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Archives: November 2, 2011

Is Iran going to change the name of the "Revolutionary Guards"?

While Cain is on the limb, can't we further the investigation of old Tricky Ricky Perry and his

Our FRiends seem to have found their snitch for the Cain scandal...

Thirty of 38 drone protesters arrested in April begin series of trials

Bernie Sanders Congratulates The American People For Defeating Bank Of America

Romney Family ... Group Partnered With Alleged Perpetrators Of $8 Billion Ponzi Scheme

Glenn Beck Goldline Commercial

Condi did not orchestrate the invasion of Iraq or Afghanistan, if you

China Funds U.S. Schools, Doesn’t Want Tibet Discussed

Because George W. Bush didn't do enough Damage.

Let DNA decide the Henry Skinner death-row case

Suitable reply for those receiving unsolicited Repuke emails

Pro-Obama PAC attacks "Mitt Romney's America"

VT State Report Estimates $1.8B Savings from Single Payer Health Care System

South Park to take the side of the 1%

Breaking- Julian Assange loses appeal against extradition

Bravo Occupy London! church and the Corporation of London halt moves to evict them

Citizens of The World!

Bank forecloses on homeowner ... three years after his house destroyed by a hurricane

Bear cubs have small chance after mom shot by deputy using wrong bullet; residents outraged

Family Outraged Police May Have Killed Wrong Man

'KKK prank' trooper arrested on DUI, weapons charges

Watch Wisconsin Eye now...

Dog fed LSD by naked couple is hit by car

Greek cabinet backs Euro plan referendum

Occupy Anchorage NOT Evicted Tonight

Ministers outraged over handling of student’s accident in class

Luckovich toon - Job Creation projects Republicans will support

Foreign Policy Magazine: Romney flunks foreign policy ... again

More on Walker attempt to protect excessive health insurance corporate profits at expense of consume

Diary Of A NY Occupier #2: "The Movement Is Young"

Liberty University (Falwell U) distance learning running ads Sirius XM Left 128

The main problem is Politicians are always trying to put infrastructure off...

toon: re joblessness and Repulicans

Occupy Tulsa Protestors Arrested

Occupy Tulsa: Police Beat & Peppersprayed Non-Resisting Protesters Tonight

Ah, precious memories of days gone by


Safeway drops sandwich theft charges

Fatty Foods Addictive as Cocaine in Studies

Mafia Takes Over Publicly Traded Company

Pentagon Tester: F-35 is Too Risky to Start Flight Training

Tea Party Pork Binge

Christmas Eve Message to the Nation, December 24, 1941

everyone understands that there will be an #OWS at the DNC, right?

Comatose John Clarkson Drops Out of GOP Race Due To Sex Scandal

Wall Street is still playing us for suckers - By Richard Cohen

Crowd sourcing a future

Repuglycans are terrible with the economy.

CEO "Greed Is Good" Ethos--The Robbery Continues Big-Time

Slowpoke TOON- Angry Baby!

I'm sorry to read this:

Vets Join The 99% - “2nd time I’ve fought for my country. 1st time I’ve known my enemy.”

BREAKING: Cain shot sheriff, but did not shoot deputy; Billy Jean not his lover, kid is not his son

Calif. nuke plant has an ammonia leak

Herman KochCain is really really ignorant

The National Memo: Occupy Movement to Swarm Iowa Caucuses

A Triple-Dip in Housing Could Get Ugly

Feds approve N.C. voting maps

Unemployed find novel ways to keep making money

Do not ask for whom the Occupiers protest...

Latino Orgs Defend Cecilia Muñoz, Amid Calls for Her Resignation

Catholic church’s marriage expert: Gay people come from the devil

Very revealing - CHART OF THE DAY: The GOP’s Miniscule Super Committee Tax Offer

Romania has a nuke event - uranium is stolen

Why is Herman Cain still in the running?

Has Jon Stewart answered Trump yet

Feds arrest 4 in alleged Ga. ricin attack plot

SEC "Destroyed Internal Documents & Withheld Important Information"

So if the Republicans sweep the 2012 elections, what planet do we move to?

Greek Exit From Euro Zone Just a 'Matter of Time'

Senators Introduce Constitutional Amendment to Reverse Citizens United!!

Anyone know how the Boulder, CO referendum to end corporate personhood went?

Dismal Tale of Arrest for Tiniest of Crimes

Shopping cart is dropped four stories -- onto NY woman's head

Shopping cart is dropped four stories -- onto NY woman's head

COVER-UP: Firm Linked To Ponzi Scheme Erases Tagg Romney From Website

OMG US Marshals turned loose to collect $63,720.80 from Righthaven

Ninety nine percent of today's news is about Herman cain's flirtatious philandering. Enough

Skeptic Finds He Now Agrees Global Warming Is Real

Monsanto at work: Ear Of Genetically Modified Corn Begs For Death

well its happened - UKers don't have money for beer

Video: Postage paid protest

US offers India partnership in development of Joint Strike Fighter

Guy on Ratigan yesterday explained how loss of manufacturing led to state revenue shortfalls

Exxon begins process to extract broken pipeline from the Yellowstone

Broken water pipe causes $500K of damage to Pasadena courthouse

SLOWPOKE: The seven billionth human's rant


Wisconsin woman in fetal abduction pleads insanity

I miss him!!!

Outside Romney's Wall Street fundraiser this morning...

