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Archives: October 9, 2011

Interesting History Channel show about 9/11 conspiracy theories.

Florida lawmaker says dwarf tossing should help jobless

For those attending OWS protests...

The Wobblies - (video)

PBS Frontline Epsiode #3001: The Anthrax Files

It's Tricky Dicky From Yorba Linda....

I'm getting ready to go to sleep...

As movement spreads, NY mayor (BLOOMBERG) slams protesters for 'trying to destroy' jobs

US ambassador to Philippines apologises for sex tourism remark

Here is an awesome clip of Alan Grayson on Bill Maher

'Government' backdoor "R2D2" Trojan discovered by Chaos Computer Club

SNL Takes On Fox And Friends and Hank Williams Jr.’s Hitler-Obama Comparison - VIDEO

For those OUTRAGED at how much John Paulson made a few years ago...

We are all Jesse LaGreca.

The reason the banking world is so terrified of an economic collapse...

French Socialists pick 2012 presidential candidate

Time out: News Quiz: Test your headline memory

dupe-bug nt

Growing Demand: Crop Swaps Gaining Ground

Dumbass question: why aren't we seeing internets pix about the action in DC this weekend?

Dumbass question: why aren't we seeing internets pix about the action in DC this weekend?

Star Wars: The Blueprints

Will there ever be a cure for excema?

I'm shocked! Occupy Portland gets fair treatment in the MSM

In case if you're wondering if the Republicans have over-played their hand:

Happy Birthday John Lennon and Sean Lennon.

Tony Auth Toon: 'Don't they know who we are?'

Tony Auth Toon: 'Don't they know who we are?'

Google Trends shows word "occupy" traffic has over 20 times jump worldwide in past 3 weeks.

Top reasons Reagan sucks, go!

OccupyAustin night 3

The seed has been planted...

Has anyone here read Daniel Quinn's 'Ishmael'?

Anti-Immigrant Legislation Hits Alabama Factories

Anti-Immigrant Legislation Hits Alabama Factories

Anti-Immigrant Legislation Hits Alabama Factories

"I GOT MINE" by Stephen Pitt

Does anyone remember a story about a boat loaded with billions in counterfeit US bonds or currency..

Citi, BofA cut workers after US tax holiday

Thousands of structures on Lake of the Ozarks must be removed, a federal agency says

Occupy Houston makes local ABC news (fairly decent story):

Wall St. protests: How reform happens

Picture a bright blue ball, just spinning, spinnin free,

Santa Fe residents find solidarity in 'Wall Street' demonstrations

20billion to build biggest chemical plant in the world

Occupy Sesame Street!

The leftist leader you haven't heard of yet

The Smithsonian action was NOT affiliated with #OWS

The Smithsonian action was NOT affiliated with #OWS

Wisconsin: Surprise!! Financial firm kept nearly half of CAPCO investment

Wisconsin: Surprise!! Financial firm kept nearly half of CAPCO investment

Bloomberg/Business Week publishes a highly complimentary article on OWS

Santa Fe residents find solidarity in 'Wall Street' demonstrations

Kristen Christian, Who Created 'Bank Transfer Day,' the November 5 Bank Boycott, Tells Us Why

Unsafe Buses Run Until Fatal Crashes After U.S. Inaction

Egypt generals ban using religious slogans in vote

The BE PREPARED Principle for OWS -- selecting rain gear & $20 DriDucks "ultra-lite" hiking suit

New Zealand oil spill: grounded ship threatens environmental disaster

Best sign I've seen at Occupy Los Angeles:

Nuclear Regulatory Commission Chair: Events Like Fukushima Too Rare to Require Immediate Changes

Putin's China visit watched for strategic signals

'Bridenapping' – a growing hidden crime

Column: Can't wait for Occupy Detroit

Scathing column in Miami Herald says poor Rick Scott, he's just misunderstood.

US DAY OF RAGE........

Here are my pictures from OccupyMN:

"All but the most deluded believers

Occupy the Hood...OWS grows and diversifies

If Romney had an ounce of self-respect he'd tell the "Values Voters" to kiss his ass and drop out

The real story, National Air and Space Museum closure

found on Facebook. Pretty much sums it up, huh?

New York's water, sewer systems need $75 billion for repairs 'invisible' to taxpayers

The AUTHORITARIANISM of the RIGHT is really shining.

Hey Cantor! What about the mob of corrupt politicians you belong to?

