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Larry King on CNN interveiwing Johnny Depp

Four teens dead after Alberta car crash

Four teens dead after Alberta car crash

John Pilger: The "Getting" Of Assange & The Smearing Of A Revolution

New Blog

I Think I've Found The Black Hole At The Center Of The DU Universe...

Does doing repeated facepalms have any caloric/excercise benefit?

Occupy San Francisco today

If You Liked the US's Invasion of Iraq, You'll Love . . .

Sen. Tom Harkin (D-IA, education cmte chair) on CSPAN Newsmakers

Sen. Tom Harkin (D-IA, education cmte chair) on CSPAN Newsmakers

A report from Occupy Wasilla - and a nice photo of DU's own Arctic Dave

Photo of ROSAT as it passed over Florida. Posted on a site tracking it.

Livestream of #OccupyChicago: Rahm's Police Making Arrests In Historic Grant Park

Blasts from the DU past: good or bad?

Pakistan wins UN Security Council seat alongside India

Karzai: Afghanistan with Pakistan in US-Pak war

Rescuers trap hawk with nail in head in SF park

Tunisia voters go to polls in historic free election

Police again arrest protesters in Grant Park Chicago

7.3 quake in Eastern Turkey (Reuters says 7.6)

APS says no more "double-dipping"

It's begun for the GOP, with voter ID laws.

Chinese Students Lose as U.S. Schools Exploit Need

Check This One Out...

Wisconsin: Recall Update. United Wis will focus on Walker, Kleefisch

Self delete

Past is Present

Would you feel differently about NPRs handling of Lisa Simeone if she'd been at a Tea Party rally?

Bachmann campaign didn't know of staff departures

"Report" from Occupy Philadelphia...

Was the New York Times trying to tell us something??

Afghanistan would side with Pakistan in war with US, says Hamid Karzai

AJC-Georgia jobs plan slammed as a waste

Big Money, Bad Media, Secret Agendas: Welcome to America's Wildest School Board Race

Fiore on OWS

St Paul's Cathedral announces closure due to 'Occupy' protesters

In Milwaukee bad cops get good breaks

Chile students disrupt Senate meeting to press demands

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal Re-Elected in a Landslide

Isthmus: Four Wards that run Wisconsin (The most liberal neighborhood in America???)

Three water line breaks deluge Nahant officials


Suppress The Vote: GOPer Sets Up Illegal ‘Show ID To Vote’ Sign At Massachusetts Polling Station

The birthers eat their own

Leading from behind....

Leading from behind....

Leading from behind....

'Survivor' star wants to be Indiana governor

Privatizing Police Work

Common Cause: Take Action. Please vote. Corporations Have No Business in Politics.

17-year old killed Gaddafi

Wonkbook: Senate Republicans filibuster state aid

Is it not possible that Anwar al-Awlaki was justified in hating the USA?

British MI-5 Intelligence Officer take on Libya action is very insightful

Sweden has a nuke plant event

200 deaths a day due to fuel poverty - what a way to treat the old

A poem for this time in the life of the USofA

State loan program that Perry touted had to be bailed out

The Real Rupert Murdoch - by Conrad Black

Thousands celebrating in Benghazi right now, Jalil about to announce liberation, pretty cool:

I am all for the "Millionaire Tax" and to prove it....

THIS Is "Governing By Obeying The People" - Bolivia cancels controversial Amazon highway

I just want healthcare that I can afford...

I Watched Wall Street 2 Last Night And Was Struck By The Uncanny Resemblence Between Josh Brolin ..

Perry indulges his inner Birther: After Meeting With Trump, 'I Don't Know ...

Occupy Chicago: At least 100 arrests in city park

Congrats New Zealand for winning the

Holy Shite - 7.3 quake in Turkey

From Reddit: A friendly reminder to Wall Street from Tyler Durden:

Maybe we need to occupy congress

The Iraq war is finally over. And it marks a complete neocon defeat

LEFT-PAW RADIO! (warning... kitty pix)

Debunking "Christian Nation"

The Rapture

Cate Edwards got married yesterday...

Opposing the War in Iraq: A Retrospective Thread

Dick Durbin: Time to change the filibuster

Look how Iran is threatening the U.S.

