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Baked goods as a metaphor for affirmative action

FOX covered the OccupyWallStreet protests?

Occupy Wall Street is important and necessary. petitions petitions



msnbc...'Let us go!': About 700 arrested in Wall Street protest

"In 1992 thousands of people were protesting on the Brooklyn Bridge and not arrested..."

'We're Not The Criminals!' 'We're Fighting For Your Pensions, You Belong With Us!'

Saturday edition of NBC Nightly News: 2.5 minute piece on Occupy Wall Street - video

Hugo Chavez sends solidarity to Gaddafi, Syria

Nicholas Kristof, NYT: The Bankers and the Revolutionaries

How will OWS be addressed at the next debate?

How will OWS be addressed at the next debate?

Key Syrian City Takes On the Tone of a Civil War

Finding the Truth Inside Yourself

Anti-Gadhafi tribes clash in two Libyan locales

Up with Chris Hayes on the arrests on the Brooklyn bridge n/t

Bank of America removes NYT Reporter from sidewalk for ‘Soliciting Customers’

I can't help but think...

China state media takes aim at U.S. currency bill

China state media takes aim at U.S. currency bill

China state media takes aim at U.S. currency bill

Support 99% from Tahrir Square ....... to protesters in USA

Any Occupy Wall Street protester

SlutWalk NYC Preparing to Take Over Union Square

Gene Simmons (of KISS) and Shannon Tweed finally after 28 years GOT MARRIED

Best shirt ever (seen today at Occupy LA):

Very interesting poll numbers from NC

Very interesting poll numbers from NC

UFT and other unions and groups to join OWS on WED?

Happy Birthday Mahatma.

One of the 700 is tweeting from his jail cell!

"Because I happen to HAVE Jesus right here...."

Chicago Tea Party director skips convention after prostitution arrest revealed

Shortages "killing patients" in Libya siege hospital

Quantitative analysis of Occupy Wall Street Protesters arrested v. Wall Street Banksters arrested.

Unbelieveable. Human advancment must be stopped, according to the Postal Service

FBI to Broaden Definition of Rape

The First In-depth Look at a Nazi 'God of Death'

Obama: Don't stand silent when soldier is booed

Computer game technology helps to spot leaking pipes

Police Leading #OccupyWallStreet Protesters Onto The Brooklyn Bridge Traffic Lane

OWS: "I was on the middle road over the bridge-We watched, appalled."

99%er: "If it weren’t for my family, I would be homeless."

Gas leak leads to evacuation in Wellsburg (W. Va.)

Meet the Press is all about republicans this morning, nothing on the ws prostest.

I wish I was in New York--and that I had a bull horn!

Roland Martin kicks Herman Cain's ASS!!

Update on Occupy Tucson

How they did it in Iceland (re: Occupy Wall St)

President to GOP: "You Want to Be Commander in Chief?"

JP Morgan Chase donated $4.6 million to the NYPD

Broken water line under repair downtown (San Diego)

Broken water line under repair downtown (San Diego)

A bipolar America rejects reason

Casinos Head to NYC. You Lose.

A different time,

Alaska voters weighing in: salmon vs. gold

Michael Moore's on CSpan2 for 2-1/2 more hours -- Watch!

The Money May Be Lacking, but a Library Refuses to Go Quietly (R.I.)

Occupy Together..the real polls of America and its satisfaction with our elected representatives

Occupy Wall Street: Look deeper, a new democracy is waiting to be born by Chaz Valenza

We're One Martyr Away From an All-Out Riot

Fed up with the PETTY attacks on the #OccupyWallStreet protesters HERE AT DU!

The "target" for RimJob's "Q4 FReepathon" is $88K. Let's read that again. EIGHTY EFFIN EIGHT KAY!

Thinking of those arrested, could this tie up the courts? Another way to protest?

Police Release Video Of Officers Warning Protestors At Occupy Wall Street March Across Brooklyn Brid

Verizon challenges new US regulations on net neutrality

Verizon challenges new US regulations on net neutrality

Obama is proving its the republicans who are weak on terror

I Made This Vid For Obama - But The WS Protesters Should Make This Their Fight Song

Who'll Stop The Rain?

