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Archives: October 20, 2011

Herman Cain Is Anti-Abortion, Yet Pro-Choice. And he is anti-gay & for gay choice - VIDEO

Iraq's move to revoke immunity for troops adds to US problems

Iraq's move to revoke immunity for troops adds to US problems

MIT Economist: Wall Street Created Worst Recession Since WWII - VIDEO

Video: Rachel Maddow and the three pillars of retirement

Alert your lawyer, loved ones, etc ... that you are being arrested with a click.

Jon Stewart Dissects The GOP Debate: ‘Fear And Pandering In Las Vegas’ - VIDEO

Phoenix City Council voted to leave OWSers alone. They can stay at Ceasar Chavez Park w/o a problem

the cruelty of the indifferent

China Love of U.S. Cherries Fuels Boom for Chilled-Cargo Ships: Freight

Former Abductee Responds To Rush Limbaugh’s LRA Comments [VIDEO]

Herman Cain’s campaign, 9-9-9 tax plan face greater scrutiny as GOP race heats up

The Deficit Scare: Myth vs. Reality

The Deficit Scare: Myth vs. Reality

Most frequently associated word for Rep candidates...

Birthers ask: Is Marco Rubio eligible to be president?

Turkey Launches Revenge Attacks on Kurdish Militants

9-9-9 developed by Stephen Moore?

Clinton to arrive in Pakistan tomorrow for talks

Clinton to arrive in Pakistan tomorrow for talks

New offensive hits Haqqani militants

French leader Sarkozy, wife Carla have a baby girl

Occupy protesters file for year-long permit

So, I settled in tonight to watch Nova on PBS

So, I settled in tonight to watch Nova on PBS

News International Lawyer admits he knew hisclient lied to Parliament

NYT: Republican strategists lament inflamatory debate talk about electrified fences, dream act, etc.

Tunisia prepares to vote in historic election

Has the oil sands pipeline been put off until after the election?

NATO kills 115 militants in east Afghanistan fight

Yet Another Wonder Weapon in Afghanistan: Kamikaze Drones

Muammar Gaddafi 'killed' in gun battle

Lost the job for missing a shift, getting a heart stint

APNewsBreak: Greek creditors recommend loan payout

Listeria Outbreak Traced to Cantaloupe Packing Shed

In-tea-llectual: "there is both good and bad in assassinating the president"

Re: The OWS, "No Focus" Bullshit: "A Billion Points of Light"

Marines helpong OWS???

What Rachel actually said re the three pillars

Miss me yet?

The first reports are usually wrong

If you are against endless US killing, you are a member of a "fan club"

We need the "...and I brought you motherfuckers doughnuts" gif to include Gaddafi

Some Cheer Border Fence as Others Ponder the Cost

Study: Living in poor neighborhood can hurt health

OWS Already Successful-“I really do believe we are on the cusp of a fundamental change,” Reich said.

Should the U.S. still TRY to "lead the world"?

Canada: As the GDP has increased, the quality of life has decreased

A Long, Steep Drop for Americans' Standard of Living

Toon: Why do you hate me so?

Warning. Possible photo of Gaddafi.

Toon: Benefits Increase!

Oliphant Toon- Attention Republican Voters!

Toon: The Las Vegas Odds

Toon: Now We Know

So....why the Protest?

State Department still not sure if Gaddafi is dead.

US Military's Latest IED Weapon: Human Shields

Toon: If King were alive, what would he say?

Lawrence O'Donnell demoted...Why?

UE could dip below 9

Toon: What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas

#OWS must eventually culminate in changing an inherently unfair system

Syria May Switch to Ruble From Euro, Central Bank Governor Says

Saddam being found in a "hole" was not true

Qadaffi reported as killed just now on ABC. nt

Which Bank Is the Worst for America? 5 Behemoths That Hold Our Political System Hostage

MC Hammer is Launching a Search Engine. Yes, you read that right.

Occupy Jamaica - heard on the news this morning that the Marcus Garvey People's Political Party

Into the depths of AT&T's let-us-buy-T-Mobile astroturf campaign

'In 'emergency' money appeal, Michele Bachmann ignites the illegal immigration issue'

At Front of Brooklyn Bus, a Clash of Religious and Women’s Rights

At Front of Brooklyn Bus, a Clash of Religious and Women’s Rights

Pakistan has a nuke plant event

Gaddafi's corpse shown on video in Al _jazeera:

If I Live Abroad

Cause of Ginna Shutdown Determined (nuke plant)

Facebook Joins Obama Labor Department in Online Job-Search Project

There was just a controlled explosion by a bomb disposal unit in London.

Jobless claims fall, 4-week average at 6-month low

Payroll Tax is not the correct word to be using when it comes to SS contributions...

Some important questions about tomorrow...

Aljazeera: Tea Partiers: The self-hating 99 per cent

Aljazeera: Tea Partiers: The self-hating 99 per cent

L.A. County jail probe includes claim that deputies beat visitor

Freeper "RJS1950" vents RE: Democrats who "screamed murder at Bush" for "capturning" Saddam

he's still out there....

Environmental group questions safety of gulf seafood

Environmental group questions safety of gulf seafood

Thank you John Kasich

Greece's economic downturn 'substantially worse than forecast' - live

NAFTA Is Starving Mexico

"Permits to Protest"??? WTF?

Freepers lamenting the passing of Gadaffi

Here it comes: Senator Grassley says that Obama acted a month too late on Libya.

OWS is merely a social safety valve as we continue our decent.......

Live Greece Austerity Protests/Riots Cam

Biden Takes Senate Republicans To School On Tiny Millionaire’s Surtax

Live stream of Greece protest!