Pelosi Supports Occupy Wall Street Movement: GOP didn't object to tea party

Most of the businesses on Wall St. would not even exist today if it weren't

The Occupy Wall Street Party

Immigrants fearing deportation make plans for kids

A tough new Alabama law targets illegal immigrants and sends families fleeing

Police explore two leads in missing baby case

An American hero: Fred Shuttlesworth, 1922-2011

An American hero: Fred Shuttlesworth, 1922-2011

New Rule: President Obama should go on TV and say that Mitt Romney

Shocking footage of a man getting hit by a train

Can you keep a secret?

What the bankers think of the protests....

Global warming melts Montana's famous glaciers

The turkey fights back - she must have seen that Sarah Palin video

Tea party abandons presidential race to focus on senate

Conservative Magazine Brags of Provoking Violence at Air and Space Museum

Where are the Independents?

Toon: What kind of box do you live in?

Susan Saladoff, Filmmaker ("Hot Coffee"), with Bob McChesney LIVE - 2pm EDT today

Did you know that the US Government holds a patent on "Marijuana" Cannabinoids?

Avaaz petition supporting the Wall Street protest

Yet more info about missing KC baby

What percentage of the GOP vote Republican because they are racist or homophobic?

A note of appreciation from the rich.

Do you think that the Arab Spring had any role in stirring or nudging the OWS movement

water canons used on protesting school girls

Michael Moore: Thank you again, dear readers. Best seller list 2nd week in a row

That Retirement Calculator May Be Lying to You

Fox's Wallace: OWS Movement Is Getting More Coverage ‘Than It Deserves From The Mainstream Media'

Fox's Wallace: OWS Movement Is Getting More Coverage ‘Than It Deserves From The Mainstream Media'

This about says it all

This about says it all

Tom Friedman is on Fareed Zakaria talking nonsense.

The next step in OWS (IMO)....

Repuke candidate in AL charged with theft, jailed, law license suspended (

the right wing is trying to blame MoveOn for causing arrests and conflicts at OWS

the right wing is trying to blame MoveOn for causing arrests and conflicts at OWS

Citigroup.... I think

God tells Palin to shove her decision "not to run" up the arse of her disappointed "base."

Have you met the 53%?

What a Meth!

US insists on immunity for troops in Iraq after 2011

Why do you Americans maintain the ludicrous Electoral College system?

Republicans support communist China over America.

Was today a good day for OWS or not?

Non Sequitur Toon- Worst Superhero Ever Takes Action!

Occupy Seattle Photos

Regarding the desperate needs of the #occupydenver protesters.

Herman Cain: Tax Poor People’s Food To Finance Massive Tax Break For The Rich

Hey Nancy, heard you're supporting OWS...

The issue of Gay Marriage

Wow... Bill McKibben’s Speech at Occupy Wall Street (w/Video)

At least 17 protesters killed today in Egypt by the military junta.

Brilliant but leaderless anti-bank action could succeed where organized demos failed

Anyone at wall street right now? (5 pm)

I have yet to see a racist sign at any of the Occupy protest locations.

I have yet to see a racist sign at any of the Occupy protest locations.

We live in a global economy and there is nothing you can do about it.

The Simpsons extended for two series (BBC)

It never hurts to say thank you..

Government Memo justified killing Anwar al-Awlaki despite an executive order banning assassinations

99% of us having money to spend on goods and services works for America.

Who to vote for: a dilemma here in the primary for the WI 95th assembly seat.

Conservative Writer Admits ‘Infiltrating’ 99 Percent Movement To ‘Mock And Undermine’ It

Conservative Writer Admits ‘Infiltrating’ 99 Percent Movement To ‘Mock And Undermine’ It

Separated at Birth

8 more reasons why I don't like Erin Burnett

Emma Goldman Describes Her Deportation in the Era of the Red Scare.

China brought more people out of poverty than the entire population of the US.

China brought more people out of poverty than the entire population of the US.

Robert Reich: "The modern Democratic Party is not likely to embrace left-wing populism"

Alabama's U.S. Sen. Jeff Sessions keeps vow to cut office budget ( {whoopty do!}

I will say this much for Charlie Daniels. He did something I never thought possible

Donated $71 today to OWS in honor of John Lennon's Birthday

My demands

Brain 'rejects negative thoughts' (BBC)

PJ O'Rourke is lazy

Can a Libertarian complain about "lawlessness" without being hypocritical?

