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For Mid Atlantic DUers: How big is your stink bug population?

Twin Tweets: Why do progressives even bother to live in the USA? How many ways to hate gays?

Here's to prayer

Big thanks to the anonymous user who gave me a donor star!

Turkish papers highlight contingency plans for Syria

Sigh. I tried to be Donation #1000. I jumped the gun.

#OccupyBaltimore Pics

How Internet Citizenry Will Decide the Fate of Nations (Rise of Bluetooth Activism)

Anyone surprised by this from the "super" (NOT) committee?

We're a popular place this evening

Occupiers, Watch Out For Provocateurs

Occupiers, Watch Out For Provocateurs

I want to thank my anonymous benefactor for the star.

to whoever gave me a star

Mayor of Davis CA's Webpage today: "Peddling the Pepper Peddler..."

Decline of American Exceptionalism

A heartfelt thank you to the person who gave me a donor star

The perfect comeback to Frank Miller's anti-OWS rant.


Egyptian military use #OWS brutality to justify own crackdown

Egyptian military use #OWS brutality to justify own crackdown

Any GOP that says "Get a job"

Exclusive: The capture of Gaddafi's son

Newt Gingrich to Occupy: "Get a job right after you take a bath" (VIDEO Inside)

this is how leftists stand up to violence, with GUNS

this is what i truly want to see all over the world for real

Spain election: Rajoy's Popular Party predicted to win

Egyptian protesters clash with police for second day

The best National Anthem performance? (links to clips below)

Syrian Ba'ath party building 'hit by rockets' in Damascus

Kotehi walks to her car.

Fair thee well Govelbot

Full Remarks Of Rahm Emanuel’s Speech At Jefferson Jackson Dinner

Oakland Mayor's spouse, daughter worked with Occupiers

Republican Spider Man sez: With great power comes great immunity..

Newt Gingrich, Myth and Mouth

Newt Gingrich, Myth and Mouth

So would a ReTHUG President be relevant

There's a bat in my house.

Democrats Urge President Obama to Protect Contraceptive Coverage in Health Plans

Phony OWS robo-calls?

Republicans make their case for retaining Scott Walker as Governor of Wisconsin:

At Religious Right Forum, GOP Candidates Weep and Proselytize

PHOTO: The Moro Islamic Liberation Front makes the front page. Now they'll be a household word.

Get a Job!

Dear Anonymous DUer who donated a star to me:

Sherrod Brown on with Chris Hayes

Congress Considers Fix Gun Checks Act To Close Gun Ownership Loopholes

A song from Pink Floyd that's on poverty and oppression still sadly with us today.

Just discovered OnionNewsNetwork on IFC!

Has anyone gotten Business Reply envelopes from BofA?

They said I could be anything (pic)

Police arrest man accused in botched cosmetic procedure

Former JPMorgan Banker: Exploiting Consumers Is ‘The Purpose Of The Banking Organization’

Newt Gingrich is a freaking genius! Maybe.

I wonder how the Donut Boys would react if we stopped being passive?

Think Long panel proposes California tax overhaul

BBC picks up the UC Davis pepper spray story..

pepper spray is a “compliance tool" that can be used on subjects who do not resist

Obama outpaces GOP rivals and his own 2008 results in small donations

Toon -- If Households Budgeted Like The GOP

Thanks for the star!

Hey Grovelbot!

Keep Wall Street Occupied From Your Mailbox

Complete video of last night's debate:

Too Much Violence and Pepper Spray at the OWS Protests: The Videos and Pictures

The wealthy in FL want detention centers for immigrants...just not where

The wealthy in FL want detention centers for immigrants...just not where

Joint Chiefs of Staff Commander’s Handbook for Counter Threat Finance

Giffords continues to find her voice

Maryland, Ft. Detrick - toxin in air from drilling

Occupy George (pics)

Ron Paul seems better suited to be a garden gnome than a world leader.

Newton Blingrich...

Newton Blingrich...

Thank you Alex di Witt for showing the video of police

Rendition Victims Seek Justice Before International Tribunal

What is it like for you talking about politics to people in real life?

Army and police stormTahrir Square

Megan Phelps-Roper of Westboro Baptist Church: An heir to hate!

