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Millionaires to Congress: The taxes we pay are ridiculous... as in ridiculously LOW

A political action that could bring real change

Thanks for the Stars...

All right...this will piss you off. Video of Seattle pepper-spray attacks.

What I would now stress from OWS if I was able to....

'Nother thing that scares those in power re OWS

The lies of free market democracy

Flashback: Universal health care — for Iraq..anyone remember?

Oh...oh...look at the OWS video that is

A Lament From The Pastor Pepper Sprayed in Seattle OWS March

Newt Gingrich is the glibbiest, politician I've ever seen. His nickname should be

Police clear Occupy San Diego camp, arrest 10

HuffPo has got a "He's So Great!" article on Jon Huntsman. From his Wife.

End of Moammar Kadafi's book bans celebrated in Libya

A reminder to all the big-city mayors who took part in the Tuesday Night Putsch

The Game

Occupy Dallas...

Naomi Klein: Capitalism vs. the Climate

MF Global: they're getting bolder...

Occupy Anchorage protesters work with City and police while dealing with cold

Nature is the 99%, too

The 99% - Time's person of the year (vote if you support the 99%)!

Dear Rock Thrower: Business at the Victory is booming.

Newt Gingrich, on the rise, says, ‘Hopefully, I’m going to be more disciplined’

SN: Hasslebeck made a mistake picking an on the air fight with Bill Mahrer. It only gave him more

Recorded MSM video of the #OccupyDallas eviction..."Hostage negotiators"!?

I Heard Micheal Moore May Have Overstep in OWS NYC Loss of Zuccottti Park

This afternoon I refused to donate a toy to a soldier's kids. There's a reason.

"SS have stormed into our dormitory & detained us. We are to be sent to a concentration camp."

High radioactivity detected in some Fukushima rice

Who gave Karl Rove the right to threaten Mike Connell?

US Public Debt Passes $15 Trillion For First Time

LOL support for America going Communist more popular than Congress

US school board sells ad space on report cards

Dorli Rainey's History of Activism Before She Became an Occupy Icon

March of 1973- The American LMTV train

Cornel West at Occupy Seattle: City leaders, police 'ought to be ashamed' of Tuesday’s raids

UniCredit Bombshell Shouldn’t Be the Last One

Deficit committee locked in budget stalemate

Gas, food, clothes, housing - it's all getting more expensive

Toon: Thanks to Gov. Walker, We've Started Hiring Again!

Another member of the 1 percent flapping his gilded, reptilian lips

Economist Gartman tells the truth: We celebrate income disparity and we applaud the growing margins.

Our F— You System of Government

the brave new world of occupy wall street {amy goodman}

Army field manual on crowd control (hey, police! For you!)

Now it's time for 'the markets' to f**k with Spain

NY Times: As New Graduates Return to Nest, Economy Also Feels the Pain

The Stop Online Piracy Act: Corporatism at It's Worst

NOW Toronto: Who’s afraid of the Occupation?

We can't pay for fuel... pass the hat around - airline goes bust during flight

Fox & Friends Applauds NYPD's Evicting OWS Protesters: "Good Riddance"

Police: Man claims he killed 2 for hurting society

Mortgage Applications Fall Again

"Assassination tempting"

Willie Nelson supports Occupy movement

AIG’s Miller Says Occupy Wall Street Has ‘Simplistic View’

Sandusky's interview has led victims to come forward, some from the 1970's

Is DU stuttering for anyone else?

Who do you believe, a Beard or a Suit?

Milan students protest against "bankers' government"

Milan students protest against "bankers' government"

"Mic Check!" disrupts KS governor's forum that blames poverty on the death of marriage

It is instructive that the knee-jerk Obama defenders are those criticizing the OWS movement.

Austerity & Fascism In Greece – The Real 1% Doctrine

it's all happening

Brazil 2010 census shows changing race balance (non-white people make up the majority of population)

Not good: Euro falls to 5-week low against dollar


Don't ask questions at DU about OWS

OWS NY ustream (TheOther99) live NOW

8:53 am: protestors taking police barricades, barricading Police vehicle

5,000-km range Agni-5 to be test fired in February 2012 {india}

Defense Cuts: Small Business Feels It

Why is the NYPD Occupying Wall Street? Have they made any demands?

"the prospect of supercommittee failure doesn’t look all that frightening."

Your middle class neighborhood is probably disappearing

BIND security update protects against serious DNS server crash

OWS: Orwell's Wickedest Scenario

Wow, they delayed the opening bell??

Bell ringing on time.

Another fine moment for "law enforcement", this time in NM.

Message to pols and media. We're not going away. Get used to it.

Message to pols and media. We're not going away. Get used to it.

U.S. Banks Face Contagion Risk From European Debt

CNBC live feed of Wall Street activity

Teacher to Get Less After Foiling Shaky Sex Claims

Ritholtz on Corporatogracy. Worth reading

I see the cops don't have riot gear during the daylight hours.

SCREENSHOT: Protesters Stopped Just Down From NY Stock Exchange

9:09 am: traders blocked from entering stock exchange

People are not yet desperate enough.


Gingrich Said to Be Paid $1.6M by Freddie Mac /Fannie, Freddie executives score $100M payday

Terrorism defined. Now, who fits?

Protester Arrested After Threatening Molotov Attack

Boehner backs supercommittee tax hikes

10:14 am: report of sanitation worker blocking Beaver with truck in solidarity with OWS

Democrats see minefield in Occupy protests

N.C. has a nuke plant event

Barricades just removed at the park.

Barricades just removed at the park.

Thursday TOON Roundup- Superstuporcommittee and Congre$$

Rumor is the unions are on their way to OWS now

I was wondering about milk as a washing agent for pepper spray...

In honor of Cains "how do you say it in Cuban" moment....

