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Archives: October 25, 2011

Rick Perry’s Fix: 20% Flat Tax, Cap Spending at 18% of GDP

Think tank retracts study on marijuana clinics.....rand corp.

Medical help for illegal immigrants could haunt Mitt Romney

Serial rapist attacking African-American sorority alumnae, cops say

TONIGHT - Charlie Rose interviews Chris Hedges and Amy Goodman about OWS!!!

"We're calling him Governor 1 Percent,

Cubans test official limits on criticism

Up to 20 million tons of debris from Japan’s tsunami moving toward Hawaii

Self-deleted by member

Transitional Council Failing to Secure Weapons - Stockpiles of Surface-to-Air Missiles, Other Arms

Apple TV Effort Said to Be Led By ITunes Creator

LOL! Would you like to have this for a neighbor?

Winter tires...

Voters with housing woes giving up on politicians

Wisconsin: Wide-ranging bill pits business against green interests

This LSD Love Guru Gave Steve Jobs His “Reality Distortion Field”

In Libya, Massacre Site Is Cleaned Up, Not Investigated

Somebody's been BAD!

Survey: Economists more bleak about US economy

No deal yet on euro crisis as the danger grows

St. Paul’s Cathedral issues prophets warning

OWS-Public Opinion Project

Wall Street Merchants Say Spreading Protests Throttle Sales, Threaten Jobs

Police are going after #occupyOakland right now (4:45amPT):

the guys who are being occupied in chicago win in springfield

Police arrest protesters, tear down Occupy Oakland

Police arrest protesters, tear down Occupy Oakland CA tent city - Live at GlobalRevolution

Guardian UK: Occupy Wall Street puts spotlight on police stop-and-frisk tactics

Guardian UK: Occupy Wall Street puts spotlight on police stop-and-frisk tactics

Guardian UK: Occupy Wall Street puts spotlight on police stop-and-frisk tactics

What an overdose of KochCain

Racial Profiling on an “Industrial Scale”: FBI Using Census Data to

Why Not Shift the Burden to Big Spenders? Aka The Progressive Consumption Tax

Wait, what?

Wait, what?

Ixquick Scores Another First: Encrypts ALL Searches

The man behind @JohnBoehner’s Twitter feed

Last Javan rhino in Vietnam killed for horn

Best summation of the global financial crisis out there.

Alabama Immigration Law: Opponents Rally Around Deli Owner, Latino Workers

Perkins: The President Must Be Christian

GOP takes second crack at labor board

cartoons OWS

cartoons OWS

We bail out banks, but not desperate students

Outstanding editorial in today's Times Union: Occupy Albany’s right to protest

A MESSAGE TO ALL HUMANS• The Greatest Speech Ever Made

A MESSAGE TO ALL HUMANS• The Greatest Speech Ever Made

RidicuList: Courtney's Halloween haters

Oil giant BP reaches 'turning point'

Oil giant BP reaches 'turning point'

Oil giant BP reaches 'turning point'

Michael Moore calls Obama's first term "heartbreaking". (Audio)

Jobs Won’t Kill, HR822 Will!

The Mystery of the Missing Candidate: Caion Operation Missing in key States

Tim Field, a pioneer in bringing attention to workplace bullying, is no longer with us.

Rubio Tries To Clarify How His Family Left Cuba

‘Torture’ Judge Gets $3.4 Million Legal Defense for Free - Shrub, the man still affects us all,,,

Rosie O'Donell is putting on a great show on OWN. Naomi Wolf

Cain's 9-9-9 plan

Cain's 9-9-9 plan

Why Do You Pay $1.2 Trillion a Year to Prop Up a Vast, Secretive National Security State?

Anyone have the scoop on an "Internet Blacklist Bill"?

The Rude Pundit: A Brief Exegesis of a Herman Cain Campaign Video

The Rude Pundit: A Brief Exegesis of a Herman Cain Campaign Video

BREAKING: Oakland Police Use Rubber Bullets, Flash Grenades, And Smoke Bombs To Evict Occupy Oakland

Anyone have the scoop on an "Internet Blacklist Bill"???

Oakland PD use teargas and LRAD on Occupy protesters.

Oakland PD use teargas and LRAD on Occupy protesters.

Urgent Action: Oppose "PROTECT-IP ACT:" (Could shut down Twitter/YouTube) over Copywrite Laws

AUTHORIZED BY OWSGA: The Occupied Wall Street Journal has a new web site

AUTHORIZED BY OWSGA: The Occupied Wall Street Journal has a new web site

One57 (NY skyscraper) condos offering bargain prices: $6000 per square foot.

Taxing the poor has become a badge of honor among conservatives

To all those who were gung-ho to "let's go over to Iraq and kick butt,"

Internet Blacklist bill coming soon!

