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US military commanders in E Afghanistan are (unfortunately) driving US/Pakistan policy

Jordan Starts to Shake - Nicolas Pelham

Libyan interim youth and sports minister resigns

Bangladeshis head back to Libya

Copenhagen to consider bill to legalize marijuana

Egyptians head to the polls for first vote since historic revolt

IPad-Crazed Toddlers to Spur Holiday Sales Rush

Secret Fed Loans Gave Banks Undisclosed $13B

It's now 12:05 in LA, and raid NOT in progress. Calm talk with police officer, then cop walked away.

New Hampshire Union Leader endorsement cited by the Left Coast Sports Babe + more

Congress to Vote on EXPLICITLY Creating a Police State

Live video of OWS eviction from KTLA if your interested.


Self-deleted by member

Story update: SWAT team's shooting of Marine causes outrage

A blast from the past--why nonviolence is the best tactic

Who Really Owns the Fairy Farm?

Occupy Wall Street launches student debt refusal campaign

Archaeologist traces Pocahontas wedding site

Suicide car bomb kills 11 at Iraqi prison

Eurozone crisis live: OECD predicts recessions in UK and the eurozone {live}

Peace One Day

Attend the rally Nov. 29 to support locked-out sugar workers!

Freight Farms Grows Organic, Local Produce in Recycled Shipping Containers

DNC: Mitt vs. Mitt -- The story of two men trapped in one body

Dallas County braces for loss of millions that helped homeless and mentally ill

Violent Psychiatric Ward Patients Fit 'Profile'

Bizarre Claim Against Eating Disorder Clinic (inducing false memories of being raped/satanic cult)

Romney in 2006 Backed Immigration Stance He Now Deems ‘Amnesty’

Looting: The Economic Underworld of Bankruptcy for Profit

Left-Right Coalition on Supreme Court Defends Right to Challenge Witnesses

I'm watching OakFoSho and the cops are

Should Postal Service Offer eMailboxes and Data Storage? Other Countries Do

Should Postal Service Offer eMailboxes and Data Storage? Other Countries Do

#Occupy Los Angeles Pics, 11 27 2011, dialup warning (Pre-Raid)

What health insurance plans...

Whoopdee freakin' do! So, Newt got an endorsement from a podunk newspaper!

Dealers See Fed Buying $545B Mortgage Bonds

Dealers See Fed Buying $545B Mortgage Bonds

Dealers See Fed Buying $545B Mortgage Bonds

Pakistan nukes not safe, says former minister Qureshi

Germany, France Seek Quick Fix to Shore Up Euro Zone

Germany's original plan was to try to secure agreement among all 27 EU countries for a limited chang

Feds launch 30-day review of Shell’s Arctic drilling plan

Occupy L.A. defies vacate order peacefully

Jim Morin Toon Nails Newt

Military Detention Versus We the People

One voice stood out among many during recent Occupy Wall Street protests

Check MSNBC and your Los Angeles internet TV feeds, Villainaigosa about to speak

Romney gains support of top Wall Street donor

Curious if there is a national #ows website to link

Our Problems Stem From Our Acceptance Of This Filthy Rotten...

What if 99 percent had their own Super Committee?

Ralph Nader sponsored debate on CSPAN right now.

Bounty offered for proof of petition destruction in Wisconsin

CBC: Girls closing gender gap in math

Mortar hits Iraq parliament car park, kills one - sources

The Practical Nomad - Amazing Race 19, Ep. 8: Swimming in Lake Malawi

Immigration: Romney took identical position to Gingrich’s in a 2006 interview with Bloomberg,

Nato braces for reprisals after deadly air strike on Pakistan border post

Is there a "do-not-email" site where you can sign up? Is there any way

Breaking (LIVE VIDEO): Occupy LA eviction


Toon: Dual Triggers

Toon: Lifestyles of the Stealthily Wealthy

Barney Frank not running in 2012

Proving the 99% right

Well, it looks like LA is next. The cops are moving in. But wait a minute . . . .

