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Archives: November 21, 2011

Saudi sees balanced oil market

Canada, U.S. servers host Syria, Hezbollah-affiliated content

Image: Egypt shows its support for the Syrian Revolution

See if you can score higher on this pop quiz than members of the U.S. Congress:

I want one of these.

I want one of these.

Michael Bloomberg's health and safety arguments weak, say lawyers

Breaking News: Clashes, tear gas resume in_______(Where's Chaos?)

Top Khmer Rouge leaders' trial opens in Cambodia

ProgressOhio's First Annual Progressive Hero Awards

The Real Right To Life: Venezuela Expands Benefits for Elderly while the U.S. Pepper-Sprays Them.

US defence and welfare cuts loom as 'super committee' deadlocked

The Super Committee was designed to do a couple of things.

another "yep"

Recall Suppression: Racine County Sheriff Violatin.. Please call Monday


Seattle Mariners outfielder Gregory Halman stabbed to death in Rotterdam

#OCCUPATION in Cleveland went well yesterday... 14-10

Here's one for you:

20 protesters killed in Tahrir Square

What was with DU earlier? Maintainence?

Imagine seeing this in the street:

TPM: sources say FBI declined to take new terror case 'several times'

New word for those of us whose sleep cycle has gone bust from following the #Occupations:

Disgraced Ex-Boston Archbishop Leaves Rome Job (Cardinal Bernard Law)

Pike art

Rally tonight Riverside Church (NYC): Living Wage: Many Voices, One Goal

DU is simply awesome

DU is simply awesome

Super Committee Grand deficit-cutting effort ends with whimper

Pushing the envelope or the propaganda???

Barry Ritholtz: The Big Lie about the Fiancial Meltdown

Awesome website of news videos

I got my OWS yard-sign in the mail today.

UN: AIDS epidemic stabilizing, still work to do

Can you spare $10.00 to help Wisconsin fight the Koch brothers?

***BREAKING*** ‘Arrested Development’ ***BREAKING***

On Brink of Failure, U.S. Debt Committee Says It's Gridlocked

Mika "sickened" by Newt remarks

Live where it's frozen: Car Interior Preheater

Pastor sent to prison for conning student-jewellery possessed with evil spirits

Did Willie Geist say he can't believe the Dems haven't put some big cuts to SS on the table yet?

Sen. Lee (R-Utah): Tea Party group’s First Amendment rights violated

Minn. nuke plant shut down because of safety concerns

GMA reported on an "Unoccupy Portland movement" this morning.

Supercommittee Unlikely to Reach Deficit Deal

Letterman - Simpson

Chunk of LA cliff, street slide into Pacific Ocean

Chunk of LA cliff, street slide into Pacific Ocean

Bally Total Fitness to Sell 171 Fitness Clubs

Super Committee has succeeded--not failed

breaking: 91% of americans agree on ONE thing!!!

UC professor, police chief speak about pepper-spray incident

China Owns Up to Recession

Toon: Tick Tock....

SC Governor Nikki Haley Deleting Emails. This is wrong, right?

Is DU running klunky for anyone else today?

Alan Simpson - 60 Minutes, also a great French lady...

Finally watched the video of the NASCAR event yesterday where the FLOTUS was supposedly booed

Interview with UC Davis Chancellor Katehi, interesting quote..

Live on most networks but not on Faux News...Pres Obama announcing veterans

Egypt morgue official: 35 dead in 3-day clashes

Manning's Article 32 hearing Dec 16 at Fort Meade, MD.

The Nation: How Online Learning Companies Bought America's Schools

Lt. John Pike v. Boehner

The economic draft is having the same effect as a military draft did

Ruling Class Diagram

Does anyone know what's going on with the Comcast/Robocall issue in New Mexico?

Late for the anniversary, but worth remembering:the Edmund Fitzgerald

A $1 billion upgrade for Turkey Point (Fl. nuke plant)

Penn State's New Villain: Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett

Dumb-ass Training and the U.C. Davis Pepper Spray Incident: Thoughts From a Former Cop

Tiananmen Pike

The students who were peppersprayed need to file charges right fucking now.

Springsteen fans: Great news!

Guardian UK: Rich nations 'give up' on new climate treaty until 2020

Ted Leo, Titus Andronicus, And The So So Glos Are Playing An Occupy Wall Street Benefit At Shea

Poor Rachel from Card Services.

A friend of mine just sent me this.

p.o.s. Wingnut Rep. Don YOUNG parades his embarrassing ignorance attacking"elitist"Doug BRINKLEY

Treasury orders UK banks to cut ties with Iran

Thank you for the star!

