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Archives: November 25, 2011

AT&T to withdraw FCC application for T-Mobile merger

R.I.P. Lynn Margulis, Biological Rebel

Ehm.....I Still see ads on the DU ......and "they" are advertising "Reagon's Secret"

"Liberty Walk" (remix shows worldwide #Occupy pics in support of the movement)

National Geographic The Lost Bullet JFK

Walmart Pepper Spray: Woman Injures 10 Shoppers Waiting For Black Friday Deals At Los Angeles Store

Is there enough time for there to be yet another anti-Romney?

Infographic: xkcd Shows You Who Got the Money

Infographic: xkcd Shows You Who Got the Money

Hungary's debt downgraded by Moody's to junk status

Snowless Scandinavians wonder ‘where’s winter?’ Roses have begun to blossom a second time

Amazing Building/Street Art Lisbon Portugal-dailup warning

RuPaul discussion

Wisconsin: Sometimes it's tough to get ID for voting

Juan Cole: Anti-Liberal Netanyahu Slams Arab Spring as Anti-Liberal

no bones about it...

In China, There's Too Much Room at the Inn

Food speculation blamed for East Africa famine

Interesting graphic found on Reddit.

How long until we start seeing ads with the Max Headroom/Mitt Romney comparisons?

Kyoto Pollution Curbs May Lapse on UN Deadlock

I'm thankful for CaliforniaPeggy

A doomed deal? AT&T withdraws T-Mobile bid at the FCC

Occupying Society: How the Movement Hashes Out Race, Class and Privilege in Real Time

A Palestinian woman comforts a man.......

Feds restore pre-Rethug gerry maps in Texas; turncoat ex-Dem quits

Feds restore pre-Rethug gerry maps in Texas; turncoat ex-Dem quits

Consumerism is like a brain-wasting disease

Isn't it possible beings on Mars don't need the same elements to survive as we do?

Conservatives are on Luke Russert's case for his anti-video game Tweets

Black Friday - the ugliest day of the year in America

I just had a duh thought.

Profile of Pepper-Spraying Officer Pike: Ex-Marine, Twice Honored, Allegedly Used Anti-Gay Slur

Pepper Spray is a chemical weapon, why hasn't the President named Obama spoken out about using

Explaining Mitt Romney's dishonesty

More Black Friday fun - a shooting at WalMart

Edited re-post: Feds restore pre-Rethug gerry maps in Texas; turncoat ex-Dem quits

What could go wrong? Black Friday, WalMart, police, and pepper spray

Germany wakes up to festering neo-Nazi threat

Non Sequitur Toon- He was a grateful man...

Cain Car-toon

toon; What Happened?

Post-Gaddafi era casts shadow over Sahara-Sahel

Michele "Dangerfield" Bachmann on MN radio this morning

I understand that prisoners, especially felons are denied Constitutional rights but

Photo shows the cop clearly used the pepper spray in self-defense.

Mitt Romney Thanksgiving menu, courtesy of the Iowa Democratic Party

Sad but true toon

WWOOFing: Farm life for the fun of it

Quan's reliance on relatives taints administration {oakland mayor}

Grover Norquist scheduled for MTP on Sunday. Will David Gregory GRILL him or lob softballs?

Spanish cabinet grants pardon to banker Alfredo Sáenz

Report: Greece demanding that private investors accept larger losses on their debt


Fiscal Terrorist -- FB photo

Pepper Spray Developer Denounces Use by UC Davis Police

Eric Cantor's Extreme Makeover

There's one thing that's keeping OWS from exploding and overthrowing the powers that be

Toon Have a Refreshing Glass

Toon Have a Refreshing Glass

'competitive shopping' wtf?

Wisconsin: The Wreck of the Brothers Fitzgerald (don't miss anti-Walker song!!)

Sierra Club Fails to Halt Federal Coal Plant Funds ($294 million financial assistance award)

Rick Perry Should Be Thankful For The Federal Health Care Dollars Flowing Into Texas

100+ teenage sober addicts in recovery and their families gathered last night

Republican Crybaby Wants To Take His Marbles And Go Home

Show on Lady Cops May Have Invaded Privacy

Black Friday Shopper Pepper-Sprays at Wal-Mart

bwhahaha pic: mace-me day parade

What defines "Judicial Activism"? This should just about give the whole story in a nutshell:

Don't Blame Obama For SuperCommittee Collapse -- Republicans Responsible For Failure To Compromise

Safeway guard fired after nabbing 4-year-old who ate from opened box of dried fruit in Wash

"For the United States, spring came in autumn. Who says miracles don't happen?"

Russians to cut Putin's party majority in vote - poll

Occupy Phoenix to Protest at ALEC Summit on November 30

Occupy Phoenix to Protest at ALEC Summit on November 30

Some Suggestions This Holiday Season From The 99%...

