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Archives: November 24, 2011

The Difference Between Democrats and Republicans

New Libyan minister set for challenge

MA Gov Deval Patrick Signs Transgender Equal Rights Bill

Jerry Sandusky's Memoirs

For the 99%, and those who join us

14 year old uses ladder to rescue Pa. woman from fire

Wow 6 people killed in plane crash into Superstition Mountains

Huge photostream for #Occupy Oakland:

An uplifting sports story: Natalie Randolph Has Won Over Players (only female head FB coach)

Yemen's President Agrees to Step Down

Women Take a Stand in Kabul

G20 Conspiracy Case: The Inside Story

Think Negatively - Another Lee Camp Rant


Oct 14, 2011: 5,000 #Occupiers in Zuccotti Park. Now, none. This is my worry about #Los Angeles!

Are We Getting Nicer? - By NICHOLAS D. KRISTOF

I don't find Thune handsome. Is it just me? The talking heads (and Romney) say he is good looking.

The turkey only needs a light jacket today......

Robert Scheer: Thanks for What?

Europeans plan Christmas without the trimmings

Support your local police state

This Thanksgiving, Many Who Once Donated To Food Banks Are Asking For Help Themselves


John Sinclair: Amsterdam’s Cannabis Cup a tourist draw

John Sinclair: Amsterdam’s Cannabis Cup a tourist draw

S&P cuts Egypt sovereign rating

Giving Thanks in Chicago, Circa 1858 (really interesting Chi Tribune editorial)

Giving Thanks in Chicago, Circa 1858 (really interesting Chi Tribune editorial)

Deutsche Telekom, AT&T withdraw FCC application

I give thanks that DU has helped me (usually) be the best informed party in the debate. n/t

Obama’s Catholic Friends and Enemies

Poll: Italians want more legal immigration, surprising given anti-immigrant sentiment

BREAKING NEWS Fitch Downgrades Portugal's Credit Rating to Junk Status (Story Developing...)

For Michelle, post your favorite Fishbone song!

pepper spray cartoon...

BPA levels soar after eating canned soup: Study

Guess what's for dessert today?

Jewish grandmother reunited after 60 years with Lithhuanian playmates who saved her from Holocaust

Hollywood, Fl. residents fear long-term effect of sewage spill

Brave New World Revisited...

hell hath no fury

Can you imagine the huge production the GOP would have turned Libya in to if they were in charge?

Why I engage in political discourse on FB...

A Mitt Romney Thanksgiving Dinner Menu:

A new Leonard Cohen song for Thanksgiving!

Mass. fishermen snare 881-pound tuna, feds take it

How To Prevent Cop Abuse


40 years later, new evidence emerges in D.B. Cooper case

40 years later, new evidence emerges in D.B. Cooper case

Controversial “anti-Semitic” vodka billboard taken down in NYC

Thankful for Democratic values

On this day, I give thanks to an idea I once thought stupid.

On this day, I give thanks to an idea I once thought stupid.

The World Is Running Out Of Titanium Dioxide And The Future Is Gray

C-SPAN celebrates Thanksgiving tonight with a paean to Runny RayGun.

Billy Bragg: Waiting for the Great Leap Forwards 2011 version

Brazil suspends Chevron's drilling rights

Seattle 'superhero' who pepper-sprayed group avoids charges

Thanksgiving political TOON Roundup

The tricorn hatted-bootyshorted dancers on the tv box tell us it's thanksgiving!!! Happy Day, DU!

Occupy Protests Put Spotlight On Police Tactics - LATimes

Pope says economic crisis requires brotherhood

Parade: SpongeBob's nose drooping down was sort of creepy.

Front page of the NYT features tents in front of Texas Best Buy

Binyamin Netanyahu attacks Arab spring uprisings

These little buggers are beggin' for a helping of food product:

Gobble, Gobble!