Shepard Fairey Remixes His Obama-Hope Poster For #OWS

Hooters girl appearance at Florida special needs elementary school riles parents

Wisconsin: Right-wing blogger Kevin Binversie advocates shooting recall petitioners

Seattle Mariners outfielder Greg Halman killed in Rotterdam, his brother is arrested as suspect

Debt panel poised to admit failure

AJE map of Egyptian demonstrations today

Occupy America


The idea that "the system is rigged" or voting is pointless is a bullshit right-wing defense meme.

Photos of BofA's new #OWS-themed ad campaign (actually an OWS action)

How to Make a Coloring Book From Your Photos (not just for kids)

Remember how these law breakers were arrested and abused for their crimes.

More than a dozen CIA spies caught in Iran and Lebanon

The day some of my students became wannabe Earth Firsters and potential anarchists.

congress is responsible for tanking the economy

Guardian UK: If you lived in Iran, wouldn't you want the nuclear bomb?

"We now have clear uncertainty." CNBC

Fugg you Fenty

DNC files fresh request targeting Romney’s records handling at end of term

super-committee nothing but a super-shakedown

The Rude Pundit: Nonviolent Protests in America Now and Then: Same as It Ever Was

Low U.S. Birth Rate May Prolong Housing Slump

A collection of Pike's greatest hits, all in one place for your convenience.

If you think US soldiers are the only ones making videos, think again:

"...a bold, shrewd countermove to the rapacious march of income inequality"....

Is there video of Cal-Davis cops forcing People's mouths open and spraying pepper-spray...

The pepper spray assault on protesters is the

My five year old daughter has a box of coins.

Romney tells military contractors President Obama should cut medical care for the poor, not defense

Toon: Just 1 paycheck away...

In 1977 Henry J. Zac stole a million dollars from Chicago’s First National Bank and got away with it

GOPers going down in FLAMES due to Hubristic BULLISM...The DEMS STAND THEIR GROUND driving them

Alleged Jerry Sandusky victim leaves school because of bullying, counselor says

Louis Freeh to investigate Penn State issue? Are you kiding me?!

Louis Freeh to investigate Penn State issue? Are you kiding me?!

Burger King Introduces New Thing To Throw In Front Of Kids After Another Hellish Day At Work

What’s the Matter With Kansas City?

Democrats Consolidating Hispanic Vote Early

E. J. Dionne: It’s Time to Occupy the Majority

Kerry is saying that the 'deal is done' IF Bush tax cuts are

Time to reconsider usage of credit scores in hiring? Low credit score may mean better employee

High Integrity, Moral Decency Has Cost Idiot Man Millions

Question - is demanding that employees work on national

Seen this one?

Super Committee Still Undecided on Lunch as 1 P.M. Deadline Nears

What is the legal organization that might help the OWS protestors, that one can send money to?

Sy Hersh: Propaganda Used Ahead of Iraq War Is Now Being Reused over Iran’s Nuke Program

New "Don't Vote for Texans" T-shirt -- made by a Texan!

2 shot, 1 killed, just off campus today. Folks saying shooter was a mentally disturbed vet...

Pterosaur named after Gerald Scarfe, for Thatcher cartoon

Jeb Bush: "Wealth doesn't come from safe streets and good schools."

Feeding America

Bernie: No deal is better than a bad deal. Watch Bernie with Howlin' Wolf Blitzer.

Hmm interesting new narrative on the MSM

MF Global Trustee - Commingling Shortfall May Be Double Previous Estimate,Could Reach "$1.2 Billion"

Top 0.1 Percent Netting Nearly Half Of All Capital Gains: Report

From tonight's 60 Minutes - "The Pledge: Grover Norquist's hold on the GOP" - w/vid link:

Military Nearly Pulls Atheist from Graduation Ceremony After He Refuses to Bow Head and Clasp Hands

John McCain's Daughter Makes MSNBC Debut as Paid Contributor

Egypt erupts with fresh protests - amazing photos

Arizona DUers fill us in on the Brewer Recall

Arizona DUers fill us in on the Brewer Recall

Syrian cameraman killed; last seen being arrested

MF Global: It gets worse

First lady makes visit to Homestead track

Toon: Republican Candidate Profiles

Worthless Louis Freeh to Head "Independent" Penn State Investigation...

Remember the Tokyo subway sarin gas attacks by a religious cult in 1995?

US firm's teargas used against Tahrir Square protesters

Egyptian cabinet resigns - live coverage of reaction

Attorney Says BP's Macondo Well Still Leaks Oil From Seafloor

Funny how she sticks her ugly mitt out now...

SAN DIEGO —No delay of crackdown on medpot dispensaries

"Spoiled, pampered, unfocused, clueless young people who don’t understand this country..."

