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Eviction in progress in Austin

No mention of the Portland Standoff on Drudge (Can you help?)

"Occupy". Synonyms: take - seize - hold - inhabit

Xavier Becerra: a voice on the right side on the deficit committee.

Do mods get free stars?

List of cities, from what I can tell, facing eviction

Occupy Oakland gets third eviction notice

Follow WWII in Real Time on Twitter

Whoa! Cobra Cat would stop intruders!

@AngryWhiteKid Scott Campbell, Shot With Rubber Bullet, Unprovoked By Oakland Cops Is Back Out There

Grovelbot farewell thread

Sink Or Swim, The E.U. Can't Help. Iceland, However...

Message for Herman

Just in case you missed this DU video thread--- you really need to watch this.

Just used my last free article at the New York Times

One Wisconsin Now: Start occupying Scott Walker today!

North American Integration And The Ties That Bind

Is it time for the 99% of us to look toward men and women of faith...

The 1st amendment today.

Occupy the Highway: Follow the march from New York to Washington

PLEASE bear witness to what is about to happen in Oakland

Crime! Drug users! Sexual assaults! Unsanitary conditions!

PHOTOS: Riot Police Moving In At Occupy Oakland

"700 to 1000 cops staging to confront #OccupyOakland."

12.5% of the planets have 71% of the mass.. Occupy Jupiter..

12.5% of the planets have 71% of the mass.. Occupy Jupiter..

China’s Dagong May Cut U.S. Credit Rating Again If It Adopts QE3 Program

SHELDON IOWA! If you prefer your pizza served with a side of batshit crazy, today is your lucky day.

Fed to conduct 4th round of bank stress tests

What? No more stickies? No more hearts?

Taliban 'has Afghanistan loya jirga security plan'

Gloria Cain needs to watch some of the programming on the I.D. channel if

Swazi king must give up power, says Bishop Mabuza

Norway's Anders Behring Breivik in open court hearing

Eurozone crisis likely to hit Asia growth: ADB

Got Milk

Cities' Occupy Encampment Evictions A 'Set-Up'?

Trying to watch "Atlas Shrugged" here... LOL'ing

Trying to watch "Atlas Shrugged" here... LOL'ing

Bill Moyers: "political system has gotten us into such a mess that we can't solve our problems"

Perry, a constant critic of federal spending, spent 11 yrs as governor asking federal govt for money

Felons Finding It Easy to Get Gun Rights Reinstated

NBC = Legacies R Us

Hey Europe. Breaking up is a foolish risk

squirmin' herman

Reince Priebus: "There's not going to be a lot of horsepower involved in defeating this President...

LIVE SCREENSHOTS Occupy Oakland Prepares For Major Raid

A MESSAGE FROM SCOTT OLSEN: "I'm feeling a lot better...we’ll see you in our streets!"

A MESSAGE FROM SCOTT OLSEN: "I'm feeling a lot better...we’ll see you in our streets!"

Toon: GOP bumper stickers

MSNBC showing 1987 file film of Sandusky saying he enjoys being around children and their enthusiasm

MSNBC showing 1987 file film of Sandusky saying he enjoys being around children and their enthusiasm

Now I remember why I don't like using Twitter. Inadequate asshole filters.

Ex-ruling party wins violence-scarred Mexican race

Why Is China Building These Gigantic Structures In the Middle of the Desert?

#OccupyWalker goes online

Cain's wife hasn't a considered political career, but if she did, the Lord would get her there

Cain's wife hasn't a considered political career, but if she did, the Lord would get her there

Penn State, my final loss of faith

$5,000 Fines for Spililng Milk? Rep. Hunter's Office Can't Show Examples

MaddowBlog: Welcome to a new occupation

An ad on MSNBC today showed clips of the GOP making asses out of themselves at the debates

LA police stymied by do-it-yourself parking bans

Spread the word - shout it today!

While not completely unexpected, I find Rick Santorum's new campaign poster to be utterly tasteless.

New theme by the media it seems.

California Bans Discretionary Clauses in Disability Insurance Policies

Union VP Says Sheriff Has It in for Him-"the public hates unions right now and they love me."

I think a lot of people complaining about the fee for stars don't use them anyways.

Lawsuit alleges tolerance for rape, sex abuse in military

A very interesting Pew research poll on changing US families - link below

Angry over spying, Muslims say: 'Don't call NYPD'

I have a question about Gov. Tom Corbett and the Sandusky investigation

Alarming Info in Oil Spill Toxicology Report (& a threat to shoot down a news helicopter)

You will still be able to read and post for free.

We better try to LOOK like Republicans on the next Election day (Rogers 'toon)

Who is running our country?

Empire In His Brain

Song for Today: Moby's "We Are All Made of Stars"

Norway killer claims mantle of resistance leader

Workers more satisfied, productive with flexible hours

Allen West plays the Demi Moore card to defend waterboarding

Luke Russert supports child rapists.

