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BREAKING: Amanda Knox doing cartwheels down the runway

List of Unions Supporting Occupy Wall Street

Those of you familiar with pseudoephedrine what loopholes need to be closed for driving purposes?

Will we see some of the biggest protests yet today?

Foreign Press Association demands that Israeli Authorities immediately cease undressing journalists

US Supreme Court Won't Hear Poultry Firm's Appeal

Key Democrat will not seek reelection

Key Democrat will not seek reelection

VIDEO - Occupy L.A. 10/1/11

SCOTUS lets stand ruling that downloads are not performances

"GOP seeks independent investigation of Holder" Special Counsel...

Congrats to WV Gov Earl Ray Tomblin!

My take on the Christie decision...

class warfare seems to make good TV

WV-Gov election: A stunning endorsement and affirmation of President Obama's leadership

Afghanistan and Iraq wars not worth fighting, say a third of US veterans

Russia and China veto UN resolution against Syrian regime

Where Do You Bank?

Where Do You Bank?

"Marijuana - The REAL facts."

The new burning question: will Christie change his mind?

The new burning question: will Christie change his mind?

Disparity (cartoon)

Masters of the Big Lie

Occupy Wall Street (cartoon)

One needn't be the brightest tool in the drawer to know how badly things are fucked up...

Man Exonerated Of Murder After Spending 17 Years In Prison

Bluedog Democrat wins the WV governor seat. Woohoo!

Reading commentary about various Occupy (City) experiences around the world is fascinating.

De-Colonize Wall Street

1 in 3 Veterans say Iraq, Afghan wars were not worth it. Many say they fueled more terrorism

Personal Liberal values at odds....

Google Chrome 'Murdoch Block'

See Chuck Todd cut off the Republican when he brought up Romney's Mormon problem with his base?

Judge suggests DMCA allows DVD ripping if you own the DVD

NYC Bus Drivers Don't Want Buses Used in Protest

Oakland medical cannabis club owes IRS millions in back taxes

Dem Mo. gov. hails new Ford/UAW union contract. Republican senator is sad

Poll: 1 in 3 vets sees Iraq, Afghan wars as wastes

Dispite GOPers efforts to weaken Obama to the point of having a decent op to defeat re election 2012


Toon: Are you ready for some...

Toon: Are you ready for some...

Romney holding fundraiser at "Democrats=Abortion=Murder" restaurant today

Hidden Koch Brother Abuse Exposed in the Keystone XL Oil Pipeline

Capitalism Is The Crisis (2011) (Full Documentary)

Please delete. Duplicate post!

I'm getting a lot of emails about todays march on Wall Street

Should President Obama go to Liberty Plaza? (aka Zuchotti Park)

E-Receipts Could Present Privacy Risks

The 'Job Creators' (cartoon)

Wednesday Bankster Toons

Plot to kill Afghan president foiled - agency

Obama to step up power line projects

Wall Street Toons...

Wednesday GOP Toons

Ga. Power President addresses Plant Hatch leak (Tritium)

Republican walked into court late looking for special treatment. He got it. Judge locked him up

Private sector adds 91,000 jobs in Sept

Francois Hollande Eyes the Elysée: President Normal May Soon Rule France

It's going to be Romney in the end...

Sewer lines continuing to degrade (Neb.)

Teacher Appears In Video For Anti-Gay Marriage Group

Wearing that letter A

Follow up: Alleged home squatters indicted, accused of million-dollar racketeering scheme

Unions, Democrats and Occupy Wall Street

There is NO WAY the Evangelicals will accept Romney (check out this FR thread!)

Staff Leaves Bachmann Campaign

Gilford would have to serve 92 years behind bars for the crimes

Leaking sewer pipe causes Lakewood students to eat lunch in classrooms

Bank of New York named in currency fraud suit

US signs ACTA

Friendly's restaurant chain files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, closes 63 stores

Which fundamental American value is in the greatest danger?

Brooklyn charter teachers want UFT representation

NYC Students Stage Walkouts in Solidarity with Occupy Wall Street

Sarcastic headline:This Crazy Protester Is a Conservative’s Wet Dream

UAW Endorses Occupy Wall Street; Massive March Planned Today

Citi hikes fees on checking accounts

GPS Inventor Urges Supreme Court to Reject Warrantless Tracking

Fidelity Fiduciary Bank

No Arrest at OCCUPY SEATTLE Last Night

Policeone members are pissed off that the coppers had to settle with Amy Goodman.

Remember when Obama coined the phrase "Main Street not Wall Street"?

The Green News Report - Oct 4, 2011 | The BRAD BLOG (audio, 6 min)

No recovery in home prices until 2020?

Discovery of Uncounted Straw Casts Doubts on Straw Poll Results

Your preference

and the survey says...

Spinning Out of Control {NYPD}

Cain would rather sell books than run for President

Bush knew about the mortgage fraud at Fannie Mae as far back as 2003

B of A uses S.W.A.T. Teams to block customer acccess

Tamron Hall MSNBC's Live at OWS Oct. 5th at 2:00 p.m. & Check Out Ruffalo on Olbermann last night!

Commentary: Ralph Nader wants to save us all from college football

Union of Unemployed -- Join 31 milliion unemployed Americans -- UCubed

Robert Reich: Behind Europe's Debt Crisis Lurks Another Giant Wall Street Bailout

How to Escape from Zip Ties

"Governor Rick - Science Hick" from Reuben Bolling's Tom the Dancing Bug

Cnbc reports on ows

Cnbc reports on ows

Here We Go: First Person Detained Under Alabama Immigration Law Was In U.S. Legally

It's back...Morgan Stanley's stock taking sharp hits amid negative rumors...

Two Toons

It's a whole new ballgame

Currency Wars: European Debt Crisis and the Next Phase of Global Finance

Elizabeth Warren 2016! signs should be handed out at Occupy Wall Street.

Graphic Graphic--this will make you gasp

A little Wall Street trivia. Then and now.

