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‘Buffett Rule’ May Be Broken by 25% of Millionaire Taxpayers, Study Finds

Is this an occupation or what?

Manning Marable is a finalist for the National Book Award, non-fiction

Foreclosure Filings Fall 34% as Lenders Extend Paperwork Review

Fremont Orders Teen To Dismantle Haunted House Over Permit Issue

Detroit area clergy denounce push to end teacher union requirement

Herman Cain - Crazy like a fox..................

Herman Cain - Crazy like a fox..................

Music for Occupiers...Donna The Buffalo.

When in doubt

Galleon Sentencing Scorecard: Average Prison Term Almost 3 Years

The numbers are going down now for the support of the OWS @ the FoxNews Poll

There's a DU meme that we are all just keyboard warriors here

March for Jobs and Justice: Oct. 15 in Washington, D.C. - Led by Rev. Al Sharpton & Others

Latest US drone strike kills 3 in Pakistan

Author: Protests sign of times

Rush Limbaugh apparently believe the Iran plot was put out there to distract people.......

F-18s on NATO Libya mission to come home

15-M activists plot to go global this weekend {global occupy}

Joe Scarborough "Herman Cain has as much longevity as Al Quida 3rd in command"

Shame List

Joe Scabwhoreoh giving the wing-nuts a facial over his correct

Arab Spring and tulip wars test Euro border agreement

October 15th, Major Protests scheduled across the nation...

Manchin complaining about gridlock - He is the gridlock

Bachman claims to have spent her whole life in the private sector (as a federal tax lawyer)

Information every protestor needs:

Just look at those dirty hippie mobs.

Wisconsin's poor are entitled to civil justice

I'm thinking about writing one of those 53% signs for crybabies of other stripes

Public tech innovation outpaces private sector by light years.

R..I.P. Dennis Ritchie: Computer scientist, Unix co-creator, C programming language designer

please help me understand the consequences of being arrested

The Guys in the 1% Brought This On

Genome from mass grave shows the Black Death introduced the world to the plague

The All-American Occupation: A Century of Our Streets Vs. Wall Street

Drones, Jobs and Ludd in DC

US lawmaker (Ron) Paul to meet French far-right (National Front) leader (Marine Le Pen)

I do like the fact that the Black Guy is beating out N*****head Perry.

Roubini Etal: The Way Forward.

Bankers don't have a clue

Bankers don't have a clue

South Korea, Colombia, and Panama get the clean end of the stick. More of our fellow Americans . . .

A quick thought on "absolutes" when it comes to the alleged plot against the Saudi ambassador...

Words Worth Repeating

NY 'Occupy' protests evolved from [Canadian] magazine appeal

Major Unions Endorse Wisconsin Recall Drive as a 99 Percent Solution

Florida secretary of state argues 1965 Voting Rights Act is unconstitutional

To the citizens of the United States of America from Her Sovereign Majesty Queen Elizabeth II:

To the citizens of the United States of America from Her Sovereign Majesty Queen Elizabeth II:

OccupyAustin say 8 (one week in!): 4 arrests made last night

Danziger toon- The Plan?

When Being Rich Makes Us Poor, People Should Occupy Wall Street

Report: Pentagon doesn't know where the money is going

Kucinich Report: The FACTS on the Trade Agreements

Can you hear me now?

What is cloudfare?

Women urge others to go public about abortions

Old guard back in the trenches at 'Occupy' protests

Florida State Representative, Proposes Execution By Electric Chair, Firing Squad

"Free" Trade Agreements Are Part of the U.S.' Hegemony Strategy

What would FDR think?

Have a question on HCR

Winner of the Republican Debate: Twitter

The Onion: Joe The Plumber Running for Congress!

'Indignant' Protests to Sweep Across World

'Indignant' Protests to Sweep Across World

stuff we'd be wise to know about pipe valves

Iowa announces 2016 Primary will be held Nov 7th, 2012.

U.S. support for death penalty hits 29-year low

Women on the Pill pick boring lovers, good partners, study claims

2000 Poll: Nineteen percent of Americans said they were in the top 1 percent of wage earners

Still better than Bush. Whew!

Europe (which provides over half of all aid) to focus on democracy and human rights in aid projects

Boston: AFL-CIO President expected to speak at “Occupy Boston” demonstration

Boston: AFL-CIO President expected to speak at “Occupy Boston” demonstration

Boston: AFL-CIO President expected to speak at “Occupy Boston” demonstration

Nerds, Dorks, Dweebs and Geeks explained by Venn Diagram.

Any DUers from Long Island, NY going here on Sat. 10/15? ===>

I can't understand Herman Cain

I can't understand Herman Cain

Herman Cain Has Become The Perfect Racist

I really wish Eric Can'tor, Mitch and the orange boner would come to WV for Bridge Day

Barack Obama is likely to raise several hundred million, if not close to a billion, dollars

The Rude Pundit: Really? We're Doing Herman Cain Now? Okay, Fine...

Clinton Opposes GOP UN Bill, Says She Would Recommend Obama Veto Measure

Tastes Great Less Filling

Career advice?

Playing the "liberal media" card: Perry says 'media elites' to blame for painting him as racist

Foreclosure mess gets messier

Steve Jobs: IBT lists 20 top quotes. Applications to #Occupy movement seem obvious.

I'm Getting Arrested for Android.

CHART: Americans SUPPORT Occupy Wall Street, OPPOSE Tea Party

CHART: Americans SUPPORT Occupy Wall Street, OPPOSE Tea Party

There will be war...except DOD already said

Occupy Tokyo

Occupy Portland: Cops arrest 8 Occupy Portland protesters and reopen Main St.

