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Archives: October 14, 2011

Just saw Bobby Seale speak at school.

SAN DIEGO: Police ask protesters to move

Labor Rights, Under Republican Attack

Politico reporter Kendra Marr resigns over plagiarism

Occupy Wall Street Braces For Very Early NYPD Crackdown

I need a link to the livestream for occupy wall street.

Businesses, Residents Complain About ‘Occupy Sacramento’ Noise

Well, we always knew the Empire was going to strike back

America under a Rethuglican Administration

Rush Limbaugh tries to talk down emotionally distraught Palin supporter.

They want OWS to leave Zuccotti Park? Fine. How about we occupy corporate offices instead?

Occupy Denver threatened

Republicans are gods. They do exactly what they want.

Nasty thunderstorm in NYC right now -- hope the OWS folks are okay n/t

NYPD Live Radio Feed

National Occupy Conference on the steps of the Congress. Millions will show up. I would love

The real truth behind Cain's 9-9-9 plan

Michael Steele seems to have forgotten, as he praises Cain, how the rethugs wanted his butt

Are Cantor and MConnell vulnerable in their districts? Can they be unseated with a good dem

Are Cantor and MConnell vulnerable in their districts? Can they be unseated with a good dem

Greg Mitchell: Police About To Lay Siege To Denver Camp (LIVESTREAM)

NY Mayor Bloomberg moves to evict OccupyWallStreet

Now Protest Spreads Across Atlantic: 1,000s Plan Camp In London's Financial Centre Inspired By OWS

Message from Chinese activists and academics in support of Occupy Wall Street

Time to send John Boehner Packing

Funny how the right-wing once cheered Lech Walesa

Guess the day we go to war against Iran to save the economy or a re-election.

Good night, OWS in NYC. Stay nonviolent no matter what happens.

Thanks DU poster. Listening to 630 am Denver. Police on the way to harass protesters. Tune in Du Denver television

OWS live feed: (wall street) Circle the White House

Arrested TN lawmaker quits firearms task force

Meet the largest Private land owner in America

Need help, you're getting arrested? There is an app for that!

Media in Denver perplexed about OWS, doesn't understand why they're resorting to protesting.

Media in Denver perplexed about OWS, doesn't understand why they're resorting to protesting.

This is a rather striking. tax income chart

I love the smell of an official back-down in the morning.

Investor group to vote against Murdochs at NewsCorp AGM

Ted Rall Toon- Unhelpful Advice for OWS

PHOTO: Celebration at Occupy NYC

Per CNN - the Occupy Wall Street "park cleaning" has been postponed ...

Huzzah!: F-35 could be on chopping block

Petraeus tells CIA analysts to heed troops on war

This is the shame that America cannot hide: starving citizens and those who cannot get help

Watchdog: Air traffic controller errors soaring

Live Feed for Occupy Denver... Police said they have 10 minutes before arrests begin.

OWS protesters marching down Broadway to Wall Street.

Wisconsin Recall - It's not just the Governor

Best Occupy Wall Street Protest Signs

email from MoveOn on OWS...

PHOTOS: Occupy Wall Street Liberty Park Celebration/Reaction

PHOTOS: Occupy Wall Street Liberty Park Celebration/Reaction

Should Obama and the Feds now intervene in the OWS eviction

Denver police claim bomb threats at Occupy Denver park.

The Occupy movement has been branded perfectly.

Occupy Sesame Street (cartoon)

Brief Report from Wall Street

OWS: Morning Joe interviewing Simon Hobbs from NYSE and he reported

Wisconsin: Restore the independence of the Government Accountability Board

Hey NYPD Blue!

Fitch: More Than Dozen Banks May Get Rate Cut

#Occupy Denver: Police on loud speaker; "you have 15 minutes to disperse".

This is a public service announcement

Occupy Denver arrests about to happen... live news feed here-

Cold Pizza from Herm Cain

Truthout has a reporter at the park, and a live blog here:

You know all those funny ladies on the TV? You can totally bang them!

Occupy Rush Limbaugh

Need a smile? Click this link. #OWS

As OWS type protests continue to grow

Resistance is.......not futile

In response for demands for specifics An OWS said it's just like water

Keith Olbermann: "Bloomberg has once again expanded reach, influence, credibility of OWS because..."

Thank you thread for the boots on the ground at OWS

EPA Finally Admits that Chemical in Camp Lejeune Water Caused Cancer

NRDC: National Poll Shows Strong Disapproval for Obama’s Smog Rule Delay

PHOTOS: The Best (?) Occupy Wall Street Signs

Can Bloomberg be recalled?

Friday Congress TOONS

Wagging the Dog with Iran's 'Maxwell Smart' - Juan Cole

Unlimited, anonymous money not enough for Rove

Slavoj Zizek speaks at OWS - a must watch. THIS is what the protesters need: ideas

Wow, I didn't know that the "dude" had been tombstoned!

The revolution will not be televised but it will be misunderstood. nt

The rich and filthy tried to "clean out" the poor and neat.

Marchers need work IDs to walk down Wall Street??? (tweet)

Americans vs Americans

Gap to close 200 US stores as it expands in foreign markets

The OCCUPATION Continues!

The OCCUPATION Continues!

Is there a way for people on line to occupy a specific site?

The DP Plans to slow the Korean-US Free Trade Agreement

Great comment about Perry on JuanitaJean today

Rep. Pelosi: Every Woman in America Should Be Concerned About GOP Assault on Women’s Health

2nd Issue of "Occupied Wall Street Journal" Hits The Streets!

