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Occupy Chicago arrests are seen as a trial run for international summits to come next year

Remember...RWnuts couldn't care less about government spending ...

What's on the Occupy Agenda for this week?

Any fact facing us is not as important as our attitude toward it, for that determines our success

Occupy Melbourne (Australia) update!

Occupy Chicago arrests are seen as a trial run for international summits to come next year

Clinton Foundation Concert Replay

Bolivia judges election tests Evo Morales support

Actual rightwing blog headline: "MLK Dedication Hijacked By Theme of Social and Economic Justice..."


LOL, just saw a commercial in re "the advantages of using Bank of America".

Deleted by poster bad llink:

Occupy London: Protest continues for third day

We the people.......are too big to fail.

is holder raiding MMJ to look "tough on drugs".....


Elizabeth Warren's Appeal

These damn gas prices are killing me - (your Monday morning toon - could apply to banks too)

G-20 considers boosting IMF role in eurozone

G-20 considers boosting IMF role in eurozone

G-20 considers boosting IMF role in eurozone

Sachs is on Morning Joe Scum defending the protesters

We are the 98%

Robert Reich: "We Are Going To Battle Once Again"

Robert Reich: "We Are Going To Battle Once Again"

Knock Knock...

Dutch trains substitute plastic bags for bathrooms

Lil' Ricky Man-on-Dog says the Pizza Dork has “sad” stand on same-sex marriage

LOL! David Corn bought the URL

To renew U.S., rebuild infrastructure (Politico opinion piece recommended by Bernie Sanders)

Wingnuts Circulate 2007 Anti-War Photo to Smear Occupy Wall Street

Consciousness raising...

Prime Healthcare Hospital Chain Bills Medicare for Rare—and Expensive—Diseases

AJE In Depth report: "The pipeline of 'poison'"

Uganda To Expedite Oil Laws As Key Deal Hangs In Balance

Debt forgiveness


EU Given a Week to Fix Crisis as G-20 Warns of Global Threat

Stay Bought You F__kers-$$$ MGR To Congress: “They need to understand who their constituency is"

"We never took hand-outs or free government tuna..."

Here are some signs to remind the tea party how hateful their rallies

Chart: Who's in the 99%?

The MLK sculpture

FBI’s DNA database upgrade plans come under fire

FBI’s DNA database upgrade plans come under fire

I'll divide it by four.

Another jewel from Cain (from RedState):

Photos: Canadian cities host 'Occupy' protests as movement spreads

Another American medical care horror story...

Luckovich 'toon on Ricky Perry... good one!

Woman mistakenly texts drug deal to deputy

Sean Penn Calls Tea Party the 'Get the N-word out of the White House party' on CNN's Piers Morgan

Sean Penn Calls Tea Party the 'Get the N-word out of the White House party' on CNN's Piers Morgan

Bo Diddley's son arrested in Bo Diddley Plaza occupation

Not moving faster that the speed of light. Oops.

Not moving faster that the speed of light. Oops.

Heard one of the Pundits call the OWS Folk "smelly". It must be their new meme

Current Republican Wars...

Who can save the persecuted bankers? --- byTom Tomorrow


The Christian Right Hates Everyone Else’s Freedom!

Victory for evolution in Texas

Homeowner taps 'Occupy' protest to avoid foreclosure

Homeowner taps 'Occupy' protest to avoid foreclosure

A risk to voting a straight ticket?

Herman Cain claims that under his 999 plan that the sales tax

Wall Street banksters won't REALLY be afraid until they see their own blood on the streets.

Alleged sweatshop linked to OSU goods

Will Time Warner Inc. allow Time magazine to choose the obvious persons of the year this year?

Europe's Politicians Side with the Protesters

Does anyone have a link to the first mention of the term "Tea Baggers"? I am getting hit with

Kristof- A “primal scream of democracy.”

Occupy Wall Street inspires the 'I'm getting arrested' app

Awesome new Dem ad!!

Wisconsin: Need help doing manual ballot recount in District 14 - Clark/Olson election

Are Wall Street Protesters Capable Of Starting A Run On A Too Big To Fail Bank?

The right wing is developing a nasty.

President Obama..."we're gonna break up the jobs bill...

Republican Presidential Debate-athon

Herman "Koch" Cain or "This dud is going nowhere"

toon - Cain's Pizza Bomb

toon - Cain's Pizza Bomb

My Apology to Young Democrats

Social Security and Medicare Demonstration in Pennsylvania Tomorrow

Obama: MLK would have backed ‘Occupy’ protests

Gingrich Says Iran and North Korea Must Be Destroyed reporter just skewered Joe Scum on his own show...

No matter what they say...