Chinese TV Host Says Regime Nearly Bankrupt

Vote Now For The Members Of The 1% Who Are Wrecking America

GE opening first offices in Iraq

GE opening first offices in Iraq

Amazing thing is that most Repubs are NOT part of the 1%.

Inside the Corporate Plan to Occupy the Pentagon

What happens when the Republicans refuse to compromise on debt reduction?

Petition: UC Davis Students Ask Chancellor Katehi to Resign!

Now, A Second Italian Study Rejects Faster-Than-Light Neutrino Claim

Egypt: Concerned about violence, U.S. calls for "restraint of all sides".

Cant Gov. Jerry Brown Fire The Chancellor???

Middle-Class Jobs Disappearing As Workforce Shifts To High-Skill, Low-Skill: Study

Why we are Democrats - Liberals - Progressives

Who's Afraid Of Elizabeth Warren?

Who's Afraid Of Elizabeth Warren?

Who's Afraid Of Elizabeth Warren?

Chinese 9 seat school van, had 64 on board when crashed, seats removed to fit more

Join/sign with UC Faculty on support of peaceful students

Cayman Directors Sit On Hundreds Of Boards

Who is your favorite living writer?

AMAZING: These Folks Have Been Marching From NY To D.C. For 11 Days And Counting

AMAZING: These Folks Have Been Marching From NY To D.C. For 11 Days And Counting

if they voted against medicare they shouldn't get government

Philip Morris sues Australia over cigarette packaging (BBC)

We've had a lot of end-of-life discussions here recently, but no one has mentioned autopsy.

Democrats co-opt OWS without occupying or doing anything but taking credit!

Several hurt as Saudi forces fire on protest: report

Bernie Sanders: I Would Rather Have No Deal Than A Bad Deal

Quote Of The Day

Joe Walsh: Veterans In Occupy Movement 'Don't Understand This Country' (VIDEO)

Looking for link to Livestream/UStream OWS UC Davis

Lecturer-in-Chief: Gingrich pledges, as President, to teach an online course for entire nation

Gunman Barricaded in Building at Colorado Air Base

Live UC Davis protests - Barbara Lee on Bashir n/t

Washing won't wash this man's sleaze away

Hey M$NBC - we want live coverage of the UC Davis General Assembly

When, in the course of human events...

KRUGMAN: "Our discourse being badly distorted by ideologues/wishful thinkers-boring-cruel romantics"

Calls Mount for UC Davis Chancellor to Resign Following Brutal Pepper-Spraying of Student Protesters

Your Republican relatives that you'll meet on Thursday are part of the 99%.

Would you support Bernie for president in 2012?

Bloomberg Ties Terror Plot to Lex Luther

CHRIS HAYES: Memo Reveals How Seriously Powerful Interests Take Occupy Wall Street

Rochester N.Y. -Band of Rebels closes Bank of America branch during noontime picket

Study: Getting your information from Fox News is worse than not following news at all

Cain had a Maalox moment during chemo when he found out the surgeon's name was "Dr. Abudullah"

Steven J. Baum P.C., Law firm That Hosted Foreclosure Costume Party To Layoff One-Third Of Employees

Mr. Fish Does The SuperCommittee

Another man's best friend topic.....

Toon says it all about the violent crackdown on OWS across the country

Here is a crude cut-out of Sgt. Pepperspray. Photoshoppers, away!

ECONOMIST: Bernanke Is Going To End Up Bailing Out All Of Europe

ECONOMIST: Bernanke Is Going To End Up Bailing Out All Of Europe

Bashir will respond to Gingrich's call for child labor

wow, Bashir calls out Newt at end of show

Anti-OWS activist barred from securities industry

President Obama and Labor Unions: "Barack Obama has proven himself a political Trojan Horse"

Great OWS pic on Facebook.

Sen. Franken urges super committee to spare rural hospitals

Romney discusses his wild youth.

please sign petition.

When I googled Norquist last night looking for the 60 Minutes story...

Who after hearing Newt's latest verbal diarrhea couldn't help but think of The Big Lebowski?

Tell NPR: Solyndra's Loan Was $528 MILLION, not Billion

Something I have been noticing in my area. Shelves are empty.

John Kerry and Baucus try for a Hail Mary for Supercommittee

Who Will Feed Egypt?

Former AIG chief sues U.S. for $25 billion

Toon: Occupy movement removed from its home of the past 222 years

UC Davis Police Chief Placed On Leave Following Pepper Spraying Of Students

Toronto police hand out new eviction notices as some Occupy protesters vow to stay


After widespread bombing of Libya, U.S./NATO scramble over ...

EPA: Submit a current photo of life and our environment as you see it

Yemen’s President Saleh agrees to sign plan to transfer power, opposition says

Time to tie the President's hands: A Social Security Protection Pledge and

If there are any TRUE independent voters who visit this site...