US to dismantle last of its most powerful nuclear bombs -- a year ahead of schedule

Increasing Occupy's Appeal

Wall Street firms top list of popular baby names

BREAKING: Occupy Oakland Being Evicted By Cops Right Now, See The Live Stream Here

A running total of the Occupy related arrests.

Judge blocks Fla.'s new welfare drug testing law

Thom Hartman covering Oakland on the radio

Outside Cleveland, Snapshots of Poverty’s Surge in the Suburbs

Priceless: NYPD blaming OWS for increase in murders

Priceless: NYPD blaming OWS for increase in murders

Why Bill Maher Supports #OccupyWallStreet (this is hilarious)

A message from the 2%...

Fact: All Unions Combined Spent LESS This Year Than The Chamber of Commerce Did

Occupy San Jose protester refusing to come down off City Hall wall

SPECIAL REPORT: Out-of-State Corporate Money Floods Ohio Battle Over Anti-Collective Bargaining Bill

St. Louis Tea Party Rally last month

Slavery, coporate personhood...

Which would you rather buy?

Nader said there was little difference between Bush* and Gore but he didn't provide a link.



Occupy Oakland Police use gas, mass arrests!

Prick Perry is more like the Afterbirther...

Portland school board approves ANTI-WAR recruiting in schools

Jay Leno's joke before two Love Ride bikers die hits a nerve

Danziger Toon- Graham and McCain explain why we should stay in Iraq

Danziger Toon- Graham and McCain explain why we should stay in Iraq

How to Speak Republican

George W. Bush war crime prosecution blocked in B.C.

Campaign Challenges Major League Baseball to Stop Giving Glenn Beck a Platform to Spew Hate

Twelve Pretty Racist Or Just Crazy Quotes From Pat Buchanan’s New Book

Steve Colbert was fantastic last night ....

Does anybody think that the multifarious contradictions and flip-flops

#occupyOakland is nasty and getting worse:

7 crazy gut-busters for National Greasy Foods Day

Cash Transactions Banned by Louisiana: Government Takes Private Property Without Due Process

we are bringing our boys home

Excellent Houston Press blog comment on Occupy Houston...

Why we support OWS: Strong words from Elizabeth Warren and others

Coming soon to a city near you: HOT Lanes - GOP solution to traffic (Atlanta)

Coming soon to a city near you: HOT Lanes - GOP solution to traffic (Atlanta)

Lockheed wins £642 million defence contract

Would Republican deregulators do away with traffic lights and stop signs?

How Many Slaves Work for You?

Can anyone explain HARP to me?

Wisconsin: Walker uses tax dollars for self-promotion web site.

I figured out the Cain "smoker" ad.

Mastering Chess: Deliberate Practice Is Necessary but Not Sufficient, Psychologists Find

President Obama 'Won't Wait' For Congress on Veteran Job Creation Either--Will Take Executive Action

Paul Krugman in The Onion??? This Sure Is A Spooky Time For The Economy

Not One Legal Secretary Surveyed Preferred Working with Women Partners; Prof Offers Reasons Why

Not One Legal Secretary Surveyed Preferred Working with Women Partners; Prof Offers Reasons Why

Chart of the Day: Reagan Loved Tax Hikes

Doctors Reluctant to Treat Unvaccinated Children, Study Shows

Effort to repeal SB5, Ohio's new collective bargaining law, has huge lead; support for Kasich drops

Join Color of Change in Demanding MSNBC fire Pat Buchanan

Banks charging crazy new fees because THEY HAVE TOO MUCH MONEY.

10th Anniversary of Patriot Act: Never has our government been less accountable to We the People.

A Fire Sale for Arsonists: The "Revised" Bank Mortgage Settlement Still Stinks

Teabaggin' Mike Lee (R-UT) wants a Super PAC for his PAC (unlimited corporate contributions)

9 Tips Before You Switch To A Credit Union

Allegations mount against S.F. mayor

Is capitalism destroying itself?

Scott Walker's Recall Plan: Rake in Unlimited Cash

Have I missed anything?

Crosby,Stills,Grace Slick,Joni Mitchell on Dick Cavett-1969

My final choices in the SF election.

Funny dichotomy at Zuccotti Park a couple weeks ago..

Republicans Propose Selling Federal Lands To Reduce The Deficit

Steve Jobs to Rupert Murdoch: ‘You’re blowing it with Fox News’

Since the GOPers have no real answers for JOBs..all they do is lip shit us about it

Texas sexual assaults appear to target sorority's alumnae

The GOP's War On Women In One Graphic

One Of The Biggest Reasons People Are Mad Enough To Protest In One Eye-Opening Clip

Anonymous’ vows to ‘destroy’ Fox News website on Nov. 5th

"It's fun to poke at him"

UTMB offers patient a ticket to Mexico

Halliburton Built Pipeline System in Libya -- Did they Build the One in Which Ghaddafi was Found?

An Unreasonable Man - Ralph Nader Documentary

You like pipelines, don't you?