Through the looking class

Pete Seeger, 92, sang at Occupy Wall Street

Pete Seeger, 92, sang at Occupy Wall Street

Tea Party vs. Occupy

Juanita's on a tear this morning.

The Difference Between Occupy Wall Street And Teabaggers: REALITY

So CBS' Robert Pierpoint died and

Sad that the 5 "best stocks" are these:

Lech Walesa, What do you Have Against Unions and the U S Marines?

This is what happens when people sit on their asses and let republicans take office....

Most ethical (and OWS-friendly) way of doing online transactions/donations?

Countering Conservative Logic 101

A Note from Michael Moore -- about his book, and about a challenge to Goldman Sachs' CEO

Bank of America's Equity Is Likely Worthess and It Will Rape FDIC Insured Accounts Going Bust


The German satellite crashed somewhere in Southeast Asia.

Our country is descending into barbarism. The US government MURDERED a 16yo boy.

Pic of the Day

Winning hearts and minds I see

I was just reminiscing about 1972...

Public Interested in Economy and Wall Street Protests; Media Covers Election & Alleged Iranian Plot

Wealth Creators...

Here's some news from Occupy Philadelphia...

So, who does WAPO look to for insight on post-Gaddafi Libya? L. Paul Bremer.

7 Facts About The Cost Of The Iraq War That Will Blow Your Mind

Reggie Middleton Back at it..Calls Bank of America Insolvent

An old school school

OWS toons - and how about some whipped cream with that...

Where have the Republicans been for the last three years??

GOP holding U.S. hostage

Re: Withdrawal of troops from Iraq...

Up to 1000 dead in Turkey 7.3 Earthquake

Help support the occupation, donate what you can, pass it on...........

Clinton says Iran shouldn’t misread American exit from Iraq, US still a presence in region

Trickle Down Trauma: The GOP’s Economic Smothering Of America

Sen. Hedlund proposes the return of Happy Hour

AJC-Wealth divide might stifle jobs

Four Things Occupy Wall Street Should Know About the Federal Reserve

Michael Moore: "This is OUR country -- WE are the people -- The People have had it"

Couple Weds Amidst Occupy Detroit - AP/CBCNews

Drug, vandalism arrests at Occupy Boston

Fox's Iraq War Cheerleaders Are Crestfallen Over Withdrawal

If it were not for activists fighting for civil rights, Barack Obama would not be President today.

General Mills Abandons Transphobic Ad

PICS: Tea Party Jesus

Lawmakers push Defense fraud, waste report to influence supercommittee cuts

DirecTV may pull plug on Fox shows

Republicans vote for more murder, more thefts, more rapes...

What the Right Fears Most About Occupy Wall Street

Bank Card Fees (cartoon)

Dumb Letters to the Plain Dealer Part 425: "You Hippies Ain't No Tea Party!!"

Umm, Herman Cain is black. Why would anyone believe the GOP would nominate him?

Could someone please post the accomplishments of the POTUS..

Trickle Down Trauma: The GOP’s Economic Smothering Of America

OccupyTurku (also pics)

What exactly, is "the donald's" agenda? He talks with Perry for a

North Korea and US nuclear talks set to start in Geneva

These #OWS Young Hippie Wannabes Need To Get A Fucking Job...

Thoughts on DU, as I near 1,000 posts.

America: You Are Better Than This!

The Mote in Everyone’s Eye

New target on Baby Lisa..

It was compulsory. They used to give you the day off work, and docked your pay for a month

It was compulsory. They used to give you the day off work, and docked your pay for a month

Is The "War on Terror" Really About Ego, Power and Profit?

Why schools should not grade character traits

Swiss minnows (Liberal Green Party) deliver blow to right-wing

Is this better?

(((PICS))) Occupy a Sunday - Lil' Protestors + Bonus Giggles

AP report: Fox News hires ex-S.C. Gov. Mark Sanford

The PTB will murder whomever they want, the MSM will call the victims "terrorists", and...

Guy who lives on 11,000 a year explains his health insurance:

SF: Rethinking the city library system.

SF: Rethinking the city library system.

California AG Kamala Harris asks feds for restraint on medical pot

Column: 1 percent does most of giving

Occupy Wall Street: The 99%’s Rendezvous with Destiny

OWS NYC is working on document for their future blueprint tonight - check it out live...