I just don't know what to think

Department Of Labor Data: There's an App for That

Tunisia police teargas protesters

Tunisia police teargas protesters

Tajik court finds BBC reporter guilty of complicity

999 - Evil...

Dear Police

How close were 2001 Predictions?

All things old are new again . . . For the occupy movement.

All things old are new again . . . For the occupy movement.

Obama to ... Youth, "We hear your voices!"

What Montana hopes to learn from our health care

Lawmakers say pipeline approval process tainted (Keystone Tar Sands)

McCain: Still Crazy After All These Years

Doomsday prophet Harold Camping says the 10/21/11 apocalypse will be so quiet no one will notice it

OWS Demands (per The Onion!)

Gee, I really wonder who Joe Lieberman will be endorsing?

How about an Occupy Clear Channel

Koreans to Occupy (their) Wall St

Koreans to Occupy (their) Wall St

“First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.”

Prick Perry is an even larger dunce than W...

Right wingers say the darndest things...

Friday TOONS: The Rest

Katrina vanden Heuvel: Will Occupy Wall Street’s spark reshape our politics?

CNN has images of riot cops moving down Broadway.

Our Grand Canyon - Non-Negotiable!

Protests and Trade Agreements

Am I crazy or the guy who wrote this LTTE?

Dem/Lib Bob BECKEL says, "My boss Roger AILES" saved him with Heimlich. Then ate him.

Rick Scott quote on front page of my local newspaper

Road projects won't hire as many as housing construction did.

Swat for the day...Cain, ain't Able...

Some things never change

Was listening to Amy Goodman's newscast this morning about the alleged Iranian terror plot......

UN human rights chief calls for journalists to get protection

HEE! I *just* got my new DU sticker in time for todays OCCUPY gathering!

Iran Plot’s WikiLeaks Link

New York priest accused of cashing dead teacher's pension checks

Highly radioactive lump of metal found on UK beach

CEO pay rises 28 percent — in one year

3 hour rescue of cat from car dashboard

The Student Loan Racket

Ohio nuke plant has a hairline crack

Tea Party support drops 7 percent in Michigan since debt ceiling debate

Great 360 degree picture of OWS at Zuccotti Park.

#OccupyRochester to occupy foreclosed homes

The U.S.S. Indianapolis

Suspect Device

Whitewater and Wall St.

Now that was some good sex........

Yahoo! Latest Tech Firm to Bail on U.S. Chamber of Commerce

PRWatch: ALEC and Coca-Cola: A "Classic" Collaboration

how much to tip in these cases

The Occupiers Photo Series

'Occupy Brooklyn' Coming to Grand Army Plaza On Saturday

DU, This OWS/Walesa post by tk2kewl needs to be FRONTPAGED and spread EVERYWHERE!

Occupy Where-I-Am 2.0

A Muslim, a Baptist, and a Catholic walk into a bar

I expect employers are reluctant to hire people with a cuckoo s-o or ex-s-o.

Zuccotti Park Owner’s Letter to Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly on Occupy Wall Street

World-Wide INTERACTIVE Map Detailing "Occupy" Meet-Ups

Pres. Obama: We’re not going to wait around and play the usual political games here in Washington

OWS: At least "Occupying Wall Street for Jesus" makes sense...

CNN: Bloomberg Says Zuccotti Park Cleaning Cancelled Due To Pressure From Public & Elected Officials

Infrastructure neglect and it's costs in one graph

From MSNBC: A 360 degree view of the Occupy Wall Street encampment at Zuccotti Park! Must see!

D.U. this poll!

National sales tax - wouldn't that require a Constitutional Amendment?

News Corp.'s Murdoch heckled by Occupy protesters in San Francisco - w/pics

CNN's article on the Occupy Wall Street clean-up omits much about the

Daily News: Bloomberg Radio Address - "I've asked what happens if they cannot (work something out)"

Occupys are more famous and accepted than the Tea Parties!

Occupy Trenton NJ Shut Down, Media Equipment Seized.

MSNBC News: Wages have dropped and won't catch up until 2021!

"God told" French teacher to set herself on fire in playground

If you have a teenage daughter, or are a teenager

Krugman -- Rabbit-Hole Economics

“How do you get people to go to work every day and do these things and think it’s okay?”

Announcement: Volunteers Needed, Legal Observer For Occupy Raleigh

The crazy conservative Christians at Sojourners weigh in on OWS…

OWS: Paging Messrs Fogerty, Springsteen and Vedder!

As someone with ALS pissed local director stole $80,000 from local chapter

Federal prosecutors rattle California's medical marijuana industry

A right-wing Austrian politician has been cleared of incitement after he created an anti-Muslim

Hope and change..inevitable..finally.

Bait-and-Switch Boosterism on Trade Pacts

LaHood slams GOP House: "came here to do zero, and that's what they've done."

Brutality Cost the Cops the Upper Hand

Friends of the Earth Denounces Passage of Unjust Trade Agreements

Should Occupy Denver camp have been dismantled?

New fighting breaks out in Libyan capital

How Can You Find Out Which #Occupy Event To Attend This Weekend?

Hey! ... Listen up!

Madison and Jefferson destory Orginalism.

U.S. missile kills 4 in Pakistan

I'm just so sick of the hypocrisy and injustice....

Labor is not Fungible: problems with the First infrastructure stimulus

Exxon Aims to Bail on Payments for Valdez Damage

In case you haven't figured it out yet....

Regarding the coordinated attempt to shut down all the "occupy" sites nationwide

The awesome moment when 5,000 protestors defended their right to OCCUPY WALL STREET! (video)

WE ARE The 1%. WE STAND With The 99%.

MoJo: OWS Arrest Map.

Want to talk to the CEO of Citigroup?