Banker Get Out of Jail Free Card

The Rise of the Regressive Right

"Medical Tourism" about 1/8th the cost of U.S. prices - 60 Minutes piece:

Chart of the Day: Support for Capital Punishment Sinks

Shy Teens May Be More than Wallflowers

Animal shrinking blamed on global warming

... and have a little fun

Feds amping up crackdown on medical marijuana in california

I like this demand of the Occupy Pittsburgh group


US Uses Leaks to Hype Iran ‘Plot’

US Uses Leaks to Hype Iran ‘Plot’

Sean Penn accuses Tea Party ('Get the N-word out of the White House party') of racism.

Violent Arrests Apparently Occurring At Occupy San Francisco Now

Debt, Deficits, and Modern Monetary Theory

Paris France

The Quiet Health-Care Revolution

The Situation Kicked out of Apple Store!

So now Hershey is putting air into chocolate drops and calling them delightful.

Another Jimi Hendrix quote that I feel explains the potential for OWS

Another Jimi Hendrix quote that I feel explains the potential for OWS

I wonder that the side show of wacky candidates is there to make Romney appear sane.

Is the Democratic Party being rejuvenated by the OWS protests?

US Congressman writes to Amazon with Silk privacy concerns

All Hail The Unknown Organizer!!!

The Berlin festival of lights - gorgeous

Danziger Toon- Bloomberg Rides Again!

"the rich are different from you and me: they get taken seriously even when they’re whining"

Companies are Now Using North Korean Slave Labor to Make Products

Bank Bashing: Europe's Politicians Side with the Protesters

I have a bad flu and needed a good laugh - 4 pages of fun!

Electronic Privacy Act Turns 25; No Reason to Celebrate

Reinvented by technology: 6 NYC industries

Occupy Greensboro to send delegation to President Obama


Tea Party Nation Accuses Occupy Wall Street Of Nazi Ties

Donald Trump: Obama should put a stop to Occupy Wall Street protests

If the GOP wins the presidency, the full power of the state will be unleashed

If the GOP wins the presidency, the full power of the state will be unleashed

This weekend we Occupied Suburban LI (instead of Wall St.) - PICS

Are republicans that stupid to think...

Eric Holder, love him or leave him?

Caught in an anti-#OWS argument? Here are many charts and graphs...

Bond set for suspects accused of holding disabled adults captive

I got this crap in an email...anyone else get this? If so, any sources to disprove are welcome!

Honestly---I really don't know how you guys can smoke todays Marijuana?

Clever -- and important -- video about breast cancer awareness

Droopy Eyebrow?

This explains why we can't make sense of Republicans.

DU this poll (even though we're winning HUGE)

Billionaire Investor Warren Buffett Would Pay No Income Tax Under Cain’s 999 Plan

More Americans than Chinese can’t put food on the table

Woman blames menopause for embezzlement

Great Bumper Sticker I Just Saw

the problem with wall street.

Herman Cain singing "Imagine" - well, sort of ...

Don't forget that Christ healed the sick - OpEd from Shannyn Moore at Anchorage Daily News

#OccupyLahore, Pakistan!

The OWS movement has given me some hope for the first time in decades that maybe the

Does anyone remember? Do you have a video clip of when Obama said "Make me do the right thing"?

John Boner talks about GOP jobs plan...

John Stossel wants to Liberate Wall St.

Parents distracted by cellphones and other electronic devices while teaching teens to drive

Hackers post porn on Sesame Street's YouTube channel!

Police chief 'organised orgy for Strauss-Kahn and flew over to New York with prostitutes for him'

OH Issue 2: Mike Huckabee Urges Voter Suppression Against Opponents Of Anti-Union Measure

What went wrong with the Citiback arrests (my perspective).

New York :hearts: Occupy Wall Street

PIC: When we start seeing cops with protest signs here, we've won

Movie of Naomi Klein's "Shock Doctrine" out tomorrow on DVD after long wait...

Occupy Alaska! Photos from Anchorage, Fairbanks, Homer, Juneau, Unalaska, Bethel

Obama's 2011 National Drug Policy Unveiled: Hype v. Reality

The worst of the 1%

One Month In - New Yorkers Agree With The 99%'ers By A 3-1 Margin

Irony of the Year: Feinstein campaign called ME for money.

"they'll pinch themselves and squeal and they'll know that it's for real"

Egypt's reform leader criticizes ruling council

Today's Message from Occupy Wall Street (((PIC)))

Fireman Catches Boy Thrown from Third Story of Burning Building

Whaaaaa! As Mitt Romney’s star keeps rising, a sullen mood envelops conservatives

Sheriff Joe "hearts" Pizza Douche: Electric border fence "joke" shows "he’s taking it serious"

5 arrested in Occupy Detroit protest at Oakland GOP office

Already Occupied (cartoon)

A Visual of the 1%

I wrote Matt Drudge a Poem

From a single hashtag, a protest circled the world

Why we need to "occupy" the Supreme Court?

