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Speaking of police, about 26 of them are lined up at #Occupy Oakland. Update: They LEFT!

Pepper spray Photoshop

At 'Exemplary' Dallas School, Students Learned Only Math, Reading

#OccupyUCLA begins. Link to photostream.

100 Million Americans In Poverty Or Right On The Edge

Occupy Wall Street, Beyond Encampments

Please send some livestream chat love to #OccupyDordrecht, Netherlands :)

Disarm about 22 thousand mines and 20 thousand of shells

GOP debate: In African-American city, crowd was mostly white

Reason magazine on Occupy - disgusting

Pictures from the AP of an OWSer handing the President a note...

Excellent article on Pepper Spray

Excellent article on Pepper Spray

Shannyn Moore didn't watch the debate, but she knows the GOP environmental plan:

"Don't Pike me, bro!"

"Don't Pike me, bro!"

"Don't Pike me, bro!"

How to handle a "mic check". Rachel reviews the responses of various pols, including BHO.

Why I can't hire anyone

An interview with a Japanese friend...

An interview with a Japanese friend...

How strong is Syria?

Boston Globe: Democrats Adopt Rhetoric of ‘Occupy’ Movement

Wisconsin: Republicans sue to place recalls in new districts

Turkeys-10 vs Cops-0000000 (Happy Thanksgiving! LOL!)

Gen Wesley Clark on Washington Journal (C-SPAN) right now

Fed to Apply Stress Test to Six Big US Banks

Fed to Apply Stress Test to Six Big US Banks

Bank of America stock near 2-year low

The Dude that Pepper Sprayed the people sitting on the ground

Malls track shoppers' cell phones on Black Friday

Holy facting shite - Neo-con Dan Senor

Ha! The more the Republicans campaign, the less they're liked!

Ha! The more the Republicans campaign, the less they're liked!

Economic Growth Just 2%, Well Below Earlier Estimate

Down memory lane with the real grifter turkey

COURT: Direct in face pepperspraying = EXCESSIVE FORCE!

Katrina vanden Heuvel: The occupy movement can’t be sprayed away

Economy could suffer if tax cut, jobless aid end

Liars leave a trail of destruction

Texas' top court suspends judge in beating video

PSU's County Judges Remove Themselves. Sandusky could still be jailed .

Pepper-Spray Death of Suspect Ruled Homicide

The Obama presidency has been one of the greatest disasters for progressives in modern history

Toronto Police using the "People's Mic" to announce the clearing of St.James park...

UC Davis Police acted in violation of prior ruling by 9th Circuit District Court

Crisis at German doorstep

I went to my local WI dem office to "learn" (pretty simple) how to collect recall Walker petitions

Protester Miscarriage Story May Be False

MF Global customers are MFed (mostly f**ked)

MF Global customers are MFed (mostly f**ked)

Debit card fee plans facing antitrust review

As you trudge through the day on GD..............

Would you like some fresh pepper with that?

Kansas City police disband command post in Lisa Irwin case

From the crew that manages livestreaming Zuccotti Park action: "Occupy Hearts and Minds"

Naomi Klein: Capitalism vs. the Climate

The defense "CUTS" are actually a spending increase.

The defense "CUTS" are actually a spending increase.

Ron Paul didn't help us concerned with civil liberties during his exchange with Newt last night

The Nation: Are Republicans About To Kill the NLRB?

Bellingham boy shoots mom's attacker in face with BB gun

Wonkette: GOP Dingbats Debating This Mysterious World

Texas' top court suspends judge in beating video

Happy Thanksgiving DU! As Per Tradition, My Secret Turkey Seasoning Recipe...

For-Profit Colleges Stung in GAO Report

**Contact Lens Recall** Aviara Coopervision - check your lot if you wear them

"Occupy protesters decry Obama's 'silence' on arrests"

Cyber war explodes in Syria

U.S. Conference Of Mayors Questionnaire Only Asked About Negatives, Nothing About Free Speech Issues

Time for President Obama to Act to End Police-State Violence Against the Occupiers

Newt: The ultimate Beltway swindler

The Old Order Stifles the Birth of a New Egypt

BELGIUM: Things Are Getting Worse By The Minute

Is That Really a Heritage Turkey?