So I am running a Absentee or Early Voting program for a local Council at Large

Is Twitter down ?

Qadaffi captured...

CNN just showed photo purported to be Gaddafi (dead) and

PG&E could have 'junked' pipe in its system

Michigan Pastor Arrested for Gay Rights Protest

U.S. Stocks Extend Losses as Merkel Cancels Speech

Emerging market bonds more stable than Treasurys

Tea Party Group Urges Small Businesses ‘Not To Hire A Single Person’ To Hurt Obama

I just got a survey robocall asking about the debt crisis...

Only been 10 years and a lot of people forgot about Enron employees and their 401(k)'s already

Could the 99% lobby the politicians with cash too?

Consumer Unit for Seniors Draws a Famous Name

Obama using OWS language in speeches

Good grief Rachel Maddow thinks pensions are not connected to Wall Street and stocks?

Former Guantánamo Prisoner Speaks Out On Lawsuit Seeking Bush’s Arrest in Canada for Torture

They're having fun in the Political Videos forum: The Tony Baloney Theme Song!

Don't get your Movement in our Party/Don't get your Party in our Movement

The Cain Conundrum

A Long, Steep Drop for Americans' Standard of Living

Got this from Occupy Nashville

Donald Trump and Michele Bachmann Discuss Oil

Leno, Ammiano Urge Feds to Stop 'Senseless Assault' on Pot Clubs

Cartoon making the rounds on FB

Best sign yet...........we want cheezeburger and we want it now.

LOL "This is your Republican party and those are your heavyweights?"

Our ridiculously big agricultural trade surplus (random thoughts on ag and trade)

Occupy DC listens and learns

Has anyone ever noticed how much scalia and thomas even look like pigs?

NPR Ousts Producer Over ‘Occupy DC’

Occupy Wall Street May Address Looting by Bank of America and Federal Reserve

Perspective - Tea Party Rally vs OWS

Pakistani poor hit by decision to spurn US aid

Wisconsin Legislature: "Dear God, help us create jobs, lessen regulation, and so on and so forth"

Isn't the main reason 47% of Americans don't pay income tax is the Bush tax cuts?

Isn't the main reason 47% of Americans don't pay income tax is the Bush tax cuts?

The Jessica Lynch story and US government propaganda

Robocall: "Diabetic Supply Company"

Ellen DeGeneres Wears Purple For Spirit Day, But Asks For ‘More Options’

Ellen DeGeneres Wears Purple For Spirit Day, But Asks For ‘More Options’

Still beating all comers, Obama campaign touts small donors

Connecticut mother pleads guilty to forcing beer on 4-year-old son, cocaine and beer to baby girl

Connecticut mother pleads guilty to forcing beer on 4-year-old son, cocaine and beer to baby girl


Go ahead, Mr. President, you know you want to.................

New Analysis Confirms Potential SuperCommittee Social Security Cuts WOULD harm current beneficiaries

Citi Big Fish Skate, Leave Minnows and Workers Holding The Bag

So if I walk around OWS and pepper spray people..

Five Candidates for the Corporate Death Penalty

Occupied London: From the Greek Streets

Rachel Maddow commentary on the Exotic Animal Tragedy in Ohio

McCain, Graham, and Lieberman were pals Qaddafi

^^POTUS speaking now on Gadhaffi.

FBI Ramps Up Next Generation ID Roll-Out—Will You End Up in the Database?

Obama's domestic policy adviser leaving

The Toaster Project - guy makes a toaster from scratch (from the raw materials)

I just joined a local credit union

How Many Different Ways Can You Spell ‘Gaddafi’? At least 112

Naomi Wolf: how I was arrested at Occupy Wall Street

Gadhaffi dead. Well at least I won't have to look up how to spell his name anymore.

iPhone can be used as spy phone to get desktop Keystrokes

Guardian UK: The Occupy movement has lit a fire for real change

The GOP's Strategy For 2012 In One Eye-Opening Graphic

Toronto Star: Gay students ‘go through hell’ at school

Sheriff: Zanesville farm owner killed self, was bitten

Can AMD survive Bulldozer's disappointing debut? (geek stuff)

"U.S. "misery index" rises to highest since 1983"

Gaddafi was found hiding like a rat in a drainage pipe

First thing: Separate investment banking from regular banking

A shout out the Mods today. It has been a busy morning with a lot of vigorous discussion.

Concerns of the 1% - Cost of Living Extremely Well Index

The Secret To Creating Jobs That Wall Street Doesn't Want You To Know

Call your Senators. Vote coming on Teachers & First Responders Back to Work Bill.

Toon: The end of Fox News???

Video of Hillary receiving news of Gaddafi's capture

A friend posted this on Facebook

The Republics - All Of Them - Need To Now STFU About Obama

The best graph of Herman Cain's 9-9-9- plan that I've seen:

"Breaking down the 99 percent: Where do you fit in?"

Teacher who sparred with Christie runs for office

Consumers Most Negative Since Recession

Consumers Most Negative Since Recession

Occupy Ex-Presidents: Protests Planned for Bush, Clinton Event in Canada

Is GOP Absorbing the Tea Party, or Is the Establishment Toppling?

So Will Gas Prices Now Start Downward NOW...

All I have to say about G'Daffy:

Rick Scott openly says he will use Race to the Top funds for private enterprise.

The Case You Go to Law School For

If the UnConstitutional "Super Committee" cuts SS or M-care, but leaves the $122 B oil subsidies...

NPR opera radio show host fired for OWS participation

should we demand that those on the Super Committee return all campaign donations from Wall Street?

Antidepressant Use Skyrocketed in Past 20 Years: CDC

Occupy FOX

Immaterial Value & Scarcity in Digital Capitalism(Agntology -study of culturally​-induced igno...