Georgia Challenges Voting Rights Act (Again)

"Occupy Wall Street" Twice as Popular as "Tea Party"

Does Steve Jobs Get a Pass on Child Labor Now That He’s Dead?

Radiation hotspots, strontium found in Tokyo area

Old guard back in the trenches at 'Occupy' protests

Occupy Poor Street

The War Room.

Van Clarifies Something About #OWS: 'We Are Not Here To Get Anything—We’re Here To Give Everything'

Cain's Tax Plan: We're Spelling It Wrong

Stephen King Gives Max Donation to Maine Democrats

Rick Perry: 20 gallons of stupid in a 10 gallon hat. nt

Rick Perry: 20 gallons of stupid in a 10 gallon hat. nt

Highly Suspicious: OWS park in NYC must be "temporarily cleared" for clean-up

Mitt Romney embracing Ted Kennedy as his "collaborator"and fellow "parent" of Romeycare

(Colorado) Lawmaker McKinley joins Occupy Denver protesters

Peter King gives us reason to persevere. A Visual

Senator Scott Brown - R Mass... web message lifted from another senator

Iran: Obama administration is in diplomatic overdrive

Seal Beach shooting: Customers recall rhythms of salon life

The fast and furious plot to occupy Iran

Please help block HB 358 that would eliminate emergency abortion care to women!

Tea Party, Rand Paul needs lesson on Globalization and Trade

Another Poll confirms Herman Cain is the front runner for GOP nomination

Map: Protesters' Long-Term Plans for Occupying Zuccotti Park

"Be The Change"

The "unwashed masses", or the Wingnuts obsession with cleanliness.

Matt Taibbi: Hit bankers where it hurts

Matt Taibbi: Hit bankers where it hurts

Lenovo passes Dell in 'disappointing' PC market

In Canada 14% (42 of 307) of members of Parliament are immigrants. Does the US have any

Right Wing fighing back against OWS and 99 percenters with more lies

Breaking: Fox News on Gov. Perry!

Clinton on Letterman said that the reason the US has not gone

You're No Truman - That Populist Bulldog Didn't Just Growl

Notorious SIEGELMAN Prosecutor Has Lined Up a New Job Connected to MASSIVE Amounts of Cash

Women urge others to go public about abortions

Homeland Security TSA Agent Exposed As Anti-Muslim Bigot

President Obama to Fox's Ed Henry: 'I didn't know you were the spokesperson for Mitt Romney'

NY Bankers’ Salaries vs. Everyone Else’s

NY Bankers’ Salaries vs. Everyone Else’s

Toon: Fledgeling

Scott Brown lifted childhood memories from Elizabeth Dole

The Shock Doctrine as defined by Naomi Klein is happening right now.

Solyndra CEO Brian Harrison steps down

Senior Who Allegedly Faked Being Doctor to Give Breast Exams May Agree to Plea Deal

Did Philip Zelikow collaborate to create the Iranian Terror Plot?

(((PICS))) Occupy Wall Street: Cleaning Up/Not Going Away!

Former Goldman Sachs board member sentenced to 11 years in prison

House takes up measure to restrict abortions

The pro-forced childbirth zealots

I am not buying this "Iranian Terror Plot" one bit

First Thoughts: Why Cain? (MSNBC)

Senate Republicans Plan To Unveil A 'Real' American Jobs Bill

Occupy Wall Street to resist city-ordered cleaning of main encampment

Kentucky GOP Official: ‘I Feel Like GOING TALIBAN’ On Wall Street Protesters

Personal tinfoil: Iranian plot and Operation Fast and Furious

Women urge others to go public about abortions

Mayor Megabucks

1%er gets his due

FL Governor's daughter has degree in anthropology....sigh

‘Occupy Wall St.’ to resist mayor’s order to vacate park on Friday

‘Occupy Wall St.’ to resist mayor’s order to vacate park on Friday

OWS Denver can no longer camp near the state capitol, says Gov. Hickenlooper...

Occupy Big Coal: Kentuckians to Protest (a seriously) Corrupt Member of Congress on Friday

OWS doesn't separate...

Cain's 9-9-9 tax plan is simple: you'll simply pay more

If the Neo-Cons want war with Iran...

The GMO Emperor Has No Clothes.

‘Hats Off’ Or Get Out: Valley Stores, LAPD To Ban Headgear In Anti-Crime Effort

Wisconsin Republicans try to rewrite recall rules.

My advice to the 99ers in CA: light up bud openly

Occupy Wall Street coming to my town, Winnipeg, Canada!

Anyone Else Hear That THE Tea-Bagger Movement Is Raising Money

I just gave away one of my extra DU stickers to the young man who came out to fix my

Think Progress CHART: Americans Support Occupy Wall Street, Oppose Tea Party

Nervous American Voters Worried About Botching Another Election

Nervous American Voters Worried About Botching Another Election

Creating Twitter accounts in others' names is a GOP game?

What would happen if OW moved its encampment a couple

Herman Cain leads the Florida Republican presidential primary with 34%.

White House refusing to back Senate-passed China currency manipulation bill

Open Letter to that 53% Guy

Dispensary ads next targets in federal war on medical marijuana..

"Even As Protesters Fed Up With Corp. Power Are Occupying Wall Street, Congress Rushes To Oblige It"

“if I can eat 39%, then the wealthy can eat 39%.”

Cain's "999" Tax Plan explained. And it's worse than you can imagine.

GM Blunders onto Campus (Only losers ride a bike).

