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Archives: October 19, 2011

I don't want to spend the night at my boyfriend's apartment if his mother is there.

Ironic, No ???

Best. Zombie. Accessory. Ever. (Zombie Max ammo from Hornady!)

Bloody Gang Fight Breaks Out At Richmond City Hall

Poor People's Campaign: A Dream Unfulfilled

The rethug party is now officially the batshit insane lunacy party

Republics Crap Out In Vegas - Candidates Go Bust, Leave Sin City With Hangover

Progress never ends

Could somebody please give Mitt Romney debate points for Gov. Perry? Look it's simple...

Herman Chamberlain Cain wants to negotiate and appease terrorists

Hey Mitt, how about mowing your own damn lawn!

Obama diary: Look at all of this. You will love it. Pic heavy

It was appropriate that Cain used "Apples and Oranges" metaphor.

Chase is down. No access online or by telephone. What is happening?

F&#K you, Big Banks....

Why is it that you never see John Boehner answering any questions on cable news shows? Does the

My own list of demands:

My own list of demands:

Banks winning immunity - more systemic corruption on the horizon

Europe: Time is running out

Is it my imagination that the Repubs are more brutal towards each other

End of Empire (NV): Tough economy closes mining town

Even I can only eat so much popcorn...

Tennessee Commission Gives Family Planning Contract to Religious Health Group

Toon: Trickle Down Economics

Andrew Cuomo stands up for the 1%

Hey Wall St Dudes-It's Not Just Your Ex-Workers Shouting With Signs-Its Your Ex-Customers TOO!

Jocks Walks Out of Musical Over Gay Kiss


Democrat Panties vs Christan Panties - Sister Myotis

The Art Of The Possible

Welcome to Cameron's England- Dale Farm evictions - live

Texas agency censors scientific report to remove references to reality

Texas agency censors scientific report to remove references to reality

Krugman Blog- Tax Policy Center does Herman Cain

Barney Frank mentioned that #OWS needs to go political.

Romney blamed Newt for his Romneycare mandate

Yes, Muffy, it certainly is difficult to get good help these days

I can't wait for the Obama versus which ever

Romney sucks...

Hurry up, get more done, and die, By Mark Morford

Every Republican needs to be replaced.

"Occupy Womb Street"

Cain, Perry, Romney doing the impossible - making Bachmann look normal

Cain, Perry, Romney doing the impossible - making Bachmann look normal

Naomi Wolf arrested at Occupy Wall Street protest

Naomi Wolf arrested at Occupy Wall Street protest

Should #OWS make its presence felt at the polls?

Self-deleted by member

Stupid toon that completely misses the point

BofA, JPMorgan Say More Investors Demanding Refunds for Post-Bubble Loans

Did you DU the OWS Fox Poll?

Stop with the "be careful what you wish for" B.S.

White House Initiative Spurs Coalition Of Companies To Hire 25,000 Veterans, Spouses

Caption this Santorum/Bush pic

Social Security payments to see first increase since 2009

Bachmann: Iraq and Libya Should Reimburse the U.S. for 'Liberating' Them

Celebrity Liberals make fun of themselves: Stiller, Wiig, Black, Penn KicK! Making Politics Fun

oh thank goodness, SS to get a cost of living raise, finally

US Army to fly 'kamikaze' drones (will fit in a backback)

Rachel Maddow calls out 'conservadems' after spotting Ben Nelson cheering republican Cain

Can Obama successfully tar Mitt Romney as both a flip-flopper and a fire-breathing conservative? Yes

David Brooks Does Not Get the Moral Norm of Being Broke

I should not have to choose...

Did Romney really rewrite his book for the election? He sure did

Student loan debt hits record levels

U.S. Hawks Behind Iraq War Rally for Strikes Against Iran

U.S. Hawks Behind Iraq War Rally for Strikes Against Iran

Post of the Day:read Greg Palasts "The Best Democracy Money Can Buy." He lays out the plan in detail

The drawbacks of credit unions

GAO Finds Serious Conflicts at the Fed

Twinkles up people

NorthCarolina, I am SO sorry if my replies

U.K. MOX plant closure to cost (Japanese) utilities billions

The Other Republican debate.

INFOGRAPHIC: The American Cities With The Most Super Rich People

Occupy ALEC II

US must think '10 times' before unilateral action in Pakistan: Kayani

As engineers have long known, heatsinks are an excellent way to disperse hot air.

China police fire on Tibetans, nun burns to death: Report

Keeping the money out of politicians hands

Jon Stewart: GOP 'Loves' America But 'Hates' Most Of Its People

Romney will get the nom. because he's the least stupid.

The Rude Pundit: Random Observations on Last Night's GOP Debate Thing

Scorn in the USA - Jon Stewart at his brilliant best

Wednesday TOON roundup, the rest

Pakistan warns US over unilateral military action

How times and attitudes have changed.

A graph of just how regressive Cain's 999 plan really is.

How low can you go? City of Oakland says the occupiers are attracting rats!

Elizabeth Warren Builds Small Donor Army, Pulls In Big Liberal Donors

Republican debate audience member 10/18/11 (photo)

Republican debate audience member 10/18/11 (photo)

Still want a primary challenger for Obama?

Athens Calling

Another idiotic toon that completely misses the point

APNewsBreak: Basement case could be US hate crime

Unpaid Student Loans Top $1 Trillion

Soldiers receive renewable fuel from stateside Conservatives

So all of us on SSI are going to get a 3.6% hike in benefits...