New Yorkers support anti-Wall Street protests: poll

Borowitz: A Letter from Goldman Sachs

Manhattan Islamic center owes $1.7 million, landlord says

The OWS Protests are TOO BIG TO FAIL

Is it possible Herman Cain is punking the GOP?

Spreading Santorum: Slick Rick calls SNL's parodies of his anti-gay views "bullying"

Glenn Greenwald: What are those Occupy Wall Street people so angry about?

An End to One Sided Class Warfare

Europe Deeply Divided Ahead of Make-or-Break Summit

Cool quote from Samuel Adams. A motto for the 99%?

holy schnikes! One of the OWS leadership just asked William K. Black to get involved

Share This Russell Simmons Quote If You Think It's This Simple, Too

More silliness from the current Dutch government

What's the big deal with this "Nein, nein, nein" business?

Don't miss the HBO film on Harry Belafonte tonight

limbaugh defends the LRA

McCain, we haven't forgotten when you "came off the campaign trail" during

Philadelphia police: Disabled victimized by theft scheme

Wolf Blitzer, seems to me, is a bit of a hypocrite on Obama.....

Wal-Mart China CEO quits as retailer grapples with pork scandal

Godfather's Pizza is disgusting. You can't elect Cain for that reason alone.

Godfather's Pizza is disgusting. You can't elect Cain for that reason alone.

RedState’s Erick Erickson: Republicans should embrace Occupy Wall Street

Help us take YOUR message to the president

Will the "occupations" (OWS) move the Democratic Party to the left?

Does Rev. Al read DU?

Where is the best site to get OWS info?

Why Does Herman Cain Keep Quoting Donna Summer’s Pokémon Song?

Maddow Blog: United at Last in Ohio

Has anyone else seen this?

KochCain will blow your brain

Stalag U.S.A.: Cain wants electrified border fence

President Obama could have changed the outcome

Ambassador Joe Wilson, others to protest KKKarl Rove in Seattle tomorrow

Ambassador Joe Wilson, others to protest KKKarl Rove in Seattle tomorrow

Harrisburg Bankruptcy Legality to Be Argued Nov. 23 in Court

New York City police officer charged in hate crime (falsely arrested an African-American man)

I want to close out my Citi and Chase credit cards. Where's a good place

I got to admit it...reading foucault's history of madness

Do you think OWS can be demoralized by paid shills?

Gov't cameras in your car? E-toll patent hints at Big Brotherish future

GAK! FR: "Open Letter To Madame President" (creepy letter to Quitter.)

Al Shartpon Criticizes Ohio Democrats for "Blame Obama"

Detroit struggles to keep lights on

Koch Industries doesn't support Herman Cain because they think he can be elected.

Guardian UK: Behind Las Vegas glitz and glamour lies a dark city marred by poverty

Cain spells it wrong. It should be "NEIN-NEIN-NEIN"

Study says Obama the victim of negative press coverage

Derf Toon: Death From Above

Will there be a method to measure the amount of money that Koch-like groups, PACs and

Recalled Ex-State Senator Arrested For DUI In Wisconsin

Ron Paul proposes cutting $1 trillion in first year

Two-Year-Old Hit-and-Run Victim Left to Die in Street in China

John Mc Cain, seriously, needs to start shopping for a rest home. He's

So Obama says the banks didn't actually break any laws?

Ohio's War on the Middle Class

Garden Plot / CONPLAN 2502 (Civil Disturbance Operations)

Great George Carlin quote about conservatives & the rich

Thoughts while weeding - about percentages. I decided I am in the zero percent -

Lemme introduce my little friend....

"Regressive Right"

Elouise Cobell, Advocate For Native Americans Dies At 65- Obama DOJ Reached Settlement Agreement ...

So do we have to take abuse when we stand and wave signs? No. They pass us by and then..

1968 Olympics and Occupy Boston come together...

"Juan Crow"

Starving America's Public Schools

As Scandal Engulfs American Legislative Exchange Council’s U.K. Affiliate, A Closer Look At Its US O

Dean Baker: Democracy vs Bankers at the Fed

Bwaaaaaaaaaaaah Rev Al has the Koch-Cain 2012 sign

Campaign grows to oust Murdoch

GOP Tells Occupy Wall Street: Blame the Democrats, Not the Rich

Arizona sheriff meets with GOP White House hopefuls

Governors at odds over Missouri River management

Let China eat corn and Americans starve= Capitalism

NEW YORK — Two huge California pension funds said Monday they would vote against the reelection of R

Tonight on Countdown: Sen. Sanders, Tom Hayden, Sgt. Thomas, J Harkinson

7 More Charts That Show The Average American Has Been Getting Screwed For Decades

My niece went to OWS this weekend in NYC. She posted some of her (dial up warning)

Sgt. Shamar Thomas - (1 man vs 30 cops #OWS vid) up soon as guest on Keith

99% T-Shirts

State workers decry imported labor for $15 million project benefiting HCMC

Congresspersons are NOT gods

US DoD Manual: OWS is low- level terrorism

Santorum (google it): Single Mothers Are Democratic Base

Does anybody have some info on Bill Schmalz, one of the pair of the real AdBusters instigators?