So Has Libyas Prostate Man DIED YET

Everyone favorite wife-beating* cartoonist comments on OWS....

Moral Issues Behind iPhone and Its Makers

Somewhere A Bridge, Ladies And Gentlemen, Is Having a Re-Union Party....

Piece of santorum Paul Ryan to crawl out from under rock.

We Can't Speak For MLK, But If He Were Here Today . . .

What the zealous anti-choicer's want to bring you next... the baby safe!

"America's Emptiest Cities, 2011 "

So did I get that right

New York City General Assembly- Occupy Wall Street

Occupy Mordor

A Wedding Amid Occupy Oakland Protest

The next time somebody says the OWS protesters should just get jobs....

Quantitative analysis of

Viasat broadband 'super-satellite' launches

This fellow who writes opinion pieces for local right wing rag has OWS figured out

Gramps McCain lovin some Qadhafi.

Rachael Maddow coming up on Ellen

Matt Taibbi on Ratigan on right now (talking about OWS)

Matthew Perry Sitcom 'Second Chance' Predicted Gaddafi Would Die in 2011

The true republican tea party

'Like a Mafia Don': Bernie Madoff's Boastful Letter to Angry Daughter-in-Law

Video of live Gaddafi right before his death. Warning.

With Little Hope for Near-Term Federal Support, California High-Speed Rail Struggles

A way to expose leadership wealth

School Board Treads Lightly After Principal Bullies Student

Why Do Americans Care So Much Less About Captured Troops Than Israelis?

Special Election in Minnesota Shows Strength of “Worker Bee” Message

So do ya think NOW Michele Bachman knows where Libya is?

OCCUPY = Organizing Concerned Citizens Until Predators Yield

OCCUPY = Organizing Concerned Citizens Until Predators Yield

What does OWS want? Try this

GOP Senator Supports ‘Infrastructure’ Spending … In Libya (VIDEO)

Andrew Sullivan at The Daily Beast blogged:

FL senator: Hispanics should not get congressional district unless legal citizenship is proved

FL senator: Hispanics should not get congressional district unless legal citizenship is proved

Here's how to get rid of sub-threads that turn into pissing contests

Protests Show Capitalism ‘Nearly Broken’

So who is going to host "Password" now...

a new Occupy demonstration

My review of Pat Buchanan's Suicide of a Superpower

I am getting SOOO tired of seeing the right's spin on an issue become

Need help finding an OWS picture...

Are there really "plenty" of science and engineering jobs in the US?

corporations should pay for the privilege of receiving the taxpayers business

Man out on bail over hate crime charges attacks brother with power drill

NYC Residents: Please Attend 6:00 PM Meeting Today to Bar Real Estate Board Plan to Block #OccupyWal

Popular Fronts, Autonomous Social Movements, and Representative Government: A Primer

Do the Republican leaders in the House and Senate care about this country..?

Sad End For Zanesville’s Wild Animals *GRAPHIC PIC*

Herman Cain: 'Lots of brothers from another mother'

Turkey steps up PKK offensive

Portland Mayor announces "I will NOT shut down the Occupation" w00t!

Websites 'should carry libel risk for anonymous posts'

Steve Jobs biographer: Jobs refused surgery

A long, steep drop for Americans' standard of living

GOP Lawmakers Challenge White House on 'Scientific Misconduct'

"OccupyWallStreet: The Real Tea Party" by Dean Baker

Motor City Madman Ted Nugent blames Ohio Governor Kasich for lax animal law

Hopeless Senators! Senate Education Committee LIVE: ESEA markup...

Mr Fish Toon- Obviously!

Wolf-PAC to fight Corporate Personhood

Gallup Poll : Slight majority now blame Obama for U.S. economy

'Wow!': Hillary Clinton reacts as she finds out about Gaddafi's death on BlackBerry

So... Libya handled it's shit

Yankees fan captures Gaddafi's pistol

The problem is that the force of the universe arcing towards justice could interrupt your service

Sec. of State, Hillary's Reaction as she sees News of Ghadaffi's Demise...

Don't Forget! Tomorrow is the End of the World Day - Again.

Bush I encouraged similar uprisings in Iraq in 1991 and then let Saddam massacre the rebels

I was circumcised at the Olive Garden while breastfeeding.

Michael Moore was at OWS this evening - Check out the link.......

Why... oh WHY do we keep denying that we have a liberal media?

It's disgusting the way some people clip their children's toe nails. It's needless mutiliation

Steve Forbes excited by Rick Perry's package

Occupy Wall Street: The Beginning Is Here

Occupy Wall Street: The Beginning Is Here

I got $1 and a cookie for free on International Credit Union Day

Record 4.8 earthquake south of San Antonio tx today

Danziger on Khaddafy

Doyle Rogers Distinguished Chair of Law to Be Filled by Alberto Gonzales

Chicago Traders Mock Protesters: ‘We Are The 1% Paying For This, You Are Paying For 1 %'

(((PIC))) Today's Message from the Occupation - Oct. 20, 2011

earthquake 3.8 near Santa Fe three days ago..

Biden spars with editor:

Toon: Doesn't make sense to me either.