If a Republican Were President

Jobs painted as romantic teen in 'Rolling Stone'

So Shall Us = Socialism

A good thing, please enjoy, video at link (no it's not kittehs)

Gay Marriage, Straight Marriage—What's The Diff?

Caption writer goes ROGUE. Hurry and click before it's gone!

OK folks, here's something we all can do from the comfort of our own homes::::>

Texas grant recipients gave to Governor Perry

Kevin Gosztola: Democrats Stand Ready to Absorb & Contain Growing “Occupy” Movement

Google Tax Probe to Focus on Offshore Units

Applications for unemployment aid barely changed

MoveOn Petition: "Mayor Bloomberg: Respect Protesters' 1st Amendment Rights. Don't Try To Evict OWS"

OWS Clean Up Pics (taken moments ago)

Anita Perry: We've been 'brutalized' by our own party

What is the right afraid of?

"Obama Predicts Other Middle Eastern Countries Will Punish Iran"

Scientists’ Analysis Disputes F.B.I. Closing of Anthrax Case

Police: Parents storm field during children’s game

Not only are people losing their homes, now they may be losing Rental Assistance!

Norway police won’t request continued isolation for confessed mass killer

LOL, had to share this picture of Rick Perry. I just can't stop laughing...

Prediction: Obama will end up bombing Iran...

Good Thing Korean Trade Bill Passed! Busy Day at WH & Congress winding up with State Dinner

EMERGENCY CALL TO ACTION: Prevent the Forcible Closure of #OccupyWallStreet’s Liberty Park!

Proposal for a new emoticon

these people are relentless zealots. rust never sleeps.

Senate Republicans unveil competing jobs plan

Salman Rushdie on OWS Shut-Down Attempt: "I Condemn Both Mayor & Cops. A Crime Against Liberty"

If Fox News had existed throughout history...

EMERGENCY CALL TO ACTION: Prevent the forcible closure of Occupy Wall Street

The rich are not job creators by virtue of being rich

an image floating around Facebook

US expelled 397,000 undocumented migrants in year

Salmon Rushdie's message for Bloomberg via twitter...

The image I will use EVERY time someone tells me "dupe" and posts a link. EVERY FUCKIN' TIME, baby.

Scott Brown (R-MA) Plagiarizes Dole Speech

MMA: Right-Wing Media Hype False Story About Obama's "Apology" For Hiroshima

Occupy Where-I-Am

OWS protesters just shut down a foreclosure auction in Brooklyn.


U.S. Chamber Hails Passage of Free Trade Agreements

Yahoo! Joins Apple, Other Tech Companies, Abandons U.S. Chamber

Does anyone recall the DUer that created the famous and hilarious meme?

OWs are now 1,476 cities

The Basics on the Latest Murdoch Scandal

Bloomberg Attempting To Evict #OccupyWallStreet

Many on Medical Guideline Panels Have Conflicts of Interest: Study

The Daily Mail posts pictures meant to demean OWS - take a look

NY Daily news 53 photos of OWS

Romney trade plan aims to hit China, open markets

Poll: ‘Occupy Wall St.’ much more popular than Obama, tea party

Poll: ‘Occupy Wall St.’ much more popular than Obama, tea party

Today, I FINALLY understand why some DUers won't click on Huffington Post links

I Want This Button

SD GOP Twitter Accounts Suspended Following Creation of Fake Accounts for Dem Party Members

Sf Elections: I've made my final decisions.

Tonight on Countdown: Tom Morello, John Nichols, Robert Kuttner, Matt Taibbi

The Personal is Political: Gov. Rick Scott’s daughter was an anthropology major

DSK skates on another charge of rape

"Restore the American Dream, Get Money Out of Washington!"

Herm Cain's Ice Cream Meltdown

"Anonymous" Calls On Occupy Wall Street To Form A New Political Party

Obama's New Marijuana Policies Also Target Alt-Weeklies and the Bill of Rights

Help out the Democrats... Should they come out in support of the OWS??

Radioactive sediment found 155 miles from Japan nuclear crisis zone - Not old bottles

Harry Belafonte is on Al Sharpton

Can we help distribute this BofA Divestment Pledge?

Please explain something to my economically ignorant ass

Pentagon's accounting shambles may cost an additional $1 billion

Occupy Tucson update (X-posted in the Arizona forum)

Occupy Wall St getting a little uncomfortable

Petition to be delivered to Bloomberg tonight:

Petition to be delivered to Bloomberg tonight:

Only the US Government is wasteful enough to pay $6,400 for a toilet, right?

Wasn't medicinal marijuana grown at the University of Kentucky during the 1970's?

Possible double arson at Sacramento State University

The longer I am un-employed, the more... interesting the jobs I apply for

The spontaneous failure of Germany’s November 1918 revolution

Occupy Wall Street raises over $150,000

Did anyone see Morning Joe Scumbag this morning? Question:

An Ancient Art Studio Found in Cave In Africa

Thats odd. Rubio doesn't want to talk about immigration despite the fact his parents came from Cuba

Toon: Myth vs. Reality for Perry

Toon: Myth vs. Reality for Perry

Glenn Beck and the cartoonists have it right...

Rene of the Cuban Five is out of prison.

Said on the TeeVee

WOW! Occupy Wall Street Raises $225K !

Al Gore at Wayne State (Detroit, Oct. 13): Climate change to blame for storms, droughts, wildfires

Just look at those dirty hippie mobs.

Just look at those dirty hippie mobs.