MSNBC celebrates Thanksgiving

The media & pundits in this country are like a bunch of dinosaurs jeering at the little mammals

Free Homeland Security Toys = Expensive Lawsuits for Cities

Pre-Occupied (A Profile Of The Guys From Adbusters Who Started #OWS) - The NewYorker

Chancellor moves to save own ass, throws pepper-spray cop under the bus

The Women’s Lib Movement in Libya Sees a Surprising Twist

You've been warned!! This Thanksgiving, Beware The Sharia Turkey

If the 1% owns 99% of everything and that's bad then why don't we, the 99% just buy it back?

Giffords helps serve Thanksgiving meal to service members at Tucson, Ariz., air force base (AP)

Thanksgiving as a Day of Atonement

National CYNICS CONVENTION meeting in Los Madres focusing on 2012 Elections

be thankful friends..... HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO YOU ALL

be thankful friends..... HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO YOU ALL

Big Brother is watching.. Malls to track shopper's cell phones

This morning, I saw a fancy, new SUV pull over and hand a purchased meal to

Poll: Just or Unjust?

News from Occupy Alaska

S&P Signals Japan Downgrade Approaching as Finances Worsen

Cold Turkey for Thanksgiving

New NASA rover to scout for life's habitats on Mars

Occupy UC Davis campers prepare for weekend

Store guard nabbed 4 yr old who ate fruit, had her sign that she wasn't allowed in Safeway

School reports kiss between 12-year-olds as possible sex crime

NLRB Seeks Court Orders Requiring Boeing to Release Documents

Ronald Reagan Statue Unveiled in Tbilisi

Glenn Beck: Jimmy Fallon didn't fire his drummer because he's "a girl...playing little girl games."

VIDEO: Press conference OWS library. Recorded live on November 23, 2011

Dealing with the emotional vampires in your life.

If you want a charity to give to instead of the Salvation Army

Flashback from 2008: Wal-Mart worker trampled to death by frenzied Black Friday shoppers

You can't buy that lime... it could be classed as a weapon

Egypt army appoints ex-PM to form new government: Al Jazeera

Egypt army appoints ex-PM to form new government: Al Jazeera

It's okay...

On being thankful to others.

You can get anything you want at Alice's Resturant...

The genesis of a revolutionary media (Libya)

Rep. Giffords Serves Thanksgiving to Troops

Can anyone read this?

Happy Thanksgiving to my DU family.

Judge blocks part of Alabama immigration law affecting mobile home permits (AP/

The Poor, the Near Poor and You

I am thankful. Please share.

Aunt Lolly, A Turkey, 2 Cats, And My Brother (MUST READ! A great holiday story)

Students no longer required to give snacks to professor.

Happy Thanksgiving all (video)

Republican lawmaker files bill to end Alabama sales tax on food (AP/

Happy Turkey Day, y'all! Or Tofurkey Day, if you're vegetarian/vegan. :-)

Is the Keystone Pipeline Really Dead?

Video:"Take One More Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone!" -Dorli Rainey

Government CAN solve problems

Afghan woman's choice: 12 years in jail or marry her rapist and risk death

For a strong local economy, don't forget the arts

What am I thankful for? Being alive!

Reverse Gentrification

Hmm sad.

We must not speak personally of child sexual abuse at DU

Happy Thanksgiving Folks! Gratitude Thread

OCCUPY Thanksgiving!

OCCUPY Thanksgiving!

The Mitt Romney Thanksgiving menu, courtesy of the Iowa Democratic Party

I'm thankful for my $20 forks

When you consider sports programs for kids, please read this book:

Amsterdam Cannabis Cup Raided, for the First Time in 24 Years

#Occupy Los Angeles given 10PM deadline, tonight (Nov 24), UNCONFIRMED

Time, if used the right way, can be more powerful then all the money in the world.

Some Cold Turkey for Thanksgiving.

S&P downgrades the world

So I've been thinking of this proposal to tax the top 1% to pay down sovereign debt

OCCUPY LA needs your help right now Eviction this weekend

Buy Nothing Day and OCCUPYXMAS

At Thanksgiving Dinner in MA, my 5-year old nephew did a play about Paul Revere...