Octomom lands horror-movie role

Octomom lands horror-movie role

Brown signs, unions smile

Commentary: Why I might help occupy Detroit

Excellent list of demands suggested for OWS -

DearAbby - 99%

Hurricane Jova and Tropical Storm Irwin head for Mexico

Video: Charlie Rose talks to Eric Schmidt, Marc Andreessen and Walt Mossberg on Steve Jobs’ legacy

Raw Story: Protesters indiscriminately pepper sprayed at Smithsonian

Cantor is the antichrist

#OccupyTampa - Rainy Sunday edition

That English Fox is in deep trouble - lobbyists!

Hollande leads in French Socialist presidential primary: partial results

Bob Jones University Space & Earth Science Kit on eBay

Meanwhile back in Egypt

If they really wanted us to

Who else will sign the pledge? "I agree to abstain from posting about Half-Baked Alaska"

Occupy Seattle Photos

Great line about Palin last night on SNL.......

Great line about Palin last night on SNL.......

Ezra Klein: Could this time have been different?

Regarding the desperate needs of the #occupydenver protesters.

In Calif., no more tanning beds for under-18 crowd

The Wish for Kings

How will the "occupy" movement translate into political action and real change?

The Multibillion-Dollar Leak (Draft of 'Volcker Rule' Hits Internet) WSJ

Attack on Mitt Romney's Mormon faith heightens Republican rivalry

Comcast has been marking all of my email from GOP as spam recently.

With Right to Teach, Michigan Republicans' war with unions gets personal

"Occupy the Hood": Black Protesters Start Chapter to Educate, Diversify OWS

Want to know more about the long history of protest movements? check out these links:

Slovakia On Why It Votes No To EFSF Expansion: "Greatest Threat To The Euro Is Bailout Fund Itself"

HEADS UP: the American Spectator link bragging about disrupting OWS in DC no longer works.

The corrupt fear us - by MinistryOfTruthFollow

Churches in India Pay Families to have More Kids

Fox's Chris Wallace Pretends Obama's "Watch" Began In 2007

Some admittedly bad pics from OccupyBoston yesterday


Western economies in deep freeze, expats look at India for jobs

Seasoned activists critique Wall Street protests

Toronto Star: Financial crisis is literally killing Greeks

Wall Street protests: U.S. version of Arab Spring?

It finally hit me who the Republicans are after reviewing their traits.

BREAKING: Mayor will march with Occupy Portland!

Video of OWS 'Special Assembly' in Wash. Sq. Park NYC

John Lennon's 71st birthday is marked by Yoko Ono

A testament to the WPA: how the US saved its people by employing them.

ABC World News led with OWS tonight. Cult of Mormon was #2. NBC reversed that order.

Is there a list somewhere of the 10 worst high schools in America?

OWS Donation address

Keith Ellison is correct re OWs

Finland vows care for narcolepsy kids who had swine flu shot

Toronto Star: Evidence is clear — we need better transit

Thank you to RenewDeal for organizing DU's participation in OccupyWallStreet today Lets do it again!

A book to help OWS

Has the "T" word been used lately? It should be

We know that a peaceful world cannot exist , one third rich and two - thirds hungry."

Sinopec to buy Canada's Daylight for $2.1 billion

For those right wing assholes upset about the protests, where were you when this guy was protesting?

Thomas Jefferson:::::"If the American people ever allow private banks

"Know how" is global, and so is the economy

Foreign investors face significant hurdles in US market

iPhone Police State: Introducing Siri: DARPA’s Ghost in Apple’s Machine (AI Track-Trace-Database)

Bernie Saunders: "OWS demonstrators are shining a light on one of most serious problems facing US"

(Seattle) Police to protest supporters: Honk if you'd like a ticket

Protests every where.... and we have the likes

(((PICS))) Occupy Hong Kong!

They've done it: I have finally found a government service that needs to be privatized!

Stop trying to pigeon hole or co-opt the OWS movement to fit your ideas

California Bans Tanning Beds For Minors

Jobless seek help fighting hiring discrimination

The talk of BULLIES in school is a current National Issue? What of ADULT BULLIES in CONGRESS/SENATE/

Ricky Man-on-Dog: Gays aren't "different" like blacks.

Hertz suspends praying Muslim shuttle drivers

Here's another example of the media actively discrediting the OWS movement.

It's Douchebag night on 60 Minutes

This makes me dizzy....


I think Texans ought to occupy our dear governor Perry's remote mansion...