Does anybody have some info on Bill Schmalz, one of the pair of the real AdBusters instigators?

Wells Fargo up 21%, Halliburton up 26%, Citigroup up 74% -- Anyone here make a profit this quarter?

What does liberal even mean?

Want to see what the 1% control?

OMFG - turn on Lawrence to see Cain

Why don't the Republicans just admit the military budget is just a jobs program?

Recession made the rich poorer in Canada

99 percenter uses Jay-Z as inspiration...

*OWS on Rachel show.

We Are The 1%. Part Two.

Paul Krugman: "This Sort Of Thing Can Radicalize You"

Are there tiny video-type cams that can be mounted on a balloon?

Rush Limbaugh has totally screwed up.

Here's a LINK to the votes for the "Free Trade" agreements

Herman Cain called Jesus 'the perfect conservative'

Big US airlift drill starts Monday

I just closed out my Chase account and have some advice for November 5 I wanted to share.

"The Poor in the US don't know what real poverty is"

Free solar light bulbs from recycled 2 liter bottles

I had an awful time at...are you ready? Godfathers Pizza..

I am going to paint with plastic paint my yard chairs a bright red, why because I want to.

A question about the figure of 99%

What should the Democratic Party do with these occupations?

Nine killed in US drone strikes on Yemen

AFL-CIO blog -- Block the Vote: How Koch-Backed ALEC Aims to Keep You from Voting

I just thought of a great idea for OWS protesters

Let's have a discussion about all of the people in debt in our country.

Defend Wall Street not winning campaign for GOP

Defend Wall Street not winning campaign for GOP

Germany dampens euro zone crisis hopes

Want to close your bank account? Here's 7 good tips from a Texas banker

New Shopping Behavior Poses Risk to Retailers

Thom Hartman just played the message

Let's play a game of connect dots, shall we?

This is from OccupyPhoenix (according to AmericaBlog)

Is it just me, or are others tired of Tom Hayden ?

Well, it appears everyone else is too afraid to ask, so I will....

Should banks loan money to help people achieve their dreams of politician ownership?

OccupyPhoenix, facing SWAT (!), needs help

Chicago Ten (Independent Lens)

Chicago Ten (Independent Lens)

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! & a new Kitty gif

Herman Cain is the Republican's Way of saying "I have a Black friend"..

By now, he's an Orphan

By now, he's an Orphan

The Secret Homosexual Agenda You've Always Heard About

Ways to make extra money during this time of year (ideas?)

Post Office bills family for placing Halloween invites in mail boxes

Police: Woman who held 4 in cellar may have preyed on dozens

How does increasing inflation help people with mortgages. Is it as simple as

Sarah Palin's long, long 15 minutes

Obama Drops The Hammer On Senate Republicans For Refusing To Create Jobs

Debt crisis enters decisive week as strikes hit Greece

EXCLUSIVE - Memo to Fox Business staff: don't copy Fox News

Seeking to speed up review times for medical devices - more corruption

What's up with Tom Hayden's nose?

Jamie Hubley, Gay 15-Year-Old Commits Suicide Due To Bullying, Depression

REpublicans are all about jobs.

One of the most powerful images of OWS is the presence of both children and senior citizens

PBS NewsHour early coverage of OWS.

Mika's dad coming up next on Morning Joe (for anyone who cares) n/t

State workers decry imported labor for $15 million project benefiting HCMC

State workers decry imported labor for $15 million project benefiting HCMC

Fascism Defined:

Fascism Defined:

Pols of both parties are desperate to define the OWS movement, in order to contain it...

Gallup: Record-High 50% of Americans Favor Legalizing Marijuana Use

Gallup: Record-High 50% of Americans Favor Legalizing Marijuana Use

Amy's report shows Citibank arrest and NYPD misusing mounted units

America today, summed up nicely by Chris Hedges:

3 former Iran hostages to address Occupy Oakland soon

Electricity Meter Reader Arrested for Being Black in a White Neighborhood Wins Compensation

The liberal class has become a useless and despised appendage of corporate power and all hope lies n

DU's Marla Kitteh Says...