I just saw an ad urging people to visit the Gulf Coast, sponsored by . . .

Woman pepper sprays other Black Friday shoppers

Woman pepper sprays other Black Friday shoppers

Pepper spray. (Just wanted to add to the multitude of

Oh... I've got it now.

Cartoon GOP and Pepper Spray-Pitt. Post-Gazette today.

Cartoon GOP and Pepper Spray-Pitt. Post-Gazette today.

A female gorilla born nine days ago at the Lincoln Park Zoo has died

great article! 2012 Repub presidential a joke?

Walker Recall: Witness to a felony

Ok here is something for all of you to ponder on

Last night I went out to grab a donut....


Global Warming: The evidence that cannot be ignored

Possible explosive device found in Arizona Wal-Mart.

George Romero is a prophet. Dawn of the Dead could have been subtitled, "Black Friday"

"We pray that peoples of all faiths, all races, all nations,

$220M jail deal comes under fire amid Wayne Co.

Occupy KC at the Plaza Lighting Ceremony - video

Global Mic Check

Global Mic Check

Writer/Activist Mona Eltahawy Arrested, Beaten, Sexually Assaulted By Police In Cairo

Writer/Activist Mona Eltahawy Arrested, Beaten, Sexually Assaulted By Police In Cairo

Herman Cain "almost" refused order to go to the back of the bus..."but ultimately complied."

The American Behind India's 9/11 - And How the U.S. Botched Its Chances to Stop Him

Current Events for Dummies

A very telling five second conversation while arriving at work at UC Berkeley

A very telling five second conversation while arriving at work at UC Berkeley

Black Friday...

How come the Encampments that have sprung up over the last two days at walmart and best buy

(UC Davis) Chancellor Katehi Claims Her Police Force Disobeyed Her - FDL

Introducing....The Pepper Spray Cop Game, by circul8

Help me remember the famous words of wisdom...

Americans won't protest en masse for freedom, but they will riot for cheap crap.

Our wage increases, for the past ten years (!), have gone towards HEALTH INS. premiums, instead.

Anybody in Seattle/Bothell/Kirkland just see a huge red light

Your friendly local police

Banksta rap!

Off-duty police pepper spray NC Walmart shoppers

Overreactions hurt democracy

New pictures of Brazil's isolated Amazon Yanomami tribe (population fell 20% in 7 years)

VIDEO: Police arrests at Wal-Mart #Occupy OKC mic check on Black Friday

Zombies appearing en-masse to purchase materials to further self-hypnotize into deeper Zombie states

NYPD halting drum circle in zucotti now

Hated and Homeless for the Holidays

15 hurt after 'unhappy customer' pepper-sprays Black Friday shoppers

Famed Artist Fairey Shines Light on Invisible Indians with L.A. Mural

Not so much a poll as just counting responses - You own any Pepper Spray?

This is the Fox News game in a nutshell

Repubs -- Zygoes = People. Corporations = People. Women = not deserving of guaranteed rights.

Frank Miller is...The Dick Knight (toon):

U.S. aims to speed shift to Afghan control of combat operations

Thanksgiving Day or “ThanksTaking” Day?

'Santa Claus Is Coming To... where?' Justin Bieber forgets the lyrics

Questions to ask the candidates

Is a good guy.. fighting Goldman Sachs?

Did they ever call out the liars?

Ok is violence at Black Friday increasing

PBS Nature - My Life as a Turkey (premier Nov 16, 2011)

The last sane people left on Earth.

"Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable." - JFK, 1962

White flowers invading lawns across SWFL

3% of Pennsylvanians have a positive view of Jerry Sandusky

I never do Black Fridays...

Thanksgiving is over.

Companies give GOP, regulators, different messages

Indian 'Shadow Wolves' stalk smugglers on Arizona reservation

Police slam grandfather trying to protect grandson from crowd to ground Buckeye Walmart

Just realized we were making about what the minimum wage is now in 1973

An exotic animal refuge a few miles from me may have to close

Is a RW Tea Bagger site? Anytime I go there to look at polls / topics they seem

Stocks: Worst Thanksgiving Week Drop Since ’32

The 99% is about coming together despite differences to ask for fairness. For 30 years the

Black (eye) Friday at a Central New York Walmart

occupied, unoccupied, preoccupied

Norman Goldman IS new today, with guest host Adam Klugman

Internet buzzing over YouTube video of Oskar the blind kitten

Republican aspirants accused of lying ads

Russian foreign ministry spokesperson: We will not use veto in UNSC for #Syria again.