Military paper: What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving?

OWS has delayed the opening of NYSE according to:

In a surprise to none, Nikki Haley has Occupy Columbia (SC) protesters arrested

gas pipe explosion - Ohio

Penn State Scandal: Mother of Sandusky's Adopted Son Speaks Out

Were the recent OWS crackdowns nationally coordiinated?

U.S. boosts estimate of auto bailout losses to $23.6B

OWS dismantling barricades around Zucotti Park

Deputy Carries Frightened Deer Off the Road

Deputy Carries Frightened Deer Off the Road

Please let me make this suggestion:

HONEYMOON'S OVER! Freeper "RIghtwardHo" tells Cain to "man up" over "gotcha questions."

NYPD are beating people with the barricades.

NYPD are beating people with the barricades.

The blog forum is dead, so I'm posting this question here:

Wall Street Bell Delayed?

Sandusky Inquiry Grew Into Concerns of a Cover-Up

Obama, Your Moment of Truth is Upon You.

{so big business isn't so smart?} Why that corporate cash pile isn't so impressive

"This is what Democracy looks like!!!"

OWS = Orwell's Wickedest Scenario

Bloomberg is showing the protesters surrounding Wall Street. I suspect the other networks are doing

Thanksgiving--what does shopping Ebay for Thanksgiving figurines tell you about what the holiday was

Thanksgiving--what does shopping Ebay for Thanksgiving figurines tell you about what the holiday was

Cities Claim Power Companies Duck Taxes - claim they aren't required to pay taxes on other income

Hallmark Sued In Snow Globe Fire Case

Hallmark Sued In Snow Globe Fire Case

Hallmark Sued In Snow Globe Fire Case

Not a thing on t.v. about the march in New York..nothing.

Smaller Chain of Hospitals Files Antitrust Suit Against Kaiser

Obama vows no US defence cuts for Asia-Pacific - AFP

Great new commercial (and it's by Toyota)

Ray Kelly's Gulag {NYPD}

But OWS is not about JOBS

Defamation Claims Not Enough to ID Blogger

Another term for "gotcha journalism"......

Live stream of OWS

Live stream of OWS

Pets Killed by Their Owners for Insurance Cash

Fox Cites Non-Existent Part Of The Constitution To Hype Argument For Kagan Recusal

Speaker Pelosi answer Rick Perry.

Speaker Pelosi answer Rick Perry.

OWS: Wall St. "Members Only"--I.D. Required to Enter Public Street

OWS: Wall St. "Members Only"--I.D. Required to Enter Public Street

Android Malware Has Surged 472 Percent Since July

Rick Santorum Asks U.S. Populace If He's Still Running For President

The Rise of a Euro Doomsayer

RNC considering a new strategy for 2012....

'South Park' pokes fun at Penn State problems

Nice, so anybody who has a suit on or is dressed nice is harrassed

Nice, so anybody who has a suit on or is dressed nice is harrassed

Any news on Walker recall?

Tear down this Wall Street

Tear Down This Wall - OWS pic

CBS4 Investigates: Miami’s Pipes Going Down The Drain

Thursday Republican Primary TOONS

It isn't nice.

That Was One Strange Job ...

Follow #n17 on twitter for realtime OWS updates.

Custodian loses cell phone fired after bosses find the phone and see racist message

Arms Sales to Asia and the Gulf Vital to US Corporations

Seattle mayor apologizes for pepper spray incident

At least 3 medical marijuana operations raided - rawrr get grannys meds!

Did NYPD use sonic weapon on OWS?

OWS Inspired Activism... a must read from Glenn Greenwald...

The importance of religious freedom

Former surgeon general to run for Kyl's seat

Sign the Petition Ohioians

Ben Sargent nails it on Perry

Police: McQueary never filed a report.

Lauren Lauren? Is that anything like Marcy Darcy?

Please help...poll:Do You support the eviction of Occupy Dallas?

High School football hazing "sexual assult" - school did nothing

Household Balance Sheets and the Weak Recovery

Germany Repeats Strong Opposition to US, Israeli Rhetoric against Iran

A historical perspective.

My Life as a Turkey

Looks like Syria is our next target for a glorious liberation

Security researcher defeats Windows 8 secure boot (so much for Microsoft's claims)

I know someone who works at this plant that was slated for closing

I know someone who works at this plant that was slated for closing

Women Takin' Power

Have we forgotten how to be aware of our surroundings?

Turf War? Glendale Bans Fake Grass on Front Yards

Turf War? Glendale Bans Fake Grass on Front Yards

The Democrats in the supercommittee are caving,

Chrysler to Hire 1100 Workers in Toledo, Ohio

Photos And Video As Thousands Of Italians Protest Monti's "Banker" Government

It starts at the local level. The President can't do everything guys

This makes me very sad

Pizza? Really?

GOP State Rep: Actually, Americans Are Pretty Lazy

Analyst strongly condemns US drone strikes

More Suspected US Missiles Hit Pakistan

Boeing delivers first batch of 30,000-pound bombs to Air Force

Boeing delivers first batch of 30,000-pound bombs to Air Force- Iran here we come?

My hope is that politicians from top to bottom, the Presidency on down

liberal caller kicks Dennis Prager's ass over OWS

OW has succeeded in so many ways.......

HONK if you want a ticket.

The newest Republican frontrunner Candidate for President

Newts that look like Newt

Turkey Day's Coming!! Check the needs of your Local Food Banks, Soup Kitchens, etc.

Nude photo puts Egyptian activist in legal peril (at least)

The President of the United States: Protect the rights of the protesters at Occupy Wall street

Reporters For Right-Wing Publication Daily Caller Beaten By NYPD, Helped By Protesters

Two phrases that truly just made me shudder. Layaway and Black Friday at Walmart.