Follow the Money: Behind Europe’s Debt Crisis Lurks Another Giant Bailout of Wall Street

Ezra Klein coming up on Tamron's show! nt

B of A, Wells Fargo, others in deep shit over illegal charges to vets in home refis

B of A, Wells Fargo, others in deep shit over illegal charges to vets in home refis

(electric) Tesla Model S Sport to rival BMW M5, 0-60 mph in 4.5 seconds ( 300 mile range too)

Over 1 trillion dollars and the siphon hose is still hooked up, so,

I'm thinking of heading to NYC this weekend (Sunday-Monday)

US signs ACTA - Obama admin claimed it was a "national security" secret until EU leaked it:

It is damn educational to watch these protests from afar

Lincoln definitely said this, however (incl. citation)

They didn't WOW me enough


D.A. to fight parole for ex-model who ate husband's body parts

Is it just me?

Is it just me?

Harold Camping Update: Rapture Will 'Probably' Finish Oct. 21

Excellent column: Life @ OccupyWallStreet’s Liberty Park

This is what Class Warfare looks like. In Wisconsin, anyway.

Denmark: New liberal coalition dismantles immigration ministry, endorses multiculturalism.

Denmark: New liberal coalition dismantles immigration ministry, endorses multiculturalism.

(((PICS))) Occupy Together - Across America October 5, 2011

AI: Security Council utterly failed in their responsibilities to protect the Syrian people.

Are creationists collectively too poor to employ the future Galileo of creationist research?

Are creationists collectively too poor to employ the future Galileo of creationist research?

Occupy Wall Street: In Their Own Words

Know Nothings and Immigrants: Some Things Never Change

tamara hall @m$nbc is broadcasting her show live from wall street

Roving armadillos could be heading for the Washington area, biologists say

Roving armadillos could be heading for the Washington area, biologists say

With all the flaws of our justice system,

U. S. Department of Energy is going to let states regulate hydraulic fracking

U. S. Department of Energy is going to let states regulate hydraulic fracking

What a happy coincidence...

2012 Election Poll Who's your pick (update fixed?)

This is just one small example of Government acting in the people's best interest

Poll: 1 in 3 vets sees Iraq, Afghan wars as wastes

W adopted the "stay the course" adage from?

U.S. employers announced plans in September to shed more than 115,000 workers

We're sorry, raising taxes on the rich is illegal

Should the Republicans use gladiatorial combat to select their future nominees?

Tamron, OWS is NOT NOT NOT like the Tea Party. OWS does not have billionaires funding and

Green Groups Sue US to Stop Work on Keystone XL Oil Pipeline

New iPhone feature is butt of Japanese joke

Look for Working-Class Warriors at Picket Lines, Not Podiums

Bus driver kicks off woman with crying baby; passengers leave too

You Will Face Many More New Bank Fees

NYC Students Stage Walkouts in Solidarity with Occupy Wall Street

Abraham Lincoln said this:

Occupy LA Live In the city council chambers RIGHT NOW 12PM PDST

Libya: How many Western reporters are in beseiged cites of Sirte and Bani Walid?

Michael Jackson:whacked out of his mind on drugs,in what he thought was a private call

MSNBC has Live Coverage of the Protests (including Unions and National Student Walkouts...Live Now!

"Free Market" Herman Cain supported the government bailout of the banks(TARP).

Is Wall Street greed human nature, or a masturbation problem?

Ron Paul raises 8 million. Perry raises 17 million. What a waste of money.

Some basic & practical rules for successful radicals

Democrats WON WEST VIRGINIA. This should be getting

BARNICLE was whining again that we on the internets don't plagiarize enough

They called budget reconciliation a "legislative shenanigan", but they'd use it for HCR repeal

An Anecdotal comparison between Google and Bing search engines

An Anecdotal comparison between Google and Bing search engines

Living in the Material World

7 Democrats Call for Probe of NYPD Spying

Harry Potter's Invisibility Cloak: Mirage Effect Created in Lab

Would this change to our Government make any sense

Appeals court strikes down Long Beach, CA Medical Marijuana ordinance

I stand with labor.

"Impressive audience. The haves and the have mores. Some call you elite. I call you my base."

(Canada) Ontario Tories battle to salvage what once seemed a sure victory


The questioning of the US Supreme Cowards is on CSPAN3 and it is absolute B.S.

Layoffs Are Necessary If We Want To Keep The Lights On,' Says CEO Halfway Through Tasting Menu

Now for something completely different... War on Drugs

I was watching Darrell Issa on TV this morning and I noticed his eyebrows don't meet in the middle

I was watching Darrell Issa on TV this morning and I noticed his eyebrows don't meet in the middle

Laura Flanders is live now on FSTV from OccupyNY with Guests Eve Ensler & Naomi Klein!

U.S. Postal Service Model for the Delivery of Biological Attack Countermeasures

Live: Supreme Court Justices Breyer, Scalia testify before Senate panel

Eric Holder Investigation: GOP Presses For Probe Into Attorney General's Possible Perjury

The Official Occupy Wall Street Music and Inspiration Thread: 10/5/11

Winter Storm warning for Colorado!

Reid Blocks Defense Authorization: Terror Provisions Like Indefinite Detention ‘Are Just Wrong’

I read the following from the OWS in New York and I think maybe

Solyndra e-mails: Dept. of Energy was poised to approve $469 million for firm

Live video from current OWS march and rally

Third of US veterans do not back wars, says Pew study

Democrats are playing politics on jobs. And that’s a good thing

Democrats are playing politics on jobs. And that’s a good thing

Gulf Coast Task Force Releases Ecosystem Restoration Strategy For Public Review

Vatican newspaper criticizes BBC change to 'common era' dating

When Jesus ate the magic mushrooms By Mark Morford

How Rick Scott counts to 700,000 jobs

How Rick Scott counts to 700,000 jobs

Live Video From New York's Fox 5 of the OWS March off air

Open Letter to (Seattle) Mayor Mike McGinn

List of endorsements for OWS

Okay, it's time to e-mail Rattigan and say shame, shame, shame

Perry, who?

AFA takes credit for Playboy's demise.

You know what's fun?