Arab League and Turkey to meet Sunday to harmonize measures against Syria

Bozell: UC Davis protesters DESERVED to be pepper sprayed

Welcome to OccupyPittsburgh

Borowitz: In Positive Economic Sign, Walmart Customers Killing Each Other to Buy Shit

ExResident George W. Bush's library in Texas will feature a fence made from the bones of Iraqis

Went to Target today. Meh.

Went to Target today. Meh.

Went to Target today. Meh.



The rumor that #Brownback, who #blowsalot, is also a #gay #muslim #terrorist #pedophile is unproven.

If the Occupy Wall Street 99% put up a website should it be not a discussion

Mexico acknowledges 2nd Mayan reference to 2012

Libyan prisoners tortured by rebels in Khoms

It may be Black Friday, but I like so many here, have no money for shopping other than necessities

(((PICS))) Occupy Apple Pie!

#Call to Action. Please post here, any successful court actions ruling FOR #Occupy. LA needs you!

A 6 year old's Christmas wish list. LOL (Signs fo changing times)

How often do you see the U.S., Russia, China, India, Israel and Belarus push for something and fail?

Louisiana petitions to leave illegal immigrants out of 2010 census

Romney, Gingrich, Santorum all dropped God from Thanksgiving

On the Talkers Top 100 Alan Colmes is #15 and #4 among liberals. Who really

How Americans Are Rethinking Prosperity

Britain unites with smaller countries to block US bid to legalise cluster bombs

Women brawl at Walmart nail salon video

LA Mayor Villainaigosa: Occupy camp at City Hall to be closed at 12:01am Monday

One DUer Working to Recall Scott Walker...

From the mob stories about Black Friday shoppers it seems the police

LAPD gives Occupy L.A. protesters Thanksgiving turkeys

The Fascinating History of How Corporations Became "People" -- Thanks to Corrupt Courts Working for

Occupy protesters attend Bachmann book signing

Candidate Of The Republican Status Quo

Did anyone go to Thanksgiving and have their relatives defend the UC Davis Pepper Spray Cop?

Authors Rick Moody and David Brin respond to Frank Miller's attack on OWS

*****Official DU Pig List*****

The one percent answers back: What do we want?

roid rage cops

Legal battle ignites over Jesus statue in Montana

"Keep Your Heads! the Sky?

The Best Deals Are Hitting Shelves AFTER Black Friday

Half of black children in Oregon live in poverty, new census data show

Why have the Hermie Cain harassment stories disappeared from view? n/t

And the war goes on: Another not-so-strategic air strike kills seven - including six children

Turkey In Wholesome American Guts: Thanksgiving Prayer 2011

Well at least they weren't shopping at Walmart

Walmart Touts Crowd Experts It Used To Develop Black Friday Plans

Occupy Movement Inspires Rise In U.S. Campus Activism - Reuters

All things considered, there might be less violence amongst Black Friday shoppers than in general.

Italy forced to pay record interest rates at auction

Italy forced to pay record interest rates at auction

VIDEO: Kitten In Pipe Rescued By Police And Firefighters In El Cajon, California

LAPD Donates Stuffed Turkeys To Occupy Los Angeles For Thanksgiving

The spraying cop is at it again. Look who is his victim now!

Georgia Business Owner: "Not Hiring Until Obama is Gone"

Georgia Business Owner: "Not Hiring Until Obama is Gone"

Cops Shoot Pets With Children Present

Largest Israeli News Site's Op-Ed : Arabs in Love with Anarchy, Protests Are Not Real Democracy

Has there been proposed legislation to curb Twitter etc. since OWS started?

ACLU: Obama's Commutation: A Prelude to Systemic Reform?

AT&T Said to Plan Bigger Asset-Sale Offer to Save Takeover

Jeno Paulucci passes away (Michelina's Inc., Jeno's Pizza Rolls, Chun King)

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF! Best of Malloy tonight

The Iran-contra scandal, 25 years later

Telegraph UK : Criminals and cyber bullies to be banned from the web

it's a $2 waffle iron!

it's a $2 waffle iron!

Egypt: Muslim Brotherhood facing growing backlash from protesters

Egypt: Muslim Brotherhood facing growing backlash from protesters

Egypt: Muslim Brotherhood facing growing backlash from protesters

WaPo:The supercommittee failed because Democrats insisted on $1 trillion in new taxes

Ted Rall- 11-18: The Day that everything changed

The Redistribution of Wealth to the Rich - Handy Guide

Occupy SF and Oakland occupying Union Square

Camping out-- Public property vs. Private property


Rich Man, Poor Man

The fruits of liberation

The fruits of liberation

So one of the side effects of Ambien is.... a Sleeping Pill.... Are you ready....

Black Friday Wrap-Up: Better Than Expected or Worse Than Imagined?

Black eye Friday for Wal-Mart: Pepper sprays, stun guns, beatings, shooting, fights, did I miss any?