Superb photo essay on Occupy Portland

Ok I've had it I am going to make a few signs

Non-Partisan Government Report: Federal Reserve Is Riddled with Corruption and Conflicts of Interest

Tsunami dead were idiots for being too slow, says minister

Eek! Just got the most upsetting call from GA Congressman Paul Broun

Libyan opposition leaders slam US business lobby's deals with Gaddafi

ProPublica’s step-by-step guide to understanding ALEC’s influence on your state laws

I just made my first 2012 campaign donation Elizabeth Warren for U.S. Senate

My thoughts are with the families and survivors of the Pan Am 103 bombing

"some people will believe anything"

So you can show the bodies of leaders assassinated by

Dungeon Leader Forced Siblings Into Incest, Prostituton, Brother Claims

Sixteen days in the Lisa Irwin case: A KC toddler is still missing

Danziger on Limbaugh

Bolivia natives camp at presidential place

Bolivia natives camp at presidential place

Jack Hanna on Zanesville, Ohio, Animals: ‘We Would Have Had Carnage’

Failed TARP Bank’s Shabudin, Yu Plead Not Guilty in Fraud Case

I learned something about myself today

League of Women Voters sues over Wisconsin photo ID law

Why use a credit union?

I wish Hunter S.Thompson was still alive.

If Qaddafi had been banned from DU, then the gravedancing threads would be locked.

S.C. GOP Operative: AP Story Showing Impact Of Voter ID On Blacks ‘Proves EXACTLY’ Why Law Is Needed

S.C. GOP Operative: AP Story Showing Impact Of Voter ID On Blacks ‘Proves EXACTLY’ Why Law Is Needed

Clay Bennett hits another home run with today's cartoon.

D'oh! I screwed up when I posted about Mojo Nixon's political talk show

I only listened to 1 minute of Savage Wiener

I did not support the US participating in the Libya mission

Who Is Occupy Wall Street? New Study Shows Demographics Of New Movement

Notes from Naomi Wolf's arrest :

MIT economist: Wall Street created worst recession since WWII

Wordsmiths, songwriters, your help please.

Wordsmiths, songwriters, your help please.

City Won’t Give ‘Occupy Charlotte’ Protesters Porta-Potties

How much did it cost us to get rid of Saddam? OBL? And Quaddafi? Cost - Benefit Analysis Time!

Knitters make sweaters for penguins after oil spill

"Robin Hood" Tax - OWS

U.S. Median Income Falls To $26,364; Pessimism Reaches 10-Year High; 16,000 New Millionaires

If Obama were a Republican, he'd be on Mount Rushmore right now

Obama awards Presidential Citizens Medal to Roger Kemp, 12 others

Republican star Rubio's family story just a tale: report

I'm amazed - Senate approves Obama's Commerce Secretary - Bryson

We Are the 99 Percent, Just sharing a link if you want to post yours.

Earthquake just hit Oakland

No Soup for you

To make you smile.

Spirit Day: White House Goes Purple To Show Support For LGBT Youth

An American Tourist in North Korea

Ezra Klein: Ron Wyden, Senator From Planet Where Congress Works

At Front of Brooklyn Bus, a Clash of Religious and Women’s Rights

Do we care

A Beautiful Lifetime Love - Iowa Couple Married 72 Years Dies Holding Hands, an Hour Apart

US drone fired missile at Gadhafi convoy

((((Graphic)))) a link to photos of Moammar Gadhafi's last minutes alive.

Do you think the widespread recognition and specific naming of the Koch Bros helped fuel OWS?

Wall Street Worried. (Crying in their champagne)

Who started the don't address the question just say what I want, at debates?

Bill Seeks To Entice Foreigners To Buy U.S. Homes With Visa Offer

Poll: Most blame Obama for economy

Shamar Thomas coming up on

The 53% Myth: Working Poor Pay More Of Their Income In State And Local Taxes Than The Rich In 49 Sta

Qaddafi is dead because of something Ronald Reagan did in 1986

Pollster Who Attacked Occupy Wall Street Touts Business Relationship With Citibank

McGovernment by the 1%

The Other Occupation: How Wall Street Occupies Washington

Sharp's Dictionary of Power and Struggle: Language of Civil Resistance in Conflicts

Hammurabi's Building Code & Bankers -- Nassim Taleb (Video)

How Libya Seems to Have Helped the CIA with Rendition of Terrorism Suspects

Hugo Chavez cried when He heard

Birth control Ilegal

Bank of America Bosses Find Friend in the Fed: Jonathan Weil

Man jailed after trying to turn feces into gold

Just another OWS/TeaParty comparison question

New: Lawrence O’Donnell Interviews Marine Who Confronted NYPD Officers At OWS - VIDEO

Marco Rubio has some explainin' to do. Such a shame- caught in his own web.

Louisiana bans using cash in sales of second-hand goods

Dana Loesch Plays the Nazi Card to Attack #OWS - Calls Them 'The Epitome of Greed'

Col Gaddafi killed: convoy bombed by drone flown by pilot in Las Vegas

Killer Politics: How Big Money and Bad Politics Are Destroying the Great American Middle Class

Self-deleted by member

Someone call David Vitter! Diaper fetishist cleared in disability case.

So Rachel Maddow once again invites the Koch brothers to appear on her show...

A Call to Pull Reins on Rapid-Fire Trade

Chavez says Gaddafi is a martyr

If it gets too cold for the OWS we could always move it inside.

WOW! Top climate skeptics admit: Oooops. Climate scientists were right all along.

No surprise that on a big news day (re: Gadhafi) that Sarah Palin woud crawl out from under her rock

Somali women humanitarian workers convicted on ‘terrorism’ charges

Somali women humanitarian workers convicted on ‘terrorism’ charges

Should DU modify the 'alert' feature to include comments which say "Unrec"?

Obama getting more money from Wall Street donors than all of the Republican candidates combined!

Republicans block another jobs bill

Check it out: Bill O'Reilly Book Burned By Soldiers In Afghanistan

So Qadhaffi was executed, it seems

An attractive alternative to the law and justice system

Former WaMu board member & current (R) candidate launches

“The poor have been rebels, but they have never been anarchists"

One Photo We Just Can't Get Enough Of: Republicans Ashamed Of Republicans

If you're a....