House Democrats outraise GOP It’s 1st time minority party gains fundraising edge since ’94 cycle

A second chance for faulty food? FDA calls it 'reconditioning'

A second chance for faulty food? FDA calls it 'reconditioning'

San Francisco Federal Reserve Employee Admits Fed is a Private Corporation

Secret Fed Loans Gave Banks Undisclosed $13B

November 28: A Tale of Two Universities

Cain’s ’9-9-9 The Movie’ admits plan favors corporations

Live Stream Oakland:

This Little Girl Is Our Favorite Reason This Week To End The Wars

Lindsey Graham calls for using military against American citizens

China supports Pakistan in row over Nato border attack

The Future of the Obama Coalition

Republican dirty tricks in Wisconsin's Walker recall - #'s reported over weekend false

Allow poor to define their futures

"At this time, I do not think an apology would be a sincere thing for me to do."

"At this time, I do not think an apology would be a sincere thing for me to do."

Ken Russell dies aged 84

A reminder - why we need to stay vigilant on Pro-choice legislation

I've never seen such an amazing display of real patriotism before

20 people named in killing of A F Younes

20 people named in killing of A F Younes

Blazing Saddles in Pakistan

Pakistan fuel suppliers protest against Nato attack

Pepper spray for your convenience

Pepper spray for your convenience

Live video of Barney Frank retirement announcement...

Just A Thought For Us All...

Fox "News"

OWS Toons

As some of you know I got off the bottle a few years ago

Anybody have any Drano?

Why Occupy...

To Conservatives, Climate Change is Trojan Horse to Abolish Capitalism

Looking at getting a Kindle Fire or Nook - additional info please

Cummings Wants Hearing On Fed Loans

WI state senator wants notarization requirement for recall petitions

US and Pakistan enter the danger zone

Ron Paul 2012!

Twelve dead in Indonesia bridge collapse

Great article on Kansas Twitter hooha, Brownback & Sullivan: Brownback Panics Over Teen's Tweet

Support Emma Sullivan, post your comments to Gov Sam Brownback here

No penalty for teen who tweeted about KS governor

Should a Kansas high School student be forced to apologize for tweeting criticism of Gov. Brownback?

My advice to the 99%

Bill Clinton says Gingrich surge a result of thoughtful positions

Nashville prisoner sues Metro for millions after having miscarriage

Lana Peters, Stalin’s Daughter, Dies at 85

Average New House Price Drops To Lowest Since 2003

A true loss IMO: Barney Frank not seeking re-election in 2012

Picture - LAPD walking toward today's University of California Regent's meeting

A possible lesson for national Democrats?

CNN: Gingrich's Child-Janitors Idea Would Cost Schools Billions

Judge in NY strikes down $285 million Citigroup settlement with SEC over mortgage investment

Texas pharmacists warn Medicaid cuts imperil their businesses

Wisconsin: Facebook user advocates burning recall petitions

A New Republican Presidential Debate Forum is Planned

Libyan and Maltese prime ministers met the two pilots that defected after refusing to bomb Libyan

Banking System Rotten to the Core - an orchard of one percenters.

Mastermind of $850,000 Smear Campaign Against Occupy Wall Street Co-Hosting Mitt Romney Fundraiser

Ms. Emma a picture, a story, and the Gov's new name.

Ashes, Hopes and Heroes...

Support Udall amendment to strip provisions which allow U.S. citizens 2 b captured in U.S.

Oops,posted in the wrong place

#OccupySupply Store -- Cool way to support OWS -- love it.

Holy shit, OccupyLA has spotted

#OLA riot cops on scene

Mitt vs. Mitt, story of 2 men trapped in one body, video by DNC!!!

President Obama speaks to issue of locking up Americans without charges ("homeland battlefield")

Send this video to your wingnut friends

Amazon Accused of Systematic Job Subsidy Abuse

6th Earthquake in 4 days reported in Oklahoma

UO (Univ of Oregon) Student Paper Gets Heat for Pursuing Tip, Not Calling Police

The Hard Times Generation

My Open Letter to a Heritage Foundation Hack RE: Drug Testing of People on Welfare

Alex Wagner (MSNBC) asks "Is it SO hard for left-leaning Democrats in Congress now that...