From Minamata to Fukushima -- The Japanese Nuclear Crisis Isn't Over Yet

“You must be the first Mafia boss in history who didn’t know he was running a criminal enterprise.”

Thank you for allowing me to participate!

Katrina vanden Heuvel on The Diane Rehm Show at 11am est

Witness to Herman the Horndog to give news conference today...

The contradictions of the Arab Spring

So I'm guessing this means Michelle Bachman is a communist or at least supports communism...

Airline (American Eagle) fined $900,000 for stranding passengers on airport tarmac

N.Y. Archbishop Bans Same-Sex Marriage at Catholic Facilities

Court: School can ban American flag shirts on Cinco de Mayo

Sen. Patty Murray's response to my e-mail re the Super Committee caving too much:

TEA PARTY PIGGERY, -hypocrites at the slop pile-

After Voters Reject One Voter Suppression Measure, Maine GOP Moves On To Another

No deficit deal in sight despite prods by Obama

Your greatest fears are your greatest strengths

Judge rules for Democrats on Colorado Congressional redistricting

KRUGMAN: "Superfraud - It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a turkey!"

Rick Perry has made more than 1,000 requests for federal aid over the last decade

Shot for Nothing

The Stock Act - Q&A

Super-Rich Stash: Now $25 Trillion

On Face Book George Takie: "I'm sending a box to Marcus Bachmann"

Iran reels from twin blows

Wussies playing soldier in Chapel Hill. (sickening pic)

I'll give you my star when you pry it from my cold, dead hands!

Eurozone crisis: Merkel says Europe faces toughest hour since WW2 - live

Obama Says GOP Candidates Are Wrong, Waterboarding is ‘Torture’

Romney Recycling All Of Bush’s EPA-Hating Energy Advisors

The GOP Candidates Are Confused on Afghanistan

Patriot-News Special Report: Inside the Jerry Sandusky investigation - why did it take so long?

BofA will pay $116,785 to each military servicemember whose home was unlawfully foreclosed upon

Bachmann Wants Iraqis To Pay ‘Several Million Dollars Per Life’ For Every American Who Died In Iraq

Romney’s new social-conservative team in Florida includes many anti-gay activists

Former PSU Player Donates to Sandusky's Defense

Herman Cain soils himself at GOP debate! Crowd roars approval!

From Ohio to Wisconsin 12/15/11 12:01 AM Badger Time!

Will you be able to afford 'flat-rate DU'?

Juan Cole: GOPers Promise you War on Iran & Torture & Poverty

FDA Denies Petition to ban widespread antibiotics use on large factory farms

The Republican Party's time has come— and gone

The Republican Party's time has come— and gone

Prominent politicians dine on $4.50 a day

Secrets of the Super Committee

Posted without comment- Ellis County Man convicted of sexually molesting boy at WalMart

Felons Finding It Easy to Get Gun Rights Reinstated

Last thoughts tonight on Occupy Portland. Time for round three...

I had to leave Salon's Table Talk when they decided on a set fee.

Big Ten removes Paterno's name from trophy

As Romney's Prospects Continue To Improve, So Do President Obama's

Sandusky's *unsecured bail* judge is a volunteer for Sandusky's Second Mile charity.

War Is a Force That Pays the 1 Percent: Occupying American Foreign Policy

Saw Juan Williams on Fox discussing the Penn State abuse scandal.

Saw Juan Williams on Fox discussing the Penn State abuse scandal.

Derf Toon: War on Terror Update

First, they came for my Duzies, and I said nothing.....

SCOTUS will hear health care case this term, part duex;

Judge who freed Sandusky tied to 2nd Mile

Herman Cain gives me the creeps..

Ohio dad charged in wipe lodged in baby's throat

This dude is extremely angry about the outrageous banking fees imposed upon the DU poor and elderly.

SCOTUS will hear health care case this term, part duex;


See for yourself...Amazing Video From Early Occupy Event!

I DEMAND better Kabuki in this 1 party bankster owned Oligarchy

Toon- Michelle Bachman is Furious!

New DU Poll: Which GOP candidate would you vote for if you had to vote for one....

Guy requests a record of personal data on himself from FB. He gets it:1,222 pages worth

What happens to Medicare, VA & Medicade if HCR is voted down in the SC

Just in case you thought the 1% were bound by the same laws as the 99%....

Esquire's Charles Pierce on the Soopah Committee:

UPDATE: Marine Vet Scott Olsen, From #OccupyOakland, Relearning Speech

The victims of the Penn State nightmare

JAW DROPPING Space Station time lapse

Republican representative says Muslims can't be trusted and want to kill him

Just get rid of the damned star.

Teh Stars - what say you?

I think DU is well worth the money

Chrysler van comes fully loaded -- cocaine included..with pic.