"It Only Takes 20 Minutes to Shift the Blame" (RE: Brooklyn Bridge)

The Supreme Court's new term

700 Arrests on Brooklyn Bridge? That's how you do it.

Three Weeks Later And NO Action on The JOBS Bill...Why..

Google cooperating with government

Google cooperating with government

The right to protest peacefully....

For all those who applaud the President murdering an terrorists recruiter without judicial review

Occupy Boston joins Wall Street protest movement

700 Arrested As Occupy Wall Street Protests Escalate

700 Arrested As Occupy Wall Street Protests Escalate

Citibank is gonna give you middle class folks a bunch of new fees

Obama raising one billion for the 2012 campaign has been a thorn in my side

New Poll Shows Republicans Have It All Wrong With Social Security

Greg Mitchell has started an OWS blog at the Nation.

Tis The Season? Retailers are starting the holidays even earlier this year

"I might put some gospel beats into 'Hail to the Chief,' OK?" Cain explained.

When will Wall Street end its occupation of Washington, DC.?

Oops: Chicago Tea Party director skips con after prostitution arrest revealed

George Carlin would be so proud

Thousands of Grievances, One Common Cause. (Add to the List)

If you are a member of Occupy Wall Street the BBC wants to hear from you

I saw Steve Earle yesterday

via the OWS Livefeed - is facebook censoring their posts?

Wall Street Protesters In It For The Long Haul


Toon - G. O. Pee.

Must we see rape in Britain to understand rape in Congo?

Health care reform tops Supreme Court docket

Mayor Bloomberg: "We'll See" If The City Will Let Occupy Wall Street Continue

Isaac Asimov sums up the Republican party...

Isaac Asimov sums up the Republican party...

Occupy Wall Street: Live Stream link

Obama fundraising drive targets the wealthy

What if Ibrahim al-Asiri was the target?

Student loan defaults rise sharply, only 37% paid off fully & on time

Student loan defaults rise sharply, only 37% paid off fully & on time

Meanwhile, in Mendocino County...

Toon_ Now please create some job openings here?



If Only....

Who is here? A poll

Funding a Cure for Alzhiemer's: How It Could Save America Billions

BoA's new Debit card design...

Breaking Their Promise To Focus On Job Creation, House GOP Proposes Slashing Job Training Programs

Toon- Jump In!

Gil Scott-Heron was right - the Occupy Wall St revolution was NOT televised

Obama Double Crosses The Environmentalists


Has PC Intern posted lately? I've seen nothing since his 9/16 post

Mass Arrests on the Brooklyn Bridge: Is This What Civil Disobedience Looks Like?

Just a fast note on coverage of occupy WS abroad


The word "war" is often misused for nefarious purposes

Restless House GOP members pointing fingers at one another

Restless House GOP members pointing fingers at one another

Congress set to gain a new (closet) gay Republican

Join Bernie Sanders on Thursday, October 6th at 7:30 p.m. Eastern Time to learn to learn how we can

The Official Occupy Wall Street Music and Inspiration Thread

Very good OP - on Wall Street, Corporate and Banking Issues

Mr. Fish- Tear Down This Wall!

Mr. Fish- Tear Down This Wall!

Mr. Fish- Tear Down This Wall!

OWS Live Feed Back up.

OWS Live Feed Back up.

How much does it cost to bail a protester out of jail?

how to help wall street protestors

As Obama presses passage of his jobs bill, Congress shrugs

As Obama presses passage of his jobs bill, Congress shrugs

Update re Occupation Albuquerque (x-post from NM Forum)

Channelling Marie Antoinette, Wall Street’s finest sip champagne & chuckle at the protests

EPA Boosts Water Policing as Farmers Say Worst Fears Realized

Occupy Wall Street protest: NYPD accused of heavy-handed tactics

Apple, Cisco, and Google want a tax holiday

Anyone else think Herman Cain could be the end of the modern Republican Party?

This is the tea party symbol

Mic check!

"For What It's Worth"

Rick Perry paints over the sign "n*****head" at his families hunting camp

Suggestion: occupytogether thread?

