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Archives: November 3, 2011

An Open Letter to the Citizens of Oakland from the Oakland Police Officers’ Association

Georgia Fusion Center: Suspicious Incident at Haralson County Water Treatment Facility

Israel sending signals of attack on Iran

Pujo Committee “Money Trust” Wall Street Banking Cartel Investigation 1912-1913

Attacks spark protest of bullying

UT whiffs on Occupy, enjoy the action

PICS Arrests Occurring Occupy Tulsa: Police Take American Flag From Protester (LIVE)

A pic from a friend on FB, very nice.

Breaking ....2.6 Earthquake Reported By Occupy Oakland Participant

So...did Jon Stewart go after Trump for calling him a racist tonight?

Occupy Rochester Protesters Evicted & Arrested

Student jailed for 2 nights when she can't show ID

A sound, a blast, a child lies dying

Netanyahu is gearing up for an attack on Iran

Jon Stewart Takes On Ann Coulter For Her ‘Our Blacks Are Better Than Their Blacks’ - VIDEO

DHS Warning: Terrorists Making Explosives With Commercial Products

Important info about companies... TIME TO WAKE UP! They are ripping US off

Portland's shitty newspaper, owned by a right-wing OC turd, goes for the jugular of Occupy Portland

What We've Been Waiting For: Zero-Calorie, 'Inhalable' Caffeine

US looks to take a bite out Apple's $54bn overseas profits

All you have to do to realize where the President stands is look at Rahm Emanuel as mayor

Poor people should become rich peoples pets

Livestream Graphic Image Occupy Oakland: "The Government - Protecting & Serving..."

Droid X battery...

Arrests in Oakland right now

Woman finds burglars in home, blocks getaway car 

Plans for homeless newspaper could circumvent panhandling ban

Heads Up, Supercommittee: Here's How to Cut Billions From Overpriced Weapons

Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel Photographer Arrested In Occupy Milwaukee Event

Said on the TeeVee

Sixty percent of China's rich want to leave the country

How Shanghai’s students stunned the world

Capitol One wants me back ! Oh Joy

Most Greeks object to austerity but 7 in 10 favor staying in Euro.

Infographic: Who Is Occupy Wall Street?

EU, IMF Aid to Greece on Hold Until After Referendum

Euro stability more important than Greece, says Angela Merkel

Philly district plans to close 9 schools

Rick Perry's new look via Stephanie Miller

Funny funny scene just now on C-span

I just took a business trip to South Korea, and I have this complaint about airport security:

Video of attempted murder of OWS marcher- please help identify the perp!

Judge: Chicago Mayor Daley can be sued over alleged torture by police

USPS closes in on plan to shut down several mail processing centers

Whole Foods fiscal 4Q net income up 31 percent

Not a D-Backs fan, nor the Arizona Cardinals. Despise Jan Brewer, but...

If you steal $5 in snacks you go to jail. Wall Street steal billions and get billions in bailouts...

Air Force laying off 9,000 workers; push on for drone base in Tucson

Are Oakland Riot Cops Taping over Their Name Badges?

Announced U.S. Job Cuts Rose 13% From Year Ago, Challenger Says

TD Bank adds $9 savings account fee, hikes others

Veterans Marching in the streets of New York, and I only have one question.

Wal-Mart to offer a preview of Black Friday this Saturday

Time for the interim OPD Cheif to start firing people all the way along the chain of command

Woman gets stuck at SFO for 8 days over baggage fees

Photos from Occupy Oakland General Strike

26 Nations (including the US and China) Defy Europe on Airline Emissions

Congress is the problem...

Michigan's Recovery Second Fastest In The Nation, Signaling Manufacturing Sector's Potential

Ministers, MPs turn against PM over referendum (Greece -- Papandreou)

More footage of fires in the street in Oakland

More footage of fires in the street in Oakland

Swanson: Public Pressure Is Slowly Ending Afghanistan War

Slavery: A 21st Century Evil - from Al-jazeera

Does Gov. Rick Scott really not know we're called Tampa Bay?

Media Matters:Fox Covers Up Connection Between Terrorism Allegations And Their Expert

US and Israeli Tech Teams Develop "Malworm" to Take Down Iran's Computer Software

m$nbc has dennis hastert on....

French far-right leader to visit Occupy Wall Street

I was at the G20 protest in Nice and found some words of wisdom

Seahorses may be heading toward decline

Protestor with 'dead cop' sign angers Occupy Grand Rapids crowd - pics and video

Milkwaukee cops arrest photojournalist with local paper... to stop her from covering OWS arrests?

School cancels Remembrance Day event

Ridiculous Man Seeks $52K to Recreate Wedding Pics With Ex-Wife

30 Major Corporations Paid No Income Taxes In The Last Three Years, While Making $160 Billion

"massive dismissals of DJs from local radio stations" Clear Channel

New Head of Guantánamo Prison Orders Guards to Begin Reading Mail from Lawyers

New Head of Guantánamo Prison Orders Guards to Begin Reading Mail from Lawyers

What Does The Non-Binding Resolution Mean As It Pertains To "In Gawd We Trust" Motto?