Debit Card Fee ‘Flop’ Leaves Banks Seeking $8 Billion in Revenue

Researchers discover zero-day Windows exploit in Duqu virus (they aren't after your computer)

Water customers face 18% rate hike because they're using less (suburban Sacramento)

Despite rules, Congress' travel takes big jump

Herman- you are Billy Ray Valentine

Banks Extract Fees On Unemployment Benefits

Humpday with papa Hal Sparks on the Stephanie Miller Show now...

the Goldline ripoff, explained.

What Ya Lookin" At?

As ususal, the Grand Lake theater in Oakland ROCKS !!!!

A very ugly solution, to people without a place to live..yet it is a solution.

Pakistani civilian victims vent anger over US drones

Rick Perry Not Obviously Drunk Or High, Political Source Says

How did the Reich Wing FRAME Rush Limbaugh's 2008 candidate as the "liberal Republican" in 2012?

How did the Reich Wing FRAME Rush Limbaugh's 2008 candidate as the "liberal Republican" in 2012?

Hotel guests recruited with Homeland Security TV spots

Why switching money to a credit union might be a good idea.

Tell MSNBC: Fire Pat Buchanan!

Herman Cain's defense strategy is to ensure China does not develop nuclear capabilities.

Fish Cutter Union Think Tank Committee finds GOPer Party TRYING to destroy AMERICA

Condi Rice: Cheney Told Us We'd Been Poisoned and Would Die

Anyone see Ann Coulter on Joy Behar's show?

From Matt Bors: #Occupy Temple

When the shit jumps off...

Herm Cain group plays the "race card"....

Herman Cain's problem...(cartoon)

"Friends help vet injured in Occupy demonstration" Scott Olsen update

LIVE STREAM of #OccupyOakland... the gathering is already beginning... people talking.

LIVE STREAM of #OccupyOakland... the gathering is already beginning... people talking.

A Simple Equation

Am Curious about these people asking for donations

Fast food's link to lower-income obesity questioned

Former Chief Counsel To NY Police Says It’s ‘Repugnant’ For Cuomo To Try To Evict Occupy Albany

Oregon eagle saved by mouth-to-beak healthy again

Mafia Takes Over Publicly Traded Company

Who is driving the nuclear bus? Safety body used inspection criteria drafted by nuclear fuel firm

Retailers Syms, Filene's Basement going out of business

Retailers Syms, Filene's Basement going out of business

Please D.U. this poll

Anyone want a bridge? It's free. No, really!

TSA Finds Four to Five Guns Daily In Carry-On Bags

(Fl.) State seeking adoptions for 800 foster children

Justice Dept monitoring school enrollment data in AL for signs of immigration-related violations

Should the EU be dissolved?

The pundits don't seem to "get it". Repubs don't WANT the WH just now.

Wow. Conservatives would rather have 4 years of Obama rather than 8 years of Romney?

To the Patriots of OWS

Smithfield, North Carolina Police May Ignore '911' Calls If Not Provided More Gas Money

Google maps changes name of Oakland's (former) Frank Ogawa Plaza to OWS name Oscar Grant Plaza

I'm wondering-- is possible that Herman Cain might "Forest Gump" his way into the GOP nomination?

Bill Moyers calls out politicians. Boom!

Bill Moyers calls out politicians. Boom!

Take a Look Inside Louisville's Crumbling Infrastructure

Government by bribery is not representation, it's agency.

Daily Show, Aasif Mandvi proves all of Science is a Hoax - video

"Wildcat" strikes elsewhere

Hey Rachel or KO please invite Bill Moyers on to discuss that

HOLY SHIT Filene's, Syms File for Bankruptcy, Plan to Close Doors (Sy Syms bites the dust)

The anti-Occupy PR is at full throttle...

The "Other Sides" Weekly Schedule - pic

The Audacity of Grope

If only we could get the people mad at the GrifterKARDASHIAN as mad at theGrifter QuitterPALINs n/t

The florist who spent years exchanging Christmas cards with Col Gaddafi

Apparently Wednesday is "Tim Pawlenty Pimping for Mittens All Fucking Day Long Day"

How soon after the "agreements" did Herman "leave" the Restaurant Association leadership?

Oakland's General Strike: Let's Not Forget What Caused This

Trump accuses Jon Stewart of 'racist rant'

"America has been foreclosed upon" - Ariel Dorfman on Tavis Smiley

MoJo: What Does Today's Occupy Strike in Oakland Have to do With 1946?

Ann Coulter: ‘Our Blacks Are So Much Better Than Their Blacks’

Truthdig Radio: Robert Scheer and Chris Hedges on class struggle

Get the popcorn DUers - Murdoch Clan Met with Family Therapist to Discuss News Corp.’s Future

Occupy Oakland general strike – live updates from UK The Guardian

On The Republicans' Flawless Ability To Lie To The American People

The One Percent Win Again (This Time in Baseball)

Obama acts to reduce prescription-drug shortages

Did I hear correctly?

Oakland Strike in real time.

More Money Down The Shithole: Guess How Much We're Spending On Mercenaries In 2011

This really ticks me off! R/W propaganda

Ed Lee donors face money-laundering allegations

Oakland Strike speeches now!!

Oakland businesses going cash-only today in support of General Strike

The kid that ate our lunch

On Edge of Paradise, Coachella Workers Live in Grim Conditions

Billl Moyers - People "Are Occupying Wall Street Because Wall Street Has Occupied the Country"


The general strike in Oakland may be the most important event of the year.

