'HE WAS WALKING TO HIS HOUSE-He Got Beaten By Oakland Police & Almost Killed'

Police Lacerate Army Ranger’s Spleen-Cause Internal Bleeding-Deny Him Medical Treatment for 18 HOURS

A "hidden" health insurance burden we pay

Great teach-in with Bill Black and two other very important thinkers.

Weekend Threat Assessment for the 1% based an social media.

So Let Me Get This Straight - If I Have A Green Light And Hit A Person....

Woo-hoo! Occupy Anchorage got some arrests!

Woo-hoo! Occupy Anchorage got some arrests!

Michael Berube: Libya and the Left

They Sent Him Home To Die...

Brad Pitt said it best in Fight Club

A CEO sees a vending machine of American workers...

A CEO sees a vending machine of American workers...

Ex-Penn State Coach Sandusky Arrested on Sex Charges re sexual abuse of eight boys

Occupy Chicago does a Mic Check for Scott Walker.

Occupiers for Peace (page for Facebook users to show support)

I just saw one reason democrats keep losing.

10 Most Popular Unanswered Petitions to the White House

Toon: Happy Climate Change Denial Season!

FALL BACK @ 2:00 a.m. tonight!!!!

Sears seems to be a good one.

A new White House petition that you'll like...

I despise Newt Gingrich more than anyone is modern politics

U.S. History Repeating itself Again and Again: How Wall Street Occupied America

Libyan women savor new freedoms after revolution

Herman Cain locks up the elite support of sexual harassers!

Obama may be the 99 catalyst

10 Reasons Not to Vote for Ron Paul

Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Principles of Nonviolence.

'The Common Currency Endgame Has Begun'

13 Observations while watching Occupy Wall Street!

Maddow Kicks Herself For Not Realizing Herman Cain Is A Performance Art Project - VIDEO

Mississippi Catholic Bishop, Religious Leaders Denounce Personhood Anti-Abortion Bill

What does OWS want?

What does OWS want?

Most of the unemployed no longer receive unemployment benefits

Can Grayson really win back that seat?

Bill Gates' Big Play: How Much Can Money Buy in Education?

Portland's top cop (and probably next mayor) meets with the Occupation. (full text)

Got told I was an angel today - it made me cry

I found an all-new reason to hate health insurance companies

My problem with liberal capitalism.

CME Goes To Collateral DefCon1:Makes Maintenance Margin Equal To Initial For Everything

Two conservative think tanks say teachers overpaid by 52%.

Love this pic from OWS Denver

Love this pic from OWS Denver

Broke mom tries to pay for groceries for hungry kids with quarters. Store refused.

Occupy Atlanta facing eviction

Drones Overseas Rain Death on American Citizens -- How Long Until the Same Happens in the Homeland?

Chaos in Greece amid battle to form a 'government of national salvation'

Aerows has inspired me. My "abortions".

Extreme Poverty Is Now At Record Levels: over 20 million Americans at less than 1/2 of poverty level

Ohio voters look set to dump Republicans' anti-union law

Ohio voters look set to dump Republicans' anti-union law

"TAKE BACK AMERICAN DREAM": Author Stephen King releases statement supporting ‘Occupy Bangor’

Bad Company - Bad Company

My Little What??!!??

You're getting sleepy... ... ... s-l-e-e-p-y.

Triumph the Comic Insult Dog Visits OWS

Not exactly looking at the world through rose-colored glasses today, are we?

I partied with a 1%-er tonight.

MiddleFingerMom pulled out ALL the stops and took his date out for a romantic dinner.

anybody awake? oh yeah time zones

If you like to ski or snowboard out west, this is a very good sign.....

What a drip!!!

This picture of Kali's frontier great-grandmother explains a LOT.

Middle of the goshdarned night and still, I shy away from profanity.

It's almost that time! On Thanskgiving night, the Great Turkey rises out of the...

Given enough time and opportunity, we can ALL see eye-to-eye.

I got to see my childhood flash before me on the TV

Is anyone awake or is everybody still stoned over from last night?

Just for shits and giggles - CHAIN STORY TIME

lord help me...just called about a rescue

What is your spellcheck name on microsoft? Mine is weedy macaroni.

Mannheim Steamroller has a new Christmas album...

I'm hungry. Can someone come over and fix me some breakfast?

What's you opinion of the Ikea store and furniture?

I am going Christmas shopping for my dung beetle. Any suggestions?

Favorite movie about a boy and his aardvark

Jesus Christ on a crutch


ok guitarist types

I am now officially sick of this song

Often is a word I seldom use.


Lend a helping hand

Lend a helping hand

He better want this stick back really bad

UN dog enforcing the peace

Dogs - great


Does anybody here play "Pickleball"?

At rest

Kali's "Intertubes Problem" is so famous, even kitties can do EXCELLENT Kali impressions.

Even as a child, Li'l MiddleFingerMom was a big fan of EXTREME sensory overload.

"Attitude" has ALWAYS held a special place in MiddleFingerMom's heart.

Aww,Andy Rooney has died.

A meeting of the minds:

lord help me..rescue just called

Albert Lee

Booker T and the MGs vs The Peddlers



Finally got my power back after almost a week

Some unsolicited marital advice for Tobin:

My Mom's cat drinking water.....with her paw.


Going to the dentist

Hairpins, Tianamen Mt.

OK.....I'll try.