Regional HUD IG Audit: BofA Should Face Fraud Claims for Soured Loans

FDA: Apple Juice Is Safe to Drink

Source: Sears leaders visit Ohio, Texas for possible relocation

ANALYSIS: Cain’s ’999′ Plan Would Cause Largest Deficits Since WWII, While Increasing Taxes For Most

October 7, 2001 - Operation Enduring Freedom - America's 10-Year War Continues

OWS Protestor vents about the Federal Reserve and FIAT currency

Even a few of the 1% are starting to "get it":

Attorneys General Settlement: The Next Big Bank Bailout?

Hilarious! In 2004 Herman Cain wanted the GOP to groom Tiger Woods for president

Italian Wikipedia Is in Jeopardy of Being Deleted?

Italian Wikipedia Is in Jeopardy of Being Deleted?

Sick of greedy CEO's exploiting the expression "job creators"

Sick of greedy CEO's exploiting the expression "job creators"

Fullerton chief apologizes for raid on wrong home

Wisconsin: (AG) Van Hollen shows his skewed priorities

**So, where is CSPAN?** They had weeks of notice.

For the first time in 10 years I am EXCITED about a movement in our country.

SUIT Alleges BANKS And MORTGAGE Companies CHEATED Veterans And U.S. Taxpayers

Meanwhile Greece Just Bought 400 Tanks From The US

Eric Cantor Tells the Truth

How many are there?..any estimates other than from msm which I dont believe for a sec

Rep. Slaughter calls for ‘retroactive recusal’ to overturn Citizens United

This may actually be the move that gets US troops out of Iraq.

Blowback of the Predators

Here's a song for the 99 to sing about the 1

Nader: College athletics dumbing down society

Live Stream of #OccupyWallStreet shows MASSIVE presence.

This is what a Blood Alcohol Content of .330 looks like

Statement of support from ILWU President to the Occupy Wall Street

Keep moving...

Arrest Being Made NOW at OCCUPY SEATTLE Per Twitter

Nation’s Largest Nurses Union Says Tax Wall Street To Heal America

Leaving in a few hours for Freedom Plaza, DC

THR has Maddow on its cover. Great article.

Just saw a comment on the #OWS livestream that local media are reporting

"Sarah, we hardly knew ya, but then we got to know you too well."

Mike Thompson's toon on Hank Williams Jr.

Franken, Blumenthal bill would allow cell phone users to sue carriers

Athens: police beats photo-reporters - pictures, video

Athens: police beats photo-reporters - pictures, video

1 million per year

STOP comparing OWS to the teabagger movement, dumb behind MSM anchors. It is a more intelligent

AP sources: Bush-era probe involved guns 'walking'

This cartoon is for those who are standing on the balcony above the protesters drinking champagne.

HEADS UP: Daily Caller & others using this list of "demands" as official OWS

Is there one day coming up that will combine all the Occupy's?

US OKs $196.5M for high-speed Chicago-Detroit rail

Sarah Palin not running for President according to my local news in Ottawa, Ontario Canada.

If only more CEOs were like Gregory Peck

Let Me Get This Straight Mr. blitzer

The marketplace, competition, and progress

Rep. Kucinich: ‘Occupy Wall St.’ protest is making a difference

Throw away the keys- 7-year-old in diapers forced to sleep in coffin

Dammit! Sarah Palin is not running for President.

HOLY SHIT! Is MSNBC off the mark on the Occupation!

This is all Warren Buffet's fault!

"If you are not careful, the newspapers will have you hating the people who are being oppressed and

ShitiBank to the poor and average Americans: "Fuck You, 99ers."

Any new reports about Lisa Irwin?

Huge Presence right now @ #OWS

at least depp knows how to apologize .... hank, and so many others

Help un-Freep this poll!

GOP to Unemployed: "Tough Shit"

Tweety will be covering OWS today

Dumb Alabama Immigration Law Working So Well Its Crops Are Rotting

Every single time some wealthy asshole opens his mouth and puts down the OWS movement...

TN principal assaults high school student for pro-gay shirt

Rhode's Scholar/Nobel Prize Recipient D Trump: ‘Nobody Knows Why They’re Protesting’

Great OWS coverage on ABC

Why no universal anger at the GOP refusing to pass the jobs bill?

"This is what democracy looks like" ... 1000+ People Turn Out To Plan Occupy Philly for Oct. 6th


Today is World Teachers’ Day. ... Tell Congress to pass the American Jobs Act!

Download the #Occupy handbook

My take on things. Might give encouragement.

The End of Classical Economics and the need for a

Wall Streeters Sipping Champagne as Protesters Pass Below Their Balcony (video)

Obama picks Shakira for education role

Democrats Ramp Up Calls For Ethics Probe Of Clarence Thomas

With latest ruling, IRS threatens to crush the whole medical marijuana industry - business & goverment interlocking relationships

"I may disagree with what you have to say, but I shall defend to the death your right to say it."

Board of Trade has a message for Occupy Chicago

Cupertino quarry killer on loose - 3 dead, 7 hurt

In 2008 the money was followed, the suspects wiretapped, the investigation swift, arrests certain

Roger Ailes: "I hired Sarah Palin because she was hot and got ratings."

What is your e84? Anyone heard of this? evolv diet products --

Breaking News... I just heard on KCAL News (Los Angeles) Steve Jobs has passed away.

http:// wearethe99percent.tumblr. com/

It's so good to be back involved with a campaign....

Occupy the World: October 15th

Downloadable Occupy Posters

As much as I despise Chase, their fraud Dept caught a big one,

What They've Come to Find at Occupy Wall Street Is America


they really do love her....

Today is October 5, 2011

Steve Jobs has died

Tamron Hall Broadcasting LIVE from Wall Street Today!

Sarah Palin Announcement: The unauthorized version

Sarah Palin thought that hers was an important announcement tonight....

Steve Jobs has passed away. CNN.

Ryan Devereaux : OccuppyWallStreet

Okay, when did Janine Turner turn into Doctor Laura?

New Seasame Street character, Lilly sponsored by Wal-Mart?!