CNBC: G20 official: all aid to Greece frozen until referendum

Map of income inequality in the United States

Hold the banks accountable. Please consider signing the MoveOn petition

TOM THE DANCING BUG: Whose Encampment Should Crowd-Control Police Be Breaking Up?

Grocery store refuses payment in coins

Teacher: No way to comply with new Fla. voting law

Radical ice cream truck pic:

Rep. Michael Burgess: I’m Sure Press Will Cover Cain’s Harassment Like Obama’s Grades

All Glocks down at church, please

Some thoughts on the General Strike

Fuck you Herman "Grope" Cain, family values my wrinkled old ass, pervert.

Denninger site is on strike today, in support of OWS!!!!

One of my right wing, Obama hating relatives just got a job at a public TV station

The human toll of the U.S. drone campaign

Federal raids target Upland medical marijuana dispensary; supporters threaten city boycott

for the 99% : 'I'll Be There" clip Grapes of Wrath

AP Exclusive: Third worker says harassed by Cain

Coup fears in Greece over referendum plan

Obama Publishes book about America...

Is Occupy Tulsa still occupying?

Port of Oakland is shut down!

20 biggest CEO pay raises

Herman Cain melt down just on CNN.

Rand Paul Defends Herman Cain – Complains that Women Can’t Take a Joke

Do Not Play the Race Card Unless You Are a Black Conservative

TOON: How to Build a Pipeline

TOON: How to Build a Pipeline

Full proof plan to get republicans to start doing what we want

Dear OPD,

Study Says Early Humans Got Their Freak On Cross-Species

A witness to Cain's sexual harassment episode says woman's story will destroy his campaign.

Occupy Oakland protesters target port; in Seattle, bank boss

another cool sign

Many Oakland stores close for strike

Third Women Accuses Herman Cain Of Harassment

Someone please get Ben Stein the fuck off CNN

Toon: The GOP Jobs Plan

#Occupy Denver pictures of the first camp before and after it was "removed"...

Was hoping for a quiet night, Tulsa seems to be at raid status

Family members of man killed by Pomona police file claim seeking damages

Family members of man killed by Pomona police file claim seeking damages

Report...Congress getting richer while joe public gets poorer...!

I've only had one bank loan in my 58 years.


Occupy Oakland General Strike & Mass Day of Action (video)

Syms bankruptcy opens up prime Manhattan spots

The Most Awesome 99% Image We've Seen All Week

If you loved Perry's NH speech, imagine his State of the Union address!

If you loved Perry's NH speech, imagine his State of the Union address!

Taibbi: The MF Global Gamble and Jon Corzine's Lost Weekend

Third woman comes forward to AP ...drip..drip...drip

The Cain Scrutiny is turning out to be a real pisser for poor Herman.

Thousands March To Occupy Oakland..KCRA Video

Thousands March To Occupy Oakland..KCRA Video

Livestream: Oakland marches on BOA

Occupy Oakland pic

Herman ... You can BS some of the people all of the time,

GOP pollster makes Herman Cain accusation

GOP pollster makes Herman Cain accusation

####General Strike#####

#OWS: The brand leaders cannot afford to ignore

US stares down occupying forces (our protesters) a view from out of the US

Occupy Oakland Shuts Down Wells Fargo Bank

Student jailed 36 hours for no ID

Children of Illegal Immigrants Sue Florida Over State’s College Tuition Policy

News on occupy ...forget them nooz

GOP pollster makes Herman Cain accusation

The Inevitable Has Happened: Occupy Foreclosures

Jewish Leaders Denounce Right-Wing Smears of Occupy Wall Street

LOL Cain's Real Problem

Rep. Ellison: "Alan Grayson is a Proud, Fearless Progressive"

Mendocino Pot Raid Causes Stir Among California's Medical Marijuana Advocates

UK military steps up plans for Iran attack amid fresh nuclear fears

My reply to the Nat. Organization for Marriage.

Seattle Police mace Occupy protesters 11-2-11

Oakland Strike Slowed Down The Nation's Fifth Biggest Port

City suggests park for Occupy Omaha (would have to leave at 11PM each night)

Herman Cain statement coming soon

Pro Surfer photo - riding on turtle's back to raise awareness - causes controversy instead

Women, if you were a man, what would be the first thing you'd do?

Teen who protested drone strikes killed in US attack

An Open Letter to Herman Cain.

An Open Letter to Herman Cain.

Owner of car dealership labeled "Taliban Toyota" wins millions

Hold Them Accountable For Trickle-Down Economics That Never Trickled Down

Hold Them Accountable For Trickle-Down Economics That Never Trickled Down

Play Herman off Keyboard Kitty

Priceless....Newt Gingrich Defends “Friend” Herman Cain

Priceless....Newt Gingrich Defends “Friend” Herman Cain

Good grief: Joe Arpaio, Arizona Sheriff, Calls On Obama To Release Birth Certificate Microfiche

Good grief: Joe Arpaio, Arizona Sheriff, Calls On Obama To Release Birth Certificate Microfiche

Three Charged With Stabbing, Burning Gay Man In Texas

Obama Has Little Leverage at G-20 Summit

Dog Saves Owner, Dies in Fire (W/Update)

A High-Tech Lynching? Not so much, Herman ... this is Death by a Thousand Cuts.