Succinct income growth disparity graphic from Krugman

What democracy looks

Cain chats in interview with Ginni Thomas

Poorest Poor In US Hits New Record

Rate hike opponents sing out against Duke Energy

Capitalism has essentially hit a wall and a very different conversation needs to take place

Goldman Sachs Threatens Small Community Bank For Banking With OWS Protestors

Herman Cain once wanted Tiger Woods to run for president

OWS has ended their trial of Goldman Sachs and are marching there to ask for

‘Anonymous’ Operation Against Mexican Cartel Is Back On (TPM)

The Single Biggest, Game-Changing Thing You Can Do This Weekend

Detailed report from Oakland:

Keystone XL - Buck Stops With Obama

National Memo: Supercommittee Cuts to Social Security Divert from Real Issues

What's better? Super committee fails? Or succeeds?

Poor worry over heating aid cuts as winter looms

Broken democracy, tone deaf/bought off politicians major reason for OWS.

Student jailed for 2 nights when she can't show ID

Wisconsin: Eggs thrown at lawmakers office. Guess who!

Did you know Perry used stimulus money from Washington to balance the Texas budget? A lot of it

Who's Paying for the GOP's Plan to Hijack the 2012 Election?

Occupy Chicago protesters interrupt Wisconsin governor's speech here

Thai soldiers wade through floodwaters and evacuate dogs in Bangkok on October 26, 2011. by Sakchai

11 Eleven Project

Manufacture or perish

OWS Movement Violence and Obama

Rethugs see no contradiction cashing in on Health Care while crowing they'd repeal it

Milwaukee lawyers spur giant NYC mortgage fraud case

please DU this poll -- Is Occupy right to target Wall St?

please DU this poll -- Is Occupy right to target Wall St?

U.S. credit unions boosted by anti-bank campaign with business up about five-fold

so.. think the Tea Party is a flash in the pan?

Wisconsin: Lawmaker in attorney fee cap debate has lawyer bill pending

Playing for Change: United

The Rude Pundit: Poverty Isn't Just for Poor People Anymore

Anyone else noticing a lot of that "inexpensive", Made in China stuff isn't so inexpensive anymore?

Anyone else noticing a lot of that "inexpensive", Made in China stuff isn't so inexpensive anymore?

The Surprising Thing Gay Soldiers Are Fighting For

So If Cain Disclosed The NRA Matter To His Staff When Running For Senate How Come....

Kucinich endorses GOP redistricting plan in Ohio that Dem party of OH is challenging

I heard a new right wing defense of paying teachers a low salary.

CNN "Stay Away from OWS" bec. of Oakland violence - Daily Kos

Occupy Seattle targets Chase CEO speech

"What have you guys been debating, John? You've been debating a commemorative coin for baseball."

Report: Nuclear lobby infiltrated universities + New International Report Shreds Fukushima Scenario

Rochester Police Department: "anything not physically on your person is abandoned property"

Thursday Toon roundup- The Rest

You're Going To Like Who Closed Up Shop In Solidarity With The #OccupyOakland Strike

Live streaming from Occupy Oakland: Tear gas and Rubber bullets reported.

PHOTO: Couple In Street During Occupy Oakland Stand-Off

As a favor for someone....

Occupy Oakland pics and vids

No health insurance, need info re: lower priced Rxs in ATL GA

In 2003, Cain was up to speed on his "settlement issues", but a week ago

Exactly 2 Months till Iowa. Call It!

Demographic commercialization: Wal Mart Moms

One of the best parts of Moyers' speech @ 40th anniversary celebration of Nader's Public Citizen

Seattle Superhero Loses State Job After Arrest

Kids are now being suspended for hugging in school.

Obama and Reagan: what a load of crap!

At Chernobyl, the right to evacuate, was from 1 to 5 millisieverts. In Japan its 20

Filmmaker Michael Moore to visit Occupy Denver group

Justice Dept. Withdraws Proposal To Lie About FOIA Info

Poorest poor in US hits new record: 1 in 15 people

Solidarity from Antarctica!

Cain gives exclusive interview to Clarence Thomas’ wife

Senate GOP Responds To Democratic Jobs Bill By Proposing To Cripple Government’s Ability To Regulate

ABC Previews Giffords Interview

Penn Jillette's 10 Commandments for atheists

Treasure of Benghazi theft may be one of biggest in history

Why should we pay? For the debts? But they aren't ours . . . .