After beating their meat to Sarah, Freepers feel they've gotten raw...

Freepers cry a river of DELICIOUS Scott Tenorman tears over "Palin NOT running in 2012"

Photo of the birth of Supply Side economics....

Psssssst Lady Blah Blah I hope you see the difference between

RIP Steve Jobs....I-Sad

Occupy: 'Here's What We Fucking Want'

Occupy: 'Here's What We Fucking Want'


A LTTE from the Columbus Dispatch

As per KO...NY Times reporter was arrested at OWS.

Tomorrow is October 6th

Horses as a crowd control method...

CNN's Alison Kosik's thoughts on OWS

Paul Krugman's Army has arrived!

Keith Will be at OccupyWallStreet tomorrow

Thank you Mr Jobs

*Mic check*

Back from OWS just now. What kind of coverage did we get?

For those out protesting tonight I am reminded of this

'Occupy Seattle' protesters arrested at Westlake Park

96-Year-Old Tennessee Woman Denied Voter ID Because She Didn’t Have Her Marriage License

Word has come down from the top, hasn't it? Ix-nay on the Occupy Wall Street coverage

NY Transit went to court to protest NYPD using MTA buses to transport arrested protesters!

Comet surprise: Did the sea come from the sky?

Keith O just said he's heading to Wall St. tomorrow nt

“The challenge remains. On the other side are formidable forces: money, political power, ........

Elisabeth Hasselcrack's heart is broken. Sister Sarah won't run for Pres.

While Elizabeth Warren shines, other Democratic Senate contenders also glimmer

When did Senator Obama campaign on "prosecuting the bankers"? I don't remember that.

Per Twiiter Seattle PD and P&R Telling OWS To Vacate Westlake Park


Obama Nominates Judge Patty Shwartz for the United States Court of Appeals for the 3rd Circuit

Did the Wisconsin protests help what is currently happening

Bwah-HAH Quitter thinks she can piggy back on CRISTIE for her way out

Interesting - Twitter is down - any connection to OWS? Overloaded?

Look, people, Hank Jr. needs a job. I have an idea...

Ratigan STFU you haven't started a damn thing

If this was happening in the MIddle East it would be on every network, live. Live feed here:

Fat Tony Decrees :Americans 'should learn to love gridlock'

Keith Olbermann is going to Wall Street Tomorrow!!!!

Illinois Powerbroker On Trial For Alleged Shakedown

Rest in Peace Steve Jobs

Democrats Ramp Up Calls For Ethics Probe Of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas

Steve Jobs made the world more science fictional (io9)

Declaration of the Occupation of New York City

happening right now

Report on the ground at #OWS: weapons possibly drawn by law enforcement; extremely tense situation

Livestream just now- "arrests have been made, possible kettling"

Anyone been watching the OWS media team arrested and in the paddy wagon?

Keith, thank you for reading the OWS demands. . . now I'm ready to join.

Chuck Koch: loaded, doddering asks private Superpac partiers for "a billion dollar donation" (video)

Is a large police presence required at OWS?

RIP Bert Jansch

Two thoughts on repubican politics

Two thoughts on repubican politics

Members of trade unions join Occupy Wall Street protesters - pics

"We have green-hatted NLG Legal Observers watching the #NYPD and protesters."

WH: Statement by President Obama on the Passing of Steve Jobs

Eric Cantor could be starving in front of me, and I wouldn't let him eat the peanuts out of my shit

What would have happened if Washington had asked for a permit

Shame on you Mayor Bloomberg!!!

The police only overreact if you're protesting against the rich

#OWS making their move on Wall St right now

#OWS making their move on Wall St right now

Ed Shultz is in lower Manhattan

Palin's decision not to run evokes wailing on Facebook

Occupy Wall Street Arrests; Fox 5 Crew and Protesters Hit by Mace, Batons

GOP segregation era style voting restrictions could eliminate five million voters

Occupy Anchorage

Arun Gupta, Al Jazeera: The revolution begins at home

Some idiot is yelling in the background on The Ed Show

Double bwah-hah, so *both* Quitter AND Rubio are QUITTING?!1 Gotta love it, my OBAMA!1 n/t

Double bwah-hah, so *both* Quitter AND Rubio are QUITTING?!1 Gotta love it, my OBAMA!1 n/t

Herman Cain: 'If You Don't Have A Job And You're Not Rich, Blame Yourself'

ows bumpersticker-

Plans to bring Wall Street Protests to Houston

Herman Cain to Occupy Wall Street: If you're not rich 'blame yourself'

Feingold endorses Occupy Wall Street -- "This is like the Tea Party — only it’s real."

Russ Feingold endorses Occupy Wall Street: “This will make the Tea Party look like ... a tea party.”

Tolerant or intolerant of homicide

Charlie Chaplin final speech in The Great Dictator

Charlie Chaplin final speech in The Great Dictator

LOL......"Undecided / Don't Know" leading the GOP poll for their Candidate!

Worker's Power on the OWS movement

Apple pays tribute to Steve Jobs.

Bill Gates on Steve Jobs.......

globalrevolution live stream from inside NYPD paddy wagon

Any more questions about from whom the NYPD get their orders?

ladies, do NOT change your name when you marry

Palin not running? A beautiful and talented lady is being deprived!

Dalton McGuinty 10 points ahead of conservatives in Ontario. There will be no conservative trifecta

Know Your Rights - important legal info

From FB, OWS (Jacksonville) being told to vacate Hemming Plaza. Police will arrest "campers"

From FB, OWS (Jacksonville) being told to vacate Hemming Plaza. Police will arrest "campers"

Apple's Steve Wozniak LIVE coming up on ABC Nightline - Heads up!

the power of ONE video --- one earth .org

Hundreds join San Francisco protest of Wall Street - w/pics

Is Eric Cantor a Marxist-Leninist?

Video of Baton Beatings- #OccupyWallStreet (Fox cameraman hit by mace, reporter struck by baton)

Is OWS a socialist movement?

If rich people are the 'job creators,' then where the bloody hell are the JOBS???