Dear People handwriting notes that mock OWS

Dairy Industry Giants Accused of Killing Young Cows and Cheating Consumers

How the rich and famous (Waltons) live in Arkansas

Link please: The #OWS sign saying "I love mankind! Let's solve this &#$#&* together!"

An Open Letter to the Occupiers from a Veteran Troublemaker - Jim Wallis

Shocking FB rants, had to share

Micheal Ratner is saying to Amy that these private owners



Money is Debt in the modern system

Occupy Tacoma National Day of Action March - Oct. 15

Obama orders U.S. troops to help chase down African 'army' leader

OWS: Why Did The City Back Down?

OWS: Why Did The City Back Down?

Another "Liberty Moment" caught in a pic:

How Steve Brill Manufactured a Fictional Teacher

No Limit On Walker Donations For Recall Effort Officials: $10,000 Limit Doesn't Apply

No Limit On Walker Donations For Recall Effort Officials: $10,000 Limit Doesn't Apply

Seattle/Tacoma Gas Prices Up 15+ Cents in The Past Week

Starbucks Create Jobs America Bracelets MADE IN THE USA

Starbucks Create Jobs America Bracelets MADE IN THE USA

Occupy Austin day 9

Occupy San Diego facing police violence.

Occupy San Diego facing police violence.

What's worse than being marginalized?

Court blocks parts of Alabama immigration law, upholds others

Tomorrow, in Milwaukee 11:00 a.m. Occupy Milwaukee, 12:30 March on Chase Bank

What Recession? Consumers Are Spending, Raising Outlook. (CNBC)

The street they should be occupying (CT Post)

Martin Bashir is eating a Teabagger alive

Best Nick-Pic ever (at the fire lookout tower)

Quick Fact: How Zuccotti Park came to pass...

Occupy Your Conscience: A Rumpus Exaltation

XPost EE: Ooops: "FirstEnergy Falls After Report of Nuclear Reactor Cracks"

not guilty of child endangerment for leaving child in car while drinking at bar

Oops ! Liam Fox quits as defence secretary

(SF District Atty) George Gascon: beating case highlights trend of anti-immigrant sentiment

Pic of young Mittens love-choking his, um, CASH

Tweety is busting right....Cain is the new "Rocky" with music and

Faux Breaks Out the "Spitting on the Military" Smear

MDP: Defend Democrats Now!

MDP: Defend Democrats Now!

A sane person’s guide to ‘Fast and Furious’

Iranian "terror" plot = yellowcake uranium

Rupert Murdoch heckled at Calif. education forum

The main complication we Americans need to understand...

Wisconsin: Tammy Baldwin smear campaign shifts into gear

Hello fellow 99%ers - Solidarity!!!

'Occupy' movement due to arrive in Toronto

Brutal Winter Predicted for U.S.

Inside the 'Occupy Portland' camp

For my 10,000th post...

Inambari hydroelectric project canceled - Peru (Spansish)

A bit of update on the Denver occupation...

A bit of update on the Denver occupation...

Please DU this Poll...Do you support OWS?

It might be a stupid question but where does 53% come from?

What happened to CNN? I apparently missed something.

Public bookshelves spread across Germany

Live stream of OccupyMN protesters in front of Wells-Fargo.

Message from OWS from their FB page: ...Occupy Wall St. is for the 99%! Each and every one of you...

Chinese Community Joins Occupy Wall Street Movement (Asian Week re: Chinese Progressive Association)

MCNBC: OWS Protesters Clash with Police - 14 Arrested

IRS Auditing How Google Shifted Profits Offshore to Avoid Taxes

Time to choose now. Don't be on the wrong side of history...

Time to choose now. Don't be on the wrong side of history...

Daily Kos: Boehner's outburst means he's fealing heat on jobs

HOWARD DAVIDOWITZ: The Protests Are The Result Of "Bought And Paid-For Politics, Criminals, And Moro

Neighbor spent an entire afternoon crafting his own "Rick Perry for President" sign

New End of the World Warning

An image from Michael Moore's film Capitalism: A Love Story -

U.S. deaths in drone strike due to miscommunication, report finds

SHIT: Leon Panetta says Obama opposes further defense cuts (but not Medicare and Medicaid cuts?)

Eugene Robinson LOVES Occupy Wall Street - Truthdig

Stockholm Convention scientists seek ban on chemical

Ben And Jerry's Gives Out Ice Cream To Occupy Wall Street Protesters! (pic and video)

Oooooh, the hypocrisy, it burns.

Tonight on Countdown: Ryan Hoffman, Michael Tracey, Att.Yetta Kurland, reprise of special comment

Why are corporations not Hiring? The Answer is simple.

So if Gay US Soldiers are in Uganda, will they be at risk of being put to death?

So if Gay US Soldiers are in Uganda, will they be at risk of being put to death?

OWS doesn't need leaders but they need leadership...

McCain's "new math" -- regulations have killed billions and billions of jobs

Absolute proof that Tea Baggers are Ignorant...

Grayson is on Sharpton now n/t

How the Republicans Use Language to Undermine Democracy


I've been reading military history lately

Huntsman raised $2.26 million and contributed $2.25 million of his own money to the campaign

More Money, More Problems: How Occupy Wall Street Is Really Funded (New York Observer)

My body, my life, my choice...

Toon: The proper method to assassinate

10,000 protesters lay siege to Tamil Nadu nuclear plant site (India)

End of the week LOL's - pics

So, what is the big deal about the Apple iphone 4s?

So, what is the big deal about the Apple iphone 4s?

Harsh truth time: It must be said: OWS will accomplish nothing.