Neo-Conned Controlled Fresno: Sat. 11/19 Occupy Fresno 15 more arrests. 100 since 11/6

Recall Walker Petition signed? Check. Good deed for the day done? Check.

Congress seeks to tame the Internet

“Those who do not move, do not notice their chains." -Rosa Luxemburg (nt)

Wondering where the 1%'ers buy-off mainstream media broadcast news orgs?

Gingrich: ‘Go get a job right after you take a bath’

You *really* want to scare them? Put draft legislation in every clenched fist.

My OWS Boston pics: Nov. 12: Right next to City Hall and B of A

when lying, lie big, but first use the internets

"25,000 and 30,000 attended the Madison rally," No pepper spray. No beat downs.

Conservative Groups Pressure Administration To Restrict Access To Contraception

Has Obama been allowed to watch the videos on the internet?

More police departments look to tune public out

Parents Name Their Son Dovahkiin, Get Free Bethesda Games

Parents Name Their Son Dovahkiin, Get Free Bethesda Games

Sunday's Non Sequitur Toon: Behold the Soon-to-be Frontrunner!

"All I can tell you is this. Rick Perry will never be paid by a tank to think."

Ten Immodest Commandments: Lessons From a Fumbling-and-Bungling Lifetime of Activism

Freeper on Newt

I was born in 1980, but I've heard a lot of conservatives say they are

Two observations on the failure of the Debt Commission...

Occupy SF Camp Declared Public Health Nuisance; Eviction Deadline Passes

Irony? UC Davis allows people to camp on the Quad....

Philadelphia Man Dies After Being Pepper-Sprayed

I can't recall if I saw this article posted here: Steve Kornacki

There should be a TEA BAGGER Plan to remove them from our political process ASAP

Ron Paul said any decisions concerning the definition of marriage should be left up to the church

Ron Paul said any decisions concerning the definition of marriage should be left up to the church

When I hear that there are problems and pepper spray, rubber bullets, tear gas,

Sen. Bingaman (D-NM): OWS: I think it an outpouring of genuine concern, thinks it is a good thing.

More Disturbing U.S. Military Riot Control Pictures (From 2010 Training)

America, we are the great river...

The Grim Toll of Syria’s Violence

Can a party, any party, bought and paid for by the 1%,

dupe delete

TN bigot...

Oakland officials confirm that Occupy Oakland camp at 19th & Telegraph is being broken up

Toon - Changing the Discussion

Is Mittens Toasted?

Anger Sowing Seeds of a New Consumer Movement - Sirota

In Libya, education without the Green Book

Would OWS endorse (or help elect) a candidate in 2012 that reflects their values?

Sen. Patty Murray: GOP too 'enthralled' with Norquist pledge

Sen Toomey (R-PA) on OWS: "I know they don't like business, you can't get a job without a business"

Far Right "English Defense League" may violently attack public sector strikers, unions warn

More police departments look to tune public out

Victory! NYPD Chief Orders Stop to Improper Marijuana Arrests

Protesters defy the cops and retake Tahrir Square! Video on Al Jazerra.

WXOW: Sen. Johnson Questions Protests


Geneva says we can't spray our enemies in combat with pepper spray

Tahrir Square redux

Occupy and the 'poor folks just trying to get to work' meme

Finally, A Constitutional Amendment for the 99% (Nation of Change)

Depleted Texas lakes expose ghost towns, graves

Why are Republicans so obsessed with cutting taxes ?

Mississippi Republicans Only Narrowly Support Interracial Marriage

Mellower Occupy movement grows in the suburbs

Let me see if I've got this straight...when disenfranchised Americans exercise their freedom of

Action at Bloomberg's Mansion scheduled for 2pm today (Sunday, Nov 20)

WH Press briefing Nov 1, DHS involved in OWS-Portland

Mellower Occupy movement grows in the suburbs

Right wing church blog bashes the OWS - using pictures of naked women

Looking ahead I see increasing taxes, increasing health care costs and increasing gas prices.