Hey, you hippies, stop protesting and just get a job*!

He broke a window, threw in the tear gas, and started shooting...


Best laugh of the week - she didn't tell me about

DAVID SIROTA: Anger Sowing Seeds of a New Consumer Movement

I did NOT contribute to the last DU fund drive ever...

Founding Fathers

Sign the Save the Internet Petition

Quick Facts: Occupy Wall Street timeline

Alien skull and bones found in Peru

UC Davis chancellor a Bush appointee

Banks to act out war-game scenarios to counter sudden systems failure

Norquist styles ending the Bush tax cuts for the rich as "the biggest tax increase in US history"

"Getting Piked" new word, 1.) the act of having one's human rights abused by an authoritarian force

what i'm still wondering about

a movie i'd like to see:

Popcorn poppers: I looked around for a stove top popcorn popper

Foreclosure mill closes office, fires 89 after "the Halloween Party" mocking ppl who lost homes.

The coming American Spring...

Huge crowds at UC Davis rally / Wire tent memorial sculpture at site of pepper spraying - pics

Martin Bashir just said Newt is the one who needs the bath and wash some of that filth off himself

PRIORITIES and what's fair?

May the Excessive Force Be With You

Forecasting the Supreme Court Vote on “Obamacare”

The Semi-Official Newt Gingrich Clown Car Driver's Seat Dead Pool is back ON!

CUNY students protesting / more police brutality (happening now)

Super Duper Congress Committee Fails -- Obama to Cancel Christmas!!

Grovelbot meets pepper spray guy

Here’s what attempted co-option of OWS looks like. (SEIU and OWS)

How many jobs are directly associated with the military in your state?

Pretty Boy Floyd - Woodie Guthrie

President Obama vows to veto any effort to forgo automatic spending cuts

Pepper spray guy staying busy while under suspension.

Underwater Home Traps Driving Unemployment

Obama sides with big business over small cattlemen

I'm more efficient than the US Government. Where do I collect my paycheck?

Sharpton has one of the students who was pepper sprayed

#Occupy: Pepper-Spray and Tear Gas Imagery. =GRAPHIC=

#Occupy: Pepper-Spray and Tear Gas Imagery. =GRAPHIC=

Outsourced: Herman Cain on Whirlpool Board of Directors. Outsourced thousands of Jobs!

Among social conservatives, nothing succeeds like failure.

Pepper Spray Cop Squirts the Internet in the Eye

Most important story of 2011?

President Obama on now - on the Superflop -GEM$NBComcast! n/t


Anyone else sensing another 'event' in the making?

Supercommittee "Failure" is NOT Failure at All says Social Security Advocate

On MSNBC poll 67% blame the Repubs for the Supercommitee failure

This goes out to those GOPigs who want government limited everywhere but the uterus

Special second live edition of Hardball starting right now. nt

VICTORY: Justice in Cook County (falsely arrested and harshly prosecuted for crimes they did not do)

Roll Over, Grover!

Romney Admits He Destroyed Government Records To Keep Them From Political Opponents

Who Gave the Order to Pepper Spray the Students?

Toon - Supercommittee

a different occupation, a different time

A Generation Moves from Preoccupied to Occupy: Power Of Physical Presence in a Digital World

Rally at UC Davis: Katehi to students: 'I'm here to apologize'

How are you preparing for 2012?

How are you preparing for 2012?

A song dedicated to the movement!

Limbaugh on Michelle Obama...he's getting closer...

Why is holding the high ground bad when Obama does it?

wow there just isnt any hope for some people is there?

Anonymous Network

Deutsche Bank tightens screws on Occupiers

Parents of 'Adolf Hitler' Lose Custody of Newborn

Some News Leaves People Knowing Less

President Obama.... NO

Herman Cain Was Elated When He Learned That His Muslim-Sounding Doctor Wasn’t Muslim

No, `both sides’ aren’t equally to blame for supercommittee failure

Just a note to remember the 10th Anniversary....

Will the 1% be thankful on T-Day??

Nathan Brown, The Davis Prof, on Ed now!

VICTORY: Justice in Cook County

'Casually Pepper Spraying Cop' Meme Takes Off

Spoke with an old friend that's a conservative Christian today, UC Davis pepper spray came up..

Is there a place on this site where DU'ers who "Make Items (handcrafted) to Sell" Advertise?

A question regarding David Sirota as he guest-hosted for Thom Hartmann last week.

Anonymous exposes cybercrime investigator's Gmail, voicemail

Prof. Brinkley to Rep. Don Young: "I pay your salary:" (VIDEO)

Very good article in The Guardian about Egypt...