Stun-gun use in Seattle, Maui cases was excessive, court says

Stun-gun use in Seattle, Maui cases was excessive, court says

Questions linger over why CIA operative is at NYPD

Questions linger over why CIA operative is at NYPD

Lowe's closes stores, slashes new store plan

Lowe's closes stores, slashes new store plan

Herman Cain Singing Ode to Pizza

Rick Perry believes he’s being attacked because he’s a Christian

Keith Olbermann's interview with OWS's Shamar Thomas - VIDEO

MSNBC Lawrence O'Donnell's REWRITE segment regarding OWS / Sgt Shamar Thomas - VIDEO

Bad Lip Reading Meets Mittens.

Bad Lip Reading Meets Mittens.

Texas officials censored climate change report

Homeowner taps 'Occupy' protest to avoid foreclosure

What if working class Americans actually like Occupy Wall Street? (25,000 new recruits in last week)

Occupy Atlanta needs our support

Occupy Atlanta needs our support

Occupy Atlanta needs our support

I voted Republican...

I was just thinking that a more accurate description of the wealthy is not Job Creators but

Greece to "purchse" 400 M1A Abrams

Texas GOP Latino Leader Leaves Republican Party Over Cain Electric Fence Remarks

Cain Spokesman Lobbied For (ALEC-linked) NonProfit Exposed As Front For Military Contractors

Marine dresses down NYC police for being violent to protesters

Marine dresses down NYC police for being violent to protesters

Juan Williams: GOP seeks to block the vote

9-9-SWINE: "Ultimately, Cain wants the country to adopt a Fair Tax," A.K.A. "National Sales Tax."

Prez: Maybe they just couldn’t understand the whole thing at once, so we’re going to break it up...

Recalled GOP WI Senator Arrested For Being Drunk Driving Maniac

Could John Titor be right?

White House now using the OWS's 99% language in their arguments

An email from my wife to her mom regarding OWS: is not always violent

Dylan Ratigan interviews David Degraw

Do not underestimate the power of saying NO! to things that are wrong.

#Occupy helps homeowner avoid eviction

22 years ago today,the Loma Prieta earthquake

Matt Taibbi Responds To Brietbart 's Stupidity & Considers Threats To Occupy Wall Street

Matt Taibbi Responds To Brietbart 's Stupidity & Considers Threats To Occupy Wall Street

Herman Cain acknowledges his electric border fence idea is NOT a joke after all

Toon: Eric Holder wants you to look at him

In case you forgot, this is what a tomato is supposed to look like.

President Obama's Gallup approval rating among liberal Democrats for October 10th-16th is 82%.

President Obama's Gallup approval rating among liberal Democrats for October 10th-16th is 82%.

The real job creators!

Thirteen Observations made by Lemony Snicket while watching Occupy Wall Street from a Discreet

Petraeus’s CIA Fuels Iran Murder Plot

Huckabee to Anti-Union Crowd: Deflate Car Tires and Mislead Voters

OWS photos by one of our Photographers. Cross posted from the Photo Forum.

Amtrak hits record 30 million passengers

Trump plays birther card at Bachmann campaign event

We've WON!! OCCUPY WASILLA next Saturday.

We Are The 1%. Part One.

Do you believe the banks and Wall Street acted criminally ?

Redesign improves energy efficiency of supermarket cold food cases

Reassessing the Greenback and Other Alternative Monetary Systems

The Tea Party is undermining its own influence

Why I don't watch Keith Olbermann -

My reflections on Occupy Los Angeles

"anti-immigrant sentiment, fanned by incendiary Tea Party–style the South...

I could not stay dry eyed at this video. The reality was so painfully obvious.

Wall Street Couldn’t Have Done It Alone

Check out these pictures from Occupy London

Family member went to the hospital will lose job at 11 PM

Great Cartoon

‘Cassette tape’ kicked out of ‘Oxford English Dictionary’ edition. I STILL HAVE THOSE!

Occupy Wall Street To NYC: Drop Charges Against 800 Or We Will March To Court For Every Trial

KC mom admits she was drunk when her baby vanished

Occupy SF needs FOOD!

I would like to go to Wall Street. My sign:

The girl who silenced the world: "If you can't fix it, quit breaking it."

"Marijuana – more popular than the President, and 5 times as popular as Congress."

To quote Shaggy, "Zoinks!" ....... Scary sh*t in Alabama

I'm Voting Republican

Citigroup Inc., the third biggest U.S. bank's profits rose 74%,


Thanks to all in advance for listening & Thanks to DU!

Clients Won’t Pay For What Law Schools Churn Out

So I'm exiting the highway and the traffic signal is red at the end of the ramp.

Where did this come from?

Got asked about my D, and my democraticunderground bumper sticker today

Portuguese March Against the IMF Aggression

I am a hair stylist...