Anyone remember Monday October 19, 1987? Largest percentage single day loss of the DJIA in history

20-25 foot waves forecast for.............. ... Chicago

Ex-Church Member, Kept from Scientologist Son in Hospital After Serious Wreck

Why are cops being used to harass peaceful protestors?

Donald Trump Is Nuts! Calls For Protests At White House, Says Obama Abandoned By Wall Street

Deputy Inspector Anthony Bologna faces discipline of a loss of 10 vacation day?

What's Wrong With Wall Street And Today's GOP In One Picture

Katie Couric: 'The Media Can Awaken People And Change Minds'

Troops in Afghanistan Burn Donated Copies of Bill O’Reilly’s Books

Occupation and realignment: How a real leftist movement could create a new center in our politics

Occupy the Tundra photo cuts a trail across the Internet - Anchorage Daily News

Senators Question Weak Oil Speculation Rule

NY police: Man killed his kids, wife and himself

NY police: Man killed his kids, wife and himself


A case of entrapment by the NYPD? (OWS related)

In case there was any doubt about their priorities...

Will Any Of These 'Pro Occupy Wall Street' CEOs Put Their Money Where Their Mouth Is?

Things are hot at OWS at Times Square - live stream

Let's All Take A Moment To Really Consider This Epic #Occupy Prediction For 2012

What have Republicans done for African-Americans lately?

Gone to occupy Wall Street...

California’s largest doctor group calls for marijuana legalization

Here's a list of the livestream locations for all of the Occupy Wall Street locations

Fox Business Network Memo To Staff: Stop Trying To Be Like Fox News

Michigan Tea Party Rep. Kurt Damrow tossed out of County Republican Party.

16 Signs That Your City Has Become A Hellhole

Citigroup to pay $285 million in SEC CDO fraud case

Unpaid Student Loans Top $1 Trillion

Tax Policy Center evaluates the effects of Herman Cain's 9-9-9 tax proposal:

For the entities controlling investments money does not disappear.

"Wait, now the right hates General Electric?"

Obama's "Secrecy Pact" document for Trans-Pacific Trade Talks has been leaked!

Citibank Protester Talks About Undercover Infiltration In Occupy Wall Street

So, the company I work for is paying for flu shots for full time employees

Why I will never vote Republican

Pat Robertson: God Let Zoo Animals Escape to Bite Gay People!

THRIVE - documentary

Right-wingers believe that the exotic animals released in Ohio are a left-wing plot:

Brown Campaign tricks will begin in just a moment

O’Donnell blasts hypocrisy of marijuana prohibition

OWS ammo: : CITI fined $285m by SEC. Promoted bubble securities designed to fail.

Child needs medical treatment? Christian Right leader wants you to make sure the doctor isn't gay

Child needs medical treatment? Christian Right leader wants you to make sure the doctor isn't gay

Bachmann drops to last place in Iowa 2012 Presidential Power Rankings

New talking point emerges re OWS

The Elite Are Trembling in Their Boots

Bank of America Deathwatch: Moves Risky Derivatives from Holding Company to Taxpayer

MSNBC Primetime Shake-up. Ed Schultz Moves to 8pm; Lawrence O’Donnell Back to 10pm

Romney will be the easiest person to defeat.

FastCo: Demograhic Statistics Vs Media Stereotyping - Occupy Wall Street Is Us


GOP freshmen feel fundraising pinch

FOCUS: America's Child Death Shame

Martin Brashir Is Eating Sheriff Joe Asshole for LUNCH..

I did NOT see the Republican "debate" (time zone issues), BUT.....

Romney: Accelerate foreclosures to ‘allow investors to buy up homes’

True love....

Why is Morning Joe scum entertaining that treasonous

Reid Tees Up Key Test Vote On Teacher, Firefighter Jobs Bill

How Women Can End War

Foreclosure ruling leaves buyers in limbo

Variation on Mac trojan disables built-in OS X malware protections

Dylan had the Red Alert author Leeb on his show

Is Bank of America preparing for a Chapter 11?

Interesting poll of NH GOP voters on Citizens United and campaign reform.

Citigroup paying $285M to settle SEC fraud charges

Game Over for Faster Than Light Neutrinos?

Super Fun Pak Comix!

Pakistani poor hit by decision to spurn US aid

I've decided that Romney is the 'Larry Tate' of the GOP candidates

Your thoughts on Stewart Alexander for President in 2012


George Lakoff: How to Frame Yourself - A Memo for Occupy Wall Street

Consumers Will Switch Banks Over Fees: Survey

Progressives Lets Multi-task: Occupy and Elect - the October Candidate List

Conservatives Are ‘Fighting the Last War’ Against Occupiers

Leaked Memo: Corporate Boardrooms Fear the Occupy Movement (Nation of Change)

DoJ doesn't want to protect immigration detainees from rape in custody.

Confessions Of An Economic Hitman

Reid signals government jobs must take priority over private-sector jobs

Right wing projection and Occupy Wall St.

Chen Xianmei gives her reward over for the medical care of the two year old she rescued.

IF you have to bring a gun to a protest....You have already lost...

Pew Poll: Public and 'Occupy Wall Street' Movement in Synch on Key Issues

Ed Rollins said this group of GOP candidates remind him of Housewives of New Jersey

OMG. "Mitt Romney" — A BLR Soundbite. Laughing so hard here, but he makes sense?