Remember, Remember the 5th of November

Mom Threatens Lawsuit, Says Spokane City Bus Driver Kicked Teens Off for Talking About Bisexuality

Mom Threatens Lawsuit, Says Spokane City Bus Driver Kicked Teens Off for Talking About Bisexuality

Men's Wearhouse in Oakland closed today, supporting the 99% - pic

Wells Fargo Aims for Clients With $50 Million

After NYPD Takes Their Gas Generators, OCCUPY WALL STREET Builds BIKE-POWERED Generator

Herman "The Excavator" Cain

OAKLAND: Widespread reports of vandalism (PICS) by anarchists dressed in black (black blocs)!

The Cruelest Show on Earth

The Cruelest Show on Earth

Big Oil Doesn't Need Handouts

What papers/mags do you read to keep up on politics. I read vanity fair, sometimes the economist,

Obama Nominates Justice Andrew Hurwitz to Serve on the US Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit

Cain accuses former adviser Curt Anderson

There are appox. 14 million unemployed in the US, so lets say with underemployed

Are you a Vet of any War? If you are.....would you support "Occupy Wall Street?"

Ok... it appears the coming narrative from the right is blaming the 99% via Fannie and Freddie

Goldman Sachs Threatens Small Community CU For Banking With OWS Protestors

Herm, Those southern republicans that you call your " Friends"

Tonight on Countdown:Sen. Sanders, Ted Simons(OccupyOakland), Joshua Shepherd

Keith is leading with Tulsa

Was the third woman to come forward re: Cain at the restaurant association too?

Fox News Panel React To Mark Block’s Allegations Against Perry - VIDEO

As much as I despise Perry, he should apologize to Cain:

Inspiring, strength and courage!!

When I became a page for the Ohio House of Reps back in the 70's...

According to a new poll Newt is in third place. He is defending Cain. He has nothing

TOM THE DANCING BUG: Whose Encampment Should Crowd-Control Police Be Raiding?

Anyone have a link to where...

Feist Live right now 7:00 EST CBC 2 drive

Did Perry suddenly become a LIBERAL? First they blame the Cain mutiny on the liberals,

Thank you AFGE, and Occupy Phoenix thanks you!

anyone else here watch 'Nikita'?

Japanese lawmakers propose "backup Tokyo".

Selfish GOPers let Wounded Elders lay on the Battle Feild of Life many in Pain/despair...No HONOR

TOM THE DANCING BUG: Whose Encampment Should Crowd-Control Police Be Breaking Up?

Seven billion ways to swallow God, By Mark Morford

Mitt Romney's America

Four (RightWing) Senior Citizens Plotted Killing Spree At A Waffle House

Foreclosure-Mocking Law Firm Apologizes For Inappropriate Halloween Party

How do you think the Super Committee should reduce the deficit? Take Sen. Bernie Sanders new poll:

Coming up with Keith: Sen Sanders on overturning Citizens United, OWS

If voting is a valued action, and something we should all do

Cain's former lobbyist group, Chamber defeat Sick-Days Measure for Low-Wage Workers

Bush couldn't locate his anus with a funnel, but Tweety just said...

Michigan republicans let kids bully other kids if their Bible says so.

Remember the Fukushima hot particles they were finding on the west coast? Some were found in Boston

The media is studiously avoiding the general strike

BBC Journalists Memorial: Mohammad Nabbous

Occupy Oakland General Strike Watch Live Streaming

Agreement on Downtown Tunneling for Seattle Region’s East Link Light Rail

'Clean up Wall Street' - OWS pics

Cain's acquisition of Godfather's.

City officials say they’re cutting power to outlets in the downtown Baltimore park where Wall Street

WI Assembly has been up all night --attempting to stop the GOP racism....

Market Watch is Reporting That Occupy Wall Street is 99% dead

To Black Block, kindly fuck off

Rick Perry comes out against democracy in the middle east.

Dear CAIN & Rethug Party: We've gotten over the Poppy/Clarence thing, you haven't?!1

Before Bank Transfer Day, this is an example of what banking SHOULD look like.

My family had a restaurant and was a Nat'l Restaurant Association

Weiner, B. Clinton, Vitter, and Craig all have a question for Herman:

Weiner, B. Clinton, Vitter, and Craig all have a question for Herman:

Dear Piers/CNN: Humanity *detests* you, Condo RICE, Rupert, all your Brit guests and especially YOU

Photos of Occupy Seattle protesting JP Morgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon

The reason why Romney is not winning and may not win is because

Christian College In Georgia Forces Staff To Sign Pledge Against Homosexuality Or Be Terminated

Occupy Portland occupying bridge and police are following them.

Occupy Portland occupying bridge and police are following them.

Occupy Portland occupying bridge and police are following them.

How long until the Koch brothers hire Xe because they are afraid of the OWS movement?

Marriage Equality

On MSNBC Ed Show -- they just reported a tidbit that linked the 'leaked Cain story' to Rahm Emanuel

you can bet that the women that experiences cain's harassment are now free game for their LIFE

you can bet that the women that experiences cain's harassment are now free game for their LIFE

CONDI: Intellectual powerhouse GWB mercilessly mind-fucked "unprepared" cabinet secretaries

Joe Republican gets his wish.

Libya and Tunisia Share a Goal: Development

Independent banks see spike in business

Limbaugh quotes Cain accuser: it was "nothing overtly sexual", but how?