Chrysler van comes fully loaded -- cocaine included..with pic.

TIME: Was Israel Behind a Deadly Explosion at an Iranian Missile Base?

Scott Olsen Released from the Hospital

Occupying our own voice

ITS REAL! ---Koch-Funded Scientist Who Came In From The Cold: "End of Climate Change Skepticism”

Why do I have to watch commercials when I use Comcast On Demand?


Re: Herman. Dr. Zuckerman, another brave person, just finished his press conference.

Anti-tax BS being pushed by Bloomberg News Service

Meryl Streep unveils poster for 'Iron Lady'

Yet another thread about the changes for membership in DU3 (trust me, this is the best one)...

Only $42? Well, when you consider that I have to come up with $10k

Cambodia's Genocide Museum displays it as example of torture. (waterboarding)

You Might Be A Ron Paul Supporter If…

You Might Be A Ron Paul Supporter If…

Big Change Whether We Like It or Not; Only Washington Is Clueless

omg DUz fulla starz

Police gathering in@ Oakland OWS

PBS Host Moyers: Government Failing Americans


Predatory JP Morgan Swap Deal Pushes Alabama County Into Largest Municipal Bankruptcy In U.S. Histor

Silencing the majority: attacks on OWS

Coburn Report -- Welfare for Millionaires

It’s No Accident That the Tea Party’s Presidential Candidates Keep Flaming Out

Groups ask Supreme Court to legalize dirty words on TV

I see the new DU membership rates as a Flat Tax

Victoria Jackson's new "TV" show

The Supreme Court says that Money Equals Speech.

When the GOP discuss foreign policy, America’s economic constraints miraculously disappear

CNN is talking about the lie detector test Herman may or not take

The right-winger in my family (a reflection of the Republican candidates)

Republican Policies Would 'Soak the Poor'

THIS IS WHAT DEMOCRACY LOOKS LIKE! (beautiful vid from Occupy Portland)

Birther sheriff (Arpaio) heckled at Orlando tea party gathering

Republican War on Vets and Healthy Americans

When does your current star run out?

This is a big fucking deal... CONSTITUTIONAL CONVENTION at a GA

Lie detectors and Willard Romney.

Any one else tired of hearing Chris Matthews plug his JFK book?

PA Grand Jury report says PSU played in the 1998 Outback Bowl. It was UGA v WI in that game.

We Had a Dream...

We Had a Dream...

The call for a planetary patriotism

I am the Dick Clark of DU, and I am proud to announce that David Letterman will make an appearance.

Merkel’s Party Votes to Allow Exits From Euro

One Day After Attending Private Economic Crisis Briefing, GOP Financial Services Chairman Bet On Sto

Challenges to the Health Law, interesting NYT graphic of court rulings so far

If every member bought a star, it would be 7.5 million dollars

Sandusky still receiving almost $5000 per month in pension payments

Conservatism Blew Up The Economy

We just finished this pop/reggae tune: #OWSGirlNextDoor

Chimps’ Days in Labs May Be Dwindling

Republicans Must Investigate Own Illegal Recall

Penn State Asst. Coach McQueary is lawyering up

Tuition Reimbursement

Look who’s sticking up for Norquist

Frank "Dark Knight / Sin City" Miller calls "Occupy" movement louts, thieves, and rapists

Bill O’Reilly’s Abraham Lincoln book banned at assassination site

New York Times: Hispanics Reviving Faded Towns on the Plains

New York Times: Hispanics Reviving Faded Towns on the Plains

Political Correctness Made Americans Too Lazy To Work Tough Jobs

Fed Economists: 2012 Recession Odds Top 50%

Today's Top #OWS Tweets: Oakland eviction, arrested protesters, Warren Buffett

Cain on Libya: 'I got all this stuff twirling around in my head'

Birgitta Jónsdóttir: How the US Justice Department legally hacked my Twitter account

What Is The Most Important Message Women Need To Send To Our Politicians?

The GOP Exclusively Serves the 1%—20 Aphorisms to Win the Debate

This Baby Has A Message From The 99%

Nuclear warheads to protect Olympic village, claims Hammond

Nuclear warheads to protect Olympic village, claims Hammond

Independent UK: CCTV taxi plan 'a staggering invasion of privacy'

I'm having a bad day

EU adopts guidelines on airport body scanners

*West Side Story Flash Mob, Times Square

'Need a hug?'

Re: Fund Drive vs Dues

On Marches & Rallies

How Fox News Is Really Destroying the Republican Party

Just a few thoughts if I may

In Europe the far-right "wants a welfare state" & is "anti-international-economic integration"?