To be a woman is to always be striving for an unattainable ideal of beauty

DAMN!!! Earthquake

As OWS grows there is a definite ...disturbance in the force

Senate GOP kills Obama plan to subsidize hiring of teachers, first responders - @AP

Occupy Wall Street: Who Are We ? - TheNewYorker

Barney Frank supports protests, raises Wall St. cash

Thanks, mods!

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!!

Sen. Sessions proposes to restrict food stamps access

Keeping Libya's promise after Gaddafi's death

Why empathy expanded in the last 300 years: literacy. I'm reading in

The 1% Are Changing The Law To Shut Down Occupy Wall St.

Though boys throw stones at frogs in sport, the frogs do not die in sport, but in earnest.

Adam Levine (Maroon 5) to Fox News...

How the Austerity Class Dominates Washington Politics

Occupy Bank of America?

The only winning move is not to play

The only winning move is not to play

Halloween Decoration Removed From Brooklyn Home After Being Called Racist

an other earthquake in the east bay.

Quick Reminder Of A Great Quake Reporting Service Of The USGS

Man dies after violence mars protest rally

Another Bay Area earthquake moments ago. It felt larger than the earlier one but

Obituary: Muammar Gaddafi....on AJ right now

Amazing nature picture.

This group called Lord's Resistance Army in Uganda. Bad hombres or not?

Who killed Gaddafi? (poll)

FED DESPERATION HITS: Get Ready For The Mother Of All Yield Chases

HERMAN CAIN offers a TASTY NEW 999 PLAN you CAN'T refuse!!!

Libya's Oil Production Could Quadruple In A Year,AP/BI (Good Article about Gahdafi & Oil Interests)

You know you want to knit a sweater for a penguin

"Any movement that protests for a living wage is the epitome of greed"

Seems it was a French plane that strafed Qaddafi's car

Tea Party gets kicked out of hotel

America Pleased With Killing of Thing

For 30 last years have the Republicans in general ever been right about anything?

"I didn't want my body to be opened..."

Senator Rubio would like you to know that

CBC: Immigration support by Canadians at all-time high. Multiculturalism embraced.

FOX's - John Stossel Heckled And Booed At OWS: "You lie all the time! I've heard you on TV!"

Greenwald nails it: democracy” is an illusion — a sham — if the most significant acts taken by those

Turm on Ed Shultz to watch an RW attemped ambush

"Honk if you want to indict the banksters."

Louisiana bans using cash in sales of second-hand goods

Rachel Maddow's Man Cave!!!

BOA has transferred trillions of worthless derivatives to American insured banks

Do you get profit sharing at work?

Rubio & Jindal Being Targeted By The Birthers

And now....more wisdom from wingnut e-mail

Libyan Revolution Week 35 part 4

Animal rights group rescues 800 dogs from China meat trade

My Union Endorses My President

When is it "taxation without representation"? When my congresspeople dont vote for what the majority

BREAKING: Michigan Supreme Court denies Rep. Paul Scott appeal - RECALL IS ON!!!

OWS supporter Lupe Fiasco - "Words I Never Said"

Toon: Good Grief, GOP!

How can I be bipartisan when there aren't two parties?

As much as we relish hating the evil corps, its Congress & the Pres we need to hold accountable.

Does *anybody* here still bank with Bank of America? Why?

Seriously, I'd like to hear opinions from you! Why is Dick Santorum so sexually repressed?

Seriously, I'd like to hear opinions from you! Why is Dick Santorum so sexually repressed?

League of Women Voters Files Suit to Block WI's New Polling Place Photo ID Restriction

League of Women Voters Files Suit to Block WI's New Polling Place Photo ID Restriction

Ooops. Aide to Cantor lets the real agenda slip. "...make sure the people at the top stay there."

Whoever Printed This Sign Should Be Given A Medal

Worldwide Call For Knitters To Make Sweaters for Penguins Affected by 2011 New Zealand Oil Spill

GM crops promote superweeds, food insecurity and pesticides, say NGOs

Herman Cain: Social Security is 'immoral', 'oppressive' and 'discriminates against blacks'.

Herman Cain: Social Security is 'immoral', 'oppressive' and 'discriminates against blacks'.

It's time to Nationalize Bank of America and all others too big to fail.nm

Marco Rubio is a Whore , attacking Obama for not getting Gaddafi earlier

Fuck the Tea Party.

Fuck the Tea Party.

Japan, 6 months later.

OWS: So who do we look to in order to implement the demands?

OWS picture of the day

Let's see, under Obama's watch we got bin Laden and Gaddafi

PHOTOS: Stacie Crimm, the mother who refused chemotherapy to save her unborn daughter

Why is the U.S. way behind many other countries in terms of a vibrant middle class?

I come to bury Quadafi

Save up to 20% on USA made clothing (good through 10-25-11)

Good on Jack Hanna for all that he does for animals

Eek! Just got the most upsetting call from GA Congressman Paul Broun

*Big Grin* - "What If Everybody Is Too Busy Occupying Everywhere?"

Parents For Occupy Wall Street...

Refinance! - What an Ordeal

President Owonderful looking awesome as news of Ghadafys demise becomes known

Violence begets violence.

Violence begets violence.

For all my fellow DUer family members: The Rapture is nigh- are you ready?

Why the Ohio animal tragedy is political.

Sic semper tyrannis!

Paul Ryan Tells Student He Should Work Three Jobs To Pay For College, Not Use Pell Grants

Jensen Farms never inspected by FDA (Listeria out break)

Awesome day for a $9/hr worker. An Update

If you'd had the opportunity to kill Hitler back in the '40s, would you have done it?