The Crackling Sound of Small Arms Fire

Update on protesters arrested outside Sen Ron Johnson's (R-Idiot) offices

LIVE WATCH C-SPAN...GUEST ARRIVING: State Dinner for Korean President and Wife at White House!

Occupy Cincinnati protesters think arrests imminent

BBC: Occupy Wall Street: Grievances without violence

Banking Has Become an Oligopoly Instead of a Competitive Business -- And That's Really Bad News for

What Does 'I Am The 99%' Mean?

Occupied -- What Now?

Dad accused of ramming child crossing guards in fit of road rage

Rick Scott proves again that he's just ignorant...

How would you have voted on the 3 free trade bills passed by Congress...

NAFTA 2.0: Congress passes an outsourcing deal that will cost the US 159,000 jobs

Huge Crowd at OWS Live at new link - Ready to clean Liberty Park now!

I predict the Occupy protests will culminate with....

"I'm too poor to vote Republican"

"I'm too poor to vote Republican"

Who would you have supported for the Dem nomination in 1968?

Did Herman Cain's 999 Tax Plan Come From Video Game?

Cain's 9-9-9 tax plan is simple: Most will simply pay more

If you are upset with apple for labor conditions here are the other cos using Foxconn.

CHARTS: Here's What The Wall Street Protesters Are So Angry About...

Reuters' Occupy Wall Street Story Draws Fire For George Soros Connection

Eating healthy is expensive. Buying fruit requires a bank loan and you know they are not lending.

Mike Daisey goes after Apple, the late Steve Jobs

Keith Olbermann calls Florida Republican lawmaker an ‘a$$hole’

Jane Fonda Cost Us the War In Vietnam

Complain to Bloomberg and Brookfield Properties at the following numbers

Complain to Bloomberg and Brookfield Properties at the following numbers

Restore WIS GAB independence, The good government measure. Proposal by Peter Barca and Gary Hebl

Texting in restaurants is “pretty dismal” - phones are the new dining companions

Joe the Dumb Plumber On Last Word With Lawrence NOW

Ever hear of chop chop square?

rachel maddow:"GOP solving problems that don't exist." they exist because RW radio says so.

I think that we should root for Herman Cain to win the Republican nomination.

Fuck you teabaggers and Wall Street. Operation #wallstcleanup

Oh goody, Joe the plumber is going to be a candidate for congress

What local races are you watching this year?

Question about vaccine adjuvants.

DARIGOLD IS STILL NOT LISTENING! (30 seconds of your time will help these workers petition)

So if you take a lesson from a Bugs Life you can see why they are afraid of OCWS and want to squash

Hank Jr is our Liza

Am in the process of uploading a video of DU's participation at OWS last Saturday to Youtube

LOL, Rush using the SAME SCRIPT with Romney today as he did with McCain in '08

Rep. Nadler Concerned About Evictions, Citing NYC’s ‘Long Tradition Of Respecting Public Protest’

Bloomberg's Notice to the Protestors

IRS Auditing How Google Shifted Profits Offshore to Avoid Taxes

It appears there is a unified effort to remove Occupy people across the country.

Paul Krugman: Rabbit-Hole Economics

Paul Krugman: Rabbit-Hole Economics

GAP closing lots of stores here but opening new ones in ....China.

Full Text Of Official OWS-NY Response To Eviction: "Physical Presence In 2/3 Of Park At All Time"

Will we ever have a "single payer" public insurance system here?

Will we ever have a "single payer" public insurance system here?

SDPD Orders Removal Of 'Occupy SD' Tents Downtown

Just saw the speech given by Rick Perry's wife.

City: Occupy Wall Street Protesters Must Agree to Cleaning Or Get Out [Updated]

Occupy Wall Street + Tea Party = Game Over

What next?

What will OWS be like on HALLOWEEN?


Radiation in Tokyo was old radium bottles (link)

Big Ed is borrowing a page from Stephen Colbert tonight.

The Best Reason To #OccupyEverywhere

OMG! Republicans Unveil "Jobs plan"

Obama's 2012 Campaign Slogan

Golden Country

Imagine, if you will . . .

So how many days before 999 is completely torn apart?

1-year-old thinks a magazine is a broken iPad

dismantling the "I am the 53%" nonsense arguments

Dennis Ritchie, Programming Trailblazer, Dies at 70

Are the feds going after medical marijuana in any state other then CA?

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!!

Bhutan king marries commoner

When you read or write "the powers that be," whom do you think of?

Ice Road Iconoclast: "Find Your Spot. Occupy it."

Closing the Gap: Retailer to shut a third of its stores

BofA Plans to Cut 324 New York Jobs Including Investment Bankers, Traders

This creates

Wal-Mart heiress arrested on suspicion of drunken driving

Center for Constitutional Rights says SHOW UP AT MIDNIGHT

Obama is expected to out-raise the entire Republican field combined for the quarter again

C and Unix pioneer Dennis Ritchie reported dead

Idea that can't be waylayed by park rules. What do you think?

#OWS about to get Played

#OWS about to get Played

Erin Burnett's Ratings Have Dropped 30%

Bill Clinton Is Aging Well

OWS by Pat Oliphant (Thursday's toon)

Reuters Runs Lame Occupy Wall Street/Soros Speculative Hit Piece

police raid marijuana club in phoenix, az.

DU this petition for OWS

"How strong is the case against Iran plot suspect?" -- Jeffrey Toobin

Nein! Nein! Nein!