KATU news anchor says Scott Olsen was injured in "scuffle with police"

The President could energize his reelection campaign by announcing an early Afghanistan withdrawal

Cain accuses Perry of orchestrating Smear campaign-Perry floats idea of Romney camp as culprits

‘Assange’s time in Sweden will be short’

For lurking Freeps and cave dwellers who think Men's Wearhouse

Fracking company - we caused 50 tremors in Blackpool – but we're not going to stop

Meta level...we are at a cross roads now.

"Take BACK The Land": The Next (Smart) Stage: Occupy Foreclosures

Fox News Covers Up Connection Between Ricin domestic Terrorism Allegations And Their Expert

How the rich created the Social Security “crisis”

"In God We Trust" is a lousy motto. Our motto should be ....

Make this movement too big to fail

New Report: Military Losing the Battle Against Suicide - 18 veteran suicides a day

Best depiction of the need for Separation of Church and State yet...

The Corporate Media No. 1 - "Occupy Wall Street is 99% dead" by Marketwatch

Scenes From Oakland’s General Strike: Activists Shut Down Local Citibank Chapter

Suspended Deputy Wayne County Exec. May Not Return

If you believe "they paid it back" is true, you may want to see this.

Do you think Herman likes porn??

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers Check In!!

FoxNews is reporting that California's transportation project which took federal

Protestor reportedly hit by car

Occupy Oakland, Nov. 2nd - lots of pics

Make this movement too big to fail

A Republican sees the light. Very good commentary.

Super committee: Let Bush tax cuts expire and your work will be done

Former Marine's injury spurs vets to join Occupy movement

" GET OUT OF JAIL " Cards For Wall Street

What Kind Of Nation Is It...

Don't let Bank of America trick you with the reversal of the $5 fee.

Citizens United Going Down? Democrats Introduce Constitutional Amendment To Overturn Ruling

An afternoon at Occupy Oakland

A question to DU's anarchists: What is the point of the Black Bloc?

The Corporate Media No. 2 - "Obama fails all viability tests" by The Hill...

Suggestion for OWS and Every Citizen

And in other occupy news.

Administration Favors Settling With Banks on Criminal Actions They’re STILL Engaged In

Poor worry over heating aid cuts as winter looms

Ok this is fishy

Chase Bank in Oakland...and other various pics...

Storming the Bastille

OccupyRochester facing forcible eviction again tonight at 11 p.m.

Why does Rachel come on a half hour late sometimes?

The children are marching with a great chant! #occupyOaklnd

Is Capitalism drowning to death due to its greed and incompetence

Oh gawd-there's a 3rd woman

General Assembly Question (Just Me, But...) Should Oakland Become The The Winter Camp For #OWS ???

I have a legal question concerning murder.

Herman Cain, David Koch, Scott Walker, Paul Ryan & the Smoking Man - By John Nichols

Occupy Fresno Needs help NOW. If in Fresno, CA Go to Courthouse Park Now.

Who will be the Republican nominee?


Cain camp points to Perry for harassment leak

Brokaw (on w/Rose) said AARP ad too harsh. Should've looked for middle ground.

Clay Bennett TOON Nails It!

Obama Looking At Shift In Military Mission In Afghanistan To Advisory Role As Soon As Next Year!!!

Move On: Is another give away to Wall St. banks in the making? Help fight it! Sign petition & kick

Turn on Rachel right fugging now

Bloomberg’s Awful Comment; What Can We Say For Certain Regarding the GSEs?

NYC arrest records: Many Occupy Wall Street protesters live in luxury

Sen. John McCain eyes barring retirees from Tricare Prime - Wait I thought the Repubs LOVED Veterans

Dealerships Package Billions Of Dollars Worth Of Subprime Auto Loans Into Securities

Should the Bush taxcuts be allowed to expire ?

Should the Bush taxcuts be allowed to expire ?

"OWS A Bunch of Bums...Need To get A Job" - Ben Stein On MSNBC Just Now

Perry camp denies --- points finger at Romney.

Tea party Republicans have sought plenty of stimulus for their own districts

Need info about higher ed funding during Vietnam War.

Stop Public Unions! email I received.

Can we keep away from threats of violence, even in jest?

Jan Brewer Ousts Chief Of AZ Independent Redistricting Commission

I do not think Rick Perry was drunk, I think he was stoned

Do we need a law requiring women to take their husband's last name?

My little 99% gripe of the day - low wage jobs that make you pay to park!

Judge scolds Rep. Joe Walsh in child-support case with ex-wife

Who are the 1%?

An amazing music interlude for you: Virtual Choir 2.0 "Sleep"

BOB WOODWARD: 'White House has a secret plan to win the election and it's complex and it's secret'

WTF? Our Dems on the Super puting SS Medicare/Cade on the Table??

I really don't care if the president isn't the smartest person in the room...

Goldman Sachs Threatens Small Community Bank For Banking With OWS Protestors

If a man

Doctors find face in testicle ultrasound

HORRIFYING! Texas judge beats his disabled daughter. Judge says 'not as bad as it looks'

6 Well-Kept Secrets About America In One Graphic

xpost: Texas Judge Beats Disabled Daughter on Video

What Have Protesters Done to Oakland's Beloved Whole Foods?

What Have Protesters Done to Oakland's Beloved Whole Foods?

Your November 5th Accoutrement.

Murdoch's propaganda channel took a hit at the oncologist's office this morning.