Rubio shuts door on VP nod

TEAMSTERS tweet in support of OWS

"I'm a PC." But there's no avoiding the impact Jobs & Apple had on personal computing.

NYPD Manhattan Precincts 1-23 radio communications

Hank III: “The only person out there worthy of mixing political views and music is Jello Biafra.”

Q. for those who might have relevant experience about the best way to respond to the NYPD

Q. for those who might have relevant experience about the best way to respond to the NYPD

Really? "EdReformies – Rockin' Reform Revue"? Led by charter advocates?

Here's to the crazy ones - - - Apple "Think Different" commercial (1997).

Democrats Launch Campaign To Counter Alleged GOP Voter Suppression

Reich: Follow the Money: Behind Europe’s Debt Crisis Lurks Another Giant Bailout of Wall Street

The difference between Horatio Alger stories and Santa Claus stories

We're asking for too much

Toon: How to give somebody the respect they deserve (Steve Jobs)

Here's to the National Lawyers Guild, a tip of the hat!

Oh boy!!!...Free download of Full Report: ‘Analysis of Financial Terrorism in America’

Anyone else watching KO?

Rick Scott's Response To 'The Elizabeth Warren Quote Every American Needs To See'

The Rude Pundit: An Inarticulate Articulation of Why Occupy Wall Street ...

"What if Jobs was one of us..."

Boy, you know Jobs had the best medical care money could buy and it still didn't get him past 56

Be prepared .... next step is for Wall Streeters to actively oppose OWS....

(((PICS))) OWS - Today - Unions, Grannies, Students and PONIES!

A Unified Message for OWS -- as in "Wall St."

Massachusetts Legislature debates archaic law banning birth control for unmarried women

Tweet about Steve Jobs death.

What does being "kettled" mean?

Ted Rall Toon imagines Obama's first day in the White House

Due to recent budgets cuts, the light at the end of the tunnel has been turned off - OWS pics

What He Said.

Nicolle Wallace: Mentally Ill Character Is Based On Palin

I just figured out how Herman Cain came up with his 999 plan.

Is the Jig Up on Wall Street?

Video of cops beating protesters with batons (warning kind of graphic)

Why hasn't Congress castrated this beast?

Rachel leads with Jobs and not OWS? WTF???? nt

Groan. This is what chaps my ass about Dylan Ratigan

'Basic Needs' of a California family cost $63,579/yr?

Limbaugh calls protesters "human debris"

Unlike the bogus astroturf Tea Bagger "revolution," I think OWS is going big.

Who is ready to stand up to Wall Street?

‘Calm down’ about Fast and Furious gun sting, ATF acting director says

Democrats outnumber Republicans nearly 2-to-1 in W. Va. but McCain won by 13 points in 2008

Bloomberg, 4th Richest Person in US Due to Wall Street, Is About to Snap the Mouse Trap Shut on Thos

Reading conservative web sites is really quite amusing. I love, especially, the "Get a Job" crap.

Michelle Obama thanks the Secret Service - story w/pics

We must assume underdog status for 2012, here is why.

Steve Jobs was an alpha male of computers who had many betas.

Borowitz - Palin Decides Not to Run: ‘I Want to Go Straight to the Quitting Part’

"Can't articulate their grievances"?!! READ THE FUCKING SIGNS.

We all know what's coming next...

I am moved to tears and weeping.. A release and relief that we have emerged .

What happened to the jobs bill in the Senate today is like a microcosm of everything wrong in DC:

Seems the police are now breaking up NYC #OWS protest on live feed

When the 1% calls it class warfare we should embrace it and say

Bill 1619: Stop Chinese Manipulation of Currency & 25% Bonus for Their Goods Coming into the US!

The NYPD's actions have proven once again: There is no such thing as a good cop.

Tweets from Occupy: NYPD is barricading zuccotti and threatening arrests, helicopters r hovering

Koch son kills, and gets a misdemeanor....

Koch son kills, and gets a misdemeanor....

Dear OWSers...

I have a question about Herman Cain's Godfather Pizza for Oct. 5, 2011

“No one knows what they want!!1!!”

Jobs was the consummate capitalist

WeROccupyUnited: TREND THIS Protester "a 9 YEAR OLD GIRL has been MASED" in #nyc #occupy

DUers in Austin. OCt 6th, 1pm, Frank, 4th and colorado

Fascism is alive and strong in Utah

Is Bradley Manning still Alive??

Andy Stephenson deserved the superior medical treatment that was granted Steve Jobs.

Barack Obama Was Marching With Civil Rights Icon In Selma, Not With New Black Panthers

The Next Phase of the Occupy Movement is very tricky.

John Boehner Proposes a Tax on OBAMA!

Heads UP! Big Eddie to be broadcasting LIVE from the OWS camp...

Elizabeth Warren: "The people on Wall Street broke this country"

It Seems Fitting To Me That As NYC Was The First Capital And Where Washington Was First Sworn In

MSM planting anti-Occupy phrases in news stories. Look here:

Fred Shuttlesworth has died

1984 Apple Macintosh Commercial

At Least We Know How To Spell!

When asked what OWS wants... if our government would just accept the polls it takes they would know!

Occupy Los Angeles Live Streaming now:

Occupy Wall Street Protests Rock New York City

Should politicians wear uniforms like NASCAR drivers to identify their corporate sponsors?

Should politicians wear uniforms like NASCAR drivers to identify their corporate sponsors?

SWAT team will be at OccupyAustin

KO: "if you're a news operation & you're not covering #OccupyWallStreet tonight, you're not a news

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers Check In!! Brad Friedman in for Mike

Throw out some ideas: what can we do OTHER than march?

Throw out some ideas: what can we do OTHER than march?

Warning-disturbing child abuse. My gut response is quite inappropriate for DU.

Schadenfreude time!!! Freeper reactions to Palin not running

What the Koch Brothers have done is TREASON, plain and simple

Check in if you're posting from an Apple product

NYPD are attacking protesters again with Pepper spray

Ex-teacher loses lawsuit against Mount Vernon schools

Steve Jobs: "Death is very likely the single best invention of Life."