Guess I am a thankful liberal (oh, and one of the proud 99%)

Do you think Pangloss is ultimately right

Wow, did the NY Times actually print this??

Okay, quiz of the day: Who said this?

Okay, quiz of the day: Who said this?

Camping outside in tents to buy crap

Anonymous Releases 38,000 Private Emails of DOJ Investigator

To DU too:Such beautiful colors!! . . An angel brought a generous bagful & gave them all away to us!

A Happy Thanksgiving to one and all!

New York City's Grateful Turkeys

I don't cry easy but this commercial of a military man makes me choke up...

The REAL war on Christmas: Enough with the "Stuff". It's going to be a 99% Christmas here.

Fear sweeps markets as Germany rules out ECB intervention

Homs: the story behind Mani's extraordinary images from the frontline

The day we gorge ourselves and celebrate our successful conquest

Gays will be severely punished, says President Mugabe (possible Republican primary bid? grrr)

What I have to be thankful for: The anonymous DUer who gave

Hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday.

Last two Asbstos mines in Quebec close temporarily - CBC News. Let this be permanent!

Seven Myths About The Police

Freepers hold a lively discussion of Zimbabwe President's stance on gay rights

Sony Bravia 52" LED HDTV for $59.96. Doesn't that make you sick?

An editorial by a member of a prominent local family.

Police militarization and "tactical training" schools

Police militarization and "tactical training" schools

Please ask Mayor Villaraigosa to allow the peaceful assembly of Occupy LA to continue. email:

Growing Up Libyan

What's your favorite snack item while waiting for turkey?

I know I shouldn't laugh...but I did...

Is this old news?

Is this old news?

BNP threatens protest at headteacher's home over sex education proposals

One thing I can't stand at this time of the year is to see celebrities

I'm a horrible person for laughing.

Petition created for Fox News host to drink pepper spray

Thanks to you!

The others. Or what happened this Thanksgiving.

NYT: For War of 1812 Bicentennial, Indifference From Albany

My "Border Freak" Arizona homies are at it again. This is FULL of disgusting, yet VERY funny WIN!!!!

Can the Bulldog be Saved?

Authorities identify 3 men, 3 children killed after a plane crashed into an Arizona mountain

Pat Oliphant TOON- Democracy-America's Leading Export!

I watched a show on the cooking channel tonight about a soup kitchen

When Limpboy complained about Michelle Obama's NASCAR trip he mentioned the cost of the plane.

Perfectly timed photos: (LOL!)

Perfectly timed photos: (LOL!)

Probation officer fired after supporting marijuana decriminalization

The Eurozone is starting to go

Obligatory "Alice's Restaurant" post.

Tom the Dancing Bug-God-Man Saves (a) Day

In the Shadow of the Mountain

Fox News Lies about PATRIOT Act Reauthorization Vote

Rich CEO Investor: Tax World's Richest To Raise $10 TRILLION For The People

Thanksgiving -- 1% vs 99% -- toon

Great sign from Occupy Austin:

Eviction Notification By OccupyLA - Plus Bonus Pic !!!

Only one gripe about thanksgiving.

Pentagon prepping for budget cuts in the trigger.. that is according to a relative who works there.

I think OWS and the 99% should split. One part could bubble up

Went by a Toys R Us store tonight.

Are we journalists?

Things Heat Up A Little At NYC's Zuccotti Park - AP/WSJ

Brewer rebuffed again in map quarrel

Joe Lieberman: Google's Blogger needs button to flag 'terrorist' content

Do the Occupy Black Friday protesters REALLY think they can stop THIS?

Mexico acknowledges 2nd Mayan reference to 2012

Obama leaves God out of Thanksgiving speech.