Paraiso for Sale

Sick of the Obama bashing

As the West Celebrates a Cleric’s Death, the Mideast Shrugs

IBM Patents a Mapping Algorithm To Re-Route Drivers Along Retail-Heavy Roads

1,000 Protesters Outside San Fran Fed Demand Jamie Dimon ‘Come Out With Your Hands Up’

Is the entire world a battlefield in the War on Terror?

Occupy the Mainstream Media

I'm Tired of the Ron Paul Supporter Bashing, the ones Joining and Supporting Occupy Wall Street

Perry moves fast to counter questions about hunting camp's offensive name


*R'uh r'oh!!* top story on Fox News -- Occupy Wall Street arrests (CNN and ABC news too)

Let's say in a Central American country, a group of trained

Some 2 years ago or so, a poster in this forum wrote, "It's no longer blue vs red, or Dem vs Rep.

A message to our overlords: "You may have the badges, guns and pepper spray.

Koch brothers back at it

Koch brothers back at it

Toon - Westboro Baptist Churchers get a suprise!

Has Obama even recognized the Wall St Protesters?

Blocking the Brooklyn Bridge was a bad bad idea

Could Teabaggers be deliberately leading Occupy WS astray?. Blocking the Bklyn Bridge

Self-deleted by member

If you could vote....would you vote to let Texas secede from the US?

In the 1950s and 1960s, when the top tax rate was 70-92%,

Occupiers: I love you—but you really have to move beyond this.

Minn. Man Kills Self In His Car After Losing Job

Jonathan Turley Op-Ed: "Obama: A disaster for civil liberties"

ODE to Governor Christie

how long before a broken heart starts healing.

The end of an era.

Dick Cheney praises Obama's drone strike killing Anwar al-Awlaki but seeks apology.

Eurozone fix a con trick for the desperate

It only takes 20 minutes to shift the blame!

Anybody normal on here? Anyone who is not looking for an eye for an eye?

California Pulls Out of Talks on Foreclosure Abuses

Move along, nothing to see here, more about the COKE/ Koch brothers (we already know)

Why Democrats must embrace Occupy Wall Street

Stewart Acuff: Now's The Time to Invest in America!

Virtual March on Wall St.

Ok the world really has come to an end, Renee Elmers opposes the NC amendment

The continuing adventures of Verizon sucks, Verizon sues to halt FCC's net neutrality rules

First ‘official’ statement from the Occupy Wall Street movement

Some insights to consider in relation with the Occupy movement (heavy quote unload)...

At this stage, where do you come down on the Wall Street(and spreading to other places)"occupations"

So, I passed a Teabagger's sign the other day...

Oligarchs are getting nervous

Does Bill O'Reilly own Parade magazine? Why is he always in it?

Gov. Brown signs bill blocking bans on circumcision

to those opposed to killing terrorists

The arrests on the Brooklyn Bridge made the "In The News" section of Wikipedia's front page

Front Page of Al Jazeera Website Now

Sign Help, Please! I want to make a "Priceless" themed sign

It stands to reason -- it's the truth.

Is this the best the Repubs have to offer?

Cain wins another straw poll, sweeps GOP women's convention meeting in KC

Cain 'thrills' all white uppercrust GOP crowd in N. suburban Atlanta

Just had a thought about Elizabeth Warren's campaign.

What is the specific goal of OccupyWallSt?

Lot of current Ron Paul threads. What does this mean?

O'Reilly changes the results of his own online poll.

Fire Department gives okay for OWS protestors to stay...

Had this song in my head this Rise Against

Michael Moore LIVE for Three Hours Sunday on C-SPAN2's BOOK-TV

Wall Street protesters in for the long haul setting up makeshift camps, pharmacies,even a library

I think the Wall Street protesters should sing this...

When 99% of us fly....

Why is the media telling us it is time to reinvest in America?

ABC: OWS "hundreds strong" and "have not reached the political strength of the Tea Party."

The Rick Perry Hustle

History is repeating..Harlan county in the '30's and 70's

PHOTO of the DAY (JAPAN) Dial up warning

Video showing the police leading the protestors out onto

"Declaration of Occupation": Occupy Wall Street movement's statement of purpose.