More police departments look to tune public out

Son of Mia Farrow and Woody Allen a Rhodes scholar

Zintan's hold on Saif al-Islam reflects Libya divisions

24 Hour Drum Circle at Bloomberg's Townhouse

RIP Justin Crowley-Smilek, a casualty of two wars.

Saif al-Islam Gaddafi ‘pretended to be a camel herder’ when captured

CAIN has become The Professor on "Gilligan's Island" (just referred to as "and the others")

Forbes:The Top 0.1% Of The Nation Earn Half Of All Capital Gains

Republican Lunch Ladies -- toon

28% credit card interest rates are criminal

Ha! He's Still Got Name Recognition!

Lyndon b. Johnson: It would be nice to hear a speech like this today

Se. Hatch : Obama stands with the Occupy Wall Street protestors, criticizing the so-called rich

Pepper spray

Thoughts about FDR that occurred to me as I fell asleep.....

Cairo's Tahrir Square reoccupied by defiant protesters

HEADS UP! DU's Annual Blackbeard Flame-fest is two days away

Anybody Here Familiar With This Site ??? - Concerns The Leaked Memo On #OWS Chris Hayes Reported On

UC Davis peppered by 'Net outrage, 1500 comments on SacBee, 30K on Huffington

UC DAVIS Contact info -- and a name for the cop who peppersprayed those kids

Why is it I am sure the Liberals are going to get screwed by the Debt Committee?

toon -- Gingrich's Substance

Shift in national popular polls favors Obama

toon -- Hey Hippie!


No ‘cookie-cutter’ approach to conflicts:

Supercommittee Democrats Insist on Not Giving Republicans Everything

Either the ECB Prints & Germany Walks or EU Sees Domino Debt Collapse Followed by Systemic Failure

SuperCommittee Dems Holding "Line In The Sand" On Ending Bush Tax Cuts

The Last DU Fund Drive. Ever.

Are there valid comparisons of America in 2011 to Germany in 1932?

Doing an Iraq to Iran

Doing an Iraq to Iran

Doing an Iraq to Iran

Interview with a pepper-sprayed UC Davis student

Breaking News Alert: Lawmakers Concede Budget Talks Are Close to Failure

BREAKING: Occupy Protesters Walk 230 Miles From New York To DC

Goldman Sachs Names 261 Head Crooks..., err, Managing Directors, Fewest Since 2008

How come all the empirical evidence is on the side of

Yo Republicans--- Aren't you just a little bit embarrassed?

I am very concerned that the 1% may be planning to start a major war.

New JFK book proves Dick Cheney, not Mark Felt, was Bob Woodward's Deep Throat... And...

A friend is watching Rome on DVD, says nothing changes

Civil Disobedience

#OccupyOakland: OakFoSho is live, at the site of the last encampment

Cop drives after drinking - no sobriety test, admitted drinking, given ride home

Cop drives after drinking - no sobriety test, admitted drinking, given ride home

Have you ever had a nasty dog?

Question: Why do cops do staggeringly stupid shit when they KNOW they'll be on video?

Warren Watch: A 'political genius' (Baptist and Bootlegger) review: "Throw Them All Out"

Do you believe that the USA is an oligarchy

In Kansas, A Public Conference Reveals Deep Contempt for the Poor and for Women

Greek bailout deal hits new obstacle: reports

Gridlock is a clever conservative tactic ...

NYC: *Breaking News* Bloomberg, NYPD Commissioner Kelly, Manhattan DA press conference 7:30 EST

"60 Minutes" tonight will interview Grover Norquist

****Official Tahir Battle Thread***** Big battle in Egypt now.

Ret. Police Captain Lewis: "When I had those handcuffs on.. It was the proudest moment of my life."

Sen. Kerry: "If they will just back off insisting that the Bush tax cuts be extended now..."

Spain’s conservative party sweeps to victory

Mexico to slaughter 50,000 wild boars from U.S. invasion

Saw no one who needed a bath Newt

Bloomberg Alert!!

Michelle Obama Booed At NASCAR Race

The Pepper spray Cop

Back then - Bachmann was encouraging protestors (9 arrested)

IRS And Communism Now More Popular Than Current Republican Congress

flashback: Strange Scene: 10 Arrested As Tea Partiers Heckle Police

"Fairly standard police procedure." - "Bodies don't have handles on them."