Harsh truth time: It must be said: OWS will accomplish nothing.

Occupy LaCrosse--Congenial police relations ahead? (Facebook)

We need a centralized "Corporate Blacklist." Those corporations to avoid now

If Ronald Reagan were alive and ran for President in 2012

Michael Moore is on Lawrence O'Donnell's "The Last Word" tonight.

Two of my heroes!

Obama admin: "CLASS dismissed!" Kennedy-Backed Long-Term Care Program Scrapped by Sebelius

Interested in a closeup at a local occupy group? GA about to start at Occupy Indy

Man’s Leg Pinned Under Police Motorcycle at Protest - OWS - video/pics

The FBI-style sting in the tail of the Saudi ambassador 'assassination plot'

Occupy Detroit kicks off as hundreds march up Woodward

My nomination for the OWS marching song: Ry Cooder - No Banker Left Behind

OWS Movement members "are not a bunch of stupid, lazy, welfare-sucking losers"

Kevin O'Leary (Canada) gets official smackdown for calling Chris Hedges a "nutbar"

The Rude Pundit: Photos That Point to the Inevitable Action Against the Occupation

HR 358 passes in House; Rome burns, Congress fiddles.

Vicious Police Assault at Occupy Wall Street.

Right-winger Art Pope is taking over NC according to this New Yorker piece. Scary.

Probation, counseling for dad who put tot in oven (but jury convicted him of felony endangerment)

BWAHAHAHAHA! "Herman Cain's 9-9-9 Plan Straight Out of SimCity?" BWAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

Unless I missed something, the police activity -

It's only CLASS WARFARE when we fight back, right?

Go figure

Larry Hagman of 'Dallas' diagnosed with cancer

Larry Hagman of 'Dallas' diagnosed with cancer

So the only way the GOP will protect your life is if you just stay inside the womb FOREVER

President Obama: Reject the Institute of Medicine's skimpy health plan prescription!!

Occupy Detroit is on the air !!


Famous Writers Including Salman Rushdie And Neil Gaiman Sign On To Support Occupy Wall Street

The start of new war.

Ethics panel recommends Phill Kline (former KS AG) have law license suspended

Ethics panel recommends Phill Kline (former KS AG) have law license suspended

Unspoken Rules For Women In The United States

(Backgrounder) Horizontalidad: Where Everyone Leads

Why do we need MSM.

ThinkProgress: Top 10 Giveaways To Big Oil In Rick Perry’s ‘Jobs’ Plans

Major Banks Accused of Defrauding Veterans, Taxpayers (DSNews)

Let's play a game: share your first two choices for the Democratic presidential nomination in 2016.

Fremont (Ca.) cracks down on haunted house

The progressive case for ending the fed and it has nothing to do with the gold standard.

OMG! Some of my Get a Brain! Moran photos made it to Know Your Meme!

Please help me respond this post from FB

Ah... Late Night Bipartisanship... For Multinational Corporations...

Center for Constitutional Rights Issues Statement of Support for Occupy Wall Street

Ezra Klein: One of the world's biggest bond traders (PIMCO co-CEO) is all for Occupy Wall Street

Regarding the conflict over cleaning the park (OWS NY)

Matt Taibbi Lists The 5 Things The Occupy Wall Street Protesters Should Demand

Occupy Detroit is On.

There seems to be a new anti-corporate movement taking hold

Do you think the OWS folks have the cojones to do something like this?

Mayor Bloomberg Mad That Zuccotti Park Owners Got "Threatening" Phone Calls From Politicians

Courage SDPD... Looks Like Dangerous Duty...

"No problem. We take care of our own around here."

I decided to watch George Carlin- Life is Worth Losing on Netflix...George Carlin was a Prophet!

An update to the story of the Ohio Amish that were breaking into

A Familiar Swagger in Afghanistan

Appeals Court Blocks Two Sections of Alabama Anti-Immigrant Law Fought by ACLU

Appeals Court Blocks Two Sections of Alabama Anti-Immigrant Law Fought by ACLU

It's Labor vs. Capital, Stupid

Wall Street Protests Spreading to Asia-Pacific Region, London

Center for Constitutional Rights Issues Statement of Support for Occupy Wall Street

Poll: Tea VS OWS bwahahaaaaahaaaaa

Poll: Tea VS OWS bwahahaaaaahaaaaa

Russell Simmons: 'We're Still Here'

There's battle lines being drawn. Nobody's right if everybody's wrong.

ALF frees minks, which are promptly run over

Video/song for the OWS tonight (add your own)

Without creditable leadership, OWS will accomplish nothing

Without creditable leadership, OWS will accomplish nothing

The Wikipedia article on birthers implies that the conspiracy theory came from Hillary supporters.

the "wages must be HIGH so people can BUY" pic of Roosevelt...

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF!

Toon: Steve Jobs gets his wish

You took my husband’: 911 call captures voices, gunshots in fatal Helena, Mont., shooting

Lieberman, Collins target federal pay, pensions

Call me crazy, but I don't think "we" have a right to kill anyone.

We hear a lot about the 99% these days

Question: Can anyone here tell me if Blackberry is back up and functioning?

Republicans now voting to poison the country

Remember Prof Irwin Corey the comedian?

Mayor McGinn yanks ‘Occupy Seattle’ permit for Westlake

Occupy Wall Street Has a Famous Problem

Occupy Wall Street Has a Famous Problem

Libyan Intervention: SHOCKED! SHOCKED! A bunch of corrupt bastards behind the warmongering

Some people think the book, The Jungle, is an instruction manual...