Cain's new campaign ad features some guy smoking. I wonder if it is trying

EU rebukes US Congress over airline emissions rules

Obama campaign rally pic photoshopped on Natl Org for Marriage website!

Imagine there's no's easy, if you try... October 24, 1973: John Lennon sues the FBI

Obama Administration Clears Way for Wave of Industrial Offshore Oil Drilling in Arctic

Occupy San diego surrounded

Elizabeth Warren: "I created much of the intellectual foundation for what [OWS] do."

Useing chemical weapons against their own people. Saddam Hussain?

Birther Oathkeeper Convicted In Attempted Courthouse Takeover

Elizabeth Warren: OWS - "I support what they do.”

Tepco manuals point to critical safety lapses

i'm so amused listening to these republican wannabes whine about Obama's foreign policy

Boeing's 787 accounting tricks

Why Is #OccupyWallStreet So Important To Our Future?

Republicans' Anti-Working Class Agenda Not Resonating with Voters for Some Reason

Did anyone just watch the beginning of Dylan Ratigan show?

Occupy Chicago’ protesters confront Rahm’s chief of staff

Robert Bork, what a venal, hateful man.

Flat tax only if SS cap is abolished

Happy Halloween week

Obama hire Broderick Johnson was Keystone XL Lobbyist; “It Stinks” Says Bill McKibben

Roubini: Europe Could Face Major Crash, Advanced Economies Likely To Slip Into Recession

Orlando Jones: Liberals Should Kill Sarah Palin

Please sign the petition requesting MSNBC fire racist Pat Buchanan

U.S. Probes Tech Company Linked to Syria

Toronto votes to ban use of shark fin

Did Hell just freeze over? You decide.

Is our economy so screwed up that it cannot be fixed??

Occupy Oakland routed

Obama education money is rejected

Tulsa Woman Arrested for Gawking

"Losers": Televangelist Pat Robertson Calls GOP Field TOO "EXTREME" To Win General Election

Georgia Birther/Oath Keeper convicted in plot ot seize courthouse and force Obama out of office

NPR’s Slow Slide to the Right

I am the 99%. In a system that works.

Oh look!!!! IT IS THE SYSTEM

Funniest headline EVER !1!

AL FRANKEN WANTS YOU to support Elizabeth Warren (great Warren video)

I got a robocall from Herman Cain about an hour ago

Berlusconi government on verge of collapse over EU economic reforms

Looking good...

Looking good...

How you can help recall Scott Walker without spending a dime, making a call or knocking on a door.

How you can help recall Scott Walker without spending a dime, making a call or knocking on a door.

Occupy Photos From Around The World

If you are stressed out, if you have trouble sleeping..... get a downloader, strip the mp3

If you are stressed out, if you have trouble sleeping..... get a downloader, strip the mp3

(Star) Parker Blames Sexual Promiscuity For Poverty, Government Spending, All Social Problems

Tempe generator maker to expand headquarters

Tempe generator maker to expand headquarters

Today's Republicans Embrace Articles of Confederation (A Failed State), Not the Constitution (huffp

PAUL KRUGMAN: "I’ve been getting mail accusing me of consorting with Nazis"

Local Headlines in Philly:

The Empire Strikes Out

Obama will act alone to help economy, Carney says

((PIC))) The Occupation has a Message for Tuesday:

((PIC))) The Occupation has a Message for Tuesday:

Missing Co-Ed was hit and run victim

Gawd I Luv This Place... Great Site 'Work That Needs Doing'

Uh oh, a Two and a Half Men thread

What took so long?

Toles Toon: Now the houses really are haunted

Toles Toon: Now the houses really are haunted

Liberalism is dead in America. Long live the oligarchy

Liberalism is dead in America. Long live the oligarchy

I'd like to move my money... but how exactly?

Fox "News’s" Megyn Kelly: Most amazing question/non-question in TV history

Researchers Identify Mysterious Life Forms in the Extreme Deep Sea

Most powerful US nuclear bomb dismantled

And now for some coal strip mining through a salmon-spawning stream

Heh. Zakheim snaps at Bremer about Libya

CBC: Six deposed dictators: Where are they now?

CBC: Six deposed dictators: Where are they now?

Keith Olbermann: Fox News Is A 'Political Whorehouse' (VIDEO)

Keith Olbermann: Fox News Is A 'Political Whorehouse' (VIDEO)

Hugs available here.

AtlanticWire: Obama Has Actually Raised More Money from Wall Street Than Romney

AtlanticWire: Obama Has Actually Raised More Money from Wall Street Than Romney

San Diego City Council WALKS OUT on Occupy San Diego!!!

9th Circuit: Corporations Can Be Sued For Human Rights Violations Abroad

9th Circuit: Corporations Can Be Sued For Human Rights Violations Abroad

Church Of Scientology Investigated 'South Park' Creators

Alabama governor does NOT want the immigration law to dominate his legacy!