First Person Narrative

I'm glad I missed that party......

Before and after Suntube

Oh noes!!!111!!! I ruined it!

Marshall Tucker Band "Together Forever" taught me ANY genre can be sublime

When rabbits could fly

Two Long Island Ice Teas, Two Absinthes and Water. Life is good.

The Perfect Messenger: Rorsharch + Hunter S Thompson. Dog help us all...

Today is my birthday, I want adorable kitty pictures.

Operation Wedding Party (#OWP) is under way.

Is it acceptable for a solipsist to have multiple personality disorder, or would that be cheating?

Shaking my head at rich spoiled reality stars

At what age did you start to think of yourself as a fully autonomous individual?

Christmas music is on the radio!

Today's College Football Thread

PHOTO: I know cats have a reputation for sitting around on their ass all day, BUT...


Hairpins, Tianamen Mt.

Harry Potter -- Meet the Muggles

Was watching my cat. She was sitting by the computer screen while it was idle. Inky

Contest: Little known musical talents on YouTube

Locally grown, somewhere......

Are the people who design car batteries pratical jokers or sadists?

I went to look up an old friend the other day

Favorite nicknames you've used for cars.

# # # # # # # NOVEMBER MILESTONES # # # # # # first edition...

Mom says this will be all ours one day.....

Who has a very cool avatar?

I'll take my eggs...

Favorite Fruit

Happy 70th b'day Art Garfunkel! Post your favorite S and G song.

Message to the asshats at General Motors who designed my car:

Euphemism for the toilet

Saturday, November 5th. The Weekend Edition of William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day.

A New Lens

Wow! Elbow's new cd is great!

What to do if you suspect you have rats in your house?

Five Guys burger today ---- meh

Five Guys burger today ---- meh

Libyans try to get back property seized by Gaddafi

Is Marshall Tucker Band Country, Western or Americana?

Heavy Police Presence as Occupiers March (Sydney, Australia)

Heavy Police Presence as Occupiers March (Sydney, Australia)

M5 crash: Fears 'more than 10 killed'

Oregon man prepares to pilot lawn chair over Baghdad

Bhutto murder: Pakistan police and Taliban charged

BP's bid to clean up its act dealt blow by revelations in Russia case

Greece prepares for departure of George Papandreou

Revealed: publisher owned by the Catholic Church sells pornography

Nigeria bomb and gun attacks 'kill dozens' in Damaturu

Colombia urges FARC talks after Cano killing

Multiple earthquakes felt across Oklahoma, region

Activists Gather to Protest Koch Brothers Gala

Lawmakers Aim to Stop Defense Cuts if Debt Panel Fails

Britain suing Europe to stop 'benefit tourism'

Keystone Pipeline debate heats up

Madison protesters sue over state building sign ban

Andy Rooney dead at 92

Same-sex marriage: Firms battle feds' benefits ban

Cain says he'll never answer harassment questions

Authorities: Car Strikes 3 at Occupy DC Protest

Pakistan Carts Its Nukes Around In Delivery Vans - WIRED

Eyes of nation on Ohio vote on union-limiting law

Murdoch gave loyal lieutenant Rebekah Brooks £1.7m pay-off, car and office

Occupy Wall Street builds tent as 'safe house' to protect female protesters

Former Penn State coach charged with abuse, AD with perjury

Most of the unemployed no longer receive benefits

Joe Frazier Battling Liver Cancer, Has 'Short Time To Live,' According To Report

Tens of Thousands Flow Into Texas Credit Unions

Media Roots: Occupy Oakland — Police Tear Gas, Black Bloc, War in the Streets

Weekly Address: We Have to Increase the Pace

Woodstock (in honor of the David Crosby siting at OWS)

Rachel Maddow Exposes Voter Rights To Exempt Democrats

80-year-old voter shares ID troubles

Nabors Industries Mind Blowing Corporate Greed: Supervillain Eugene

Keiser Report: Financial Rape, Financial Pornography (E206)

Young Turks: Cenk Talks to Occupy Oakland Organizer

Nicaragua Vote Puts Daniel Ortega's Leadership Back in Spotlight

Cain: 'I Am The Koch Brothers' Brother From Another Mother'

TDPS: Yet ANOTHER Right Wing Terror Incident...Media Ignores

Papantonio: How Much Did Herman Cain Cost The Koch Brothers?

The Amazing, Successful Occupy Oakland General Strike - Nov. 2, 2011

A Surprisingly Plausible Republican Candidate

Wisconsin Uprising on Concealed Carry Day

Halliburton - Screwing the Same Troops They Profit from in Iraq

FOX's Embarrassing Credibility As "News" Hits New Low

Andy Rooney: "My Lucky Life"

Anonymous_ Message from Th3 CabinCr3w [Nov-5th]

OCCUPY Koch Brothers Guerrilla Drive-In Protest Wash DC Convention Center

Daytonians Speak Their Mind At Bank Transfer Day in Downtown Dayton, Ohio

Maddow Finally Figures Out the Hermann Cain Campaign

Bank Transfer Day Protesters Have Run-In with Dayton, Ohio Police

Occupy Wall Street can NOT become Violent

Young Turks: Cenk @ Occupy Oakland - Reversing Citizen's United

We Are Legion: The Story of the Hacktivists - Trailer

Pt1/2 - Gerald Celente On Iran War & WW3 - 2nd Nov 2011