“It may require our military in Mexico,”

Sign up for the Virtual March on Wall Street

Gallup Poll: Americans seriously questioning Democratic Party's ability to foster prosperity

Little advice for protesters anywhere

The Killing of Anwar al-Awlaki Reinforces Terrorists: America has abandoned its own values

Police: US singer owes $420,000 in child support ......

How Will We Pay for Obama's New Jobs Push? Answer: Tax Wall Street

Is JP Morgan Getting a Good Return on $4.6 Million “Gift” to NYC Police? (Like Special Protection fr

Obamas celebrate 19th wedding anniversary

Coming up: Michael Moore live for 3hrs 12noon ET

Is ‘United Europe Project’ decomposing?

Roseanne Barr Discuss Occupy Wall Street and Banksters on Max Keiser.

We're Sorry You Ever Came To Our Store & Wasted Our Precious Time

if your opposed to the killing of al-awlaki what would you have done?

Suppose that bin Laden, while fighting the USSR in Afghanistan, had married a US citizen.

Ruffalo: Occupy Wall Street is a peaceful stand against the big American rip-off.

What different between Tea Party and The Occupy Wall St.

There's Something Happening-- BIG!! Are You In?

get your facts straight, asshole

Battered by Economic Crisis, Greeks Turn to Barter Networks

Awlaki death rekindles legal debate on targeting Americans

U.S. Citizen ('suspect') gunned down by U.S. SWAT team during manhunt - no trial given to this guy

My Pics of the seizure of the Brooklyn Bridge

Has the US been living under martial law since the passage of the AUMF?

New Posters in NYC

Would not the AUMF be applicable to the right wing hate machine?

Firing contest by boss leads employees to quit

Michael Parenti -- Class Warfare Indeed

Last weekend I was peppersprayed by the nypd on a sidewalk while protesting. FaceBook

Last weekend I was peppersprayed by the nypd on a sidewalk while protesting. FaceBook

Just Fuck

Just Fuck

OWS - how true change might occur

OWS - how true change might occur

OWS - how true change might occur

If you watched the bridge event (arrests), please tell me what you think of this story on it.

NC school district that won 2011 Eli Broad Prize...failed to meet standards.

So...are we DONE with the drone killings now?

Well now that the events in NYC are what many

Well now that the events in NYC are what many

Toon from the Christian Left Page on FB

NYT coverage of BKLYN BRIDGE arrests.

Interesting BBC article on the British National Party.

Interesting BBC article on the British National Party.

"Disabled woman: Men took turns raping me"....

JP Morgan bribes NYPD

$200,000 per job. Really?

CT Governor Malloy lands $1.1 BILLION deal for genetics lab at UCONN!

one of biggest medical device failure unfolds - metal hips failing at rapid rate

Pro Choice Food Drive - pictures

Please read my petition on the White House website and, if you agree, sign and share.

GOP Mega-Donor Koch Brothers' Company Tied To Global Criminal Misdeeds In Bombshell Article

Lest We Forget: President Franklin D. Roosevelt, addressing a crowd in San Diego October 2, 1935

To boost flagging economy, U.S. wants to import more shoppers

This is 4....

This is 4....

Wow. Excellent.

Ron Paul is so full of shit you can smell him around the corner.

How many more Americans are marked for death by our government?

Can someone do me a favor?

Overall civil unrest is what they fear. They fear it more than a political demand.

I get it, do you?

In 1970 the Weather Underground declared war on the United States.

"180 MPG so far is my experience with my Volt"

Ken Burns documentary "Prohibition" is on PBS tonight at 8:00 PM EST...

Just curious, why is this President bombing more countries that George Bush?

I have more confidence in the people occupying Wall St. than the people occupying the White House.

Did you support the Iraq war because an AUMF authorized it?

"We are the 99%"

In 1992, hundreds protested on the Brooklyn Bridge. In the traffic lanes.

In 1992, hundreds protested on the Brooklyn Bridge. In the traffic lanes.

In 1992, hundreds protested on the Brooklyn Bridge. In the traffic lanes.

When 99% of people agree to not buy any product or service from companies on some list ...