I am a hair stylist...

hey! occupy chicago!! occupy the old post office.

"come back with a warrant" says Dallas Occupy group **pic**

Barney Frank said the OWS had to get political. It IS political...non partisan, bipartisan

Cain/Bachmann appeal to the "militarize the border" teabagger crowd (of 60).

Cain/Bachmann appeal to the "militarize the border" teabagger crowd (of 60).

The Hill Poll: Voters say Washington is worse than Wall Street

The New Yorker Mocks The 1% With Its Occupy Wall Street Cover

Libyan Revolution Week 35 part 2

30 hours in jail for "disorderly conduct" at Citibank

Libyan Revolution Week 35 part 2

OK, what's with the "OWS demand" that student loan debt be cancelled?

If you want to know why Wall Street wasn't prosecuted when they so clearly committed criminal acts..

Yes, that is a great OWS protest sign

Awesome day for a $9/hr worker.

CNN still running Quick Vote: Which movement do you favor more, Occupy Wall Street or the tea party

TARP Bank FRAUD: Two Senior Execs Indicted. *A First*.

What #OccupyPhoenix faced last night:

OWS: The next step? We must get our “representatives” to represent us.

OWS: The next step? We must get our “representatives” to represent us.

Iran's alleged Mexican hitman was US drugs informant

My favorite protest picture of the day -

I hate it when one of your minor heroes posts on Facebook

I wish Haole Girl was still on DU so I could tell her about my vacation to Hawaii.


Do these new contacts make my eyes look big?

OK, so it's 2 am and . . .

Et tu, Dexter?

PHOTO: Well, yes,, of course it is...but could I still have some chicken too?

Eyes on the world


You rang ???

Today's lesson ...

If you find yourself in a classroom and you're annoyed you can't turn off the loud music ....


Monster Went and Ate My Red 2

"Charles DICKENS at 200" exhibit

Walking Dead - Sort of a Spoily Question

The Walking Dude

FAA Investigating Skydiving Porn

And even more OKRA !


I dare not post this in GD but I got a huge laugh out of a local OWS report.

Automotive question - oil change

GD comes to Arizona: Arizona men beat each other with hammer

It was 105 when the Walking Dead was being made, do y'all know how hot that is.

It's girl scout cookie time......

The Primary Difference Between Mayonnaise and Miracle Whip:

The Primary Difference Between Mayonnaise and Miracle Whip:

This guy is ready for some football


ETA: Answered! Question about Google Search:

Your music for tonight: The Germs

Yeah, I got let go from my part-time job at Red Lobster - something about my 'attitude'...

I posted a silly thread in GD, with the word red in it.

You don't say.......

Tom Waits' new it's not even released yet!

For Tommy Lee Jones fans.

Post No Fliers

Anime curves!


Zombies really exist (really)

Please some vibes for my mom that she gets up the strength to walk

I bought a small Cure 81 ham today, just needed a little ham in my life.

aircraft carrier

So, I've been away from DU for a few months...

Wonder dogs

And even more OPRAH !

Nothing like a firm, sweet tart

*Gets her staple gun out and posts the sign to the wall* Please read - New Lounge Rules!!!

Walking Dead zombie questions

I just can't handle walking Walking Dead. Little spoiler

If you knew an innocent person who was executed

PHOTO: WOW! Looks like it's time to STOCK UP on wafer-thin cooked ham!

I am going to paint with plastic paint my yard chairs a bright red, why because I want to.

OMG why did it take so long to create a journal like this.....

Creepiest line ever

Honestly---I really don't know how you guys can smoke todays Marijuana?

Which is the lesser of the 2 evils?

Anyone see any shitty movies this weekend?

Please tell me if I'm being overly sensitive

Fuck it, I'm rooting for the Rangers.

The real reason MFM is in the hospital....

He'll never sell it - no cupholder.

Who wants to help me find a very old book title?

Need health vibes for hubby. He may be experiencing another

Question about moneymaking idea.

Name something you put in your mouth but don't swallow...(Family Feud Fun)

Hill staff begins probe of alleged mortgage loan fraud of veterans

Police: Boston 6-alarm fire started after blast

Police: Boston 6-alarm fire started after blast

BP Says Anadarko to Pay $4 Billion to Settle Gulf Spill Claims

Somali militants threaten suicide attacks in Kenya

Bolivians rebuke Morales in judicial ballot

Animal shrinking blamed on global warming

Wells Fargo 3Q Profit up 21 percent, revenue slips

Citigroup earnings rise 74 percent, to 3.8 bln

Military official: U.S., Iraq have no deal on post-2011 troop levels

Occupy London Stock Exchange - the first day of business

France remembers Algerian massacre 50 years on (Paris police killing Algerian immigrants)