"Fairly standard police procedure." - "Bodies don't have handles on them."

Bwahahahah - post from George Takei on FB

Sampling of a few good tweets from the last hour or so....some funny, some clever...

(Church of England's) Archbishop Rowan Williams backs revolt against coalition's welfare cuts

(Church of England's) Archbishop Rowan Williams backs revolt against coalition's welfare cuts

Megan Phelps-Roper of Westboro Baptist Church: An heir to hate

The Prop H(8)te drama drags on

In Case You Missed This... 'Vilifying Rival (Warren), Wall St. Rallies for Senate Ally (Brown) - NYT

CNN says Bloomberg has convened a terrorism related press conference 7:30pm

OWS, Police Brutality, and the War on Terror: An Empire State of Mind

PNHP New York has been supporting OWS - Link



Can Occupy Successfully Include Tea Party Types?

If Obama WANTS to get re-elected, it's all on him to step up his game.

Well looky here... apparently the UC Davis Campus Police felt threatened!

grover norquist, king of the republican party, is coming up on 60 minutes

How OWS Can Make Liberals Cool Again

Charlotte NC, ahead of DNC 2012 Convention looks at proposals to limited OWS protestors there

Sen Sanders: "I will be damned if we will balance the budget on the backs of the elderly.."

Why Does Gingrich Hate America?

Did The NYPD Pepper Spray The NY Bombing Suspect

Occupy the Cold

How Alice Walton's Crystal Bridges Exposes The Foolishness Of Occupy Wall Street

Stop Beating and Arresting People Exercising their Consitutional Rights

Pic: The Founding Fathers

Paul Krugman Blog- The Mark-To-Market Amplification Of Financial Distress

Most Evil Thing I Ever Saw at Free Republic

#Occupy Dame Street (Ireland) protesters warned of legal action

Former Poet Laureate Robert Hass Clubbed By Police At UC Berkeley

Rand Paul "hearts" Bush Tax Cuts but won't "borrow money from China to pay people not to work"

Prosecutors seek to remove black judge from Racial Justice Act case

During tonight's Bloomberg press conference, take a minute to remember all that he has given us:

Super Committee Negotiations Now About How To Fail Gracefully

Newt's Parade (cartoon)

Bail release question...

So sad

My apologies to slime-spewing shitweasels.

"All the Occupy movement starts with the premise that we all owe them everything."

"All the Occupy movement starts with the premise that we all owe them everything."

"How to make a bomb in the kitchen of your mom"

Personal email: Dorli Rainey taken to hospital

Freezing Free Speech: Winter Tents Are ‘Contraband’ For Occupy Boston

Bloomberg terror plot livestream link:

Michael Hudson: Some Modest Proposals for Reforming the U.S. Financial and Tax System

Hmm... No FBI Involvement In Bloomberg's Terror Case... Curious...

The e-mail rumor mill is run by conservatives

So bloomberg has known about this for a spell

Excuse me, but WTF is this shit on CNN?

"Take away our freedoms?"

U.S. White House: Condemn the use of violence against the peaceful Occupy protesters

Bloomberg wearing prison orange for presser!

This reeks of desperation

Saif al Islam will be tried in Libya it was announced not in the Hague. I'm not happy

Terrorist cannot take away our freedoms, it takes a politician peddling fear to do that

What do the Oddsmakers Say About Pimentel?

delete dup.

Co-chairs of US super-committee to issue statement declaring failure to reach deficit deal,

At UC Davis, did the cops remove the tents...

A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte

Can anyone tell me where this pic is from?

Whaddaya think?

Bullshit detector going up (OWS and Bloomberg)

Grover Norquist - Asshat Extraordinaire

NUVO's Steve Hammer on the Indianapolis Colts

Hold The Fuckin Phone, Folks... Re: Bloomberg Press Conference...

Anyone got a desk I can borrow to beat my head on? Mine is worn out...

SOA Watch Report Back from Sunday Vigil

Bangladesh finally confronts war crimes 40 years on

New Syrian Youth Movement Blog

Syrian Youth Movement Blog

Ok, help me out here Re Bloomberg's presser.