Toon - For Crowd Control..

I think I may have figured it out

Top 10 reasons why NYC Mayor Bloomberg repressed Occupy Wall Street:

Bad news for the GOP

Help me out here. "Paid administrative leave" differs from paid vacation just how?

Wesley Clark roasts the GOP candidates

Wesley Clark roasts the GOP candidates

American Library Association Defends Occupy Wall Street Library

Somebody gave me a star

Retailers change to snare shoppers caught in the Web

Fake Doctor Injected Cement and Fix-A-Flat Into Patient's Butt

hmm interesting, according to Keith (Terror and bloomie)

50 nonprofits to be thankful for this thanksgiving

U of Wisconsin scientists grow stem cells that integrate into brain

RECALL WALKER in Wisconsin - Elect Warren to U.S. Senate in Mass - 2 causes we can ALL support NOW!

What is a good cop?

Thank goodness for health insurance

Thank goodness for health insurance

American Migration - Interactive Map

(Obama's) Re-election Strategy Is Tied to a Shift on Smog

Fastest take in the west on a meme.

Apparently, Trump is not done fleecing the Teabaggers

xkcd: the Money Chart. Oh my goodness.

This breakdown or dysfunctional behavior in Congress is all about being a boomer....

Poll - Who do you blame more?

Center Right Victory in Spain Continues Europe's Lurch to the Right

Did Twitter change again?

Ironic? I'm not sure what to make of this.

Video by 14 Year Old in Support of Occupy Wall Street Shows Police We Are on the Same Side

Oh, this is just too good :) Youtube and Tea party - Police Called On Tea Party!

Let's play "Follow the idiot" and see what we find (update to other threads)

MUST-READ: John Dean: Gaming American Democracy (series for, including section on ALEC)

Scientist Who Warned of Japan Quake Was Dismissed

Lawrence O'D crowing that Obama cut only $21 billion for the debt ceiling increase.

Convictions of four men thrown out in 1994 prostitute murder

“SAVE THE FAMILY ! ; Reserve For Action! February 12, 2012”

Pollsters call for Obama to step aside

Lawyer: Bullying Led To Shooting In Waikiki (Federal agent in Hawaii for APEC)

The Newt: Fire all school janitors. Make the kids clean.

Mother Jones - Dark Money: "Americans Elect" Wants to Pick Candidates Via Internet Voting

Some Grover Norquist-style arm-wrenching is what Progressives need too.

First Romney TV Ad Falsely Presents McCain Campaign Quote As Obama’s

Romney Admits He Destroyed Government Records To Keep Them From Political Opponents

Globe and Mail: "Making it to the top 1%, with a little help from Dad"

Pepper spray the constitution..

Insider Trading In the Halls of Congress -- End it NOW! (Louise Slaughter)

Can OWS Survive the Holidays and Winter?

NASCAR fans boo First Lady before start of Ford 400 race

Wow. Queen Sarah Scatterbrain goes all OWS in a WSJ editorial.

Sandusky charity faced contempt motion over missing records

Indian eunuchs mourn 15 killed in fire at ceremony

Insider trading is legal for the Congress and it looks like Boehner and Pelosi both did it.

Proud UC Davis alumnus

College Students Need To Look At These Charts Before Deciding On A Major

In 1992 Bill Clinton was booed at a Nascar race.

PHOTO OF THE DAY (No, um... not Japan, sorry!)

Anyone else wonder if Palin's planning to jump in, to save the party from Romney?

Where is Grover Norquist tonight? Has he been on any news shows? He should be taking credit for

Take the L out of "Palin", and what is left?

What needs to be done: Reinvestment in America

Dumbest Presidential Candidate EVER? Michele Bachmann Gets Facts Wrong In Her Own Autobiography

Dennis Miller coming up on Leno, I wonder if he finds any

OCCUPY ART: My favorite one

The 147 Companies That Sort Of Control Sort of Everything: Full List Revealed

This Wednesday, Obama is going to pardon a turkey on the White House Lawn

FBI declined to pursue NYC bomb plot

Just wanted to say Good Luck to all at DU in dealing with Right Wing relatives over the holiday!

Fox News Viewers Know Less Than People Who Don't Watch Any News: Study

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Brad Friedman subs for Mike

Enough's Enough, Nabors Shareholders Say - $100 Million termination payment to CEO

Screening Still a Pain at Airports, Fliers Say

German Mercedes-Benz Executive Arrested Under Alabama’s Immigration Law

Am I misremembering previous US presidents proposing the specifics of bills and then pushing them?

Could a person in a Third World country have OCD? That might

Could a person in a Third World country have OCD? That might

H&R Block Accused of Preying on Poor

I'm Christian. Unless you're gay. (I beg you to read this!)