Wisconsin Recall Walker Fever: School Board President, 90 Year-Old And 18 Year Old Students

Help! Your Favorite Books & Videos for Education/Outreach Re- OWS Issues

Supercommittee "Failure" is a Success for Middle-Class Americans

An all time low for Fox News; al Qaeda of Madison, WI

An ugly conversation at the gas station.

The Top 10 Photographs of 2011 from National Geographic

Jefferson on Constitutions...

Wednesday Toon Roundup 2- Republicant's

Still loving these Amazon reviews. New Favorite!

Wednesday Toon Roundup 3- So-called Super committee

Scientists Weaponize Deadly Bird Flu, Consider Releasing Results Necessary to Create Bioweapon

Romney in his own words video. Based on his standard of accuracy!

Investigators Nab Convenience Store Owner for Over Half Million in Food Stamp Fraud

Bad Reporter Toon- Pepper Spray Cop makes an appearance

(Economic) Trouble in China?

Cost of Alzheimer's Devastate a Family's Finances: Excellent article from AJC News

Wednesday Toon Roundup 4- Republican clowns running for office

Occupy UC Davis Calls Nov. 28 General Strike to Shut Down CA Campuses, Block Regents' Austerity Vote

Der Spiegel: Flawed Role Model - Germany's Finances Not as Sound as Believed

National Geographic Photo Contest 2011

U.S. says hopes Iraq, Exxon can resolve dispute

Cain: "Please make an urgent contribution of $50, $100, $250 or more to my campaign right away"

Peruvian mayor says contaminated water is making his town gay

It turns out that Cox Cable has an actual code of Omertà of sorts:

Presidential Actions on Civil Rights Issues

Diane Rehm: Holiday Shopping & the Economy; some rather heated comments from disgruntled "consumers"

When Cops Run Amok

UC Davis: Please see this video. The cops showed up and went straight to the pepper spray.

Milwaukee Urinal/Sentinel backs child labor, spreads fear of regulation

New Poll: Front runner Newt leads GOP race in PA--Mittens is in fourth place!!

Michele Bachmann - incompetent, or dishonest?

City drops immigration case against Mercedes exec

Google Ends Effort to Make Cheap, Renewable Energy

6 year old charged with felony sex assualt

Right to medical information.

Sac State students no longer required to provide snacks

Occupy Theme Song

You go, girl! :)

Just in time for the Holidays, the UN came through for me!

Medvedev: Russia may target missile defense sites

Medicare chief Donald Berwick resigning - withdraws name after GOP blocks permanent role

Christian Science Monitor: The difference between OWS and Vietnam

How to get your kid into an elite computer science program

Your Prius' Deepest, Darkest Secret.....

Libyan tribes protest at new government line-up

Iceland’s Outlook Revised to Stable by S&P

Top 5 FOX Myths To Debunk This Thanksgiving

Pepper spray cop was involved in anti-gay slur lawsuit which ended in $240,000 settlement

How Long do You Think this New (Glenn Beck) Stink Bomb Will Last?

Judge Adams Suspended

Don't get in a fight with your relatives about politics.

Excerpt from UC Davis 2010-2012 General Catalog -Pepper Spray Edition

Is there going to be a trial about Zuccotti Park restrictions?

Rachel explains how "Scoville Units" are calculated and where pepper spray stands on the scale

When pepper spray is "okay"

About Pepper Spray

Financier, Tax Thyself

This is the Pepper Spray used at UC Davis

TPM: This Thanksgiving, Beware The Sharia Turkey

Let the holiday stupidity commence!

A Very Zuccotti Thanksgiving: Occupy Preps 5K Meals

a letter about MF financial

Wednesday Toon Roundup 1- OWS and the economy

Found this on Post Secret. Brought up a very interesting point....

Bachman leaked classified information or lied.

American filmaker/journalist arrested in Egypt


Wall Street’s Recession Cost 1.5 Million Times More Than The Cost Of Securing Occupy Protests

Tennessee lawmakers prepare for deer-hunting competition

Teen sues dad for abuse

Not a joke. Gooey tar paralyzes more than 150 vehicles in Pa.