Lovin This...

BREAKING: Supercommittee Downgraded to Just Another Shitty Committee

Krugman: ‘Only fools and clowns’ believe Republican ideology

Why are we eating bluefin tuna to extinction?

Is the media going to talk about the person who didn't bomb post offices for as long

Obama and USDA Secretary Vilsack Give up Protecting Livestock Producers against Meat Packers

DU historians: What groups, in order to break them up, faced false accusations of having weaponry?

Bob COSTAS = *excellence* -

The dilemma OWS faces concerning next years elections

Perry Promises To End Civilian-Controlled Military

A Poem That Rages Against The Machine

Moving Topics isn't always working right.

Oh My God, It's a Pipe Bomb!

Oh My God, It's a Pipe Bomb!

What main themes do we get out of the OWS movement. I see it as demonstrations against

Will Durst is thankful for:

New tactic--What the police are doing...

Shock Doctrine Alert: Two Un-Elected Bankers are Now in-Charge of Italy and Greece

What is your favorite Saturday Night Live skit? I love it when Jessie Jackson read

BREAKING: Occupy Protesters Walk 230 Miles From New York To DC

BREAKING: Occupy Protesters Walk 230 Miles From New York To DC

Compare and contrast

Under what conditions will the NYPD allow protestors on Bloomberg's street? (link to video)

Interview with creator of OWS "bat-signal" projections during Brooklyn Bridge #N17 march

Kennedy’s Death Revisited, Old Frame by Old Frame tonight on NatGeo 7.00pm

How to destroy the Occupy Movement and how to prevent it from failing

Calls Mount for UC Davis Chancellor to Resign Following Brutal Pepper-Spraying of Student Protesters

Sen Barrasso (R-WY): OWS is full flowering of anti-capitalist sentiment in this country

Upscale FL community fights large immigrant private prison negotiated secretly.

Interview with a pepper-sprayed UC Davis student

I wish (real) small businesses could follow the model of getting their customers to . . . . . .

The TeaBaggers' core belief and message: We're better than you (OWS, etc. ) .

Remember this from the Tea party? Rand Paul Supporter Stomps Head of Female Member

Thought I would pass along some useful sites/plugins (feel free to add)

Debt-reduction panel spirals (swirls?) toward failure

I'm re-examining my support of Police Unions.

Capitol Police in Madison

Unionization/Collective Bargaining would be simpler and easier if it didn't involve dues.

Question about trolls.

Officers in pepper spray incident placed on leave

Well bad things can happen to bad people.

Another hit by Luckovich

Police burn protest tents to clear Cairo's Tahrir

Finally got around to watching 'Waiting for Superman'. Here is my summary of the plot:

It must really suck to be a Republican today...

The reason that police don't get fired without an investigation is that the union protects them.

Candidates (Except Romney) Gather In Iowa For Doomiest And Gloomiest Debate Of All

UnOccupy Portland counter-protest attracts 10 people

I understand that people gathering recall petitions in Wiscon are having trouble in Malls.

It does seem as if the manipulators and noise machine of the GOP is not in control

Overweight people eat fewer meals than others

The supercommittee is going to fail! Oh noes! Does anybody give a shit?

Two UC Davis police officers have been placed on administrative leave

Caught on camera 10 shockingly violent police assaults on Occupy protesters

Gingrich Calls Child Labor Laws 'Stupid', Wants To Replace Janitors With Poor Kids

What Occupy UC Davis is saying, alumni and corporate sponsors.

I am against capitol punishment, but the Chinese may be onto something.


Cops chase and arrest woman who was bringing blankets to protestors

Courageous Compassion

new idea floated in NY today:flyer with the "tenting" concept and list of possible sites

This Could Get Interesting...

MUST READ: (U//LES) NGIC Gangs Infiltrating Law Enforcement and Correctional Agencies

A day in the life of a Recall Walker petition circulator

Anyone watching the NFL Bengals V Ravens? OWS got a shoutout!

Bison plan could remove 360 animals

Why hasn't President Obama sent in Federal Troops to protect the protestors?

Rule of Law?