October in America

Koch Brothers Flout Law Getting Richer With Secret Iran Sales

Koch brothers’ firm hid subsidiary’s violations of criminal law

CASUS BELLI - International Law of War vs. U.S. Criminal Due Process (the Yemen Hellfire killings)

Boehner’s District Suffers From E. Coli Outbreak As House Republicans Try To Gut Food Safety

Boehner’s District Suffers From E. Coli Outbreak As House Republicans Try To Gut Food Safety


Smaller beer bottles in bars?

Wall Street Was Warned

Elizabeth Warren: A voice of reason amid the madness

A masterpiece: "An indecent proposal" by Hunter for DailyKos

Death of little Hana Williams linked to "To Train Up a Child"

Death of little Hana Williams linked to "To Train Up a Child"

Anonymous Launches Investigative Research Branch

Stupid NYPD Cops Are Taking a Horrendous PR Beating

Carrying loaded guns a few dozen metres from where President Obama is speaking.....

UGH! #OccupyRochester

Hi, DU, A Favor: Graphs Showing The Changing Economic Situation in U.S.

As you think about the protests in NYC, remember Thoreau.

Revolution is happening in the USA

Those Ron Paul signs make me disgusted!

Those Ron Paul signs make me disgusted!

Occupy Jail Cells

Cheney: Obama owes apology for security criticism of Bush administration

Corporate America’s New Golden Goose

I saw gas price.. finally, it is under $3.00 for a first time!!!

Doctors fight back against nurses with doctorates calling themselves 'Dr"

Declaration of the Occupation of New York City

Whose fucking panties are frozen to the ground outside? They're mine, Colonel.

No matter how serious life can get, there are adobable things in it as well. ...

I hate to badger, but ...

Pooh Pooh ... Oh bother.

lean on the refrigerator door,

Cross-Eyed Opossum Heidi Is Dead

Brrr! Getting cold here!

I shat brix, it's like Tetris in my underpants.

PHOTO: Little Richard has REALLY fallen hard since the glory days of "Tutti Frutti"...

PHOTO: It's like I can feel ALL seven of my chakras goin' all goofy and and stuff. I'm series.

Dear mom: thank you.

PHOTO: The graywarrior sightings CONTINUE!

While not a Radiohead fan in general, MFM DOES sing that "Crepe" song of theirs a lot in public.

PSA from MiddleFingerMom: Take it from me... NEVER let your cat see where you hide your stash!!!

And your think YOUR dog's gas is toxic. He/she is just a pretender to the, um... throne.

I know! I know! - They're called Twiggies or something like that in Swahili

The fog after the rain @ by : Skier

I dream....

My name is Victoria Winters.....

saw a silver fox last night while out with the puppy

Spoiler question for people who read the last "Twilight" book

Screaming baby instantly soothed by Bob Marley


PBS @ 4 p.m....Hugh Laurie in New Orleans celebrating the blues...n/t

Picture of a patient in the ER waiting room.

I have spent the day watching Oddites on the Science Channel.

Fox - no, not that one!

I am eating a perfect, freshly-picked Honeycrisp apple.

I'm watching "Prohibition" tonight on PBS.

Once Upon A Time - new series on ABC (from the creators of Lost)

my wife got an iron for me for my birthday


Let us now make a prayer unto the gods....

I think I just blue myself...

Good Cowboys game!

I know/realize /am aware the pirate "arghhhh" thing is a joke, but

I have 45564 posts under my belt. I am listening to Max Roach, 'Members, Don't get Weary.'

Both Lions and Tigers Win today! Deal with it ya' slackers!


MiddleFingerMom may NEVER wash another dish in his entire life!!!!!

Test your DU intelligence quiz: Question #7

I wasn't sure I could satisfy this woman.

This made me smile (stolen from FB)

He's got his ranch,

Need help...

Thought everybody should see's "Archie Out Of Context"

OK. OK... truth be told... it wasn't the ex-Mrs MFM, but MFM his self who was an early Hooters girl,

My wife got a waffle iron for me for my birthday

I can haz cheezburger?!?

calling any entomologists

My Cousin Vinny coming up on Comedy Central.

If you could have a second home where and what would it be. I'd personally like

Attempted Murder

Teen idol to leading man?

Why don't many hijacked polls get flown to Cuba?