Trial delayed for former CIA officer accused of leaking secrets

U.S. not "trying that hard" on exports: GE's Immelt

Veterans’ unemployment outpaces civilian rate

US troop withdrawal leaves Pakistan vulnerable to attack by insurgents

GOP's Ricky Gill going after Rep. Jerry McNerney (D from East Bay, CA)

Halliburton boosts 3Q profits by 26 pct

Elouise Cobell, pioneer of Indian trust case, dies

State workers decry imported labor for $15 million project benefiting HCMC

Colombia VP wants US to end embargo against Cuba: State media

U.S. Debated Cyberwarfare in Attack Plan on Libya

U.S. Debated Cyberwarfare in Attack Plan on Libya

Recession made the rich poorer in Canada

EXCLUSIVE - Memo to Fox Business staff: don't copy Fox News

Stranded American researcher evacuated from South Pole

Hitler lived to 73 in South America, book claims

Bureaucracy in Greece Defies Efforts to Cut It

Supreme Court to hear immunity, discrimination, free speech cases

Quinn Makes Jobs Proposal a Centerpiece

100-Year-Old Man Finishes Toronto Marathon

Iran’s nuclear program suffering new setbacks, diplomats and experts say

Occupy Fort Lauderdale Told to Leave Bubier Park

Hold dear the things that make you happy.

Any fans here of sandwich spread????

Mudslides, rain leave 80 dead in C.America

Santorum joins Huntsman to boycott Nevada campaign events

N.Y. police officer charged with civil rights violation

Lawyer demands probe of Occupy assault

Thousands protest Mangano's union bill

Obama Hits Road Again to Push Pieces of Jobs Bill

Gaddafi stronghold Bani Walid falls

Smoke bomb closed N.B.-Maine border Sunday

Officials complicit in massive land theft: Colombian govt

Obama opposes repeal of healthcare program suspended last week

Rand Paul's switch clears way for pipeline bill

(NYC mayor) Bloomberg Says ‘Tent City’ Goes Beyond Free Speech

Hundreds Arrested in 'Occupy' Protests (Violent Arrests at Occupy SF Apparently Occurring Now)

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad denies Saudi plot claims

Internet bigot Stephen Birrell jailed for eight months - Scotland

Bachmann Concerned About PROTECT IP Act

Goldman exec's talk at the University of Vermont nixed after protest threat

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Monday, October 17, 2011

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Monday, October 17, 2011

EU Said to Be Close to Deal for Curbs on Naked Sovereign CDS

Pastor, Eight Others Arrested in Prostitution Sting

New Yorkers Support Anti-Wall Street Protests: Poll

Demonstrations, poll fuel NY millionaire tax push

Study finds harsh media coverage for Obama

Have you found websites that seem to be poorly translated from another language?

Venezuela court puts in doubt presidential bid

Libya's NTC steps back after heavy fighting with Gaddafi remnants in Sirte

Iran secretly executing hundreds of prisoners: United Nations

OK: best breakfast foods that do not involve milk (soy or dairy) or meat

Some states seek flexibility to push health-care overhaul further

# # # # # # # # # OCTOBER MILESTONES # # # # # # # # third edition...

Wal-Mart Employees Outside Bentonville HQ, Chanting: "We are the 99%!"

Stand By Me | Playing For Change | Song Around the World

Early Morning Dance Party at #OccupyColumbia

OWS: Marine Vet Vents Against Police Brutality

Republican Halloween

Bush I & Ronald Reagan debate illegal immigration

Overturning Citizens United

Alleged Iran Assassination Plot Court Documents Suggest a Set Up

1979 Wall St. Occupation

Occupy the London Stock Exchange

Long Island Working Families Battle Attack on Middle Class (Mangano's union bill)

Anita Hill interviewed on 60 Minutes in 1992, first TV interview since Clarence Thomas hearings

Michael Moore at the occupation of Times Square, Saturday, October 15th, 2011

Occupy Sacramento protester witnesses media bias

OccupyPhoenix faces cops & SWAT Oct 15

Message To Humanity: The Time is Now - The Revolution Is Coming!

Occupy Madison Speakers at the Capitol (must see!)