Anatomy Of The Modern Republican Brain

Anatomy Of The Modern Republican Brain

A Sentimental Journey

A Sentimental Journey

Egypt has its military ofcrs& their money; We have our corporate ofcrs& their money

Well chickens come home to roost

Well chickens come home to roost

Marine, dog to reunite after hard journey for both

In Case You Missed This... John Pike Pepper Sprays Through History...

I gave some guy thirty bucks and a ride home tonight.

Obamas Volunteer At Food Bank

Sweet Potato Pie or Pumpkin Pie?

Is there any cheap crap that you would risk being trampled for?

I served pepper spray to my guests on their arugula salad this evening. It was fabulous.

Now THIS is sad trivia!

Woke up in the night with a gall bladder attack

Woke up in the night with a gall bladder attack

Did you see today's Non Sequitur comic? (1%)

UC Berkeley Student Sets Up Tent On Chancellor Birgeneau’s Lawn - DailyCalifornian

Maurice Chase dies at 92; 'Father Dollar Bill' gave cash to poor

Maurice Chase dies at 92; 'Father Dollar Bill' gave cash to poor

So OWS isn't leadersless! Watch and listen to him.

There must be something wrong with my Little Weiner-Dog.

Conservatives views with no proof!

Flier, displaced by obese seatmate, forced to stand for 7 hours

The super committe fails so let’s go on a spending spree

Within five years of retirement, an estimated 60% of former NBA players are broke.

Gabrielle Giffords serves Thanksgiving meal at US Air Force base

Bicyclist pleads not guilty in S.F. death

Still unresolved musical controversy from the 1950s:

Oh Noes! From Fox: Obama Leaves God Out of Thanksgiving Address

The Guardian: Frank Miller and the rise of cryptofascist Hollywood

On reflection this day, how proud are you of America?

"Oh my god, they are turkeys"

'Baggers Truly Co-opted:Tea Party Activists Challenge 'Occupy Black Friday' w/ 'BUYcott Black Friday

I am thankful for Cannabis.

Krugman: We Are the 99.9%

Study of Marines shows guilt is top cause of PTSD

Study of Marines shows guilt is top cause of PTSD

NATO's Great Victory : Destroying Libya’s Welfare State

Shout Out To America's Retail Workers

LOL !!! - From OccupyAlbany...

Pepper-Spray Cop’s Money Troubles: He Is Also the 99%

#OccupyOakland proposal for total west coast port shutdown has PASSED UNANIMOUSLY!

Angry landlord crushed mobile home while tenants fled, deputies report

How much money is wasted today on food?

Consensus, Human Mic Become Part Of "Occupy" Culture - Reuters

Thanksgiving Parade Photo: Comments?

My son saw shoplifters nailed at Wal Mart yesterday. Tell me what do you think?

Pls Tell Me Your Fave Books & Videos Re- Progressive Issues!

YouTube: Special Needs Teacher caught bullying special needs student on camera.

Is This The Coming Of The Next Great Depression?

Is This The Coming Of The Next Great Depression?

Los Angeles DUers. OccupyLA needs us down there now.

Wisconsin Gov. Walker appointee says workplace harassment of gays is legal

KS teen gets in trouble for tweet about governor

This is [part] of the scene at Best Buy in Henrietta, New York

The irony of "Small Business Saturday."

The irony of "Small Business Saturday."

"The Ghost of Tom Joad"

Police: 'Pregnant' Occupy protestor tried to lure children (Jennifer Fox)

AT&T Pulls T-Mobile Merger Application From FCC, Will Take $4B Charge

Arizona plane crash in Superstition Mountains; several fatalities

Maurice Chase dies at 92; 'Father Dollar Bill' gave cash to poor

Penn State Testimony Requested

Germany Rejects Euro Bonds After Failed Auction ‘Wake-Up Call’

Harrisburg Bankruptcy Petition Thrown Out

Medvedev: Russia will target US missile shield if no deal reached

Sandusky denies new child-abuse allegations, attorney says

Turkey Officially Apologizes for 1930s Mass Killing of Kurds

Sri Lanka counts civilian war dead to counter war crimes claim