Depressed? Comedian Marc Maron nails it!

Somebody needs to stand up in the House and Senate and read this:

OWS Education Activists Launch Student Debt Refusal Pledge

Would you support Obama stepping down and refusing to run?

How to Cool Burns from Capsaicin (re: pepper spray)

Anti-OWS Douchebag Is A Scam Artist

"These people need to get a job."

Just in time for Xmas: The cursing baby doll

170 Economists Sign Statement In Support Of Occupy Wall Street

Will the "uppity" word finally stick on LIMBOsevic after all these years?!1

About Pepper Spray - Scientific American

Anyone got the low-down on RW columnist Tina Trent?


Truly Epic Jim Cramer FAIL: upgraded Focus Media to 'BUY' today, hours later it was halted 60% down

Have you seen this XKCD financial chart? (dial-up warning inside)

"Herpes is now slightly more popular than Congress".

Please Sir -- Photo

Hold The White House To What They Said In August About The SuperCommittee And Taxes

Smirking fucking Fox "News" pig Brian Kilmeade schools his audience on fair wages for "skirts"

"I could watch that (UC Davis Pepper Spray)video over and over. It was hilarious!"

"I could watch that (UC Davis Pepper Spray)video over and over. It was hilarious!"

The Debt Committee Turned out as I Expected

Limbaugh: Michelle Obama NASCAR booing a recognition of ‘uppity-ism’ . Yup, uppity

Cheating America- 25 CEOs who make more than their companies pay in taxes

'TIS THE SEASON: Is there something you need? Is there something you can offer?

How do you permanently erase a hard drive without physically destroying it?

Republicans Violate Oath of Office with Pledge to Grover Norquist: OWS to Demand Trial for Treason

What Republican, Without A Chance In Hell of Winning Will Take the Focus off Mitt Romney Next Month?

A friend's moving story - law enforcement, said "no" to violence, despite repercussions

Citizens case- Forget Constitutional Amendment& think IMPEACHMENT!

Just wondering: If Laura Bush had been booed at an NBA game, what would the reaction have been?

Does anyone know the name of that infamous, obscene "police officer"?

Super Committee has succeeded--it has not failed.

Military Cuts Threaten Defense-Dependent States

Holiday Do It Yourself gifting...

Pepper Spray Cop Becomes Internet Meme. His family must be so proud.

Okay this is funny

TOONS: RICK PERRY --------------->

The pepper spraying POS cop is not worried AT ALL about being taped and recorded becuse...

America, Take A Bow! Megabanks Could Lose $185 Billion Due to Bank Transfer Day

Which human rights violations and abuses upon peaceful demonstrators

I Am A Democrat

(CNN's) Howard Kurtz to NYC: Apologize for Media 'Censorship' of Occupy Evictions

NFL Player - "get a life or kill urself"

Could OCCUPY evolve into the "99%" Movement?

I wanna thank the Nascar fans of Miami for clearing up any confusion about how classy they are

Teen in gay slayinig gets 21 years

Time to chuckle: Christmas Decoration of the Year:

Was watching CNN. The Republicans on the Super Committee said they didn't

AnonSource Technologies

Dear Mom:

10 pounds of plutonium dioxide (nuclear fuel for probe) to be launched next week to Mars.

When I hear "What do the OWS Protesters want?" I cringe! Really? Maybe "they" need pictures......

Graph showing how pay has not kept up with productivity since 1980

The whole deal should just go away. The President's vow to uphold the trigger is not good news.

The whole deal should just go away. The President's vow to uphold the trigger is not good news.

The myth of sexual harassment - by Tom Tomorrow

George Takei takes on OWS Pepper Spray guy:

The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade is totally free and for the children

Thousands rally against Wisconsin Republican governor

Fox News Viewers Know Less Than People Who Don't Watch ANY News: Study

Thanksgiving Confrontation(s)

“I’ll call you anything I want to call you when you’re in that chair. You just be quiet.” says Rep

Officer Pike (UC Davis) in great works of art --funny and impressive iconization of a crime

AC/DC jumps the shark ("Back In Black" riff used in WalMart "Black Friday" commercial)

More pepper ma'am?

Tampa Police Roll Out A TANK against OWS Tampa

No Loopholes for YOU!

Breaking: President Obama threatens veto of attempts to bypass sequestration

Why This is a Gettysburg Address Moment for Higher Education

79 yr old man dies after nurse gives him execution drug by mistake instead of Pepcid

George Takei just posted this Re: UC Davis

Demonstration today at UC Davis Campus to protest pepper spraying of students - pics

Obama Turns The Super Committee Failure Into A Weapon Of GOP Destruction

UofC Davis Chancellor was a student protestor.