"When Bullying Backfires: Asperger’s Student Voted Homecoming Princess"

Young couples looking forward to "Parenthood" -- Perception vs. Reality:


It is crispy cool up here in the north - IT IS CHILI TIME!!!!

The Walking Dead, Season 2 starts in two weeks

Anybody ever used GroupOn? Apparently it isn't going so well. Businesses finding

Remember that Facebook group I tried to join?


"Prohibition" on PBS tonight at 8:00 (time in listing for my area)...n/t

Allah Akbar Airlines

The ex-Ms MFM, while absolutely gorgeous, was also as confused about the world as MFM.

Andy Rooney's final 60 Minutes.

Woman gives homeless guy $5, then demands he give it back

I wonder what the greatest invention was before sliced bread?

# # # # # # # # # # # # # # OCTOBER MILESTONES # # # # # # # # # # # # # # first edition...

Of all the inventions based on sliced bread, which is the best?

Yellowstone, Grand Tetons

Key Syrian City Takes On the Tone of a Civil War

Hugo Chavez sends his solidarity to ‘brothers’ Qaddafi and Assad

Does anyone else remember cannibal jokes?

Should Roger Maris be in the Hall of Fame?

how long before a broken heart starts healing.

Egypt Warns U.S. On Attaching Conditions To Military Aid

Underwear-bomb maker believed dead in Yemen strike

Homeland Security tries to shore up nation’s cyber defenses

Battered by Economic Crisis, Greeks Turn to Barter Networks

Agency: Suspicious package delivered to home of Joe Biden's brother

Koch Brothers Flout Law Getting Richer With Secret Iran Sales

(Libya) Sirte residents queue to leave city during two-day ceasefire

Greece confirms it will miss deficit targets

Filipino-American woman kidnapped in July is freed

JP Morgan bribes NYPD

Wall Street protesters: We're in for the long haul

Suspicious package was mailed to Ocean Ridge from India, Biden's brother says

Have a question about the TV show, House. *spoiler alert*

Wall Street protesters: We're in for the long haul

New 9/11 victim fund taking applications

Economic Protesters Remain Camped Out at L.A. City Hall

Obama bashes GOP booing of gay soldier

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Another Cat in the Wall Edition

CIA contractor charged in Pakistan deaths arrested in Colorado

Warren, Brown in dead heat: UMass Lowell/Herald poll

NPR Names Sesame Workshop's Gary Knell as New CEO/President

Amanda Knox to make final plea of innocence

Cheney: Obama owes apology for security criticism of Bush administration

Omaha SEAL killed in Afghanistan

Mental hospital wants to release failed Reagan assassin John Hinckley Jr.

Hugo Chavez sends solidarity to Gaddafi, Syria

Protesters Warned Before Mass Arrests on Brooklyn Bridge, Police Say

Activists throughout Canada set to show solidarity with Wall Street protesters

Occupy Wall Street protests spread across U.S

More than 700 arrested in Wall Street protest

Yemeni jet mistakenly bombs army post, kills 30

Obama calls for repeal of the Defense of Marriage Act

California prevents ban on male circumcision

Anti-whalers launch kamikaze operation

Yikes....the GOPers gonna run with 15 peeps...all want to "Help" America

Another MISLEADING attack on the middle class

When did GDP become General Discussion: Racism?

Kudos to Obama re: the booing of a soldier at GOP debate.

Remarks by the President at the Human Rights Campaign's Annual National Dinner

At this time in History, the American Right is Stronger than its ever been.

Prediction: There will be a planted heckler at a GOP debate

Prediction: There will be a planted heckler at a GOP debate

ITT = reply with names of the 2012 GOP ticket..

Rick Perry Wants to Invade Mexico

Interactive Map of Shame (on voter suppression in 50 states) is Active! Inform Yourselves NOW!

Wall street protests -- Effect on election.

How long do you predict it will it be before Rick Perry bows OUT of presidential candidates race?

What does Pres. Obama think of OWS?

At Perry’s Texas hunting spot, "Niggerhead" name lingered -- Cain calls slur insensitive.