Republican Dream Map Dashed (TX)

Republican Dream Map Dashed (TX)

Has anyone ever dealt with Barbizon, the modeling "school"?

Major efforts afoot to help students navigate voter ID law (Wisconsin)

What happened last night to #Philadelphia and (CA) #Long Beach occupations?

Rough Times Take Bloom Off a New Year's Rite, the Rose Parade

Cops: Mother tries to run over man, injures baby

A Real Failure to Communicate

This fruitless US confrontation with Iran will backfire

What Crisis? U.S. Drones, Jets Still Fly Over Pakistan

Maxine Waters in line to take over from Frank on Financial Services

Rich People Behaving Badly: Waiting For Our Marie Antoinette Moment

Check out the "cool" new rules at Tx state capital- made in response to OccupyAustin

Judge Blocks Citigroup Settlement With S.E.C.

An "Andy Griffith Show" reference? Really, Gov. Pawlenty?

Occupy L.A. protesters to seek court order to block eviction

"linking arms is no longer defined as non-violent protest", listening to UC regents meeting

freepers flip over palin poop

"corporations have evolved into supercitizens"

Santas see parents shaking head "no" to expensive gifts, scale back kids expectations

Naomi Wolf Apologists Still Lack Facts

Barney Frank Will Be Missed

Shingles recycled into asphalt

Is there ANY chance that the GOP will come up with a serious candidate for 2012?

And some wonder why Americans are so dumbed down.

You cannot easily spot sexual predators!

So why is it that when the IAEA said Saddam didn't have nukes

U.S. Authorities Seize Domain Names

Sherri Shepherd Gives Terrible Cooking Tip: ‘I Put Cold Butter Underneath My Boobs And It Melts It’

Thanks, mods, for giving us time to play catch the goper!

Why hasn't my Twitter worked in about a week?

Walmart in Downtown Athens, GA? Advice needed

Barney Frank kicking some ass on his way out.

Barney Frank kicking some ass on his way out.

Bill Clinton:

*Alan Grayson on Rev. Al's show @ 6:30 + Keith show @ 8:00 tonight.

Slideshow, LA Weekly: LAPD Faces Off Against Occupy L.A.

found this old pic of Newt from his college days

from the Fox 5 website: Georgia Woman Claims 13-Year Affair with Herman Cain

Sandusky has hired a private investigator to study sex-abuse claims, his attorney says

Cain Affair Thread.

My Husband Would Never Do That© UPDATE: Reverend Al's talking about Cain's 13 YEAR affair! (alleged)

You want our "let them eat cake" moment? You've got it.

Right Wing Terrorists nabbed at Waffle House

Protesters Confronted By Heavy NYPD Presence Near Baruch College (pic)tuition hike approved

There is no budget for the holidays

Cain =

A 13-year affair still counts as a more committed relationship than anything in Newt's history

Far-right presidential candidate unveils vision of strong, closed France

Tomgram: Peter Van Buren, Thought Crime in Washington

Items in '12 Days of Christmas' now top $100K

Anti-Liberal Netanyahu Slams Arab Spring as Anti-Liberal

And babies are part of the 99% too

Kansas governor apologizes for 'overreaction' to teen's disparaging tweet


More police departments look to tune public out

Wall Street pay, bonuses to plummet this year

Fitch affirms AAA US debt rating...

Just spoke with a Barney Frank staffer. I told the young man that although I'm not a constituent ...

Man sues Playboy after he paid to get into iconic mansion - while women walked in for free

Newt and Mitt said to be running neck and neck and neck and neck...

If a full-scale Left revolution started in this country today, would you join it, or resist it?

OccupyRochester shows up to school board meeting...

"I am the 53%"

Idea of civilians using drone aircraft may soon fly with FAA

a MUST read "Marriage Amendment - a Judge's Tale."