Sam Seder doing twelve hour show @ Majority Report Radio live stream

U.S. 54.5 MPG Fuel-Economy Standard May Cost $157 Billion

slow newsday, top story headline: Bacon a luxury

Is This How We Honor Our Heroes?

War: The Wrong Jobs Program

Michael Bloomberg: The Villain Occupy Wall Street Has Been Waiting For

'Patriotic Millionaires' Lobby Congress for Higher Taxes on Rich (PBS NewsHour)

HEADS UP SAN FRANCISCANS! It looks like Occupy San Francisco will be raided today.

Modern Warfare 3 Sets New Sales Record: $775 Million In Five Days

From the NY Daily News office in Police HQ...

Faux --- "When you can't twist the facts just make shit up."

Looks like an OWS Action Team in PDX has invaded a bank,

The angry tent calls for a National Day of Action...

Why do so many people think it’s OK to lie about Santa Claus?


This is a story about Cleveland, Ohio....

PA Gov. Corbett Funded Sandusky Pet Project, Hid His Abuse

March from Union Square to Foley Square in NYC blocked by barricades

CA Supreme Court rules Prop 8 proponents do have standing to appeal

Boehner's crying might be a medical condition. Please stop joking about it.


Wells Fargo Eviction Defense *update*

So, are the Republicans down to Ron Paul now?

#OccupyLosAngeles live at US Bank (cops are there but peaceful so far)

Occupy Houston at 4:00 p.m. today

Thursday TOON Roundup- OWS, Courts and the rest

Woman dragged by hair at OWS, The video was uploaded on CNN’s iReport.

Occupy demonstrators march in downtown Los Angeles - pics

American imperialism - expanding ever onward!


Ladies and Gentlemen, We've reached DEFCON 4, at LEAST!

Zimbabwe's Child Exodus

Zimbabwe's Child Exodus

Occupy UCLA

I'll Be Heading to Zuccotti Park to Join the Fight Shortly

Boehner: War drawdown savings can't go to jobs


Just got back from my first Occupy protest

California Supreme Court Sets Proposition 8 Appeal in Motion

Gay marriage takes another toll on a straight marriage: Demi Moore to divorce Ashton Kutcher

oh noes -- PDX occupiers of Wells Fargo dressed "like real people" to get in

#OccupyPortland: Steel Bridge arrests, bank actions

Attn: Keith Olbermann or someone from his staff or CURRENT TV.

To OWS: Its time to do it the San Francisco way and hit them where it

(Graphic) Video of the bleeding protester, #OccupyWallStreet

The Plot Thickens..........

Demi Moore: Im DIVORCING Ashton Kutcher for his cheating

Fox Nation: ‘God Bless Income Disparity’

Pilot gets stuck in bathroom, sparks terror scare

Hey NYPD - do the right thing

Obama seeks greater US role, clout in East Asia

Obama seeks greater US role, clout in East Asia

Most DUers are smarter than Cain, Perry, Bachmann..

Newt's serial hypocrisy

They are blocking the streets !!! Students join the protest

A lovely illustration by Anthony Freda

Blocking traffic - bad tactic. News viewers think "Why they harm average Joe? I wouldnt want them

LA protesters march in financial district

What censure? Charles Rangel’s back

Maybe for OWS, the time has come for shifts in the fight to hold

I'll bet there are hundreds or thousands of Judge Dutchcots across the country

Yummy Scott Tenorman Tears @ F.R. over Newt: "It looks more and more like we are stuck with Romney"

Daily caller reporters helped by OWS protesters

Occupy San Diego occupying federal property.

College Republican Sends 'Positive' Message: 'Don't Shoot Obama'

It seems the cops are creating the traffic problems, just let the marchers march.

Berlin Start-Up Aims to Revolutionize Clothes Shopping

Another disabled person is murdered by neglect

Anne Hathaway shows support for Occupy Wall Street.

Any chance of celebrities doing fundraisers for Occupy(at least for legal defense)?

Finally, people are starting to question Gov Tom Corbett's involvement in the PSU scandal

Occupy Cleveland Saves Woman’s Home From Imminent Foreclosure

Sam Seder doing special 12-hour Majority Report live (w/ Maron, Garofalo, Taibbi, Markos +more) now!

Eagle Forum Derides Penn State "Witch-Hunt"

Car insurance, was researching Ohio's laws today and found this mildly interesting:

Wisconsin: State loses 9,300 private-sector jobs in October

Daniel Ellsberg On OWS: "I wouldn’t have thought it could happen.”

Super Committee close to recommending social security cuts. Let's fight it. See below:

Guy Fawkes at OWS

Guy Fawkes at OWS

The Great Dying: first it warmed, then it burned

The Limits of Free Speech - Citizens United vs Occupy Wall St.

NYPD Surrounding Liberty Plaza - No one is allowed in or out - Barricaded 1:40 pm est

#OccupyLosAngeles: No Leaders, No Scapegoats

Speaker Boehner says GOP won’t allow savings from war drawdowns to go to jobs program

Sharpton has great video - right now

USTREAM of Foley Park...It's PACKED!!!

USTREAM of Foley Park...It's PACKED!!!

Suggestion: get the locked-out NBA players to do exhibition game fundraisers for Occupy

Five questions about GOP's plan to privatize Medicare

Anyone out there know how dangerous it is to work on an oil rig?

I wonder if the Tea Party showed up to support OWS would the situation change

Woman Gets Jail For Food-Stamp Fraud; Wall Street Fraudsters Get Bailouts

Martin Luther King III: Alabama’s Immigration Law Is Like ‘Jim Crow’

Reverend Al: "Cheer up, Boehner! It's your BIRTHDAY, and I have some special gifts for you!"