Biden: GOP protects the rich at expense of teachers, responders

Naomi Wolf: how I was arrested at Occupy Wall Street

American Airlines woes

American Airlines woes

I just received an intelligence insulting robo-call from the NRA.

The monkey was last spotted in a gated community outside Dallas.

Occupy Movement Heats Up US South

FBI inside Wayne County headquarters in downtown Detroit

FBI inside Wayne County headquarters in downtown Detroit

In Rift Between Murdochs, Heir Becomes Less Apparent

Douglas Foshee, El Paso CEO, To Get $95 Million Exit Package: Report

Greece Riots and how CNBC is framing them.

Bernie Sanders: Live Online town meeting hosted by AARP

Above all: Frame yourselves before others frame you. - By George Lakoff

Above all: Frame yourselves before others frame you. - By George Lakoff

Republican mandates

China cuts US debt holdings after downgrade

Said on the TeeVee

Question for those who lived through and remember the Vietnam draft.

OH Exotic Animal Escape: Gov Kasich allowed Executive Order regulating them to Expire

which one seems unnatural now?

which one seems unnatural now?

Have any of the Occupy camps been completely shut down?

Why Romney Slammed Perry So Hard —By David Corn

Anyone else headed to DC on Nov. 6 for demo?

Want to be depressed? "Shoot to kill: Ohio cops hunt escaped animals"

Have You Tried Santorum?

No new jobs in the part of Jobs Bill vote scheduled for Friday.

Ten children also found in US cellar horror case

We the 99% Demand a Totally Different Federal Budget

(((PIC))) A Rainy Hump-Day Message from Occupy Wall Street

The Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome “Debates.”

Massachusetts Supreme Court Blows Whistle on How the Banks Broke the Housing Market

Am I the only one who is not a big fan of the name "Occupy" for this movement?

WI GOP looks to repeal law requiring comprehensive sex ed in schools

Tonight on Countdown: New polling on OWS & surtax, Dean Baker, Errol Louis

Wednesday OWS TOON Roundup

'German Reasoning Won Out' in Stem Cell Ruling

The effort to smear Occupy Wall Street is in full effect......

The effort to smear Occupy Wall Street is in full effect......

Tea Party Nation Urges Businesses To Stop Hiring People....

5 Steps to Clean up Wall Street

Five years from TODAY, if Republicans win the House, Senate and White House......where will......

Biden, reporter face off over crime statistics

Ad in NYC Subway using Rick Perry's name. LOL!!!

Republican Party In ALABAMA Is INFESTED With Indian Gaming CASH

Thanks To The 99% Movement, Media Finally Covering Jobs Crisis And Marginalizing Deficit Hysteria

Lawrence Odonnel rewrite on marijuana hypocrisy

"The last thing you should have to do is fight for a job when you come home."

Michele Bachmann: Obama 'Put Us In Libya. He Is Now Putting Us In Africa' (Where is Libya, Michele?)

Does Alec Baldwin's status as nationwide pitchman for Capital One undermine his OWS support?

Final KORUS FTA battle looms at National Assembly

The influence of DU on a person is significant

I opened a checking account at a credit union today. Easy Peasy. No deposit required.

One of the most beautiful women I have ever seen in my life, Michelle Obama is on TV

Democrats Stand Firm on Jobs Bill

CNN - re: the debates - "Is Rick Perry mean?"

Isn't all warfare really just class warfare?

Please help the 1% (An open letter to all patriotic 99%ers)

Teabagger media want rain,wind and cold...

Heartbreaking: Former Abductee Responds To Rush Limbaugh’s LRA Comments - VIDEO

Let me renew my prediction for the Republican Nominee


Lawrence O’Donnell Booted To 10pm ET; Ed Schultz Moves Up To 8:00pm ET

How do you get that "Deep Purple" sound?

How do you get that "Deep Purple" sound?

A clever twist on OWS

"What are they smoking?"-Robert Reich: The Austerity Death Trap

Tomorrow is Spirit Day...Wear Purple!

I keep hearing the lie that the bottom 5% of the US richer than 68% of the rest of the world.

Medicare costs to reduce Social Security increase

Chris Hedges Speaks to "OWS" about Jane Adams, Dostoyevsky and others:

At MSNBC, Lumbergh moves Lawrence O'Donnell's cubicle to basement, takes his red stapler

"The Heith of Hypocrisy" sayeth Rick Perry...

NY Post: Protesters Dine In Style - Enjoying Rich Diet

Wednesday Republican Primary TOONS, Part 1- Cain

General Republican toons....

Wednesday Republican Primary TOONS, Part 2- Romney and the rest

Lawyers Who Have Occupy Wall Street's Back - Forbes

Who's working hard to make you think OWS are anti-Semites? Check out their new commercial:

Posting Pictures on DU

Should pictures of the animals from Zanesville OH be posted on DU?

I'd like to see what kind of reaction someone would get carrying a sign on Wall Street saying:

Republicans fret over '12 friendly fire

City estimates Occupy LA's damage to lawn to be $400K, Councilman says he could re-sod it himself

AI: US, Russia and European countries supplied large amounts of weapons to repressive governments

So Biden is not allowed to talk about the effect poverty can have on crime according to the GOP?