Freddie Mac reports Q3 loss, asks for $6 billion in aid

The 1% has enormous wealth. They can hire the best talent

Thursday Toon roundup- Election 2012

Why we have labor unions- never forget... latest in job-related deaths in Texas

Mike Thompson toon pisses off the GOPers ... again

So they vote down the infrastructure bill(breaking)

The Generation Gap and the 2012 Election - Pew Research poll

Thursday Toon roundup- Cain up in smoke

How Contempt For Tim Tebow Caused An Commenter Revolution

Total payout to Cains abusee's 80k. 35k and 45k

Thursday Toon roundup- Economy

Thursday Toon roundup- Repubs

Thursday Toon roundup- Repubs

Cops Tell Town They Will Ignore Some 911 Calls Unless They Get More Gas Money

Why was GWB at Goldman Sachs yesterday meeting with executives?

Why was GWB at Goldman Sachs yesterday meeting with executives?

(Why) Do you believe #Occupy has to become a violent revolution?

Jon Stewart Indecision 2012: Ruh Roh Edition

Jon Stewart Indecision 2012: Ruh Roh Edition

Ah, the revolution must be coming. Madame DeFarge has arrived at Zucottti Park

80 years ago. Will Rogers - Bacon, Beans, and Limousines

Here's What Happened Today When At Least 15 People Got Arrested Outside Of Goldman/ Photo Heavy

Texas Judge under investigation for beating cerebral palsy daughter - video online

"Democracy is incompatible with collecting debts"

Meet The Senior Citizen Militia Members Arrested In Georgia Bio Attack Plot(1 Tea Partier so far)

OPD about to go on protesters in Oakland

Who Is #OccupyWallStreet?

Ah Hah!! A new twist in the Cain story...he planted it all himself!!!!

Capitalism is a failing system, simply because it does not model the realities of the way we act.

Obama is in France trying to get Sarkozy re-elected.

Fake Onion story causes real confusion for California town

Parents film reaction of kids when told "I ate your Halloween candy" - warning, lots of crying

I'm sensing something, not sure what

Jobless Protesters Occupy Mitch McConnell's Office As His Party Blocks Prez's Infrastructure Bill

I can't believe anyone can take any M$M news seriously anymore...

I can't believe anyone can take any M$M news seriously anymore...

Elizabeth Warren Heckled By Tea Party Supporter "you're a socialist whore"

Just great, after yesterday, I wake up to read this happened

Our president listened to us!!!!

Note To GOP "10 Percent Of Women Are Told Their Job Will Improve If They Are ‘Sexually Cooperative’"

Flash: MSNBC HIRES Meghan McCain

Flash: MSNBC HIRES Meghan McCain

Trump picking a fight with Jon Stewart is like....

Gassed: “What will you tell your children?” - “Fuck you!” - “Disobey your orders!”

This is what Democracy Looks Like...

Peanut butter prices skyrocketing

Protestors to rally outside speech by former President Bush in Wichita tonight

Protestors to rally outside speech by former President Bush in Wichita tonight

18 Arrested in Wisconsin Assembly for Using Cameras; Guns Still Allowed

Iran claims to have proof of US-led terror plots

More details on Cain's unwanted sexual advance

Oakland: Tent city to address topic of destructive anarchists

11-02-11 2 - Breaking News; Scott Olsen, with Joshua Shepherd - Countdown with Keith Olbermann

Judge to rule on Internet ban regarding sex offenders

The Story Of An Injured U.S. Soldier

well-well: "urgent discussions of woman's accusations at top levels...within hours of incident..."

Romney Campaign Memo: The Koch Brothers Are The ‘Financial Engine Of The Tea Party’

Update on my foreclosed former neighbor:

Congressman: The Military’s Burn Pits Screwed Our Soldiers

N.J. touts contracts for some park jobs-Activists worry about fee hikes, public access

Woman who killed co-worker at Maryland yoga shop convicted of first-degree murder; could face life

I have a thought to help grow OWS. Offer free adult education classes

Occupy Baltimore Says They Were Rejected When They Tried To Deliver This

650,000 Americans Joined Credit Unions Last Month — More Than In All Of 2010 Combined

An Investment Banker — In Zuccotti Park?

Stupid question, but, how do you post your own photos in your own OP?

BP to pay Texas $50 million for refinery pollution

House Dems introduce legislation to extend unemployment insurance through 2012

4th: Iowa conservative talk radio host says Cain made ‘awkward’ comments to staff

Nice to see old JT performing for BO fundraiser in battleground state NC

Anyone else think of the dirty joke about the pizza delivery guy with Cain's woes?

Richard Cordray's Appointment To CFPB 'Would Help' Occupy Wall Street: Administration Official

KRUGMAN: "A Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Lose"

Occupy Hearts and Minds

TOON: 2012 election in a nutshell...

Occupy Riviera: Thousands rally against G20 politics of profit/See Sarkozy in G-String at Vid end!

Occupy Riviera: Thousands rally against G20 politics of profit/See Sarkozy in G-String at Vid end!

Bill McKibben’s Keystone XL Speech at Occupy Wall Street

Exhaust emissions: what are they?