This is just sad.............on all levels

Help the Occupiers! inspiring article and how tos inside

Help the Occupiers! inspiring article and how tos inside

A sincere question about police activity in NY and elsewhere

Federal Gov't Agencies May Be Coordinating Police State Tactics To Crackdown On OWS movement

Ron Reagan: GOP's biggest concern is ObamaCare! It's creeping Socialism! Romney's plan is THE SAME!

PHOTO: Japanese activists show solidarity with Occupy Wall Street

Crowley just opened her show with "a few hundred people" in

Bloomberg Announces Recall of All Lamp Posts in Manhattan

Rick Perry is just another full of shit asshole looking for a place to happen.

Lmao. Wikileaks Truck tweeting pic from jail.

Los Angeles OWS today - Tents put up in the middle of one of the biggest streets - pics

Mario Savio "The Machine Speech" at Berkeley, December 2, 1964, very famous speech

Economic Emergency for the 99%

Bill O'Reilly 'Killing Lincoln' Errors: Book Contains Plethora Of Factual Inaccuracies

Tonight on Countdown:Protestor Michael Kink, Adam Gabbett, Elise Whitaker

Tonight on Countdown:Protestor Michael Kink, Adam Gabbett, Elise Whitaker

Cool tweet from Rep. Chris Murphy (D-CT)

Why does every right leaning "pundit" parrot the same talking points

Why does every right leaning "pundit" parrot the same talking points

Maybe this will be easier. What tactics if any by OWS do you

For you young'ns saying Obama can't get involved with the OWS movement

OWS bashed and undersold by our "Liberal Media"

Just a reminder that Newton Gingrich has more dirty laundry than Cain

They are on the bridge now, traffic honking in support!

OWS is dropping in the polls! It's costing taxpayer money! Roll with it! We're White-Hat Trolls.

Tim (The Other 99) is doing an unbelievable job but I can't believe he doesn't have more help by now

Perry: 'Obama grew up in a privileged way... he has never really had to work for anything' Read mor

Perry: 'Obama grew up in a privileged way... he has never really had to work for anything' Read mor

Report: 1 in 5 of US adults on behavioral meds

news story said only about 1000 people showed up in NYC. How many?

My BIL is a psychiatrist and my sister is a Nurse Practitioner.... march down congress in solidarity

OWS is doing a good job of making people aware that there

#OccupyLosAngeles: Police blocking everything

MF Global was a real MFer

Ed's doing a great show on #Occupy - had a great aerial

Warsaw protester launches drone to spy on police

Update please on NYC OWS protester Romania. Is he alive??

Update please on NYC OWS protester Romania. Is he alive??

Democrats vote to keep aid to poor in budget, republicans vote to keep vegetables out of schools

Cain proves once again that he is Sarah Palin with a penis.

43,000 people are watching the livestream of NYC

Thousands demonstrate from Occupy Chicago Blocking bridge 46 people arrested

Texas College GOP Leader: Obama Assassination ‘Tempting’

Texas College GOP Leader: Obama Assassination ‘Tempting’

Expert calls Occupy demos most important in generations; urges they be left alone

Live OWS from the Brooklyn Bridge! Wow - Link......New link....

*** Official EVENING EDITION #Occupy #N17 thread ***

*** Official EVENING EDITION #Occupy #N17 thread ***

Spread the word!

The Social Graph Is Neither [why social networks are inherently antisocial]

GM CEO Dan Akerson: European debt crisis a 'more serious' threat than '08 U.S. meltdown

In her own words...Dorli Rainey...

The Movement Is the Message.

Does mayor Bloomberg (smallballs) think he can arrest everyone involved in OWS?

So are you going to vote for Obama, or some Republican, or stay home?

Tea party and progressive senators unite, introduce bill to hasten withdrawal from Afghanistan

Tea party and progressive senators unite, introduce bill to hasten withdrawal from Afghanistan

SEIU President Mary Kay Henry arrested

The NYPD has discredited itself

Secret Service to protect Cain

Occupy Detroit supporters shut down 2nd Avenue bridge in Detroit

Motivating people to move in a most amazing and creative way! (And uses men as sex objects!)

Private Prison Charges Inmates $5 a Minute for Phone Calls While They Work for $1 a Day

Boston Herald: Elizabeth Warren jilts Occupy Harvard

Welcome to PHASE 2 of Occupy Wall Street, now here is a message

Are OWS tactics such as blocking rush hour traffic & subway traffic effective strategy...

These are my legal OWS ideas. Please add yours

Bill Moyers preview site for his new show coming in January

Occupy Portland takes downtown Chase Bank -- cops use pepper spray

Jim Greer: Round Two

Occupy DC, NoVA protesters march on Key Bridge

Sexual abuse investigation at Syracuse Univeristy

self delete

Gingrich: ‘No such thing as 99%’


Another smackdown!! This time to Jan Brewer

Too bad, so sad, Kommissar Jan Brewer

Are there any other places where US soldiers are stationed besides Penn Station?

From Al Jazeera: Modernising Liberalism

MP Pat Martin (NDP) unapologetic for F-bomb tweets

Beijing is wary of Obama's assertive China policy

Well fellow du'ers. It has been a great day in America

A conversation with a right winger about laziness and the OWS (I don't know if they're evil or dumb)

john starzaki really hates #n17 for it's OWS efforts.

Microsoft's table-sized tablet Surfaces for pre-order

We are the change we want to see! This is what Democracy looks like!

Colorado store sparks outrage by selling crotchless thong panties for children

More Than 50,000 and Counting

The New Retirement Normal: The Average American Must Work For Two Extra Years After Death

A day of protest picture gallery (CBS)

How can I view my donor status?

Smuckers peanut butter recall

Who is more freaked out tonight?