Cool idea to show just who the 99% is

China Almost Kills Premier U.S. Solar Company

Obama's appearance on Leno: a sneak peek

a caller on the Diane Rehm show today

How HR 358, the Let Women Die Act 2011, Violates International Human Rights Standards

Glenn Greenwald: Why Is the Elite Class Protected Under America's Justice System?

New Senior Adviser for Obama Campaign Lobbied for Keystone Pipeline, Comcast Merger by Jon Collins

Occupy Wall Street: If South Americans Can Reform Their Constitutions, Then Why Not Us?

Beyond OWS: 11 American Uprisings You've [may] Never Heard of That Changed the World

We need more people like Jeff Monson! (OWS Inspired)

Andy Rooney Hospitalized: CBS Legend Suffered Serious Complications From Surgery

THe White House hates liberals sides with GOP on HUGE TAX ISSUE

Bay Area man gets stuck in baby swing at park for nine hours

Wow... What A Pic...

What in the HELL has happened to DU?

NYT/Editorial: A Good Approach on Wall Street

The lover of suicide-or-murder victim Rebeccah Zahau was on the FDA's approval commission

The lover of suicide-or-murder victim Rebeccah Zahau was on the FDA's approval commission

25 Reasons Why Police Never Showed Up at Teabagger Rallies

Republican's Score On Job Creation!


On Ari Flesher said with flat tax ideas republicans can run on being the "Change" against

WI Republicans against green jobs.

The explosion of wealth enjoyed by that top 1 percent is really something to behold.

Texas Considers God & Confederate Flag License Plates

Dont have a good feeling about this Oakland protest

So Pat Buchanan posted an editorial today...

Michael Moore on CNN Piers Morgan Show tonight

Rachel is chewing up Romney & spitting him out

Rachel Maddow had her final segment on the big US bomb...


Just wanted to share my FB status...

Obama endorses GOP conservative Jobs Bill

Conservative Latino Leader Quits GOP In Texas

phone rings... hi, is fred there?

Massive Lego Man Washes Up on Florida Beach

Breitbart tv...warning. Bet this is an agent provocateour?

"Pipeline to the Apocalypse" pics

U.S. Expected to Charge Executive Tied to Galleon Case

Just found out on Smartvoter that Maxine Waters will be my Congressperson in a few weeks!

VIDEO: The 9 Craziest Things Herman Cain Has Ever Said

Oakland: Our Cairo? See the livetream right now:

Flash grenades and rubber bullets at Occupy Oakland!

Call for old timers

Urgent: Fresno, CA Homeless need your help, especially if you can get to Fresno


Will #OccupyWallStreet be Time Magazine's "Person of the Year"?

The Ozone hole was discovered 25 years ago

WTF is wrong with Obama. LOOK AT THIS!!! RIDICULOUS!

Piers Morgan Has Michael Moore On And The Show Is Fantastic.....

Is it the French Revolution yet?

Religious right group stealing photos from Obama rallies

Tell MSNBC: Fire Pat Buchanan

The police state is moving on Occupy Oakland & Baltimore tonight

Former Goldman Director Expected To Face Criminal Charges, Source Says

After 42 years: A Libyan American poet commemorates the overthrow of Kadafi

After 42 years: A Libyan American poet commemorates the overthrow of Kadafi

Steven Pinker: Humans are less violent than ever

Tear gas fired into oakland crowd

Is Occupy reaching critical mass?

The Joy of Freepers: Is this some alien death ray?

Ex-Goldman director Gupta reportedly facing criminal charges

Police moving in Oakland CA Occupy Site - OccupyOakland

National Organization For Marriage STEALS Image From Obama Rally

Slimey Hermann Cain ad

Last 24 hours to vote on the October photo contest preliminaries.

Meta comment on OWS.

CBO: Top 1% getting exponentially richer

tired of this Charlie Brown?.....try this.....

I know that I should be grateful to be employed, but too many months of stupid hours with no ot pay

Possible study of anthrax vaccine’s effectiveness in children stirs debate

Occupy Oakland collides with police - video

The contempory relevance of Marxism

Thank you, Koch Brothers! (Really!)

Facebook links for OccupyMarines OccupyNavy OccupyAirforce (they need "likes")

This Modern World - "Suck it Up, Whiners!"

Facebook links for OccupyMarines OccupyNavy OccupyAirforce

It's the corporate corruption, idiots!

It's the corporate corruption, idiots!

It's the corporate corruption, idiots!

America’s an addict, out-of-control, doesn’t care who gets hurts

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

DUers, Thank you for caring, about every damn thing that

Apparently a sound cannon being deployed in Oakland.