Stalin's daughter dies in Wisconsin

Fake Website Tries to Stop Recall Walker Petitions

CNN's ideologically rigid, scandal tainted, ethics-investigation-haunted GOP debate panel

More kids skip school shots in 8 states

Woman arrested over racist rant on tram

Caffeine Linked to Psychosis in Case Series

S. 1867 (NDAA) on CSPAN live:

Wisconsin GOP Faithful Stoop To New Lows In Tampering With Recalls

As a male I ask for general female opinion. Is Newt Gingrich as repulsive

Occupy Elections, With a Simple Message

Tonight on Countdown: Alan Grayson, Matt Taibbi, Jim Lafferty, Richard Lewis

Turn on Al Sharpton right fugging now - you too 'Cain' enjoy this

Occupy you must

With Frank's retirement and Baldwin running for Senate

With Frank's retirement and Baldwin running for Senate


Airlines cut small jets as fuel prices soar-leaving some little cities with fewer flights (or none)

Milwaukee Urinal/Sentinel again promoting mining. This time: There's gold in them thar hills

"Senator, Just think of their sad little faces..."

Toon: Money Talks Monday

Newt Gingrich on drug laws, entitlements and campaigning: The Yahoo News interview

Toon to send to the 'war on christmas' folks....

Footage of racist rant has gone viral, woman under arrest

Here is the dirty secret the 1% is hiding from the rest of us ....

Reminder! Today is "Post in the style of another DU'er Day"!!

Occupy LA Still Standing: 'LAPD Wants Something From Us, But It's Unclear What Their Demands Are'

Syria’s Brotherhood Favors Turkish Model, Not Iran’s

America's Black Friday Frenzy As Seen From Abroad

(Facepalm) Occupy LA protesters subject to arrest 'at any time' – mayor's office

'3 strikes': Proposed law tries to restore intent

OMG AI is an arm of the necons exploiting the uprising in Syria

Should homeowners have to repair sidewalks or the city?

Wisconsin Republican's new job plan: Have Rebecca call up some businesses in Illinois.

Wisconsin Republican's new job plan: Have Rebecca call up some businesses in Illinois.

Are High-IQ People More Likely to Use Drugs?

Congressional Budget Office: Top 1% Income Rose 275% From 1979-2007

Keith going for a Fu Manchu? n/t

Cain discusses quitting campaign

Sen. John McCain says daughter Meghan has gone to the "dark side."

Ginger met Herm at a National Restaurant Assoc. conference, and he invited her

Rich People Behaving Badly: Waiting For Our Marie Antoinette Moment

Rich People Behaving Badly: Waiting For Our Marie Antoinette Moment

Let's not forget: The Less Discussed Part of Walker’s Wisconsin Plan: No-Bid Energy Assets Firesales

Yes, Herman Cain is that much of a badass.

Danziger toon- The Policeman's True Flag Revealed

Danziger toon- The Policeman's True Flag Revealed

Senator Questions Extension of Tax Cut

Sirhan Sirhan's Lawyers Say He Didn't Kill RFK

Blockbuster story from Bloomberg - NEW DOCS: Secret Fed Loans Gave Banks Undisclosed $13B

Why do conservatives use caps to type out EVERYTHING THEY SAY..?

Why do conservatives use caps to type out EVERYTHING THEY SAY..?

[tonight] Rare Northern Lights Show Expected in the US Again

Egypt voters endure long lines at polls

Three Pinocchios For Norquist

Dean Baker: Time to Retake Politics From the One Percent in Both Political Parties

A Must-See Tonight: "The War on Weed" Airs on Current TV's Vanguard Series

IMNSHO: The 'Pinnochio Scale' is stupid.

For Your Consideration... '2012=1968?' - John Heilemann/NewYorkMag (Long... But Interesting)

Gingrich/Cain-2012 --> "We'll screw you and then your wife"

(un)Occupy vs. Occupy; anti-Wall Street group split in Albuquerque

Aw Jeez... Rockwell Does Pike... Or Vice-Versa...

No mention of Cain's latest philanderings on drudge

U.S. Pakistan Policy "is vastly increasing the threat of another 9/11 on American soil.”

WSJ: Frank's retirement gives (R) chance to attack Consumer Protection Bureau

Meet Ginger White, Herman Cain's latest SCANDAL!!!

Romney The Candidate Of The One-Percent

Romney The Candidate Of The One-Percent

Large explosion at nuclear facility in Isfahan, Iran

Large explosion at nuclear facility in Isfahan, Iran

I am waiting for the latest Gallup presidential approval numbers but they haven't shown up yet.