Exhaust emissions: what are they?

Is Canada's oil more ethical than Saudi Arabia's?

The one point never brought up in the HFCS debate - it tastes like shit

A hard road for the poor in need of cars

A factoid from my past and labor unions and the 99%

Anonymous collects, publishes IP addresses of alleged pedophiles

George Papandreou Agrees To Step Down After Referendum Backlash, Source Says

US National Debt Graph + Video: What They Never Tell You

‘Pakistan to raise drone attacks issue in UNSC’

"Power concedes nothing "

What are the things you cannot do as an Occupier?

Today? I realize I know nothing.

Cop to Banker: "He has the right to speak and the right to hand out flyers.

Student loan burden reaches record - average $25,250 for 2010 grads

Student loan burden reaches record - average $25,250 for 2010 grads

Student loan burden reaches record - average $25,250 for 2010 grads

Death toll from listeria-tainted cantaloupes hits 29

Cheap Bread...List YOUR area Thrift Bakery...Natures Own Multi Gran .99 cents

Why Occupy Wall Street? Thoughts from our nation's founders.

Will we be commuting in one of these soon?

GA State Rep to introduce legislation requiring drug tests for TANF

Romney Campaign Memo: The Koch Brothers Are The ‘Financial Engine Of The Tea Party’

Warning: Pumping Gas Can Be Seriously Bad For Your Health

America's itch to brawl has a new target – but bombs can't conquer Iran

Suspected US missiles kill 2 in Pakistan

"Monster" greenhouse gas levels seen

Court rules Janet Jackson nipplegate fine was unfair to CBS

Anthem for OWS, by Marge Piercy

The Road to Twenty One Presidential Debates

Obama in dreamland?

Am not here to apologise for President Obama, but he inherited a

BP begins drilling deep-water well at Kaskida field (Gulf of Mexico)

Some Random Person

I sense that everything is moving into another stage...

Seven billion people require at least one meal today

New York City cop imprisons college student without ID for two days

This Amazing, 3-Minute Speech Is Worth Watching And Sharing Right Now

US drones kill 127 in two days

Romney campaign: Tea party movement fueled by Koch brothers

Ed shultz is tearing ReTHUGS

And the band played on...

HAHAHA! Conservatives will protest Obama's violations of the third amendment to the constitution

HAHAHA! Conservatives will protest Obama's violations of the third amendment to the constitution

Veterans March For Occupy Wall Street

Naomi Wolf: The People Versus The Police

Fear... We do have some of that now

Rep. Walsh lauded by group for being pro-family, though accused of owing child support

Thank you citizen reporters, thank you medics.

Conan to officiate a same-sex marriage tonight on his show.

Letter I just sent to Diana DeGette

I don't see the wife of the daughter-beating judge as blameless.

Two-year community colleges draw more affluent students

Two-year community colleges draw more affluent students

Cops of the us...I would love a quiet night

A Socialist Whore?

Austin general assembly streaming



Apologies for the source, but looks like herman has a really really bad memory...

The crime is not really the foreclosure procedure

OSHA proposes $17,000 in fines following septic tank deaths

Rick Perry says infamous New Hampshire speech was 'pretty typical'

Occupy The Koch Brothers Guerilla Drive-In Planned For Parking Lot (in DC 11/4, during AFP summit)

Hurrah, this is something. Both OWS and OPD agree...those

From the Vice-President:

What would happen if 100s of Occupy Protesters

Suggestions for alternate news channels?

Part-time nanny helps end Bank of America fee

Orly Taitz again seeks GOP Senate nomination

Cain propositioned his admin staffers?

Cain propositioned his admin staffers?

Cain propositioned his admin staffers?

"Our job is to make money"

Shhhh over here...the Chamber of Commerce strikes back...

Michael Moore on the Rachel Maddow show NOW

OMFG: RUSH on CAIN: "He isn't a sufficiently good enough liar to be president, I guess."

New Rules From Commodity Futures Trading Commission Do Not Protect Consumers From High Energy Prices

TDS: Brokaw just reframed the 1%.

TDS: Brokaw just reframed the 1%.

Child abuser, Judge William Adams, has an "addiction" which is a "family secret" that the ex-wife

Remember the night Barack Obama got elected?

Remember the night Barack Obama got elected?

A People's Bail Out

Detroit in "extremely serious" fiscal shape: mayor

Jon Stewart Doesn’t Appear To Believe Herman Cain’s Version Of Harassment Story - VIDEO

Jon Stewart Doesn’t Appear To Believe Herman Cain’s Version Of Harassment Story - VIDEO

Anybody know anything about this restaurant?

Florida Highway Patrol: “He’s well over 120 and he’s not stopping for me,’’ (about Miami PD officer)

US Airways, Unions, Bring Jobs Back To U.S.

Occupy Brrrrr!