Black bloc Oakland protesters vandalize banks

Some friends owe the IRS $85k

The Susan B. Anthony Quote That's Sharing Fast

So? I don't think homeless, middle, upper middle class or well to do OW'ers changes the message

Mass Exodus from Big Banks is Organizing Online

A reelected Pres. Obama will likely meet the 2014 deadline to remove most troops from Afghanistan

So..what happens after Nov 5th when the Corporate Bank withdrawal turns out to be ineffective?

Mr Fish TOON: On a Spring Morning...

British Preparing For Possible U.S. ATTACK On IRAN

I Don't F'ing Care About Herman Cain

Do you suppose that Newtie is taking note of

Great pics of OccupyAustin waiting for the 38 to be released on Sunday

Herman Cain Produces "Best" Campaign Ad Ever

Unbelievable, unwarranted amount of disgusting hate...

Unbelievable, unwarranted amount of disgusting hate...

What is the next website you go to after the DU? I usually read

10 Things You're Better Off Buying Used

Most Young Adults Say They Are Worse Off Compared to Four Years Ago

CONFIRMED: #OWS Surrounded Goldman Sachs HQ Chanting "Arrest George Bush" w/ GW Inside

CONFIRMED: #OWS Surrounded Goldman Sachs HQ Chanting "Arrest George Bush" w/ GW Inside

After Soldier's Death a Chinatown Family Seeks Answers

The neoliberal/con poodle speaketh: Tony Blair Criticizes Occupy Wall Street

Veterans March For Occupy Wall Street — And It's Like Nothing You've Ever Seen Before

This doctor won't take CASH MONEY. Unbelieveable!!!!!

19 year-old national guard lady dies in afghanistan

Right Now On MSNBC's Front Page...

Just got back from Occupy Oakland/General Strike

Another one!!! #4 (?) --- Iowa radio host accuses Herman Cain of 'inappropriate' remarks

Unions Stand with Occupy Movement in Oakland and Nationwide

What motto is most appropriate for the United States of America

The future of OWS from the perspective of an old protester...

Holy shit that's a lot of people!!!

Lawrence O'Donnell is taking it to the edge.

Bill Moyers: "Our Politicians Are Little More Than $$$ Launderers In Trafficking Of Power/Policy"

A former executive for Nabisco fights processed food -- and shares what he learned on the inside.

"He has the right to speak," said the cop to the banker

"He has the right to speak," said the cop to the banker

Marines Storm Reddit After Occupy Oakland Shooting of Scott Olsen

This is what it's about: legally making money off of cannabis cultivation

Bumper Sticker Stupidity

I talked to our new employee today...Man it was difficult

'Veterans of the 99%' march in support of OWS and Scott Olsen - pics

Chicago Teachers Union files 2nd suit against Rahm's board of education...intimidating questions.

We have a second world power infrastructure.

Methods of Exchange

It is so different in the house with the window unit off, the sound of silence.

Wow, just found out a friend of the husband died in July.



location unknown

A new low in the history of weddings. Bride gets and sends text during vows. (video)


You look fine.


We should have a 111111 party

Anybody seen Apollo 18? (Major spoiler alert)

BREAKING: Herman Cain points out pubic hair on Kim Kardashian's Coke, attorneys scramble

Ah, parenthood.

The Virginia DMV can kiss my ass

Happy palindrome day all..

Tracking of Mysterious 'Unicorns of the Sea' Begins

15 Gifts for Facebook addicts.

Ok the DU help desk is OPEN!! Step right up and get yer help here!!!

Study: Alcohol Is “More Than Twice As Harmful As Cannibals”

Nothing better on a sultry day at the ballpark......

I could be so screwed today...

Sun and flowers

Here's the new REQUIRED lounge attire...

Any of you guitar players have an opinion about Rocksmith?

Anyone here see Guillermo Del Toro's "The Devils Backbone"?

"When are you coming home?"

is this photo real?

* * HAPPY BIRTHDAY blueknight and JustABozoOnThisBus!...* *

My son's jack-o-lnterns

Head clearing performance of See Me, Feel Me by The Who from 1969

afraid of snakes?

Just something nice...


Your seat cushion can be used as a flotation device.

My place of work...

Tracking Narwhals - FUCK YEAH!!!11!!!

OK - take a deep breath and then check this out:

Was the term "voicemail" commonly used in the early 90s?

Cat Trolling

BREAKING: Cain shot sheriff, but did not shoot deputy; Billy Jean not his lover, kid is not his son

Posted a CL ad to move a TV up my stairs for $20.00...30 responses in an hour

Is this photo real?

Cliff Notes are too hard AND you have to READ them...ugh! But wait...

Radio program I miss...

Radio program I miss...

Mexico soldiers seize catapults used to fling pot

Going out to a dive bar ---What shall I drink?

You'll egret it later !

Ruh roh 11/11/11 is coming!

Check this out - young harp player:

My trip to South Africa - the videos

TSA full-body scan of a hardcore gambler

See, I am a lapdog...

Lovely Fall weather in San Diego, went bike riding

we got another six inches of snow, good day to fire up the crock pot

The Chronicles of Narnia has got to pull the biggest mindfuck on the children.

Anyone else watching Ringer with Sarah Michelle Gellar?

My job at the Virginia DMV is so stressful - such assholes in line yesterday. They can kiss my ass!

Screw Corn Flakes - I'm frying my Chickens with this!!! Who is hungry???!!

Men, if you were a woman, what would be the first thing you'd do?