Occupy Activists Need To Brush Up On First Amendment Law Regarding Media Coverage

Afghanistan to back Pakistan if wars with U.S.: Karzai

Watching a bbc programme 24 hours in the ER

Who do you think's going to get the Republican nomination?

The Iraq War is Finally Over. And It Marks a Complete Neocon Defeat

A political discussion, in French!

Ron Paul Wants To Abolish Federal Student Loans

I'm just wondering...why did that Libyan rebel shoot Qadafi (sp?) in the head?

The bank is something more than men, I tell you. It's the monster...

Who else is closing a bank account November 5th?

Drugged High on Ganja on NatGeo now

Think the Iraq war is "over"?

Egyptian sentenced to 3 years for insulting Islam in his Facebook postings

U.S. rating likely to be downgraded again: Merrill

Steve’s Final “One More Thing…”

One Year-Old Baby Thinks Magazine Is an iPad That Does Not Work

Wisconsin: (Walker's own) Administration predicts Walker won't meet 250,000 jobs campaign promise

Wisconsin: (Walker's own) Administration predicts Walker won't meet 250,000 jobs campaign promise

Halloween - Republican-style!

Argentine president wins landslide re-election

Argentine president wins landslide re-election

Sign of the times

I'm reading about the reduction of violence around the world and throughout history.

Eurozone split over Chinese help in debt crisis

I am the 2%

Could OWS make Obama more progressive?

Great white shark blamed for second fatal attack in 12 days

In San Francisco: "Under Suspicion" an event worth attending!

Great Wall of China crumbling due to mining

Great Wall of China crumbling due to mining

Occupy Central Park, NYC, 11/11/2011

At what point is a person responsible for his or her actions?

RW sister's email- pt.2

funny thing happened on my way to OccupyBoston (also pics)

A great alternative to Quilted Northern Bath Tissue!

Read an article about Steve Jobs

Sprint Cancels Unlimited Data For Hotspots, Tablets And Netbooks

So this occupy deal is for real, eh?

Justice for Casey Sheehan and Hundreds of Thousands of Others

a small moment of ahhhhh...

So I Find This Word Cloud About Occupy Wall Street, And...

Sharpie Markers wants you to STOP PROTESTING

Can explain to me where OWS is going or how long will last

The sad little basement dwellers at the Conservative Cave

SUNDAY'S DOONESBURY: "It's Game Over, The Rich Won. Might As Well Send Them The Rest Of Our Money."

What Your Supermarket Knows About You

You are only a nuisance when you are not co-opted by the Robber Barron's!

Monday's featured front page Wikipedia article is about white natlist Political Cesspool talk show

Monday's featured front page Wikipedia article is about white natlist Political Cesspool talk show

Just a photo to bring you a smile on a fall morning

Question: Who is the leader of the Republican Party Today??

Nobody seems to want to hear this, but it's true

United States tipped to lose another AAA credit rating

What a 1 per-center might buy with our money.... a luxury item too funny to fathom

Guardian UK: News Corp's great dictator on the brink

Obama forcing refinancing would NOT be breaking private contracts.

Obama forcing refinancing would NOT be breaking private contracts.

Still time to catch the second part of the Steve Jobs profile on 60 Minutes

Union membership pissed off at Union Leadership for not supporting OWS


(Rick) Perry to pin his hopes on ‘flat tax’

Women and the Arab awakening - Now is the time

NYPD tells teachers, “No grading papers in public"

16 Things Libyans will never see again. From Daily Kos.

(Paratransit) Driver who dragged Hells Angel booked for murder

anybody seen a "Moderate Republican" lately?

A few pics from Occupy Anchorage, week 3

McCain raises prospect of military option in Syria

McCain raises prospect of military option in Syria

50 of the World’s Best Breakfasts from 50 Countries (dialup warning)

Occupy London protest to 'camp at St Paul's until at least Christmas'

As Libya takes stock, Moammar Kadafi's hidden riches astound (>$200 B)

Filibusters DO NOT work like "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington."