Could it be that the main difference between the tea party and the 99% 'ers....

The aerial shots being showed don't match what I'm seeing

Has anyone else heard that Herman Cain is getting Secret Service protection - the first of the

Bloomberg Spokesperson Admits Arresting Credentialed Reporters

Dorli Rainey gets apology, her response will be on Countdown tonight

For those that support measures against the OWS movement and its goals

House panel wants US to supply new F-16s to Taiwan

'Americans deserve to know whether the Romney admin. sought to delete (his) public records'


The level of desperation is ratcheting up.

Have we had an appreciation thread for Rev. Al Sharpton yet? He's out there trying to slay dragons.


Found a working New York feed!

Gary Brown: Detroit could run out of cash in December, plan must include layoffs

Buying and selling unscreened breast milk

Chevron says Brazil oil leaks reduced to ‘infrequent droplets’

Annie Sprinkle is a GODDESS!!!

Heart Attack Grill in Las Vegas serves up 8,000 calorie burger meal

Solar may already be cheaper than coal/natural gas in some markets:

Biggest oil find in decades becomes $39 billion caution

#Occupy: Jenae Bjork: NYC is having major outages with cell towers

Fake Democrats could appear again if GOP Senators recalled

Frances Goldin, 87, links arms with other protesters from Occupy Wall Street - pics

New Yorkers: would you sign a petition to RECALL MAYOR BLOOMBERG?

Congress about to kill high-speed train program

Pizza is not a vegetable.

Livestream from Zuccotti

How many people opposes to Sasha Grey's volunteering would go to Compton to read books?

"Liberal Bias"...

Herman Cain says OWS out to "destroy" America

Cain-Nine. A Koch's best friend.

Cain-Nine. A Koch's best friend.

LA Sheriff Reopens Natalie Wood Case

Qatar Discusses MEADS Partnership with Germany, Italy

WOOT!! DRBC Cancels 11/21/11 Fracking Vote!!!!

Girl, 9, climbs Snowdon for hospice

You don't have to like rap to appreciate the beauty of this one (not a video):

You Cannot Kill an Idea...

Ironic: Brandon Watts gets his head cracked open in "Liberty Square"

*** OFFICIAL #N17 Observation Thread! ***

Late Nite DU Thursday... Must See...

How Dorli Rainey Was Almost Trampled And Why She'll Be Back Tomorrow

'Scared' puppies dumped at recycling center - Australian shepherd mix puppies

Iconic picture of the days events

Tim is back - Broadcast started just now Occupy Wall Street General Assembly

Record Fairbanks cold continues (-41F); air quality warnings issued

Sandusky accuser’s mom says boy’s school principal refused to call police.

Army Tests Hypersonic Weapon Over the Pacific

Suggestions to help protesters emerge unharmed

How long should the statute of limitations be on child sexual assault?

Time to call the critters in DC

The rich ceos and the gop are desperate to find "areas of growth" in the business world inside the

I am alive.

Good Kitty

Pro Occupy Wall Street Messages Projected on the Verizon Building

I'm just giddy

A Message for OWS: "Let us count as success that which is not consumed;

Rebellion is in the Air: Quan’s Quackery and Bloomberg’s Bullshit

It may just be a phone call

It may just be a phone call

To Protest Foreclosures, San Jose Priest Divests $3 Million From Bank of America

Dennis Miller is off the Cain Train, looking for new GOP clown car

Republicans push drilling plan to pay for roads, bridges

I began to wonder what the ratio of policemen to citizens is in the US.

New - Rachel Maddow: Herman Cain’s Campaign Isn’t Just An Art Project It’s A Good Art Project VIDEO

OWS? Yes We Canine! - pic

Is Cain setting up exit stage left...errr right?

Toronto school bans hard balls

Strike on Iran could hurt world economy, US says (Defense Secretary Panetta)

Pelosi Mocks Perry!

This is why we can never stop:

Ever see "The Road" with Viggo Mortensen?

dupe, nt

6 Burning Questions About the Violent Police Crackdowns on Occupations Around the Country

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!! This is what

Police confirm investigation into allegations against SU assistant coach Bernie Fine

Why I support the OWS effort.

If There is One Web Comic We can All Get,

Our New Future

There is no excuse for the militarized assaults-This Cannot Be the Way OWS Ends" -by Charles Pierce

OWS Message and Tactics

Caption this pic?

Caption this pic?

Europe Bans Airport X-Ray Scanners that U.S. Still Uses

Without large U.S. force after 2014, Afghanistan is headed for civil war, opposition leader warns

A picture that says everything that needs to be said about Herman Cain... ;)

A picture that says everything that needs to be said about Herman Cain... ;)

NYC: Where Was The Rest Of The Media When Their Brothers/Sisters/1st Amendment Were Being Beaten ???

James O’Keefe's plans derailed by infighting, lack of funding

NYPD blocks public city sidewalk, demands corporate ID to pass.

Its been quite an interesting day.

Front page in a red town

Sky Reporter, Live From Manhattan: 'Sir, You're On Sky News, Why Are You Protesting?"

Will the 99% VOTE next November for the CONS who call them FILTH on FIXEDnewsCORP or for

Will the 99% VOTE next November for the CONS who call them FILTH on FIXEDnewsCORP or for

Will the 99% VOTE next November for the CONS who call them FILTH on FIXEDnewsCORP or for

A lazy lie

A lazy lie

This is it for Obama. This is his crossroad point. It won't last long.

I got a wrong number Call for a Possible Job Offer, what should I do ?

Dallas City Council members PISSED at city manager for evicting Occupy Dallas

Harry S. Truman - Jefferson-Jackson Day Dinner (March 29, 1952)

BBC:Occupy Wall Street protesters cross Brooklyn Bridge (video)

Ya Know... I Don't Want To Go Back To The Days Where We Called Cops "Pigs"... I Really Don't ...