For those confused as to why the Rubio story is so important

Video of teargassing in Oakland Occupy rally a short time ago from ABC - good quality

You know who else occupied places? The Nazis, that's who

I'm not saying you must be high to read freerepublic,

police are making their move on Oakland OWS

police are making their move on Oakland OWS

Live aerial view: THOUSANDS on the streets of Oakland. #OccupyOakland

Why Is the CIA Keeping Climate Change Data Secret?

Student loans add to angst at Occupy Wall Street

Nurses Condemn Chicago Mayor Emanuel for Arrest Of Nurses, Medical Volunteers at Occupy Chicago

This photo, woman in wheelchair

Attention peeps there is coordination here

How the Austerity Class Rules Washington

Well, today I joined the ranks of the unemployed.

For those thinking of exercising 1st amendment right,

DU PM Funtime

Timeline Of The Oakland Police Action So Far...

300 Colorado Homeowners Close Their Accounts at Wells Fargo

Tuesday Toon Roundup 4 - The rest

Tuesday Toon Roundup 4 - The rest

Oakland marchers ordered to disperse

Tuesday Toon Roundup 2: 2012 Race

Libya and Iraq: Mirror Images in the Grip of Big Oil

Op-Ed: Gaddafi & Libya through Western eyes

Tuesday Toon Roundup 1- Repubs

Tuesday Toon Roundup 3: War

Regarding the drummers who may bring down OWS - scientific evidence: background noise affects us

'1Q84': Murakami's Orwellian Best-Seller Now In U.S.

Jon Stewart: Iraq Withdrawal Giving Republicans 'Empty Nest Syndrome' - VIDEO

So MSNBC on the morn told us that yes

Burned Gay Man Beaten To Death Was On Way To Grandmother's 80th Birthday

Anybody remember Perot's "giant sucking sound" of jobs fleeing the US?

Up to 20 million tons of debris from Japan’s tsunami moving toward Hawaii

NATO These are your goons!

Amy Goodman/Chris Hedges on Charlie Rose last night. Powerful!!!!. Watch online, here:

Colbert is ripping Cain...

Colbert is ripping Cain...

FYI: Obama on with Jay Leno tonight. n/t

Variety of protesters outside Obama protest

Anyone have problems donating to OccupyWallSt online?

Army Ranger Died on His 14th War Deployment

From the Methodist church in Cambodia: Alternative Giving

A Far Right Vision For Our Tax Code

Occupy the Silver Screen? 10 Films to Get You Ready to Occupy Wall Street

Stewart: Cantor ‘sounds like a pussy’

nashville, tn. headline: Distaste for Obama grows in Tennessee

Why do we live in a culture where open displays of emotion are equated with weakness?

President Obama’s pathetic home mortgage refinancing initiative

MSNBC's Buchanan Attacks Obama's Mother: "An Alienated Individual" Who Was An "Ethnomasochist"

I Can't Believe I Missed This !!! - If You Did Too, This Is Definitely MUST SEE !!!

Asheville politicians, Texas Christians visit Occupy Asheville encampment

Wal-Mart Heiress Puts Warhol Dolly Parton in $1.2 Billion Crystal Bridges

Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan condemns killing of Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi

Betty White is now a Cougar

Bank of America to Raise $5 Debit Card Fee Threshold to $20,000

Wartime Contracting Panel Seals Records for Next 20 Years

Chimp nabbed after getting out of cage (in Dallas not GWB)

The wealthiest man in the world has just been buried anonymously in the desert...

Republicans going after sick and family leave benefits. Another example for why we need to VOTE!!

Immunity and Impunity in Elite America: How the Legal System Was Deep-Sixed and OWS Swept the Land

San Jose police sink to new low, confiscate Occupier's *wheelchair battery*

Commodity Fetishism. Your thoughts?

Why they hate her.

Heard this story on NPR today and was horrified and angry

My daughter was finally told what sickness she has

DU Breaking News!

The PARDON That RUINED American Law

Rahm is Keynote Speaker, Iowa JJ Dinner. Words Fail me!

Elizabeth Warren: I Created 'Occupy Wall Street'

So... Elizabeth Warren is getting Gored.

Iranian Influence in Iraq? Inconceivable!

Cain is a fake candidate: He's there to move policies right for Koch brothers

Obama Freezes Local Reporters Out of S.F. event

thank you, Letterman, for calling out Rush Limbaugh on "human debris"

TAXPAYERS Are Picking Up The TAB For An Alabama Republican's BOOK DEAL

Occupy Oakland regrouping & livestream

Wash your hands: ATMs are germ havens

Need to explain to your Mother-in-Law why a flat tax isn't the answer?

pics of Oakland cops crushing the camp

Obama acts to ease burden of student loans. Wants to cap payments.

Google: US law enforcement tried to get videos removed from YouTube

US Army Assaults Its Biggest Fan

Michael Moore on BBC Radio 5

Its OFFICIAL. I moved my money out of Wells Fargo today.