Clinton Foundation: Celebrity Division (5:39) HILARIOUS video - Penn Damon Spacey +

This is Alice Walton

Wisconsin GOP Pushes Sex Education Repeal

WI Repugs want to repeal Wisconsin's Comprehensive Sex ED program: Meeting NOW..

MSNBC Ed Show moving to 8 pm, Mon 10/24. Lawrence to go to 10 pm.

MSNBC Ed Show moving to 8 pm, Mon 10/24. Lawrence to go to 10 pm.

Star Trek an optimistic view of the future? I don't think so.

Whiny girl on MoJo, complaining about not being rich fast. "Sucks to Be Us."

I've been disagreeing with Chris Hedges alot lately.

Tea Party Nation asks businesses to stop hiring as expression of tea party solidarity

"It was moving so fast, I misspoke." GUESS WHAT, ASSHOLE! P.O.T.U.S. is a "FAST" job, PIZZA DOUCHE!

20th Anniversary of the Oakland Hills Firestorm-killed 25

Borowitz:Cain&Perry had a disagreement:One wants to electrocute aliens,one thinks there are plenty

THE BEST BLESSING of all........ NOT to have Obama run against Romney!

Portland is going nuts in the green requirements! (rant)

Best laugh of the week

How You Can Accurately Forecast The Financial Future

#OccupyBoston on Facebook say #OccupyNewHampshire face eviction at 11pm tonight.

The meme is changing slowly

So a bank or two agrees to a 1/4 billion dollar fine....

Conservatives want to end support for America’s fastest growing industry

found this on my favorite store in the whole wide world facebook page.

Bachmann says she will make speaking English the law in The Newnited Snates of America?

In addition to all the obvious reasons, another reason to re-elect Obama

U.S. citizens denied right to in-state tuition (FL- Again)

Ohio police: Owner set wild animals loose before committing suicide

Tony Bologna With A Side Of Pepper Spray Docked 10 Vacation Days

RUBBER MEET ROAD: Obama's Chance to Kiss Wall Street Goodbye Is NOW

Lawmakers decry federal crackdown on pot clubs

Rachel has me in tears re all these beautiful animals

Rand Paul stalls Senate education bill

So chemical/pesticide/energy corporations get a reduction of regulation, or an regulation

Former financial regulator notes four themes of ‘Occupy’ protests

50th Anniversary of "Catch 22" with film director Mike Nichols - Charlie Rose tonight

Al Sharpton on Jon Stewart...

SIU Campus police has just taken all the tents from Occupy Carbondale

Bwah-ha-HAH, troops in Afghanistan BURN gift copies of O'LOOFAH's books!1

Rick Perry, Ron Paul have mixed record on energy subsidies

Will Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld ever have to stand trial for crimes against humanity?

In response to Rick Perry's forthcoming flat tax proposal..

Keep your "small governmet" out of my vagina!

WP: Perry and Paul were for energy subsidies before they were against them

Social security average wage index...incomes have been falling

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers Check In!!

Oh. My. Gawd!

Occupy This: Why the Tea Party and Occupy movements are not alike

Disneyland workers answer to 'electronic whip'

City Aims To Shame Those Who Hire Prostitutes

Sgt. Shamar Thomas of OWS is on The Rosie Show tonight.

New York Cops Get Another Black Eye

It's important to know how they're lying about YOU!

When, in history were the rich not ultimately toppled...?

Birthers ask: Is Marco Rubio eligible to be president?

Tea Party Nation urges businesses to halt hiring to hurt Obama and Occupy Wall Street

One of the biggest losers in the 999 plan? Retired people living on S.S., pensions and savings.

Household having more trouble paying for food, shelter, health care now than during great recession

Occupy Design: Visual Tools for the 99 Percent

Anyone know why The Last Word and The Ed Show are switching time slots?

Vegas man begs web for $1m to fix gigantic scrotum

Huntsville AL to hire up to 110 TFA teachers. They laid off 1000 teachers, 280 staff.

Man who fatally shot college-bound girl on prom night gets parole

Cain's 9-9-9 scam. Make more than $1 million? $455K tax cut. Under $200K? Tax INCREASE.

Economy is turning! Obama will win this election...

Fabulous Occupy Picture

Fabulous Occupy Picture

Revealed – the capitalist network that runs the world

Happy YORKTOWN DAY - 230 years since we won the war - October 19th

Sharpton..."I wouldn't support Cain if he was running as a white man"..

Sharpton..."I wouldn't support Cain if he was running as a white man"..

Lax Ohio laws lead to 'free-for-all' for exotic animals, critics say

Fucking Antarctica..

Clerk Shot, Killed Man Who Took Her Baby

So Rachel says Ben Nelson (admiring the pizza dude), Droopy Dog and Tester going to vote down

Armed vs. Unarmed...

I smell... the stink of desperation... # # # # # # # # # # #

I smell... the stink of desperation... # # # # # # # # # # #

We're not protesting against corporations. We're not protesting against the government.

We are "drilling here" and we are "drilling now"

I know why the Police loves Tea Party and hate OWS (PIC)

Rick Scott (Fl. Gov) is one huge POS!

Please help me break down how Herman Cain's 999 plan will affect me personally

MSNBC line up changes announced...

Carl Hiaasen ( investigative reporter, novelist) Endorses Occupy Wall Street

Has anyone else heard that the banksters themselves may be loosing jobs. Does anyone

Student Forbidden From Taking Saxophone On School Bus

Why America is severely broken..