Is Herman Cain the only GOPer to call Rick Perry out over---head? If so, the GOP should be ashamed

An observation about racism, prejudice and bias

Will Occupy Wall Street benefit Republicans

This guy didn't get a trial either, in California. Will DU be flooded with outrage for him?

Poll: Is the name of Perry's hunting camp offensive?

I would like DU to welcome regular discussions of race, sexual orientation, gender, religion. . .

President Obama Has at least 22 Terrorist Notches On His Belt - so far

Mass. support for US Sen. Brown, Warren about even

"One Voice Change The Room" Meeting @whitehouse officials. I pushed. They listened."

When will Obama endorse the Wall Street Protesters?

Gallup poll: Democrats Dispirited About Voting in 2012

Cain: Perry camp sign 'just plain insensitive'

Question: I hear the protesters are nothing but a bunch of uneducated fools who don't

Clarence Thomas: A Question of Integrity

Police Leading #OccupyWallStreet Protesters Onto The Brooklyn Bridge Traffic Lane

Wisconsin vs Nebraska Highlights

Exclusive Video: Drone Attack On Key Al-Qaida Leader!

Why Do You Occupy?- Interviews At Occupy Boston

NYPD Arrests 'Invader Zim Girl' on Brooklyn Bridge: 'How Old is She Officer?'

First Hand Account Of The #OccupyWallStreet Pepper Spraying

From NY Times - live arrest of 700 on Brooklyn Bridge

Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert's GIABO Communique #1

Dick Cheney Wants Apology From Obama

Chickenfoot - No Change: the hidden bonus track from the new CD, and yes, Virginia, it's political

Occupy Wall Street Protesters Take Brooklyn Bridge - 700+ Arrested HD

On the Edge with Max Keiser - French banks and the European debt crisis [OTE125]

TYT: Fmr Dem. Senator Fights Regulations (Blanche Lincoln)

#Occupy Wall Street -- The Revolution Starts Now!

So now you're upset that they killed a known terrorist? Really?


Meltdown-The Secret History of the Global Financial Collapse-The Men Who Crashed The World (4 Parts)

People are not upset that Al Awlaki was killed, but how

Bloomberg - Leave Wall Street Alone!

Growing Up Paul Part Two

Funny, I Don't Recall Liberal Outrage When Bill Clinton Repeatedly Targeted (and missed) Bin Laden?

TYT: Herman Cain Says 'Black Folks Brainwashed'

Bill Maher Has a Child Like, Comic Book View of War

Roseanne Barr: 'Do we decapitalize or decapitate banksters'

American? Worldwide Spring! Just the Beginning?! Universal Human Rights applicable to ALL!!!

Large Protest OccupyBoston Against BoA's Foreclosures, Dozens Arrested

Jake Tapper vs. Jay Carney on President Killing U.S. Citizens

Anonymous Occupy The Planet. Speech from Anonymous. Here we Go!

Long-Secret Fallout Shelter Was a Cold War Camelot (for Kennedy)

Another 'John Doe' probe in Wisconsin: Right to Life's get-out-the-vote efforts in senate recalls

Cloud-Powered (i.e., The Internet) Facial Recognition

EGYPT - Democratic Dictatorship Wears A Suit

Strange sorority fixation was link that led to anthrax suspect

Rubio's right but still wrong for Tea Party

Tradition Reigns at Munich's 'Other' Oktoberfest

For Christie and 2 Senators, Animus Is Mutual

Top Prosecutor Stands Out by Pushing Back (Eric Schneiderman)

The Resilient Library

Capitalism = Christianity: Auto Shop Offers Biblical Discount

Wall Street Protesters Must Be Ready for a Long, Hard Fight

Mario Cuomo: Death penalty is dead wrong: It's time to outlaw capital punishment

Sunday Funnies: Best Political Cartoons of the Week

Soon in your hands: Occupied Wall Street Journal #1

U.S. Officials Met With Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood – U.S. Diplomat

Me and the man with the iPad

Koch Brothers Flout Law With Secret Iran Sales

Taking on the banks, one ‘brat’ at a time

Woodard: The Real U.S. Map, a Country of Regions

Christie Team Assessing How Fast a 2012 Campaign Could Be Mounted

Support for 'Occupy Wall Street' protest boosted by mass arrests