PHOTOS: MA Bridge Carrying 50,000 Vehicles/Day Appears Ready to Collapse

Does anyone know of a good podcast reader/podcatcher...

Trouble in Corkscrew Swamp? Ave Maria Law School has lowest grades.

Occupy Wall Street: The Primary the President Never Had?

Ten years of Windows XP: how longevity became a curse

Barack Obama and a blizzard hitting Denver today: It's Snobama!

Islamist party emerges as Tunisia's biggest election winner

"We're A Culture, Not A Costume."

One Third Of Employers Say They Can't Fill Jobs Because There Aren't Enough Qualified Candidates

Obama Admin Seeks Permission TO LIE In Response To FOI Requests - Even To The COURTS

Give This MSN Money Presidential Poll Some DU Love

The Blood on Rick Perry's Hands

*Poutine on Travel NOW!

First, it's the saber tooth tigers. Next, Minoan civilization. Then the kingdom of Calchfynedd.



You want me to do WHAT?!!!

A guy regrets having that second Taco Hell taco as he's forced to rush to the mall bathroom.

Rick Santorum decided to have his vast intelligence preserved for all time....

When I was a kid I used to pour water in the sand

Just How Does One Become a Werewolf? (Comics)

Frontier is the worst phone company on the planet.

Somebody's been BAD!

LESSON #1. How to win a match in KENDO

NEW RULES: Thanks to a few drunks in the DU Lounge

Mother 'who tried to sell 13-year-old daughter's virginity for $10,000 made her model for men in her

Darrell Hammond was a CRACK HEAD?!?

Little-known Paul Simon Fun Fact ©:

What'd I do? -

Occupy this blanket!


What a fishing spot !

Just popped up to say "Hello!"

Free Tibet

Have you sheen this guy?

Being a superhero ain't always everything it's cracked up to be.

Most of you know by know that "MiddleFingerMom" is simply my secret identity.

ZILFs? Excuse me? ( a fake blood cartoon-y kinda way).

When contacted by CBS News,

PHOTO: It's "TostaBags," for people who are TOO FUCKING STUPID to make a grilled cheese sammich.

Kermode Bear, British Columbia, photo by Paul Nicklon

Fox Sports lies like Faux Noise

For the first time in months, I am once again posting drunk

Dirty, sexy money: people saw sex toys, religious symbols on plastic cash

Hugs available here.

*Pain of Depression:Journey through the Darkness

I just "jammed" with my daughter!!!

Black Sabbath. Paranoid. For the daughter. She gets it.

"Our whole universe was in a hot, dense state..."

Black Sabbath. Hole in the Sky > Don't Start > Symptom of the Universe. For the daughter.

You can play Rock-Paper-Scissors online!

The Other F-Word. Documentary about punk rockers as Fathers.

How many DU Lounge Lizards use THIS as their Daily Planner flowchart?

Sequel to Carl Sagan's 'Cosmos' - WTF -- on Fox, produced by Seth MacFarlane???


Fill in the blank: Why can't I have a pet __________ ?

Is anybody but me into vocabulary quizzes?

If Jesus saves....

Those Audi commericals: If you knew your friend had a priceless item and didn't know it

Why can't I have a pet penguin?

The Neutrino Song

European company makes most expensive RV at $4.8 Million

At work today we had a discussion about missing Baby Lisa

CALL TO ACTION 11/11/11: GOLDMAN SACHS has engaged in practices that cost countries around the

Ron Paul to eliminate student loans if president

Libya: Fuel blast 'kills 50 in Sirte'

My neighbor's pet penguin is keeping my up all night

So what was your facial expression after watching the latest Herman Cain campaign ad?

Italy crisis warning over key reforms

Why Companies Aren't Getting the Employees They Need

All of the other planets... ... ... used to laugh and call him names.

Official: US, Danish aid workers seized in Somalia

How cool are these Post-Its for personal reminders?

Marine Corps to Teach Story of First Black Marines(1941)

Marine Corps to Teach Story of First Black Marines(1941)

AUTHORIZED BY OWSGA: The Occupied Wall Street Journal has a new web site

Most Colombian mayor candidates have criminal ties: NGO

Obama says he's aging in 'dog years'

Gaddafi buried in secret desert location

US's most powerful nuclear bomb being dismantled

Santa Clara County may ban Styrofoam containers

Poll shows voters still sour on Issue 2 (Ohio)

Next Act In DC’s Kabuki Theater: House GOP Lays Trap For Obama On Jobs Plan

Leahy sets committee action on DOMA repeal for Nov. 3

Obama Hollywood Fundraisers: President Mingles With Stars At Los Angeles Events

Perry’s economic plan would slash taxes, federal spending on programs

Eight New York police officers arrested in gun smuggling ring

Barack Obama and a blizzard hitting Denver today: It's Snobama!