Pomona marijuana dispensary raided by DEA, police

Lawyers Accuse Brookfield Of 1st Amendment Violation, Bloomberg Won't Budge

Econ. 101: Alan Grayson Schools P.J. O'Rourke on OWS (*Video*) - 101 seconds

Some analysts skeptical of alleged Iranian plot

MoveOn's Daniel Mintz - Tell the mayor to clean up Wall Street and let

She's so booootiiiifuuullll!!!

Left is letting right wing radio minimize OWS protests.

I showed you mine, now show me yours.

Mother Jones Tweet On Occupy NYC: "Learned that unions are bringing in big show of support @ 4 a.m."

My fingers are crossed...My son in law MIGHT have a job after 3 years hunting

Final Statement to the Court in Utah by Walter Bond (animal rights terrorist!)

Teachers Told to Dumpster Dive to Build Class Library

‘River Kwai’ is the latest Omaha Film Event tribute (Omaha Steve to be in tux again)

Thanks to DUers helping promote the LEFT

Voices of Wisdom: RFK

Dear fellow Americans, as a Texan I feel it is my duty to explain

Italy's Berlusconi fights for political life (Government may fall this Friday)

Italy's Berlusconi fights for political life (Government may fall this Friday)

Is Nicolas Cage a Vampire from the Civil War Era?

My take: Bloomberg/corporatocracy need OWS shut down BEFORE Lech Walesa shows up in solidarity.

Cain Plays The ‘I Am Blacker Card’

Occupy Raleigh is planning for jail support this weekend.

A friend posted this on Facebook

So, the salon I've known and loved for decades was shot up yesterday...

So, the salon I've known and loved for decades was shot up yesterday...

The differences between hetero- and homo- sexual marriage...

GOPer WIVES....... How do they Cope? Let us count the ways please move on...

TROUBLE: Protesters Won't Be Able to Bring Sleeping Bags Back Into Park After Cleanup

Sac PD: Man, 21, Arrested For Viral Video Attack

The Duplicitous Mr. Bloomberg

I heard that Palin got pissy with Fox Snooze and Fox (or Murdock) smacked her down. But I can't find

Not Sure If This Is The Place But THIS IS AN ANNOUNCEMENT!!

In all of this mess, there is a forgotten problem. And no one is talking about it: Homelessness.

That BlackBerry outage was far more extensive than we feared.......

This is why conservatives side with the 1%

This is why conservatives side with the 1%

Justice JP Stevens (Ret.) explains it all: Bush's presidency was first step toward fascism

Justice JP Stevens (Ret.) explains it all: Bush's presidency was first step toward fascism

Radiation hotspot in Tokyo linked to mystery bottles

Occupy Wall Street NYC: Massive General Assembly Going On At Liberty Plaza - "All Day, All Week..."

Dear God, this post on we are the 99% hurt like a kick to the gut

In honor of Lech Walesa's visit to OWS...

Hey 53% ers

Freakers Rush to the Defense of the CA Killer...(I kid you not)

This is more of a threat to the establishment and the status quo than were the 1960's...

Reuters SCOOP: **NEWS-BREAKING SPECULATION** about Soros, San Francisco, Canada, Arabs, and OWS!!

Alright! God's on the side of OWS!

Remember, Remember, The Fifth of November

State Department in diplomatic full court press against Iran (FPCable)

Breaking: DEA Raiding Medical Marijuana Grow In Mendocino

Since many states get their textbooks from Texas and Texans are rewriting history, will

Since many states get their textbooks from Texas and Texans are rewriting history, will

Bachmann calls for massive tax increase. "Reagan Code"...not realizing what she was asking for:

Bachmann calls for massive tax increase. "Reagan Code"...not realizing what she was asking for:

Occupy Orlando begins Saturday at 8 a.m. at the Chamber of Commerce: 1,270 RSVPs on FB

Finally! A word that rhymes with "orange"

Princess Bride cast reunion portrait (dialup warning)

If it is legal for the US to assassinate people in foreign lands

If it is legal for the US to assassinate people in foreign lands

People are saying that John Galt is a...

A Black guy and a Mormon.

MORE OWS PHOTOS - New York Times: A News Story Is Growing With ‘Occupy’ Protests

Fox News' Lies Keep Them Out of Canada

Have spent some time thinking about OWS and the coming winter. I suggest we purchase thermal

Have spent some time thinking about OWS and the coming winter. I suggest we purchase thermal

Hoping It's Not True, BUT... If Obama Is Going To Become The New (Neo) Con...

Our future is dependent on our kids at OCW

Teaparty dumbasses in powerchairs for an hour on the weekend more sincere than OWS 24/7 protesters?

Your Daughter's Life Is Now in the Hands of the GOP

Solidarity thread for occupiers facing eviction tonight and tomorrow....

The Old Mitt Romney Photo That He Probably Wants Destroyed

Does the GOP think women don't vote??

What is the Greatest Political Advantage of Obama's Medical Marijuana Assault?

The Most Powerful #OccupyWallStreet Clip You Will See This Month

Edwards Blames Obama for Indictment

Occupier: What Happened to Me in the Police Raid and Arrest of 141 Peaceful Protestors

Bar fight: free lawyer. Foreclosure? Bankruptcy? You're on your own.

Is an "Occupy White House" movement offshoot from OWS inevitable?

NJ: School officials investigate teacher who allegedly made anti-gay remarks on Facebook

An anecdote pointing up how our health care system wastes shitloads of money

It hasn't gotten one damned bit less absurd: "For Your Security . . . . "

Girl Football Player Sits Out After Opposing Team Threatens Forfeit

Wall Street - the story so far, Cliffs Notes

Awesome! Americans have greater food insecurity than the Chinese!