What are your thoughts on this video making the rounds?

Lady Gaga's Story to Get Lifetime Movie Treatment

Sorry, I was wrong about #OccupyWallStreet

The Italian prosecutors are appealing the Amanda Knox verdict?

Heartbreaking message sent to my sister who works in Gov. assistance

I've decided I'm not running for president

I've decided I'm not running for president

Whistleblower Lawsuit Takes on Banks Nationwide That Cheated Taxpayers, Veterans Out of Hundreds of

Suffer from chronic pain? Many of us do and we take it like good

So OWS has successfully got the attention of Wall Street and America. Now what?

The juxtaposition of the praise for Steve Jobs and OWS is blowing my mind

Two big mountain cats kicking back on California lawn

Two big mountain cats kicking back on California lawn

For those who say OWS needs to define their message

For those who say OWS needs to define their message

Prez: "What's the problem? They just had a week off . . . "

Kercher/Knox: A 21st Century Feminist Nightmare

Republicans withhold funds for reproductive health

Tonight on Countdown: NYC March draws close to 15,000, Unions join, Students walk out

10 month old baby girl kidnapped, no luck in search for her

Quitter quits on Freepers, hilarious tantrums result

CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE Planned In Today's Occupy Wall St. March

Obama Administration Delivers Potentially Crushing Blow to Entire Medical Marijuana Industry!

Libyan Revolution Week 33 part 3

Libyan Revolution Week 33 part 3

College students, nurses to join Occupy Boston protests

College students, nurses to join Occupy Boston protests

"The Occupied Wall Street Journal"

Protestors’ Message Pretty Simple and Clear: Enough Is Enough

How much difference is there between the Democratic and Republican parties?

Email from Van Jones - Rebuild The Dream, MoveOn: March On Wall Street

Email from Van Jones - Rebuild The Dream, MoveOn: March On Wall Street

Since MSM has mostly ignored the Occupy movement - today I won't watch msm - but the Live Feed!

UFT Throwing in with OWS.

PBS NewsHour will lead the show with the OWS protests again! This time in DC

McCain Campaign Considered Not Letting Palin Be Sworn In if They Won

DU Occupies Wall Street in NYC this Saturday 10/8/11! Join Us!!!

From Watch Live Feed from NY...

If the occupy wall street doesn't want the msm to define them

OWS: A possible synthesis of those who disagree about Obama.

Chicago Traders Respond to Protesters With Sign Reading 'We Are The 1%' - pic

OccupyPortland (OR) begins tomorrow

I would like to start Occupy Brussels - but I need some help

When cats attack

How can you mend a broken heart?

For the musical minded...

Scratching my head

Greatest Random Out-of-Nowhere Deaths in Science Fiction and Fantasy

Friendly's declares bankruptcy, closing 63 restaurants

I'll tell you why "Bless you" after sneezing persists?

Chaz survives another week on DWTS

How do you pronounce "root?"

A happy cat? Your cat mugging you?

PHOTO: "Well, HERE'S your've got frogs!"

Businesses are real quick to take your money ...

wonder what would happen if a hedge fund company took over a religious sect?

How do you pronounce the word 'aunt'

How do you pronounce route?

Can anyone tell me how to change font size in a post?

My first attempt at YouTube..

Almost as cute as my puppy

I just rewatched Season #3 of True Blood and I have this much to say...

How do you pronouce 'creek'

How do you pronounce "crêpe"?

How old were your kids when you told them where they REALLY came from? I was seven when I was told I

How old were your kids when they told you Santa wasn't true?

How do you pronounce 'rug'

How do you pronounce "pronounce" ?

Got my flu shot today.


Tesla's cat

You say 'tuh-MAY-toh', I say 'tuh-MAH-toh'

How do you pronounce "humuhumunukunukuapua'a"?

A cross between...actually, I don't know what it is a cross between

Dr. Seuss would not approve

strawberry carnation, banana, smoothie

Leeroy Jenkins - "at least I have chicken"

How do you pronounce 'caramel'

So I tried watching SNL with host Melissa McCarthy on HULU

How do you pronounce acetyl seryl tyrosyl seryl isoleucyl threonyl serylprolyl

Has anyone here ever make a Popscicle Stick Bomb?

Damn. It's already dark outside.

Breaking: Steve Jobs is dead at 56 ---RIP

Daft Punk - Around The World

Banana Jr 6000 - Bloom County

So I'm in the drive-thru at In-N-Out Burger...

We're Alive. Take comfort in that.


What the hell did I just watch on FX? (no spoilers)

this is photographic ART, you wannabe critics!

New fashion fad: cHats

He's always this way after a Steven King thriller

what is the difference between a creek and a stream?

Tampa Bay Rays owner calls out his worthless fanbase:

Every ache and pain counts, or "How I found out I have Cancer"

How do you pronounce I'm on vacation!!!!

So my ancient elderly Retired teacher never-married sister tried to snob me out about

Lemurific !

OMG--Jeannie just brought a small plastic kitty that poops jelly beans

Top 10 Dating Advice...from ANIMALS!

How do you pronounce 'pajamas'

The Legend of the Star Wars Holiday Special

Now that Deep Space Nine is available for streaming on NetFlix..

How soon until the "You know ....Steve Jobs was actually frozen" rumors start?

How do you pronouce 'shit'?

So I got an iPad!

How do you pronounce chutzpah?

How do you pronounce Grand Prix?

I apologize if this has already been posted, but this is the FUNNIEST

Aw, character actor Charles Napier has died

27 string guitar

Prayers, Vibes, etc..for my 16 yoa son.....

There are only TWO constants in life: #1. You don't mess around with Jim!!!

PHOTOS: Until today, I never had much of an interest in Bavaria.

How do you pronounce "chowder"?

After AA's bankruptcy scare, voila, VP Flight reveals "offer"

Gov. Rick Scott changes the math for '700,000 jobs'

Norquist calls attacks from GOP congressman ‘disgusting’

Lifetime Network airing RIGHT Now TV-movie

U.S. "close to faltering," Fed ready to act: Bernanke

Extra digits in a phone number?