OccupyAustin day 4

White House Jobs Bill Would Decrease Deficits - CBO

Remember that "WE ARE THE 1%" picture from Chicago?

Feds obtain secret court order to force Google, ISP to turn over data from WikiLeaks volunteer

If they're trying to destroy you, then you're really a threat to them...

OWS is great, but where were they in 2010? Or during the TeaBag Summer? Or during BirtherGate? And,

Occupy Jacksonville (FL) Pics. Nice crowd for a red city

Sunday 10-9 Occupy Boston, Sign Pics...

One major beneficial outcome so far of OWS has been ...

Andy Borowitz: "Ironically, Rick Perry's presidential campaign is now on death row."

OMFG !!! - Have You Guys Read THIS ??? - 'Pipeline Review Is Faced With Question of Conflict'

Are the 99ers

Are the 99ers

The Civilian Conservation Corps. PBS American Experience.

The OWS needs to be realistic. It needs to demand the impossible!

Cops in Seattle make umbrellas illegal and start ticketing those who honk in support

"Rep. Peter King (R-NY): Do Not Allow Any Legitimacy for Wall Street Protests, Or It Will Be Like

“Were you really secretly running things?” Liz Cheney asked. “No,” her father said.

Krugman: Panic of the Plutocrats

An economics professor just destroyed the End the Fed crap at the Occupy Kansas City rally

We haven't seen anything like OWS since the 1930's

When people say the word "government", we need to substitute the word "people"...

Karl Rove and Rep. Erik Paulsen ‘glitter bombed’ at Minnesota conference

New Paradigm going forward: Are you for or against policies that benefit the 99% over the 1%

What being gay in America is like, we get to see TV like this

Today's LA Times: Palin's Bait-and-switch act

Another "false front" education reform group? Keep eye out for their op eds in local papers.

Gov. Walker moving to take control (veto power) of election rules before recall election...

Which will come first, the Meltdown or the Violence?

What sort of person....(Things that make you go OH HELL YES!)

The REAL addresses to donate to the REAL Occupy Wall Street through 501(c)(3) orgs.

Toon- Occupy Poor Street

Anonymous dance around the world.



DUer David Swanson: "I've been coughing and vomiting, and my head aches from pepper spray."

Video: CBC's Kevin O'Leary gets schooled on #Occupy Wall Street movement by Chris Hedges

"Tea Party" and Quitter both SO fake and in the bag for Romney

Former ex-CEO of WWE comes back for round 2,seeks another bid for US sentate..

Technology has changed the concept of work.

Toon: Look at these perfidious Americans!

Herman Cain: 'I Felt Like Moses' (VIDEO)

GLBT History Month: GLBT symbols

John Lennon on protesting and violence

John Lennon on protesting and violence

OK, maybe this protester needs to be a little more specific. But I still like it.


Bank On It: They're Scared

Working Class Heroes

GOP Rep: ‘We can’t allow’ more coverage of Occupy Wall Street

2,780 unit apartment building with 6,800 tenants, one of largest buildings in the world

Conservative Magazine Brags of its Agent Provacateur's Role in Provoking Police Action in D.C.

We need to start preparing for the next phase of OWS

An Interview With Henry Giroux: Youth Movement in a Culture of Hopelessness

How you can help the unemployed.

It's THAT time of year again... so HIDE YOUR CATS, EVERYONE!

Another 99 Percenter...

Seattle Cops Ticketing Drivers Who Honk in Support of Protesters

Seattle Cops Ticketing Drivers Who Honk in Support of Protesters

When you find something outrageous on the internet, immediately do a screenshot.

Poll: Obama’s approval rating ties all-time low - 38% 10/4 to 10/6 -- !!

Question about OWS and similar protests.

You FUCKING clueless pizza delivery TOOL...racism doesn't "hold anybody back in a big way?"

Report from Occupy Philly (DIAL-UP WARNING)

After the provocateuring in D.C., I'm wondering... What's James O'Keefe been up to lately?

1,337 words in Declaration of Independence, geez

Which class do you consider yourself to be a part of?

Before I run in the Chicago Marathon I will give you a big FUCK YOU VERY MUCH to Occupy Atlanta. . .

and into CANADA!

Mother Cat Thrown From Car Leads Rescuer To Her Kittens

The Night Umbrellas Became Illegal in Seattle

L'Oreal developing pill to prevent gray hair

60 Minutes

Occupy Anchorage photos

Is Michael Moore a prophet?