Brownback Apologises

Brownback Apologises

Would you be ok with your significant other getting 61 texts over 4 months from someone?

1%er Talking Points: Holiday & Pre-Primary Edition

Using the word "Socialist" as though it means something is a bad idea.

Alleged White House shooter found competent to stand trial

Given that Republicans apparently see this as an acceptable defence of the latest Cain allegations

Obama campaign denies (bullshit) charge of 'writing off working class whites'

Can you say propaganda?

Why aren't we seeing the troops returning to the US

When you say "get the money out of politics", you piss off two groups

Brownback, his spokesperson and the high school principal named Worst Persons

Unleashing The Future: Advancing Prosperity Through Debt Forgiveness

Freepers DEMAND DNA in the case of Herman Cain and His Amazing Adulterous Wonder Penis©

First Eld’s Deer Born from IVF (Eld's Deer is extinct in the wild and only 38 in captivity) w/pics

Don’t pre-heat your oven. Turns out, it’s not necessary and it’s just wasting energy.

Wally World Watch

Do you support the Durbin/McCain bill okaying a worldwide military battlefield?

You collected over 300,000 recall signatures in the first 12 days

Team Romney uses Hillary against Obama

The Cain campaign's EMPHATIC denial...

Flip Flop Mittens

Huntsman: Romney couldn't reform Wall Street

Lawrence O’Donnell: Herman Cain’s ‘Worst Sin’ Is Saying Black Democrats Are ‘Brainwashed - VIDEO

*Smothered:Censorship troubles of Smothers Brothers, on PBS

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Mike's back

I am going through the U.N. Rights council report about Syria published today , and can't get over

I am going through the U.N. Rights council report about Syria published today , and can't get over

Tea Party group angers gay rights activists with inflammatory comments about Barney Frank

Hundreds stake out Capitol in Wash. State budget protest

Will Rogers (1924) comments on Wall Street and tax cuts

I defended Black Friday

Conservative empire built from Wisconsin foundation - - - The Bradley Foundation

Conservative empire built from Wisconsin foundation - - - The Bradley Foundation

Strategy for thwarting the wingnuts' attempts to drive OWS out of parks.

Self-interest misunderstood

Self-interest misunderstood

Imagine if...

Air Pedophile

Report: Bailed-out banks earned $13 billion on interest alone

People at Occupy Lancaster threatened with immolation

Marine Gen. James F. Amos, face of opposition in the military to lifting ban on gays . . . recants

Uh, you young'us need more protest/peace music.

Did Piers Morgan incriminate himself during his interview of Seth MacFarlane?

Run Newt, Run

The Rude Pundit: Newt Gingrich Is Nothing You Want Him To Be

Have you ever had to go hungry ?

Who Sunk the US Economy in Debt? No, it's not Government.

Countries that have a flat tax system

French favour voting rights for foreigners: 61% back Socialist Party position

Brownback issues apology for overreacting to tweet.

Brownback issues apology for overreacting to tweet.

British Transport: "We will not tolerate racism in any form on the rail network...

I got a friend with the blues

Post your most memorable Barney Frank lines

Wounded protester Scott Olsen speaks

So Herman Cain is dropping in the GOP polls because of his alleged extra-marital affairs?!

I hate to admit, but I think the new Morning Joe intro video is pretty damned funny.

I've heard some lady on CNN twice now say that some people somewhere are throwing

Indefinite Detention of Americans in Military Spending Bill?

Bloggers may not be as anonymous as they think

New Scam Warning: UPS package not delivered. Don't open e-mail.

Wow... I Never Imagined I'd Be Posting A Miley Cyrus Thread/Video... But I'm Glad I Did...

Wow... I Never Imagined I'd Be Posting A Miley Cyrus Thread/Video... But I'm Glad I Did...

Town [Saranac Lake, NY] keeps Wal*Mart out, opens own store

The Dark Legacy Of Reaganomics

There is a post about CBO and the distribution of income since 79. Here is some more info..