Barbara Ehrenreich: The Guys in the 1% Brought This On

FL GOP rep tired of 'sensitivity' in executions calls for return of electric chair or firing squads

FL GOP rep tired of 'sensitivity' in executions calls for return of electric chair or firing squads

I just wanted to send out a big THANK YOU to all the police in all the states

Why Tax the Rich When You Can Tax the Poor?

AFL-CIO's Trumka: "Bloomberg Runs Risk Of Standing On Wrong Side Of History"

Security limits access to top of Mount Rushmore

Security limits access to top of Mount Rushmore

TPM: Many Dems Defect As Obama Passes Trade Deals With GOP Help

Letter to Zuccotti Park Owner from #OccupyWallStreet Legal Working Group

Interested in the occupy movement, no close action ... an option

Admit it: congratulations owed to Obama and Congress this AM

Republicans would be happy if you die.

Draft Gore to lead the occupation!

OK, let's try this again because it IS important.......

dupe sorry


Friends of the Earth: Obama broke his campaign promises in backing George Bush "free trade" deals

Fla. lawmaker wants to bring back firing squads


OK, I'm geeking out! Avengers 2012 Trailer has arrived!

Found It! The Source for Herm Cain's Tax Plan

Amerigo and MFM have their Halloween outfits planned for this year

Regarding Contracts

Remember Jill Kinmont Boothe, the former ski champion who was paralyzed in a skiing accident?

Reading a word at the same moment you hear it on tv or radio: is there a name for that?

FarmVille For Dummies

Nice post, Mittler..

Dammit, I am NOT clicking on the thread that never dies!

Happy Birthday, Paul Simon on your 70th! The Lounge did not forget you

"Wynton at 50"...Live From Lincoln Center...PBS 8:00 p.m....n/t

Boy, that BlackBerry problem was more widespread than I thought......

PHOTO: TRUE love knows NO obstacles.

Question about the dreaded used car buying process.

Random Task suspect in killing of cell mate.

The image I will use EVERY time someone tells me "dupe" and posts a link. EVERY FUCKIN' TIME, baby.

Why am I just now finding out that they made The Rum Diary into a movie?

Question: I Googled What does "With Penalty" mean In Regards to TV Pilots

Is it time to change my icon / avatar?

Do you sit on top of the closed toilet?

Nice post, Twitler

PHOTO: There is NO WAY you can argue with these pillows! NO WAY! NO! WAY! N-O! W-A-Y! NO WAY!

Nice post, Mittler...

I'm higher than a kite after buying a game at a yard sale. it's called...

I'm going to relax and get a little toasted tonight. Anybody want to join me for a drink or two?

Anyone here ever see that 1984 documentary "Streetwise"?

Fill in the blanks: Is there anyway we can stop ______ from making _____?

Nice post, Kitler

That's a hell of a place


A refresher of Godwin's Law for all of you out there...

Would this be an appropriate collectible figurine for a 4 year old?

A night to remember: sex toy gone wrong

Who's a better actor, Brad Pitt, or Leonardo DiCaprio?

Bear hammock

Anybody want to chat? I'm bored.

Just returned from the Shrimp Festival. Ask me anything.

Ever been offered a job, and you declined it because you knew it wasn't for you?

Nice post, Mr Hilter


Flame bait poll. Go ahead, fight it out.

Nice post, Hitler

Lindsay Lohan - WTF????

Ok, I have a question; "To What Extent is My Pride a Sin?"

Fuck it

I wish we had President Gore

Post insane wikipedia pages here

If you could go to any ONE event, which would it be?

Didja guys see Clinton on Letterman?


This requires your immediate attention!

I'm surprised at myself. I intentionally was an a-hole. And I liked it.

Care for an Interrobang?

Anybody seen the crazy train / honda commercial?

Tea Party favorite Perry flubs date of U.S. revolution

Feds to Target Newspapers, Radio Stations That Run Marijuana Ads

China trade surplus narrows in face of global woes

(Ben Nelson) Ads by Democratic Senator May Open Door to New Tactics

California convicts brawl in Oklahoma prison (run by Corrections Corp. of America bc overcrowding)

Some analysts skeptical of alleged Iranian plot

Pomona marijuana dispensary raided by DEA, police

NH secretary of state: Early December 'realistic' for primary

Clinton Opposes GOP UN Bill, Says She Would Recommend Obama Veto Measure

HHS announces record number of National Health Service Corps members

Error 3200 complaints swamp Apple after users download iOS 5

ACCC to appeal Google court decision

Wisconsin Republican Proposes Changing State's Electoral College Law

Unemployment Insurance Weekly Claims Report (10/13/2011)

"Sex toy" is the phrase for today. Modify a thread title to include "sex toy".

US missile attack kills Haqqani member in Pakistan

Free speech: UCSB reimburses College Republicans (over a David Horowitz speech)

Ex-Hedge Fund Boss Sentenced To 11 Years In Prison

EMERGENCY CALL TO ACTION: Prevent the forcible closure of Occupy Wall Street

Explosion hits restaurant in Brazil; officials say at least 3 killed

Ex-warlord becomes kingmaker in Liberia

NBA, Players Heading to Federal Mediation

Mexicans unite over arrest of alleged leader in Los Zetas cartel

As Occupy Wall Street protests continue, a San Jose grassroots group takes different route

Your idea of hell: being in locked room & forced to listen to _____singing_____ endlessly.