Fox Business Anchor Calls Joe Biden ‘Numb Nuts’

Fox Business Anchor Calls Joe Biden ‘Numb Nuts’

On Learning On Facebook That a Dear Friend Has Died

Bank of America Gets Pad Locked After Homeowner Forecloses On It

Right-wing Whackadoodle News: Linda Harvey says LGBT doctors and nurses are out to convert your kids

Libya's bloody victory over Gaddafi is just the beginning

If the economy suffers because of FTT, then it suffers from user fees too

Game Over for Tea Party Congress

The consumer is getting ripped once again. Nabisco crackers

Herman Cain Abortion Amendment: GOP Candidate Makes Constitutional Error

Bachmann’s N.H. Staff Didn’t Resign — They Just Left

On the death of al-Awlaki

They want $lice of the occu-pie. 500G fight at Zuccotti

Toon: Which one of the following leads to actual political change?

Ex-slave child takes on Rush

Ex-slave child takes on Rush

FOX poll on teachers: Lazy bastards or no?

So how long will it be before this guy is running Iraq?

WP: U.S. airstrike that killed American teen in Yemen raises legal, ethical questions (graphic?)

92 years young . . . and still kickin' ass . . .

Occupy Oakland shuts streets, defy eviction order, no news on Occupy SF

what do you need. what scares you the most. me? it is health care.

Are we reaching ‘peak car’?

Mapping the NPR-Lisa Simeone manufactured controversy

Occupy Springfield (Illinois State Capitol) a/k/a Sears is a corporate parasite.

Morality check

#OWS: Here's a sign worth a grin:

It is shockingly easy to own exotic animals in the U.S.

People say that I lie about the Gallup statistic because I don't post a link.

So whatever happened to that HUGH!1! Iranian plot to use used car salesmen to recuit Mexican gangs..

Marines Are Calling In Reinforcements To Occupy Wall Street - BusinessInsider

AlterNet: 10 Ways To Support the Occupy Movement

Images From OCCUPY Tacoma Today

NOW We're Talkin'!

Waste, fraud and abuse

Libya's transitional leader, Mustafa Abdul-Jalil, says Libya will be ruled by Islamic Sharia law!

The Police are openly siding with Occupy Wall Street

Texas Rangers fans give Shrub large ovation! Go Cardinals?

Wow... Go Professor Nichol !!!

Are the Republicans throwing the 2012 presidential election?

Are the Republicans throwing the 2012 presidential election?

The Dogs Of Occupy Wall Street

Psychologists for Social Responsibility Supports Occupy Movements

U.S. Must Explain Targeted Killings of Its Own Citizens

"Bailing out Banks" means "Bailing out Shareholders and Bondholders"

A Very Simple Venn Diagram of Where the Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street Agree

Kathy Bates: I Want Obama 'To Stand Up on His Hind Legs and Fight These Rat Bastards'

Statistical strangeness: what are the odds so many people would crash into buildings?

OWS: My pics from today. "Mic check!" (dialup warning!)

Occupy Wall Street: Washington Still Doesn't Get It - Matt Taibbi/RollingStone

What it Means to Be a Liberal – The Dependency of Democracy on Liberalism

LOL !!! - Found This Through #OWS Twitter... They Ask That We Share It...

Church of Scientology Investigated South Park Creators; Dug Through Their Trash

Extreme Far Right scared at national EAS Test.

Once again, an explanation of why right wingers trip over one another defending the rich

Angel Soft toilet paper... Now with 50% more air, FREE! (And 50% less of that pesky paper)

New videos help piece together Gaddafi's last minutes

How to Spot Psychopaths: Speech Patterns Give Them Away. Great! A test for politicians.

Which is more important: killing bad guys or not killing the innocent?

Some people are quite good at re-wiring their ethics

Ballots are out for OR-1st district. I'm fucking scared...

Nicolas Sarkozy tells David Cameron: shut up over the euro

Eye opening trip to Home Depot right now....pretty much everyone working there

Looking back on it, we should have let the automakers and banks fail

Alabama's Immigration Law: How the 1% Get Richer

Congressman: Obama should unilaterally ‘refinance every home mortgage’

Disabled dog 'buried alive by school caretakers annoyed by its barking'

In China, self-immolations add radical bent to Tibetan protests

Bank of America - Still too big to fail?