(IN) Lawmakers set to get iPads

How to Own a Congressman

I made cornbread today to make dressing for tomorrow.

NJ toddler found dead in stream; still in car seat

Jimmy Fallon to Michelle Bachmann: Sorry for Roots' Rudenes

We're flying to California tomorrow.

More Militarized Than The Military

Capitalists? Communists? No jobs does not for a second mean that that there is no work to be done.

UC Davis Pepper Spray Officer Also a Homophobe

Dry Bones: Simple Solutions

I think I might have figured out why Boehner is orange and crying all the time

Call 'em what they are: MOOCHES

Pat Robertson: Mac'N'Cheese is not a black thing.

:facepalm: You gotta be kidding me.

:facepalm: You gotta be kidding me.

Sara Infuriates Fox News Chief..CBS News

Hot death of a perfect clock radio, By Mark Morford

Please take a moment this season to...

Last post until pop ups are eliminated.

Drone attacks: Complaint to UN panel planned

James Murdoch Resigns Sun, Times Boards

"Food insecurity"?

Said on the TeeVee

This is the kind of wrong headed disdain

To Save Our Economy, Ditch Taiwan

Germany’s Auction ‘Disaster’ Stirs Crisis Concern

I believe the aftermath of the spraying incident is at least as important as the spraying.

Russia Warns of Response to US Missile Shield

Viewing the UC Davis Pepper Spraying from Multiple Angles, synchonized videos

Buddy Roemer, the Occupy Candidate

As Assad Regime Disintegrates, What Will Happen to Its Huge Chemical Weapons Stockpile?

What would happen, do you think, if OWS activists carried pepper spray and used it against cops .

If Congress doesn't act, your taxes will go up. Find out how much more you'll pay

World's only video of extinct giant woodpecker discovered

Texas judge in beating video says he agreed to 'step aside' (with pay)

Texas judge in beating video says he agreed to 'step aside' (with pay)

Mitt Romney endorses Obama 2012!

Drunken driver calls 911 on himself

Katehi: Campus police were told not to use force against students

Chicago Drug Tests Public Housing Inhabitants in Gentrified Areas, ACLU Pushes Back

Mayor Sanders Presented Special “Golden Pluto” Award by Koch Brothers for His Handling of Occupy Dem

BREAKING! NBC local news team uses hidden camera to expose the dangers of (can you guess):

So if you use pepper spray to paint peaceful protesters John Boehner orange

So if you use pepper spray to paint peaceful protesters John Boehner orange

SPD officer seen kicking teen on surveillance tape won't be charged

If the internet had been around way back when:

Texas court suspends judge taped beating daughter

Violence ends brief truce at Egypt protest

I grew up in an inner ring suburb that was both beautiful and grungy...

Bush and Blair found guilty of war crimes for Iraq attack

An Enema of the People!

My friend is traveling in China and spotted some OWS efforts..

Torture's Future

With with with with with with with-Without - And Who'll Deny - It's What the Fighting's All About

With with with with with with with-Without - And Who'll Deny - It's What the Fighting's All About

Romney's New Campaign Slogan: Decieve America

This Black Friday stuff

Could New GOP Rule Lead to a Brokered Convention?

Occupy Wall Street prepares 5,000 Thanksgiving meals

On our police state

What Drugs Was Your Thanksgiving Turkey On?

Cross revealed inside tree trunk at church

Some of the advice to parents with regard to the Penn State Scandal

Sea Ice Loss ‘Unprecedented’ in 1,450 Years

Occupy Wall Street plans benefit album for itself

Ahdaf Soueif in Cairo: 'By early evening it was clear that this was Revolution II'

Airport Workers Say Pay Is Illegally Low

Consumers Opt For Larger Food Portions To Increase Social Status

Pepper Spray Cop Named In 2003 Gay Discrimination Lawsuit

Advocates of corporal punishment --what is too severe to be used?

Playboy model sues Journey guitarist over claims of marriage-like deal

Assembly limits downtown sidewalk sitting (Alaska)

Illinois Repugs want to separate from Chicago

Scottsboro Boys

If you build it, they will GO: Romney's immigration MASTER PLAN.