Lakota Tribes "Refuse to Cooperate" With Tar Sands Proponents

Good question to city council (Oakland )

Keith Olbermann Blasts SM-Based Goldline

India plans 'world's most dangerous railroad' from Afghanistan to Iran

So much of getting power requires $$$. But if the GOP just say no to all Obama proposes that

Pic: Oakland protester hit by Mercedes

Anonymous plans attack Fox News on Nov. 5

Jon Corzine: going to the slammer?

Wisconsin Senate Bill Requires Sex Education Focus On Abstinence, Marriage

And back at the General Assembly...(Oakland)

Boy, it's strange traveling on the company dime. We flew back and forth to Korea

Canadian official: We could sell oil to China if Keystone fails

Will voters buy the idea that GOP is sabotaging economy?

Will voters buy the idea that GOP is sabotaging economy?

Supply Occupy with union made in the U.S. winter clothing.

Supply Occupy with union made in the U.S. winter clothing.

My niece posted this. Was surprised for some reason she would support the 99%.

Interesting - Julia Louis-Dreyfus video does not appear in youtube search

Spankings Put your money where your mouth is: It's time for the 99 percent to fund the new America

Closed my BoA account today

Russian 'genius' lived with 26 females bodies.

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!!

Now Impossible to pay off the U.S. debt?

Herman Cain’s ‘lavish’ spending at National Restaurant Association drew scrutiny

Siri, Why Are You So Underwhelming?

Republican Barry Goldwater

Jon Stewart Blasts Congress For Its ‘In God We Trust’ Vote - VIDEO

Cain camp considering legal action against Politico

I am the 0.01% and I am occupying your internet

The ACLU is going after county officials in MN for restrictions on OWS!

Most Michigan students would fail MEAP, MME under tougher test standards

OWS - I've seen several claims of crimes such as rape, but has there

Suburban poverty on the rise in Northeast Ohio

Rampage on G Street in Fresno on the HOmeless.. 3rd day and 3rd encampment torn apart

California Congressional Representatives Letter to President Obama on Medical Marijuana Crackdown

Silver lining

Senate blocks $60 billion infrastructure plan, another part of Obama jobs bill

Senate blocks $60 billion infrastructure plan, another part of Obama jobs bill

Our grandparents weren't stupid-that's why they fought

Bill Maher is often a weak-minded light weight.

Apple Computer Hoards 54 Billion In Cash, Makes Products in Abusive Conditions in China

Congress got 25% richer during height of recession? (Cafferty)

ok, so now there are witnesses and a hotel room involved...

Cuba Legalizes Purchase, Sale Of Private Property

I just wish everyone would lay off the 1% a little bit... they DO create jobs.


Cain DEPLOYS Ginni Thomas & Jenni Sanford To Defend Him?!?

Does anyone on the Right know how dumb we look to the rest of the world?

Toon: #OccupyTemple

Super Committee Max Baucus Agrees to Cuts to Social Security & Medicare in exchange for Revenue

Poll shows peril for GOP candidates blasting Iraq withdrawal

Capitalism Needs Regulation – Why Max Keiser is Correct and Libertarians are Mistaken

Canadian Supreme Court blocks Khadr extradition to U.S.

Compton approves strict ban on smoking (no smoking in apartments)

Iraqi cleric: US seeking to 'occupy' Mideast

Herman Cain Accuser Will Not Go Public

Can real Democrats support taxcuts over social programs?

Important to note...OPD did not do the attack last night

What do you call Perry's exaggerated manly mannerisms? Male plumage?

Memo to Congress: No Secret Farm Bill

A friend posted this elsewhere - Computer errors hoax

Report: Sarah Palin Reconsidering Run For Presidency

Considering 'Pro Se' in my trespassing charge...

Confession: I don't understand Whole Foods.

Black Bloc tactics, whatever their source,

Iran claims to have proof of US-led terror plots

My thoughts on harassment and settlements

We May Be Witnessing the First Large Global Conflict Where People Are Aligned by Consciousness and N

1,500-year-old sequoia falls

Why are we Americans such masochists?!

Morning Joe says Obama wasn't held accountable...

Morning Joe says Obama wasn't held accountable...

If you were a Greek citizen would you vote for or against the bailout?

Abusive Judge Even Less Sympathetic After Interview

CNN: Study finds Many Companies pay NO corporate income tax.

Arrests are taking place at Goldman Sachs now.

If the super committee does not come to agreement,

How to Protest against the Big Banks @Home using your Junk Mail

It won't get easier to find a job as we age, what do you do if retirement is raised higher

What are you doing to keep your heating bill down this winter?

Bachmann (R-Loonyasfuckistan) Blames Obama for Iraq War.

Nancy Grace is now covering the Judge Adams case

Prescription painkiller overdoses at epidemic levels, Kill more Americans than heroin and cocaine

Fuck you CBS

Be careful at Waffle Houses. Some weird s*** goes on there besides plotting insurrection.