Two-week-old baby rescued alive from Turkish earthquake rubble

Massive Lego Man Washes Up on Florida Beach

IMF considering participation in EU bailout fund

New York couple tries to trademark 'Occupy Wall St.'

Marines plan Quantico brig closure

(Canada) Few pot growers go to jail, but that could change

Police arrest protesters, tear down Occupy Oakland tent city

Translation algorithms used to crack centuries-old secret code

there's some weather coming

Rick Perry: Obama Birth Certificate 'A Good Issue To Keep Alive'

'Occupy' Blocked In China, Joins Banned Search Terms On Microblog

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Occupy SF shrugs off new police warning

Insider describes Gaddafi son's escape from town

2 arrested in N.C. high school shooting

So have they found a way to keep the Gun Forum posts off the Latest page yet?

Yemen Fighting Intensifies as Cease-Fire Is Called

U.S. Agencies Infiltrating Drug Cartels Across Mexico

It's -2 outside right now!

French far-right calls to scrap the euro

CEO of Tempe-based First Solar resigns

MiddleFingerMom is quite the dancer. Just ask him.

Republicans ask Obama to lead on China currency

Consumer confidence in October drops

OK, my orange cat has just committed the ultimate sin. What to do?

If you are stressed out, if you have trouble sleeping..... get a downloader, strip the mp3

Swiss couple kidnapped in Pakistan appear in videos

IBM names Rometty to replace Palmisano as CEO

Does anyone know of a good podcast reader/podcatcher...

Stanford professor John McCarthy, father of artificial intelligence, dies in Calif. at age 84

Former Goldman Sachs Director Gupta to Face Criminal Charges: Source

(California) Death penalty foes launch initiative drive

Judge denies county’s request to dismiss Wappo claim

Oakland breaking loose, Cops ready to engage

OAKLAND, Calif. -- Oakland Police used tear gas and flash-bang canisters

Live Blog: Police again threaten to deploy tear gas as marchers mass on Broadway (Oakland)

OCDA to seek death penalty against murder convict

Favorite line from 'The Wire' ?

Novartis to cut 2,000 jobs in Switzerland, US

Obama to talk about student loan debt at Auraria campus tomorrow

Google faces more government demands for user information

Another Tibetan monk set himself alight in China

Ultrasound viewing part of NC abortion law blocked

Wounded Syrians Abused at Hospitals, Rights Group Says

Japan Tsunami Debris Floating Toward Hawaii

Obama Takes Executive Action to Help Veterans Find Work

CBS: Andy Rooney hospitalized in serious condition

Poll: 43 percent agree with views of "Occupy Wall Street"

U.S. Says I.E.D. Parts Smuggled to Iran

Amazon Q3 2011 Profits Fall 73 Percent

Real IRA admits bomb attacks on Northern Ireland banks

Opportunities missed. What are the greatest opportunities missed you can recall?

Scuffles Erupt as Oakland Protesters March (1,000s + Children March; Tear Gas, Sound Cannon Used)

DU Lounge, what is the hardest part about being YOU?

Group: Last Javan rhino in Vietnam killed for horn

DU'ers on Facebook, Please help! My picture needs votes!

Variety of protesters outside Obama fundraiser

Woman soldier who survived two tours of duty in Afghanistan killed by driver updating his Facebook p

Panel says boys should get HPV vaccine, too

Wartime Contracting Panel Seals Records for Next 20 Years

Bigger Grants For Athletes Are Discussed (for college athletics)

George McGovern hospitalized in South Dakota

Obama Losing His Base

2 caught allegedly selling drugs at Occupy Boston

Wall Street Occupiers Fear Drummers Will Be Their Undoing

# # # # # # # # OCTOBER MILESTONES # # # # # # # fourth edition...


Take Action in Honor of World Food Day

Ohio right fights collective bargaining arguing for wealth distribution and class warfare

The 1% is outraged too!!!

Occupy Boston - Noam Chomsky Q&A (Part 1)

Occupy Boston - Noam Chomsky Q&A (Part 2)

Olbermann: The Nation's Greg Mitchell - Right's Smearing of Occupy 'Morally Wrong'

unfuck the world

Young Turks: NPR Caves to Fox News

Sgt . Shamar Thomas Interview w/ SWAY In The Morning

Herman Cain: The Movie Trailer

'Occupy Wall Street' call for worldwide protests ahead of Saturday's G20 Summit

Anonymous-OpCashBack Begins November 5th

Creedence Clearwater Revival- Fortunate son-

Michael Moore UK Television Interview Occupy London

TDPS: Is Occupy Wall Street helping the Tea Party? Consider this...

Now is the time for action!

Thom Hartmann: Obama's Fans & Foes Go to #WeCantWait

Brit anti-EU campaigner: "Eurostate collapsing as we speak."

Young Turks: Masturbation Is Gay - Christian Pastor

Papantonio: The GOP Rocky Horror Picture Show

Leading Climate Sceptic Richard Muller admits he's wrong,study supports previous global warming data

Young Turks: Scientology War on South Park!