In African Cave, Signs of an Ancient Paint Factory

Solyndra CEO Resigns

Kaine Raises $1.3 Million in Third Quarter

EU parliament votes for Bulgaria and Romania to be admitted to Schengen

BP gets go-ahead for £4.5bn North Sea oil field

Obama raises more than $70 million

Two aid workers kidnapped from Kenyan refugee camp

U.S. puts Iraq withdrawal plans under wraps to discourage attacks

Libya war reaches endgame with 100 loyalists left fighting

Dems blast "savage" House abortion bill

Group fighting LGBT teachings fails petition drive (California SB 48)

Supreme Court has trouble balancing strip-searches with privacy rights

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday, October 13, 2011

(WIS) Senate Democrats, Republicans to be targeted in round 2 of recalls

Powerful quake rattles Indonesian resort island of Bali

New FOIA Documents Reveal DHS Social Media Monitoring During Obama Inauguration

Dominique Strauss-Kahn attempted rape inquiry dropped

Millard (Ne) SEAL laid to rest

Fitch may downgrade BofA, Morgan Stanley, Goldman

Gunman shows up at home of Air Canada executive

Obama Says Facts Support Accusation of Iranian Plot

Showdown looms between Wall St protesters and cops

Bid to overturn pesticide permits stalls in U.S. Senate

Kelly: Protesters Won't Be Able to Bring Sleeping Bags Back Into Park After Cleanup

Gap to shutter a third of US stores, expand globally

Hickenlooper says tent city at Occupy Denver can't continue. Protesters say they won't leave

Icelandic ash cloud part two? Scientists monitor rumblings of larger volcano

San Diego Occupiers Must Pack Up: Police

Spain set to miss deficit reduction target

(WIS) Republicans try to rewrite recall rules

Report: Pentagon doesn't know where the money is going

One in six mobile phones contain E coli

Wall Street Journal circulation figures to be investigated

After 96-year-old Chattanooga woman denied voting ID, state reviewing photo ID process

Stern Doubts Christmas Games If No Deal Tuesday (NBA Lockout)

Chicago Protesters Stage "Die-In" at Bank of America

House Passes Abortion Bill

Oil price falls nearly 2 pct on China slowdown

Lech (Solidarity)Walesa, former Polish president, to visit New York in support of Occupy Wall Street

We fabricated drug charges against innocent people to meet arrest quotas, former detective testifies

Obama promises 'toughest sanctions' on Iran over alleged bomb plot

Iran Broadens Counter-Rhetoric on Alleged Plot, Calling It a Joke

Florida Gov. Rick Scott: 'I could argue that I don't have to create any jobs'

FDA Allowed Unsafe Seafood Onto Market After BP Oil Spill Disaster

Granholm to host Current TV show

Panetta: Cutting Too Deep Would Devastate Military

Walmart heiress arrested Spends birthday in jail (Sam's daughter)

TN GOPer Guns-in-Bars Sponsor Caught Driving Drunk with Loaded Gun,

Message to Wall Street - Official

Obama visited Walter Reed Med Ctr to visit wounded service members & present 4 purple hearts - VIDEO

Surfacing Video That Can NOT Help Romney

Mike Myers visits Occupy Wall Street

Statement by the President on Senate vote - American Jobs Act

Hey Republicans: What If Jesus Comes Back Like That?

Inside Australia's Chilling New Cult

TN GOPer Guns-in-Bars Sponsor Caught Driving Drunk with Loaded Gun

Mike Luckovich on 'democracy'

DeFazio on the South Korean Free Trade Agreement

Arnie Gundersen: Has the NRC Learned ANYTHING from Fukushima?

Young Turks: Ridiculous AP Spin on Obama Jobs Bill

Papantonio: Is Rupert Murdoch Spying On You?

Sam Seder: Corporate Tax Dodgers Are Destroying The Economy

Olbermann Calls Politician an ASSHOLE

Mayor Mike Bloomberg, Wall Street Bankster, Meets the 99% at #OWS

Occupy Wall Street: John Wellington Ennis on RT Intl

Collaborator and Friend

E.J. Dionne, Jr.: The Rise of the Reverse Houdinis

Voices from the American Autumn

Negin Farsad on the Muslims Are Coming Comedy Tour

Political Wire: Cain Leads Romney in Florida (Rick Perry at 5%)

Robertson On Occupy Wall Street

Mitt Romney can Kiss Michigan Goodbye

Tom Morello performs Worldwide Rebel Song @ Liberty Park

Ry Cooder No Banker Left Behind

POLL: Obama 48, Bush 37. 42% trust Democrats to deal with national problems vs. 31% for GOP.

Class War Action Toys.

President raises $70 million in second quarter--average contribution $56

Tom Morello "This Land is Your Land"

Failed Terror Plot Too Strange To Be True?

A Taxing Situation: Why The GOP Is Advocating A Tax Increase On The Middle Class

Judge Napolitano Tells It Like It Is!

Young Turks: Occupy Wall Street Shutdown By Mayor Bloomberg?

Little known video of James O'Keefe from 2007 video shows him lobbying to ban Lucky Charms

Barney Frank Slams Gingrich's DEBATE Comments

Rate Review: Cutting Costs for Consumers and Small Businesses – Chapter One

Occupy Dayton, Ohio, Day Six at Courthouse Square

Tom Morello (The Nightwatchman) - This Land Is Your Land @OccupyLA

Olbermann: Occupy Wall Street Day 27 - Cleaning Confrontation

POLL: OWS 54% favorable, 23% unfavorable. Tea Party 27% favorable 33% unfavorable.

CSMonitor: 9-9-9 tax plan: Does it make Herman Cain a Robin Hood for the rich?