Pay for America's highest-paid CEO tops $131 million


Drones don't kill people

Mayor Bloomberg's Girlfriend Sits on the Board of Brookfield Properties

Mayor Bloomberg's Girlfriend Sits on the Board of Brookfield Properties

What's So Funny 'Bout Peace, Love, and Understanding?

What's So Funny 'Bout Peace, Love, and Understanding?

Arrest Being Made at Occupy Seattle Right Now...1050 PM PST

OK, now Obama is just being unnecessarily cruel

School Gives Dress Code to Parents Who Wear PJs for Drop-Off

Michael Moore almost has me in tears

Google results for "Boycott Erin Burnett"


You good people need to read this...It is terrific.

Confrontation coming in Seattle?

Anyone know who is on Bill Maher tonight?

Occupy Anchorage again tomorrow

"The supposed Iranian plot to assassinate the Saudi Ambassador to the US is spectacularly ludicrous"

A bloc of r's will never vote for a black man or a Mormon

Naomi Klein twitter

Radiation in Tokyo linked to old bottles, not Fukushima headline: Charges brought against Catholic Bishop Finn

The self-inflicted wound of US foreign aid cuts. Aid isn't charity, it's business. Ask China

If the Seal Beach guy is guilty of that incredible mass murder . . . .

Rush Limbaugh is back on his happy pills.

nbc nightly news with brian williams leads with OWS

Why Do You Need A Corporate ID To Walk On Wall Street?

Tampa Community Bank to PAY new depositors $5 a month to use services

In Private, Wall St. Bankers Dismiss Protesters as Unsophisticated


Open Letter to that 53% Guy: Daily Kos

Jim Hightower: How Occupy Wall Street & other grassroots efforts can counter corporate influence

The world's population will hit 7 billion --about three weeks from now:

HIV Positive Protester Says Cop Who Punched Him Should Get Tested

Denver Post just listed names of all the people arrested at Occupy Denver

Friday Republican Race TOONS

Anyone know how to get to that Rick Perry history song played

Forcing Your Beliefs on Others is Not Religious Freedom

CBS news says most insider trading is not brokers fault

Why Chinese Tourists Are The 'Dream Consumers' For The Luxury Retailers Of Fifth Avenue

Ya Know... If You Replace Certain Words, This Could Have Been Written Today... Check It Out...

On this girls FB profile she says Obama should be shot in the head

Rick Perry's wife is "blanking" Scary Insane

100,000-Year-Old Paint Mixing Kits Found

If you liked Arab Spring, you'll LOVE Western Winter...

Good News / Bad News ---as I see it--- on Real Time with Bill Maher at 10/HBO ---Details:

Some personal thoughts about the OWS protests and protesters.

Are the Republicans intentionally or unintentionally trying to ruin America?

AARP commercial....just on CNN

Look... they're all dirty hippies

"Occupy Wall Street has already won."

Herman Cain is "Putney Swope" redux:

Limbaugh's support for Romney essential, like for McCain. Who will be the Palin?

TIME Poll - Majority supports OWS-- majority of Republicans too. Twice the support of the TeaBaggers

Why Are the Republicans So Opposed to Tax Increases for the 1%?

CHARTS: 'Here's What Protesters Are Angry About' (from Business Insider)

Anita Perry Blames Obama For Her Son Quitting His Job

First, let's run over all the lawyers -- NYPD run over #OWS legal observer's leg.

DOMA Repeal Moves Forward In Senate Judiciary Committee

Teen: Kissing another male cost me my cheerleading post

US combat troops sent to Africa

Seriously oblivious parents

The GOP should just nominate David Koch for President. Cut out the middleman.


Caring for aging parents and grown children.

Long overdue, but who will join me? Thank you, OWS protesters!

What metric will the OWS use to declare - we won?

Steve Jobs has a Syrian birth father. Syrians are excited and proud about this.

Normally I am against the death penalty...but this woman tests my boundaries.

Freedom Tower Hard Hats Occupy Wall Street During Lunch

American troops going to Africa...

San Francisco Restaurants Want To Make 25% Standard Tip Rate

Hey Gloomberg! Take this: Coat that converts to Sleeping Bag

(Washington) Governor to Congress: Help ease farm labor crisis

NYPD White Shirt KO's a Female Protester Today 10/14/11 (video) OWS

Alabama immigration: crops rot as workers vanish to avoid crackdown (Guardian)

Fifteen reasons I'm an INDEPENDENT liberal

Fifteen reasons I'm an INDEPENDENT liberal

Cartoon from 1912 - 1 year before creation of Federal Reserve

For death penalty supporters only

I would like say a huge THANK YOU to DU'er...

Question about messed up reception during Countdown tonight.

There will be blood.

6 Places to Occupy Next: Protest the 1% Where They Live, Work and Play

Who's up for 'Occupy K Street' one of these days?

Stop comparing OWS to the Tea Party!

House Again Votes to Increase Mercury Pollution, Premature Death and Disease

What would happen we all decided to stop paying for private health insurance?

When Herman Cain says the name of his plan, are we sure he's not speaking German?

Class warfare began.....

Brown blames the summer intern for the Dole plagiarizing

How to help the Lakota from "A Hidden America: Children of the Plains" on ABC 20/20

Santorum Suggests Gay Marriage Wrecked The Economy

6,800 Marijuana Plants Seized In Unprecedented Sweep In WA

The Original Occupy Wallstreet Protestor


Occupy Boston Video, including Vets for Peace during police raid

In Case You Missed This... 'Time-lapse trifecta! Photog captures meteor, Milky way and Northern Ligh

ATTENTION Corp News shills & OWS Haters..A Leader Arrives. Dare You to Cover His Speech

‘Dramatic enforcement actions’ coming to Wall Street soon: Geithner

Bush only started 2 wars. Obama started 3, and kept the other 2 going.