Is this pitcure real? I got it on a postcard from East Dragoon Road

Women, if you were a man, what would be the first thing you'd do?

Request a MFM caption

WhoooHoo! Just got my presale tickets for Roger Waters-The Wall concert in Philly!

FYI- Juggalos classified as a gang by FBI

An open note to MFM

A murmuration of starlings ...

A bacon sandwich. Made with 60 strips of sweet, sweet bacon...

What is your favourite word? I like the word "sky". I think it is because i had a cottage

Last night I watched a Monday Night Football game from 1980!

Kitteh facts

Lucy Pretty Kitteh and I enjoying some fine quality time.

Another update on the house. Hopefully by the next one it will be all ready to move in! :^D

First Nationwide Test of the Emergency Alert System.

Romney Family ... Group Partnered With Alleged Perpetrators Of $8 Billion Ponzi Scheme

A Silver Lining to America’s Waning Influence

Climate experts: Expect more weather disasters

In Israel, speculation over strike on Iran grows

Smithsonian bird researcher is convicted of trying to poison cats

Julian Assange loses appeal against extradition

Ann Coulter: ‘Our Blacks Are So Much Better Than Their Blacks’

Police Shut Down Tulsa's Occupy Wall Street Protest (Pepper Spray Used)

Garagiola announces 6th District run

Romney to deliver 'major' speech on Friday (to Koch Brothers Group)

Frank McCourt agrees to sell Dodgers

Israel Considers Pre-Emptive Attack On Iran

"Frederick Thomas" Online Persona Ties Georgia Terrorist COVERT GROUP to Beck, Tea Party

All-night fireworks in State Assembly after Democrat's amendment to mundane bill (Madison, WI)

Boulder Issues 2B, 2C: Municipalization, related tax narrowly approved

Occupy Omaha deadline passes (still at the site early Wednesday)

Pentagon agrees to sell three attack helicopters to Turkey

Mayor of troubled Los Angeles suburb resigns

French Newspaper Office Firebombed Over Muhammed Satire

Milk Street Cafe Owner Sacks 21 Employees As Consequence Of Occupy Wall Street Demonstration

Strong support for Shariah in Canada

Obama acts to reduce prescription-drug shortages

City Working To Find New Location For Protesters

Obama Fuels ‘Class Resentment’ in Jobs-Plan Push, Ryan Says

Sub-par ratings for both major political parties, with most open to independent challenger in 2012

Former Secretary of State Dunlap to challenge Snowe

Inequality dents U.S. rank in U.N. development index

Marathon to buy homes near Detroit refinery expansion

Owner of car dealership labeled "Taliban Toyota" wins millions

Occupy Oakland protesters target port; in Seattle, bank boss

Obama rips Republicans for vote on 'In God We Trust' motto("That's not putting people back to work")

Germany warns Greece over rescue

Deutch legislation tries to isolate Iran

Thousands March To Occupy Oakland..KCRA Video

Occupy London protesters allowed to stay at St Paul's until the new year

AP: Third Woman Complains Of Harassment From Herman Cain

JS photographer arrested while covering Occupy Milwaukee protest

Third Circuit Repeats: FCC's Super Bowl Halftime Fine of CBS Was Out of Bounds

Ohio Dem backs call to ‘occupy foreclosures’

Iowa radio host accuses Herman Cain of 'inappropriate' remarks

Obama campaign may return funds from MF Global's Corzine

Super Committee Republicans Get Earful Over Loyalty To Grover Norquist

Cain suggests China doesn't have nuclear capability

Video purports to show Texas judge beating daughter

French Satirical Newspaper Firebombed After Prophet Mohammad Announcement

Cain camp: Perry team "absolutely" behind leak

Source: Port of Oakland Running at Half Capacity After Wildcat Strike in Solidarity With Occupy Oakl

G20 jail photos raise ‘alarm bells’ for police chair

Crowd swells at peaceful Occupy Oakland general strike rally

Huge Crack Discovered in Antarctic Glacier

Georgia Men Held in Plot to Attack Government

Fracking tests near Blackpool 'likely cause' of tremors

Athens Warned on Call for Vote

Russian freighter delivers iPads and more to space station

Marshals ordered to seize Righthaven assets

First Hutaree militia member set to plead guilty next week

Source: Port of Oakland "Effectively Shut Down" in Solidarity With Occupy Oakland General Strike

Mercedes hits 2 Occupy Oakland protesters

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Occupy Oakland: Injury Accident on Broadway at 11th Street (Onlookers: Driver Deliberately Ran Over)

Don Siegelman and Richard Scrushy ask for evidence they believe could lead to a new trial

Viktor Bout, Russian arms dealer, found guilty on terrorism charges

BART protesters quickly cancel Oakland action

UK military steps up plans for Iran attack amid fresh nuclear fears

China Technology Surges Forward with Spectacular First Docking in Space

Fukushima Suffers Setback as Officials Detect Signs of Nuclear Fission

Company says pipeline delays could cost $1M a day

Pakistan ready to normalize trade with India

Cain Says Perry Camp Behind Sex Harassment Leak

U.S. Explores Faster Afghan Handover

US companies add 110,000 jobs in October

Rick Perry, in Silicon Valley, defends NH speech

Bloomberg strikes tougher tone on Occupy Wall Street

Oakland teachers take off work, students stay

Euro stability more important than Greece, says Angela Merkel

Occupy Seattle Protesters Arrested, Pepper Sprayed

Wikileaks' Julian Assange Loses Extradition Appeal

Duqu Virus Exploits Microsoft Windows Software Flaw

Nelson still pondering re-election decision

Evidence Suggests Oakland PD Violated Law in Violent Confrontation With Occupy Oakland Demonstrators