Happy Anniversary Telluride 78 dead

Is There Any Legitimate Basis for Police Requiring People on Sidewalks to Keep Moving?

60 Minutes Suck-o-Rama

Matt Taibbi adds another message/reason for OWS.

re: press conference: the nypd blew up a car to show what their suspect MIGHT do?

Any Predictions On What The Two National Conventions Will Be Like Next Year ???

What are the odds?

Are voting rights like sex?

Police check IDs at East 79th, which is entirely blocked off to the public.

Perhaps why Bloomberg had his little press conference:

Perhaps why Bloomberg had his little press conference:

Pepper-spraying the Founding Fathers

Egyptian military say their tactics are no worse than the methods used by US police against Occupy p

NYPD stops drumming at park near Bloomberg's mansion

Toon: What Do You Stand For?

Sunday in the Park with Pepper Spray

Congregation turns to prayer as Washington Cathedral faces foreclosure SEATTLE

People who say "get a job" ought to be called out as the heartless fucking fools they are.


The Top 0.1% Of The Nation Earn Half Of All Capital Gains

The Top 0.1% Of The Nation Earn Half Of All Capital Gains

IT question re bluetooth scanners at Occupy

Blood & Soul

24 Hours At Mayor Bloomberg's: "Full-On Drumming Now"

At long last, have you left no sense of decency

Remember when...

OWS NY: Officers telling people to move off the sidewalk

Would anyone else on DU like to see a Theist discussion group on DU3?

Message from Dorli this a.m.

Document Trove Exposes Surveillance Methods

Tweet of the Day: If Fred Phelps has the right to verbally abuse people going to their son's funeral

LIAR: (UC Davis) Police chief 'explains' use of pepper spray at Occupy protest

Hair..long beautiful hair....(((pic))))

As announced, here is David Letterman with the closing ceremonies for the final fund drive.

I was taken aback when Chomsky said this right after the election

Santorum: More Americans Need to Suffer in the Christian Tradition

A. Redfield cartoon

Occupy Oakland Calls for TOTAL WEST COAST PORT SHUTDOWN ON 12/12

I'd like to express my appreciation to the young people of America

Is pepper spray torture?

Something I've been wondering about the UC Davis scandal:

Michelle Obama Booed At NASCAR Race

Confirmed: Police Executive Research Forum (PERF) coordinating Occupy raids

Anything from Motorola under YOUR Christmas tree?

Police: Man Who Ripped Up Recall Petition Could Face Felony Charge

Pepper spraying officer was 'trapped', fearing for his life

"Newt Gingrich is what stupid people think smart people sound like"

Tears welling up- the kindness of people is amazing

Tears welling up- the kindness of people is amazing

Corporate power grows stronger as government wanes

Co-chairs of US super-committee to issue statement declaring failure to reach deficit deal

Another FB photo with contact info on *trapped* cop named Pike

If I gave you $1,000 to "grow" what would you do with it?

I think the UC Davis students have reminded us of a remarkable tool...

David Cameron and Angela Merkel's smiles belie disagreements

Remember when this armed teabag protester got peppersprayed and beaten by riot police?

Maybe We Need to Look at the $400 million in Tax Breaks NASCAR Gets

Anger at Walmart heiress's $1.4bn gallery as art market becomes focus for protests

What if OWSers decide to vote Dem?

American Spring: OWS: Lets start walking.........TO DC!

It's not just our leaders who are in a crisis. Democracy itself is failing

Awesome LTTE today in the "Connecticut Post"

Occupy Christmas

How About Better Parents?

Lemme tell ya all about church today.

it's never been weak to need / no one should die for greed

Elizabeth Warren is a rock star, but we need more than rock stars to turn things around

Swing voters respond better to ‘99 percent’ than ‘Occupy Wall Street’

What a miserable pr**k. Maybe they can do a little number for him to show how 'happy' they are . . .

Facebook conversation...

Songs of the Dead Roommate

Rep. Joe Walsh: "Occupy" Protesters Are CLUELESS

Rep. Joe Walsh: "Occupy" Protesters Are CLUELESS

If they enforced bank regulation like they do park rules,

If Obama isn't challenged in the primaries, is there any good reason to HAVE a national convention?