Muh?? View from an ex PSU player. (coaches were weird)

Thom Hartmann is wrong today. He keeps saying that

Thom Hartmann is wrong today. He keeps saying that

Super committee: 10 days to deadline and no deal imminent

Conan O'Brien In A Brilliantly Funny Illustration Of How Media Spins News

San Jose Mercury News tears the supercommittee a new one

If Obama said he had all this stuff twirling around in his head....

Parents turn teen in for raping 5yr girl at McDonalds play area

When being picked last may be an advantage ...

Occupy Seattle Disrupts Pro-Occupy Wall Street Forum, Drives Away Supporters

If you are going to be paying less under the new DU plan

On this big pay thing for the DU

Why do Ayn Rand's values only apply to the rich?

Tonight on Countdown:Dan Siegel(Quan's legal advisor), Katelyn Ferral,Catherine Crier

Tonight on Countdown:Dan Siegel(Quan's legal advisor), Katelyn Ferral,Catherine Crier

Dangerous Criminals...

Encouraging Tweet

Peaceful Portland protester beaten into critical condition by cops while lying on the ground.

Tea-Party Email Alert for Thurs action

Tea-Party Email Alert for Thurs action

Do you realize that any one of us could run as a fake teapublican and win their nomination?

The inevitable nominee they all can’t stand

Romney's No-Lose Life....pre-arranged dishonesty

Oil industry attempts to co-opt ’99 Percent’ movement

This Adorable Rap Video Is The Final Reason You Ought To Care About Social Security

Elizabeth Warren bashes Wall St. in first TV ad

Nancy Pelosi to Herman Cain: I’m no princess

Walker Supporters Seen Planning Sabotage of Recall Efforts; Say Will Gather Signatures, Burn Them

Gas tonight, $3.19 a gallon, lowest of the year here

DoJ-DHS Law Enforcement Guidelines for First Amendment-Protected Events

New poll says Gingrich takes lead nationally in the GOP race

I'm sorry I missed this whole discussion about the New and Improved DU

Occupy Bruges supports Occupy Wall Street

Cain accuser’s then-boyfriend says they all met, countering GOP candidate’s account

Occupy Oakland GA & march livestream


60 days after deregulation, Frontier voids customer Terms of service contract and raises rates.

How much per month is having a DU donor star worth to you?

Turn on Sharpton right fugging now

Wisconsin: 3 of every 4 dollars Justice Prosser raised last spring came from out of State

An Announcement from the Chair of the Berkeley Faculty Senate: Free Speech and "Occupy"

Andrea Mitchell Asked Rendell A Question Re: Sandusky That I've Wondered About Too

United Wisconsin Website Attacked (Walker REcall website)

Wisconsin GOP launches recall petition fraud website.

United Wisconsin Website Under Cyber Attack -An Important Update to Our Supporters-

Why the GOP does not believe Darwin.

PHOTO: Apparently Sandusky isn't considered a "flight risk" if he's taking a flight

CS Spray Exposure Clinical Effects and Management

CS Spray Exposure Clinical Effects and Management

NBC unearths an interview of Jerry Sandusky back from 1987 - it is disturbing!

Thank You! to the anonymous donor who gave me a star :O)

RW American Center for Law & Justice got me on their email list - ideas as to how to combat this?

Formerly homeless, they know whereof they speak

UC Regents cancel meeting.

There's a rodent at 10 Downing Street

Drillers using counterinsurgency experts Marcellus industry taking a page from the military to deal

TransCanada to move pipeline

"God called me to run to president,"

I just got physically threatened via PM . I have alerted on it

Recall Sabotage Plot--Ties to GOP and Militia (Wisconsin)

Libya: Town Rallies Against Pro-Qaddafi Label

NEWT --- Now that's what I call presidential --- NOT

Denial of Service Attack Takes Down United Wisconsin's Recall Walker Website!

Kudo's to our President that he didn't have "Mikana" hauled out by SS in Hawaii!

A little refresher for those of us engaged in the OWS movement.

Syria Crackdown Gets Italy Firm’s Aid With U.S.-Europe Spy Gear

Fire Dog Lake charges $1000 to be in the Gosprey Circle.

Most looted missiles still in Libya - U.S. official

Forerunner of Libyan army deployed in militia feud

Do you ever clarify when someone calls you/asks if you are a Democrat?

Why cities should destroy their highways

Facebook Opens Doors To A New Way of Suppressing Information, Activists Constantly Banned

Herman Cain: "Let's go parachuting on Tuesday!"

Herman Cain: "Let's go parachuting on Tuesday!"

Cain's accuser's ex-boyfriend

Cain's accuser's ex-boyfriend

Help! Do you have an IMDB account? Please help The Undefeated make the IMDB Bottom 100.

Wonder what Cain thinks about this:

“I know there are many other veterans like me who would rather use marijuana than the plethora of...