#OccupyCal protesters circumvent order not to post tents by floating them - pic

Occupy Chicago demonstrators block LaSalle Street bridge, Loop streets

Occupy Seattle just marched past my house! "Who's street? OUR street!"

Arrest One Of Us, Two More Appear - You Can't Arrest An Idea - OWS pic

Arrest One Of Us, Two More Appear - You Can't Arrest An Idea - OWS pic

Arrest One Of Us, Two More Appear - You Can't Arrest An Idea - OWS pic

Man charged with attempted assassination of Obama

Our Fuck-You System of Government

Local day of action in SD

Local day of action in SD

So even CNBC is running a documentary on the deteriorating

PHOTOS - 1000s Of OWS Protesters Gather To Literally Occupy Wall Street This Morning MARCH STARTING

Cops. A few thoughts from someone who used to be one.

Do any "older" DUers remember- 1960's CBS(?) Nationwide Civics Test?

DU is filled with Sweetness; A reminder that one bad Apple Don't Spoil the Whole Bunch

PSA to those steaming the DALLAS EVICTION...

Teacher accused of operating porn sites on school-issued computer

THEY HAVE NO DEMANDS.... I hear here more often than I care

Mic check... ok could not help, it is contagious.

Airport scanners that 'strip' passengers naked are banned over fears they cause cancer

The Enemies Within: The 20 Most Dangerous Conservatives And Their Organizations

LOVE this GA judge - stands up for homeowner against bank, and rips the bank a new one.

LOVE this GA judge - stands up for homeowner against bank, and rips the bank a new one.

Who is Grover Norquist and Why is the GOP So Afraid of Him?

Paul Krugman: Subsiding Inflation

Paul Krugman: Subsiding Inflation

WH shooter believed Obama to be "the anti-Christ," police searched Occupy camp in DC

WH shooter believed Obama to be "the anti-Christ," police searched Occupy camp in DC

Charter jet passengers hit up for cash mid-flight to continue flight

Elderly woman blasted with pepper spray: How the photo happened

Any word on how ThomWV is doing post surgery?

When was the last time you got mail solicitations from a Bank?

Omigawd!!!! The Xmas Muzak attack has already begun.

Omigawd!!!! The Xmas Muzak attack has already begun.

Android malware up 472% in 4 months; 90% of handsets vulnerable.

Android malware up 472% in 4 months; 90% of handsets vulnerable.

The hearse horse snickers now for doctors too

Someone explain how the employment numbers mean anything?

The American Revolution Redux

How old do you plan or want to live to?



An Animal Control Officer Rants, Quits On Craigslist

I need some help re: religious materials at my daughter's middle school

Former Police Captain and Current OWS Protester Ray Lewis Arrested

The Teabaggers have already succeeded. Their influence has been much greater than their numbers.

Get off your ass, get an education, get a job, and become the 1%

Sasha Grey, Porn Star, Reads To Elementary School, Parents Outraged

#OccupyLosAngeles: A friend's picture.

Nancy Pelosi opposes internet censorship bill.

Walking the Undergroud...Final destination...Occupy Chicago

Occupy San Diego Protester Asks For Moment Of Silence For White House Shooter

Occupy San Diego Protester Asks For Moment Of Silence For White House Shooter

Why don't people occupy the Republican headquarters?

How a Township Family Gave Up Their Dog for Dying Boy

Willie Nelson: It’s time for the rich to pay up

Sen. Gillibrand Introduces Bill Allowing SEC To Prosecute Members Of Congress

HEADING TO BROOKLYN BRIDGE NOW - 10-20,000 protesters.

Japan’s Nuclear Radiation and the Pentagon’s Free Medical Clinics in Kauai: Connection?

Organizer: 50,000 Signatures Collected To Recall Walker

Graphic image from OWS

I still don't get what the powers that be are THINKING with OWS

PHOTOS - Olbermann: 10-35,000 On Streets Today & Now For Occupy Wall Street GOOD SHUT DOWN BLOOMBERG

I think I just channeled Marshall McLuhan.

a few dozen pigs trying to hold back 3-5000 protesters.

Thousands marching down 5th Avenue chanting.

Difficult to pull myself away from the livestream. I'm 61, dont remember anything like this

PIC: Government officials signing OWS protest permit.

I can't stand what Obama does (traded in a clunker, got an energy saving appliance, etc.)

What Are You Doing Today ??

Perhaps the National gaurd should be called to protect the people from the riot police.

Don Siegelman: Abramoff's New Book & What It Reveals About Me & My Case

WISCONSIN DUer's only: Are you currently involved in the Recall effort?

Beck calls Santorum ‘the next George Washington’

A beautiful line from Robert Scheer about Michael Bloomberg and Occupy Wall Street

The Waffle House Senior Citizen Gun Nut Terrorist Plot

NBC reports, airspace over NYC is being closed.

Cops = Pigs ??

OH Please!!! Secret Service Now Authorized To Protect Herman Cain

'People of the US, standing up to Empire'.. I cannot 'communicate the enormity of what this means.'

Glenn Greenwald: Police forces have been para-militarized to control this domestic unrest.

The scene at the Brooklyn Bridge: pics


Sorry About this thread--I read the post from Thom WV wrong

Smart Asses at Cal circumvent prohibition of tents on Sproul Plaza by

If you believe OWS needs a "List of Goals",

McCain: Tricare fees must rise to control costs-care costs will undermine combat capability

My Favorite #OWS Pic From This Morning... On The Way To Work... For Democracy...

Toon: "Inconvenient"

Welcome to PHASE 2 of Occupy Wall Street, now here is a message

Holy fucking Tiny Infant Jesus, are the people in my office clueless or what?