Poll: 1 in 3 vets sees Iraq, Afghan wars as wastes

Planned Layoffs Surged in September to 29-Month High

GOP files complaint against Nelson (D-Ne)

Iraq, Afghanistan wars not worth fighting, many vets say

(Death penalty) An Appeal Gone Astray Catches the Supreme Court’s Attention

Greece: Riot Police Called Amid Major Strike

Phone hacking victims to face scandal inquiry live on television

Warren Buffett challenges Rupert Murdoch to release tax returns

Val Demings gets EMILY’s List nod in 8th District

Val Demings gets EMILY’s List nod in 8th District

Afghans say Karzai assassination plot foiled

Nelson (D-Ne) gets heat on GAO cuts

Multimillionaire 85 year-old Spanish duchess marries for the third time;

Suit: Pipeline work jumps gun (Keystone XL violates the National Environmental Policy Act)

How Rick Scott counts to 700,000 jobs

Obama Waives Curbs on Aid to Countries Using Child Soldiers

Obama signs temporary spending bill

Report shows service firms cut workers last month

Monitor Must Oversee Fire Dept. Hiring Practices, Judge Rules

'Lord' Edward Davenport (home was used for 'The King's Speech') jailed for multimillion-pound fraud

Perry Campaign Reports $17 Million Haul

Civil rights leader Shuttlesworth dies

Announced U.S. Job Cuts Rise 212% From Year Ago, Challenger Says

Reid Proposes Surtax on ‘the Richest’ to Pay for Jobs Plan

Monsanto reports 4Q loss, will restate earnings

BP Has 2 European Refinery Fires in 3 Days

Police search for gunman who killed 3, injured 6 in Calif. quarry shooting

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Libya mass grave discovered near Misrata

AP: Steve Jobs Has Died

President Obama goes on the attack, to Democrats’ delight

Steve Jobs has died

Steve Jobs: Ex-Apple CEO Dies

Labor Unions Join ‘Occupy Wall Street’ Protest for Huge March (Draws Close to 15,000, Per ABC News)

FL Gov. Rick Scott e-mails 'cleaned out' from third source

Napolitano defends Secure Communities immigration strategy

Senate Democrats add millionaire tax to jobs bill

U.S. civil rights leader Fred Shuttlesworth dies

Warren stands firm in debate

Ron Paul raises $8 million in 3 months

To occupy Wall Street, occupy the internet first

Iraq denies immunity for US troops after 2011

Canada-U.S. border security deal talks continue

TransCanada raises lawsuit threat (oil sand pipeline)

Rep. Earl Blumenauer, Democrats, demand ethics probe of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas

Samsung to seek iPhone 4S bans in France, Italy

Former US marine smuggled up to 80 guns for UK criminals, court told

Health executive lobbied in Washington to advance Medicare fraud scheme

Solyndra e-mails: Dept. of Energy was poised to approve $469 million for firm

Posting of employee rights notice now required on Jan. 31; (NLRB) Board postpones deadline

LA protesters get official support from city

Guantánamo film shows plight of Canadian national detained at 15

Prince Harry to begin Apache helicopter training in California

Sarah Palin Announces That She Is Not Running For President

Hundreds join SF protest of Wall Street

Rick Perry raises $17 million in third fundraising quarter

Occupy Wall Street Arrests; Fox 5 Crew and Protesters Hit by Mace, Batons

Poll sees a new low in Americans’ approval of Congress

Minn. businessman Kenneth Dahlberg, WWII ace and inadvertent Watergate figure, dies at 94

Roger Ailes: I Hired Sarah Palin Because She Was 'Hot And Got Ratings'

California gay-rights group won't seek repeal of Prop. 8 in 2012

IRS ruling strikes fear in medical marijuana industry

Police: 2 dead in Calif. workplace shooting

BREAKING NEWS: Apple says former CEO and founder Steve Jobs has died

Man released after murder conviction overturned

Washroom graffiti only. Post a pic of washroom graffiti.

What's your favorite bug and why?

PHOTO: Reason #992 why you should NEVER spend money on a pet store "cat bed."

The Federal Government ‘Ardently Supports’ Medical Marijuana Research? Who Knew?

96-year-old Chattanooga resident denied voting ID

A.C. Nielsen Jr., Who Built Ratings Firm, Dies at 92

Ridiculed crystal work wins Nobel for Israeli

Friendly's Files Bankruptcy, Closing 60+ Stores

Bob Dylan now favourite to take the Nobel prize for literature

CSMonitor Economist Mom: Cain's 999 plan: Not sane tax policy

Assault ruling upheld against Arizona border rancher

MSNBC: Rick Perry raised $17.1 million in the third quarter outpacing Romney

Cain is NOT a serious candidate for President hears why

Russ Feingold endorses Occupy Wall Street: “This will make the Tea Party look like ... a tea party.”

A Democratic senator...

Quote of the day: Elizabeth Warren on Scott Brown

Trying to Fix Presidential Elections

Michele Bachmann secedes North Dakota

ABC News/Washington Post poll: Obama Gains vs. GOP on Jobs as Congress Hits a New Low

‘The silent masses aren’t so silent anymore’

I don't know if all three are in the top 1%, but they are close, and have been the most critical.

Geithner: We will 'prevail' over banks

Damn!!! Damn! CBS News just announced that Sarah Palin

'Occupy Seattle' Protesters Clash With Police

Obama's Chief of Staff: William M. Daley

Tuesday: Hank Williams Jr. apologizes for Hitler-Obama comparison

The Queen of Quits Quitity Quit Message of Quit. Official.

This beats her record. Palin quit the race before she even got in it.

Steve Jobs just wiped Sarah Palin's name off the top stories everywhere.

Herman Cain, Stealth Birfer??

Seriously, can't any one talking head stand up for POTUS???

Seriously, can't any one talking head stand up for POTUS???

self delete

Pressing for better quality across healthcare - LA Times

Do The Republican Debates Remind You of those Old Celebrity Jeopardy Skits on SNL?

President Obama on the Passing of Steve Jobs: "He changed the way each of us sees the world."