Police take control of Britain's biggest traveller site

Mike Check...Five Guys... in Phoenix ....has offered... their toilie

Paul Ryan agrees with OWS...I Don’t Disparage Anybody Who Wants To Air Their Grievances’

It is October. The 1% Are Hoping for a COLD winter RE: OWS.

It is October. The 1% Are Hoping for a COLD winter RE: OWS.

The Dow History from 1976 to today -

Biggest challenge for Occupy Wall Street is to have police infiltrators provoke violence....

It is with great pride that I share this news.

I am 60....I am slowly going under...this is scary...

Chicago Traders Mock Protesters: ‘We Are The 1 Percent Paying For This, You Are Paying For 1 Percent

What is the Achilles Heel of the 1%?

PIC: one law for 1% another for 99%

So....who's next?

I am adding my voice to those who would rather have had a trial....

My Grandparents - Labor Heroes

1%-99% - Kipplinger Calculator - See where you fall based on gross income

Flashback! Psychedelic research returns

OWS: "We Want Our Bailout Money Back"

Regarding the male privelige...Apologists and those who want to troll don't bother reading this.

EARTHQUAKE centered in Berkeley: 3.9 magnitude

Toon: It's a Joke!

Pic going around Facebook.

Bring Back Glass-Steagall, RIGHT NOW!!!

I notice a pattern that started the day Zucotti park was occupied

#OWS: Sorry for the inconvenience

“I could end the deficit in 5 minutes,”

For $1 Billion, One Dictator

I feel sadder about the animals being killed in Ohio than I do about Gaddafi..anyone else?

I feel sadder about the animals being killed in Ohio than I do about Gaddafi..anyone else?

I feel sadder about the animals being killed in Ohio than I do about Gaddafi..anyone else?

Revealed – the capitalist network that runs the world

Rednecks planning protest of Scott Walker speech in TN

NYPD asserts that 2nd DEGREE ASSAULT does not apply to 30-year-man TONY BOLOGNA

Just wanted to say goodbye

Appreciation thread for AlienGirl

Please DU this poll on Scott Walker recall:

How to Make Banks Really Mad: Occupy Foreclosures

What If We Paid Off The Debt? The Secret Government Report

Here s the problem with kadaffi's death

Here s the problem with kadaffi's death

Car companies getting rid of spare tires in some new cars

Corporate Welfare Turns BofA into a Fat, Lazy, Extorting Corporate Welfare Queen

A different slant..was the execution of Benito Mussolini

I made a really stupid joke this evening.

Henry Rollins on Occupy America

The original infectious song from that Heineken commercial...

Tap, tap, tap...

Gaddafi was a Deadhead?

Ides of March: Anyone seen? Like? Not? Recommend?

State Department still not sure if Gaddafi is dead.

So sad -- It's this generation's HardRock Cafe.

She loves you. She loves you not. How to make SURE that "she loves you":

The echocardiogram of MiddleFingerMom's heart was a little... "abnormal" this time.

Who is the Greatest Band of All-Time.

Question for folks in Phoenix, Why is everything the same fucking color?

I'm back!

The first four words you see describe you



Do drug test passing remedies work?

If anyone needs help with getting their meds,

Thank you from afar, who ever bought my star...

Yeah, that'll work.......

Thank you for my star!

Gadhaffi dead. Well at least I won't have to look up how to spell his name anymore.

Burger King Japan, Nov. 1 to 15: Buy ONE Whopper meal & it's all the Whoppers you can eat in 30 min.

A nice chill tune for your afternoon....

Has anyone ever been "pessimistically optimistic?"

Dupe delete my mouse is sticking

Question about the Rapture/End of the world

Well folks, it's the last day before the Rapture. Any final words you'd like to share?

Over Easy: how you might like your eggs. Out Easy: how a hen would like her eggs

I have to say that if the world ends tomorrow, I'm going to be VERY upset!

I cannot stop giggling at this.

Earthquake here in SF!

ohiosmith is writing checks his body can't cash

Has anyone ever been "cautiously pessimistic?" nt

The Survivors Party

Lounge auto mechanics, please calm me down. Tell me I can trust these guys.

Why I could never be a greeter at Wal-Mart;

So, do I get to the DU Group on Facebook?

What four words do you see here?

I am trying to add more friends.

Men-Ups, Men Posing like Classic Female Pin-Up Models

Here's how to get rid of sub-threads that turn into pissing contests

So the cops have finally killed 'hipsterism'

OMG I have to write a letter to Skank of America and it is so

Why did the chicken cross the road?

Late Night Tales Series - your thoughts?

Kitties. We can defeat them... if we just keep our heads. And use our opposable thumbs advantage.

Juggalos across the street. Very depressing and disturbing to me.

So, George Stephanopoulus said "There are more tigers in American neighborhoods than ..."

Have you given up on life? Do you wanna eat your slop from a bucket?

Right who's idea was it to do an American Top Gear?

I vote this the absolutely best concert moment in 2011. I defy you to find better!!

Watching first episode of Pan Am on hulu. NQRFPT*

Bjork's dad had to have been the Inuit plummer.

ZZ Top - La Grange

Can you name this tune in less than one note...

MFM can actually TRAIN cats. He can only train them to do one thing -- but he trains them well.

Hey gang! I continue to exist in your space-time continuum, pedantic and limited as it is.

A FB share I thought you would like

“You don’t like me, do you?”

I was circumcised at the Olive Garden while breastfeeding.


Today my wife and I celebrate 32 years of wedded bliss

6800 bottles of wine broken in shelf collapse!

Miz t.'s Birthday Dinner menu

Do you ever drink and post?

Feel good story: recovered my stolen bicycle yesterday

Strangest romantic lyric?