Shirtless SEALs in a romance novel. For charity.

It's super justified!

You know what commercial really annoys me...

Far be it from me to put that pepper-spraying pig up on a pedestal, but...

Federal agents say 88-year-old Saratoga man's invention is being used by meth labs

Time to expose GROVER NORQUST

Airport workers who need to be tipped.

Who’s on the Line? Increasingly, Caller ID Is Duped - NYT frontpage

OK, NOW I'm worried about John Boehner's mental/emotional state.

Megyn Kelly's Pepper Spray Thanksgiving and Thanksgiving Fun Facts

WP Editorial Board: Senate should confirm Caitlin Halligan to the D.C. Circuit Court

Just now in conversation with a colleague, I gave the 'direct response' hand signal...

Occupy Local

Thanksgiving Cheat Sheet !!!!!

The Seven Deadly Sites (sins)

Officer who pepper sprayed students previously involved in racist, anti-gay slur lawsuit

Occupy Democracy! When freedom of speech goes to the highest bidder, democracy is at stake....

Carrier CVN-77 Parks Next Door To Syria Just As US Urges Americans To Leave Country "Immedi

Carrier CVN-77 Parks Next Door To Syria Just As US Urges Americans To Leave Country "Immedi

Metro Man Charged in Texas Road Rage Murder

Robert Reich: The REAL public nuisance ..... A short video

DU, Happy Thanksgiving! Feliz el dia de accion de gracias ! ..... I give you.....

so very wrong...

Megyn Kelly Pepper Spray Thanksgiving - Funny or Die video

Obama administration backs off draft policy to restrict target shooting on federal land

Man Accused Of Theft Uses Paranormal Defense (ghosts did it)

LA leaders take back Occupy deal

Occupy the Super Bowl!

Why we have to stop the GOP from taking us back a hundred years

NYT Attorney Meets With NYPD To Discuss Press 'Abuses' During Protests

Consumer fasts, mall sit-ins -- anti-Black Friday actions urged

Russia Prepares to ‘Destroy’ U.S. Shield, Medvedev Says

In the 1990s a policeman in British Columbia sprayed a crowd with pepper spray. When

Climategate 2.0: Fresh trove of embarrassing emails

Can you imagine the police pepper spraying a gun show?

Training tonight AZ Worker Rights Center for welcome wagon A.L.E.C.

Groupon Shares Plunge Below IPO Price

*Bachmann interview on PBS Newshour now.

Why can't I stop myself from reading tragic children stories?

Strict Muslims stake claim on Egypt's political scene

Thanksgiving Reunion Brings Holocaust Survivor Together With Her Rescuers After 66 Years

Dear HCE SuiGeneris, Another DU member has made a donation to Democratic Underground

Gobble, Gobble, Gobble!

I can't wait for the day that every one of these blow hards gets Mic Checked and the whole crowd....

Up on the rooftop… Family finds clatter is from black bear

Up on the rooftop… Family finds clatter is from black bear

Help! Here in La Crosse, WI I'm seeing the pro-Walker ads 10 times each night.

Making it easy to grasp - What the tax cuts to the rich mean in comparison to the 99% / Rev. Al

The Ethics of "Unreccing"

On CNN right now - Romney's numbers go way down for the first time as Newt's rise. The GOP

Where are New York Governor Cuomo and Attorney General Schneiderman?

check it out...

What Does Black Friday's Creep on Thanksgiving Say About American Retail?

Report: Family Member Makes Allegation Against Former Penn State Assistant Jerry Sandusky

According To An Occupy Protester, Police Brutality Caused Her To Have A Miscarriage

American GOPer Party Destined for Political Extinction as Dead End Branch

Is Motiva Refinery in Port Arther Tx, "Pollution Capital USA"

When people write, or speak, in a manner that is not specific or transparent,

One in Four Bridges are in danger in this country....

My Thanksgiving wish: your working, have health insurance, and your family is well

Obama's Pick to Run Medicare and Medicaid Programs Resigns In The Face of Republican opposition

Obama's Pick to Run Medicare and Medicaid Programs Resigns In The Face of Republican opposition

It's just not Thanksgiving without the Turkey..