President Obama Waives Penalties On Countries That Use Child Soldiers

My son is tuned in to the real reason why the Repubs hate Obama.

Anyone watching Ed see the jackass yelling at him GO HOME ED!!!

Sarah Palin not running. Releases statement tonight. Just now on CBS Evening News.

Political Cartoonist Tom Toles on Cain's '999 Plan'

Watch the Take Back the American Dream Conference LIVE online or Free Speech TV

The Plum Line: Democrats are playing politics on jobs. And that’s a good thing

Obama Administration's Electric Transmission Announcement can be Good News for Renewables...

DN! A War of Voting: Could Redistricting and Voting Law Changes Help Republicans Win in 2012?

Rev. Fred Shuttlesworth died today

Strip club suggests UK students bare all to pay tuition

Thom Hartmann: United Steelworkers are for in Occupy Wall Street

Occupy Wall Street Day 16 October 3, 2011

Sanders talks to Bernanke about Occupy Wall Street

Michael Moore's Fourth Visit to #OccupyWallStreet (Day 18, 10/4/11)

Thom Hartmann: Occupy Wall Street & The Real Boston Tea Party

The Strange Powers of the Placebo Effect

Live Comedy Performance at Occupy Wall Street

Trump is such a loser. They showed a clip on Ed Show

Wall St. Protests are Nothing New.....What matters is if Democratic Pols pick up the ball

For anyone worried about this (including me)-you can stop now. Marco Rubio is NOT going to be VP:

Max Keiser's advice to leaders of #occupywallstreet

OCCUPY WALL STREET Protester End the Fed - Best Rant!

Pullout Put Off: US ignores 2014 Afghan exit deadline

Thom Hartmann: Occupy ''Jail Cell'' Wall Street

Interview with "Let Him Die" Tea Party Member and Ron Paul Supporter

#Occupy Wall Street to Main Street

Sign of the Times: Sesame Street Creates Muppet To Discuss Food Insecurity

Jobs Not Cuts Rally - Woman cries and pleads "Save our babies!" as Van Jones comforts her

Campaign In 100 Seconds: Whatever Happened To Sarah Palin?

Papantonio: No-Tax, No-Regulation Tea Partiers Are Killing America

The GOP Vagina Rules

Papantonio: Chris Christie’s Koch Addiction

Raining Revolution

To Conservatives 4 Palin

Keep Your Eyes on the Prize

Shell's delayed cleanup of the Niger Delta

Steve Jobs Dead: RIP 1955-2011; his life and career

Reverend Billy Occupies Wall Street

The Leaderless Protest....

Walking To Work - A Poster From Anonymous

Sanders on MSNBC: Occupy Wall Street

Here lies Sarah Palin's relevancy (August 29, 2008 - October 5, 2011)

Steve Jobs Stanford Commencement Speech 2005

Occupy Dayton, Ohio Rally At Courthouse Square

Geithner does not sympathize with Occupy Wall St movement

Thom Hartmann: First they ignore, then ridicule, then fight you - then you win

Herman Cain to "Occupy Wall Street" protesters: Don't blame Wall St, blame yourself

Uh why wouldn't someone run against Obama if he is so "landslideable"

Occupied Wallstreet doen't help the President

TYT University: Affirmative Action Bake Sale - College (R) President Follow-Up

OCCUPY AMERICA: Are you a real American?

Occupy wall street 10/5 police action

GOP Rep. Frank Wolf slams Grover Norquist

Eminem: Occupy America. It's only the beginning

Main Street America is Rising Up

Dayton, Ohio Officially Becomes “Immigrant Friendly”

RIP Steve Jobs 1955-2011

OWS Protests Oct 5- Police LOSE IT

Occupy Boston - F*CK THE FED!!

Louise Slaughter (D-NY) Calls For Investigation Into Clarence Thomas Filing False Financial Reports

Obama Waives Curbs on Aid to Countries Using Child Soldiers

Steve Jobs' 2005 Stanford Commencement Address

Teabagger that defended Hank Williams Jr Comparing Obama to Hitler Makes Worst Persons

The 99 Percent Movement vs. Corporate Media Disdain

Guns Don't Kill People, Liberals Kill People?

Luke Rudkowski Attacked by Police, Baton to the Gut at Occupy Wall Street Arrests

NYPD Officer on Wall Street bragging "My little nightstick's going to get a workout tonight"

Obama calls new GOP voting changes a “big mistake” and instructs DOJ to Investigate

cops beating and pepper spraying people at occupy wall street protest

Want to understand the Obama presidency? Watch "Blazing Saddles."

Louise Slaughter tells KO about a plan for retroactive abortion for Citizens United!

Keith Olbermann Reads The Statement Released By The Wall Street Protesters - 2011-10-05

Limbaugh loses control of show to liberal caller, goes insane

Christie will be elected president in 2016.

Gabrielle Giffords to visit White House for husband Mark Kelly’s retirement ceremony

Poll: 1 in 3 vets sees Iraq, Afghan wars as wastes

Amy Goodman: Policing the Prophets of Wall Street

Greenpeace Calls for Congressional Investigation of Koch's Illegal Practices

Reverse decision to try 12 y/o Cristian Fernandez as an adult

Why 2012 will shake up Asia and the world

Tamaron Hall, MSNBC, shared a link talking with "Occupy Wall Street" organizer Harrison Schultz

Good Conversation About Occupy Wall Street Purpose

For Amanda Knox, freedom comes at hefty cost

The Reign of the One Percenters: Income inequality and the death of culture in New York City

President Normal May Soon Rule France

Steve Jobs Dead: RIP 1955-2011; his life and career. A Next Media Animation TV

Occupy Seattle protests beset first by rain, now by loss of tents

"If the South Would have Won.” The NFL and Hank Williams, Jr.

The Real Reason Why Police Cage Peaceful Protestors

On the world stage, Obama the idealist has taken fright

Freddie and Fannie Reject Debt Relief.

Why the unhappiness with Obama?

Bernie Sanders:Keep Americans warm this winter

India promises to prop up Karzai