Death penalty's unlikely opponents

OMG... Wall Street Firms Spy on Protesters In Tax-Funded Center - CounterPunch/Truthout

My experience in Libya

Free Libya Wrapup part 2

Hey Malaise! Here's some morning maniac music for ya.

48,000 Posts and whadaya get?

Question about the Twilight Zone episode Nightmare at 20,000 Feet

American Horror Story...Dayum! (Spoilers, sorta)

Greater technology means greater achievements, no?

There are only 2 tricks to learn at MFM's School of Obedience.

All of the other furries... ... ... used to laugh and call MFM names!!!!

Fantasy/Sci-Fi Night on TV at my house

Brian Wilson's beard...


Today I helped a friend clean out her Mother's house, her Mother passed last year.

Visualize whirled peas


Hey Twigas, I'm talkin' to you, tblue!

The river giveth and the river taketh away

just irritating as fuck

Too scary for kids?

How you like THEM apples?

Cheese straws are so damn expensive

Thoughts on DU, as I near 1,000 posts.

you can check out anytime you like.....BUT YOU CAN NEVER LEAVE !!!!

Do you have a favorite Halloween song?

Absinthe is a wonderful mistress. Oh how I missed the green fairy...

After all these years, I finally "get" 'Moulin Rouge'

Does it bring ugly babies

Mel Brooks is filming a remake of "Mysterious Island".

Vikings lose! Vikings lose! Vikings lose!

LEFT-PAW RADIO! (warning... kitty pix)

listen to the therapist.

who just turned the channel when they announced the opening pitch?

Holy Halloween

I had such a nice quiet afternoon outside, sitting in my new fire truck red lawn chair.

You will NEVER fully satisfy a cat, but a dog? You had him/her at "Hello".

How to tell if Shatner's shat where you've sat?

MiddleFingerMom's fambly was... ... ... ... ... different.

Pictures of my mom - for no particular reason

What do you (did you) collect. I collect books, and on occasion, frogs. Frogs

Period Table of Swearing

A family (DU /Lounge) decision: My last companion/ dog

Anybody know how to have rare minerals appraised?

Why there's never been even ONE cat attending Juilliard:

Brigid's Weekly "Walking Dead" Thread: Discuss new episode here. **SPOILERS**

Brigid's Weekly "Walking Dead" Thread: Discuss new episode here. **SPOILERS**

Wow. Fuckin Yahoo sucks.

What is it about wormwood, anise and alcohol that makes Absinthe so nice?

Usually when a restaurant names a dish after you.. it's quite a tribute. MFM's not so sure about his

OK, Walking Dead fans... ****(POTENTIAL SPOILERS)******

Oh, just GREAT!! Apparently, on top of everything else... MiddleFingerMom now has a Boba Fetish.

I cleared all my 'ignore' list a while back.

So... how many out there are into this type of Bondage & Discipline?

Favorite use of music in a TV commercial

A word from the 1%

I need to vent.

Leather toilet bowl: $#itting in the lap of luxury

Wrist blood pressure monitors?

Longtime CBS correspondent Robert Pierpoint dies

Second Occupy London camp forms at Finsbury Square

SEC - It Guards the Markets, but What About Itself?

Karzai: Afghanistan With Pakistan in US-Pak War

Bolivia cancels controversial Amazon highway

Huge turnout in Tunisia's Arab Spring election

Tunisians go to polls haunted by ghosts of the old regime

Interim Government to Declare Libya Liberated

India: Darjeeling bridge collapse kills 32

Newspapers multiply as Libya enjoys press freedom

7.2 quake in Turkey kills 85, collapses buildings

Libyan pathologist says autopsy on Gadhafi’s body confirms he was killed with shot to head

Expert Says Quakes in England May Be Tied to (Fracking) Gas Extraction

(Rick) Perry to pin his hopes on ‘flat tax’

North Korea and US nuclear talks set to start in Geneva

Argentina election 'set to return Cristina Fernandez'

Falling German satellite enters atmosphere

USGS puts strength of Turkey's quake at 7.3

U.S. to Keep Strong Presence in Pacific, Panetta Says

Libya's liberation: interim ruler unveils more radical than expected plans for Islamic law