Mission over, Congress ready to agree on Libya

Cain accuser's WITNESS is having a press conference NOW: but where

Reporter eats the worlds hottest chilli on camera

Reporter eats the worlds hottest chilli on camera

No to Recall (Walker) ad to run during Packer game

Hunkering Down: Reflections on Occupy Los Angeles, Nov. 12-13

Dan Siegel (Oakland) is correct

CONDI & PAULSON SHUNNED: Occupy Chicago Scores Direct Action Victory

Paterno managed to take a shameful situation and make it more shameful -

Bachmann: Waterboarding is justified, like nuking Japan

Bachmann: Waterboarding is justified, like nuking Japan

City Governance for Dummies?

Rick Reilly on ESPN --Silence at Penn State.

American Legislative Exchange Counsel (ALEC) coming to Snottsdale Nov 30

Iowahawk Questions

#OWS: "...autonomous political beings engaged in non-violent civil disobedience "

So SCOTUS is going to manipulate 2012 with review of healthcare law.

It's 68 degrees, the cricketers are chirping in the wetlands, it's Northern NJ, and it's November 14th

Caption this Perry pic

Hancock says Occupy Denver protesters can expect a consistent police presence

Woman takes on bear to save her dog

Start a Pet Food Bank

Sandusky's adopted son tried to kill himself months after moving in with Penn State 'paedophile'

Walker to air TV ad during Monday Night Football

Walker to air TV ad during Monday Night Football

NC Police Arrest Protesters at Vacant Dealership

Alabama Immigration Law on Rock Center

Reminder: Tonight on 20/20, the first post-shooting interview with Gabby Giffords

Reminder: Tonight on 20/20, the first post-shooting interview with Gabby Giffords

Sandusky on the phone with Bob Costas as I type: 9:08 PM CST

Does Logiphila lead to Etymology

Another peek into the mind of the Faux followers - O'Reilly book reviews on Amazon...

NOT MITT ROMNEY - by Tom Tomorrow

NOT MITT ROMNEY - by Tom Tomorrow

Occupy Oakland Prepares for Another Major Strike Nov. 19 (Multiple Unions Expected)

Big Overgrown Kid

Anyone with COBRA advice?

Herman Cain stumbles badly on Libya question

I have an idea for OWS...

I have an idea for OWS...

For those who've been unable to grasp WHY the teabaggers are so disdainful of higher education:

Cain is quite the foreign policy's interview w/Milwaukee Journal Sentinel hilarity:

The Sandusky Defense is taking shape.

U.S. Hiring Mercenary Air Force for Iraq Rescues

Stem cells help regenerate damaged heart

Exclusive Interview with Nicholas Kristof: Women Hold Up Half the Sky

Just Saw a Fucking Pro-Walker Ad On Monday Night Football

"I shouldn't have showered with those kids."

The usual from our state's GOP...

Soon-to-be Wisconsin Capitol rule: Cameras must be attached to guns

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Bilbray's daughter at center of med pot debate

Bilbray's daughter at center of med pot debate

"He's lying, Mom..."

Free drugs can help prevent repeat heart attacks ...lessons being learned...

Who here thinks Cain is just a salesman who was hired by the Koches to sell the idea of a flat tax?

Eugene Robinson: Republicans aren’t closing the deal with voters

Second Mile: Another non-profit with some explaining to do

Alaska is allowing 2nd yr aids to perform procedures w/o supervsion of dentist due to dental crisis

Wall Street v. Elizabeth Warren

PETA Attacks Mario For Wearing Tanooki Fur

This is your Cain on drugs? "I got all this stuff twirling around in my head..."

OH LOOK Amy Adams skin tight dress (this is news on Huffington Poo)

The state would like us to be violent.

Why I Occupy.


ALEC's "right-wing ideologues & corporate stooges [are] the greatest threat to individual liberty"

Superfraud - Krugman

Wow, I am proud to say I was not embarrassed by any of the 2008 Democratic nominees!

Rick Perry: 'Tomorrow, I’m going to unveil a plan to uproot all three branches of government .'

Is That a Banana in Your ...

Oil Boom Raises Rents In ND, Pushes Seniors Out

A 3-day attack on #OccupyOakland?! Here's who demanded it, NEVER FORGET:

A little bit of media mysogyny I'll bet not many picked up on - last night's 60 Minutes

Get political ads off TV

I hope Redstone is laughing at us now..........

Beheading in Libya or Mexico?

Dissension among the ranks at Occupy Wall Street

Dog shelter is maxed out: ‘I just can’t afford them anymore.’

Ron Paul is not a civil libertarian.

Anyone unhappy about $42 a year is welcome to create a competitor to the DU!!,

Breaking: SCOTUS agrees to hear challenge to Obama's health care bill. Bets?

When Obama gets re-elected there is a good chance we will see some progressive change.

anyone of you watch Gabby's interview..

He was beaten repeatedly in the back and has now lost use of his right arm

Terror, revenge engulf Nato’s Libya, by Franklin Lamb

President Obama's approval rating amongst liberal Democrats for November 7th-13th is 80%.