Those who have had pets put down: Did you stay with them through the proceedure?

Rick Perry, Ron Paul have mixed record on energy subsidies

What would you do with a $400 shopping spree?

China to control shadow banking and private lending

Argentina expected to give Fernández de Kirchner historic re-election win

Flaherty eyes Canada-U.S. retail price gap

About a week and a half's worth of insomnia just caught up with me, ask me anything!

Herman Cain’s campaign, 9-9-9 tax plan face greater scrutiny as GOP race heats up

Some Cheer Border Fence as Others Ponder the Cost

Naomi Wolf: how I was arrested at Occupy Wall Street

Anyone here have any of these toys?

Help with pumpkins, please

British embassy in Kuwait suspends services over threat

Anti-Gaddafi forces 'seize Sirte'

Birthers say Marco Rubio is not eligible to be president

BREAKING NEWS: Gaddafi 'captured' as rebel forces take control of Sirte

Clinton: Pakistan must boost anti-terror fight

You can't handle this! Hot Wheels!

"The only place where success comes before work is a dictionary." - Gore Vidal

4.6 mag. earthquake southeast of San Antonio Tx.

Poll: Most blame Obama for economy

I just found the Democratic Underground Facebook page

Former Guantánamo Prisoner Speaks Out On Lawsuit Seeking Bush’s Arrest in Canada for Torture

Philly manufacturing activity recovers in Oct

Three Saudi YouTube social activists arrested

Kenya Reportedly Didn’t Warn U.S. of Somalia Incursion

Napolitano: Deportation reviews to begin shortly

Unemployment Insurance Weekly Claims Report (10/20/2011)

As God is my witness...

Libya: Qaddafi son dead, another son captured

GOP Lawmakers Challenge White House on 'Scientific Misconduct'

My ignore list just became gender balanced!

Food workers union backs Obama's re-election bid

Poutang? What the hell is it?

Oil falls below $86 amid weak US economy signs

Images of a captured Gadhafi, bloodied and dazed, broadcast

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday, October 20, 2011

ICE agent arrested on drug charges after chase

League of Women Voters Files Suit to Block WI's New Polling Place Photo ID Restriction

News International to cut up to 200 staff at The Times and The Sunday Times

NBA Owners, Players Plan 3rd Straight Day of Talks

Republicans block popular piece of Obama jobs bill

Venezuela's Hugo Chavez says he is free of cancer

Another federal judge slot opens for Obama

Col Gaddafi killed: 'Lost secrets’ of Tony Blair’s links

Ghadaffi is NOT dead.

GOP Sen. Rand Paul halts committee action on ‘No Child’ overhaul

Watch live: President Obama to speak about Moammar Gadhafi's killing

Texas Latino Leader Leaves Republican Party

Driller wins approval to halt water to Pennsylvania town

Facebook could face €100,000 fine for holding data that users have deleted

China rare earths supplier suspends production

Saif Al-Islam Gaddafi believed still in desert: NTC

Obama struggling in Ohio

Incomes down for most but up for wealthiest

George W. Bush draws protesters at Surrey appearance

(Basque) Eta declares halt to armed conflict

Senate approves John Bryson, Obama’s nominee to head Commerce Department, after 5-month delay

Lisa Simeone confirms her firing from public radio's 'Soundprint' show

Occupy London: St Paul's Cathedral faces closure threat

Republicans block popular piece of Obama jobs bill

Workers at Michigan beef processing plant vote in favor of union (4 to 1 margin)

BREAKING: Michigan Supreme Court denies Rep. Paul Scott appeal - RECALL IS ON

Man faces hate-crime charges in SF attack (on interracial family)

California gives final OK to cap and trade

Private sector employment continues to slide in Wisconsin

Torture Victims’ Case Against George W. Bush Received in Provincial Court in British Columbia

Antidepression Med Use Skyrocketed over 20 Years

Surrey Police knew of Milly Dowler phone hacking in 2002

(Calif.) Top court to decide legality of DNA collection (in felony arrests)

Car Company Gets U.S. Loan, Builds Cars In Finland

Marco Rubio’s compelling family story embellishes facts, documents show

Reports: Gaddafi killed in gun battle

Occupy Melbourne: Riot police drag protesters from City Square

High cost of first-year community college dropouts

League of Women Voters sues state over photo ID law


Romney ATTACK AD On Perry That Was PULLED From The Internet

William K. Black's Theory of Corporate Fraud

Superior Courts of Los Angeles Served!!!

New Video From Inside the Citibank Incident w/ NYPD Arrests Occupy Wallstreet 10/15/2011

Alonya at OWS

Papantonio: Obama’s Jobs Tour Is Working

How the IBEW Union Apprenticeship Saved my Life? (Cory V. McCray)

Should the mainstream media fear Occupy Wall Street?

'OWS' - Gerald Celente: "Wall Street is Washington; Washington is Wall Street,"

GRAPHIC: Colonel Gaddafi's last moments (Al Jazeera)

People get ready

Mother of All Strikes: Greece Shuts Down for 48 Hours!!

OWS is winning

Max Keiser on PressTV: 'Greece economic crisis, sinister plot'

Cenk Uyger Announces at Occupy Wall Street

"You're the Voice", an anthem for OWS

Rubio: Obama Took Too Long-Credits British and French

Punishment Of Cop That Pepper Sprayed 4 Peaceful Female Protesters Loss Of 10 Vacation Days

Thom Hartmann: How the 1% is reacting to the 99%

Batman on Wall Street

Young Turks: GOP Vs 75% Of U.S. on Teachers, Firefighters

Keiser Report: Live and Let Fail (E199) Dedicated to the boot-licker, Sean Hannity

It Getteth Better

Lions, Tigers, Bears...but No Chickens?