It's time to play: Protest - Spot the Difference

Los Angeles Unified School District teacher fired for speaking out against Jews at Occupy L.A.

I went to protest my Congressman last night

Man with rifle arrested at Occupy Seattle protest

OCCUPY Tacoma Takes Its Case To Rep. Norm Dicks (D) WA

Libyan Revolution Week 35 part 3

"In politics the middle way....

Lions and Tigers and Bears.......Large predators on the lam in Ohio

We are the 1% standing with the 99%

Adam Levine (Maroon 5) Calls Fox News Evil, Bans Them From Playing His Music

When Mittens and Perry were squabbling like a couple of 2nd graders who did you root for?

An URGENT request of DUers re: OWS & BofA's $75 Trillion Heist of U.S.Treasury

Are there laws against public fornication in your town of residence? Is that legislating morality'?

Joe Lieberman introduces bill to take away the citizenship of US citizens

Cop disguised as a protester was the loudest person at Citibank.

Oil company commercial on MSNBC, with three college students seemingly dismissing teacher...

Oil company commercial on MSNBC, with three college students seemingly dismissing teacher...

I am a comfortable college professor...but I couldn't sleep...

Greek Unions Take to the Streets

I really don't think they want to go there: Republicans mock Obama’s teleprompter use

CBS hit piece on Olbermann

Photo Essay: 50 Years Ago: The World in 1961

Treasury to meet privately with 1%ers Nov 1. OWS DC should occupy the hotel lobby ;-)

Here we go again... Senator Dean Heller (R-NV): One half of Americans don't pay taxes

Ohio Democratic lawmakers file ethics complaint against Gov. Kasich's point man for jobs

*Just heard on Lawrence show, Monday Lawrence switching slots w Ed Show.

Does anyone have knowledge of a company

What percent are you?

Ohio: TV stations drop misleading ad by group pushing anti-union bill

"Occupy" and the Ron Paul campaign

OWS Sign Suggestions

TPM: Occupy Wall Street Demographic Survey Results Will Surprise You

My whole thought process is changing.

You used to find fairly decent stuff at Goodwill stores in my area.

We were fine until My Husband lost his job

LA teacher loses job over anti-Semitic comments

Appalled by the tragic loss of exotic animals in Ohio? Here is what you can do to prevent more...

Bill O'Reilly Book Going Like Fire In Afghanistan

This is my take on why Herman Cain is being pushed by the rethugs. They all but conceeded the

Wayne Newton cuddles with Michele Bachmann on Fox News, kisses her

Wayne Newton cuddles with Michele Bachmann on Fox News, kisses her

Should private companies own our most precious resource?

Steal my Avatar

Woman saves trucker from San Francisco freeway-crash flames

Deer Crossing - Red State Style

If Tomatoes Were Made Illegal Today, People Would Be Killed Over Them Tomorrow

Trying to buy a set of American Made tires, any gurus out there?

Where is the 100% complete outrage for this treatment?

Bernie Sanders Statement on Social Security COLA

Why "tranquilizing" large exotic animals isn't something easily done:

#OWS: Let Me Tell You Wall Street Asshats a Little Something About Hippies

Soldiers burn O’Reilly books

Soldiers burn O’Reilly books

Shit Is Fucked Up And Bullshit

Sad and beautiful - Couple Married 72 Years Dies Holding Hands

Occupy Wall Street: Good people in need of a coherent agenda (and I’m here to help)

Occupy Wall Street: Good people in need of a coherent agenda (and I’m here to help)

Some talk of a Democratic or progressive challengers to President Obama -Where are they?

Does anyone else skip all ALEC posts? I just cannot stand to read

Naomi Wolf comments about her arrest:

There are 2 types of republicans

GOP Senator Pushes Radical Bill To Restrict Discussion Of Abortion Over The Internet

9-9-9 in One Really Long Graph. Insane.

It Seems They've Unified Their Message (Toon From Occupy Writers)

A couple of reminders from "Capitalism: A Love Story"

"My kid beat up your honor student."

Sanders - GAO Finds Serious Conflicts at the Fed

The Occupiers have already won several phenomenal victories. We should thank them!

Jon Bon Jovi's charity restaurant opens in NJ (a "pay-what-you-can" restaurant)

Do you believe the world will be a better place or a worse place in 50 years?

Why Are Women Part Of The 99%?

Occupy L.A. joins teachers and parents to protest education cuts and billionaire reformers.

Male Privilege

"Second Hand Dealer Law": Louisiana bans cash........

Bad Timing: Washington D.C.’s Average Income Is Now The Highest In America

Edgar M. Villchur, a Hi-Fi Innovator, Is Dead at 94

Hey Peasants: You May Have Each Just Handed $3,470 to the 1%. Enjoy, Suckers!!!

Corporate Front Group ALEC Pushing For Repeal Of Paid Sick Day Laws Nationwide

Need ideas for OWS signs. Come to our general assembly meeting in CA

Unaccompanied minor was safely on plane until mechanical issues forced evacuation. Now he's missing

22 House Dems Urge Obama to okay Keystone XL Pipeline

18 fucking Bengal tigers, alone. Killed. This afternoon. Not to mention the other animals, lions.

Why would you turn tigers loose and then kill yourself? Seriously.

Ritualized child abuse: circumcision

NPR Gets Producer Fired for Occupying

Why is Mitt Romney so unlikable?