Columbus blamed for Little Ice Age

Tough crowd on Maher tonight, my head hurts.

Obama administration kills a major program in the health care reform law .... the CLASS ACT

Gimme a U! Gimme a G! Gimme an A N D A! What does it spell? Uganda!

Here's a screen shot of the whiteshirt who beat down the #OWS protester.

Lets draw the M$M a picture, shall we...

Lets draw the M$M a picture, shall we...

Economic Impact of Peak Oil

Buffet's proposal for Congress

Would someone please riddle me what the fuck is so awful about the federal reserve?

Jonathan Tasini: Four Simple Lessons From Today's Defense of OWS--And Why I'm Optimistic

Cherry Hill NJ residents fight church-based charter which will cost public schools $1.9 mil a year.

Anyone see this Anti-OWS handwritten letter? Real or Fake?

OWS mixes the colors of the flag = light purple

OWS announces: Good news. check it out:

Degrading images of women

Not every person knows how to love a dog...

Good Morning

Best. Spam. Ever.

Big banks to help clarify protesters’ message for the other 99 percent

Pull-start hatchback

Movie Trailer: "The Human Centipede". What. The Fuck...

Nothing like sitting in a waiting room at a birthing hospital clinic -

Blerk! How Many Germs Live On Your Cell Phone?

My Dad sings The Snake

Just some Friday fun pictures (dial-up warning)

What's the largest number of women you've slept with at one time?

Foldable Bikes?

Chelsea Handler

The dark fire will not avail you, FLAME OF UDUN! Go back to the Shadow. YOU SHALL NOT PASS!!

Tiny Hats

2nd Wild Bill tune - my dad recorded at dirt hovel studios aka my basement:

The Oatmeal: If my brain were an imaginary friend.

To whoever gave me the star - thank you, thank you, thank you!!

Geardaddy must suffer!!!!

VIDEO: Lion reunites with owner after years in the wild. PASS THE KLEENEX!

In related Muppet news - Official Trailer 2 is out!

Some asshole locked the doors to the store where I wanted to go shopping

Cat in the Box....

I am going to be very rich and will share the money with you guys!!!!!

I thoroughly, utterly, completely DESPISE lipgloss! Why do makeup companies

I had a dream about DU last night.

Has anybody seen "Rise of the Planet of the Apes?"

When Warm Air Meets Cool: Fog

Want free passes to Six Flags? Enter roach-eating contest.

What do you think about George Clooney in the role of Macbeth?

King Jigme Khesar of Bhutan is kind of a hottie.

How many versions of The Three Musketeers can there be?

I am continually amazed at how much I love Lady Gaga

Jeremey Clarkson on HALO's Warthog... Funny!

Knowledge Is Power...

For Halloween, the Thread That Never Dies shall be known as the Undead Thread

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I had the weirdest earworm yesterday - Couldn't get "My Darling Clemetine" out of my head

Into the Mystic by Wild Bill

What's for dinner tonight DU? I'm going out to dinner for some butter chicken and naan bread.

Only a MAN would do this...

I am so getting Forza Motorsport 4 when I get paid next Friday....

Stood up by Aristus AGAIN!

My Mom gave me a treasure a couple days ago.

Slide Guitar Giants: Ry Cooder and David Lindley live on "Mercury Blues".

Joke Time: Arkansas State trooper pulls over a pickup truck on I-40.

Those were the days, my friend

Second. Best. Spam. Ever.

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Maine-ah is one awesome person and DUer. (This is the thread in which we all kiss her butt) :)

What are you reading tonight DU? Me, the Social Animal by David Brooks. It follows the life

Damn... AMX Javelin police cars....

Anyone go to, know someone who went to, or just remember, Sears Charm School?

Well, Where should I go for my vacation next year?

Should I have started this poll?

"Launching the Moon" - pic

Kratom, THC and Alcohol

My oldest brother is very ill from heart problem, no surgery or cure.

PHOTO: It's SQUEE time, boys and girls.

Anybody ever see the Inspector Morse shows produced by the BBC?

Post a favorite music video from this last decade.

So, the wierdest shit is happening to me this week...

What's the largest number of cats you've slept with at one time.

Name something you would never ever do. OK... I'll go first.

garlic presses: indispensable kitchen implement or a tool of the devil?

ABC Cancels Charlie's Angels

Romney dismisses Senate's China currency bill

Euro zone crisis dominates G20 Paris meeting

Wall Street Sit-In Goes Global Saturday

Police make sex workers 'easier targets,' inquiry told

Obama, Lee Myung-Bak To Pitch Trade Deal In Michigan

Radiation in Tokyo linked to old bottles, not Fukushima

"God told" French teacher to set herself on fire in playground

UN human rights chief calls for journalists to get protection

Fourteen NYC Councilmembers Call on Bloomberg Not To Empty Zucotti Park

Obama, Lee to pitch trade deal in Michigan

Amnesty International asks Canada to arrest George W. Bush

Beijing on Currency manipulation and the US Congress

Watchdog: Air traffic controller errors soaring

Liam Fox Resigns-Defense Secretary finally quits for letting "personal matters get in the way of gov

Wall Street Protesters Confront Bloomberg While He Dines at Top Restaurant, Leaves by Back Door

Occupy Wall Street Cleanup: Russell Simmons Offers To Pay To Avoid Violence

Losing the wrestling primary: Hulk Hogan tells Fox News he recants former support for Obama