GOP Presidential Candidate Rick Perry - He Ruined Texas, He Would Ruin the Nation Too

'Killing Gaddafi easy cover-up for West deals'

"Lost in Detention": As Obama Deports Record 400,000, Film Explores Immigrant Life in Jail

Show & Tell: Free Trade Agreements

Ohio State Rep Introduces LAW That REQUIRES Politicians & Judges & Bankers TO BE DRUG TESTED!!

Enhanced eBook preview of Jacqueline Kennedy: Historic Conversations on Life with John F.

Will The Senate Kill Net Neutrality?

Young Turks: Unemployed? Blame Yourself! (Herman Cain)

Cenk Uygur at Occupy Wall Street: '$600 Trillion in Bets'

On FOX ? Lockerbie Victims Brother Praises Obama, Bush 43 Was a Disgrace

Countdown: Michael Moore Interview - OWS Has Written New Ending of 'Capitalism: A Love Story'

October2011 Movement Closes Citibank to Protest Record Profits Made at the Expense of Human Needs

Pat Robertson: Woman Struggling Financially Must Keep Tithing

Take my word for it....Herman Cain is sooo Yesterday till it ain't even funny!

Mike Luckovich on the Republican debates...

WSJ: Rick Perry’s Support for a Flat Tax Cheers Steve Forbes

Mitt Leading (Mis-Leading ad against Romney)

Biden Confronts "Reporter"

Former Financial Regulator William Black Occupy Wall Street A Counter to White-Collar Fraud

Rachel Maddow: Romney, Iowa Town Hall Heroine & Not-Too-Upsetting Guide to Down-There Parts

Index of leading economic indicators up 0.2% in Sept; jobless claims down last week

Gallup: Americans Blame Gov't More Than Wall Street for Economy

Biden Takes Senate Republicans To School On Tiny Millionaire’s Surtax (updated)

Current Tax Rates and Differences

news reports coming in :: THE KHADAFFY DUDE APPEARS TO BE DEAD

Scorecard for your Republican friends: Obama vs Bush

NYMag: Rick Perry Knows Just Who Can Help Him Reform the Tax Code


Political cartoonist Tom Toles nails the Republicans today

I'm sick and tired of the hypocritical warmongering.

FLASHBACK: In His Book, Romney Attacked Obama’s Foreign Policy For Appeasing Qaddafi

Bush and Obama; Bin Laden and Gaddafi

Can someone tell me about Frank-Dodd?

Why not a quiz show instead of another GOP debate?

VIDEO: Secretary Clinton's candid reaction to Qaddafi's death after receiving report on Blackberry

Will Senators do the right thing on jobs, or will they shaft thousands of their own constituents?

Take a deep breath now Europe... Your Libyan oil supply is secure

Rubio: French, British Led On Libya (VIDEO)

Q: Where Is Mitt Romney on Libya? -- A: Other than critical of Obama...all over the map. (ABC News)

Blitzer about to ask Lindsey Graham is Obama deserves credit in helping get Gadaffi

United Food and Commercial Workers International Union endorses President Obama

Birthers say Marco Rubio is not eligible to be president

Gaddafi was summarily executed after being dragged from a drain

Is Herman Cain the Most Unctuous Black Man Alive?

Extra topping on the Herman Cain Abortion Pizza

Romney gets Borked

Rubio lied about the circumstances of his parents' immigration

LA Times:SOS,Hillary Clinton on Kadafi reports: 'Wow' [Video]

Rick Perry, Please Come Home: Why Texas Needs Its Governor Back

help me tell my sister the truth about USA helping Libya $$ to rebuild the country

Here's Who We Are: What 1 Million Looks Like

Sen. McCain Congratulates Obama: The Fact Is This Is Another Success For The Administration - VIDEO

Rachel Maddow let the Koch Brothers have it tonight!!

Climate Hawks Tell Super Committee To Kill $122 Billion In Oil Subsidies

Al Sharpton: "I wouldn't support Cain if he was running against a white guy"

How much do Republicans hate Obama? They are celebrating the FRENCH for taking out Gaddafi . . .

Survey USA: Obama leads all GOP candidates in Michigan by 11 or more points

Was The Summary Execution Of Muammar Gaddafi Justified?

Can you imagine the media if things had been reversed. 9/11

Could 2012 be the year for a Dem break through in Texas?

Anyone have a guess as to how many TOTAL Republican debates there will be by the time it's over?

Jeff Winbush: Obama is "Leading From Behind, Coming Out Ahead"

Executive Order: "Disclosure of Political Spending By Government Contractors"

ProPublica report on Obama/Geithner's failed HAMP: wasted billions, incompetence, maybe worse

Occupy Wall Street: Outing the Ringers

Wow. My daughter has just awakened.

Addressing Libyans directly, President Obama said: "you have won your revolution." (with VIDEO link)

Obama on Mt. Rushmore?

Obama: Went on a three day bus tour and came back with Qaddafi's corpse

Lurking Freepers- Our Guy Killed More Bad Guys Than Your Guy

Bye Bye Bush Doctrine: Obama Got Gadhafi Without A Single US Ground Troop

Majority Of Americans Now Blame Obama For Economy-pollsters.

Gaddafi: Barakeh Obama is a friend: April 2010

The Untold Story Of The Actual Obama Record

Just a reminder.....

To Be With the 99%, President Obama Must Fire Tim Geithner

Why many black Democrats* are uncomfortable w/Herman Cain: He embarrasses us in front of white folks

Obama Honors Gay Rights Advocate Janice Langbehn With Citizens Medal

Thom Hartmann: Will Corporations get the Right to Commit Genocide?