President Obama's Gallup approval rating among liberal Democrats for November 14th-20th is 84%.

Have you ever had a family member get converted by a boyfriend/girlfriend?

Protest at UC Davis today (thread #2) - pics


OWS needs a "face"

Said on the TeeVee

This why marijuana was prohibited?

‘It’s a Food Product, Essentially’: Fox News Starts Spinning Pepper Spray Cops

A Dem President vows to veto any attempt at repealing public spending cuts

12 Days of Gingrich Christmas, or Why Newt Would Be a GREAT GOP Nominee

Seattle Occupy pepper sprayed pregnant woman miscarries

Insane Anonymous Internet Racist Turns Out To Be Florida GOP Politician

Seymour Hersh: Propaganda Used Ahead of Iraq War Is Now Being Reused over Iran’s Nuke Program

Maybe we just need to fire all incumbents.

""The CBO is a reactionary socialist institution which does not believe in economic growth"

Does the OCCUPY ART project help de-legitimize the

Report: Dozens of U.S. spies captured in Lebanon and Iran

Customers irate with local bank for increasing fees

I just called 100 people about President Obama...

Here is a primary reason why an individual leader would be deadly to OWS:

John Matthews in Newsweek-"My Life as a White Supremacist"

I think this guy deserves some phone calls....

A lesson in police powers

***** The Last Pepper Spray = Official DU Art History Contest *****

Posting Private Info

Robt Wagner: 'We thought she was off on another boat screwing around'

Robt Wagner: 'We thought she was off on another boat screwing around'

Obama issues pardons on mostly cannabis cases

Sooperdooper Committee turns a FAIL and DU yawns.

‘Homeless Halloween’ Firm Goes Under

Homelessness-Mocking Foreclosure Firm Closes

The Politics of Climate Change


White House Openly Considers Caving to Bishops on Birth Control Coverage

I'm sorry, but "paid administrative leave" will not cut it. LT PIKE NEEDS TO BE CRIMINALLY CHARGED

Business: Not hiring until Obama is gone

Loudly Protesting Park Eviction, if Not Outside Mayor’s Window as Planned (NYC)

US defence and welfare cuts loom as 'super committee' deadlocked

Aung San Suu Kyi to run for parliament

NASCAR fans boo First Lady before start of Ford 400 race

Cayman Directors Sit On Hundreds Of Boards

November 20, 1945: Understanding The Nature And Causes Of Evil- The Nuremberg Trials Begin

Government Says Turks Came Under Attack in Syria

Congress kills request for National Climate Service

Faster than light finding faulted in new neutrino test

Report: Dozens of U.S. spies captured in Lebanon and Iran

'Time Has Come' To Act On Iran, Israel Says

Favorite New Jersey band named after a baseball phrase?

PHOTO: "Excuse me, but do you carry any OTHER brands of fruitcake?"

PHOTO: SCREW "Black Friday!" The suh-WEET deals are out there RIGHT NOW, if you know where to look.

PHOTO: MiddleFingerMom WANTED a nice swim, but the rules were FAR too RIGID.

Holy Zeus!1 Bette MIDLER tore up the screen and ate the scenery in "Gypsy"

Egyptian elections in doubt after violent clashes in central Cairo

Rajoy sweeps to record victory in Spain (center-right popular party)

Mariners' Halman killed, brother arrested

(Kildee)Mich. congressman: Distant relative’s sex abuse claims 50 years ago are ‘false and shameful'

Iran’s Revolutionary Guards Dare Israel To Attack

UC Davis Pepper-Spraying: Police Chief Put On Leave, Chancellor To Speak

Markets fall on eurozone fears after Spain election

Medical Marijuana Resolution Picks Up Senate Sponsor - FL

OWS protester, from LI (Long Island), sues over arrest

Drugs Used for Psychotics Go to Youths in Foster Care

Billionaires Duck Buffett 17% Tax Target Avoiding Reporting Cash to IRS

UC Regents meeting rescheduled for Nov. 28

U.S. and allies to hit Iran with new sanctions over nukes

Egypt’s government abruptly resigns as deadly clashes rock Tahrir Square

Airman prompts standoff at Colorado Air Force base

Foreclosure Firm Steven J. Baum to Close Down

Civil trial to begin in earlier Mehserle case (the BART cop who killed Oscar Grant)

UK severs ties with Iranian banks as part of international sanctions package

Suspect in White House shooting makes brief court appearance, remains jailed

Grand deficit-cutting effort ends with whimper

Egypt cabinet resigns as thousands swell Cairo protests

John Matthews in Newsweek-"My Life as a White Supremacist"

Turkish president says Syrian crisis at a 'dead end' and change is inevitable

The face of despair! Go Lions!