Really, Michele? Would NBC have FIRED THE DRUMMER?

Help! Need Recs Re- the Best Books & Videos Re- Progressive Issues

Help! Need Recs Re- the Best Books & Videos Re- Progressive Issues

The main dish at the FIRST Thanksgiving (and more recent ones) was the OTHER white meat - PORK.

O'Chee claims echoed in US

The Single Most Important Robert Reich Clip You Can Share Today

Top 5 FOX Myths To Debunk This Thanksgiving

Survival Shop Reports Jump In Sales To People Preparing For “Possible Collapse”

Pelosi sent me a survey!!! ( and a begging letter) What shall I do with it?

A dear friend is watching a loved one die today

The Unmentionable: Land Mines in Afghanistan Sexually Mutilate US Troops

Holy Shite - did you see that Don Young attack on Doug

I support the Occupy Movement and the Global Peasant Uprising

Healing the Uninsured - Dr Oz show highlighting the uninsured in this nation

Romney Tells Iowa Audience: ‘I’m Not Trying To Put Money In People’s Pockets’

Harrisburg bankruptcy claim ruled illegal (BBC)

Asked To Explain Romney’s Immigration Plan, Adviser Concedes It’s To Make Immigrant Lives Unbearable

Did MF Global Help Koch Brothers Withdraw Their Money Before Collapse?

Chinese Banks ‘Built on Quicksand’: Chanos

Report: BPA in Thanksgiving Canned Food

Report: BPA in Thanksgiving Canned Food

Bush and Blair found guilty of war crimes

BREAKING: NYPD Move In On Corporate Offices On Wall Street

Romney The Deciever Gets A Taste Of His Own Medicine

Mother arrested for reverse graffiti with soap, #OccupyDodrecht, Netherlands

NYPD orders officers not to interfere with press

Brazil suspends Chevron's oil exploration in wake of spill off Rio coast

Postmaster: Postal Service In Dire Financial Straits

Aircraft crashes into mountain east of Phoenix

CIA Sabotage Manual

OWS Library Press Conference-Wednesday, November 23, at 12:00 noon

Officials say it was a twin engine plane that crashed onto the Superstition Mountains. Not a

Reuters: France calls for humanitarian zone in Syria

Danish hotel flouts the law, reserves floor for women

China: Tycoon sentenced to death in real estate funding scam

Raleigh NC area DU'ers - Emergency vehicles around Air Canada flight at RDU.

George Gallup Jr., Gallup Poll Founder's Son, Dies

The anti-thanksgiving threads tradition

Occupy Y'all Street

Why would anyone think Ted Kennedy was anything short of a saint?

It is that time of year again - WKRP Turkey Drop - link

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Brad Friedman subs for Mike

Jon Huntsman: Expanded drone program 'would serve our national interests'

BREAKING: UC Davis Chancellor MIGHT be completely full of SHIT and LYING...

The Madness of Michele Bachmann

U.S. military working to get troops home faster from Iraq

News Flash: Detroit is not going away

Se an octopus walk on land

FYI: Sunlight Foundation's Influence Explorer

We are going to invade Syria? Zero Hedge thinks so.Anyone got current info??

The Mullet Brothers Are On the Attack

Feds go after medical marijuana businesses

Ron Paul Reaps Big Donations From Federal Workers (Video)

mexico taxi project

Market Forces

Caption Newt

CBO Tuesday: President Obama's 2009 Stimulus Enables 5 Million+ Jobs, Still Producing . . .

Fort Hood: Soldier Sues Over $41 Charge For 4-Second Call

A government needs to balance the realities of many, many people. Fascism imposes one reality

Great Photos leaked out of Homs , Syria

OWS is so new. There is no rush to come up with a list of demands.

Stop police brutality against peaceful protesters!

2012 National Conventions: Please enlighten me

Detroit Public Library Will Shutter Four Branches

Populism not Libertarianism

These pictures make me shiver - tourists risk their lives for a good picture

A Message from Scott Olsen, Marine.