Progressive Pat Thurston filling in for Ronn Owens on KGO, discussed Nixon and Black Friday.

5 Ridiculous Myths People Use to Trash Local Food -- And Why They're Wrong

Jobs, revenue lost in pot dispensary crackdown.

Our Turkey this year was about 80 percent white meat

Meanwhile... Our Aging Infrastructure Continues To Deteriorate... Today In South San Francisco...

"All Quiet on the Western Front":

Argentinian Doctors Identify Major Health Problems Associated With GMO Soy

Occupy is dead; long live the 99% movement!

Newt 2012 has been calling repeatedly

Look at the new balloon that was in Macy's Parade:

I'm wondering if

Beloved Classic French Car Goes Electric

The USA PATRIOT Act 10 Years Later

What would a "zero fees" full reserve People's Bank look like?

Democracy Now: Michael Moore, Naomi Klein, William Greider: Next Steps for the 99% Movement

50 cents per Watt solar lamanate panels.

Not All Cops Are Assholes

Wayne County (MI) officials need the boot after the Meals on Wheels scndal.

Cool pic from Occupy Austin

Intense ‘Twilight’ Scene Triggers Seizure Reports - photosensitivity epilepsy

(Australia) Immunise or lose benefits, parents told

Occupy Meet the Press This Sunday- The 'liberal' media is having another hour with Grover Norquist!

The Official Recall Scott Walker Flash Mob Video

The Supreme Court Will Uphold Health Care Reform, and Here's Why

Precursors to the French Revolution

A Thanksgiving Feast at the San Francisco Zoo - pics

CA: Ballot Measure to tax prescription drugs cleared

CA: Ballot Measure to tax prescription drugs cleared

Aerial Pic Of UC Davis General Assembly This Last Tuesday... A Couple Days After The Gassing...

I have probably made an enemy on facebook over the "war on Christmas BS"

Virginia State Troopers use excessive force and racial slurs on female Dr, who just had accident

In view of recent events, are you more or less likely to call the police for assistance?

Why are Congress and corporations and security and police agencies so obsessed with censorship...?

Wis Dems Shopping For Recall-Walker Signatures On Black Friday

Move To Ban Alleged (Congressional) Insider Trading Faces Pitfalls - MSNBC

Why doesn't Grover norquist want to drown the TSA, Homeland Security, Patriot act in the bathtub?

Obama Issues Veto Threat On Bush Tax Cuts

ron paul discussion

USA coffee SALE (Hawaiian & sponsors BIG Ed on the radio)

I think I'm going to be sick. It's only 8am west coast and see what's all ready happen today

Labor Unions Plan To Occupy Congress From Dec 5-9.

OK, here's my dumb question: What is a mic check?

Most of the Black Friday shoppers are in the 99%.

The tweet saga has been added to Brownback's wikipedia page. LOL

Nine businesses ticketed for Black Friday opening

Question: If you write over an ENTIRE hard drive with data,

Libya told to end human rights abuses

James O’Keefe Operatives Turn On Him Because They ‘Feel Exploited’

DHS co-ordinating brutal nationwide police attacks upon #OWS? Guess who is the DHS overseer:

9 Reasons Readers Should Wear Tinfoil Hats

Toon - Comparing Pepper Service

Food banks ask for the same healthy food people serve their own family - hold the ramen noodles

Genetically-modified organisms (GMOs) run rampant like a plague...

5-Year-Old Handcuffed, Charged With Battery On Officer

Draw your own conclusions (pic)

Happy Birthday Cliffordu

When is it okay for a lawyer to lie?

I think the cyclist was looking to pick a fight: Gun carrying cyclist kills dog.

The dangerous silence surrounding the accused White House shooter

Every time these guys debate Ron Paul looks better in comparison.

I just found out that my sister, after telling me 6 months ago to not post anything

Update on the teen who sent out the bad tweet about Governor Brownback

Remember the jerk who bragged about not hiring until Obama was out of office?

Driven By Drug War Incentives, Cops Target Pot Smokers, Brush Off Victims Of Violent Crime

Driven By Drug War Incentives, Cops Target Pot Smokers, Brush Off Victims Of Violent Crime

The shocking truth about the crackdown on Occupy

Second person arrested in ‘toxic tush’ case

The Shocking Truth About the Crackdown on Occupy: The violent police assaults are no coincidence

Give something (or two) that embarrasses you about your state:

Book Tour

Question for economists:

Woman not happy about deputy shooting her dog

Senators demand the military lock up citizens in a "battlefield"

I don't know if anyone has posted this yet but...

“How Could This Happen in America?” Why Police Are Treating Americans Like Military Threats

“How Could This Happen in America?” Why Police Are Treating Americans Like Military Threats

Occupy San Diego flash mobs two Walmarts today!