TODAY'S DOONESBURY: Joining Occupy Wall Street "Fact: 400 Richest Americans Own More Wealth Than..."

Freed U.S. Hikers Speak at Occupy Oakland, Express Support for California Prisoners on Hunger Strike

Rachel is reporting a huge truth. 401Ks are a total scam.

Massachusetts Court Voids Sale on Foreclosed Home ("Bank doesn't hold the title").

Women ride in back on sex-segregated Brooklyn bus line

"No poor person ever gave me a job"

A Woman and a Doctor Tells You Everything King and DeMint Do Not Want You to Know About Abortion

Well... I Guess This Was Inevitable... “Hot Chicks of Occupy Wall Street”

New Chickenfoot song: "Three and a Half Letters" aka "I need a job"

CHALLENGE: Find SEVEN things wrong with this photo without reading the SPOILERS,


more weirdness in a weird month - today's selection: snake porn

SPIEGEL Pub Quiz Brewing Up a Storm

Page from the Table of Contents for a 22nd Century history textbook

Democrat Panties vs Christan Panties - Sister Myotis


Light bulbs!

Low-cost Russian airline goes out of business (great commercial, though)

is anyone else's gmail account acting up?

I'm sooooo sleepy

A view from behind.

*Pulls out her staple gun and post more rules for the DU Lounge* : Watch out for those *#^# Monkeys!

Please Mr. Postman ...


Yah, yah - it's probably photoshoped, so what?

PHOTO: "LEAN on me, when you're not strong... and I'll be your friend... I'll help you carry on"

Zanesville animals are tweeting

Best. Zombie. Accessory. Ever. (Zombie Max ammo from Hornady!)

Women respond to the new High Heels for Dudes fashion trend by upping the ante

I got my newest videogame today!

This is a fucking AMAZING display of strength. How many push-ups would YOU estimate T-Rex could do?

As if we really NEEDED any... here's further proof that kitties are evil. EVIL!!!

MFM is a bad mother... HUSH YOUR MOUTH... but I'm just talkin' 'bout MFM... WELL, WE CAN DIG IT!!!

Yet another universally-known picture BEFORE it was 'cleaned up' by Photoshop:

Seriously, will they just finally toss LynneSin in jail and be done with it

I am the 99%

If Amerigo Vespucci gets a video camera......

George Wallace's first term - Another low-pass flyby story

Honey badger suspended by LSU

Another year, another accident

Talkin' Baseball in St. Lou

Oh, come on... what could possibly go wrong here?....

The REAL reason they cancelled the Queen's "Drive Across America Tour" after just one day:

Does anybody know if this is actually possible?

I don't care, she still looks fabulous

I wish Jamie Lee Curtis had made more good comedies

This is Brigid reporting to you live from downtown Indianapolis.

Anyone ever noticed that Michelle Bachmann looks an awful lot like another female homophobic?

Please send your good vibes as my buddy Elmer crosses the Rainbow Bridge

Generation Jackass

Why are Eastern states so durn small? nt

My friend that was burned has moved from ICU to the burn unit.

Verb. Need a threatening verb.

What weird habits do your pets have. My cat Inky cannot wait for me

Castle of Naked Screaming Delirium

O.K. I'm Vietnam Vet and SAD/disgusted with the VV who hoarded the wild animals &caused killing them

Pepper Steak? What the hell is it?

We have a...step-dog? (photo)

What did I miss?

OK I'm laughing my ass off...

How do you get that "Deep Purple" sound?

A rare on-stage photo of MiddleFingerMom performing a magic trick learned in the hospital:

What are your reading tonight Lounge? Me "The Better Angels of Our Nature" by Stephen Pinker. I

This has to be one of the cutest kitty photos ever taken:

Chicken Fried Steak? What the hell is it?

Physiological find a word. The first three words you find describe you,

THIS IS SO COOL!!! I just started using "Miditizer"

We lost our first's some pics from the event

Stone Roses Reunion!!!!!!

Anwar al-Awlaki’s family speaks out against his son’s death in airstrike

Name your favourite park. I like Banff National Park, specifically Lake Louise. I had

(INCLUDING US CITIZENS) Latinos Said to Bear Weight of a Deportation Program


Occupy Asheville Protesters Pick Up Litter, Wipe Windows at Merrill-Lynch Building, 4 Arrested

Rove Appearance Sparks Partisan Dueling (Amb. Joseph Wilson Protest)

I'm sad tonight, so I guess I'll burden the place with suggestions for music:

Banks Raided in EU Antitrust Probe Over Euribor Derivatives

Morgan Stanley reports $2.2 billion profit

Ford workers approve new contract, 63 pct in favor

Women ride in back on sex-segregated Brooklyn bus line

This is just disgusting (and guaranteed to ruin your appetite)

Police hunting escaped exotic animals in Ohio

Turkish troops enter northern Iraq in pursuit of Kurdish rebels

Intensive riot training preps officers for DNC

Russia signs free-trade deal with former Soviet states

San Antonio break-in sparks FBI involvement: police

EU regulators raid banks in anti-competition inquiry

News Technology Worms 'New Stuxnet' worm targets companies in Europe

'New Stuxnet' worm targets companies in Europe

4th arrest made in Philadelphia basement case

L.A. officials approve jail measures to stop abuse

U.S. Looks Ready to Re-engage North Korea

Dalai Lama's prayers for Tibetans 'terrorism in disguise', China says

Obama Unveils Business Partnership to Boost Military Hiring

Central Fla. Air Passenger: 'You're All Going To Die'

NBA Negotiations Last 16 Hours; More Talks Planned

Phone hacking: NI lawyer says he knew its 'rogue reporter' defence was wrong

Man catches fire during clashes with Greek police

Police find 6 kids in northeast Philadelphia basement case

Pryor puts hold on all Treasury nominees

Game Over for Faster Than Light Neutrinos?