Thank you Sen. Bernie Sanders for once more saying out loud what the other cowards won't......

"It should have our collective blood boiling, whether or not we even agree with the protesters"


Why are Tea Party folks called 'Activists' while OWS supporters are labeled 'Protesters' ?

Why are Tea Party folks called 'Activists' while OWS supporters are labeled 'Protesters' ?

Name a country where police beat you if you protest:

Anonymous hacks cops coordinating Occupy evictions - PERF goes down

President Obama? He's Just Not Relevant...

NASCAR Fans Boo Michelle Obama During Event Honoring Troops

I think Bloomberg's actions are reflective of the paranoia infecting the ruling class everywhere...

Aussie relative here on holiday gives perspective on Americans...

MUST READ: 'The Roots Of The UC-Davis Pepper-Spraying' - Glenn Greenwald/Salon

Occupy Boston survey reveals strong values and shared goals

Tea Party - arrests, racial epithets, and remember the guy with Parkinsons? I do.

My favorite OWS tweet of the day

‘Nobody deserves this more,’ says boss of $50 million lottery-winning cooks

Why the Super-Committee Talks are Failing

First Lady Michelle Obama Booed at NASCAR Race

St. Louis County assessor finds 79 planes that weren't on rolls

Fascism and Sex

Wow... 'The Moral Example Of UC Davis Students, And Occupy Wall Street' - PsychologyToday

Have you noticed that OWS is really pissing off the Fascists?

You just KNEW they were out there, but this is the 1st time anyone's actually spotted Dolphin Nerds.

MFM never really experienced what's known as a "sympathetic pregnancy", but...

Why so seedless?


Question about Rick Astley....

OMG!!! Jersey Shore has been cancelled! What will Snooki do now?

Which doesn't belong?

William Shatner shoots his mouth off again...

So I was reading an op about California

Starting from a VERY early age, it didn't take much to make MFM a deliriously HAPPY human being..

anyone else watching "Vietnam in HD"

Congress Finally Takes Action! Pepper Spray Declared a "Vegetable"!

There's a bat in my house.

PHOTO: MiddleFingerMom DID NOT WANT to trade in his beloved 1970 Ford Pinto, but...

This is how twilight should have ended:

He is no longer the knight who says "Nein." He is the knight who says "Paki-, Paki-, Paki-, vooshba.

Jazz For Cows....

I'm so old

An important safety message:

Mr. Fluffers LOVED to kiss during the "act of love", but was too tired for any "afterglow cuddles".

The Sunday news shows must be avoided

How about a birthday thread that never dies?

10 and 0!

Band Of Gold

I'm sad

How to Properly Hide Booze in Your Facebook Pictures

Walking In Rhythm

Walkin' In The Rain (With The One I Love)


Young Hearts Run Free

The Kaiser automobile

It's that time again

Footsteps In The Dark

Grazing In The Grass

Strawberry Letter 23

I Want You

Love won't let me wait

Me And Mrs Jones

Going In Circles

I am watching Rome on dvd, nothing seems to change.

When you mix OWLS with SQUEEEEEE, you get...well, you get THIS video.

Billy Preston had an awesome fro

World's first vertical forest in Milan - this is cool!

Crossposted: My stove & oven stopped working while I was making dinner.

What do I have to do, hold up my "Sarcasm" sign!?

Lonnie Mack - Falling Back In Love With You

What does it take to keep a thread out of the archives?

Does anybody here play War at Sea minis?

Now, this is too damn funny! It's just another question in ATA...

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 selling big time

Okay, this is just brilliant for the zombie apocolypse

Is this what Herman Cain thinks all women wear?

Amid economic reforms, Cuba goes after corruption

Police arrest man accused in botched cosmetic procedure

Clarence Thomas attends hometown museum dedication; source of funding for institution prompts questi

US university investigates campus pepper spray use

Anger at Walmart heiress's $1.4bn gallery as art market becomes focus for protests

Syrian Baath Party building hit by rockets in Damascus

(Church of England's) Archbishop Rowan Williams backs revolt against coalition's welfare cuts

EDL ("English Defense League") splinter groups may target public sector strikers, unions warn

Police, Protesters (Against Army Rule) Clash In Egypt ("Tahrir Looks Like A War Zone")

Interview with a pepper-sprayed UC Davis student

Occupy UK converges on London

Finally Obama publicy stands up for the protestors

Hundreds of Afghans protest long-term pact with US

Occupy Oakland Calls for TOTAL WEST COAST PORT SHUTDOWN ON 12/12

Do you think the "Plays well with others" box was EVER marked on Skittles report card?