Martial law provision secretly passed in Congress Committee Continue reading on Martia

U.S. last in unionization among developed countries

An absolute outrage.

LA Protesters Defy Eviction Efforts, Go to Court

Maxine Waters lobbying for top Financial Services slot

Charlotte Church: I Sang At Murdoch Wedding For 'Good Press'

Snowless Scandinavians wonder 'where's winter?'

Eat more kale! (and less Chick-Fil-A)

Private prison companies strive to keep millions behind bars to keep their profits up.

That Bank Bailout Was Way Bigger Than Anyone Thought

Hospital's heart diagnoses surge after pay changed

been sorta out of the loop lately, has Obama made any comments on

THIS Is Why We Occupy!: The 2012 Federal Discretionary Budget

Congressman Barney Frank appreciation thread

Looks like Herman Cain has another woman about to tell of a 13 yr affair

Had about all I can handle.

America’s Cup legislation passes Congress

Tattoo artist sued for inking dung instead of Narnia

Youssou N'Dour to enter politics

Have you ever had to live in your car?

We became theMOST PROSPEROUS NATION EVERwith a top IncomeTxRate of89-91% for20YRS,(8YRS,ofEisenhower


I just got a robo call from Wank of America...

I just got a robo call from Wank of America...

The 3 Biggest Debt Drivers in the US -- FB Photo

We Can’t Walk Away From Medical Debt…So How Come Those Responsible Can?

MAP OF THE DAY: Every Traffic Fatality In The US Since 2001

Link to a speech by Jim Scarborough at Occupy Boston...

Tattooed Tokidoki Barbie Doll Raises Parents' Ire

'Freepers' Attempt to Derail OccupyLA - But Movement May be to Blame...


BTW, that spokesperson for Brownback - guess who her husband works for?

Waiting for midnight, hungry families on food stamps give Walmart 'enormous spike' in sales

As I Grow Old I've Learned:

Ginger White has cell phone records with calls or texts to Herman Cain's private cell

MUST-READ: (Not Mine, I Swear) Judge Rakoff Delivers Brutal Takedown Of Both The SEC And Citigroup

The new anti-marriage equality argument: it would promote “feminist marriage”

And Some Wonder Why Americans Are So Dumbed Down

Time is right for Native in Congress

"I haven't had a raise in 3 years 'because of the economy,'"

President Obama's Gallup approval rating amongst liberal Democrats for November 21st-27th is 84%.

Neoconservatives Planned Regime Change Throughout the Middle East and North Africa 20 Years Ago

No money for social ills in America but $6.5 billion for Iraq for a

Who else just loooves Reverend Al's "blueberry pie" ad?

Gingrich calls for more aggressive drug policy

Percentage of economy--retail vs. manufacturing.

wow. Talk about a gut punch.

Can you guys rec the shit out of the following post?

Parents Want Answers About Controversial Tweet

Parents Want Answers About Controversial Tweet

Herman Cain Will End His Campaign This Week (Yes or No) ?

Oh, it is time to debunk *THIS* little FB Gem....

UC Davis Chancellor Katehi’s past: police repression in Greece, FBI spying in the US

There's no way in hell the Obama campaign is 'abandoning working-class whites'

Illiterate Scott Walker’s Illiterate Tweet Removed By Staffers

Tom Tomorrow: Rugged individualists

Who the fuck are they kidding . . . . ?

“Alternative” cancer clinic threatens to sue high school blogger

Our new TV has net features built in Many are free And get this

After all my whining, it's only fair to post some good news.

Sexy pot ads provoke debate over medical marijuana goals

D.U. Most Memorable Moments, Posters of Renown???

Anybody know why Joe Biden STILL hasn't apologized to Anita Hill for letting the 'Pugs trash her?

There is no 'going Socialist', the US is already partially Socialist. The question is how much.

658 NY school principals revolt against Obama's school policies.

"Of all the families without homes in America, one-third are in Florida."

Try running a science class on $2.87/ student/ YEAR

Try running a science class on $2.87/ student/ YEAR

The Onion: Nation's 10-Year-Old Boys: 'If You See Someone Raping Us, Please Call The Police'