Well the Occupy reviews from the Tea Party are in...

Ahem, I'll just leave this here...

Citigroup internal analysis memo from Oct2005 PREDICTED protests once plutocracy became apparent.

'Glued' meat (video)

At this piont, who do you think the Republican nominee will be?

Taxing Nothing: Make Owners of Vacant Property Pay

Photos from Occupy Boston, Sun. 10/09

I am so fucking sick of these people.

what we need is The Great Society of 2011

McKeon threatens to kill defense bill over same-sex weddings

From the New York Times: A One Percenter Feels the Pinch

From the New York Times: A One Percenter Feels the Pinch

The Awlaki memo and Marty Lederman - Glenn Greenwald

You can't make this sh*t up.......

Connecticut Prisoners Express Anger Over Porn Ban

Connecticut Prisoners Express Anger Over Porn Ban

Dear Occupiers (a letter from anarchists)

Breakfast time is really anytime!

Zion National Park

That time of the year

Can't we settle this like ... well, bears?

O Bast, Lady of Truth

Isn't it ironic?

PHOTO: MiddleFingerMom's former S.O. could never start the day without her Cheerios and milk...

"DRINK DRINK DRINK DRINK!!!", MFM's fellow cubicle inmates would chant. "DRINK DRINK DRINK DRINK!!!"

During fire drills, Mr. MFM's class ALWAYS exited in less than HALF the time of ANY OTHER CLASS.

Night Thunderstorm, photo by Louis Vest

Confirmation of what many people suspect about McDonalds

New plan


Single Malt Sunday!

Campfire/Sleep-over horror stories -- Your favorite(s)?

i want to go to marz

had to pull off some purple chinese peppers off my plants

had to pull off some purple chinese peppers off my plants

OK, I washed 'em again - can I eat now?

If Jehovah's Witnesses ever start wearing Girl Scout uniforms....

Red Hot Chili Peppers

I like Ron Darling.

Made some chili

Um... Honey... there's an In-and-Out Burger place down the road... and it's only 40-45 miles away.

Waking up with a tooth ache on Saturday morning

HIGHLY recommend two movies - "Moneyball" and "Bridesmaids"

Get away from my dresses!!!!!!!

Bobby Flay - Iron Chef

De-bellyfying. My progress.

Old Rock Stars and their songs...

Tonight's Drink: The Entertainment Mogul

I'm going to bed now. Really.

I'm not going to bed now. Really.

Congratulations to Paul McCartney.

MiddleFingerMom just washed his hair and he cat do a thing with it.

MiddleFingerMom just washed his hair and he cat do a thing with it.

Can we stop the ethnic jokes please? The only thing worse than ethnic jokes

MiddleFingerMom marches to the beat of a different ergonomic drummer.

"Grow UP!", they tell MFM. "Grow UP!" "Fetch this stick!", they tell the cat. "Fetch this stick!"

Does Sir Paul utilize pre-nups, so why did the gimpy lady take half a billion?!1

Tanks for being there when I needed you.

Who remembers Barney Google. with his goo, goo, googely eyes?

So. Mickey Rourke Has Got To Play Al Davis in the Biopic

Question for cat people

'Bridezillas' and 'Big Easy Brides'

Why oh why does the SyFy Channel even attempt this?

Hanging a "Shame Sign" round a guilty party's neck and making him/her stand on the street corner --

Bluesmen, Blueswomen drinks of choice...

Pretty decent "Pan Am" episode tonight. *spoilers*

To my Lounge/DU: Sara BRIGHTMAN/ Jose CARRERAS, "Amigos Para Siempre"


Let's deal with 2 topics: Pretentiousness, and, fiber

any good (non Hallmark) sites for e-cards? I need a congratulations card

Pistachio (or other nut) cake recipes?

Blacking out is Nature's way of saying "you don't want to know"


Wanna know what really chaps pinboy3niner's ass?

Cancer, Radiation, Life, Loss, and Art

Brewers! Brewers! Brewers!

Anyone here watch...

Cool old movie is on Retro Tv "Future World, haven't seen it in years.

Oh my

anyone go see

Not many people are familiar with MFM's favorite Edgar Allan Poe story - "The Kibble of Amontilado".

Mr. Fluffers just wanted to get high. Is that so WRONG-uh? Is that so WRONG-uh?

Why, why, why do dogs eat the creepiest things.