Wyden: Protect IP Act may pass if Americans don’t call Congress

BOOM! Attorney: Jerry Sandusky family member made recent allegations

Pres. Obama has proposed and enacted thousands of dollars of tax relief for middle-class families

"Judge" Adams: Child abuse victims make it up

Illinois Republican wants to make Chicago area the 51st state

Huntsman had the best answer at the end of the debate about the biggest threat

Pepper Spray’s Fallout, From Crowd Control to Mocking Images - Nicholas Kristof

Only 2.7 % of personal consumption is spend on goods from China

New Republic: China Flexes Its Regional Muscle (Tibet)

Hacker Group ANONYMOUS TARGETS Pepper-Spraying UC Davis Cop

Pepper Spray Developer and Expert Witness: UC Davis Police, if Civilian Would Be Arrested, Charged

From the Kennedys to OWS. Let's get real.

Will Obama's Thanksgiving Gift to Female Voters Be a Tax on Women's Healthcare?

How would Mitt Romney's Presidency be different from Obama's?

What exactly do Fox and their scumbags hacks stand for

Obama's WAR on Medical Cannabis continues...

Fox Pig Suggests Occupy Wall St. Protesters Are "Domestic Terrorists"

Male nurse sues after firing for treating Muslim women

Ever see a union become involved in a workers problem that wasn't really union related?

Yay I am done with silly season!

Wanna Say, Happy Thanksgiving

Netflix short on cash, long on problems

The Eyes of the Devil

The Eyes of the Devil

Danziger Toon-Mop, You Little Commies!

Wisconsin: ALEC Bills Threaten our State

Thanksgiving Day Prayer from the First Americans

To all my frenemies.

So why do Democrats have to engage in actual Senate floor filibusters and Republican don't?

Do you think it is possible for the cops to switch sides and support Occupy and the 99% ?

Thanksgiving dinner + wingnut relatives = a horrible day

Former AIG CEO Sues Claiming Taxpayers Need To Pony Up $25 Billion More

If Only We had Re-elected Jimmy Carter

A Spot-On Cartoon (Happy Thanksgiving!)

Just saw Grover Norquist on MSNBC. What a beady-eyed, weasel-y little fuck.

There's stupid, and there's Faux News stupid: Today's Deliverer of the Stupid: Megyn Kelly

There's stupid, and there's Faux News stupid: Today's Deliverer of the Stupid: Megyn Kelly

U.C Davis Chancellor Katehi sits on National Security Higher Education Advisory Board

They are also tracking your phones; Mobile "rootkit" maker tries to silence critical Android dev

Bachmann whining about 'Lyin' Ass Bitch'

Politics at Thanksgiving: Will it Affect the Polls?

OWS allows people to have their say finally. For the last 30 years elections

Video: Octopus crawls out of water and walks on dry land

Rev Al's "GOP Turkey Of The Year"

A simple question without hysterics or personal attacks.

More Damaged @OWSLibrary Books, Including...

'World fears US as a war-hungry drunk' - ex-Senator

Mother sues police for handcuffing kids

Fiat overhauls plans for US return as car sales fizzle

Professor's snack demand from students nixed

Professor's snack demand from students nixed

PIC: where we needed casual pepper spray cop--on Wall St. execs

Reply to "friends" complaining of Bachmann's treatment on Fallon's show

State Dept. Attacks Conspiracy Theories

And if the person in front of me at the grocery store didn't have enough money at the checkout

And if the person in front of me at the grocery store didn't have enough money at the checkout

Netflix stock continues to fall; analysts see more woes ahead

A laugh like crystal bells. My response to a Republican campaign phone call that became infectious

OWS Shatters the Political Frame

Walmart accused of shortchanging customers

Post here the song you would have played for Michelle Bachmann

Yemen's president Saleh signs power transfer deal (that makes four, who's next?)

Top 1% tax cuts worth more than bottom 99% salaries

One anti-union judge replied, "To hell with the Constitution; we're not following the Constitution!"

UC Berkeley Students To File Lawsuit Against University, Police


AP: Tibet group video allegedly shows nun burning (Warning - Graphic Image)

As a two month NYC ows volunteer I am pissed at Obama

Wikileaks truck back in its old spot.

Watch Out for Zombies this Black Friday!

NO, Blitz. I'm sorry, Blitz...I meant WOOF, OK? Blitz, Woof, since we on a BLITZ debate...