Was announcement of Penn St. Scandal delayed so Paterno could set win record.

Oakland mayor’s top legal aide quits in solidarity with ‘Occupy’ protest

Man accused of killing daughters 'would do the same again'

Is anyone being denied access or posting privileges to DU?

James E. Causey: Prison costs more than higher ed


Allen West Says He Was in a "White Supremacist Motorcycle Gang"

Google + Bank of America page hijacked?

Google + Bank of America page hijacked?

The Changing Face of Feminism

The Changing Face of Feminism

The Changing Face of Feminism

Need everyone to be aware of this and to take action!

Something we can all agree on: WTF Is Bachmann smoking????

"Yale quarterback Patrick Witt withdraws Rhodes Scholarship application, will play against Harvard"

Is it progressive, liberal, democratic to

DHS-FBI Bulletin: Radio Controlled Model Aircraft as Possible IED Delivery Platforms

A request for some kindness for the Penn State alums among us

"I shouldn't have showered with those kids."

Bank Of America Makes Millions Charging Fees To Withdraw Unemployment Benefits

Hours after deciding to hear Health Care case, 3 justices attend fundraiser for Federalist Society

NPR's Ayn Rand slanted story this am made her sound like a visionary & left out....

Hilarious letter to the New York Times

I'm sure the DU admins have done a cost/benefit analysis of small donors $$

Roaches On A Plane

Think Progress: Supreme Court Will Hear Health Care Case — Does The Text Of The Constitution Matter?

DU this poll on Walker--it needs help:

Chelsea Clinton hired by NBC News

Baker refuses to make wedding cake for gay couple

I'm asking for ideas for tonight's GA. Occupy Portland is at a cross-roads.

Natalie Hedegdus, Mom kicked out of courtroom for breastfeading.

So now the haves and the have-nots are duking it out here in GD..

email from repub uncle saying the Seals are angry about the way

With thanks to dixiegrrrl "FREEREPUBLIC.COM IS WORTH $68.00"

Funny thing happened when I donated to DU today

Ellen Barkin is talking on Joy Behar's show.

60 Minutes' Hit On Boehner, Pelosi Falls Short

Can you imagine if OWS went to Washington and 500,000 people showed up, stopping all traffic...

Will Penn State SCANDAL Finally Bring CHILD SEXUAL ABUSE Into the Spotlight?

cringeworthy things little kids say

cringeworthy things little kids say

UC Berkeley Chancellor Birgeneau not happy with the police brutality of last week

Democrats better pay attention to the needs of the middle class

Sandusky lawyer impregnated teenage girl

Will the new fee system turn DU away from discussion and into an echo chamber?

"What did liberals do that was so offensive to the Republican Party?

Is this where I have to establish my creds? If so - here we go

Is this where I have to establish my creds? If so - here we go

Tennessee Resident: I Really Had To Fight To Get A Free Voter ID

don't panic, if you get a star now it will be good for a year

Two words: Firefox AdBlocker

I know that many DU'ers don't have Money in Wall Street...But, for us 401-K'rs..this is interesting!

Sandusky: It Was 'Horseplay'

I * heart* Gabby Giffords.

Wounded veteran condemns Feds for blocking marijuana research for PTSD

Since SSDI is my sole source of income (as I stated to Skinner) I'm requesting a donation for

GOP sen.: Feds send checks to millionaires for not working

Buffett just now on CNBC "We (the rich) are waging class warfare and our soldiers are the lobbyists"

Who or what is the President talking about America being soft and lazy?

Herman Cain: ‘A manly man don’t want’ a veggie pizza

Jerry Sandusky lauded by GOP politicians

Jerry Sandusky lauded by GOP politicians

Meet Newt Gingrich: Moral and Ethical Hero.

This pisses me off

How about a thread for POSITIVE ideas to help Skinner make an equitable fee structure?

Mother Jones: Post-Ohio, Unions Set Their Sights on...Democrat Andrew Cuomo?

Mother Jones: Post-Ohio, Unions Set Their Sights on...Democrat Andrew Cuomo?

The War on Drugs in Action

The War on Drugs in Action

His Enemy Was Ignorance: how Peter McWilliams died

BigAg drove most turkey breeds to the brink of extinction. Now heritage breeds are making a comeback

Did Scott Olsen start

On my way down to Portland's General Assembly. This will be my statement when I get the mic...

we are driving to New Orleans next week. we are taking off saturday and driving to s. texas

Parkinson's Disease Linked To Industrial Solvent Exposure

Occupy - how does it Evolve...?

Occupy - how does it Evolve...?

Silent thread of support for ThomWV

Book: Rahm Emanuel Dumped Tons Of Freddie Mac Stock Days Before It Collapsed

If you are offended by porn: THEN DON'T LOOK AT IT!!