Buffalo Springfield - For What It's Worth, (1967, Bandstand, el Hollywood Palace, Smothers Brothers)

What a football game...

Post your reality pet peeves.

Shocking footage of a man getting hit by a train

Did you know we have stalkers? Lots of them.

Do you raise your hands at church?

PHOTO: MiddleFingerMom takes Steven Covey's advice RE: "sharpening the saw"...

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Awwtoberfest 2011 Edition

Help me out here - fox facts,, facts about fox

E1/2 NE1/4, N1/2, SE1/4 , Section 24, SE1/4 , Section 13, Township 27N, Range 4W

HPV jab: doctors call for teenage girls to be given more effective vaccine against sexual disease

Muslim and Christian graves desecrated in Israeli city of Jaffa

'Bridenapping' – a growing hidden crime

Iraq, siding with Iran, sends essential aid to Syria’s Assad

China's Hu calls for reunification with Taiwan

Ex-Weezer bassist Mikey Welsh dies aged 40

Wall St. protests: How reform happens

Santa Fe residents find solidarity in 'Wall Street' demonstrations

Occupy Wall Street: Hundreds march in Denver

City of Buffalo: Protesters ‘Occupy’ Niagara Square

California Begins Moving Prison Inmates

California Begins Moving Prison Inmates

'Occupy Wall Street' rally spreads to downtown Casper

White House Jobs Bill Would Decrease Deficits - CBO

Libyan forces seize Sirte landmarks as battle for city nears end

Tensions rising in ‘Occupied’ Hub

Thousands join occupy San Diego movement

Occupy Seattle Photos

Syria Warns Countries Not to Recognize Opposition

Occupy Anchorage protesters point to empowerment, jobs

K'zoo (Kalamazoo, MI) to vote to relax marijuana law

In Rare Rally, Somalis Protest Shabab

L'Oreal developing pill to prevent gray hair

Syria warns against recognition of opposition council

Unicef criticises Britain for jailing children over riots

Riots erupt in Cairo over church attack, 1 killed

Hundreds march in KC ‘Occupy’ movement

Riots over church attack in Egypt kill 19

Legendary pianist Roger Williams dies after battle with cancer

Air Canada union rejects deal, set to strike

GOP candidates’ economic pitches avoid specific solutions

Occupy Wall Street-style protests spread to Britain

Who makes you click channels fastest?

Merkel, Sarkozy reach pact on EU bank sector

Folks Come Out To 'Occupy' Idaho Falls

Recession Officially Over, U.S. Incomes Kept Falling

Latest update on the house. We have color on most of the walls. :^D

Tonnes of oil leak from ship aground off New Zealand

Conservative journalist says he infiltrated, escalated D.C. museum protest

Occupying Indy: Marchers protest economic inequalities, other issues

Clergy To Join Forces With "Occupy Wall Street" Protesters

Cain: Wall St. protesters playing victim card

QUESTION Re- Buying Gold Jewelry

Hundreds come out to 'Occupy GR' (Grand Rapids, MI)

How many people in your ignore list? Not who, but how many?

Pelosi: GOP didn't object to tea party taunts

Italian union: Don't send Fiat jobs to North America

4 generator failures hit US nuclear plants

(Hugo) Chávez condemns Wall Street protest 'crackdown'

He's changed, but from an early age Li'l MFM was a heartless "love 'em and leave 'em" kinda guy.

In the Event of Zombie Attack

Florida to launch its own health insurance marketplace

Remember to ACT BLUE! (Donate to candidates!)

Romney's Realist Foreign Policy Is a Lot Like Obama's

"My Thoughts In Flux About Occupy Wall Street "

Look what the tea baggers in Congress are up to

So the House doesn't have time to take on the jobs bill but have time for BULLSHIT investigations

Did Romney Just Endorse Space-Based Weapons?

Political cartoonist Mike Luckovich nails it today

True or Flalse: Do you remain a strong supporter of Obama

Herman Cain: Tax Poor People’s Food To Finance Massive Tax Break For The Rich

Herman Cain steps up attacks on Occupy Wall Street protests

"We The People" petition I started...would people here be willing to sign it?

Krugman: Was Failure Inevitable?

Jimmy Cliff - "The Harder They Come" (For the OWS folks)

Tom Morello: The Nightwatchman: World Wide Rebel Song Occupy LA

Power To The People-John Lennon

Elizabeth Warren Addresses MNA Nurses

How can Ron Paul be a 'Libertarian' and win the 'Police State Values Voters Summit' poll?