TOON: GOP Magnifying Glass

A Quote From The 1%... "I Want My Fair Share, And That's ALL Of It."

PETA up to their old tricks again

Girls Trapped Under Elevator at School: ‘I Was Like, We’re Going to Die’

Oh... THIS... Is Tough Love...

Third Eye Blind pen a track in support of The Occupy Wall Street movement. (audio too)

AWESOME NYC SIGNAGE: "99%" Projected Onto Side of Verizon Building

Do you believe OWS will eventually morph into a true 3rd party?

I was mad when I first heard about what this high school's been doing,

Randi Rhodes was SO RUDE to pro-OWS callers today

Romneycare adviser: Obamacare is 'the same f–king bill'

Reporters For Right-Wing Publication Daily Caller Beaten By NYPD, Helped By Protesters

Silent Thread for OWS...and Paul Robeson's "Joe Hill...Protest in the Streets"

Following the discussion tonight about criticism of OWS' tactics, I offer my views.

The Rude Pundit: This Is Not Your Fucking Movement; This Is Our Fucking Movement

The Occupy rape allegations...what's the reality?

If they don't want us in the STREET, maybe we should occupy the CORPORATIONS

If you have nothing to hide, then why does warrantless wiretapping matter to you ...

Average Age Of Protesters Arrested In Portland Today Is...

What happened in Zuccotti Park today was classic psyops

There is NO conspiracy to uncover regarding the mayors that partook in their common conference call

Joy BEHAR's show cancelled; O'LOOFAH gloats & steams at Ellen BARKIN

A sick piece of shit...

President Obama speaking LIVE (CNN) now in Australia - live stream link below

Inarticulate Occupy San Diego protester says his 'moment of solidarity' was misunderstood

There is no federal involvement....

You Know Those $1.8 Billion Dollar DDG-51 Destroyers We're Building?

Former Philadelphia Police Captain Ray Lewis, In Cuffs

Sexual economics: sex as female resource for social exchange in heterosexual interactions

Amazing photo of Occupy Portland protester being pepper sprayed

I am an Obama supporter and I am pro-OWS

Reporters For Right-Wing Publication Daily Caller Beaten By NYPD, Helped By Protesters

Blue Dogs break with Dems on balanced-budget amendment

CNN streaming: Man who shot at White House to be charged with assassination attempt.

City of Springfield, MO attempts to disband homeless encampment

A Picture Speaks A Thousand Words: Peace Signs & Pepper Spray

I think it's now safe to say that...

I think it's now safe to say that...

Man's face bloodied badly after being tackled by the #NYPD in #Zuccotti Park

At Penn State, a Bitter Reckoning (Bérubé Column, NY Times)

OWS protester to me today: "We don't like liberals!"

The deregulation of Fracking that was passed during the GOP stranglehold

The Villain Occupy Wall Street Has Been Waiting For

New 'Benetton' ads feature World Leaders kissing.

New 'Benetton' ads feature World Leaders kissing.

This Is What America Looks Like

Hey liberals! Think the Occupy people don't like you as much as they should?

So, You Really Want To Occupy? But....

Endorsing Obama, SEIU says president for 99%

Why I haven't Donated

Coming up for air....

I wonder if anyone on DU could use this for Christmas?

Which of these moral failings do you refuse to do?

Is it just me or is that "Baby, come along" song in the

BREAKING! Lounge thread gettin' hijacked like a pack of rabid Dobermans fightin' over a pork chop!

Soviet bus stops


poor skinner

R.I.P. Karl Slover, 93 (Wizard of Oz Munchkin who played trumpet when the Mayor arrived)

Is virtue really its own reward?

Where Grovelbot is right now - the top banner reads: "The Last DU Fu Drive. Ever"

Wish me luck, RE: Thanksgiving dinner

Ruminations of Thanksgivings Past

Some few years ago, I went to Walmart on Black Friday.

Tower Heist

666 donations! Someone donate, quick!

David him, like him, dislike him?

Did I miss the last DU Fu** Drive ever?

MFM has a crisis of conscience

The Last DU Fun Drive Ever!!!

WTF? They can't even wait two years before making

I am going to defy the DU Admins, moderators and even grovelbot - Don't stand in my way!!

If you've never got into a debate with a right-winger while standing in a checkout line,

Since the lounge is so cat crazy, I thought some of you might enjoy this...

I have this old watercolor painting of the USS Maine and I recently discovered a mystery about it

any hope of image size increase

Help DU! I'm in pre-date phone tag hell!

The other night I was high on bath salts, broke into some family's house, and put up Christmas decor

Time to play another EXCITING round of "Guess the Celebrity."

Woohoo! My Cholesterol is down 15 points!!

Women more likely to suffer from broken heart syndrome.


Swiss can ban naked hiking, court rules

SNL's December 3rd episode will feature Steve Buscemi and The Black Keys...

TOON: Occupy Plymouth Rock

Let the Bodies Hit the Floor

Well, it WAS his final wish...

Didn't watch any news programs this evening.


Saw a Guy Dressed Exactly Like Ed Norton from "The Honeymooners"

I hope this is photoshopped

Does absence of particles make the vacuum grow closer to perfection?

I think I could fill one of these up...

A quick geography lesson.

Coworker killed in car crash today

Jeff Buckley - Hallelujah

Two new pictures I created.

A red panda poses for the camera

Rules of Engagement has got to be the funniest sit com on TV...

This lawnmower is cool.

Save the Grovelbot!

"Lonely Boy" by Black Keys. Has the feel of an instant classic.

I learned a new word today, thanks to meegbear in GD. "iDouche"

Disney or Reality?

Edie Sedgwick

Lets talk turkey

Public transit?

G'head- YOU tell him it's impossible!