Wayne Newton cuddles with Michele Bachmann on Fox News, kisses her

Freed female Palestinian terrorist to Gaza children: I hope you will become martyrs

French Woman Abducted in Kenya Dies

A tigers' tale: Oakland zoo rescues 4 sisters

22 House Dems Urge Obama to okay Keystone XL Pipeline

Credit card late payments back on the rise

GOP Senator Pushes Radical Bill To Restrict Discussion Of Abortion Over The Internet

SIU Campus police has just taken all the tents from Occupy Carbondale

Wall Street demonstrations may get star power (Alec Baldwin)

Thousands in Greece Protest Austerity Bill

Start of 2-day general strike shuts down Greece

Medicare Costs To Reduce Social Security Increase

Papandreou Prevails in First Greek Austerity Vote After Clashes

Appeals court rejects Righthaven’s ‘urgent motion’ (to block creditor's collection)

Bank of America Loses Title as Biggest in U.S.

Predatory feast.

Obama to firefighters-GOP will decide jobs ("We'll see if they'll fight just as hard for your jobs")

Gas driller can stop supplying water to northeast PA town (Dimock - Gasland)

British Police Clash With ‘Travelers’ in Eviction

5 Colombian soldiers accused of murdering civilians to boost kill counts

Ken Clarke plans secret court hearings to avoid revealing intelligence

Citigroup to Pay $285 Million to Settle Fraud Case

Consumers paid more for food, gas in September

Comments on Immigration Alienate Some Hispanics (and concern some Republicans)

Comments on Immigration Alienate Some Hispanics (and concern some Republicans)

Seriously, will they just finally toss Lindsay Lohan in jail and be done with it

Safety steps may head off (controversial Keystone XL) pipeline

Norman Corwin dies at 101; radio's 'poet laureate'

Accused of Deception, Citi Agrees to Pay $285 Million

California reportedly subpoenas BofA over toxic securities

Florida Bank, Used as ATM by Insiders, Won TARP Loan But Now Teeters

Humane Society doesn't fault Ohio authorities in animal deaths

I love Facebook!

(Elizabeth Warren) Candidate’s Fighting Words Draw G.O.P.’s Fire

Foreign cars more pricey than ever compared to Detroit's

Rick Perry to unveil flat tax plan

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Police accused of allowing undercover officers to lie in court

GAO Finds Serious Conflicts at the Fed

Marching downtown Saint Paul, union nurses call for a tax on Wall Street

Have you ever read a book that scared you?..

Bay Area counties cooperate with federal policy, but not Santa Clara

PHOTO: If there's anything worse than getting killed, it's getting killed to DEATH.

U.N. Torture Chief: Ban Solitary Confinement for Teens, Mentally Disabled

(Venezuela) Telecoms agency fines Globovisión for coverage of prison riot

Obama still flush with cash from financial sector despite frosty relations

First Mexican Truck to Enter US Within Days

GM crops promote superweeds, food insecurity and pesticides, say NGOs Report

Asking for a little help from DU'ers on Facebook

Birthers ask: Is Marco Rubio eligible to be president?

BofA Said to Split Regulators Over Moving Merrill Derivatives to Bank Unit (MUST READ)

Liberal Confronts Herman Cain!

German TV-channel ZDF talks with workers at Fukushima Dai-ichi (german, english subs)

Did Mitt Forget? (DNC Ad)

'Black Swan' Author Nassim Taleb : OWS IS A Second Generation Marxist Class Struggle

TDPS: Dan Wheldon Indycar Crash Raises Questions of Media Coverage of Death

Paul Simon - Peace Like A River

Papantonio: Republicans Now Claim To Be Concerned About Income Gap

An oldie but goodie...Supply Side Jesus, by Al Franken

Inside Occupied Portland - Bicycle Generator

We Need More Veterans, Police and Firefighters To Join Occupy Wall Street

Jesus Returns to Earth, And Boy is he Pissed!

TDPS: Actually, not everybody had guns in the Wild West

Thom Hartmann & Dylan Ratigan talk Corporate Power & Revolution

Russell Simmons Discusses Occupy Wall Street with Martin Bashir -

Police Seek Escaped Exotic Animals in Ohio

Keiser Report: Live by Fraud, Die by Fraud (E198)

US battles for influence over the airwaves

We Marched With Martin

Video of Naomi Wolf Arrest by NYPD - Oct. 18

Gonna Take Us All

CrossTalk: Iran Baiting

The Onion: GOP Race Heats Up as Candidate in Coma More Appealing Than Rest of Field

Horrifying GOP Debate

Republicans Walk Back Their Tone On The 99 Percent Movement

TYT: Pentagon: U.S. In Afghanistan Until 2024

Papantonio: How Anti-Science Republicans Are Destroying America

Young Turks: Legalize Marijuana - Medical Association in California

Shaq, Kristin Chenowith, Chaz Bono, and Others Speak Out Against Anti-LGBT Bullying

IMF Disease or Cure?