Police raid #OccupySF on the morning of October 17

TYT: Federal Reserve Spying Through Social Media

Papantonio: What “Shared Sacrifice” Means To A Republican

Lesbian Couple Stage Sit-In After Being Denied Marriage License

Professor Noam Chomsky on popular organization in a Democratic Society

Violinist Miri Ben-Ari and the POEM-CEES at Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Dedication


Danny Glover Speech-Occupy Los Angeles

Activist Music Video: Teabags and Koolaid by Op-Critical and Justice Through Music

Occupy Wall Street - For America Music Video

Barack Obama and Medical Marijuana

Occupy Binghamton Speech - Kai Raub

Reality-based governing

Obama's biggest failure

Cornell West arrested at Supreme Court

Tossing Tim 'Dwarf' Geithner

5 Reasons Cenk Is Excited To Be On Current TV

Reverend Billy Interview at Occupy Wall St. Grounded TV Network, video report 9

"For 5 Years Herman Cain Has Been On The Koch Brothers Payroll"

Young Turks: Herman Cain on Abortion - No Exceptions for Rape, Incest

OCCUPY THE WORLD Matisyahu-One Day

To: Occupiers Everywhere/From: Wisconsin

Perry slashed environmental enforcement in Texas

Joe the Plumber from Ohio - Not N.J. -- Running for Congress

The Cook Report: It Will Be Romney or Perry

Quantum Levitation

Rallying behind OWS, the left finds its mojo - As Romney’s star rises, conservatives in sullen mood.

Chris Hedges on Chomsky, Dostoevsky and democracy at Occupy Wall Street -- 10/9/11

Eliot Spitzer: Occupy Wall Street Has Already Won

Olbermann Interviews SGT Shamar Thomas! Marine That Told U.S. Cops Stop Brutalizing Protesters

Cantor: We Need To Rely On The Wealthy To Address Income Inequality

The road already traveled

Win or lose in 2012, nothing changes.

A Quiet Triumph of the Obama Stimulus Plan

Hard Hit Donors Still Backing Obama

OH GOD!! anyone see this fool singing

President Obama statement on the passing of Elouise Cobell

Corporate media's take on Occupy Wall Street!

The President should continue voicing support of OWS, however shouldn't be too involved. . .

New York To Occupy Wall Street: We’ve Got Your Back (poll)

1 MARINE vs. 30 COPS (Marine Wins)

A Real Challenge to Corporate Power

Shining a light on a rigged system

Obama to GOP: Rolling back Wall Street reform is not a `jobs plan’

Don't forget to reserve November 8th to occupy the polling places

Watch President Obama speaking LIVE now in North Carolina!

TPMLivewire: Senate Dems To Unveil Component Of Obama's Jobs Plan

Shorter John McCain

California Presidential campaign contributions, by county

Pew: Republican Candidates getting more favorable coverage than Pres. Obama

Scott Brown votes against Obama Jobs bill, complains about political obstructionism

Hey Cantservatives, this is what you do not understand about #Occupy.

No one is posting about Cain saying 'electric fence'?

Let's hope this is true: Gallup: "U.S. Unemployment Down Sharply in Early October"

Pres. Obama: Republicans are for DIRTY AIR and DIRTY WATER

Lady Gaga will never serenade George W. Bush.

NYTimes: Big Cash Edge Powers Obama in Drive for ’12

Protesters in AZ delay meeting between Cain and Sheriff Arpaio

Watching Lawrence - Herman Cain is a tool of the Kochs, but the man can sing.

New Pew Study Shows News Media No Longer In The Tank For President Obama

John McCain to Obama: Your bus is UGLY

What if working class Americans actually like Occupy Wall Street?

A pregnant woman with a health crisis on Romney - "at the time he was blind to me as a human being"

Martin Sheen: Obama "a very special man... the only adult in the room, frankly" (slams greed)

Sorry to say it but it's true... They all want to make HIM look BAD

CNN poll: renominate Obama jumps 9 points, now 81 percent.

An INTENSE moment of TRUTH with MAINSTREAM Media

Krugman: "Why...does Wall Street expect anyone to take its whining seriously?"

Obama blasts, mocks Senate GOP

The president SHOULD visit with OWS at Wall Street

Obama will not face a serious Democratic primary challenger

Do you think Obama should directly address the Occupy Wall Street protesters from the Oval Office?

I LOVE me some Rev. Al!

Herman "Koch" Cain admits his silly proposal raises taxes for some

Slate - Why Wall Street Hates Obama

FOX NEWS Accuses OWS as Anti-Semite

Saw this in Charlotte today. And its not Photoshop

Obama stops at Mast General Store

Cartoon from 99 years ago nails it.

Obama Campaign Hits 1 Million Donors

"Why the HELL did Obama put troops in Africa? I’ll tell you why. "

Households and Their Debts

Losing Their Immunity PAUL KRUGMAN

Do We Need ‘Student Loans’ for Billionaires?

Van Gogh did not kill himself, authors claim

The Constitution: A Love Story

Europe's Politicians Side with the Protesters

US Warship Visits Georgia Despite Russia Anger

Jimmy Breslin: People Rise, Cops Blink and a Human Rights Movement Takes Root in a New York Park

Everyone knows David Cameron is a lizard. So why does the Telegraph continue to deny the truth?

Blast from the Past?

Liquid modernity, solid elites

Passage of a trailblazer