TRAGIC! 10 freakin years old!!!...

Interesting background on Clooney's Ides of March. Composite candidate.

The Brutal Truth About Penn State

What the Occupy movement is not.

I just watched a man reduced to tears after Wells Fargo refused $40,000 check to avoid eviction...

Woman raped at occupy Philadelphia

Question for porn fans:

Actress Piper Laurie sure does 'tell all' about Reagan in her new memoir

This Beat Down is for Your Health - the Money Party Must Stop Occupy Movements

In case anyone doesn't get why objectification, misogyny and sexism in the media are a big deal...

If you had to have one of these built within view of your home, which would you choose?

Do you feel bad vibes in the French Quarter?

An Open Letter to NBA Players

I need help to keep a person from being deported

Shock Doctrine Alert: Two Un-Elected Bankers are Now in-Charge of Italy and Greece

Your Right of Defense Against Unlawful Arrest (you have the right to meet force with force)

Titanic structures in the middle of the Chinese desert. What are they?

The Best Thing for the Future of the Democratic Party...Strike Down the Mandate

Has an official donate a star thread been created yet?


Erin McKeown's Anti-Holiday Album

So...... I've been away for a few weeks, did we lose some discussion options?

Michigan has a bad case of the Moraines. They say it's Terminal.

Got Milk

I have a question for grammar &/or font people

Thanksgiving Drinks?

This is OBVIOUSLY NOT a photo of "The Cain Train."

PHOTO: WHO KNEW birth control was so EASY...and so AFFORDABLE!

Another reason for the failure of MFM's daycare center......

Is it being prepared to do the right thing? Whatever the cost? Isn’t that that makes a man?

Just how stupid is the new Adam Sandler movie "Jack & Jill".....

The Song of Lunch

Why is this the last DU fund drive ever?

Supreme Court to hear dispute on health care law

One last night on Earth - How, with whom, where, or any combination?

The President Of Russia Has Cheerleaders Because Why Wouldn’t He?

PHOTO: HOW can you POSSIBLY expect me to decide between the free baby and the switchblade? HOW???

PHOTO: HOW can you POSSIBLY expect me to decide between the free baby and the switchblade? HOW???

Sob A Luz Do Sol

a look on the bright side of not being able to work due to sickness/injury


Wow - I just made an OP that is up to 2442 views. In less than 2 hours.

Practice safe hot dog eating.......

Happy Trails to you

My moon is in the seventh hoosegow again!

Head meets wall.... Rinse. Repeat.

PHOTO: If you can think of a SAFER place to put a baby, I'd like to HEAR it, SMARTASS!

Today I'm finding people in general just really annoying. Not sure why

Orlando Calling - it's what I did this weekend

The La Du fund drive?

New, Better Pain

PHOTO: MiddleFingerMom walked off of his last job because of strict, unreasonable rules like THIS

Physics For Everyone!

Ahu - To: Love

Could use some good vibes for a friend of mine who is in the hospital


Can you believe it? I can get six and a half million dollars!

I'm having a bad day

Zombie Bait:

ALERT THE MEDIA!!! MiddleFingerMom is wearing sexy underwear for once.

Pooh hurts him.

Do you wear a baseball cap with " ________ Veteran" on it?

Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot...nothing is going to get better. it's not.

Yes at their best

Marlboro still wants to send me free cigarettes

BREAKING: Headless Body in Topless Bar

Well, it has been fun, folks...but I have to leave you.

I don't think it can be emphasized often enough... MiddleFingerMom is one smooth-talkin' Sexyman.

Howzabout a little vintage classic rock

All you gotta do is take a post-grad course -- Art Appreciation 420.

PHOTO: Since leaving the Food Network, Emeril Legasse has really taken a nosedive

Did you see Jimmy Fallon as Jim Morrison?

PHOTO: MFM becomes the first person ever to be banned for life from the art museum

I fell asleep for the last few minutes of 2 1/2 Men tonight and my

Wowsers. My weight is now down to 185 lb.

Thanksgiving Dessert?

Very exquisite looking -- but I think I'll pass on the soup...

90-year-old Dad update (six months along)

Second thoughts

Can't believe I just did this.

I feel sorry for Minnesota...

Back to reality...


What will you NOT be having for Thanksgiving?

Your Daddy's rich and your ma, she's good looking

You get right back here this instant, little Miss Kitty!!! You are soooo grounded!

What feature of DU3 has you jazzed the most?

Awesome collection of funny dog videos...wait for the ending to see the "Don't tuch the butt"!

Do you think you're cool? Because I KNOW I am INCREDIBLY cool!

Need healthy vibes, please. I don't want to get into details that will get the thread

What is your favorite Hawaiian Island?

My son is in prison again

Thanksgiving side dishes.