Soaring PAC donations may fund a shocking $6 billion 2012 election


Does anyone else find it odd that the people orchestrating the breakup of the Occupy camps are Dems?

Seattle pastor Mark Driscoll says yoga is demonic

Mike Bloomberg deploys aristocratic fantasy to smear OWS - Taibbi rips him a new one

Krugman: Oligarchy, U.S.-Style "Concentration of Wealth Threatens to Make Us Democracy in Name Only"

The Corporate Tax Dodgers: Who they are revealed in new study

The Corporate Tax Dodgers: Who they are revealed in new study

Occupy is growing, and fast

Is there a computer expert here who could extract a streaming url for me?

New Police Drone Near Houston Could Carry Weapons

"Cornsugar" ads

Two Oakland Protesters Are Run Down And Police Let The Driver Go (Photo included- Identify the perp)

Sunrise commissioner blocks Muslim sacrifice of goats and lambs

Ralph Nader live in Freedom Plaza, DC: Thursday 5:15pm eastern

Do you believe corporal punishment by parents is appropriate for children?

Drew Richards List of OWS demands or Platform.

Why Is This Cargo Container Emitting So Much Radiation?

Occupy Oakland is trying to figure out how to deal with destructive vandalism

I just offered to open my apartment to the Occupation (eeek!)

OWS...Who are the "Black Bloc"....are they agents provocateur?

OWS Nurses Rock!

Occupy Wall Street is a sign of a new economic order. What comes next?

Police/Sheriffs in Oakland hiding names and badge numbers in violation of California law

If the 1% want the Greek "bailout", how can it *possibly* be good?

I went out last night, and had a revelation.

#OccupySupply Launches First Shipment of Cold Weather Gear

South Park Mocks Occupy Wall Street, Michael Moore

Which states that Obama *flipped* in 2008 will revert to Red a year from now?

Where and when will the next bridge collapse in America?

Court could set precedence for how cities and counties in California regulate medical marijuana

Why Medicare spends so much money on the last year of life - a little insight.

50 Ways to Leave Your Banker: What Happened When One Man Just Refused to Pay $80,000 in Credit Card

"The unseen exists and has properties." - Richard Ford*

The solution to the nation’s health care crisis is staring everyone in the face.

I never thought I would see Orowheat sandwich bread at $5.19/loaf

What's happened to Thalidomide babies? (BBC)

damn hippies

damn hippies

The Millennium Seoul Hilton Hotel serves shark fin. Not shark fin soup, but shark fin.

FireDogLake Organizes To Keep Occupiers Warm This Winter - "Incredible Response We've Gotten So Far"

Occupy demands: Let's radicalise our analysis

This sexual harassement thingie

It's Getting Difficult to Find Information on the Internet

Well, Diane Sawyer informed us that people are getting sick of the Occupy movement

How would lowering the retirement age for SS to 55 help with jobs?

Naming Names: 60 House DEMOCRATS Embrace Austerity, Sign-Off on Medicare Cuts, Defunding Government

Occupy Los Angeles' Demands and Objectives Committee releases 8 preliminary demands. List below:

When Will OWS Renounce Those Who Employ Black Bloc Tactics?

Robert Parry: End of the Reagan Narrative?

10-Year-Old With Gun Threatens Woman After She Jokes About Taking His Halloween Candy

War Crimes In Libya - The Smoking Guns

Uh Oh... The Sleeping Giant Has Woken Up

Constitution: Congress can pass laws that limit powers and behavior of Supreme Court" --

Constitution: Congress can pass laws that limit powers and behavior of Supreme Court" --

After Shaving Balls

For Halloween, CaliforniaPeggy dressed up as a musketeer and spread the good word as only she can.

A Zombie Apocalypse might be MFM's very first time to be known for his good taste.

To be perfectly honest, MiddleFingerMom has never been what ANYONE would call a "smooth operator".


My pipes are currently whistling. If I just take a wrench and knock them that should fix it eh?


Happy Birthday LuLu

Mr. Fluffers never left any doubt at all about whether he approved of MFM's potential SO's.

Favorite thread of the day!

Quite possibly the funniest Kim Kardashian photo caption you will see this year.

agent provocateur

The Ultimate Bigot's Calendar of the World


People, if you were a hermaphrodite what would be the first thing you would do?

Every Mother's Dream

Is there no 9/11 or other conspiracy forum or group any more?

Is it a Sicilian rum?

Two beefs I have about retailers these days….

Can the Admin or a Mod please contact me about my account?

Tobin + Jen's Wedding day after tomorrow!!!

F.U.K.K....Kim Kardashian gives up $153K for a ONE HOUR appearance.

Earworm of the day: New Radical's "You Get What you Give"

Poor people should become rich peoples pets

Make Google do a Barrel Roll...

ok, this is funny: Comedian Rob Delaney suing Kardashian, Seacrest and E!