The "sex thread riot" was like "Occupy the DU Lounge".

S&P says no cut planned in US credit rating

Actor John Neville dies at 86 (starred in X-Files)

Police Release More Info On Berea Shooting Suspect (1 injured, 1 dead, Berea College on lockdown)

Police confront Occupy protesters in S.F., Oakland

Pass on dessert

AP: FBI declined to pursue NYC bomb plot

Bahrain Nervously Awaits Revolt Report’s Findings

Californians support making teachers' reviews public

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Monday, November 21, 2011

US bankers warn reforms will hit eurozone

Meghan McCain Joins MSNBC as Contributor

Iranian police raid offices of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's press aide

Post-Fukushima 'anti-radiation' pills condemned by scientists

Trustee warns MF Global shortfall could hit $1.2B

Bloomberg rebukes Obama over collapse of debt talks

EMU: Kwame Kilpatrick speech not a university-sponsored event

High executive pay 'corrosive' to the UK economy, report warns

Favorite New Jersey band named after a movie character?

Philip Morris sues Australia over cigarette packaging

PSU taps ex-FBI director Freeh for investigation

Gingrich at top of pack for first time in CNN polling

Saudi Arabia halts $100bn oil expansion programme

Banks near record spending on D.C. lobbyists

New York media organizations demand meeting with Kelly, Browne about Zuccotti Park 'abuses'

'Super committee' fails to reach agreement

Congress may try blocking cuts if debt panel fails

15 cited for trespassing following 'Occupy' and anti-foreclosure protest at downtown BofA

Montreal mayor tells Occupy protesters to leave

Walker Opponents Plagued By Threats, Thefts

Little girl VERY upset about the Packers win....

So what's up with reopening the Natalie Wood case????

"Lady, your milk is leaking all over the train!"

As Grovelbot rides off into the sunset ... remember these worthy causes still need your support

Post an inadvertent inappropriate comment from you or someone you know.

Patient Has Buttocks Injected With Flat-tire Sealant, Cement And Mineral Oil By Fake Doctor

In recent years my Godmother became a dittohead, loved Limbaugh and Beck and all

Kate has a new album this year and no one told me !!!!

Whatever happened to King Crimson?

Occupy Sesame Street

Frodo, Legolas to appear in the Hobbit (and more)

There is beauty even in decaying buildings...

entertainment a hundred years ago:

Just met with my financial planner and he advised me to get started on my 2nd million dollars

This truly is the worst music video

The Biblically correct way to tip a waiter.

Why can't they just play video games like other teens?

I am sincerely grateful for the RAIN!

I'm interested in becoming a moran. Any tips?

Fenton! Fenton! Fenton! Oh, Jesus Christ. Fentoooon!!!

Thou shalt not covet a kitty's staff member.

MFM is gonna expose another sockpuppet on DU.

I'm interested in becoming a mohel. Any tips?

one of the best $100 I ever spent

Some joker eating popcorn

Egyptian protesters call for millions to march in Cairo

You want a peek inside applegrove's head?

Banana crunch:

I'm interested in becoming a motel. Any tips?

What to do with your leftover Halloween pumpkin

MiddleFingerMom has what can extremely KINDLY be referred to as "situational table manners"

I'm interested in becoming a mogul. Any tips?

UN: Global Concentrations of Carbon Dioxide at Record Level, Exceed Worst-Case Projections

Greyhound passengers stranded after driver deserts them at truck stop

Teen in gay-student slaying case agrees to 21-year prison term

Gingrich calls for private retirement accounts

Bradley Manning hearing date set as court martial process finally begins

Jimi Hendrix at Woodstock - Has there been a better performance?

US urges that Egypt's elections go forward

Local blood center gave out awards last night.

There is a life and death struggle taking place right this minute in my dishwasher.

Posted in GD a short time ago and haven't had to duck a SINGLE piece of flung poo,

Fox News Viewers Know Less Than People Who Don't Watch Any News: Study

I'm interested in becoming a morel. Any tips?

Steven J. Baum P.C., Law Firm that Hosted Foreclosure Costume Party to Close

I'm interested in becoming amoral. Any tips?

Wesley Clark Slams GOP On Defense

Stumbled upon this very interesting Impressionist Animated Gif, called "Hats", by Micael Reynaud...

Obama: I Will Veto Attempts To Get Rid Of Automatic Spending Cuts

Sure to be controversial, New Jersey and Canada smarter than us?!1

What is your favourite prepared food you can get at the grocery store. We like Chicken Kiev. We have

AP Exclusive: Spies Outed, CIA Suffers in Lebanon

Notice how Elaine got really unlikable in the last few years of Seinfeld?