For One Day...We Shut The System Down!

Thom Hartmann: What if I prove scientifically that 147 corps run the world?

MIC CHECK! Muslims at Occupy Wall Street: "This Is What America Looks Like"

Dozens Arrested at Occupy Oakland as Police Raid Encampment, Tear Down Tents


Cops break the peace, and attack OWS in Oakland CA

Busby: Enriched Uranium Weapon New Battlefield Horror

Police crackdown on Occupy Oakland [RTAmerica]

TDPS: Rick Perry Isn't Sure President Obama's Birth Certificate Is Real

DNC anti-Romney ad: 'Under Water' (about Romney comments on mortgages)

Occupy DC: Kevin Zeese Interview

Jon Stewart Steps Up For Occupy-Wallstreet

TYT: Obama Plan Helps Bank Fraud at Taxpayer Expense

Thom Hartmann: Face $1,000's in fines for registering people to vote!

Thom Hartmann: NYCLU fights 24 hour NYPD surveillance at OWS

Occupy Wall Street is actually a Conservative Movement. Good Vid

Message from ANON to Keith Olbermann, Dylan Ratigan, & Lawrence O'Donnell

Sabotage: The Story Behind The Republican Party's "Top Political Priority"...

Beware, Dictatorship can Return (Tunisia voting campaign)

Olbermann: Nurses Arrested at OccupyChicago - 'We See The Suffering of 99% at Bedside All the Time'

German hackers discover government spying

Ed Lee Is...2 LEGIT 2 QUIT [MC Hammer, Brian Wilson,, Ashkon]

Letterman Interviews Keith Olbermann * (Oct.24/11)

Mad as Hell in America--Michael Moore hosts Halloween Party in Portland

Koch-Cain Ad Backed By Big Tobacco Industry


Olbermann-Worst Persons in the World 10/24/11..calls Fox News a Political Whorehouse

Charlie Rose interview with Amy Goodman Chris Hedges on OWS = GREAT!!

TYT: Abortion Killing Herman Cain on Fox News

Iranian pilot averts disaster, lands plane without front landing gear

OWS - Bank Transfer Day is Nov. 5th! MoveYourMoneyProject on Democracy Now

Obama campaign: Romney, Perry tax plans help wealthy, hurt those who work

Occupy Wall Street: The Primary the President Never Had?

Mike Luckovich: 'Love his Romney impression'

NYT: On the Road to Mortgage Relief

Eugene Robinson: Global Warming Just Got Hotter

Why Does A Failed Pollster And A Failed Campaign Manager Hate The Democratic Party?

New White House initiatives aim to bring vets into health care industry

Treasury: Is Regulatory Uncertainty a Major Impediment to Job Growth?



Cain momentum continues in new polls--leads by wide margin in WI & Romney only ahead by 1 in NV!!

Do You Think The Media Will Be Able To Resuscitate Rick Perry's Fledgling Campaign

Perry on birtherism: "It's a good issue to keep alive. It's fun to poke at him."

I call for a coup d'etat of ALL republicans in Government...

I call for a coup d'etat of ALL republicans in Government...

"We Can't Wait" is a smart strategy.

The President will be on Leno tonight...NBC....n/t

Political Wire: 'Perry won't just go negative. He'll make your television bleed and beg for mercy.'

WTF is Congress doing?

WTF, Rick! Romney exempts interest income for those making less than $200,000.

For a good laugh: Read Rick Perry’s 2014 proposed EZR tax post card

DAMN!!! even Pat Robertson thinks the rethugs are to EXTREME

Jay Leno Appearance: President Talks GOP, Iraq, Gaddafi On 'Tonight Show' - VIDEO

Every MSNBC host and pundit did a segment on STUPID ASS Perry this evening

It’s on: Republicans slam Elizabeth Warren for embracing Occupy Wall Street

Krugman: Say Anything

What Would you like to see happen ?

NYT/CBS POLL: 43% agree with Occupy Wall Street, only 27% do not. 69% say GOP favors rich.

October 25, 2011 - Remarks by the First Lady at a DNC Event in Detroit, Michigan

Romney at Bain Capital helped create the unequal system that Occupy Wall Street is protesting.

GRAPHIC: A Timeline Of GOP Economic Sabotage

Official LOL @ Rick Perry Thread

Statement from the White House regarding Lower Student Loan Payments

Perry - Mr. 'D' (got a grade D in economics) - post card economics!

What Do You Think Rick Perry's I Q Is?

NYT/CBS POLL: Cain 25 (+8), Romney 21 (+4), Newt 10 (+2), Paul 8 (+1), Perry 6 (-6)

David Duke is a supporter of Occupy Wall Street.

Hmmmm I don't think President Obama wanted any US troops to stay in Iraq.