Defiant Occupy Oakland protesters seize 'new home'

Spain's right romp towards thumping polls win

Officers in pepper spray incident placed on leave

China Plays Down Sea Spats to Woo Asean From U.S. ‘Siren Song’

Egypt protesters re-occupy Cairo's Tahrir Square

Michelle Obama Booed At NASCAR Race

Gaddafi's spy chief Abdullah al-Sanussi 'surrounded'

Iran may have sent Libya shells for chemical weapons

Spain election: Rajoy's Popular Party predicted to win


Obama pulling in Wall Street donations

Chevron Admits Guilt in Brazil Offshore Oil Spill

Médecins sans Frontičres book reveals aid agencies' ugly compromises

Protesters Surround Building, Chancellor Stays Inside for Three Hours (UC-Davis Pepper Spray)

2 runners die during Philadelphia Marathon

(Asian) Turtle demand raises concerns (could disappear in Iowa, etc)

Bloomberg Holding Terrorism-Related Press Conference Tonight

To be perfectly honest, LynneSin has ALWAYS been... well... ALWAYS been like she is.

Recall Walker Rally at Capitol Draws 25,000 to 30,000

Egypt protesters resume occupation of Tahrir Square

U.S. gas prices dip nearly 5 cents in new survey

(California) Prison plan sways prosecutors in filing charges

I am the 1%

Melon sculptures

deleted -- I'm not sure why

How do you make your burgers? We use onions, brain, egg, curry and Worcester sauce.

Bwahahahah - post from George Takei on FB

Kvalřya, Norway

the velvet undergound &nico - Femme Fatale

Beach House - 10 Mile Stereo, Live @ Conan O'Brien

How do you make your Burghers?

Our first DU Christmas singalong for this year: Up On The Rooftop (click click click)

Backswoodsbob needs to buy Buddy a li'l kitty blanket to keep him warm in the cold winter months.

Beautiful images from Kyrgystan:

MFM's product idea? BRILLIANT! But his company logo showed a real ignorance of customer relations.

How do you make your boogers?

I want one of these.

I'm a cat... no wait, now I'm a bunny.

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Lectric Slide Edition

Cyber-attack claims at US water facility

Man Arrested and Charged in Bomb Plot

Police arrest 11 as Occupy D.C. supporters take over Franklin School building

'Appalled' by police response to protesters, UC president to convene chancellors

Man arrested after gun found in luggage at airport

What would you do if you won a million dollars? I would take a year out of my life and

I swear this was BEFORE the wedding!!! Pic

Help! I've got a screwy orange cat on my lap and I can't get up!

Everybody Plays The Fool

Sliding door on 1954 Kaiser Darrin convertible

Silent thread in farewell to our beloved Grovelbot...

My iPhone cracked! Boo hoo

Gingrich: Laws preventing child labor are 'truly stupid'

The Top 0.1% Of The Nation Earn Half Of All Capital Gains

PHOTO: The perfect solution for folks who only have the appetite to eat ONE entire pie by themselves

How do you make your burgers? We use onions, bran, egg, curry and Worcester sauce.

Name bands or performers who toured again after their last tour. Ever.

Danny Boy -- Sinead O'Connor

Anyone here know how to get that "sweeping sound" from a Hammond organ?

Anyone ever clean and cook a wild goose?


Can the Vikings be any more pathetic?

Grovelbot riding into the sunset...I'm so sad....

If you are to create an album, what other albums should you consult first?

What's worse. holiday luxury car commercials or holiday jewery store commercials?

Officers in pepper spray incident put on leave (UC Davis)

Arab League rejects Syrian demand to change peace plan

Watching golf is like watching tea brew, I don't understand why it's so popular

Neti Pot. Your thought?