California Inmates End 3-Week Hunger Strike

OWS - Denver - Being cleared out by order of Dem Governor

Kansas City Bishop Indicted in Reporting of Abuse by Priest

NYC Withdraws Cleaning Evacuation Order in Face of Defiant Occupy Wall Street Protesters

'Al-Qaeda' distributes Somalia aid near Mogadishu

Occupy Wall Street Going To Europe This Weekend

Italy's Berlusconi survives confidence vote

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday, October 14, 2011

Romney would be tough on China , he says

‘Dramatic enforcement actions’ coming to Wall Street soon: Geithner

Rick Perry Refuses To Disavow Robert Jeffress, Stands By Wife's 'Brutalized' Remarks


Defence Secretary Liam Fox quits

Protesters plan to 'occupy' London Stock Exchange

Burma law to allow labour unions and strikes

UN Diplomat Delivers Sobering Report On Libya

(State Univ of NY) Regents Plan Push for Aid to Illegal Immigrants (brought here as children)

Second Defendant Is Convicted in Connecticut Triple Murder (home invasion/arson 2007)

Half of Votes Counted, Ford Labor Contract Leans Into ‘Yes’ Territory

PG&E to replace 1,200 miles of gas pipe

PG&E to replace 1,200 miles of gas pipe

No charges over De Anza players' alleged gang rape (CA, accused of raping a 17-yo)

Fox bows to pressure and resigns

Court halts Ala. schools' checking of immigration status

Arrests made as police, CSP clear out Occupy Denver camp site

'One in five' considers leaving Blackberry

News Corp investors to vote against Murdochs

Swedish Medical Center to halt elective abortions if it allies with Catholic system

GOP: Gays don't need special legal protections (court hearing on DOMA)

Canada warns Ukraine over jailing of former prime minister

Rick Perry To Propose Energy Plan to Create 1.2 Million Jobs

Occupy Canada rallies put police on alert

'Occupy Tulsa' To Hold Rally And March In Downtown Tulsa Saturday

Students storm Goldman Sachs building in Milan

KC bishop charged for not bringing porn to police

G20 summit expected to back IMF plan for bigger bailout fund

BREAKING: New York City's deputy mayor says cleaning of protest encampment has been postponed

Sunday To Be Steve Jobs Day in California

Nelson (D-Ne) raises less than Bruning (R-Ne)

Nicholas Cosmo Receives 25 Years in Prison for $413 Million Ponzi Scheme

Business groups call Cain's 9-9-9 plan a job killer

Some NYC protesters plan for civil disobedience

'Blind sheikh' son killed by US drone: monitors

Teen overcome by fumes, dies at recycling plant

Obama Sends 100 US Troops to Uganda to Combat Lord’s Resistance Army

Obama Administration Cuts Major Part Of Health Care Reform Law: CLASS Long-Term Insurance Program

Banks closed in Ga, NC, NJ; 79 failures in 2011

Violence Breaks Out During ‘Occupy Wall Street’ March On Wall Street

It's official - the rapture is now happening on October 21st. That gives us one last week on Earth

Thom Hartmann and Congresswoman Linda Sanchez - Fighting the Free Trade Agreements

15th October #United we will re-invent the world - from

TYT: Rep. believes the U.S. is too humane in the methods of executing prisoners

JUST IN: Occupy Wall Street Celbratory March Down Bdway from Zuccotti Park

Michele Bachmann's HPV Ignorance

Canned Heat - My Crime (For OccupyDenver)

Fox 12 Reporter to Occupy Portland - "I am one of you"

HB 194-Voter Suppression in Ohio

15 Octubre, World Revolution

Keiser Report: Dog & Pony Show (E196)

Amanda Palmer - Working Class Hero Cover (Occupy Wall Street 10/12 NYC)

#OCCUPYWALLSTREET WINS! Bloomberg backs down, protestors stay in park

TDPS: 53% Movement Bogus on All Fronts, Should be Supporting 99% in Reality

Herman Cain is Not Going to be the POTUS

Herman Cain gets Jazzed

Crashing the Bank Busters' Party

Chelsea Handler and Gloria Steinem Talk About Millionaires Paying Their Fair Share

Ralph Nader on the Two-Party Dictatorship, Anwar al-Awlaki, Occupy Wall St

Paul Krugman: Rabbit-Hole Economics

"280 Wasted Days" by Old Fart Rants

Woody Guthrie: Vintage Performance Footage

Anyone see Rick Perry on CNN just now (7:30am est)

Surprise! Perry won't censor pastor, but will censor scientists.

I do hope Rick Perry and his wife Anita get a bit more publicity

Morning Joe's Donnie Deutsch says it doesn't feel like OWS protestors have 'gravitas'

MEMO: What's the Matter with Romney? (Priorities USA Action)

British defence secretary Liam Fox resigns

TYT: U.S. War w/ Iran Over 'Foiled Terror Plot'?

What is the deal with the park? Owners need to clean it?

we must rescue ourselves from the banking pirates : keiser report

Boehner cries to Obama: 'Wa-Wa, you've been ignoring our jobs agenda!'

NC's We Do Campaign

Iran Isolation? 'US only player to gain from Saudi murder plot'

My 400th show!~ Global Revolutions: Syria, NYC

Obama Campaign Kicks Off In Philly

Al Sharpton announces March Rally For Jobs and Justice - October 15, 2011

Olbermann: Lead Coverage of Occupy Wall Street 'Showdown Postponed'

Hispanics Skip Work to Protest Immigration Law

Plates Shifting

Tom Morello: "I wouldn't be surprised if we see Blackwater called in soon."

Tom Toles on Wall Street 'response' to Occupy Wall Street protestors

Questions about the 'Alleged' Iranian plot...'Intentional Fraud?'