Banks of Marble

On the Edge with Max Keiser - Gold and silver legal tender in Utah w/ David Morgan

IF Joe Biden was unable to run with President Obama who would you like to see on the ticket as VP?

'The Sky's The Limit' A interview with Naomi Klein on Occupy Wall Street

Do 'Occupy Wall Street' Protests Represent Your Views of the Economy? Faux poll

Occupy Perry's Mansion

President Obama: "we can isolate them, quarantine them, and let them fail"

Michelle Obama Supports Mayor Emanuel's Fight Against Food Deserts

John Lennon said it then, and if he were alive he'd still be saying the same thing now...

Young Turks: Republicans Rip Occupy Wall Street

Occupy Dayton Protest at Courthouse Square Grows

Occupy Atlanta refuse to let Rep. John Lewis to speak WHAT!!!!

Republican Presidential Candidate Buddy Roemer Endorses Occupy Wall Street

Cain is a stalking horse for Romney

Tokyo Tap Water Radioactive... Fukushima Nuclear update 10/8/11

Bailout for the American People?

Teachers and Parents at Occupy Wall Street

"We Are the 99%": Voices From the Occupy Wall Street March

Occupy Wall Street vs. Rich Class Warriors

Marxist vs libertarian vs Monetarist(Fridemanist)

Offical OWS twitter promotes Ron Paul / conservative web site

Name That Socialist! - "I hope we crush the monied corporations!"

TYT University: Data Mining College Students

Julian Assange grills Julia Gillard on live television

Let's put our eyes back on the prize

Bill McKibben at #OccupyWallStreet: We Need to Circle the White House and Liberate Obama from that S

Hartmann: Proof - The Heritage Foundation Flip Flop on ObamaCare

Naomi Klein: Keystone XL Oil Pipeline Controversy Shows How Wall Street Is Occupying US Govt

OWS and Obama - don't forget Obama is first and foremost a community organizer!

Gregory Peck in 1980 on energy conservation

Patton Oswalt - Religion (Sky Cake)

Bill McKibben at Occupy Wall Street rally 10/8/2011 treehuggertv 255 videos Subscribe

Occupy K Street Marches through DC 10/8

Scott McAdams speech at Occupy Anchorage

Keiser Report 194: Price Propaganda & Debt Bubbles

'What's the Executive compensation list?' (FedEx commercial) very funny

Young Turks: Richard Dawkins Vs Bill O'Reilly: God, Atheists & The Bible

Occupy DC update

Bill McKibben @ #OccupyWallSt: We Need to Circle White House & Liberate Obama from that Stunt Double

Naomi Klein: "Spending Cuts" = Bankrupt Workers & Starve the Sick

NY Daily News mentions Harlem4Obama rally and the speech I gave... (I mention OWS)

Bank of America Walkout

Occupy Atlanta Silences Civil Rights Hero John Lewis!

Parody: Tea Party Finds Out Mitt Romney is Mormon

Geraldo and Fox run away from Wall Street

Congressman Peter King (R): Don't LEGITIMIZE OWS Or THEY WILL WIN'

Obama Campaign emailed me asking for $125 dollars?? WTF?

Clooney: "I'm disillusioned by the people who are disillusioned by Obama, quite honestly, I am."

KO's Worst: Ailes-Cain-BecKKK

"Mr. President, sign my iPad"

Krugman: Financial Romanticism

This mother fucker is CLUELESS!!! about race

A Bug's Life - ''Then they ALL might stand up to us''

TDPS: If Rick Perry N*****head Ranch is no big deal, what would Obama "White Trash Ranch" provoke?

Dr Michael Hudson :Systemic Change Please- Occupy Wall St. to a Bank in the Public Interest

A California Bold Move:: From prison to jail

Uncomfortable truths of Murdoch hacking scandal exposed in new play

The Moral Imperative of ‘Activism’

Herman Cain Offers to Send 'Godfather's' Pizza to Wall Street Occupiers

Flat-Lining the Middle Class: Economic Numbers to Die For

American growth theorists buzzed about for Nobel

Long Live the New American Revolution

DialUp warning Phots from Occupy Los Angeles

'This Week' Transcript: Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi

AP Interview: Syrian activist's son urges protest

This Toilet is occupied!

The 99% is the People's Antidote to Tea Party Poison

Lessons of Prohibition: Drawing comparisons to the War on Drugs

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