Flattus Maximus found dead on tour bus

Herman Cain once bit the head off a bat.

I knew it.

My cousin's son had a baby girl,he named her after his mom,who he never knew.

We are part of the 99% too (woof woof wag wag)

Name a really stupid TV show. Write a blurb that captures the essence of its stupidity.

Johnson & Johnson Introduces 'Nothing But Tears' Shampoo To Toughen Up Newborns

PHOTO: After catching The Tooth Fairy on the ACT, MiddleFingerMom pulled all his remaining teeth

Oh dear god, they're going to fuck-up another comic book movie (Akira)

Recreate a Wedding?????

Are we there yet? (pic)

(Death of ) Mother of 97 is ruled a suicide...

People, if you were a trilobite what would be the first thing you would do?

rainy sunset

Just what kind of obsessive compulsive lengths did you THINK she would go to?

Crock Pot cooks. When you make beef stew what cut(s) do you use? Do you marinade first?

Is there any kind of txtng/shorthand notation for saying

People, if you were a Zombie who would be the first person you would eat?

People, if you were a troglodyte what would be the first thing you would do?

For those who love marching bands, you'll LOVE this (Ohio University)!!!

Coffee, Photoshop...and Ann Coulter.

I was offered a job today.

UFO At NFL Game: TV Camera Captures Strange Object In Flight During Broadcast

Last night was my lucky night

Those shopping mall kiosk peddlers really irritate the crap out of me.

What does a watercoolest look like?


finally got to see The Walking Dead (spoilers)

Tom Browkaw is on TDS. I had such a big crush on him 20 years ago. Who was your big journalist

the engagement ring

GearDaddy shows off the gift I knitted for him!

it's my birthday and I'll cry if I want to :)

Serious Sinus Pressure and Pain - HELP! Any ideas?

Justin Bieber's Alleged Baby Mama Now Getting Death Threats!

I don't usually post on DU anymore, but in the last 24 hours I've touched on spanking and religion.

Tibetan leader Lobsang Sangay presses US on immolations

Poor worry over heating aid cuts as winter looms

Japanese-American WWII vets awarded special medal

Former HUD official details lapses in housing-construction fund for poor

US President Barack Obama set to arrive to carbon tax protest during Canberra visit

Argentina To Overhaul Subsidy Regime

Billionaire Koch brothers fund Solyndra ad against Obama

Israeli prime minister said to favor Iran attack

Costs of Occupy Oakland disputed but on the rise

You want to see something beautiful?

NH ballot positions drawn, Bachmann near top

Unemployment Insurance Weekly Claims Report (11/3/2011)

Greek referendum: Pasok MPs will not support Papandreou

Occupy Omaha protesters evicted

Greek crisis: Papandreou 'to offer to resign'

Seattle Superhero Loses State Job After Arrest

Student jailed for 2 nights when she can't show ID

Many Alarms Rang Before MF Global Crashed

Study: 30 top firms paid no federal income taxes

Russia Declares Deal to Join Trade Group (WTO)

Phoenix parents, friend arrested in boy's overdose on methadone

News Corp. Profits Fall: Drop due in part to hacking scandal

House panel approves subpoena on Solyndra loan

U.S.-born children take fight over tuition to court

Keystone XL - Buck Stops With Obama

Greek Leader Hints He May Drop Plan for Referendum

B.C. companies fined over fracking water use

Supreme Court reluctant to create more barriers to witness testimony

European Central Bank, Under New Chief, Cuts Key Rate

Poorest US poor hits new record: 1 in 15 people

Greek crisis: Papandreou 'to offer to resign'

(Oakland) Port reopens as protesters take down barrier

State Senate passes sex ed bill

Concealed weapons allowed in Wisconsin Assembly's public galleries

Report: Russia and China are top thieves of U.S. technology

College Graduates’ Debt Burden Grew, Yet Again, in 2010

Freddie Mac Seeks $6 Billion Bailout After Worst Quarterly Loss This Year

Syria unrest: Tanks 'open fire' in Homs

Memo: Legal challenge of BCS unlikely

Cuba legalizes sale, purchase of private property

Protestor with 'dead cop' sign angers Occupy Grand Rapids crowd

78 arrested in Occupy march due in NY court Thurs. .