Pray the Devil Back to Hell (How women won a war)

Chickenfoot - "Three And A Half Letters (I Need A Job)

Occupy Wall Streeters set sights on Sotheby's

FAKE Occupy LA Anti-Jew Teacher Fired From LAUSD

The World Turned Upside Down

Mike Malloy - Freak Of The Day: Harry Accornero

Lawrence Lessig Invites the Tea Party to join the Occupation Movement at Occupy DC

Koch Plant Cain Spins 999 Plan, Apples and Oranges

Naomi Wolf arrested at OWS protest by NYPD

Politicans Won't Fight for the 99%

Occupy My Life (Marriage Proposal at Liberty Plaza)

David DeGraw and William Black on the Dylan Ratigan Show 17/10/11

Deepak Chopra Occupies Wall Street With A Powerful Meditation

TYT: Cenk Launches

Young Turks: Fox News - The 99 Percent Are 'Parasites'!

#OccupyColumbia Marchs on the Banks

Chris Hedges == completely nails the teaparty..

Mike Malloy - Sick Santorum

Bachmann: Iraq Should 'Reimburse' U.S. For 'What We Have Done To Liberate' Them

Anderson Cooper Lies About 47% Don't Pay Taxes

Young Turks: Atheists Scare American Cancer Society

Max Keiser: 'US bankers stole billions'

Sen. Sanders:The Social Security Cost-of-Living-Adjustment

JPMorgan is a 'dead bank walking'

#OccupyColumbia at Bank of America

Michele Bachmann Says 'Anderson'

Thom Hartmann & James Hoffa - New US cross-border trucking pilot project

BWHAHAHA: Anonymous: The TONY BALONY Theme Song

Herman Cain Pizza Song

Wayne Newton Plants Kiss On Teabagger Queen

'NATO bombed Libya back to Stone Age'


Little Rick's Voice Over?

Cain's apples and oranges.

Robert Bork’s Romney Connection

Hey Perry, guess what the latin word for "nice hair" is.

The Meagerness Of The Republican Debates, The Smallness Of The President's Solutions,

Greg Sargent: Public backs Occupy Wall Street, and wants to tax rich to fund action on jobs

State attorneys general push for Cordray to lead federal consumer agency

DAMN for once I agree with Palin

‘Moderates’ to help GOP kill teachers’, first responders’ jobs

Does Rick Perry Put Starch In His Pants

Warren Buffet Would Pay NO Taxes Under Cain's Plan

Have you ever seen the internet meme with Hitler in his bunker..

Was Romney Trying To Show His Alpha Male Dominance over Perry

Administration delays arms sale to Bahrain

The Fuzzy Math of 9-9-9

The Fuzzy Math of 9-9-9

FL POLL: Cain 30, Romney 29. SC POLL: Cain 28, Romney 27

President Obama outraises GOP field in N.H.; Jon Huntsman raises just $1,000 in state (updated)

Blaming the victim

Perry is such a SLIM BALL!!! goes after Anderson Cooper for asking a question

My Observations Of The Debate

Herman Cain Clobbers Romney, Perry in Recent Ohio PPP Poll

MAJOR NEWS coming up on Ed Schultz radio show

Perry coming out with this flat tax bullshit

Howard Findman: The real winners of the debate are Cain and Obama

Romney's making a mistake

The Hill: Senate Democrats will hold vote Friday on $35 billion jobs bill

Obama lays blame on potential job losses exactly where it belongs: On the GOP

BREAKING NEWS!!Ed show is moving to 8:00PM slot and Lawrence O'Donnell moving to 10:00PM

EPI Chart: Who holds the country's wealth

Hicks for Elizabeth.

Been watching MSNBC all morning and it's obvious there trying to resurrect Perry

Reuters: Foreclosure Settlement: States, Banks Near Deal On Major Sticking Point

Mitt Romney Bushifies Rick Perry: Too Slow To Win? (Video)

Chart: ‘Huge’ Majorities Support Millionaire’s Surtax

THE WINNER (once again) of last night's GOP debate??

GOP Senator Pushes Radical Bill To Restrict Discussion Of Abortion Over The Internet

Ron Paul would cut science & research funding.

Heads up - latest RW Faux outrage-Biden saying murder, rape will go up if bill fails as stats show

Occupy Wall Street Simplified

Ohio sheriff: Only one monkey remains missing - presumed heading for next GOP debate

The MSNBC lineup change represents a "definite promotion for Schultz"

The aesthetics of cool: a theory on Obama's misunderstood coolness

President Obama's strategy on jobs is working — even if Americans aren’t

Obama's Troubles in Virginia

Stuff from Today.....

The Ranks of the Underemployed Continue to Grow

New York Gov. Cuomo refuses to renew tax on millionaires

OMG, Just lookit! The Tea Party's worse Nightmare!

Obama has more cash from financial sector than GOP hopefuls combined

TASTE TEST: Herman Cain Turned Godfather's Into Cheap And Crappy Pizza

>>> Romney/Ruckus 2012

My White House petition on Bernie Sanders Social Security bill got enough sigs for WH response

Even if you are disappointed in Obama......

Why is Herman Cain's mustache getting no attention?

Tea Party urging businesspeople to stop hiring to bring down Obama!

GOP senators angry about Reid claim they're rooting for failure