More suburban, middle class slide into poverty

Black America's divide over Obama

Paul's Policies Foreign to GOP

European aid workers kidnapped in Algeria

Obama’s efforts to aid homeowners, boost housing market fall far short of goals

130 arrests as Occupy Chicago protesters defy order to leave park; 11 arrests in Cincinnati

So, I just bought a duffle bag

Leaders of liberated libya pressured to investigate Gadhafi’s death

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) More Cowbell Edition

US senator (McCain) talks about military option in Syria

U.S. rating likely to be downgraded again: Merrill

Simoncelli dies in horror MotoGP crash at Sepang

Clinton warns Iran not to underestimate U.S. commitment to Iraq

U.S. Embassy in Kenya warns citizens of 'imminent threat'

Far-right party 'loses ground' in Swiss poll

Swiss to vote for new parliament

Warming could exceed safe levels in this lifetime

US immigrants fear for children in case of deportation

'Miracle' tornado survivor denied workers' comp

US Treasury considers new debt security

GOP candidates would cut federal judges’ power

America's 21st Century Economic Royalists


President Obama Honors the Country's Top Innovators and Scientists

In 1936, FDR warned the country about Republican chicaneries (restored)

Margin Call ~Trailer

Robert Bork hearings: Thomas Sowell discusses civil rights with Joe Biden

GOP Attacking Obama on Withdrawal

Trust Families (video against Mississippi fetal personhood amendment)

Warrior Soul - The Party (Anti-Republican Song)

The Economic Hitmen

Art Pope Exposed

Cenk's Goldman Sachs Run-In at Occupy Wall Street

No Lunch for Prisoners in Texas

Steven Pinker - The Better Angels of Our Nature: Why Violence Has Declined

Western Hugs With Gaddafi End With Shot To Head

1987 Robert Bork TV ad, narrated by Gregory Peck (10/23/87: Senate voted against Bork)

Anonymous-Operation Fox Hunt:Anti Fox News Campaign

Sean Lennon Jamming at Zuccotti Park Tonight (His Dad Would Be Proud)

Kathy Bates I Want Obama 'To Stand Up On His Hind Legs and FIGHT THESE RAT BASTARDS '

Bill Maher: OWS protesters ‘don’t want free love, they want paid employment’

Obama’s Free-Trade Victory Threatens 2012 Prospects

Robert Reich: Progressives push forward, regressives pull back

Occupy The GoAmimate 2012 Election, DU! Let's show 'em how it's done!

How Many Bills Have The Republicans Introduced to Foster Job Creation? -ZERO-

Gosh, darn it, Mitt! You are just weird and people don't like you. Harsh but true.

Can Obama Win as a War President?

“A new era of promise”: President Obama on the Declaration of Liberation in Libya

Mission Accomplished...

"’s hard not to take a good look at these folks and shake one’s head in amazement."

Rick Perry still flirting with Birtherism.

Clarence Page: GOP campaign vs. the world

Obama jobs group raps fraud-busting Sarbanes-Oxley

The Obama Poll Vault-Gallup Daily Tracking Poll: Obama Approval/Disapproval at 44/47

Former N.H. Governor Sununu to endorse Mitt Romney’s White House bid

Tony Auth on President Obama's Libya critics

Tony Auth on President Obama's Libya critics

Freepers Freak out that FNC's Hume suggests Cain may be in decline. Dismayed at idea of Mittens nom

a question for DU: If Cain is nominated.....

For Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street Movements, Some Common Ground

George Will: Romney is the Republicon Dukakis

At What Point will Rick Perry's Candidacy be officially pronounced dead, unsalvageable?

If Iraq blows up into sectarian violence, would it had been worth it for Iraq to keep 10K US Troops?

Does Barack Obama deserve another Nobel prize?

U.S. Must Explain Targeted Killings of Its Own Citizens (especially the killing of a 16year-old boy)

Rick Perry Isn’t Sure If Obama’s Birth Certificate Is Real

Are you pleased or disappointed that Obama has kept his promise of troop withdrawal from Iraq?

Can a Republican President execute any American at will?

GOPer Sen Mitch McConnel doing his BEST to Kill the REPUBLICAN PARTY

ABC News: President Obama Has Written Personal Checks to Letter-Writers In Need, Author Says