Occupy Chicago protesters interrupt Wisconsin governor's speech here

Election 2012: Republican Presidential Primary (plus Cain harrassment)

Freddie Mac reports Q3 loss, asks for $6B in aid

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday, November 3, 2011

Iran warns US to avoid clash over nuclear programme

Iran claims to have proof of US-led terror plots

Police, Occupy Protesters Clash in Oakland (Tear Gas Used)

Cubans Can Buy and Sell Property, Government Says

Exiled Tibet PM urges US pressure over protests

Romney Campaign Memo: The Koch Brothers are the ‘Financial Engine of the Tea Party’

South Park Mocks Occupy Wall Street, Michael Moore

Retail Sales Slow in October

Phone-hacking: Police revise up number of potential victims

Magistrate orders U.S. attorney to produce copy of binder used by key prosecution witness in trial

Tug pilot gets year in fatal Pa. duckboat crash

Occupy Vancouver ordered to alter site

China mine disaster: Dozens trapped by 'rock burst'

Poll: BofA customers most likely to leave

FBI: Tennessee man charged with threatening family of US House Majority Leader Cantor

(MI) Senate passes ‘license to bully’ legislation - Bill grants exception for religious views

Senate blocks $60B part of Obama jobs plan

Florida Poll: The economy sucks, Rubio lied and Scott vs. Sink would be close

Woman Said to Have Felt Hostility at Work After Complaining About Cain

Herman Cain sexual harassment accuser 'received $45,000 payout'

U.S. Imported Toys Drop In Sales

China Toy Sales Seen Surging to $9 Billion With Princess: Retail

Study proves many U.S. corporations pay zero taxes

News Flash: Protesters Occupy Mitch McConnell’s Office

Biggest jump ever seen in global warming gases

Oakland developer Phil Tagami keeps protesters at bay -- with a shotgun

Stocks Bounce as Greek Referendum Tossed Out

Petition Drive Challenges Medical Marijuana Ban in Rural California County (Kern)

Nurses join Occupy SF to march for tax (on financial transactions)

Debt-reduction supercommittee talks appear to be at an impasse

Maine slaps 7% tax on pot brownies sold to medical marijuana patients

Occupy Oakland struggles with provocative fringe

Judge William Adams will not be prosecuted

Justice Department Pulls Proposal Allowing Government To Lie About FOIA Requests

Tibetan Buddhist nun burns herself to death in China

OPM chief: ‘We messed up’ USAJobs launch

Euro rises against dollar as Greece calls off vote on European rescue deal

Panera cafe boss: I made black man cashier, got fired

Judge: Daughter posted beating video out of spite

More Than Dozen Occupy Wall Street Protesters Arrested Outside Goldman (Christopher Hedges Arrested)

Judge tosses Jesse Ventura's airport scans lawsuit

Texas, Maine fall off DSCC's pick-up list

CNN revamps morning show, brings back Soledad O’Brien in 2012

Unable to pay bill, Mich. city turns off lights

Canada opens up immigration to foreign PhD students

Freshman 15 Weight Gain Myth Debunked

Iran nuke fears may stir attack plans

ACLU criticizes graduation (violate students' First Amendment religious rights)

Bank Customers Flee to Credit Unions

Obama: Iran nuclear program poses continued threat

"They arose and revolted! Patriots, indeed! " Makaha Sons w Skippy and Israel Kamakawiwo'ole

george harrison-piggies live royal albert hall 4-6-92

Tampa's Mayor defends Occupy Tampa arrests, says city will provide no park for Occupation

Bob Dylan feat Mick Ronson - Maggie's Farm

Thom Hartmann: OWS Oakland - America's first general strike in 65 years

Thom Hartmann: U.S. Nurses March for Tax on Wall Street

Occupy Asheville Arrests made during Oakland Solidarity Vigil

Tax Wall Street: Join Nurses Nov. 3rd in DC

Papantonio: Tea Party OK With Sexual Harassment

Mitt Romney's America

Anti-Fracking, Delightful Animated Short on Fracking

Protesters Hit By Car Oakland - ows

Thom Hartmann: Have corporations overplayed their hand & a backlash is now underway?

Global warming: It's gonna cost you

On The Edge With Max Keiser : Catherine Austin Fitts On Mortgage Fraud And The Housing Market

Judge William Adams, Proud Texas Papa

Young Turks: Cenk @ Occupy Oakland: Banks Shut Down!

Anonymous: Operation FOX Hunt 11/5/2011

T-Mobile Workers: We Expect Better! (March from Zuccotti Park to T-Mobile Store)

How the CIA is recuiting for the Taliban in Pakistan

FOX News Promotes Lies By House Republicans On Jobs

'Assange could face torture in US but arrest won't stop leaks'

Keiser Report: Make Love, Not Debt (E205) w/ Birgitta Jónsdóttir, MP from Iceland

KO's Worst: Brewer-Cain-Beck

Young Turks: Cenk @ Occupy Oakland - Angela Davis & More

Robert Redford: Join the Nov. 6 Keystone XL Protest

Julian Assange, king of internets

Julia Louis-Dreyfus: See You at the White House!

Mister, you've got alot of hard bark on you walkin' down here like this

Buffalo Springfield - For What It's Worth #Occupy Edition

G20 protestors invade Nice

'They will want nukes now!': UK & US plan to strike Iran exposed

Thom Hartmann: Warning to the Gang of 12

Senator Gretchen Whitmer Responds to Pro-Bullying Legislation