TD Bank adds $9 savings account fee

Bloomberg: Occupy Wall Street ‘Really Hurting Small Businesses, Families’

Report: Military Blew $1 Trillion on Weapons Since 9/11

Man fines wife for giving birth to baby girl

Boulder Question 2H: 'Corporate personhood' referendum passes by wide margin

$600 million missing at MF Global

Texas judge confirms video of him beating daughter, says 'I lost my temper'

Gaddafi fall cost Russia tens of blns in arms deals

Europe tells Greece: 'no more money unless you cancel referendum'

Bill O'Reilly Is Still A Piece Of Shit

OccupyWallSt. Steps up as generators are confiscated.

Grand Wizard Limbaugh Upset Media Finds Him A RACIST

Domino Effect : 'Debt unpayable, Greece to exit Euro mess'

Billion Dollar Bankster Babies : Keiser Report

Alan Grayson: It's Trick or Treat For Republicans Every Day

Thom Hartmann: Is NYPD Sending Homeless People to OWS?

#OccupyColumbia Ad: The People's Lobby

Thom Hartmann: Greg Palast - Goldman Sux!

'Occupy Wall Street will soon turn into a tsunami'.....#Occupytogether

Marijuana: White House Just Says No to Legalization Petitions

Perry Repeats Fake Quote From Canadian Satire Article re: OWS

Thom Hartmann: The Secret list of 14 words

Warning: Do not confuse the complexity of this moment for chaos.

Are Republicans Sluts?

Rick Perry New Hampshire Video Fail

TDPS: Christian College Enforces "Anti-Gay" Bible, but Not "Stone Your Wife" Bible

G20 Ignores Food Security

Shocking Interview With Herman Cain's Smoking Spokesperson On Harassment Charges

Cliff Schecter on Thom Hartmann: Are The Republicans Committing Treason?

Thom Hartmann: Romney - ''Mittness Protection Program''

Young Turks: Radical Christian Hell House (Graphic Warning)

Papantonio: Tea Party Would Love a Sex Pervert Like Cain

Thom Hartmann: Why the media is playing into the Cain narrative & not a fake candidate

Max Keiser: 'Greece run by financial terrorists

Occupy General Strike, with Gabriel Thompson - Countdown with Keith Olbermann

TDPS: Herman Cain Stands By Bogus "Planned Parenthood Wants to Kill Black Babies"

Occupy General Strike, with Tim Simons

Anonymous: Remember, Remember, the 5th of November

Thom Hartmann: How will the Banksters respond to this Greece bombshell?

Bill Moyer: People "Are Occupying Wall Street Because Wall Street Has Occupied the Country"

Sweden, Not Freedom: 'Assange deserves applause & award'

War veterans marching in support of OWS

Campaign Cash, with Bernie Sanders - Countdown with Keith Olbermann

Thom Hartmann: In ''God We Trust'' Instead of Jobs?

EPI at 25: Honoring Paul Krugman

A Message From Scott Olsen

Coulter: CainGate like running a nursery school in the 80s and being accused of child molesting

TYT: A Christian Plot For Domination & Bachmann, Perry

Texas Judge Beats Disabled Daughter on Video

Young Turks: Cop Arrested for Speeding by Highway Patrol!!!

Republican Wisdom

Police Rough Up, Pepper Spray Occupy Tulsa (Olbermann: Worst Police Abuse Yet)

PBS News Hour: Cain's Whole Message Consumed by Harassment Claims

Michael Moore: YOUTH Stayed Home In 2010 Because Of OBAMA's ‘B.S.’

"This is the year when we can't have any surprises with our candidate."

Irony Of The Day

WH chart: Is it a jobs plan?

Bumper Sticker We Might See In Upcoming Republicant Primaries

New Hampshire sets Republican presidential primary date (Jan. 10) - BBC

When Will The Reich Wing Turn On Former Secretary Of State Condoleeza Rice?


Right loses fight for deeper cuts

GOP Mouthpiece Ann Coulter "Our Blacks Are So Much Better Than Their Blacks"

wrong forum

Where is them BALL BEARINGS in Cains Pocket??? I can hear them..

Her Performance "Was Not Up To Par"

A Democratic Congress/Senate can and will reverse any GOPer crap messing with the BIG 3 .

Cain's Shenanigans Will Only Endear Him To The Tea Nuts

Cain Victims Coming Out Of The Proverbial Woodwork

People should not be complaining about time, cost and complication in filing their tax returns.

Obama Fighting Back Against War On Voting

Obama Asserts He’s The Decider on Keystone XL Pipeline, Cites Risk to Drinking Water, Public Health

Who were the idiot doctors that agreed to meet with Cain?

Mike Luckovich: Job Creation Republicans Will Support

Herman Cain - We Can't Let China Become A Nuclear Power...

Quinnipiac poll- Obama 47% approve. Cain 30%, Mitt 23, Newt 10, Gas Jets 8

Gallup: Three in Four Americans Back Obama on Iraq Withdrawal

Cain's Predicament: Between a Rock and a Confidentiality Agreement

Obama Mocks Congress For 'In God We Trust' Motto Vote, Ignoring Jobs Bill (VIDEO)