'We are the 99%' #OccupyWallStreet

An intense moment of TRUTH with MAINSTREAM media

Showdown Postponed;Ryan Hoffman, Michael Tracey - Countdown

Jimmy Fallon - GOP Political Ads - LOL

Cain rises by slamming race

The Greedy and the Needy: Occupying Wall Street

Geithner blows more smoke up our asses

Match The Quotes With The Gentlemen Who Made Them

FDR’s Comprehensive Approach to Freer Trade

A thorough debunking

President Obama could find a cure for cancer and NEOCONS would ....

What's this about the white house killing the Long term care program?

Impact of President Obama's tax reform

FDR Second Bill of Rights Speech Footage

Politifact: Another Obama campaign promise KEPT

UMBRELLA GATE!!1! This is why we have to get rid of Obama! He doesn't like to get wet!

CHART OF THE DAY: These Are The 47 Percent

Eugene Robinson: Raising Cain

White House Dinner: A link to FOUR PAGES of PHOTOS

CBPP: The 2009 Recovery Act — Even Better in Preventing Poverty Than We Thought

Vice President Joe Biden Discusses the American Jobs Act in Flint, Michigan (photos)

Why The Hell Is Obama Fly-n The South Korean President in AF1

LA Times editorial: Republicans promise to create jobs -- someday

Romney reaps $14 million in latest quarter

Michael Moore asked the cop why the eviction at the NYC park didn't happen.

*MUST WATCH* Monsanto

Anyone...why can't it be Cain?

Herman Cain is dangerous... Reagan dangerous...

The Cost Of Bush Tax Cuts For The Richest 5 Percent: $11.6 Million Per Hour

TYT:Bad Free Trade Deals for U.S. (Columbia, S. Korea & Panama))

Obama Sends Military Advisers To Central Africa To Help Fight Lord's Resistance Army

MSNBC Analyst Donny Deutsch Says Occupy Wall Street Needs A 'Kent State' Moment

'Occupy Wall Street' NYPD runs over a protester with motorcycle 14/10/2011 [MIRROR] OurNeedToAwaken

Bernie Sanders calls free trade agreements 'disastrous'

This Anita Perry is a real loose CANNON she blames Obama for her son quiting his job

Kos: Our biggest viral story ever ("Open Letter to that 53% Guy")

Well, folks, we're doomed. Obama has now lost the support of Hulk Hogan.

The Hill: Liberal senators urge State Department to toss out pipeline review

If Obama wagged the dog on Iran, would you support him?

WATCH: Did Ron Paul’s Eyebrows Fall Off During This Week’s GOP Debate? - VIDEO

NYPD Cop SMACKS Protester at Occupy Wall Street Today

Michael Moore:"Cop Told Me Reason OWS Eviction Didn't Happen Is Bloomberg's Afraid Of Youtube!"

I don't care what anyone says: I'm still thrilled that Barack Obama is our President!

TYT: CNN's Burnett Roots For The Banks! (Cenk & Ana Respond)

Racism no longer exists in America.

Rick Perry's wife: "We've been brutalized"

Jonathan Alter: Biden-Clinton Switch Still Possible

Robert Scheer: If GOP were in White House, Dems would flock to Occupy protests

Editorial: What do you call Occupy Wall Street? A start. (StLToday)

4 dead dolphins wash up on Gulf Coast beaches in 5 days; deaths part of 'unusual mortality event'

Today I was looking for updates on Don Siegelman's case, and found this.:

Occupy Wall Street: People Power vs. the Police State

Remembering Matthew

Forget Herman Cain, Rudy Jumps in With '9-1-1' Plan

Report from the occupation - 'One of the most beautiful moments of my generation'

Claim of 'Threats' in Protest an Attempt to Discredit OWS?

TPM: These are the 47 percent (chart of the day)

Emanuel on Occupy: Listen to the anguish (12 Oct transcript from Chicago Trib)

Our Grand Canyon - Non-Negotiable!

Goldman Sachs enters field of Higher Education, then uses dubious promises to gain profit

Beijing on Currency manipulation and the US Congress

War on America

Editorial: Why so impatient with Occupy Wall Street? (Dallas Morning News)

Somalia's children dying in record numbers

Bait-and-Switch Boosterism on Trade Pacts (F.A.I.R.)

Independent economist: Republican jobs plan won't create jobs,but it might destroy them

Saudi Arabia Refrains From Fingering Iran In Alleged Assassination Plot

Afghanistan: Ten Years of Tragedy and Misguided Policy (Ramzy Baroud)

Rabbit-Hole Economics By PAUL KRUGMAN

The Foxification of CNN? 8 Signs the Network Is Trying to Tilt Crazy Right

Lawmaker Seeks Drug Tests For State Officials

Editorial: Emerging message from Occupy Wall Street (Press-Democrat)

Principles and Theses of Direct Democracy

Labor Rights, Under Republican Attack

Sleeping giant of US politics waking up and asking to be heard (Irish Times)

Ben Shurett: Immigration issue can tear communities apart (Sand Mountain Reporter)

From Jim Crow to Juan Crow: Alabama's Civil Rights Legacy

John Maynard Keynes article in The New Yorker.

Is there some reason we're the Contra Costa city no one wants to occupy?

Bullies Are All Around Us, From Churches to Halls of Congress

The grim reality of life under Alabama's brutal immigration law

Friday Talking Points (185) -- I Am A 99 Percenter

POLL: Occupy Wall Street Is Now Twice As Popular As The Tea Party. How many people were unable to

I have two things to say. One to OWS, and one to TPTB:

AIPAC Acquits Koch On Iran