In WSJ op-ed, CEO blames Obama for his run-in with a panhandler

Senate Republicans basically admit they don't have a jobs plan, offer up gimmicks

Do You Approve The Pending Trade Agreement With South Korea?

"I didn't know you were the spokesman for Romney"

With 20 days left to work in 2011, R's passing yet another anti-choice bill. No jobs bill!

Herman Cain Mentions Paul Ryan, Jim DeMint As Possible Vice President, Cabinet Picks (AUDIO)

Occupy Seattle demonstrators protest Romney event

Pass the Jobs Bill: Reclaim the American Dream (AFSCME)

Democratic Underground Rally in Support of Occupy Wall Street 10/8/2011

9-9-9- Is A Great Idea

DeFazio on the job killing free trade agreements

Greatest Mitt Romney photo EVER!

U.S. Chamber of Commerce hails the bipartisan approval of the new trade agreements

Anonymous: I AM NOT MOVING - Short Film - Occupy Wall Street.

Obama and DNC raised more than $70 million in 3rd quarter. 982,967 donors so far this year

House Votes to Delay EPA Pollution Regulations for Boilers

Phone Story : An iPhone educational game. Now banned from the AppStore

John Mccain Ready To Overturn Debt Deal ‘Trigger’ (Over Military Cuts)

President Obama: ‘I will not take no for an answer’

It's too early to pay attention to ANY poll.

OCCUPY The Voting Booth

Nicole Wallace is such a twit and tool.

Poor Anita Perry!! :(

Anyone who doubts that hateful racism is alive and well in the USA...

Michele Bacchman proposes a massive tax increase on the wealthiest of Americans.

UAW Applauds Passage of U.S.-South Korea Free Trade Agreement

Bill Clinton on Letterman was wrong about one thing tonite.

NY1 will air roundtable with me and other Harlem4Obama members Friday at 7pm

Obama to attend Carrier Classic on Carl Vinson

Is Herman Cain Clarence Thomas With A Business Pedigree?

Kentucky GOP Official: ‘I Feel Like Going Taliban’ On Wall Street Protesters

Sherrod Brown's China currency manipulation bill stymied by Obama and John Boehner

Wall Street Sees ‘No Exit’ From Financial Woes as Bankers Fret

The Guardian: How Barack Obama went from cool to cold

Thinking about sitting out the next Presidential election?

I'm A Mormon Nationwide Ad Blitz

Peter DeFazio for President

DU the Obama fundraising ticker -it's going to be a million soon.

Extraordinary 2 minute Barney Frank Smackdown of Newt Gingrich

Michelle Obama...

Don't Believe The Spin: The Left Is Still Behind Obama

Q3 Fundraising FACTS: Out of 766,000 donations, 98% were less than $250 w/no PAC money accepted

"Would you like the Democratic Party to nominate Barack Obama again in 2012"

9-9-9 is a very bad idea...

Thanks To The Obama Administration, Hedge Fund Billionaire Sentenced To 11 Yrs. + $10 Million Fine

Intel chair: "Chain" of Iran plots possible

Elizabeth Warren's Story

At the Border, on the Night Watch

Unlikely Turn for a Suspect in a Terror Plot (Iranian who tried to kill Saudi ambassador to US)

Mercury News editorial: Occupy Wall Street finally provides an accurate diagnosis of country's prob-

(Ben Nelson) Ads by Democratic Senator May Open Door to New Tactics

Iran and US edge toward confrontation

What Occupy Wall Street can do for Barack Obama-Amy Goodman

Willful deafness when it comes to Occupy Wall Street (Tina Dupuy | Bemidji Pioneer)

Harvard Union Members Join Occupy Boston Movement

How do we make a terrorist talk? Pizza and ice cream!

BOOKS: Deer Hunting With Jesus -- Dispatches from America's Class War (Joe Bageant)

A History of Georgia’s 1%: Why You Must Face Race to Occupy Atlanta

S.Korea On High Alert After Suspicious Military Deployment By North

Harkin ‘very encouraged’ by Occupy protesters

Common Cause Against Wall Street

Corporate Personhood and the Gilded Age

The Street of Torments (Tomgram: Steve Fraser)

Feds to Target Newspapers, Radio Stations That Run Marijuana Ads

Occupy Wall Street Movement Poised at Critical Crossroads

Winger Ohio Group Lifts, Twists Footage of Great-Grandmother in S.B. 5 Collective Bargaining Fight

Russia And China React Cautiously On Iran Plot

Occupy Wall Street does have a message (Kansas City Star | 11 Oct)

Guardian: WSJ Circulation Scandal

Tom Morello at Occupy Wall Street: 'Take It Easy, but Take It'

Flip-Flopping Bloomberg Plans to Clean House at Protest Site

Penny Red: Dear Occupy Wall Street

Should Hillary replace Biden on the ticket? - poll

DUers upload your Occupy photos!

Occupy Wall Street: More popular than you think (CBS)

Obama hails US-ROK trade deal a 'win' for both


Best Protest Signs From Occupy Wall Street

Teabaggers vs. OWS

US Deficit Panel Looks to Overhaul Corporate Taxes

Privately Owned Park, Open to Public, Has Its Own Rules (NYT)

Meet The Occupy Wall Street Press Team (Forbes)

Jeb Bush issues Romney praise

Elizabeth Warren: The Woman Who Knew Too Much

Report: A quarter of U.S. millionaires pay taxes at a lower rate than some in middle class - WaPo

It's Time to "Move Your Money" from the Potter Banks to the Bailey's

Late Capitalism and Its Discontents of the American Autumn