My roommate passed away this morning

Lettuce, tomatoes, lite mayo, mustard and a .45 with extra ammo, please.

Love bacon? Love this sandwich.

Name a song that you love INTENSELY.

French hostages freed in Yemen

Australia prison hostage drama in Hobart

$5,000 Fines for Spililng Milk? Rep. Hunter's Office Can't Show Examples

Greek confidence debate to start, troika visit in doubt

German prosecutors formally arrest far-right terror group suspect

Union to Meet Monday to Discuss NBA's Offer

Police gathering in@ Oakland OWS

Obama Says GOP Candidates Are Wrong, Waterboarding is ‘Torture’

Raid on Occupy Oakland camp could be hours away

Japan's economy grows 1.5%, rebounding after quake

Medicare Fraud: Problems Persist With Contractors Paid Millions To Ferret Out Bogus Bills

Soyuz Launches to Station amid Swirling Snowy Spectacular

Venezuelans rally for president

Nuke agency reports unusual radiation in Europe

Ground-to-air missiles 'may protect' London 2012 games

Cops raiding Occupy Oakland for second time

5 Former State Dept. Chiefs Press for Foreign Aid

Supreme Court will hear Obama health care case this term

Penn State fallout: Longtime CEO of Sandusky's charity resigns

Chief BART spokesman (Linton Johnson) reassigned

Geez... lighten up, Bob!!!

Second Mile CEO steps down

Birther sheriff (Arpaio) heckled at Orlando tea party gathering

Occupy Eureka camp raided, 32 arrested

Jordan's king calls on Syria's Assad to step down

Blogs target Bachus after 'insider' report

Eurozone crisis gives Britain a chance to redraw, says David Cameron

New witness in Herman Cain case

Republicans Must Investigate Own Illegal Recall

Parkinson's Disease Linked To Industrial Solvent Exposure

(California) Governor, SF Mayor Ed Lee push for DOMA repeal

(Gov) Walker (R) recall effort to start at midnight (WI)

HHS accelerates grants to create health care jobs

John McCain 'Very Disappointed' By GOP Candidates' Endorsement Of Waterboarding

Players reject NBA's offer, begin to disband union

Japan farm radioactive levels probed

Allen West Says He Was in a "White Supremacist Motorcycle Gang"

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Monday, November 14, 2011

Elizabeth Warren Releases First Ad Of Senate Campaign

Occupy Toronto protest to end 'soon': Ford (mayor)

Occupy Oakland's cost to city soars

Cain accuser's former boyfriend says they all met

Canadian Forces may need U.S. help supplying Arctic

Super committee: 10 days to deadline and no deal imminent

Flood: TransCanada to move pipeline (Keystone XL)

Seattle city council passed resolution ...solidarity w/ OWS

Oakland's 'suburban' Occupy fears an influx

Occupy Omaha asks for injunction

Britain sends officials to Libya to help destroy chemical weapons

Flap over Oakland cop who covered name tag (at Occupy protest)

Banks Quietly Ramping Up Costs to Consumers

Angry Residents, Businesses Plan Anti-Occupy Wall Street Protest

Norway's Anders Behring Breivik in open court hearing

Sen. Tom Coburn targets 'welfare for the well-off' in new report

Hackers (Anonymous) threaten to 'remove' Toronto from Internet if it evicts Occupy protesters

House GOP leader Cantor says deficit deal likely

Former FBI chief in Seattle endorses marijuana legalization initiative

Obama administration to announce effort to expand health-care workforce

Tech Policy Groups Call on Supreme Court to Overturn Pacifica Decision

UC regents cancel meeting, fearing violent protest

Quan's Top Legal Advisor Resigns Over Occupy Oakland Police Raid

ACLU and National Lawyers Guild File Suit Against Oakland PD

Susana Martinez, New Mexico Governor, Releases Evidence On Her Grandparents' Immigration Status

(Oakland) Deputy mayor Sharon Cornu resigns post

Newt Gingrich rises to the top tier in two new polls

Obama to China: Behave like "grown up" economy

Chelsea Clinton to Report for NBC

Thomas, Kagan resist calls for recusal

Dire warnings from Pentagon over potential defense cuts

Sandusky to Costas in exclusive 'Rock Center' interview: "I shouldn't have showered with those kids"

Banks Quietly Ramping Up Costs to Consumers

Study proves regulations killed practically no jobs

Darrell Issa (R) CA, “We don’t need laws for the powerful.”

Penn State scandal: Judge had ties to Jerry Sandusky charity

Geron halting stem cell research, laying off staff

Nancy Pelosi to Herman Cain: I’m no princess

Scalia and Thomas dine with healthcare law challengers as court takes case

Felons Finding It Easy to Regain Gun Rights

CNN Poll: Support rises (52%) for health insurance mandate

Occupy vows to 'shut down Wall St.'

Herman Cain stumbles badly on Libya question