Epic meltdown in GD

Sheen vs. Sheen - who had the best Vietnam movie

Movie Assholes only. Post a pic of a movie Asshole.

calibrate your mouse

Man told pain due to hysterectomy

Annie Sprinkle is a GODDESS!!!

George Clooney loves farts.

It's about to make a sudden change from fun to serious...

Would you rather have WINGS, a TAIL, a SNOUT, HORNS, or UDDERS?

koala family

After MFM's failed Daycare Center, he thought he would open a health clinic instead....

'Arguing with people on the internet makes you stupid'

So um, what happens to the 'Thread that never dies' when we move to DU3

Helen Mirren and Joe Pesci? "Love Ranch"

What Post-Apocalyptic world are you best suited for?

How would you like to die?

Best closing scene in a movie.

Pipeline reversal aims to ease glut, boost gulf access

Solyndra tried to influence Energy Department, e-mails show

(UK) Unions set to back public sector strikes

Leveson inquiry told hacking of Milly Dowler's phone 'despicable'

CSU trustees raise tuition as students protest

Leveson inquiry: lawyer claims mother of Hugh Grant's baby was threatened

Cornel West to Take Job in New York (Union Theological Seminary)

Bus union defends driver who deserted riders

U.S. to Review Cases Seeking Deportations

Newt Gingrich, on the rise, says, ‘Hopefully, I’m going to be more disciplined’

Northern Rock sold to Virgin Money

Audit Finds Errors in Calculating Pensions in Bankruptcies

Osborne to miss deficit target as UK economy stalls and unemployment rises

Democrats, Republicans far apart on deficit deal

In debt talks’ new phase, blame game overshadows fiscal blueprint

Lawyer: Client ready to testify against Sandusky

Pieces of Obama jobs plan win bipartisan approval

Plea to the West: Syria needs Libya-style intervention

San Francisco police arrest 100 in Bank of America protest

Democrats see minefield in Occupy protests

Police clear Occupy Cal encampment

DOD Says No To State Primary Waiver (NY)

Unemployment Insurance Weekly Claims Report (11/17/2011)

Syria: Russia says conflict 'is similar to civil war'

Pent-up demand brings customers to car dealerships

Government closes mortgage scams tied to Google

Blair Regrets Passing Freedom of Information Law

Sacramento drops 31 Occupy Sacramento cases

Android Malware Has Surged 472 Percent Since July

Somalia, Kenya and Uganda pledge to defeat al-Shabaab rebels

Armed Attacks on Syrian Sites Appear to Rise

Phone hacking: NI asks judge to strike out exemplary damages claims

Cambodia tribunal declares Khmer Rouge 'first lady' unfit to stand trial

Kuwait opposition protesters disrupt parliament

Obama heads to Bali for East Asian summit

Energy Secretary Defends Solyndra Loan

US man charged with Obama assassination attempt

Primary Status: Cain a ‘no-show' for NH Union Leader interview

Man Arrested After Video Threat (at OWS)

Russia’s military chief warns that heightened risks of conflict near borders may turn nuclear

Ortega-Hernandez charged with trying to assassinate Obama

Sepp Blatter urged to stand down from Fifa for racism views

As careful as I was yesterday, I came into contact with poison ivy or something like it.

(Calif.) Supreme Court rules Prop 8 supporters can defend the law

Occupy protesters march nationwide; many arrested

GOP tax plan targets itemized deductions ( mortgage interest, charitable donations, health benefits)

USDA: Continuing to serve pizza to schoolchildren won’t save much money

Russian military chief warns of nuclear war risks

Danish right-wing extremists eye 'race war': police

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday, November 17, 2011

More Than 50,000 and Counting

Russia’s military chief warns that heightened risks of conflict near borders may turn nuclear

FBI director: Defend against threats, but not at cost of civil rights

Court orders reinstatement of (AZ) redistricting official

CNN: Defectors in Syria strike pro-regime office

White House slams ad showing Obama-Chavez "kiss"

Speaker Boehner Says GOP Won't Allow Savings From War Drawdowns To Go To Jobs Program

Americans pessimistic about today and the year ahead according to new (CNN/ORC) poll

SF mayor seeks 'dramatic changes' at Occupy camp

Occupy San Diego Protester Asks For Moment Of Silence For White House Shooter

Inarticulate Occupy San Diego protester says his 'moment of solidarity' was misunderstood

Group in U.S. Hoped for Big Payday in Offer to Help Qaddafi

George Wright 'wins US extradition case in Portugal'

Syria defiant in face of Arab League warnings over crackdown

China confirms fiery protest in Tiananmen

Pakistan US ambassador offers to resign over 'memogate'

Panetta Warns Israel on Iran Strike

Arrests as Occupy Wall Street Protesters Move on New York Stock Exchange

Rice containing radioactive caesium found in Japan

Herman Cain first GOP candidate to get Secret Service detail

WH suspect charged with assassination attempt

Brewer's firing of commissioner illegal, Arizona court says

CSU-East Bay teachers hold one-day walk out (in response to fee hikes)


Filipinos Pelt Hillary Clinton’s Convoy with Eggs

Nearly 1 in 3 U.S. children poor, Census says

Turkey urged to take military action on Syria

Elizabeth Warren won’t sign off on Occupy Harvard

ACLU sues over pot license plate

Egyptian activist poses nude, inciting furor

Ex-head of MI5 calls on government to decriminalise and regulate cannabis

Jupiter’s moon Europa: Lake theory boosts hopes for life

Gingrich think tank collected millions from health-care industry

Raw milk recalled after children take ill

Occupy Wall Street protesters should 'buy bar of soap and head home,' Rep. Michael Grimm says

I dated a married man who is posting my kitten pictures on dating sites now. Ask me anything...

"Never get out of the boat."