For my 1000th post I would like to say

Joe has a job, and he still couldn't eat for two days.

Regulations are simply the rules of the game


Off-Duty Cop Kills Dog in Tony Baloney's NYC Neighborhood

Catholics for Choice says Obama is siding with the Bishops on birth control issue.

Remember Bradley Manning

I knew a guy who ran up a huge credit card bill and escaped to Viet Nam.

Looking at changing from T-mobile to Credo. Anybody using them?

Obama Complained About The Police Raids On Occupy

American internet service providers are blocking the American site

“I have never seen such an inappropriate and improper use of chemical agents”

Fox News Megyn Kelly’s pepper spray comments spark backlash

Fox News Megyn Kelly’s pepper spray comments spark backlash

Fox News Megyn Kelly’s pepper spray comments spark backlash

Occupy is over. Long live the 99% Movement! /nt

are republicans about to kill NLRB

I am no longer proud to be an American.

Remember this? Anti-logging protesters whose eyes were swabbed w/ liquid pepper spray

Remember this? Anti-logging protesters whose eyes were swabbed w/ liquid pepper spray



Israeli Women Strip to Support Egyptian Who Posed Nude

People who don't like or don't own dogs are missing out on this part of the equation

People who don't like or don't own dogs are missing out on this part of the equation

Nov 23: Mayor's office says Occupy L.A. encampment will end next week

'Company Policy: We are not hiring until Obama is gone'

I have two good friends who are cops. They both support OWS.

How you can buy,cook, donate a Thanksgiving meal for Occupy Wall St.

Dear Newt Gingrich, for one summer I actually WAS a school janitor.

The Argument FOR Drug Prohibition

Sue Paterno told she can't use Penn State University pool to swim

Ed Schultz: Attention Black Friday Shoppers: Buy American

Ed Schultz: Attention Black Friday Shoppers: Buy American

Livestream, Nov. 23, Tahrir Square, "Many killed and injured"

Bachmann may have leaked classified information during GOP debate

TOON: Grover Norquist (Warning: This one is really really really bad).


Police, protesters clash for 5th day in Egypt

Unemployment Insurance Weekly Claims Report (11/23/2011)

Nokia Siemens to cut 17,000 jobs

Occupy Toronto siege weakening

Moody's maintains Aaa rating on U.S

James Murdoch quits executive boards of Sun and Times

Victims of sex abuse at Portland (Maine) high school seek resolution, see ties to Penn State scandal

Murdoch's News Corp accused of trying to bribe Australian senator

Occupy Boston accused of racism by own offshoot

CNN's Stan Case dies in wreck (hourly radio bulletin reader)

Bahrain Said to Use Excessive Force and Torture in Protests.

Mortgage Rates in the U.S. Decline With 30-Year Loan at 3.98%

Students begin wave of occupations to back public sector strikes (UK)

Scandal Puts PSU Football Discipline in Spotlight

Top Blagojevich adviser Tony Rezko gets 10½ years

Iranian MPs approve bill to reduce British diplomatic ties with Tehran

Mitt Romney's Mormonism costing him support among religious Republicans

Texas court suspends judge taped beating daughter

UC Berkeley Students To File Lawsuit Against University, Police

Egyptian military using 'more dangerous' teargas on Tahrir Square protesters

French riot police clash with anti-nuke protesters

Sherry Rehman, liberal lawmaker, is Pakistan’s new U.S. envoy

Fox News Megyn Kelly’s pepper spray comments spark backlash

'Company Policy: We are not hiring until Obama is gone'

Yemeni president arrives in Saudi Arabia to sign U.S.-backed deal that would exchange his power for

University to pay medical bills of pepper spray victims

FCC chairman opposes AT&T takeover of T-Mobile

Ex-NoW reporter Sean Hoare 'died of natural causes'

Sarkozy party leader vows to end France's 35-hour week

Nick Clegg to accuse banks of racism

Jury Acquits Man in 1978 Murder of 5 Newark Boys

Chinese manufacturing output hits a 32-month low

BPA levels soar after eating canned soup: Study (heart disease, diabetes, and obesity)